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2 CLUB AWARDS & REPRESENTATIVES 2013/14 Gordon Jones Honour Blazer for Outstanding Service to the Club Senior Club Person of the Year Young Club Person of the Year Distinguished Service Awards Freshwater Youth Scholarship to assist the further education and progress of a club member Prominent Service Awards Most Outstanding Board Paddler Most Outstanding Ski Paddler Most Outstanding Swimmer Most Outstanding Masters Competitor Most Outstanding Lifesaving Competitor Most Outstanding March Past Competitor Most Outstanding Boat Rower Most Outstanding R & R Competitor Most Outstanding Team of the Year Patrol Person of the Year Rookie Patrol Person of the Year Youth Patrol Person of the Year IRB Driver of the Year Patrol of the Year Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Team Representatives Sydney Northern Beaches High Performance Squad Female Junior Lifesaver of the Year Australian Junior Rowing Team Sharon Johnson Luke Jarman Tom Duffy James Coates, Tim Ford Clare Freakley John Boakes, Kay Cowley, Rod Davis, Belinda Dobson, & Lysa Kiely Tim Kirkby Deandra Godoy Kurt Hanson Michael Kirkby Julia Baker Bob Evans Blake Cradock Jarrad Freakley Open 5 Man R&R: Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne Freakley & Chris Tyrrell Kelly Dobrow Claire DePaoli Clare Freakley Luke Jarman Patrol 8 - Paul Lemlin (PC), Andy Jones, Greg Walmsley, Emily Lemlin, Cain Bartolemei, Evie Forster, Dana Hardin, Sam Hurrell, Andrew Jones, Samuel Jones, Natalie Kindler, Alex Malm, Felicity Penze, Adam Phillips, Jacqueline Phillips, Lucas Phillips, Martino Pilu, Sophia Rispoli, Hannah Viljoen, Lachlan Walmsley Helena De Gruchy and Josh Tyrrell Tom Casey and Andrea Malm Andrea Malm Sean Murphy 2

3 M N CO N T E N T A G M 2 9 J th nnual eneral eeting Sund ay th une am M em bership Subscrip tio n Seaso n A ctiv e, A ctiv e R eserv e, L on g Serv ice, A ward $ 95 A ctiv e J u n ior, C ad et $ 60 A ssociate $ 120 G y m fee for A ssociate $ 140 L ife M emb ers an d 50+ y rs L on g Serv ice M emb ers - No Fee L on g Serv ice ag ed 70y rs+ $ G en eral M emb er - Nip p er Paren t - TBC A ssociate - C ommu n ity Su p p orted - TBC atio nal Library o f A ustralia ISB N P ho to grap hs used in this rep o rt are subj ect to co p y right and m ust no t be used witho ut p erm issio n. Photog rap hs b y Sharon J ohn son, Way n e Freak ley, Pau l L emlin, R on M alm, Sam D i San o, H arv ey A llison Photog rap hy, u rray R ichard s Sp orts Photog rap hy Whilst ev ery en d eav ou r has b een mad e for the in formation con tain ed in this rep ort to b e accu rate, p lease accep t ou r ap olog ies for an y in correct sp ellin g, etc. Club Awards & Representatives Life Members & Distinguished Service Members Vales Office Bearers & Organisational Chart President s Report Executive Officer s Report Branch & State Activities Treasurer s Report and Financial Statements Committee Statement & Audit Report Director Sponsorship & Marketing Report Director Lifesaving s Report IRB Report Chief Instructor s Report Awards 2012/13 Director (General) Member Service s Report Junior Activities Report Director Surf Sports Report Boat Report March Past Report R & R Report Lifesaving Competition Report Board-Ski-Swim Report Masters Report Officials Report Bennett Ironman & Board Carnival Report Masters Carnival Australia Day Open Surf Carnival Report Australia Day Boat Carnival Barney Mullins Swim Classic Report Sunday Surf Race & Club Championships Results Australian Championships Tour Competition Results Membership

4 LIFE MEMBERS DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEMBERS 2012 Michael Kirkby, Paul Milinkovic 2013 Pam Rowlands, Janet Rickard 2014 James Coates, Tim Ford NAME YEAR ELECTED J.B. Steel * 1922 G.O. Young * 1922 W.J. Owen * 1922 D.D. McIntyre * 1922 R.D. Doyle * 1922 P. Magner * 1928 T. Theiring * 1928 K.R. James * 1928 D.R.B. Moroney (JP) * 1928 H.C. Butterworth * 1932 Edw. Wiltshire * 1932 W.A.T. Craine (OBE) * 1939 B. Litchfield * 1940 J. Munro * 1945 E. Taafe * 1945 G. Henderson * 1945 L. Simpson* 1945 D. Wauchope * 1946 H.N. Cliff * 1946 W. Forbes * 1948 G. Hallwood * 1948 W. Lambert * 1949 G.A. Mullins* 1952 R.M. Brown (OAM) * 1955 R. Matheson * 1955 L.S. McDonald (OAM) * 1955 A. McPhee * 1958 A.J. Mitchell* 1958 W.H. Knox * 1958 P.E. Johnston* 1962 J. Mills (OAM) 1966 W.K. Nixon * 1968 B.F. O Callaghan 1968 C.E. Williams * 1968 B.F. Mason* 1971 A.I. Richardson 1974 K.L. Myers (OAM)* 1979 J.L. Armstrong 1979 P.A. Henderson * 1982 R.J. Gunning 1986 D.H. Lees 1986 R.W. Griffin (OAM) 1987 K.H. Fleming * 1989 G.A. Carlisle (OAM)* 1990 G.A. Windsor* 1991 R.A. Duncan* 1994 R.J. Ware 1997 T.P. Whelan 1997 P.G. Rowlands 1998 D.J. Roberts 1999 J.D. Swan 2000 L. Davis 2003 D. Torevell 2003 R. Parry 2004 R. Brennan 2005 K. Marsh 2011 * Denotes Deceased 4

5 VALES GRAHAM CARLISLE OAM LIFE MEMBER Graham first joined our club in 1944, gaining his SRC the same year and his Bronze Medallion in He was a beach inspector for 8 years and served on the club management committee for a total of 4 years. He was made a Life Member in 1990 and was due to receive his 70 year SLSA service pin next season. Until shortly before his death, he was a regular visitor to the House of Lords on Sunday mornings. Graham, or as he was known among the club s march past contingent God was a legend in the march past fraternity. As a member of the Freshwater and Collaroy clubs (where he was also a life member), Graham amassed an astonishing 20 Australian Gold medals and numerous State, Branch, Metropolitan and minor Australian medals over a 50+ year period as a competitor and coach. His achievements were recognised by SLSA with his induction into the SLSA Hall of Fame. Vale Graham. GREG WINDSOR LIFE MEMBER Greg joined the club in August 1975 and obtained his bronze medallion the following year. He quickly became involved in a range of official duties with the club, including Chief Instructor and 90-91, Branch Delegate and and club selector During the 1980s he was either manager or assistant manager of a number of club touring teams, including tours to Bali & Hawaii and State, Australian and World Championships. During the late 1970s and early 1980 s he was a keen march mast competitor for the club, winning 14 Branch, Metropolitan, State & Australian medals. He was awarded the club Honour Blazer in and the ultimate recognition of Life Membership in Vale Greg. DON WILLIAMS In April former long time member and multiple Australian Champion Don Ducka Williams passed away after a long illness. Don was an active competitor with the club during the 1950s and 1960s and was a particularly strong surf swimmer. Don won the Australian Junior Belt Championship in He also won Australian Championships as a member of the 1956 Open Surf Team and 1959 & 1960 R&R teams. Vale Don. DAVE JACKMAN In early May 2014 another of the club s former members passed away after a long illness. Dave Jackman was a member of the club during the 1950s and early 1960 s and along with fellow surfers such as Midget Farrelly, was one of the mainstays of the surfing scene at that time. Possibly his most famous claim to fame was in 1960 being the first person to ride the Queenscliff bombora, a feat which at time was reported worldwide. Vale Dave. ROBERT McGARRITY Just prior to Christmas the club lost its 2 ND oldest member with the passing of long service member John McGarrity at the age of 89. John first joined the club in 1947and obtained his Bronze Medallion in May He was an active patrolling member for a number of years and at the time of his death had completed 67 years continuous membership of the club. Vale Robert. PAT WILLIAMS In December Pat, wife of former life member Clarrie Williams passed away suddenly. Though not able to join officially, Pat was a member of the hard working and fiercely parochial unofficial ladies auxiliary during the 1960 s & 1970 s who did an enormous amount of behind the scenes work around the club with the likes of Marge Mills, Pat Gill, Kath Freakley, Ann Rickard, Di Swan & Nan Hanson. Vale Pat. 5

6 Office Bearers 2013/2014 Patrons President Executive Officer Treasurer/Director Finance Club Captain/Director Lifesaving Chief Instructor/Director Education Director Surf Sports/Competition Director Building & Facilities Director Sponsorship & Marketing Peter Sinclair AC,AO; Michael Baird MP; John Thorpe AM Stephen Bennett Wayne Freakley Steve Davis Sharon Johnson Lindsay Davis Michael Kirkby Phil Fagan Kirsten Pilgrim Director (General) Member Services Naomi Wilson, Lysa Kiely (commenced Sept 2013) Director (General) Youth Development Chairman JAC OH & S Officer Member Protection Officer Chairperson, Disputes Panel Chairperson, Judiciary Panel Life Membership Panel Honorary Legal Officer Honorary Auditor Peter Obern Sam Di Sano Wayne Freakley Wayne Freakley John de Mestre John de Mestre Peter Rowlands, Ross Parry, Dave Torevell, John Swan, Mick Griffin John de Mestre Bill Walker Freshwater SLSC Organisational Chart 6

7 President In our current society where time is our most valuable commodity and where weeks and months rapidly pass by the preparation of our annual report affords us the opportunity to reflect back on the season that was. The season 2013/14 was another small chapter in our long and proud history of 105 seasons of patrolling the beautiful Freshwater beach and providing a service to the community in many different ways. Our surf club as it operates today is a very diverse organisation with a diverse membership carrying out a diversity of functions. This report encapsulates the achievements of our members and provides a record for the present and the future of another successful season in our club s history. Life Saving The sight of our members dressed in their red and yellow uniforms patrolling our beach provides great comfort to the bathing public who feel safe in the knowledge there are skilled and qualified people to assist them should they get into difficulties whilst at the beach. The club s record of 105 seasons of no lives lost whilst patrolling the beach continues to stand and is a true testament to our patrolling members who were tested to the maximum at times throughout the season when we had large crowds and difficult surf conditions. Thank you to all our patrolling members. Our patrol numbers were strong and despite a number of our experienced Patrol Captains stepping down at the end of last season we were very grateful to members prepared to step into this pivotal role. Once again our Patrol Captains provided great leadership skills on the beach and were also a great support to our Director of Life Saving Sharon Johnson. Sharon has spent countless hours and done a wonderful job in her management of the patrols and all ancillary activities ensuring our patrols ran efficiently. Sadly Sharon has decided not to continue in this role and we thank her for her dedication over the last three seasons but I am sure she will be around to assist where required. Education Without well trained lifesavers our patrols would not be equipped to carry out their essential functions. The ongoing training for the SRC, Bronze Medallion and higher awards has virtually become a 12 month activity. Lindsay Davis and her team of trainers have played a vital role in running training courses, attending assessments and undertaking proficiency tests to sharpen members life saving skills. Lindsay continues to be a dynamo and is once again one of those people in our club who turns her hand to whatever is needed to be done. Thank you Lindsay and your team. Congratulations to all members who have obtained their Bronze Medallion this season; it is the first major step in your life saving career and for those who have gained other awards well done and I trust it is a step towards ongoing involvement in the club. Surf Sports Competition and training activities continue to be a major focus for many members and it is pleasing to see members participating in all disciplines of competition and training. Our RnR section has continued to grow with a number of new teams competing this season for the first time and they have once again been successful at all levels of competition. The boat section also continues to grow with new crews coming together to compete this season with all crews showing promising results. Well done to the coaches and leaders of these sections. The coaching efforts in the board, ski, swim section over the last two seasons have started to produce dividends particularly in the younger age groups where competitor numbers are increasing. The club was also well represented in surf life saving events and our evergreen March Past team continues to produce good results. At all levels of competition the club produced good results with the highlight being the Gold Medal performance of Kurt Hanson winning the Open Belt race at the Australian Championships. The club Director of Surf Sports Michael Kirkby has once again been a driving force behind the management of the competition section. Michael is a very dedicated member of the club committee and has been actively involved in many other committee initiatives for which we are very grateful. Junior Activities (Nippers) The club s Junior Activities section was once again one of the largest on the Sydney Northern Beaches. The logistical responsibilities of running Sunday morning Nipper events and other Nipper activities is a huge task. We have been fortunate to have had Sam Di Sano in the role of Junior Chairman for his second season and who has very capably 7

8 President managed this responsibility. Sam has been well supported by the junior activities committee and they have ensured our Nipper members have had a successful and enjoyable season. The ethos that we as a club are made up of members from 5 years of age to our oldest members in their late 90 s is very strong and the cohesion that we are one club has now become well entrenched as we focus on ensuring our young members have a clear pathway through the club. Youth Development. The progression of members from juniors and cadets into the senior ranks of the club has been a key initiative that our Director of Youth Development Peter Obern has been concentrating on over the last season. The involvement of our youth in training for awards, improving their surf skills, being involved in competition and other club activities has been part of the plan that Peter has looked to implement. It is an ongoing task and requires involvement from all sections of the club. Thanks to Peter s efforts we are fortunate progress has been made over the last season in working on youth retention through involvement. Administration In an age of complexity and ever increasing administration the role of club Executive Officer is ever time consuming. Wayne Freakley continues to set a very high benchmark and it is comforting to know as a club we have somebody who is well abreast of our governance needs and that member information and records are up to date and readily available. In addition he continues to answer numerous member questions and takes a great deal of pride in publishing our regular newsletter. Wayne your efforts and counsel are greatly valued. We are also very fortunate to have Gayle Taylor in the office administration role. She is a great support to members and the committee as she attends to her tasks with the minimum of fuss and goes above and beyond what she is expected to do. Finance Another significant task for a club of our size is the financial management which has been well looked after by Steve Davis our Club Treasurer and we thank you for your dedication to the task. Steve has provided the club with monthly financial reporting and budgets to assist the committee in making ongoing decisions. Despite posting a loss for the year as a result of a drop in revenues the club has maintained its sound financial position which is fully detailed in the Treasurer s Report. Sponsorship Our club s financial position and ability to carry out our role in the community is closely linked to the support of our sponsors. We are very appreciative of the generosity of our Major Sponsor the Harbord Beach Hotel and its Proprietor, John Thorpe AM. John has been a huge supporter over many years and his door is always open when our club needs assistance. The Harbord Diggers have continued to support our IRB program and local real estate agent and member James Smyth of SEA Real Estate has once again been a very generous sponsor. Our local Freshwater Community Bank has assisted with the funding of lifesaving equipment. Full details of all our sponsors are covered in the financial and sponsorship sections of the report. The difficult task of sourcing sponsorship funds has been managed by Kirsten Pilgrim this year. She has been a wonderful addition to the committee and I would like to thank Kirsten for the professional manner that she has undertaken the role. Unfortunately she will be stepping down as she is expecting the birth of her first child. Club Facilities The major works undertaken around the club over the last season included the landscaping of the grass area at the southern side of the club and the upgrade of the kitchen in the caretaker s flat. In addition the ongoing maintenance around the club is a task in itself and we thank Phil Fagan for coordinating and where required undertaking these works. The ongoing process of the master plan has been mainly focused around meetings with the Council to provide them with an understanding of the plan as we move toward the approval stage, which will improve our funding possibilities. This has been a very time consuming process and our next step is to recast the plans for member review. After an extensive interview process the new club caretakers Ken and Janet Rickard stepped into the role in July 2013 and have taken great pride in attending to the day to day maintenance and assisting at all times where required. Member Services This position was shared this year by Naomi Wilson looking after member needs and Lysa Keily attending to the always challenging task of club clothing. It was great to see our members and touring teams embrace the Freshie clothing. Thank you both for your contribution to our committee. 8

9 President Club members once again assisted in the organisation and running of numerous club events and activities including the following: The Australia Day Carnival which was unfortunately cancelled due to dangerous conditions but, the Boat Carnival proceeded on the following day. The Masters Carnival and the Bennett Junior Ironman were once again major events for the club and were well supported. Thanks goes to Michael Kirkby, Ross Parry, Jules Jackson and their work parties for their efforts in ensuring that these events were of the highest quality. The Barney Mullins Ocean Swim once again ran very smoothly thanks to the efforts of Linda Wiadrowski and continues to be a good fundraiser for the club. Freshies on Friday continued to be held monthly and provided new and old members with the chance to socialise off the beach thanks to the efforts of Steve Davis, Kevin Crow, Scott Carpenter and Judy Bennett. Naomi Wilson and Naomi Donohue with the support of community groups staged the 2014 Dukes Day and have been working on preparations for the 100 year Celebration in January Thanks Nomes. Our Sunday morning surf race which is an iconic part of a Freshie Sunday morning continues to grow and is a fun event for all members. Its success is a result of the efforts of Ross Parry and Bob Chalmers. Thank you Ross and Bob. A submission was made to the Council for a review of the encroaching sand dunes at our beach. There is no progress to report at this point but this is an ongoing project. Concluding Comments I would like to thank all levels of Surf Lifesaving and in particular David Murray and the rest of the team at Sydney Northern Beaches Branch for their support to our club over the last season. It is always important to recognise the contribution of Warringah Council in assisting the club with events and facility maintenance. Our close relationship with the Council continues thanks to the efforts of the Mayor Michael Regan and his staff. My wife Judy Bennett has once again been a great contributor to the club and has been a wonderful support to me over the last 12 months and in all the years that I have been involved with the committee. After twelve years on the club committee with the last five as club President I have decided to step down. I have been very honored and proud to have had the opportunity to be President of our club and I would like to thank all members for their amazing support and willingness to assist whenever asked. I look forward to many more years of active involvement in the club and helping out where required. I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this annual report as it is a wonderful record of the activities for the 2013/14 season for the Greatest Club on the Greatest Beach in the World. Stephen Bennett President 9

10 Executive Officer The past season has again been a busy one. The need to comply with the requirements of three levels of surf life saving bureaucracy as well as NSW Fair Trading, liquor licensing, Council & legislative obligations ensured much time was spent on the review of club procedures and the completion of paperwork. Updating of member records has continued and club governance procedures reassessed. Membership Total membership has decreased by approximately 5.5% from the season. This reduction continued a trend from the previous year with membership numbers down by 8% since The club nevertheless retains a healthy membership base with a total of 1827 registered members. The table below summarises the membership details and includes a comparison against the season. Category Total Male Female Total members Member retention from 2012 (-13 %) Probationary % Junior Activity (5-13) % Cadet (13-15) % Active Junior (15-18) % Active Senior (18 +) % Reserve Active % Long Service % Life Member % Award % Associate % General % Honorary % Other % Total % Club President Stephen Bennett with Sharon Johnson, winner of the Gordon Jones Honour Blazer for Outstanding Service to the Club Executive Committee Meetings of the Executive Committee were generally held on the second Thursday of each month. The attendance record of the committee members is outlined in the table adjacent. A number of off-line meetings were also held to discuss future planning and annual awards. This was to ensure sufficient time for discussion of other important operational issues at the scheduled monthly meetings. In keeping with recent years, the increasing complexity of managing the operations of the club meant meetings were generally lengthy. The average meeting time over the course of the year was 2hrs 20mins. Attended Apologies Absent Stephen Bennett 12 Wayne Freakley 11 1 Sharon Johnson 11 1 Steve Davis 11 1 Lindsay Davis 11 1 Michael Kirkby 10 2 Peter Obern 10 2 Naomi Wilson 9 3 Sam di Sano 6 6 Kirsten Pilgrim 10 2 Phil Fagan Club Governance Lysa Kiely 5 5 The club s Governance Panel is made up of the President, Executive Officer, Director Lifesaving, Director Surf Sports, Junior Activities Representative, a Life Member and long service/senior member. In accordance with the constitution the By-Laws were reviewed by the Panel in August and September to confirm their on-going relevance for the season. All By-laws, together with any proposed amendments, were subsequently submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. Once approved, action was taken to ensure current versions of all By-Laws were available on the club website. A number of changes to club procedures were introduced this year. Some involved complex & difficult issues which engendered a significant deal of debate amongst the members of both the Panel and Executive Committee. Most however involved relatively minor changes to reflect changed practices. Some decisions may not have been seen as favourable by all members. Nevertheless the Executive Committee has a responsibility to make governance decisions in what it considers to be the best interests of the entire membership rather than individual members or particular sections of the club. All changes to the By-Laws were approved by the Executive Committee on this basis. 10

11 Executive Officer A summary of the By-Laws currently in force together with amendments made during the course of the year is set out in the table below No. Title Subject matter Amendment 1 PATROLS obligations of members in respect of patrols, including penalties for non compliance 2 FUNDING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM requirements for club members receiving funding assistance for training activities related to surf sports competition 3 CRAFT ALLOCATION PROGRAM requirements for club members allocated craft for use in surf sports competition Responsibility for approval of long service, reserve active and floating patrol allocation changed from EC to Director Lifesaving with right of review by EC. Clarification of power of EC to determine applications Clarification of power of EC to determine applications 4 CLUB BLAZER wearing of club blazer, including Australian Championship winners 5 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS qualification requirements for club championships, including how club champions are determined in both senior and junior competition 6 PHOTOGRAPHS & CLUB HONOUR BOARDS 7 COMPETITION PRIZE MONEY & PRIZES outlines which photographs are to be displayed in the club premises and which club member achievements will be recognised by way of honour boards how prize money and prizes won by members in competition is to be dealt with 8 PROCEDURES FOR MEETINGS procedures for meetings 9 MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA AND FEES 10 CLUB AWARDS AND OTHER FORMS OF MEMBER RECOGNI- TION 11 CLUB OPFFICERS AND OTHER POSITIONS guidelines for categories of membership and Existing provisions amended to clarify - payment of membership fees Director Lifesaving responsible for approving requests for long service and reserve active membership with right of review by EC Power of EC to impose levies & training fees New provisions to Clarify reserve active members not fulfilling patrol obligations can be required to revert to other membership categories Provide for new general membership sub category of non-local member and new Associate - Community Supporter membership guidelines for various club awards Amended to confirm any member can nominate or be nominated for an award subject to meeting criteria nominator of life membership requests to be advised of outcome Minor amendments to 100% patrol and surf sports awards re criteria clarification of officer and other positions including duty statements for all positions 12 JUNIOR ACTIVITIES management and operational matters concerning junior activities. 13 CODE OF CONDUCT code of conduct for members including child protection procedures New provisions addressingwearing of fluoro vests for club training supervision arrangements for U18 training sessions privately arranged training sessions dealing with members charged with serious criminal offences Amendment of existing provisions re role of tour managers and duty of care responsibilities. A general meeting of the club was held on 16 December with 25 members in attendance. Club President Stephen Bennett provided an overview of the work undertaken by the Executive Committee over the preceding 6 months. While the general meeting held each December is an important aspect of club governance, attendance remains very low. With an overall membership in excess of 1800, having only 25 members attend is disappointing. The meeting is an opportunity to better understand what is happening around the club and to raise any concerns directly with the Executive Committee in the presence of other members. It is your club and all members are encouraged to make the effort to attend the two club meetings held each year the AGM and the December General Meeting. 11

12 Executive Officer Membership Records During the course of the season, work has continued to bring membership records up to date. Information going back to 1959 has been captured from annual reports in respect of years of service official positions held both within the club and other lifesaving entities club awards and other forms of recognition competition results for championship and other special events To date the focus has been on life and long service members. It is hoped to extend the process to other categories of membership over the coming year as well as recording club championship results. It is also planned to extend the review of club records back to 1940 to ensure the details of all current members are captured and collated. Unfortunately it is a time consuming process and not all previous annual reports have included all of the relevant details. It may ultimately be necessary to go to external sources such as Branch and NSW to obtain some of the missing information. While the process will always be on-going, hopefully the task for future updating of records will become less onerous as the information gathering in relation to our older members is completed. Water Safety Policy and Work Health and Safety This area of club operation continues to raise compliance and procedural challenges. In response to revised water safety procedures introduced by SLSA at the beginning of the season, work was undertaken to develop risk assessment forms to assist the various aspects of club operations involving water activities. As far as possible simplified risk assessment documentation was made available and specifically tailored for board, ski and swim training, boats, R&R, Sunday morning nippers, award training, IRB training, club proficiencies and the Sunday morning surf race. Meetings were held with trainers, coaches and representatives from the various sections and advice provided on the provisions of the new SLSA policy and the new forms. Generally compliance with the new provisions has been good though some areas have not been as attentive to the new requirements as others. This remains a concern as non-compliance with the SLSA procedures, which are in effect work, health & safety obligations, has potentially significant ramifications for both the club and individual members. Further work will be undertaken over the next few months in an attempt to further streamline the procedures to make it easier for members to comply with their obligations in this important area. Quality Clubs Program The Executive Committee approved of the club pursuing registration in the Quality Clubs Program administered by NSW SLS. The program is focused on clubs achieving best practice across the full spectrum of club activities, including administration, lifesaving, training, surf sports and junior activities. It involves transitioning through three levels Bronze, Silver & Gold with each level requiring higher level compliance requirements. Achieving a Quality Clubs Level is viewed favourably by many government and non-government organisations offering grants and other forms of assistance. The first goal is to achieve Bronze level within the next 12 months. The club already meets the vast majority of the criteria relevant to this level. As part of meeting those criteria, the club has registered with the Goods Sports Program which is focused on promoting a drug free environment within the club coupled with a responsible service of alcohol policy. Work will continue over the coming season to meet the remaining criteria relevant to the Bronze level. General Administration As indicated earlier in this report, administrative obligations continue to increase in complexity and the associated paperwork continued its growth. Our administrative officer Gayle Taylor attends to the majority of general administrative tasks. She continues to provide invaluable assistance to me and to all members of the Executive Committee, particularly the Directors of Lifesaving and Education. The club simply would cease to function effectively without the assistance of Gayle in this role. Continued use was made this year of enhanced and SMS functions embedded within the Surfguard system, with a number of routine and special notices sent to the general membership electronically. Surfguard was again used to send out membership renewal forms and the paperwork associated with the Annual General Meeting which continued to result in significant resource, time and financial savings. A physical mail out continued to be used for those members without addresses. Revised payment and other forms helped streamline this process. 12

13 Executive Officer Over the course of the season, eight editions of the club newsletter A Fresh Update were issued. As in past seasons the newsletter incorporated a mix of operational, informative and light hearted information covering the broad spectrum of club activities. An on-going issue remains the storage of club records. With a need to retain records for a minimum of 5 years, space is at a premium and old records are currently stored in the office, the meeting room and in the homes of individual members. This is clearly unacceptable and one that will need addressing in the short to medium term. Special Thanks A special thank you to Gayle for her on-going support over the past 12 months. She continues to take on and learn new tasks and her knowledge and ability to weave a path through the intricacies of the SLSA bureaucracy is invaluable. No request is too hard and every demand asked of her is met with a smile and an efficient response. I simply could not undertake the role of Executive Officer without her support. Special thanks also to Lysa Kiely for her on-going work in the design and presentation of the club newsletter. Lysa s efforts contribute significantly to the success of the newsletter. Stephen Bennett is standing down this year as President. I would like to take the opportunity to make special mention of the support and assistance Stephen has given to me over the past 5 years. We came into our respective roles at the same time and initially found ourselves on rather large learning curves. I know he mastered his curve quicker than I did mine. I have greatly appreciated his views and wise counsel in respect of a myriad of issues that have arisen. I am aware he is highly regarded throughout the Branch for his commonsense approach and sense of fair play and the club has been very fortunate to have him as our President. Thank you Stephen for all your help and assistance. And lastly a really special thank you to my family who has often despaired as I have disappeared down the stairs for another night hunched over the home computer. Particular thanks to Jane who has been an invaluable sounding board and proof reader. Also special thanks to Clare who has helped me with a variety of tasks throughout the year. I could not do the job without their support. Wayne Freakley, Executive Officer BRANCH and STATE ACTIVITIES During the 2013/14 season the club was represented at, and members recognised by, the Sydney Northern Beaches Branch, State & Australian Surf Lifesaving bodies. Member Recognition In the early part of the season a number of members were recognised for their efforts over the previous season. Kurt Hanson was named SNB Masters Competitor of the Year, Wayne Freakley was named SNB Administrator of the Year and the club s Under 19 R&R team - Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern, Madi Taylor & Coach Chris Tyrrell - were named SNB Team of the Year. Michael Kirkby was awarded a High Commendation in the SNB Volunteer of the Year Award and Pam Rowlands was presented with Branch Prominent Service Award for her years of service to the club. At a State Level, Wayne Freakley was named NSW Club Administrator of the Year while the Under 19 R&R team was named NSW Team of the Year. Michael Kirby completed his second season as Branch Director of Surf Sports and implemented many positive changes as to how the Surf Sports are run in our Branch. Stephen Bennett represented the club at the Branch Board of Management which meets on a monthly basis to review Branch activities and consider any policy matters. He has also been a member of the Strategic Review Panel that has undertaken a review on strategic changes to improve the operation and value that Branch provides to the Northern Beaches Clubs. Other Members who have also represented the club at Branch on various panels have been: Lindsay Davis Board of Education Sharon Johnson Board of Life Saving Sam Di Sano Board of Junior Activities Wayne Freakley Member of Branch Rules Committee and provision of constitutional advice to SNB. Also member of National R&R Technical Committee Ken Priest Judiciary Committee Peter Obern R&R Panel, Board of Surf Sports SNB. Also a member of National R&R Steering Committee Ray Brennan - Historian To these representatives thank you for this contribution to Branch activities and representing our club at Branch. We would like to thank the Branch President David Murray and the team at the Branch for their assistance and support over the 2013/14 Season. In addition we would also acknowledge the following Branch sponsors for their support of the Branch: Energy Australia Streets Coca Cola Manly Daily At Surf Life Saving NSW the club has been represented by Michael Bate as the Director of Surf Sports for the last two seasons and he has been a great ambassador of our club in this role. 13

14 Treasurer The Club has posted for the first time in some years a deficit for the year of $17,938. Despite this result the Club continues to be in a strong financial position. A number of factors have influenced this result: A reduction in our club sponsorship and grants income of some $28,000; A reduction in bank interest received of $6,500 due primarily to falling interest rates; A substantial increase in depreciation of club assets (of $12,000) arising from the previous year and recent increased club improvements and equipment purchases which require amortising. It is noted that this does not have a cash impact on the current year; The unexpected cost of replacing club tents due to theft and storm damage at carnivals ($3,000). On a more positive note some pleasing financial highlights appearing in this year s results are: The sponsorship raffle organized by the Boat section to raise funds towards the next purchase of a new surfboat raised over $13,000. Kirsten Pilgrim, Rod Davis and Ian Cradock are to be commended for driving this initiative. Despite this year s deficit the Club is still in a strong cash position with $347,000 on hand and total net assets of $660,000. The Committee has again endeavoured to fulfill the needs of the general membership, patrolling and competition members by outlaying significant monies on necessary items around the Club. These include: Caretaker Kitchen renovations The purchase of a new Rhino ATV Installation of new cupboards in the Clothing room, and new blinds for the Heritage room. The cost of the above items appear in the Statement of Position under the Club Improvements Other and Equipment line items under the Fixed Assets heading. It would be remiss not to again recognize the generous support of our major sponsors the Harbord Beach Hotel, Harbord Diggers Club, Freshwater Community Bank and Smyth Estate Agents. Many thanks must also go to the private individuals, business corporations and organisations identified in Notes 4 and 5 of the Financial Report, who made financial donations and in-kind sponsorships during the year. Once again I must thank a number of Club members who have selflessly given up their time to support the increasing demands of the position namely: Kay Cowley has given a considerable amount of her time to attend to the many time consuming tasks of cash handling, account payments etc, as well as contributing to the catering of our important Club events during the year. Richard Hawtin continues to do a fantastic job managing the numbers of the Junior section year after year. Gayle Taylor for attending to all the cash that comes across her desk throughout the year from members. Steve Bennett has always been there to provide financial advice and direction. The Committee will continue to strive for financial opportunities in the future to maintain it s strong financial position and to provide the support and benefits to the membership that make this Club such a standout in the surf lifesaving movement. Steve Davis, Treasurer 14

15 Financial Statements FRESHWATER SLSC INC. ASSETS AND LIABILITIES STATEMENT AS AT 31 MARCH March March 2013 Consolidated Consolidated $ $ ACCUMULATED FUNDS Opening Balance 678, ,204 Add Profit (Loss) for the Year (17,938) 42,576 TOTAL ACCUMULATED FUNDS 660, ,780 REPRESENTED BY: Cash at Bank Bendigo Bank - General Account 45,433 84,680 - Juniors Account Cash on Hand ,029 86,043 Investments Bendigo Bank Shares Bendigo Bank - Term Deposits 300, , , ,500 Fixed Assets Club Improvements - Freshwater Room 72,480 72,480 Less Provision for Depreciation (72,480) (72,480) 0 0 Club Improvements - other 253, ,770 Less Building Grant -30,000-30,000 Less Provision for Deprecation (83,673) (57,877) 139, ,893 Equipment 145, ,187 Less Provision for Depreciation (87,884) (57,403) 57,185 72,784 Heritage Centre Costs 213, ,614 Less Heritage Centre Grant -165, ,000 Less Provision For Depreciation (6,591) (5,376) 42,023 43,238 Total Fixed Assets 238, ,915 Other Assets Amounts Receivable 68,084 60,241 GST Receivable 33,571 10, ,655 70,711 TOTAL ASSETS 687, ,169 Less Liabilities Creditors & Accruals 11,726 29,809 GST Payable 15,330 2,580 TOTAL LIABILITIES 27,056 32,389 NET ASSETS 660, ,780 John Potter Trust Fund 24,000 23,500 These funds are held by the club from a bequest and donations that the donor requested be added to the John Potter Trust Fund. The income from this fund can be drawn and used for club activities. The fund of $24,000 does not form part of the net assets of the club. 15

16 Financial Statements INCOME AND EXPENDITURE STATEMENT for the year ended 31 March March March 2013 Senior Junior Section Section Consolidated Consolidated $ $ $ $ INCOME Prize Money ,750 Club Clothing Sales 4,689 34,426 39,115 31,281 Sponsorships 57,709 57,709 76,104 Donations 11,951 11,951 12,903 Freshie Carnivals Income 26,517 13,373 39,890 38,873 Functions Income 9,843 7,237 17,080 13,359 Surfboat raffle 13,000 13,000 0 Duke's Day 4,473 4,473 5,281 Sale of Security Fobs 1,745 1,745 1,344 Barney Mullins Swim 13,861 13,861 17,372 Presentation Night 7,230 7,230 6,279 Grants & Assistance 6,068 6,068 20,920 Board/Ski hire and half share 1,350 2,685 4,035 4,085 Hall Hire 62,944 62,944 65,070 History Book Income Hotel Raffle Income 13,576 13,576 11,322 Interest Received 13, ,094 19,587 Manual Sales/Exam Fees 10,034 10,034 20,218 Members Subscriptions 53,136 92, , ,205 Kiosk Rent 26,380 26,380 24,753 Sale of Equipment 2,900 2,900 2,100 Golf Day ,735 Competitor levy 5, ,060 5,445 Touring Fund Income 27,517 27,517 6,199 State Nipper Uniform Sales 4,695 4,695 5,162 Dividend Received Boxing & Fitness Sessions TOTAL INCOME 374, , , ,489 16

17 Financial Statements EXPENDITURE 31 March March 2013 Senior Junior Section Section Consolidated Consolidated $ $ $ $ AGM Expenses 1,680 1,680 1,426 Bank Charges & Merchant Fees 2, ,916 3,348 Barney Mullins Swim expenses 5,738 5,738 6,270 Carnival Entries & Expenses 29,572 13,331 42,903 42,382 Cleaning Expenses 3,758 3,758 1,658 Club Clothing Purchases 16,486 32,258 48,744 61,714 Club History expenses Club Master Plan 0 0 Coaching & Training 12,178 5,980 18,158 12,600 Computer & Internet Expenses 2,667 2,667 1,513 Depreciation of Club Improvements 57,492 57,492 45,399 Duke's Day expenses 4,034 4,034 4,283 Electricity & Gas 12,092 12,092 12,270 Freshie Carnivals Expenses 19,973 8,341 28,314 22,432 Function Expenses 5,293 20,376 25,669 23,737 Garbage Removal 4,356 4,356 6,377 Golf Day 0 9,010 Hotel Raffle Expenses 6,650 6,650 7,250 Insurances & Capitations 20,777 29,342 50,119 49,360 Legal & Affiliation costs Office Expenses Patrols & First Aid 11,819 11,819 14,660 Postage Presentation Night 7,586 7,586 5,745 Printing & Stationery ,355 Purchase & Maintenance of Equipment Board / Ski / Swim expenses 16,974 27,981 44,955 35,067 Gym 3,353 3,353 0 IRB 6,295 6,295 4,044 Other Building 26,593 26,593 24,761 Other Equipment 2,581 2,350 4,931 6,713 R&R & March Past 1,490 1,490 4,700 Surf Boats 1,376 1,376 3,718 RTA Registrations & Trailer Repairs 1, ,412 1,657 Rent Security Monitoring 2,803 2,803 3,545 Signs & Sponsors Costs 3, ,685 10,188 Superannuation 2,266 2,266 1,841 SLS Awards, Training & Manuals 15, ,174 21,295 Telephones 1,788 1,788 1,879 Touring Fund Expenses 32,623 32,623 10,019 Trophies, Prizes & Awards 4,611 5,513 10,124 5,247 State Nipper Uniform Purchases 10,155 10,155 11,759 Wages 41,641 41,641 34, , , , ,913 PROFIT (LOSS) FOR THE YEAR (17,083) (854) (17,937) 42,576 NET PROFIT (LOSS) FOR THE YEAR (17,083) (854) (17,937) 42,576 17

18 Financial Statements Note 1 Statement of Significant Accounting Policies This financial report is a special purpose financial report prepared in order to satisfy the financial reporting requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act of NSW and the Charitable Fundraising Act & Legislation. The committee has determined that the club is not a reporting entity. The financial report has been prepared in accordance with the following Australian Accounting Standards: AASB 1031 Materiality AASB 110 Events after the Balance Date No other applicable Accounting Standards, Australian Accounting Interpretations or other authoritative pronouncements of the Australian Accounting Standards Board have been applied. The financial report has been prepared on an accruals basis and is based upon historical costs and does not take into account changing money values. The following material accounting policies, which are consistent with the previous period unless otherwise stated have been adopted in the preparation of this financial report. Fixed Assets Improvements made to the club house, equipment and the building costs for the Heritage Centre are carried at cost less accumulated depreciation. The depreciable amount of all fixed assets is depreciated over their useful life to the club commencing from the time the asset is held ready for use. Note 2 - Stock on Hand Costumes, rash vests-shirts & other clothing 46,565 Note 3 - Sponsorships Harbord Beach Hotel 20,000 Harbord Diggers Club 15,000 Bendigo Bank 10,254 Smyth Estate Agents 9,091 Autosol 1,364 Mainbrace 1,000 Body Shape 1,000 Note 4 - In Kind Sponsorships / Donations Bennett Surfboards Pepper Tree Wines Heineken Danny Eid Betta Marquee Noggin Mrs Mays Titan Ford Harbord Growers Bendigo Bank Angel Restaurant Fitness First Engine Swimwear Pilu Restaurant Oceanswims 18 57,709 Note 5 - Donations Boards as prizes for Bennett Ironman carnival Freshwater tent and beverages for social functions Beverages for social functions Freshwater merchandise Tent frame SMS's for Freshnet Food items for Aust Day carnival & Barney Mullins Ford Territory to tow trailer to carnivals Fruit for Nippers camp and Barney Mullins Merchandise for Barney Mullins competitors Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors NSW SLSA 6,311 Estate of the late Fred Raffo 2,000 Fairfax Media 1,764 Darren Jones 450 George Mullins 300 I G Cameron 300 Mark Gilbert 200 Koskela Family 125 Badminton Group 119 Dawnbusters Golf Group 100 South Curl Curl SLSC 100 Henderson Family 50 G Witts 50 Max Jones 20 Anonymous 62 11,951 Note 6 - Grants Warringah Council 6,068 6,068 Note 7 - Major Fundraising Events Income Sponsorship Expenses Net Result Freshwater Carnivals - including Aust Day, Masters & Jnr Bennett 39,890 6,000 28,314 17,576 Barney Mullins Swim 13,861 2,183 5,738 10,306 Surfboat raffle 13, ,000 40,882 Note 8 - Application of Fundraising Income Net Fundraising Income 109,285 Net Fundraising income was applied as follows Surf Life saving Operations 84,407 Capital Expenditure on Facility 27,409 Training Costs including training equipment and competition 113,988 Administration, maintenance of club, clothing and member functions 251, ,424 Net Shortfall 368,139 The shortfall was made up from income from other sources as follows Members Subscriptions 145,975 Other Sources 206,793 Accumulated Funds 15, ,139

19 Committee Statement & Audit Report.2 19

20 Committee Statement & Audit Report 2. 20

21 Director Sponsorship & Marketing Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club relies heavily on the generosity and financial support of corporate partners and private contributors. Without their generosity, we would not have the great club that exists today! It has been a busy season on the beach at Freshwater! All activity from competition to first aid and patrols is costly and we must pause to thank the very generous financial support we receive from the extended Freshie community. The ongoing sponsorship that we receive from sponsors includes cash donations, equipment purchases, goods and services in kind and other initiatives. The combination of each of these contributes to the smooth running of the Club, maintaining lifesaving equipment and our storage and club facilities. This allows members to concentrate on the Club s core role of providing lifesaving services to Freshwater Beach in a safe, professional but fun environment. Harbord Beach Hotel (HBH) has continued as our Major Sponsor for the 2013/2014 season, providing invaluable support throughout the season. John Thorpe AM from the HBH has remained a long term loyal Freshie supporter and we thank him for this. This acknowledgement is well deserved following the years of support that have been provided. Smyth Estate Agents (SEA) have enjoyed their third year as a Gold sponsor. It has been fantastic to have James continued support and to see him on the beach as dad and a Nippers age manger. The involvement from James and his team at SEA has been on both a personal level and a sponsorship level, which is an amazing contribution that we greatly appreciate! Freshwater Community Bank Branch, Bendigo Bank (FCB) have continued their ongoing support of Freshwater SLSC. Our lifesaving equipment is expensive and requires a regular maintenance and replacement plan. Through the support of FCB, we have been able to purchase 4 new rescue boards and 2 new first aid manikins. In addition to this, FCB continued as the Major Sponsor of the Barney Mullins Ocean Swim, providing the financial support that we require to fund this event. Harbord Diggers have continued as a Gold Sponsor for the season, with further contributions (following a 2 year commitment last season) towards the purchase of the two new IRBs complete with hull, engine and fuel bags. This was a great boost to our IRB squad who assure us the boats are great to drive and allow us to confidently patrol and provide event water safety in fast, reliable craft. The ongoing relationship between the Harbord Diggers and Freshwater SLSC continues to grow, with our members and surf boat section joining together for the ANZAC Service on the 25 th April. 21

22 Sponsorship & Marketing Danny Eid Lawyers deserve a special mention for coming through once again to support their adopted Freshie family. The ongoing support provided by Danny Eid includes fitting our competitors with caps and hats, as well as ongoing support provided through tents. The support from Danny Eid has continued this season and we are continually grateful for the generosity and support shown. Peppertree Wines have not only continued their ongoing support of Freshwater SLSC, but stepped up their level of support this season. This year, Peppertree came to the rescue to support our club during a point of crisis when our new tents were stolen. We are reliant upon the tents (a costly purchase!) to provide our members with a safe environment out of the sun and heat. We cannot thank Peppertree enough for the substantial support that they have provided! Bennett Surf Boards has once again demonstrated their support towards the Junior Bennett Ironman Event. The event was flush with giveaways from eternally generous donor Bennett s Boards. These giveaways bring fun and spectacle to our growing events. A further thank you is extended to Signarama Chatswood who have continued to provide signage to the club at substantially reduced prices. Their ongoing generosity has continued this season and we look forward to further developing this relationship. Mainbrace and Qantas continued their ongoing support of our Australia Day Carnival, through cash prizes and tickets for competitors and officials. Our Australia Day Carnival continues to grow and requires the ongoing support of local business to do so. Other prizes and support were provided by Pilu Restaurant, Peppertree Wines, Mrs. Mays, Catering by Design, Harbord Growers. The ongoing generosity of these sponsors has ensured that our event remains a success! The shiny glare from our polished metal surfaces around the club can be attributed to Autosol who have joined forces with the Freshwater Surf Boat section to provide support over a 3 year period. The venture has been actively supported by our Surf Boat section who were witnessed throughout the season polishing our metal surfaces with Autosol's products. The ongoing relationship between our new sponsors and the boat section will ensure that new equipment can be purchased to keep our section competitive. JMac Graphics has continued to provide support to the Dukes Day Event. Each year this incredible event continues to grow. It is the kind support shown by local businesses that is contributing to what will be a spectacular event next year! Dukes Day, 2015 is an event to book into your diaries now! A warm welcome and thank you is extended to Heineken who were able to donate 20 cases of beer towards our Freshies on Friday events. The support from Heineken ensured that members were able to purchase drinks at club prices, while we were able to continue to raise funds towards the ongoing expenses within our club. A further welcome is extended to Body Shape at Warringah Mall and Physiocise at Body Shape have actively supported our female boat competitors throughout the season and their manager, Kathryn is often seen down on the beach supporting our crews. Mel Partington, Owner of Physiocise has also provided valuable support to the club s R&R competitors during the season. It is always great to see our sponsors and fundraising opportunities integrated with our Club. In particular this year, we saw a fantastic initiative through the Surf Boat section with the Surf Boat Raffle. Raising over $13,000, the Surf Boat section went above and beyond in order to demonstrate their commitment to the club and their sport. The drive from members to sell tickets and then host winners for a Thank You BBQ is a wonderful example of team work. A big thank you is extended to Rod Davis, Ian Cradock and Eric Middledorp for organising the raffle. A fabulous initiative run by Josephine Wolff ensured that much needed money was raised for our Nippers section. The lucky winner of the board raffle was Flash Electrical. It is through the ongoing support of members who organise these fundraising events and the local businesses who support them, that much needed funds are raised. Freshie sponsors and supporters are friends, families and contacts through our business network; please remember to support them in return when you are next in need of their goods or services! 22

23 Sponsorship & Marketing Our partners through : MAJOR Sponsor Harbord Beach Hotel GOLD Sponsors Freshwater Community Bank Smyth Estate Agents (SEA) Harbord Diggers SILVER Sponsors Danny Eid Lawyers Bennett Surfboards Chatswood Sign*A*Rama BRONZE Sponsors JMAC Graphics Mrs Mays QANTAS Body Shape Mainbrace Autosol Heineken Flash Electrical NAMED Sponsors Catering By Design Fitness First Harbord Growers We are grateful for the generosity of all of these contributors. Every contribution of financial support and goods in kind donated to FSLSC allows us to: Concentrate our time on training our life savers to protect the beach; Ensures we have the right equipment to activate in fast effective rescues; Enables our Club to run efficiently. At Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club we need to say a huge thank you to each and every one of our sponsors; we really appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement. Kirsten Pilgrim Director of Sponsorship & Marketing 23

24 Director Lifesaving It was touch and go towards the end of season in ensuring no lives were lost whilst under the red and yellow flags. However due to some incredible rescues by both our club members and the Lifeguards we saw our club record of 105 years maintained of No Lives Lost whilst our club members patrolled the beach. Well done to every member who has contributed to sustaining this exceptional record in sometimes very treacherous surf conditions. The surf conditions have been some of the worst in twenty years. This season we had two-thirds of the patrol days sunny hence we saw an increase in the number of attendees by 2% (total attendees were 308,629). However, despite the sunny and warm days and some treacherous surf conditions we saw a decrease in the number of rescues performed. There were 120 rescues performed. Most rescues occurred between 12pm - 1pm (32) and 4pm 5pm (18). This is different to last season when we saw the second most rescues in the morning. This season most rescues were performed with a rescue tube (44) followed by a rescue board (33). This is the reverse compared to last season. The number of rescues decreasing may be due to an increase by 28% in preventions (total preventatives were 4,423). The beach was closed 20 days throughout the season due to the surf conditions even on sometimes perfect sunny days. This is an increase of 20%. Our patrolling members kept the public safe despite the many complaints from those who just wished to swim on those perfect but treacherous surf days. The number of first aid incidents decreased by 19% (total 126). The number of lost children increased by 82% to 60 children this season. All lost children were returned safely to their parents. We traded the old Bobcat and purchased a new Yamaha Rhino 700 all terrain vehicle (ATV) this season which has proved a great success on the beach. I would like to thank Bike & Power at Dural who partly sponsored the ATV & provide service for it. The Yamaha Rhino was chosen after extensive research and numerous ATV s were trialed on the beach. This ATV was the most suited for Freshwater Beach. It has completed 700kms throughout the season. It has shown some wear and tear on the wheel arches in the tray from anchors being placed into the tray. It has been utilized heavily during the season from patrols to towing surfboats on and off the beach. We were successful in retaining our pop up tent for patrols rather than using the new Streets circus tents from branch. Branch covered the cost of the new patrol tent canopy. We designed a new canopy in red and yellow with Streets as our major sponsor on the canopy. Thank you Betta Marquee for providing this so quickly at the beginning of the season. We purchased a new tent frame this season due to the old tent frame being destroyed in a huge gust of wind. Now the patrol tent is secured to the patrol trailer and sponsorship signs to prevent this happening again or taken down in moderate to strong winds. We sold an old IRB hull as the club was not using it. We have taken up a new agreement with Middle Harbour Marine in regards to servicing our IRB engines and this has been working well. This professional service will ensure that our IRB engines are well maintained and ready for use. In the off season we will need to look at buying life jackets as they will become compulsory for all IRB drivers & all IRB crew. We will also need to look at buying a couple of radios as the radios will be going digital for patrols. We purchased a new loud hailer for patrols, as the old large loud hailer had been working intermittently and it is a requirement to have one on patrols. We have since repaired the old one and we now have two for patrols. We have purchased four new rescue boards from Kracka for next season. Two rescue boards are the standard size (SR2) and we have also ordered two slightly wider boards (SR3) that are more stable for those members who are inexperienced with using rescue boards. I would like to thank Bendigo Bank for sponsoring these four rescue boards for patrols. Four of the old patrol rescue boards will be retired for general use. There has been a change in the supplier of patrol uniforms and we now have both female and male patrol shirts and shorts. These new patrol uniforms by Roxy and Quicksilver will be phased in over the next two seasons. The patrol uniforms are a lot brighter than the old patrol uniforms. Vice Captains & Support Officers This season saw Beatrice John take on the new role as Vice-Captain. Beatrice has represented me at branch and local meetings when I was unable to attend due to work commitments. Beatrice has provided valuable support to me in this role. Thanks Beatrice! 24

25 Director Lifesaving This season we had Luke Jarman step up as the gear steward. Luke has been outstanding in this role in ensuring all our patrolling gear is ready for use. He has travelled around Sydney getting gear repaired for patrols. There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Well-done Luke! We had a change in the IRB section with Edward Farrell IRB Captain & Matthew Elphick IRB Vice-Captain stepping down halfway through the season due to personal reasons. Both Edward & Matt did a great job in looking after the IRB section from training through to maintenance of the IRB equipment. Thanks Edward & Matt for all your hard work! This change saw Steve Smith as the new IRB captain & Luke Jarman as the new IRB Vice captain and water safety coordinator. Thanks Steve for your behind the scenes work. Luke, thanks again for all your endless hours in ensuring we had enough drivers & crewies for all carnivals and patrols. Kevin Dyer has taken on a new role of fuel supplier. Thanks Kevin for the numerous trips you have made this season to the petrol station to ensure that we always had fuel available for both the IRBs and the ATV. Richard Budd & James Coates have made a return to IRB training. I know the new IRB crewies having thoroughly enjoyed your training sessions. Thank-you Richard & James for your tremendous teaching abilities and skills in the IRB! Thanks to Belinda Dobson & Cheryl White our first aid officers who have provided tremendous support in guaranteeing all first aid equipment is operational, keeping the stores up to date, making certain there is enough oxygen & ensuring we have enough first aid personnel at our Junior Bennett Ironman Carnival, Australia Day Carnival, Australia Day Boat Carnival, Freshie Masters Carnival & the Barney Mullin Ocean swim. I hope to see you both continue in these roles as we continue to succession plan for the forth-coming season. Patrol Captains This season, for solidity and constant leadership, thirteen out of the sixteen patrol captains returned to their roles. Thank you to Christophe Capel, Blake Dyer & Tom Duffy for stepping up as new patrol captains and making sure the patrols ran smoothly. A big thank you also to those returning long serving patrol captains John Boakes, John Carraro, Alexius Chan, Naomi Donohue, Laith Farouqi, Greg Gardner, Dierk Hartmann, Ben Kirkby, Paul Lemlin, Sean Obern, Brendan Quail, Sam Thompson & Brian Whealing, for your leadership on patrols and around the club. Thanks also to the long service members who assisted some patrols as patrol captain. The patrol captains are the backbone to my role as a Club Captain. It is through their leadership, motivational skills and communicational skills that our patrols continue to ensure No Lives are Lost whilst our beach is patrolled by our members. Patrol of the Year Each year the patrol of the year is an award the patrols strive to achieve and is always closely contested. I visited all sixteen patrols this season and despite some minor reminders about patrol quarter caps being tied on members heads most members were proud to wear it. All patrols showed a high standard of first aid skills, surf lifesaving skills and teamwork. This was evident from all patrol assessors when they conducted their audits. The main consideration for this award is the number of no shows and the winning patrol this season had 10 no shows which was the least compared to other patrols. The winning patrol had 3 members who received 100% patrol achievement. The patrol captain is dedicated, very professional and motivated. He always gives 100% to ensure the public is continually safe and he ensures all his members rotate to different positions on the beach including a roving patrol to the rock pool and members at the flags. The patrol captain also had excellent communication with his patrol team through s and follow up phone calls. The patrol is always on time and the patrol logs were always filled out 100%. The patrol always worked as a cohesive team. The criteria used to determine the winner of this award is: Patrol attendance ( no show play a large part in the decision) Punctuality of patrols Conduct of patrol members whilst on patrol Completion of patrol log each patrol The number of new awards completed by members in that patrol This year the patrol of the year goes to PATROL 8. 25

26 Director Lifesaving Patrol 8 Role Surname First Patrol Captain LEMLIN Paul Vice Patrol Captain / IRB Driver JONES Andy IRB Crew WALMSLEY Greg ARTC / AFA / Spinal LEMLIN Emily Member BARTOLEMEI Cain Member FORSTER Evie Member HARDIN Dana Member HURRELL Sam Member JONES Andrew Member JONES Samuel Member KINDLER Natalie Member MALM Alex Member PENZE Felicity Member PHILLIPS Adam Member PHILLIPS Jacqueline Member PHILLIPS Lucas Member PILU Martino Member RISPOLI Sophia Member VILJOEN Hannah Member WALMSLEY Lachlan 100% PATROL- SURNAME FIRST NAME PATROL BLOCK Peter 3 BOAKES John 4 BOLDEN Max 5 CAHALAN Danny 4 CORNER Alex 1 CRADOCK Amy 10 CUTHBERT Mark 14 DARLING Isabella 10 DePAOLI Claire 13 DOBROW Kelly 13 DOBSON Belinda 15 DONOHUE Naomi 14 Well done to all the members on this patrol and please keep up the astounding work of setting a very high standard for other patrols to endeavor to. 100% Patrol Achievement The patrol by law was changed again at the beginning of this season so that 100% patrol achievement reverted back to similar criteria which applied two years ago. In order to receive this award, members need to attend all of their rostered patrols including direct substitute paybacks but excused patrols were NOT included in the award. New members who completed the above criteria in more than 5 patrols were also awarded this. Well done to the following 57 members. DI SANO Sebastian 4 DUFFY Tom 13 DUNN Stephen 11 DYER Blake 1 DYER Kevin 1 FREAKLEY Clare 9 FRASER Simon 11 FRERCK Barbara 3 FRERCK Bennett 3 GARDNER Greg 12 GODOY Tristan 9 GOEHRING Liam 10 GOLDRICK John 15 GRALTON Daniel 5 GRALTON Terry 5 GRIFFIN Leeke 3 HARTMANN Dierk 15 HILDYARD Ben 3 JANDER Daniel 4 JARMAN Luke 2 LEMLIN Paul 8 MACMAHON Tom 11 MALM Andrea 14 MCNAMARRA Damian 11 MCCONNELL Gina 16 NEWELL Tanya 13 OBERN Claire 10 OBERN Sean 7 O'SHEA Connor 12 O'SHEA Fintan 12 PRICE David 14 QUAIL Brendan 10 RAYMER Michael 5 SEETO Mark 3 SMITH Bill 7 SOMERS Ben 3 THOMAS Nigel 1 VICKERS Sharon 15 WALMSLEY Blake 6 WALMSLEY Greg 8 WALMSLEY Lachlan 8 WHEALING Brian 5 WHEATLEY Stephen 16 WIRTH Tim 9 WRIGHT Michael 12 26

27 Director Lifesaving Special Surf Life Saving Awards These are awards for those members who have shown great commitment to patrols and to the club. They are the following: Rookie Patrol Person of the Year Youth Patrol Person of the Year Patrol Person of the Year IRB Driver of the Year Rookie Patrol Person of the Year This award is for members who have completed one patrol season or less and who have gained their BM award after the 31 st January of the preceeding season. The member must be financial, with weight given to total club patrol hours served as well as no penalty patrols. Weight is also given to the number of no shows, the number of exemptions and number of lifesaving awards achieved in the season. Also taken into consideration is the overall contribution made to the club throughout the season and members competition results if a determination cannot be made based on the other items above. L-R Luke Jarman, Claire DePaoli, Clare Freakley, Kelly Dobrow & Sharon Johnson CLAIRE DePAOLI 36 Patrol Hours (27.5 patrol hours, 4.5 substitute hours & 4 voluntary hours) Claire obtained her Bronze Medallion award on 30 th November She has completed 6 out of her 7 rostered patrols and arranged a substitute for 1 of her patrols. She also did 2 additional patrols, one as a voluntary member and one substituting for another patrol member. Claire obtained her Advanced Resuscitation Techniques award on 29 th January 2014, her spinal & is in the final stages of completing her IRB crew course. Claire is a team player on patrols and gets actively involved with the patrols. She is always happy and smiling and is very enthusiastic and dedicated. She is a great asset to patrols. Well-done Claire! Youth Patrol Person of the Year This award is for younger members who are proficient in either their Surf Rescue Certificate or the Bronze Medallion. The criteria for the award is the same that applies to the Rookie Patrol Person award. CLARE FREAKLEY patrol hours (13 substitute hours and 8.25 volunteer hours). Clare has been active in patrolling this season and has stepped up as patrol captain when her patrol captain was away. She has completed patrol hours and has substituted for other members without paybacks. Clare also received the 100% patrol achievement. She was a great role model, teaching her fellow patrol members about all contents in the first aid kit on patrols. She was the only patrol captain to receive 350/ 350, a perfect score for a patrol audit. Clare also attended a rescue on the board during a substitute patrol. She is the dedicated ARTC operator on patrol 13, and is an exceptional lifesaver who is always reliable and motivated on patrols. Clare has also obtained numerous awards this season which include - Radio Operator s Certificate, Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management, Trainer Officer s for SRC & BM, Spinal, Honorary Beach Inspector, and Gold medallion. This is an amazing achievement for one season. Clare has also assisted as an official at the City to Surf and Dee Why to Manly Fun Runs and has also helped with teaching CPR for Bendigo Bank. She has trained 3 BM courses this season. Clare is also a member welfare officer. She has officiated at local, branch & state carnivals and is a great champion lifesaver and R&R competitor. She is also a coach for R&R. All these skills and experiences lead to a very enthusiastic leader, team player and patrolling member which is reflected in her patrol duties. Well done Clare! Patrol Person of the Year The criteria for this award is the same that applies to the other patrol awards. KELLY DOBROW 100 Patrol Hours (which includes volunteer hours, 9.5 other hours, 3 visitor hours & substitute hours) Kelly is the Vice Captain for patrol 13. She has attended 9 out of 10 rostered patrols and undertook 3 substitute patrols. Kelly only missed 1 rostered patrol, as she was competing. She also received the 100% patrol award this season. She has also provided volunteer hours, which is nearly equivalent for some patrols as rostered patrol hours. Kelly is always punctual and is continuously willing to help out on patrols. She is a dedicated lifesaver who has given so much of her time on patrols, teaching other young lifesavers and training other club members in Bronze Medallion Award and Surf Rescue Certificate throughout the season. Kelly juggles her work and family commitments and travels at least 45 minutes to the club. Kelly is very professional and is a great team leader. She is always 27

28 Director Lifesaving actively patrolling and is the first to spot a rescue as her eyes are always on the water. Kelly is always willing to help out with patrols short notice. She is a great role model to younger members on patrols. Kelly is always around to help at carnivals for first aid or to set-up and pack-up. She provided first aid at the Freshwater Bennett Ironman Carnival and Australia Day Carnival. Kelly has also been an active March Past and R&R competitor. She has also completed her refresher Apply First Aid Award this season. Well done Kelly! IRB Driver of the Year 38 IRB drivers voted for the IRB driver who they felt had contributed the most to the club in an all round sense, in terms of patrols, assistance with training, carnival set-up and general support. LUKE JARMAN Patrol Hours (which includes water safety hours, 4 volunteer hours & 9.25 hours of substitute patrols). Luke was overwhelmingly nominated for the second year in a row as the IRB driver of the year. Luke only obtained his IRB Driver s award on 13 th November 2012 and he continues to provide invaluable service to the IRB section of the club. He stepped up as the IRB Vice Captain and the water safety coordinator for carnivals, events & patrols. Luke used his charm of entertaining the IRB drivers & IRB crewies with inspiring s and even a video to attract members for water safety at the Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships. Luke provided water safety at Freshwater Masters Carnival, Freshwater Bennett Ironman Carnival, Dukes Day, Australia Day Carnival, Australia Day Boat Carnival, Barney Mullins swim, Kayak for Kids and 3 weekends at the state titles. He is also the dedicated IRB driver for patrol 2. Luke is always available at short notice to drive the IRBs. He has also been quick to act when we have had out of hours emergency response calls or when an IRB driver does not turn up to patrols. Comments from some of our other drivers - He s always helping out, puts his hand up for anything and the IRB section would be lost without him! All the crap he has to put up with finding crews and drivers. And he makes an OK ballast for the front of the boat as well. Some people say he can drive too! Has yet again provided invaluable service to the IRB Section, club and also the wider community. He is an excellent leadership figure and role model within Surf Life saving. He has done a fantastic job in organizing IRB support for various carnivals, especially State, and other events. Also filled in when drivers were not available. Great job! Meritorious Award for Lifesaving or Bravery TOD ROWBOTHAM This is an award to recognise members who have been instrumental in saving a life or who have participated in a rescue in circumstances where their own safety has been at a heightened level of risk. The events giving rise to the consideration for the award are not restricted to the surf or beach related activities. Congratulations to Tod Rowbotham who performed an amazing rescue in treacherous surf conditions on the morning of the 12 th April The rescue is described below. A group of club members arrived at Freshwater beach at 7am for a ski paddle. A risk assessment was performed and it was decided the surf was too massive and dangerous to enter. Whilst watching the surf a lady came running up to the club in distress saying that there was a surfboard rider in trouble. Tod quickly grabbed a rescue board and headed to the rip at the south end of the beach to rescue the surfboard rider who was being pushed against the rocks. 28

29 Director Lifesaving Tod battled his way out in the surf, getting hit by massive metre waves. He found the surfer in serious distress completely exhausted struggling to hold his surfboard. Tod got the surfboard rider onto the rescue board and they paddled out to sea beyond the break and headed towards the middle of the beach to assess how they would get back in. The surfboard rider would not let go of his surfboard and they towed his surfboard with him. As Tod was working his way parallel to the shore to get to the middle of the beach a freak 3 metre wave was fast approaching. He made the decision to turn the rescue board seaward to try and get over the wave. Unfortunately the wave like a block of flats, was beyond the break by 50 metres and was going to hit them. Tod knew he was in trouble and he told the surfboard rider to jump off the rescue board and head straight to the bottom and hold his breath. The surfboard rider froze in panic and they were both smashed by the wave. The surfboard rider surfaced first some 20 metres from Tod. Tod took a while to resurface. When Tod finally surfaced a second 3 metre wave hit him and the ferocious surf smashed him again. Both Tod and the surfboard rider ultimately swam back to shore. They were both exhausted and cared for by a couple of members who were on standby to rescue them. Tod had put his own life at risk in order to save a surfboard rider. If it was not for his amazing 36 years of surfing skills it may have been a very different ending. Tod s rescue was named Branch, NSW and SLSA rescue of the month. Patrol rescue of the month branch nominations 2013/2014 season Despite the treacherous surf conditions we only had two (2) rescues of the month s nominations to branch this season. 1. Saturday 4 th January Charles Brandling, Louise Brandling, Barbara Frerck, Marc Gunning & Ben Hilyard On a busy but windy beach day where the radio reception was erratic, one of the young patrolling members, Charles Brandling, who was on a roving patrol at the south end of the beach came running up to the patrol tent to inform the patrol captain Ben Hilyard of a head injury to a surfer. His fellow roving patrol member Louise Brandling stayed with the injured surfer. The first aid officer Barbara Frerck and another patrolling member Marc Gunning quickly attended with the first aid kit, spinal board and a collar. The four (4) life savers assessed the patient and treated the surfer for a head injury with loss of consciousness and a suspected cervical spine injury due to an audible crack heard by the surfer. The surfer stated his head had collided with the knee of another surfboard rider. The surfer was taken to Manly Hospital by ambulance for x-rays and a computed tomography scan of his neck was performed. He was released later that day without a fracture or serious head injury. The quick initial response of the roving patrol and subsequent first aid response ensured that the surfer suffered no further injuries and was a demonstration of surf lifesaving at its best. 2. Saturday 12 th April 2014 Tod Rowbotham The circumstances of Tod s rescue were outlined earlier. 100% Patrol Members 29

30 Director Lifesaving Patrol Statistics This season s patrol hours have increased by 6% (11,637). Again, we had had a decline in the number of IRB rescues this season, with only 8 IRB rescues performed. This season we had no activation of the shark alarms. Due to the changes in beach geography and treacherous surf conditions we have had an increase in the number of beach closures this season by 60% (beach closed 20 days this season). The number of first aid incidents decreased by 19% (total 126) compared to last season. Our spinal injuries and cuts and abrasions have increased slightly. 30 Patrol statistics Season 2013/ / /12 Crowd Attendance 308, ,743 Rescues No Gear Board Tube IRB RWC Other Total Rescues First Aid Fractures/Dislocations Major Marine Stings Major Wounds Minor Cuts/Abrasions Minor Marine Stings Other Resuscitations Spinal Injuries Total First Aid Preventative Actions Lost Children Preventions ,786 Searches Shark Alarms Total Preventative Actions ,825 Out of Hours Rescues Patrol Hours 11,637 10, ,157,25 Beach Closures Weather Fine Overcast Partly Cloudy Raining Total

31 There were four patrol audits this season. The format of the patrol audits changed this season to be in line with the NSW Surf Lifesaving patrol audit scoring. This meant patrol audits were now out of 350 and there were no assessments in the water. There was more emphasis on resuscitation and patrol equipment. Also every member s financial status and proficiencies were checked. Our scores were 350/350 (Thanks Clare Freakley for the perfect score), 337/350, 336 /350 and 335/350. We mainly lost major points for members not being financial or proficient in their award. It is essential that you are financial and that you do your annual proficiencies for each of your awards that require them. Special thanks to: Luke Jarman for being an amazing gear steward and sorting out the shortfalls for IRB drivers and IRB crews. Lindsay Davis for her support and her team of instructors for ensuring all our patrolling members are proficient, training new patrolling members & training members in higher awards. Lindsay also for assisting in coaching the lifesaving team and for your friendship. Richard Budd, James Coates & Wal Dobrow for your support on patrolling issues and supporting the IRB section with your expertise and experience. House of Lords for your wisdom, friendships, surf life saving experiences, advice, leadership and support. Warringah Lifeguards who have worked well in conjunction with our patrolling members. Thanks also to Clinton Rose the Warringah Lifeguards Supervisor for his support. The Executive committee for their ongoing support with new challenges. To all the Freshie Family thank-you for your support and friendship throughout the season. Our sponsors for ensuring we have the money to upgrade old equipment and to purchase new essential life saving equipment. Finally Gayle Taylor our club administration officer for providing patrol support. Thanks also for organizing the club lifesaving awards. Final Comments: Well done to all patrolling members as we have had another successful year in terms of the number of rescues performed and we still maintained our record of no lives lost. Congratulations! I have thoroughly enjoyed the patrol season. It has been a tough decision but I will be stepping down as the Director of Lifesaving (Club Captain) after 3 seasons due to personal reasons and it s time for new ideas with a new Director Lifesaving. However, I will still be around the club but not in an executive role. I hope you all enjoy the off-season. I look forward to next season and seeing you all down at the beach. Yours in surf lifesaving Sharon Johnson Director Life Saving (Club Captain) Director Lifesaving 31

32 32 Our awesome patrols

33 Our awesome patrols 33

34 IRB The 2013/14 has been a season of change within the Powercraft section and one of many successes. The start of season in August for IRB training and equipment preparation was extremely successful, with several new drivers and crews passed as well as all hulls and engines approved; a feat which has not taken place in many clubs for a decade. This success was owed to the preparatory efforts of Matt Elphick, Tom Farrell and Steve Smith. Whilst our throughput of new drivers and crews has not been particularly high, we have yet again yielded an excellent crop of drivers and crews, many of whom went on to achieve a reputation for their professionalism and quick actions in their duties. Of particular note was David Price, whose quick response at the Freshwater boat carnival managed to gain a degree of commentary throughout the club for its hoffesque appearance. Once again a big thanks to all the IRB drivers and crew who volunteered on top of their regular patrols to do water safety. Freshie s IRB section needs to supply water safety at carnivals to ensure all our competitors can compete. Water safety by the IRB section is important so that the club s members can compete. The IRB section did almost 200 hours of water safety this season. At all carnivals the IRB section is first on the beach at 5.30am and last off the beach. This season we provided water safety support at our own carnivals - Masters, Australia Day Carnival, boat carnival, Bennett JNR iron man, Dukes Day and Barney Mullins as well as the State at Umina over 3 weekends and the Aussies over in Perth. So you could say Freshie IRB section has Australia covered. With changes in work and other parts of my life I reluctantly stepped down from the IRB Captain s role in January I can proudly say that in the role of IRB Captain I ve overseen the addition of 22 drivers, 47 crews, a fleet of hulls and engines not worn down to a single working item, or held together with spit, the development of 4 new trainers and subsequent leadership in the section, and a major reduction in injuries. In the years ahead I plan to contribute in whatever way possible to maintain the standard we ve set and improve on the changes we ve already started to make. Edward Farrell IRB Captain ( ) 34

35 The Freshwater Education and Assessment Team has strived to provide members with the courses they wanted and to meet the expectations of new members. In reviewing the awards gained it has been a highly successful season. In July 2013 I attended the NSW Chief Training Officers conference. This was a wonderful opportunity to share ideas with clubs from all over New South Wales. Chief Instructor My goal since becoming Chief Training Officer has been to have sufficient qualified trainers and assessors to meet the needs for the high of number of candidates required to maintain our patrol requirements. Some of the information shared at the conference helped to highlight some of the deficiencies we have, the incredible resources we have available and crystallised a number of ideas on new ways forward to improve delivery to members. These will continue to be reviewed and re-shaped to meet the needs of our club. This season, with a great group of trainers and assessors ready to go, the main goal was to continue meeting the basic training needs of the club and then build our higher award training. Coupled with this was the desire to continue building the team and to provide opportunities for members to be involved in training and assessing. Peter Obern, in his role as Director of Youth Development, strived to engage our younger members through new award training and this was largely concentrated at the beginning of the season before patrols were underway. His efforts can be seen in the increased numbers of First Aid awards in particular. AWARDS Junior Activities Our Junior Activities members achieved a number of awards this season with Andrew Casey supervising the overall program. Congratulations to all those young members on completing their awards. Surf Rescue Certificate - 55 This season we had 25 Under 14 s and significant interest from new Cadet members. Belinda Dobson and I took the first group of SRC candidates being Under 14 s and a further 14 Cadets. Thanks to Barbara Frerck for her assistance with this group. Two of the candidates were not able to complete their award until late January. Riverview had a squad of 12 Surf Rescue Certificates who were trained with able assistance from Rebecca Hoad from Riverview. Nathan Smith and John Goldrick took a further 5 Surf Rescue Certificate as part of John s first training squad in February/March. Our conversion rate of SRC to Bronze was very good this season and if we can get a similar conversion rate from these young people it will be a valuable asset to our patrols and the club as a whole. We are already being asked the dates of the first Bronze squad next season so this augers well. Bronze Medallion - 70 There were 70 successful Bronze candidates this year. Sue Walmsley and I took an early squad of SRC holders in the September holidays. Sue Walmsley and Emily Lemlin took a squad from mid-october and David Hurrell and Kelly Dobrow took a squad in late October. Tom Duffy together with trainee trainers Clare Freakley, Jordan Tobin, Blake Walmsley and Emily Lemlin worked with the Riverview Bronze squads. There were some difficulties and some good points from this and the squads eventually all completed their award. Clare Freakley with some assistance from Steve Davis took a squad of SRC holders through to their Bronze in the January holidays. Nathan Smith and trainee trainer John Goldrick took the last squad of the season. Maintaining the growth of new Bronze members was not Award Surf Aware One Surf Aware Two Surf Safe One Surf Safe Two Surf Smart One Surf Smart Two Surf Rescue Certificate

36 Chief Instructor delivered at the high rate of last season as there seemed to be a downturn in enquiries from the general public. This was widespread across the Branch. Only a limited number of Junior Activities parents took the opportunity to become Water Safety and/or Patrol personnel which was disappointing. There were also difficulties in scheduling squads after Christmas. Due to the extensive competition program in February and March there was an assessment in the beginning of February (insufficient time to train from after New Year to assessment date) and the next assessment was in late March. Normally two or three squads would have been scheduled this year it was limited to one only. However a highlight of new Bronzies was the conversion of over 30 Surf Rescue Certificate holders to Bronze Medallion. Higher Awards On patrol it is essential that we have sufficient personnel with higher awards. This is and will continue to be a focus for our team. Apply First Aid - 42 We are fortunate to have facilitators such as Cheryl White and Kim Spicer who delivered Apply First Aid courses for club members. Along with members who undertook training with other external providers the result was 42 club members updating their award or gaining a new award. One course had some real life scenarios including participants affected by the sight of blood (!). These courses were really well received and enjoyed by all and provide invaluable life skills as well as patrol skills. Advanced Resuscitation Techniques - 28 This award is a critical part of any possible resuscitation or medical emergency and it very rewarding to have so many quality candidates. I have to say it was a little intimidating to have no less than three (3) doctors together in one course, but they were very helpful and even managed to remain calm at the assessment when being told things they were not entirely in agreement with!! Five of our current Patrol Captains completed this course, so a real reinforcement to their own patrol members of the importance of higher awards. Three ARTC courses resulted in 28 successful candidates. This will go some way to replenishing our patrols and allowing more people to obtain a swap for their patrol. My thanks to Sharon Johnson and Andrew McEwan for assisting with the large group of 15 we had in January. Within this group were 6 of the 8 Under 17 Patrol Comp team and working together and preparing for the assessment was a great help in their preparation for competition. Spinal Management 24 This award is essential in the management of a spinal injury. Poor management can have devastating consequences. Candidates need to think outside the square, remain calm, communicate effectively. There were some very young candidates who undertook this course and their attentiveness and their application was very good. When training together with older club members I believe everyone comes to appreciate all members of patrol and how they may contribute. My congratulations to members for taking the time to increase their knowledge and skills. IRB Awards SM IRB Driver - 3 IRB Crew - 4 Ed Farrell was not as readily available this season to undertake award training and hence only 3 drivers and 4 crew gained their awards. A February group of IRB Crew trainees had not been assessed at the time of going to print, as the major carnivals saw many assessors unavailable. Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management Four of our members completed this course during the season. Members considered suitable for a leadership role on patrol will be invited to undertake this course. 36

37 GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! Three of our members undertook the Gold Medallion this season. This award required the candidate to have the following proficient awards as a prerequisite: Bronze Medallion ARTC Apply First Aid Spinal Management SM Basic Beach Management They were then required to complete several physical components - timed pool swim 800m in 14 minutes; 400m swim, 800m run, 400m board, 800m run in 25 minutes; 200m board rescue, 100m tube rescue and then a rescue mission entailing physical and lifesaving skills. The Freshwater Education and Assessment Team has provided members with outstanding service throughout the season and we are fortunate to have so many people ready and willing to give their time. Chief Instructor This season we endeavoured to put in place having an education and proficiency contact on each patrol. It was very effective with some patrols but did not get off first base with others. This will be pursued next season to facilitate communication to members and back to the Education team. The team conducted over 350 proficiencies for members across a range of awards. Our aim was to be thorough but time efficient although this was sometimes challenged when numbers were over 100 at a session. With changes likely to the resuscitation protocols next season proficiencies will require even further application of our time management skills! Our relationship with the Sydney Northern Beaches Board of Education and Assessment is strong and the level of co -operation amongst clubs a very pleasing part of the Education and Assessment process. Central venue assessment was again very successful and Freshwater was host on a number of occasions for those assessments. We have been well supported by the Freshwater Executive Committee with funds to purchase additional equipment as and when needed. The Freshwater Team Trainers, Assessors, Facilitators, Skills Specialists, Administration Michael Bate, Richard Budd, Lindsay Davis, Steve Davis, Kelly Dobrow, Belinda Dobson, Tom Duffy, Matt Elphick, Ed Farrell, Jon Farrell, Clare Freakley, Barbara Frerck, John Goldrick, Rebecca Hoad, David Hurrell, Sam Hurrell, Sharon Johnson, Emily Lemlin, Andrew McEwan, Paul Milinkovic, Kath Obern, Peter Obern, Janet Rickard, Ken Rickard, Nathan Smith, Steve Smith, Kim Spicer, Paul Stormon, Jordan Tobin, Blake Walmsley, Sue Walmsley, Cheryl White (New & returning members welcome..!) Congratulations to all members on a successful season. Thank you for your help and support throughout Congratulations on an outstanding result: Alex Obern, Clare Freakley & John Boakes Lindsay Davis Chief Training Officer 37

38 Awards 2013/14 Gold Medallion John Boakes Clare Freakley Alex Obern Silver Medallion IRB Driver Chris Brown Robert Fimmel David Price IRB Crew Michael Brink Nigel Dunn Leeke Griffin Ben Suthers Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management John Carraro Lindsay Davis Clare Freakley Luke Jarman Jonathan McKenzie Alex Obern Michael Wright Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Cert Julia Baker Isobel Barry Claudia Brookes John Carraro Ian Cradock Tahlia Dearden Claire DePaoli Laith Farouqi Liam Goehring John Goldrick Dierk Hartmann Natalie Hill David Hurrell Sam Hurrell Yvonne Klette Paul Lemlin Alex Malm Lachlan McArthur Ebony Passarinho Adam Phillips Lucas Phillips Jacqui Phillips Michael Raymer Deon Rowe Steve Smith Nathan Smith Adrian Wicks Michael Wright Apply First Aid Isobel Barry Connor Bennett John Boakes Richard Budd Ben Chalmers Luke Chalmers Ethan Cradock Lindsay Davis Steve Davis Logan Deering Henry Devitt Kelly Dobrow Nick Dobrow Euan Donald Josh Downman Clare Freakley Jason Gard Lauren Greer Thomas Hills Jess Hoga Oliver Horlyck Andy Jones Madison Lawrence Anna Lindfield-Kent James Long Alex Malm Kate Munro Joseph Murphy Alex Obern Claire Obern Ebony Passarinho Thorne Pastega Janet Rickard Ken Rickard Ben Suthers Luke Vanson Josh Wall Blake Walmsley Lachlan Walmsley Sue Walmsley Cheryl White Naomi Wilson Spinal Management Certificate Isobel Barry Ben Davy Claire DePaoli Euan Donald Ben Ford John Goldrick Daniel Gralton Terry Gralton Leeke Griffin Dierk Hartmann Natalie Hill Amber Kelly Yvonne Klette Paul Lemlin Alex Malm Connor O Shea Alex Obern Maddi Partington Jacqui Phillips Deon Rowe Chloe Segal Zac Segal Michael Wright Aiden Wright Bronze Medallion Julia Baker Isobel Barry Rebecca Bestic Will Breen Mitchell Burk Rory Burns Danny Cahalan Dominic Codsi Ben Corcoran Harrison Cornay Ainsley Courtney Jonathan Curulli Mark Cuthbert Lucy D Brass Tahlia Dearden Claire DePaoli Sebastian Di Sano Euan Donald Max Drennan Carina Edwards Victoria Whitaker Justin Egan Jaime Ford Liam Goehring Louis Gorringe Nathan Grey Max Hayson Lachlan Hensley Sam Hurrell Alexandra James Natalie Jander Sam Johnston Ben Juergens Russell Kindler Yvonne Klette Guy Knox Noah Landells Andreane Laurin Madison Lawrence Max Le Gall Ashley Lind Ned Lindsay James Long Katherine Lowe Tom MacMahon Alex Malm Josh McCarthy Calum McKnight Bronte Munro Jacob O Connor Sean O Shea Matt Oliver Chris Ormiston Sam Parker Maddi Partington Jacqui Phillips Lucas Phillips Michael Raymer Gabrielle Rebecchi Amy Ridley Hugh Roche Tom Ryan Rob Slavin Debbie Solms Hannah Viljoen Hugh Weber Adrian Wicks Tom Williams Isabella Wolff Aiden Wright Surf Rescue Certificate Grace Arnold Jack Arve Cain Bartolomei Siobhan Bennett Ray Blaikie Max Bolden Lachlan Brown Kristen Burk Chris Curulli Elliott Dainton Will Darling Matthew de Ambrosis Will de Vries Matthew Dobson Clancy Donnan Chloe Douglas Jessica Douglas Evie Forster Bennett Frerck Liam Gorman Mitchell Grave Tegan Holme Jack Hondros Daniel Jander Natalie Kindler Madison Long Andrea Malm Alaina Mena Victoria Morabito Grant Morrell Simon Murnaghan Zac Nicholls Nicholas O Brien Fintan O Shea Tom Opie Tom Partington Felicity Penze John Perego Henry Pidcock Miles Prosser Casey Quilter Julian Raubenheimer Jacob Reid Sophia Rispoli Emma Schooley Brandon Schroeder Emma Smith Sam Sweeney Charles Tennyson Thomas Tennyson William Tennyson Josh Tyrrell Zac Werakso Kate Wheatley Gemma Wickham Madeleine Wilson Trainer Bronze Medallion Kelly Dobrow Assessor Bronze Medallion Stephen Davis Belinda Dobson David Hurrell Pain Management Belinda Dobson Mark Honey Radio Operators Cert Clare Freakley Sharon Johnson The Award Pathway Award Age Surf Rescue Certificate 13 Radio Operator s 13 Certificate Apply First Aid 14 Bronze Medallion 15 Spinal Management 15 Certificate IRB Crew 15 Advanced Resuscitation 15 Techniques Certificate ATV Operator Induction 17 Silver Medallion IRB 17 Silver Medallion Basic 17 Beach Management Gold Medallion 17 Pain Management 18 Silver Medallion 18 Advanced First Aid Rescue Water Craft 18 Operator What will you do next season? 38

39 Another season has passed and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for the outstanding season we have had patrolling our beautiful beach, and to congratulate all who competed under the maroon and white quartered cap. Member Services Social Events Freshie on Fridays & Sunday Sippers A regular social catch up for all members. It was good to see some new and familiar faces. These events are great opportunity to get to know your fellow clubbies, meet new ones while relaxing outside of patrol time please refer to the calendar on the clubs website for dates. Look forward to seeing you there next season! Presentation Night The social event of the year! Its not just about awards rather a night for all members to finish off the season to gather, share stories and relax after a hectic season. In the Media Freshwater SLSC has featured a number of times in the local & national media for different events and achievements of our members. From competition results to community participation Freshie was well represented. Community Events ANZAC Day March A small but dedicated band of club members attended the ANZAC Day march at the Harbord Diggers Club. Dressed in official club gear and patrol uniforms, members braved the cold conditions. We look forward to next event and hope that we can increase our number of representatives. Duke s Day In its 4 th year Duke s Day popularity is on the rise! It was all about doing the same only bigger and adding new elements. Attendance at the cocktail party was up 50%, the dawn photoshoot saw 44 boards line up in the dark. Whilst it didn t rain this year the surf was down a little we are hoping this means 2015 will be bright and sunny with perfect waves. Many of the Paddle Challenge participants were returned Paddlers from out of the area, and each of the water events showed more happy faces involved. The co-operation with board clubs saw the introduction of a very popular micro grommet event bringing in the U10s and also a fun Surf Tag, with 3 teams mixed with short and long boards in relay format. New environmental groups set up including the popular Shark in a Bus heritage shark display and the atmosphere enhanced further with roving hula hoop displays and drummers. Another great year for our DD. Plans are certainly underway for the Centenary of Duke s demonstration at our fair beach and the ground swell of support has definitely increased for this momentous day. So much so that 2015 will be a 3 day event from 8 th to10 th January. International guests will abound, local favourites and a few surprises thrown in to make the centenary a day that the Freshie community can celebrate. I look forward to seeing you all there. Naomi Wilson, Director (General) Member Services Club Merchandise What a season it has been in the maroon and white! This season has really seen the cementing of the Freshwater brand. The club cossies are now "uniform" from the littlest nipper to the most senior of our members. We have introduced online ordering this season and envisage that this will continue to grow. We now have for sale t-shirts, polos, training singlets, hats and board shorts as well as our swimwear and even a Freshie towel! A range of additional patrol gear has also been introduced - these items include bum bags, caps, rash vests and jackets. Our State uniform gear for the nippers was well received and proudly worn in the wet and windy conditions at Umina. It was a proud moment of this club member to see the Freshie team disembarking at Perth airport on their way to competing in the holy grail of Surf Lifesaving. The sea of Freshie shirts was a sight to behold. Thank you to Steve Bennett, Sam DiSano and Michael Kirkby for their support and encouragement in developing our Freshie gear. Thank you also to Kurt Hanson for his design of our "Fresh" touring t-shirt. Lysa Kiely, Director (General) Member Services 39

40 Junior Activities (Nippers) The Freshwater Junior Activities Committee (JAC) is a sub-committee of the Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club, which is affiliated with the Sydney Northern Beaches Branch. The Junior Committee is elected each year and has overall responsibility for the welfare, coaching, education and instruction of boys and girls in various age groups from the under 6s through to the under 14s. It integrates with the Senior Committee and from a coaching and competition perspective, our hope is that there is a genuine pathway for our nippers to move through to the Cadets, U14 19 age group and remain as senior members of the club. POSITION NAME ROLE Best job in the world. Made to look good by a strong committee CHAIRMAN SAM DI SANO of support which does all of the work. If the secretary doesn t know about it, it doesn t happen! The role of the secretary is to keep the calendar of events and the web SECRETARY KAREN BLAKENEY communications up to date, as well as chair meetings and generally liaise with all aspects of the nipper community. Responsibility for all registrations, records and communications, REGISTRAR IAN EDGELL within our club and as a conduit to the Branch Office TREASURER RICHARD HAWTIN Responsible for all accounts and monies, incoming and outgoing SPONSORSHIP COORDINATOR EDUCATION OFFICER JOSEPHINE WOLFF SAM DI SANO Responsible for securing sponsorship opportunities for nippers section, interacting with the senior section to attract general sponsorship Responsible for interacting with the Chief Training Officer and Club Captain to ensure our training and education requirements for nippers are met, as well as introducing our parents to the myriad of training and accreditation opportunities that exist. WATER SUPERINTENDANTS LAND SUPERINTENDANT SURF SPORTS COORDINATOR NIPPERS HEAD COACH CLOTHING CO-ORDINATOR SOCIAL CO-ORDINATORS GEAR STEWARD MIKE PARTIINGTON ANDREW CASEY ROB DE GRUCHY ANDREW CASEY MARCIAL NUNURA LYSA KIELY LISA BROAD PETRA MORRELL TIFF BLAIKIE MATT CAMERON Responsible for water events, including safety requirements for all nipper activities Responsible for the training and competition of land events sprints and flags, both at nippers and all carnivals Responsible for all liaisons with Carnival competition, including working with all Age Managers to coordinate relay teams for carnivals. Also responsible for allocation of training groups. Responsible for training programme for Nippers and integrating with Cadets and Seniors training programme. Liaises with Age Managers for team selections for all carnivals Responsible for uniform shop which supplies all nippers gear. Also looks after State Touring uniform allocation and general clothing merchandise Responsible for planning of all social activities associated with Nippers. Responsible for maintaining all craft equipment as well as tents for carnivals BENNETT JUNIOR IRONMAN & BOARD CO-ORDINATOR JULIA JACKSON Special event coordinator for annual Bennett Carnival AGE MANAGER COORDINATOR RICHARD HAWTIN Responsible for mentoring new Age Managers and liaising with all of them regarding events and planning. SUNDAY ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR ANDREW CASEY Responsible for communication with all Age Managers regarding the planning of Sunday activities. Includes following the endorsed SLS programme for all age groups and communicating with Patrol Captain and Professional Lifeguard 40

41 Junior Activities We continue to focus on the spirit of sun and surf enjoyment and awareness and development of important life skills associated with that. Competition will also continue to be embraced in the Freshwater Nippers activities. Nippers is a community based activity which draws us all together as one Surf Lifesaving movement. Freshie Nippers is about every one of our registered members, whether they compete at carnivals or just come together on a Sunday morning at the beach. We are also a movement committed to serving the community. A willingness to get involved and give back is absolutely essential and we see it every year with the graduation of our new cadets from the U14s to their first rostered patrols on the beach, helping to save lives. That s why we exist. That s what makes us proud to be associated with Freshwater SLSC. The training programme was coordinated through our new Head Nipper Coach Marcial Nunura. Marcial is no stranger to Freshwater SLSC, having grown up a nipper here, competed at Branch, State and National level and now employed by Branch as the Surf Sports, Events and Business Development Officer. Marcial has returned as a nipper parent and was delighted to be taking over as new Head coach in a revised coaching structure through the club overseen by Director of Coaching Tim Jacobs. We recommenced Wednesday afternoon training once daylight saving commenced. Prior to Christmas training iis held at Manly Dam in order to concentrate on technique and endurance. Post Christmas, we move to the beach. Age Managers We are grateful to the following, in anticipation of another bumper year. U6 David Newhouse U11 Peter Wolff U7 Jonathan Jackson U12 David Hurrell U8 Adrian Toole U13 Richard Hawtin U9 Nigel Wickham U14 Ross Curulli U10 James Jackson Land Coordinator Rob De Gruchy Swim Coordinator Matt Renshaw Congratulations and thanks to - Helena De Gruchy for being selected in the SLSNSW Talented Athlete Programme for her prowess on land. Congratulations to all those who nominated too it s a very worthwhile opportunity. Again to Helena De Gruchy (U13s) and Josh Tyrell (U14s) for selection in the Interbranch team and to Tom Casey (U13) and Andrea Malm (U14) on being selected for the HP Performance Squad training. They narrowly missed selection in the Interbranch squad so this is great recognition. Peter Obern for a kickstart into the enjoyable season for the U14s. Through Youth and Development Officer Peter Obern, the 14s are introduced to what lies ahead, not only for the season, but for the transition into the Cadets and Seniors beyond Nippers. Josephine Wolff for organizing our Friends of Freshie Sponsorship Raffle through our Facebook page. By purchasing a ticket families went into the draw and had a winning chance at splashing their business branding or name over our Freshie craft for 12 months. 41

42 Junior Activities Andrea Malm and Zac Werakso whom the U14s age group elected as the Nipper Captains for 2013/14 season. Stan Werakso for fulfilling his first season as a Sectional Referee at carnivals. James Smyth - SEA Real Estate and U8s Age Assistant. James has donated his $10000 sponsorship for 2013/14 specifically to Nippers. Petra Morrell for getting our Freshie Nippers Facebook underway. Wayne Freakley, Ian Donald and Chris Tyrell R and R coaches who led a demonstration of 5 man and 2 man R&R for the U10s 13s. While on R&R congratulations to Allie Donald, Chloe Tyrell and coach Ian Donald unstoppable in the 2 man R&R this season, undefeated until Branch and walking away with a bronze at State. The girls were front and centre of the demo master-class for nippers mid season and demonstrated with their success just how incredibly focused they have been this season. The 2013/2014 season of nippers has been a successful and enjoyable one for all age groups. We would like to thank in particular Andrew Casey as Coordinator of Sunday Normal nippers, as well as his role as water superintendent, for his careful planning of all beach activities to ensure the mornings would be well spent. Also worth mentioning here at the outset is Land Superintendent Rob De Gruchy again for ensuring a high level of training for all beach activities. The great results at Branch and State in land events are due to this. In the U6s and 7s, we again had huge numbers and we are very grateful to all the parents who assist and get involved to ensure that those age groups have a positive experience every week. With over 160 children in each of the two youngest age groups, there is no way we could function without strong parental support. In the Under 8s there were over 130 registered nippers. The 8s is the first big step-up; no more obstacle courses, duck diving, sharks and dolphins. Instead there was a year of Boards, Mini Iron Man Challenges, Sprints and Flags. The U8 Nippers welcomed this increase in intensity with screams of laughter, smiles of joy and the odd look of fear! Very rarely did any Nipper walk off the beach not looking forward to next week. The U8s is also the first entry into Carnival competition for our Nippers. Every competitor tried their hardest, which sometimes ended in tears of disappointment, but mostly a sense of achievement. Over the year we had some great results in the U8s under Adrian s watchful leadership but the best was saved to the last day of the last carnival at State. With over 500 Under 8 Nippers at State, Freshie had 8 of their 12 competitors in the Wade Relay Finals. An amazing result and one we were all really proud of. In the U9s our Nippers experienced another big year of firsts with a greater emphasis on developing surf skills on boards and ocean awareness with the longer swim. In the U9s we had over 155 competitors, on average 15 regularly competed at all carnivals. 11 of our regular carnival entries reached finals at State with 1 team winning gold and an individual silver. The U10s under Jacko saw 37 regular carnival competitors with 15 of these doing it for the first time. It was a year with many successes. This year 85% passed their proficiencies at their first attempt compared to 48% last year. 42

43 Junior Activities Team events again were a highlight this year. Teams won gold in both land and water events at branch leading to a very intense battle for places in teams. At State the boys board relay team won silver and we had many finalists in both team and individual events compete. The U11s have also had an amazing year consolidating as a core group and being active on the beach. A lot of firsts occured this season first year on Fibreglass boards, first year of ironman and the Cameron Relay. The 11s have taken on bigger surf conditions confidently and show strong commitment to the additional training opportunities provided by Freshie. The under 12s have really developed this year in the water disciplines in particular with a lot more confidence amongst the group in swimming and boarding. While not necessarily featuring in State results the whole age group has certainly excelled. Congratulations do go to Josh Kite who did make the State Final of the swim and came 8 th. In the U13s there continued to be new nippers which swelled the numbers to an age group of 40 this year. During the season the 13s commenced some sessions relating to tube rescues and participation on the rescue boards. Both of these are planned to lead in nicely to next season and undertaking the SRC requirement. A large number of the group successfully participated in carnivals with the U13 Age Group again representing the club in an exemplary manner. Special mention must be made of the Boys A board relay which finished 8 th in the State final and to the all conquering girls beach sprint relay team who won the State final, only to be disqualified and miss the chance to go win gold for a third consecutive year. Finally in the 14s, there has been a great spirit of camaraderie with eight of the age group qualifying for their Long Service, being with nippers since the U6s. The group successfully attained their SRC accreditation, starting on their journey of supporting others through the Surf Lifesaving movement. One huge highlight for the Freshie Nippers was the Nipper Challenge camp held mid January on the beach - what a wonderful week of fun as well as skill development. The camp was a great success because of the planning of Richard Hawtin once again, ably assisted by many parents on water safety and food duties. The 15s age group, as well as a few other older Opens competitors were also great help daily with water safety. Let s not forget Mother Nature what a week she turned on. The annual Manly Cole Classic swim was for some Freshie kids a great event with all who competed, with some adjustment, in the top 10 for their age group. Ben Blakeney 1st and Lochie Vella 2nd in the age division. Ben was actually first of all 1,282 in that age group. Bella Wolff 1st and Gabby Rebecchi 3rd in the girls, while Andrea Malm was 6 th. Claudia Wolff 2nd in the U9-10s. Josh Kite 2nd in the U11-12s, Isaac Morrell in the U13-15s was placed 10 th. Freshie Fighters were placed 2nd in the mixed teams. Tom Casey swam in the elite 2km and came 28th overall, 17th male. If he swam in the age group with Ben and Lochie he would have been 6th. Great results for all. Well done. In other big news really big news in fact, we submitted four of our U14s for the award of Junior Surf Life Saver of the Year for our Branch Christopher Curulli, Siobhan Bennett, Andrea Malm and Zac Werakso. Two eventually were chosen for the Development Camp - Andrea and Zac and on Friday 31 January the award presentation was held at the Branch Office. In a great night for Freshie in a field of 16 finalists, 8 boys and 8 girls, Zac was awarded a High Commendation, one of two boys, while Andrea was awarded Female Junior Surf Life Saver of the Year, going on to represent our Branch. Great result for their families, for the club and for them as wonderful young people. It s the great thing about SLS there seems to be something for everyone. 43

44 Junior Activities While it is always easy to emphasise water events, we should acknowledge the great results achieved by land competitors this year. Under the watchful eye of coach Dean Park, our U9, U13 and U14 teams did particularly well. In U14s the Boys Beach Relay team Zac, Tom, Will and Josh won GOLD at Branch, while in the U13s Bailee Radford continued her strong performance at every carnival and dominance of flags by winning Gold. At State the U9 Girls Beach Relay team of Stefanie, Charlotte, Tasma and Elinor won GOLD. In the U13 Girls Beach Relay team of Bailee, Helena, Charley and Sophie again put in a very strong performance to finish 1st across the line only to be disqualified in the final. There were also some terrific individual performances at State - in U9 girls Sprint - Charlotte McDermid won Silver and Stef Fejes ended up 4 th in a 3way tie. In the U13 girls Sprint Helena De Gruchy won Bronze and Sophie Wickham was placed 6 th. Not forgetting too, R&R two man team Allie Donald and Chloe Tyrell who were undefeated leading into Branch and capped off the season with a Bronze at State. When the Bennett Ironman event first started under the watch of Michael Kirkby we had 98 competitors from the local clubs compete. That was 9 years ago. We now have about 450 competitors from clubs up and down the coast all converging on Freshwater for one of the best carnivals on the calendar. The finale is the KO event in recognition of club stalwarts Pete Obern and Michael Kirkby. All in all it has been another great season. Whether it has been your first or your last season of Freshwater Nippers, or somewhere in between, we know that there are a few people to thank who have made it all possible. Firstly, our Age Managers and their Assistants in every age group who have made nippers so much fun as well as passing on their knowledge and experience. We would also like to thank all parents who stepped up and got involved in some way to make things happen, as officials or with water safety. Along the way, without the organization of people like Juls Jackson, the Bennett Ironman would not operate. Without Richard Hawtin, the Nipper Challenge would not have occurred. Without Andrew Casey, Sundays and Carnivals would not be as well organized. Without Matt Cameron and Tim Radford we would not have access to so much watercraft. Without Club President Stephen Bennett, we would not have so much support from the Seniors. Without the cooperation of the Beach Patrols and Council Lifeguards, we would not have an area of the beach to use for Nipper activities. We would especially like to thank the coaches this year. Dean Park, the land Coach, Marcial Nunura Nippers Head Coach and Kurt Hanson the Cadets and Freshie Fighters coach. 44 We re grateful for all your encouragement and assistance, week in week out. Sam Di Sano Chairman, Junior Activities Committee NIPPER AGE CHAMPIONS & KAY PRIDAY AWARDS U8 Age Champion Kalan Orchard Imogen Grey Kay Priday Award Felix Perego Emma Dun U9 Age Champion Nick Walsh Charlotte McDermid Kay Priday Award Billy O Brien Samantha Lever U10 Age Champion Lachlan Cameron Emily Hicks Kay Priday Award Lucas Blakeney Abby Edgell U11 Age Champion Bailey Miller Alex Lefevre/ Claudia Wolff Kay Priday Award Joel Renshaw Anna Bick U12 Age Champion Toby Dreyer Stephanie Tyson Kay Priday Award Alec McMicking Taya Jade Radford U13 Age Champion Tom Lindfield Kent Matilda Kearns Kay Priday Award Luke Renshaw Freedom Lowe U14 Age Champion Josh Tyrrell Andrea Malm

45 Director Surf Sports Surf sports at Freshwater remain a major part of the club s activities. It is no coincidence that the majority of people seen at club functions, club fundraisers and general club activities have come together through the surf sports activities offered at the club. Great friendships are formed through training and competition, and these friendships are what have provided a platform for a strong membership base. Fortunately now we have enough scale at the club to offer opportunities for novices, elite and everyone in between. If participation numbers are a good indication of the health of surf sports at the club, then we are very healthy. Participation at a club level including the Sunday surf race is at an all-time high, and numbers training throughout all sections of the club are great. Our entry numbers at major Championship carnivals are a little lower than expected, but this can be attributed to the early stages of a growing competitor base. This base will provide a good platform for the season to follow. The work being done by our Section Captains on junior development and retention is fantastic, and this points to a bright future for our club. The Surf Sports Panel established two years ago continued over the season with a few more people participating and everyone attending the meetings contributing to the objective of forming a united group under the Freshwater banner. While each section may have a separate squad with its own sub culture, we all come together as one team training and competing for Freshwater. The group regularly discussed matters affecting members across all sections and Captains of each section took great interest in the other sections. This cooperation was no more significantly displayed than at the end of Aussies function where all sections stood side by side celebrating the success of the club and the successes of each other. The structure of surf sports remained consistent with the last few years with the general structure comprising - Support Services, Surf Sports Sections, and Event Management. All club members who represented Freshie throughout the season did so with distinction. At a time when SLSA is placing more and more focus on the elite and high performance end of the sport, we at Freshwater are trying to build numbers from the bottom up, and increase the participation in all disciplines, all events, and all age groups. The base that we are building will eventually reap benefits as the skills, strengths and performance of our competitors improves. We are determined to give our competitors the best possible opportunity to achieve their best possible result, and ultimately achieve their personal goals. This will allow the club to achieve its own objectives of competing and having success at the highest level in the sport. Results from all carnivals and championship events are included at the rear of this annual report. The last two years have been a very difficult period for me. I took on the role of Director of Surf Sports at Sydney Northern Beaches Branch, and sat on the venue selection committee at SLSNSW. Trying to objectively sit in these roles proved very difficult while remaining the Director of Surf Sports at Freshwater. That is a role I have held for 8 years now and one I hold very dearly. The passion I hold for the club and its competitors is much greater than my desire to take on roles higher in the sport, and so I have decided to stand down from the Branch position to concentrate my efforts back at Freshwater. In particular I wish to concentrate efforts on the growing board ski swim squad and ensure there is a future for all our upcoming competitors who are currently rising through the nipper ranks. I must thank my family, and in particular Jo, who supports me throughout all my endeavours and puts up with my absence from home most nights of the week when I am at meetings for any one of a number of committees. Support Services Support Services include all the functions that allow our competitors to represent the club at carnivals. Marina Bate has been completing entries for all competitors in all sections for all carnivals for as long as I can remember. Marina is usually completing these entries well into the night long after we are all in bed. Thank you for your continued efforts Marina. They are very much appreciated. We have many members who are accredited officials who officiate at local, state and national carnivals. Most of these events impose a quota system requiring competing clubs to provide officials in a ratio to their entry numbers. Without our members officiating, we would not be able to compete. I would like to thank these members who are listed elsewhere in the Official s report. All carnivals we attend throughout the season have a quota on the provision of water safety and powercraft support, based on entry numbers. In addition, any event we run at Freshwater requires powercraft support. This season Luke Jarman took over the role of coordinating our powercraft support across all events. It is not easy mobilising and coordinating drivers and crew for all these events, particularly when it requires attending beaches and carnivals outside the Sydney area. Luke has done an outstanding job coordinating our powercraft and personnel for the season. Luke includes a full list of those members who assisted in his report. 45

46 Director Surf Sports Surf Sports Sections - The sections and those who captained them this season were: Boats (Rod Davis) Rod continued his great work this season and continues to lead the Boat section into a new era for Freshwater. Increasing boat crews and developing sweeps only augers well for a great future. March Past (Bob Evans) Bob took over from Ross this season and worked tirelessly trying to build a full team. Bob found difficulties with numbers but should be congratulated for ensuring Freshwater was represented at all the carnivals. A Bronze medal at the State Championships was a pleasantly surprising result for the team. R&R (Wayne Freakley) Wayne continued in his quest to build the best R&R club in Australia. When Wayne puts his mind to something there are very few people who will prevent him from achieving that. The sheer number of competitors and teams that were entered in the Australian Championships was testament to Wayne s efforts. Unfortunately the judges did not support Wayne s dream this season, but I m sure the squad will bounce back better than ever with a hunger to improve next season. Life Saving (Lindsay Davis) With the help of Sharon Johnson specialising in the first aid side of the sport, Lindsay managed to assemble a very successful team this season. With limited opportunities to compete, the team represented the club in all areas of life saving competition including champion life saver, first aid competition, and patrol competition with remarkable success. We congratulate all the competitors and thank Lindsay and Sharon for their hard work. Board/Ski/Swim (Ben Kirkby) The Board/Ski/Swim Squad structure was further developed this season. Tim Jacobs was appointed as the Director of Coaching, Kurt Hanson took on the role of Cadet Head Coach assisted by Grant Coates and Marcial Nunura took on the role of Nippers Head Coach. Further coaching was provided by both Tim and Ben Kirkby throughout the season for the senior and masters squads. This structure provided a great base to start the development of our athlete pathway program and we are building further on that platform for the upcoming season. Management of the squad was a joint operation between Shona Malm, who took the reins for the cadet group, and Ben who managed the senior group. I would like to thank all those people mentioned for their involvement and commitment throughout the season. Masters (Simon Phin) Simon took on the difficult task of coordinating the band of older members trying to keep fit and keep that competitive flame alive. Simon kept everyone amused with his regular updates throughout the season and while he went missing from time to time on an oil rig in some remote part of the world, he kept everyone pointed in the right direction. Well done Simon. Surfboard Riding (no captain) Beach (no captain) There are still no senior beach runners at Freshwater. We have a nippers beach coach, Dean Park, and we look forward to assisting Dean to bring those nipper beach runners through into the senior section of the club. Reports from each of the section Captains follow. 46

47 Boats Congratulations to all our crews for flying the Freshie flag this year and big congratulations to all the winners from the Australian Titles. This season has been a pivotal one for our section as we continue to grow in size which will hopefully see us begin to produce some more results. We put a young Open Men s crew on the water for the first time this year going up against the best in the country and they held their own against some quality opposition. Our junior ranks are strong in numbers which will see our senior ranks stay strong for the seasons ahead. One of the highlights for the season was at the State Titles. On the Saturday our Open Men, Open Women and Junior crews had all been knocked out of the competition and were informed that we had been entered into the Boat Relay. As a section our practice had been very limited to this point and the crews embraced the opportunity, finishing 2 nd in the heat to qualify for the final. By this stage each crew had already rowed 5 races and were a little on the weary side but the crews got down to business and we finished a gallant 6 th in the final behind some extremely powerful boat clubs. Well done to everyone who participated. Freshwater Knights (Reserves) Season 2013/14 Craig Olofinsky, Rod Davis, Brendon Lentholm, David Olofinsky and Kristian Williams A rather disappointing season for this crew considering the level we achieved last season. The biggest challenge we faced as a crew was a sweep willing to take us on and after all avenues had been exhausted we pushed ahead with training. Our boat had regular guest spots going to Fraser and Crash mainly and Eric also. A big thanks to all 3 who answered the call when they were asked to step in. In the New Year it was decided Rod would sweep and Brendon Lentholm (recruited from Nth Cronulla) would row in his place. Training became regular but a number of factors restricted us from competing at carnivals. In fact all season we only competed at 1 carnival and that was the ASRL Open at Stockton. Even that didn t go as planned and we got knocked out in the early rounds. Freshwater Blue (Open Women) Season 2013/14 Rod Davis (Sweep), Kylie Ryder, Jessica Westover, Elayna Truzlewski and Marnie Gordon. The crew was looking to build on its momentum from last year but unfortunately work commitments and 2 pregnancies changed all of that early in the season. After trying out a number of rowers the team came together, recruiting 3 new rowers Kylie Ryder from Manly, Marnie Gordon from Long Reef and Elayna Truzlewski who rowed for Freshwater a few years prior but had never really rowed competitively. With the crew settled the girls got down to training and coming together as a team. Our first hope of competing was at the Long Reef carnival however our dreams were dashed due to some scary surf conditions. The team s first carnival ended up being in mid-january where they competed at Queenscliff. It was a bit of a shaky carnival with a couple of average races. Next came the Manly carnival on the Saturday of the Australia Day weekend where we had a couple of good races and a couple of average races. However some promise was 47

48 Boats shown with the crew working hard to stay with the field in each of their races. Next was the Freshie Australia Day Carnival where we managed to roll after we back shot in our second race. We had a couple of good starts but realised we needed to continue to build our fitness. At the ARSL carnival held at Stockton Beach we had some really great races and made it through to the finals day. Unfortunately due to a death in the family we decided not to compete the next day but were very happy with our performance. The next carnival was Branch at Collaroy Beach. We were happy with our rowing that day but unfortunately we were knocked out and didn t make it through. We did however all row in the boat relay, our first as a team. We started off well but due to a lack of experience we didn t quite get it together. At the Pacific Palms Battle of the Boats we rowed really well on the Saturday but all had a bit of fun on Saturday night and didn t pull it off on Sunday. Finally was State at Umina. We had three really good races, which put us into the 4 th round of knock out. Unfortunately we didn t make it through to finals day but it was certainly our best racing day of the season. We were also entered into the boat relay once again and managed to make it through the first round into the final. Each of the crews were all very exhausted by this stage and it was obvious with the team finishing 6 th in the final. We had a great season full of highs and lows. We really want to thank Rodders again for taking us on and sweeping us for the season. Looking forward to season! (Jess Westover) Freshwater Watchmen (U23 Men) Season 2013/14 Rod Davis (Sweep), Blake Walmsley, Ben Somers, Jeremy Ryburn and Lachlan Walmsley The season for the Watchmen started out slow but sure gathered momentum quickly. Lachie Walmsley in bow, Jeremy Ryburn in 2 nd bow, Ben Somers in 2 nd stroke, Blake Walmsley in stroke and the big man himself, Rodders, as sweep. The crew enjoyed solid racing in the minor carnivals at the start of the season, with big thanks to Dizzy and Raj for jumping in when a seat was empty. Their help ensured that Freshie remained a solid contender in the colts at every carnival. The season overall was very flat in terms of surf. This crew has always excelled when the conditions are challenging, a testament to the coaching and skills they have received from the gurus of surfboats at Freshie. It was no coincidence that their best results came at the two carnivals with the biggest surf, Manly and Freshie. Manly is always a day of tough racing on a tricky break and this season was no different. Hard races every single time saw Freshie through to the quarter final. One race involved a late take off that Rodders very skilfully managed, avoiding a collision with a boat 3 lengths in front and fending it off when it came charging back at us. The quarter final, and the last race of the day was called, and the crew was firing. They had been red hot all day and were ready to dominate the race. The gun fired. All four of them jumped in perfect unison. One big stroke, two big strokes, three CRACK!! A snapped oar! Jeremy Ryburn, too strong for his own good, snapped his oar clean in half before a 5 th stroke was even thought of. The crew was left to finish the race with only 3 rowers, with Jeremy feeling up a creek without a paddle. This unfortunately ended the boy s Manly campaign prematurely. Freshie rolled around very quickly afterwards, and after a weekend of massive surf, by Monday it had quietened down enough to race. The boys handled the conditions beautifully, with many other crews rolling and falling foul of Huey. They went into the 3 rd round favourites to be contenders in the final. Again, the gun fired, the boys jumped in like clockwork. One stroke, two strokes, and CRACK. Again! This time it was Big Ben Somers. Snapped his oar in the first few strokes. Big Ben quickly retrieved a replacement oar, but with no other crews in strife it was too late. 6 th place failed to give enough points to make the final. Later on in the year, ASRL, Pac Palms and State gave good competition. The crew took a bit to wake up at ASRL, coming into form towards the middle of the day. They were a quarter length behind the frontrunners of the whole division by their last race, but their results earlier in the day did not help their situation and they bowed out knowing they could match it with the best and biggest in their division. The same could be said at Pac Palms and State, but this time the boys fired up when they needed to and were able to give 100% at every race. However, no surf and very little space between placings made for tough racing, and more than once the boys missed out by 1 point. 48

49 Boats Big thanks to Rodders for taking on a crew that is always challenging (both in the surf and out). Crash for taking us out at training and his alter ego on the big stick. Dizzy, Raj and Ollie for filling in both at training and in racing. Big thanks to Kim Marsh for his words of wisdom that had such a great effect on the performance of this crew. (Blake Walmsley) Freshwater Clunkers (U19 Juniors) Season 2013/14 Rod Davis (Sweep), Hudson Whealing, Bill Channells-Bentley, Oliver Horlyck, Jordan Macleod and Mikey Domjen The boys made a relatively smooth start to the season, picking up where they left off last year. Jordan was drafted into the crew to replace Lachie who was too old for Juniors and apart from a few minor interruptions the boys got into some solid training. Our first attempt at a carnival for the season was Long Reef. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other ideas sending some ugly conditions onto the East Coast. The next carnival of the season at Nth Cronulla, the boys held their own in very windy and testing conditions. In the New Year we competed at the International Young Guns and Manly carnivals respectively coming up against some quality opposition. The boys didn t disappoint rowing with determination, unfortunately just missing out on the finals. In late January Jordan left the crew to join the army leaving us missing a bowman, but with some clever poaching by Rod we managed to get Mikey and his 2 cannons into our crew. This brought a new drive and motivation to our rowing and we increased our efforts and training in the run up to the Freshie carnival where we placed 5 th in the final. By branch we were rowing effectively as a crew and looking good for a competitive effort at state. Unfortunately our final results didn t reflect our rowing and despite a few wins in the rounds at state we were eliminated on a somewhat frustrating count back. The clunkers would like to give a massive thanks to Rod for dedicating his time throughout the season. We really appreciate everything he has done for us and wish him and Tracey a wonderful off-season as they introduce their future rower into the world and we look forward to having another Davis in the club. (Oliver Horlyck) U23 Ladies Freshwater Flames Eric Middledorp (Sweep), Amy Craddock, Taylor Mills, Grace Wheatley and Sarah Hickey The girls competed well in their first season of competition rowing, showing great form and commitment. The crew had their first start in the Nth Cronulla carnival with Mark Rickard sweeping. Their initial race saw them having a great start and leading early, with the crew s catchcry of let s get out of here egging them on. That set the scene for their subsequent Carnivals, with them beating crews in most of their heats. Their racing at the Collaroy Young Guns Carnival was another fine effort, with them more than holding their own against the much more fancied competition. The Branch Carnival at Collaroy saw them competing courageously in very challenging conditions. The girls were fearless and showed that they were more than capable of taking on the big seas with the guts and determination, typical of Freshie crews. The Battle of the Boats at Pacific Palms was their swansong carnival and they put their all into it showing that they will be a force to be reckoned with next season. Their efforts this season were all the more special as they were, in fact, a very young crew, competing against much more experience crews generally 3-5 years older than them. Congratulations to the girls for a job well done! (Eric Middledorp) 220yrs Freshwater Masters (Sweep Mark Rickard) Mark Rickard (sweep), Andrew Murphy, Greg Windsham, Eric Middledorp and Brian Baker The evergreen Freshwater (220s) Masters Crew hit the water again 49

50 Boats this season, with mixed success, but plenty of enthusiasm and fun. We also had Billy Meaney and Crash filling in due to injury or unavailability. This season we competed in the Freshie Masters (1st), the East Coast Masters at Collaroy (1st) and the Branch for a silver medal. Our last start was the State at Ocean Beach where we were hoping to better last year s bronze medal, but unfortunately finished out of a place. The crew looks like having another go next season, with Mark threatening to have a row which means we may be elevated to the 240yrs. Many thanks to the crew, particularly to Mark who had a very busy season sweeping many crews. (Eric Middledorp) Freshwater Open Men's Crew - Renegades Mark Rickard (Sweep), Rhys Treasure (stroke), Cal Parkinson, Tom Gillespie and Blake (Smash) Cradock This was the first A Crew Freshie has put onto the beach for a number of years. At the start of the winter 2012/13, Tom Gillespie (Rower of the Year for last season), said he had some mates from Manly who wanted to row at Freshwater and would I sweep them. I certainly jumped at the chance! Through mid-winter, training started in earnest with long sessions on flat water at Clontarf being the norm and concentrating on stroke production, length and timing. With Cal and Rhys coming from a square rowlock to round rowlock background it took quite some time for the boys to pick up the round rowlock style of rowing. Once positions in the boat and training times had been settled we stepped up our intensity in training. Unfortunately at this time Tom Lorimar, in the bow seat had to drop out due to work commitments which was a big blow to the crew. Enter Blake Cradock -our saviour, who gave up a promising career in Rod's Colts crew to row Open Men's. A big promotion from Colts into the Big League, which he carried out with complete courage, determination and professionalism. The first hit out for the season was 'Rooster's River Run' Marathon from Oatley all the way to Captain's Cook Bridge at Sans Souci, a distance of 12 Km. Flat water all the way in very hot conditions. The boys finished in a creditable 68 mins in this race. Then in the first rounds of the Sydney Northern Beaches we were still getting used to each other as a crew and the boys getting used to my calls. They rowed well in these carnivals but unfortunately didn't manage to make the finals. We were the the only Freshie crew to make the long drive to compete in the ASRL Boat Carnival at Coff's Harbor. The weather was foul with large surf and very windy conditions. The boys rowed very well, but finished just outside the points to make the finals. On our return after Xmas we intensified our training with more beach and surf work. Enter Kim Marsh and Brent Lethbridge giving their expertise and advice to the crew which helped us immensely. From here on we started to pick up more placings in each race. At the Queenscliff Carnival we achieved a 4th and a 3rd in our heats. At the Freshwater carnival a 4th and 3rd again in the heats in very large surf and good placings achieved in the heats at Manly. At Branch and State we rowed well but not enough points to go through to the finals. Our crowning glory for the season was when we were given a Wild Card in the prestigious 'Best of the Best' Carnival at Umina after the State Titles. This was the BEST performance of the season by the boys so far. We placed well in all 5 heats to make the Final getting fourth overall in the seven boat Final. Our last hit out for the season was the Australian Titles in Perth. This was by far our best effort finishing within a boat length of the place getters in each of our races. But unfortunately not enough points to make the Final. I'd like to thank the crew. It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to coach and sweep the boys to become a very credible and competitive boat crew. This crew proved themselves and I look forward to working with them again next season. Freshwater Fesse Moi (Reserves) Mark Rickard (Sweep), Andrew Dummett (Stroke), Chris Hipsley, Ashley Lind, David Maguire, Michael Rickard and Kate Munro 50

51 Boats This crew was put together by Michael Rickard, a good effort Michael. Training started in earnest early October with stroke production, length and timing on the agenda. At this particular stage of the crew, Ashley was unexperienced as a surfboat rower and had not yet completed his Bronze, so Kate volunteered her expertise whilst Ashley completed his Bronze. Then the season started in full swing with the 4 rounds of the Sydney Northern Beaches Carnivals. The crew started to gain in surf skills and fitness and at the Warriwood Carnival came a very creditable 4 th in the final in very large surf. At this point, Chris left the crew for 6 weeks leave, so with Ashley s Bronze training finished, he re-joined the crew. It is interesting to note that this crew and my A Crew were the only Freshie Crews to compete in the SNB Carnivals. After the Xmas break, rowing and training in both flat water and surf was the call of the day. With the crew rowing well and gaining more experience, they performed well at the Queenscliff Carnival. However at the Freshie Carnival it was felt that Ashley, being new to rowing, was not experienced enough to handle the large and dangerous conditions. Enter the big bloke, Scott Cowley and Dial a Wave Dave Maguire who filled in at very short notice to row in the crew. This foursome handled the very large surf extremely well to gain a very credible 4 th place in the semis, just missing out on the Final. The crew also rowed extremely well at State. They also performed very well in the Aussies and may have progressed further except for a mishap at the turning buoys in their second heat. I d like to thank all the crew for their commitment during the season. Particular thanks to Kate, Scot and Dave for their able contributions filling in when required. And again thanks to Dave for his excellent support in mentoring and assisting in the training of my crews. (Mark Rickard ) U23s Colts -The Cowlings Mark Rickard (Sweep), Haydon Goldrick (Stroke), Mikey Domjen, Scott Cowley, Steve Smith. This crew was put together with Crash Cradock and he asked me if I would take them for the season, and of course I said I would be only to happy to take them. It should be noted that Steve had never rowed before as came across from the IRB Section. It was good to note that he picked up surf boat rowing very well and did a great job. Due to work and other commitments, this crew did not compete in that many carnivals. However at the Carnivals they did enter, they performed very well and showed that they were a very capable crew. Another special mention to Scott Cowley who doubled up in both my Reserve Crew and this Colts crew at the Freshie Carnival, finishing the day as a very tired lad, but a great effort for this! And thanks also for the time he put in organising training etc for me. I wish this crew all the best for their future surfboat rowing endeavours. (Mark Rickard ) A special mention must go to the following people for their help throughout the season: Tracey my wife! For putting up with endless hours spent on the water, my constant late nights and my endless complaining. Thank you wifey. Brent Lethbridge for his behind the scenes advice and continued support. Kim Marsh (and his radio controlled helmets!) for always making himself available throughout the season no matter what the conditions. Your advice is sought after all over the country and you always put Freshie first, thank you so very much. Eric Middledorp for helping out with training, towing a boat when it was needed, setting up tents, being at carnivals helping out and helping organize the Freshie Boat Carnival. Greg Windsham and Mark Rickard for the amazing work you both do maintaining our boats and equipment. Thanks boys. Ian and Paula Cradock for your amazing behind the scenes work and unequivocal support. Marina Bate who does an unbelievable job in organising and making sure our entries are correct each week for carnivals. Lindsay Davis for putting some of our newer Boaties though their Bronze Medallions. Steve Bennett and the committee for their continued support again this season. Thank You. Rod Davis Boat Captain 51

52 March Past Those who marched at various carnivals during the season - Judy Bennett, Kelly Dobrow, Belinda Dobson, Jordan Dobson, Bob Evans, Jane Freakley, Wayne Freakley, Bob Grose, David Hurrell, Jo Kirkby, Paul Morrison, Kath Obern, Peter Obern, Ross Parry, Ken Rickard, Mark Rickard, Dave Torevell, Sue Walmsley, Rick Ware, Cheryl White. Coach: Bob Evans; Asst. Coaches: Peter Rowlands, Bob Grose; Manager: Ross Parry From the very start of the season we knew that it was going to be difficult to get a team onto the sand but we were very determined that with the tradition in march past that Freshwater had built up over sixty years, we did not want to have a season without a Freshwater team competing. Another problem which was to arise was that several of our regular marchers would not be travelling to Perth. Bob Evans had a sometimes seemingly impossible task of putting together a team on paper and then having to alter it again and again due to the unavailability of members proving a very frustrating task. Despite all these problems we managed to compete at all carnivals except Coogee and turned in a winning performance at a couple, the Freshwater Masters and the Wanda Inter-Cities. Worthy of note, when readers study those members who made up the Freshie March Past is the family connections (Belinda and Jordan Dobson, Wayne and Jane Freakley, Peter and Kath Obern and the sons of the late George Rickard (several times an Australian and NSW March Past Champion) Ken and Mark. New South Wales State Titles: We had a closely fought march with the three peninsula clubs filling the major places - Collaroy Bears 1st, Collaroy Ladies 2nd, Freshwater 3rd. Congratulations to the Collaroy teams. Australian Championships: Prior to leaving Sydney Bob had a team organised. On arriving in Perth the team was starting to fall apart with Rick Ware coming down with a mystery illness and unable to march and doubts about the availability of others whose events were possibly going to clash with the march. Fortunately prior to leaving Sydney Dave Hurrell had agreed to having a go and attended our last training session, armed with instructions from his sons who had marched with the nippers. Mark Rickard was able to fill in depending on boat finals. We had final training sessions with our hastily made up team and we felt that the team which we would put onto the beach would do us proud. Watching from around the arena one felt that a medal finish was on the cards and in fact if we had just passed one judge cleanly we could have been in the medal mix. Four points lost resulted in seventh place. Appreciation: The appreciation of the team must go to our Coach Bob Evans. The effort that he put into getting a team together for all carnivals, coaching and also having to march in many of the club carnivals including the Australian was enormous. Thank you Bob. Also, our appreciation goes to Peter Rowlands and Bob Grose for their assistance. Our Manager Ross Parry for his continuous efforts with the raffles at the Hilton and arranging our after training refreshments. Supporters: We had good support from our fellow club members and it is a great boost to hear the cheers of support from the crowd around the arena. Congratulations to all Freshie members who did our club proud with their efforts against some powerful opposition over at Scarborough. 52

53 R & R The 2014 Freshwater R&R squad The season was a year the section overall achieved outstanding results. With a total of 35 competitors, the largest ever in it s history, the associated logistics in training, transporting and competing presented a number of difficulties for competitors, coaches and supporters. Nevertheless some impressive individual team and overall results were achieved during the season including The Open 6 person Maroons team winning the State Championship for the 3 rd time since 2009 The Open 5 Men s team winning Branch and State and finishing 2 nd at the Australian championships season, their first loss since January 2012 The Under 17 Maroons team winning the silver medal at the Australian Championships and the Under 17 ATARs picking up the bronze The Open Mixed Maroons winning the Bronze medal at the Australian after winning the State A record number of 12 teams contesting the Australian championships The club finishing a close second to Collaroy in the Australian Championships overall R&R point score for the second year in a row. The overall strength of the section is best illustrated by its achievements at the Australian Championships. Of a total of 35 competitors across 12 individual teams, 28 qualified for Australian finals and 19 came home with medals. While no gold medals were won, the overall result cemented the club s reputation as one of the top 2 R&R clubs in the country. Junior R&R Teams All Stars Ailie Donald, Chloe Tyrrell & Grace Kiely - Coach: Ian Donald Maroons Jack Hurrell & Joseph Bruwel Coach: Jane Freakley L-R Chloe Tyrrell & Grace Kiely The All Star team of Ailie & Chloe started the season impressively at local carnivals, winning 3 out of 3 during the December/early January period. Calamity then struck when Ailie broke her arm, putting her out of action from mid January to the week of the State championships. Grace Kiely replaced Ailie and the new combination of Grace and Chloe continued on their winning way at the Manly and Freshwater carnivals. They followed this up with a 2 nd place at the Branch. At the State, Ailie re-joined the team even though her arm was still not fully functional. The team still managed to finish equal third. Jnr teams L-R Jack Hurrell, Joseph Bruwel, Chloe Tyrrell & Ailee Donald with coaches Jane Freakley & Ian Donald 53

54 R & R The Maroons team of Jack and Joseph were in their first year of competition and recorded some encouraging results. They finished 5 th at the Freshwater carnival and were 7 th at the Branch. At the State championships, they easily qualified for the semi finals, knocking out a number of more experienced teams in the process. They again performed well in the semi final, ultimately finishing in 8 th place. This was a great result and hopefully they can improve on these results next season. Under 15s Team: Ethan Cradock, Jordan Dobson, Nick Doyle, Seb Di Sano & Pat Kiely Coach: Clare Freakley The U15 team was made up an enthusiastic group of boys fresh out of nippers and keen to do something as a team. Despite a disrupted training schedule early in the season, the boys competed for the first time at North Cronulla the weekend before Christmas and finished in a highly credible 3 rd place. They then had 3 more local carnival starts for one win, a second and 6 th placing. They then put in a tremendous effort at the Branch championships to finish with the silver medal. The State and Australian championship carnivals proved a difficult hunting ground. The U15 competition is one of the most competitive in the R&R area and the vast majority of the teams have had previous experience in the event while still nippers. Though the boys missed out on finals at both championships, finishing 7 th and 8 th respectively, their results were nonetheless encouraging and not necessarily a true reflection of either their potential or actual ability in the event. If the team can remain together for another year or so, there is no doubt they will achieve more success in the U17 and older divisions. Under 17s & U19s Maroons Team: Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips Coach: Ian Donald In their first year of competition involving the swim component, the team performed at a high level throughout the season in both age divisions. Starting at 3 local carnivals, they finished with 2 firsts and a second in the U17competition and a first and a second in the U19s. In the championship carnivals, the team again performed extremely well, coming 2 nd at Branch, 3 rd at State and 2 nd at the Australian in the under 17 division. In the tougher U19 division, the team came 3 rd at Branch, 6 th at State and 5 th at the Australian. While the entire team should be congratulated on their efforts this year, it would be remiss not to make special mention of the efforts of beltman Alex Malm during the season. Alex was undefeated in the swim sections of both the U17 & U19 competitions throughout the year, an outstanding achievement for someone in his first year of belt swimming. Bearing in mind this was the team s first year in U17 competition, they can only improve on these results if they can manage to stay together next season. Under 17s & U19s ATARS Team: Tahlia Dearden, Bec Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madison Partington & Caitlin Werakso Coach: Alan Burns The ATARS were one of our new teams this year with first time coach Alan Burns in charge. With none of the girls having done R&R before, it was expected to be a year of learning but by season s end they had surprised everyone with the level of their success. U15 L-R..Seb DiSano, Clare Freakley (c),ethan Cradock, Jordan Dobson, Nick Doyle & Pat Kiely Insert picture 5 Label U15 R&R L-R.. U17/19 Maroons L-R Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm, Euan Donald, Julia Baker & Lucas Phillips Having started initial training in August, the team was well and truly ready to go live by the time the first carnival came around in late December. Their first three local carnival starts resulted in 3 second places. Then followed U17/19 ATARS L-R Tahlia Dearden, Bec Kiely, Madison Partington, Caitlin Werakso & Bronte Munro 54

55 R & R Manly and Freshwater where they finished 4 th and 3 rd respectively. At Freshwater they also finished 4 th in the older U19 division. It was at the championship carnivals they really had some outstanding results, starting with the Branch where they finished 3 rd in the U17s and then surprised everyone by winning the U19 event. At the State championships they finished 2 nd in the U17 event and 3 rd in the U19s, again a tremendous achievement for a team in their first year of competition. Their outstanding championship form continued at the Australian championships with 3 rd place in the U17 event and 4 th in the U19 competition. The results achieved by the team are testament to their enthusiasm and the commitment given to the them by their coach Alan. Due to a number of factors, the team is unable to compete together next season but hopefully sufficient members will remain to form the nucleus of an equally successful combination. Open Mixed 5 Team: Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madison Taylor Coach: Chris Tyrrell Under coach Chris Tyrrell, the team entered the Open Mixed events this year as the defending Australian champions and determined to defend their crown. Their season got off to a flying start with 5 wins out of 5 at local carnivals. A slight hiccup at the Branch saw them come 2 nd to Collaroy but the equilibrium was restored at the State with the team claiming the gold medal. It was clear from the standard of competition in both NSW and at the Aussies the team would have to be performing at its absolute best to successfully defend its Australian title. They looked on track after the preliminary rounds when they qualified first for the final after a brilliant drilling display. Ultimately the high standard of the competition combined with a less than best drilling effort saw the team come home in 3 rd place behind Trigg Island and Collaroy. This was the first time in 5 years of competing at the Australian championships the team had not been the best performing team in their event. Though they were disappointed with their result, their performance both at the Australian and throughout the entire season was exceptional. They remain without doubt one of the best R&R teams in the club s history. L-R Back Alex Obern, Madison Taylor & Jarrad Freakley Front Joseph Murphy, Clare Freakley & Chris Tyrrell Open Women s 5 FINS Team: Naomi Donohue, Jane Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy Coach: Wayne Freakley Though the season was their best since first forming, success at the Australian championships remained frustratingly out of reach for the team. After a slow start with a 3 rd and 4 th at their first two carnivals, the team began to hit their straps after Christmas. By the time the Branch championships arrived they had 3 further starts for two seconds and a first. They then won the Branch and came a close second at the State, missing out on the gold medal by a mere point. As with last season the team was scoring well and was entitled to consider themselves one of the favoured teams at the Australian championships. At Scarborough the women s competition was undoubtedly the toughest event in terms of the quality of the teams competing for a spot in the final. While they drilled a bit higher than they had at their previous starts, their score would have seen them qualify for the final in any other division. Unfortunately, due to the high quality scoring in the women s event, they ultimately came 8 th, missing out on the final by less than a point. Though obviously disappointed with their final result, there is a commitment to have another crack at an elusive Australian medal next year. L-R Naomi Donohue, Libby Murphy, Lysa Kiely, Jane Freakley & Jemma McKee 55

56 R & R Open Women s 5 (Whites) Team: Kelly Dobrow, Sharon Johnson, Alessia Roesner, Madison Taylor, Sarah White & Cheryl White Coaches: Wayne & Jane Freakley The Whites were the third of the new teams in the R&R squad this season and found themselves in the most competitive division of all the R&R competition. Despite most (apart from Madi and Sharon) not having any previous experience in the event, the girls made up for that inexperience with enthusiasm and determination to do well. L-R Sarah White, Sharon Johnson, Cheryl White, Alessia Roesner & Kelly Dobrow At local carnivals they recorded two 5 th places, one 4 th place and an outstanding 1 st place at Queenscliff, relegating the more experienced FINS teams to the runner-up position. At the Branch championships they finished with the bronze medal and at the State were unlucky not to qualify for the final, finishing in 7 th place and missing out on the coveted 6 th place by just over a point. The team suffered a disrupted lead up to the Australian championships with the unexpected withdrawal of Alessia due to personal reasons. Alessia s place at the Australian titles was filled by Madi Taylor from the Open Mixed team. Despite the new combination, the team performed well and finished in a highly credible 9 th place. In their first year of competition in the toughest division of the lot, their efforts were commendable and not necessarily indicative of their true potential. While not all available to compete again next year, the bulk of the team have expressed a desire to continue with the event. If replacements can be found, there is every chance the team will only improve on their results from this season. Open Men s 5 Team: Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley & Chris Tyrrell Coach: Ken Priest The club s longest serving R&R team once again had an outstanding year of competition. Starting the season undefeated since the 2012 Freshwater Australia Day carnival, they were striving for a 4 th consecutive Australian championship. The departure of long serving beltman Peter Obern through injury saw Jarrad Freakley join the team as the new swimmer. Initially the rest of the team was uncertain about Jarrad s ability to adjust to the different tempo that comes with competing with team mates who are 25 to 40 years older. Any fears were very quickly dispatched as Big Dog settled in as if he had always been in the team. From the very start, it was soon apparent the new combination would again be the team to beat. They remained undefeated at their 5 local carnival starts and then went on to win both the Branch and State Championships. This was the third year in a row the team had won the Branch/State double and they went into the Australian championships as the clear favourite. L-R. Alan Burns, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Ian Donald & Chris Tyrrell Their defence of the title did not get off to the best of starts when Jarrad injured his ankle in the heats of the Open Mixed event held prior to the Open 5 final. After receiving first aid assistance, Jarrad competed in the final with a degree of discomfort and limitation in some movements, sufficient to warrant special dispensation being granted by the area referee. Clearly impeded in his ability to wade across the bank, Jarrad made up for the wade by putting in a terrific swim but ultimately had to settle for 2 nd place by a margin of 1 second. This was Jarrad s first defeat in the belt in nearly 3 years of R&R competition. The team ultimately fell short in their quest for a 4 th consecutive title, coming second by 1 point to their long time rivals Wanda. Despite the defeat, the team s 2 nd placing was a continuation of their sustained high level performance at the Australian champs which has seen them win 4 gold, 3 silver and a bronze since

57 R & R Open 6 Person FINS Team: Kelly Dobrow, Naomi Donohue, Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Sharon Johnson & Lysa Kiely Coach: Wayne Freakley The Open 6 FINS team continued their quest in the most difficult of the R&R events this season with new member Kelly Dobrow. Owing to work and other commitments, the team was not able to compete until the Manly carnival but soon found their rhythm, coming 5 th at Manly, 4 th at Freshwater and 3 rd at the Branch championships. At the State championships, they drilled their lowest score to date and managed a highly respectable 5 th place after the swim points were taken into account. At the Australian championships, the women had to regroup after their disappointing result in the 5 person event to compete in the final. The team drilled their best score of the season, recording the same drilling points as the club s more experienced Maroons team and finished 6th. Again it was the swim points that prevented them from finishing in a higher place. The efforts of this team are sometimes easily overlooked. They compete against stronger and more experienced teams who are made up entirely or mostly of men. They find themselves swimming against some of the best belt swimmers in the country and so will always be giving away 1-2 points before they start. Despite this they never complain, going about their business with a high degree of enthusiasm and commitment. It is hoped they go around again next year and improve on this year s achievements. Open 6 Person Maroons Team: Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne Freakley, Jemma McKee, & Chris Tyrrell Coach: Ken Priest The Open 6 event is the most prestigious and one the team was desperate to win since last winning in After their second place the Open 5 man title, the team went into the Australian final more determined than ever to go all out for the gold medal. Unfortunately it was not to be and the Premiership pennant remains frustratingly out of reach. Leading into the championship carnivals, the team had been the leading combination with 4 wins and a second place from 5 starts. At the Branch they came a close second to long time rivals Collaroy. They were able to reverse this result at the State and take out the State championship for the third time since L-R Sharon Johnson, Kelly Dobrow, Jane Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Clare Freakley & Naomi Donohue L-R Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Jemma McKee, Wayne Freakley, Ken Priest (c), Alan Burns & Chris Tyrrell At the Australian championships, the team was confident of a strong showing. Unfortunately they had their worst result in nearly 5 years, drilling an unusually high 6 and finishing in 5 th place, well off the pace of the leading teams. This was despite some great swims from the youngest and oldest members of the team Jarrad and Alan. It was particularly exciting to see Jarrad swim stroke for stroke with the beltman from Wanda and ultimately reverse his one second loss the day before in the 5 man event by the same margin. The team was extremely disappointed with their result in the event. Their disappointment however was subsequently transformed to an even greater determination to come back next year and have another go at winning the blue ribban event. Other teams During the season the opportunity was taken to enter composite teams in a number of the championship events. Perhaps the most outstanding of these teams was the Open Mixed combination of Euan Donald, Alex Malm and Lucas Phillips (U17 Maroons) and Jane Freakley and Lysa Kiely (Open Women s FINS) which was entered into the Australian championships. Though having no training sessions before the titles, then only two half hour sessions at the event, the team not only qualified for the Open Mixed Final but ultimately finished in 4 th place, a mere 1 point behind the other Freshwater team who were the defending champions. Beltman Alex put in one of the swims of the 57

58 R & R carnival to finish 2 nd in the final behind Jarrad Freakley and in front of other older and more experienced belt swimmers from other clubs. It is believed Euan, Alex & Lucas, all aged 15, are the youngest Freshwater competitors to ever appear in an Open Final while Jane is the oldest female Freshwater competitor to do so (not including march past). Other combinations which were successful during the season included - Julia Baker, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips (U17 Maroons) and Bec Kiely & Madie Partington (U17 ATARs) finishing 3 rd in the Branch Open Mixed event and 5 th at the State - Tahlia Dearden, Bronte Munro & Caitlin Werakso (U17 ATARs) and Euan Donald & Sam Hurrell (U17 Maroons) finishing 4 th in the Branch Open Mixed Event Retirements Special mention needs to be made of 2 retirements confirmed at the end of the Australian titles. Ken Priest has drawn the curtain on his full time coaching career and will be stepping down as coach of the Men s Open 5 and the Open 6 Maroons team. He will however remain available as a consultant coach for the section. Ken has been senior coach at the club since the beginning of the 2001 season and has guided the club s teams, particularly the Open Men s 5 team, to unparalleled success. His intimate knowledge of both the technical and practical aspects of the event has played a significant part in the overall achievements of the section. At Australian level he is the most successful R&R coach in the history of the club. He leaves the section having coached teams to 9 gold and 7 silver medals at Branch, 6 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze at State and 5 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals at Australian championships. Also partly retiring this season is club legend Alan Burns. Much has been written in previous annual reports about Alan s amazing ability to swim in the belt at an age when for every other lifesaver in the history of SLSA such things are but distant memories. At 62 he has finally decided he can no longer do what has to be done at the level necessary for the Open 6 Maroon s team. That he could still do so better than most is not relevant to Alan as always his commitment to the team has taken priority. While it is hard for his team mates to imagine the 6 person event without him, it was clear from the smile on his face when Jarrad drew number 2 out of the bag in the Australian final that his time as a belt swimmer had finally come. Alan will still compete in the Open 5 event as reelman but his days as a belt swimmer are now finished, 47 years after he first donned the canvas. Special Thanks As in previous years, there are many people who have contributed to the overall success the R&R section has enjoyed this year Fellow coaches Ken Priest, Alan Burns, Chris Tyrrell, Ian Donald, Clare Freakley & Jane Freakley. All gave up their time to coach teams during the week and on the weekends, in many instances sacrificing time they could otherwise have enjoyed with their families. Peter Obern who at various times provided invaluable assistance and advice to all teams during the course of the season. Jane Freakley for her willingness to fill in at training for other teams when team members were absent. By season s end Jane had trained with every team in the section and it was her willingness to do so on top of her own training and coaching commitments that allowed teams to maintain their training regimes with minimal disruption. Chris Tyrrell for taking on the responsibility of organising State titles accommodation for approximately 40 competitors and supporters no mean feat as anyone who has had to organise accommodation for large numbers will attest and for filling in as section captain at various time during the season in my absence. Ken, Ian, Chris, Peter, Alan, Clare, Jane, Sharon Johnson, Bob Asser and Sue Troy who all undertook judging & official duties at local and championship carnivals this season. Without their willingness to take on this role, the events could not be held. The husbands, wives, parents, partners and children of the competitors in both the juniors and seniors. Particular thanks to those parents who made the long trip to Perth to help chaperone the younger members. With our largest ever contingent of competitors at the titles, the willingness of the parents to take on this role was greatly appreciated. Wayne Freakley, R&R Captain 58

59 Lifesaving Competition This season saw a growth in competitors in lifesaving events. This was really great to see as these events so closely reflect our core business of patrolling the beach. First Aid Competition Two per team Timed Scenario U15, U17, U19, Open This season saw an increase in competitors. Last year s Under 15 s moved to the Under 17 age group and a new team of Under 15 s joined the ranks. Our new Under 15 team of Emma Smith and Emma Schooley completed their Surf Rescue Certificate on 27 January and immediately completed a patrol and registered to compete! Great outcome Branch 3 rd place, State 3 rd place, Aussies 5 th place. These are two delightful young ladies who trained really hard to acquit themselves very well. The Under 17 teams of Julia Baker and Isobel Barry as well as Tahlia Dearden and Ebony Passarhino competed together for the Branch (2 nd place Julia & Isobel, 6 th place Tahlia and Ebony) and State (2 nd place Julia and Isobel, 4 th place Tahlia and Ebony) championships. With qualification for Aussies achieved, Julia and Tahlia combined as their respective team mates were not available. Their first competition together had great results 3rd place. Their scenario had three patients: A skateboarder with severe grazing to both hands; An elderly lady using a walking frame who had been knocked over and had a fractured femur (awesome acting Catherine!); Daughter of the elderly lady who subsequently went into shock and collapsed. Although they had not competed together before they were calm and thorough throughout and demonstrated great skill. The top three teams finished within 25 points of each other with the fourth placed team 100 points further back. Bronze at Aussies was a fantastic result! Champion Lifesaver Individual Event Written Paper, Resuscitation Skills, 4 Physical Events U15, U17, U19, Open, Masters 30-39, Masters Male & Female in each age group It was great to have competitors across most age groups. Under 15 Men Jono Curulli 2 nd Branch, 1 st State, 4 th Aussies, Bennett Frerck 5 th Branch, Under 15 Women - Andrea Malm 1 st Branch, 3 rd State, 7 th Aussies Under 17 Alex Malm 3 rd Branch, 5 th State Open Mens Tom Duffy 4 th State Open Womens Clare Freakley 1 st Branch, 2 nd State, 4 th Aussies Masters John Boakes 1 st Branch, 4 th State Branch was conducted at Collaroy and conditions were good for the events. State was again conducted at Umina but fortunately under completely different conditions to last year. Competition was conducted efficiently with good sportsmanship shown throughout. The Aussies were held at Scarborough Beach (written paper and beach sprint) and Trigg Island SLSC (resuscitation and water events). Conditions for the water events were difficult with strong winds, an inshore gutter and several rips. Finishing well through the gutter made the difference between 1 st and 6 th and hence the difference between 10 points or 5 points for a race. Our three qualifiers Jono, Andrea and Clare were highly competitive throughout. Patrol Competition Team Event Written Paper, Resuscitation Skills, 2 Physical Events, Scenario Under 17 4 in a team, Open 6 in a team It s four years since we had an Open Patrol Comp team and to the best of my knowledge we have never had an 59

60 Lifesaving Competition Under 17 Patrol Comp team. It was therefore very exciting to get two teams together in January. The first task was to get everyone through their Advanced Resuscitation course. Having assembled our personnel Julia Baker, Isobel Barry, Tahlia Dearden, Liam Goehring, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm, Ebony Passarhino and Lucas Phillips it was time to get down to work. Whilst training to pass the ARTC, we also started preparing for the other elements of Patrol Comp. Getting together eight young people who do all sorts of other activities as well as Surf Life Saving was very challenging! However they were motivated, dedicated and willing and everyone had a great time and every session together was fun. On very limited preparation they have had outstanding results and have a lot of fun along the way. Branch we unfortunately could only field one team at Branch as Ebony had a mid-week school commitment on the night of the written paper and resuscitation component. The team of Julia, Sam, Alex and Lucas came out Branch winners. State both teams competed at State placing 1 st and 3 rd. For the resuscitation and Swim/Tube/Board rescue teams draw for positions. The team draws were not our best combinations but everyone did a sensational job in their roles. Isobel and Tahlia in the Board Rescue were amazing although it must have been torture for Liam to watch from the beach knowing he has been training so hard for board rescue! Appreciation It is not possible to prepare for any event without support and assistance from a lot of people. There are the parents of our younger members who are the taxi drivers and meals-on-the-run support team, and then there are the wives/ girlfriends/boyfriends who have a similar role to play. Lifesaving events tend to be run at different times and different venues that takes us away from the mainstream support of the club so supporters are even more invaluable. There are the people who provide logistical support. So thanks to Steve Davis for organising oxygen in WA and everyone who helped transport gear to Branch, State and Aussies and put up tents, get gear scrutinised etc Special thanks to Catherine Howard-Baker for taking care of the First Aid kits and bum bags and ensuring we had everything we needed for First Aid and Patrol Competition. This was a constant job throughout the season. And then there are the patients who get to act a part in the scenarios! Our Coaches Aiden Baldwin thank you for those great Saturday afternoon sessions; Alex Baker for filling in when needed; Peter Obern Tube training, starts and finishes; Grant & Kurt for hot tips on Board Rescue; Sharon Johnson real time scenarios and treatments and comms. Congratulations to all competitors for your efforts and great achievements. Lindsay Davis Lifesaving Team Mentor and Competition Captain 60

61 Board-Ski-Swim The Freshie Fighters again over-delivered on results this season with a quality squad achieving success at all the major carnivals. With a small senior group of competitors and a contingent of cadets under the tutelage of Kurt Hanson and Grant Coates, the club was well represented throughout the season. After a solid off-season of training, the first event on the calendar was the Molokai paddleboard race in Hawaii. Tim Kirkby completed the gruelling 54km downwind course in just under 6 hours to finish 3 rd in his age group and 15 th overall. With very little wind assistance on the day Tim is keen to head back overseas to improve on his first Molokai. Next on the program was the Ocean Series the ski squad used as pre-season training to rack up the km s. Led by Freshie Director of Coaching Tim Jacobs, the team achieved some great results in the downwind races culminating in the 20 beaches classic. Tim Jacobs took out the overall series but there were also strong races from Stephen Bennett, Scott Carpenter, Phil Fagan, Caron Jander, Sam Jones and Michael & Ben Kirkby. During the endurance phase of the season Freshie also had representation at the Coolangatta Gold. Michael Kirkby finished a strong 4 th in the years category, while the Open team of Tim and Ben Kirkby, Jordan Burden and Alex Godbold picked up 12 th place on the day. The sprint racing season began with the Freshie Fast Fives carnival making its debut. Kurt Hanson and Ben Kirkby placed in the board and ski divisions respectively after 5 sprint style races. The entire squad then put their heads down and trained hard over the Christmas season in preparation for the coming championship season. The first racing of the new year took place at Queenscliff, where Freshie took a bigger squad along. Kurt Hanson and Tim Kirkby took out wins in their swim and board finals, while the young cadets started to lift their game also. The U15 female beach relay took out 2 nd (Victoria Morabito, Sophie Wickham, Andrea Malm and Gemma Wickham) and the U15 male board relay team snagged bronze (Jordan Dobson, Josh Downman and Hugo Weston). The Manly and Freshie Australia Day weekend is always a highlight of the surf sports calendar. Unfortunately the Freshie carnival had to be cancelled due to the huge swell on the day, but Jono Chalmers and Nigel Hoschke were still able to take out the Open Double Ski at Manly. Deandra Godoy also made an appearance and picked up strong results in both the Open and U19 female ski races. The championship season got underway with the branch titles at Collaroy. While no-one was able to stand on the top step of the podium, there were some good performances, particularly from the younger members of the squad. Medals went to the U15 male and female surf and Cameron teams, as well as the female board relay. Isabella Wolff capped off a strong team day with medals in the U15 ironwoman and surf race, with Andrea Malm picking up 3 rd in the U15 tube race. At the State championships held at Umina the team picked up a number of medals, with Kurt Hanson (2 nd Open Belt, 3 rd Restricted Surf) and Deandra Godoy (2 nd U19 ski) finishing their events strongly. Kurt and Tim Kirkby also put in strong performances in the Open Men s Board final, while Deandra teamed up with Ben Kirkby to place 6 th in the Open Mixed Double ski final. The Australian Championships saw a small group head over to Scarborough Beach in Perth. The small but elite crew packed into the mighty blue stealth bus each day driven by Killer or Steve Bennett. Alex Malm improved immensely over the season and stepped up out of the cadet squad to match it with the best in the country across board, swim, ski and ironman. The R&R competitors who jumped into some relays throughout the week should also be commended. Out of the senior team of 5, all made Australian finals across various events. Fresh from picking up a swag of Masters medals, Grant Coates featured in the board relay final with Tim and Kurt, while Tim also backed up to continue his strong season and placed 7 th in the Open Male board. Ben and Deandra were able to reach the open Mixed Double Ski final, and Deandra placed 6 th in her own individual ski race to cap off another strong season. The 61

62 Board-Ski-Swim crowning moment of the carnival however was the Open Men s Belt Race, which Kurt Hanson took out in emphatic fashion. In becoming the first person from Freshie to take out this title, Kurt provided the ultimate high note for the season to finish on. The squad would like to thank all the people who helped out this season, whether through coaching on boards or skis, driving buses around, organizing clothing and entries as well as all the officials and IRB crew who enabled us to compete at all carnivals. Another great season for the Freshie Fighters in a squad that continues to grow in numbers and looks for bigger and better things next season. With the coaching structure entering a new phase this season a report is included from our Director of Coaching, and the Nippers and Cadet Coaches, who form part of the board ski swim squad. Ben Kirkby Director of Coaching Aussie Gold! Well done to Kurt Hanson, it has taken 15 years but it he has achieved what he set out to do. Not always do you taste success early and Kurt s drive to keep chasing his goal for 15 years proves this. Kurt laid the foundations for his success many years ago and as he has matured athletically, he has fulfilled his goal. Freshwater Surf Club at this moment is in the process of laying its foundations for years to come. With the support of the committee and its members, Freshie has embarked on new coaching initiatives to help its competitors and members fulfill their goals. With close links to elite sporting pathways we aim to build Freshie back up. Not with an influx of new members but by creating opportunities and having a better support structure in place for our junior members to integrate into the Senior section. Even this last statement we are trying to change. Yes, we have both junior and senior members but one of our aims is to bring the club together. Junior s being coached and supported by seniors and juniors looking forward to integrating into the older age groups when the opportunity arises. The plans that are being laid offer the club a valuable future, both in the competition arena and in the strength of its membership. In my role, I look forward to supporting the daily coaches and age managers with an overall plan and targeted pathway, which will lead our great club into the future. Tim Jacobs Junior Training Squad Head Coach The Freshwater Junior training squad has blossomed in its second successive season with an increase in participation & overall competitive success. Our aim for the Freshwater Junior Training squad for the season was to provide a safe, friendly environment where cadet & junior members of the club could train together regardless of their ability or experience. The program s strength lies in its understanding of TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More. We offer the training & opportunities for those highly dedicated to fulfilling their future goals in surf sports but more importantly giving every 62

63 junior member the experiences & social tools required to achieve their future goals in life. Board-Ski-Swim First & foremost the program is focused around wellness & community therefore should never be judged solely on the basis of competitive outcomes. In saying that, our elite competitors have achieved some great results this season while also catering to a number of club members who are just looking to stay healthy both physically & socially through surf life saving. I am proud to say that we ve never turned a junior member away. We built on our first season in 2012/13 to create a reputation that Freshwater has a trusted Junior Training program where both parents & children know an experienced coach will be on the beach or at the dam or in the gym delivering a quality session on time, every time. We catered for goals across all aspects of club competition enabling competitors to use these skills as they diversify into areas that appeal to them including Swim, Board, Ski, Ironman, R&R & Lifesaving. Overall another hugely successful step has been taken in the Junior Training Program in the 2013/14 season based on the growing numbers & continued forging of a clear pathway between the Junior & Senior sections of the club through our focus of delivering high quality structured training consistently throughout the season. On behalf of the Director of coaching Tim Jacobs & Head trainer Grant Coates & Ski Development coach Kevin Crow I thank the committee & club for their ongoing support of our program which we are extremely excited to build up even bigger & stronger for our third year in season 2014/15. Kurt Hanson Nippers Head Coach I would like to congratulate all our competitors for a fantastic effort throughout the season. There was a big contingent of maroon and white caps at carnivals up and down the coast and there were some great results in every discipline and in every age group. This was my first year as head coach of the Freshie nippers. I have to say that while it was daunting at first I really enjoyed the role and I am looking forward to doing it all again next season, albeit with a few changes to further improve our standard of training. I want to thank all the parents for the hours they have spent taxiing kids to and from training and carnivals, the hours spent on the beach waiting for their kids to get one last wave, and for putting up with me for the season. Special thanks must go to those who helped with water safety every week and hopefully we can get a few more parents on board to help out next season and thus lighten the load. Throughout the season we worked on technique a lot, improving surf skills and a lot of work on starts and finishes. There were some great results both individually and in team events at the State Championships which is what we train for every season. What impressed me most at the State was that in every race there was a Freshwater cap in front at the start of every race. All that work doing starts really paid off and I know we can continue to improve in every aspect of racing for next season and beyond. All age groups made finals in team events and while I do not want to single anybody out, the U10 Boys Board relay team was outstanding, coming a close second in the final. Also, the U11 girls were great throughout the carnival but were outstanding in the board rescue with two teams making it through to the final. I had a ball all season and really enjoyed passing on some skills, while getting to know the younger competitors of our Freshie Family. I can t wait to do it again next season. Finally, I need to thank Andrew Casey who does an enormous amount of work for surf sports. Without him, my job would have been that much harder. Marcial Nunura 63

64 Masters A Solid Lot The Freshie Masters team has remained a tight knit group over recent years. It really has been wonderful to see so many post 30 year olds participating in our Masters activities. The highlights of the season are not necessarily the wins and the losses (as covered by Michael Kirkby in the Competition report) but more so the participation of our club members in teams. Seeing our members continue to improve their Surf Life Saving Skills (the reason we do what we do) has really been tremendously pleasing and, importantly, good for the ongoing patrolling requirements asked of our membership. Freshie Masters Our Masters carnival remains a highlight on the calendar for many competitors throughout NSW, in particular for our participating club members. Considerable thanks must go to Ross Parry and the organising committee for ensuring the day (from an administrative perspective) runs so well. Of course Michael Kirkby ensures the competition side of things runs to the spreadsheet. Our highlights included seeing many of our members participate and compete to the best of their abilities in front of family and friends on our beloved beach. East Coast Masters The East Coast Masters at Collaroy attracted a strong contingent post the Christmas break. We had excellent representation in our team events and it was tremendously pleasing to see so many of our more seasoned competitors mix it up with our not so experienced competitors in forming teams providing everyone the chance of sharing the honours. Branch Championships For many of our team Branch is the local highlight of the year. It allows us the opportunity to compete against so many familiar faces up and down the northern beaches. The rivalry between Freshie, Manly, Queenscliff and a resurgent Newport added to the day at Collaroy. We had a few wins, some losses that hurt but all in all a day of comraderie and friendship. State Championships The trip north to Umina was fantastic for the maroon and white. We had some great conditions right until the final few hours when the storms of Sydney swung through the central coast and saw us de-camp to the confines of the Kirkby residence for a quiet beer or two. Prior to this the State Championships saw some great team performances, most notably in the Men s 110 Board Relay where Freshwater placed First and Second by considerable margins. On the individual front it was a happy night in the Kirkby household where Mr & Mrs celebrated at home with some well earned metal. Australian Titles Back to the West and it remained a happy hunting ground for the Freshwater Team. Congrat s all round, (please see the Competition report). We should also thank those members of the club who represent us at Aussies (as they do throughout the season) in an official capacity allowing us to participate. Club Championships The club championships will evolve in years to come and we look forward to seeing more Masters participate for the enjoyment of participation rather than just winning. For the small contingent who did participate it was a day of highs and lows. 64

65 Masters Masters Awards As I have suggested in previous years the recognition of a few members who make it all worthwhile is worth mentioning: Most Outstanding Team Member Scott Carpenter Scott, (also known as Carps, Two Shoes and more recently Hollywood ), doesn t win every medal on offer. He does though live our ethos of community spirit and participation. Rarely missing an event Scott participates in everything asked of him and does so willingly and with humility. Most Improved Team Member Jo Kirkby the board training did indeed pay dividends. After supporting the rest of the family all these years it has been wonderful to see Jo have such a great season and to be cheered on by her team mates all round. Encouragement & Team Spirit Kurt Hanson Kurt, Cyril, is an asset not to us for his freakish competitive talent (medals galore); rather Kurt is a throwback to the surf life saving of old where a laugh, a rub of your team mates and the pleasure of going in any team was all the fun. The nipper of our group keeps the spirit of fun alive at every opportunity. Rookie of the Year Peter Block The Rookie of the Year (ROTY) is for a member who completed their Bronze Medallion and participates in Masters in their first season. Peter Apex Block gave it a red hot go this year, bruised and battered in the process. With a smile on his dial Peter has had the stiches, the ribbing and now the nickname for the new season. Comeback of the Year Greg Slater Quite simply the Men s 110 Board Relay saw a 20 year old go hard in a 40 year old man s body. In front of family and friends Greg showed what a little training and heck of a lot of spirit will do for the team. One of the great moments in recent Freshie memories. Thanks A big thank you to everyone who gives it a go in Masters. It is much more than competition. So rather than sleeping in make it down to our morning sessions and enjoy the comradery offered by Masters at Freshwater. My thanks to Ben BiKi Kirkby for his Ski Coaching and all of my fellow masters for reminding all of us that participation and comradery is the greatest of rewards. Make 2014/2015 a year for health, fun and participation. See you on the line. Simon Phin Masters Captain 65

66 Officials As with previous years Freshie was again able to arrange a reasonable number of officials at all relevant carnivals however, notwithstanding the above, our numbers could and should be improved. In this regard three new members obtained their Surf Officials Level 1 this season, congratulations to Linda Wiadrowski, Michele Tomsic and Sue Walmsley. Notwithstanding the cancellation of the water events at the Australia Day Carnival at Freshwater after two heats of the Open Iron Man event there were ample officials available to have covered all events. With regard to the Bennett Iron Man and Board Carnival the number of officials were more than adequate and are listed hereunder - Ray Brennan, Stan Werakso, Ron Malm, Karen Blakeney, Martin Gurtata, Josephine Wolff, Cathy Bennett, Kath Obern, Sue Walmsley, Judy Bennett, James Jackson, Fabio Rebecchi and Peter Obern. Special mention should be given to Stan Werakso who took on the responsibility from our usual Carnival Referee, Peter Obern, who due to injury was there in an advisory capacity. As with previous years our female members officiated at other local carnivals, namely Kath Obern, Judy Bennett and Jo Kirkby. Our R&R squad members, who were qualified, were once again active at the NSW State & Australian Championships. They were Wayne Freakley, Jane Freakley, Clare Freakley, Chris Tyrrell, Sharon Johnson, Ian Donald, Alan Burns, Ken Priest, Robert Asser, Susan Troy, Peter Obern and were supported by Lindsay Davis and Peter Rowlands. Michael Kirkby, in his capacity as Director Surf Sports SLS Sydney Northern Beaches, carried the banner for the club at local carnivals in the capacity of Water Referee. In addition Michael Bate, who is the NSW Director of Surf Sports was also very active at these local and championship carnivals. I extend my appreciation on behalf of Freshwater Club, to the abovenamed Officials for their dedication and time given and to anyone who officiated but is not mentioned in this report, please accept my sincere apologies. Ray Brennan Event Management Freshwater has developed a very successful formula for delivering its events. A coordinated approach with a few key people in the club assisting makes for a well organised and well delivered event on Freshwater Beach. This year we delivered the following carnivals with organisers noted: 66 Open Craft carnival (Marcial Nunura) Bennett Ironman and Board Classic (Juls Jackson) Masters carnival (Ross Parry) Australia Day Open carnival (Michael Kirkby) Australia Day Boat carnival (Ian Cradock) Barney Mullins Ocean Swim (Linda Wiadrowski) In addition the club organised various other surf sports activities including: Sunday Surf race (Ross Parry) Australian Championships tour (Michael Kirkby) I would like to thank all the above people for their efforts in coordinating their events and activities. Their reports follow. Michael Kirkby

67 Bennett Ironman & Board Classic We had a very successful day with 457 competitors from 21 clubs in NSW registered. 8 of those clubs were from out of the Northern Beaches area. Some travelled from the Wollongong area such as Warilla Barrack Point SLSC and Thirroul SLSC. Others travelled from the North such as Umina, Terrigal and Wamberal. They all bought a high level of competition and great sportsmanship. A total of 103 Freshwater nippers took part which was just wonderful to see. I hope they all had a great day competing, especially those nippers who hadn't competed in a carnival before. The conditions weren't easy at times and our carnival's course length is longer than the normal carnival length so I hope they all felt a great sense of self achievement at the end of the day. It's all about having fun and giving it a go. There were many Freshwater parents and members who supported this carnival behind the scenes. They worked without any fuss and got on with what was required. They were great team leaders and I thank them all very much for taking on that role with great success. In no particular order they are: Peter Obern - Carnival Referee Stan Werakso - Deputy Carnival Referee Ian Edgell - Registration Richard Hawtin - Treasury David Grayling - Towel Supplier Erica Cameron - Prize packs sponsors Andrew Casey - Water Safety James Jackson - Beach Set up Anita Rebecchi - Catering Tim Radford - Working Party Petra Morrell, Lisa Broad, Tiff Blaikie - Social Co-ordinators BBQ Karen Hicks, Jenny Bourgeois, Jo Dettmann - Registration Room Co-ordinators Belinda Dobson - First Aid Ed Farrell and James Coates - IRB/Jet ski Sam di Sano, Karen Blakeney and Shona Malm - For your support, advice and time We were informed and entertained by the wonderful Kurt Hanson as announcer!!! Kurt certainly had us in touch with what was happening in the water and on the beach. We were very lucky to have Kurt as he is normally booked up announcing at major professional Ironman and SLSC carnivals around Australia. I would like to give a massive thanks to all Freshwater parents, Freshwater members and Freshwater cadets (Freshie Fighters) who put on an orange rashie and got into the water to do the most important jobs of all - Water Safety, IRB and Jet ski. You did an amazing job looking after the competitors and on a number of occasions rescuing some children. As I mentioned the conditions were quite challenging at times and there was no room for error or for distraction. Your hard work and focus was evident. To all the Freshwater and Branch Officials, First Aid Members, Recorders and Marshals - you had a very long day on the beach and stood on your feet for 7 hours in windy conditions. Thank you for your hard work. To Club Captain Sharon Johnson, thank you for your support and direction and to Patrol Captain Brian Whealing and his patrol members who were on duty during the morning session of our carnival. Brian and his patrol helped direct 1,200 walkers from the "Beach Walk For Brain Cancer" group which passed behind our club and onto the beach during the carnival. Brian's team did a great job and all went perfectly. Please support our sponsors as they have been so generous towards this carnival. When times are tough, these companies still managed to find the generosity to donate and we certainly couldn't have done it without them. Major Sponsor: Bennett Boards *Funky Trunks Swimwear * Allambie Sports Pysio *Sydney Swans *Bauer Media *Fitness First A big thanks to Gayle Taylor in the Freshie office for your help and to Janet and Ken Rickard, our caretakers for their work behind the scenes tidying up after we all had left. Also to Chad and the team at the kiosk, thanks for all your help with food and drinks. Julia Jackson, Carnival Organiser 67

68 Masters Carnival Great day again for the annual masters carnival at Freshwater, with a good surf. We again had approx 350 competitors coming from as far north as Newcastle and south from Illawarra. The standard of racing and competition was very high with the homeside winning overall on the day. This year we had also a pipe band for the march past for the 7 teams. Thanks again to John Thorpe AM and Sean King of the Harbord Beach Hotel who sponsored the day and provided free t-shirts for all competitors and officials. Thanks also to the volunteers and officials who kindly gave up their time to ensure the success of this event. Ross Parry Australia Day Open Surf Carnival Australia Day 2014 saw massive seas, and despite holding to its reputation that Freshwater Beach is always sunny on Australia Day, the water events could not be run due to the dangerous conditions. This was particularly disappointing, as the entry numbers were as high as they had been for many years and there were many of the sports best competitors at the beach. The stars had aligned this year, Australia Day fell on Sunday and followed immediately after Manly s open carnival on the Saturday with a holiday on the Monday. The Interstate Championships were held on Sydney s Northern Beaches in the days leading up to the weekend, the successful Ironman Qualifying Series had yet again chosen to hold one of their rounds at the Freshwater carnival and the Nutri Grain competitors had a few weeks off their professional series. The open men s ironman had 5 heats planned, more than the NSW championships! It was going to be a great day. After much deliberation and discussion and after the first heat of the open men s ironman had been run, the referee made the only decision he could make, and that was to call off the water events, citing safety concerns. The remainder of the carnival continued with all beach activities concluded, the R&R events being run as dry events, and the march past being conducted. Despite the fact that no major sponsor could be found for the event, there were a number of smaller sponsors who supported the day. Tim Kirkby arranged for Mainbrace Constructions to provide sponsorship for the open men s and women s board race, and Peter Collins arranged for Qantas to provide airline tickets for the winnings teams of both the open men s and women s taplin relay event. Both these prizes were strategically targeted to promote the carnival and attract open competitors in the hope that this might bring the whole squad from travelling clubs along. The strategy worked, but unfortunately we couldn t give the prizes away. Even though all the water events were cancelled, a great deal of work that was done behind the scenes and both in the lead up to the day and on the day itself involved a great many people from the club. They should all be thanked. Marina Bate and her team of ladies for arranging and running the registration on the day. Kay Cowley and her team of ladies for arranging all the food and beverages for all officials and guests, and hosting the VIP function. Cheryl White and her band of first aid officers for their work on the day. Luke Jarman, Ed Farrell, James Coates, Richard Budd and their IRB drivers and crew who did a remarkable job in setting the cans and attending to the few races that were conducted on the day. Sharon Johnson and her patrols and quad bike drivers for their assistance on the day. Rod Davis and his boat crews for their assistance with car parking. Simon Phin and his band of masters competitors who did the early shift and set up the carnival. Sam DiSano and his nipper parents who ran the club BBQ. The Australia Day open carnival has always been and continues to be the club s largest event of the season and therefore really needs an organising committee to plan and run it. The incoming committee needs to work hard to put together a committee to ensure the carnival s continued success. Preliminary planning for next year s event is already underway to ensure the prominence and longevity of the event continues. Michael Kirkby, Carnival Organiser 68

69 Australia Day Boat Carnival The Boat Carnival this year went off well. The numbers were up & with a heavy bank there was plenty of action. Sharon did an outstanding job as ESO & with the Referee, told the crews to row smart to avoid potential dangers. The feedback from everyone was very positive mainly due to the carnival going ahead under the watchful eye of Sharon and it was good to have a Wave! Ken Eckford (Boxhead), an old Freshie boatie, went to sea to have his ashes scattered at midday with his family present. He was a colourful character and will be missed. We found swimming royalty in the boat tent and had Millsy happily draw the winners of the boat raffle. It was pleasing to see Steve Bennett rewarded with 1st prize with Simon Phin on the boat as well after buying plenty of tickets. Steve (Pop) Davis flew the flag for Pepper Tree Wines getting a top ten finish. The winners were - 1. Steve Bennett Wynn Bennett Accounting 2. Simon Phin Beyond the Break 3. John Gillespie Gillespie Cranes 4. Rob Woods CIP Build 5. Steve Wood Warringah Brake and Clutch 6. Craig Olofinsky Brookvale Insurance Brokers 7. Scott Rickard A Company 2-17th RNSWR 8. Steve Davis Pepper Tree Wines 9. Cope Lethbridge Bee & Lethbridge Surveyors 10. Glen Lighten Hud Security A big thank you to all who participated and to Kirsten the organiser. Thanks also goes to Killer and Eric for the planning of carnival day along with Gayle in the office, Kay and her crew in the kitchen, Batey on the PA with Jules coming along and fitting straight in. Belinda headed up the First Aid team which had some testing moments. Luke and the IRB boys were there from start to finish. The Craft section, Hanso and the kids on the BBQ with the kids also running draws from the Balcony to the Officials. Crowie and the Masters for setup and pack up. Marshy and Brent for coordinating the marathon and races and finally Sue and the rest of the officials running the day. It was a buzz to see the full boat section come together, and work with the club as a whole to make it a successful day. Ian (Crash) Cradock Carnival Organiser 69

70 Barney Mullins Swim Classic The ever popular Barney Mullins 1.5km Swim Classic was held on Sunday 2 nd March, This swim has now become a permanent fixture on the Oceanswims calendar and swimmers travel from near and far (Canberra, Wagga and Coffs Harbour) to participate. With a high tide, low swell and light winds the swimming conditions were perfect but the rain probably kept a few people away.. they didn t know what they were missing! The water was a warm 24 degrees and a clear and clean as Freshie can get! Club member John de Mestre [time ] was the outright winner, winner of the 50 + age category and recipient of the Barney Mullins Shield. After winning the inaugural swim 23years ago he still manages to show up those half his age with his swimming prowess. As John said at the post race prize giving Barney Mullins taught me how to read the sea and use it to your advantage. He taught me how to swim smart, not just hard," First female place getter [and also winner in the 50+ category] was northern beaches local Christie Krenkels in a time of The club received many compliments after the swim on how friendly and efficient we all were and what a pleasure it was to participate in the swim. This of course is due to the fabulous Freshwater SLSC members and their families who assisted on the day in a variety of tasks. From registration, food preparation and set up, through to water safety, marshalling and pack down - without your help the event would not proceed. Thank you to our major sponsor the Freshwater Branch of Bendigo Community Bank and to those companies who donated prizes and post-race refreshments: Harbord Beach Hotel, Angel Restaurant, Fitness First, Engine Swimwear, Harbord Growers, Pilu, Olympus, Xanthi Restaurant and Bar, Budgy Smugglers, and Mrs Mays. Thank you also to Oceanswims for including the Barney Mullins Swim Classic in their Fine Ocean Swimmer Series race calendar or Linda Wiadrowski, Race Convenor 70

71 Sunday Surf Race The Sunday Surf Races continued again this season with increased interest and many unfounded complaints about handicaps. During the season we held 23 races with 129 individual competitors and a total of 743 swimmers in the events. We also had 24 under 14yr swimmers who competed each Sunday. The results of the year were as follows: President s Cup Deon Rowe U14 Yrs Chairman s Cup Zac Werakso Jock McPhee Award (total points first 3 races) Hugo Weston Alex McPhee Award (total points last 3 races) Deon Rowe Most improved Senior Alex Malm Most improved Junior Tom Partington Most races during the season Geoff Lowe Congratulations to all winners and all competitors during the season. I want to thank Bob Chalmers who helped enormously with the laying of the buoys and timing. Rick Ware and others for their water safety and the IRB crews for their assistance. I look forward to seeing you on the starting line in October when it all starts over again. Ross Parry 2014 Club Championships Results Female Male Beach Sprint U15 Grace Arnold Jordan Dobson U17 - Alex Malm Open - Ben Kirkby Masters - Simon Phin Veterans Linda Wiadrowski Michael Kirkby Flags U15 Grace Arnold Hugo Weston U17 - Alex Malm Open - Ben Kirkby Masters - Peter Block Veterans Linda Wiadrowski Michael Kirkby Ski U17 - Alex Malm Open - Ben Kirkby Masters - Simon Phin Veterans Linda Wiadrowski Stephen Bennett Board U15 Andrea Malm Jordan Dobson U17 - Alex Malm Open - Tim Kirkby Masters Jo Kirkby Simon Phin Veterans Linda Wiadrowski Michael Kirkby Surf U15 Andrea Malm Hugo Weston U17 - Alex Malm Open - Kurt Hanson Masters Jo Kirkby Simon Phin Veterans Linda Wiadrowski Michael Kirkby Iron Man/Woman U15 Andrea Malm - U17 - Alex Malm Open - Tim Kirkby Masters - Simon Phin Veterans Linda Wiadrowski Michael Kirkby 71

72 Australian Championships Tour The performances of our athletes and the results of the championship are dealt with elsewhere in the annual report, so this report is focussed on the tour itself and those who assisted to make it a success. The 2014 Australian Championships were held at Scarborough Beach in Perth. Freshwater took a touring party of 85, including boat crews, a march past team, a huge contingent of R&R teams, a Life Saving team, a small Board Ski Swim squad and a band of masters competitors. These competitors were supported by coaches, managers, power craft support personnel, officials, supporters, and families. Logistics for a team of this size are complicated and start well before the event commences. There are many people who assist to ensure the tour is a success and a few of these are named below: 72 Jo Kirkby for organising and allocating all the accommodation. The club has chosen to stay together as a team, and this introduces significantly more pressure to obtain good quality, well priced accommodation for the whole squad. Coordinating rooms for that number of people is no easy task. Lysa Kiely for the procurement and distribution of all touring clothing and merchandise. All touring team members proudly wore their Freshie apparel throughout the week, whether the formal club polo, or the younger version club t-shirt. The team looked great. Marina Bate for her work on entries and administration. Tim Kirkby for his work in setting up and racking the container to transport all our racing equipment to Perth. Anna Hoekstra and Mark Honey for their support by fulfilling our requirements for IRB and jet ski support. All the section captains and coaches for their work over the week. Steve and Judy Bennett, and Ian Craddock for their support and assistance throughout the week. The Australian Championships tour is always a great week, whether the results go your way or not. The week is a celebration of everything that is great about our sport and a great way to spend a week with your team mates and club mates. I have the opportunity to participate in many ways, as a competitor, as touring manager, as a parent watching my kids compete, as a spectator, and of course spending a week s holiday with my family. There are many memories from the 2014 Australian Championships that will remain with me forever, including of course participating in a championship winning masters board relay team, but perhaps none so special as the success in the open men s belt race. The scenes on Scarborough Beach after the race were the most emotional of any final at the championships. The 2015 Australian Championships are back at Kirra. Our accommodation is booked and we are already preparing for what will be another epic week. Michael Kirkby, Touring Manager

73 Competition Results 14/09/2013 Ocean Ski Series Rocks to Reef 1st Open M Tim Jacobs 2nd Open Spec Ski Ben Kirkby 3rd 50yrs + M Michael Kirkby 4th 40yrs + Spec Ski Stephen Bennett 4th 40yrs + F Caron Jander 6th 40yrs + Spec Ski Phil Fagan 17th 40-49yrs M Scott Carpenter 18th Open M Carl Henderson 28/09/2013 Ocean Ski Series King of the Reef 1st Open Spec Ski Ben Kirkby 2nd Open M Tim Jacobs 2nd 40yrs + F Caron Jander 5th 50yrs + M Michael Kirkby 5th U19 Sam Jones 14th 50yrs + M Phil Fagan 15th 40-49yrs M Scott Carpenter 12/10/2013 Freshwater Craft Carnival 3rd Open Men's Ski Ben Kirkby 6th Open Men's Board Kurt Hanson 26 & 27/10/2013 Coolangatta Gold 4th 50+ M short course Michael Kirkby 12th Open Relay Tim Kirkby, Ben Kirkby, Jordan Burden & Alex Godbold 27/10/2013 Dee Why Bennett Craft Carnival 1st U10 M Board Lachlan Cameron 3rd U10 M Board Ryan Thomas 3rd U11 Board Relay Bailey Miller, Oscar Blaikie, Alex LeFevre 3rd U11 F Board Alex LeFevre 4th U9 Board Relay Holly Wickham, Nick Walsh & Blake Long 4th U10 M Board Gabriel Godoy 4th U10 F Board Kiana Dettmann 4th U10 Board Relay Ryan Thomas, Lachlan Cameron & Nicholas Tomsic 4th U13 M Board Oscar Blaikie 4th U14 Board relay 4th All Age Board Relay 5th U9 F Board Holly Wickham 5th U12 Board Relay 5th U13 Board Relay 5th U14 F Board Andrea Malm 6th U9 M Board Nick Walsh 6th U11 M Board Barry Miller 6th U9 M Board Nick Walsh 6th U11 M Board Barry Miller 2/11/2013 Ocean Ski Series Narrabeen Downwind 1st Open Spec Ski Ben Kirkby 2nd 50yrs + M Michael Kirkby 5th 40yrs + Spec Ski Stephen Bennett 21st 40-49yrs M Scott Carpenter 3/11/2013 Long Reef Masters (Multiple rounds) 1st, 1st, 1st 30-44yrs F Board Jen Spencer 2nd, 3rd, 5th 45yrs+ F Ski Caron Jander 1st, 1st, 2nd 45-54yrs M Ski Michael Kirkby 1st, 3rd, 6th 45-54yrs M Board Michael Kirkby 4th, 5th 45-54yrs M Board Kevin Crow 1st, 1st, 2nd 55yrs + M Ski Stephen Bennett 10/11/2013 Manly Junior Carnival 1st U9 F Beach Sprint Charlotte McDermott 1st U9 F Beach Relay 1st U10 M Board Relay Lachy Cameron, Archie Jackson & Ryan Thomas 1st U10 F Surf Andie Kearns 1st U13 M Board Oscar Blaikie 1st U14 M Beach Sprint Josh Tyrrell 1st U14 M Beach Relay Josh Tyrrell, Will de Vries, Tom Partington, & Liam Gorman 1st U13 F Flags Bailee Radford 2nd U9 F Board Relay 2nd U10 F Board Emily Hicks 2nd U10 F Board Relay Freshwater A - Lauren Bourgeois, Kianna Dettman & Emily Hicks 2nd U11 F Board Relay Claudia Wolff, Sophie Walsh, Saphire Marcer 2nd U13 F Beach Sprint Sophie Wickham 3rd U8 F Wade Relay Freya Weston, Ella Marks, Isla Hendy & James Stevens 3rd U9 F Board Mischa Morrell 3rd U10 M Board Lachlan Cameron 3rd U11 F Board Rescue Sophie Walsh & Claudia Wolff 3rd U13 M Surf Thomas Casey 3rd U13 Iron Man Thomas Casey 3rd U13 F Board Relay Bailee Radford, Sophie Wickham, Jamie- Lee Dreyer 3rd U14 Iron Woman Andrea Malm 3rd U14 F Board Rescue Gemma Wickham & Andrea Malm 3rd All Age Board Relay Nick Walsh, Lachlan Cameron, Jesse Blaikie, Monique Curulli, Oscar Blaikie & Christopher Curulli 4th U8 M Beach Sprint Kalan Uranard 4th U8 F Beach Relay 4th U9 M Board Relay Nick Walsh, Nick Clancy & Blake Long 4th U9 F Beach Sprint Elinor Trevelyan-Jones 4th U9 F Board Holly Wickham 4th U11 M Board Jesse Blaikie 4th U11 M Board Relay Bailey Miller, Jesse Blaikie & Maxwell Grayling 4th U12 M Surf Josh Kite 4th U13 M Board Relay Oscar Blaikie, Thomas Casey & Isaac Morrell 4th U13 F Surf Tilly Kearns 4th U14 M Beach Sprint Will de Vries 4th U14 F Surf Andrea Malm 5th U9 F Beach Sprint Tasmin Pattison 5th U10 M Beach Sprint Gabriel Godor 5th U11 M Board Relay Alex Jacobs, Myles Davidson & Liam Wiseman 5th U11 F Surf Sophie Walsh 5th U11 Iron Woman Sophie Walsh 5th U11 F Board Saphire Marcer 5th U12 Iron Man Josh Kite 5th U12 M Board Rescue Josh Kite & Toby Dreyer 5th U13 F Beach Sprint Bailee Radford 5th U14 F Board Relay Andrea Malm, Gemma Wickham & Jessica Douglas 6th U9 M Board Blake Lung 6th U9 M Beach Sprint Billy O'Brien 6th U9 M Beach Relay 6th U10 F Board Lauren Bourgeois 6th U10 F Board Relay Freshwater B - Mily Blande, Molly Prendegast & Caohime Daly 6th U10 F Beach Relay Olivia Cameron, Emily Hicks, Elyse Weston & Claudia Valetta 6th U11 M Surf Joel Renshaw 6th U12 M Board Leon Rebecchi 6th U12 M Board Relay Alec McMicking, Jamie Dunn, Dominic Edgell 6th U12 F Board Rescue Monique Curulli & Stephanie Tyson 6th U13 F Board Rescue Sophie Wickham & Bailee Radford 6th U13 F Flags Sophie Wickham 6th U14 M Board Relay Christopher Curulli, Zac Werakso & Josh Tyrrell 6th U14 M Flags Josh Tyrrell 23/11/2013 Freshwater Masters 1st 30-39yrs M Ski Nigel Hoschke 1st 55-59yrs M Ski Stephen Bennett 1st 110yrs M Ski Relay Nogel Hoschke, Scott Carpenter & Tod Rowbotham 1st 150yrs M Ski Relay Michael Kirkby, Simon Phin & Stephen Bennett 1st 110yrs M Board Relay Simon Phin, Michael Kirkby & Kurt Hanson 1st 220yrs M Boat 1st March Past 2nd 50-59yrs F Surf Alex Creer 2nd 110yrs M Taplin Kurt Hanson, Tod Rowbotham & Kevin Crow 2nd 150yrs F Taplin Shanny Gamble, Linda Wiadrowski & Caron Jander 2nd 40-49yrs M Ski Tod Rowbotham 2nd 50-54yrs M Ski Michael Kirkby 2nd 55-59yrs M Ski Steve Davis 2nd 170yrs M Ski Relay Steve Davis, Phil Fagan & Kevin Crow 2nd 150yrs F Board relay Linda Wiadrowski, Jo Kirkby & Caron Jander 73

74 Competition Results 3rd 50-59yrs F Surf Linda Wiadrowski 3rd 150yrs F Surf Teams Linda Wiadrowski, Jo Kirkby & Caron Jander 3rd 130yrs M Taplin John Boakes, Steve Davis & Nigel Hoschke 3rd 40-49yrs M Ski Scott Carpenter 3rd 40-44yrs M Bch Flags Peter Block 3rd 45-49yrs M Bch Flags Ian Cradock 3rd 55-59yrs M Bch Flags Bill Meaney 4th 130yrs M Surf Teams Kurt Hanson, Alan Burns & John Boakes 4th 130yrs M Taplin Simon Phin, Scott Carpenter & Phil Fagan 5th 130yrs M Surf Teams Peter Block, Simon Phin & Kevin Crow 5th 40-49yrs F Surf Jo Kirkby 5th 50-59yrs F Surf Shanny Gamble 5th 130yrs M Board Relay Tod Rowbotham, Steve Davis & Peter Block 6th 60yrs + M Surf Geoff Lowe 6th 200yrs M Beach Relay John Boakes, Steve Davis, Ian Cradock & Phil Fagan 24/11/2013 Freshwater Bennett Iron Man & Board Challenge 2nd U9 F Board Mischa Morrell 2nd U10 M Board Lachlan Cameron 2nd U10 F Board Emily Hicks 2nd U11 M Board Oscar Blaikie 6th U11 M Board Jesse Blaikie 30/11/2013 SNB Boat Series Warriewood 4th Reserve Boat Fesse Moi 30/11/2013 Ocean Ski Series Queenscliff Challenge 1st Open M Tim Jacobs 1st Open Spec Ski Ben Kirkby 1st 50+ M Ski Michael Kirkby 15th M M Scott Carpenter 1/12/2013 Queenscliff Junior Carnival 1st U9 F Board Mischa Morrell 1st U9 F Beach Relay 1st U10 F Surf Teams 1st U11 F Surf Teams Claudia Wolff, Alex Lefevre, Sophie Walsh & Saphire Marcer 1st U12 F Surf Teams 1st U13 F Beach Relay 2nd U8 F Beach Flags Bridget Ashton 2nd U9 F Beach Sprint Stefanie Fejes 2nd U10 M Surf Teams 2nd U10 F Board Relay Lauren Bourgeios, Emily Hicks & Kianna Dettman 2nd U13 F Beach Sprint Helena de Gruchy 2nd U13 F Beach Flags Bailee Radford 2nd U14 M Beach Relay 3rd U9 F Board Relay Mischa Morrell, Samantha Lever & Tasma Patterson 3rd U9 F Beach Sprint Charlotte McDermid 3rd U9 F Beach Flags Mischa Morrell 3rd U10 M Surf Teams Lachlan Cameron 3rd U11 M Surf Teams Jesse Blaikie, Laim Wiseman, James Stark & Alex Jacobs 3rd U11 F Board Rescue Sophie Walsh & Wolff 3rd U14 M Beach Sprint Josh Tyrrell 4th U8 F Wade Relay Bridget Ashton, Rachel Bourgeois, Imogen Grey & Isla Hendry 4th U9 M Board Relay Nick Walsh, Blake Long & Nick Clancy 4th U10 M Board Ryan Thomas 4th U10 M Board Relay Ryan Thomas, Lachlan Cameron & Archie Jackson 4th U11 M Board Relay Bailey Miller, Jesse Blaikie & Liam Wiseman 4th U11 F Board Rescue Saphire Marcer & Alex Lefevre 4th U12 M Board Rescue Leon Rebecchi & Dreyer 4th U13 M Surf Teams 4th U13 M Board Relay Oscar Blaikie, Hugh Cameron & Isaac Morrell 4th U13 M Brace Relay Oscar Blaikie & Isaac Morrell 4th U14 M Surf Teams 5th U11 F Board Relay Claudia Wolff, Sophie Marcer & Alex Lefevre 5th U13 F Beach Sprint Bailee Radford 5th U13 F Beach Flags Helena de Gruchy 74 5th U14 F Board Relay 5th All Age Beach Relay Zac Toole, 6th U9 M Beach Relay Billy O'Brien, Finlay Miller, Blake Long & Archie Parker 6th U9 F Beach Flags Charlotte McDermid 6th U10 M Beach Relay 6th U10 F Surf Andie Kearns 6th U11 F Beach Flags Kiara Henry 6th U12 M Board Relay 6th U12 M Beach Flags Kieran Gorman 6th U13 M Board Oscar Blaikie 6th U13 F Board Relay 6th U14 M Board relay 6th U14 M Board Rescue Tom Partington & Josh Tyrrell 6th U14 M Beach Sprint Will De Vries 6th U14 F Board Rescue Andrea Malm & Kearns 14/12/2013 Ocean Ski Series 20 Beaches 2nd 40+ Spec Ski Michael Kirkby 3rd Open Spec Ski Ben Kirkby 4th Open Spec Ski Nigel Hoschke 4th Open M Tim Jacobs 6th 40+ Spec Ski James Coates 10th 40+ Spec Ski Stephen Bennett 42nd M Ski Scott Carpenter 21/12/2013 North Cronulla 1st Open 5 Mens R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open 6 R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Clare Freakley & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open Mixed R&R Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madi Taylor 1st Jnr 2 person R&R Ailie Donald & Chloe Tyrrell 2nd U17 R&R Tahlia Dearden, Bec Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 3rd U15 R&R Ethan Cradock, Jordan Dobson, Nick Doyle, Patrick Kiely & Josh Tyrrell 3rd Open Women's R&R Naomi Donohue, Jane Freakley, Clare Freakley, Lysa Kiely,& Libby Murphy 5th Open Women's R&R Kelly Dobrow, Sharon Johnson, Alessia Roesner, Sarah White & Cheryl White 11/01/2014 Wanda 1st Open 6 R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Jemma McKee & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open 5 Mens R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open Mixed R&R Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madi Taylor 1st Jnr 2 person R&R Ailie Donald & Chloe Tyrrell 2nd U17 R&R Tahlia Dearden, Bec Kiely, Bronte Munro, 2nd U15 R&R Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano, Jordan Dobson, Nick Doyle & Patrick Kiely 4th Open Women's R&R Jane Freakley, Clare Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy 5th Open Women's R&R Kelly Dobrow, Sharon Johnson, Madi Taylor, Sarah White & Cheryl White 12/01/2014 Narrabeen Junior Carnival 1st U10 F Surf Teams Andie Kearns, Emily Hicks, Elyse Weston & Lauren Bourgeois 1st U10 F Board Relay Emily Hicks, Georgia Grey & Lauren Bourgeois 1st U13 F Sprint Sophie Wickham 1st U13 F Flags Bailee Radford 1st U14 M Sprint Josh Tyrrell 1st U14 M Flags Josh Tyrrell 2nd U8 F Beach Relay 2nd U9 F Surf Teams 2nd U9 F Board Relay Tasma Patterson, Holly Wickham & Mischa Morrell 2nd U9 F Sprint Charlotte McDermici 2nd U9 F Beach Relay 2nd U10 F Surf Andie Kearns 2nd U10 F Board Lauren Bourgeois 2nd U11 M Surf Teams James Stark, Joel Renshaw, Liam Wiseman & Jesse Blaikie 2nd U11 M Board Relay Bailey Miller, Liam Wiseman & Jesse Blaikie

75 Competition Results 2nd U11 F Surf Teams 2nd U11 F Board Relay 2nd U12 M Surf 2nd U12 M Surf Teams 2nd U13 M Surf Teams 2nd U13 F Sprint 2nd U13 F Beach Relay Sophie Walsh, Claudia Wolff, Alex Lefevre & Saphire Marcer Alex Le Fevre, Claudia Wolff & Saphire Marcer Joshua Kite Oscar Blaikie, High Cameron, Jack Clancy & Isaac Morrell Helena De Gruchy Helena De Gruchy, Bailee Radford, Sophie Wickham & Taya Jade Helena De Gruchy 2nd U13 F Flags 2nd U14 M Surf Teams 3rd U8 M Wade Relay 3rd U8 F Wade Relay 3rd U9 M Surf Teams 3rd U10 M Beach Relay Lachlan Cameron, Gabriel Godoy, Liam Toole & Joe Yoshida 3rd U10 F Board Emily Hicks 3rd U10 F Beach Relay Milly Bland, Georgia Grey, Emily Hicks & Claudia Valetta 3rd U11 M Surf James Stark 3rd U11 Iron Woman Sophie Walsh 3rd U13 M Board Relay Oscar Blaikie, Alex Di Sano & Isaac Morrell 3rd U14 M Beach Relay 3rd U14 F Board Relay Andrea Malm, Madison Long & Jessica Douglas 3rd All Age Board Relay 4th U9 M Board Nick Walsh 4th U9 M Board Relay Nick Clany, Blake Long & Nick Walsh 4th U10 M Board relay Lachlan Cameron, Ryan Thomas & Gabriel Godoy 4th U10 F Surf Emily Hicks 4th U10 F Sprint Claudia Valleta 4th U11 Brace Relay Saphire Marcer & James Stark 4th U11 F Surf Sophie Walsh 4th U11 Iron Woman Alex Le Fevre 4th U12 M Surf teams 4th U12 Iron Man Joshue Kite 4th U11 Brace Relay Joshua Kite & Toby Dreyer 4th U13 F Surf Tilly Kearns 4th U13 F Board Relay 4th U13 F Sprint Bailee Radford 4th U14 F Surf Teams 4th U14 F Beach Relay 5th U9 F Board Tasma Patterson 5th U9 F Flags Charlotte McDermici 5th U10 F Board Georgia Grey 5th U11 Brace Relay Sophie Walsh & Bailey Miller 5th U11 Iron Woman Claudia Wolff 5th U13 Brace Relay Oscar Blaikie & Tilly Kearns 5th U14 M Board Relay 5th U14 Brace Relay Andrea Malm & Zac Werakso 5th U14 Iron Woman Andrea Malm 6th U8 M Beach Relay 6th U8 F Sprint Imogen Grey 6th U9 F Board Holly Wickham 6th U9 F Sprint Tasma Patterson 6th U10 M Surf teams Lachlan Cameron, Sam Carnell, Ryan Thomas & Liam Toole 6th U14 F Sprint Grace Arnold 6th All Age Beach Relay 18/01/2014 Queenscliff 1st Open M Surf Kurt Hanson 1st Over 30 Surf Kurt Hanson 1st Open Board Tim Kirkby 1st U14/15 M Sprint Josh Tyrrell 1st U13 M Taplin Isaac Morrell & Oscar Blaikie 1st U13 M Board Relay Isaac Morrell, Oscar Blaikie & Alex Di Sano 1st U13 F Sprint Sophie Wickham 1st Open 6 person R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne Freakley, Jemma McKee & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open Women's 5 R&R White - Kelly Dobrow, Clare Freakley, Madi Taylor, Cheryl White & Sarah White 1st Open Men's 5 R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne Freakley & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open Mixed R&R Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madi Taylor 1st U17 R&R Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 1st U15 R&R Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano, Jordan Dobson, Nick Doyle & Patrick Kiely 1st U14 R&R Joseph Bruwell, Ailie Donald, Jack Hurrell, Grace Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell 1st 2 person Jnr R&R All stars - Ailie Donald & Chloe Tyrrell 2nd Open Women's 5 R&R FINS - Naomi Donohue, Jane Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy 2nd U17 R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Rebecca Kiely, Bronte Munroe, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 2nd U13 M Taplin 2nd U17 F Beach Relay Jack Clancy & Alex Di Sano Victoria Morabito, Sophie Wickham, Andrea Malm & Gemma Wickham 3rd U14/15 M Taplin Josh Tyrrell, Ben Blakeney, Lachie Vella 3rd U15 M Board Relay Jordan Dobson, Josh Downman & Hugo Weston 3rd U14/15 Swim Isabella Wolff 3rd U13 M Board Oscar Blaikie 4th Open M Board Relay Grant Coates, Kurt Hanson & Tim Kirkby 4th U13 Iron Man Oscar Blaikie 4th U13 M Board Isaac Morrell 5th Open M Double Ski Tim Kirkby & Ben Kirkby 5th Open M Ski Relay Ben Kirkby, Jono Chalmers & Nigel Hoschke 5th U15 M Board Ben Blakeney 5th U14/15 Flags Josh Tyrrell 5th U13 M Surf Jack Clancy 5th U13 Iron Man Alex Di Sano 5th U13 M Board Alex Di Sano 6th U14/15 Iron Man Ben Blakeney 6th U14 M Board Zac Werakso 6th U15 M Board Lachie Vella 6th U14/15 F Taplin Victoria Morabito, Isabella Wolff & Gabriel Rebecchi 6th U13 M Surf Alex Di Sano 6th U13 Iron Man Jack Clancy 6th March Past 19/01/2014 National Nippers Manly 1st U13 F Sprint Helena De Gruchy 2nd U13 M Board Relay Oscar Blaikie, Alex Di Sano & Isaac Morell 3rd U13 M Surf Thomas Casey 3rd U11 F Board Relay Alex Lefevre, Saphire Marcer & Claudia Wolff 3rd U13 F Beach Relay 4th U12 M Surf Joshua Kite 4th U11 M Brace Relay Toby Dreyer & Joshua Kite 4th U14 M Sprint Josh Tyrrell 4th All Age M Board Relay Oscar Blaikie, Toby Dreyer, Blaikie & Zac Werakso 5th U13 F Flags Bailee Radford 6th U11 M Flags Marcus Wall 6th U13 M Board Oscar Blaikie 6th U14 M Board Relay 6th U14 M Brace Relay 6th U14 Iron Woman Andrea Malm 6th All Age F Board Relay 25/01/2014 Manly 1st Open M Double Ski Jono Chalmers & Nigel Hoschke 1st Open Men's R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne Freakley, & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open Mixed 5 R&R Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madi Taylor 1st 2Jnr 2 person R&R Allstars - Grace Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell 2nd Open 6 person R&R Maroons - Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne Freakley, Jemma McKee & Chris Tyrrell 2nd Open F R&R FINS - Naomi Donohue, Jane Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy 2nd U19 R&R Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam 2nd U17 R&R Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 3rd U17 First Aid Julia Baker & Isobel Barry 4th Open M Board Tim Kirkby 75

76 Competition Results 4th U17 R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Rebecca Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 4th March Past 5th Open M Double Ski Ben Kirkby & Tim Kirkby 5th U19 F Ski Deandra Godoy 5th Open 6 person R&R FINS - Kelly Dobrow, Naomi Donohue, Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Sharon Johnson & Lysa Kiely 6th Open F Ski Deandra Godoy 26/01/2014 Freshwater 1st Open 6 person R&R Maroons - Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne Freakley, Jemma McKee & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open Womens R&R FINS - Naomi Donohue, Jane Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy 1st Open Men's R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne Freakley, & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open Mixed 5 R&R Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madi Taylor 1st U19 R&R Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 1st Jnr 2 person R&R Allstars - Grace Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell 2nd U14 M Flags Tom Partington 2nd U14 F Flags 2nd U17 R&R Bailee Radford Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 3rd U14 M Sprint Josh Tyrrell 3rd U14 M Flags Josh Tyrrell 3rd U14 F Spring Bailee Radford 3rd U17 R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Rebecca Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 4th Open 6 person R&R FINS - Kelly Dobrow, Naomi Donohue, Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Sharon Johnson & Lysa Kiely 4th Open F R&R Whites - Kelly Dobrow, Sharon Johnson, Alessia Roesner, Cheryl White & Sarah White 4th U19 R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Rebecca Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 5th U14 M Sprint Tom Partington 5th Jnr 2 person R&R Joseph Bruwel & Jack Hurrell 5th March Past 6th U14 M Sprint Chris Curulli 6th U15 R&R Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano, Jordan Dobson, Nick Doyle & Pat Kiely 27/01/2014 Freshwater Boat Carnival 6th U19 Boat Clunkers - Hudson Whealing, Bill Channels-Bentley, Oliver Horlyck, Jordan Macleod & Rod Davis(s) 2/02/2014 East Coast Masters Collaroy 1st 220yr Boat Andrew Murphy, Greg Windsham, Brian Baker, Eric Middledorp, Bill Meaney & Mark Rickard (s) 1st 50-54yr Iron Man Michael Kirkby 1st 50-54yr M Ski Michael Kirkby 2nd 45-49yr F Board Jo Kirkby 2nd 55-59yr M Double Ski Stephen Bennett & Phil Fagan 2nd 130yr M Ski Relay Michael Kirkby, Scott Carpenter & Peter 2nd 170yr M Ski Relay Collins Stephen Bennett, Kevin Crow & Phil Fagan 3rd 45-49yr F Surf Jo Kirkby 3rd 50-54yr M Board Michael Kirkby 3rd 55-59yr M Ski Stephen Bennett 4th 55-59yr M Flags Bill Meaney 4th March Past 5th 40-44yr M Surf Simon Phin 5th 40-44yr M Board Simon Phin 6th 40-44yr M Ski Simon Phin 8/02/2014 Branch Masters Championship Collaroy 1st 50-54yr M Surf John de Mestre 76 1st 40yr+ Champ Lifesaver John Boakes 1st 50-54yr F Surf Alex Creer 1st 55-59yr F Surf Marina Bate 1st 130yr M Ski Relay Simon Phin, Michael Kirkby & Scott Carpenter 1st 55-59yr M Double Ski Stephen Bennett & Phil Fagan 1st 50-54yr M Board Michael Kirkby 1st 50-54yr M Bd Rescue Michael Kirkby & John de Mestre 1st 50-54yr F Bd Rescue Linda Wiadrowski & Alex Creer 1st 50-54yr F Tube Race Linda Wiadrowski 2nd 50-54yr F Surf Linda Wiadrowski 2nd 150yrs F Surf Teams Jo Kirkby, Marina Bate & Alex Creer 2nd 50-54yr Iron man Michael Kirkby 2nd 150yr M Taplin Michael Kirkby, John de Mestre & Stephen Bennett 2nd 150yr F Taplin Linda Wiadrowski, Caron Jander & Alex Creer 2nd 40-44yr M Ski Simon Phin 2nd 50-54yr M Ski Michael Kirkby 2nd 55-59yr M Ski Stephen Bennett 2nd 170yr M Ski Relay Stephen Bennett, Kevin Crow & Phil Fagan 2nd 40-44yr M Double Ski Simon Phin & Scott Carpenter 2nd 50-54yr F Board Linda Wiadrowski 2nd 150yr F Board Relay Jo Kirkby, Caron Jander & Linda Wiadrowski 2nd 55-59yr F Tube Race Marina Bate 3rd 110yrs M Surf Team Simon Phin, John de Mestre & Peter Block 3rd 40-44yr Iron man Simon Phin 3rd 110yr M Taplin Simon Phin, Scott Carpenter & Peter Block 3rd 50-54yr F Board Alex Creer 3rd 55-59yr F Board Marina Bate 6th 45-49yr F Board Caron Jander 9/02/2014 Branch Junior Championships Collaroy 1st U9 F Beach Relay Stefanie Fejes, Charlotte McDermid, Tasma Patterson & Elinor Trevelyan-Jones 1st U10 M Beach Relay Liam Toole, James Smith, William Smith & Gabriel Godoy 1st U10 F Surf Teams Andie Kearns, Molly Prendergast, Emily Hicks & Rosie Miller 1st U12 M Surf Teams Josh Kite, Leon Rebecchi, Toby Dreyer & Alex Wall 1st U13 F Flags Bailee Radford 1st U14 M Beach Relay 1st U14 M Flags Josh Tyrrell 2nd U9 F Surf Charoltte McDermid 2nd U9 F Surf Teams Charlotte McDermid, Samantha Lever, Hayley Griffin & Zoe Bick 2nd U10 M Board Relay Ryan Thomas, Ben Melhuish & Lachlan Cameron 2nd U10 F Board Relay Georgia Grey, Emily Hicks & Lauren Bourgeois 2nd U11 F Surf Sophie Walsh 2nd U11 F Surf Teams Alex Lefevre, Saphire Marcer, Sophie Walsh & Claudia Wolff 2nd U12 M Surf Joshue Kite 2nd U12 M Cameron Relay Kieran Gorman, Joshua Kite, Toby Dreyer & Joseph Bruwel 2nd U13 M Board Oscar Blaikie 2nd U13 F Sprint Sophie Wickham 2nd U14 M Sprint Josh Tyrrell 3rd U9 M Board Relay Nick Clancy, Blake Long & Nick Walsh 3rd U9 F Sprint Stefanie Fejes 3rd U9 F Flags Charlotte McDermid 3rd U10 M Surf Teams Lachlan Cameron, Ryan Thomas, Ben Melhuish & Archie Jackson 3rd U10 F Board Lauren Bourgeois 3rd U11 F Board Rescue Claudia Wolff & Sophie Walsh 3rd U12 M Board Rescue Joshue Kite & Toby Dreyer 3rd U13 M Surf Teams Freshwater A - Tom Casey, Isaac Morrell, Jack Clancy & Hugh Cameron 3rd U13 M Board Relay Freshwater A - Oscar Blaikie, Alex Di Sano & Isaac Morrell 3rd U13 F Surf Teams Tilly Kearns, Jacqueline Stark, Jaime-Lee Dreyer & Bailee Radford 3rd U13 M Sprint Will Devries 4th U8 F Beach Relay Imogen Grey, Isla Hendry, Ella Marks & Macy Barham

77 Competition Results 4th U9 F Sprint Charlotte McDermid 4th U10 M Board Ryan Thomas 4th U10 F Surf Andie Kearns 4th U11 M Board Jessie Blaikie 4th U11 M Board Relay Freshwater A - Max Grayling, Bailey Miller & Jesse Blaikey 4th U11 Iron Woman Alex Lefevre 4th U11 F Board Relay Lefevre, Saphire Marcer & Claudia Wolff 4th U12 M Surf Leon Rebecchi 4th U12 M Board Relay Josh Kite, Leon Rebecchi & Toby Dreyer 4th U13 M Surf Thomas Casey 4th U13 M Board Rescue Isaac Morell & Oscar Blaikie 4th U13 F Surf Tilly Kearns 4th U13 F Beach Relay Bailee Radford, Sophie Wickham, Charley Gallant & Hunter Kelleher 4th U14 M Surf Teams 4th U14 F Surf Andrea Malm 5th U10 M Board Ben Melhuish 5th U10 F Beach Relay Claudia Valetta, Abby Edgell, Milly Bland & Andie Kearns 5th U11 M Surf Teams Jensen McLean, Jesse Blaikie, Alex Jacobs & Liam Wiseman 5th U11 M Board Rescue Liam Wiseman & Maxwell Grayling 5th U11 F Board Alex Lefevre 5th U11 F Board Rescue Alex Lefevre & Saphire Marcer 5th U12 Iron Man Joshue Kite 5th U12 F Board Rescue Monique Curulli & Stephanie Tyson 5th U13 Iron Man Thomas Casey 5th U13 M Cameron Relay Freshwater B - Tilly Kearns, Isaac Morrell, Jacqueline Stark & Taya-Jade Radford 5th U13 M Surf Teams Freshwater B - Oscar Blaikie, Alex Di Sano, James Trevelyan-Jones & Gus Partington 5th U13 M Board Relay Freshwater B - Hugh Cameron, Jack Clancy and Tom Casey 5th U13 F Board Bailee Radford 5th U14 Iron Woman Andrea Malm 6th U8 F Wade Imogen Grey 6th U8 F Wade Relay Imogen Grey, Ella Marks, Emma Dunn & Sacha Gibbons 6th U10 F Sprint Claudia Valletta 6th U11 Cameron Relay Bailey Miller, Alex Lefevre, Claudia Wolff & Sophie Walsh 6th U11 M Board Relay Freshwater B - Liam Wiseman, James Stark & Alex Jacobs 6th U11 M Beach Relay Marcus Wall, Jasper Zanon, Bailey Miller & Max Grayling 6th U11 Iron Woman Sophie Walsh 6th U13 M Cameron Relay Freshwater A - Tom Casey, Oscar Blaikie, Gus Partington & James Trevelyan-Jones 6th U14 M Board Relay 6th U14 M Board Rescue Tom Partington & Zac Werakso 6th U14 Iron Woman Jess Douglas 6th U14 F Board relay 8, 15& 16/2/2014 Open Branch Collaroy 1st Open F Champ Lifesaver Clare Freakley 1st U17 Patrol Competition Lucas Phillips, Alex Malm, Julia Baker & Sam Hurrell 1st U15 F Champ Lifesaver Andrea Malm 1st Open Mens R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open Women's R&R Naomi Donohue, Jane Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy 1st U19 R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Bec Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 2nd Open 6 person R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Jemma McKee & Chris Tyrrell 2nd Open Mixed R&R Maroons - Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madi Taylor 2nd U17 R&R Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 2nd U15 R&R Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano, Jordan Dobson, Nick Doyle & Pat Kiely 2nd Open M Board Rescue Kurt Hanson & Tim Kirkby 2nd U17 First Aid Julia Baker & Isobel Barry 2nd U15 M Surf team 2nd U15 M Champ Lifesaver Jonathon Curulli 2nd U15 Iron Woman Isabella Wolff 3rd Open 6 person R&R Naomi Donohue, Kelly Dobrow, Jane Freakley, Clare Freakley, Sharon Johnson & Lysa Kiely 3rd Open Mixed R&R Whites - Julia Baker, Bec Kiely, Alex Malm, Madie Partington & Lucas Phillips 3rd U19 R&R Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 3rd U17 R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Bec Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 3rd Open M Ski Jono Chalmers 3rd Over 24 Surf Kurt Hanson 3rd Open M Double Ski Jono Chalmers & Nigel Hoschke 3rd U19 M Shortboard Matthew Vella 3rd U17 M Champ Lifewaver Alex Malm 3rd U15 M Cameron Relay Freshwater A - Pat Kiely, Tristan Godoy & Joshua Downman 3rd U15 F Surf Isabella Wolff 3rd U15 F Surf Teams 3rd U15 F Cameron Relay Isabella Wolff, Andrea Malm, Gabrielle Rebecchi & Chloe Douglas 3rd U15 F Board Relay Andrea Malm, Isabella Wolff & Chloe Douglas 3rd U15 F Tube Andrea Malm 4th Open Mixed R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Bronte Munro, & Caitlin Werakso 4th March Past 4th Lifesaver Relay 4th Open M Surf Kurt Hanson 4th Open M Taplin Jon Chalmers, Ben Kirkby, Matt Lemon, Grant Coates, Tim Kirkby & Kurt Hanson 4th Open M Board Relay Tim Kirkby, Grant Coates & Kurt Hanson 4th U15 M Cameron Relay Nick Doyle, Jordan Dobson & Zac Werakso 4th U15 M Board Rescue Jordan Dobson & Zac Werakso 4th U15 F Board Isabella Wolff 4th U15 F Board Rescue Isabella Wolff & Gabrielle Rebecchi 5th Open M Double Ski Isabella Wolff 5th Open M Board Rescue Grant Coates & Matt Lemon 5th U17 M Taplin Alex Malm, Sam Jones & Connor Bennett 5th U15 M Board Tristan Godoy 5th U15 M Board Relay Freshwater A - Jordan Dobson, Joshua Downman & Tristan Godoy 5th U15 First Aid Emma Schooley & Emma Smith 5th U15 F Board Rescue Chloe Douglas & Andrea Malm 6th Open M Board Matt Lemon 6th Open M Ski Nigel Hoschke 6th Open M Ski Relay Jono Chalmers, Tim Kirkby & Ben Kirkby 6th U17 M Board Relay Alex Malm, Sam Jones & Connor Bennett 6th U17 M Ski Alex Malm 6th U17 First Aid Tahlia Dearden & Ebony Passarinho 6th U15 M Board Relay Freshwater B - Nick Doyle, Pat Kiely & Zac Werakso 28/2 & 1-2/3/2014 State Age Championships Ocean Beach-Umina 2nd U9 F Sprint Charlotte McDermid 2nd U10 M Board Relay Lachlan Cameron, Benjamin Melhuish & Toby Patterson 3rd Jnr 2 person R&R Grace Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell 3rd U13 F Sprint Helena de Gruchy 4th U9 F Sprint Stefanie Fejes 4th U11 F Board Rescue Sophie Walsh & Claudia Wolff 6th U9 F Beach Relay Stefanie Fejes, Charlotte McDermid, Tasman Patterson & Elinor Trevelyan-Jones 6th U10 F Surf Team Emily Hicks, Andi Kearns, Rosetta Miller & Molly Pendergast 6th U10 F Board Emily Hicks 6th U11 F Board Rescue Alex Lefevre & Saphire Marcer 6th U13 F Sprint Sophie Wickham 6th U14 M Beach Relay William de Vries, Thomas Partington, Josh Tyrrell & Zac Werakso 22, 23/2 & 1/7-9/3/2014 State Open Championships Ocean Beach- Umina 1st U17 Patrol Competition Julia Baker, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 1st U15 M Champ Lifesaver Jonathon Curulli 1st Open 6 Person R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Jemma McKee & Chris Tyrrell 1st Open Men's 5 R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley & Chris Tyrrell 77

78 C omp etition R esu lts 1st Open Mixed 5 R&R Maroons - Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madi Taylor 2nd U17 First Aid 2nd U17 R&R Julia Baker & Isobel Barry ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Bec Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 2nd Open F Champ Lifesaver Clare Freakley 2nd Open Women's 5 R&R Naomi Donohue, Jane Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy 2nd Open Belt Kurt Hanson 2nd U19 F Ski Deandra Godoy 3rd U17 Patrol Competition Isobel Barry, Tahlia Dearden, Liam Goehring & Ebony Passarinho 3rd U15 F Champ Lifesaver Andrea Malm 3rd U15 First Aid Emma Schooley & Emma Smith 3rd U17 R&R Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 3rd Over 24yr Surf Kurt Hanson 3rd U19 R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Bec Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 3rd March Past Judy Bennett, Kelly Dobrow, Belinda Dobson, Jordan Dobson, Jo Kirkby, Paul Morrison, Kath Obern, Peter Obern, Ross Parry, Ken Rickard, Sue Walmsley & Richard Ware 4th Open M Champ Lifesaver Tom Duffy 4th U17 First Aid Tahlia Dearden & Ebony Passarinho 5th Open 6 person R&R Naomi Donohue, Kelly Dobson, Jane Freakley, Clare Freakley, Sharon Johnson & Lysa Kiely 5th U17 M Champ Lifesaver Alex Malm 5th U15 M Champ Lifesaver Bennett Frerck 5th Open Mixed R&R ATARS - Julia Baker, Bec Kiely, Alex Malm, Madie Partington & Lucas Phillips 6th U19 R&R Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 6th Open Mixed Double Ski Deandra Godoy & Ben Kirkby 6th Surf Boat Relay Bill Channells-Bentley, Blake Cradock, Rod Davis, Michael Domjen, Tom Gillespie, Marnie Gordon, Oliver Horlyck, Calyn Parkinson, Mark Rickard, Kylie Ryder, Rhys Treasure, Elayna Truszewski, Jessica Westover & Hudson Whealing 31/3-1/4/2014 Australian Masters Scarborough 1st 110yr M Board Relay Grant Coates, Matt Lemon & Michael Kirkby 1st 110yr M Surf Teams Kurt Hanson, Grant Coates & John de Mestre 1st 30-34yr M Board Grant Coates & Matt Lemon 1st 40-44yr M Board Matt Lemon 1st 30-34yr M Tube Kurt Hanson 2nd 60-64yr M Tube 2nd 110yr M Taplin Alan Burns Grant Coates, Kurt Hanson & John de Mestre 3rd 30-34yr M Board Kurt Hanson 3rd 30-34yr M Surf Kurt Hanson 3rd 50-54yr M Surf John de Mestre 3rd 150yr M Taplin Alan Burns, Matt Lemon & Michael Kirkby 6th 50-54yr M Board Michael Kirkby & John de Mestre 31/3-6/4/2014 Australian Championships Scarborough 1st Open Belt Kurt Hanson 2nd Open Men's 5 R&R Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Chris Tyrrell 2nd U17 R&R Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 3rd Open Mixed 5 R&R Maroons - Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madi Taylor 3rd U17 R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Rebecca Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 3rd U17 First Aid Julia Baker & Tahlia Dearden 4th Open F Champion Lifesaver Clare Freakley 4th Open Mixed 5 R&R White - Euan Donald, Jane Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 4th U19 R&R ATARS - Tahlia Dearden, Rebecca Kiely, Bronte Munro, Madie Partington & Caitlin Werakso 4th U15 M Champion Lifesaver Jonathon Curulli 5th Open 6 person R&R Maroons - Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Jemma McKee, Chris Tyrrell 5th U19 R&R Maroons - Julia Baker, Euan Donald, Sam Hurrell, Alex Malm & Lucas Phillips 5th U17 Patrol Competition Julia Baker, Tahlia Dearden, Sam Hurrell & Alex Malm 5th U15 First Aid Emma Schooley & Emma Smith 6th Open 6 person R&R Naomi Donohue, Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Sharon Johnson, Lysa Kiely & Libby Murphy 6th U19 Female Ski Deandra Godoy 78

79 Membership 2013/14 Life Members Armstrong, Jack Brennan, Raymond Davis, Lindsay Griffin OAM, Richard (Mick) Gunning, Robert (John) Lees, Donald Marsh, Kim Mills OAM, John OCallaghan, Brian Parry, Ross Richardson, Alan Roberts, David Rowlands, Peter Swan, John Torevell, David Ware, Richard Whelan, Thomas Windsor, Greg A. Honorary Blakeney, Karen Chalmers, Robert Jackson, Julia Malm, Shona Park, Dean Regan, Michael Wolff, Josephine Active Reserve Hewett, Elinor Schutt, Nicholas Thompson, Clive Von Appen, Mario Wethered, Jessica Long Service Anderson, Mark G Asser, Robert Baker, Brian Bate, Marina Bate, Michael Bennett, Stephen Briggs, John Bucknall, Kenneth Budd, Giselle Budd, Richard Bullen, Allan Burk, Michael Burns, Alan Carpenter, Scott Carroll, Graeme Chalmers, Ben Chalmers, Jonathon Chalmers, Luke Chapman, Richard Coates, Grant Coates, James Cradock, Ian Craig, John Creer, James Crow, Kevin Cumming, Robert Davis, Rodney Davis, Stephen de Mestre, John Delaney, Simon Delany, Julian Diakos, Connie Dobrow, Walter Donald, Ian Evans, Robert Farrell, Jonathan Fisk, Doug Ford, Timothy Forward, Bill Freakley, Jane Freakley, Wayne Gard, Jason Giblin, Fraser Graham, Donald Green, Warren Grose, Robert (Bob) Hanlon, Kim Hanson, Ian Hanson, Kurt Henderson, Donald Henderson, Kim Higgs, Mark Hill, Sigi Hoekstra, Ruth Hogan, Andrew Hogan, Robert Hoschke, Nigel Inches, William Jacobs, Tim Jones, Darren Jones, Maxwell Kirkby, Jo Kirkby, Michael Koskela, John Koumans, Deborah Lees, Douglas Lees, Henry D. Lees, Richard Lemon, Matthew Lethbridge, Brent Lowe, Geoffrey Mackinnon, Michael Maclean, Colin Maguire, David McConnell, Gina McEwen, Andrew McGarrity, Robert McGilvray, Sandy McKee, Jemma McNeill, Christopher McNeill, Clinton Meaney, Cathy Meaney, William (Bill) Middledorp, Eric Milinkovic, Paul Mills, John Morrison, Paul Mullins, George (Jnr) Murphy, Andrew Myers, Grant Needham, Gaven Newman, James Nunura, Marcial Obern, Peter Olofinsky, Craig Olofinsky, David Page, Geoffrey Paul, Ian Phin, Simon Plim, Gerard Priest, Kenneth Ramsay, Thomas Rickard, Janet Rickard, Jennifer Rickard, Kenneth Rickard, Mark Rickard, Michael Scully, Colin Slater, Gregg Spicer, Graeme Stewart, Neil Stormon, Paul Swain, John Swan, Gail Thompson, Stephen Thomson, Martin Tyrrell, Christopher Vanson, Luke Vaughan, William (Thomas) Wallace, Ian Walmsley, Susan Webster, Geoffrey Webster, George Wiadrowski, Linda Wiadrowski, Simon Williams, Kristian Wilson, William Windsham, Gregory Witts, Graham Woods, Carmel Woolley, Trevor Active (15-18yrs) Allen, Tim Baker, Julia Barry, Isobel Bethwaite, Alex Brandling, Charles Brown, Cameron Brown, Chris Bryan, William Burk, Mitchell Caruana, Lauren Codsi, Dominic Collins, Michael Conaghan, William Corcoran, Benjamin Cradock, Amy Darling, Isabella Davy, Ben Dobrow, Jake Drennan, Max Edmeads, Jessica English, Jeremy Ford, Benjamin Forster, Evie Gallagher, Hugh Gleeson, Zac Hancock, Sarah Hawdon, Siobhan Hayson, Max Hickey, Sarah Hills, Thomas Hurrell, Samuel Johnston, Samuel Jones, Samuel Lawless, Will Lawrence, Madison Le Gall, Maxime Linfield-Kent, Anna Loneragan, Ned Loneragan, Tom Macleod, Jordan Malm, Alex McCarthy, Josh Mildren, Will Mills, Taylor Morgan, Emma Munro, Bronte Murphy, Annabel Murphy, Daniel Murphy, Sean O`Connor, Jacob O`Shea, Connor O`Sullivan, Thomas Oliver, Matt Partington, Maddison Raper, Hugh Robinson, William Roesner, Alessia Ryan, Thomas Santopaolo, Olivia Schroeder, Rhys Small, Jordan Stirton, Christopher Stirton, Nicola Suthers, Ben Tibbertsma, Jesse Vella, Matthew Weber, Hugh Werakso, Caitlin Whealing, Hudson Wheatley, Grace White, Nicholas Williams, Tom Worner, Thomas Wright, Aiden Active (18yrs+) Adams, James Ager-Phin, Nicole Arney, Nicholas Assaf, Lana Bennett, Anthony Bennett, Catherine Bennett, Judith Besgrove, Ryan Bestic, Rebecca Bick, Christine Bick, Marcel Block, Peter Boakes, John Bradshaw, Millie Brandling, Louise Brenchley, Michal Brenchley, Robin Brink, Michael Brookes, Claudia BURDEN, Jordan Burgess, Claire Byrne, Roger Cameron, Helen Cameron, Matt Capel, Christophe Carraro, John (Joao) Casey, Andrew Cashman, Greg Chan, Alexius Channells-Bentley, Bill Chisholm, Andy Chudd-Chudzynski, Andrew Colgan, Michael Collins, Peter Cornay, Harrison Corner, Alexandra Courtney, Ainsley Cowley, Michael Cowley, Nicole Cowley, Scott Cradock, Blake Creer, Alex Crittenden, James Crittenden, Stephanie Crotty, Simon Crozier, Geoffrey Curley, Belinda Cuthbert, Mark D`Brass, Lucy Daley, Michael De Gruchy, Robert Debney, Emma DePaoli, Claire Devin, Sheona Di Sano, Sam Dimos, George Dobrow, Chris Dobrow, Kelly Dobson, Belinda Domjen, Michael Donohue, Naomi Dooney, Joshua Duffy, Thomas Dummett, Andrew Dunn, Nigel Dunn, Stephen Dyer, Blake Dyer, Kevin Edgell, Ian Edwards, Carina Egan, Justin Fagan, Phillip Farouqi, Laith Farrell, Edward Farrell, Thomas Fimmel, Robert Fontana, Alexander Ford, Ken Fraser, Simon Freakley, Clare Freakley, Jarrad Frerck, Barbara Gamble, Shanny Gardner, Gregory Gibbons, Craig Gilbert, Mark Gillespie, Tom Godoy, Deandra Goldrick, Hayden Goldrick, John Gordon, Marnie Gordon, Michael Gorringe, Louis Gralton, Daniel Gralton, Terry Greer, Matt Grey, Nathan Griffin, Leeke Griffin, Nathan Gunning, Marc Haeri, Parastoo Hanley, Ben Hardin, Dana Hartmann, Dierk Hawkins, Matthew Hawtin, Richard Hildyard, Ben Hill, Natalie Hills, Ian Hipsley, Christopher Hoekstra, Anna Honey, Mark Horlyck, Jonathan Horlyck, Oliver How, Bruce How, Josh Hurrell, David Jackson, James James, Adam Jander, Caron Jander, Michael Jarman, Luke John, Beatrice Johnson, Sharon Jones, Andrew Kelly, Amber Kelly, Janice Kiely, David Kiely, Lysa Kiely, Samuel Kirkby, Ben Kirkby, Tim Klette, Yvonne Knox, Guy Krajancic, Milio L`Green, Adam Laurin, Andreane Lee, Hamish Lee, Jeffrey Lefevre, Andrew Lemlin, Emily Lemlin, Paul Lentholm, Brendon Lind, Ashley Lindstrom Wallin, Jimmie Lisney, Ian Lo Schiavo, John Lowe, Katherine MacMahon, James Marcer, Beth Marcer, Jonathan Matousek, Christine Mattiussi, Paul Maynard-Davis, Tracey McArthur, Lachlan McGeever, Bryn McGill, Elizabeth McKenzie, Jonathan McNamara, Damian Melhuish, Julian Moriarty, Julia Munro, Kate Murphy, Elizabeth Murphy, Joseph Nesbitt, Anne Newell, Tanya Nolan, Brad Nolan, Jake Nye, Christopher Obern, Alex Obern, Claire Obern, Paul Obern, Sean Ormiston, Christopher Parker, David Parker, Jane Parkinson, Calyn Partington, Mike Pastega, Michael Pastega, Thorne Patterson, Lee Payne, Rebecca Phillips, Adam Phillips, Jacqueline Pilgrim, Adam Pilgrim, Kirsten Quail, Brendan Raymer, Michael Raymond, Philip Reeves, Craig Richmond, Donald Ridley, Amy Riley, Christopher Rourke, Philip Rowbotham, Tod Rowe, Deon Rozenbergs, Nick Ryder, Kylie Sandercock, Heath Scrymgour, Robert Seeto, Mark Serpa Gonzalez, Maxwell Simpson, Sheridan Slavin, Rob Small, David Smith, Nathan (J) Smith, Nathan (W) Smith, Steve Smith, William (Bill) Solms, Debbie Somers, Ben Stein, Zachary Stewart, Thomas Stirton, Alena Stirton, Lindsay Stoney, Kristina Sutherland, Christine Sutherland, John Taylor, Madison Thirion, Alice Thomas, Brooke Thomas, Nigel Thomas, Stephen Thompson, Samuel 79

80 Membership 2013/14 Tobin, Jordan Treasure, Rhys Truszewski, Elayna Vella, George Vella, Michelle Vickers, Sharyn Vilnis, Michael Wain, Simon Wall, Joshua Walmsley, Blake Walmsley, Greg Walmsley, Lachlan Walpole, Ben Walsh, Greg Warner, Jon Warren, Annette Westover, Jessica Whealing, Brian Whealing, Declan Wheatley, Jack Wheatley, Stephen Whitaker, Victoria White, Cheryl White, Sarah Wicks, Adrian Williams, Sharon Wilmott, Mathew Wilson, Naomi Wirth, Timothy Wolff, Peter Wright, Michael Wright, William Zipfinger, Nicholas Associate Bierer, Jeremy Casey, Scott Cowley, Kay Curulli, Ross Dennis, Paul Farouqi, Rebecca Griffiths, Chris Gumley, Graham Hollingsworth, Tim Horlyck, Karen Jacobs, Renee Juric, Robert Kiely, Merran Kiely, Neville Lang, Amanda Leslie, Allan Liu, Xiujuan Mace, Hylton Maclennan, Douglas McDonagh, Gregory Murray, Peter Nolan, Amanda Oliver, John Oliver, Walter Power, Robert Quilter, Leigh Waldon, Geoff Webster, Robin Werakso, Stan Williamson, James Award Members Colledge, Peter Cook, Anthony Cureton, Stuart Dorahy, Mary Hogan, Jessica Hooper, Aaron Obern, Kathleen Price, David Renshaw, Matthew Troy, Susan Cadet (13-15yrs) Arve, Jack Bennett, Connor Blakeney, Ben Bowden, Holly Breen, William Brown, Lachlan Burk, Kristen Burns, Rory Cahalan, Maddie Cradock, Ethan Curulli, Jonathan Dainton, Elliot Darling, William de Ambrosis, Matthew Dearden, Tahlia Deering, Logan Devitt, Henry Di Sano, Sebastian Dobrow, Nicholas Dobson, Jordan Donald, Euan Donnan, Clancy Douglas, Chloe Downman, Joshua Doyle, Nicholas Ford, Jaime Glackin, Harry Godoy, Tristan Goehring, Liam Greer, Lauren Hensley, Lachlan Holme, Tegan Jackson, Olivia James, Alexandra Jander, Natalie Jones, Emma Juergens, Ben Kiely, Patrick Kiely, Rebeca Kindler, Natalie Kindler, Russell Landels, Noah Lindsay, Edward (Ned) Long, James MacMahon, Tom Mainsbridge, Harry McCracken, Sean McKnight, Calum Mena, Alaina Mills, Lilly Munro, Brittany Murnaghan, Simon O`Brien, Nicholas O`Shea, Sean Opie, Tom Parker, Sam Passarinho, Ebony Penze, Felicity Phillips, Lucas Pidcock, Henry Pilu, Martino Prosser, Miles Quail, William Rebecchi, Gabrielle Reid, Jacob Rispoli, Sophia Roche, Hugh Schimpf, Ryan Schooley, Emma Schroeder, Brandon Segal, Chloe Segal, Zac Smith, Emma Sweeney, Sam Tennyson, Charles Tennyson, William Tracey, Joseph Vella, Lachlan Viljoen, Hannah Weston, Hugo Wilson, Madeleine Wolff, Isabella Probationary Cashman, Joseph Esterhuizen, Ockers Hurrell, James McDonald, Luc O`Sullivan, Davey Smith, Garry Tennyson, Thomas Warr, Peter Wood, Stephen Junior Activities Abbott, Finn About, Adrien Adams, Ryan Adams, Sarah Akashi, Mizuki Akhurst, Oliver Algar, William Allen-Paterson, Mitchell Andrews, Charlotte Andrews, Dylan Antico, Sienna Appleyard, Bronte Appleyard, Kiana Arata, Marco Arita, Hayato Arnold, Grace Ashby, Harry Ashby, James Ashley, James Ashley, Luke Ashton, Bridget Ashton, Sienna Astill, Jasper Atkinson, Sydney Aylward, Jack Aylward, Logan Balmer, Mia Bandiera-Dunn, Alix Bandiera-Dunn, Xavier Bandiera-Dunn, Zachary Banham, Sophie Banks, Tara Barham, Macy Barnes, Bradford Barnes, Ryan Bartolomei, Alessio Bartolomei, Cain Bartolomei, Giacomo Bastian, Denis Bastian, Monica Bazzard, Jack Bazzard, Morgan Beeton, Jack Beharrell, Lily Bell, Jakoby Bell, Phoenix Beninati-Lo, Eva Bennett, Amelia Bennett, Jacob Bennett, Rhiannon Bennett, Samuel Bennett, Siobhan Berglund, Phoebe Berichon, Siena Bick, Anna Bick, Zoe Bierer, Owen Bishop, Sophie Black, Ava Black, Spencer Blaikie, Jesse Blaikie, Oscar Blakeney, Lucas Blakers, Max Blakers, Samuel Bland, Holly Bland, Milly Bland, Poppy Bland, Sebastian Boase, Ella Boase, Jack Boije Af Gennas, Nina Bolden, Max Bolton, Luke Bomford, Izzy Bourgeois, Lauren Bourgeois, Rachel Bowden, Annabelle Boyle, Jack Brandt, Timothy Braund, Harrison Bray, Julian Brewer, Thomas Brianchon, Lucien Bright, Patrick Brink, Benjamin Brink, Lachlan Brittain, Katie Brittain, Melanie Brosnan, Imogen Brown, Emma Brown, Hannah Brown, Rachel Browning, Joseph Bruwel, Daniel Bruwel, Joseph Budai, Zoe Budd, Harry Buhagiar, Cavan Buhagiar, Charli-Rose Buist, Carter Burgess, Ellie Burke, Evie Burns, Billy Bob Burrows, Bella Burrows, Lawson Button, Mitchell Byrne, Amelia Byrne, Joe Cahill, Seth Callahan, Matisse Cameron, Hugh Cameron, Lachlan Cameron, Olivia Campbell, Ava Campbell, Tom Cannon, Lucas Cardwell, Angus Cardwell, Finlay Carmichael, Lachlan Carmody, Freya Carnell, Samuel Carroll, Ben Carroll, Declan Carroll, John Carroll, Josie Carroll, Sam Carroll, Samuel Carter, Briar Carter, Iona Carter, Niamh Casey, Koby Casey, Thomas Casserly, Camryn Cassidy, Bibi Caunter, Leo Chatterton, Francesca Chisholm, Bonnie Clancy, Eliza Clancy, Jack Clancy, Nicholas Coates, Elyse Cochran, Jesse Cockburn, Stanley Collins, Adeline Collins, Aidan Collins, Jackson Collins, Smith Colville, Patrick Connell, Chloe Connell, Chloe Connell, Lachlan Connell, Lucas Cook, Alex Cook, Henry Cooper, Ella Cooper, Reuben Corkill, Poppy Cousins, Eli 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Kieran Gorman, Liam Gorman, Olivia Gormley, Declan Grave, Mitchell Grayling, Maxwell Grey, Abigail Grey, Georgia 80

81 Membership 2013/14 Grey, Imogen Griffin, Hayley Griffiths, Hazel Gripper, Liv Gruendling, Sol Gulbin, Emma Haire, Ryan Haire, Zara Hamblion, Jackson Hamblion, Sophia Hancock, Chloe Hannon, Ottilie Hannon, Thomas Harper Urgel, James Harper-Urgel, Lucia Harris, Henry Harris, Sienna Harrison, Amelia Harrison, Lucille Harrison, Sacha Hastie, Jaeka Hastie, Jena-Elle Havezov, Sasha Hayes, Cameron Haynes, Chloe Hazard, Mikinley Healey, Oliver Henderson, Ava Hendry, Finley Hendry, Isla Henry, Jade Henry, Kiara Henry, Tamiah Herbert, Natasha Herbert, Xavier Hicks, Emily Higgs, Luke Higgs, Samuel Hill, Gabriella Hill, Harry Hill, Xavier Hodgkinson, Tash Holden, India Hollander, Jelle Holley Rowan, Cameron Hondros, Ben Hondros, Jack Horder, Max Horder, Mila Horswill, Holly Horswill, Jack Horwitz, Noah Hosomi, Ryosuke Hosomi, Takuma Houghton, James Howard, Ella Howard, Henry Howarth, Isabella Howlett, Aidan Hughes, Jasmine Huijsen, Jessica Humphries, Noah Hurrell, Jack Hussain, Guy Hylton, Zia Ivory, Lui Ivory, Rosa Jackson, Archie Jackson, Daniel Jackson, Thomas Jacobs, Alexander Jacobs, Lachlan Jacobs, Toby Jander, Daniel Jani, Jack Jani, Toby Jarrett, Alexa Jarrett, Finnlay Jewell, Madeleine Johnson, Liam Jones, Annabella Jones, Sascha Jordi, Clea Jordi, Nara Juric, Jake Juric, Zanthe Kacskovics, Tara Kane, Dylan Kearns, Andie Kearns, Matilda Keen, Max Keen, Sam Kelleher, Hunter Keys, Joseph Kiely, Gracie Kilburn, Finley Kirkman, Mitchell Kirkwood, Imogen Kite, Joshua Kite, Noah Knowles, Isla Koch, Ella Kodama, Kaito Koster, Owen Kroneis, Luca Land, Freddy Lane, Imogen Lapa, Maxwell Larsen, Ava Lawler, Bronte Lawson, Eva Lawson, Madison Lee, Hayden Lee, Zephyr Lefevre, Alex Lefevre, Jordan Leresche, Benjamin Lever, Samantha Lewis, Dylan Liang, Athena Liang, June Lima, Ian Linders, Hugo Linfield-Kent, Thomas Llewellyn, Liam Loane, Joshua Long, Belle Long, Blake Long, Daisy Long, Madison Long, Teagan Long, Tiggy Lowe, Freedom Luidmanis, Maximilian Luidmanis, Natalija MacFarlane, Joel Macfarlane, Luke Macgowan, Islay MacKenzie, Lilly Mackenzie, Rachel Mackey, Jackson Mackintosh, Charlie Malm, Andrea Marcer, Jared Marcer, Saphire Mardon, Millie Marks, Ashlee Marks, Ella Marks, Flyn Marks, Yana Marsters, Rico Martin, Annabelle Martin, Jazmin Martin, Zoe Matousek, Luca Matousek, Matteo Matthews, Alfie Matthews, Ella Mcandrew, Liam McCracken, Oakley McDermid, Charlotte McDonald, Ava McGeever, Evan McGhee, Clyde McGrath, Cillian McGuiness, Chantelle McGuinness, Chantelle Mckay, Gabriella McKenzie-Mountain, Mylo McLean, Elwyn McLean, Jensen McLean, Xavier McLoughlin, Byron McManus, Alexander McMicking, Alec McMicking, Lara McMullan, Thomas McNeil, Benjamin McNeil, Zachary Mcshane, Kiara Mcshane, Riley McSweeney, Sophie Mecklem, Jade Melhuish, Benjamin Melis, Oliver Meulman, Charlotte Meulman, Oliver Miller, Bailey Miller, Finlay Miller, Rosetta Miller, Thomas Mirza, Aalia Mitchell, Holly Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, Tom Moffat, Max Moloney, Declan Monahan, 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Watson, Chloe Watson, Max Weatherill, Morgan Webster, Daisy Webster, Yasmine Werakso, Zachary Wessling, Harriet Weston, Elyse Weston, Freya Weston, Georgia Weston, Scarlett Wheatley, Kate Whitehand, Harvey Whitehand, Jenna Wickham, Gemma Wickham, Holly Wickham, Sophie Wicks, Isabel Wicks, Sachia 81

82 Membership 2013/14 Wildig, James Williams, Ava Williams, Cooper Williams, Daisy Williams, Georgina Williams, Livinia Williams, Octavia Williams-Masters, Oscar Williamson, Braiden Wills, Abigail Wills, Holly Wilmott, Rhianna Wilmott, Seren Wilson, Jake Wilson, Oscar Winter, Emma Wiseman, Liam Wolff, Claudia Won, James Wood, Charlotte Wood, Mina Wright, George Wright, Samuel Wylie, Brigitte Yates, Ellie Yates, Frederick Yoshida, Joe Zanella, Carlo Zanon, Jasper Zarin, Felix Zarzeczny, Henry Zylmans, Cameron Zylmans, Harrison General Members Abbott, Craig Abbott, Prudence About, Emmanuel Akashi, Akiko Akhurst, Rachel Allen, Beverly Alonso, Rachel Andrews, Annalise Arita, Mamoru Arita, Norie Ashley, Kate Ashley, Paul Astill, Ben Aylward, Mike Balmer, Piers Banham, Stuart Barnes, Heather Barnes, Matthew Bastian, Fabio Bazzard, Kelly Bazzard, Ritchie Beeton, Rebecca Bell, Jon Bennett, Sara Berichon, Steven Black, Greg Blakeney, Nicholas Boase, Peter Boehi Koster, Cyrill Boije Af Gennas, 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Valletta, Amanda Van Rijswijk, Chris Van Vuuren, Alandre Vanderfield, Geoff Vanderfield, Lou Vilnis, Gitte Walford, Peter Wall, David Wall, Lana Wall, Matthew Walsh, David Wark, Blair Wasko, Irena Wasko, John Watson, Brett Watson, Judith Weatherill, Marc Webster, Elizabeth Webster, Jon Weston, Andrew Weston, David Whitehand, Sharon Wickham, Jenny Wickham, Nigel Wildig, Rachel Williams, Gavin Williams, Sean Williams, Valerie Wilmott, Amanda Wilson, Andrew Wiseman, Carolyn Won, John Wylie, Claire Yates, Jason Yates, Rochelle Zanon, Mark Zarin, Peter Zarzeczny, Richard 82


84 Proud long time and major supporter of Freshwater SLSC Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club Inc. P O Box 308 Freshwater NSW 2096 Tel: (02) Fax: (02)

Vigilance and Service April 2011

Vigilance and Service April 2011 CIRCULAR 1105 Vigilance and Service April 2011 To: From: Illawarra Clubs Maria Sewell, Office Manager Date: 6 April 2011 Subject: SLSI Awards of Excellence Nominations Nominations are now being called

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ISSUE DATE: 24 th March 2016 CIRCULAR NO: 35/15-16

ISSUE DATE: 24 th March 2016 CIRCULAR NO: 35/15-16 Surf Life Saving Sydney Inc. Established October 1907 ABN 74 781 063 539 Telephone: (02)9019 0722 Facsimile: (02) 9019 0720 PO Box 6006, Malabar NSW 2036 Email: ISSUE

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ELIGIBILITY TO COMPETE SLSA Policy Title: Eligibility to compete in SLSA competition. Document Number: 5.04 Last Review Date: October 2016 Next Review Date: June 2017 SUMMARY Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) competition is

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Surf Life Saving Central Coast

Surf Life Saving Central Coast CIRCULAR 1370 Released October 2017 SLSCC Lifesaving Championships Audience: Club Presidents, Directors of Administration, Directors of Surf Sports Date: 6 October 2017 Contact: Chris Styant Support Officer

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Grange Surf Life Saving Club Saves Lives.

Grange Surf Life Saving Club Saves Lives. Grange Surf Life Saving Club Saves Lives. Sponsorship Packages 2017 South Australia s Safest Beach Our Club. Your Safety. Surf life saving is part of Australia s heritage and one of its greatest traditions.

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JUNIORS Club Guide Section 12

JUNIORS Club Guide Section 12 Club Guide Section 12 MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Surf Life Saving SA endeavours to provide continuous personal and professional development opportunities for all members through their lifesaving experiences.

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BUSINESS PLAN January Richard Wooles. Executive Director # West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Y 3W2 Tel:

BUSINESS PLAN January Richard Wooles. Executive Director # West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Y 3W2 Tel: BUSINESS PLAN January 2015 Richard Wooles Executive Director #201-210 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Y 3W2 Tel: 604 737 3164 Table of Contents Vision... 2 Mission... 2 Values... 2

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Blue Star SWIM TRAINING. Bistro

Blue Star SWIM TRAINING. Bistro January 2017 Blue Star EMAIL ADDRESS Please ensure your email is up to date with Belinda in the office. OFFICE HOURS The Surf Office will be open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4.00pm Inside this issue:

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Blind Sports Australia

Blind Sports Australia BLIND SPORTS AUSTRALIA A.B.N. 68 008 621 252 A Foundation Member of the Australian Paralympic Committee Blind Sports Australia Annual Report 2015-2016 P.O.Box 2114 Oak Park, VIC. 3046

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Swansea Bay HC minutes from the AGM on June 13 th Held in The Vivs

Swansea Bay HC minutes from the AGM on June 13 th Held in The Vivs Swansea Bay HC minutes from the AGM on June 13 th 2011 Held in The Vivs Present Kath Malinovszky, Eira Thomas, Bill Barletta, Andrew Skinner, Tom Abbott, Roger Willis, Richard Dunstan, Mike Kyriakides,

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AGENDA Surf Life Saving Central Coast Board of Surf Sports Meeting Board

AGENDA Surf Life Saving Central Coast Board of Surf Sports Meeting Board AGENDA Surf Life Saving Central Coast Board of Surf Sports Meeting Board Venue: SLSCC Office Tuggerah Date: 26 July 2017 Open: 6:00pm Close: 7:45pm 1. Attendees and apologies Present: Director of Surf

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Point Leo Surf Lifesaving Club. Junior Surf Lifesaving Program Handbook Season

Point Leo Surf Lifesaving Club. Junior Surf Lifesaving Program Handbook Season Point Leo Surf Lifesaving Junior Surf Lifesaving Program Handbook 2017-2018 Season WELCOME TO THE 2017-2018 SEASON The Junior Surf Lifesaving Program (JSLP) or Nippers was developed to equip children with

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It s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

It s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. December, Edition 29. 2016 brought to you by Freshwater Community Bank Branch It s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. The Directors, Ambassadors and Staff of the

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Setting up a new club

Setting up a new club Setting up a new club can be daunting although it need not be and can actually be fairly straightforward. Here are 10 steps which you might find help you get started Step 1 Are there any existing clubs

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FAMILY PARTICIPATION PROGRAM INSERT CLUB LOGO FAMILY PARTICIPATION PROGRAM (INSERT CLUB NAME) SURF LIFESAVING SNAPSHOT Surf Life Saving in Queensland is made up of 58 surf clubs from Rainbow Bay to Port Douglas 6 Branches - Point

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Competition Manual. Season 2015/2016

Competition Manual. Season 2015/2016 Competition Manual Season 2015/2016 Introduction North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club has a long and proud tradition of competing with great success at all levels of Local, Branch, State, Australian and

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SPNRC Ltd AGM. Chairman s Report

SPNRC Ltd AGM. Chairman s Report Chairman s Report SPNRC Ltd AGM This going to be a very important year for us, in more ways than one AND and we look forward to celebrating our fortieth birthday! The last year was, for many reasons, memorable,

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RECOGNITION AWARDS MANUAL Version 3 RECOGNITION AWARDS MANUAL Version 3 Published By Surf Life Saving Queensland 18 Manning Street (PO Box 3747) SOUTH BRISBANE QLD 4101 P (07) 3846 8000 F (07) 3846 8008 E W

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KAMLOOPS CANOE AND KAYAK CLUB: A STRATEGIC PLAN AND BUSINESS MODEL FOR 2012 TO 2016 KAMLOOPS CANOE AND KAYAK CLUB: A STRATEGIC PLAN AND BUSINESS MODEL FOR 2012 TO 2016 Policy: The Kamloops Canoe and Kayak Club is a registered non-profit society (S-0026104) with a Board of Directors committed

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Darwin. Carnival. South Australian. Master Australian Football. Information & Registration Pack

Darwin. Carnival. South Australian. Master Australian Football. Information & Registration Pack Darwin 2008 Carnival South Australian Master Australian Football Information & Registration Pack Introduction SA MAF President and Committee Welcome Welcome to the SA MAF Information & Registration pack,

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RBC Canadian Open. Volunteer Services. RBC Canadian Open Championship Manual

RBC Canadian Open. Volunteer Services. RBC Canadian Open Championship Manual Volunteer Services 1 Volunteer Services ORGANIZING THE COMMITTEE The Volunteer Services committee is responsible for volunteer recruitment, uniform packaging, distribution of uniforms and credentials at

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Date: September To the McLeod Membership,

Date: September To the McLeod Membership, 1 P age To the McLeod Membership, Date: September 2015 We are pleased to provide you a copy of the Strategic Plan for the five year period, 2015-2020, which has been developed over the last few months.

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Rewards and Recognition SLSA Framework

Rewards and Recognition SLSA Framework Rewards and Recognition SLSA Framework 2016 Contents Reward and Recognition Framework 3 Purpose... 3 Award Summaries... 3 Nomination Forms... 3 Submission... 3 Endorsement... 4 Presentation... 4 Recognition

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Final Draft SURFBOARD, BODYBOARD AND WAVE SKI RIDING Final Draft 19.2.03 1 INTRODUCTION SURFBOARD, BODYBOARD AND WAVE SKI RIDING Parents or caregivers must be informed of full details of the possible locations, mobile phone number for emergency contact purposes,

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KARORI CRICKET CLUB Inc. Established 1880

KARORI CRICKET CLUB Inc. Established 1880 KARORI CRICKET CLUB Inc. Established 1880 ANNUAL REPORT for the year ended 30 th April, 2015 Karori Junior Cricket Club Annual Report 2014-2015 Season Contents Notice of 2015 AGM Club Directory / Officers

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SUMMARY OF THE EDGA STRATEGIC PLAN SUMMARY OF THE EDGA 2015-2017 STRATEGIC PLAN BACKGROUND The European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) was formed in Wiesbaden in the year 2000 by organisations representing golfers with disability from

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AN INVITATION TO BECOME A SPONSOR OF AN INVITATION TO BECOME A SPONSOR OF MOORE PARK GOLF Moore Park Golf is one of Australia s most popular golf venues, offering a targeted, large demographic for consumer-focused brands, and the ideal environment

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JUNIOR LIFE SAVER OF THE YEAR 2010/11 Nomination Process & Program

JUNIOR LIFE SAVER OF THE YEAR 2010/11 Nomination Process & Program JUNIOR LIFE SAVER OF THE YEAR 2010/11 Nomination Process & Program The Director of Youth & Membership, Glenn Langley invites you to nominate your outstanding Under 14 club members for Surf Life Saving

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BUSINESS PLAN January 2015

BUSINESS PLAN January 2015 BUSINESS PLAN January 2015 Richard Wooles Executive Director #201-210 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Y 3W2 Tel: 604 737 3164 Table of Contents Vision... 2 Mission... 2 Values... 2

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Surf Life Saving Australia - Circular

Surf Life Saving Australia - Circular - Circular Title: Document ID: 35/16-17 Audience: From: 2017 SLSA National Awards of Excellence Education, Lifesaving, Club Volunteers, Presidents, Secretaries, Coaches, Officials, Competitors, Assessors,

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THE SONNET CLASS ASSOCIATION PRESENTS - THE SONNET SAS National Class Championship To be sailed at Swartvlei, Sedgefield

THE SONNET CLASS ASSOCIATION PRESENTS - THE SONNET SAS National Class Championship To be sailed at Swartvlei, Sedgefield SA SONNET CLASS ASSOCIATION Treasurer: Jane du Toit, PO Box 39585, Capricorn Square, 7948 / 71 Peninsula Road Zeekoevlei,7941, Cape Town Cell 083 455 2659 Fax: 0866 899417 e-mail: 7

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Hoe Tonga Regional Waka Ama Sprint Championship 2017

Hoe Tonga Regional Waka Ama Sprint Championship 2017 Hoe Tonga Regional Waka Ama Sprint Championship 2017 9-10 December Henley Lake, Masterton 2 of 12 Key dates Mid-November: clubs to have affiliated all paddlers that wish to race at Regionals 2017 Entries

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SLSSNB SURF SPORTS CALENDAR 2017/2018 SLSSNB SURF SPORTS CALENDAR 2017/2018 Version 2.8-4-Oct-2017 Month Date Day Surf Sports Venue Other Carnivals & Camps, Courses & Meetings Club & Community Jul/2017 1-Jul NSW IRB Championships South West

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IRB Crew Certificate Learner Guide. v5.3 August 2016

IRB Crew Certificate Learner Guide. v5.3 August 2016 IRB Crew Certificate Learner Guide v5.3 August 2016 Contents Acknowledgements 3 Course introduction 4 Course outcomes... 4 Prerequisites... 4 What you need to complete this course... 4 Topic 1 Introduction

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Summit Ski Team Sponsorship & Fundraising Policy

Summit Ski Team Sponsorship & Fundraising Policy Summit Ski Team Sponsorship & Fundraising Policy Who We Are Summit Ski Team (SST) is a non-profit organization that teaches the fundamentals of skiing and ski racing to our youth in Park City, Utah. SST

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Development Plan

Development Plan Development Plan 2011-2015 LOTHIAN DISABILITY SPORT Development Plan 2011-2015 Vision : To lead the development in Lothian of sport for people with a physical, sensory

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NOTICE OF RACE. INTERNATIONAL MIRROR 50 th NSW STATE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR 2014/2015. Race Series 1 22 nd - 23 rd November 2014

NOTICE OF RACE. INTERNATIONAL MIRROR 50 th NSW STATE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR 2014/2015. Race Series 1 22 nd - 23 rd November 2014 NOTICE OF RACE INTERNATIONAL MIRROR 50 th NSW STATE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR 2014/2015 Race Series 1 22 nd - 23 rd November 2014 Organising Authority: Balmoral Sailing Club In conjunction with: The International

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PERTH HILLS UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB PERTH HILLS UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR 2012 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Perth Hills United Football Club is one of the largest sporting clubs operating in the eastern hills region. The club

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Member Survey 2015 Feedback Newsletter

Member Survey 2015 Feedback Newsletter We had 60 surveys returned, thank you to all who contributed. This exercise taken with other feedback tells us there are 3 key issues for Moate GC: 1. Member Retention; our existing members are our most

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Wollondilly Community Leisure Centre. Risk Assessment, EAP, Conditions of Hire For Schools and Event Organisers

Wollondilly Community Leisure Centre. Risk Assessment, EAP, Conditions of Hire For Schools and Event Organisers Wollondilly Community Leisure Centre Risk Assessment, EAP, Conditions of Hire For Schools and Event Organisers Contents Page 1 Contents & Recommendations for running your event Page Site Plan including

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AFC Futsal Club Licensing Regulations. The AFC Futsal Club Licensing Regulations

AFC Futsal Club Licensing Regulations. The AFC Futsal Club Licensing Regulations The AFC Futsal Club Licensing Regulations 1 List of Contents Section No Topic Page Number 1 Introduction 3 2 Objectives 3 3 Licensor 4 5 4 License Applicant and License 5-6 5 Core Process 6-7 Criteria

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North Curl Curl Chatter

North Curl Curl Chatter February 2014 North Curl Curl Chatter Official Newsletter of the North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Surf Club New Year Kicks Off Hi all, I trust you all had a great Christmas/Summer break. We unfortunately

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CLUB HANDBOOK EXAMPLE INTRODUCTION PIONEER REGION SAMPLE CLUB HANDBOOK 1 The following is an example of a club handbook that can be used as a starting point for your own club handbook. CLUB HANDBOOK EXAMPLE INTRODUCTION Welcome to Your

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Employer Perspectives

Employer Perspectives The Hartford and CNA Integration Update Successfully integrating CNA business is a top priority for The Hartford. As part of this effort, The Hartford is introducing enhancements to former-cna statutory

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Williamstown Football Club

Williamstown Football Club Williamstown Football Club STRATEGIC PLAN NOVEMBER 2016 PAGE 1 Contents Strategic Plan Context 3 Club Context 4 SWOT Analysis 5-7 Strategic Plan * Vision, Mission, Values 9 * Summary 10 * Goals & Priorities

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National Collegiate Water Ski Association Policies and Procedures

National Collegiate Water Ski Association Policies and Procedures National Collegiate Water Ski Association Policies and Procedures General 2 Membership and Dues 2 Board of Directors 2 Webmaster 3 Electronic Balloting Procedures of the Board of Directors 3 Committee

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BSAC Strategic Plan. January 2016 December National Governing Body for scuba diving and snorkelling

BSAC Strategic Plan. January 2016 December National Governing Body for scuba diving and snorkelling BSAC Strategic Plan January 2016 December 2020 National Governing Body for scuba diving and snorkelling BSAC Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Purpose: To grow the nation s love of diving Organisational goals:

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SOUTH WALES REGIONAL ATHLETICS COUNCIL SOUTH WALES REGIONAL ATHLETICS COUNCIL Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Cardiff International Sports Stadium on June 14 th, 2011 PRESENT: Ridley Griffith (President, in the chair), Peter Lane

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Welcome to Byron Bay Surf Life Saving Club

Welcome to Byron Bay Surf Life Saving Club Welcome to Byron Bay Surf Life Saving Club Located on the iconic Byron Bay foreshore and offering stunning views from the Light House to Mt Warning, our premier venue will provide breathtaking waterfront

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United States Soaring Team Committee

United States Soaring Team Committee United States Soaring Team Committee The Soaring Society of America s Board of Directors at their 1995 winter meeting in Reno, Nevada established the United States Soaring Team Committee. Largely through

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Proposed merger of Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club and Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Proposed merger of Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club and Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Proposed merger of Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club and Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Milton Ulladulla Bowling and ExServos Clubs are considering joining forces. This would ensure

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WELCOME TO THE CLUB EXCEPT IN DECEMBER WHEN THE 1 ST PRIZE WILL BE 1,000 WELCOME TO THE CLUB The purpose of the CLS 2 CLUB is to raise money for Central London Samaritans. We face some significant income and cost challenges and need as much support as possible. Please help

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MACQUARIE SCORPIONS RUGBY LEAGUE FOOTBALL CLUB SPONSORSHIP PROPOSALS FOR 2016 Macquarie Scorpions tackle violence Head On The Macquarie Scorpions will be wearing their new jerseys with pride this season, as the Club is one of only two local rugby league

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2015 Aegean Airlines Pro-Am

2015 Aegean Airlines Pro-Am 2015 Aegean Airlines Pro-Am Costa Navarino, Greece 17-20 June 2015 #AegeanProAm Competitor Information 1. Eligibility Professionals The 10th Aegean Airlines Pro-Am is open to all PGA Members and trainees

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Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club NIPPER INFORMATION HANDBOOK SEASON Page 0

Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club NIPPER INFORMATION HANDBOOK SEASON Page 0 Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club NIPPER INFORMATION HANDBOOK SEASON 2016-2017 Page 0 Contents The Junior Activities Committee, Age Managers & Coaches Page 2 What is Mooloolaba Nippers all about? Page 4

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WHITE SOX BASEBALL CLUB SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL WHITE SOX BASEBALL CLUB SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL WHO WE ARE White Sox Baseball Club is the oldest baseball club operating in Newcastle and supports baseball for all ages. The Club was born in Mayfield in 1946

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Kansas Jr. High School Rodeo Association 7762 Old Stage Road Junction City, KS

Kansas Jr. High School Rodeo Association 7762 Old Stage Road Junction City, KS Kansas Jr. High School Rodeo Association 7762 Old Stage Road Junction City, KS 66441 785-238-7192 Welcome to the 2017-2018 Kansas Jr. High School Rodeo Season!! We are preparing for

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N E T B A L L C U BH L INFORMATION HANDBOOK WINTER Trial Dates: Sunday 7 and Sunday 14 February Please arrive 15 minutes early

N E T B A L L C U BH L INFORMATION HANDBOOK WINTER Trial Dates: Sunday 7 and Sunday 14 February Please arrive 15 minutes early HUB U BH L N E T B A L L C INFORMATION HANDBOOK WINTER 2016 Trial Dates: Sunday 7 and Sunday 14 February 2016 Please arrive 15 minutes early WELCOME Dear players and parents, The Hub Netball Club invites

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SPORTS CLUB RISK ASSESSMENT SPORTS CLUB RISK ASSESSMENT Club Triathlon & Road Cycling (UoWTRCC) Date Completed 17/03/2017 Activity NORMAL CLUB ACTIVITY Aimed At ALL MEMBERS Club Assessor Scott Jenkins Position President 2017/18 Any

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Our vision 2018 & beyond

Our vision 2018 & beyond Our vision 2018 & beyond Sponsorship & Investment Packages Geelong Rangers are not just a sports club, we are a community. WELCOME Welcome to Geelong Rangers Soccer Club. In 2018, as we enter our 63rd

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Gas Safety Management Policy

Gas Safety Management Policy Date approved: 1 April 2014 Approved by: Audit and Risk Committee 1. Introduction 1.1 Every year people die and many others suffer ill-health from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by gas appliances and

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ITTF-Oceania Championships Regulations Approved and Updated January 2015

ITTF-Oceania Championships Regulations Approved and Updated January 2015 ITTF-Oceania Championships Regulations Approved and Updated January 2015 1. Authority Authority will be granted only by the Oceania Table Tennis Federation at a Biennial General Meeting. 1.1 Any Association

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Chairman s message. Bridgend Hockey Club Rambler Website:

Chairman s message. Bridgend Hockey Club Rambler Website: Chairman s message This has to be one of the hardest things to have to write at the moment with the sudden and tragic loss of one of our younger members of the senior section, Rhys Rubery. I d like to

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Commercial & Corporate Hospitality Opportunities

Commercial & Corporate Hospitality Opportunities Commercial & Corporate Hospitality Opportunities welcome It s fitting that our state of the art stadium should also offer the very latest and best corporate hospitality. Whether you re interested for business

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Adrian J Tidbury - Estates and Valuation Surveyor Portfolio Development

Adrian J Tidbury - Estates and Valuation Surveyor Portfolio Development 18th September 2017 Community, Health & Housing Committee Courage Playing Fields Report of: Wards Affected: This report is: Adrian J Tidbury - Estates and Valuation Surveyor Portfolio Development Shenfield

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Marlow FC Youth Standing Orders

Marlow FC Youth Standing Orders The following of Marlow FC Youth ( Club ) form a part of each AGM for each season and are adjusted from time to time by the members at an EGM or AGM in line with the Constitution and Club Rules. 6 th July

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NCAS HIGH PERFORMANCE SURF LIFE SAVING PROGRAM North Coast Academy of Sport PO Box 157 Lismore NSW 2480 Ph: (02) 6620 3073 Fax: (02) 6620 3707 Email: Web: ABN: 19 536 201 275 NCAS HIGH PERFORMANCE SURF LIFE SAVING PROGRAM

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TASCOSA GOLF CLUB MEMBERSHIP PLAN Membership Plan TASCOSA GOLF CLUB MEMBERSHIP PLAN This Membership Plan offers you an opportunity to acquire a Membership in Tascosa Golf Club (the Club ), a private club located in Amarillo, Texas. The

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INTERNATIONAL PITCH and PUTT ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL PITCH and PUTT ASSOCIATION A. TITLE 10, Chemin du Molard-Rochau, CH-1272 GENOLIER (SWITZERLAND) IPPA CONSTITUTION This constitution includes the regulations by which the International Pitch

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North Wiltshire Youth Football League Cup Competition Rules season

North Wiltshire Youth Football League Cup Competition Rules season North Wiltshire Youth Football League Cup Competition Rules season 2015-2016 NOMENCLATURE AND CONSTITUTION 1. (A) This Competition shall be designated the North Wiltshire Youth Football League Cup and

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Note 1: further details of the season s events can be found on the web site or on our Facebook pages.

Note 1: further details of the season s events can be found on the web site or on our Facebook pages. NEWMARKET BADMINTON FEDERATION MINUTES OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Held on Thursday 18 th August 2016 At Tesco Your Community Space, Fordham Road, Newmarket (followed by fixtures meeting) 1. Apologies for

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Quest 2016 Splus 28 Swim England Learn to Swim Accreditation

Quest 2016 Splus 28 Swim England Learn to Swim Accreditation Swim England Learn to Swim Accreditation Outcomes To ensure Swim England compliance to achieve Swim England Learn to Swim Accreditation centres have to demonstrate the following Business Development Management

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TRIATHLON WA ANNUAL AWARDS & STATE SERIES POLICY The Annual Awards are presented at an Annual Awards ceremony which is held at a venue, date and time at the discretion of the Board. The exception may be the State Championship presentations and other

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LASHINGS EVENT SPONSORSHIP LASHINGS EVENT SPONSORSHIP EVERSHOLT CRICKET CLUB Lashings World XI are back in town on Thursday, 3rd August, 2017! Chairman s Foreword 1 Many thanks for your interest and support for this outstanding

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Football & Netball Club

Football & Netball Club Football & Netball Club SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM 2015 COMMITMENT One is the business decision, Two is the opportunity to network with successful businesses who can help your own business and Three is the assistance

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2018 AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC WINTER TEAM. Ski & Snowboard Australia NOMINATION CRITERIA SNOWBOARD CROSS 2018 AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC WINTER TEAM Ski & Snowboard Australia NOMINATION CRITERIA SNOWBOARD CROSS 1. Shadow Team 1) Ski & Snowboard Australia will choose athletes from within its sport to be members of

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Victorian Sailing Team Forming the pathway to the Victorian Institute of Sport Sailing Program and the Australian Sailing Team.

Victorian Sailing Team Forming the pathway to the Victorian Institute of Sport Sailing Program and the Australian Sailing Team. 2017-18 Victorian Sailing Team Forming the pathway to the Victorian Institute of Sport Sailing Program and the Australian Sailing Team. V161014 1 1 Introduction This document outlines the purpose of the

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Adams 10 Metre Class Australian Championship 2010 NOTICE OF RACE. Conducted by the Organising Authority

Adams 10 Metre Class Australian Championship 2010 NOTICE OF RACE.  Conducted by the Organising Authority Adams 10 Metre Class Australian Championship 2010 NOTICE OF RACE Conducted by the Organising Authority On behalf of 23, 24, 25 January 2010 Adams 10m ABN: 95 000 248 877 PO Box 106 Mr. Lindsay Rose Seaforth

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HAWKS LANDING GOLF CLUB MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT Revised 11/16/2017 HAWKS LANDING GOLF CLUB MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT (the Agreement ), by and between Hawks Landing Golf Corp. (the Golf Club ) and the adult person(s) executing this Agreement

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HULL RUFC SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES. Official Club Partner. Main Club Sponsor

HULL RUFC SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES. Official Club Partner. Main Club Sponsor HULL RUFC SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Main Club Sponsor Official Club Partner T H E C L U B THAT SERVES THE CITY OF HULL A N D T H E LOCAL COMMUNITY Sponsorship is our lifeblood, without

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SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES YOUR CHANCE TO BE PART OF THE CONVERSATION! It is with great pleasure that I invite you to partner as a valued sponsor in ADA Australia s inaugural national conference - Human Rights

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International 5O5 Class Yacht Racing Association Canadian Section

International 5O5 Class Yacht Racing Association Canadian Section 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Association DRAFT Minutes 9:00 PM Eastern Time (6:00 PM Pacific Time) Wednesday November 30, by Conference Call Meeting called to Order The meeting/conference-call was

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2015 Summer Outing Scholarship Fundraiser

2015 Summer Outing Scholarship Fundraiser Associated General Contractors of North Dakota 2015 Summer Outing Scholarship Fundraiser 2014 1st Place Net 2014 1st Place Gross July 15-16, 2015 Radisson Hotel Bismarck Hawktree Golf Course Bismarck,

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Jr. Irish Soccer Club 38 YEARS STRONG. Committed to family, dedicated to player development. Jr. Irish Soccer Club Annual Report 2014/15

Jr. Irish Soccer Club 38 YEARS STRONG. Committed to family, dedicated to player development. Jr. Irish Soccer Club Annual Report 2014/15 Jr. Irish Soccer Club 38 YEARS STRONG Jr. Irish Soccer Club Annual Report 2014/15 Committed to family, dedicated to player development 1 Letter from the President Monika Scott, President To our players

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Swimming New England & North West Inc

Swimming New England & North West Inc Newsletter 3 Mar 2017 President Anne Migheli Vice President Susanne Kable Secretary Tammy Elbourne Treasurer Nigel Jones Registrar Chelley Johnstone Development C/O Mick Migheli C/Member Brian Coombs C/Member

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2016 Aegean Airlines Pro-Am

2016 Aegean Airlines Pro-Am 2016 Aegean Airlines Pro-Am Costa Navarino, Greece 22-25 June 2016 #AegeanProAm COMPETITOR INFORMATION 1. Eligibility Professionals The 11th Aegean Airlines Pro-Am is open to all PGA Members and trainees

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USA Track & Field Marketing Activation Tour. We Are USATF

USA Track & Field Marketing Activation Tour. We Are USATF USA Track & Field Marketing Activation Tour We Are USATF USATF Activation Tour USATF sent its Marketing Activation Tour on the road to 8 markets across the country in 2012. The Marketing Tour leveraged

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ACCREDITATION STANDARDS TASK FORCE REPORT ACCREDITATION STANDARDS TASK FORCE REPORT Linda Bommicino, Pam Fales, Ed Koch, Herb Nicholls, Members Bill Roe, Secretary Andy Martin and Sherry Quack, Staff History Prior to 1978 AAU and its 58 Associations

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