Indoor Volleyball Rules & Regulations

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1 Indr Vlleyball Rules & Regulatins

2 Mdificatins have been made t suit the University f Arkansas-Little Rck Intramural Sprts prgrams. Sectin 1: Eligibility All participants must prvide a current validated University f Arkansas-Little Rck ID befre participating and must be affiliated with the university as a student and/r faculty/staff. T be cnsidered a student, ne must be currently enrlled fr at least half f full-time requirements, 6 credit hurs fr undergraduate and 3 credit hurs fr graduate, in the fall/spring semester the sprt is ffered. Individuals wh enrll and then fficially drp their curses are n lnger cnsidered eligible. Please visit ur website at r call fr eligibility clarificatin. Current varsity vlleyball athletes are ineligible fr participatin. Teams may have tw (2) ex-varsity vlleyball players n their intramural rster. Sectin 2: Team Captain Respnsibilities Ensure their team members fllw all eligibility requirements. Team captains are als advised t seek clarificatin n special eligibility requirements, if necessary. Respnsible fr cmmunicating game time, lcatin, and ID plicy t teammates. Ensure teammates have a valid University f Arkansas-Little Rck ID r pht ID at befre game time t check in. Representing the team and cmmunicating with the fficials. The captain is the nly player permitted t discuss the game with fficials. Ensure gd team sprtsmanship amng teammates. Cperating with the Intramural Supervisrs at the game site cncerning any prtests, incidents r accidents that may ccur as well as with the Intramural Sprts staff the day fllwing such ccurrences. Sectin 3: Weather Cancellatins All decisins n game cancellatins due t weather related issues will be made by 3pm n the day f the scheduled game by the intramural sprt staff. Ntificatin will be sent via thrugh IMLeagues, Facebk (UALR Campus Recreatin) and Twitter (UALR_Recreatin) accunts. Sectin 4: Frmat f Play Minimum fur (4) game rund rbin league play. All teams must meet playff eligibility requirements t be eligible fr playffs. Team standings will be determined by the fllwing: Win Percentage Sprtsmanship Average Ttal Pints Earned Pint Differential Pint System +10 pints = Played Win, Win by Frfeit, r Win by Default +5 pints = Played Lss -10 pints = Lss by Frfeit -5 pints = Lss by Default +3 pints = Tie 1 Updated 8/5/15

3 Sectin 5: Playff Requirements Must have a minimum f a 3.5 sprtsmanship average. Must have nt frfeited at least ne (1) game. Must have nt defaulted at least tw (2) games. Sectin 6: Defaults/Frfeits Frfeit/Default time has been established as game time, teams shuld reprt t the screkeeper 15minutes prir t their game. A default ccurs when a team checks in with screkeeper and nly has less the than the minimum number f players t play at game time. The lsing team will receive 2pt average fr sprtsmanship and a scre f zer (0). The winning team will receive 4pt average fr sprtsmanship and a scre f three (3). A frfeit ccurs when n members f the team checks in with the screkeeper at game time. The lsing team will receive 0pt average fr sprtsmanship and a scre f zer (0). The winning team will receive 4pt average fr sprtsmanship and a scre f three (3). Sectin 7: Players/Rsters Team members must present their UALR ID r pht ID when checking in with the screkeeper fr every game played. Players may play n a Male r Female team and C-Rec team at the same time. MALE: A team rster must cnsist f a minimum f six (6) male and maximum f ten (10) players. FEMALE: A team rster must cnsist f a minimum f six (6) female players and maximum f ten (10) players. MALE/FEMALE: Games must begin with a minimum f fur (4) players. CO-REC: A team rster must cnsist f a minimum f three (3) male and three (3) female players and a maximum f five (5) male and five (5) female players fr a ttal f ten (10). CO-REC: Shrthanded rule, teams can play with the fllwing cmbinatins: 5 Players = 3 Male and 2 Female 4 players = 2 male and 2 female Sectin 8: Equipment Team Jerseys - Teams shall wear shirts that are f the same clr. Team jerseys must cntrast with the jerseys f the ppsing team. If teams are wearing the same clr jersey, the team listed as visitr will be required t change. Jerseys may nt be tied in a manner that creates any type f knt. Team jerseys must have a number placed n the frnt r back f the jersey. Jersey numbers shall cnsist f numbers 0-99; triple digit numbers, symbls, etc. are prhibited. Shes - Players must wear shes, either sft sled sccer/ftball cleats, tennis, r Astrturf shes. N sandals, bts, r metal/sharp plastic cleats will be allwed. N screw in r detachable cleats will be allwed. Supprts, Braces, Glves, and Pads - N casts/splints will be allwed under any circumstances. N pads r braces will be allwed abve the waist. Players wh wear a knee brace with expsed metal r metal hinges are required t cver it with at least ½ inch f clsed cell slw recvery rubber r ther material f the same minimum thickness and physical prperties. Players may als wear glves, which cnsist f a sft, pliable nn-abrasive material. Kneepads f a sft pliable nature will be allwed belw the waist. Any player wearing illegal r dangerus equipment shall nt be permitted t play. All equipment shall be subject t the apprval f the IMRS staff and their decisins shall be final. Headwear - Players may wear a ne-piece elastic headband made f a sft pliable material. They may als wear knit stcking caps in cld weather. Rubber r elastic clth bands may be used t cntrl hair. N ther headwear will be allwed. N baseball caps, bandannas (including "Drags") r helmets. 2 Updated 8/5/15

4 Jewelry - Jewelry r hard hair cntrl devices will nt be allwed. This includes but is nt limited t necklaces, earrings, newly pierced earrings, facial piercing, rings, bracelets & watches. Individuals will nt be allwed t tape ver any jewelry item. If yu cannt remve the item yu cannt play. Shrts/Pants - Shrts/Pants with belt lps and/r pckets are illegal. Sectin 9: Playing Rules A cin tss will be dne between the tw ppsing captain s. The winner has the chice f the fllwing: Serving the first game r chsing which side f the curt t defend. Beginning the secnd game the rles will be reversed Beginning the third game the rles will be reversed and teams will switch curts in the middle f the game when a team scres eight (8) pints. Games are played the best 3 f 5 matches in a 45-minute time frame. Games 1 & 2: Rally scring is in effect t fifteen (15) pints. Must win by tw (2). Game 3, 4, & 5: Rally scring is in effect t fifteen (15). Time-uts: One (1) thirty secnd time-ut per game. Substitutins: May ccur during any dead ball. The incming player must take the psitin and place in the serving rder f the player in which they are substituting. May be made at any time in case f injury. If n substitutins are available then the team can play with less than the minimum rster limit. Serving: Serving rder is set by rtating clckwise int the serving psitin. A serve can t be spiked. If a player serves ut f turn a side-ut shall be called as sn as the mistake is discvered. Any pints made by the illegal server shall be canceled. The serving rder shuld then be crrected immediately. Players must stay in their respective serving rder fr the entire game. At the beginning f a new game the players may be rearranged. A serve is a legal if it hits the net as lng as it ges ver the net and lands in bunds. Hitting Sequences: The ball must be given immediate impetus at cntact. A player may nt hit the ball twice in successin when playing the ball. Players may hit the ball with any part f the bdy n r abve the knee. The ball may be cntacted a maximum f three (3) times by a team befre it is sent ver the net. If tw r mre players f the same team cntact the ball simultaneusly, it is cnsidered ne hit. The players invlved may participate in the next play. Legal Net Play: If the ball tuches the net n the return, it must tuch the net between the markers and g ver int the ppnent s curt. A ball striking the net and ging ver is still in play. The ball may be played when any part f it has crssed the tp f the net. It is nt essential fr the entire ball t be n a player s side f the net befre played. The nly legal duble hit allwed is when executing a blck, the ball becmes thrugh the hands and hits anther part f the player s bdy. A ball ther than a service may be recvered frm the net prvided the player avids tuching the net. When bth teams cntact a ball simultaneusly and it becmes mtinless, a replay is ruled. Any part f the ball tuching a bundary line is cnsidered in bunds. Any ball striking any bject ver the curt r utside the bundary line will be cnsidered ut f bunds. 3 Updated 8/5/15

5 Illegal Net Play Hlding r pushing the ball against the net. Tuching the net with any part f the bdy while the ball is in play. If the ball is driven int the net with such it causes the net t cntact a player n the ppsing team, n ful shall be called and the ball shall cntinue t be in play. Reaching ver the net If a player reaches ver the net n the fllw thrugh a ful shall nt be called. If a player in an attempt t blck reaches ver the net n a fllw-thrugh, whether r nt they tuch the ball, a ful shall be called. If during an attempt t blck a ball, the ball is hit against the net with such frce that it causes the net t mve under the fingers r hand f the blcker, n ful shall be called. Reaching under the net: A player may nt reach under the net and tuch the ball r a player n the ppsing team when the ball is in play n their side. 4 Updated 8/5/15