Bathymetry User Needs and Challenges in Australia and New Zealand

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1 Bathymetry User Needs and Challenges in Australia and New Zealand Nathan Quadros Shallow Water Survey February 212

2 Background Recent significant investment in Bathymetric LiDAR acquisition for climate change activities Research initiated to better understand the reasons for near-shore bathymetry collection and make sure that the appropriate strategies are being used to satisfy user needs. Funding: CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI) Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE) Support Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS)

3 Aims Identify the range of applications in which bathymetric data is being employed Understand the specific data requirements of these applications Summarise the features that make such data versatile, multi-use and fit-for-purpose Produce a report documenting the findings of the study Make recommendations for improving future data collection strategies

4 Questionnaire Responses By Individuals Note: 92 responses from 214 contacts No Response Response

5 Questionnaire Responses by Organisation Note: 7 responses from 13 contacts No Response Response

6 Respondent Specialisations Surveying GIS Science and Modelling Earth and Ocean Sciences Operations Remote Sensing Management Research

7 Respondent Locations Canberra New South Wales New Zealand Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Why Bathymetry? Western Australia

8 Primary Role of Work Units Water and Sea Operations Management Environment & Conservation Research Spatial Services

9 Percentage of Time Spent on Bathymetry Related Tasks 1% Importance of Bathymetry to the Work Unit Hydrographic Services, MSQ 9% 8% 7% 6% % Swathe Services Australia Energy, GA Port of Melbourne Geospatial, Deakin Uni AEB, DSTO Gippsland Ports Coast and Marine, OEH NSW Fugro LADS Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd Coastal Mgmt, DERN SA CRC for Spatial Information Marine Coastal and Climate Change Group, GA Hydrographic Branch, Royal New Zealand Navy Gardline Marine Sciences Hydrography and METOC, AHS Undisclosed Maritime Standards, AMSA 4% 3% 2% 1% Water Technology Low Users Warrnam.GIS, Deakin Uni RPS Sea Level Rise, CAWCR Blue Wren, Uni Tas Low % Users Maritime Services, Roads & Maritime Services NSW Coast Infrastructure, DoT WA Water Research, Uni NSW Geospatial Intelligence, NZDF AAM Pty Ltd Wealth From Oceans Research Flagship, CSIRO %. 1 to 2 People 1. 2 to People 2. 6 to 1 People to 1 People to 2 People. 21 to People 6. 1 to 1 People 7. Number of People in the Work Unit Working on Bathymetry Related Tasks

10 Applications of Bathymetry Water and Sea Operations Coast Management Spatial Services Mapping and Modelling

11 Bathymetry Related Software Packages

12 Using Bathymetry Visualising Analysing Input

13 Areas of Interest Bay, Estuary and Inlet Bathymetry Shallow Off- Shore Bathymetry (<m Depth) Near-Shore Bathymetry (<2-3m depth) Deep Water Bathymetry (>2-3m Depth) Jurisdictional Bathymetry Feature Related Bathymetry Project-Based Bathymetry

14 Features of Interest

15 Locations of Interest Western Australia South Australia

16 Locations of Interest Victoria and Tasmania New South Wales

17 Locations of Interest Queensland Northern Territory

18 Acquiring Bathymetry Acquire Bathymetry Directly Fund Bathymetry Collection Neither

19 Problems Obtaining Bathymetry Bathymetry Acquisition Data Sharing Data Delivery

20 Problems Using Bathymetry Data Storage Skills and Experience Software Capabilities Automated Processing Processing Speed Other

21 Bathymetry Needs Required Depths Distance from Coast Data Currency Vertical Datums

22 Bathymetry Needs Point Spacing/Resolution Accuracy Merging with Topography Integrating w Adjacent Bathymetry No Yes No Response No Yes No Response

23 New Future Bathymetric Applications Water and Sea Operations Coast Management Spatial Services Mapping and Modelling

24 Issues Integrating Datasets and Bathymetry Vertical Datums Data Resolutions Data Formats Different Times of Capture Combining Metadata No Recognised Challenges

25 More Respondents The Better Questionnaire will close in early March More responses from NZ required More responses from port authorities and operational organisations required More responses from organisations processing bathymetry Please approach or contact myself, Nathan Quadros, to submit a response 1 minutes to complete questionnaire