!CJ1t/ ~ $60,239,000. ?C;,=.=..,,:~;o;- IY Includes $6,900,000 c.pitalised cost of OWl for liaolet. Loek, 1...

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Download "!CJ1t/ ~ $60,239,000. ?C;,=.=..,,:~;o;- IY Includes $6,900,000 c.pitalised cost of OWl for liaolet. Loek, 1..."


1 !CJ1t/ APPOpaunOl'l TTL Coutn<:tioa, QeD.rd.. Loe-'- Prot.ction Project. (J'lood CoDtrol) POJ CT. (L!k.P-tebartraiD 54 U'2'2' Louial... cburrlcane Prot.et1oll)(c..nt1Du1Da) ~t '!'be project t. located ill St, Charl, Jeffer.Ol, Orleaua. St. Barnard, and ~;~,. '~ i;m~~:~,~~.ny!.l~l,r't,,~~hc.$ i" ~~~m;hlla$t Louid the,_r-'- vlc1l11tt of 1_ Orl... adj.cant to Lak. Pontcbertr.11, ~~~X-2;~~,~; 19 j5 Fl,;,~:1 ~~V;,:tf~L~2...f2U!\~~,(:,~;t:,~~,.Hi\~:, "tiaac.d raderal c...t $194,000,000 "tiaatad Hon-rederal Co.t 88,000,000 1/ 2'/ Cub CoDtribut1oa $65,409, Oth.r Co.t. 22,!n, 000 Total.. tiutad Project Co.t Al1ocat1ou to 30 J AlluC&tion for " 1973 Allocat1on. to Date >~Approprl.tion... q... ted for Jalalc. to Coapl.t fter "?C;,=.=..,,:~;o;- 42,739,000 17,500,000 "i1974 ~ $60,239,000 6,400, $127,361,000 ~ " " S~fE?!T",C(~ST."~.J~~t ~~r t~ <1:!~~2. ~ JJlnWJxy 19(3) l'ercrrl't COHnET J > )~ OKrt.ETE EC1UWUl:! Loeb liar, & Dee, 1981 Ch&llDela and Can.. 21 J Breakw.ter., Se_alla liar, 1978 Levee. 6 r1oodwal1. Barrier U11 t 0 Dee, 1981!lev Or1UA. ""t 0111t 28 J1, 1982 H_ Orl... Welt 0111t 0 liar, 1982 HaDdeY1l1e 011t 0 J1, 1976 Chal.ette 11it 30 Sep, 1982 rlood Control' D1verdon Structure. 0 Jun, 1978 Peraanent Operetinl Equip, 9 liar, 1978 Entlre Projaet 21 Sap, 1982 l-' -' "'1 til Y ncludes $6,900,000 c.pitalised cost of OWl for liaolet. Loek, n edditiqll, local 11terene, tbrou,h the eo.bined effort. of tbe Stete of Louiaiana. local levee and draina,e diatrieta and pariab police juri.. have apent, thr0"llh tbe,... ra, an.ltiaatad $25,000,000 to.ffeetuate and _inta1l1 tbe burricane proteetiqll,,.t... axiatina prior to project autboriaatiqll, Y n addition, $2,660,000 of prolr-.i earryo... r will be available in " 1974, DVSOR: LOWD HSSSS.--- -'.'-" DStill"...!W OlU.EAllS 1... REGO LOWU MSSSSPP LAd P01TClWtTJA, VClJTY, LOUlSAA

2 ,:ftrscal. DAU A ~r "'"era,e "1pt - 13 f_t LeDatb - 74 m1e. DraiJlye Structllr... St. Char1.. Padeb-544 ft. wide with d.abt.5.0 ft. b1,b by 9.0 ft. wid. CObiDaU... flap yaruc:al 11ft lat Sill n."at1oa St. eruard Pariab-tva 72 iz. d1a. CMP cul"u'te witb flap md yart1cal 811de pt... Laq1:b a.-eler 51.. Hila Bayou 11_ ltn1sauoa Cbaaal 10 tt.b1125 tt.--o:s Bayou lqrre Rev1pt1oD, a.-el 10 ft. by 125 ft. 0.2 OW bldcatiaa 12 ft. by 125 ft. 7.0 Chef... teur Bart,.U... a.-.l,16 ft. b,. 125 tt. 2.3 Q\ef Henteu:r Approach Cuamel; llepth W1dthr400 etruct, ti,oletl Approach a.-e1 Dlrptht.,30 atruct. 1.0 W1dthr800 ft. (! etruct. Uaoleu l'aripuoo a...u 14 ft. by 110 ftl! etr. 1.1 ~ Cloeurur Bayou Eartb ft Ba,.... lqrre " lartbell ft. 1011, Bayou VlllU'e - EartheD _ 500 ft. lo1. P1peliDa CeDal ~ EartheD tt. loaa Seabrook ~ lock ft a.ef 18Dteur - lartbaa ft. loll, U,olate - Eartb tt OW an.. lartbea ft GW Ve.t - Earth ft it" l'otal Wiffth LH't a t ~'u.~ ~ ~J'r "! ; V\:J'~tl~, ~~t t.i!t, ~1~tT("H."l (;.1H;,~.. ~~; 20 $,t,u, Kt~ t Bill f;l, 30 t" ~"l tnf',kjd ~'t,~r b"y'f "1~.,~ hy Floodwalla ; iilolete - cd/or r type t. loal Chet ltedteur.. cd/or T type ft ,.ou Dapr.... cd/or r type wall ft. loaa llayou lieunnue - md/or T type ft Verret 1i1h...,. Mo cd/or T type wall ft, Caernanon wy Ro Uld/or r type _ ft. 1""1 mler a.rbor lev1pt1oa CaDal W.. U1de.. 1 add/or r type u.. lodu a.rbor mpt1011 Ceal aeta1c1e.. 1 add/or T type u.. Citrus llaclt La'ne - cd/or T type vall" 3.2.te. Floodpt..: Chef He.t... - Sector.Getecl - 84 ft. vide llayou 1l1aavenue Sector Oetecl-56 t. wide la,.ou Dapre ~ Sector Oetecl _ 56 ft, vide ~: Seabrook - 84 ft. by 800 ft. Chalber, Sector Geted l1,olets,.l10 tt. by 800 ft. Chaber, "etor Geted,... -t 0;, LAC! POTCWlTR.UJ VlClln. LOUlSUA

3 pap;h4$b$ l S.-. Si dzk.$k #in._"'.~~:.l.. iiit1'!~'t~"" "", tJSTFrCA''::::ot~'~ 'the lovlan.ds in the: l.::.:ka ';?ont.'i~h<:l:r:ra,in :1.dti.~. basin are al!1j~;!!,:;t to tidal cverf.101ro'. The Greater New' Ot'le.a.:t'ts, Me:ropolita:n''''3rea ) b,ich lies tn 'this basin '4111 ccntio,'clli:! its rapid e cono~tli~ ae\"'~lcr:tnent in the future years e,,~en though> S'ever! damas-as htt'tl',e ::e.tiulte'i'j frc;m s'j?;'t'f,t'o'l-l l'lur"r'~ca:1e-,s in th~ ):'cc~nc Hurricane da.t<:l3ges result ft'om surges entering La,k,a?cnt(~ha.rt::raln from Lake EOt'gtH~ t'hnn.lf;h natu'cs.l tida-1 p.'l$ses,'!t t'1it an~~ Chef Hent('::ut'?-as'S and through 1mlu;:oved h.ar.. nel.s of the H.i:!uli.ssipp,:r;, River-C\"~lf Out-let and -ruder Ba:r'b~t CanJl:, 'The. are :int:en.sif1-e e by local wi..."d eff'llc!::,s,a}::.d the co::::'b:lnatio::;!' {)r 'W~n.f~S ~tnd stl.rges ca:uses 'ritert'.i)ppi';1~ 'pro'::".t~c:tj.ve works along the shores of LaKe Pontcha.r... tl'aia. ~rhe esste.rn portion of ~he area is also su.bject: to floo,oin},'; and >;o,"".;'l;,\"r/;!,1.; that move. directly ft'oln l-"1ke. Borsu e and D... ertop the ~txi.sti.ng l.nad'ihlu..at.e protective sys'tem se.:a;ward of the. land. ar-efu!,.,as $ te.suj.t~ re:sidenee$ and ':!..P,uu:st''ial, ar.d camm:ercitll ri::'..$t1:;l.bl~shtr.fffits suffer d~ge, bu.si!lcs:s ('i:t:'vltie:9 are disxuptlmj. lives er.danger-ed, a.nd: h:;1zard:a t.o he.alth c-reated~ Hurricanes much more!ll(~\'(~rei di.aj1 E~1j oz r :!"(:orc "lrgl po$sible, n the e~'f"'e;nt of th~ occurrence: of s,uch a StCVere hu,:;rican, c:at.a.str-ophi.c -propert,y d.mr.:age e ;:mt~ lo~s of rn.,lmfm life: ;."tould he t.",perie:;cced. l.oc,e.l int:~,rests hav~ 'teqllc::&t~d protection against ell,,,,,, threats to lu".,d?~opery. Til" Lu\;u poutcha.rna.il' hurricane?:totectio,,, proj"ct will. p,(lv!de tll-e ne",,"ssary px,otecti<ln, The Kississil'l'i. Ri"er-'<:"U Outlet (~:R_GO) vi", the ro:ner ll",,,bor Na.vigation Cap,31 (l!llc) p1:o..;j""''' " direct tidal route from. the Gulf of ::-1e.xico, to Gnke?'ontc1ia::r:tt'aint Consistent ~'ith the ra.tionale that lake. levels.can be eont::o.lled by limiting tidal, infl,t}w to :hfj la..e~.!l l.t'!ck and control stru.et\j;r;e complex is to be construe'ted at the Junction of the lll,"1c a:=di take 1?'ontc,ha~train.nt Sc.atj;rook.. fh,e, CO-cpl-f.fX tfi.l.l provide. "he mul-t,i~?'ul;'po ee af f.1qttd conttcol ~ salinity coutt"!, an.d no:vigatioll.a1 &"",,,fic., The cost of the Seabrook C""'1'l,,>. is "Uo,~"'t"d 50% to the hun:lcalle p."tect1on project and $0% to the MR-GO proj >ct. the per... _ua1 beaafita, all flood COtrol, are est:ldated at $134,Blo4,OOO.,...,... -:t " FSCAL YA. 1974: '!be req... ted... t of $6,,00 9' '-will be applied to lutiatel larder Unit Uao 1eu larr1er, South, let 11ft levee U&o1eU Coltro1 Structure Hew 01'1_ But Vut C1trua 1.akafrODt la".e, BiC to Paru loed Colt1.llWl larder Unit Chef iiiiteur larrier (lut Weat of Chef!leDuur) let 11ft ley.. Uao1eu Barrier, lorth, let lift a&m-riDa...s» ' SuperviaiOl1 U>c Al!minutrat1011 Total $940, , , , ,000 1.'00.~ 1.360,000 $6,400,000.' LAD POftC&TAl VC:urrrr, LOUlSUA

4 ~"':=:====!be f1lll4. r-._ted for nacal Tear 1974 are required to.et the cheduled c~1et1011 dati. :::"';~{itoli:"()~;!k j;"n"~k: ::lle '~'''.'"'.~.ate n]''1!;''~~, ~':f~~ ~,;l C'<~nt:.r~"b~Ate ~'~~e proj~~ct ~';'::(~$t1tl ~~Q 'h~~ b.(~,'r",:~~ hy lo::'~:'n~ :h'h"~rj;l!!its LaDQ Dd Da... Relocation. CUh Contributionl Eii~~Jd or; ~J~.% $17,209,000 5,382,000 1"". S",(bro<>k 54,999,000 ~s-t!d trn 1&l85 't'atj.tj f~:;\1' 5e.~~~:r:.d; J..De.t. "'"P1ta.1.Uauon O.- tor l1soj.e~. Lock 3,.510,000 6,900,000 Total $88,000,000 Acal interutl are r-.u.f.red to operate Dd mainra1n all teaturu of tbe project vora, exclu,s1111 tnl JUao.LaU lan,atlod Lock Dd Chazmel Dd 1tOd1Ued dual-purpoae Seabrook Lock. The amwal coat to local intereltl for MiDtllllDc add operat1l.. U n:t.&ted at $315,100 add _terial replac_tl $189,.300; total of $504,400. """..." -J 00 n additioa, local interuta, throush the ca.bided.. Horta of the Stlte of Louilb", local levee Dd draide.. dutricte, add pariah pollce juri_ ba". epedt D _t:t.&ted $25,000,000 betweed , ba.ad on the baat coat recorda available, to effectuata Dd.. intain the burricane protlction,,.ta Xiatinl prior to project author1aatiod. Availabla COlt. of record lire tabulated belowl c..bidetiod of State of Lou1Jliana and Lake orpe lave.. Diatrict Dd Cbat.ette Back Lev.. D1atr1ct 011 thl Cbabette Back lav ProtecdOD S,.et_ Orl... Leva. Dbtrict Joard Port of... Or1... (lave.. al... DdUltrbl Canal) Pontcbartrlia Levee Diltrlct Fourth Draina&e Dbtr1ct of Jeffer.oa Pariab Total $4,410,000 12,010, ,000 5,022,000 3,000,000 "$25,366,000 LAD POrl'CBARTltAll VClrf. LOU5lW

5 A very.. vare burriclllle, "lilt.,.," occurred ld tbe project are. ld Septaber 1965, juat prior to.utboriz.tioll of the project ld October Co.aider.b1e d_se... don. td 1l1li11 Df tbe en.tlds eveee and ldcal intereat. ~di.tel,. ldaututed an accelerat.d rehabilit.tion prdlr vith tbe vi_ of r.. tdring and.tr.natbenina ezi.una prdtaction pridr to ncceaclldl hurricane.eudu. o.u,. work performed b,. local ldtere.t fter prdj.ct a.. thorization whicb confdna td tbe prdj.ct dui... cdt.da and alinllllellt will b" acc...,ted by the On1 ted Stat... work-ld-k1ncl ill lie.. Df ca.b colltrib.. tion. H.. rricane "Caalll." Dcc.. rr.d in the project area 10 Auluat 1969 and flooded.re.. alool tha nn.r Rubor lavilalion Canal. STAl'US or LOCAL COOPJATO.: A.. urance. are req.. ir..! fdr tb. two iudepaddentl,. ju.t1fied plana a.. thorizad by COlare Chalatte Ana Plan: lull auuranee. h... e b.. o accepted. Auuranc.. fro. tb. St. Barnard Pariab PD11e. J.. ry and the Board of eo-uaion.ra of tbe Lake Borllla Beaio Lavee Diatrict vara accept.d on 28 Sept... r Aa... ranca. fro. tbe Board of co-t.oionera Df tbe Orl... Lavee D1atrict wera accepted DO 10 October Lake Pootchartrain lardar Plao Aa.urancu froll tbe Board 0 f eo-i.e.ionera of tha Orlean. Lavee Dietr1ct _re accepted DO 10 OctDber Beea... e Df the ri.ins non-federal co.t of p.rticip.tion and tha videapread benefit. td be derived b,..urrounding P.ri.be., the Orlean. Lavae Diatrict hal req... ted a iatance in C.rry1nl Dut the a urance.. On 5 Harch 1971, the Governor Df the State of Louiaiana, by exec.. tive order, de.ianated tbe State of Loui.iana, Depart_nt of Public Works.. the ldcal codrdinatinl eseney fdr the Late PDlltchartraill Berrier Plan. The U.S. Ar.y Corp. of!dgine.rs on bebalf Df the United Statu GoftrnMDt, h.. contact.d the Daparc.ent of Public Woru and requa.tad that asetlc,. to obtain tb. nece ary a.. ur."e for cooper.tion and eo.t.hariog fro. Dcal int.r te. TD d.te, formal... r.nc h.ve been received fro. tbe Bo.rd Df Levee Co..i io"ere of the Or1... Levee Distri"t, tbe Bo.rd of Coad.dOllers of the Pontchartrain Lavee Diatrict, the Lake Boran. Lavee Diatrict. and the St. Barn.rd Pari.h Police Jury. The St. T.-..nJ Pari.b PDlice Jury i. rel.. ctant to r... t the... ranee. providinl fdr it. particip.tion in tbe project. _r, on 8 Ha,. 1972, COvernor John J. Kcltelthan.".cuted fdrmal... uranee. DO behalf of the PDlice Jury b,. virtue of hia... thority undar SectiOll 81 of title 38 of Loul.1ana Revi.ed Statut Df 1950, a..ended. Sucb... rane er. bindina on the St. T...an,. 'ari.b 'ollee Jury. Acceptanc. of rep1.e... nt uranc are pendins receipt of pertinmlt.upportins ddc_t """ -.,1 ~..o, LAQ! POTCWlnAl!, VCnnn, LOUlS1AA

6 ~~".'>"~:"""'~"""--'~~~~""oio"'.",\'''''''''''''''' cotpallsoli cg FJDAi COST STDATES: The current Federal coat eet~te of $ ad idcrea.. of $16,OOO,00Q over tbe lat.at e.t~te ($ ,000) aubllitted to Concru.. Thia cl1.mle 1ncludes $16,340,000 for hiahn price level., add $3, in ldineeridl add ead $896,000 in Suparvia10n add Adm.DbtraU"" b... d on a raadalyet. of requ1r_dt ru. bcr... _. off t by ad overall reduction of $4,680,000 vithin th. co".truction featur.. r.. ulu"1 pr~rlly fr_ an adjun_t in the allocated Federal coat becaua.. local idtereata ara no lollier SiVU c:red1t for lead. UDdar len.. _btid& at project authorbation. STATUS OF E\lVllO..aarrAL DlPACT STATDfET: The draft!nvirodlledtal Stat_Dt va ubldtte<l to CEQ in Auauat The fidal Stat_t 18 ac:hadulacl for.uj.1.. ion to CEQ id tile third quarter of " 'l!l RFOlfArOlf: FW>d. to initiate pncod&truction plalmid& _re appropriated 1.. rt 1966 and for,,"".truction in rt ~, LAD P<lTClAllTLUll, VCTY, LOOSARA

7 "'W, 4.=.. : ' iu:; i2 $2..$ OL.; L.." Uti is C a Ui OAd. jj 2 at ~ -' -' 00 ~,,>J,\oJ,. 2200

8 A'?'ROPR:A't1ON Tlttb ton$l'r{)ct~j1\' ~1f:MiJ,~t, i Ck\S:.$,fle",nO-/!lt,CCA!.. }-'h(:ti:ct!on f. F:LDrJD CO:NTRQL FEO~t:ECrJ SUMMA!'!Y CONSTRUCTON PRO GRAM (P-l) ~-tsc;""~' Y~A~$ H7ZL ~NO 1 'Q4, 1"~.~ t'i~fiff:1a~t~r ~) ;~~;~,~'~:~, i 1'!~t,2~;~:~;,7~t U-CAL~;~;9:l;L 11' ill ry~, (') j ij) 1 ($~ ( fon-fe'i~ral 0r~1('t 8;t.Qi.?:ooot2J,Q~Qt ';i,~ocol 4,crjl,1~OO\ ~7,7.2:hBf~ ~~.NQne}.. " L_-=o-=-i ,=...,..,,.,-r--=c-::="""""""' j:~~'u;~!ntl!o{w~~el cr":,"d. dotqq,:st)()o: 21,02\,J~OO_:.-.~ 5:LCf)f\O{)O: ~7,;,00; t!.or;-federaj. Only) ~ ---L cetq():~~p_' _21~023~~:QQ_L,_,,~~Qhl'fri !,&i~QL...2"L..tEtiL.:tpO.' _ Und~iyesed O:tile:rr. (None l» -TfJrAL OBL:rL4Tl('j~S _'"~ "'...-'"~ ~~"" Cg?1, 1:-00 7,. tj86, COQ}.'LP0;0ioS:-~'r,7':1J. 2ClO t f~thcd {;if FTN,lU'YGnd'-«< F~q~ra1. :Fund$ '.--"--"~'_- -'--'_ --:;urc;~---_~-~------,: ~, ~~~,_,,.""'.,.,.-.:==. r L. T:no~ligateci C;f.:,rr",{o'v'8r Prior- Y?at'. '... JOO' 2.,6t~C.\C){)O f t 1..2i~..!1;,~dt.-i.',."cailahle fet' 'J~lifre.t~ or~ ~_"",~...,,--1.,,--1.7-,5::X),lCO",,",--,«,",",~l, ApPt'opr::a'::iot15 Becuirec, 1 b?400~ (,,'{)O i 12i~!~on-?~deral Co~t,:rlbu:::,:iDtlS <,,,1,------' ~g~:~~~:~~~!~~~~~~==l:~~cj 5,G~6,C'KJ. Cash,;;<,)(';;,0)0 1. J.50, ;%Qd,,,"alent, t.\yt it "~----' f:g't)<~3t4001~, !-- ',,,_._'...::_,_,_..,_...,=:t- 4-~! 1===-'''= = '-',--+- ~ : -+! ~ E==~---'--='-~'-==~~--:--~~---'-T: =.. - -'j-_ ---r-'- -t ' ltff'l(."r",( t.?:y-e ~ZJ;MQN :,CjA?~}'1 ~~ls:s. 1 JA"1 73!;:JST',He t hrtf O:F~!.J~:ti;':S r' ;...-,,'j~;.)';'h.., 4"';<';"; ';;>,U~':"i"'" tv T,"'~~ "'{::"{M 22QO '"jot''''':'" '->"ll