Membrane valves. automatic meters and valves

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1 Membrane valves

2 membrane valves VM Valves Te idroconta VM membrane valve is ydraulic and controlled by te same conduit fluid or external fluid at equal or iger pressure. Te functioning is very simple. Introducing fluid over te membrane provokes te closing of te valve. Te aperture is carried out by evacuating te flow of te membrane camber, wic elevates upwards under te pressure of te liquid flowing troug te conduct. Applications: Solenoid valve, float valve, pressure reduction, volume reduction, speedy relief, pressure sustenance, reduction and limitation, etc... Caracteristics 1. Sealed surface wit Epoxy protection. 2. Membrane reinforced wit natural rubber. 3. Simple design wit minimisation of movable parts and frictionless, wic ensures a long life span and simple maintenance. 4. Easy maintenance at installation point. Dismounting te valve is not required in order to access its internal mecanisms. 5. Very low loss of carge. 6. Slow and gradual aperture and closing wit elimination of ammer blow. 7. ow internal turbulence owing to te special ydrodynamic design.. Perfect closing of membrane against te valve body, even wit impure liquids.

3 Carge loss abacus / 2 3 Ángulo 4 Ángulo ,7 Carge loss 0,5 0,3 0,2 1/2, 3/4, 1 1-1/4, 1-1/ , Volume (m 3 /) Dimensions Nº Ø Weigt kg. NºxØ TREAD FANGE R 1/2 R 3/4 R 1 R 1 1/2 R 2 R 2 1/2 0 0A A ,9 2, 2,6 2,9 3,0 4,0 17,7 17, , Tread connections ISO R7, UNI 33, DIN 2999, BS 21, ASA B2 1 (NPT). Flange connections Distance between flanges and drill diameters according to te ISO norms corresponding to UNI 7152/72 and 2223/22 (reference D.I. 12). Reference ANSI 150-ANSI 300. NºxØ Recommended volumes TREAD FANGE R 1/2 R 3/4 R 1 R 1 1/2 R 2 R 2 1/2 0 0A A Pressure minimum bar. 1 1 Pressure maximum bar. Q minimum in regulation Q maximum recommended for functioning

4 Types of valves: VM valve wit solenoid Te VM solenoid valve or electro valve operates wit an on/off functioning. Te valve works fully opened or closed wen te solenoid acts upon it. Pressure reducing and sustaining valve (VM/RS) A combination of te two previously mentioned valves. Pressure relief VM valve (VM/AR) Relieves ig pressure on te system as a protective measure. Also sustains te entry pressure to a predetermined value. VM pressure reducing valve (VM/RP) Tis valve sustains a constant value and output pressure by means of a valve governing pilot. If te output pressure is lower tan te fixed value, te valve remains completely open. On reacing te fixed pressure value, te pilot partially closes te valve to reduce te pressure flow. Pressure sustaining VM valve (VM/SP) Designed to maintain a predetermined upstream pressure. If te pressure exceeds te regulated value, te valve opens to liberate te flow. Volume flow control VM valve (VM/C) Regulates volume flow at a constant and fixed value, independent of pressure variations, by means of a ball type limiting pilot. Te value of te regulated volume may be adjusted (+20%; -%). Volume control and pressure reducing VM valve (VM/C+RP) A combination of te two previously mentioned valves. Float valve (VM/F) Its simple operation consists of controlling water levels in low level deposits, opening and closing in function of te quantity of water leaving te deposit in order to prevent it from standing. Te following models are available. 1. Float modular valve Used to control levels in a atc or deposit so tat te inflow volume is equalised to te outflow volume. 2. Filling valve wit two levels (max-min) wit ydraulic control pilot. 3. Filling valve wit two levels (max-min) wit electronic remote control.

5 Wen you acquire a idroconta membrane valve you do not just ave any membrane valve. You ave a customised solution to resolve a ydraulic problem in a simple and efficient manner, adapted to te requirements of your installation. Te principal added value tat idroconta offers is te proximity to our clients, true knowledge of your installation, te study of te most adequate solution and our continued collaboration wit its maintenance.

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