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1 Melbourne Event Guide SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 CATANI GARDENS, ST KILDA Event site opens 6:30am Check-in: Anytime from 6:30-8:00am First group starts: from 8:30am Presented by

2 Contents Event Schedule...3 Bupa Team Family Checklist...4 Bupa Top Tips For Your Day...5 Parking...6 Step-by-Step-Guide Check-In Numbering Transition What To Leave In Transition Teams Of Two Event Village Briefing The Swim The Bike The Run Bike Release...12 Haier Help Team...12 Village Map...13 Course Map...14 Rules & Safety...15 First Aid...15 What You Get...15 Lost Kids...15 Nivea Sun Care Tips...16 Elastoplast Injury Prevention Tips...16 Prizes...17 Visit Our Sponsors...18 MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 2

3 Event Day schedule Times are subject to change. Use as a guide only. Check Information Boards or with a Haier Help Team member upon arrival for an up-to-date schedule. Calls to Briefing for each age group will be announced by the Commentator, so please listen for your cap colour this may happen outside of the times listed below. 6:30AM VILLAGE OPENS. Enjoy a Weet-Bix Breakfast and lots of fun activities START DOWN TIME 7 years Green 6:30-8:00am 8:00am 9:28am 9:56am 10:04am START Enjoy the event village 8 years Yellow 6:30-8:00am 8:00am 9:05am 9:20am 9:48am START Enjoy the event village 9 years Orange 6:30-8:00am 8:00am 10:09am 10:35am 10:44am START Enjoy the event village 10 years Light Blue 6:30-8:00am 8:00am 9:56am 10:09am 10:24am START Enjoy the event village 11 years Purple 6:30-8:00am 8:00am 8:26am 8:48am 9:03am START Enjoy the event village 12 years Silver 6:30-8:00am 8:00am 8:16am 8:32am 8:48am START Enjoy the event village yrs Black 6:30-8:00am 8:00am 7:45am 8:15am 8:31am START Enjoy the event village 7-10 yrs Teams Red 6:30-8:00am 8:00am 9:05am 9:20am 9:40am START Enjoy the event village yrs Teams Navy 6:30-8:00am 8:00am 7:45am 8:15am 8:30am START Enjoy the event village MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 3

4 BUPA Team Fa m i ly C h e c k l i s t Official Event Participant Shirt Bib Number on Official T-shirt Towel Swimmers Goggles Bike Helmet Bupa Visor participants will receive this in their Event Kit or on the day 30+ Spare shirt & shoes/thongs Running Shoes Full Water Bottle (your child will need to leave their event top and shoes at the bike transition area before their event starts) Sunscreen also available at Bupa s Team Family Zone Wide brimmed hat for each family member participants will get a Bupa visor in their rego pack on the day Snacks not just for the TRYathletes, but also the rest of your Team Family Picnic rug Card games / other activities to keep the family entertained and having fun during the day MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 4

5 Bupa TEAM FAMILY Top TIPS FOR YOUR DAY The Weet-Bix Kids TRY is an exciting day for kids and parents alike. We ve spoken to some families who have shared their top tips on making the day enjoyable for the whole family. This can be especially helpful if this is your family s first time at the event, or you have more than one child participating, as there can be a lot of information to take in. Packing a picnic rug, snacks, chilled water and card games can go a long way in helping to keep the team occupied during the day. This can be especially useful if you have multiple kids finishing the event at different times, so that they know where to find you. Arrive early and visit the Bupa Team Family Zone before the first event starts to create a Team Support Board together. This way, your kids will be able to keep an eye out for your special board as they are making their way through the course (Look out for the Bupa Optical Family Viewing spots for the best vantage point!) If you can, it is a great idea to carpool with friends in the same age group. To put you in the best position to see all of your children participate, check the event day schedule (on page 3 of this guide) before the event and look for the start times of each child. This will help the whole team know where each member will be and coordinate meeting times. MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 5

6 PA R K I N G P P Some Free Off Street Parking is available. Ensure you read Council Parking signs carefully. Come early and make getting a park easier for you and your family! MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 6

7 Step-By-Step Guide 1. Check-in Check-In opens at 6.30am and closes at 8.00am, we advise that you come earlier rather than later! Express Check-In If you already have your participant t-shirt and bib number: Proceed to the EXPRESS Check-In line. Have your bib number ready to be scanned. Everyone must be scanned in for safety and insurance purposes and you could win some cool prizes! Pickup up your swim cap. This will be colour coded to your age group and must be worn in the swim leg. REGULAR Check-In If you already have your bib number but don t have your participant shirt: Proceed to the REGULAR Check-In line at the Scan Check-In tent. Have your bib number ready to be scanned. Everyone must be scanned in for safety and insurance purposes and you could win some cool prizes! Pickup up your participant shirt and your swim cap. Your swim cap will be colour coded to your age group and must be worn in the swim leg. IMPORTANT Pick up swim cap Manual Check-in If you have not yet received your bib number or participant t-shirt: Go to the Manual Check-In tent where you will receive your bib number and participant t-shirt. You will then have your bib number scanned and be given your swim cap after which you can proceed directly to numbering 2. Numbering Once you have passed through Check-In and have your swim cap it is important you look for the Numbering flags where you will have one of our friendly Haier Help Team volunteers write your bib number on your right arm and leg. This is just like in all Triathlons and will also help our event photographers recognise you! MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 7

8 Step-By-Step Guide 3. Transition This will be done in three parts, following the final rider for the 7 & 8 Years, 9 & 10 Years and 11-15years. Make sure you have been through Scan Check-In, you have your swim cap and your numbers on your right arm and leg you will need these before you can enter transition. You will need your helmet on your head and done up on entry into the Transition area for our Triathlon Australia officials to check. 1 parent only may help you rack your bike and set up. It is important to check which animal is on the end of your row this will help you find your bike when you return from the swim! During the event, our friendly Haier Help Team volunteers will be there to help you with anything you need, just raise your hand. They are experts at shoes laces and getting heavy bikes down off the racks. Please Note: During the Event you will need to listen out for the MC for the bike release. The bike release will be completed in 3 sections in the following order ( yr yr yr). Bikes will not be allowed to exit until the final Rider in each age section finishes the Bike Course Take note of the Bike release notes on Page 12 of this guide TIPS FOR A CORRECT FIT 1. Position the helmet so that it protects your forehead (1-2 fingers above your eyebrows) 2. Secure the clip on the strap under your chin and tighten the strap up so you can still fit one finger under it to make sure it isn t too tight. 3. The plastic clips on each side of the strap should be slid up to make a triangle that meets just below your ears. 4. The helmet should fit your head so that it touches on all sides and can t be slid forwards, backwards or side to side. Use the extra pads supplied with your helmet to ensure a snug fit. MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 8

9 Step-By-Step Guide 4. What to leave in transition Official Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon T-shirt with Bib Number attached. Bike with security sticker attached. Helmet with the security sticker attached. Runners / socks. Towel. Water Bottle (filled with water). Any medication you think your child may need use of during the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon (eg. Asthma puffer). Bupa TEAM FAMILY Tips For Your Familys First tryathlon Transition Tie a ribbon to your child s bike to help them identify their bike easily. Writing out the steps and leaving it on the front of your child s transition bag can be really helpful, especially for younger kids: Shoes and shirt on, swimming cap and goggles off, hat/ visor for the run, helmet for the ride. Test their helmet before the event to make sure it fits them correctly. Multi-use pants (such as bike shorts) that can be worn comfortably in the swim, cycle and run can help reduce the time to change between legs. Remember to bring plenty of sunscreen. It s a great idea to pop a small tube in your child s transition bag so they can re-apply after the swim if required. Write your child s name and phone number on everything to reduce the risk of losing items. Once your child has finished their TRYathlon they will need to wait until the end of the event before they can go back into the transition area. It s a good idea to pack an additional bag which you can keep with you. Helpful items to pack include: sunscreen, change of clothes, some snacks and water and some activities to keep them occupied. MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 9

10 Step-By-Step Guide 5. Teams of Two Teams of Two: Teams are made up of two participants; participant 1 will complete the swim and participant 2 will complete the bike leg, then both participants complete the run leg together, crossing the finish line to receive their champion medals! Both participants must attend the event briefing together at the Swim Area. Bike riders will then be escorted to the transition area to wait by the bike for their swimmer to complete the swim. They tag and the swimmer waits in Transition for the rider to return and they both 6. Event Village SEE PAGE 13 FOR EVENT VILLAGE MAP. The event village is full of fun activities for you and your family to enjoy while you wait for your start time. The Village will be set up all morning and afternoon for your extra enjoyment when you or your supporters are not on the course. It is important to listen out for the call for your age group to proceed to the briefing area by the pool. There is no need to go prior to the call for your age group. Keep hydrated & fuel up on a FREE Weet-Bix breakfast for both participants AND supporters! Before the event, grab your Team Family and head to the Bupa Team Family Zone to create a support board together. Kick a ball in the Weet-Bix Soccer Trick Shots zone. Hit a six at the Weet-Bix Cricket zone. Grab a coffee, or breakfast. Enjoy the park after the event. Have your photo taken at the champion zone at the finish line. Catch up with our ambassadors/celebrities to get their autograph or a photo with them. PLUS more to see and do for the whole family at the other sports and activity exhibits. After the event, celebrate as a team by taking a fun photo at the Bupa Team Family Zone. PARENTS NOTE THAT bikes must remain in transition until the Event Director says they may be removed. This will be announced via the event PA system. MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 10

11 Step-By-Step Guide 7. Briefing TRYathletes - This is where you say goodbye to your family and join the other participants to prepare for the event. You will be briefed by the Swim Team Leader, so make sure you listen carefully for any last minute tips. Please wait in the event village until your child s cap colour has been called before heading to the Weet-Bix Briefing Arch this will be located at the Southern end of the Park, near the Squadron Yacht Club. Following signage that says Swim this way. Teams of two: Both participants should attend briefing and the cyclists will be escorted to their bikes ready for their swim partner to tag them. 8. The Swim The participants will go to the briefing area and mums n dads will need to follow direction from the Haier Help Team into the seating area inside the St Kilda Harbour Area on Pier Road. WHAT TO TAKE TO THE SWIM Swim Cap Goggles 9. The Bike Look out for the animal row your bike is in and locate your bike. Make sure you take off your swim cap and goggles and leave by your bike. It is important to put your helmet, participant T-shirt and shoes on before you pick up your bike. Ensure your shoelaces are tucked into your shoes. Do not ride your bike in the transition area, you must walk it until you reach the hop on sign. When riding stick to the left hand side. Remember to slow down and brake at the corners. MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 11

12 Step-By-Step Guide 10. The RUN Be sure to take your helmet off and leave it with your bike. Put on your Bupa visor for some sun protection and your the chance to win a Red Balloon Voucher! Once you cross the finish line find mum and dad (It s a great idea to choose a meeting point at the beginning of the day). 11. Bike Release Bikes will be released in 3 separate sections: Stage 1: 11-15years olds Stage 2: 7-8 year olds Stage 3: 9-10 year olds PLAYGROUND Ensure you listen out for the MC BIKE RELEASE POINT and take note of the Bike release area. This is the only area where you can get your bike out of transition. Near the playground at the Northen end of the park. The Haier Help Team can direct you to this point. Also check the Course Maps around the village area. We appreciate your patience and please understand it is for the Safety of everybody. Thank you T EVENT VILLAGE T FINISH Haier Help Team Haier appliances are designed to make everyday life easier for Australian families. That s why Haier are supporting our TRYathletes at home and on the course. The Haier Help Team are instrumental in making a real difference to Aussie kids as we encourage them to get off the couch, give physical activity a TRY and get a great boost in self-confidence. The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon wouldn t be the largest kids triathlon series in the world without our army of over 1,600 amazing volunteers who make a huge contribution to the events year after year. Haier appliances are designed to make everyday life easier for Australian families. MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 12

13 Village MAP 1. Haier Obstacle 2. Haier Marquee 3. Elastoplast 4. Weet-Bix Soccer Activation 5. Weet-Bix Breakfast 6. Weet-Bix Cricket Activation 7. Coffee 8. BBQ 9. Asics 10. Trek Merchandise 11. Nivea Sun 12. Weet-Bix Skin Transfer 13. Bupa Team Family Zone 24 BEACONSFIELD PD Sports Expos + ADRA 15. Triathlon Australia 16. Merchandise 17. Try Hero Signing 18. Medical 19. Cool Zone Champ Zone 21. Information 22. Scan Check-In 23. Hydration Station 24. Trek Service 25. Toilets 2 FINISH MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 13

14 FINISH Course MAP BEACONSFIELD PARADE Swim Bike Bike release T Village area Finish line Scan Check-In Manual Check-In Numbering EVENT VILLAGE T FINISH Run 7 10yrs / 11-15yrs 2nd lap Run 11 15yrs 1st lap T B Transition First Aid Briefing area Toilets BIKE RUN INSET B MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 14

15 Rules and Safety There are very simple rules for this event: Follow the directions given to you by Team Leaders, Haier Help Team and other event officials. Remain respectful and courteous to one another. Helmet must be on correctly, and done up securely before unracking bike and bike must be racked again before undoing helmet. Kids must take care on corners particularly if conditions are wet. Road closures are in place. Rules are to keep left unless overtaking- remember that the bike course is like a normal road, and normal road rules apply. The official Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon T-shirt must be worn during the ride and run. Familiarise yourself with the course view Information boards located throughout the event arena to check the maps. Kids are NOT to move other participant s bikes or gear in the transition area at anytime. Kids must do up their shoelaces and tuck into shoes before they start to ride their bike. Elastoplast First Aid Station There will be a Elastoplast First Aid Station station located within the village in the red medical tent staffed by paramedics. There will be First Aiders and paramedics on the course. If you experience a medical problem on course tell an activity Team Leader or Haier Help Team volunteer, and they will provide assistance. If you suffer from asthma, please remember to bring your asthma puffer with you. What you Get The fantastic Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon official t-shirt, along with your bib number. It s important that you bring these both along on the day. Plus, you will also receive other great offers and gifts from sponsors. FREE breakfast on the day. You will receive your swim cap on the day as you Check-In on your way to transition. Lost Kids It is a great idea to point out the Information/Meeting Point tent to children prior to the start of the event. Any lost property that is handed in will also be lodged with the Haier Help Team personnel at the Information tent. MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 15

16 Nivea Sun Care Tips Elastoplast Injury Prevention Tips Prevention is by far the best method of avoiding unnecessary pain and injury that may keep you from playing. Although many accidents are unpredictable, there are a number of proactive ways you can help prevent injuries from occurring. Stretch and warm up your muscles By warming up your muscles, you make them more flexible which allows you to move your joints through their full range of motion Drink lots of water Playing in hot weather results in extra fluid loss or dehydration so remember to drink before, during and after each leg of the TRYathlon Go at your own pace Doing too much too soon may cause injury. Don t exert yourself too far beyond your level of fitness. Just take your time and go at your own pace. Good luck and have fun! MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 16

17 Prizes Event Day Prize packs Four awesome Trek kids bikes and four Bontrager kids helmets to be won at each event. Bike winners are connected with their local friendly Trek retailer after the event for a professional bike fitting. Four Arena prize packs to be won at the event, each containing an Arena kickboard, googles and goggle case, swim cap and mesh swim bag. Two Asics prize packs to be won at the event, each containing an Asics backpack, visor and running MP3/iPod pocket. Terms and Conditions apply. Haier Event Day Competition Visit the Haier tent to enter the competition to be in to win $2,500 RRP worth of Haier appliances of your choice for your home. Who wouldn t want to choose a new Haier fridge, washer or dryer to help make your everyday life easier? Terms and Conditions apply. Visit the Haier marquee for details. Bupa Visor Competition Kids make sure you re wearing your Bupa visor throughout event day because five lucky participants spotted wearing their Bupa visor will be chosen at random to win a $100 Red Balloon voucher. Terms and Conditions apply. Visit the Bupa marquee for details. Weet-Bix Skin Transfer Competition Kids, get your free Weet-Bix Skin Transfer on event day because five lucky kids wearing skin transfers will be chosen at random to win an awesome Super Soaker! Terms and Conditions apply. Visit the Skin Transfer area for details. Event Day Social Media Competition Upload and post photos at the event to Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtag #aussiekidstry for your chance to win prizes each hour thanks to Weet-Bix. Your photo could also be featured on our page! Terms and Conditions apply. MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 17

18 Visit Our Sponsors Weet-Bix Breakfast For your FREE breakfast, head to the Weet-Bix Breakfast tent to make your own Weet-Bix with Australian Bananas, just how you like it! Then test out your batting skills at the Weet-Bix Six cricket zone and the new Weet-Bix Soccer Challenge. Weet-Bix Merchandise Make sure you check out the Weet-Bix merchandise tent for some great items at special event day prices. Make sure you grab an exclusive Weet-Bix Showbag with a huge $32 worth of value for only $15! Visit the Bupa Team Family Zone first thing in the morning to create your free Bupa Support Board. Make sure you also take a fun, free family photo to capture the excitement of the day. Kids, race your friends on the Haier inflatable obstacle course. Mums and dads, while you re there, enter the competition at the Haier marquee for your chance to win $2,500 RRP worth of Haier appliances for your home. Kids, stick around to pull on an Elastoplast sticky suit and have a go of the Elastoplast sticky wall to see how high you can jump and stick! Whether it s a sunny event event or a little overcast, don t forget to reapply your sunscreen at the NIVEA SUN Hydration and Protection Zone. Don t be fooled by those clouds! UV rays can penetrate through clouds and water. Whether cycling is how you get around or why you get out of bed every morning, Trek has a bike for every way you ride. Come and see the team at the Trek marquee to see why families across Australia are choosing Trek. ASICS provides the best possible shoes for active kids with growing feet. So whatever sport your kids play, protect them with a pair of ASICS technical sports shoes. Visit the ASICS event day marquee for great savings on all running shoes and accessories available exclusively here today at the Weet- Bix Kids TRYathlon. Our photographic partner, Supersport Images are here today, capturing shots of all of the action. If you pre-purchased the photo pack when you registered, then look out for the with download instructions after the event. If you didn t pre-purchase photos, you can still purchase photos after the event keep an eye on your for details. MELBOURNE SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2017 page 18