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1 SURF LIFE SAVING AUSTRALIA LIMITED (SLSA) ABN ACN AUSTRALIAN SURF SPORTS MANUAL Manual No 3 35th Edition Revised August 2016 This Manual has been issued by SLSA as part of a comprehensive set of SLSA publications. It replaces SLSA Manual No.3, 34th Edition January 2012 (as amended) and deals with all aspects of SLSA competition with the exception of R&R Events.

2 Note: The original (source) document for this Manual is the electronic version located on the websites of SLSA ( The electronic version is the authorised reference document and is maintained in terms of all authorised amendments. SLSA may issue bulletins in accordance with its constitution to supplement this written publication. Bulletins will also be available on SLSA s website. 35th Edition issued August 2015 Reprinted August 2016 Copyright: 2016: Surf Life Saving Australia Limited This Manual is copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism, or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced by any process without express written permission of SLSA. All enquiries should be directed to: Surf Life Saving Australia Limited Locked Bag 1010 Rosebery NSW 2018 Australia ISBN:

3 INTRODUCTION This Manual is issued by SLSA under its constitution. It is made for the proper advancement, encouragement, management and administration of surf sports competitions in Australia. It is to be interpreted in accordance with the constitution of SLSA. In the event of any inconsistency between this Manual and the SLSA constitution the SLSA constitution takes precedence. This Manual binds the members of SLSA as defined under the SLSA constitution. The members of SLSA acknowledge and agree that: (a) They are bound by, and will comply with, the constitution and regulations (including this Manual) of SLSA. (b) This Manual is made in the mutual and collective benefit of SLSA, its members, surf lifesaving and surf sports. It aims to ensure a safe and fair system or framework within which surf lifesaving competitions are to be regulated and conducted in Australia. (c) This Manual is not made for any anti-competitive purpose and in particular not for the purpose of deterring or preventing a person from competing in any SLSA Activity. (d) Surf lifesaving can be inherently dangerous. Serious accidents can and often do happen which may result in property damage, physical injury and even death. All members are assumed to have voluntarily read and understood this warning and accept and assume the inherent risks in surf lifesaving. (e) Except where provided or required by law and cannot be excluded, it is a term of SLSA membership or entry to competition (if accepted) that SLSA is absolved from all liability however arising from injury or damage however caused (whether fatal or otherwise) arising out of membership and/or participation in any SLSA Activity. For the purposes of this Introduction SLSA Activity means any competition or other activity authorised or recognised by SLSA. (f) In consideration of SLSA accepting an application for entry to competition the member: (i) releases and will release SLSA from all Claims that they may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with participation in any SLSA Activity; (ii) indemnifies and will keep indemnified SLSA to the extent permitted by law in respect of any Claim by any person including but not only another member arising as a result of or in connection with participation in any SLSA. Claim means and includes any action, suit, proceeding, claim, demand, damage, penalty, cost or expense however arising including but not limited to negligence but does not include a claim against SLSA under any right expressly conferred by the SLSA constitution. (g) Only members of SLSA as defined under the SLSA constitution or other persons duly recognised by SLSA may compete or participate (including officiating) in an SLSA Activity. (h) No member of SLSA as defined under the SLSA constitution shall take part or be involved in any way, in a lifesaving competition and/or related activity unless that competition or activity is authorised, licensed or otherwise sanctioned by SLSA and written permission to take part has been obtained from SLSA. It is imperative this Manual is read and fully understood by competition organisers, officials, team managers, coaches and competitors. Andrew Buhk SLSA Chair of Sport Surf Life Saving Australia Page i

4 SUMMARY OF CONTENTS Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9 Section 10 Section 11 Section 12 Section 13 Section 14 Competition Safety General Competitive Conditions Lifesaving Events Swimming Events Surf Boat Events Surf Ski & Surf Board Events Surfboard Riding Events Multi-Discipline Events Beach Events March Past Event Pool Rescue Events Competition Administration Officials & Their Duties Protests, Appeals & Discipline Page ii

5 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction... i Summary Of Contents... ii Table Of Contents... iii Table Of Figures... xii SECTION 1 COMPETITION SAFETY 1.1 Preliminary Safety operations Manual Objectives Initiation of the Plan Medical and First Aid Water Safety Emergency Vehicle(s) Major Incidents Emergency Services Logistics Competition Safety Assessment Surf Hazard Rating (SHR) System Use Of Personal Protective Equipment (Ppe) Competition Contingency Plan Potential Threats Weather Forecasting The Chain of Command and Decision Making Alternative Locations Contingencies Aim and Principles of Relocation Outline Plan Reconnaissance of Alternative Locations and Assessment of Conditions Relocation Timings and Early Warning Key Officials required at the Alternative Location Movement of Competition Officials Movement of Safety and Rescue Personnel and Equipment Movement of Administration and Competition/Championship Equipment Movement of Competitors and their Equipment Action in the event of Death or Serious Injury Provision of Counselling Services Slsa Members Health No Reliance... 6 Appendix A Sample Event Safety Guide Worksheet... 7 Appendix B Sample Referee Pre-Competition Checklist Appendix C Sample Disaster Plan Major Incident Appendix D Authority For Suspension/Relocation/Cancellation Of Competition Appendix E Pool Risk Assessment Worksheet SECTION 2 GENERAL COMPETITIVE CONDITIONS 2.1 SLSA Competitions Competition Eligibility Competition Qualification Patrol Exemption Dual Membership Competitive Transfers Competition Season, Ages, Categories and Provisos Competition Season Determining Age Groups Age Groups/Gender Page iii

6 2.3.4 Participation in Individual and Team Events Under 8 to Under 14 Years Under 15 Years Under 17 Years Under 19 Years Under 21 Years Under 23 Years Over 24 Years Open Senior Masters (30 years plus) Female/Male Only Events Competitors With Disabilities Dress Of Competitors Costumes, Dress and Style Caps and Helmets Colours Identification Sponsor Identification Gear Specifications and Usage Gear and Equipment Must Conform to Current Specifications Use of Communication Devices in SLSA Competition Use of Video Camera Devices Attached to Competitors Use of Video Camera on Surf Boards and Surf Skis Use of Video Cameras on Surf Boats Use of Video Camera on Inshore Rescue Boats (IRB) Scrutineering Competition Arena/Area Competition Definitions Individual Events Team Events General Beach Positions Setting Of Competition Courses Draws Competitor Limitations Starting Times Reporting Marshalling Substitution Of Competitors Starting Of Events Completion Of Courses Change-Over (Tagging) In Relay Events Finish Of Events Time Limits Dead Heats Participants, Medals, Trophies And Pointscores Breach Of Rules Slsa Code Of Behaviour General Code of Fair Play Abuse/Inappropriate Behaviour Competing Unfairly Luck Of Prevailing Conditions Start And Completion Of Competition Page iv

7 SECTION 3 LIFESAVING EVENTS Introduction 3.1 General Rescue & Resuscitation Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Competition Introduction General Conditions Safety Essentials Pre Carnival Safety Briefing Safety Infringements Competitor Pre-Requisites Entry Limitations Equipment Requirements, Scrutineering and Compliance The Course Course Variations Administration and Officials Procedure IRB Events Description Disqualifications Appendix A Typical Irb Competition Area Champion Lifesaver Aim Equipment Uniforms Procedure Physical Skills Questionnaire Practical Resuscitation Tied Scores Patrol Competition Aim General Uniforms Equipment Team (Patrol) Competition Substitution of Competitors Patrol Competition Format Surf Teams Board/Tube Rescue Relay Race Theory Practical Resuscitation Scenario Task Tied Scores First Aid Competition General Conditions Aim Nature of First Aid Competition Composition of Teams Competitors Dress Competition in other Events Judging of the Competition Competition Administration and Officials Control Sectional Referee The Judges The Marshall The Isolation Judge Casualties Page v

8 Bystanders Competition Area Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Casualties Release of Competitors Results Appendix B Champion Lifesaver Practical Resuscitation Section A Judge s Marking Sheet Section B Judge s Marking Sheet Appendix C Patrol Competition Practical Resuscitation Judge s Marking Sheet Appendix D Contents First Aid Kit SECTION 4 SWIMMING EVENTS 4.1 General Conditions Surf Race The Course Procedure Surf Race Variations Surf Teams Race Belt Race The Course Procedure Rescue Tube Rescue Race (4 Person) The Course Procedure Rescue Tube Race (2 Person) General Conditions The Course Procedure Rescue Tube Race General Conditions The Course Procedure Run-Swim-Run The Course Procedure Wading Race The Course Procedure Wading Relay The Course Procedure Appendix A Surf Reel Specifications SLSA Surf Reel Construction Surf Reel Line Specifications Surf Line Testing Gauge Specifications Modified South African Release Belt Specifications Modified South African Release Belt Construction Fineprint Surf Belt Commonly Used Knots SECTION 5 SURF BOAT EVENTS 5.1 General Conditions Surf Boat Racing The Course Page vi

9 5.2.2 Pre-Start The Start The Seaward Journey The Turn The Return Journey The Finish Racing Format Short Course Boat Event Surf Boat Relay Procedure Equipment Course Start Change Over s Between Relay Legs Boat Management Boat Roll Overs Finish Penalties And Disqualifications Appendix A Round Robin Boat Racing Procedures SECTION 6 SURF SKI & SURF BOARD EVENTS 6.1 General Conditions Single Ski Races The Course Procedure Double Ski Races The Course Procedure Surf Board Races The Course Procedure Surf Board/Surf Ski Relay General Conditions The Course Procedure Appendix A Surf Board Usage SECTION 7 SURFBOARD RIDING EVENTS 7.1 General Conditions The Course Procedures Conditions Draws and Seeding Starting Time Keeping and Starting Surfing Finish Riding Time Points Allocation Number of Rides Judging Short Board Wave Riding Criteria Long Board Wave Riding Criteria Judging Philosophy Scoring Judging Panel and Master Card Page vii

10 7.4.6 Recording Missed Ride by Judges Interference Processing Judges' Cards Processing the Master Card Equal Points Surf Board Variations Board Teams Riding SECTION 8 MULTI-DISCIPLINE EVENTS 8.1 General Conditions Ironman And Ironwoman General The Course The Procedure Ironman and Ironwoman Variations Six Person Taplin Relay General Conditions The Course Procedure Taplin Relay Variations Lifesaver Relay General Conditions The Course Procedure Cameron Relay General Conditions The Course Procedure Cameron Relay Variations Surf Board Rescue Race General Conditions The Course Procedure SECTION 9 BEACH EVENTS 9.1 Beach Sprint The Course Procedure Judging Beach Relay The Course Procedure Judging/Change Over All Age Beach Relay The Course Procedure Beach Flags The Course General Conditions Competing for Flags/Deliberate Impedance Effect of Elimination and Disqualification Procedure The Start Judging km Beach Run Page viii

11 9.5.1 The Course Procedure Equipment and Apparel km Beach Run Relay The Course Procedure Equipment and Apparel SECTION 10 MARCH PAST EVENT 10.1 General Conditions Procedure Formation Team Commands Drill Procedures Marching Quick Marching Marking Time Halting Standing at Ease Standing at Attention Wheeling Marshalling nd Course Marshalling of Teams Colour Party Incomplete Teams Course Wheeling Points Halting Parading Exit Judging And Fault Allocations Judges Section Procedures and Judging Time and Step Arm Swing Wheeling Leg Action Spacing and Dressing Covering Body Carriage and Presentation Length Of Pace SECTION 11 POOL RESCUE EVENTS 11 Pool Rescue Events General Special Conditions for SLSA Competitions Swim Fin Specifications for U13 and Under Age Category Events Swim Fin Specifications for U14 and Over Age Category Events Rubber Bricks Specification for U13 and Under Age Category Events Specific SLSA Event Rules m Swim with Fins m Brick Carry m Manikin Carry (35m carry distance) m Line Throw m Patient Tow with Fins Page ix

12 x 25m Brick Relay SECTION 12 COMPETITION ADMINISTRATION 12.1 Conducting Competitions and Events Competition Calendar Administration Organising Committee Competition Committee Safety and Emergency Committee Competition Officials General Team Events SLSA Permission to enter Competitions Competitions and/or displays conducted by other organisations Late Entries/Additional Entries Awards after Closing Dates Refusal of Entries Trophies, Prizes and Eligibility Officials and Competitors Oaths Officials Oath Competitors Oath Diagrams Layout of Typical Surf Carnival Craft Buoy Line and Anchor Specification General Arrangement of Swimming Buoys Lines and Anchors General Arrangement of Boat Buoys Lines and Anchors Typical Craft Finishing Poles and Metal Bases SECTION 13 OFFICIALS AND THEIR DUTIES 13.1 Appointments Application for Appointment Notification of Appointments Dress of Competition Officials Committees and Officials Organising Committee Competition Committee Safety and Emergency Committee Competition Disciplinary Committee Competition Appeals Panel Appeals Committee Convener Technical Officials Referee Deputy Referee Area Referee Sectional Referee Referee Steward Competition Liaison Personnel Course Supervisor(s) Scrutineer Coordinator Gear And Equipment Coordinator Announcing Coordinator Judges General Chief Judges Finish Judges Page x

13 Lane Judge (IRBs) Course Judges Specialist Judges Electronic Specialist Judges Timekeeping Judges Recording Judges Starter Check Starter Marshall Check Marshall Presentation Steward Safety Officials Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator (SEMC) Area Risk and Response Officers (Arro s) Power Craft Coordinator Water Safety Coordinator Water Safety Personnel Communications Coordinator Medical/First Aid Coordinator Appendix A Competition Administration and Officials Organisation Flow Chart215 SECTION 14 PROTESTS, APPEALS and DISCIPLINE 14.1 Conduct And Discipline Generally Penalties Protests Protest Categories Lodging A Protest Protest Adjudication Competition Appeals Committee Powers Structure And Functions Competition Disciplinary Committee Purpose And Powers Structure And Functions Procedure SLSA Protest Form Page xi

14 TABLE OF FIGURES Figure 1 Typical Inflatable Rescue Boat Competition Area Figure 2 Surf Race and Surf Teams Race Figure 3 Surf Belt Race Figure 4 Rescue Tube Rescue Race (4 Person) Figure 5 Rescue Tube Rescue Race (2 Person) Figure 6 Rescue Tube Race (1 Person) Figure 7 Run Swim Run Figure 8 Wading Race Figure 9 Wading Relay Figure 10 Surf Reel Dimensions Figure 11 Surf Reel Dimensions Figure 12 Surf Reel Dimensions Figure 13 Surf Line Testing Gauge Figure 14 Modified South African Release Belt Construction Figure 15 Modified South African Release Belt Construction Figure 16 Fineprint Surf Belt Figure 17 Commonly Used Knots Figure 18 Surf Boat Race Figure 19 Surf Boat Turns at Buoys Figure 20 Surf Boat Race Optional Start and/ar Finish Figure 21 Under 15 Masters Surf Board Race and Under 17 / Masters Ski Race Figure 22 Under 9 / Under 14 Surf Board Race Figure 23 Board Relay Race Figure 24 Ski Relay Race Figure 25 Ironman, Ironwoman and Taplin Relay Figure 26 Lifesaver Relay Race Figure 27 Cameron Relay Race Figure 28 Surf Board Rescue Race Figure 29 Beach Sprint and Beach Relay Figure 30 Beach Flags (one elimination per run-through) Figure 31 Beach Flags (twoeeliminations per run-through) Figure 32 2km Beach Run and Beach Run Relay Figure 33 Formation ff March Past Team Figure 34 Wheeling Diagram Open and Under Figure 35 Wheeling Diagram Under 14 and Under Figure 36 March Past Arena Layout Figure 37 March Past Judge's Card Front Figure 39 March Past Master Card Front Figure 40 March Past Master Card Back Figure 41 Layout of Typical Surf Carnival Figure 42 Craft Buoy Line and Anchor Specification Figure 43 General Arrangement Of Swimming Buoys Lines and Anchors Figure 44 General Arrangement Of Boat Buoys Lines and Anchors Figure 45 Typical Craft Finishing Poles and Metal Bases Figure 46 SLSA Protest Form Page xii