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2 (MARKING GUIDELINE) -2- NC950(E)(N10)V QUESTION 1: LETTER Content Language/style Format Total Format 4: indicated with X (negative marking -1) Content 8: indicated with Language + Style 8 Refer to the rubric: The mark awarded for language must be in proportion to the content mark. Date (or on the right) (leave a line open) (X) Postal/ street address Town/City (capital letters) Postal Code (leave a line open) Date (or on the left) (must be written out in full: e.g. 7 November 2009) POSSIBLE EXAMPLES OF ADDRESSES 1 Church Street PO Box 65 House 934 Plot 345 Erica Court Extension Town/City Town/City Town/City Town/City Town/City Code Code Code Code Code (leave a line open) Dear Peter/Nomsa/friend/affectionate name (X) (any name) (leave a line open) Content: Content must be written in full sentences. The following guidelines are provided for the content of the letter. Introductory paragraph: Friendly, unrelated to topic: How are you, have not heard from you for a long time/how are you, how is your social life/so nice to hear from you. (leave a line open) Body in paragraphs, with lines open between paragraphs: Very proud to say that Bloemfontein has been chosen as a host city. There will be no problem finding accommodation/you can choose from/there is a wide variety of: luxury hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast, self-catering accommodation, camping sites /sure you will find what suits you and your family best.

3 (MARKING GUIDELINE) -3- NC950(E)(N10)V Lots to do for the whole family: Loch Logan Waterfront for shops, pubs, restaurants/sister can visit one of the most modern theatres in world: Sand du Plessis. Lots to do for parents who are animal and nature lovers: botanical garden with magnificent plants and trees; large zoo (variety of birds, animals (hippos, tigers); only reserve in world surrounded by a city. (Leave a line open) Concluding paragraph: Unrelated to topic: hope you will choose to visit our city/let me know if I can help with more information. (Leave a line open) Regards/ Warm regards/kind regards/greetings/your friend/any affectionate ending (X) Name/pet name/personal brand (X) Refer to the attached rubric for further marking guidelines. MARKS TO BE INDICATED UNDER THE FOLLOWING HEADINGS: C (CONTENT); F (FORMAT); L (LANGUAGE); T (TOTAL) [20] QUESTION Stadium False True Soccer City and Kings Park (1 mark each) 6 Johannesburg and Durban (1 mark each) There are areas/towns/cities in South Africa where no stadiums have been built/no soccer matches will be played in the World Cup in May also name a particular town/city/area e.g. Saldanha Bay/Mossel Bay/East London/The Karoo/The West Coast of South Africa. Accept any reasonable, relevant answer. C (Nelspruit) (2) (2) (10)

4 (MARKING GUIDELINE) -4- NC950(E)(N10)V QUESTION SABC Variety News Parson George Action Artcha Magazine/Arts & Culture (10) [20]

5 (MARKING GUIDELINE) -5- NC950(E)(N10)V QUESTION 4: FEEDBACK REPORT Content Language/style Total Language 10 Refer to the rubric: The mark awarded for language must be in proportion to the content mark. Country inspected South Africa (½) Date of inspection 30 October (to) 5 November 2009 (in full) Reason for inspection To determine progress made in preparation for the Soccer World Cup tournament of 2010 (½) Report compiled by Name of student/ Any name GENERAL INFORMATION Training facilities Many sports centres and stadiums are available. Transport Hotels Telecommunications Medical services Safety and Security The road network is first-rate. The four main airports in the country comply with international standards. (2) The country has excellent hotels. There are enough hotel rooms to accommodate everyone taking part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. (2) South Africa is the leading country in telecommunications in Africa and has an excellent existing capacity to meet every telecommunications and IT requirements (for the 2010 FIFA World Cup). (2) The health system has excellent facilities and perhaps one of the best private health systems in the world. (2) Although crime, the national police have enough experience with this kind of event to handle it without difficulty (despite crime). The security business in the country is a flourishing industry. (2) 20 November 2009 (½) Date of compilation Signature of Chairperson (deduct mark if name is printed)( ½) Refer to the attached rubric for further marking guidelines. [20]

6 (MARKING GUIDELINE) -6- NC950(E)(N10)V ASSESSMENT RUBRIC: FEEDBACK REPORT RUBIC - 20 MARKS CONTENT 15 PRESENTATION: LAYOUT, REGISTER & LANGUAGE Completely successful in achievement of 15 Language and register entirely intention. Feedback is supported by reasons. appropriate. Very good command of Shows both thoroughness and talent. language skills. Original / creative / imaginative Satisfactory understanding of task with some reasoning and details. Probably a little short, not so clearly expressed or lacks spark and imagination. Successful but unimpressive Does not fully understand the task but answer it. Too short and undeveloped / confusing or illogical. Contains some feedback with little details, but answer doesn't really work well. Less than successful. Limited relevance of simple content / made no effort / misunderstood the question. Ideas not developed and imagination very limited. Lack of relevant structure. Content irrelevant and muddled. Unable to give any feedback. No imagination. Complete lack of structure Plain statements without interesting vocabulary or sentence structure. Appropriate but ordinary. Free of serious errors but not very creative or interesting Very ordinary, rather boring vocabulary. Register not always appropriate. Some serious errors. No connectors. Weak paragraphing. 6-3 Major inconsistencies in language and style. Flawed language usage. Poor structure and very limited vocabulary. 2-1 Ranging from poor language, style and vocabulary to ungrammatical. Unreadable and unintelligible

7 (MARKING GUIDELINE) -7- NC950(E)(N10)V QUESTION 5: SMS Content Language Total Must mention the following detail in their sms: For those people who want to visit the city during Soccer World Cup 2010 the Sand Hotel is offering, rooms now at very low prices for a limited time. Families get a discount and all meals are included. They are urging people to phone them immediately on and not to miss out on this wonderful offer. The message: not less than 30 and not more than 35 words. Soccer World Cup 2010, come and visit us. For a limited time rooms at Sand Hotel Bloemfontein for families plus discount. (Very) Low prices. Do not miss out, phone us now on (33 words) Language 4 marks: 4 marks No abbreviations used No informal language used No spelling errors. 3 2 marks No abbreviations used No informal language used No more than 2 spelling errors. 1 mark No more than 2 abbreviations used There is evidence of informal language used No more than 3 spelling spelling errors. (10) MARKS TO BE INDICATED UNDER THE FOLLOWING HEADINGS: C (CONTENT); L (LANGUAGE); T (TOTAL)

8 (MARKING GUIDELINE) -8- NC950(E)(N10)V QUESTION 6: DIRECTIONS CONTENT LANGUAGE/STYLE TOTAL Content: 12X½=6 marks From Cape Town, turn right into the/take the Haldon Road Off Ramp. You are now in/drive down Haldon Road. Cross Victoria Road/At the cross road/crossing with Victoria Road, go straight over (into Parfitt Road). Drive down Parfitt Road/this road. The Sands Hotel is on the corner of Parfitt Road and Nelson Mandela Drive. Language and Style: 4 Excellent/exceptional language usage: 4 marks Good language with very few mistakes: 3 marks Points understood despite mistakes:1-2 marks Cannot make out anything which indicates that directions were given: 0 marks

9 (MARKING GUIDELINE) -9- NC950(E)(N10)V MARKS TO BE INDICATED UNDER THE FOLLOWING HEADINGS: C (CONTENT); L (LANGUAGE/STYLE); T (TOTAL) QUESTION 6: EDITING QUESTION 7: EDITING (10) [20] true will be ability in said preparations are from stadiums, transport infrastructure, security measures and ours South Africa s economic benefit of praised their Malawi - not underlined in paper, therefore unless student spotted this and corrected, must get a bonus mark = 1 national to (3) [20] TOTAL: 100

10 (MARKING GUIDELINE) -10- NC950(E)(N10)V 2010 'about changing perceptions' The true legacy of the 2010 Fifa World Cup "will be in our ability to showcase South African and African hospitality and humanity to change once and for all perceptions of our country and our continent among the peoples of the world," President Kgalema Motlanthe said in Cape Town on Friday. Delivering his state of the nation address in Parliament, Motlanthe urged all South Africans to join in and help showcase the country as the "rainbow nation" that it is. The President said South Africa's preparations for hosting both the 2009 Fifa Confederations Cup and 2010 Fifa World Cup were well on track. "Virtually all the projects and plans are completed or nearing completion - from stadiums, transport infrastructure, security measures and issues of accommodation to health and immigration plans confirming the confidence of the global soccer fraternity that ours will be a truly successful tournament," he said. South Africa's hosting of the two football tournaments would provide, at minimum, a temporary boost to capital inflows and domestic economic growth, the President added. Transport, tourism, and the informal sector - or "second economy" - would benefit directly from the massive influx of tourists destined for South Africa s shores. The Confederations Cup will be hosted in four South African cities from 14 to 28 June, followed by the World Cup, which will take place in nine host cities from 11 June to 11 July Motlanthe praised the national soccer team, Bafana Bafana, for their recent performances. Bafana Bafana have notched up five wins in a row against Malawi, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon and more recently Zambia. "We believe that, after five consecutive wins, the national soccer team is now more confidently gearing itself to perform above expectations!" At the same time, Motlanthe congratulated South Africa's sportsmen and women for their performances over the past year. "Special accolades are due to our cricket team, which has climbed to the apex of global rankings. We are of course rugby world champions; Giniel de Villiers and his team have won the Dakar Rally; our Paralympians continue to do us proud; and our under-20 soccer team did quite well in [qualifying for the 2009 World Cup Youth Championship]," he said. Source: BuaNews