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1 Medway Aquathlon race instructions Sunday 19 th April 2015, Please note: the race instructions are subject to change (see publication date at top of page), including possible alterations to the course, so please check back at VENUE Medway Park, Mill Road, Gillingham, ME7 1HF EVENT TIMETABLE Registration and transition opens Race One: Tristart (Age 8) Race Two: Tristar 1 (Age 9/10) Race Three: Tristar 2 (Age 11/12) Race Four: Tristar 3 (Age 13/14) Prize giving for Races One to Three Race Five: Youth (Age 15/16) Race Six: Junior (Age 17/19) + Adult (Age 20 and over) Prize giving for Races Four to Six

2 Before the race TRAVEL Please refer to the Medway Park web site for full travel details here. There is a large pay and display car park at Medway Park, but it s possible there may be free parking on the day (this cannot be confirmed until closer to the event). There are a number of other events taking place at Medway Park on the same day, so you may wish to arrive early to get a parking space on site. If you plan to cycle to Medway Park, there are bike racks available, but bikes will be left at your own risk. Medway Park car park Mill Road WHAT TO WEAR Competitors need to come prepared with the right clothing. For the swim section you can wear a swim suit, trunks or a trisuit. A swim cap should also be worn and you will be given a cap when you register on the day. For the run, competitors need to put on a T-shirt and a pair of trainers. Shorts can also be worn over the swimwear, but this is optional. If you are wearing a trisuit, a T-shirt is not required.

3 REGISTRATION The registration desk will be located in the conference room, which will be signposted from the main reception. Turn right just after reception - on walking up the ramp, it is the first room on right. Registration will be open from and all competitors must be registered at least 30 minutes before the start of their race. You will need to tell the registration marshals your name then each competitor will receive: Race number to attach to transition bag Swim cap Day Race Licence for competitors who are not members of the British Triathlon Federation. If you have a BTF membership card, please remember to bring it with you, otherwise you will have to purchase a day licence for ( 1 Children, 3 Adult). Goodie bag Please note, we will not be using paper-based race numbers. Competitors will be 'body marked' (with a pen) with their race number on their upper arms and both legs. The swim and run course maps contained in these race instructions will also be displayed in the registration area. MARSHALS To ensure competitors safety and security, there will be marshals at the registration desk, by the poolside and stationed at key points throughout the run course. They will be happy to answer any questions from competitors and spectators, and to provide assistance during the race if necessary. MedwayTri s health, safety and welfare officer has been specified as the nominated child safe guarder for the event and will be available on the day. If anyone has any concerns or questions regarding child safety please contact Richard Ebank on TRANSITION AREA Transition is the area where competitors move from the swim to the run. After they have registered, all aquathlon competitors must place a bag in the transition area with the T-shirt they will be wearing for the run. A towel can also be left in the bag for those wishing to dry their feet before the run. Within transition there will be age group pens one pen for each race. For example, all eight year olds competing in the Tristart event will have a marked area just for their bags. Adults/helpers can assist child competitors to set up their bags and belongings in the transition area, but they will not be allowed in to transition once the race is underway. Competitors will need to remember where they have left their bag, and must not move anyone else s bag.

4 The race RACE BRIEFING Competitors must be at the poolside ten minutes before their start time for the race briefing. SWIM SECTION All competitors must wear the swim cap provided. Briefing will be at the latest five minutes before the race start on poolside and will include the swim and run brief, but marshals will be stationed throughout the run course to direct competitors. Adults and juniors will start from the deep end as it is easier to exit the pool here, all children will exit from the steps any adults needing the steps to exit will be given an outside lane. Competitors in races 1 to 5 will start 15 to 20 seconds apart (dependent on numbers in age group) and will start slowest first. This will lead to a more exciting spectacle and children will be briefed fully on how to overtake, this will help build their swim experience in the sport. The briefing will include an explanation of snake swimming which is how to switch between lanes at the end of each length (see maps below). The exit steps will be close to transition, with matting leading from the steps into the transition zone. All competitors must use the steps. For the Adult race (no. 6), swimmers will start in waves, with the slowest wave starting first. Each wave will consist of 12 swimmers (two per lane). All swimmers will complete the whole 500m in the part of the lane allocated to them (either the left or right hand side of the lane). The next wave will not commence until all 12 swimmers from the previous wave start have completed and exited the pool. Lifeguards will be on poolside and several first aiders around the course. Spectators cannot directly access the poolside, but have a great view from the viewing gallery where an exit is available to the run course via the fire escape so supporters can track participants progress. The swim course for each race is shown in the diagrams below.

5 Race 1: Tristart (Age 8) Start time 09:00 25m Into Transition 50m Swim Enter Lane 3, Swim Start lane 2, Switch under rope to lane 1, Exit Lane 1 Race 2: Tristar 1 (Age 9-10) Start time 09:20 25m Into Transition 150m Swim Enter Lane 4, Swim start lane 3, 2 Lengths per lane, Switch under rope to each lane, Exit Lane 1

6 Race 3: Tristar 2 (Age 11-12) Start time 09:40 25m Into Transition 200m Swim Enter Lane 5, Swim start lane 4, 2 Lengths per lane, Switch under rope to each lane, Exit Lane 1 Race 4: Tristar 3 (Age 13-14) Start time 10:00 25m Into Transition 250m Swim Enter Lane 6, Swim start lane 5, 2 Lengths per lane, Switch under rope to each lane, Exit Lane 1

7 Race 5: Youth (Age 15-16) Start time 10:20 25m Into Transition 300m Swim Enter Lane 6, 2 Lengths per lane, Switch under rope to each lane, Exit Lane 1

8 TRANSITION Competitors leave the pool area via a signed exit to transition (orange area in diagram below). Swim caps and goggles must be placed inside the competitors bag, and a T-shirt must be put on for the run, with the race number pinned to the T-shirt (or attached to a race belt). Please note once the race has started, parents/helpers are not allowed in the transition area, nor can they provide help to children on any part of the course help can be provided by the marshals. RUN SECTION Tristart (Age 8) Run 600m Tristar 1 (Age 9/10) Run 1500m Tristar 2 (Age 11/12) Run 2000m Tristar 3 (Age 13/14) Run 2500m Youth (Age 15/16) Run 3000m Adult (Age 17 and over) Run 5000m Every run course covers a slightly different distance, and the routes can be seen in the diagrams below. The run courses stay within the grounds of Medway Park. The surface of each run course includes stretches of short grass and tarmac, before finishing on the running track. The run routes will be well signed with marshals at key points, and with fencing or barrier tape running along most of the route making it easy to follow. As with the swim course, the marshals are there to ensure competitors are safe and to provide help where needed. Water in cups will be available at the beginning of the run course and for competitors in races 4, 5 and 6 when they begin their next laps.




12 FINISH The finish line is on the race track, where all finishers will be presented with a medal. Water and snacks will also be provided. TIMING The race will be chip timed again this year, with times taken at swim start, transition exit and run finish. Transition will be included in the swim time. RESULTS Interim results will be available soon after the last competitor has crossed the line in each race, and these will determine the prize winners. The full interim results will be posted on the MedwayTri website on the same evening. Please contact the race organiser as soon as possible ( if you have any issues with the online results. The results will be declared final by Monday 20 April. PRIZES Prize giving will be behind the grandstand, adjacent to the running track. 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd male and female in each race will receive a prize. Best Junior Team Trophy A trophy will be awarded to the best Junior team. This will be calculated by taking the best 5 scoring positions across Tristart, Tristar 1, Tristar 2, Tristar 3 and Youth categories. The first placed boy in each category will be awarded 1 point, the second placed boy will be awarded 2 points and so on down to the final finisher. The same will apply to the girls races. The lowest 5 scores will be taken and the team with the lowest total will be declared the winners and presented with the trophy. In the event of a tie/draw, the team with the highest positioned last scorer will be declared the winner. COLLECTING BAGS FROM TRANSITION Once competitors have finished their race, they will need to show their race number to be able to collect their bag from transition. SPECTATORS There will be a variety of viewing areas for family and friends, including the gallery above the main pool, limited space at the pool side, and at various points along the run course. Marshals will be happy to direct spectators to best viewing points on the day. When moving around the course to spectate, please stay off the run course and cross only at the designated crossings. RACE RULES Competitors are not allowed to wear MP3 players anywhere on the race course. For a detailed list of race rules, please refer to the British Triathlon Rule Book here. TOILETS/ CHANGING/SHOWERS These are all available in the changing areas at Medway Park, including lockers which require a 1 coin (this is returned after use). There are no toilets on the run course. FIRST AID There will be qualified first aiders on site throughout the day. If competitors are having any difficulties, they should inform any marshal. CATERING The café/bar at Medway Park overlooks the pools, and will be open from 10am to 5.30pm on race day. See cafe menu here.

13 Frequently Asked Questions (with thanks to our friends at 7Oaks Tri Club) We hope that everything you need to know is contained in the race instructions, but here are some other useful pointers. 1. Are these races suitable for beginners or first timers? Yes, that is exactly who they are aimed at. We want to show that triathlon is a friendly and inclusive sport, with races suited to all standards of competitor. We asked you for your estimated swim time when you booked to help us plan for the staggered swim starts, but there will be no cut off time for finishing your race 2. I have a disability. Can I still take part? Please to see how we may be able to work with you if you need any accommodation 3. What equipment do I need to take part? We recommend that you swim with googles but these are not essential. We will provide you with a swim cap. You will need some shoes to run in, but it s up to you if you want to wear socks for the run. You can run in your swim shorts / swimming costume and you will need a T-shirt or top to put on for the run. You must also bring a small bag for transition 4. Can I withdraw? Will I get a refund? You may withdraw at any time, but there will be no refund as race numbers and all other aspects of the race will have been finalised 5. I have a medical condition. Should I tell anyone about it at the race? If the medical condition could influence any emergency treatment that you may need in case of emergency or could be an issue during the race, then YES you should tell us. PLEASE tell the registration team that you need to complete a medical form. They will give this to you to fill in at registration in confidence. It will then be given to the first aiders 6. What should I eat before I race? It is important that you avoid having a large meal before you race. Eat something light so that you have digested it by the time you race 7. Can my parents / friends take pictures of me racing? Yes. However, the British Triathlon Federation (BTF) require any person taking pictures at a children s event to have given their name and address at registration. Once your parents/friends have given their details they will be given a sticker to show they have complied with the BTF requirements. This also goes for cameraphones as well. Anyone who is taking photos at the event without this tag will be asked to register their details. Please ensure your parents/friends know about this. Should the marshals see anyone taking pictures who are not displaying a sticker, they will be asked to register as above. This is something we are required to do by the BTF 8. Where should we report or go for lost children? If any lost children are found, then they will be taken to the reception area at the main entrance