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1 The World's Foremost Amusement Weekly.A 4Y 24, Cents Vol. 53. No First Time Winner Second Consecutive Year The Billboard Annual College Music Survey GLENN MILLER And His Orchestra Chesterfield Cigarettes Bluebird Records ring Het. Pennsylvvt. New York, October

2 he Toiliboard presents important Facts and Figures on SHOW BUSINESS :4! DEFENSE PROGRAM in the MAY 31s7! issue ALARGE portion of the billions of dollars being spent for defense is going toward paying the wages of workers in thousands of defense projects. Those workers and their families will bo spending proportionate shares of their newer and greater earnings for much -needed entertainment. 1-. * IN THE May 31st issue. The Billboard will answer the following questions of major importance to every showman interested in playing territories whore defense expenditures will place money in the hands of an entertainment -hungry populace: How Much Money Has Been Appropriated For Defense Expenditures? In What Cities and Towns Is This Money Going To Be Spent? How Many People Are There in Each of These Towns? Where Are the Nation's Army Camps, Naval Bases and Air Bases Located? nn/trgttnitmtututtnuttn:::::: 1111' The Merchandise Department of the MAY 31st issue of The Billboard will be devoted to PATRIOTIC r, MERCHANDISE Moro and more the trend is toward patriotic merchandise. The Merchandise Department of the May 31st issue of The Billboard will carry a special feature article on patriotic merchandise. Reserve Your Copy Nom.? Contact your nearest office of The Billboard for infor :nation. OMPLETE, accurate and official lists; analytical and interpretive stories on show business and the defense program will appear in this important issue!

3 VOL 53 May 24, No. 21 The World's Foremost Amusement Weekly 1941 Published weekly at Cincinnati. 0.. V. & A. Entered as amond-elms matter. June 4, at Post Office. Cincinnati, under Act of March, Pages Subscription t5 per near. COPYTI,ht 1541 by Toe [Minoan! Pot:tits/nog conipany. FCC DOMINATES NAB CONFAB First Chi Army Unit Looks Good At Camp Opening FORT SHERIDAN. Ill.. May 17,-Red /for end Blue, rim of the army camp Morn sponsored by The Reratd-Arnert. ean in the Sixth Corps area opened here leccutay (IS) for a two-day Maud. it gm an aumtelous stun more than senliers and Methane attending the two emaing-night shows (7 and 0 Ockek) and giving the performance their op - Komi. The army past theater seats aboot 800, moat of the wets being plain eccden benches, fairly comfortable. There Is an ample singe. felt Omming rtorn facilities, and the suditorittin it lighted. Scenery carried by the unit Is only ratr. but adequate for Its purpose. (Caw trans strongly to old-ume vaude and ham soma excellent talent. Work of dating and talking ads via hampered by an inadequate or poorly regulated p. -is. system which did not provide aufficient waame. Vincent Gottschalk. enlace, started the anew with some sprightly introductions. tra hia extravagant use of superlatives Wailed rather than built up the acts. A personable, nicely costumed line, the Et American Sweethearts. entertained mth a neat dance reunite. In the line ire Vera Rogesamt, Marilyn Krum, Olefin:a nuseta. birth Selig. Gloria Eubere. and Nedra Miner. Ballard and Rae. nardard vsulde set, were a riot In their knockabout comedy drank act. Frank Payne offered clerer inspernonetiona isanh would hare gone over much better had the mike been properly Mini - hied. Pennell*. exotic dancer. displayed little talent but had auffieloet rex op - Sal to get a bog hand_ Mace Gottaetolg gave a pleasing demonstration of mmial mate, Al Verdi and Delores were a laugh Mot. Verdes comedy and cello prating going over Me. Pretty and Madam 9aliy Sweet sold her songs auferhly. A rumba by P'mneota, a Latin tit by Miss Sweet and the line, and a cores finale enlivened the alm. sm'era) acts which will appear In the earned unit were Introduced, Including Captain Illarjorie FInOINA. &ask., May 17.-One of Canada's moat popular "leading radios" Is now In command of a VeveranY Guard unit. The "lady," known on Map) as "Marjorie." is Capt. Ross Hamilton. female linpersonstor of the or.tilnal Durnballe and veteran of the lent war. Dolly Kay, vocalist: Flo and Ted Vallutte. batoneenn Freddie Witt. comedy trawl: Parker Brothers. comedy acrobatics, and Lou Hoffman. comedy juggler. Charles NIgguincyer le producer and stage dtrector of Red Bet and Slue. Dorothy Neater directs the chorus and Robert S. Witeen is company manager. Mints to fur -tinned by the army post (See Pint Chi Amy Unit Oil page 27) Monopoly Report Splits Group; ASCAP Signs Mutual Affiliates But NBC, CBS Still on Warpath By SAM HONia3ERG ST. LOUIS. May 177/to 17th annual save -elan of the National Ateemation of Flotedouters, the largest and most stormy by fnr lover 1,000 registered), was dominated from beginning to end by the Federal Communicationt Commission - James Lawrence Fly, chairman of the Mc. which recently issued Its Induatryshattering rune monopoly report. sea stationed In the enemy camp fjefferaon Hotel) all week end girded on one con. Performers Feeling Pinch of Defense Program, High Prices NEW YORK. May FL-According to many acts returning from out-of-town eng,agerronte the defense program and subeertirent raising of micas of many oeconsodities are causing par:0mm to wonder ft many out-of-town )obs are worth taking. The condition Ls cape. deny acute In Industrial mellows White performer employment has risen In those bream, the net return to the Individual Ii far leas than at time 01 liented se - Doily. The situation Is especially acute for performers In the lever salary brockets. Many contracts are algrao3 in New York at what teems to be a livable scale: but. upon arrival. performers find the town la enjoying a mushroom growth and hotel roonta, food, etc.. are eo high priced as to cot up the entire salary-and in some cases even snore. Taght Club and :flit performers working for scale are feeling the pinch roost. They are forted to live much beyond their nuone and feel the effects will last beyond the present spell of employweneelnce there In no chance to Maid a Pennsy Parks May Use Name Performers for Outdoor Vaude PHTLADFI.PHIA, May 17.-Caltdoor name bands have been starotard attraotiorm at parka foe many masons. an. -anent parks are expected to take by the summer &nick with matte attraction being submitted to Moslem Penn - that practically every park Ia equipped Most Important. says Joyce. Is the fact enlarge parks by Jolly Joyce Agency to play stageshows. And In other spots hoe Most of the parks in Ws tent. the taillecom is easily improvised as a boy have bcch playing sande one or two theater. In view of the fact that usore days a week, tumidly week -end, but head - bona are expected to draw the crowds 8,*kdly8 es welt. It 18 pointed out trat $60,000 Ice Spec Set for Luna Park HEW YORK. May 17..-An Albert Jahn.. ton ice spec, Stars on Ice. Is rewire nulled for Luna Park. Coat In featured mote are George Keriden. 8wias Wrier; Oordoo Leary. Marton Flagg. and Ana(' Ihroldson, Catherine Littlefield will spec the routinee C88 will Include line of 10, 10 show gale, and 10 min - There will be a wooden runway for totem and show girls not engaged In *Wing activities,. Irvin Ore hrun is writ - Ina an original score. The tank to be tued was formerly at the Mater Wonderland at the New York Weddle Fair. Overall production costs me tattnistad at than one -seventh of the national detente work le concentrated in this 8.T.83, all the outdoor amusement center's ex - pm: a spending spree this summer. It will be practically all one -day stands, says Joyce. but the jurnpe are short end name acts could play the MC. night park circuit In the same manner KS name bands A circuit of almost throe weeks can be developed In this area Alone. It was In the mote manner that William Stein many years ago come Into this territory from Chicago to sell parka on Murat Corpecation of America name bandit on the ono -night basic Indoor acts have been trying for years to break Into the outdoor field to as to take up seasonal slacks. and bare made neve stride*. Cowboy and hillbilly sets continuo to he big in deouutd. with radio and recording names in this category horn; avatlabte for the first time. Gene Autry In still In the top apot and the Josef) ante has the ^oaten. performer net for the ban week In June and the Brat week in July. surplus to last, Ulna the lean dine. The condition has not yet become acute In the larger Ones, but reports from New England towns, the Ohio and Michigan area, and several parte of the South, Including emits and Alabama. indicate the boom is on in full swing. retultitag in a seems /lowing shouge. Hold h are taxed to the limit, and out - e iders find themselves tramping around foe bout* searching for notoramodationa. Four A Officers Are Re -Elected NEW YORK. May 17.-Ofncern of the Associated Actors and Artistes of America were re-elected yesterday at a meeting of the both] here. Prank Gillman, who wanted to retire on Ida pension. was drafted to hold on to the pretideney for two more years. The position is honorary and carries no salary. However, oilleerre was voted a Me - time pension of $0,500 annually about a year ago. 011invore made the pronto that he assume duties only when lie was physically able. Paul Daniell was renamed executive cemetery by ace..arnettoo. Dulhell also wanted to retire because of poor health. but reconsidered. Jean Greentleld. of the Hebrew Aetone Unton, was re-elected tint elco-presideriti Kenneth Thomson, of Screen Actor** (See FOUR A OFPICFRS Ow nape 27) Pittsburgh Rodeo With Autry, 42G PIT7'SMIIIC111. May 17.-Rodeo starring Gene Autry tolled 1142,0f0 In 10 date It the Carder's. ellghtly passing 1040 gat* of $40,030 pits. Opening two days were weak. but b. o. grew better as week progressed. Produced by Obi. Jim askew, rodeo presented more than 100 cowboys In 14 performances. Prank Alibi. Croft's amid. ems a pc:kanner and calf roper. Cash take. VW Wafted by ecempreheneve explotration campaign arranged by Ken Noel. of the Harris Ckenpany. incloct. Ln!matron at William Penn Hotel and *how for 300 youngatore official welcoming broadcast by Mayor Cornelius Sealy. granting of degree of Doctor of *puns Ws:agent* at anisviatty of P ittabunth foe Autry's hum,. "Mnnplan." and appearance of home in Olmbee department atom Roller, derby return, to the Gardena land. TtiesdAy. tinuoua bottle of Words with the NAB biggled. (ace natio deportment foe details on the FCC situation I And now that It la all aver, the FCC report still mutates the major headache Of the radio networks. It caused the divorcement of the principal etockhotelers of the Mutual Benadcaating System from rnembershtp of the NAB and Is keeping tansy the pointed'a of the Hata:told EfroadcaaU op Company and the Colombia BroadcWilin System, HAW. &noir-tonne elm -them- trying to keep the government from "taking over the Industry." Mark Ethridge. Operator of WHAK Lou:nettle. Ky.. who was appointed by President Roosevelt to study the radio Mdustry and subnilt a full report of his ending* only It fev days before the FOC monopoly report was made public, TO.. signed his post. During his nen speech Wednesday (14) before an overflow audience which included Chairman Ply, he flayed the FCC action and seemed the government of meddling with the Induoiry, He said that the government "ae: up every situation that estate In the country. If there are mortopollex. Use government nude them. frequently by granting )(omits to favorites. If there are restraints of trade In contracts. the soyernment has been aware of them for years. It is oat a cane In which the government must suddenly step in to Cermet ntames which are vietintiring the poblio. This Is a case In which the 800 (Sec NAB CONFAB on wet- 23) In This Issue Pales Beat. The $ Bialmoter 8 COMA Chars and Cerra' 4446 Crannied Advortltanseris 5547 COn Machlon Crossroads 64 fnd.p.ance Bean 26 Fars-farten Seem 4S-49 Final Cortsin 28 Careerr. News 3.5 Genteel Ceadoer itstmaut's litroadowe Legitimate teeter ter angic , P1P811 Mirth Musk IrerchandliAng Melt Club Pinar.% alidu CSubs-VaudevIlls Non-Threteei Films. 0,t+8./fra NoNn Oot in the Oven Parks -Pooh Pipes Possibilities Ratio Record Buying GA* 'Uwe:ire-Tam Thews kinks-sauten Sheet Musk Leaders Shosv ratify Aban Song4 Wrb Most Redo Pt.ics Sowoored Events Trarrision True Sonars Denies VarrdavIte Vartlefikt Creases to ROUTES: 0,chart.s. ow 14. Ac's, Artractlera. 20. C11, wed Mtaleal. 20. ice Shows. 20 ComNal, 34. Clove 34. Miwersoosue 34 Routes Not Gloss/Md. 14 terms foe Iwo Weeks. eii-

4 4 The Billboard GEYER AL NEWS Bay FOUR A SALARIES 362G Dues Income Hits 633G; SAG Has Heaviest Pay Roll NEW YORK. May 37.-Mirther analyan of the Reis report on the womb!. amalgamation of the Associated Acton and Mantes of America Into one big =Son, of which there was a comprehen- MT* efielfels In last week's tasue of The Billboard, shows that Mattel. end ernpkeytals of the slx key performers unions draw * en yearly Wanes aimless% a duos income of $033,110.42, PUU nnonelal statement. of Actors' Equity. Screen Actors' Guild. American Otiled of Variety /anon, American Tedanstion of Radio Artlate, American Guild of Musical Artists, and Chorna Equity are broken down by Bernard J. neut. Certified public accountant, who drew up the report and who recommended that the structure be drawn into one single union, with one card and one set of dues In all of abow business. Instead of the inadequate Interchangeability of cards which now exists. Other affiliates, such an the Hebrew Acton' Onion, Italian Mtors' Union. Brother (Ste four A Saterles 2520 on pope 23) GLENN MILLER (This Week's Cover Subject) GLINN Matta. wane skean, this test makes hen the only two-tirrio winner el The Ilidhsanfe Annual College Hank See - trey, wit born in Ciatioda, la.. but waved to Ceterade while still cony venni. Alter high school, Clem. /hewed Ms way the, the 1.1n1wrotty of Colorado by playing In the wheel hand. sod It we, daring these Yen OW he wet his wile, the tomer Helen Cleethy been. Male began ht. carter In Ben Pellettle's oistg elongside Benny Coedlete This e rne 1,111 reeding work Weft the get...idle Deney Brothel. orle nd Nb with Red Nichets. finally!renterng set as an aresetet, Miller's acute understanding et the swine et Iss arrartgreunt enabled hen to cw tribute protelkeity to the Ineetnes of many Magentent bred When art Noble eegentied hie lint Amer*. ea. ereleetra Clean exempted a the. In the Gen. we and also centeheted nuferially le Rater.0 with his detinctive ethos - troth. Mathes, net tee Itatr el which won the reed formula Wrier later brought se ire IN to his own band. Alter teeing Noble. Glenn,Parted the tint et the twee natlih he has Vowed The third and present band played time engagements t the fdrrnir based:. It. New reek; sensstleasi lint 0.4 at Voir.* Daily's Moadeubreek, Gast Crew, N. 1., and then II reglatered o wntang tweet at Glen Island Casino, New floghetle, N. Y. The Ust-nerned teak peace daring the summer el 19)9, and in the tall of that year. tolerance Plattner bluebird rettad Miller played a three-m.0th engagement al New York'. Hotel Ocenresylvanta whits seentester In Mt tint radio eventerels1 For Chesterfield cigarettes en CBS, a she. which he is still en slice *creel renewals. Let whet and lurnentr lbe band played numereen college date. balloon. ene.nightere and tamale" an ca them tremendeneh Web tbe hand returning to the tennsyhania's powsw for anathes three-1.00th me In the Winding that up, Clow played Anealleer O aramentent Theater, IffW Ione. date, nd thee el on...pining It I. the Calf to wake his toss pieta.; 20th ConteryYea la the etvgas, and $4.1s Neal. it te.atar, The ark la terrently on the Coale, placing wham datel In between film Mooting, tenlimele. le tern out recer&ngs. and appearing ea the Cheletheld program Het* times lawdely. in the tall Miller..turn, one* atein I. the Hotel Penne:reed for an third stsse Ham. S PECIAL P RINTED ROIL or MACHINE 100,000.$20.00 ELLIOTT TICKET CO ICKET 01S,C0010 SIAM - PAD - STOW COUPON OOKS-111CSTAithANT CHICKS - Siht.tS 1100KS AND ALL ALAND 'Foams ;409 LAVA. ttttt ST N Y. C ar W. WASHINGTON ST Chicago (GIS CHSSTNUT ST. Ph,la Full Salary List of Leading Actor Unions Leated below are the salaries of ell those who were employed by Aotoes' Equity. Screen Actora' Oulld. American YederatSon of Radio Artiste, Chorus Equity, American Guild of Musical &Hata, American Culla of Variety Artiste, and tile Four A's, as contained In the Reis report on consolidation. aubinitted to the Your A's May but made public In the,,e columns for the first time. ACTORS' EQUITY (Frnen tentative budget for year ended June 30, /P10) ADMINISTRATIVE: NEW YORK YEARLY AMOUNT Paul Dullvell, Itsecruttre Secretary $ William R. Molar, Representative -Bonded companies James O'Neill, Mace Manager and Representathe Harry J. Lane. Representative. Stock Companter Charles Montt, Representative James A. Boshell, Repressentattre-Outside Alfred Elting. ae'y to Dullvell MA* Barnett, VeTA Activities, general office Litt. Voelchert, (see atm leggall Stenogrepher Florence L. Sutton, Bookkeeper and Gabler Josephine E. Lennie:. KM. Bookkeeper Ann Caersia 1, Anna L. Leboatts, Chief Clerk -Membership Mildred M. Simons, Vast. Membership Clerk Catherine M. Darcy. Pilo Clerk Dorothy Morgan. Telephone Operator 1,0320 Necholas Marx, AddressOgrepth and Supply Clerk 3,33000 Joseph A. Carey, 4144t. Addressograph Clerk CHICAGO: Prank It. Dare. Representative 4.2E3.00 LOS ANGELES: 1. B. Kornblum. Representative 3,30200 Nedra J. Ferguson. Cashier Musette 11Tavie. Office AShatt,ATIL Spencer Austrian, Office Assistant SAN FRANCISCO: Theodore Hale. Retainer Fee SPECIAL -NEW YORK: Alfred Harding ( charged to Evilly bags ciao) LEOAL-NEW YORK: Letts Voelch.ert (Soo also 34[11101ai:13.We). Stenographer Edward Everett Hale SCREEN ACTORS' GUILD HOLLYWOOD: Kenneth Thonuon. Eaecutire Secretary $ Murray KInnell. A.salstant Treasurer John Dal,, Jr, Met A'ast. &cc. Sec. 7.8f.0 00 Pat Somerset, Second Mal. Exec.. Sec 4E0000 Hugh D. Pfeiffer, Auditor and Office Manager Jack Cheatham. fteprewritathe 2, Harold Chiles. Representative 1, Frank Edmund*, Representative Harry Mayo. Representattle Bob Thom. RepreeestaUto Marjorie Van Sinn to Thomson 2.µ0O0 Dorothy Darling. Soo', to Dales Billie Dente!, Chief Accountant Lucille Allard. Addressograph Operator Jean Darla, Linder Operator Mary Drennan. Cashier Odell. Silver. Clerk Roberta Iraelen, Bookkeeper Mery Irene Kane. Clerk Lillian Keller. Clerk A44:11:0 Lorraine Davis, Cash!r Margaret Lunde, Linder Operator Lucille Stanton, Addresangraph Operator Dokotby Don. Pile Clerk Connie Oates, Telephone Operator.220 t30 Ruth Dew, TCephone Operator R. H. Bunko, Night Llndex Operator.800 CO Truman Buck, Night Lerwick Operator Partner Jonen, Messenger Gwendolyn Enver. Secretary. Bulletin Bob Ellsworth. In Charge -Cairns Depl Antrim labor:, Claims Dol Charles Double. Clem Attitude/ In Field Jack Grant. Claim Adjuster In Office 3, Mary Jane King, met. to Mr. Ellsworth Onus Dennis. Pay Check. In re calms Theresa Currter. Stenographer Elizabeth M. rancher. Stenographer Hazel Slade. Stenographer Gertrude Hug, Statistical Deyet,, John B. Burger. In Charge-Coraplault Geraldine Blanchard. Asal. to Mr. Burger 1,33003 STOCK ROLL TICKETS ONI SOIL $ SO TIN ROLLS 3 10 rigtt ROLLS IS 00 BOILS 2,000 LACS * Noah P..11 HNC 0. 0 Oeren A d W&L Shows for Worcester Renee La Bella, Clerk -Permit Dept Maxine Clerk -Permit Don't ) Vora Tnytor, Clerk-Per:Mt, Dept 1,60000 Thelma Wantland, Clerk -Permit Dept NEW YORK: Florence IL Marston. Eastern Ileprementatire Mike Connolly. Representative Barrtrt Reynolds. Clerk casette*!knees% Clerk Salarne listed here were computed in the Reia report on n monthly basis, the only salary list so compiled. In figuring this table the monthly salaries were multiplied by 12 to strive at re yearly total. As a result certain diecrepancies were noted in satanic of alto, of the top officials ehewhere In the report. Fog Instance, on page 73 of the report. Then:sem is listed as receiving an annual salary of white on page 78 he is listed an receiving $1.080 pee month. which =Replied by 12 equala $12,060. Berne goes for Kennel. hated at 49,266 on page 73 and on page 76: Dales and $7,8110: Pfeiffer and 44300: Soenertet and 44.3,0: Florence Maraton. $3.410 and $ Blair listed on Nee 73 for an annual salary of $0,250 is not accounted for in the salary schedule. Of the salaries shown for Kennel' and Dales. $34196 (monthly) ts peed for Kinneel and (monthly) Is paid for Dates by the Screen Actors' Guild. Agency Division. AMERICAN FEDERATION OF RADIO ARTISTS NATIONAL OFFICE: Emily Itolt. Executive Secretary YEARLY AMOUNT $74090 George Heller. Treasurer Jocelyn Tong_ Assistant Secretary Jame. Porter. Organizer Ann* Letellter. Bookkeeper and Stenographer bundle Cullen. Stenographer 1, NEW YORK OPTICS: George Yeller. Executive Secretary Anne Litellter. Bookkeeper and Membership Clerk Marie Cullen. Stenographer and Membership Clerk Lucille Incani, Stenographer Antoinette Octane, riling Clerk $ Civet* Burton. Deputy 1,83D.00 Kenneth Groot. Deputy 1.0:10.00 LOS ANGELES: I. B. Kornblum, Executive Secretary (Includes 4600 legal feel M. Jensen Geocgla tinted June WUton I Be. Miller Extra Clerical Employees CHICAGO: Raymond Jonas. Executive secretary Ann Waxen, Membership Clerk SAN FRANCISCO: ,700,00 Theodore Hale Vic Connors 3, DETROIT: Gwen de Lany. Executive Secretary CINCINNATI: W. J. Brown ST. LOUIS: Nellie Booth, ExecUtive Secretary , CHORUS EQUITY Ruth Richmond. Executive Secretary $4, Mr,. Lawler, Employment Department 3,340.0 Mug Rubin. Litenographer-Bookkeeper 1,44rr.00 Miss Dix Clerk 1,575.C.0 Min Moore, Clerk WORCESTER, Mesa. May 17.-1n endeavoring to build sip a clientele for legit In this city. Paul Cahill. manager of the Memorial Auditorium. has completed tatinnyllitilui for a summer =aeon of Broadway Worms. Plana were at - 411,46240 AMERICAN GUILD OF MUSICAL ARTISTS Blanche Withe-anoon. Executive Socrelary...$ L. T. Carr. Assistant to Exec. Sec J. McCarthy. Stenographer Juliette Eisenberg [Switchboard Typed Zotriah Hibbard. Clerk Ire Los Angeles Office Ducat Charge., Muntant to Executive Secretary in Loa Angeles 1.E n addition Mrs. Witherspoon LI to receive 0 bonus of $1,300 If conditions justify It, and $1,000 additlosal to bo raised by certain numbers. (COntiniced on pap 23) ranged With IL Clay Blaney and Robert Marko, of New York. with the first ntlett0i1 booked for June 2, Opening attraction will be The Litc2r fore,. Others booked Include GeCeSif Washington Slept Here.!Az Mete and White Cargo, after they tour the Wee A Lovenuist subway occult In New York.

5 May 21, GENERAL NEWS Thai Billboard 5 guciag Whim) Remnant Sale Seutterin. Sam TT TAKES a tot of soniething to rise 1 in the profeaston above the mass of remitting sincere, dancers, comedians, mama. and other apeciallatra It takes s heap Sot of something to be outeuuntre as a show girt. Specialists who are oven their solo Inning in the spotlight toe no competitton the few minutes taey are on. The show girl fa en anonymous personage, to say the heat. She li not expected to cam:: In fact. every triattree of the stager and costumer is employed to make her at impersonal AA poiqble. 8o when a show Rut without bang too obalously aggressive, ir.attages ID stand out as a Beteg, vibrant per. sartallty from among her Mattes of the owatable She perleasee sometrang to talk &bent in a pillar as objective on most occattatia As tine. The heroine of our little story Is the ymmg lady they call "Stuttertn' Stun" tut who le billed as Mary Dowell at Billy Rose's Dtansond Horiumbee. Diet off Meadway. This personage, who we understand has attained certain kind of tame among Broalwayima as a colorful maracter. was utterly UtatrY171 to us when we caught her at tire Diamond narrothoe. Yet an Little Billy's noatalgie peduction unrested Its various epode.% tea Dowell girl made meee and more of sa impress. Shea easy on the eyes but oot quit* beautiful enough to register m that score alone. It awe her per - fatality. which is vague term for everything that goes toward* making one taptaling, that did the trick. Thruoub ter show her trace, good humor, and term aro Infectious. When a show girl can make a good show even better relhout stepping out of line, Ilguratively GURU SPEININ Patrols the Poccibititia CLEANED BY MEMBERS OF THE BILLBOARD STAFF Tee Mete of this depamneet la to tercet wodaters, bookers. some*, eel crawa cores:raid with the esrantatioo of tient In the resew ocloot tie M faro The Miura% coverage of every branch of the show besolas. SNOWMEN INTIMISTIO IN 5/smite "POSSIaillritta NAY Marattat MGM IN CARE Or THE NIW YORK WW1 OP THI artia 1154 /ROADWAY. For LEGIT MUSICAL THE DUPPINS-Matt and Joyce. caught recently at the Paramount. New York. with their rag -doll dance routine. it's an sac number set to dance tempo, with the gal doing the doll take -off with limber contortion stunts In the arms of her male teammate. Past paced, it la eye -filling and sock entertainment that thelaid fit perfectly into any musical. RANDALL SIBTERS-clevel, youthful. and attractive singing trio caught with Wayne Xleg'a band unit at the Chicago, Chicago, where they Impressed solidly with original internee- VattOrse of popular and special tunee. They read line., mimic, and harmonies" with ease and ability Should be a strong bet for either a book show Or a revue. and literally, she Mu to be good. We don't blame Billy foe possibly wanting to keep her In fibs show girl lane -up foe - meta but something tells us that his willowy young lady from Texas Is all packed up ready to go places. Every - A fh BIG laugh (or, tragedy, depending on the point of Mew) around the Pal. a Building last week was the plight of four psvealle musicians who were lug; r: tr-..,41 their Instruments and eulteltren full of made, looking for an agent who,: seine they didn't know, who had promised them a date. Ho had said. -Meet me at the Palau Building." They combed the entire budding for throe dais.... le-band-to-your-prem-agent Dept.: Four year* ago. Cliff Fischer was Broadway's :tight club king. and Monte Prosser was hl p. a. Today. Preset Is top matt, and Richer IS staging special manta for Prom's Madison Square Garden dance carnival.. Tho!Meet wenn among RICO Building agente to the closely cropped haircut. They all look like Erie Von Steel:aim or a bunch of Princeton motors... Quote cf the Month: Arthur Murray Is inbred In Dance Mapaefoe as announcing: "If Et4:n and Mussolini could gent together, talk. and then go into a width there err -31 be peace on earth." WSW, Beckley, W. Va.. Lena the only Matters whose call letters are the Initials of someone connected with the outfit, Howard L. Chernoff, managing director d WELK. Clatkaburg. W. Va. wettest to say that his own atation was named for the :My who started It-Bruce Lee Kennedy... Jack Rosenberg. president of Local 322 of the Ana was the center or a 20 -man argument that took place In front of Dadra the other afternoon. according to spy who added the suggestion that sibs Jack was still arguing that pit men are here to stay... Charlie Slusetra, trattprt man and arranger with John Kirby at Cafe Society Uptown. Is still glowing ltitit pride over the tact that at the Care's recent concert at Carnegie Hall tin tame. as composer of Ethel:nue' fora Nervous Breakdowas, was right neat to that Debueay, dampener of Claire de Lune. vnth the Shavers pirnperoo getting a bigger 13::d than the Debussy maitterplece... Among the biggeat saplandert last week it the Diamond Honwalioe while Lila Lee was on stage was Georgie Price. Years AM they were kids together In the Cht. alentrell S)toofddpr act. FR-mmE MAISC1I, genial sound engineer down at the RCIA-Victor recording malice, has just celebrated his 30th anniversary with the disk firm. Looking bict he recall* that the funiilest.inadvat he roar witnessed took place iii the NA day*, ashen a horn and mixer were need Instead of the modern Ciectrierd 52--linnent. Carus.), Galls-Ourci, Perini. and De lasea, were doing the quartet Ilipoletto, with each trying to outdo the others In volume. It weal even a ter close race. says Mansell. because Canoes tremendous power was too much for others --and they finally had to put him bask six feet from the horn so the int would have a chance. Malsch. Incidentally. anti owns a kettle that was used to heat water every time Caruso wanted a drink: the great tenor couldn't drink anything cold. TACK IntAPP, film arch stage writer wbo studied law between Isla theatrical 1 pursuits, finally made the grade end went Into leer practice last week. le:mental Information: Billy Rose and Monte Prceer, night club tycoons. are sent little guys-hardly over Ore feet. Napoleon was a ilttio guy too-only he never owned a night club... Comedian Marty Whitest son, Franklin Worth. le We a photographer with Pfc Parade... Does publicity cost more than you'd Pal it you simply bought the ad space/ The Hotel Lexington boa spent es high ea itt.700 a month to entertain the press. Joey Nash. radio zinger. gays the Oncdficial write kickback song is It AU Comes Beek to Me Nosa. body who has ever seen bee on display will wish hes well, Retribution TT IS quite apparent from recent de - 1 velopments that something momentous is about to happen in the Four A's, Modesty womiel ordinarily prevent LA from reminding our readers that we told them so, but on tins occasion we cannot retrain from remarking that we hare often ruitecated to the various actors' unions, Individually and collectively, that it would be far better for all concerned If they proceeded to clean up from within as against the possible 1700 rooms 1700 bath/ alternative of being cleaned up from without. So many years ago that we can't remember the date without look - lug up the files (something we can't bestir ourselves to do them May gulag days) we cajoled, pleisded. and battered with our brawn cf M,rle those alys could not see any advantage to be gained from doing something without delay about interchastirtabtlity of mrmsbenthip cards, There are very few Major items and onnelusions In the Eels report that we omitted to comment on enthral:1y at one time or another. Apparently those to power were too selllata too shorte(ittaal, too hungry for power and privilege to (See SUGAR'S DO)e1N0 on papa SI) chicago's celebrity hotel the hotel of great autographs... on fbi register arid in the panthor room and malaya room of the college Inn. - - mingle with celebrities whore the great owing masters play... dine a la flaming sword... live in guest rooms of the world of tomorrow... day and night. hotel shorman radiates glamor. Chicago ROALOW.2;shr a n St006 from $2.50, $3, $3.50, 14.. TIANK SIRING AND 1RNEST 111(11M.D.MAHAOIRS-. the AMBASSADOR hotels ha," 1 the; clbestsd pomp room end buttery tett. werbassaeor Cool Lore Si So Anbesestleo mitt Irons 0.10 north state parkway at goethe chimp) WESTERN UNION PACKAGES AND GIFTS DELIVERED BY WESTERN UNION MESSENGERS PUT YOUR PRODUCT IN THE SPOTLIGHT. DEPENDABLE, REASONABLE IN COST, AVAILABLE AT ALL HOURS. STOCK TICKETS ewe ROLL rive Roue 2-00 TON fiery tette r Matta ROL/12,000 EACH Ombi Cespeas. await Pam. N. C. 0. D. Orileas New Ovate The FROM OUR FACTORY TO YOU IN A HOARY le. TICKETS A Corry eeto1101:01. lens us yea Des. eel eat Lt. IAA. You Hen Sera loterne Ire. ALL tee OurefelAse. Tele TIOKIT 0o. TAMA 'TWA Team. ORM rs' SPECIAL PRINTED Rill , e Corneeee Pavale Prim.

6 6 The Billboard R A DIOTELEVISION Conducted be PAUL ACK ER MAN -Comte an les flows re 1564 Ilreateesy. New Ink City they 21, NAB'S "FLY IN OINTMENT" FCC -NAB Rift Wide Open as Fly Accuses NBC, CBS of Monopoly; Endorse Sen. White's Resolution er. LOUIS. May 17, --There was no doubt In the minds of departing conventioneers that the National Associate= of Broadcasters which held its lath 'Lemon convention at the Jefferson Hotel this work ( will tight the POC Monopoly Report with every possible weapon. The first campaign against this tholiatire has been launched in Washing. ton and sirproved by the NAB. Senator Mate Introduced a resolution In the United States Senate calling foe a complete Investigation of the radio Industry With a slew of enacting a new radio law and Asking the FCC to suspend operation of the new network rules pending corn. pectic') of the Senate toventgation. The HAD board of director. will eppoint a committee to lead the fight and to do au it can to help pass the resolution. Neville Miller, president of the NAB. tasted that this la not a fight between 'government" and "radio" but only en effort to tell the "people of America how and why. In our opinion, their wishes are being betrayed." On one hand, James Lawrence Ply, chairman of the FCC who attended the contention, hats been accusing me,nbeni In the Industry. particularly NBC and CBS. of monepoliatic tactics, and on the other Mod the NAB hea made similar accurations egatnet the geiornment. Publicly. the convention fireworks started Tuesday (13) when Ply delivered hie scheduled talk. Miller Immediately thereafter fired back. disagreeing with Fly's stews. On the foilowing day 114) Mark Ethridge operator of MIAS. /Outs. villa formally re -kilned his post. given kites by the President, to make a study of the Industry for the govtennsent, and delivered a 3,500 -word FCC Dumb - Ice speech. Ply was Invited to hear Ethridge. But when he wanted to reply to the Ethridge chergee, Miller refused him the fkoe on the ground that It would not be fair to Fly to mike an unprepared answer to a prepared speech. fly Quits Coverab Ply rushed out of the contention white with. rage. It was his last public appearance at the convention. From then on his atatementa were made only to repmtees. Repeated efforts to bare him talk at a later seasion, made by Stiller, were to no aeon. Ply felt that anything be hid to say should hare been heard by the same crowd which heard Ethridge. During his only tonere:000 talk. Fly said that the FCC men are determined that control over lamosicetting shall not gravitate Into governmental hands, but they are also determined that such conishau at no time gravitate Into the band. of two or three private groups. (In private Interview Ply and that Ws* groups Included David flansoff. peteddent Radio Corporation of America led chairman of the board of, NBC. and Walla S. Peley. CBS Intr.) That. in his apnoea Is one mainspring of the FCC report. "In such an event." be said, "an refer in judgment or in policy can have Costly Ilisuttilerstantling? ST. LDUIS, Slay I7.-NAB Chairman Neville Miller claims that the re - tusk of FCC Chairman James L. Ply to make an Inmwdlate reply to Mark Ethrtdge'a (WINS, Lenin -Me Ky.) scathing speech was the result of a misunderstanding. Miller says Pty was Invited to have lunch and Reran to Ethridge but not to talk. Ply elating that be was told that he could make a reply and was making notes thruolit kihrldares speech. Miller further claims that it would not have been fair to Fly to have him deliver an unprepared answer to' a prepared speech. Mc, on the other hand, claims that aftlier himself made a reply to ht. (Ply's) speech Tuesday (131 aid It was very much unprepared. 'This Incident split the NAB and the Poo wider than eurr. a most disastrous Tenon for the nation as a whole." Opposes Coweesiesene Age/bey The FCC does not want any government agency, he added, to supervise over the fate:era and linpartlatity of stations and ncirrats. "We are sae opposed to concentration of power In the hands of goveritillent as we are opposed to coneenteation in the hands of a few networks, We believe that the way to avoid abuse of the power is to decentrallre Itto return it. In short, to you gentlemen. the indiralual Menaces. I have called the commission's chain bomuicastint or. der a -Magna Cherie of American broadcasting nations." I should like to go even further and call it the keystone of a free broadmaging system. As chairman of the commission during these critical Cram I shall moulder that, as a part of the job of defense planning. one of my primary tasks will be to keep American broadcasters free from domination by any private corporation or combination of corporations '- Fly said that any thought of Oremmint operation in the minds of broadcasters has been planted there by monopolistic interest. who conjure up this bogeyman to divert ;skeane from their own power. Miller. who made en Impromptu reply. turned Ply's statement around and charged that these who favor government operation conjure up a bogeyman of monopoly to divert attention. edifice held out hope that the government:a op. oration In this picture will be limited to act as the referee for the technical attain of radio. tehridge Talk Dynamite Ethridge attracted the largest crowd during the convention (some 1,200) and his speeeh wes leaded with dynamite from lovginnitm to end. While he pointed out that everything /se says la his own personal clew, NAB later endorsed his talk In full. He admitted that there are situation to radio the did not name thrall that call for change and felt that the radio operator Is willing to take his chancey with government regulation "If he la mound of two things: (1) That the regulation is bonen and Intelligent, and (2) that be has Laurance that what la done Is not done to produce thwart, to farther an eventual taking over by the government, but Is done In pursuance of sound policy. Personally, I do not believe you 'will have that assurance Until the President and Congress jointly enunciate a policy under which the FCC shall regulate-a policy to clear that there can be no mistake In the minds of anybody. I would like to see a come:1%14.ton of. perhaps. three Men. no hedged about by safeguards that members of Conger,. or radio operator's or anybody else who approached them to snegtet dispositions of Menses. except in open hnartnp, would he put In jail. I should like to see full and fair basting. where subnormal interest. are Involved. the right of review and the Laurance that the rogue stand - tied of public Interest Is not to be used arbitrarily to express and enforce pee - amid predilections. "I should like to em the SEC (Security Exchange Cecruninioni or the NAB given the eight to intervene In connection with applkations, to that known exploiters of radio licensee could hie fought." He said that ho has nothing against the PCC monopoly report but the industry eltrnild hate been given an opportunity to study its rules and regulations agatnia their practical operating experience. Not to do that mu both unfair and unreakmabk on the part of the FCC, Ethridge remarked. "I am not excited whether the networks should have artists bureaus or not. I am not excited about whether Columbia sheath, give up some of Its option time: I am not excited about whether the Red and Blue should be separated. I have no feeling against Mutual. niche I believe If Colonel McCormick (Militia "Nope"-FDR WASHINGTON. Slay 17.-Reporters at the nut White House Conference in three weeks yesterday asked the President If he had seen a ccpy of the PCC Monopoly Report an advance of release. Reply was. "Noon" Mr. Roosevelt indicated he had not read the report, and refused to cons. mcnt on etateir.ente of Mark Eih ridge, former NAB chief. IRNA Elects; Wants Rosenbaum To Stay ST. LOUIS. May 17.-The redgnation of Samuel It, Ron:lb-sum. of wpm, Philadelphia. as head of the Indtpredent Radio Network Affiliate, we. rejected at a meeting of IRNA held during the NAB contention here. It was decided to let the matter rest until the next IRNA board of directors meeting. Rosenbaum want, to be relieved of the post be has held since 1937, due to pressure of his business interests. Re-elected se IRNA directors for three - years terms were John A. Kennedy, West Viralnla Network; I. IL Lounaberry, WOR-WKBW, Buffalo: Paul W. alarm:try. WTIC. Hartford. Conn:. C. W. Myers, KOIN-KALE, Portland. Ore., and W. J. Scripps. WWJ, Detroit. IRNA passed reeolutiona condemning the PCC monopoly report and endorsed Senator Whites resolution Calling for investigation of this report before It is put into effect. Tompkins Explains Rules to Wax Group ST, LOUIS, May 17,-Before leaving for New York, Merritt 'Lompktrus, general manager of Ban, held a meeting with op. e --atom of tramserlptlon companies to explain to them that a clearance system la being worked out to permit them to sell recorded Ball tunes to all station,. regardless of whether they hare a 5311 license. Tompkins explained that the clearance at the source contracts to be signed by the transcription firms will contain a chose permitting we of recorded 111,11 tunes on all stations, Certain restriction. will be put aside to help the transcription industry, Teeripkins said. Extend Miller Term ST. LOUIS, May 17.-NAR's board of directors extended the term of Its president, Neville Miller, to July Action followed receipt of a letter from liniment chairman. Alfred J. MoOosker. threatening to withdraw from the sagoclatton because Miller load attacked the FCC report and for advising Mutual Affiliate* not to Mien with ASCAP before the NAB convention. a exec) translated that rugged Individual - lam he nountena In the newspeper field Into radio, and spent some of his mat capital for development of Mutual. be might come out better than he rid by haling the government. which he so much diatrueta try to Whet nutters out for him." continued Ethridge. He blamed the YOU foe!suing the report before he had a chance to eutranit his own report on the Industry, as assigned by the Prendene. Ile claimed that every affiliate prises Its connection with o network, and that died -eminent regulations in the FCC report will tend to }Wet rather than elevate program standards. Ire explained Fly's wilj to sit down with members of the Industry discuss the implementation. the timing and procedure to cooneetten with the rules and regulations as an "offer equivalent to asking whether you want six or eight pallbearers and whether you want to be cremated or put under the ground." He urged the parsing of Senator Moron resolution and the participation by the Industry In hearings to deltas' the future of radio. NAB CodeCommittee Limits Commercials Sr. LOUIS. May 17.-Commerctal limi. tattoo on 5, 10, and 25 -minute program, were adopted by the NAB Code Committee at the convention here this weak. Due to the current popularity of news broadcasts, these odd -length programa are dotting the nation's airwaves. During regular Wm -minute programs the code permits two minutes of coot. menciala by day and 15 seconds len at night. One minute and 43 seconds of commercial copy is the limit On fire. minute news broadcasts by day and a minute and a half by night. Ten-eninute programs may carry two and a half mut. utes of plugs by day and two minutes by night, while 25 -minute shows now permit Die sponsor four and a quarter minutes by day and two and threequarter =Mates by night. WOR'sPromotionTo Plug ASCAP Tunes NEW YORE. Slay 17.-WOR, key Mutual station. on Monday 1191 will begin Intensive promotion of ASCAP muale. Promotional period will hut a few weeks, wick, being to let the public know that the Society'. catatog of 1.950,000 tunes is beet on the air. Promotion policy will Include a if" minute program. All rose Mfr. runniee from 5:45-9 ant. across the board. illation will also use all-ascap music on such shows as Morton Gould's. Jobs Duggan's and Mentor Sherry's atannta Stalled will call attention to ASCAP tunes on remote broadcasts. Too some of the leading sustaining shows will carry only ASCAP music. WOR will not freer, out BIM tune, from the program schedule. NAB Chatter -By SAM HONICBERC ST. LOUIS. May 17.-Notes culled while on the NAB Ccoventton meres go -round: The Mutual cuties who Ohtrthuted earrations to the mob came prepared with fitting nymbols-rniniaturc boxing gloves. Borth Mutual end ASCAP boys. incidentally. were not faro Donee! et the Jefeerren. rate of the con - Ironton, but In the distant Chase end Park Mara hotels A number of bop with major Mutual state:ma didn't even come Into the city. expecting the break with NAB. Among them wee Prank Bchrelber. WON'. station manager. Only real NAB enemy at the Adman was FCC Chairman James I. Fly. who mingled with the nveivonticavigc4tinj,du- the event. When he was out to deliver his talk Tuesday 1131 he was not booed, strangely enough. When he finished, he was given a polite hand... HMI had the most elaborate ex - labia It offered a wide display of iu songs suet a movie shoenng "BMI at work.",.. The only bearded member In sttanilanee was Col B. J. Palmer (WitOACOC. of Devenport. la... RV,. W. A. Burk. wok', Ni. Louis. left his hospital bed for four days to Wend flen fieldra Aeseklated Musk Pub. linters. missed the affair because he had to work on the Petrillo asignment. which boa to be ready for the Arnorken Federation of Muskier:le' Convention In Seattle June 14. Pierre Wets. Lista. (See ;VAR CUATTLA on opporlfe par) "No Court Action"-Fly ST. uxrts. Slay 17.-NBC and CBct officials Mated during the NAB Omrent:on that they well take court action against the FCC monopole report. should the current resolution foe an Investigation feed by Senator White fall to get anywhere. PCC Chatrman Jame, L. Ply. how - nee, doesn't believe that either chain all] Me nat. The best eking for them to do." he aald, "w111 be to fall in line *0 -Operate with ma and lei 11. co-operate with them."

7 May 24, 1941 RADIO The Billboard 7 BMI OUTLOOK OPTIMISTIC Radio Talent 72e W indorge MAYNARD and WINIFRED kr LOIS JORDAN had their honeymoon severed by an appendix operation, with ginny in a hospital In Miami and Owego back at his desk in NBC's productsois department... TED OR.vM.E, young radio producer. has been =lied ay Uncle gum... CHARLES (NBC) SCHENC'N and his wife. MINNIE. are the rend parental of a seven -pound nine - canoe boy.. June 8 Ia the date set foe the tiattonal renesav of a Paramount Me -feeler. Those We Lore, based on CBS's Monday night feature of the mum title. The picture was produced by TED LLOYD and Is nes-rated by JIMMY TiDLER. The entire producing staff of the radio program and the MASI of the program, including NAN ORM RICH- ARD CROMIWLI.L. DONP41.0 WOODS, OSCAR SHEA, end ALMA ERCOMI. are teetered.. BEATRICE KAY. Saucy seabrette of CBS's Gay Nineties, hat been egued for en mgegement et the Para - nett& Theater, New York, beginning May 21. RUDY VALLEE returns Reg about Juno IS, end will broadead from New York all eitrildner... JAY JOSTYN had to tum down a -needing role in a Broadway play. offered by OTTO PREMDKIP31, breaute of hilt rereral evening allows.. The KMNNY DELMARS (hen on Coart of Mtssing Henri welcomed an hiirrtrai thin week They call him eltica90 BUDDY CLARK and his Treat Time program will be heard from New York Say 26., 28. and 30 In Order that Buddy may do his stint with Wayne King. Cast. Yhkfi Includes, John Duffy. Prank Retie:940e oek, and John Weigel, Announcer, Minna to its regualr origination point, whal, after the week in the Mgt.. Invented new Holland Furnace Company iceman) is Mill In abeyance. Herten Marshall. who woe elated for the show Ind had made plans to more hie family to Chicago for the summer. cannot lac. opt the astigninent because of his role in The Little late., on the West Coast,. CHARLES PENMAN. lending man on CBS's Stepmother 'serial. left Dud week for a 10 -day motor vacation In New Berland.. Cain of the legit show, arsenic and Old LIM, will visit the W18 barn Dance show Saturday and Laura Hope Crews, Eric Wei Stroheirm title Shannon. and other number. will Swear se guest performers... PRANK DANK producer of Kitty Keane, inncli remit) faded from the athwares. hiss leaded an acting sangnaramt on the Cute Sara show... SYD STMON., until recently on the WON Luxor show, wilt WO AMOS 'N ANDY. Paternan (traders and Chime Cereal]. high In their praise or P10)3) ALLEN upon arrival here via plane teem New York and a guest abet on his Texaco prognun... LOU IMMO. PEARCE show maestro. recently furnthed the background music for several neundies"...wm AND ABNER arc set to go on a new perks over NBC-Ited May 51. Program sponsored by Mlles Taboratric. for Alka-Beaker... Role CO De. WItaon In Columbia's Those We tote will be played by BRED SHEELIM 110 Solis DONALD WOODS,!WHAM, CROMWELL. NAN OPPX.111LEC1 WOOD, ALVA KRUGER, MARY CORDON, and ether Hollywood actors In the GORDON groin% produetten.... Seaside Spell - OA See -Liner back In Hollywood follow - Mg a townereek Mad tour. with the lest Cetk By IERRY MU( WAIN, TED STEMS. and SAMMY KAYE ST. LOUIS, Hey 17.--Deepthe the Mutual contemn nabbed by ASCAP last elation hsso acquired new cans within the past month.... Wonder how many people week, BMX, at the clam of the 10th annual NAB consentlen at the!meson know that EDWARD 0. ROBINSON. Star of Big Town, directed three plays on Hotel here yesterday 416). emerged a Broadway before becoming a radio and aerometer) They were The Snorers, Stara Their Cannes Change, and Proeutrip PriictIta... A new -lied-white-dine" network le being auggested for eta:iona located close to training camps, with special programs to be offered to the valued. EACH day a fairerr FRIEND Di' DEED medal to awarded to the person or persons honored on that C113 program. Largely because of the program's human Interest. steles his built up a toile/ring among the largest of any daytime broad - rest. Since it began eight months ago. the average rating his been 3.8 and the Most recent one wen 4.8, This in aphe or the fact that opposite It on the Red network Is Mo Perkins... IRENE WICKER and BOB WHITE have had antis mimess with their Sunday night NBC Doutflote Dramas that they are dickering with several manufactiners on two parlor game* designed after the Serlea.....evidently that recent appendectomy helped change VICTOR MATURES mind about reeks broadcasting. It cost hem about $3.000 in acting time and doctors' Mlle, end hens out to recuperate both physically and financially. He win make Ills nrst radio appearance on Lfecoln If Vim next week and ERNI'... CLIFF SOMMER who Ce Ming that swell job on those Tenth or?!.4itoe dramatizedcornmerciale. al/pro on DOROTHY KILOALLEN'S li SHORE, BEN GRAUER, BEA ;bow May 24. By NAT GREEN seem air another rmoinaceed chow Over one Of the *hal= from Chi. VIRGINIA PAYNE. of NBC's Ma Perkins, was confined to her bad with laryngitis all tut week except for her appeanancea before the mike... New casting In the Scattergood Raines serial Includes ART KOHL end JON/THINE PatT... RARBARA PULLIEnt, In the Stepmother sertal. Ls spending a twoweek vacation In California... HEWN' FfiltP31AN, Court of Misting Heirs In - gentle. line gone to the West Coast for picture teat... NORA CUNNEEN. acuese wife of Pat (Uncle ).Yral Barrett, la authoring a book titled Rosedale Recipes.... That new turn It' Abner allow starting May 20 on the NBC -Red will originate on the West Coast and la In the nature of a test. It will be monnoted by the Miles laboratories,.. HAPPY JACK TURNER Is shopping for cottage ram some Carusdlan iske, where the fishing Is good: and DICK WELLS, Ma Perkins announcer, la looking over the sailboat market.... Sagebensh Symphoostea is the tag of en album of Ia tunes composed by TIM SPR'aCEIL. Of Bons of Pioneers. By SAM ABBOTT rood chow In Phoenix. Arlo.... DEN- NIS DAY skedded to open at the Hippodronre In Baltimore June 5. IbUowing a week there, be mores On CO the Rory In New York end later tab the Yarmulke. Trip Sant to take 10 week..... Merle Oberon has re<ctred a cable Offer to do a aeries of broadeasta originating In Sydney. Australia. STOCKHOLM May 17 -Sweden leads all European countries in the number of radio receiving sets to series. with 232 sets per Inhabitant*. Denmark holds second poehlon end Great Britain la pinned third. Shoring 1040 licenses for nun* sets were :awed in Sweden. an increase of 112,000 over the 1/reseeding year. Execs Outline Healthy Business Situation; Industry Continues Support; Sidney Kaye Sums Up healthier baby than ever before. The BM! executtses-viee-prealdent and General Counsel Sydney Kaye. te.c,e- President and Omens! Manager Merritt Tompkins,. and!ration Itelattons Director Carl Ifeverlin-pointed an effective picture of the radio-musto althation during the Wednesday morning session (14), and the huge group of broaciessisters cheered approval and assured them con - tinned support. There was. Do Indication during the convention that any of list NBC or CBS affiliates would sign with ABCAP at the rate accepted. by Mutual, which calla for a 3 per tent royalty on all network programs for four Teens and thereafter 3S4 per cent. until January Individual eaproulons from &Billet* reps Indicated that has oohed thee music problem and that. ao tar, few complaints here been received from /pea nies and no program conceit:weals Al the close of Cite Bale disetholon meeting, all Mutual atockholdem wit* signed with ASCAP turned In to HMI an assurance of contioued etippen. Kayo revealed. It followed the solid reactirm displayed by the. NAB toward Its own music publishing company. At the close of the convention. ASCAP executive* gave no Indication of any reduction In rates for NBC. Cfla, or their stmletes. A reduction will auteenatirally affect Mutual, which has a protective clause In Its ASCAP contract, and convention Melee believed that mach a reduction Is posatble. since the groin revenue of the two large networks runs anywhere beiween and 865, annually as cempared to Mutual's estimated genes. According to Kaye, anti-ascap station* affiliated with NBC or CBS do not have to fear the new competition offered thru Mutual's ASCAP agreement bemuse they furnish the (Monroe with better coverage. Should effiletce begin to lose sponsors, an eight -week cancellation-ofcentrect clause will provide the station with plenty of limo to meet the situation. Kays pointed out. Due to trio camper -tardy healthy state of BM! bwinees, Kayo announced a retitle:lion of one-third of the current RIR rates, which will spell a wiring of about * for the Altana members. Under the new program. Kaye said. Ball rates will range from one-half to one and two-thirds per cent of elation rev- Altho NBC and CBS. under them current contracts, are entitled to a Waller redricoon, they waived the TWA to accept It at a display of continued support. Tompkins In bla talk outlined the growth of MIL la said that BM! hart already published 301 pop titles and 536 standards and that tt has acquirhel the rights to catalega of 111 affiliated publishers, making some compod- Rona available. (ASCAP claims a library of songs) Tompkins, said that the Income from the sale of the moor& of Ian copyrights Is In excess of * for the first quarter of MAL and that during the Mat year It hes been averaging sheet -music sake of 74,600 copies weekly. Haserlln stated that any sporadic OW - burets against BMI since it begin to function here been "evidently inapned,e He said that BMI t deniccratle and has never been dominated by the networks. All BMI speakers left room for ASCAP. claiming that they do not seek tea monopolize the music Industry and welcome competition. ASCAP will be wet come. It wee brought out. 'sat our rates." ASCAP'a per program plan offered Mu - that Mations wee termed Illegal under the consent decree. by Rare. He said the decree, menthe into effect June IL does not permit guarantees at any kind. Part of ASCAP'a per program plan made. "if the pernenta to ASCAP under this formula are lees than 3 per cent of the nct roce:pla during any year, ASCAP may elect to here the ration operate on the blanket license formula. and to a almtler manner It the payments made by the stations to ASCAP exceed 5 per cent of its net receipts the Mallon has n reserve selection." Gerson to Army CHICAGO. May 17.-Noel Gerson, director of the talent dittstent of WON. bag been culled to settee duty In the U. B. Army and must report for duty June 2. He holds a lieutenancy In the Reserve Corps. Gement has been trade isselam' it% to the assienutt One of staff In charge of Intelligence In the Sixth Corps area. He will be located at the headquartem here and will sacetalise to radio week. NAB CHATTER (Continued from opposite page) Worth Recorded /anew Serowe, made good not of The Billbeorda, front arm etibitet. It het:veiled to be Will Bradley. who le under contract to LW. Corer was used as part of the 3.W exhinic Nets' Cocktail ParNea Thom, cocktail puttee leaned by NBC. CBS. and Mutual on consecutive days set each chain back an estimated *2400. Mitchell Ayres wee the first band leader to loam of ABCAP's agreement with Mutual. He was playing at the Chase liotet. Where the agreement was signed. Mae minutes after the pact was closed The Billboard'a former corrtopoirident from Lincoln. Neb.. Capt. Barney killed the In the Army now, stationed near fit Louts) brought the news to. John G. Paine. ASCAP generrl manager, when Interviewed on KWIC annual at - Mate) Co:loamy the ragrearrarat, said that at last "American music Is back on the ale." George Jeiteel, banquet toilat t. Thursday (15) rushed back to Chicago to open en er.itagenvent at the Theater - Cafe the next night. TOp entertainers at the oboes Included the Qule Kids. J ane Protean. Rase Hampton. and Henry Morgan (of the Here's Morgan program). Juggler Stan Kavanagh and "Peckpoeket" Giovanni assisted on comedy. Nat Abramson. of the WOR artist' bureau, assigned Annette Marsala( to handle the show. Heckle Hopper. Indio and newspaper columnist wax guest of the NAB lemmas at a style ar.d luncheon show. Stayed between pieties.. Howard Peterson. of WOW. Omaha, ewe In charge of the 200 promotional displays submitted by 100 atxdons... An Into:voting sight was the lobby chat between Merritt Tompkins, BMX general manager, and E. C. MM. chairman Of the ASCAP admintstrahve committee.... KVOO used a Gay 'DOS quartet to ballyhoo the station. Mtn behind the false rnattnehea Were Robert Stark_ Charles Voceg, John Artantia, and Tom Buckley.... Merle Jones, manager et KMOX. was In charge of the 81. Louis greeting contingent and he nws a pleasant host. In addition to Mutual, attractive Meta with bright smiles to gamer Altmann foe their sponsors were Used by KMOX. Standard Radio, Western Etectrie. and WJR. Detroit. and WOMI, Ctreekmd... A distinguished Brazilten visitor was Dr. Julio Barnta. head of the government's public relations department. He said his country likes the American programs piped In Dieu ducat waves and I. partteulerty fond of awing mune.. Among the ID reps from Csneda was Glenn Bannerman, preaident Canadian Broadcasting Associatle.n. MAr it arwtle Ike...snood aa SW. Don er's Original 24 -Hour Station

8 8 The Billboard RADIO -REVIEWS Slay 24, Dickers With CBS, NBC, WOR On FM, Short Wave, Repeat Scales NEW YORK, May 17.-Xxeca of Local 1302, American Iredetation of Musiclane. and repreaentatree of the radio chairs& hare begun negotiation. loading to contacts corning scale on Premortacy Modulation end short-wave broadcasts. The negotiations are also expected to load to changes In the scale for repeat broad - coals which are now done at tranacripterm scale except in rare Instance,. Radio n oes participating In the talks were Mark Wood. of the National Association Of Broadcasters; Lawrence Lowman. of Columbia Broadcasting System. and.1u. hue &enact% of WOR. According to William Peinberg. secretary of the best no dednite rides Isles been agreed upon yet: but Um local. with an eye on all recent dreelopmenta In the broolmatiox Industry. is keeping abreast of all preamble employment outlets_ Feb.n ban is motto= rather than overly op- Umlaute regarding PM and abort -wave. pointing out that. ohne, FM may open thousands of stations the matter of financing three stations la still a moot question. Feinberg indicated that the * colas when agreed upon for both shortwave and FM, would probably be for abort terms, so that the local would be protected against developments now unforesees. According to other local rem. It was Mated that the int stale would not be Melded into A. B. and C stations but would rioter all PM equally. FM executirs pointed out that they could not afford a high scale currently, and said that In the event the local de. Mended high rates there was always the alternative of transcriptiona. Phonograph recordings, in their current state. are of no U.S to FM elation^, owing to surface notate Inherent in lateral recordings,: but ET companies see in 114 a great future outlet for their vertical cuttings. Annotated Music Publishers and World Broadcasting System both make waxes suitable for FM. Western Occur System Ii esperimentton with a platter that TM execs ngure will be very good. Four FM stations In New 'York are on the air and will be affected by Local 802n scale. WOR's ration, W7INY. is already operating commercially. W2XR, operated by WQXR, bra applied for commercial authorirallon. and construction permile have been granted to WEEMS. Major Armstrong's station whose transmitter Ls in Alpine, N. J.. and W2XWO. NBC station. Outside of New Tort. more than a dorm FM stations have cons - medial authorization. These include two In Detroit. three In New England area, ineluding two Yankee network stations. end one each in Chicago. Milwaukee. Rochester. Nashville; Columbus. 0: Baton Rouge. la.: Eranaville. Ind.. and Hartford. Conn. Temporary commercial autborthstion has also been granted to Don Lee's ration in Los Angeles, The HI' companies servicing PM are currently charting only nominal rates. One of the oompsitra fees In Si for sixmonth library service. renewable without fee until the *tattoo Is doing good business Advertisers, Agencies, Stations schedule Saturday (171, signing off the NEW YORK: Mr at 3 a.m. COOT instead of 1:30 sza. L100ETT & MYERS TOBACCO COMpnNy ham, renewed pool %swim, on as formerly, and on Monday. (10i the the N111C-lied network, for the Uttrd year. station went on new en" 'nag schedule, 'crocus,. Jima IS. The 52,.k contract coming on the Mr at 0 instead of 0:30. cells for a 102-atation hook-up. Newell- Hayslett Company, Inc, la the agency. representative of WIIN.succeeding Harold A ItTlIttll SIMON. WPEN general man- Makelim... Pall Mall Cigarettes, be. IS. &ger, staying put at Isla deck here tinning May 10. spooa0ellit Modern now that he has reorganised the working isesfdit Musk, fire -minute morning 'show staff Of Bolora's WOO'. New York, ballasts days a week on CBS. Ruthrauff & I. Paul owl. program manager of Ryon the agency., Bower., Inc Halt- WBAL, Biltireort, to become general tog Its third year on CII.9 May 31, aeon- manager of the Clotham outlet... sews Stars Over Hollywood, replacing William Oriakey, last at WREN, Buffalo. Clt.1 and Rhythm., John Hurley N. Y.. and John Pell. out of WCOL.. added to Publicity staff of CBS. Colurabiu, 0.. new announcer at KYW. Knox Gelatine has renewed Bob Caned. R. Melina Crninn. announcer at for another 13 -week series of newscasts. vt. inor at scar -by Beading. Pa., to Kenyon te nekherdt handled. WHAL. Baltimore, to a similar capacity. Mat Silverman. formerly at WINS, New York. added to WDAS sales staff... CHICAGO: Adrain Bauer agency Wu the John H. TAM: R. CONWAY. former Chicago McMateloy account. advertising booms in nay who has been announcer over iruburhan developments.. Earle A. WISN. Milwaukee, joined the staff of Buckley. pea of agency carrying his VIDISU Thursday ( Tom, Dick. name, named consulting expert to the and Harry. singing and comedy trio, have Treasury Department In %Verdant:let on the defense saying bonds eater.. had their contract renewed for 13 week,'. on WON by their sponsor, the Fell Company. Agency servicing the account Is Feeley... Pitney Davis, C138 news coin- WDAS brings back singing voice of Pete the S. E. Roberta Oarripany. mentator, grabs off an honorary doctor. Ralph of letters degree from Franklin & Eddy. recently liaminotiel (Ind.) district manager for WHIP, joined the WON announcing staff Sunday (1l1... Katherine Morgan la the new girt in the WON publicity Office, taking over the dunce or Ape Ilawbet. who moves to the talent department... Jimmy McClain, "mental banker" who pluses out silver dopers es Dr, called on Nellie Tayloe Row director of the U. 8 Mint. while In Washington but work... Atlas Brewing Company, thru Arthur Meyerholt & Conipany. boa signed for Mx SOdowd announcements weekly for 13 weal over. Msernelden Publicstions hare signed with WBBM for time signal announcements each Tuesday. Thursday, Friday. and Saturday. &win. %Vasty. Inc.. is the agency.... WON added a half boor to Its. time Shale's 250,000th Wire NEW YORK. May 17.-WHEW eons. time next week will receive the th telegram addressed to Stan Shaw of Milkmen's Matinee. To date wires have been received. Sta. lion will lay out the plush carpet for the sender, who will be presented on the Mr. taken to a Broadway show. end escorted to a flock of night clubs by a Broadway columniat. Program has born averaging 133 telegrams nightly. Maribell College at nearby temente:. Pa.. at the June oommenionnent exeroises.... Nen M. Collins, account exec at Roland 0. Ullman Agency, bows out of the agency field for public relations work. DENVER! TAMER/CH C. MUELLER Jr. added to inv. staff and Douglas Rumen to the engineering staff.. KPEL an nouns's? Bill Kilmer reigns to join staff of WBON. filrmingriam. Ale 1P-KLZ tenor Bob Bradley now featured on CBS's Song Tier... Beverly Ward take over music clearance at KOA. position vacated by Ivan Schooley. who goes to anneunc- Ins staff... Prank Bishop. XPEL director, re-elected secretary of Denver Association of abantirturers' Representatives Marty 31cEntry. Kist Announcer, named for fourth year as enure and public-address announcer at Lake- Melo Park's midget auto race.. Late Spore Rerlete with Mil Welsh now sponsored tit -weekly by Ambrose Wine Company... Wuhillati Laney. KM continuity editor. rscatlontng In New York. Mies Lallare Lady Lend an Far has been transcribed for the time she'll be gone Skates' Cute, with Wee Battersea. now aired five Woes weekly over KAM direct from Mammoth Carden Skating Rink, sponsored jointly by the rink and K. & B. Packing Company. Program Reviews EST Union Otherwise Ind.cated An Analysis of Propaganda' Reviewed Friday, 6:15-6:30. MST. Styit---Comenenr. StatiOn--SratainIng on KEEL IDenver, MRS). Siegfried Wagerer, who waa a McCaw of the constituting assembly of the Orman Weimar Republic and a sol.dic In the German army of Warfel War I. has established a powerful short -ware listening poet In the mountable near ram Park. Colo. It is these broad - mats that form the brie for his propaganda analysis. Wagoner speaks with an accent, which adds to Use dramntle element to his delivery and makes It MIfleult to catch a word now and then: but his delivery la paced so that this does not happen often. Bill Wetah.meoager of 10'x1. News arrive. who an. 'murices the program, tins worked with Wagers.? In the preparation of scripts. and In perfecting his delivery. Versed In seven languages. Wegener has no trouble foterpreting what he hears. Ho reports the mortal context of each broadcast and then offers his own comment. Familiarity with both the people and land gives him an insight Into cooditions to the different countries, which be to able to Vie to good advantage In his diduetione. Several broad - taro are analyred on each program. and at the conclusion of the program Wagoner great the calls of the ramous stations whose broadcasts are Included. Trackman. "Hollywood Showcase" Reviewed Tuesday. 9:30-10 p.m. Style Sponsor-Richard Hiednut. Agency-Benton & Bowles. Station-- KNX (Hollywood, COS networki. Mary Astor has taken many parte In radio dramas but this Le her first mistress of ceremonies job. Show, when caught, featured Berry Kromer. yam returned for hie fourth consecutive appearance, and wee heard with Miss Astor in an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The frnpmforice of unity gamest Acta are not amateurs, but those picked Op In end around Hollywood. Winners selected by jury panel prked from the studio audience. One act le chosen each week to appear at the Los Astons Orplieurn Theater. Winners this Tuesday night were Larry Carr, singing pianist arid collaborating composer of the tune. Weiktay On Air, and Maureen O'COnnOr, 111 -year - old Hollywood Iligh School girl. Lud OltaskIn's CBS orchestra provided the music. Thom selected received spernor's products. Pi -opens has big following because of the local angle, and Min Astor handles the remeeeing job adminibly. Talent selected Ia picked with tercet care by Producer Rios Johnston. Makin en - operates In giving the candidates what they sant. Commercials aro not too inng or dowry and should be most effective, Abbott. "Around the lint)" Reviewed Thursday, 4-4:15 p.m. Style-Interview. Sustaining on WEEI (Boston'. Wed Clerelgue. conductor of qua shows, Is interviewer on this abet, and his guest at program caught Was Sally Itand of the fans, bubbles, and whatnot. attse Rend and Carrion make an excellent team. They have the poise and ready wit to turn this shot Into a Vitenable II minutes and we that ha remembered during the day, Oartgue asks lead. log questions, and, with Mies Rand for a euest, how earl he be blamed? On the whole, the WEIR staffer shoes himself on a par with any of the network spielers who handle. similar perigee:1u. He Is one of the cleverest quitters on the air and le at his best when ad llbbing, Was Rand hes swell radio personality and could easily be developed Into top notch radio talent. She clowns engagingly. On thaw caught, she subtly Inserted a commercial for the Bred nary where the is appearing. gagged up the origin of her fans, and remarked that nn one of her three farms she ',ilac's calm' She also discussed her recent lectured at Harvard and MIT. end got laughs with her story that the question end answer period after the lecture saws devoted to just one question from the Renard intellectuals-"what Is your phone number?" Around the Hub has always been a swell show. but It WEEt could keep Mtn Rand and animas as clout tip. team, they'd Kaplan.. "Springfield Speaks" Reviewed Tuesday. 12:15.12:3;0 pen. Sponsor-Whalen% Jewelry Mote and the &jou Theater. tyle-man on the Street broadcasts. Station - WSPR Spi infield. Mau.1 Program originates on the main Meet to treat of Whalen'''. Men sod women wbo volunteer to answer the questions get tickets to the Bijou. One question Is asked on this twice -a -week broadcast, generally about matters of national M- urat. Idea has posalblittles and could go over better. Principal trouble la that the question Is usually too long and too complicated, and after announcer /fawned Keefe has repeated It twice for the radio Mullenoo and once foe each person who approaches the mike the listener Is fed up. Another fault la that Keefe Mtn the conversation wander all over the place. Instead of keeping to the point, the questions mid answer become general and thus uninteresting. Zack. "Travel liorizons" Reviewed Wednesday. 9:30-9:45 pm. Style-Talk. Station-Sustaining on WQRX inew Weld. Horizons. done twice a seek on WQXR and prepared jointly by Larry Baker. sis- Ma's travel editor. arid the "Ask Mr. Poster Travel Service." be Renown as a sustaining feature. It's a pleasant quarter hour of talk, particularly en touring at stria lime of the year when the mind. If not the body. is Mear.der- Mg around hilts and dales Arch Kepisv is the Intern He tells you where to go, what you can do, and how much It will oost.thls latter pointtho It undeniably mucks of nutenalloo -lip Rally nice0 interroutil than Kosner's rhapsodies about the open country. For, according to Kepner, some of the one -week vacations' he outlines can be had for as little as Oa. Penman includes giveaways such as booklet* on vacation lands and listeners can secure a.dditionel vacation Informs. Mon by contacting station's Larry Baker, Kepoers delivery la good. Ackerman. MBS, Gillette Contract For Series Broadcasts CHICAGO, May 17.-Mutual Mold. casting System yesterday signed contract* for the exclusive broadcast of the 1041 World Series baseball games. it will be the third stronstve year far Mu tual and Gillette to present the eerie to radio barrier. Deal consummated In Oleo of Common:once IL M. Landis. with Fred Weber and J. P. Spang Jr. representing NIBS and Gillette, Serra will be carried over nearly 300 stations In the United States and Canada. The games wul also be shortwave) all around the world. ttpeclal provisions will be made for the broad - mats to be carried to South America in Spanish foe the time. Short -Wave Interviews NEW YORK. May 17.-NBC International Division Is airing a striae of Interviews with top musical stars on the daily Fashions In Jars program. 10:30-11 am Art Gary and Bill Hoffman, announcer and producer, hare already short.wavid to South America talk. with?male Mastro and Paul Knight. Scheduled to appear are Alien Roth, Tommy Doren/. Paul Laval. end others. Pitts FM Demonstration PITIABURCHL May 17.-aars Ord public demonstration of Frequencl Modulation held last week. two performances in Joseph Home Company department store. Stromberg-Carlson stringed ahlhlt roc<ciuy AS' awned epoluorahlp of Meet the Sand. sit mornings weekly, after being loft cornmerclal air for years.

9 May MUSIC The eilihnard 9 Conducted by DANIEL RICHMAN-Commenketioes to 1564 Smaiway, New Yea( Cdv CAMPUS LIKES IT SWEET More Vox Collegiate Populi NEW YORK. May 17.-Continuing loot week's critical comment. which was from them colleges and universities antong the 171 perucipating In The Billboard', peurth Annual College Munn survey that are located In New England, the Meddle Atlantte Stater, and the South, the campus editors of the Ivy-covered educattonal tells in the Idldweat and the West now step forward to have their say, pm and eat, about the dance orthestres that hare played their schools during the mat year. In this particular facet of The IltIlbeenVe yearly survey of the likes and diolikes, of the collegians anent dance music and bonds, the editors, sating as spokesmen for their refflectire student bodies, don't epee the horses In answering the question, Yenich band to base played your campus proved the Meat popular with the student body?.' and les coo:tory. "Which proved the biggest disappointment". Picking up the verbatim rernerks (with no &getout or Insertions by The Sgt. tornit) of the collegiate editors where they left Off In last week's Loma and starting tis'a time with Chicago, Robert D. Reynolds (Daily maroon). University of Chicago, tames CHARLIE BARNET as the mod popular. because of "Merest arrangements Cite Pompton Turnpike and Dootown Rises that were very well reeetred." No &sappentitnente at tan school. Sam Nkkelo (Neva) is frank, In la -peeking for Lorna Vrinanstty, when he nominates OAY AMMON. but sada "why, to something I cannot explain." were pretty fele. Skipplo.g over the dtaappointenents. Klekele stays "all of them We've had a rather good year In this respect." MUSIC ALL JUMP The Unlearsity of Champaign, that James W. Arentey (Daily /Met), eemarat %nue Ciatcago University's enthtuleans for CHARLtE BARNET. The biggest 4:14pp:dolmen% according to Amway. Bernet's "mane was all jump. the lather sad three men were In New York h0-11%.54 of his union mutat, rind the eudience as, far from receptive." DICK SURGIneS was most popular, with no reason given. Irving B. Lacy (DePaute) says Deleeuw University. Greencastle. Ind_ likes WARPY WATPAPALL for mailer dances: WOODY HERMAN, JAN SAVITr for pane. with Id 040 In disfavor. Alm in Indiana, Ball Stale College. Muncie. goes for DUKE ELLINGTON. who 'already lied many friends among the student body from prananta appearances. Ilts Words are played a lot on the cements Meta. and many students knew all his neaten. Also the Duke's fine publicity and advance press ovary," according to Asher Charles Bermuda In (man Slate Neon), He continues with "AL DONAHUE and SAGER ELLIS tie for the dubious boners here. At Doeithiaaa dance the leader Ind a enasaboup In an auto. and the bend wee fronted by Phil Mato (Donahue wallet). *Motto event prior to Ellees dance put the damper on for that ng Pore creeds both nntbta didn't help either." Antonio R. Seeable (Technician). Malang the sentiments of Indiana Teennteal Orrtene. Port Wayne. fear, teemed EARL GARDNER. because of emengensent* and general ebonite of pieces,' and away from FRAIOKEY BLUT.--"be did a splendid bb the first time he played. but the second time has musk and manner of playing 4,5 not seem the mina* at all." Itsestrat Into Ohio. Ted Raker (Carnal Nero) says LARRY CLINTON fulfilled "his reputation for his magnificent arrangements and eplendid retentions." with the School. John Carroll University, disappointed In tome. Jack Hume (Reedier), Oberlin (0.1 College spoke -enema doesn't name, the rnso. popular of Cite year at his sthoel, but rays that ItEGGIE CHILDd diaappanted. "for obvious reasons-played very few good swing numbers:' FINANCIAL STATEMENT Ohio State University, Oolumbus, Cam Don E. Delano (Leentrei). apparently flartree popeterity and disappointment front the standpoint of attendance and taken Meade not taken in. CHARLIE BARNET was most popular here. "on the tads of attendence and subsequeut comment." while the verdict gr.e4 against the SloPARLAND TWINS, because "'prom last money for Drat time. COnetn5114 was emameable--cledinitely.e Shelby /toward speaking for the University of Cituinnatt la that Cable city, lass no letdowns to report, but names WHO. DRAD1XY is top can to appeal, due to "extensive publicity and really danceable mute combined with rotenaining novelties-ray McKinley." No deoproentments either at Ohio Una,entil. Athena. Lent. Sargent (Pon) dating that BP-VNY 0001MJAN went over big bemuse the students 'liked the danceable music interspersed with the Cootie WUhem trumpet." The send "'mooch" figures In the pro and con of the University of Detroit, Is that Michigan town came A. Dick (V5r5fly Neon) claiming that JAN SAVVY. We. was "very smooth." while REGGIE ClaILD3. con. "didn't match his buarl.up as e nosesethlee" Nod gore to BENNY GOODMAN, who "fits in wail with the type d dancing done at liethigeme as well as harlot "a good danceable Mite," from the Unlmrelty of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Esther Omer (Daily) speaking. "No apeallteation of opinion on thla (blggeat ditaappointmenti subject." oho adds, 712) WEEMS or JAN SAVITn gels thumbs up at Michigan State College, East laming. while Sidney A. Levy (Stage News) Condemns WAYNE KIND. "probably because his band And style are designed for an Make Crowd: be hid a good hotel Lana. but seemed to be too much on the corny seder for collegiate tastes." LOU BREEZE and OEOROE HAMILTON ere the "us" and "no" at Iowa Suite College, feaue, halo the editor of the school's Dolly Student doesn't emptily as to why. XENNY CARPMeTER wins the palm, without explanation, at Drake University, Des Sktnee, and when it comes to the dleappointment, Johnny Davis (Delphic) doesn't ay any more. but nominates OUT LOMBARDO with graphic melee of eight ex - elocution marks after the name. and an "and rocallets" tacked on lifter that. MOST RESPONSIBLE At the University c4 Iowa, Iowa City. Loren 'ticket -son (Daily Iowan) find* 1AP.RY CLINTON'S.'tec13nLquo is most responsible" for nicking him soma popular. "Re was good." says filelienion "and his music conformed to can't= appeal." NO daellpotottnents here. RAYMOND SCCTT and BOYD lialalurn were good and bad et the University of WBeireiain, Madison. says hying Miller (Cardinal), offering no further explanationa. BERNIE YOUNO, Milwaukee sera crew. was the hit of the year at Lawrence College, Appeleton, Wise Junes W. Woody Jr. (Locorentian) eartang that ho "put on a peed show. and In tuldltion elicited out some awfully fine nate. with his 33 -Mime outfit playing a fine heavy beat: very danceable." Moody then says "the biggest washout was GEORGE HALL. and Itho he didn't equal Hall's aaleekeice (Oc). L Me, ARD K t (Chleage) wax Okras too good." HAL LEONARD west oath at La Creme (Wis.) State Teachers' College. Paul 7. Wltake (froorter) failing to state exactly why, but TED OAY (of Pond du lace Wt.) was the oppestte, because he 'Tad poor 'atrium and didn't have a large variety al popular numbers." DICK JURGEN8 tree "mod onteetalning and elsr.neable" at iiberal university. Columbia, but JAN SAY1TT, says Jack Dick Peddle. wee the 41,4pp:4:stews:it of the year-"the dame, was overcrowded (compateory for all fraternity meal, he was toe hot, no personality.` The etudes at University of Nebraska, leacolte wool disappointed Ira JOE SANDP213, the ale left -handy,. "Mott pieces too '94 lei the ethers of music ho played," quotes Chris Petersen (Deny Nebraskan), bat they liked COUNT anstit. (Ste MORE VOX COLLEGIATE POPUL1 on past II) Collegians Swinging Away From Swing; Quiet Rhythms in Vogue 143 schools out of 171 say jive is on the wane -21 still cling to Ic jazz hot-prone-goofs want rhythm but it must be on the subdued side NEW YORK. May 17.-awing. ankh for some time now Its.. been getting lower and lower grades In Its promoa they the stately hallo of higher education in this country, this year definitely flunks Its neut. In the critical opinion of that pert of the denting public that was so largely responsible for Its rise and maintenance -the ration's college kids. This. for that matter, neat the Met year that Joe and Jane College have turned against the bleating pre of le laze hot In favor Of a more subdued, rhythmic, sweet -awing, but The intiboorces rowel% Annual College Music Survey proves that the Rettig away from rearm is more pronounced than It ever we,. before this semester. The result* of the questions anent swing put to the editors of the 171 school. college, end university publics - tans participating in the year's survey constitute definite evidence that the more bested rhythms aro getting the cold shoulder from the mine group that made their prominent* poseible. The eignifirance of the answers to testae questeene Is of the utnaceat Importance to bands and their managements, fee there bare ranged in the mtnda of the music trade any doubts as to the next type of dance mune on the agenda, those doubts should certainly be died wed by the expressed attitude of young America. And thus desire for sweet - swing is backed up by intelligent and legit:mate seasons tram the collqs crowd: they not only want a now sera In make but they know why they want It, as direct quotes from the oncost* orators prove. upon tide current amines attitude depend continued success for some dame orchestres in the upper brackets, pun - jitterbugging Out bible oblivion for others trying to Swing also takes another kick in the &thine that estate and potential at- reeetlens to the question. -Did jitter. Swing and Sweet Following is a table indicating the way collegiate America feels about swing music and sweet music. The questions at the left aro reprinted exactly as asked in the questionnaire tent to the editors of 171 college publications, with the number of "yes" and "no" answers given al the right. In the votes cast for sweet music, no sharp lino of demarcation between sweet and sweet -swing exists. The editors veiling this way in many instances staled that the preference of tiatir campuses was for either sweet -swing or out.and.out sweet muair, but definitely against swing. The word "sweet" in this tabulation. therefore, is used to indicate the varying degrees of quieter dance music as opposed to definite swing. QUISTION eta NO NO OPINION Did swing music monopolise your campus Rules in dance music during III 9 Has there been a decline in the popularity of swing music among your student body? Did jitterbug dancing monopolize the dance floor at your proms during 1940' claim for still others climbing up the adder. Sweet -Seeing To the query. -Ted swing ;nude reamopoltres your campus tastes In dance music during 10407," only 62 editors replied in the [aliment*, as against Ill who wen: back a strong chorus of "tar." Even more re'realln5 are the returns on the question. "Has chore been a deellese In the popularity of ening music among your student Here It's an overwhelming 143 In the effirmative, and a week 2i In the negative. Answers to this 'world question re. fleet beat the shape of things to come. The words "Aiming 1040" must be taken Into account In the feet query, so that the 52 'lessee" to Ill "nos" as to swing bating a monopoly mean that a year ago wring was wearing Its crown more easily than It Is today. The ratio on the deoltne of swing during the year indicates that as the months rolled by c arolled more and more Into the dis. Out of the 143 who claimed that King Swing Is being devoted, 106 editors nominated sweet -awing as the musical sue - ewer, with the remainder. 37. voting for out-and-out sweet rhythms. This strong preponderance of nominations for sweet -swing In place ot streaming beam and bleating riffs and rides would seem to point the way dance music styles aro heading more than anything else. U bug d2nrint roonepoliee the carte ficee at your proms during 1046l' With every one of the 171 edam-. expressing an opinion, tidal wave of "nos.' to the number of 137. rotted in, es against a hopeless 14 In the affirmative. Those reformer* perturbed about the youngest' g eneration knocking itself out In frantic contortions on the dance floor can now relax and look for other manifestations of alleged wrong -doing. The Inds and!masks are now going airnoet eveluatewly for the quite. MUM type of ballroom dancing-"lust dandies, not aerobatics." as one editor puts it. Probably the meet efficacious wee, of revealing bow the country's college students feel about swing. reeet-awing, and sweet It to let their representatives have the floor, and speak out for them. rot. lowing ere scene direct. quote* from the campus editors themselves: Brown IrolversIty. Proeldences, teals that awing has declined because of "numerate records, Web as Oleten Bugle Call Rog, Farewell ghats. etc., which ere purely exhibittonutio numbers of little value which offered the coo, they are thooretteelly not Ming In the true sense. anyway, &Rho they are considered truch." The change to inverter rhythms ha* been brought about, this campus betimes, because of -.Ante Show's full bend, with Wham Tommy Dowers stow Pied Pipers numbers. and the gradual resection to loud bras. sec. (See Catnpas Lass It Sweet on pale It)

10 10 The Billboard MUSIC 21, 194Z TRADE SERWEELA RE [lbehird MUSIC LEADING MUSIC MACHINE RECORDS Itett.rdtrds listed below we entreat'', the tt.rgert 0,5ntlrnaktrt la autonetio phonographs. Inlettlino are the acceezava of resorts 'sabered rot), erk by orpreaccrattsea of TM Beta, :d for ite Reoced Buying,aide feature that ppeors In Motto SimAim Bee 'ion. Reports sin gathered from at Nast rear ledins phonograph opormore each of the 70 moot important phonograph *sweating centers 3n th. country. Number of weeks recorninga liat &posited In &rungloditated 10 porrnibmos 1000 lot Mks In tbal section. GOING STRONG THERM- Bt $0.01 CHANCIS MAD1 910 Weahl Sonny Good - nook V.Ihn MOM.. Ted Weenra AMAPOLA. ;for Weefl peony Doom Sammy Kme, Connie Boswell. ON, LOOK AT MI NOW W.k1 Temmy Dorsey. POSPOULAW R ITY NATIONAL AND REGIONAL BEST SELLING..11'11I6 It, The Wa. lot CI-IARWEEK ENDING RETAIL RECORDS of Nett 10 heel telling Noted compilation la timed ustzu repeats from itse (*Booing Moll stores of the peat iseek. Now Took City, Cooler Senate Brom; Stosentleld Iterak Shop: Liberty )(sale /1110p; Vesky Idea& MAO: Mask Mop, notion: Daman Musk On.; Tnes UMW; Basso. Weber Musk CO k1To4: lthitortoo Scott MeV: reoaderely guile Shop; Arcane Record Mop. Pittsburgh- Yolkwoln Kew.. Pbiladeip0/17 Warramaiter's Depottouent Aloft. Downtown Sitcom] Shop. Airs A. (letti.n. Washlostens: (Norge'. Rod's Co Denser: T1st Nay Co.: 7110 Retool Stop: K. Well, Wile Co. Boll tato City: Z. C. M. 3. Retool Dent- POISUoill. Oen; Meter & Prank CO.; J. IL Gill CO. loo Angeles DtekelliirlthatsboO: Monitors California MONO CA: od House of Music. non Prefoinoic PachwobatberArrity; Qoarg Muss* Co. ChIceco: Soars, Soebraek 1. Co.: Marshall Tield; ViPardi0ore; Lyon k 11.1y;,sent Mode Pim.; betaratatt nroa. Ctnetatall: Sent 41100; WISH Mingo Co.; ReSdipts Wuellerne Co.: sum/arta. 104: ( Musk Shop. Idlieroukee: Schuster's. Record LIbtory (Cd Ihonest: aroodwoy House of mask; Teradford Pot. Co. Drs Moines: Des Moto. Mask Nome; 110/10.06 On. (*MOW VitarlItatra; Rpm, Kat... city, Mo.: Stole Ilea Be. Loots: Aeolian Co. of 116.1e; liamous & 3240,. At. POW: W. J. Dior is uroftoort Novelty Co. C7are:11/4117 Hello Droo. Co. Bilitiggerld. Mo.: L. E. ULM MIlaki OP. assoneslitkn's Hadar Service Won. L. Z. Pates Is Bona: blonaren Boke CO.: Louis PILLS Dry Coma ock AllaCla. Cos Preecripiton atop. Raleigh. N. O L ThSem: C. It. Stephenson Mesh op. MIOmI; Nieto]. Sore Co.; Iluedloe's. toe. New Orleans: Sauk Oromusld Co, Inc.; 0. BOLIdnisr. ter womb. The.: McCrory's; Kemble area.' INsznitore On Den Ao40n1o: Tbomes Acorn; Aloe* limo 004 SSA Anten.:3 Wok Co. NATIONAL EAST WEST COAST 100;1710N PCOTTI(rti IoM tote Thos v. a. wo. Wk. no Ammer -1baiy 004.1y 6 2. My Sneer sol I -Sammy Dorsey 4 J. 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Walking W tlw River UNTIL TOMORROW -Bing Crosby Kemp MX Until T , Towoorroor -SAMMY KATI OMR WALKING SY THE WEL Una Mw Cathie. -Swam Kayo Kaye NATIONAL AND REGIONAL SHEET MUSIC BEST SELLERS.heel musk Seabees nd dra201 of IS.. coiectiation LI band upon menu tosenni Nom the tellowind LIND II heel aelling songs of Um past took. Now York CPS: a ; MS'? SASSO CO. Pittaurgh, Wrikoelgs SWOON. tac. San PrItadiseo: Parths COLN Musk 7obbato; BAtreams. Clay & Co. Lee Mettle, Morse It. 3W -ems. Do. loottlo: 011/001 MAIN : nklm. )"14 CO. Cbstage. Lyon de Rely; Cast PIM/SM, Ion: Ossablo Hulett Music Co.: A. 0. ktectord Al Loom: et t, Bo00131 Co Kensam City. 340.: AOMORI Masks 00. MUMS: Oftnnoli Iirconer Die Antonio: Southern Moak Co. New (,1.614.:O. Schlraser et Loglebi00. ALlasta: Cable Piae,0 Co. Phoenix. Arta: LI/arson Moak Co. NATIONAL TYPITTION Lao 71.0 wit. 2 I. MY SISTER AND 1 I 2. AMAPOLA 3 3. INTERMEZZO 7 4. MARIA ILINA 4 5. DO I WORRY? 6 6. WALK INC BY THE RIVER I 3 7. NO. 10 LULLABY LANE 8. W1311 OLD OWL 9 9. DOLORES NEW SAN ANTONIO ROSt ILL RE WITH YOU IN APPLI BLOSSOM Meg VIVI NOW - II. THIllt'LL BI CHANGIS MAO( THE BAND PLAYED ON 15 IS. THE NUT OUT SONG POISTN4171 Last The Wt EAST 2 1. lotennosso 1 2. My Sitter and I Anispola Maria ilea TI.. Things 1 Lore 7 6. De Worry? 4 7. Nit. 10 Lullaby Loot S. 17I Be Woo Yee in Apple Skewer Tio Walking by Ilse River Dolor ,. Look of Id. Nom Who Old Carta Now brat Littto Blf loath *4 Nort1 CiNolin I Um:Noland O 2 1 MIDWEST 1. My VIM, anti I 2. Amspola 3. Marls tlen lotionet so 5. Do I Worry? 6. Waking by the Riser 7. No. 10 Lullaby Lane B. TM 'sod Played O.I.N. 10 WIN 011 Owl 11. Glyt Now IS, Now San A Rota T I r 'II Be Sono Cheep" Mad. 14. Oh Leek at Mr Now IS. The Things I 1.0/4 WEST COAST rno1710n Leo I. VII W a tl IS t I. Aerosol& 2. My Sloe. sod I J mt Marta lions S. Hew San Antonio Rose 6. WI. Old Owl 7. Wanterg by Ho River 8. Mr Hut Sot Son 9. Do I Worry? 10. Debt. 11. Oh. Look ist M. Now 12. III Se Will Yoe In Apple Tam/ 13. TIkr'Ii de Some GURITI Made 14. Clive New 1$. Georg., e. My Mind SOUTH 1. Intenomico 1 2. My Shier and 1 2 3, AmePola Where 114 Mountain. Mort rho Mom No. 10 Lullaby There'll b Some Changes Mader 4 7. Watkins be the RN WiN Old Owl 12 9 Smarm.1 You IS 10. N.. San Antonle Rots 14 II. Maria Urns Do I Worry? IS. hot, LAIN Olt Sent%.0 North CONIne II 14 Georgia oss My Mind Tonight SONGS WITH MOST RADIO PLUGS The follomni as. tso 20 Imenar wows ea 10e barb.1 Ile Isnot sombre al 44.6 /00. TY101, 0410,4 0 60,1.0. don/ kar weak manta nid.r. Mai IA fodeommtow Orme wo I.., lv,m0m N. IOWA. W:4111f, Elba,aama ilft am Ka1411, Ann rts. compilation Is Wed Men data eopc063 to Anessele liecorllog II. wt. S.L.t:IP"":frisr Dole PoldaMr Plo0 Not Inns *MI 17 I S I. MY AND TWO HEARTS THAT PASS IN THE MIGHT E. B. MIA I 3. WALKING BY VII RIVER SIMI 13 S I I. MARIA MINA , INTERMEZZO Cf ON MY MIND- Soorforre 2 5. THINGS I LOVE II I WORRY? Melody taro 10 2 S 7. SOUTH OF NORTH CARD S. OHL.I"LOOO K AT MI NOW Areoesto Resocting Sank*, ar1vem te01/11000 eit weekly soog plugs Is used by TIM 81110o1rd. amerhog to the regeost el musk pubushert. the onsleeltywhom subtorelho to (Ms sontoe. 14 neir toulng bparta.with onfr WOR ered.16 s notooril Mug. cod with WEAF. WIZ. sod WAN, yemtouan firmed on mei work plugs, torsomwill dropped Nom Ito ersenplletson. WOR. sehith Carmody hod Moo Ilsted by ANurste as so bwkiscogent Plot. Isom. H. Moo Nome for Nth Whorl on Mey 13, lb ally that ASCAP nook reverted to thr Mongol network. et whkis WOO 14 a /Or/. Co:or/trot went ihis switch, 61v WON, %YMCA. and WNW ttt wave bolos lilted se /5 IN 10/144 prodant plugs. This tnuaboes will apparently remain In effect w0111 ASCAP musk h mode avallsbk n II. ether Acta...rte.. and wave aint..a NAMn that erdy pot of Not May h now told In TIN compilation. wo egret that notking he Ma lam done.0 90N100. loner.% en A M0 beco, and conibrun ter be, lb. sole source from ermelt this 1111 is eemplkd A AMAPOLA 1 0. Mule B NOW 11/1 8. UNTIL TOMORROW..... Ropublk 5 9. NO. 10 LULLASY LANE... BAN WISt OLD OWL SIMI 9. YOURS E. B NI IT ALL COMES BACK TO.Mt. NOW to. NIGHTY pitcti#.. Sc,,,,10. _ TIlat AND TIME AGAIN Liiidon II. It011 WANT OP A STAR... I. B

11 May 24, MUSIC Thr Billboard 11 More Vox Collegiate Po pull (Conffemod front page 9) PINKY TOMLLW was really a hit at Jeanne Mary Lund'. (creeptitentan) Creighton University, Omaha, -becalm of his altak dancing muse, his excellent vocals. and Ma own grand personality on the stand and off of It. Ma tousle was really tope and superior in Its tone and variety. With a little bit of everything. he managed to please everyone." BLUE BARRON. on the other hand, "wag highly overrated, and Isla epee:althea were To rotten filthy. They were too =natty to be funny. His music was not as good as could be expected. and the attire effect wan )(coral -Fete." TOO MUCH NOVELTY PLLTCHER HENDIRSON "gave a geed combo of sweet and hot music" to men him the moat popular palm at Carleton College, Northfield, Minn.. but Richard limboefer (carte:onkel') blasts LOU BRMSE. who, It 'dean, oposidend quite corny, with too much novelty." WOODY IDOtMAN "plays the style the student* like- on the University of Arkansas, Fayette.,ale, campus, with Ellis M. Stafford (Aricarstas Traveler) sidestepping the disappointment question. Altho the bit and mita of the year at University of Denver. In that Colorado city, were only local bands. Shirley Shepherd, editor of the tampon publication, hiss definite remora for molt monlon. In the Mae of popular STAN ROSKOFT. hie -moat proferadossal arrangements, ernoeth mune. large band" did it. while ROLLY ClIFSTNEY 'sounded tinny. Couldn't feel rhythm- 'Tempe not gauged for good dancing. Was Just not smooth and pleasing." John W. Barirem (Siziar & Gold). speaking for the University of Colorado, Boulder. imula GENE PIEPER for his "Lore.bardoicky type" of InUsse, but bestows favor upon JAN isavitt for "rhythmic, danceable music." KAY RYSER "without a doubt." says Lyle M. Nelson (Daily Ereenald1; the Mitdents at University of Oregon, Eugene. "really liked his band and the ahow which he put on In addition to bla top mune. He went over better than Any orchestra that hall over played here." JACKIE SOUDERS, however. "was exitlelzed because he seemed to bare no rhythm seetion. He was all solo with no clear background rhythm which nukes good dancing." Duncan R. Campbell Jr, (ffermin) "doesn't know why' PHIL IflaRRIS was the most popular at Montana State University. Mix. soul.% but says that IS11A31 JONDS--"too much clowning'-and RUDDY ROOMS -"poor music and off-color jokeea--were the ellasppolntments them In Seattle the Mineral ty of Washington hike DUKE ELLINGTON foe the simple reason that "he was the first big come band brought to a Washington school dance In several years." FA Guthman (Daily) says hie campus had no disappointraeras. obetonny for the tame reason. KAY RYSER wins the popularity pries at California's Stanford University, Dwight D. Hutchinson (Sfeefeed Luny), not (Maeda; any further mnbehtsbenenta. and Oleo DO disappointments. DULL AND CONCEITED NICK MORJUSKY "seemed to suit the dancers' tastes with a mixture of sweet Ind tiling, with frequent Latin American arra:aspirants while no orchestra was a aparticolar disappointment." states Arthur 01,051 (Santa Clara) for the University a Santa Clara. in that California town. The University of San PrimeImo. Ned Burns freeherse) acting as spokesanan for the ta.mpualtos there. dialiked ARTIE SHAW "because of his dull penosudity and conceit," with Bums becoming parenthetically charitable by adding "(Mayne be was la that night)." "Of the larger bends to have paired at the rohool." says the collegiate editor. "RAY NOBLE was the most popular with his sweet style." LUD LUSKIN gets the maenad at Pomona Collage, Claremont, Calif_ Menem Forbes casting that school's vote for lane, 'because of the big name," JOHNNY TGORANCE, identified by this tamps' editor es "a neweomr," gave the students "a good evening or dancing, as his music was lively but not awing." Aa to diaxpvoice:neat", "thin year they (astersitly all the orks to have played there) have teen exceptlorally good. Lein year SPUD MURPHY and BILLY McDONALD with their stock arnanaomenta did not go over. They were also too loud and mangy." GLENN MILLER, minus an explanation, Is the nominee foe the mom popular crown at the linlrensity of Southern California In Los Anoint. Mary Herstee (may Trojan) goes on to single out MARVIN. DALE ea dloppotennent No. 1. "He pi efed." says alma "st a school rally when the student* were expraling a very outstanding band." Because Fresno (Conf.) State College is 'not solid." ItielatY SMITH Wail latat'llited. *according to Harold Ketth.Bronsteln (Collegian). SIthith has a sweet band, end "people here favor moderate fox trete, some waltens, an esconsionni feet pre.' Evidently every ork to have played Fresno coossured up to those requirement., because no disappointments are registered. PHIL HARRIS gets the nod at Santa Barbara (Calif.) State College. Willard May (El Geocho),doing the nodding for the student body. but JIMMIE ORIER gets the reverse. CAMPUS LIKES IT SWEET (Continued (rain pane ii) tans and nobsy. mesulngtem Miami:nentaI work." "Mors Interest is Aetna Mown." by Dosdoln College, Brunawtek, Me. "in ballads and particulerly in unanal arrangements of them. Swing mega" continuos this school's editor. 'tend to be too miteh alike." Recker College, Worcester. Masa., finds that "eating is Just a tad, end.roe People get tired of fad, it goes out." At the Mweachusetts Institute of Tech - wham Cambridge. "the desire to be able SO dance comfortably" did away ultra swing. "Our dances are always peeked." says MIT "and hot music IntrOduees dimculties, and for that reason bands that play only awing are not hired." Coe of the moat sociotoeical remons, and ono that deeitiltely has Its Bonita. cranes from Syrocuae IN. Ya University, which rays the demise of awing to Probably a subdued reflection of war conditions the desire to have a good tune without too much blasting." On the Melody Artie Slusw's recording of Stordsof offered by New York University ai the "mare modified type of awing with subdaed rhythms that do not drift too far row from the meted,'" that Is now pre - tarred Oct this campus, when "a rasa loopy time armrest. rather than Meet - notes. the istiadent dancer." The fast,icias are conelderae "strictly high school ratiff" at Upula College. East Orange, N. J. and "big dances are crowded. amid one C1200t dance to saint/ mune," says Penn State In Phihdelphis, Yale University, New haven. men, 'ashen out with a date, like to hey, mune that they can eoinfortaigy dance to: they prefer [mussing ntualc rather than the jitterbug type." Moat of the ettedentx at Yale "only require bend to be detonable and to hove aufnetent variety to Intereat them" Jitterbugging 'showed a lack of culture," says Wabanla College. Crawford. - elite, Init.. while the "slow. dreamy stuff' Ls what Ball College, Muncie. Ind_ gore for. "Lots of Mimi and similar things designed to get the gal friend In the maxi." amplites this schwa. laillsnova (Pa.) College ta another piece where the war Osumi In the trend away tram awing: "eerkiusnom greater, reflecting thinking of war and draft ntuation." Is the way tads campus editor says It. "The improvement of orchestras play - trig sweet mune" Is a cogent thought from Temple University, Philadelphia, whsle 'pawing fear seems to stain up Diekinson College's Marline, Pa.) feel - Inca in the matter, thilveralty of Baltimore say. It another way, "Perhaps tn.. novelty ILIA Wen off." weenie es "Mewed to ancient blatei7" at Rood College. Frederick. add.. which Is a girl's cahoot with the feminine viewpoint carried on still further Iry "hardly any girl looks her best white atterbuggin,a-'nuff salcil" Three Jumperon Limit Drury College, Sprtnigneld Mo., thinks that "three bans. P.M, mass number's Dually malaise for an evening's done - with the reason being it "general Orchestra Notes By DANIEL. Of Maestri and Men VAUGHN MONROE goes Into Frank V Dailey 's afradowbrook, Cedar Grove, N..1, for a pour of weeks as soon as he winds up Ma current run at the Now York Paramount In about three weeks. Monroe 14 also set for two and a half months at New York's Hotel Commodore, beginning October g,.. BYRNE. barred from his eke:wed New York appearance at the Hotel New Yorker lea month because of the Juriellettonal union dispute ttlet4v- Ins the hotel, get, a choice big -town location anyway... ho starts a summer run June 8 tit the rival Hetet Penneyl- Vanua, opening the bcatelry's roof.... DON MARIO into the Hour Glass, New - ask, N. J.. May HANK ROSE new at piano for Gray Gordon. wbile BILLY PRITCHARD, former Tony Pastor trombonist, Joins Prankie Masters at the Taft Grill. New York... BUNNY GOOD- MAN has a Month= at the Sherman Hotel, Chicago, aterthig about the middle of July. and while In the Windy City he will begin a new radio commercial for ah unrevealed sponsor, snitch will be piped from Chl.... 'TEDDY WILSON goes back Into Cafe Society Uptown, New York, Juno 2. with JOHN KIRBY, whom he replaces, ranted to return September It's a repeater for Miami.. NANO RODR100 into the Club Dna New York, July 1 for an traded run... MICHAEL. LOAM will be the permanent band at the new Litmus Park Ballroom. Coney Island, N. Y., with guest names playing weekly engagements sterling the 25th.... MIKE RILEY is augmenting his math combo, with his neat date with the 12 -piece area' a month run boredom with Jitterbugs and Jitterbusging, and a response to the current. mart, smooth arrangements of outstandlne bomb.- "GOD]. rhythmic boat Is always popular" at Creighton University. Omaha, but a variety of tempos and tunes; is preferred, because the Mu - dente "like to dance, and awing la not bcht for this." Brigham Young Untrersity, Provo. CUM, *eye It's "fed up on noisy Jive. which sounds and looks exude. Colleges hate passed the saturatton point with awing, mid want a change. People can get exercise on the tennis court, but they went to dance to enjoy, not exhaust. thenwegos " Utah State AgreetatOral College. Logan, Is of the opinion that "the principle of wing music stems to have been canted so far that it now appear* ruileulous_ Swing rendittona of things like Anon Menu cured moat of us." Chico (Calif.) State College think* Along Wenner Unto, waling that "the main factor In In- :Usenet:1g the change (from swing to sweets was the extreme extent to which bonds were earrytng swing mune. In imuerel, students tended to become sick and tired of It," And Washington State College. Pullman, puts down a succitactly Worded phrase in answtaing the question as to what factors influenced the mina away from.wing --"Copy thy neighbor." AND IN CONCLUSION... ant IIILLOOARO, in met were's los., renal. lust hose Invywetest are!mono. GRAPH RICOROS In the rnatiee.5 dance orchestra.insefar as the nation's torteellne are eoneesmae/. Much ho been said tad written oho's, haw vital geld meads are to a band's carom and neat week young Americo tells to what stunt all this heists Irue.. ALSO hs nest teeth% issue. which ceariede The Oltitoard's fourth Annual Collett Musk Sum's. the Campos pre.. trotters will reveal how they feel sheaf LATIN AieletCAN MUSIC. Has the foe south.ef.theheeder rloihass Otto as seldispres4 as 1a seen& tie the tenter kid., whose tastes he fowler dance music an so Inspeetent, share he the nthusimas to this type et nitiskt Or do they lase 1194 (sa teething ter RUMBAS. CONGAS,...of SAaellASF... Be wee to read NOVI WICK'S Haire Of int alialtorse0 la the last, last tar Irons kelt insperint. kneel MN the 1941 laes and distdos el lee and!vw College. RICOROINOS and LATIN MUSIC sae Iwo of He mot Newton, nsetee the foment envweal set., How dors Collegians feet abort thena RICHMAN at the Sea Girt tat. J.) Sea, as of June Pleasure Neigh Park, BridgeMat. Cann, opine oti that date, with MCA servicing the band end... TOMMY DORSEY. the 1st: BOB CHESTER. the 8th: TOMMY TUCKER, June 15. and SAMMY KAYE. July 8. is the pleasant line-up.. CARL HOFF takes his new ork Into Gardens. Armonk. N. Y. ARTURO ARTUROS start. at the Hotel McAlpin May 20 for the summer... prwrox BROTHERS' ORCHESTRA Is splitting up. Joe and George each branching out with hats own moan:at:on.... Penton crew was one of the most popular dance orke ever built up en Maine territory, but the chlsm developed over differenots in musical Was, Jee is keeping mean of the 13-ptece comb% planning to add six others. Midwestern Murtwura LIONEL HAMPTON leaves the Grand Terrace, Chicago (20) for ooenighters, with "KING" HOLAX corning in.... HENRI LISBON signed a manager:al contract with Weems. Sr._ Chicago... baud opened an indefinite run at the Theater Cafe in the Windy City.... BERNIE CUMMINS will play a flock of fair dates In August. following n location Job at the Clathiee In Memphis, Tann... BUNNY STIaasVO wound up a monther at the Mayflower Hotel, Akre*. 0_ on the 15th and four days later started a dander term at the Weehtneton-Youree Hotel. Shreveport, Ls.... LAWRENCE WELK Is the lead-off Mane. Ma opening day at Exceligor Park, Minnespoin, May he clown at the Trienon In Chi June 3. opening two days later at the Peabody In Memphis for a theer-arek engagement... CLYDE. Mc - COY takes; his crew Into the Beverly Mills Country Club, Newport, Ey, on the 23d, with Mfg MOFFITT'S crew, in the Setubal Theater. Cincinnati. pit all season, snoring In two weeks later.... IIPABIE KAY Is set for Moonlit* Gm - done. Coney Island. Cincinnati, for a week beginning May 31, with BARRON ralzort the follow -upper June 7. Hr paced the nomfern trumpeting it qtr-tit're's a Mar Armstrong in 'cm till hat there's old!, Oise LOUIS ARMSTRONG AND HIS ORCHESTRA Doing the Vocals- SONNY WOODS ANN BAKER Durgin? May 161h APOLLO THEATER NEW YORK DECCA RECORDING ARTIST Be sure to get Armstrong's latest DECCA RECORD "DO YOU CALL THAT A BUDDY?" Personal Management JOE GLASER. Inc. 30 Rockefeller Plaza. New York Circle

12 12 Tbn Billboard MUSIC -REVIEWS 'slay On the Records A.(bled analysis of the later/ ward releases, cowing both tae ntonsal and comeneretst anal. of exh disk reyfe.ed. Review. of length are pea that possess unussiel fr. tttttt as to artist. selection, or both. referee'. be hoary type are des.ersed for Offofffor. of offoffi OoffoVfOOf lie guide to ttio potent...1 *slue of record:no In musk meebints. Kays FT--Ioe Trod: W-Welts; VC-Vocal CO...,: V-Vocal florae:nog By DANIEL RICHMAN BARRY WOOD and the KING SISTERS Wicks, Tell Me lf,fily.vales --V. Rler, 'Ern Alf -V. TrIs the met of reoarding that. If It ultimately meatynothing In the way of egatte oldie. at haat to not the fault of unineetred, lectadustateal record - planning and production. SverythInc /indite at thu disk, perticularly on the A olde. to mete it pay extremely satisfactory divideods to all concerned, with the outstanding quality being oco of Imaginative handling of the erases Involved. Tor the fust time eine* Wood has been waxing foe Vector. lit has been treated Ina manner calculated to build hint up. The menrea ballad, he has been turning met. however well sung, have matt little or nothing because of thee' lackluster IleedlIng. This. tbo, la a different proposluom starting with the double-barreled *Hetet-bp of a two -fa -one bargain. Vector chose 'early In the first aide bong. and mahatained the keel lately well on the revente. Pretty Malden, the old Plorodora Sextet number. Is known to practically evert'. body, but at the mime time It lane ono of those dlttlea that, la oacanintly being overdone. In Ito arrangement here. It la great listening, for not only forthright musical scoring, but entertalnim humor as well have ban brought to the oldie. Berry end Yvonne )'slog duet the first chorus In a shrewd burlesque Of Gay Nthettre' masculine bentotens and feminine coyness; the stde relines after that. with the four King girls blending In some exotedingty fine harmony swinging. and Wood continuing to hold up his end with some of tile beat personable vocalising ho had ever done.' The 1941 lyrics on the latter half oempitte a side that pc 'eerie that apostle that diseneulties really good and different Maim. Itteeren la equally good to execution, but the song doesn't offer es many ppm:sunning for the superb touches that make the companion piece. Tune is army camp-lnapired. and taken here at a test three -quarter -time tempo. Wood Mel the King* einging elngly, In duet, end resemble In a cogeet arrangement of the materne Salo A I. sdoolrebly toned le mock machine eonsueptlen. The &off drawback to coo - Olds (oh, PO... Ooff cosy be bee of sou fielently apron. name valve. That, however, should not deter opmetors Irons thing Pb.. side a choose, fee. II heard by omega semi. 1st emerge boxes. It has oftfal Is ramessary for math hltsfem. TOMMY DORSEY Witter 36396) Without a SOap---PT; VC. Deep affer-rr. noussrs latent takes the form of a 12 -Inch recording, but the Oran Ilea nit 00 much in the fact Heel! as it does in the phenomenon that both aides are smells It. Them have been Instances where much importence wee attached to is recording by a Fop donee band, Empty because an alleged toseng claaaie' was dragged out beyond lie vaiuo and stretched moms a Weer expanse of am than It deserved. Here, however, Timmy hen furnished his admirem-not to mention MI thole who appreciate fine *yang end the contrast of beautiful. thoughtful ballad 'toeing -with a lasting Item for their collection, an Intelligent bit of record -making that 12 -Inch prodigy. Without Soep, the Vincent Youmans Welke is handled beautifully. scored with care and with an eye to bringing out all the floe ponies of the melody, without. hoeeter, overdoing it via an over Orchestrated manuscript. Pieseel :limey, two choruses suffice to corer the rim -to - label eurface. Prank Beestra proving once again on the emend that he Is one of the /Meet band singers In the bustnow today. Doesere trombone polo In the Drat chorue Is one of the beat things he has done in a long time. Piettermete lb n Cy Oliver estrangement of the laminar Deep Ricer, played feat and heotoilly, but seitb no opportuniese for an original and Inventive eoncepticm of the arm)-cleasto lost In the midst of driving awing ante. and ensembles. Crest sax section work, lire outstanding plane, clarinet. sax and trumpet sotoo are highlight* of several retifintea of pulsating swing that are exciting listening!ruin start to finieh. The contrast between the sides is abe, one of the meet effective aspect. of this diele, and the *hole }oh U out of the topmest drover. Musk intetibmt an Vimleusty out of the picture belt, duo to the record's 11 -Inch sie, RAYMOND SCOTT (Columbia Just a Little Bit South of North Caestina -PT: VO. In the Ituth of the Night- Pr. VO. When Scott wants to arrange an ordinary pop tune In its prettiest dress. he mutely turns out aides that, me consletently listenable, not only once, but este end over again_ Hero he has doe* weeders with a typical Ten Pan Alley effusion on the A tide, and with the naturally seedy superior adaptation of Ittausky-)6onakove. Seheherarade oo the reverse. Band playa two better-thaoaverage arrangements to better-the:so-erupt myte. and Clyde Burke contributce a pair or good vocals. Despite Ineitannt band weak, nettle, side In they looking eamdistato fee monk ma - Wars. Scott so far An not meant much en the ormhines, even writes belt. nd memo oral orb telordo, and this one Isn't Opt fo enteted where the ofbe.s felled. VAUGHN MONROEIBleebird ) What Wong Is Sweeter Thee Sweetheart -PT; VC. Yowl-Yr. VC. In the corny. but tegbly commercial. styte of that hit of another year, les a Ste to Tell a Lie. Sweetheart has the makings of a beg song, and in Monroe* may, relaxed, and smooth vein it may let off to a flying record eta -et. Thin Is one Of those Islam where general polish taken the place Of: any Watt:Ming quaintest, which aren't needed In the face of a Inert -to -finish performance of high either. Platte -mete es already doing well as a erne. and Vaughn'. senesce to likely to SWIM* an important place among the cement Yours disk*, Marlene Doke singe tilts atde. Monroe the fled. Side A elfin moth of Inewest to rondo nuebeme operators. Monroe is nmie on stfablisloot posse Pao.. and en this.14. be piers a sent will defuses comonortlol swat. Title. tune. tyrte. nod bawd performance nod none ralm cce all potent Isere, and opffffff.111 make no mistake slipping this old* under the markt. (Set 0.Y 7111: RECORDS on pry?i) On the Stand Rs.siews of cacao ttttt 01.1,o hotel. MCO1 COmoltof k limed upon the present or well as Its enusici quality. jimmy Menai (fterfewed et Westminster Hotel, Boston) f ONO a Hub fare, McRae> has surrounded himself with boys who can dish out the sweat stuff eery capably. At one tirne one at the few Hub maestri who sowed any knowledge of Jump. 1de- Hilo has abandoned thin on the present Job in favor of the more weenie ma - torte] which hotel patrons prefer. With three sox. three rhythm, and two Rama, Metal* leas a nice little combo here. His popularity Is attested to by the stoma of regular patrons who throng the Intimate reorn at the hotel to dance to the music of the "Men of the Seale." Ha. s emeungly endless library. end on eceraton hes played legumes alone toe more than an hour Some nice errangementa which and the exx and the rhythm aerkinc together with the brew for effect only are featured. Band hie been here several.manta and is Roamed of a stand as long se It vents. Rapern. Bobby Ramos (Reviewed et the Colony Club, ChiOopo) liepa2403, focuser blazer for Cork* Molina sod Henry King. la now fronting Molina's 04 band. Revamped instrumentation Includes four am. two fiddle*, three rhythm, end one trumpet. an okeh layout to produce ererything from a fox-trot to a feat rumba. It Is in the Latin iteld that the outfit elands out, and the ref/done of congas, rumbas, and tangos due the custeeners not to take to the dance floor pronto. The rhythm la magnetic. Not the least of the band's erects Is Ramos. youthful. pleasant Latin chap. who announces numbers effectively and tense romantic and pop tunes equally well. Help. out with the mencem during Latin seta: otherwise he leaves the enueloal Bream:merit In the hands Of the tecrya. Icy oienctdenoe. Moline. band played in this room only about a year ago and did well. And now under the guidance of llama ft to doing Met as well. Hoeigbere Bobby Day (Ret-lewd at Areadta Ballroom, New York) RELATIVELY new In the bead biz. the Deg ork is a youthful olcaniestion with plenty of pep and a particular appeal for ballroom customers. Day hen. self te a hendsome gent with an engaglog smile and much dexterity on his eptetelly built electric steel guitar. HU bildey work with this instrument sires a geed lift to the proceedings. Band!eons inward the awing groove On the Air Comment on dance romoto peon.,., /non and general listening appeal. fothof ff.o. PO. By HAROLD David Marshall (ruoreattne Gardens, tiollywood. NEC Blue Network, Monday (1?). 12:10-1:14 HIS songs and orchestra. That's the Aitag introducing this remote from the morielend town. What follows to a good lob of singing by the maestro to most of the tunes played. but the ork work is Just menet. *bad azrangementa of mostly pop tunes. and has nothing to Ms - Unruh!' It from any one of a mare of so-so bands on the air today. Mershalre vocal work le way above average of moat mete band.vocalizere On shot aright be chom pop ballads for his warbling and sequitted himself with e clear eet of pipes and good delivery. Bend seemed to leek rnthiudasen_ and a draggy, too sweet style remits. Arrangements all seemed to mil for the piers man to broate in consiatently with the flame type Of run regardless ce whether the tune played wan a rumba, ballad. or Jump number. Dike theme song in Jeanie With Ms Light &Own Hale executed well enough. but a Poe: choice HUMPHREY cenaidering the melting thin song has gone thru at the hands of fith Leeward Kellar (Bismarck Ifotel, Chicago, Mutual Network, Tuesday (II). 11.4S -12M p.m.) THIE remote was potentlalty gdlithed because It was the Mat ork airing over Mutual since the web's new pert with ASCAP. Ironically, however. on the 15 minutee aught of Kelley's stint only one ASOAP tune was played. Harm.' Carefree. Remaining half et the remote was not heard weer WOR In New York bemuse of other commitments for that stetson. Ho mention was mode of the feet that Mutual area now piping ASCAP music again, the net's campaign really not getting under full steam until Sunday Keller's music I. meet and "Mt Maestro feature', his fiddle In some of the arrangement.. and In others the ohlrping of Dorothy Dee and Rex OW - 11th. Beth vocallois do rake yew and add to an otherwise dun spell of teeming. It's okeh musee, tho, for a restful background *hue reading good book. Blob and bellies.. Heatifw1 fnel ono.nightera potential commercial ralif et the band, as In many of Its arrangement*. but tus also rocked up a bunch at corny novelty songs and numbers featuring Martha Wayne end Ruddy Stewart, the regular vocalists. and Hemp Richardson. one of the Male men. This trio door a good Job of einging. mugging, soul gagging, which levee the band added entertainment value. A good, solid dance tempo is maintained thrvout the library, giving hoofers plenty of stuff to see their feet to. Bane.. braes section is exceptionally good the swingeroos. making for a strong Boys are decked out in orange hack, smacking of collegiate stuff, but bettlaz 'em oft In a Mee flash. AD the tn. gredients seem to be there when It mutes to semen( the younger matte and duke - toting crowds. flu phrey. Val Oilman (*telexed at Amboase.dee gat Pump Room, Chicago) Eloo LATINO hie first Chicago engage - sent. Olman has made a favorable lospresaion on Pump Room dancers. canning himself to no one style, he offers In hts wide emits.y of selections woe - thing to please all typos et terpere. a hendsome fellow, home his band with /ate violin, and his breezy pmsonality tighten well. Three sax, plane, drum., base, and trumpet make up the tuate Snatrumenta. lion of the mien -piece combo. but It also brings Into play four rlottnec three clarinets flute, and meloplione for agree very effective arrangements. gstenstally on the sweet *Mg band tan vein out wall plenty of volume. and its rhythmic arrangements are ideal for dancing. Intereperetd among the Fop* ere occaseanal rumbas and In some of oithidt choral accompaniment la Introduced. Obstan'e violin stands out, and Milton Cote den* a good Job on plane. Ritchie is a fair wally Gime Al Speiltiock (Reviewed of Paul Yeuefre Romany Room. Washington, D. C. FIVE-PIRCE organinstion under Spelt. dnck emphatically refute.. any theocy that good dente mune needs a lot of music:ens, Band rota far above the tonal mute found in night club,. Unfortunately not much pereomdlty spread over the stand strum the boys lose themselves somewhere between the bare and note*. Central force to the quintet la in Spetladdlez drums, which Mot out every kind of rhythm. To keep the Mower+ moving *round the floor It la neemsary to subordinate the &lune to the Other instruments, but every now and then Al betake out In a rhythm solo whkh entrances Mowers_ Hu climax is a fin - lab with bare hands. Trumpet, trombone. max. piano, drums fplus violin double) is the line -tip. Girl eager Is Louise Lee. tiny vocalist who gets something extra Into her songs. with her pop tummies:wen:el with a mizemum of effort. Clever arnangeenente compeneate far lack of leuerurrsente and breaks ere sue. talned completely by Sprildocke drumming. This ill definitely band to tette..10n4t1. T. Dorsey Record $4,496 in Cincy CINVIRNATI, May Ile-With duotta going for St a copy. Tommy Dorsey end hw orobeetne playing a preview en:dement at Moonlight (larder,' at Coney letenst here last Sunday, attracted paying customers, an alt -time high for the Coney clamant. Previous mark wee established by Guy Loather& In WM when lie pulled 6,280 dancers, alto at Si a bead. Ted Weems Is set for Moonlight Gardena tonight and tomorrow night at a 75 -cant sdmtasion lee both nights. Owego Halle orchestra, with Dolly Dawn. opens Coney Wend's Molar season next Saturday with a week's engagement. 'Ass:alight Gardens to the leading sabot emporium m,tbu eretton.

13 May 24, 1941 MUSIC Th4. Billboard 13 BANDS' CUFFO WAX DEALS Decoration Day Biz Hits High for Orks; Fraser Eyes Crosby NEVI YORK, May 17.- Demand foe mkt:eluting the Decoration Day holidaya stringing over May 20 to June 1 was this year then ever. Band otlikee were nth getting calls as late as this week from operators. but it was too late to erne Harry Mose, of WAR Corporation of America, reports that by May 10 ell of hie bench available in the F.e.wrn territory were booked for the holiday week -cad. Amone them were Bob Crosby, Oey Lombardo. Tommy Tucker. Murat - lend Toms, Tonuny Dorsey, Bunny Beet - Fan, and Dick Meissner. Proser's College Nights NEW YORK, May 17.-Tlee Monte Rome -Dance Carnival" being remmed May 30 in Madtson Square Outten is scheduling a metes of Coiltge Nightie' to be min off twice a week. Stunt will be played tip, with each school feted getting a raft of Its peithante spread around. and Ira songs and chtere led by bands. gag is designed to get the younger [(metalline coming to the spot early In the season. Find school to gee the call will probably be New York Univereity or Columbia. Monte Proeer was one of those thecae kit on the book when he attempted to make a teat -minute booking for a pee. vow erasion of his Madleen Square Oar - den dement on May 29. Spot doesn't Wee ofectelly until May 30. when Larry Cliaton. Charlie Darnel. and Benny Cadman take over. Mho not definite. RCA was trying at the end of the week to get Bob Crceby to play the laden eve el the 20th before hopping to Hershey. Pa Ċlem had first to get permilaaion of the Strand Theater here, because Crosby is scheduled for an engagement there In June. Strand might give In on the angle that no previous publicity will bo Pee Out on Crosby's one-regist Garden date. All the major booking offices are Anne:paten the biggest Dcooratton Day pow* In many years. "Sheet" Now Based Only on WOR; Two Other Nets Ignored NM YORK. May 17.-Due to requests from Its mule publisher subscrtbent. &meat* Reporting Service. MUM which meepiles weekly wing plugs on a network end an Independent mutton basis. this reek radically altered Its warm to in. Woes WOR 0.0 r-etwork plug, at the same time dropping WEAP. WJZ. and WABC from Ha oomplietlone. WOR hod peoviously been considered by Accurate u an Independent plug, along with t1 OP, WIIN, WMCA. and WHEW. WOV Leo has been dropped from the weekly tabulations Until further notice. Switch In WOR's statue was made by Acetrate cothcident with the return to Mutual of ASCAP music Turadey (13). Tito reratee's Drat report tinder the new in -up carried that date. plus an attached note to the effect that -the majority of Caws publialwre have requested that we temporarily publish our replete as per attechede Accurate further stated that "Insennteh as we are doing everything le Mr power to meet the present situ'slteta we trust that you will bear with us Mall conditions are emote! again. - Picture as resealed by hocurebes (climes mew is palpably one -gelded, Inasmuch as only one network figure* In the lel,s, with the two others (NBC and La -71 omitted. More was made by the tomptletton service as an apparent refer?. to play ball with the pubs. who constitute the meeority of Its customers, new that they have their tome beck en one major outlet. Service will evidently return to nortnal when and if NBO and CBS algn with ASCAP. al11010!! Playing Safo ST. LOUIS. May 17.-Mitchell Ayres orchestra was guest oe the draftees housed at near -by Jefferson Barrack.. efo_, and the hand Mos up to all re quests save one. They absolutely m- imed to sign autographs en angtbing. Every man was afraid somebody might 'them a paper at him. which. when leaned, would turn one to be a three-year enlistment) Oberstein To Book Jersey Baud Spot NEW YORK, May Rivervilo Country Club In New Jersey will be opened at a dance spot around the middle of Juno. Club 4 put outelde of Westwood, near Hackenasek, and was formerly known as the Rive/vete Hockey Club. Polley of name bands will be the starter, with fell Oberetetn. of Consolidated Radio Artiste, doing the booking chore, but on hie own hook. Door admtela of 55 oente weekdays and 75 cents Saturdays and Sundays is the present price plan. teeth ork will come in for a month's engagement. About dancers can be accommodated. This marks the second new trot In this area to pop up with dance piano In the past week, both of which may offer competition to Prank Dalley's Meadow - brook in Cedar rove. Other planned deneant la Douglas Hertz's, owner of the Pegasus Club, Raleigh. N. J.. who figures on a tent and portable floor to hone* tome 18:0 hoofer,. Neither spot has aimed any bandit as yet. Miller Breaks All Records at Palladium; Other Ork Grosses HOLLYWOOD. May 17.-During the two-week peeled that Glenn Miller was at the Palladiont here all attendance records were *battered. Opening night approximately dancers and listeners creased the threshold and plunked down either 55 or 83 cents per. as all swam. either complimentary or to the press. were suspended dozing the engagement. BRIDGEPORT, Conn.. May It-Dick Rogers, at the Ritz Bailment hero April 27. didn't do as well as on his previous?hate. ia( Arofectiost Rideau 1:41'l leco/er 1(414 I TKfaeltItie of The Itiltboard's ertertal Protection Bureau may be used by any reader who with** to establish the priority of Ideas and materiel that do not fall within the scope Of the U. S. Copyright Onto' In Wash- Ington. In making %se of the earriee the following procedure must be followed: Place a full description of the Idea or material in a sealed envelope. On the fete of the envelope write your signature, your permanent address and any other Information you deem neceetery. Attach the sealed packet to a letter asking that Ii ce registered In The Silthreed'e Material Protection Bureau, and send them both, together with return post. age. to Silas Z. Sugarman. The Billboard's Material Protection Bureau, Ma roar. Palace Theater Building. New York City. Upon receipt, the packet well be dated and Mel away under your name. The anew* Saes ever, eseueelas en. caulk. S. rateeesed puke. sabon1064 flu efititralion. bet doss net ones* say Ils- IHney les eiseasetsee with sum Orks Buy Own Records; Jobbers And Plionos Collect the Gravy NEW YORK, May 17.-Territorial and usually hung on the band if it makes oemionente bands are finding themselves the grade, but often se not the cefloe embroiled In ono of the toughest coin- la &tuck. and the leader Joins the sidepetitive struggles for recognition that men ranks, lute come up In ahoy bts In a long Urea Starch Is first made for a good tune Past few years have men the booking not yet recorded, preferably a novelty offices and band leaders buying sub rosa number. Booking offeeo then goes into interest* In interim and readlzeullea in a huddle with a desk maker, and In reorder to Insure their orbs a spot in the turn for waxing Its band offers to buy a1.10. Under the table deals hive been up the first presetngs at the reg. made between band', or their tannage- War jobber's list price of 38 mete If Ws meat Whore and hotels or night clubs a 33 -ant wording, Cella then makes putting radio remote toes on a split arrangements with the recorder to diet/6sta or In Many cases with the ork tribute the block of disks to the and/or Its booking of Deo footing the jobber on a deal basis, the latter dishing entire air bill. Another medium mot- out a free copy of the record with every Mg Preen a headache to the ]ewer name five of another disk sold to a cont phono Odra te reccedinga. but now a foie of the operator. This gives the disk manttlaremarine:neat beads are finding way* to cure: added ammunition to plug another circumvent this problem. it costs 'ens record. dough, but Ws Charged off to promotion. On a few occasions the booking *Moe Street sales of records today to the hoe been able to get lucid of list of cola phone operators are chalked up by phone operators, and thus mall out their the big name bands. To feed this dosay, becauae with the jobber deal they Mike direct, a much better plan, they mind the wooing outfit's naturally throw a hefty chunk of their budget ow: to rel. know bow many similar deals the cutung the codeine*. Dorsey*. and Hinter Is handling, and theirs might Miners. Musical directors of the various get but in the *twilit. In atteklisa dl - recording companies are always on the met with the Operator of a large Moot lookout toe fresh ork material, hut of automatic phones, office knows each they're held down by the front office. machine get a copy of the duk. and by what they call a scarcity of the go further by trying to "really good material " the records geographically to coincide with the cakes theater or dates. Up to a year or so ago Ulu lux been a tough rap for the bands to beat. end A sample preenotion ouch as this one In still no cinch for en ork leader without the proper cash backing. But If a will cost the manageemut office plus the mailing and hendling charge,. band office today has confidence In 0310 but meanwhile one of 14 bands has of these seetreeling young orb, it is a been launched en weeds in the tavern fairly easy matter to fix them up with a found reboinos, Not too much fumes. has been such deals so far. either be. recording contract for at least a couple tote cause of the tune not catching on Or of "ea. Coat Of this MomotIon leek of foliose -up promotion. appearance throe weeks belme. when he drew Ill preemie. On hie date he drew 131) and. with ducats at 63 cents toe ladies end 75 cents for gents. gross totaled Had stiff competition from the near -by Arena. New Haven, where Sammy Kayo held forth. Sunday (4) Newt Perry, lu his Drat appearance, del only fair, attracting tree With adinish reduced to 65 ants. t33e.90 Was the geese. They Pastor at the local Loew-Lyrte Theater and Alvin." Rey at the Arena provided competttion. Johnny Long last Sunday (II) did well with 1,500. With edmish at TS cents. gnus amounted to With the Meson clewed at the local Lyric Theater. Opposition still continues strong from the Arena, where Teddy Powell and Bob Chester held forth. REFISHET. Pa., May 17, - Opening name band dance of the reason at Hershey Park Bellreorn. with Bob Cheerer on the stand. groomed $1975. with attendance of 3.071, Adrelth for dancer. cents: for spectators, 40 cents. DES MOINES. Ie. May 17.-Cab Cal. loway hung up a nifty 111,233 at Tan Archer's Treemar bete May 4, with patrons. one of beet Sunday night crowds this seesion. Some took adrantace of bargain 53 ante, while remaining 600 planked down 73 cents per. Playing at another Archer ballroom, the Frog Hop at St. Joseph. M. May 3. Calloway hue.; up another nice Mae with approxlmetety 1,400 paying a bock each. BOSTON. May 17.-Eight bands, play - tag In four different ballroo' during a petted. pulled into the tills of the ballrooms In this vicinity. Greases were 1U1 follows: May 2: Sam Donahue. at Rowland - State, drew 000 at 54 cents and 44 Dente for fate 13(0. Sonny Dunham drew at per couple at the Totem Pole fee good : Al Ksivelta pulled into the Riverview at 35 cent., for Mot $ and Newt Perry end Harry MOOriSey. playing at Iternee-Playmot. drew at 53 cents and 65 cent. for May 3: /Deena repeated at the Riverview with same pekoe 1,450 persons bring in , and Terry Shand and Jock Retard, at the Reytoor-PlanmOte drew at 65 cents and 55 meta for good AKRON, 0., May 17.-Charlie Spivak attracted 1672 at Summit Bosch Park ballroom here May 8. Admission WSJ B5 cents a permit. YOUNGSTOWN, 0., May 17 --Johnny McGee. playing for the rummer Inaugural at Yankee Lake Park Pavilion at neer-by Deoekfleld May 3. packed 1,430 customers in at 50 cents a person. Spot Is now on regular alumna echedtde. operating nightly until November L Geography Lesson PEITLADELPHIA, May 17.-When Deng Arthur Who plays the platters on WILiCes Dence:and, Introduced the song. Hose Deep Is the Oceans. he flipped. 'I really wonder.' And 15 minutes later be received a telegram from a Itstmer advising Wen that 70 nil:ea moth of Puerto Rico it's fathoms deep. Now he knows. ROLL TICKETS Printed to Your Order Cheapest GOOD TICKET co the Meket / Dept. B t 4 7 Keystone Ticket C O., shinkin, Pa me cm, veto 0,4.-Na C. 0, P. STOCK eicicirs for pp eft 100,000, say asserbassi

14 w.4. tool, 14 The Billboard MUSIC May 24, 1941 lilloviim ah em ownme...k seam. we datm us mesa./ A Akin. 0131:Mums Tertmal Tamoa, TM, b. Mutt& Des: MI Odom Boo: Arcadia Mate Caisson. 0.. Men. Hoary Mate ammo i NYC. no. Angola: IBM NYC. AppoCon. Lute: 4110.erreabl Cl.). IL Ahrestmsg. Apillto NYC Checiamati ye. Anaalm. Om: (Clay Whit. Way; NYC, be. ALUM. Occe: lidue&amelso Karam CIL/ h. boa.. Henry: icecter &Nall Sandieaky. 0. Suad../Wele. Bobby: (Totem Pohl Auburndale. Mau., 24-2), b. Cabin Boys: (Cellar DUI Warm; rya tath. TiVL: Clakoray, C.b: adontelpali O., 22: Atlanta 33: IRMOOlcai Roar-ob., Va.. BC ailarteo Wheeling. V. v.., M. K. Oman: Masa anent) NYC. ne. Jam tdaseidirriai Miami YU.. on. Cabby. hrisando: Cbl. rte. Caudillo, Joe: Hatt. Clement Noon. ELF.bOler'403=)1(M)D11.1.C. D4. lyie. Lyle: ISaks Stow Earl Detroit. e. Carper, Don. toursanc: morn &nolo Wash- Olnoill"1?..h7linfilasa Manama, Baton, ea Carter, bob. ittoe Tavern' Reno Nry., 04. 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Calif, 29; Armory. SAWA Barham, EMIL 110., Buret. Ballroom. Oakland. Calif.. June 1: Shrine Auditorium. Los Awake. P Pacific Square Audi- 1011MI- Ban Mello. Calif.. 3.0: WW1 Reach. Salt Lake City, '7: Chicago Theater, Cedcago, 13 Isn.ok): of Mtelih(an, Ann Arbor. 30: I. U. A. Auditorium MIth. 21: Modervitatao Ballroom. Milwaukee. 22: ElOcleie Park, Water100, La, 23-30: AllelltOrlUrn, Cedar 113ands on To t ',Mt maser,. Three: i Delll It CI intnn mbar -s. Marlove. Tone: 'Nesting's!, Clarence. N. 7.. no. Maraals, he: (Brae t11 Cid, re. Uorsiull David. illarenune wood, Calle, ne ,1,a11, Mary: (Al Ressler%) Ilarussalt, Us, a. MsrlIn. Doter: (The Wow NYC. ceahrthe Date: Mc cholla, Brooklyn 11. Morose Preidelhe 1120tosmut 000Vt / Los Angeles. h. Martin. he:!ma Morocco) Phila. as. Wotan. tab: Moon & , NYC, ba. Maras. Red: /Prank's Casa leneai Mahan gm Skststo, 4..L 111:00 Dardens1 Anomie N.Y.. ro. Ruder& hankl.: Matti NYC. b. liataay. Nlcolm. 111%41140 Keetchnem NYC, be. Maya. NYO, Melvin. 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Anthony, totionwielt TlIlage Inafliert. me Tommy: Mtrandl NYO. Onelk Dale: ibialum Chi. se. V irwrol. Tammy: Mob IMO ilireemis. as Vernal. Jimmy, ill,vokle. Itatrsbelkrl Min Vennioạl. heel Illocaire1t1 Now 00eanil 0. VII,. Joe Mows.. CLL h. Marrs. Al' 1I04.1co1 CM. f. Venn. M (latethiandi Drees Bay, WO_ h. W.Cer, PAL: ITunalowm 84. Look , b. Wallets. Dre: (Ceaaborsi 0e1e041, 114 Week,. Amon: ITrombero, 11,ndereon ;.111,0e /111er1110. DI_ 31. Weems, Ted: :090b1 1N. Kalb 134 hoe 6. ce. Wendell. Connie: (Oormly) take Charles. Law, Whitommt. ichrs Panel CM. M ,. Isamu. lassies STO. 0. Winton. Barry: (Ramis. Room) NYC ctlo /do: ml= nsallb3, MM., h. Roirhine Tin Fanner Folio TOIW May 17 -Robbins >e:1 Corporation is rendying 0 new folio to he tagged Tin Pets Alley Soap Arran It *111 Inebsde hits of Um past written by such Domes Ile Walton Donaldson. Johnny Mercer. Mack Clordon.lescio limb Brown. Arthur Preed, Harry Warren. Nall Motet. and 110m08l Johnson. Maga Of throe and ether famous Tin Pan Alley' ltee will Mao be included. PHILADELPHIA, May y Han, name maestro and songwilter Ill thew part. over decade ago. la rehearaloi DIM craw preparato17 to another atah at the 1114 time. in hia heyday hays re. corded for Victor and was One of the first maker. to u)ri a tram at' ranger. 1211a Reynold.. comp:err of Confeerfo'. In recent you* Hays has had a small combo. worklng nitelta

15 May Conducted by fucene BURR Nut Play on Eroadtuay Reviewed by Eugene Burr HENRY MILLER'S fettering fvetelay twang Ain 1), 1941 THE HAPPY DAYS A gy Z4f.A.ideAe..Iee Puget, relmted Staged by Arthur Refry. Saltines d ey RaYo20001 Sayer. ton ey Y. t. Mermaid CcoOnalion Cos,coer, and panted by Robert W. Banns" Sti The Scene of the Play Is a Lived BoonAshl A. Hone on in Wand In the St. taacece Art 1-44oenieg. ACT 11-tare the Sane (snmb. ACT an How later, The opting theatrical sewn. which for Weal socks has been as dead c a Neanderthal man, flickered to brief life Tuesday evening when Raphael and Robert Mans brought to Henry Miller's Theater the adaptation that Zoe Akin; nude of a successful French play by turiss - Andre Puget. The original. opened in Pals shortly before the wan the adaptation, called The Nappy Dann bas changed Its lash from Mame to AA bland 10 the an Lawrence. It offers charming and often highly amusing rrentng-an evening highlighted by a mantnillornt performance from a young stoma playing her firm big Broadway role. Mr name is Joan Tetrel. The Play. done -ate, filled with enntpath, and thalitht for the desperate mooacnel upaurgee of adolescence. corteerna s group of two bora and three girls, loft to take cure of themselves because their parents have been caned army to attend a funeral. They are distant COUA Oliver end Pernette, from Baton. bane spent their summers with lanumine, Marianne. and Bernard foe twiny morn Ilartennee puppy love la directed toward Oliver. who La puffed with the brash and mophomorie cynicism possible only toe a Harvard nun. Bernard. an untidy sub-frahman. wheezes matt - mentally after Pernette. who to 16 and filled with chantey mystics' romantlcom. Francine. the eldest, takes care of them all. Marianne, at Perriettea Instlgatton, intents en aviator with whom dm ia to love in order to arouse Olivern Naloun -end then an aviator. veriest plane Mohed near by. walks In. Seas night an three girls are madly In love with -bum airs all the femur of weluded *doles. care. and the two boys ere hibirtemsly jealous. The rest of the play. really, Is a tender and delicate examination of adamant Love a It affects various types of the female of the species. Fermi:Lc is Metal. :My, and tremendously Intense: Marianne dmenatires beraelf end trim to nod her aviator on equal terms: Prandoe teka Caro of hie oar:aorta and any; batting at all of her love until after be Is gone. Por he gots, that night. realigns the bneoc he t. emoting, after Panetta has tried to tannin nitride and the attire here been shocked Into sanity. That's all-and yet It teems quite enough those evenings on 43d Street. It's Mid so charmingly, and with such unnerve -ending. that It does Its quiet and Manor -leavened job far more factsfacioelly than many playa that ere louder. amber, and more dramatic. And Idles Akins and M. Puget, prase be, oonsistattly Arend the traps of wennmentality. The aviator daunt find he's In love with Pranclne. *a was to be fared: he simply goes away. Marianne and Oliver are Van no love sane In Whirls thaw swear eternal fidelity: thetr telationthip Is back where It started. Only. al of them have groat Older and Mons mature. It seems A etusme In view at the honesty of the rest of the play. that the rattle device of an Imeittent1 hero oneveesegly appearing should have been wed. The ploy In all ite cosanthala wotald have been there-end In better form. too-if Marianne and Pernette hid never anticipated the Aviator's% entrance by Inventing him, Even tt the drama had had less to reconunaid It. howeren it would base ban worth treeing beanie of Miss Tete ters performance. one of the loveliest to grace the current.imam, Pernette Is tricky end ungrateful role. and one that almost Inevitably ire over into the ildicukein the mantels. and the LEGMLNIATE boring, but Mies Teta], by the 'Ince: and calm iraght of her playing, natrauloualy managed to Avoid all pitfall... In hand* it Is a delicately conceived and aympathettcally projected study of ado:mem:we, charmingly Memel, thoroly believable, and by long odd* the mat Important character In the drams. Edward Ashley does floe work In the similarly difficult role of the aviator, who ban to stand around AA a sort of atiallrosted straight nun for the three arts In turn, and who ha; to make himself beltryabie as the butt of their Mss agent. Harry Serbs,. Stare ounaeor. 110,01 Craver. Presented by Reoluel are anted Hakim. Ffweee j!barbara Kant tt,aa-ce f gaerneor omee ate, and Feeder:ea Bradlee adocation. Arnaringly. Mr. Ashley manages to do this entecessfully, and without Forere amine 1 tan road gamma toother of fame* and Meanest, nuking himself look like a prig. Diana Peer Score Barroom, to her second Broadway opparence. playa Marianne as adequately Weal Edward ey a any competent Ingenue (tho her attempt to hog the curtain calls on amend night was a sour Mae of hamming); Predencle Bradlee does a tine job as the Harvard lad, making you believe him and Ilk* him at the!mlle time (which is quite an achievement): Barbera Kent Is visually lovely AS P221110the. and Peter Scott, he offers a few hilarious tram:eta AS Bernard. generally overpiaya and overciowna, Arthur Ripley's dnalion la Inventive and understanding. and lie makes full use of the few ctimana with which his playwrights provided him. Detroit Expects Real Legit Boom DETROIT. May 17.-Detroit may aerial haw a surfeit of legitimate attractions next fell, after a long famine, a valour. producers epe the town as source of profits. assuming that reports. of defense spending mean more money for entertainment here. The Lafayette, dark for several years with brief exceptions, has been leased by the Shuberts as their number One home here, while the Cass, where they have had Mete prodssrtloos for 10 yea's. well praturiehly continue to home other legitimate ettnertione. with the summer Mason now booked solid. The Wilson. formerly a legit home, tbrand be available, satde from certain bookings for local private shows. but the ItKO Downtown. last used a a theater - =gist club, te to be tan down. sooleating to word of thereat mute reproworialthia. and probably converted too perking lot. "\fan" Weak in 'Worcester WORCIfEtTER. Max.. May The!Int legitimate production to show In this city in the lest half year. The )fan Who Cane to Dineen mama but for matinee and evening performance at the Memorial Auditorium on May 3. With an attendant.* of under 2(00 for the two performanees. this woe far below expectations, CeelmonicOion. to 1564 Broadway, Now York COT The Billboard AEA Indie Ticket Drawn as Result of Hewitt Exclusion NEW YORK. May 17.-An independent ticket of candidate for Acton' Equity Amalerion council, to be voted on at the eirrtioo meeting Juno 6. Mu been drawn up as a "[MOH of the excluston of Alan Hewitt from the ticket drawn up by the nominating committee. One of the TOOL' Perna on the "Independent' platform Is that Its candidates are amaatet the preeetit notannatine committee oet-op sir advocate primary elections as a more democratic procedure. There ere eight name en the Independent ticket. Including Hewnt, Philip Bournent. Maly Cbriattano, Myron Mc- Cormick. Theodore Newton. Walleye Pont Jr., Joanna Roos,. end AIM* Mantahon. The DorainatIng eommittee, to eta meeting. excluded Hewitt front Its lint of candidate. beerturo a year ago he wee accused of being a Communist by the Kansas convenor -an. W. P. Lambert:son. Nth Lamberbson never submitted proof and Hewitt mu never given a chance to deny the congressman's accussuons publicly, the committee felt that hie name should neverthetess be omitted on the bads of the accusation alone. At the same time the committee agreed that it thought Latribertson's charge unfounded. Byron McGrath. it nominating can - mince member who seat elected from the floor at the meeting In alerch, resigned from the committee because he felt that he could not endorse a ticket drawn up by a group obieh took such action. Ile also onjected to the fact that the committee would net considee for noentention a number of foreign birth, even tho be had proved himself a good Amerlean eitiren. lauthertacm, when pentad by Hewitt. had add ice beard hie charge of Communism on the fact that st en Equity meeting a motion was proposed that Equity go on record as advocating peace for the United States, a vote Vas taken on whether or not the motion ehoutd even be put to the marring. and Hewitt voted to allow the motion to reach the floor. Before McGrath resit:nee from the nominating committee he pointed out that It was Equity's duty to stand behind Hewitt and that by rejecting his r.ame Equity endorsed the unproven charge against hint, On a secret ballot Ott whether or not to consider Hewitt for nomination there wore right "ace" and one "yea." A petition was later drawn up by Equity members raking Hewitt to run AI an independent candidate. It was,tined by more than 175 Equltrites-a larger number thin the total number of rota which had electod the nominating com- Witte. No churls! staternent Is forthcoming from Equity other than that mode by 11 London Legit Shows in April; Nabe Houses, Avon Fest Open LONDON. April With the return Mender (141 to the Strand of the farce. Women Aren't Angels. London ha* 11 theaters of major caliber open. Of throe the Windmill ts the only one able to boast of continuity. with Rendes-111e to Its 142d edition, policy remaining nonstop from 11:45 to 010. Six have port-blits prodoctionn these being Wyndham'. where Herbert Pan. )eona Oirersiat revue, now In 34 edition. continues to draw good crowds daily at 2:13 and en Saluda; at 5:15: the Cons - My with a 120. revue, / end Onions., a personal triumph for comedian George Doonan. played tam daily at 2,45 and 520: the Haymarkri, where Berhmann No Time for Comedy Lc pre - Petted at 2:15 with extra S o'clock pmformances on Waltioadays and Setae - darn the Prillsidium. with Applesauce proving a typical George Black winner at 2:30 and 5:45 tech day: the Prince of Walesa adding to Ronald Pratt/tan fans In Nineteen Nauphty One at 2:15 and 5:15. and the New, whet* patchy re - mu, production by Jean Ruhersa, Wednerday After the War, Mote as tho It could very men end ita rim of twice daily thaws at 210 and 1:45..Revivals 040 New Poets, Maschwitx revue at the Apar.% Deer Steam at the Globe. 2:16 Monday to Friday, 1:30 and 4:15 Saturdays: flay rear by the Wilson Barret Company at the Vaudeville. 210 alb extra 5:30 shows on Wednesden. Thursday. end Saturday. anti Women Aren't AnceLa at the Strand. 510, With 2 o'clock shows on Thursdays and Saturday's,. Of nabe theaters both Claders Green Hippodrome and Streatham Hill have re - mimed then policy of weekly Malta from No. I communes, performaneta at both being at 6, *nth 2:30 matinees on Thursdays and Saturdays. The Wimbledon has brought beck seaskle concert Party. The Peep Show, for another season, 6 o'clock shows being impriented by three Matinees at 2'30. 'The Q has Irene Vanbrugh In ViOeroy Sorel. Harrow Coll. Mum Monday embarked on a second season of repertory after a run of minivan' and tante. The Richmond centime with repertory under Mat-tar:0 of Leon Enders -ad. Mtwara Sham:stare Peet opened at StmlfOrd-on-Aron on itatardey. with Mergaretta. Scott plains Beatrice to Goatee Hayes' Benecitek to Maids Ado About Nothing, lost minus the tunnel influx of overseas visitor, Hayes will play title rote in berthday play. Richard Edward Greene. Is the Dominating committee, to the elect thst they tett It val to the bat Internal of Equity members to exclude his nand Irons the ticket. Paul N. Twee:. veteran equity counsel, In a letter last summer to Hewitt. tasted: -I am pretty well anima tent there are come of the older members of Equity who are opt to label almost soy - one who differs from them no to Equity adninitstration as a 'red' or a 'coonmuntse." Threatened Strike Off as Shubert Accedes to P. A.'s hrliw YORE. May 17.--A strike of all company manegere. house =pager', end pre. agents, working on Shubert / or theaters was averted yesterday valets J..1. Shubert acceded to demand. of the 'Mania{ Menem. end Agent.' Unino, elitch claimed a breach of the bane anrcemeet between the union and the League of New Yort Theaters. A meeting to dinettes the differenees had been scheduled for today, but Shubert time- PeeteritY agreed to the union demands late yesterday. and James ea Reilly. executive secretary of the League. phoned to tell the union Immediately Mowing en emergency meeting of the 34 TMA members Involved. The dtepute hinged on two points. Pant wee the firing of the press agent of the rood revival of The Student Prince April 26, two weeks before the show wee ocheduled to came, as provided In the agreement. Kick came because the show was continued et the last nv.nnent. and the agent was not rehired. Becond point Involved tour of Meet the People, which the Shulxota took over following to Broadway rioting. Tam is scheduled to *tart Tuesday to Hartford. Conn.. and no p. a. had been hired. Shubert agreed to pay the Stalent Mena drumbeater the two weeks' dieputed salary, and the union *treed to allow him to work for nothing next week to Ptilladephis, in Mew of the tact that he did no work durtng the two weeks for which he was paid. Operetta cleats In Philly. On Meet the People Shubert agreed to put a p. a. on the pay roll as of last Wedneatar (141, the date on which the Bhuberta took over control of the show. Ile also agreed to engage a company manager for the show Martino today, In accordance with the bade agreement which provides for such hiring throe days before opentnn. Shubert registered kick against the sintorsa claiming jurtaciktien matte of New York, but the union replied that It was not required to arbitrate any jurisdictional matters. Reriete Percentage,' awed below are the drettionr o delmefto critics on the nine anent metropolitan dashes coacentrno the femadtrey shows of the week. In Alturtne pereenieoes. "so opinion- rota ere counted one-half 'Ter and one-half -no- nether than ban/ thrown oaf &- towhee. Tills would are a allow with nine "no opinion" sots SO per cent rather than.ern. At the end of earls month of the meson the shows end their pereenteper Mil be fisted, together trfra a rename of how they /and at Ow bee office, In en effort to determent how much the retrial reception affects the linancia atom, end how eked, the crater agree Kith the datriou of mit? readers.) "The Happy Days" -17% Yes: Atkinson Irma.). NO: Mantle /News:. Coleman (meter). Brown (Prof). grooenberger (PM), An. demon nroornat-amerseann Whipple (Weld-Tetcpram). Watts, (Nereid -Yet. 2t0 OPINION: Labiate anat.

16 16 Th., FilInward LEGITIMATE May 24, Out -of -Town Openings "Arocuic Annie; or, the Poison Pickle" (Germantown Theater Guild) erneiterdrairener" by Sir Thomas' Corkreein (Thome/ Minereart), remitted by the Germantown Theater Outtd. Philadelphia. /or Ike May 8 week. Dereeted by Violet Minthart. Hiding heeled the "Sir Themes Coce- Merin" handle. sonelite Thomas Mine - hart is fast becoming wholesale merchant In the making of "nulls:dramas.' being the author of three other mailers that had their pettily' at the Gementtown 'Mester Guild. This. his hest, had a hilarious debut before a capacity audience. It follows the traditions of the melodremas of the Gay Nineties with oratories. The 'reheat plot of group of epics plotting to Ideal a formula la told with all the tradttlenal trimmings. in telling the tale. "Mr Thomas" strikes blows at FDR. the Repubticame the Democrats. the Dies Committee, inetenirsive meets, bankers, and unions with unique humor. The saidee. all In verse, make the beet comedy serves. Alfonso SI an Sid to a Ms committee agent, ten off with the comedy hen ors. De NAMkeen, George Hinderer, and Helena Tiller were also outstanding In their roles. Thomas belnehert. author. rendes the spine - chilling as Byrum lipyrurn. the arch 'Blain of pence, coupling with Catherine ye as the wicked young woman rinla penehnnt for mender by pickle. ermine Annie may never get as vexes to the legitimete theater. es Broadway Mx,. but it chenild prove a good rash for combines this reron M. Orodenker. "Women Aren't Angels"!Wilbur) licetton A comedy by Vernon Sylraine. Presented by Lee Ephraim. Directed by Itarr,y Waestatt Grtbble. Setting by reciter's* Fos. Cast tnetudel 011es Reeres-thelfh, Wetter Burke, Bobby Clark. Metrille Cooper, Elizabeth Sera - errand. Royer Smith. Cildriel Frances, Cynthia Latham. Bertha Beninese, Velma ItOyiens, A. P. Kaye. Marren*, Journet. Medina Drosak, Lionel Ince, Baron Attal a. The last time one of Vernon Seivelnes farcical commies had Da American premiere In Boston the results were extremely gad. That was Worth a Milldam Sylratme current offertne la at the other end of the ladder. It is a smashing, highly amusing farce which tops. for sheer enjoyment, any comedy men here the sear. Women Aren't Awls concerns the troubles of two Nether". Bobby Clark and Melville Gaper. who corn* to Cooper's home some 70 miles treat bond= to get little bullets,. finished Mel the peaceful rustle atmosphere. Cooper can't stand Clark's driving, and Comes by train. leasing Clark to come mare. He picks up a soldier who turns out to be deserter. On arrival. Cooper 0311feews he Is really away feint London to avoid a woman. The contemn= to hardly completed when the In:Man In question smashes her car outside the BROADWAY RUNS ertlaisaare la )444 IT ladults. Dreesatie Opened Poet. sall OM Dee Chia Ihnerliertmele, The lee!". 117 SusaOe.Ittera F gtt. ig " 17,:10 :141`...I us Kate few ("' ta: Wert he. le tee We Anse HIM ritakesses1 liar, IS leaner km Mt Ian-. )(4, XL Arqedatase Istemein Me. 14,, Via twat* Rams leinsesabi Mar. Viklie aee. ll"dea 177:11%,35-11.t. Merkel Comedy 1l tl laeair imlregittjeet acv r lfenteitti OSr lica2 house and becomes another member of the party. Add a young miscue, a myro tenet's blonde rho hes "nothing underneath Use deem," the untimely antral of the sums of both Clerk and Cooper and you have the situation. A pale of mysterious' strangers who are onstage at the rising curtain and a Man aup posed to be the father of the evacuee provide the solution-all In duo time, of course. With that to work from, isyltaine has concocted one of the funned farces presented In some time. It has everything to make a sliceeardul. long -run comedy. It needs a Mlle work to make the third act lire up to the other two, but this Is not too eltelleult a protontton. The elements are there-only the linos reed little touching up. The casting is excellent, with not sheik member out of place. Clark and Cooper mike an excellent team. On stage almost every second of the play. they keep the laughs Meiling. limns up to their maternal and providing two great performances that will long be remembered In the comedy Med. The aupperting cast also Ls good. vdth Walter Burke doing a great lob as the de - sneer and Olive Reires-smith turning In nice performance as the housekeeper, woman Cooper Is seeking to amid, and JernMine Dvorak, as the mysterious blonde, are both good, white tine supporting bits are turned In by Cbartee Femme, as the "father" of the evacuee: Ber.tha Delmore and Velma Royton, as the wives, and A. P. Kaye as a pompous, cigereirenoking, word -biting major. One of the beat performances. however, to turned In by young Roger Smith. she gets thorny hateful In the short apace of 10 meonds se the mace*. This youngster stressed fine Went and looks like good bet for plenty of future roles_ lie her stage presence and ability and makes the most of tats nasty pert. The direction, too. Ls almost faultless. and the one set by Frederick Pox-the Interior of Cooper's home-ts on. excellent piece of work. Mike Kaplan. "City fltevival)!shubert) BOSTON A revue presented by the Messrs. Shubert. Music end lyric* by Cole Porter. Book by Kenneth Webb, S111% Itollenstetn, and Dwight Taylor. Staged by Edward J. Scanlon. Dances cerement by Eduard Sinclair, Scenery by Watson Barron. Cent Wham Archie 14,10htris, Stan SOU. Cheeks Collins. Goma GraY, Kay Kintritry, Peale Nonak, Paula Stone, Cyril Smith, Luella Gear, Dorothy Stone, Tom Bate, Nino filpeppe Barrie O'Danten, and others. Tbin is another In the series of musicals that the Shuberts have [envoi with an eye on the tox office. This one reverse* the usual procedure; It is dennittly a financial triumph, but an artistic flop. Stupid castine bad direction. and ridiculous re -writing bare made this one of the weakest vehicles to be presented here. The book remains subnormally the same. Mimi, seeking divorce. mistakes Guy for the co-respondent hired to establish the phony ender:ke needed to secure the divorce. The case of mistaken Identity Is ironed out, but the husband refuses to grant a dimes, and the happy ending is achieved when the husband is unmasked u a bigamist. There is only one good spot in the production. Written In IA a evict!, night club bit naming Archte Robbins and Stan Roam who were hired for the spot after they were caught at the Mayfair hem two weeks ago. Boys went inn, their Minn routine of Imitate:am and stopped the show cold. Robbins handles the vocals and Boas the face and gestures. They brought the home down. Charles Collins. and Dorothy Stone are miscast In the leading roles. Excellent as a dance team. neither made lints well and they are unable to show to advantage In the brief routine they do tocetber. Both ere also victims of poor direction. Innis Gear scores to the ammo role Inc had nine year. ago. and Cyril Smith la at Uwe amusing as the English salter. The rest of the Cast is hopelessly Inept. The new "Imes" which were written Into the production produced tears In - steed of tumbler. MIX* routines were copire of those used by Mtalre and Renee. In the Him. but even wtth all this, Goy Ditorce FROM OUT FRONT Americana, Saroyards, and a Prize BY EUGENE BURR FINIS American Actors' Company. that group of Imagthative and able young players who present a brief subscription semen each year, turned from the more familiar fields of the drama last Sunday flit at their little theater on 16th Street; and, enlisting the aid of Agnes de Mille, Richard (tale. and them. presented a reeled program of musical and dialogic Arne/Mena under the general title of American Legend. It has Its weak momenta, but in general it's vividly entertaining. There seems a general tendency. whenever we speak of American folk material, to look south of the Mason -Blum line and out toward the West. That attitude Is all right with this reporter, who u probably the world's canon touch for hillbilly and cowboy ballads; but It falls to realize that life In a Northern slum lin become hut as Reit:mete American folk material as life in a Sceltbern hog -wallow. The American Actors' Company succumbs to the tendency-particulnly to Its two dramatic interludes, which are both strictly from Dixie In more ways than one-but It does depart long enough to offer a sea chantey, dramatically Imagine_ the dance nen:ming from old Clipper ship days. and a charmingly hilarious picture of a genteel Boston singling school early In the 10th century. Despite the fact that the company is primarily a dramatic organization, its two drsmaa were the lean effectire part of the program, Paul omen's Saturday Hirst is another of the pointless and militantly undramatic ralettiree of earth and midnixht oil that we hare come to expect from Mr. Green. M P. Cookie's Minnie plea, which at any rate Is better than the Green piece. la a doleful tidbit in which a fine woman's martial rotenone with clod of a man are obliquely revealed by a group of neighbors watching over her coffin. Neither piece was particularly well acted. tho they managed to r I the poseibilittee of a many-sided young over -actor named Joseph Anthony. Mr. Anthony, who pwtwses marmots face for make-up, also danced excellently in one Interlude and designed the Elleabeth Sutherland, as the workmanlike settings, If he Is taken In hand and toned down be should develop Into an outetanding performer. The company's guests. however. furnished most of the high Roots. with Mies de Melee choregraphy bringing humor, excitement, and drama to number of the scenes, and with her own performance highlieliting the evening. Also outetereling-at :mat to Mb reporter-1ms Andrew Rowan Summer.' rendition of the Cherry Tree Carol. A lot more of Mr. Summers would be a nice thing fot any show to have. Tile Dentin singing school, which ended the nest half, and a reouong enter. talnment at a mining camp, which had the sardience spontaneously clapping In mitten at the finale, more than make up for the infrequent week spots, Ito a good show: and more than that. ft's a highly encottraging display of the American Actors' Company's ability and termetnation.. mritatentn.r., few blocks to the south of 10th Street, the Savoy Opera Ottild la IS ecounutng with Its season of Gilbert and Sullivan revivals each Thursday and Saturday night at the Cherry Lane Theater. The current bill is The Pirates of Presence, and a second Melt to the troupe, innerly serval to confirm original Impress - stone of the ability of the Unarm and their directors. The strata is being done excellently at the Cherry lane-mlractilously, if you take Into oonsideratton the difficulties offered by the phone -booth -sited stage and the fact that the elittro orchestra Is composed of a single piano. Sylvia Cycle Is main playing the soprano role and doing excellently with to both volee and readings. InCodentally, her dietten Is a wonder to hear, coming from a O&8 seventh, most at wlverre-eren those In the D'Oyly Carte troupe-sound as tho they mere warbling lyrics In pure Choctaw. A new tenor. Charles Latterner. Is doing an excellent vocal )ob as Frederic. teaching a splendid peak In the 10 -called roundelay. with Its trying falsetto passage. Hu stage presence is still allgintly on the awkward aide, but Unites something that can easily be flied by further experience. The rest mem thew as well as - If not better than - they did to Ptnaiesee. Omen Kingsley makes highly commendable MOOT general, even getting *lieu the Intricacies of the patter aging without too much difficulty; Seymour Pener_tr. with his potentially splendld Memo, Is fine Pone King. who he did slow down the Inserted chant In A Paradox too mute for comfort; John Aspinwall is one of the beet Samuel. ere ever heard: Wells Clary is an altogether excellent Sergeant of Polthe, giving fine diction, full comic value, and excellent voice to the two songs; Ruth lotion le an easily adequate ;Modica maldeff-au-work. and Vlvtan Denbo is a pleasant Edith. Despite the fact that there are only four subsidiary policemen and four subsidiary pirates (it would be hard to f It anybody else on the Cherry Lane nage). the chorus work Is excellent. vette, Poetry given about es fine a rendition as it's ever had In these parts. Again Arthur Lief and Lewis Denison deserve untenths:i credit. Mr. Lief for his splendid!mutest direction and Mr. Denison for the humor. invention, and nay flow of Ins staging on the tiny platform. And Norman Boron again rates plaudits foe Isla work as the entire orchestra. IT IS no longer news that this lemon's Punta= Tette for the drama has been given to Robert E. Sherwood -a There Skull fee No retiree stitch was produced Not searoo. before the Pulitzer Prise coaruntttee announced its sward fee lest year. My optima centerning the play have been stated et frequent interval. since it waa originally pemlueed more than a year ago, and Its eccrulittism of the somewhat musty Pulitzer laurels osera no cogent cause foe change. wilt make money ea long as It's kept on the road, where Its reputation will be a decided asset. Mike Xepien. Chi Business Hits Chute CHICAGO. May Local lent mum continued discouragingly low the pest week, with no mild alibis for the slump. Cabin fn the Sky, with Ethel Waters has had very light beotheas, and the Helen Hayes -Maurice Evans Tweiffet Motif only fair. Arsenio an4 Old Lace, which started eery well. his been sepping. It Is being taken over for two weeks. May 26 to June 8, by the American Theater Society as the sixth and hul of the Guild playa, and this la expected to up bustestes considerably. With Lee Shubert In the hewn and a director from New Tort changing the nelleapoppin routine on opening night (Ill, the ahow got ag to a bed start, but en Monday the show anappcd into a faster pace and business has been steadily building. It now looks as If it Is good for an excellent five or ale weeks Te Life With Father Company will disband at the ooneltudon of the (=easement at the Blackstone late this month. Its 66 weeks here set an all-time record, Equity Okeha Clause Change NEW TORE, May 17.-At a MOMS meeting of the Equity council, the new exclusive -serest* clause In Equity eon - Kitts. prepared by the legal depaidoeht was approved. The new drone will CU Into effect after June 1. Formerly the actor, (under the old ezelludre melees clause) were requirrt1 to get perrniseteo from peoducers before they could accept extra work. Under the new clause the anew can make other amenanres without the producer. pertnieeton so long as the sines atter does not Include work to the Isillthnittel theater.

17 if ery NIGHT CLUBS.VAUDEVILLE The Billboard 17 :onducead by PAUL DENIS -Cemmenkariem re 1564 Broadway. New Yak City-SAM HONICIIIRC. Aneelate PCT. LIMIT WORRIES AGENTS SF Biz Down, But New Nitery Opens With Durante, Bacon SAN FRANCISCO. May 17,-Night club tonnees continue, on the downgrade due to pollee department's enforcement. of the 'no selling of liquor after 2 am." law. The Royal Hawaiian failed to open Theellay night, Isnitya went under the podom Friday. both re -openings are pfd to depend upon Iwo eevere pollee Lotion. Approximately 120 performem, musicians. and miaorlianeous help were thrown out of Jobs. Owners blame newspapers for the present relturdlori. declaring the pollee bed been goaded on by the pmts to "c5tan up" the town. On the other bra. hftwapopere have been good to the dux all four of the denim running weekly columns on night epee. elube supporting with ad copy. Joe Benner opened his Stairway to the Slam on Thursday (8), nuking a sweetensl bed with Pante Bacon and Jimmy Durant*. Prank Martinelli and Thin Cierrun are &frig terrine business et their Dal Marin with Sophie Tucker, who la now In her second week. See More Class Spots for Philly PHILADELPHIA. May 17.-The!eaten - room Square action, re. blue-blooded tem. may *gen have night chaise. The Penn A. C.. private club hotel wee taken moo by the American Neel Cerporation Thursday (15). Hotel chain will's Puna and eating Totm, A Men club Is included among plans for the mut:rant. Perin A. C. Men has a roof es Ken. Only otber aftee-dark activity In this woe is the cocktail lounge of the Hotel Warwick. Moreover. next Demon promisee to cad two Intimate spots opening In title meter. One group Is dickering for the old E -own mansion. Another for former meek Me. Feeitess la that, with the town time:lotting an Industrie! boom, Mae Is ripe fee mere clam clubs. Pop Price Clubs Get Detroit Biz DETROIT. May 1T -local bunnies en - pens to be drifting steadily Into the ;opened spot... as opposed to the seankter flatter Cleee spots continuo to show a Ng deep In patronage. Relying upon more shossi to attract patrons, a number of local spots arc reporting bus:nem Making up. Typical is Hickey's Bar, pop -priced North -end spot. Severe: months ago It increased from three acts to eight. Show uses standard seta. N. Y., Mexico City Agents in Rio Tiff NEW YOWL May 17.-A battle over romnatealons on the booking of two att.. M the Clotho Attantito. Rio de Janeiro, appears to be developing between Hal Sends, local agent. and Andre Lasky. Of Nalco City. In a letter to The Billboard, Lasky cemplains that a Billhand *Vey on South America recently ehould have credited him with the booking of Tiro Presidents DETROIT, May 17.-Storles of people "taking In each other/ wad.h' ham nothing on the Memnon here. where the president of the local AOVS Dick Worthington, to working for the president of the local bookers' emaciation. Weethington has gone In se cxnaee at the Helm Theater, booked by Sol Berns, president of the Michigan Theatrical Bookers and Agents' Association. Sacco Booking 15 - People Show for Cabaret in Colon CHICAGO. May 17.-Tommy Same has received a contract from Jcoo Faprio, proprietor of the Cabaret Florida at Colon. Panama, to furnish summer show for the spot. Sacco will furnish a 15.propte enow to open June 28, for three months, with option for an addl. Cone three months. Show will consist of novelties, dancers, and Ilan girls. No enigma are Included, the epot ming votive vocalists along with two perm vent bands. Shows in the Chard Zeno must have the approval of government authorities and operate under sine rules. No perform' La allowed to marry while playing the cone. end none are allowed to drink liquor In tire cabarets. Seem states. Bond guaranteeing salines and transportation must be posted by cabaret paoprtetors. Salerno are paid on a monthly tztaik, and board and lodging are Mended. Singles average from 5100 to 050 per month. Talent Agencies BERT LEVEY AGENCY, San Francisco, has booked Bruce Holders Inter the enure aped at the Bel Thbertn. EDDIE SUEZ AGENCY, Philadelphia. booking the show for the Philadelphia Retail Witter Dealers' Association at the Broadway Hotel. MATT ROSMI has Joined the Charley Irate) office In New York.... BERNARD MOVE now assisting tra Steiner, Witham Morns publteity head.... IOU WETAB is beet in New York from Florida.,HARRY LEVINE. of the Paramount booking office. New York. with Leon Newman. of the Mark Leddy office, and Fred Malt. of William Morrie Agency. are preparing for a trip to Florida, roaming Decoration Day.... NICK PYLCI- MAN. New York, to back at his office alter a lengthy Illness.... JACK LENNY, of the Herman Plalkoff offite New York, hu signed 1110 Thompson to a management contract. JACK W. CORDON, of Cordon En. tertainment Bureau, Hartford. Conn._ la beck in harness after three menthe la Veterans' Hospital. Newington, Conn,, JOHN BENSON. Chicago, has Landed Frankles Casino In that city. Booking an average of Mx arts on each show. with three to four set changes a week... CHARLIE corrt.e, house manager of the fitste.leke, Chicago. It bock them a three-week vacation In Ronda.... HARRY LAWRENCE. manager of the Ben Yost troupes. has sealed management contract* with Betty RILSOW. plsnist; Ifeene Travers, singer, and Patricia, melte-au. CINCINNATI'S TWO OLDEST bookers, both In point of *erect and In years. Jack Middleton and Morris Jones, hare merged, with the latter modem his deek let& Mtddleton'a cdflee. BERNARD BERNARDI, New York, now Augustin Lara and Anna Marla Ceenzelec has 23 to 30 weeks In the New York tem the Carla, Atlantic. He said the area, meetly clubs using gist Ilnea an well deal was made thru Casio Recta, who to sr rinciattlee Preeklie Arlo, termer settee se hit representative In Rio de Janeir0. mode performer, Is now with the Bement erne. Sends. on the other hand. claims that DOROTHY DORION, producer at the Herta ts his (Banda') representative Edirevotter Bomb Hotel. Chicago, left on lit Rio. et 10 -day trip to New York and Breton Acts were sold for a total of to we new allow. *telly. Coln also Includes a thrice JACK E. LEWIS, formerly general veekly radio oommareixe manager of the Worldwide Thentrteal Circuit of Ban Francisco. has been mole PAUL FLORINS engaged to produce teenager of the special ovine depart - the new show at Prankle Palumbo's, ment of the Bert Levey Ctreutt of Vallee - Philadelphia niter/. elle Theater, Inc., Los Angeles. N. Y. Agents To Turn Managers To Evade Possible 5 Pct. Fee Rule NEW YORK. May 17.-Now that there Is the possibility that Now York State agents will not be able to charge more than 5 per cent commission, preparations aro being made to turn agencies Into personal management offices. Local *yenta point out that the change to management Wien would take them out of the category of employment agenelea, and thus they would be able to ezaot a 10 per cent comenteelon. Under existing statutes there is no top to the percentage that may be charged by a personal manager. Agents here netted to go about making the shift when the alone of the recent U. S. Supreme Court ruling April 27 Upholding the right of the State of Nebraska to limit agency commisaions made It evident that Lemnos Commissioner Paul Moto con now enforce the existing New York statute limiting canretsnons to 8 per cent. Agents here clean they cannot operate profitably with a II per cent top. Some of the larger agencies require around Gel per cent to ooser operating mimeses alone. The shift to management offices would necessarily restrict the movement of acts and would effect all theatrical employment. Even one-night club date, would Involve the Inking of a management contract for the engagement period. It was ascertained by Leo Shapiro, local theattical attorney, that existing statute, provide for no time restrietton to management contracts, When the changes go Into effect, it la likely that pacts will be worded so that the agent will maxim management of the performer during the period that week Is provided for him. Thus, If an agent gets an set a one -week sande nogageenent, he will gum hare the act sign a nuinageraent contract for a week, In order to make the management *entree: stand up. It Will be necessary to include clauses on the agent's helping on formation and correction of routines read for additional torrid* which are new:illy the province of the personal manager, One of the drawbacks to this plan, however. Is Use restriction of the venous performee unions on artor-egent contracta, Ono agent thinks it will be famines to keep both the employment agency status and personal manager status. For Afills Unit for Gross Houses wkannzonlsr. May Borneo Miller's Funs -a -Peppin. 10.peopk unit. after three days at the Atha Theater here last week, bopped to Atlanta to begin IS days to the 0. A. Crow theaters In Georgia, followed by North Carolina and Virginia. Line-up includes Borneo Mills. the Neweorne Duo. Dona Dixon, Fay tea)dine, Loh Themes. Ginger Lee. Dtxte Davis, the Frany Brothersand Jane. Tommy Bailey. and a nx.gtri line. Phil Frazier leads the Ave -piece epic,. Owosso Biz Okch OWOSSO, Mich.. May 17..-Businees LS Net beginning to pick up hero, but night club owner Harry Felndt doesn't know whether he will be In town to en It. Peindt. who owns the Stehle. dance spot, may have to go Into a training camp. Orchestra is Frank Vandermaelt. who played s cornet In Tommy 'rocker's ark, Strand, Lansing, Closing LANSTNO, Wert_ May 17,-The StrOhd, OfttO the foremost local mude both*. well close about June 1 for remodeling. and reopen Magnet Now the invest local theater and owned by Butterfield circuit. It played lateral react entree - them the part season. Including the Marcia show, New seats will be put in, new lighting provbeed. and the walls heated with rock WOOL the agent's work In obtaining employment for the act, the performer can sign regular contract for I per cent commis ion, but a auppiementary nun *gement pact will be inked for personal tervicee rendered each time. The Arthur Representatives' Memel - %Ion Ls. In the meantime. conferrine entre Mom in an effort, to draw up a mutually setisfeelory bill foe presentation at the next /Keaton of the Leginature. Veloz and Yolanda Wind Up Profitable Dance Tour in Chi CHICAGO, May 17. -Veen and Yes Lamle, the moat natural dente team pro - (Moot in the teat few years, wound up a concert tour Of 32 cities at Orchestra Hall here Saturday (17). They everted Saturday (10) to a mowded house, end the eight day engagement was a way profitable date. The there has been managed on this tour by John J. Steen. who Introduced them to concert fans In the Los Armen area In January. Both make a charen3ng. Mart appear anee, and dance with unexcelled ease and polish. With the exception of their tango, Ito MO closing spot. none of the numbers bonne of hard niece or any uneasiest physical features writes other team. m- ph-1nm. They are at Immo thrisout their 13 routines, each creative and each enterteledng. Work in four epees. and Yolanda make', as many gown changes. Her appearance es very appealing. Velez takes care of the Introdumbons Ina brief and warm manner. The reception opening night was heavy enough to demand a repeat of the tango and a curtain speech. Music was furnished by Jerry Shelton, accordion, and Lothar Pert and Sallie Richards Crown, pianists, all excellent mtrateens who stand out on their own In single spots between dance pets Honig/mfg. Break for Dance Teams NEW YORK. May 17.-Hallexen teams are getting a break with Shubert revivals Igor and Craft Poggt are with R030 Made at the Shubert, Baum but dropped out Saturday (101 to be sue - *ceded by Niles Gorton and Edythe Bennett. team from eatery-sande. Mies Bennett will get the original Pearl Regey role, and handle lines ea well as doing dance routines with Carron. show will tour Montreal. Toronto,and Chicago. About 12 weeks are get, Dorothy Stone and t7luerlea Contr.,. In Gay Demure& follow Rose Marie Into the Shubert, Boston, Lenny, Edelstein for Army NEW YORK. May 17.-Jack Lenny. of the Herman Platkoff office, has received. IA cleasilleatten from ha local draft board. Lonny will probably be Inducted In muse. Also on the casualty Int la Jack Milstein. theatrical attorney, who was In - 'Mickel last Saturday (3). Ea'ans-Viner Case Set Back CHICAGO, May 17,-The contract case filed by Bob Evens. rentrilequtn, spinet Joe Titter, his manager, was pet back to Superior Court here last week. Jerome Rosenthal. Vine's attorney, Maimed that he will base new evidence, to offer and for that rearm WWI not ready to present the ea.e at originally acbeduled. Diamond Handling 3 Units CHICAGO. May 17.-Billy hum med. former booker of the Oriental Theater here, ts retaining its office to agent three Independent unite He a handling the Count Bern! VIII thew. Waikiki Morita and Raid 'n Amedoo, the WS named bating sestet:led from the Millen Morris Ohne teat week.

18 18 The Billboard NIGHT CI. IS -V %UDE:VILLE May 24, Blacklia,$k, Chicago Talent Folic,- show and dente band: Sourshowe at 8:30 end Managealuast: OHO and Donald Roth. ownerasammem. Pricey iff.50 minimums week stights, 01,50 Saturdays; dinners from 0175: drinks from 60 cents. This Loop oltery, after a nweeastul Min 01 Orandhather'a PoJties, haw rettlffsed to small tioarsnove Inc the early summer. Art Jarrett. fronung the late RN Keenfea ore/mon:a la on the band - /Amid and mode an excellent impramion Opening night. Sated s foliose:ix much the mine versatile attic as before. Pell - lads. %alum. rhumbas, and swine tunes give the nowise wide variety. all danceable. Floc balm. tour aeon and three rhythm. with Jarrett doing an twee:jona' trcantone and guitar bit. with the brass being held sufficiently in check. Jarrett fronts with reverent showmanship and hie warbling la remarkably goad. At show caught he did Sweet Molly Malone, it Must Se Tenn and Did You goer Sr* 0 Dream ivalking? Patty Show does come pleasing warbling. The Richards Adrten Denman two men and a girl. offered reremi entertaln log dance routines In all 04 which the pirouetting of the girl is featured. A bat of adagio also la introduced. Act was Well received. Chris Crow, ventriloquist. wan not in his beat form and his material was none 100 good. Ma cowboy dummy ts bent routine. Pinches with a small marionette. working on the floor and vialble Only to rizsgaldms. Best portion of the show IC the &nod:men Mc (two men and a gni) Working with the band. Offer Amapoia, a couple of novelty eemma and impetaalone of band theme songs, nil superbly done and twinging a tremendous hand. Mitered with Impremlorn of Bonnie Baker. the Ink Spots. and the Our Ixenbard trio for a show -Mopping MP', Nat Green. Roosevelt Hotel's Blue Room, New Orleans Talent policy: Dance and/roar:holm at 7:30 and 23:35 nightly. Management: Marge V. Riley. hotel manager: Ray Sealants. publicity. Priem: Dinners from $1.50; no corer. nen. has been no let-up In talent A PHUN-RIOT IN PHILADELPHIA yeah JOHNNY MORGAN currently st the CLUB BALI Tbanks to Tony Phitlien Aflame-lona and Associate Will Weber My Ptrtorsyl Monts., MARCO & ROMOLA originators of the CASTANETS in the Al A ballroom dame roe Proton/a as Telt illitlitoards matirial PROTECTION ItURLAV. labia/got be Mmat4. 21( Al (lwad Kelly's. Greenwich Waage. N. Y.....oil Avoid. twit, wan'.41 Am cootatom4 Mil/leen months of tooiltatewl oneoo and cogsgetetal lhanks to CLARA OSGOOD Night Club Reviews quality at tins :one Casa A apart here. sleepier the fact that Ins late spring. Airconditioning and Southern -styes cook. fag are bringing the roam the best summer season in Its hietory. The Blur Room La ccariparatively a2(11111 and. when Joe Venutt and ork failed to take this into comadcratkin at the opening ahow May 8, there waa a blast that gase the Win righters a bad Cast.. The improtemerat since has been notiecable. The float talent is as good as ever. Topped by the Three Pitchmen, inaltatnre of inatnimenta of au kinds. the show opens with Mayer and Brach, who do tricks on high -wheel cycles which keep guests betting Into whose wrap they will land. Brach. with 11 hoops spinning on lege and arms. keeps himself very btu; at the acta climax. Dawn and Darrow are fine ballroom daranra, and Luba Mailna does better ea a French singer than her boating as a Russian. If else stuck to her French. Manna might be the standout Of the &how. Her voice Le powerful and is pleating. but her maks are overdone. Venutt plays Ma good fiddle. Hs neallos. Kay Starr. Herb% Peer. and Tommy Lewis, make a nice trio. Phi: G. Muth. Club Royale, Detroit Talent policy: Dance and show band: floorahoim at 9:15 end 12:10: booker, Phil Tyrreit. of Chicago. Priers: GO tents corer charge. 8! Saturdays; drinks from 50 cents; (Miners from Show opens with the Mx Virginia Manche Gala In ralabow-colored gowns with Wilke hope. In a lovely waltz fro. luring graceful posing and drapery con - t. -el. Tette return 1, to shcat.ekirted Ranee costumes in A lively castanet number. Maxine Turner. acre dancer. Ira cute pink costume. 00(4 nn effective rhythm and control combination. with some pyrotechnical cartwheels. etc. Highlight Is a torwnrcl bend done with one foot back of her neck. Wesson Brothers. two clever young Minim. have aocnettang new In 3.1n -I Sartre, one toy working with pantomime of motto Mara and other*, while the other uses the mike in the shadow-clore skillful teamwork. They have a grand Charlie McCarthy of incredible realism and a clever Prank and Mentor Roomvelt song and dance. Itenalle and Seville. Ixtitroom team, have waltzes, tangos, and a lilting coquettish number. They work well together, especially as each takes separate turns In perfect timing. Donald Nark. with his succor melodious tenor. Opens In Tito Night ls So Young and goes Into his routine with shownuudy competence. altho thts was only his second appearance In a night club. Ho doss Aneopola In a clear lyric style, half 111 Spanish: took down the /aquae with a sentimental Last Time 1 Saw Parts, and wound up with a now Berllu lyric of timely moving power,.4 Little Old Church in Ewa:fend. Stan Nona and his 10-pleoe bard play for elbow and dancing very competently. and Roy laacy la *Moot too self -elf acirag as cadet. IL P. Acres. Frank Palumbo's Cafe, Philadelphia Talent policy: Dance and shorn band. strollers relief; production froorshows at ;:pri. 10, and 12. Management: Frank Palumbo. proprietor - manager: Johnny Rama Aeadnaitee: Milt Shapero, press agent: Eddie Sues. books?. Priem: Dinners from $7: drinks from 35 cents: no minimum. no corer. Pea hie warn, weather revue. Prank Palumbo. who lochs emelt to this club easing his six susum rakes full ad - Vantage of Ica full theater stage facia. Kim flack spectalties are dressed up by line of 10 Yvonettea. gala taking ibvir name from their captain. They are all lookers.. and Jac Lean hen dmitned striking costumers Ponies Costumes New York, did the stitch work. Guy Martin fashioned the product -Sou. Yeomen open with a rhythm routine and dote with conga excitement. Show to beat advantage midway With a lartallly costumed parade. Johnny Leary, a strong favorite at this spot, keep* It running smoothly' and at a fast pace. And when he takes Ina tarn mot, handtknnely with his Irish humor and tong harmonies_ Irene Kaye, awing songbird. doers rich urrangementa of current song rages and sells means all the way. Show -stoppers are the youthful tram of little Joe 18carceill) and Tiny Lee (Sorban. Roy -belle tram bill a. the "last of the Jitterbugs." And therm not far from right. Their exhitationuan and youthful enthaulasen out -Jitterbug arty of the species Mill rthalninan Mixed team of Barnet and Barclay enhance the girlie numbers with Myth:rile atepologr. Two Lucky Bucks, male tram, round out the revue with opted precision and challenge tap two. Howard Reynolds conducts ork for the show, while band take* the downbeata from Prank &Midi for the dance aria. Trio provides the relict rhythms. Spot has cornered the towna banquet and party trade, and dinner show caught Wednesday (14) found the root: Jammed. 3i. ft, Orodcalcar. Lookout House, Covington, Kentucky Talent policy: Deflect and show band: jtoorahosm at 0:30 and 1::10. Management: Jimmy Brink, owner; Retried Smith, manager: George Rah.; Jr.. r.a. Nally. Prices: Dinners from 67.50: drinks from 40 tents: minimum 01.50: Saturdays. 82.$9. Rolling eking to healthy businces la recent. months, UMc apot bids fair to boost patronage ova further with the layout winch opened Tuesday (13p for two weeks. Thema no particular mend - out. each act meriting and getting rock applawie reward. B00:11 McKenna 011ie 18), voluptuous lookers, again came torn with a trio of above -average and catguts] rotintwe. Wally Johnson's crew, popular here and a cranteriack Mow band. la back for a 16 -day stand, after which It will be replaced by /lemony Punk's band for two weeks. before returning again for an Indefinite May. Three) Mindy Tanner Bistera sing the slow off to rousing start. onering Prat a Jungle ditty. following with Tonight You're Mina and SI Ranch* Grande, and encoring with a novelty arrangement of afir Heart Belongs to Daddy. Unusual styling. and sell their stuff handily. JnriC Moore and Billy Revel are something different In the way of ballroom esi.orrs, relying upon comedy. Attired in Gay nee wardrobe, they run the Mom gamut from then to the present day. micrtim also burly on a waltz. While Mae Moore grabs a breather. Revel offers an amusing panto ball -juggling masion. with the femme member returning for tome Coro warbling. Wind up with a Latin poked bit. In addition to turning In a neat eraser, Job. Dean Murphy demonstrate, why hi, four years in pro *how btuanma has, moved him up Into the ranks of the country's leading mimics. Came a rapid - rite and mare then reasonable tucatmllu of theatrical and political prominent, Ills take -aft on the President 14 A turn In In own. Itai an all.out for a Rauh Mc Mantua W1151 a Boogie Beat finale, a Vichy :Mich to a corking show. Mac Mack. In her ninth month here. continues to please with her stroll war being and plan:atlas, BM Socha. Beachcomber, New York Talent policy: Production!foreshow stayed by Midge Pieldiny and costumes by Myrna White, at 6, midnight. and 2: show and dance band: relief band. Manapeecror: Monte Potter. owner: Dorothy Kay. meat agent. Mims: LS mint:num weekdays and $1 holidays. After a profitable. highly publicized run with Carmen Ainaya. Proser'a trap- Wal inn:wept/mit spot has a strong fol low -up *how featuring Carmen D'Antonlo. The show has its beautiful young girls In radiant costumer doing simple routines. The meet young thing; open In flouncing white costumes with bore midriff and doing a rumba. They return midway in exotic Chinese get-up and form pictorial groups. A surrarke Ingly effective number. Their last routine paves the way for Nina D'Antorno and the glria me In attliti-soloed draped costumes while band leader Chavez chance Babaloo. Miss D'Antonka doublhag front Panama Rattle, Claim the Mow with her dance specialty. In glistening oil paint, idle wriggles her lithe limbs then an African coach dance. acetic in appearance and, despite her being a woe dancer tech - Weeny, her number La punchy. Show is opened by Riot Martine. Meld shapely brunette from Martinique, who opens warbling a French tune and follows up with Brazilian tunes inter. 'ported with the usual eye rolling, and hip amsyinge. MAW numbers and did Toy and Wing, Oriental ballroom mixed team, soared with their peppy danctng. Wight -eyed peraonality, and there energy. Chaves and Ma conga -manna band untenth zippy dance rhythms and played the show well. Lester!Antis mid band, six mon, do relict muale and are okth. Paul Denis. Hotel Roosevelt, New York Talent Policy: Dance band and dance enstructims hour. Management: B. Cl, Reno, manager: Victor, headwaiter: Alma Kieft, pear agent. Priam: Dinner, 43.50, and a la carte. Jose liforand's orchestra la filling In at the haters Grill Rcom, between cloy Lombartioas seasonal departure and the Meting of the mom May 28. This la Morand'. find New York Mowing. after en meld naleitha' run at the. Sutler In Cleveler.d. which was his first job mice taking over a dance baton. Hr war formerly a house leader for Dacca's Latan- Arnerksan wax seastona. Outside of a dance Instruction hour by a pair of Arthur Murray'. tarp peddlers. band fa the chief drawing card, etrietly on his own. When the Lombardo outfit take* its leave, hotel steps velvet - tieing entertainment policy in nempane= and Cull out lta network *UM. Mocand'a outfit, cementing of tour tar (doubling on fiddle* and flutter). one brass and taut rhythm, weeks from any mild and smooth arningeweenta mal dishos out very lovely dansopation. Accent In meetly Latta. but bane proem versatility with an equally smooth diet of pops end waltzes. The Arthur Murrny teacher.. TOM Gallagher sad Nellie Skate. have been here foe threes years, taking the cueleeners thru the dance Wee, with the winners receiving champagne and free dinners Sol Salt. DENISON'S minstrels ROLL 'EM IN A.A.:. THE AISLES att,trinh.tic!: Stria FOB W trfetat. 840, robtece. Mlyy. aeon. 7.11' CATALOG Io litr:41471=1111;:rf:i C41144 IlimMate Phi, cad FM.- tommtoto Lawns mrir, Ir.o.tlieb.l y MI vette-56n tot (4,1101. T.I.DENISON &CO emash A'.. 1:14, Caen.. Da Warm - molt PA amma-apatit(uta, Ur,. (4 to II,. 0,41 wt. 11(m. Tint ooloommot- sow It atmlat. aria 1,e. MfertiaMon. o not maettant000t e000 TH A1. MART 142 R. Suns et. Moss" to WANTED arse re as Irtyr tie Tixtors era Chad. bas aid 4;11ir Lbe. alto Mat, it. wr.-f,,.nr. Como ity0 JOE MAIL AMUSEMENT OT TICE COT 11.orosno. IF -4f. Olovelmi4. Oman MIDAS AND NOVELTY ACTS wait -1 I.e 1,70004:..1 OF war rata or I... inn r-:k"`t RAY S. NEELAND mat 11100t14 a.e,ie. 540 Mobs Illem4 messes. IL 11411s1

19 am Hay 24, 1941 NIGHT CLUBS -VAUDEVILLE Tbr Billboard 19 Ben hlurtien's Riviera, Fort Lee, N. J. Darrel Production floorahoto oeled by Cheat-er flak at 1, midnight. and 2:20; dance and dune band; wax WA. Management: Ben Malden, ounce; gonarda maitre ea; Sant Saleen, cuirfne ehtel: Cast Erbe. dinneraget. paces: Opening night, ; din - oar from 13.30; supper minimum, 040: Neck-rad dinner and nipper mini. ourns, $4- Mradenas beautiful roadhowe,cross me Hudson from Nair York opened It. leas mason Thuradsy (16) with a show called Leta Girl the Yet:netters a Vence. A program note explains those featured CAW attend on the threshold of ron.fledged atardont--but Dna could Minty apply to Jimmy Savo, altbo It agent to Gower and Jeanne. Sara Ann *Cabe. Betty Bruce. Novels WIMmes. Mester Halo's 24 heatituul gas, Panehol linan band Oast year PAW'," Was the wand band hero) and Quern Caval. Wee nthe-man bend round Out the stow. Ws not Meader:as beat show, but it's Bind enough. considering the club la so beautiful that a sensational snow really shouldn't be neetwary. Carroll and ocer--n, comedy song duo, and thee maim Quartet were cut from the show it deems rehearsal but may be wed in a JAW *bow this mason. 1W the fifth reason, CheeteT lath give body to the revue. Re usia 24 pas (16 chorus and 6 pared*) In three semi qymbere. Opener has the Max chic Ming maturnes. Then midway. to colorful get-ups to the rumbaun tempo of La Trinicfore. For the finale. the girls. In lively red log -display affirrn go tbru s Slick tap routine. The eon are extremely pretty and their costumes idesegingl by John Booth and serrated by Bertha) are excellent Opening turn is Sara Ann McCabe. es one [blokes) whom coloratura ranges watt and deftly them operatic and mimics: comedy tunes In swing fashion. Seemed with Chtetircarteneispo and I Am c, Amentara. Drew a inning hand. Betty ftator followed with her slick. nimble. scannful nipping. Didn't do as well as lama but sold her three numbers well anyway. Korth Williams followed the midway Hie number and did a couple of comedy roan InterSpOTtatt With whistling, mug.. moo and combo peaturing. encoring with s comedy Oh Carl Month] and the oldie. PI=Jo Pere. la a plumptsh women with a lusty delivery. IleId fair attention. flower and Jeanne, young modernistic bahriorn team. rolled up the denneet show -atop of the show with their unmese:mona routines and towhee of sixestranehtp. They are refreshing. livetr. and attention arresting. Jimmy SAM, making one of hie few tight club appearances. was a tate addition to the show and ho did eh right- :tit certainly not the sock hit he ordinarily le on the egg*, no puckish, mutt dotbes. quaint humor were somehow bat potent than usual. The use of a like may base hurt. Panda, led the show bond and did grew lob. lair the dancing. ha band produces a eaven-psidle meow that's a VP A good. solid combo. Cavaliaro's FitC0 make* a strong lead for his eight. man band, Witch playa good dance rhythms. Maws will be changed every four weeks. If you're interested, the new Gam; room mutate are by Ambito Gorky. Rood and service, excellent. Paul Denli. Chet Parse, Chicago Talent policy: Show and dance band; Lain relief bend; aloorshoses al 9, 12. end 2. Management; Jac Jacobean and 14.Pce Fritzel, Islanagefa: Fred amine. produce,: Florence Raker. aseathent; Gene Lsces, arranger; costomas by Francis PeMater: Bob Curley. paiblicaila Prier,: bouter attintuat50 frois40 creme drinks Sims0 ys tenter and actidaye (*3.50). Paul Whiteman and John Boles are Outotandlnit headliners of the new early summer show. which has gone arty In a big way but nevertheless ha* a high on - CORRECTION m. leo (Odic SentIA onessontesneni samara, To IS. Paramount /sating In One /to 1Can awe OA 1sliaissn4 nower wit intorrotlir listed. The telephone number is BRYANT terteinment content. Jock Cole, superb dricanne In the last thew resulted in a headdeur, is 'ethane a Ulna too arty for popular appeal In ILL* new otter - Inns. and the Adorable* In then Qnaker production number are tree appealing than usual. *into the number Is fault - Ready produced. Whiteman, curveting the show. la popular as ever, and eta band of 16 men play superb mimic. His opening number, Rhapsody fn Niue, was greeted with a rousing receptton, and he favored the (Woman with many old foment* as aril Isa newer tunes during the evening. One of his moat versatile men la Murray MrEachern, who vetted on ball a dome Instruments. Buddy Weed. pianist. end Prank Howard, romans. also Cried ex. oellent solo numbers. Marianne. protegee of Whiten Is a graceful and raccoonpliahrd dancer and scored with a beau. Unit Viennese. watts. DoUy Vahltemanai singing MO:elev. gave evidence of real talent in a lively eons medley. A new routine called An Afternoon of Pasta. offered by Jack Cole, with Anna Austin and Alice Dudley. was beauttfulty done but lacks the appeal of much of Cole's work. it, tempo not fitting so well Into the cafe picture. John Boles, ranking his Drat cafe appent-vice, Tan one of the beightesat spool in the show. FY!madly. Informal, end o bligingbolen gave superb retuntiona of The Desert Soup. RIO Rife, and other sentimental mono, The old oorraely song, Wafting at the 011ie for Katy, won a big hand and Dolce wound up a show - stopper. At the concluding number Jack Cole. with Woos Auattn and Dudley and the Adman:es, presented Georgia Camp Meeting. with John Burdette and two other membens of the Deep Mier Singers (colored trio) doing the vocals. A tokwful end appealing production number. artistically presented. Nat Omen. Chase Hotel, Chase Club, St. Louis Talent policy: ShOw and dance band: rumba bend; floorehows at &JD and Management: Sam XopJar.Osencel Harold!Copal". manager. Pekte: 1.35 Mahal, esoept Saturdays end Sundays (51.75). Only hotel In St. Louis wing traveling bands consistently (it now up Ito quota of local mundane, as required by the munclisma union here, thru the small combos In the Steeple Chem sand the Roof Cocktail Lounge). When caught, Mitchell Ayres was winding up a short Tun. Ceti Ravazza's band returned for an engagement many (161, and May 30 Meaty Inalama's band will noose In for nix weeks as the opening attraction of the Chime Root. Two or throe acts, augmented by band specteltka. comprise the floor Dille. Lam week's bill WAS weak, duo to the poor booking Job. Mary Ann Mercer, cute and clean vomallet with the nand, opened the show with Yet, My. DnaIsar/ Des pilfer. The Golden Pair (True and Trudy Wilkins) followed with a well.patterned handbateu-1ns turn, but It was spotted too early for effecure remits, The team execute* so:ne good track*. Paul Regan, erniatile mimic, follows with a bunch of carbons of notables. Rao some good snatanal In the act which cope more than manure attention. The band contributes a good novelty Of ork Imitations. spotting Tommy Taylor. youthful tenor. Ora. generally, dendtasted the proceedings. It la a wort. Moons, dependable outfit that can dlish out a variety of tut na and please cricket farta. And Agree as a Dora is n real asset. Mont -hit., rumba denier and singer who fronts the Intermission outfit. has a gnat In the clewing Inning of the show. Al 'Tucker's oomainatton fe) entertains. the cocktail sipper* on the TCO:. Herb Mahler's groan 14) with m.0 Helen Shore on eaeals work downstater. In the Steeple Chase. Sens Itonlgtserg. Fisher To Book AC Hamid Pier New YORE. Mae 17.-Arthur P.sher will book Mennen Pier. Atlantic city. wing flaw seta Waded by a Milne. An additional name Will be added week - coda Shoes start Juno 2*. PitneT1071 At Marco. which booked Hamid'. Met last wason. Mos signed to tumid, the eumpraing stool Pier won a 16 -girl line. Booking of the pier le by Eddie SixTrnan. Short Follow -Up Club Reviews CLUB BALI. PHILADIMPHIA.-Fouow- Mg the ats1.511 click of Xavier Cugat, Si Kanner, one of the three Mothers operating tido midtown omit has devised a perfect Latin and American blend, On the Latin credit* are newcore.em Juanita shlarce and Zedra de Its Conde. Both mean much foe the tropic motif here. litsa Juane with her throaty song* and Brunton undulations. and Mitt COMo with an exciting Castilian paso doblo dance. Stilt hitting to heavy retusile ere Gerardo and Helen. who emplumire South American steps, and the!jae of six Latin lovelies for the open and shut numbers. btlfruelito Amodor voices the clients for the Milking Sobel* opening. Equally bellitant In balancing the bill are Johnny Morgan and the Three Radio Area. Alen a newcomer to local night - lifers. Johnny Moreau fa no =Moe tenon It cornea to period:rag refreshing comedy moments. Handles emote expertly and make.' most of ha own Inning with mad Interpretations. careclaily on pinball players and symphonic conductor,. Three Radio Atm. donbling front liar Kallnera' neat -door WWI Rathskeller., are teeny apes ad the Num. Mint -miring impersonations, they sell like a million with mart comedy and timely song story material. Had to beg off after n half dozen selections. stand-mita being their army song and a satire on radio gisaveraya. Music making also evenly balanced. Alan Fielding 10) still on the stand fee allow and titaness, alternating with the Latin permainona of Juanita (6). ante Cuban miss, and her rumba speeisatata. 81 Kellner tawny* On hand for the hosting; Herman Tale Is headwaiter. Wit Shapiro p. a. MCA books thou Tony Phillips Attractions. Dustmen big when naught supper allow Weelmusrtay (14). 3(. N. ()raters-ker. DIAMOND HOTISFETIOE, NEW YORK. -Billy Rote's third revue (the first two Mated year eschl has changed only slightly since a opened March 10. Clyde Hager has replaced Doc Rockwell. and fats Lee Is musing during Carlyle BiackwelFb abecinee due to Illness. Hager has two new bits In his stand - Gay White Way in Fold for Summer NSW YORK. May 17.-Poor tottery bunness took Its toll on George White's Gay White Way (formerly Cotton Club) Tuesday (M. which folded for the summer, with Wbite eending the show out on the road se amide unit. opening at the State. Hartford, Conn., May 28. White plans to reopen In September. concurrent with another Scandals productlon. At the same time another now club Is 'scheduled to open on Broadway. the Moulin Rouge, on the sate of the old YUditirt Botch of showgirls from the Orcenvekh Village Ion will take their Mom In the line when the spot opens May OO. Guy Martin (not the *pmt) is produrina the show. Howard Beaman Is booking. Greensinch Village Inn cloned for the summer on May 10. Maxim's, Bronx. doses for the summer May 26, Plans foe reopeinrig the Hurricane are indefinite, with June 1 a tentative date. Irving Zusaman is fronting. THE ROS8ILLI1NOS play the Chleogo. Chicago, week of May 30 with an option for a seafood week. Will feature a let of Poltsit donna. 4 ant street pitchman act-one about the shin guard for mantled people at Midge parties and another about the entertaing belt. Othemnse. tab the IMMO sure-fire laugh act beep been doing for years. Mae Lee enlaces the show nicely. and the other *eta (reviewed In the Moron Pa lame) are Ross Wyse Jr. and June Mann. Della Llnd. Ben foal Qua net. atangeen!haters, Charlie King, Joe E. Howard. Gilds Gray, Mae Murray with Georges Fontana, Ace Newell, Nita Nelda And Noble Stale's, band. The national anthem Is used for Mr IFnale, followed Munedtately by freer garret Polka to cone* the customers for ine dancing, The show ts smooth. fent, colorful, and smartly spaced with epeciolties. Denis. WALTER natty toto WINCH11.1. Is to. 0.(7 Arrt at 1. IINFTWICe til; it 11' asooes. WWI WILIAM HAWKINS N. rayaai; V. woostolittecian laiooaa m seev.seez... a7y99"'"pai.tmeseo mat lb. liamenwel C17/13.6 sat litatfon.. tem* nm moves. 74" 4 "Ue tan oaniesco. asailat Wait aanrratawriirrsams lowiltal Winans boa Ward TT Wader. Sa two., tails: MALCOLM JOHNSON M fen R. T. sus in Nag.11ntalf OVAM.C4.4 IIONNo /At 11,00 14/1Atooryyn 11,4nAg.4 11R: bran/11/4 slot roar impel*"..i.e".'ilialacts,.% Ore aresses ONO CI larsa fr.!. %sit,team t okriat WAru,r. PAUL DIMS se.41 0"" TMa on,sellitae t ar, pni,c1 tot la e- lagrao. Ann w owns a Ir-iToialersoa TIT e 4( Toles lowisss., se TWO :onavo..4 KORN*. ot4 many rlr r 1141:OA 11. f.;z...rewrirl.:441r tt. Aillisensib.7a."Ll':r..14: :111,A;i*..: nth raanm..anaaaja, 1. ms ossj. " et tri" -, NRALN a FRAM. Held otter to June ard LA CONGA its. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO BOOKERS THE CAPPY BARRA BOYS "Harmonica and Vocal Novelty Trlo" nonwar4 a LAC. Lae. NM ev4.44, and Ce, Phan- We are toe Own atoll tranonars mob.,i um, ono, a...a Haw...4a 5,ne,ro4. To Ws AU /1 RN AMA teerrsilto alt 1.4%44.4. Its READ WHAT THE CRITICS SAY ABOUT CAPELLA AND BEATRICE AT 3 OlflIRSNY NSW YORK SPOTS- WC ARC 7NC ONL Y. wae Pare worletel 5,4 the sessenter Mottleasi 'WAD 11041T MUSIC" I lin Anna WEIRV soy (Itsvolstss I, sod ottaraseanisi "we Idront Pansetts Gosaaa I. -POT O' Cour. (untied Amino sow* us wow et 'VAIN,/ sora- Mawts. Oslo, in. /0/0 NM. / off a twee Oct.. is n loan/ rankle with us and is sat teenntlal wit+ as M see enema THE THREE CAPPY BARRA BOYS (Leen Lafeil, Nat Borten. Don Ratan) P.a.: T1,4 Ink...CAMPY OARRA. //1/ JoRR4 es1.4 ra a teat, sm.-ton seam. Rep.: Danny CrJhu.. Consolidated Radio Artists. Chicago

20 20 Thr Billboard NIGHT CLUBS -VAUDEVILLE May 24, (avect ir to. /wren! wetly w1.4n n Cahn, ar g.1 (Make) CU, h. ARID:me, Dalian:La Tau FOseknawki CeL Mtn& Deity 41111Uncre) NYC, A. Allea. &Penh (Palmer lteose) GILL h. Allen asters icass0)3.1 Detroit, nc. Atrares. Yernenno scopaabenal NYC% ta. Soapy Cumin (Chea Pau. Ctsl. Annewedoce ol &me 117Inette Celle) COL no Aprilrtioccial II.. Ia NVO. ot. tatt Mantra splarsac Clans ChOulle. Wyo. Dr. Armando ae Lela oft -Oman Los Annan, h. Amnia. Henry tans* NYC. I. A/10, no Muted Oft Horlywoon, Cal3L, Jahr:wank Tea 1 Ott,. NYC, tic_ Auld, Ague 43.e5=tton) NYC. h...auttri, Marie (Comely ClUb, PR Dl. Date& Path illiotrway to the Bean) Lee Anet:ok, Antes n imerouol Detroit. no. DaMan & Dttion, tilltertte Deana hone e. N. J Ha DareL 0141 Veue..3.0) NYC. DC Stf Oteett Chl. Dc. Darkerhap Quartet 100 Vs) NYC. no. Demote 4 Sienna 111wDenboh2 Paola, no. 111arret. Moline ldaseribusoi NYC no. Dash. Byline shit CaPsteli NYC. h. Dern& no (Palmer Rosser CM. Dates. Lora NYC, ere. Deka. Saarisn NYC% I. Del/a Pall (Coela) Monroe. WI., 13; inner aeraaram 27; (Serer:31 Jaws. Mle 31; 1 Uptown) Rocha 24; leacal Waukesha S. Sennett, Lee ihrara 11WN1 Chi. h. Strewn Jerry IYAChl Club, 1'i:004:gh. era Derkersoa laalderin oargessauini NYC. b. Perna. Al ichleogo) Chl, t. InachwelL Carlyle alltanac01 Horseshoe) NYC. Mame, Rose lelbchert1 et:it:neat:, Illake Arthorittleervleo hastitiming. Pa, no Blanca* & t rebel Ninon Demon. :a. Manchu& Paul Pavia. ague Morsel lawerk. N. J.. no Doth. N flans (Onvy =hit Haat Naha Cab) Cluoleacco. W. Va. Dole; Jetta 'Mira Noon COL no. &arse Talent Parade Warsaw:anti P1. Omni, 341an , Instate 11:141e ipereinwati NYC. thud. act 4Ceseta Oardenai Tallahaosee, Ph.. b. Duni. Pairlela iliarrit New Yeekers Clot De. Drown, JrX (Nrthrttraht P7w1 Cinelnnni h, toewaiewa ltickiele rotbri iltudaortum) Vermin, Que., Can., 33; 01,1411orkun, illwaintsan Tali 33. Spun, Dotty Man Marden'ai Pon Leo N. J.. ng Dionala sleathwood Ian latent. no PryanL Rath 11a/ha NYC. Tie. Iluckenalet. John (htes Monte Carlo) NTO. no. Ibtsonl, Sue (reset , reelt. be_ ISIttsteeDS Erskine (Sarney Ciellauth) NYC. era Bryon. DOrethy. Dancers 4113) ban Irantewo. DC. C Dres maul Kati ChL 10 ICsa $1 I He:Donal. Cala., en. Carmel], (Daily (Palumbo's) Pasta. no Conitralote. Rouen Columbia. 0.. h. C.111 k remrada Moreenai NYC. no Canna. Cr-st1:4 leaw Detroit, c. Caritcco A J1. ate 111rat Dotble. Clomen, Nanette,C01 Cal, Cnl. rt Carle It Maros sliel.nontpletos NYC. b. Caro Dilly 1044 Clubs CU. no CstroG & Carmen. aim Mardeohi Port Leo N, J., III. Cum & 11010i rthitlacy 04: NYC. no Career, 7.4b hit:he Darn) NYC, rm. Cert. Alyee ION CND) Oa. Dreneedner, Beta 01liarte Barns NYC. 00. Owe. Chas illeytairl West Orange. N. J., no Check & Lee 0.6,4CM-toll NYC, t. Chorta. Three tceatr.cs Tannic% Ont.. Can : Marren Detroit Cut. Coltman,511cnoa0) CIA b. Cna.wcXY Ova_ Out1aws Mani Wan. Ind, 30. Walton Owen - ton, Ity_ 31 ;!Clark Wraoluster 24; (New Pastime, Palmouth 36, Cent?, =Chart ichat Stodettai NYC. nil. Cole. Jack. Deane (Chet Pates CM. no Cole NIA143:3111 Ohl, re. Centel' at 013, tram Closets Chi. ne. Conan* & Mafia,31123 Ban hanoleco. at. Coot,_ neut. (0014rUcel) Chi. C. Caste. Leonard irirk CrteAt P110.. DC. CrZdileer latlantil te Rte de Janeiro. ae. Copella BeatOre (La Conga! NYC. no Cohen & Sawn: (Haire Nov Yorker) CM. lat. Ohms ) P1111kerth. t. pq. Ney allonal UMW w. N.Y., no. Nlo3 karat Yekelsi KM. no. 4:1000,7 a Real timitaorel NYC. b. Cruet Pad Iheraia Door) NYC. no. Craven. Roth ha) San reaper/m. fie. Crtas Cross rielsokhawn CM. no. Cranium Trovre gnats, NYC. I. Oenninellato Paul A Moult se Earn) no- Contio & Coral 401uchol NYC. no. D'Anianle Carmen (Dealnocesten NYC, ta. Weary Caw ipontehastreln) New Orb's& 1143 P. Ducats. curn** 4Dertelaell's) NYC. no. bare. tufo hneeter Cafe, Chi. nc. Dana 211ehers Inn, Attar::: Car Dave &eters (Theater Cafe/ Cht 114 Details Dane. (Rowe** New Orleans, h. Dalian & teem Mb/otter 04(4) Chl, De. 1:Wiebeaty Bitten Mows 0.. h. VeLaaava&tia. Ray MIME, tauten) atflefilln DAB Rios. Tb. ilikrand) NYC. t. Mar, Nast roatte Din) Atlantic City. no. Deafen. Iobel a:melon) Chi re, De *Arm Tony es Reale inn*, NYC. h. Dronloaarees titi.loixreh. 04. (auk Thrsot) (*DI, DO. ry Pbil Moir) KantAt My. t. Salem Rep (Lippe Lover Level) Cht. ne. DeMak MOM & WYO. se. (For Orchestra Routrs, Turn to Music Department) TRADE SERVICE FEATURE Acts -Units -Attractions Routes Following each!toting appears a symbol. F.II In the designation corresponding to the symbol when addressing OrEhlostiont or lndividusis fitted. EXPLANATIONS OF SYMBOLS Jr -Auditorium; b -ballroom: c--cale; cb-catsarrt; cc -country club; h--hotol; rah -music hill; me -night club: p--arnutonsent Park: ra-road hewn rat-teltaurant: 1 -showboat; 4.i -theater. NYC.-New York City; PhIle--Philadolphia; C6!--Chkeile DeTrattp., Tun stateuian'ss lacton, r e, hialentloal 113e de Janette. ere 011:4A-01 Pas scaeolall Dayton. 0. L Dta 6.6 Cosurur-r (1044 Oableas isollerapaltri. two Doreen Dancers, Delotby (Edgewater Beach) Chl. h. Dratton, :act atenatri Lartaw. Mlch. 111 Dujesnzle,;frte-Calonyl MIL ta Itur.tris., The Yaryan NYC, I. Oule, tett: (Pant Centrals NYC, h. DODIOnt. Mate ( NYC. It. Watt (Musa NYC. I. Emerald eaters 100lten Otto Oen Prancisco twill 0 Keehn itheatee Cate) C111, re. CntItte WO.. Morn NYC, I. 1C / Novella 4 Mut 5131) PR Rotes_ Del allow(/ Chi. DL Kerelli R taticcary Heal) Everett. i.e., :30. Mares. Nanette anew) NYC, h. PIneselL Caryl. seed) Cal, se. rimers. MAL Pentane Plwas. haollart. DeyInn, rtorrnee 0 Al M Morns) NYC. Iw revere e10e11 NYC, h. Patina& Otero illiameesd Horacheol NYC. SO Pontaos. Ttttna Kletiehos NYC. lit e. Dno A rne 1003o:rut' lisyteo. 0. t.?wet /30KI Oa (0111e) Pranatn. Cam 014 trourmateni NYC. De- Pronerleo mat litertoattivi NYC. no hurt& Kenna icamelds, Man ChL Da Cal, ADD (Lido Ventral MOIL ne, Callum. Men Innenehba) Ban henetena, ne loft ggolectlilt Denim. 0. t- eary. PM Mater Can CM, no Gaylord., Olde shrove* Door) NYC. 04. Dec Mena (Whtlo) NYC. b. Danove, Cara iliuseton Eretchmal NTO, n. Jarroll. Leal. (01.atteu Moderna) NYC, no POLLY JENKINS AN Nr sithadal PLOwnsoys PrWbee.. M0. Sate lame www, Duos. N. 1. Yee Ir $110122, /ewe. awn nin Ara- flew Tat OILY. 3,101. (Rene,Thetet 0410 Chi, M. Joanna , ILADIesVil I Earl Leo. K. Y.. DC Locale ilielmoni.linsuil NYC, h. Jones Omen (Leese.. NYC, Jones. VIriante (WS Cams Chi era NOW BOOKING STARS OF STAGE -SCREEN -RADIO reale. Panne, TN, molt cause vow JOLLY JOYCE art Ilene T1.411e $100. )rionts penemaa iv a. Pena, soy, limy (Club Seli Detroit. eh, Parer. Juanita (Club Ann RIC.. no Jaillan. Don & Mane* (11InDOw 0091) NTO. re. Itsaasee'e Johnny. HawatIons 1011.an121 Cincinnati. h. Kohler. Jerry Mori Hi: coo Ban Tr h. Night Club and Vaud. Route. mum, be received at the Cincinnati offices not later than Friday to insure publication bout:. & Rowdy ills -not. I Dons r, M. hexer. Jena alocas-caetnat) Derrolt. n. & Joe latinntleal RV! 44 Jonah. 8. A., DC. 011(17. (My ISOlie( 81120e0 Lentelt111. Ky. Ounotert 111.1,Orr We) NYC. DC e< I21) DC. U 1,110 & R103.1rda trelteriter (1 CM. h. tilaver & leatair rahrooder) ftsliankee. h. 0014eas ono Quartet Mete Unown) NYC. no Cordon, tun Ilitspare Ran Atlesatla City. Goner & Jraand (040 Matelaral Port Leo. ro. Orabetatnete Pease* IRttrrld0l Milwaukee. L Or (Merry. Now Teeter) Oa no. Org. Oily (Chm 14) battle Creek. Welk; (Wagon Vahan Winnow Ohne * analtendens Cbree1034. b. Orono Jena (Chan 83 Louts, h. Guy as )tartowe irreeretne Inns Iteadllif- Pa., nt Clat(ln, Jack ilioptine Rathskeller) Mille. co. Osslos da Dien* Metairy lloteesta NYC, no. H 1taakon. Paul (Plater NYC. h. 'tutu. Ds. Ian Ben honcho& no Relay 04113teS 1111tr11r010 Me, h. Heger, Clyde Ilareashoes NYC, De. Hal, CNN tahrorater'es Cohawbue. 0. DC. Hal, Dale Ilion blase Palls. Idaho. co & atebbouyi Phil& no Itsaspe. *110 Merle auto NYC. DO. Hardter 0 Noes (Contractile') Kew.' City, }to. rt learrinnen, Pal Ili C2110 NYC, no. Nuns & Shoes icay White Wayl NYC, 10. Hart 3r Allatolt 10-44n0rst Mt:en. le. Rertse)kraul Al ()eau Mansur Ben PTIL11. RadirrAto The (HarrYs Hew Yarkeri CM. no NYC trwe"vs.& Alien re, , Rome (Academy, Lyroh. W Va ; (Throllter Wasnum 3-34: (tern) Moto& 113S. littly Q (Wire), NYC. ere. Meant, Betty Mberrers Bar) Detain, or. tribbert. Iltrd & La Rue (Park Central) NYC, h. REOetarde (Remy Phiser NYC. Is Hamm Medeltne (Alton0itn) NYC, h. laotten. Jo.phtne avarai 1470,b_ Irossrd. Ann alwisn Phila. ere. Howard inch Creetali NTO. h. Reined. Joe X stilamiesd Howelton NYC. Be. Ilow sr& Missy 183 Welts 1 NYC, h. Howe. Ann 4601 Chabi CSI. no. Newell Telo. Connie III Chao NYC. nc. Huta it Tams (lobby Caro CIndsd. Yuen& MeXICO. C. Ryas, hankie talsb 11) WTO. N. Katico. Marla (allteserl Ulna Kacours. Lampe (Rsalan Yon NYC, to. Raw. Da.rocrt. Chandra illatntow 0.00a1 NYC, be. Kurt stet, el.o10 Montt& Krelessa) NYC. no. Mason's Molcalee Wenger) Milan, 0., II. Karon. Alice Ighermani CIA b. Kelt. Denny a.% Mantoiettes NYC. 1.e. Kaye, ) llopenor. WI... %can, Doty r0 NYC. h Sally thawlool 1froc) Beaten. h. Itellsr. Storey Beg CSI, ne. XrDerman WhIla Weyl NYC. DC- Itellry, Dilly Seaton, 13. KeRy. Margie!Florentine hardener wood. Calif. nc. Kenney. Inert stpaintr( Wheel) Seattle, no Rao Annie 18aernrat Valli NYC. no Kent Ass, (long( Pion Be. Lade. h. Kent, Lenny itesilrars Tap 00001r NW et Kidd. Wan (Oreesierith Mons Tan) NYO. to. Itch h Arlene 481v7t0tt1 Ctroinnail. t. King. Carol they %Mate Way) NY& no Etat. Chants 40tescond Inatuabeet NYC, De. Kin/ agars (Pain:mints NYC, Run:. Menne NYC. b. Korda. Niro toopwahstia) Ins de Janeiro, Lalfeare.!Mom occur, Dar) Detroll.,:a. LAPeene & Pala (New Caatle) Oregon Oro. no town,!prat iltentparnasse) NYC, na tourinue. Paula (lereemiell NYC, h. Lance TwIns Irefint PalasikWas a. ra. Lessee & Catalano* Ma Omni NYC. ne. La. Bob (emu) NYC. re. Let & Rage ViDnain) anelnnati. Letrarts, Jerry fhx11, Grim Conlon. 0.. ae. Lucent Ade tame -Lakes Clil. Lireostd (human* NYC, t. Later & Trmaleen Mat 113) Spokane t: 1Casee loginer CIO) Venconere, & C. Can Ludo Dorakty 41R. Ragtal NYC. h. Lsols. Yoe IL ITcrealllest NYC. me - Leask Marrs New Yorker) Chi. re. Low& &Wert 10400srate0 13.4Cht CIR. IL Laser, Prank lama Paren De Della 4D1s0eno00 Romenew) NYC. et, 140, Betel* Haltaore, 4. Ledo & Romeo 483 Norms NYC, h Leper Doe Wally) Atlanlatol Rlo leneirs). S. A.. net Leper. Marto Lels IL" MOO NYC. ae. Ler& Sienna Itssfo) Waraington. t. turas, Nth 1064seen 041,1 ten refnciaco, t. Lynn. Pert howew1 Moms Otty, Lynn. Cere( hawdost Traill NYC, ne. Lt.= 0 Mariner* inra Reetaketts) 1(7e3, no. M McCabe. t.ttas Ann Starden14!not tee, N. 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De. t1tr;:r.i flerwectes asanette's) ALlento CA3. no. am: Lave. She DentelO1 NYO, SL StAlthetrA Level. int. manta, NYC b. mantles IC CAL IL asy, meaty NYC. I. Remy & linen velt) New henna, L aphelia Mace :mane Ilona) MontreaL h. Merry Shea iralladium) Hollywood. CCU. ly moor, cries. as les 114wwIlacra s1. Dayton. 0., 1- %001 Dr.. 1C1311el Cocktail ) Chl. Stance:of AmbAuttergs ,41 NYC. 23-Jua Se. /throe, Tommy ilonnatl Phila. no. Maxi,. Trio. rst snatolien retersar. NJ., De. nronli. MITI c/ttnbor Dona! NYC. no k rrart.reacock /teem) , It C - S/0043, Three Ift/Itta Many'. New TOM* Cho na. Morten, Mien 18141e-Laket Chl. 110,1.0 01,10yn tag. d us; Tr01 :CYO. 04 Morlsrity h Dell iccothsenialt Caseseneste. 0, 110,?Dant:an& John iltusr NYC, t, s7. Mae 1011r10nd llorerahui ICY& to Menai* scelasimo'n Chi. 1. Myna ridgeorater Daunt CIR. h. H lef:t.a tlinlirir..*gyirk"'" NYC, 14 Needs, C 1012, Looney) San Prez..x.3. no MOM. Welly igatee Gant AthIntle : NIInID. Oletcod (Choi Hite) Chi. DC. Memo, curse satrpott Inn) 1010exen Md. no. NoreILL Dane & Dello Ito Canut NYC. lit Noma& Kent irtrocesso1!.0 PrancLeco. ot. NCO11.413,h (Nctlattlabd mu) c.i.,,- 13U. Northwrat Mount* Lady (ltdieve, Roach) :0. reloirtt. & Co setanky)ptilatine.i TO. iittlozalon 1110 dl 3113)1. a ne. cor, Newry J. the/mann* Le 90: Jane 3. nn. Owlet.. Rao* illseanailsnedeal NYC, :a Ove tin en. Welly inleht Cabs Dalaa Pamer. 0.1adys torand Turs03) fie s PaMeno Menotti NY(7. h. Pasant, Crete (Mute ma 1. PPM,. Derek,.FIl10-CatI :ca. 3. Peill(14 OSA Clubs Chi, co Pan h P (Mayfair) West Orange, X 3.. no. hdro & Izabal idoesty) 1slawsnow.14, le Penman. iturlian Khan Mtn:do 11. to. Penton. Ku 'Clay Waite Way/ NYCL to_ Peppers. Three 1New Wth Centoty) os Per*. Alen illaurs 7C. Yorkgr) CM. to Much Onsase. :Rea Look ,.3 Joao m, Loreto *eh. Marten 1 Young. Knew & Ruin. Moray & Raj 002 / Ala., 31.31: Blomagnern 33-31;.811o01 Knoralle. 11; (Manna, Va. 2141, 1. Pope. Merin ipaliner Haan CUL h. Pone& Jett NYC. 1. Prize, 810 (Car ) NYC. De. & ere. Kettle. Dancers illarrya New Tenter) OW. Parnell, Pat Yana Clubs Philo, ro. N. (See ROUTES on pope 33) DRAMATIC AND MUSICAL (Roam are ter urgent week ohm se Leto are neva) Arsenio and Old Lace: (Orand) COL Diatom new: (Royal Alexandre) Terresso GiroIn the Sky: 11111w7n1 COIL 007 Cleorose; hawateni Itecton. Itellmocanto lanattesenso Cht. Man Who 0100 to Peach: 103banlals 1331,33. Nut Me atople: (Thanneti Md.) 12031x4 Conn.. 31; 16310bert/ NNW Harle 33.34, My elstt ;Mon: Iltserlt) rte. tab Ne1431t,DCIMOIV/ LOS Ar4t5e, *17 Dan Wane: hint ME& Rasa Marko (Ma Makatfal Montrea. inuarex Prate: hornet, MVOs- Y.biseece Saadi (Lytle) Belegepors. Omer. *twelfth Men; rechtgerl COL D'exen Aren't Ahsehl: (War) 1203e1: ICE SHOWS ON TOUR Lob -Yocum Tee Remo: Iltettel wsukee Elet-liceusettd Ice Meet: (Waldorf Memos, City. Men

21 Ihry NIGHT CLITIS.VAUDEVILLE Th, Rillboarel 21 AFL MAY PROBE FOUR A'S Sally Rand Banned From Hub Niteries By License Board poston. May 17.-Sally Rand today ea, banned from appearing at any Boom= night club or cafe over which the concur Liceneing Board has juriediction. Tlir ben followed a Valt to the Lorin gorier. where the fan dearer is appear. lea by Mary E. Memo% head of the Manatee board. Miss Driscoll said the went to the club wowing oomplainta from Whorls that Was Reed was dancing In the nude. Sae demerthed WIZ Rand's routine as -an dienipt at /Minh: dancing- and chimed Cat lifter shedding an evening gown. Meer blue lights, the dancer ware no chthing. Following her regular turn, Rand la alleged to have appeared ea the floor and told severed stories vath Min Drlacoll found "objetriottable.d smutty." The ramping ban, without precedent ie the!theory of local entertainment, boo Miss Rand from fur hm appear - seem except at theaters, over which the beard has no jurtsdietion. Board con - tees only those places where liquor Is end. Lou Walters, manager of the club, eta surarnened to appear before the teard to explain the booking, Iliac Rand was to have completed her trovreck onesgernent tonlglit Under the ban, she WU not even allowed on the DiCe of the club, whether es a dancer ese to tell Morten, In announcing the de - aloes. Mies Drimoll said "the board will oh tolerate indecent or Obscene Miter- ;gement In any of Its licensed premises ao matter how nationally prominent the Meer Or *areas may be," Miss Rand *aid she wove tight -fitting Subdedered garments thruout the act. Tte prom's were said to have been acre Intlilble than other, because they were kept In place with paste Instead of does: bode, A 'Melt to the Ward was ped by Ulm Rand this morning. and Sue Driscoll reported they were talking teretber, es "woman to woman," but nclicated no change would be nude In the action of the board. Michigan Bill Would Help Vaude Return DETROIT, May 17.-Increased employ - rent for acts and other theatrical teeters Is cited nit an argument In favor K pa sage of the Snow Bill In the Mich: - Pm Legislature by It, sponaor. Representative Raymond.1. (Mow. The bill In effect prohibit theeters from running double pecturee Sienr all. -It will have a tendency SO TeqUITO theaters. to Ming hack stege- Mowe thereby siding employment of a Isaret.tat group of musicians. stage workers, and performers," -JUST, 0 U T! BULLETIN No.21 PRICE ONE DOLLAR N tw, sassier ORIGINAL condor Lo; lea ka.t Coatala. SwAddIAA N/ Alen an 299 KM. 7 Ana kw Kan and Falun r,.. PAARRAO 0.aat Vt...4,-tar,st Art A Redf.1.11LIA9 Tentad AA T.,. guar. And Own. IlaaNda, vui 01,90. Tat 0) oaf It nstret Ftnt-i4rt. ROW., 11Annil Ononions arrasiniaivai emus $.4.-1,ata RAG/a ann.. Canto Rand rime. Wawa. et Jos ses tom. 51,24ALLY'Slv. coo A10111/1 rail V.. lw 10, II I, IT au: II hes a4,00,.ent. roma.. WM. McNALLY Ii East 125ri, Street. New York WIGS BEARDS MAKE-UP F.4 CATALOG F. W. N A CK g$410'.torlat. Selective Service Mail In the Carnival Department of this lame appear the of those hay. Ing 8rieseUre Service mail In the various offices of The Billboard. Thin list is pubilthed in addition to the names which are set In capital letters In the regular Letter Lett. Tower, K. C., Drops Line After 6 Years KANSAS CIT1', MO., May 17.-The Tomer, only vaude house in this lank otaulmently phytne Roth, revamped its step policy this week. abandoning the chorus line. Monger 8. Bernard Joffe* declared he bettered a chorale line which remained the same week alter week eventually lost Its Audience appeal. In addition, a policy of Intro:oast tiro of dime' and Chow bands and Inca -MEd revues made it Inaporathie to offer the girls In the line steady work week alter week. The line had been In existence eta years. The house band, tinder direction of Herble Ste, now otters novelty numbers and Instrumental specialties as well as cutting the allow. Adraish still 25 Cont.. Colony, Alabam in Chi Closed by City CHICAGO. May 17.-Mayor Edward Kelly closed the Colony Club and Club Alabom here last night (NE to police raid evidence which /showed the spots onnelucted gambling. 'The Colony, periled by Nick Dean and Sonny fieldstone wes leadtmg Latin atmosphere roam which recently returned to floorshowa. The Atabam used small acts Talk over the week -end was that the Colony will reopen under a new management. The future of the Alabam remarried uncertain. Mayor Kelly, In tfallins the closing order, Instructed the city collector not to retinue tavern and evetaurant licenses to these two spots. "Maid" Unit Pays From Escrow Dough CHICAGO. May 17-Meld 'n America unit, which has had hard going Once leering Chicago. was unable to pay off at the sloe., of Its engagement In DaYtM, 0.. Thursday (141. and salaries are being taken care of by American Guild of Variety Artists out of 03,e02 placed In escrow before the unit went out. Jerk Irving. proudent of the Chicago local of AOVA, went to Dayton to make the payoff. Money In escrow coven W- anes and tranapertatton back to Chicago. Show. however, plans to continue. Poltowing Dayton It wltl play Huntington. W. Vs: Johnstown. Pa.. and Erie. Pa.. three days each, these dates haring al - reedy been booked. Yellowing these. the Mow will be condensed. Gilbert, York And King for "Kickets" 531W YORK, May 17.-Several undies acts have already been set for the (tone Jessel legiter Krektres. currenely being Tan by Harry Desary and Jack Curtis, Joon Merrill, Drily Cillbett. and York and /Ong have been signed. Re/wars:Ms Mart In August foe a September claming. Bean", and Curtis are, also mooring evade act. foe spates In the forthcoenteg Oscar Hammenteln-lerome Kern mull - cal which will have a oollege background. MotesCircuit Profit LONDON, May ea. -Ordinary snick - holders In Moos Empires, Ltd.. teetered 10 per cent dividend for 1040 Clross profits for the year were pounds, an Increase or pound. over Ordinary shareholders. In Vittoria Palace. Ltd. receive 5 per cent dividend foe 1510 as against 10 per cent In Checking Up on Screen Guild Now; Green Admits Trying To Return Whitehead to the Actor Unions WASHINGTON. May 17.-An attempt by me American Pedecation of Labor to place Ralph Whitehead at the head of a variety performers' union wilt probably be discussed at the AWL executive council meeting starting here Monday 110). Distuadons on performer unionism may even widen to encompass a Moro Inveettgarion of the Associated Artistevi and Actors of America and its blanches, Including the American Ouitd of Variety Arterta. The AFL has already started It. own Investigation of the &men Actors' Guild because of co:sepia:eta of junior members of SAG. AFL West Cosset reps, Meyer Lewis and Aubrey Illair, are Invostlgoeing for the AFL. It Ls known that William AFL pre, *Mint. has been trying to find a place In AGVA for Whitehead. who sea heed of the American Federation of Actors. which was superseded by AOVA in the summer of Orton sent Matthew Woll, APL rior-pressident. to appear before a recent Four A. meeting. asking that Whitehead bo bleed es national AOVA organiser, with Ws salary to be paid by the AFL. The proposition was termed and, 'since then, no Official AFL attempt+ have been made. However. Green. In many letters to variety performen has abandoconi the orthodox APL policy of referring union members' kicks to the tnternationsi union involved. rn rs letter to Allred Mayo, veteran Mae/deco performer who carries a lifetime White Rate card, Green eatd, after Mayo had written him oulltnl'11)'sileilliv Fit Performers Must Do War Duty in England LONDON,. May X.-Labor Department Is refualng to grant exemptions front Winery and national war orrice to entertainers graded as medically Ott. the in certain circumstances deferments of call-up are being given. Labor Miniater L. giving condderatton to position of perfotencra graded in lower fraelleal categories. Chapman Buying Talent CONNZAITT LAKE PARK. Pa., May 17. -Tex Chapman. who appeared profess - atonally in rioade and musical comedy under the name of John Mermen, is now buying talent for the Hotel Con - wean here. The hotel coreoration controls ell the onermations In the puk area and the hotel. TR Ing condition; "I am deeply tnterieted In 910 Urgwnirattod 01 actors who were formerly connects with the Amerman Pederstion of Actors. I em sorry that the strength and atendine of teas orgsnixation has declined ea noticeably. It seems that very little progrod has been made In the orgerrization of this group of attora sloce the name was changed from the American Federation of Actors to the Amer:cot Oulld at Variety Artists. "1 know the situation among actors la very bad. FOr come time I have been endeavoring to bring Ralph Mine/wad back Into the picture, and to =0 hint se on manta= among actors. Thus for. I have met with drincultlee which hove not yet been able to overcome. 'I welcome the Info:ma:Ion you sent me, the auggeatiera you offer, and the opinions you eapre.... I em doing any best to meet the requirements of the situation which you desceite and outline In your letter. I wall continue my effixta in that direction." It La believed that "the clifficultlee which Green has not yet "bean able to 91V2tOrne" will be dimumed at the API. executive TI next week. NEW YORK, May 17-An active cam paten to restore Whitehead to performer unionism has been started by the Variety Actors' Betterment Couripsign Comentrioe. This group, beaded by Lou Taylor and Murray Lane. have printed four -page pamphlets for deltribdticat thruout the country. The literature cleat the alleged defects of the current administration as weft as -interference by the Pao A's," and urges that Whitehead be restored to the prevlous position he occupied AS executive secretary of the performer union. White. head was bead of the American Riders - [Ion of Actors at the time Its charter was retraced by the him A's. WhItehred said yesterday he could glee no statement because he had not been approached by any authorleathro ammo. WHIM= Green, AFL held. is also waging a campaign to have Sr:die/mad bead the perforer union. Whitehead is at present president of the throne. ordeal, Rodeo. old Pair Workers' Linton. The Taylor -Lane circular Peewee Prank letter dated May Ia to Whitehead that the charges upon which the Pour A's!looked the APA charter "rested upon mismanage - meat Of the affairs of the APA. but It wart never charged that Ralph Whinnied misappropriated any funds of the APA for hie own use or for the ties of any of hts asacciatee." PITMEN First act of its kind presented on any stage. Acclaimed by Press. Public, Managers and Bookers as Unique and Distinctive. Mar 8 to line 4-RoOsevelt Hotel. New Orleans. La. Opening Juno 26-Palmer House, Ckncago. 111, Ltarair.o. Wanag.e.Men: BERNARD BURKE 45 Vico 45le, Stsect, New York

22 22 The Billboard NIGHT CLUBS-VAILTDEITILI,F, May 24, 1941 Loew's State, New York (11.^.-1cLreal Friday Evening, May le) e Bu nnew not zoo gaxel, the bill not getting much help from weak plc, They Dare Not Lone Opener Is the Six Cristiana. five men and one gel. A atanderd turn and a Very good one. Act Includes tumbling and teeteeboard work of a fast and ma - melees' type. the men landing four high. Closes with entire act tumbling beautifully. =el &tutus. In Nomad spot, sings four tun., some or them special material. Lyrae on the novelty and comedy side, the beat of them teeing story of S , CI1OfUl. girl. Tissue as - eluded Lett Get Away From it Alt and Jeri Like Lore. Won an encore, Henry Annetta Is back In has fatale/le husband and wife sketch. Dee Loretta U the femme. Characteetrationa are good, Annetta. however, might do well to ehorten the plem bit and give the &et a sexed brief bit for variation. Closed okeb, Dick Stabile. very likable manatee. leading his band for to. doero. Opened Bring and parsed to Intermeteo with nice arrangement.!stabile features a sax choir of eight pieces, quite effective, sad choral singing by the band In Amapore, Two vociliste ore Bill Daley% prod baritone. and Kay Little. nice. looking bundle who as. belt In Mink Me Greek, a novelty time. Stabil* chimed In on latter. Maestro generally featured Ms band more than Wessell, coming in toward the end for a sax eolo. Also end one of those phosphor. - cent light routines. The bard is good enough without hating to resort to this. Betty Jane Smith. fair tapper. filled with two numbeni-one of theme tap to tango rhythm_ Paul Ackerman. 20th Century, Buffalo (Recleaned Friday 14-14,11,111, May 16) The Century has one of the neatest Lovonta In tome time by combining three topnotch acts With Bob Crosby's nifty road Fife Palea SAWDUST TRAIL %%MUSIC HALI7 VARIETIZS rustles ills jje 11 tat Wcan 1v, f.c. Vaudeville Reviews bond, Witch Insiiide- ins.) w4olvt, novelty turns. Howe was weal need opening night. and audience proved to be unusually appreciative of the performance. Crosby'. smooth, streamlined mold begat, tonneau.. and at. dines plenty of heat, sod band number. team the show full of action. Instruments - We coniests of nee beaus, fire Coin rhythm and added to that are fri'a roadtste. The Pour Bobolinks (three guys and a gal) get en some pleasing 'bar - monies. and capably back Crosby's two solo Mesta. No. 10 Leaaby Lame and Dolores. Mare brother has a lot to lira up to, but nevertheicet his pipet sound wdl anti he gets warm response. He doesn't ever hog the spotlight. Instead rather taking the beck ant with chylous too:arty. Tao tilt &teats, band-althin-bruid, give out with soon* teeny torrid rheumy,. and drummer Rae Battelue ra well se Bobby Ilaggart 011 bass are specially fee - eared for a solo melon winch is impre.s. rive. Pardue handles his venous standouts with osse and abandon. Reedy Miller on sex. and Hank D'Amlco (a local boy, who needs gooda on ceasinet are wcwthy of the um:4m focused on them during Intense:4o. A comedy take -off n a fan deface by three band boys is an effective!hush -getter. Lie Tilton. Crosby's personable blond gal canary, walks of with a good hand after wthaome delivery of alltapa axid I Want My Memo, the Latter both In English And original rename Slim Paul and Balk, a wan theme:me of remarkable agility. work them - ashes Into a lather with comedy taps antic.. and aerobatics that aro done with nonchalance and suppleness. Lads were railed back amend amok and scored Deb Dupont's Sus:sling of assorted object, is just About the unootheat performence of Ito kind over teen here. Dupont not only rates with a technically difficult and perfect abusing, but with hie nanbleneas and sense at humor Sylvia and Ciesnonee mond with which put Mtn hood and ahoulders above eomely *memo of dancing and Amharic*. Corny, but the audience liked the average. Mrailpulariuns of rubber balls. dumbelle, tambourines, and as an It. Alan Carney put over hie Impressions retie. apple. napkin. And plate ithe apple being nibbled away during the het to and =shed straw: with his amp -box of movie and political personages nicely the core) were terrine applaumestessuhints. Helen Morgan. on hoe familiar piano onatory, which is always sure-fire. In the lain to closing spot Casa Dalee. preen, sane Only Make &Dere. The Man time femme with a wide assortment of 1 Lore, and others of her Ito:idled repertoire, Meaning s generous hand. grimaces and bodyeatontottione knecxell!merit Call, and sold the house Nat Green. despite the feet that alto had appeared only test fall (19401 at the competibg Buffalo Theater (together with Jimmy Dunes's handl with much of the same HENRY ARMETTA Currently loew's State Theater, New York Mertion.- WILLIAM MORRIS ACfNCY OUTSTANDING CHINESE ENTERTAINERS Acclaimed Everywhere: JIM WONG TROUPE COs. pddc rrnp RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL New York Direetion. aus. V. Vries Agency - Hard* Altheff. Associate West-Tisemat unit of stalwart mete lingers. brines down the rag. Colorfully costumed In white Ugrate, black boots, and flowing capes of blue and gold. sauces blew.014i -ions material.clam.:, ma entice arid dramatically for a medley of the military chattering vocal at)le weren't now to the music from the light operettas and of reviewer, Casa managed to amts. again college songs. with a missing Song of the as prnulnely ea before. Beat among her Vagabonds for the recall. various Detections were pop -song M. N. Orodenkor, Parody. sod a now. and excellent. rime comedy number about the trials of a laundry girt. Not much help to draw was the strictly enealeme diner, The Oren Me. Nobody. Show, according to opening day. should be well on the black ride of the Century's ledger, are M. Warns?. State -Lake, Chicago (Reviewed Friday Afternoon, May 16) The Oomph Revue of originally road -show unit In revamped form only for tins weeks engagement, has Ada Leonard and her all-american girl band and some of the *Oa that were with the unit. Helen Morgan and Alan Carney are added. A show of Only fair entertainment witue. It nevertheless menages to nuke the grade. Picture, The Mad Doctor. just fair b. o. Halal of 16 girls is none too %tweet:rely costumed, possibly for contrast with Ada Leonard's four changes of gorgeous wardrobe, bliss Laniard sings bit, directs the band, and goal thru a few simple steps, but does not do the one thing she ran do well (eiripl.!sand's work le okeh. several usernbers stepping Out for excellent specialties. hank Worth. teat -minute bookie& bee some very good original tap and Clog routines Met she puts over Medy for a generous hand. Brownie Bliule, vocalist with the band, demonstrates a fair mice and personality In her singing of There'll Bs Same Changes Made. Flo Mayo, an old-timer, appears In (lay '00s attire, stripping to red tights for a comedy trapeze wasion that is good for plenty of laughs. Isineshee with one-armed Jane Sager, trumpeter with the band, rolled up a Mg hand for her solo work. Carmen, Philadelphia (Reviewed Friday fawning, May 9) Hos. Manager Prank 0. Ackley hat been Cashing In bandeomely on a act pattern of dye standardrarlety turns. and this. trap was no exception, stub - holders hugging the stale wells at tete supper show. Screen supported with The Ledy Rm. with the stage portion running smoothly and gecko thruout. Louie Basil's house ark of 10 show on 'he stage. Merit splitting on a cenorrtired overture of The Bream end 1. Maestro masters the emote control& In an ingratiating manner. The Jervis*, now down to a mixed duo, Mat on for uncanny balancing. Mole on the balancing board pivoted by., barrel propped On table and then r.-- p-ata on Moor with a rubber ball, Real Horeb' when lie natant,es bell on head while pas:gang three /rattan clubs, and rat hops on for a etand. Tend heed -to -head nnuh, with two balanced rubber bans cushioning the gal. Mixed duo of Marsto and Kern alto.eake dandy foe the deuce spot A evely admixture of Al Mardo'e buffoonery with a fttalcitralit bundem Roger, and Miss Keyea harinemex harmonies, especially for Nola, dropping lbe mouth organ foe sprightly tap on the take -off. 'ham clinches on wall -fib an eccentric oriental comedy dance. A refreshiug Continental flavoring that to ripe for revue epot and by far the best bit of their batch. Striking ballreornatlea of Ann Pritchard and Jack Lord makes the Wei.'lot greenish. Toed with a tango tap, +epee Into a precision rhythm tap KS - nun, and then show oft to lent advantage with a blending of ballet and estlroomology, aft. Pritchard Marc.- log tantackle& on hoe toe'. Joe and Jane Me -Kenna next -to -shut with comedy Click from scratch. Male enacts foe one of the funniest drunk bits On 1111 board.. And their collective el - forte NT nn adagio dunce satire le lust a, sure -flee The Eight Contimentalli, Ben Yost Music Hall, New York (iu-riew.ed Thursday Turning, Nay 15) Current layout takes Ste motif term Chine. using an awortnient of unfaml. liar made, much of It graung to the Oceidental ear. Productienang is too letsurely; the Rockeries. always &peed. able for the flash of the occasion. are used Daly In the flask. The sehettoe of the show was Inapired by the celebration of China Week to 251. Opener Ss by Anne Roselle In a single but effective petting. She 11 a flue eoprano, and her rendition of In Croft lop& from Puceinia Turendot, a little heard opera, clop:aye an okch toenails*. (lot a good hand. The ballot talents of lbldt Letter are Ion In the tricky setting, with the bane/mra supplying her atmosphere, Hee routines are buried In the stmultan. emu terping of the others on stage. Missed its mark on applause. A genuine Oriental no. Is by the Jim Wong troupe (5). with some great Imo week. They have pliable beetle& Matt they sue to advantage. Do fine spina tumbling. and mese ann MIAOW OW C4 train doe -a a standout by :pinning a tsar of plates on rods while twisting Ma tare* to resemble a pretzel. Big hand. The (Mee Club. sumunented by Cram Panvint does quartet of tunes adapted from the C'hintee. MI. Paneled dress attention with a eke/ mice and a tneel executed eerier of oolaraturs runs. einem got good hand. John Mulholland completes the Bier with a magic turn. Works nicely vita rings, ribbon, yarda of yarn from a smell bouquet of fleetest, and pebbles into watt:. Clot a good hand, The 7:Wirt corps In Chinoae garb One tome uninteresting gyestione and the Reeketter rated up ttetivities with a really sock precision terp. The Deed and Mess Jones la on screen Bin okeh. Jot, Cohen, Paramount, Los Angeles (Reviewed Thursday Seeming, May S) Tinted no the ATIMPHIST7 Stage Shaw. Panchen & Mere* potentate one of the tarot Moon to week. While the presentation is built &round the Singing Strings. rut Instrument' and pinging sextet, the ter feature Is Carmen Miranda. To open, the Singing Strings offer SPEW and Lorety. Well known In this section for its radio work, the aggregstiao Is a decided hit from the minute It bite the stage until It leaves, It feature. three violins. bass. and guitar. and is midst the direction of Lorraine Paige.!WSW - tag their appearance the Meta take the - plane on the bandstand to being et Intinemeetarion up to three Mau. fla reed, three rhythm. guitar. and riddles Mi. Paige takes the mike Boy Kates Horn. Next the girls Chopsticks plenty good. A medley, Chuang Super HMIs and scene vocal mice gives the girls an excellent chaece show their versatility. Johnson and Dukes, jugglers. offer tie usual dumbbell act Emelt* and Tails, smooth nankin, dance team. present a Chino* 'cp.,. the rumba and la Conga. Jerry Mann does a take -off on C Lombardo. Charles Boyer. and Crosby. eingeng It All Cornea Back to Ni Note. Moonlit *tea. He ham pretty fen mor.olog matertil and puss a across to even better style. Carmen Miranda. who knows how to sen a song. (Yawed Bamboo. Bamboo. and 1. Ti. Ti, Ye, YI. accompanied by ire: Banda Da Lusa Prarillan Rhythm Maker.. Mall - coca gets a kirk out of!ter ainging Johnny. American Way. pio. Model Wile. As an (MOM she song Sara Sam Abbott. Celi.roti Doubles Budget cra,eron. N. Y., May '1,3 Marino Room. giant raker. which Out of town heed* the peat few own - went. will enlarge Ha budget to acts Eight arta will be employed every met J. G in addition to recalmame bends. Campbell Is still at the helm at both Oa natty and park. Ray S. Kneeland. Hate*, la oxchualve agent. tundra will again be featured Saturdare Johnny Manner will lead off MO*

23 . May 24, 1941 NIGHT CLUBS -VAUDEVILLE The Billboard 23 NAB CONFAB (Continued treat pepe 3) uorratem b000 been told. in a burst or putt' by the government. that they were la effect operating Illegally. Told that alter 10 yo.ral "I firmly belles the President was do. aired as to the extent of radio'. His led almost betrayed In not Wittig told too roviolm poasibintlea of the sort of pint which was being Invited. If that rcpt conics. he must blame the majority a the Gommbaton which Stunted upon It" rty sus not given an Immediate opportunity to make a reply. donne NAB's prodding Methuen. explored that It would not bore been fair o let Ply deliver an unprepared answer to $ prepared speech. Thla burned up yly, who later turned down Indtatkets to talk. Ho bsued a statement to the..k7however. In *deb he aborted and CBS wttb monopolioter UMW* ad said that all the PVC ornate to do b to return the radio Industey It. free - &en and to mike It a truly American spurts. Ply made his scheduled. talk miring the nut business radon Turaosy (13) when he sold that 80 per cent d the air time at night la controlled by Deere two chalna. Ho later raid Shot Acrid Sa.roolf, clialrrnen of the board U NBC, and William 8. Paley. pod - lent of CBS. are reversed:a for that occefollotle estuation, Mithial-NAB Rift The resignation of Mutuala principal Wei:widens from NAB was foremen Bindsy (ll) when they slimed en sores, - Dent with ASCAP against the will of hoc and CBS Trice* who turned in rea. koations include WOR. New York: WON. Oonoo: the Don lee Broosimatthg Soo tmt of Hollywood. and Wren, Baltimore. Ili Alfred J. MaCteker. president of NOR. explained the action In a letter to the NAB during the second day of Ite umrntimt. It read, In part: 'We under - /tied :het you submitted to your board Me el:lender, taken by us to your M- ous:en In the idutuel.ascap matter poi to your condernretion of the lk0000ly Report. We note with regret the resolutions adopted by your board wooday which gave approval to your actions. It is now entlmly clear that too emaciation is no longer repot/onto:re of the, entire Industry and that poi are taking a position to venous mature dense to our Interests and in favor et Moe of others. Poe these mums we booby tender our resignation from your aaceotion." ASCAP dams that of the 146 Mutual stockholder and Militated stations winch commented on the blutual-ascap Dormant. 100 turned fn Diomede reports. Pooy or the dissenters formed thole own eninization known es the Mutual ARIL. hi& Amoelation, beaded by B, A. Cuter, WORC, Louisville. Oder says that the or; was formed to promote the Ink/roe of the MOS member Mallow *fifth are not M136 stockholders and to send a committee to ASCAP bead- GOrters In New YOrk to study the MU tall agreement further before Aiming my coalesces. The ASCAP rates of 3 per cant of tho etationa Korea revenue for the ant four year, and 3t4 per cent fee the remaining flee year, of the Mu. coetract are too high In Mo.:Tinton d mod MAA mem/rent broadeut Munk. Inc.. NAlre own tronomitig group. was given a vote of econeence and was assured of full support by the NAB numbers. The Mutuol skerroldere who signed ASCAP agree - moon also assured continued sup. Pet. A roduellon in retes announced by BM1 will mean a riving of to (54 cations using!wi music. Genial counsel of. Illaat Sydney Ksye. sold dal the reduction has nothing to do eith the ratio given Mutual by ASCAP. Re explained that BMI is In a more balthy state of bar dneee than n row 140 arid can afford this action. The new tart rotes will range from one-half to ow and taro -thirds per cent, depending 10to station's gross revenue. Merritt E. 'Dimpled*. vice-proadent wd general manager of BMI; Carl %main. stradra telethon director, and 3rart leo! up the conrention's morning stoom Wednesday (14) with epeeehrta on RJR. Prom all el...wreath-mu and ro. CrAlkel grnen their apaches. no NBC or sifillacca will sign with'ascap for tho retel given Mutual. Neollie Dallier. NAB prex, mid the NAB nkta exception to the statement made or Meths! that "the music roe to over." Re mid that ASCAP has yet to offer a =tide licensing plan Which compile. vita the terms of the mutat 13mn0 1b,ch ASCAP signed in the actton,(ht egellost It by the government. Full Salary List of Leading Actor Unions from me 4) CHICAGO: Leo y. Executive Secretary Gerry Weitman, Secretary to Ur. Corley Genevieve Mansholt Stenographer Robert Wilson, Omani/or Sheldon Ellin, Organizer OUTDOOR DIVISION: Paul Sander,. Dtrector Office (Stenographer not appointed) George Wythe. Orgenfeer (Con Hsi tied AMERICAN GUILD OF VARIETY ARTISTS NATIONAL: YEARLY AMOUNT Hoyt H. Haddock. Exectitlie tweretary Mildred Matti. Atalistant to Haddock I50%)' John P. Donoghue, Auditor (Sena Josephine Savage, Ser'y to Haddock ISO%) Diana /Clutch. Secretary to Mies Roth ( Ann Antman, MemIxrahip Clerk (20%) Miriam BogOred. Members/LW Clerk 2, tdred Braun, Fite Clerk (50O) Leonard Levinson, Office Aasistant (25%) 2/3.00 Vito Melft Organiser Evelyn Strand. Telephone Operator (60%) Lealle Litonty, Orowaleor forum Dolan, Organizer 1, Ken Howard, Organiser NEW YORK: Phil laving, Executive' Secretary Lillian Nurnberg. Secretary to Irving Mildred Roth, ExecutIve Aratatent (50%) Josephine Sono., Stenographer (50%) John P. Donaghtr, Auditor (20%) Diana Ktutch. Secretary to Oftse Roth (60%) Ann Martian. Membership Clerk (50%) )0 Mildred Braun. P110 Clerk (60%) Leonard Levinson, Office Aoelnant (26%) Evelyn Strand. Telephone Operator (60%) 6461)0 Jack Miller. Organizer Duke aron.ada. Organiser Arthur Shields. Organizer John Iklamo, Organizer 1,5601)0 Joseph Edith, Organizer 1:40.00 BOSTCOO: Thomas D. Senna. Executive Secretory Constance Paissina, Stenographer 1,10600 Louis Morgenstern, Organizer PHILADELPHIA: Thorne, N. Kelley. Executive Secretary ET! Lavelle, Stenogrephr- 620o C. Mayo, Ormouzar PTITUOURGII: EXCCutIVO Secretary (not appointed) Oraco King. Stenographer Organiser (not appointed) LOOODO 'Until the problem la solved for bread - camera generally, not only with respect to network programa but elso with respect to local programs. tine NAB sill orsotinue to reward the ramie problem as a vital one." Stiller continued. Oakum) Talks Hama The opening bite:owl se son Tuesday (13) was devoted to the relation of radio to the national defense, but FCC Clue'. man Ply stole the show with his talk on the monopoly report, The, defense speakers were General Robert 0. Richardson. direetcc of the bureau of public rotations. U. 6. Army, and Commander H. R. Thurber. director of public relations. U. 8. Navy. Both assured the bcoedeastens that the government has no Intention of tithing over trll*. even In the event this ceuntry timbres war. Both raid that It la desire of the navy and army to co-operate with radio and to secure dinner co-operation from the broadcasting industry. Ply's speech centered on the rose of radio in national defense, but It mode too many favorable references to the PVC monopoly report IOC the comfort of the bmodoutera Me said that "them to no preterit foreseeable emergency which would result In the government's taking oyes the browdmating Industry. The Federal Communications Commission has no Morro and no plena to take over the mitten's broadeasting 191."11,. Neither bag the Defense Communleatinna Bawd. Neither. es far so I lusty, has any other government agency. I repeat this thought only In Mew of condo dim forebodings which have come reconity from ut000polistically controlled sources to the Industry. Those men, to Motet attention from the fact of monopolistic control In %hoer hand.. wojure up conalatently the bogeyman of government operation." NAB Pres Miller Old not let throe remarks go unchallenged. saying that "them who fever government operation consistently conjure up the bogeyman of monopoly, to divert attention." The floor rave this statement a rowing reception. Lowell Mellott, discolor of the Odder of Government Reports. mad that Otero will lie no need for pleas or radio cantont:sip If all parties concerned will a. Tesseraell-Klamber &teat Two of the bigted man In the 'oda.- try-nilee Trammell. head of NBC, and Edward Klauber, atm-wive vier - president of CBS -were comparatively dient thniout the convention. They wore IVA featured In any.castors and mode brief remarks only when caned upon They look the spotlight long onotigh to approve Um work mom - ;allotted by RM1 and made a stetrireent supporting the abridge anti -monopoly speech. Groove:Ong the Ethridge oncoth. Klauber said: "CBS Is mutineer:i that freedom At the air will crop to exist and broodcasting will degenerate and will bo taken over by the government If the PC0 report hos Its way. CBS will tight. without bate, tbru emery potable Menzel to uphold the freedom of the Mr." Talent problems commuted very little of the coorenttona time. Due to the importance of the PVC and radio-inuke situations, talent was Almost completely sidetracked. During the meeting of the todependent Radio Network Affiliates which gathered to condemn the PCC roport Hollbeno of KPI-KEC-A, Loa Angeles, stated tbst the Independents need network affillation to keep the magma supply of oustadlog program talent flowing. He indicated that there Is A scarcity of good talent, and only the networks can do anything to rallere this eatuetloo. See the Rodlo Department for other NMI convention neva. FOUR A SAL AR [ES 3626 (Continued loons pope 4) Artists' AtexisitIon (burlesque), and the Hungarian Actors and Artists of America and Canada. are not even cited ao loaelog financial atatality. They ham votes in the PAW A's. beormer. Consequently, five of the?hut A union, provide the bulk of the Income on which the rest of the sieraolearda remora Including AOVA. Wrath is in the red. Report also shows that zoom than half the trumilberthip on the hooka to dead weight. Refs estimated a satirise Of at inv.t $ yearly ir the consolidation were (*fleeted. While no officiate aalanra were mentioned In this mime, It WAS Implied that, Instead of Time A Metals oollocting two, three, Mkt four 'Warta@ from Yldintli altilletes. Mae Mg union Could bring about a broadening of activities at a gnat sexing. Books allow a total membership of Of that number, however. 24,524 are active: 11,873 see delloquent: are trusenve or reurperstlid. and bane made no dues payments In Dm year covered by the report, up to September SAC', Flury Pay Roll As for sabre* SAO ht." t?..e idictingt pay roil of any Pour A union, with an annual eatery het of Its dues payment tn.-ores ter the year was 5243, end It manta at the time were der7,7ai Boots contain the names of , but only 7,200 are limed as active. LOS ANOELOS: I. B. Korntatret. Exoutme flemetary Robert Kosoln" Ortbee Manager and Bookkeeper Nedra J.?commit Stenographer Morino Bate. Iferneorehlp Clerk Eddie Cutler, Organizer Curti J. Homy. Organizer Kenny Weiner:no SAN PRANCL300: Vie Connors, Executive Adele West. Secretary to Conroe, Pauline Wall, MemberoMp Clerk Genevieve Blum, Membership Clark Max West, Organ.r. or Emil Lowe, Orono:me Buddy O'Brien. Organizer Lea Alien "ACTORS mrws.- E4 Hartiaen. Editor Loottard Umfassen, Ottlloo (60%) 12R..0) UJ 9111, ST) , tonno :sawn ,600, I MOOD 1 A sitamie.00 Percentage denotes what portion of eatery Is paid by the national and what by the local, Once both occupy the same offices and many employee, double In duty. ASSOCIATED ACTORS AND ARTISTES OF AMERICA Prank 0111nscrre, President 813, Ralph E. Townley Next highest pay roll :s that of AOVA. which totaled against dues no - mom of for the year. Total expenses for the union were e leasing a deficit of Report also luta. a natencial statement at the A.M.C1101t1 PederaUon of Actors, which was scuttled by the Pour Aa primarily for alleged mionanemainont or nada. APA pay roll for the year ending VW/rum!. 1030, ems $33. Todd receipt& for the year were * Total =- peruses amounted to , and Gee - en was 41, AOVA Into a member. ship of of which 3346 are active sad 4,133 have made no payments. Next Lu her le APRA. wall an annual eatery expo:a:owe of Dante duce totter:ma was of which 00,627 was retained by the varicate APRA locate. Net receipts for the no - Wad OfOce were 164a Of 8,047 nombera on the books, are scum delinquent and 1,175 =ads, no draft Payment.. keit', Setter Actors' Equity. with Mown member. ship hat Is to the coon aunte cood4- Wm of all the unions- Equity Want* total * Ito Moodie from dune, LuittatIon fees, emesaments, and alien memberships ansatmted to Oa books. as total assets. is Hebei 8373, This a despite a paper membership of 17,133, of which only aro attire members; IrlACII:e or sus - (ended. and 2:029 dehntronit Chorus Equity's annual pay roll ems set at whist an tworros Of This ootnt also has a conderrable amounting to MIR, Of member on the book& were active_ Wbla AGNA's pay roil was the lowest of the lot 811,440 againet Income from due. payment., the muatmll =Ion is In the hole for , WINDOW CARDS tea: 0.4,. 4ltA mg. 100; 1744 Owl* Oa IGO, 12,71 Cuts, 13.0$ liosowe Moss. tars. BOWER SHOW PRINT,AZIAIOWLER.;N: ACTS. SKITS. GAGS, MINSTRELS ChlertrIT sal or arra.4.titatri). metrizra,niwykt,400:14 luaritere Jeo tot -ma:,;.z.

24 24 The nilihoarei NIGHT CLUBS -VAUDEVILLE May 2$, Vauddilm Grosses Para, Strand, Roxy Draw Flies; Loew's NEW YORK. -Turkeys continued to event= Broadway. taking their toll at the boa offices of all five Broadway presentation boilers. without much relief In sight. All houses. with the ex -.:epithet of Loew's State, played holdover shown, but deapte this. poor attractions zreavg5senerally credited with the poor The Paramount (3.004 seats. 437,033 balm average) Is due for smother week of Metering altb an estimated take toe the second week of Aletno Rey's, ark. King Staters, and Eddie Bracken on stage and Seachinp /or the San on screen. Pleat week of the run groraed a poor P011owins this show. Paramount begins the first pop price run of the film I Wanted Wines, which was Two Flesh houses Left in Chi; Eddy Duchin Cops 35Gs CIIRCA00.-Two Loop houses (both operated by Babbitt & Kate) continue to run fifth here. The Oriental which pulled Its allows 'Thursday (15) In favor of double -features, may go back to etude and mutat In the fall, provided the twin - bill policy fails to above profit. The last bill. week of May 9, had Anton Seibtlta's unit Waikiki Nights and a accond-run (See CHICAGO GROSSES on page 26) "Heat" Only Fair At Brooklyn Fox BROOKLYN.-Abanstoning Its regular film policy on an experimental basie, Vox Theater here opened with the unit, Crary With the Heat. rade' (10), Its furt etude show In Mx month*. On Its find day show didn't do much better than the regular film policy. drawing approximately $2.003 House. seating 4,200, la geared to a daily gross of between and LIMO. Saturday afternoon's Mariness was alto quiet. hut mmeeshat marred by the rain. After the unit's week Is up the flux will go probably back to straight pictured. Very little explottation was clone for the show. Heat cast It beaded by Willie and Eugene Howard. Mary Rile and Nelda Dices Costello. Price to this booking, unit closed trio -Week run at Lowea State, New Tort. Wayne King Hefty 251/2G in Pittsburgh rirrtntrnom-wayne King and his orchestra, with apectaity arta, pulled Stanley's best gross In revere] months. $ Leyout included the Monocled Arobanadars. the Randall Sisters, Tom and Betty Wonder. and Don Cummings. On meth. The Wagon, Roll at Nirlit 1W. D.). Pealowing current Latin American Ma we. co -featuring Ciro Ritmo and Diosa Meta& with Matra Camargo and Char - My Boy. Stanley brings In Abe Lyrnan's band with arta. Vtetor McLaglen in p. a. heading variety set-up. and Ouy Loin - Wades cek. In that order. Bowes Unit Poor ISINNEAPOLIS-A poor was grossed by the rhythm= Theater( here on Major Royce Talent Parade malt for the week of May Pie was Topper Rations. Its Bowes shown have not been big moneymakers In Una area In recent years and, despite the fact the national radio show last week plugged Minneapolis ea the honor city ara the local entrant on the show an. flown back to Use elty to open been, the b. o. was definitely down. At present the Orpbeum does not tun any more filth shows tat MOO. & 3111 Holdovers State Also Flops road -showed at the Astor Theater and was pretty much of a flop; Vaughn Mon - roe's ork opens with the plc. The Strand (2,738 seata house average) will wind up the run of The traprau Roll at Night on eaten and Vie - tor IRLaglen and Tommy Tueltere ork on stage with more than 410,e00 to (See NEW YORK GROSSES on papa 2$) Battle Creek Big For WLW Jamboree BAT77,L CREEK. ancri.--wlw's Boone County Jamboree. wth Lula Belle and Scatty, pulled some 7,160 paid admin. ideals in three performances at Xenon Auditorium here last Wednesday 114). Two wintinee elbows were given for Dick Jurgens Dandy 111/2 in Indianapolis INDIANAPOLIS. - Making his first visit here. Dick Jurgen. and orchestra rang up a healthy for the week ended May IS at the Lyric, where par Is usually Good theater weather, rave reviews, rind excellent word-otmouth helped estabilth the gross The stage boll also Included Rite and FM Oehenan: Bob Seller. ventriloquist, and the Lane Brothers Pte, which helped. was Rooktra on Parade. Lombardo Band 3G Over House Average BALTIMORE. Alia-Hippodrorne ter (2,200 sesta) mooed dandy for week a May 8 to 14 with Cluy loin - bard* band on the stage oral weak They Met In Arpentrns on screen. This wag just abort of e3.000 over the home average. Spokane Over Par SPOKANE, Wash.--Adranee summer weather attracted ramie fans to this wide-open spaces the past two week -ends, and the Poet Street went it230 under average tales in a row. May 2-4 bill Included Allen and Alkn, Keeler and Mills, Joe Chappell. Oreat 3Iexeys, with toddle and Tumble Down Rensch (a Arizona on screen. May 9.11 had Tlppy the Wonder Dog. John Crawford. Tay and Wellington. Cob and Clark; Mason. Morgan, era Duo, plus Maros and Along the RIO Grande, Springfield Big SPRINGFIELD, Maw. -Large and op - pedant. audiences saw the three-day vatidenam bill that (*wed Saturday ad) at the Court Square Theater hers, Hot. lywood Fantasy WA name of the stage hill, with May. June. euid Penny. acro Mo. starred. Pic was Neet the Wildcat. Alm on the stage were Joe May. einem: Prances White, Deraretter and Pally. Howell and Battle. the Wallace Puppets. and line. "Maid" Cold $5,400 At Colonial, Dayton DAYTON. O. -,Mai 'ml America. heralded an unit trial svonld knock 'ens cold. left them that way from the beginning at the Colonial last week, with the result that box-ollbee Semmes hit only The Colonial canes a 39.week mice reason this week with WesUcUrt Nights. ileum begins an Indefinite run with Fantasia May 10. Name Orchestras Strong in Boston, With Miller, 0. Tucker, and Bernie Leading BOSTON -a -Name bands Mee proved good attractions at the 11.2r0-15caton. sole local tousle outlet. House has been operating split or full -week sonde. depending on the attraction. einer hat August. Top gross for bands since the Inception of the season went to Olean Miller. whose green for a eerell-my fiend contributed almost oneasixth of the total tram of which poured Into the tilts cf the house with the 14 band attraction, which played a total of 71 days. Second place went to Orrin Tucker, who opened the 'nude season but Augtud with nice for seven-day stand. The average gross for each day a band played the bons* was On the split -week stands. lien Bernie led the field with juicy E1.000 for four days. Jimmie Lunceford placed Dorsey Tops 25G At Philly Earle; $6,900 for Fay's school child/eta with adrniaidema marked at 15 cents. Local papers estimated that lath of them porton:tummy attracted "more than 2500." The evening show drew a crowd estimated at IMO, with adult tickets going for SO meta. Bill MeCtuakey Ls Jamboree manager. ended Thursday (18). PRILADELPIHA.-Earle Theater (mat - trig capacity, 4.000: house average for straight picture booking ) clicked handsomely with juicy , credited to Jimmy Dorsers cathestra for the week With poetically no support from the screen's WarhIngrters Melodrama and In Jere of horse-opry star, Roy Rogers, headlining a rodeo in town, the doings were all Dorsey. Take Ls highest hi months for the bottle. and fact that bard mewed flee insteed of four shows n day helped boost the ante. Bob Eberly.!barn O'Connell. and Duddy Schuta from the Wald supported, with two vaudo seta added to Stump and Stump and Rector and His Pals. dross bettered Defter* previous appearance last October that gave and marked first time that the house repented an attraction during the same mason. New bill opened Friday (10). hitting into warmer weather and the Variety Club Convention In Atlantic City attracting the town folk, started of (See PH1LLY GROSSES on pope 20) Monroe Ork Nice 5G PnovmExcE, B. I -Vaughn Monroe Orchestra, playing a three-day stand at the Met lx.lm wrote). rolled up a nice grow. Bill included Hat LeRoy, larraine and Ragman. and Lou Parker with Sid Gold. Played three show* Friday told Saturday end four Sunday. Al Winston. publicity man. said the grew was exceptional emotderine bad weather betake Tickets were 28, 99, M. and 75 cents for loges. "Miami" Unit Does Weak Denver $3,200 DENVER.-Nidrilidit In Miami unit drew a weak $3.200 week of May 2 to 8 at the Tibor Theater. This gross was topped by far by every locally assembled unit that has played the house this season. Probable drat was the fact that the unit was devoid 81 nudity coms-on, which hypoed ail other showings. Home is planning a two-week try of Sunday nude starting Juno 1. usuis floe acts arid a line. Maisie War a Lady tied Father's second with for an equal length of time. Grows ranged a11 the way from Ma sweet taken In by Miller to a dia. appointing greased by Milt 13rtia too for a seven-day stand. OTOWs were Al (0110PIC Glenn Mire (coven disys, beginnine September , Orrin Tucker (seven days, begin:lint August ), 410,000. Jade Teegarden Omen dey*.begliinlin September ). 015,000. Sammy Kaye (seven days, beginning October 10, 10401, Clyde McCoy (Wren days, beginning March 27, *15,000. Cab Callaway (seven dam beginning Match ), 414,500. Lucky Allittrider (Ore days, beginning August and extending 0417 labor Day suck -end) :0. nen Bernie (four days, beginning Pen. ruuy 20, 1941), 1111,000. Jimmie Luncelord Hour days, begin. ning December la John Kirby (tour days, beginning Jan, wiry 10, 1941), $8,500. Volt Meth Tito Your dam, beginning NM -ember 21, 1040) Milt Britten (seven days. beginning April Including latter part c: Holy Week and /hater Sunday) Penton Brothers (four data, beginning January 30, 1041), Bill Bard (four days, beginning February 0, 10411,117.5W. Ted Weems, Spivak Gral) 14G for Wash. Earle and Capitol WASHINOTON.- Inflating - Darner, eiretia Catfeen Kane, and Denier, relliaala are providing stiff oornpetits:o for downtown theaters this week. aces Earle for week ending May 22 no - turn; Meet John Doc, with the stn. presenting Marina Lord. Wesson Brotro, Reed Staten, and the Rogyettes. Expocni groan Is a big Loeser. Caponl showing That 1,1neerinin Peeing for snot ending May 21, expofta a low On the stage are Salk) Puppets. Bea &urn, Don Rico. Sharma. and the Ilocketies. Last week at these houses the Char:ii Spivak and Ted Weems orchestra. fourat box -of f See draw. each re -eaten:: $ Warner backed Spivak with.1). Palmately Yours, while Looses supported Weans with Washington Meta, drama. liawkins Fair In Bridgeport DRIDOSPORT, Conn. -- Hawkins. supported by a mud., Including Bill Bailey, Ida Jan'.' Stub and Stubby. In for fine p.. antes at the Lore -Poll -Lino : here Stands, (77). did only fall a $1,000 groat. Stiff oppaaltsui. Sammy Kaye at the near -by hr New Kneen and Dick (Stinky) Ran the local Rite Ballroom. House Manager Eddie Madden almoi vaudeville season Sunday (4). Viliteman's 8,000 HARRISBURG. Pa. - Appearing fen three -any engagement at State T here, Paul Whiteman and his band rat 40 cents ndminit for 00 cents and 40 cents for nigh' screen was flee FIrst Romance. Club Takla New York: GEORGE BARD le preparing his flret show tee the Beverly 11111s Country Club. Newport, Ky.. opening Stay 73. booked by Tom Ilan, Tort with Frank Perinea of Cleveland.. ADRA COOPER. dancer, is playing local chubs after a four -month date to Panama. =WON TWINS have shifted from the Icelond hero to the 800, ChIcato... DANNY WHITE has Caned for eight weeks at the Iceland... Barry ALMANDEft le new - owner at CIDEMA DE SIMONE DANCERS have made several cliangea In personnel for their cu. -rent date at Lean and Eddie's., RAY KART lass Hied petttion spicy, listing liabilities at $1,1-1' 500 In meets.... LINA ROM A'. Mara. of Railer 5at'e contn.. screen -waled by Columbia and Century -FM. Chicagor VELOZ AND TO1ANDA. who 1<",% an engagement here Saturday (171 have volunteered their services for th' army camp show to be presented of (SeaCLOY TALENT ow pope 16)

25 tiny VAUDEVILLE -BURLESQUE The nalboaret 2.; Mack fly SILL SACHS.AIL ROSINS mores into Bal Tatarin, San Prancisoo. May 28 set by Phil Cbintio. QUEEN CITY MYS- TIC'S. Society of American Magicians. C:ncinnatt. at their May 0 meeting ozetell the following officers: Bert Danz, yeatelent: Ben George, first vice-prestdent: John Malin. second vies -president; narold P. Puff. secretary: Walter Kuhl. umaurer. and Charles Pritssen engem% si arms... BILL. AND OrRaLDINE LARSEN and their tow, Billy and Milton, will show for the Cincinnati Club membeneelp June ID while in the Queen City to take in the International Brotherhood rf afaateisos' Convention_.. H. ADRIAN MUTH. national president of the Society ce American Magicians. spent actual says in Oneinnati last week en route to home in Providence, R. L. to assist Ii :Mal arrangement* for the SAM con. dare to be held there May 30 -June 1. W, J. MUMS' 1Wilitain Powell). sugunigornentallat. began a slimmer pear at Weidman. Mich.. May 18 trith a new tent show organized by Prank toe. Be le assisted by his wife. Their school season In Ohio was cut sheet the past winter when lint Pathan! was atrickut %VA pneumonia_... L. P. WOLPE pout. from Knoxville. 'Dan. that he Ought Birch the Magician May 5 at rinsville. Ky. with the turning h bib must sttictent job despite the handicep QC a stage.... SHIMS ASO RATE presented their magic at Cattle Sum. Cincinnati. Saturday night. Nay 10, and remained over In Cineg hat week to pick up Memel club dolga.. JOID1 8, VAN OILDER turned In usual swell job on a human -Interest dcey on Lily Pons. Metropolitan Opera ex'. the yarn rippearing in The Knox - stile Nerue.Senithat April PROP. XIX. now in his ninth week for the Pete IMaae office. Detroit. and current at the larrygoronnd. Dayton. 0., will split the next four weeks between' COlungait. 0.: Louisiana Ky.; Rumens Point. 0.. and Detroit... MAGICIANS DID WELL to the clowinnau peter, 'Thursday of bat week 1181, with Charles Ludwig, in The Ciricsesadt Timu-Siee, spinning an Itstursung mare yarn on /I. Adrian Smith. national president of the Society of Arecrium Magician's. and DWI Mations, i The COmeinart Poet. devoting much dame and photos running over five columns to John Snyder Jr. prealctent of the International Motherhood of Magi , and his spacious new magic workshop and theater in Norwood. Cincinnati suburb. Ai rectum:* with Snyder were Mx Snyder: their daughter, Mrs. Jerome Maxwell. and Stuart. Judah, ftpliera star demonstrator sad popular Canty matitch. JOAN BRANCKLO, magictanciee. Open* cm the Trroli Ctrs -nut at atelbenune. Australia, August 4, Instead of August li as recently repected... MYSTIC 13. Lee Angeles. will present You'd Re Surrir,e4 of In Sinter Auditorium there May LARRY W122L/3, magic Juggler. wound up a fortntghter at the Elver Rell. Utica. N. Y.. Sunday (111) end opened Monday at the Ray Ott Club. Niagara Palle. N. Y.... LINTER LAKE alervelo) is back In the Omit: eat area. titer a meoweek stand at the new Club Ruh*. Lotnevine, Ky. He is now mulling PrepottUen to do his fire act with a Will show attraction this summer... DEUX BIZY. veteran magic iniproterio. led Mist. Mey were recent areirale Chielialintl. after clewing their home in Mobile. Ala. for the summer. They Is entertelning an outdoor show venture Oat Should keep him busy thrunut the etimaine. CIERDInt THE MAGICIAN doing M. magic In the Detroit hes. with ht. wtfe. ataybelle. working tae same metier with her singing orb:kr...set turn. Gerber threatens to frame * double fleas mole set ALONG TIME who attended the shin ' - die :Owed by Los Macke*. Of Los An gain. In honor of Me Dural. recently ittlintel from an extended Australian tear. at the home of Edger Berger In Beverly Hills. Calif. May 12. were Ray Gambit Jack Owynno. the Great L.013, Eakell.. Bomar Maid. Loring Campbell. r),),3 Thayer. Larry Orsay. Bert Reinter. "arty Mendez*. DI Saint. Orton Weller, cud Oeorge McManus_... YOUN013- TOWN. 0., tingle Club will be tepee witted by at leant a dozen members at the annual ooneentaen of the Interna- 1/001 EMMiethemt of Magkiens In Ctn. dump Ante Claude Baseless /resident, has appointed Nevin Hoefert. 'Mall delegate. and Don Loa aa alter. Pitts Burly Drew 8235,000 in 39 Weeks; Corio Top FTTT8BURGII. May 17.-Ilurly garnerell more than In 30 -week mason clewed Saturday (10) at Celan, Owner Oeoree Jade reveals. Shuttering Was one weak molter than last rear, due to imp -off In daytime trade attributed to army drafting of young men who were bulk of early blx, add due to lack Of new theme, With weekly nut from to PLOW of that need May for stagehands, front -of -house. electricians, staff -average take slightly exceeded IMAM Policy was Hurt untie, plus two to four acts of muds) booked separately then Phil Rosenberg, and hour of film 'bona. House record, sot by Ann Cork, in Mat of two app.:anthem was Bon received turns' were comics, reports p. a. George!Runk,* and wade beta, with stripper* expected to be part of show but rarely heavily applauded or heckled Blaming repetition of shows for some box-offlee decline. fitunkel brifevtw 27 - week circuit remittent from HUM- S/luster merger will Increase attendance. particularly by warners Some unite played house three Mum this year. others twice. Next season Midwest route will begin here, es will shows with traveling choruses that cover only Eastern wheel_ Exploitation film with lecture from stage and ))slog model.. current at Canino, on monthowith-ception lease deal with Sam Cummings. Ed Broke la Casino manager, and Abe Jaffe Is In chafer of front-ot.the.home. Marcus Unit Dancer Pinched and Freed; Springf'd Biz Booms 5SPRTNGP12D. Mace., May 17. -Via squad calkers creaked down Monday 112) on the Marcus thew at the Court Square Theater. Acro dancer Bernice T. Tamen, ZS. of Now Orleans. billed as Ha-Cha-Ban. the Rosy. Cleveland. In stock May 30 lifter a HUM tour.... BEN JACOBSON played host to M Klein, of Trenton, N. J.. was arrested for what pollee termed an during the housewarming party of the Improper performance. Arrested on the -Authors arid Artiste' May 0. AlsO mine thence was Mrs Beatrice P. Marcus. to Aristides DeLeon. CND 38, of Roxbury. Mara, maanger cd the troupe. blouse Manager Peed Marshall anus charged with allowing dancing In the ismer show on Sunday. a violation of alasuchusette 300 -year -old blue Irma This thaw marked the first Sunday vaude locally In a long Woe. District Court Judge John Grentleld found Mies Tamin guilty, agreeing that her dance wasn't Improper, but ruling that. on Mass Twin's own testimony, she wan improperly clad. Police women assorted that the dancer had only a G-string. The defense contended her body was tavered with a coat of heavy irilt paint and the dancer told the Judge that, while she wore nothing "from the hips tm." the 0-etrtny was a pair of pantie*. Judge Granneld let her go free unless she oorrantte the same offeami Mrs. Marcus was acquitted. Marshall wee fined 450. and he appealed. He contended that the net was an acrobatic number. The Sunday vauele was well received. Publicity given the *mate, front paged by local tee...vipers. filled the Donee the rest of the week. Fay's, Phila, Burly Vaude Combo Clicks PHILADELPHIA, May 17.-Paya. Theater, owned by Sam sued and managed by Sid Stanley. 'shuttered for the summer Wednesday flea Mho business warranted continued epeeist -Ion. Itotem has no air-cooling faellttlea According to Stanley, past season was the best In ream sat policy of ming two burlesque strippers and flee standard nets and a house line proving a click. House re -opens It the fall with Barrio stage trolley. nate_ At Its meeting May 0 the club was Inner-IOU/0d by A. IL Bertsch. Matfett, Everett Duncan. Robert atorria. Emerson &Owlet, Team Seam. Charier A. Lady. Lea, and Bawden. Burlesque Notes HEW YORK: MITZI afontay, acro dancer, held Oyer at the kattrige. Came In May 9... ISIR CKCIL ALEXANDER, formerly Of Alexander and 113tI1y) Melds. has Jollied a Hurst unit, doing a ranee tramp comedy speeirilly. Lest time he teemed with fields was in IDA ROS$ veer, now In Mexico City with a er win.... HARRY RANK stinger at the Star. Brooklyn. opens July 4 at. Parketon Country CI u b, Livingiton Manor, N. Y. His seventh summer at this spot... VIRGINIA cuirrsa, who left the stage for a commercial course. celebrated May 7 her own birthday and her daddy's (Cal. William G. Hinds) army appointment,... MARIE VOE had her left wrist In a bandage as the result of a fall while at the Star. Brook - week of May 0... BOB AND MARY PENOVISON-MURRAY replaced Jett Diamond and Ethel DeVetux at the Gaiety May Ie. Latter team einftal to the Howard. Feat 3. May MURRAY 1./22HARD, straight man, joins the cast of Panama Hattie next week. and is assistant director with the Auttiont and Amide' Guild. and past who received their start In the CRYSTAL AYM1Ti. Lillian Merriam. burly field. It all made foe Intertuttng and Scarlet Reny new et the Elting. reading. especially to the layman. May 9, MARNEE and Jean Mode new at the fjtinge Stay TINY PULLER. Dorothy Sevier, Harry Jeckwan. Bridgeport Burly Ends Cleo Canfletd. and Cie -Aorta new at the Republic May II... HARRY STRAT- BRIDGEPORT. Conn... May 17. -After TON and Bert Derry are the comics at a season of 28 weeks, the Lew -Poll - the Moulin Rouge Theater. Oaktend. Lyric Theater. playing Hind shows. Cala.. where other prineljude are Jimmy closed Saturday (10), to reopon with Mealier*. Georgia Clerk. Mille Denton, heel Vale, Millie MoVstiglin. Grace LA - MM.. Betty Jane nautilus... and Minot Reed, Omit IMAM. to 01114etT Den: p. rt. la Orton J. Rapp. and manager, Aitrn Ill King.... JOHNNIE SHEPPARD sod Peggy Jordon, ex-butioupiers, have formed a aingincclancing combo.. RUBY RICHARDS doubled ea strip and in the front line of a Hint show during Union City week of May JACK open at PHILADELPHIA: BILLY!ROAN, at the Tree. holding a fourth and Mai week: closing Smut, stay MARGIE IIART had the fern lead foe the third week, with Julie Bryant taking over for the final week.... PRANK HALL. lifter straightir; all season on the Hirst wheel, turns to the night lento and parka here, revising his singing MARDIS N. fleet o the name strip leads for Carroll'. burly -Mien. with Lois Dense /wee 2... CLAIRE lemzert staying the Carroll's revues_,. SALLY KEITH jasmine out aniventr copies of Leff magazines current IMAM to an patrons at the Little Rathskeller. Rhea on the front cover. MIDWEST: MYRNA DEAN rimed at the Rialto, Chicago, last week and is returning met for a summer vocation.... GEORGE YOUNG, manager of the Roxy, land. and Dill Collins, manager of the Capitol. Toledo. were Chicago visitors Wednesday (14)... JIMMY WM- TRRS. who was ethltelt with Warren II. Irons at the Grand. Conlon. 0., le in Chicago to purchase a new trailer, In which ho expect' to make a trip to the. Went Coast moon,... BERT GRANT. who cloud recently In Minneapolis, Is on his way to New York.... REVRE opened at the Rialto. Chicago, Friday (10).., BOBBIE POORISI and a line of girls are opening far Don Cameron at a new club In Findlay, The Empress, Milwaukee. closed for the season May 11 Alhambra, Milwaukee. may play burlesque next town. FROM AU. AROUND: BILLY HAGEN and Billy Meld* opened In stock lest week at the Trot, Philadelphia... STANLEY SIMMONDS. straight man with Valerie Puke show on Hirst wheel. was called In the draft and was replaced In Washington lad (Communications to Now York Moil juernile. confused at Veterans" HospitaL Dayton, OAYETY. BALTIMORE. closed season on May 17 and will exhibit sex pietism starting May 18. RoatTA ROYCE and lots Dela( sere mentioned in a recent issue of Tee Suede? Herefd-Tribune In a story on Manhattan burly. CONNIE REGAN timed In Washington Stay 10 and opened at Howard. Boston, May ZORITA, Pipet stripper. during her week in Baltimore hid a 30 -minute Interview over Station WITH.. LA RUE, of the dance team La Rue and Carroll. celebrated opaline at week b" Bernie Miller.. VALERIE PARRS opened at Buffalo May 18. atter which she will go to the Coast tar Monogram Pletnrea.. IRVING Oayety. Baltimore, Md., May It: Bret tune In his hems) town pretessionally for over two years. sumo DAVIS. comic. and Merrill Sevier, straight man, with the Mork burly at the Clartly. Cincinnati, and Morris?Aldine. Gayety manager, grabbed It, Radeltifes entire -Between HoUywood and Broadway" column in the May 15 issue of Tee Cfneinneti KNApi4rer. In the lengthy yarn the Leto related how burlesque material le born and reminisced on the good ofd days TO listing the nausea of stare of the present the same policy early in September. DWI Madden. house manager. will re. main In town to manage the local Savoy Hotel. HAT.12. MILLER reporta that bet mother Is critically 111 In City licapital Akron. 0.. following a major operntioe. and she Is anxious to enntwot Bob Bure.h. said to be with a thaw In the South. also adslees that ter uncle Fayette passed away May 10. Tiallizs to I. H. HERK HAROLD MINSKY THE DALTON BROTHERS 41, LES GOODWINS-uo studios Sincerely, gett9 Roulan?

26 LINDA 26 The Billboard REPERTOIRE -TENT SHOWS Cellilotted by SILL SACHS - Comrsuisicatieiss te 25 Opera Place. Chwismati. 0. Original Showboat Goes to New Owner SAVANNAH. Go, Mey l7. -Original Showboat, formerly the James Mame Floating Theater, which recently tied up at au Thunderbolt yacht Basin here, Me been purchased by MIL Brannen. of Soren:soh, from Mrs. Nina Howard and hr non. Miltord Serenoure, who have operated the craft the lost half down yearn. After the purchase Wessell docked the boot at Brunswick. Oa. but plane CO bring It back to Sevanush coon. He ban announced no plane as to the future operation of the showboat. The cent. built in 1012 by /sine. Adams. is 130 feet long and has a mating capacity of MS persona The Colonel Showboat for yearn played week -names in the Cheesecake Bey 'sector. "Mandy Green" Gets Going in Nashville HABRVILLE Tenn. May H. A. Thomas's Mandy Oreen Front Hew O. Mans, all -colored reodeal, began Ito fourth annual canvas tour on the lot at 24th Avenue and Heiman Buret, North Nash - albs. Monday (121 under auepooto of l'inzarlain Lefton Poet No 6. Clad bonnet& marked the opening week here. The nu/mrs attraction will play Its estabilthed territory then the South. BALTIMORE, ofd_ May 17.-Weetberby Planer* have ;UN concluded a brief swing of instituttone and churches In ebb territory with the comedy Aaron Snob From Punkin Creek. by Lieutenent B. Cormack. In the company were Harry 8. Weatherby. Ionise Stallings. William IMennan, L Block. Ink% Wetriblett, 1111th Verger, and Altehn Rene Group It elated to make the came stands soon with MU of the Code, by tentenn Todd. Littletot: Suffers Stroke WILMINGTON, N C. May 11. -Emmett Littleton. veteran innponer and agent. In recent year; with the Sites Green, Doo Robliteon. Witutrad. and Jimmie Simpson colored attreettons. suffered a stroke recently In Americus. Cis.. and Is now at six Menthe before he Ii able to work again. Rep Ripples jilt= PUN SHOW. Doc C.J. D:,na. ALP manager. to reported doing oteb Chickasaw County. Mienuippi,. CIDORGE Y. stuar has a mall vaudeple trick operation around Tioremor. Ala. CEDDAT7n8 COMEDIANS opened the moron at Cariebrts, fit_ May 7. Cast hen Bob and Pool Wilsey. Dick and afidee Lanbenn, Jimmy Reynolds, Dick and Hard Butler. and others.. EDDIE CIARDNIML and DIANE OUVER, after a winter In rondo Interim, recently lensed Jim Bonnelna Cotton inoesorn Showboat In Munsoah... Al. PIT- CMTMAY. of 11131rora Comedian& and Bob end Pearl lethey and linuny Reynold. of Choste's Comedian& renewed to. quaintaners recently In Monteonville. My... HARRY GRAF% nutiottwt of the Madge Kinsey Player,. repeets that the Selective Service Mail In the Carnival Department of OM lathe appear the names of those berth& Serene, Beovice mats to the mesons enters of The Binborred. Tine that Is published in attention to the Mora Wilt% are set to capital!otters to the regular Letter Lat. J. DOUG MORGAN SHOW WANT IFILURAVIA-M SEND IN YOUR ROUTES Routea of band., acts. etude units, lee shows. reperonnotent shows, Ora - mane and Mecum& and earnivais are carried In The Bat. board free of charge. Get Into the baba of "ending us your route promptly. Bend It to Route E.ditec. TM nillboard, 3S-27 Opera Piste. Cincinnati, 0. Routes reaching Cincinnati not later than Friday will appear In following week's Dane. Sandi and acts playing indefinite entegementa should let ue know as sows as they leave a spot so that the listings can be kept up to date. how's under -canna polity at Peewits 0., May 0 was the best In years from a Minuted etandixant... BRYON COSH. whew tent thew is now In Its fath week In Wind& repeats business noemel on the 'moon to date. with sponsor and ampler* bookings easy to get. Recent retention, to the shor are Olecie Chimes, ammo: Muth and Melody, comedy' muatcal act, end Mike Gerlack, sound truck man. Frank Miners elms prow agent, was a recent visitor on the Oceb show.... TILTON'S COMEDIANS, who recently closed a 30 -week circle moan In Anskurn. Ill_ were under the pint management of IL R. Tilton and Ous Reed. and not M. R. Tilton and (tone Bradley al recently reported.... MAY BELL THOMICS, of the Thoosno family, Ia playing club den% In and around Rene. Nee... DAGIJI AND Dr./SA[117On who Reading the 35 -people company at the have a smell trick in Astern Teter, will nuovo Onto Mianielpen soon for thosurnrner. 'Unit Allows raudo and VA... MR. elspening here wax Ida Cox. blues anger. Show Is produced by Akron Oaten. AND 311th. ILEX M. INOIIAM. former troupers. and Judge 0. D. Garner were Weatherby Group in Balto punts of the management of the Clyde In Pierce Minstrents during the troupe's three-day cage...gement at Reidaville, N. C.,. last week. CHICAGO GROSSFS (Continued trona pope 24) 'hoeing of Cheers for Atha Balton. Wound up with a no-eo $13,000. which Is average for the house. Chkogo (4.000 seats. $ home averse') has tuneful combination in The Great American //readout on screen and liddy Duchink band unit. The open. log day lesiday (II) was good, but Saturday (17) was not m strong as It should have been for ouch a powerful ambo. About $ la sight. Week ended May 15, The Greet Lie, with Bette Davit. and a presentation layout on stags did State -Idea (3,700 (Rate, $ house narrate) is not looking for more then his home. 210 S. Eighth Street hese fee a long root. Doctors ray ft will be at hest an average tenure. with current *bow (1042) featnirtiag Ada Leonard and girl band, Helen Morgan. and Alan Carney on singe. and The Mad Doctor on screen- Miss Lanerel is a pop stripper in this area, but doesn't strip In this unit. Last week, ended May IS. Coronet of Pun unit, with Dave Apollon and Will* Shenk wee reepeneltale for strong $16.00O. Screen's Mr. District Attorney did not mean enough to help. NEW YORK GROSSES (Contented from page 24) Thursday (22). rifler a very poor showing of 623,000 foe the first week. which is way below house average. TM Froky (5,635 seats. 636,000 home acetate) goes tote Ito third aunts of the Grose American Broadcast on screen and Jack Powell, SIAM May and Marian Bettie, and the Illegilob &others on stage to an toseeted In the (di Second week so-rsitas,tot 03,020. which wos rosily not eneueh justify a third week run. Lawn State la beaded for another bad week and will mobably gems only MOW toe the first run of They Dare Not Lore ria rum fare and Henry Armetta. Dthel Stotts. ame Dick Stable's band on stage. So Star Oar Niyht and John Boles drew a poor $15,000 the previous week. The Music Hell (6.200 ant, house average) U act for a pick-up with the flicker The Devil and Miss Jones after two 'weeks of below -Overage business. Flitter which opened Thursday (151 should.garner between 685.CCO and $00,000 for its first seek. Chinese spec - Mete la the stage fare. Stand week of Thee Uncemnin Feeling and condensed version of Madame Butterfly on the atago grossed a poor 465,000. CLUB TALENT (Continued from page 24) Comp Forrest, Tullahoma, Teas,., June 5 and 6. MEADOWBROOK Country Club. St. Louia la arranging its floorabow schedule thou Eddie Elkort, of MCA. here. 'ltd end Mary Taft and Antis Jakob! go In for two weeks May 24. followed by Don and Sally Jennings and Jacqullne LILLIAN ROTH has followed Helen Morgan into the HI Hat... CHARLES PRIDERiCK8 hen ordered a three -ram troller. Ile La going to become father lo a couple of months.... PAUL /MOAN goer Into the Chicago June 13 with Glenn Miner's band.... BILVTON TWINS ere slated for a spot In NOW York's Helbepoppin in Juno. Philadelphia: NICK RAVELL. of Nam and Raved. may noon be dancing to martial mune. his number having turned up In the draft... MARCH filling in at the Evergreen Cash* for Caroline Knight... RAE AND DALE, Cobhige Inn acrobat., arc literally wreaking thenuelmeo-ono hats a sprained ankle and the other an Injured back.. CHICO LOPEZ and ALKIDA JOHANSl N? back: at the Embassy Club. JOHNNY ROW -1M models Ms local bow at Club Ball..., JAY JASON another newcomer to town at the Swan Club, as b Kathryn Kinn at the same spot.... KU.Linft SISTERS back at 1523 Club. Hollrcood: 8147/4 AND SLAM on the second week of their eight -week enemennent at niwanee Inn sod doing a good lob of it. Endurance Shows (Communications to BILL SACHS. Cincinnati Office) ONORCHE WM.KER who revealed tan marriage here recently but forgot to mention the lucky girl's name, now comes thru with the Information. The new bride Is node Pat Stark, formerly of Youngstown. 0. Walker writes that Sid Cohen., Tea Swan. Misty Dewdell, Chick Snyder. And Billy Lyone recently %Kilted at Glen Park Casino. WIlllarruvine, N. Y., where he's now tis his emend year at. mater, Ile saps the whole pith, wound up a rnadhome when Tex. Clack, mid Attay were called upon CO do a tarn. Georgic scand like to read a line here on Stan West and Hughle and Johnnie. CHARLIE WALPERT. now with the show at the Coliseum, San Diego. Calif.. dathes on A line to Inquire what'd DotOra0 of Ernie Bernard. OTHER TNQUIRI123 were received the part week ors Slim Hempen. Mickey Brennan. IllaSeh Bergman. Skipper Spietie. Henry Polk, J. S. Steinel. Pout Poston Dante Scott, Jlm Coffey. Esther Deaner, Dick Mitchell. Mary McCarthy. Bobby Madison. P. P. Mica. Doe.1 P. King. Dill Stem Sett Ome. Doug Isitt, Amble Cara, Dal Playhar Jew Weir. Leroy tin) den Eddie Tuttle, Hazel Shanel. Wimpy Dada. Madeline lidettbe, Virginia Hensel. Dilly Coln. Prankle Belasco. and Mildred Gets. Bow about a Ilne, folks, to let your Mends know where you are and what you're doing? LOT'S HAVE SOME news from the tart - mu thews going. This column suffer. from lack of cooperation from those in the field. It Is our elm and purpose to Make UM pillar en Interesting one foe those In the endurance show btninesa. but we Lunn hit a lick unlesa we can get your help. How about eating down and totting off a few lime on yourself. on your friends, or on the show you're with? KENNY GRUWELL typeerrfies from Alhambra. Calif.: `I hope to be back In shows very eons. Plan on bopping to One Premix soon to dell with f tirade. Would like to reed line tn your column on tome el my friends there Come on. kids. Mee out the dirt. Hope Margie Sheet:. Mickey Britton, and the rod of the gang ART! a A IMO to WO forthcoming Heinelulti thew." Bill fiery t, Hs YEAR ard lemnitee by W. H. DONALDSON The LWOW Ciftullf,tu of Ann Arnuourml WaRkty In the Work; Alfufau AWN IlannIn VI GINUMaaff Pott,hed Every Watt/ St TO.. SAlloard Polthahlog t. W. PfulOoft, Tutor Ilwul Muour. R. e. LITTCCIORD JR.. WeoProatul. W TORO. Mulatary. a. fa MMMMM Kew ttuaa IA Own Plow 0044AuW C. C. SUGARMAN. I4na Omou., sacs Wouhras, Naar Wirt. al. T. Mia OM. oal Taal.* Wu., Too 11111baul 114,..ea. Mal Oulu Plow 044.0na_ 43, Wawa Mal cats. GUala Amerua, mermen' annapail. 0, N ewton Merietsi eine TOXX-MA raw rm...?awe VW. tam Pave.. 11Calallwf t' leaftianow AGlawl cite. ICS Na anat.. Pleas, (WOW AT. LOVIZ Iwo% Rua. 011u ltuaufk PlUe. Cbea.- *at PNIA,11.1. roma. latoffliast 1.040rfl"-'1341ttaTilfaa um at -SU We -If, newoon ineerr.i.onr raw, Dw6w. W. C. 1. trulard. * De CSTMALI Ku. Drouu. CIO Tallanal74 SOW. Isis Maw, IPTION MATO'S VAIIC4a-Ors Yw. *5; Two 'Ia4u. H. Ti... MSS WA" la tea Coma Malec & Poarwataa. Cuaaa Cain star tau:. over nn uu, Loz1.,4 lotoadure at.,. afflualu roan of anwfa fufou fauut ahtuak O 101tAT AAAAAA e 00.4 gra Amato Una Woofs P.p. Nett Papa 1117e; M.N. Pau anon, SiTOr.cp , be Its to :la. retold LAl 11.1 Item VV. 11 1,1,6 II0414. idootwo.d sloullauuat vue1441 Mau mutual as toturaatad sr Nato. an fa we! peattowsaa alto* Wm* ado 1111ftual num* CU flan, b ens W valldas MGT 431* -0 Vet SE MAY N, THE rova 178. with Noy Lon formerly a singer with Will Osborne, neon to open Hotel Ambassador Ln Ch 1.LtRY O'REILLY an:. DON MACK move from the Lloola-Mu to Santa Monaca to Al Levera here.. JUDY CANOVA Ism returned to woe) In Portdin' Mod on the Repubto lot following a brief dines. retc'e HOLLYWOOD REVELS soon move into the Ina Amptes Orpheuni, WIR doable from Inerenttrie Cardona bore.. RAGS RAGLAND In town to appear to the flicker version of Paltanti Henn. ANDREWS 15129TER8 to (kv Pa:Indium with Al Donahue band... AMORY MACS set for their wand Won cal flicker. Son Antonio Rote, on Cairo - cal lot,... rem HAYES and Mal Healy. now at Grace Harr* Ledge. appear In Rio Rita at the Philbenn.oes: Auditorium. 15FIJTA. star stater of the /a-copedes of 1041, win 1,10, speaking role In the Ricker of the same name mon to be made at Repnblle. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Opens May 28, under sponv-ash Fair Park Zoo Commission. Round the Clock Show. Town III best shape In history. Spontom Own" teed to teems accepted. How Weans next. KING IIR DY Alamo Plaza Courts. Littic Rock. Ark. LAST CALL San Diego Ord,,Now owns ietwen. May Herr ferry. Wire LOU STUTZ COlISCOM. SAN OlICO, CALIF. WANTED QUICK Nang Moen Me Feat.. vseiodnt Tugs low ree omens. Moo =az twat w, vanets udac Mau u Mow liameaste. woo&

27 ;fay 2!, 1941 The Billboard 27 Non -Theatrical Films Cend.Jcied br THE ROADSei0WMAN tcominunicabons to 1564 Beoedway, New York City) Repeat Bookings Boosted By Showing Local Reels NEW YORK, May I7. --The problem of steering repeat bookings is solved In teeny mums by incitation of personalized Mao In a program, according to P. eermour Wright, a row:wien/man spec:alined In the church acid. Production mute for the local reels aro eagegible. A$ a matter Of tact_ a road - 'bowman need not Wive equipment. Coolly a deal can be tee& with a Reed amateur curveraman to take the required eimm. shots. Or a camera can be rented Re a few dollars per week. Teo scene* nun can be explained then n micropime0 hook-up to the regular 'mind spleen. Wright issys he noticed greatly In - crewed interest In tile prugrams when be included rbotis showing the congregation anterthe and ILGVIng the church be wax playing. Most people would like to we themselves on the screen but few cream this ambition_ Schein; on the nxity nod cure:laity of the Weght cspltallned It to hie advantage. ea statee that pictures of the choir aro dm well received_ The plettires ore obtained then the cooperation Of church official., who. Weght asp, are very helpful. Some of Mem offer valuable suggestions In the preparation of local thole. Most Impor- Oct point to remember to taking films of tarp groups la not to slight anyone. When the ghoul are flashed on the semen, the tomes of all pereons appeertng alieuid be mentioned, With es little planning many Interest- * mete Can be produced. The en:lath. an mares, and a capable riaul- *seamen. thin proper us* of :Lea medium. will not only Inenswie good will. ben benefit materially. It to posallite to secure a local advertiser to sponaor the personalized litho. Wright armies the Importance of a food projector for church pregnant*, equipment should be kept to gad working order. films shown should be entertaining, and attention should be even to proper proceratlanal efforts to were new Klein Joins Nu -Art Films NEW YORK. May 17.--Dcheard L. Klein, a former pro:dent of the Awsocintion of Ilreiree Picture Advertiser's. has jolted lereert Pitme, Inc., and la handling sales hostillites In Europe he had offices In London and Parts. The fiat sea of the Fireside aeries now Deng distributed are Alice in Wonder. lame riper Mine In ferneel, Zoo In Man - /whin. Feminine Flashes lea the World 4444, Colonial lerflienuburg. and Afrow Squeaks. Thew Itirstes. *Oiled and Cent films ere being sold only Uteri deekre, In keeping with a general eifesnelon Korean. Nu -Art has Mt CO additional Vore and Aliened for a lorig-lam lease oie Its present premises. Reject Bid for Educational Shorts IT -Moto. of business. Wright explains that he has found it profitable to mall 500 post cards offering his service to chore: ma He follows the presence of sending a card to the church, the pastor. the sexton. ar.d the secretary. Thls duplicate mall - leg to one address Incessare tookinge stnee one ehurch official reminds the other. licedshownuut Interested in producing personalized reels can secure novel Mee* by talking to chulthgoets. Pee example. a baby film reel would make a very Interesting subject. Shots. a maximum of 10 feet or so each. eau be spliced together. and areal description ayncbronned to the action of the allots. Baby picluzea will draw strong audience interest. Action shots taken on the main StrOOL Of the local town will also draw people In to we the program. Perhepa members of the congregation are amateur movie nsekere. Their co-operation can bo secured to make a Slim -of -the -month for local showing. A playlet with amateur talent could be screened euemeefully. liebbles of churchgoers also make good subjects. Woodweeking. earring. miniature rallroedi. stamp collecting, and other hobbies-and the holebylata-weised make Interesting Tema. The pereoresttred reels admittedly do take up write time. thought, and a little money. But the roadahownlan who Invents In these three Ingredient. whelp wee be well compensated for his efforte. New and Recent Releases reuniting Tines Are Approximate) EAST LYNNE. released by Oulia0,1 Aiallablo In Went Alm only. The elm to the old Btograph Classic melodrama with a Swett heroine and a suave but very bad villein. An old-time revival picture wnwring and distribution of the Firolde AIM sense, Klein ha* been In the motion SUGAR'S DOMINO picture bmenesa many years and has (Continued /ram page 5) covered production. distribution. end listen to what wee Intended as contructive advice. ages promotion. Until the outbreak of It la not for us to draw hasty Conciliate= at this time. but one thing is sure: Someththe will have to happen one of three days that will uproot the whole flour A's structure. It would be a pity, but maybe It will be best foe the mace In the end. Legit It be forgotten, the entire actor: union net -up vow de - blood to help the actor; to provide meurity for a more..ion that for generations disdained security because the mad!millet to It smacked too much of the brialtlayer type of trade unionism. Thom wave great days when Equity brought light Into the liens of actors end showed them that It la possible to have their cake end eat it In the field of unionism: showed tive.m that they could retain their dignity and excluelve. [leas and function set the IMMO time as a cowitructive labor union. Ftir the actor Bu emery branch of the theater wo hope that throe Gaya wilt come again. They will if the Four AU is completely revamped or If It Is bombed off the map and en entirely new atructur Malt to replace It. Sentiment is completely lacking In us tosnara the UDIonn as NEW YORK. Mey hiumtional Pilau Corporation of America and Oran d Natio:tat Pleturre rejected I :0 bid for the bloom. nose -the ttrital rights) to 32 short subjecus node by Inlete Letitia, attorney fn an undledowel client. Rejection wee boned on Mr feet that the offer wes fee below reset. We don't care how It is done so lecralseti of $30000 and 637 OW for the king an the near benefit/i In the end. 1."efeil English Intereste bid for the elutels. It was»poem A further sale has been ordered by lteeofhb -Agate Referee Peter B. Olney Jr.. to be held LIKE the murderer who returns. ac fray n. The library litchades one and cordtng to Charlie Chan. to the two-rete motion pictures, scene of Ow crime, aro rev at out ad pa Lure Of hate-bonentr-for a brief -Ninon. We nave about given up hope.f eighths; benefit:, ma ao InatituUon hecauee we know when we are licked. Maybe we shall change our mind atm of Came days, but there the way we feel now. When the men who are in n post - teen to kill the beeetit evil (and the very men who would benefit from it. cattle - MD) are not only apathetic but active In the movement to noureth belierita, the outlook for a killing fas dark Indeed. Perhaps our only object to hanging up the matter so abruptly at this Ume la to get nut of our system the anger we gave tent to the evening this Is bens written when we *Roomed the diegusttlig epee - tack of three leading pernemens soon- Ine all around town looting for a bent - 1St to play. 'Those who have never adt- Lomo0 flitch a procedure would not believe it. but. AO help to. it b not only true. but It is SA common among the appletomhungry actor, sei feathers In a barnyard. lte,w can any movement to eradicate temente be bleated atth SUCCDIA if the very persons whom such a movement would help acorn to do OTTrytbIng pas - ODIC to AUstaIn the malignent pbonornenoor Several weekly coo we were In the audience at a benellt held by a theatrical organization (it might be well to remind Our Madero at tens juncture that tilts the only two of benefit of which we e.pprene) and we beheld an Ironical spectacle. to put it mildly. The ticket sale wet pore. But that might have been the moult of poor manegement and doesn't reflect against the actor as such. There was aprinted program and a lint of pereonallties ached - tiled to appear. We must be taken on our word-because we refute to subject the theatrifel organization to the Indignity of thie typo of publicity-when we reveal that not a single actor In the tome clam showed up. 'Ilion were seeerel other benehtei that ntght and on good authority we state that thew Were well attended by Iheta,h who preferred to favor emilticians, promoters, and charities alum to.,how DusIneA as mealiest putting In en appearance at a function that was designed to gather fund* for the toe of the peon:onion. Until somebody invents an applause machine that en actor can tree In the privacy of hi, horn. or hotel room without being deeposeeseed (maybe earphones will do the nett) wo fear there.111 be bigger and "better- benefits and an Increasing number of actors who wonder shy opecoternitles for employment grow less and lees while other industries are booming. FIRST cm ARMY UNIT (Coneinard from papa 3) :sand, but It Is planned to bring It, o piano player familiar with Ares rou- Alan Hale alad Madge Kirby. Running time. 00 minutes. WELCOME DANGER, released by Nu - Art Slims. Int. Sound Wm. tight tines. reels. Said to be one of the beat Company Merida by btu_ thing, Herold Lloyd hse ever done. A nut -moving owned)* with the miggle-eyed comedian delving Into the dime of Tonginsul. Running time. 70 minutes. Following Port Shertdan. It wrest to Camp Grant. Rockford. Toe three days. to be followed by the Savanna ordnance depot: Rock Inland emend; Scott Field at BelIsoille: Chanuto Fick! at Rantoul: Port Cadre Battle Creek, MRhe Ehefridge Field, Mount Clemens. }rich., winding up at Camp Forrest, Tullahoma, Tenn., June aro R. Poe Camp Perrot the how trill aurntented by Dolly Kay and Willie aborts. Nat Green. FOUR A OFFICERS (Continued from page 3) Guild. second vice-pretederit, and Ruth tiletunond. of Charts Equity. treasurer. lloo Pour A board alto certified the national election held last week by the American Guild of Variety Artists. The San Francisco petition protteding the method* used by SID Francisco local Orem:Alen In nolieiting votes was referred bock to the lecol board there. An tnyeetigstion and report wee asked. The protest was ruled tnauffletent to level!. date the election. Those elected to the medicinal AOVA hoard are Dewey Bello. Manse Downey. Henry Dunn, Oeeeld &riffle, Ernie Mack. Ole Veen.!tarry Richman. One Van, And Ramo Vincent as members at large, with harts and Vincent designated OA the New York local reps. Charles Brett and Ray-mond Pike were named from Berton: Al Buckler and MAIM Ray fermi C10Cin nett; Ray Coniln Sr.. and Lou King from Chicago; Johnny Oahe, and Dave Young from Detroit; Harp Marx and Cliff Nrixerno from Los Angeles: Joe Camp* and Robert Mack from Philadelphia; Curly Clark and Jack Wilson from PIKS burgh. and Lou Ashy and Will Aubrey from San FralletsCO. NOW $0.15 ONLY A Wal manse a on. for a ennatel naor4 We. cram!!! flennebto. not foe ono day. bet err ontise noel. not Ian Nato. sea.nn WI.MG* Worts.. TA. aaannua 1/111171Ttl amoral 'tarn mond maroon aro Alo AII.) eve-.we than AaD a alsa. N. *OGG No Imo V. bowed to ea noon. Ne. no anat.. og enadhnoonnan Ii Ontanng tally. Ott. Nary 044 *ea tan ono& tri oaccotata4 roads/non aro today. UMW Obrli TOW meet NON W see ROADANOWacres CATALOG AND HANDY NOOKINO 01110C at ear , Of It Ma bona. ant *WOO II. *INSTITUTIONAL CINENI SWIG, NIT BROADWAY, NIW TORII. N. Y. Wlsere tie rowilhoisenaw cols break 16mm. ROADSHOWMEN Leto aod tent" Pregetrni. Pout Pooh 510 -$15 - $ $20 for full wcck Sanatopflconf - Salaam - hheroohonta - Rowe Itayaro--Only a woa. Owe 240 hale salm ai and 44 page snesigek, "Making Monty With 111.1<1.' are fits on owtoosi. Weigel for year sepias today! Colorado Springs, (oloredo EASTIN FILM Orel Davenport, Iowa 16mmRoadshowmen Oro 2000 resitstess-orat 700) Shoots In Oar GIGANTIC LIBRARY. aenlal. rocs to $20.00 OA, ere. Peers to fife* Per Iowa. We mop', Pnaknefors. SiGgeSsficeDs. run, tabies. Mktopissmrs and Screw«o small iff.nett' payments. Itortrislog oittoit tm Ambiance! WRIT[ FOR OUR SPICIAI ROADSHOWMIN1 AULICTIN. IDEAL PICTURES CORPORATION 2E34 [of 81h Sifter Gk.:to,. Iliwwis 0 r BERTRAM WILLOUGHBY PICTURES, INC. Roses MO. Itiee Broadway. New York. N. Y SAVE $ Wag' " oar Ds a.. uss sigt FILM ONOtIt Yew tan rear SNOW* Is sow Ono.- ff. tuotooanal blow ulan onnaanaso! Santa Ise ow "Neese To VERACRAPH FILM CORP. Its se t, 'hire II.. Dew N. Y. 16MM SOUND PROGRAMS $10.00 A HEM ANGAIs Aloom ant VI.h.ra, A -ow. ken HAS a/ AssGo-Io. Samoa avallaah: 'wearier TtillkATRC SUPPLY 00.. Inc. *OS WYK In alrwt New Van New England Roadshow Men WANTED to tete the la,ct'st 16 mm. talloer. tecturc I.brary n N. E. We will quote you special price% on our latest releases that %oil help you make real money. Weekly rental rates for 114 limo sound programs range from $10 to S35. Proioctori 010 available on a rental bases. Wr.te to CINEMA, INC., 234 Clarendon St., Benton, Mass., for our large Illustrated cstalec and special pricers.

28 28 The Billboard May 24, 1941 BA7CHELOIL-Ilerbert.1,. of Birmingham Hippodrome. in Birmingnam Cameral Hospital. Dirmingbam. England. April 3 from intuit** sustained In an auto accident. lie was touring manager with Tom Arnold and Mose Itnaptres foe number of year.. interment at Birmingham Lodge Hill Crematorium April 9. Surrived by Ma wife and a datighter. 13EAMCR-Emer A. 60, retiring State oommleatoner of &namable.% of heart attack at Isla home three miles south of Blissfirkl. Wen- liey O. He resigned Isla State office April 17. Ile was appointed conimisaloriet In 1030 by the late Oov. Frank D. Yitrgersid. Its was a Widely known stock breeder and ax - 0%11 rotation WDAS. Survived by hie Minter and had been director of widow, a son. and daughter. Services Lenawee County Fair since ISIS. Survived by his walow, Edna, and a son and DE STYYANO-Leonard (Tuts). 44. op- May 12 In Philadelphia. daughter, both of Detroit. mato of the Tuta oorictatl bar, Milwaukee. May 14 of a heart attach He BEAUMONT-le W. L. C., British film producer. recently to Liverpool, ralgiand. formerly operated Venice Gardens, in an Mr raid, He Was the husband of Mary Leeson, well-known actress, who awe also kilted in the raid. BECKHAIIDT - Samuel, 62, ticket broker. May 10 at borne In New Tack of a bort attack. He operated as a ticket broker on Broadway for many years. More recently he was associated with the Supreme Agency. lie leaves Ito wife. a son, and a sitter. BRADFORD-Jamsn Charles. 33, mueleinn and owner of one of the largest libraries Of filmed music in exiateree. May 11 at Mime in Newman, Queen.. N. Y. In 1910, he started supptyleg musical neesompanlments for silent Aims and pioneered tn the work of developing aynehrormation and talking pictures. lie also made personal appearances with Ins Own orchestra. He Intro his wife, two sisters. end brother. CASTANO - Sidney, operator and owner at one of the oldest and beet known wild animal buithear,* In London. recently at his horn. in Hemp - mead. London, Casting also was well known among animal dealers In the United Staten. Summons theitede hie widow, and arm, Philip. who will con. Meow to operate the business. and two bnothem. Rushon, owner of the Rueban Ceurang Chiropenrees. and Philip, late Of the Memphis Too. CLOUD -Mrs. Nellie May, former hearer. to General Hospital. Denver. May 7 after a tour -year Illness. She Mitred Europe and North and South America with the Mabeiln Fonda company. Survived by her huebarsel. William A. Cloud: dime slaters. Mrs. Maybelie Panda Dell. Denver: Sara. Verna MarDomini, Alamos*, Colo: Mrs. Pearl Itarbold, Gardenia, Calif. and n brother. George E. Fronde. Denser. Services at Olinger's liortituy, Denver. with burial In Crown Hill Cemetery there. CONNILLY-Margaret. 66, heed boom - keeper at the Lambs' Club, May 12 at borne In New York. Buried In Cavalry OrmeWry, Queens. L. L. le. Y. L Clifton Kelley Lawrence Clifton Kelley. 01, a gen. era: agent of the Amusement Carpeted -10n of America. died In the Hotel icherman. Chicago. May 12 of a stroke caused by a cerebral hemorrhage due to high blood creature. He had been In poor health foe some time but became ill only the afternoon before hi. death. lie win born In Bonne, Ia. Hove ber He had been to emu merit bustheas over 43 )ear,. Sb and other concerns With which I had been connected Include Joao, Adam.. Hatch & Adama. Young So-. Charleston (13. C.) Reposition, It lock a Venal. CiaskillAfundy. : Frank Hatch. W. 7. Mersin. Leuoirnrin a wiredow, Paramus Winslow Shows. Burrowe & Leslie. Sunny Dixie steels. Great Clifton Kelley Shoes. Snapp Bros. Worthain Show*, Bee' n ardi Shows. Western Vaudeville Managers' Aasoolaticn. Fidelity Fireworks Company. Rubin de Cherry also poltfon, end Johnny J. Jonas tersewitton He Owned the Great Clifton Kelley Shows about 15 years. alas owr.ed Buttews ass Leslie Stock Com pony. and had teen a partner of Cana Thompson In the Sunny Dixie Minstrel,. He wu a member of the Show - mean League of America, Elk., and Moose. He Is ant -Heed by brother, Wit. Ham, Omaha. Neb. and a airier. Orate Kelley, Davenport. La.?imam! w ryleas were bold May 15 to the Bbarbceva funeral peelers under sus. pieta of the Showmen's league ire. 'remora In Showmen's Rost. Wood - lawn Cemetery, Chicago. The Final Curtain DAVENPORT -Dr. Wilma., 74, stags, screen, and radio actor. May 11 at the Central Hospital, Philadelphia, after an operation. He mode his state debut under the late Blr Henry Irving and later played with Sithern and Marlowe In repertoire. Ile appeared In Mock under Daniel nob - man end was associated with the old IMison. Lubin, and Biogrsph ecallunies- Ile entered radio In Philadelphia, broadnuittng as the Dramatic Voter of the Air Lamb's Cafe. College Inn, and Chateau Country Club. Milwaukee. Survived by his znother, two brothers, Michael and Joseph. associated with him ni hie venture., and two &latent OAILLARD-Jecquot 06. cellist, May 10 In Brumen, Beigtunt. Ile was Profeuor of Chamber Music at tie Brawls C.oruervetory at the time of hie death. GALL -Cherie. r. sy. onturno Watrn of the Stoner:a. In Ben Francisco May 11. GOLD8MITH-1Ra Edna Mayer. 48, May 12 :n Chicago after a twu.year new She was the sister of John. Irvin. and reid Simon, all deceased, who were pronliwnt mule agents. Surviving are her husband. lease. music and club booker In Chicago, and two sore. one of whoen. Arthur. also Is a music and club booker. Burial in Chicago. GORDON-James, 70, Shakespearean actor. in Hollywood May 12. He appeared on Broadway with Julia Marlowe. GRANT -Addle. concession employee on the Rthellna Brew. Yankee Robinson. and Itagenbeck-Wallare CIMIlsell a quarter century ago, recently alter a year's In1:044 3t Chicago home. His stater. Annie Grant, survives. hervleas at Our Lady of Solnere Church. Chicago. with Interment in Calvary Cemetery there May 14. HARRINOTON-Stay. 28. composer and arranger, May 0 In Los Angeles. Ile had been arranger for Peed Waring. Reymond Pelee and other,. lif.ater-mni. Dolores of pneumonia at her home In San Diego. Calif - May 8. Professionally known as Mixes Melding. she was formerly on the legitimate stage arid also appeared In musical comedy end vauderlik had been living In retirement for the last 12 years to Sen Diego. Martel In that ally, HERIIERT-Mrs. Kate Balloon. 78, former member of the Sllbon troupe of trapere performer., at the borne of her nephew In Pert Jeffemon. L. 7. N. Y.. May 10. She appeared with the Old Barnum a Milky Circus but retired 23 yearn aro. Rhe wu the widow of Thome. Herbert. made and cirrus perfermer. Survived by her brother. Eugene Silbert who livee In England. ItEHR-Joe Ben. 78. member of the Hagenbeek-Wallace Circus Band, In Tell City, Ind., May II after an 16-ronnth Illness. He was Mew an author, Waving written!several Imola Survived by UM :ent. Chile., Henry, and austere, all of Tell City. Ekrytee Mry 14 at St. Fauns Catholic Church and burial In St. Mary's Cemetery, Tell Qty. HOEX'TER-Mrs. Marguerite Schulling. 43, former opera enerso-eoprann, May 8 at nor home ln Detroit after revere] montha' ninon. She rang In Wagnerian opera In Berlin and Dresden in the early and later with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Wagnerian Opera Company In Detroit. Survived by he: husband and two sons. HOPKINS- Alfred. 62, musician and comport', May 7 at his home In Princeton, N. J. He played cello, Meths. ocean. and piano and compered many quartets. hurrived by his widow, Adelaide Span - lave. and two Dona. HOUGHTON - William 0.. character actce known profesmenally u Ted Bennett. In Hollywood May 10 after an eight week** Illness. Services May 14 in Hollywood. NOM -Bernard 24. photo gallery operator, in Los Angeles May 8. Ile was formerly with the Royal American. Kao.. Landis, and Liggett shows. Surrived by hi. parents. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Limn: four Mother& Everett. Jack. /Carl. and Chester. and two alatera. Mary Lentint and Mrs. Gracie Wallace. KALCHRTM-Wlithem. Si, whose six went are well known In show Mathieu, May 14 at Itenrotin Ikapltal. Chicago, Mier a brief inflow. We sons are Nat and Jack. associated with the William /fords Agency in New York sad Chicago, reapectively: Harry, Paramount Theater Circuit booker: Henry and a- llot/ theatrical lawyers, and Max. unit manager. He also Wares his wife and two daughters. Services and burial In Chicago. KLINE--Ben. 53, brother of Johnny J. Kline, editor or Th0 Offerer Wiou, Weald, following a week's Rhine at tal. home In Syracuse, N. Y., May weak after the passing of Johnny Kline's wife. Ben Kline was well known In the music world, liming been ln the employ of Irving Berlin Mode Company In the ahead music department: Carl Mather Muria Company. and foe the past 10 years owner of the aivalc Company. of Syracuse, specialaing to orchestrators', thent music, and couweal Instruments. Burial In the family plot In Syracuse. LAWSON-Mary, 30. British film and stage ertren and steer of F. W. L. C. Beaumont, film producer. in Llverpool. England, recently in an air raid. Her greatest% 'motes was to the London version of Good Nears in LYNDE.-SarAra (Dorothy Fox). 32, singer end mutes! comedy *cues& at Pearl River. N. Y., May 10 after an operation. alba Lando toured In Power, with Charles Dillingham In and also appeared In concerts. recitels, and amide She ruing in hotel,, theatres, night club., and opera.. end went to London with Al Mahan to appear at the Grosvenor house. One of her tut outcry appearencee was for Billy Roe In New York. She we.. formerly the wife of George IL Pord. Survived by her mother. T. Rein). MAl:ORAN-John (John 71. manager of the ltangean troupe of acrobeta and former rande and circus performer, May 9 In Bellevue Hospital, New York. of portnnorila. Marmon, an old -tine acrobat, was well known on the old Orpheum Circuit and had toured the world wile his troupe. Ha also ppeared for many season, with the old Ringling Bro.' Circus. He operated the Illangmai school of acrobatto In which lie trained many noted acrobats. lin Matte two slaters. IN LOVING MEMORY OF JACK MANGEAN Who Passed Away May 7, 1941 CARRIE AHD HAZEL MANGEAN MILLER-Mra. Ernest. wife of Iteputslic cameraman, in Hollywood May 6 following a tong Illness.!knife& Mey 7 in LIttle Church of the? Lawn. Surrletd Dy husband end ORMIA - Joseph. 100, retired band and ortheetra haler and music teacher. May 8 at the horse of his son In Philsdelphla, lie toured the world as a con - dueler and went to Philadelphia In 1680 With a 75-pleoe band, He retired 10 years ago. In addition to his ion. he Is sun. rived by three daughters. Services May 12 In Phitadeiphia. MORRIS -Witter. mechanic and light plant operator on Rumen Biros: Circus teat season, of cerebral hemorrhage Miry 12 while working as mechanic on the Cereal...ell Manor faun, Omen Harbor. Max HEART -M. J., Roller Coaster Om - tractor and former operator of Northern Llectrte Park. Clarks Suntan/ Pa., Stay 11 at West Forest Hilts, L. I., N. Y. Survived by his widow. four daughters, a son, and a brother. Burial May 13 In New York. NOLAN-Thaddeus A., 60, pioneer In the motion picture business., at tile home to Mount We/dungeon, 0.. May 13. Nolen hid the second motion picture theater In Cincinnati and developed a device to atop the Metering In the flints ln those days. Survived by his widow. Mrs. Anna Riley Nolan. and two daughters, Mrs. William Hoffmann end Acumen. Nolan. Services and burial In Monne Washington. PARKHlettST-Ifairoon Holbrook. 35, character actor, In SprInglield. Maas., Mar 20. He leaves hie mother, PINDER-William. owner of Ptrieter's ft:item/100nel Ton-Curcus. in England recently. Burial at Dumfries. lkotland. April 8. ROGERS-Fart Clinton. 74. hotel M- aster. In Danielson. Coon., April 14. Ile operated Putnam kin, Putnam. Conn, for 38 'ems. and the Hole: Kenwood. Danielson, the peat S11110 years. SCHNACK -Chides, 03, In Sprigs. May 1 of asthma. Ste operated theater Iii Lathed, Kan, and was also active In public entertainmenta. S urvived try his mother. Mra. John Schenck: a Meter, Mrs. A. McNamara, and three brothers. John and Henry. of Lamed, and Martin. of LOS Angeles. Services and burial In Lamed. SHANNON -Peggy, 31, screen active and former Yenta and Vanities girl, mad. denly In Hollywood Stay II. She appeared In number of pictures, among them The Secret Call, Cafe Harlem Vat Ifeekless Ape, /Mitt Continental, Youth ors Parole. and The Adeenfuses of Jane Arden. Survived by her huaband. STOBIGI-Earl. 34, widely known rodeo clown and hors, trainer. May II at Muskogee, Okla, of ttlytuta sustained when Isla horse fell backwards. BurnVed by his widow, three brothers, and three slake. SWINCER-GeOrge, of tho Skating Swingers, May 6 In John Hopkins Itea- Muth Baltimore. 114d_ after a Song SurMved by hie widow, son, a sister, and three brothers. Dural In Detroit. TErterxeso -Henry T. retain mu. *Wien. in Kingston, N. Y.. May B alter a Mx -month Illness lie played string bus, tuba, and trombone with Walter Kalman Pythlan Band In the '80, and later was with the Collor. Burger, Williams, and Muller bands. He rented Are years ago. Survived by Ma endow. Minnie. and four children Laurette. Al, Henry Jr.. and Paul. Services at the home May 10, with Interment ln Wfltwyrk Rural Cemetery, Kingston. VICTOR -Harry A. 82. father 01 Be., Victor, owner and oponitce of the Vieto Theater. New Cattle. Pn. May 5 at the home Of another eon. The. In Long Beech. Calif. Survived by Iota widow, two SOM. and a daughter. Sersttara and burial re Long Beach, WAHLIBIS-August. 65, former leader of the Capitol Theater orchestra. Scranton, Pa.. and member of Medea Cone', band. May 0 at hie home In Scranton. Tie leaves Ills wife and two eon*. Burial May 12 at Dunmore. Pa. WEYDT- Harry circus and carnival showmen end tide mender, Aped 20 In Levi Hospital. 1k4 Springs. Ark., following an operation for a ruptured Mermen ulcer. At 17, he took a contact of gymnastics and In 1911 traveled with the alkerbeck Circus as an aerialist. lie later toured the West with the J. It. Raelunan encore and at one time owned small circus. He was ago well known as en animal trainer and for a number of years played errehrstime and *aunty tales with hie arts. is 1421 Ito entered the ride and carnival!nide, with which be was connected until hie death. Survived by hie widow. Pearl. who will continue to operate lib Ovalness. and son, Charles. Tuned retirees at the Masonic Temple.. River Palls. WI.., his borne town, with Interment In Greenwood Cemetery, that city. WITIMLER.BIASON - Cordon. hultiami of Madam Holden. mentaltd. to gni/bad April 2 of a heart attack. Ha was wen known In the amusement catering win - nerd and mu a member of the Snowmen's Guild and Amusement Caterers' Aaron. tion. Body cremated at colder. Greco. London. April 6. Man:sees. Coming Marriages. Birth!. and Divorce' will be Wad on page 6S. PURIM GROSSES l'cteittnueret from pope 741 much Mower and point* to a lighter Clive' Ouy Lerenbarde's orcheetre for the singular stage attraction. writ Sts Hopkins supparting on the screen. 011 Lamb and Ralph Obers and Lynn Shirley are the added sots. with Carrara. Letiert and Victor Lombardo, and Kenny Gardner from the hand. Pao Theater fseattng capacity. tyce. tense &renege ) flubbed the season with the week elided WedBMdil (14) with a Rath/rectory with the tassel towing of Sally Keith, doeablmit from the Wtt1, Rathskeller WW1. in the top spot. House always shutters fee the summer and IA per to reopen September II. Final fare Infant:0d Bob Carney and Company with Jot Cowan and Roberta Osencf, Canfield Smith and ells tinodgnusa. the Byron Bistros. Miller. Gain. and Tyler, With Lonergans line of girls and Billy ' Kis it band. Ride On, Wegner la on the arm,:

29 $Iiry 24, 1941 CARNIVALS The' Billboard 29 Conducted by CLAUDE R. IILLIS. ROBERT DOEPKIR. Aasociate. Commeniestiees to 25 poem Place. Castleman 0. With the Ladies VIRGINIA KLINE ALTON. III. May 17,-1 bud to gtve up a chore* +pet in the Ermatelt Drill it the Salem. Ore_ Spring Horse Show and Laser someone else excrete* my now hole* to make this visit to the tartans *bows Mit: Abner. but so for It has been a...1th while, as I have seen several orpriaationa I had never Melted before. Wft Salem on Aprn 30, but didn't ore much sign of shows or amusement* MIDDLEnOWN. Conn., May 17.-Reipse =in we arrived in Denver. theorem, tering one of their beet opentnge In wr bought gas at Declo, Idaho. once years, Coleman Bros.' Shona new season CA' home 02 the late Bin Evens. His got off to a flying start at the loofa Re4 private car still atanda on the towns Wing Showgrounds April Shows. main street. At Finch Gerder.s, Denver, rides, concessions, and other equipment Aniold Gurnee greeted us, and with appeared In top shape and ride and nein Bitch, Chicago, tried to aloe us en Ice!Math. but we were In the usual entry. Ralph Forsythe. who wintered AA rides In the city and stopped out We $ row dotes, but the weather way a bit too uncertain to get a good start. At Aurora City. Colo., Rappa Rd» wore In cperatien and reported good crowds. tee stopped In Colby. Kan. on May 3 to Malt the grader-13nortbeek Rides. They were on the streets In the center X town and showing us connection with tractor and farm exhibition, Cod the fume» end many others came out to we end spend. At Junction City, Kant, we found Reynolds & Wells Shows at Co mat end of the city. They reported tlst when weather permitted they were are Wine THE LADIES on page 42) Jones-AGVA Pact Up for Ratification At Pittsburgh Stand WASIIINCYION, May Minimum bane agreement entered into between the Air.enean Ound of Variety Artnts Lid Johnny J. Jorwa Exposinoto. anent Weed day stand here Saturday b subject to (111.1 ratiaostion next Tweak} (201 when the midway wtli be in Pittsburgh. E. Lawrence Phillips. nines' owner -general manager. said his terantration is virtually 100 per rent tztor.tted ea there ts alto a oontract trith the Cretin Carniral. Pair. and Rodeo International Union. the workers' erg of which Ralph Whitehesel Is preen dent, Thin doetement (antra the nest sink In June. when It comes tip for re - revel discussion. Standard sonnet Of the cover - Mg performer* with "Class A" radroad Uses makes the following minimum salt? Kerbstone: Tatter* and Openers --Not less than t20 weekly. but 0. mutually satisfactory percentage arrungement may be entered Into: percentage [hall not tan below e20 minimum, weeblade Lecturers-Not Ines then *30 k). Bldey Shows--Ail acts (Dee -thane, ten - in -toe, pit shown, etc.) with a bona ticlo MCC three or more years. Mending and "Centrally recognised" as drawing atb*,7400., tiot lees than 435 weekly: or a Percentage erraneement which shall not fan below minimum. Orhod Elbows or Single Pit Acts- Where the nine of act depends upon a (See JONES SXPO-AGVA on page 42) W. G. Wade Units Get Uniler Way in Detroit arraorr. May 17-W. 0. Wade Sheen opened May 3 at Wyoming ten Michigan avenues, In suburban Ce/gberi, after playing a number of than iota with rides and a few contranona the last several weeks. Second unit, operated by W. 0. Wade!r_ closed a week's stand Sunday on the hat Side at Harper and Chalmers avenues. Opening was good, but bust - aces tapered off because of cold weather tht lost few days Tba mailer unit In'tted to Wyoming end Fenkell avenues lett Monday, opening under entreats sus. nem TAW is the tb:rd show to play the etnoun Iota on Wyoming Avenue se far IXte season. ST. 1.01/213, May 17 -Hymle Schreiber. Ite the past two ears with the Sales Company easymanager of the pantdnipertment in ita Houston. Deltas,.,,"4 Usual Cley storm resigned from that Om May 3. Ho will spend attend b74311 Visiting Mende on shows playing 111 Miseedli and Southern rilinets and Milirdana alumuneeneent SA to Uhl within the wet two weeks. Weather Is Boon to Openers tit Coleman Launched Successfully at Middletown, Conn. show operators reported near -capacity business thruout. Concesdons obtained fan:rabic play. Midway line-up Includes 10 rides and 10 shows. Wolinds, free act, proved popular. W (Bonsai Store/ arrived a week before opening with the attmetave new cookhouse. He hes three often *orientating on the shows The Tracey Midgets' Side Show did well. white Fred Munn le drawing big crowds with his Monkey Show. Jockey Rotar.cra Raerthronso la being well emend. Johnny Eck la proving popular, Heel Mao operating Penny Arcade. Mickey De vine's Athletic Arena continua to good businees. os does Marty Green's Mickey Mouse Show. Ulm efeklernen report* good business foe leer revue and the Stella Show. Joe Oaligens Is presenting his small Pit Show eucceesfully. Conceedondres include Paul entith. 4: Tim Coleman. 6: Morris Ourtov, 8: Jack Hanna. 3: Slim Pomeroy. 2: M. A. Darts, J. Connor*. A. Herman - eon. A. Layton. and At. Wendel, I each: Mutoaloy end Dean, bingo; J. ithelentlen1. 3. and H. Hannon, J. Harrison, Ed Me - Donnell, and J. Maloney. 1 each. Many city Mends Malted. as did Hugh Roberts. James Eihroiden, and Judge Harry McKeon, who here not misted an opening on the shows In many years. Many members of Dick's Paramount Shows were sighted around the grounds. Minneapolis Stand Sends Bazinet Off To Creditable Biz MINNEAPOLIS. May Beelnet Shows opened the second week of their 1941 tour at Wayne» Boulevard and Lyndete Avenue here May 6 alter a stiecensful debut stand at the wee 10 - cation led week, A number of city OfficiMe were on band at opening to greet the owners and convey their good wishes for a successful erasion, Numerous new feature*. Including a marquee. angrnent the midway, lane -up packs plenty of eye -appeal. Opening stand was geol. with large crowds ',Memnon and night. All reported (See BM OP BAZINET on page 42) Beatty Lure Is Heavily Plugged To Hypo Jones Exposition Gate WASHINGTON, May t7-the greatest snaring its there, a feet which augurs name In wild animal training exhibition. well for future stands. Including the fate combined with whet for pears hall been a toy carnival title, should make for fancy box otncte. Clyde Bratty made his midway debut Miring the Wet full week Of Johnny J. JonesFapoeitern on the big genernment-owned lot at 21st and C. streets, NE... finishing on Saturday (10) Beatty presents a one -ring circus as a preliminary to his own standard act Which has played Just about everything In the country. J. J. Jones's billing. tickets,advertising. and publicity plug Beatty heavily, the attraction being bandied like a free *et. only more pro. nounced. There's nothing free about It. however. with eciminsien of 40 cents, including tax, and half as much for children. While It meow unommenthenal 10 oak that kind of tab on a midway. the Beatty reputation can get by with It and. more Important, there base been no beefs. Beatty* turn alone. with 22 theme vent tbru dynamic maneuver..can stalemate any heat that's mound. The the week featured heavy gales. frigid air. and souse rain. the layout dernoen. strafed the strength expected of tt by d'ell KNOWN ea outdoor stow circles. Betty Ferguson and Odessa Roberta posed /or MU photo union they vented the Four Star Shotos fn North Little Rock Ark.. recently, etttlle on route to Tema to fors Odesrces throe -month -MA son. James Dongtes. Oaring Uttar stay to Ltta tie Reek they entertained a lea Meads at Ted Sharkey's night club. American United Wins at First 3 Washington Dates TACOMA. Wenta., May 17.-American United Sheen' local six -clay engagement their third of the new season, maintained the rucorastui pace shows net In their Initial two stands at White Centel and Renton. Wash. Located at the 11th and L streets lot here, ettows chalked their biggest single day's grans co far on the season last Saturday, with a tote! attendance of 3,500 Matinee drew over. 66:1 kiddies. AmerWan Legion Post aprelseored. Berea -day stand In Whit) Center, Wider American Legion Pont mansions.»- (n» AMSRICAN ON17,6D on pace CI) Willinnts Registers nt Second Date; Roster Sot CLIFTON. N. J., May 17.-Aided by good weather. Ben Mineola Shows played to good resnita here under Veterans of Poreign Wars Poet auspices last week. their second of the 1041 tour. Mete Nelson, with her dencing elephants. (See WILLIAMS ROSTER on page ell circuit, There's always the possibility that the price will have to be altered downward or a met -rare Job done In advance thou organization tie-ups, but this le batted on the 40 -center ea a theeretteal aniig Lawrence Phillips, owner -general manager of the Jones show, Is using the Beatty lure to stimulate the outside gate, the stet receiving a healthy piece Of money as guarantee plus a split In receipt from the trainer's own ticket boxes. In short, the obleetive is not to make money direct front the attractlen as far as J.J.J. Is concerned. It thole; like, the revival of an Old UV:In:Via In rernivranom, an years ago there were big combination central - circus set-upe There may not be enough big wild animal name, to go around, but there aro eccentio good trainers. In addl. non to those coming up. to recreate a trend 1n the right direetbon. Jones is the first In these porta to recogolzo potential»noe of zilch a oonaoldation. anyway, Beatty I. giving two performances night and Is working up a Saturday (See SSATTY PLUG MUTT on pegs 43) Endys Begin Jaunt With Click Philly, Wilmington Stands PHILADELPHIA, May 17.-With the Great Wilno again pentane her popularity and denwing power, Fkitly Bret.' Sheen choked up another exceptional week's tininess at the 11th and Erie streets circus lot for the stand which ended Wet Saturday, Shows moved hero treat a highly siseceastul opening neck 111 W111111,18tOn, Del. A new top arrived hero foe Bob Holm'a Midget Show and was erected hero for the (net time. George Bennett (tethered throe new trucks during the week, and a new office wagon U expeersd soon. Bennie Beelculth to doing a good job of»mend- Ing the Caterpillar ride. B. H. Patrick, Philadelphia repreeentatir of The Billboard, and iota wife were visitors almost nightly. Donald T. flanking placed several Wore of wind equipment on the shows. Mn.. Anna Stout, Mete/ of owners Dertd B. and BMPh N. Ebedy. visited from Pt:Madam% Pa, with several friends. Other Melton (See SNOTS' TWO CLICKS on pact en Tilley's Amusement In Strong Take -Off At Champaign, Ill. EAST PEORIA. 111., May 17,-111Iey's Amusement Company opened week', engagement here on May 2. coming from successful debut stand at Champaign. ni. where cool niehta failed to deter Spending. Good crowds prevailed. Fleet two days here were good, with all reporting strong matinee Dustman Sunday. Lineup Includes Mrs. Anna 'Riley. ow er. E..rt Bunting. manager:. II H. Porter, Mike; Ted Martin, eine:detain Prod Oltth, chief mechanic; M. J. Dr.:igen, sound car and vetoed wan: George E, Moon. painter and The Vannord sales ',gent: CUM Stoneman, night we /cheerio. Rides: Kiddie Autos, Russel Herman, manager; Merry-Oo-Round. James Crofton, footmen: Jasper Melndethr. second man: John Powell. tickets. Whip, AI Murphy. foreman; Muriel Wele. second nun: Mrs. M. J. Dreseen. tickets. Loop - o -Inane. Tommy Teenier, foreman: Ralph Stone. tickets. Octopus. Jack Buchanan. foreman: Otto Buckbob:, second man. Twin Fantle Wheels. Cart Jarets end the (woe TARS -OFF or TILLSY on pane 47) Queen City in Okeh Manchester Starter /owing the!, annual ino".."7--"1- ctom, the Queen City Shows, Under management of John Itlionla and Stephen Decker. opened their annuit tour here on April 24 with an enlortrd midway and to good Miele was Sheen were located at the city's circus grounds for neat two weeks and then moved acmes the Merrimac River to West Manchester's Gassier Pack on May 6 fer a week's engagement. Line- (StM Queen My Starter ors pipe 431 Showfolk, Friends Attend I.. Clifton Kelley Funeral CH/CAGO, May 17.-L. Cleft:in Kelley. who peered away early Last Monday, was laid to rest Thursday to Shearmienes Rest, Woodlawn Cemetery. He funeral, held from the Sbarboto funeral parlors. was attended by a large number of friends in end out of the prefenton He was unirersallr known and respected in the outdoor show tired. in which be had legions of friends, and the funeral home wee crowded to capacity. Scorn of beautiful floral pieces banked most of the room. Sermon wan preached by Rev. A. Dimon. Pallbearers were Al Sweeney. Dennis Howard. Chirenet tenon Harry Hancock. John A. Ponitt. and NOM* 0. Fairly. Keller' brother and sister. William Salley, Omaha, lies, and once Kettta. Davetapect. be., *Mode&

30 r 1,0 ROGERUR:EAN. 30 The Billboard CARNIVALS BLOTNER ATTRACTIONS WANT Liniatk,41,1 Frt. Mt. Rides; Tat -a -Whirr. Oct..,... Roll-041am. Wfwai or any rkat doom' conflict with what we Nato. Shansi 1011 and any eta., Show at nrcrit. Mare coening 0., Bernd CO.I<C Write. wire Fla Wostrrn Union, tamer, Mo. E. J. WARDELL'S MIDWAY OF FUN CANdaeona seam Ifters.. A.1% A. AN nimerana Ronde m drams Noe 14 es 011 h ANodaleann es NNW. I *. an...nail if t see, Nei ream ctn. Prove eat nem or 2:10) OWN AA ro011.. Minn. man OM I Own. TILLEY SHOWS Flashy Arcade, Mechanical Show, Fun Homo: sober. experienced Ride HOP: Merchandise Concessions, no coupons. Address. Canton. III. Wean AM 0.4 &p lot 111:.. On on yrtoem"m 0.."1(a*. W IWI 1w rano RebriroO. Lana; IIM010 STATION WM1111. escarp. W. Va. -WANT - 11,01,H11.0,1 Att. Orbs.* Roilobrbtat, Of HO Or MIA, Sink Cnenuor... Lawrence Greater Shows Vocnonvill. Ia., in:, local; Melton Root. -.Own.. WANT DROME RIDERS Tmt is., JOE DDIHSQ Panels 11.0,0nt ANT. P N. J. CONCESSION AGENTS Ilea Dona.. Flan Mill,. InIi 0 Wbrela INNI0114,be Hnfrit AWN HARRY 0. INTIM. 01/...el Denana, kin. lad. WANTED alaanann, I in'. 0na.aars. milli. fa, an3 Oast ) C. B. (RED) SCOTT Johnr J. mews Atti, Rs. NATIONAL EXPO SHOWS Wed net,.. blew, rot I an Sarno alloy Nan In. Main.3 (616 lime. roan Wm Ina* any Ustsland l'enevalre Adman Dna, W. Vs., Irma (Near. W. Ts.. r ens to Ma aithwin A n. sang. TwenW. ONO. WANTED WALLACE BROS.' SHOWS Mlle, was r, IA IIRIGHT LIG II I S EXPOSITION, Paw, ar 401 JOHN at Meek CramweS, W. Inn, MI. wed. I 4 &ILI/4c gtos: eitculatift9 Expo. a ce,,futv Nit gio. by STARR DE BELLE Knockoff. bie. Wea ended slay Dear Editor: Neem In those history mra ri midway given anal a route r,g welcome a* have. On the trans'. arrival It woe met by the Blank Days Abend Company, a onennight aland tented opry. its entire perramnel of 06 people and animals rushed the privnege tar before it was parked. We later learned than the aninula of the obese were aloe actors and were featured In Mango and Pees, a deg -day play used when the show played a two -night etand. netng actors and in the performer category% the canines were entitled to our pie car hoopltality. The Maters were enjoying every min - Ike they were spending in the car (more eponding than enjoying) when the manager of the troupe cants tn. Seeing the ahamns De Luxe Stipa and Jab department necking up a few oddttionni dollar). be Immediately drew On car Manager to ono aide and propos:timed him ter a cut of the take and be to pay off In the mr. Our car operator agreed to cut him in on 23 per cent of what his people spent but no take on whet ours went for. The rutting manager couldn't understand how their meaty and aura could be hid *part, with all of It going the one cash reenter. He sena lnformed and wee surprined te learn that WANTED TO BOOK there was n difference In currency. If Grimm =gnt far raw. [roc ras WL. Ain It was beam It was ours, otherwise It wee Bill KW* wires hia. Seeing the grow pile up. they called eanse_inanie wad black. *A*, want =atcracnon, ANor glib el wait.. the show off for the night sod tore down. We sea Mr hewn. re J11, Cfalaratla., aryl While this WWI going on the Ballyhoo kw1aea 1e arr Hats Itouno4. blrarsdia: Anath.V.Ikintfo; rol Van/. Brothers bed a motor escort AA far as..rnir ran. Ali r the city limits, where the tot was located. ar oat, C. etaili. menet. Ow. teals The flee famous brother. riding In side SOK r.ass On/. /411,.. tali omit. care was no good as a parade end they were wildly cheered along the route. To WANT-hlH4MBRA SHOWS-WANT our snivels*. we learned that thin Wu Ole 17 e.'. bnnet, Art.. our fixer's borne town and that he and Item V., 1,, 1tiOn0 tam Rule nto, Ma family were higtiiy respected In the Wit Con., Hoopla, flot,or,.err 1.011arst burg dun to hie father /wring nerved as 13,nananab Atrl, C.o All Ann , Cann fled, AM. ape (or both alders during the MK war. 1. He hasn't spent a dime of the tholes money In four yearn, thus allowing the office to buy five more fled cars. WANTED RIDES! Stripped Clutch SUm and Organ WhItle rejoined the show here, having 'erred their year In the army In three months. Both agree that the army reminded them of the show and the show of the army. Thee did not state Whether it was the general atmosphere or the strict discipline that we et all Units maintain. Intainess for the week wits fee shore expectations_ (That was the only info HG Folk Looking Forward To Big Busiites in 1941 WICHITA. /Can., May 17.-With bustnen) for their opening 10 -day stand. which ended here on May 10, panning to banner engsgerrient personnel of the Beckmann di (lerety Shove I. looking forward to Inerearad revenue for this yearn tour. Opening here on April 10 to felt midway crowd.s, the shows pleyed to milling throngs! on Friday and Saturday and all reported good play. Buol news the tatter half has been more than saindsetorn. Shears retained from last year Inehide Clay Old New Odeon.. which has been tope es for hike Bhuniway's hfoencerceme, Hollywood Monkey Circus, Mullen and Eve ahem.. and Hawaiian Nights, all of which are more valentine than loot year. Lard named it known now as the internationnl Remo and lt has been a top money getter. New eta-actin:us Include norm*, Under direction of William afccluakey; Mon- Mem 83mw foe Frolics. and Ininhouve, Melee are attractive In their new paint lobs and neon tights and all hod a good local patronage. Mr. end Mrs Bill Plot* were regular rieltors on the lot, a* were Mr. and Mrs. Cliet Hylend. Mr. and Mr.. Fred Beckmann are here with the thew and Ramat to travel isa unial MI season. Mrs. B 8. Oerety did not Rave San An - tent, Tex.. with the abowarain. but is repeeted later. L B. Oreenhow. In chew of the billing for all Amusement Corporattnis of America units visited sad wa. eetatiled with the LNlllng job dodo hrre, During the engagement in San Antonio. Tex.. llarry Pennington. staff pbotographer of Colliers. made a erten of picturce im a11001" midway. The Wichita Beacon and The Sapie were liberal with sprat. we could get from the office.) Weather, changeable. Auspices, none of Social Becurity. The guarantee was collected by the Dauglttere of the Inner Sewing Circle. The tickets were taken up by the Boy!Smuts. Music at the front gate was by the Wayward Boy Mualon and It win apparent that some farm Journal Wag cut in bemuse six alinetwrivrts worked behind the gate ticket taker*. collecting &rano kind of a better -crop distributing peones to the local picture show employee.. MAJOR PRIVILEOK Heaton Expo Winner At Opener in Greer GREW. IL C. May 17.-Helped by good weather, Johnnie W. Heatonn Expmition colorfully opened Its ere on here on May S to ceeeptionally good Imistraiss. Located at the Dobson Boulevard thowgrounds. organization ins sponsored by the Greer Pollee and Piro Departments. President Bruce Heaton and Ciettaral Manager Warren Heaton were congratulated by local official. and ahowfork on their modern and well - Illuminated midway, which featured many new rides. mordent show front.. and oontweelons. New office wagon, trucks, and senile 'Reacted attention, Because the lot was mail. Olga Klein', South American Nights did not open. Organization Mans to carry raven eldest and eight shows untll July. when more Will be added. Babe Kerr's 'Teethed /unmet Chew Is the free act. Staff tr.elisden Bruce Heaton, president: Warren Kenton, general manager: Walter D. Heaton. treasurer; Jo/us Omit. burl. net manager: It. 0. Wells, general agent: Paul Nonni, special agent; Ws. Bruce Heenan, secretary. Concession Lute -up ban Midway Cafe. Airs. John Gunn. owner; Jane Corley. hostess: William Nelson. Chef; Bill House and Mike Hood. salters: E. Koran). griddle; Leon Long, diaherasher. Rose Smith. popeore. ptonuts, and candy apples; Peggy Snots. two ball gamer; Ray Johnson, bowling alley: Tom Gross. grocery. radio. and blanket stands; Jake McBride. smiles. beop-la, and randy:am: Leo Leduc, cigarette gallery. and Horace Rivera. bingo. Freddy HMI conceasions Include photo gallery. penny pitch, &booths; gallery. and dart gallery. Shows arc; Side Show. Happy Rogers. minister; J _R. Denny. Hale Scott. thrice Psaistarai, Mary Kirby, Edith Larder. Joan Cook. Ralph Doorman. Tea Wright. Midnight in Part& Monte Wcantak. manager; Donna Cruele, Marie Howard. Jerry Bennet. LeaPence, LoadIr Slater^ Clay Paree girls. Betty and Reddy Henry. Helen Carson. Fat and Slim, Tronne, and Bobby Miller'. orchestra. Royal Midget Itcrue, A. B. Roper, manager; Oster and Dot Vsameme. Tiny and peg Alfredo. Otis Perben. Motordrome, Manager: Keith Jackman. Ruth Halite. Doily Coleman. Bobby Chester. Crime. Edna Cheater. manager; Joe Carlon. tickets. Red -Hot Beautiful Otriesque Revue. Caner Allen. manager; Erelyn Eckhardt, Mabel Shaw. June Satan, Anna Carntant. Sherry ninth, Jeanne Anthony, Ann McCormack. Fennel,. King, Maine Prince, and Clinger Altars, dancers: Ted King. ticket* Jut Prince, talker. Under Water Fairyland. Bob &tory. numnger. May Contra. Evelyn James, Jimmy Todd, Johnny Moo. Rides: Merry -C/o -Round. Al Chester. Trent Doyle, Roy James. Twin Terris Wheels. Smiler Coriltins. Sid Decker, Ocose Moon. Tilt -a -Whirl. Peed Wilma,. Jay Lawns. Paul Decker. Tralloplann, Oen* Miller. Tony Murray, Walt *Woke: Octopus, Ed Miler. Slim Etna, Ocorge Bill' Whip, Norman Bauspe, Dan Mode, Orel. and Aerial Joy Ride, Carl Richards, Don Sharpe, Tom Sturgis. Peggy Smith Fatally Injured ALTOONA. PA.. hlny 10.-Peggy Smith. Webb. W. Va. a ball genie employee 011 Lawrence Greater Show& died in Mercy Hospital here yesterday from IttP11tO eintedned when struck by bit -aid -run driver while teasing the sbowgrounde here Saturday midnight. Body wan shipped to her home by /Sauk da Yates. Widartakers. May 24, 1911 Poughkeepsie Debut Good for MM Shows POLIOIIK/22.81K N. V_ May 1T,-Good business and fair weather marked ht & Stamm* 10 -day debut stand. which elided here on May 10 under &tempt Firemen% Asraciationn magneto. Showing to a 10. cent pay gate. creanication drew paid admit/dons opening night. Chat Wei up thrtrout, excepting on Friday, which ants rained nut. Hides did exceptionally well, with the iltdee-0 and Octopus taking top honors. Dr. Sproul's. Eskimo Village led mhos.. with America on Parade, Chinatown. and Monkey Village Mao obtaining their shine. The Poeighkeepeie Reptsfer and Station WHIP co-operated, air 434 the sponanlag committee. headed by Louts P. Crane? and George Wilkinson. General Manager P. 8. McLaughlin To.* complimented on tax. Will bate to close and go to our neat epot Ham an engegernent with the Mild of pollee there Wilt 11111% in rill aides on shows' apponranon Super- Intendrist Dusky Miller haa the rides In good shape, Carl Wickert Melted and gnve good co-operation. Other visitor. Ineltined James Quinn. general resonant. attire 0. C. Buck Shown Bibs Melange. and Ben Wein'. who Ism bingo unit Win It. BG, Bandy Cancel Uniontown UNIONTOWN, Pa., May 'I.-Cancel:a. two of the June 2.7 date here of the Beckmann & (lenity Shows was revealed yesterday. The snows were to have been aponsored by the Protective Home that, linntira All-American Shows were Anted to piny Uniontown this week, when the Johnny J. Jeners Exposition was lure. and also canceled. 8th FirentenN Carnival nnel Ith Jaly CELEBRATION 050,40, Y J1.11, WANT ef 11:0 rime. ArT. Mot,,.. nab More wan, to A 11/ Want nod Hot TUG. l'.4a1(1.0: 1.1,1, to. 1,71nrat. Hanvlao., le.l riallah X 11.An17,ORVIINY M.0..zn..t.N.(. cal WANTED HELP for Rid. Alto can Place Woci.mcn 22 ether department.. Will beak any SM. that doesn't online,. Gakabwg. 111., wall May nl ccccc nth. SOL'S LIBERTY SHOWS 1 WANTED nom silt,, brt.trale M.,,11e0,1311eal, -Trz 11,M, A Or irlt". atr2c., L. - flora GL. Irate. o w.2.r filet t. Net Pord. Ilanpre. Ptals. Nara. 7 real Amer W. S. Curl Greater Shows 1111Nratora Clankornat, Otae. May 10 us Si WANTED To War fors Max ato, tuner bog to N.,' etnmtir Clam Ilmnr. C;:rt. for Rt.., h. C.-c.roolon Alma. NW Mtn. NM eft. toe talc rota: Mown env wpm SC ens Wm. WENT B1111,1'111F.RS' SIMONS GIRLS WANTED re flaylarn tot r,,,,,antomb Air, TAlkork I in.,. If yenaftaa Raiff Idris O W.H.ShawIA, In In Go. II la FURNISH COMPLETE OUTFIT To good Side Sttn. 1.4*.wbcre.1111 AO,. Wire IR.A SHOWS CAItNIVAL WANTED FOR 6TH ANNUAL LIONS' CLUB CARNIVAL JULY Z. 0-4 end t A. MO. Jell Orb in tl 10 dre Inn, InInnbra orbrannart and sayrenr. Adler: A. L. SOHN& gas.. Ow IN, OW. im

31 ',lay 21, 1941 CARNIVALS The Billborffd 31 SMITH'S GREATER SHOWS r./r/...: Neco...: NJ., tor al.! 41141grateUe:40...tPi 41,atajtu. ter, Me, Oeworol aneenfr:r pool, ntab Moen., Old WW1-, rpe. Yellabt *Ws 1101:01 MWaveeg oral fa PM. Pie Mb Oa PIO EOM lon4 Ifog Geli.e.,. Perk Wabnla runt Apnla. X<.4 an 1161 al ado (Co SWIM El41 1ao Tellrte Besolinnal. Ulla wk. Moo 11 rer Ilann book my Sax,. Act, ermank11.4. lt WTM. My.M J. HARRY SIX ATTRACTIONS Sponsoted by Veterans' Ex -knits Wee. Mart TM and Whip or any nem...darn 14.. Went String Pans. Motet Nome. caonitat Someway, or any road Ce,,,,d Shaw. Want tinp. Cetaref Callory. 0Win. Knife Rect. Cane Reek or any kplimate Ceesemsions. We slow wren drys a reek. Addtcna: Conceal Dallvery, Logo.11le, Ky. AL WAGNER Em Paco for llonasita 0., 06.1.We ftwt m- are. cambia Groat Saw Apola for Moser. Dale Ws. Amnle Peale. nth Ntat, Paulo TYL Toe lf000la. Pnot0 PPD. Mora Bendle ADR-E, boo! clbet Griot atom., ale cabar.) melt fat Onr6 OW" Stead menhir, mod ions la Cos Gunn De ace.poly valps no loco what ir an Nan esti faun coma set proolusecdal. Lad mina P 1.11, after SW Wats y.rayoely LI!ran MAIL AL W Sae 115, $ POOL 0. coma May 23 Is 04 maw. SIDE SHOW ACTS Moreton, me14111.treloro Me.. bl Ad. Iladanl AM. or any ottiry earale Act coa.cpaint PrePix Alm ASA. ttnigt$00 irk or'dtat All.. I.e.2l CrtI bat /Doges. AD mortea I, two. <Owe Oa. WNW wean,...eultol to -a. Capt. Geo. Collins World of PleaBure Shows r., r.t, (LIM reek,. >NAM:a Moat,. /colt GREAT SUTTON SHOWS WAI tarnish complste outfits, food rents. Mmil fronts. now fanny., 10, Irlentrel Dew. CAI Shaw, Athialit Tao., 1.ake Dow, se Sao Show that doesn't von11.0. Alton, IS., this week: Quincy. May 26 to 11. WANTED BILLPOSTER Wall Car ear Onto James E. Strafes Shows In leboaleser. Perin.. Ohl, wreck GOLDEN GATE SNOWS WANT Gentry. Elsk Meow. Ite2 Guywe ow, P.t lende. SPX MINE.caw asf Week /lee* *nod ootnes is Nu1.. Saar road trosia lot MK Steyr. Also Saw Il.. Wear. (AU WrItv trawl, ester 61s. f ses A...1Tam Manor Men. OW1115. MOPE. Elaolemllle. Wanted Wanted c d an /Mats, SIB r Dont., and nth 01 ell Dolt A!kWIa Moo. AlnI. Girl 7Aroalb Darcarr, Plenty el A.- ` Ow.* ma pa K. DOM Am. fontionaar fat. ea WANT FIJ7,ZELL'S UNITED SHOWS nuta 1., sin II pwe- me.','"...oh 11.1.r pain, Demon blunt, sown: kimmme. lb. Ude rest. Good Weather, Biz. Greet Wallace at Windsor Launching WINDSOR, Oct., May 17-Helped by good weather. Wallace Bros,' Shows of Canada launched their mcomel here to attendance and busirtras *111th were far above expectations Midway present* a number of new fronts this yeer and organization bowed In good shape. Per - sonnet has.1. P. Sullivan, ownererneral manager: Dare Mullet, manager: Philip Cronin, contenalon manger; John Cronin. neertle.ry; W. Cooper. billing Agent; Joseph Walsh, Chief eleetrtedan: Jack Philip& decomtec, and Pete Gruchallo, office and tot man. Shows: Life. Bill frank: Great Otril. Red Attkin: Crime. Bert Bell: Monkey Circus. Dorothy Loris and J. Itunchta: Gay New Yorkers Revue, A: Atkin, manager: Grace Myers, Mrs. Winnle MIL Helen Rye. and Helen $t. Clair. chorus: Men. Al Atkin, prtnelpal: Gertrude Me - briny, soubrette: Jim MoMenue, comic: Kathleen Laaker and Pat Cirone, dn cerdions: Jim Mattlwre, ticket*. and 101tILO Harper. front: World Pair Felton. Doc Prechelton. manager: B. Courtney. Norma Rio Rita. Diana Hume. and Jerry Bennett. dancers: Greetto Smith. talker end tickets: Roy Burney and Percy Adam,. rnualciar.s. and Charlie Smith. cane's* Concessions Slum apindie. Tom Murphy and Denny linartertic: shawls. Petal' St. Cyr; ham and broom Yrank Steersmen; eat rack. B. Windsor. C. Caftde. and A. )4arfftql: Mrs. Sullivan, owner: William Dome. water. hoots.1a. Howard Sperm and S. Whttechateh: blower. John Renick. A. Minion. Gordon Benny. and Sam Ottoky: ronnown. (lower Coulter. Red May. and Abe Cletsdmkt: merle &node. Harry Shore. Alex Nixon, and Denny Lightstone: cigarette stand, George Ellis and Hermen Sumter.: bingo, Charlie Sandbach. Gordon Honking, Louts Bunk. and ',rankle Dernitus: hall gnenca. RDA Baker. Mrs, P. Bt. Cyr. and Peed fichieber: palmistry booth. Ephraim Ligmttue and family: photo legkey, Ben Liveditru: candy floss. Le* Munch,: Penny Arcade. Jaelt manager: George Dunlop, mettles.: Wales. Rrelnald James Marton; cookhouse. Mr. and Mrs owners -operators: Andrew Todd. chef: Paul Roseto, second reek: Teeny Walter's, riddle: Peed Tuil.o, headwaiter. and Joe Nykeink. asnmant. Rides Octopus. W. Clark. foreman: A. Row. tickets: Caterpillar. Jameis Parker. foreman; T. Vatley, W. lennick. sod Mr. Puititon., tickets. Merry-Go.Round. J. per Hill. foreman: L. 1.angdori, clutch:.1. Pinnick. tickets. Perna Wheel. Bert Howard and Pled Baker. Kiddie Rides. Henry Burlelitb. SpeedWay, Red Rehoe. foreman; Jerry Hilt second man: Peed Garr. and Prank ()rade. tickeia. Tilt -a - Whirl. Joseph W. Cortaltt. foreman; Peter nay, tieketa. Punhoure, Mr. and Mrs - T. J. RobIchaUd, PHILADELPHIA. May Good weather prevailed for shows in the city last week. Endy Oros. Show. tracts to Prankfoed and Lehigh street* and did rood himinme. They also report excelent returns from the 11th and Me Mental location. Prelc1 World's Pair Sheens came In Hite week and are located at 26th and Snyder steeds. Buelnosa has been fair. Shows are attrective. Capt.. Jack Perry la the fro> attraction. W. J (B111) Tucker Mu usual well - framed et:knee...mona on Endy Bros' Shows. He's also lot auperintendent and doing a goad Mb frf locating the eryanizatirml. Many Gerard la 'dill with the shows, his =eh year there. Shows' mana.gensent purchased a Penthouse this week. Wade Rows at Cuyahoga Falls CUYAHOOA FALLS. 0, Mey 17, -- R. H. Wade Park Attractions lemons - fully opened their aeason here on 5".1UneeEita Uso tale Cle...ssolmn ess ter Mab with Cie arrt (SA,. Ytes Act 01. lemeo.lana rho,,an and 11antA tow Mirreve. Otto!Csn Pia... Point CRP. Athicalo faro Ilanarm, May 10 under American!Aspen Poet E. I nes., dro tart Aolfesalre I Pen WWI* auspice*, on the lot adjacent to the 11'n,. KM/. ROOCIPS IKAMILL. PPM.. KT. Legion hone. Unit, operated for many years by the late R. It. Wmft. Is now tinder menage:oval of Iti* edelow. Lineup include. n FRYERS Wheel. Merry-Oo. Round. TIlt-a-Whirl. Chatrplitne. and /Chitin' men. Larry Patten. Akron concrealemaire. hoe his Wilco and 'enrol other conceations with It. BANTU'S ALL AMERICAN SHOWS WANT rammer with ae n tinct.1 MwMonalaw. P.M Shp. ham corrosw esent or volt t:erwe rlitrt pule. Mot 1.011rewOe 0: CP111.1,41 Val, AIM Halo pat dri. 11,641.0{11, deer..,.!kovno 1 *Won /Ira us 1.2. beat route. with 1. LlosrpoN, OfOte.olwrg Ind Charmed Calsbasoena and 14 laninimal Padre (0 Wm, Tars nes*. Aostdp. Pa.: C. larerotor. onto, erne or nary WANT... Manapr, Pap Cl. KW Shp, iffa4 worm Brew.Winoi onoirie frernecap, 100 -root Sem. PPP* Ica Pokey Brost Darceta ter Girl Moat PAanaow. for IA... WSW, ran Inaae taw. Wm% 46motoon Tomatoes famotasolnk Pow, Gans Mr Prover Ass, Can pp.. spa, wisp. AIMMon was pa Ens peal, Wail moo EreassYten ell woos W00. pope/ *say can ar4 will bon oat... W4 torn tan nut* Max. Rte ow eon tra, %pen Rene. lanewas Ihla *Not. JOHN R. WARD SHOWS FUNLAND SHOWS WANT he mason, bid Furth and eleven fain, Ili Whorl Setend Man. Mint dole, unsol. Trombone. Twaset and Tuba fey Minalael Band. Book er bay Lillie , Octopus and Kiel Ride. Ceind She., come on. Oa op,. CROW. Pawl., Arced*. lashoond. Bales, Dome.,. Ail repairs; V. F. W. Cr CENTRAL LW* FESTIVAL, Palmsbarg. Va.. Pah seek: Rothman/1 for Meta lots to fella,. RED ONE.. ATHENS, PENNSYLVANIA.. RED ONE DECORATION DAT WICK, MAY 2441 FIREMEN'S CONVENTION run abaci la *2 new clowtoorn. Illarnonsco Parma.. bane.. *we 0.p.. Meas. Mecesahant. MOM Wain fall liewa. 11 W, I. foil". Want fam AM. rawssrlarvey 5Ww1 earl Oanwralnk Ph.* 010rar. rocatcvd n0 *WI). Oa Phil and De Phil, Wee. Th., has W.MNI Yore'. asset booth het rasa. MICKEY PERCELL. PIONEER SHOWS KNOXVILLE. PA.. THIS WEEK WANT MANAGER For Pit Show that can furnish attractions. Wo hare complete outfit. and a real territory. ANDERSON-SRADER SHOWS, INC. ander. Cily. Kan.. 20 to 24: Liberal. Kan.. 26 to 31. All others Cdebralsons. WEST TENNESSEE PAGEANT OF PROGRESS denim threat* V CarMKr. 1111A, tarn., AOne nth nahlsan duly Bahl * Par/al Ale comennent dewy win Deal berm lad...ruble moo ta 'vent Plevv money. Watt NW. Mow OenPNient or DI linen IfloInct Deane. Paper% it,14. Weal (*run lay, ear snow...ins tontort. AIM Danner and 1,WM Tarty toss. I. weft. MI oe-ecostrob Lydia Marlin. cow on. Wool Free Ater. Om... WOK, A-1 MAWR, laws Goie4 Perky 11/41 PoroPean Cathols nom for one Galena. MC. an We VW Wad WIMII won foe Ws. Rate--Wan1 WWI novelty WarlailtIng OrtIrmAr for terff1m mom. Entfladorm, Garti for perwmint am/ dares. Mu* be PAW Psrran. Wad Wan: will be WNW. Porna4aco faar.101. All Wrear, M AAAAA R. SOX 411, MILAN. TENNEVIEC. JONES GREATER SHOWS WANT She., siu fe wilt wt ea" Want orkenino thew, Madan Swann WS- ffentabw. ailm AP.* Sr ins 4harre. awn On Rm.*. Dann, lirolro, gam flo. Want en.we Palm nat. awn Useireeleellon. COelc011eeow Weld Firely WM, GuiMara. Oteli ONINy bed otate WM Mora Comanalso Good ormortiot te Man Ihmod Tract snh 0,00 15,. Lew, liebata reanowl. W., pre,. Andros, PETE JONAS. P. AMP., W. Va. L. J. HETH SHOWS WANT New and 151 DAWN.' et Seaton. Skews: Side Shen. Cringe and Unborn. Roll-oPlese. Loso.e-Plane. Talented Macfrions tor Minstar' Phew flood Corwea.t.wIl Sell., CAI:" Your Art, Snow BOIL Criftand. jimmy Davidson sent. Whirl and Ci.,1 gob.. pep ler Nall It..,. frankfort, Kr.. II,. week: New Albany. le1kno. roc/ weak. under Maionit tampion. All reskos lo /Of FONTANA. KEYSTONE MODERN SHOWS WANT Fs, W.1% Anwelun Lout. CalebratOr. May 26 La al, AllniVel we/ 11-Ye4nI Itorellsh ewv/it. Nall alt ootieelve M raeller Oltrint Coomrantenk WOO Owen Men And Rade 11,45 tor ernes/ Rapp, frcany Area*. bleenank tor Awe*, unary et peroaniap. Mat McGee acant Cosi cod Wallara fs AWrIal PlaclUnC, Yipnis conk. W. C. KAUS SHOWS, Inc. PLAYING NEXT WEEK AT ARO RANK. NEW C.O.. wanton ponies to won/ sawn Want Winton. Oennopwr et all 1,41. Poet was tosiproinc. sty leerpoonennora tor mass 510e 1r." soh sea onalionwl. inn SW Cm 24' Old. $1,111 0, all 11,04 *Med, Fest. We.N Inewen e4 &toed We. win topeenam ell. /Iwo, Trainee.ran Tr4nwMd. Enna Sr Girl Wow end ',rag anccd, tamer, mown Nate 7,0a anythihp new IA one.? llectnna W racesnewmalaneo W. O. KAIM, MANAGER, AT CRIIIFIELO. InAnTLANO SCOTT EXPOSITION SHOWS WANT Side Pans. Nave 61111/ lip Cock She., gook or boy Oeleova. Salve, Streak or Rocket. EaRew Lertkirns anal Petfonneal tar Min.bN. Salary Ire.. off* WAltes1 foe Cook Herm Help and Troth Drama, Muian. Va. Ikla astokl Va., Follows. Illtton mllltan dollar Dupont Plant b.l"k vacated.

32 32 Thn Billboard CARNIVALS May 24, 1941 Sims' 12th Annual Ontario Inaugural Off on Right Side CROWLAND, Ont., May 17.-Preeeran tag new canvas thruout and with rides looking almost like new in repaint lobe. films Greater Snows opened the 12th anginal tour under Baseball Club auspices bare on April 26. Ideal weather pet - walled and from opening matinee until BUM night attendance and receipts ex- *tenni those of the Lac several years. Owner?red W. Sims entertained many visitor' end was complimented on this season's ilneup. Rooter Maude" Pied W. Sims. owner: Ronk W. Rome, superintendent; R. H. tneake, buslnees manager Harry Lothidge. anent: Nick Simms. The frillaisard mks agent: Mcbonts Stepp. acmelary: Joe Murry, electrician and gate. ShOwe Coney Island Side elbow: Betty King. Mazieger Madame Gertrude. mentelleti John Bunnneed. magician: Ramon nom: Barbara Make, torture chamber; Patricia Merrill. sassing woman in half. Keno. Punch and Judy; Al Hunter. vontritoquint; Florence Guatte. fleeting lady; Cherie. annex attraction: Bobby Keck; Art Johnson and Henry Richard& *nett- House of Mystery: Batty King, reianaget: Professor 8tgnal. Finland's Houdin" and escape artist; Lititan DarvIlle, Buddha,: Mabel Brownville, sword box; Helen Clayton. testa of atrengthi Elbutheth Clark. trained horse: Cleerge Hudson. lecturer, Cliff Roberta. Unker Jerry Blerietidetd. tickets. International Revue: Betty King. manager. Peg Intr. ray. featured fan dancer: Jean Johnson, Jerry Bennett. Margie West. Kitty Onvdon, and Neale, dinners. Rankle Midnight Ramblers, music: Harry Intwerent taker; Roy Smith and Care:leo Harks. tickets: Frenetic Keno. canvas titan. bake Wary -Go -Ileum& John Oweberyk. Raymond Johnson, Ross Brothertek. PVTrit WMnId, Joe Chian.. Red Hi:nobles,. Harvey elallield. TtIt-a-Whirl, John Kay. Putt Ray, Jim Simenoren William &teens. Clatreptliar. Stanley Maron. Leo Jolley. Harty Alger. Jerry Cole. Riddle Autos. Tony natter. Raymond Brisoboa. Concessions P. Mason, high striker and shooting Wirer Toratny /Cabin. tooinia; Marini Goldberg. Lord's Prayer on a penny: Dave ISS/ITT. photos: Mr. and Mrs. N. Sims, can dy kitchen: Urn Rtanley sod Ur*, Roberts. palmistry booth: Leona Dfrephry and Pat Hill. ball games: George Johnson, cigarette stand. Joe WANT GENERAL AGENT Ise a 1116n ear a K...4 Netts ens wish 1.13 dsa. end tmnotiss with engin:. 0.4 Wes Owning kg an.,11,1 Mir F. It. IIETII OLAYTOM, M. 0. Harris conotasions: Sam Glass. Jerry Gordon, D. Parsons. Mite Mtlime, Frank Kurin, Joe Tannoua. Jack Ovate!. DAS* Starr, and John Smith. Jerry Purcell. bingo; Betty Roberts. Per.nyland, Jack Clancy, manager: Mrs. Canny. cashier Ike Sturgeon. Albert Weldon. Primes. Berry Beasley, Midway Cafe. Flunk Rome and Louis Thomas. owners; Mickey Chudyk, Tenzer Meniebe, Torn Knoll, and Andrew Banton. Pan-American Shows Score in Anderson ANDERSON. hid. May 17.- Pali Amenicen Mow,' opening sight -day eland at Brown and 22th strain hero Able the shows play a full inaugural engagement without losing at least one night to rain for the Mat Woe In 10 years, V. A. Metta.mare, secretary repotted. Working to a 10 -cent pay gate. /bows opened to good business. which Increased thruout the week ended May Sbowa staff remains the annon with J. R, Strayer, general manager: 6. W. Nickerson, business manager; K B. Raw. Itenreal agent: V. A. McNamara, meretary. Tilt -S -Wind topped the rides with Loop -o -Plano and Twin Perris Wheels next in line.!luta Show led that depertment. Tom McKinney booted his cookhouse and grab stand. The Plying Columbtme, free act. are well received. and Carl Larsen te back again with his popcorn wagon and sound truck. Larsen Family Kiddie Band will join him when *shoot closes. Perk Moore Tenanted his host neck In years with hns bingo store. Torn Baker has several concention, and Fred Caswell has drip photan Gchrke & Son bare diggen and Earl Senneff long-range Mad gallery. Chet Ellie and Shorty Gordon reported gad Minnows with their conceonnau. Bob and Key Melee Atbletio and Hula Show, are clicking. Jimmy &artain has the Monster Show and Is framing new acts for the entice Side Show. Manager Strayer has designed and l building new fronts, with Carl Bell doing the csrpenter work. Heth Good in Jacksonville; McFarlin Is New Secretary JACKSONVILLE., K. C., May nt boom town gave P. R. Heth Shore highly walrfactory results at their recent stand. Rides and concessions alto repented good btannees. Shows obtained good play Mon midterm at Camp Davis. 1$ miles distant. and employees of the Marine being constructed lint outside the city limits. Erigarn btugo stand did exceptionally well. and J. K. Waliace joined here with his Ferris Wheel and Kiddie Ride. Guy White came on with two tholes. J. Floyd meiarino, farmer secretary foe the lotlip Snows and Tom's Amine:neat Company. joined bete In the lame Cs - puny. GRUBERG WORLD FAMOUS SHOWS, INC. Book with the show heving the best route of outstanding cities and 14 fain. Wanted:. Ride, le isle itonediatety. estop..,, Rall.o.Pisee. looteopfant. TCat Vita -WALL. Xiddio Auto and Ridee.C., or any Ol'hit Rid4 not confining seen what we hens. Weeded: Whip Foreman with tools to tentildete retentduill Whip. nusoten, $40.00: on One wfok's woof, read Welded: CAsirpltna end e et kind*. Ake 14,t044 Men for all Rides. Wasted: Monkey Show to loin Uninedatels. Men complete. new. beautifialy framed Show which cost $3004. Wanted: Fat Penult, let newly framed Tat Show. Wonteett ttawellsn thew. Moue female,. 5110w Y 11.0etd ti tarns. Ain, want Working...4n fet React and Shows. Wass paid weekly been Once. Wasiledi Ccenceilenw of all bled, Cant. I. O nisson0 thin ad withooi fail. All addicts MAX CRLISFRC, West Chester. PA.. Week of May 19. GREAT LAKES EXPOSITION SHOWS Can ante let 0.0.s. inns Of.5111 A.044 ta04444 annals. fee POolen IPS.. tun. she*. gen 010 ale., ctn., &TO rhea. O tar. Semi Mat to Wien% OpieVarn. No beat., unties cane of Salt se. lb -w wrist.ra non:4m Place deer Cud.. mast loa Ilway awns. 5,4. Sew Awanloto. Wart owl OP ant. law Ram,... q t. In SN., Wes newer ens saineten Piers, Ciontettlore M WA kin*. Oars Mete Pike. tionale. Pawl, Put 1:00=i4. ncfund 'his.4 ate0 bea lest.a"". 17'4h Jsilyqratt'sgs.11:1411Insis..-C ash aninne Pen 1.44 iiinsto 0. beierbpily aitienni at. WAOntle. Pitensecti Os Mae, 111., tal owl; booth , not arts. CLYDE'S UNITED SHOWS WANT Oseleef. O.r.r1 Ihrelies /dim et Von nano. lee. anon, C.404, aa.hs ,14.4. eons has... *55710, GM show. Posey Phew, 1111,ity 110.( :M.Ta anew. et any anew nes sennicong min snot I Moo; wee w wanes 0.1, wenn Wineries L anii. Plot Adler.. senewoesaillenii 0. CAM,,. MY, O "Cana, pet areei: Cles Pew., W.% talleutrio. Barkoot Four -Week Toledo Inaugural Is Best in Years TOLEDO, 0.. May 17.-Barkoot Bros: Shows polished off their first four weeks of the sea an at three different locations here to truelneee which was by far the shows' best for an inaugural month In eternal years. Past two weeks at nitickeny and Central avenues proved highly mica-aqui, with good weather considerably!wiping ettennance figures. Froth there the Meows moved to the Sylvania and Upton abowgrounds, where business and weather wore good the first part of the week. Cold and rain the latter part failed to hamper patrons' enthuniaam and shows didn't lose a single night. Maumee foe the tatter half was fair. Moving over to Doer and Manhole Wrote, outside the city lirinte, shows drew a good crowd on opening night. under American Legion Post Junior Dram and Bugie Corps auspices. Monday night's business showed a goad Increase over the first night. Tuesday was fair despite rath. and Wednesday was cold but business was not so bad cone:dent:a the weather. Lint -up here Included 0 rides and 16 concessions, Rides hare been painted and new ticket Imam built. All truck.' aro being overhanded and painted. Shows are wolf Illuminated, A number Of shows will be added when the onnantnaticn leaves the city. Virginia Jean Had= repented. Pleasureland Opens Well in Hazel Park HAZEL PARK. blich,, Hey 17. -Iteoently erne:and Pleasureland dhows. directed by Ray K Meyers and H. 0. Beckett, had n creditable opening stand hero last week tinder Onodfollows auspices. Spotted on the lot next to the post office and helped by good weather. shows worked to good business all week. Altho lot wee small, thown crew did a good job utilizing every available foot of apace. Orgentratien plans to play Detroit anburbe until June. when it will begin Ita trek of fair and celebration date& Meyers will do the thew.' general advance week, while Beckett rernents with It. Rides arid their foremen are Penns Wheel. Joe Glints: Merry -Go -Round. Jack Quinn: Harold Bonihres Leaping Lena, hymens /tonne; Burnes end bert Cbatrplone, Ante 110rttean. Lack of apace here would nnt permit erection of sinews, but Mr. Dial has his Girl, Mechanioal. and Dope Shows ready for the next stand...cos at9eta LOS ANGELES. May 17. -Reports from ehnws along the West Come Indurate that most of them are having good we:inlet and geed receipt& This city I. sanest deserted straw the last of the shows hare MVP] out of manner& Inek a way. formerly with Zeiner's United :thong and recently on elevator boy 112 the Pantie Cone Showmen's Amociatinn building. Is leaving for a bitch In the ablitilott corm. Charles Albright Is with Riley & Mirk Shown with a conecodon Eerie B. Creswell, who "torten with Harry /bagmen on Venice Pier. la In the army. Anthony Cheritte is working a tall game In Sacramento, Calif. Mickey Hogan is operating concession In San Francisco. Al Annoeson reports good business at the run Zone, Balboa. Crain He recently bold 140 pneumatic machine siting to the government foe airplane gunnery training. Meander Stewart has a conceseion In Venice. Calif. George Butte** is with Ted Netter Side Show On the Golden Slate Shows. HO's been a talker with circuses and eanalrals for 25 yearn arid is also The MI/board sales agent on the shows. Eimer C. Smith la In the Mine Arcade business. Jack Chrlatlanaen Is seeking Nall mane* In Sacramento, Celle Clark Wiley t. operating his GUI Show on Golden State Shows. Sam Abbott IS In nen Pnuictsco. J. C. Athaart recently pawed his 25th year CIA a OnliCe411017Iitt. W. I. (Cannon 11&111 Bell has II yeses In this field to hi. credit. JAck Shaffer has a ball game concession vas season. Claude wife. Leone, was recently din enraged from a local hociplial and Is re - cowling from a four -month Mores Clyde buck recently celebrated has 25th year In show truants& Dan Mover in operating concessions In this section. Curry Scriber has a Girl Show on the Conklin Shows. Doe Barnett, retired whale show operator. Is living in Long Beach. Calif. Korman (Dutch) Senter has the oxekbouse on the Foley & Burk Snows. Lon Bet; is in Iforeniutin and tennis Illesingen has retired from show business. nt Smithson Is general agenting the Corey Brea' Shows. Sig Suited has the attending gallery cn the otgardtatton. John Wtillam bash ht. been operating Side MOM% for six years, Sammy Hoe- Vittr, bas a concession at Venice Pier, Roy Scott Is The Billboard sales agent on Creel* 20 Mg Shows Prank (Whitey) Bohr is with the same shown Sem Brown has a ooncession on Archie Clark's Greeter Shows. Mr. and Mrs. Bony Gray, of Greys' Martenettea. left here reoently for a trip to Lansing. Illebn to den friends and relatives. When they return they plan to take an everts:nem in the Westlake section. They recently mode a trip to 8111 Detwo and met seeernl well-krunen. thowfolk. Including J. M. (Junk) Code* and Dr. W. 0. Newton. formerly of Revere Brach. Mr. and Mrs Elmer Hanseern Addeo from Clark's Greater Shows that btenn.eaa at Naps. Calif.. Item been good, with the defense work arid camp projects patting plenty of money Into circuleticon & Fernandez. Una -Won Wand sheremes. left. here and Is now In Chicago, tubers it 111 reported he's making ansusgentints expend isle. equipment In Honolulu. litr. end Mrs. Henry Clark, of beg-piniellim note, mite tee Angeles friends that chicken ranting is bringing them a good income on their retina In Gainer, Mo. Pans Lenart,. former coniedien. d Ititm In retirement In Eintriant. WM. Jack and Mode Lowey returned here after a brief volt to Curtis. of Dufour & lingers attractions. Is still In San Pranctsco. Ho tenter' that hie eon, Elliott, enlisted In the army and Is etatienal at Port Ord. Harry Weeding and Bill Muria. Los Angelen concessionaires, are operating then stand, at Madan Beech. San Mtge. Calif. KIM* Wakens LA managing 5th. shoo Beach for Wayne Dnitieril. 'toy Matheson has elan' rides there. Mr, sot Mrs. Jack Mille, well-known Pacific Cern'. snowfolk. left here last week for a duet. week 'Lit In Chicago. Frank ),fc/f4p4', and Eddie Dn.-nuke Ale In their 14th year operating eatir.x places oppnwte Minden Beach In Son Dttgo. The Billboard presentt important facts and figures on SHOW BUSINESS and the DEFENSE PROGRAM In the NEXT ISSUE! A twee portion of the ittiliont of dollen f0init Wet tat Oafs.. i1 veins ton.rd paying Ike wages et worker. In those sin& 54 defense protects. Thai. worken and their fanielki. wit bo opted:ea proportionate shatet of tbs0 meet. end veal,. ottnings for situth needed entritsinntent. In to. May Itsf kw. The 0Mb:we wan miner oho following erensfiens of major ireacirtante to Peery distionwas Interested In plating territories mast at,,,,, d to the detente pteseent HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN AM PRIMED FOR DEFENSE EXPENDITURES! IN WHAT CITIES AND TOWNS IS MS MONEY GOING TO BE SPENT! HOW MANY PEOPIE ARE THERE IN EACH OF THESE TOWNS! WHERE ARE THE NATION'S AINY CAMPS. HAYAL BASES AND MR BASES LOCATED! Complete. atectrat see effical Ceti. analytical 554 intteptotive sissies On (how buslnets end the &denial proven will epees, In this Insportent litur1 Watch for it!

33 May 24, 1941 CARNIVALS The Billboard 33 Elite Exposition Beats Weather in Kan.; Roster Set JUNCTION CITY. Ran.. May 17.- Xtrro hampered by rain and cold weather thrtsout their stand here. April If -May 3. Elite Expoattion Ethos* man- Eed to work to fair result* under Elks' Sand auspices. Located at dt shougrounds, organtmtion day and dated Reynold[ to Wells Shows and p,rsconebs of both orgenisattone exchanged Dumerous 'dolts. The Btone Man and Tanga of Death shows pined hero. Dutch Leech', Postai Show led shows. 'nth the Tilt -a -Whirl topping rides, The le.:11nity Club. with a membership of SO. bed Hi Orin meeting of the season here. Don Potts, Jade Rotolo. and Phil Jack. acs were annotated temporary oakez. ending an election to bo held at the text meeting. Reeder boa Charlet BMOki. owner - :imager; Mrs. Matra Rotolo, treasurer: c. 0. Baton, general representative; Phil Jackson. secretary; P. C. Bogle. special went; Don Potts. lot supertntenderst: frin Clark. electrtelan: Otto Lenhest, ride superintendent and mechanic: Walter D. Reynold*. ountatant mechanic: Per Stern, night watchman: Mary and fkir Hamm free act. Rid= 'Den Perth Wheel., Joe HMO, foreman: James Denen. clutch: Jack De- Wiaf. tickets. Harold Boyd, fireman; Curly Eller, clutch; Jack Clark. ticket*. lifer ty-oo.rountt, Otis Doody,!cremes% Waiter Reynolds. clutch: Jack sneers. tickets. Loop -a -Plane. C. 8. Earl. foremen: James Whitmore. tickets. Mix- Vp, Walter Clark foreman: Ander. ge, tickets. Kiddylend. W. D. Atkinson ILA Shorty nick. mesterei Mrs. W. D. Atkinson, tkkete. Front spite, Beds Potts,. ocketc aide gate, Lillian Lonhart. ticket.; Coupon ticket -a, Merle Boyd. Shwa Red Prom Hastens, Ma Hunt. manager and blue sing= Rasta Jones and Possum Hilly WRIbuns, corralea; Ivory Inral, drummer; Walter Hunt. plane: leo Smith. trumped; Jack Harvey. sumo. phone; Annie HoHord, p1110. derma; lean and Junior Runt, novelties; Thelma Chinn. line Jean Orifitus. and Helen Cart chorus: Hill Holford and Charlie Rteey. canvas men. Side Show. Prank Deem manager; feature. Max Maxine, amen oddity. Poring Show, Walter (Dutch) Larch, manager. Juaneeta Par. Cal and Loretta Clash: Rands McVey. tickets, Athletic, John ANL Manager: One-Rotinit Hot Shot, boxer. Fangs of Death. Mr, and Mrs. FL W. Crowell. canary Prank Burton. lecturer: John. Welded; John arteniee. MILItadtrY: Its John 'Thome, nurse; Don Harm, ticket*, Trained Dog and Monkey Shoes; Captain Evertor, manager; Jack Ballard. tkkots. Concessions Chapman concosaient, Mr. and Mrs. Both Chapman., owners: bingo, Marshall ite,y. WW1' Prank Murphy and In11 Przeona. clerks Mr.. Nell!. Pendley. etreter. Penny Arcade. Mac Plttciley. aurager: Richard Harper. change box; Prteantage. Lent, Lear. Bogle and Reece ccteentons. bottle*, Para Mendell and Rebel BIllingic cigarette shootlng Bal. bre. Mackie Allan bottle*, Carol Lai/erne Mr. armiggart; Kngilab pool. filrr.n Dykes; pan game. 'Piney Reece lid Curly Billings; hoop -la. Mr.. Jack Clark: cigarette hoop4a. Speedy Sparks. Coi!thecae. Mrs. Dorothy Younger. Oaten!Slackly Boyle, welter: Jack Wells. Star}orly Your.ger. mailer; Dorothy Tennster. Waltman Ted Cotter and Joe V. Smith. yardmen. Popoorn and peanuts. Doc Cantata; diggers, JAriltil and Mary 131Witte: &now eon,. Henry Roy. let::: palmistry booth. Madsen Reece Florence Martin: siring game. Si Jackson; photo gallery, Jack Patrick. manager: Mrs. Keyman. poen': Nolte, Roy gametic gliessiyour-ape and spindle, Mr. and Mra, Bonham: kr-g-ranite lead gallery. Ray Martin; cant reek. Ruth filtrol; penny pita. Tire faach: alum aktlio. Dirk Heartwood. WANTED 0. J. BACH SHOWS tes.t (Weer, dreads, Hal d.!-ih. sad Ranee, Owl. test Ono eaar. faatwlerircd Isawrong Dasorwrerr words Apt.,. re it,eson. n Unt Pen. N. tr. all wee. May re..' ccmwes ROUTES- (Ccoseineted on pope 20) Halm Aces Mel Beni Mies nr. Nast dolly Quarter] Boston. or. Bey, Jimmy 1100 Gobi CUL at, Rem lea (Colsay, Cht. Read Staters Ihsne 18tri., Waahamion, Rein ttatt, Bob (Rainbow Orel) NYC. or. IGnWIL Pranets IfiatteiLlt TeoDl NYC. Sc, Renee le Rocs Mali, Dt. Rhythm Rockets (Capital waslinren, )tsbalcons age (assasso Test NYC, es. nice, Don Maitre) Wamangtoes , Nom tostucho) NYC. at. Riau, Ratite illetlenclem Certified 10 -June 2, h. Retnesee. Al (ithereemei CLI, h. immfa & Meal. di) Clubt ChL NeElDiera, The (O'Day'.) Butte* N. Y.. Ile. ROO,Taty. Pat IROlbra9/ Lallyente, Mu]., et Rote UMW rattere Supoerl Lamest:1e, Ky., cc. Roselle. Anee (ires Hall) NW, L Ness maters 011gt'si NYC, as. labial gram Mall, Praia I0-73. Rosa, lizbethr (Nomadi Atlantic City. or. Roes. Steen autell on -C. ad.. R M. The lidgesatee bowie chi, h. Royal Omards tlarabutl CinCnhatt. Reuel!, Bits: Bionedritors Chee0Mite haat. S Sabel, Throe labanbeeti C)oerrmatk I. Bt. Char & Deems (feeimull NYC. re. SL Jam. Alice (Babette., Atlantic City, re. Eihet Poppets icelpitc2i Washington, I. sane% tn./sine Mayotte Detioli. no. Ravel, Harry I Colonial, Dayton. O., t. Karon, IVA (Capitol( Weshingtor.. a. Scott, Hsu/ (Car. laxity OpMwal 1C(0, no Neon. Maermet lermocet) NYC Barton, AI IS...dust Tilsit, NYC, no. Maroc, Nita (30 Muhl rsorpeet es. Mrs Bob (Clay White Way, NYC SC, Pe..ormats Sr... & Yeast* qw1lsoria) Phila. a Baths, Ethel Oblate' NYC, I. Silber. WA iltratassii Phila. Kehl). Ore inrity'.,/ NYC. oc. &nets Mary J NYC. L amoothms. Trs i1wetltnkl Chi. ne. iftr. Harry della Kleletavi Womb. at. sneerer, Honore. (Cafe Ikreletyl NYC. at. 14:rec. Jam. clecettoti Mrer.eapolls. Is. litaen...ab, Heim (Babette., At:seta Ctly. /Hanky. Bea (Silver 611ppert LestarCla Ky, be. Stella ()torte (Met'''. tsars Detroit. or. &terns, Harry,Floyslei INtro), 04. Stew,], J Ins.Bilttont NYC, tt, Store. Al Mailnens L11IY. Stalliskellert Pella nt, Strauss. Mickey (Pireadiny Mob) Ilalstroore. mil fishes (Roger.' Cemerp NYC, to. ioltysz. Joe (Button) NYC. h. Sumner its-al:hem Chi. re. esiumum & Mulattos Manta's) Bronx, N. Y.. at. Swann. Russell (Warmcits NYC, mt.. serener, Bob (vinare barn, NYC, at. frollta. Three (Strand) NYC. L T Tapia. Cesar fltseareifedidl NYC. ao. Tatum, Art (Cats faceletyi NYC. C. Thera (Broad:noel) ChL no. Tey ft Wier Illeacboessber) NYC. Ma Tyehy. hat Motto., NYC, a hayed Tr. not Clams) Chi at. Team, Pbll & Peony icatortmen Ctn., u1 V Valentino, Itto ibtontparnarsel NYC. no. Vallema Iltaeana-Madrid, NYC. re. Yallor & t:ta Irrench Monte Cano, NYC, Or. Yeammil. Cemsdolyn Chi. To. Velma& Oath). 'Prove), Monte Carte) NYC, at eminent*. CUs'. (1,1010 Amulet NYC. h. Ylreent. Eteem Irlosery, Detroit. he. WM sal :imam I Colon4ll Dayton, 0., I. icerelon, Jack (Park Ceetrall NYC. la. N' Puppets ateubee's Vicema Row., aosion 24.hice 7. Walter. Omar eatillt Armlet NYC. 0. Watson blisters (Palszebem Philo, as Wayne. Mildred Wsely' tibit maoi Ise Weaver. Doodles (11111enore, NYC. h. Wier, Reg pribece) Cincinnati. h. 'Kra.. tarry illey-ott Club( Niagara Polls Welch, Itebenta (Oreenwleb Clams Ina) NYC. on. Wrens, Lets (Chateau Modems, NYC, rm. Wesson Sem. Maim Washingtrek I. White. Jack (II dabs NYC, no. Indians. Pour (Palmer Ileum) Chi, h. Williams, Painds (8111 benceourn NYC. in WRISIMS. Pearl (Poeteht, NYC. Is. wanes & Mead (Jimmie Darstelss NYC. ne. Reekir. Al limedust 'main NYC, its Wtolora la Mao.,Park Dmitri/ NYC. h. Winter Seaters. Three (Be) Tatiartni Premier* no. Wstiate, Jen Meg Clebi Chi or. Noland): Now 0. Com WOni. Jim. TroLea40upe made 11.11) NYC. I. weotacy *Mane erowsri Kern.. City, L Weed. Slants 'Park Central, NYC, /a. Went. de /tray thrown, LowiwillOr Worth, Ctdey rtlay While Way) NYC. as, Y Vas, irmia (Cimino Russel NTO. Yost, Bee. =Harr nrirea moos NYC. t MU* (00parabanal NYC, as CARNIVAL (Heft..' are far retreat week when a datra re i1.m. In.ffew t.tiamtes pastikly aline *Mai are Alan Pied: &tray. N. Y.: Tart Ayr -brut. Aron ttuiler ShrWar. Wears; Xlma , Anderson-MI.4a: Garden City, Man.: Liberal 18,11. Coker. musty America.: homburg. Ore, 20. 2S. Reek 0. J.: Painted Mat, N. Y.: Newark. N. J insane AlbAceerMan- Ambridge. Pa.: ran Liverpool, ,41. UNDERWOOD Home and Field Secretary THE UNDERWOOD PORTABLE TYPEWRITER WITH BUILT-IN TYPING STAND EXCLUSIVELY UNDERWOOD HERE is an Underwood Portable Typewriter with a sturdy. folding Typing Stand built into the Portable Carrying Case. No need now to hunt for a place to type. lt's right there... to be set up whenever you want, wherever you go. Scc the Underwood Portable Typewriter with Built-in Typing Stand :it your Dealer's... ask for a free trial... inquire about convenient budget terms. UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER COMPANY One Perk Avenue, New York. N. Y. Sale and SerrIce Everywhere Happyland Shows, Inc., Wants Sensational Free Attraction to open May 29. For Salc--Smith & Smith Choirplane. in good condition: complete with motor, $ cash. Ro-Lo Funhouse, sixty -foot front. $2, HAPPYLAND SHOWS. Lincoln Park. Mich. WART CONCESSIONS FOR THE BEST SPOTS IN THE EAST Such as Penny Arcade, Diggers. Pith Pond. Duck Pend, Pony Ride, Ball Ctenes, Penny Pitch, Merchandise Wheels. Novelties. Mouse Came or any other Concessions that can work for ten 110) can't. All address PRELL'S WORLD'S FAIR SHOWS,INC a This week. Ycadon, Pa.. May 19 to 24, followed by Trenton. N. J., just outside of Fort Dix; 11/2 million dollar pay roll. May 25 to 31: then Elisabeth. N. J,. lune 2 to 7. MARKS SHOWS WANT Cirl Revue. We have complete beautiful outfits, wagon fronts. Show must meet our standard. Can place one more Grind Show. Have for Sale-One Caterpillar Ride, A -I condition; now in operation. Three 100 KW Transformers, Electric Switches and oilier equipment. Can place legitimate Concessions. Address JOHN H. MARKS. Norfolk, Va., this week. FRED ALLEN SHOWS fast Sytityla. N. Y., M.y 26 lo I', tical In town And cn men highway. big maned (solar and defense been. Wonted, San eonat Imf, Wanted, Clean Cried Storm. SI S.00. Geed opening for tonsil and fin or Tally. Wonted: C.1.1 Samo, 10.1,1. freak, ea any Show that is... le, 25'6. Wanted: and Wane' m any fiat Ride In open lose IL in big telebeseke amid Sagami of season, 25rt. The week. Solway. N. T.I nett Ct*tk. fait Stfatt.1..

34 1.y It The Billboard CARNIVALS May 24, 1941 HOPEWELL, VA. HAVE FOR RENT Show Grounds -Car Unnts-for GuairaIs or Ci4CVS. E. L. JENKLNS Hopewell, Va. Phone Ixi 0,16114AL Si Re' 2 AfE6 crocus ISA2V1' HART WANE Pa le.,t aoar sew alerower Ms. to Mk Mare. 1; :.* AYLat Illy el aamalf Dow CalImlay..h Yea. 41L N.410 dena, fem. et e KlesCv:tur. Weetted New In elf PPOOMI.: In afaale D.10. %III boy ot book Des_ w.1 Pray re. For owe. 4..1, hrob &rho, Wutel, hr valnavied 6.14 cue 04'!01 alaaat ea shaman Mate salary yva ass taw Roltecoo on the mat?lbw, di vas jaw, Womns PrnaorraMs ad Radon SW so Levan Will Wes.('no, W.. fint IVO P. wed me yeti. 1,aluar: *oh Jot, nolo o Ay NO. In Pb* *40. TOR oleos.. omens P. 0. Or II. I. Paulner40. rh. Brom.' Circles!finnan L.r..4,1411 o 4Vamtg V4 rgejer"..' run/ ta twal dasna, Weans, VW.. avd Atat Idth..t A PI. Or K INOTOOmerel Awn'. two am.. b000ey. Penal all whew Nitta MOOS: CIR- CUS. Irwin II; Tanree...en tt; le.11osolae MI WI 23. ana WANT CARNIVAL Wttle 30LT 3 AND Y FOR BRUSH RODEO AND RACE MELT /1. eoto o J , Seer. WANTED A wed Omar*. 11, V. wet 44 Jo1y 1.S. W. W. OWtlea. COUATT FAIR AMA.. Rouen Seervp. Ky. ILeitz.17%Lt7i WANTED FOR KAY BROS.' CIRCUS Peresware taerder: IlLancy, CA It NI VAL WANTED JULY J FIREMEN Of MIDDLESEX COUNTY 1/ )b lo 1. f urinal mt. yr...o...i ttnalaa. gmg LiV;r4 WANTED Far ce.o.teates., hew Mese sWee 11..e.weine eta a atAw.A1101 mt. 000 *10 evfe.61. DM'- 011 Re4'twaolinio,cig=2;4.: Eitnetost X-23. name *tura.: Muster, ILL BIIM itlabors: Owtaalsero. Ky.: Torre Draratft 194., riorarsia Jrataitd: San 11,0110. CALL : Iaterwore 211-Alse 1. Sremor; Daman. le )8 1061, ; 00alar00., VA y: Yt. Thames. I 26.31, 21,30.. 0, 0.: Ifewbarsh. V. V.; None. A.Satio. ItaaL. 9141, Sig.= Altkiirt liftann..rewtorfzeotticolo sa4 1101!1.33 Shom: Y. Oyer. Woe. 1.11nueler. ZAMA Mo. Celeettalllo Mira: P40)00. Kam Central AM, Cu: Arateed. 0. Ventral Male: OMNI. KOA. O.UIo At a. Pa. Ceirman Brea: Nerwkit. Oann, Colley, J. J.; Clerffland. OVA. nrantreed. Ont.Cratt LOn CooventIon: tiatalla. N. Y.; Torairenia Y.toes &ales. Clenorivseve, 111. Crafts : 101.4,1 ride)) 3'[11110, C ; UoSeelo r 1. Crewent Ala Oa.: Ancrierla, N. C.; Sanford 24-3L CriK : 3144-santen. N. C.: Cnosteellnel Valley: Co... TOM: Manahan. ne-11. Oannlashara'a WeLittoo. 0.; Loom l4 W. Ct. Ornsainn k U. EL Rowe SO. Wooster Piket Ciarannati. 0.: Ylndlay Dopey Stamana MU. Delta bee: Oratramd Coy. Ind. Dodson'. Werra'. Farr: Parawcale. N. G.: Ote1ellib3ro Dom 3314 *11(0,1 PoltarIlle. Pa. Dyer. Ormer:: Pearrellle. Sfo. Maude. J. R.: Wooster, a 13114: Fella Cliy. Neb. Supra. Am. Cia: Itesard. Tn Leidy 11r00.; , N. J. ratters : ill3d Raloral 0.1a - OIL Para, CI; Ramey Fleming. Mod CoO: Columba:. Oa. POOt Star.CrOtW Yrowees nreia.: Crania city. Preen* Orettee: (Montpelier fa Whitson areal Urania. 1.. PredstS4 13 Am Co Lerlmtm, Nth, Yen* Orestes: LAW* F.CA Won. Yanked: Nfitirefll. Vs.: Peters 111c Twined Mann Klactallaw. II. Oriaba. W. A.: 120ors40. Kan.; ludeparramume Medal: , Ind. Oradea Stitt AtIentte. la.: OZenwood ea:tone 0014: norkeaviiir, Ky. 0010ew Matra Trauma (361)3. Oehion Wool; Atwater. Minn: ILInunrate C A. W. Am. Ca: XeuroiaillIc. W. VA.: Sint MLit, Orand : trumma, Okla Liam ZW.P0.: De Kalb, M. Drat ; Anon. Ocinty :neater Crated: Kam Azi110. Tea. Drove* Cheats.: 1/nit11. Ind. Umbers %Vona Panaids: Weal. Cheatee, Pa. Wray Aura: IrarracIlle. 0.: Orem Clty I1e34t80 nosh, ncrarrabact. Ind Cotehesier, Ian. Heller's Anne: Newarla N. J Ironwood, : Nraatince 21* Juno 1. )traalta new.: Irvanmelle. Neil.. L..1.: Yeankrott., Ky.; Ken Albany, Ind _ Itelh. Y. R N. Mottle. AIX: 0013, Tenn Hurons" Mad: A3Oany. Olc.; herath 'Mama. WW Intie.N.244:11k. itch: Tema lonierral: , ,. Omelet. At Albans, W. V e.ny J.. Napa.: leapositlen Poek1 Pittsbantn. P* , W. C.: C , 1141.: Red /3031. N. J Kau? ftosedt. N. 3, Kerstono almero; Rebtord. Ve Laub. Des: Nock Saaan III.; Comanche. Ia BUTTE, MONTANA MINERS' UNION DRUM & BUGLE CORPS WANT SHOWS AND CONCESSIONS for INDUSTRIAL EXPOSITION AND CARNIVAL 2 WEEKS JUNE 16 TO JUNE 30 HIGH CLASS AGENTS. CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY E. H. ROE, Manager maker: Oilman, 111. Large, H. P.: Rantoul. ill. Darkoot Itroa.; 1oaa0e, Wen e0, teed Oak. 1..; Gabe. Nth.. Letrat Act: adaseport Cook Lone Mar Mato nn. OLD HOME WEEK CONELVENEF., PENNSYLVANIA. MAY OM Mr* welasin 11/ Ora Poo.O. Owe Peed, Pdea To. Teve Win. UM.. Arvada Ilver. *nasty. Mein. Mow. Tair le.. w t. wili rt aanatnalben. 'Worthen. ye...1,0ono. Write er alm N. A. 0[ 411. IA. fro NA 014,0 awalem al i... P.l. 0911,1 sra41, Red. Pewee *Mies to WM ow vv Mon. Greeter. 1m.raw0r111. 5[ Rock., M. a 0. Am Daeula. Oa. M. At Kinsmen. re. Y.; PL Kdelard !Met Carman: Wieona, Sta. Mame Ihorre: Bethany. Mo.; Chas.tco Warta: 163,1012. Va. ana-werat. Pastan& 31. D., 1041; Caroller 2244, Dfaytott Moramen: Anoepotta Md. miser Madera leleray. Ilizinimbutt. N. 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Mina ri Wolin Aux: Mateo. 8. C. World of MHO: Swath lifter. N. 3. vee..,..s or Pteasere: nay City. 1.11e2a: 81tcktme Ware er. Wayland. Iv. Tun. Ist-it. Yalu Ant CO.: Re. Paul, 1.1:rn e 6. Eaceldul 11,un.: UO3/4W. CIRCUS A-..erren, non Kramka. He. 21; Prat Madrion, 1a., WeratIo 23; West LIrarty : DU. Pa.. 9:1; MradvIlle 31.ramerararri. N. 1'. M: twasitoret. Pa. 31 Megan Yalta N. Y.. 24; mirage telutini 38: ranrararaten it: b10 00'p* WIltra-ltaree Orald. Jay: &Atom Ia. 31. urail rata Cron:ord. N. J. 11. Nrall.AI 0. -Miller Bract.. Kan.. It. Lent. Wm.: Q-eteralar, /Leh., 33; Pori Huron 31: Pima 22: Say City 23, 8a3Un ; Owosso 24: SatUe Creek 31; C,.24. rater :a: lionarata. Ind Wan, Walter L.; Routh Carona Park throatlyto , MUM DM.: Jeannette. Pe.. 1.0; Irvin Taranto; 21: Apollo /3: ICOtranlos 24. Polack Oros.; Rece). Nee. 33, Mo.. and t IlaGn.: MO, deltada. Pa ; tearelrburs 33- Wflottos- Ion. Orli.. 27: Cateden. N. 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Y., Jaw% Urea[, Amy: i1l10/1.364r 51a1.12.6,4, 0., Lord At Janne: Mohr= Theciter: 100 An. stir* 1144 vsstair ma.: East OandOlph. Vt Al lt. Show. Savo Para levant AOI, ta Craw. forratillo 21: ltkhland 22; Kress :3. /Ded h Mask: 1)01117 Met. AlrlIcer) , Plc Ttrzavy. Chalice & YIngirarat (LaCorma club) rok, Pa., 11,41. Va Plying Boom: Duman , Late Circus News Washington Gives RB Turnaway Biz WASHINOT014, May natim e OM. cesaful three-day stand at Um ;Own - =Kilt -owned lot 41 dlat ar.d 0 affects. Northeast. Show did capacity busint. &ciente ottesmittent +bowers, me,. tunnels -ay gated C00.4 a d T.. beat, sold ont beforn the periort, Weans interest appeared higher n.e year. with considerable newspaper sgsvt given to the show hefare antt during ensatcrantint. Otto department raore, thn: prentutan of woman ctrcua fan ab:.' et:gooses* of tong standing. 000:40i steelm ntsniews. to Um etretbs theme. Tbe customer supplied the store display de. par-tre:a with ad posters and circus Art Join the "Who's Who" of OUTDOOR ATTRACTIONS in the SUMMER SPECIAL Itere is the bat. most duce[ Method of fasnillarlzlng committee& =togas, sorretaraes, book - hag offices. said other Went Doyen with Tour act or allow. liveryorali you need to mil now looks (000,14 to the Annual Outdoor AttratIons Salton in thy Summer 470,!801 Tbla year the 4th Annual 2011.a>0 will Wald* buyers with a wale array of intereating. helpful. and Infos:um:ft material. Don't let this opportunity to gain reapeet and good 1111 ratp SEND A POSTCARD TODAY FOR COMPLETE DETAILS The Billboard Pub. Co. Profession& Deportment Opera Piece, Cinti O.

35 11 Ilay 24, 1941 CARNIVALS The Billboard Ss Club Activities git0wiiten S fea9ue malt in back to town and u daily caller at the rour.s. Sam Lasky 1a still at the Alexian Hospital, but showing Livros*- at the rooms. Judd Goldman N *ten segaig the regulars at the Atwell Luncheon Club In the Hotel Sherman. Joe has candy floss and apples with Callodman Wonder Show.. Toots Cold WANTED MANAGERS, SHOWMEN. CONCESSIONERS. FREE ACTS IF INTERESTED IN Motorizing 'LI' (HAS. T. GOSS STANDARD CHEVROLET COMPANY East St. Leon. Ill PRICE AND SHOWMEN'S N... Used TERMS New - Used Peemesste Can - Erwin - Serer readers CONCESSION MERCHANDISE isrlosiyr. unctuol At 'oh e; tetti adiat and eye opined 1r. FAIR Pods, Often PARKS.CIIKUS,CARNIVAL ertetio me ratelee.sarte Weeks, TIPP NOVELTY CO., """:.7.*: "" WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY FOR CONCESSIONS, RIDE HELP AND SHOWMEN vl II.. J Jew. )wares is Lovas en). ill. MnMaDolc si esteemed one tau. and taws be hoe fee this raves akt its golookl Isoreonalert.t 00l bring hoe remain fee nave' le ew tothews. then *Nos 0.1 4AVIAZ e se cm kin. eostes Ina 11/50 all..wan Peeved Sin sib lass as aresteetts tee asonekwee Hs Monne! met better ItTuts41. Manna..00 Iwo new -,the 04 vonb orlet Im1514 DMITONII MM ma All mom.* val to snare ToMMasiben sees is toned..10, ear MOW. Ames It`notniROoftleNklekr `feNNlen p.)..1a PeltdWIN PiOrtik. Mae re so Two 31. ACTS WANTED REVERE BEACH, MASS., MUSEUM SIDE SHOW Account of int wiwte eiskeelermese Alhcd Langan'. we woad y. Waiting. Reply InnnedlalelY MANACtItS W. I ceertstn and LAMMLITTL. :vent and ratting well.!knot, recovered horn inners. Is at Pail. melee Park. (Intent If you are not receiving rl who Is with Company B, 3d Battalion. Wiwi Auxiliary mall, please rend new address. Sympathy to extended Sister Florence Smillena John Ward and President Joe key are Port Monmouth. N. J. Via-Prondent Attendance at the club's closing dinner Sherman NOW party In the Malaya Room of the Collee On the loss of her father, keeping the malls hot between Los Angeles and the Columbia River. and John Chicago Inn. Sherman Rotel. On the night of May totaled 39. Special floorshow Wad well reads part of the letters at meetings. CHICAGO. Slay guitar meetings molted. Among members on hand were Pacific Coast Anthony Choate* and Jack Christensen sill be resumed the Oral Friday In October. Membership campaign la well Laithus Wood', Caroline Pain. Allele and Caltforals.. Brother Sid Benedict ts with Ida Chase Elsie Miller. Nan Rankin.. are with Shorty Wrtghternan In Central ceder way as the Inniation fee will be Prantes Banta Mrs. Al and Hattie LattO, the Prank Burke Shwa, nen Servo has mired to ins September 1. ThIs means Leah M. rirumleve, Phoebe Caroky. Met. itowtsiett's assts been showing Sam (Friar) Abbott around that the fee to &mew:many apialkauons Henry Belden, Mrs. cone Rollo. Linton Southern California over the weekkrithe after that date will be 06 ph* one Lawrince, Edna O'Shea, Lucille Hirsch, 6231: South Grand Ave., at Wilthh Charlie Nelsen attended his first rflote. rear's dues of $10. Vow then appliestiona will be accepted with the CO foe Rose Page, Ann Duelers. Ann filmater. Los Angeles Mg In four weeks and ass awarded the Anne Young. France& Keller. Marge Kelly. attendance pnre. yernithag at this time. In other weeds Marge Tees, Myrtle Hutt, Pearl McGinn. LOS ANOELES. May IT -Members at Harry Le Mack brought the club's attention to the swell manner In which the fee until September 1 Le $10 for 10 - =room plus dues of 610. Recent ap Clears Mdirr, Alice Hill. Keller Byrne". Monday's regular meeting were shocked Clara Harker. C. Bishop, Margaret redo. at the news of the death Of Brother L. Chaplain Pop Ludwig conduct, the me. Cle3ra% were received for Diger M. Wilder and Cleo. 7'. Jackson. sent In by grime. aka Al Miller, Mae Taylor. Edith Clifton Kelley. Memorial orrvicoa, led mortals for the brothers who bare passed Ned Webb and Peed H. Hrouenann. The Strelbieh. Mielek, Maude eller, by Chaplain Ludwig. brought out many away. The Christmas Dimwit FUnd is td Cam Reaper again entered the rinks to Cora Yeldham, Bessie Simon, and Hattie take Brother L. Cileten Kelley. motto Clinton. After dinner members edjeurne4 to meted RIME auddenly May 12. it, ea o.o the clubrooms where the anal meeting Dues notices have been mailed out and of the mason woe had with these of. ROLL the response has been pkaalng. Letters Serra ma:ding: Mrs. Joseph I Stonskti, will be sent later to all delloquenta. president: Mrs. William Carsky, flrat FOLDED TICKETS DAY & HIGHT SERVICE IIMMItItt lessees 116./11 Mils AtQVIIITLO A. L. Putnam. Northern Wisconsin M- stee-president: Mira Bert Clinton. third otet Fate was In town en business and stir -president; Mn. Lew Keller, tree. - Absolute Accuracy * Dependable Delivery * Finast Workmanship milted the rooms In Hotel Sherman. urn, and Mra. yeah M. Brumlove, secretary pro tern. Inn:cation was rendered * Best of Materials * Perfect Packing * $ Hooded Guarantee Lon BoRer also Tutted, Jack Hawthorne back in town and Vice -President Carl CASH WITH ORDER PRICES -SPECIALLY PRINTED - SIZE 1 i 2 by Chaplain Lucille litracti. Clubroorr.a nedirrian is here looking over several will close for the summer. but meetings ,000..$ locations. Ross Ogthie, or the nutria will resume to the fall. Socials will be (boat Showman's Association. vtaltod en held until late June, and all are Smelted Nene to Milwaukee. Richard It. Peed and Mike Harrigan, well known among to attend , Wakes Fate workers, were among callers A Letter was morteed from Stater Abner ab... price.. ton one aoonillno desired, Fee each enno of Ivor -done and color Kline. with a gilt for the members en- toftngnf color only y. aloord fort.1o,10.0rp011esst. of kindar color. eksed. A letter also was received from Frieda Rosen. She enclosed the appll. cation of Etta Al/CUM* Mallory. Sister Jeanette Won Is recuperating at home from a severe cold, Mrs. Torn Allen in doing nicely at home. Members were phased to have Alicia. Barth and Caro. line Paul with Peen at the meeting Rose Page and CleDilne Pout thanked members for the flowers and cards sent to them during their Illnesties. The et awned went to Clara a Harker. 72ational gtowliten's 056{t Pa'ace Theater Building New York NEW YORK. May!T. -President Mao Linderman advised that World of Muth Shown received the first advertisement for 1941 yearbook. Issued In conjunction with club's banquet at the Hotel Astor on November 20. It Mme from the Hawthorne IN. 3.) American Legion Peet. Other show owners should follow the procedure of securing such co -opera - Mon from committees they show for. brother George Bernet% left for Spring - del& Maas., where ho will stay until niter the VaAtertl States Exposition there. Brother Sam Peterson le still at Motlical Canter Hospital and is now al leved to have slaters, Brother Ike Weinberg le In town from Philadelphia. Brother Max 'Pubis Is a frequent visitor to the rooms. Brother Rem Stetson reports good business wtth hie rides In Long bland. Member, were shocked to learn of the death nt Johnny J. Kline's brother. and too shortly attar Johnny's wife died. Brother Charles Davenport reports good btulionss with his two concreelonr on the B. Ar V. Shows, where he has Brother Happy White and as= Walker operating them for him. Btrthelay congratulations to Max Mr - ninon, May 21: Leon Reeve, 22: Willie Johnson, Chisels.. 8. Port. 23; Veld Davie. Idlchael Gebelele. 24: Jack Oreenapoon. Jerome B. Gottlieb, 25: Harry F. Brown, 20: Herman Blumenfeld. 27. Ladies' Auxiliary Annual Stria berry Festival drew about 100. Sister BM Haznid won a bed. toresel as door mdse, while another prime went to Stater Dorothy Packtasati. Stator Dolly IdeCarrnEck donated table prona, plastic fruit knives. and decorative b-1:oorri. Club will realise about $160. which wilt go Into tha Sunshine PUMA, Sinters Evelyn Blakely and Anna ItalMn are going after life mtraberahlpe. All mrrlxra within eirtilng distance are urged to attend May 28 meeting and bring one or both parents as a program is being arranged to honor fathers and mothers. Sister Harold will go to sines , to attend graduation of her daughter, Sync, from Breslau Academy. Sister Florence Meeker morel with, the Detect& aerialists on ItInglIng-Barnura Circus In New York and Boston, Sisters Irene Greene and VI Lawrence have Joined B, Je V. Shows. Sister Kato One tributes to his long and active career In outdoor show business. Interesting oontmunicatione Were received end read from Torn (Furey) Hughes, John R. Dyke, Bill Mop) Moser, Dan Migge. Chuck Crantmon. Shel Barrett, Cal and Betty Lapels, Tom J. Wen. pod Sam tkootch) Abbott, Brother W. EL (Dad) Parker presented the club with a number of United States Defense Savinpi Bonds. Pop Ludwig brought In a neatly framed photo of Brother Jack De Salvo. WELDON,WILLIAMS & LICK STOCK TICKETS ONLY 5c. Me, (Sc & 20c IT -C) we M. IVI IT 0.1 ARK. 1 ROLL 50* If ADMISSION IS OVER goe NAM x or TUFA ***** AND IS ROLLS...Al-AOC TAX MUST BE PRINTED ON TICKET-n(0E0AL TAX 10 ROLLS..0 35C IS ONE. it' CENT tor EACH TIN 110o Cittirl '7"!7A No Table Lamp Dor. Ina less sold I $5.40 '41 WINNERS s sew el the 0-..4eres of news evf. from ewe eenreo Cafibig. fat. yew frail GOOY dale alas Of beratift. No Somber Lamp Each $3.25 No Vanity-Lite Each CONTINENTAL PREMIUM MART 822 N. Third St. Milwaukee, Wis. FLAGSHIP I - DELIGHT SWEETS, INC., 50 East 1106 St.. N Y C. SNOW CONES CANDY APPLES SENSATIONAL CANDY PKG. 13 InNw Idea 1 lor.naa NO. 4 Odse., 0111M 0 01 a 6.01 tang en and, enws. Parko , 100 Pkg ,110 Oau.sin N yi oo-t0 P.C. 20, Deo. an es, POPCORN CANDY FLOSS A lief Of Supplies. Inehetes itesakeset and Machines_ HOplest oes1,1y, nen onen and tot write. Rey let.. to.readona.'on's hassaarrrrr this year. Write for peke list teday. GOLD MEDAL PRODUCTS CO. Ili t Flan Sr.. CINCINNATI. 0 WORLD OF PLEASURE SHOWS MUSKEGON. MICH. GRAND RAPIDS (Downtown) MAY TUNE 2-7 Blocs -M.. and nose Rides not oerinnetrio. RHONe--tlln tin, Mt Anirods AWN, fakcaaosoal *Iwo MM. own MsnmeetsUen. roman Oantord. Arrw,c6a Palma air,. Ina Caron., 11.. Mam In *ma ererrury tee noll-rrmsed Penny Anode Hen Oaf In DI Onommmom. Toe Wry. JOHN OltIntn. ear 01Tr, anat. ean cm won 7. p,$.; 0% toot la Null Sr.. am. MLA.

36 Mire& The Mtfanned CARNIVALS May 24, 1941 PENNY PITCH GAMES Ihrs 41.11". Peke WO 1 Pes. $3 0 Des St*. alp Me Po. geese. PARR SPECIAL WHEELS 20' a Owetar. 11ShiAPplte P8o444, W. noel end PO What* Prk DINGO GAMES Ye -Player OgreAran $ Pisew Osepasa BIND PON CIATALOGUI. e It. Ors.. insatra Larot. AlvniouN Win SLACK MPG. CO W. Loa It.. Caicos% It' ASTRO FORECASTS AND ANALYSES 1941 ASTRO RIAOINCS All COM mods title, Trarastuo. Pr M.. SOO Anersh. no.. NBA Olva 00,12, Arkiersh. Al. Wits Clohir. IIrowan ad *Mehl* Is.70.prin. Ea.04 ph ea V* flowlhat. Paw nw PIC Na Gala ried IPker Cow.. V. 40 Wan Chan, tasara Poser. W. $ Iltiroa Optia Ohre* Pienvhase Pa. NEW DREAM BOOK IRO Pox, a sou lassars Crote...a Po, lro gloaria h Narr 004 Poor Quality Pr.,. Wrote NOW TO WIN AT ANY kino Or *PlIOULA PION thasouteke PACK 00 7* ICYPTIAN p. T.. Ammon 20trAgl'irea Vol! II' es. 'Chert1.11,17.111an. per VaT7litiParsav, lawahy_st P. tot 'Waal waitress Ift INC finehill Soak.% IP P Orintalne 111 POO./144. Ohl WOI liwitarra. P. Ow. 1 davorie 10. M:1" OW CM. Pt T8 d0 OA 1. LOC Notate011a. SIMMONS & CO. 19 Watt laolhon Oh& CHICAGO 1&06E1 n3 wt fir WIghaala rot a THE IMPROVED CHAIRPLANZ.*6 cet:i alum kg P.f INe MAPS... fait h tat la tvo Ihtatila witls IA P.. Mt at ft. 10 *On o)i0(. a 308 proos. Saev. er0 11t1,o1.h40u eyd0rtarmno0* to Award ea wares awe asd GMs Wed iztalfar il501.1 And au... reli WWI Wu tonight, &Med at ws wars east Phase Pelts N.. Novo asa op174vgagyytt., swarms RA. Pa. N. Y. POPPING vo.r7. 0 galitallegall I CORN more.""4,7.7" 06.1hr Thoo A '- Pout *wild,!thaw. spa ho tinzahri. Coowlet w ii Pewee aa Ose C:f 1 COS It,.411,7534Arr,rat tbt'aatd 1 Tyhis ii4) rp,a.cogitrz.vor... tr!,..,,,:;:. Trunks -Trunks -Trunks Rook Mute, rad: petrol. wall- ** sal into. Ira. ant Ons MI flat taro Trareig Mot*. R./ for g=.4f/r. trete.o. WILLIAM LESIWOI, *17 W. IA. c.w. Ine Paw. C. F. ZEIGER UNITED SHOWS WANT Cooklorla. Kid /tot. Reda, Maslen.. Ponta and Kato F,OI11, Talkm. C.I.4.11 Dandy Clrlti eapihkhke 044. nd C..,.. Help, Lona *ante Shooting CaRry. CoastrIon OW work foe 10 rent. Covolay. Cato., tale wash: Laramie. Wyo.. Mr/ 24 to RI. W. E. West Motorized Carnival Mats Meets for be/gm. roe Poi CONI/Of tot Cout Spam NW tet foi Shoo Rondo* tut faa Shy., DM* 1.0 all W=14 Trask 11,44.10 f180. awned owl. filmfvtap few.. htsetradest Moe, (WA SW ' Sow. Want vto Wm. Ownow Law, Meteams. W isus oak. a Midway ICAMnnAsicaliont to MANY rasa NM brio' tang pawn. TROUPER Dave Carroll Is in K. Mary' H.:spite', Pausal, N. J. He says had like to reed letters from friend& JESSE AND ROSALIE HAMMON have he grab atonal on Jcs. Caller's littekeye :Rata LibOWA, 11. G. StAtbnek reports. TAKING over management of the Bone, 8.3nr on Proll's World's Pau Shows in Baltimore. Md.. woo Jade Eltiott. ON attoomit of diss000lnlotoof Den kw wee tonlatta.-cats ft Sinn.. Short. RAY MEYERS has tvcceeded Leo (Army) Mtge se mechanic on Pull's Woad'. Pair Show& RAVING sinned Ws Merit Ealtery with Xttua ExpooltIon Shows Joe &Wickman Ioiried In Petersburg. Va. STAGE MANAGER and produorr on the Dark Town Revue on Crystal Expo.. Hon Shove* 44 K Dent. If the boas alarms Mao eay set I tin drays go ',At,* to be uppreelate4.--mito 1.4,Coaf. PVT. JAMES DUGAN, whore Jureats are members of Alamo E.:post:fon Show, fa el01101t44 with the 2d Salto:Ion. Rodro M. 0. Company, 31t1t Iftfaatry, Fon Sant Houston. Tor. Jana' lather has been foreman of the Ferns Wheel with the Marro eosibo for several years. MR_ AND MRS. PRIM Pts.rht. with frozen en,tand,,ionind J. J. Pace Expoal. Hon Shows In Jefferenn City, Tenn. ROBERTA RAY Is half-and-half attraction on Clokien State Shows. No. 3 unit of Craft. Enterprtees. ORMAN R. WINNER clod. from Waycrosa Cia, that bo Y with Keystone Modern Shows. ADD hapotuble Headlines: 4Con,As1 Bra Rehm, To.044C01 eeriest Money Data &rot - day Nish10. P1100. E, D. CAMPBELL pens that ho te Mill In New Bern. N. C.. but will hit the rood soon with his Blum of Amen. Company. P. W. PAULIE closed an eleetnrian with Prod's World's PM: Show, In Bal. titmice, ltd.. being replaced by Prank R. Sheppard. CLICKING with their ototard stand on Oalter's Buckeye State Shows are Mr. and Mr. Earle Crane. H. 0. Star. buck adrir., TNt ea.eor of newsboys I and pleat ton. ranted with mine papen to Pitts arnasing.-p. A 'ohm Oneasyear. ARTIST' designer. H. C. Lan. Baker. recently purchased a place In North Hollywood. Calif.. wtiero he piens to open sterile studio loon_ Ma C. W. CRACRAFT. wife of the Confab Opera Piave, Cincinnati. 0.) tate well-known general meat. loot week entered Jewish IdoapItal. Cincinnati. to undergo a hernia Operetton. WHILE Mike Krekosk West Coast *retie Shows were In Los Banos. Calif.. Mn'. Edith Walpert was hostess at a dinner to her husband. Charles. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jessup, and Mr. and Mn. Hunter (7. SIDIWALL favaidroopms3 "Geed *Mann *lb Me as A paponatra awl Hose, *a a eateries... Noor."-Ndo Pow Si CLOSING with Arthur's Mighty Amer. lean 81330* In Redding. Calif., Mr. and Mn. Jewry Pox kit to Kiln Rubin A. cherry Expoaillon, Walton do Pellaton report& BALLOON pitch cosimesionoires slth Coleman Bros.' Shows, Ed and CAC Ll Darla took delivery ora a TOW enuola wagon during the ataxia in New DT Conn, A RECENT Halter on Crafts Golden State Shots In (Mendel*. Cant. was 0. L. (Mike) Wright. After vial:trig on the shows for a few hours be returned to Chicago. ROSES? (EMER1C0) JONES, reho has been doing maple Jos the lest sir years with a number of out. door attractrans, is a private. first CMS& with Battery th Coast Artillery. Port Canby, Wash. Price to his Indus -firm he was HIM NUJseLl Bros.' Motu, Crafts 20 Seep, and Patrick4 Greater Shows. Iles been displaying Us anise tilellity at thee term In Long Peach and Moser. Wash., and at camp shows. caossnrat of CetlIn & Wilson Shows. L Cedar% returned to the shows In Baltimore. Ma niter being InttlaUxi Into the Masora In Petenteug. Va.. winter quarters. Pam 11 nahhtrona grohc, are not reported IAh serener. they.111 be nail Whitey Cocas. HAVING completed their work as carpenters at Port Bragg. N. C., and Holly Ridge. N. C...7. C. Robson and 0. P. Vandiver. former earnivalites, are now worlur.g at the Minino Base Joel:bon- HU*, N. 0. "M OLUSKIN. ahent for Johnny.7 Jon. ExpoaltIon. to receiving COIZIRTAta on a neat bit of booking_ Ilia work resulted In the signing of a contract to present the midway at the Illlnos State twin Spnrigneld WHAT keeps a lol of 'tea Is 11. baslrass.1 Sad 20 grand at Itioh Ilene last year now 1 ain't got Ipref0.1. bet nese vex..." BARNEY ODARE, (The Duchesel, impt.:senates. pencila from Mount ART. N. C.: "Am doing clowning and sheet advertising with Crystal Exposition Shows and opened with them In Cantata. la WHILE ArthUtis arighty American Shows were playing Redding. numbers who made up fishing parties Included Ralph Saloom. Vie Dieu..Ice, While, George Morn, Steen Demerara. Jock Conkling, Tim Reaves, and Jerry 011sion. LORI et the Pper "14 had a geed paying IP* In shags al a Ada. Opt wow We letting 'ern.hoer him end of Re cameo.' QUESTS at is home -coming petty In Calif,. tendered them by Mx. and Mrs. Sanchez while West Ccsat Circus &vows were playing in the city were Mr. and Mee. Harry Mere, Mr. and Mr*. John Weiss, Mr. sod Mra. Los DODO*. and Mr. and Mrs. Al Rodin. C. L. ( ) atccor3dacic has Mimed aa aretetant manager on R. E. (Dick) BeaVa Sidi Show on Royal Amen. can Shinto, ho Card* from St. Louis McCormack plans tn remain 111 that ca. paelly until Septornber, when ho Will go to Batson With E. Ie. Fernandez. OttORATION DAY Is not what It IMO 4. be. labor Oh I, often a red toto-old fourth of laity h host what yeti mak* att...g.0 Ara Annie. rozatrrly with James II Wester, Hughey & Gentach, and Welt NUL Car - cite Shows, Private Edward OHM) MOM!ORM that Ito la In Ward No. E. Station Hospital. Port lat Ore.. but aeon VISITOR-...Ar iron pftwoling hoe act. this *tweet- Carnival Masseer-.1 raced say nett Pee gel I* pay `es ineory wwk. wilt be dischargoa He soya he'd Like to read letters front friends.. PAT O'CONNOR is handling front of the Club Chocolate Mingrel Roue on CONCYRBIONAIRE with the Jahn H. Marks Shows. Evelyn Redding Barnum Ctreua and promdent of Coastal Anderson la producer and featured with Tnaing Corporation. Pram* Miller dished the attratilon. litr. and Mrs. I. Cahn. Mr. gala Mrs. John W WiLon, and Advance Agent E. R. Johnevn, n/ Cetlin A: Wilson Shows, to Baltimore. Md. "A invfahe Is ern of fire." and tie Baxter. Smoot far of Carnival Owner.-"Nol tokbor; that's 3.4,331 my pa tarp loo Moves show Is." FINDIE PATRICK. who joined Patrtera (treater Shows In La Orando, Ore.. it framing a small animist show. AMONG tidditlellal 20 0T1alt Greater Shows In Ottumwa. Is. were Ur. end Mos. Paul A. SmIcenager and daughter. Betty, with their hall game and cigarette shoot:iv gallery. PORM721 troupers Mr. and Mrs. Balm Hall were hrt.1.1 at o chop mei cupp, to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gallen Mrs. GertrUde Brawn, and Jac* Oliver durum Buckeye State Shown' *land at she Cotton Maker.' Jubilee In Memphis. ISM: Hell to now connected with a Memphi, motor VAC company. STILL wilting to twee of the anhtana lm. pow wine liellaors the lows.ike. "Ain't re riot Marl win say, cokaol Paoas.. ALTHO his organtration aincreandir opened the wham In Ilainnton. Ont. J. W. (Patty) Conklin. president of Conklin Sham la MU) at winter qua:. tens directing Minding of four more show* for the Western Canada Claw A fairs and the reconditioning of scan other equipment. W. M. PAYNE. carnival agent sad clown. ta requested to contact Cant. Beatrice Perkin. Good Sameritan /tome. 210 Kest Main Street, Knoxville. Tents. Immedletaly. Captain Perkins Marta that Paynot wife, wbo la seriously UI, tied his datwhter. Pity, are In her care there and are anxious to contact Wm A forme* Ada 0910 and unostolm ea lent isaperlento s01 Isa could lure Lotto* bask on the read this Olaf., Ii he had brawn law to delay mhil.--osear the Haw. Dependable Investment "0,.. City. *lh.0,712"71n ill. Min 11 risw Of WY rod 4noodeMa...trans.. It no aviro sn't 11111a (COMO. SO COTO:* WM. isotklecal t;14,r,n..ah lit ELI BRIDGE COMPANY Chvehhatis Pr4llue0 B OO Oho Ana." JAONSONVILLII. ILL

37 ,Bay 24, 1941 CARNIVALS The Billboard 37 CLEI.ON HANNAH letters from Hitanczng. Pa.: "Among members of Eddie Viet? Attraction are tannic Brown. Verna Wheel: Shorty Woods. iseconel man. Bob Benny. Choirplano; Eddie Renting. second man. John Crowley: Mrs. Greeley. candy nose. and Mike Cirk, bingo caller. Show la operating with a free gate." PROMO popular with patrons of the Mean), J. Jones Deposition and obtain.44 auxconsui result* for the noniron:a are the free -gate matinee tickets teals passed mit 43 school children by r.o7d (Whitey) Newell, press represent*. Ore. who has been arranging kids' clay ile-ups with local!trims in the various teens made by the shows. COOXHOVII foresdroperinoi Their UI InaNd car It aid been bid art I7 itio blockpsch and thew wagons muit`ve been turned at by Ike lot max.` rofaltit trouper William Cants RA snit in Norfolk, Vs. where be hoe been (*Crating WO long-range shooting gallery more than a year. He reports he trill not return to the road this rwason. err Woo with lkort's World's Wonder. Espoittion. Max Grubertes World's 7. u,, World of Mirth. and other tb:an. concessioris chalked up an - exert` good week with the Palmetto Hynes in Milled. N. C..- Herbert Skeane ripen from Warsaw. Va. `All stands ale being repainted before unit begins as string of firemen's celebrations in Bar/land. A now marquee hoe been Completed and 112cetrietan Swede e -eking on two light towel* for the *HAS the acmes' opens been leek to IN On+ lately?" Mo. not for three weeks. w'e pert Played three bid ones. But he'll be on In the neat spot, se If ought so be ad end." PICK-UPS from Ohlo Valley Shows Dcm Charlet:Own- Ind.. as reported by en eseciltive of the shows: Tined week rare was a good one. Conceraionatrees rewritd aticomsful mules, Mr. and Mrs. N.H. &Mimeo arrived from Atlanta with den new cookhouse. Mr. and Mrs. W. R Reese Stekela convicted work On her new ib:rt-renge lead gallery. Charles E. Scott expected to join scone COCCHI; UNITED SHOWS' notes from qthaera In Stuart. Ia. by B. N. Voss: Writ is shaping nicely toward a swell wetting thu year. The writer recently ser..,eci a dramatic allow under a 40 x DO - fort top. With It again this year In their framer capacities are Beaman Richmond. Pricy MCIalen, Jamea Paige, and Hank home. Al Merriam. owner -manager Merriam Rides, visited Owner Couch. 3. Stark Robinson La expected soon to erect and produce the dean:title show. DIM should be Own. With more of them en midways time weew be a lot kwer cam hammers.- Casale mtg. PRIVATE, that class, alul a laa'aber of the Military Pollee is the rank of CileireW Redtago, former trouper. at Headquarters Detachnunt, Chen- Lyf Service. Ectperooct Ar- Md. Prior to enheang on Orlober re for three pearl. he wee an.sent for Edit Henrung, melt -known eenceestonatre, rith Krause Greater. sem Larcener, Penn Premier, Males incited, and Thompson Pros.' Se10.44 and Central Amusement Company. Redeker, rape he has met several other troupers at nomp, chief ownloty chars IA his sidekick end brother tip, Prank Triutry, ttho spas for. mercy lath :letter's dame ShotOt. FORMERLY a ride operator for Charles POW:41 on Welty Sh.dadtcy Andkey, Gordon Compton fa mote stationed at Camp Robinson. 'Attic Rack. Ark, with the Medico/ Detachment, 134th Infantry. Compton soon kill be transferred to flawed. Photo VW taken during a reomt tint to Retringra Motordrome on Goodman Wonder Show at Pair Perk Zoo, Little Rock. es THOMAS D. HART. circus agent and talker. the plat %lister general reprosentative of the New York Worlds Pair Museum, is rapidly recorering at his slaters home in Little Rock, Ark. from in - Junta suatalned In an onto accident near Walterhoro. S. C.. April 1. Tom's Funbnuse. He also eperates and Malls Mary. advises that mans of hoc teeth the Kiddie Melee. Mr. and MTS. Opsahl's on the right atllo of her moults have peanut and popcorn stands ore clicklitg. been extracted, but that his doctor reports It will bo about two months be - fete he will be able to be about gain. MEMBERS of Crystal ExpoeltIon Shows bold a benefit performance in the Minstrel Show top on May 7 at Mount Airy, N. C., for Sam Pftront, wrestler with the oritaniration. who Wito Injured et KonnapalLs. N. C.. and Is in a hospital nt Concoed. N. C. R C. (Doc) Pelmet MILS ensue and perfcernance netted All Minstrel Show members participated Sit the stow. as did Mr. and Mrs. Mat Crown and eon: Arthur Cower and Frankenstein's double of the Side Show. Event was well received. STOCK win about the best advertiiing writ bad doting tea lost boom NON. Total curled It of the Ws by the erntful and were bath Mem more with more bike ohs next eight. Itsmembeer WHILE mining from Lanyotto and Ashburton streets In Baltimore. Md. to rose maven for stook Port Avenue and Woodal Street In the mine city. two members of Centel & WIlson Shows sun:mord Injuries. Lae Hayford, talker on!author"' Two -Star Ranch Show, fell from a second story of the picture gallery while dismantling it and was taken to West Baltimore Hospital. where three Mitchel' were required to close a head wound. Keith Sutton. of Bud Octopua, was hurt while ditmentling the ride...mono MEMBERS of CORM & WIIon Snows who vatted the RiuglIns. Barnum Circus to Baltimore, Mel, were Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. I. Ce.thln: Jimmy Coffman. secretary: Caps. Billy Reid, animal trainer of Detente* PIghtlog Lions: Ronnie Dee1447, Six Queens of the Sky: Mrs. Mary Mc - lane secretary to Meram. Cetlin and Wilton: Mr. end Mrs.. Carl J. Lauther. side-show operators; Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow bort Perrino. monkey girt; Entitt, alligator -akin boy; Claudette. arid stater. Kay. CANT as why there anal meet elephant rides on midways. Triev-rs a pipe: no tr..- Orwn 041 sel.srp mosey tekoktel---and the thin will well on and off the W.-Uncle Wor NOTES from Pled Allen Shown' quarters In SyrocUse. N. Y.. by Leo Grandy" Work is anneal completed and notching tot:clic, are being applied by the decors - tom. Ride motor* have been overhauled and the Beet of eructs is In perfect condition mechanically. 'Trucks are now being painted and bettered. Louts E. Melton returned her, after being caned home because of nuns in his family. Ray Larountato has been signed to han die the Loop -a -Plane, Mr. and Mr*. aeon* P. Gray booked their photo gallery. while Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bo'llon came on with their duckpond. Recent visitors included John R. Van Annan, Leo Newman, and Steve Emanuel. LINE-UP of Lew hitters Coogrcea of Living Wonders incluces Gentles. Iron - akin MAC; Donald. duck boy; Stella. thresrarened girl; Baby Marie. tat girl; Hammy /Many, :magician; Bartley Mall. torturer: Mrs. Judy Parkway. daggers of death: Oladys Haul, big images: Trento. human knot; Thenergey. escapes: Prof. arid Mrs. Harry Moore. mentalists; Doe May and Steve Pountan, front: Duke Graham, first openings. Show recently received a now chimp, which wee named Alice. WHIN handed a mitt fwd of bran en pry doy, a colored ketone arid, -boss rse been in stmeries all my ado, born and d hoe" "Weil. what horn that der to do yews payoff?" ailed IN employer. 'Net much,. urn IN reply, "only 1 Mount mares yeso thought that I Mt cams arer from Atrleo where they used hieltafs 01. Irate.".. NOTES from J. J. Calera Shown tram Perry, Okist, by Mr.. Jean Wilson: Shown encountered a heavy rain here on opening night, but the weak as a whole wax good. A whale eahlbh, next to the ahoies drew a good crowd out Wednesday night and helped onowa* attendance flguom Otto Oray. who tonnetty bed the Gray Okbilmena Cowboy Band, rtstied. A crew is remodeling and painting the office and Jimmy Wilson is redecorating his house trailer. The writer's children are still In school. Owner J. J. Colley made a trip to Iowa end en taste back be suited eeveral ahows. Mr. Dickson added SICRITAAY ito owner of Crete Sweet Potato Saweest-"Sal,, don't use think 10 bock, a week Is toe mesh dorah to PM those Odle seller?' Bess-Ws'.. let's ace. WeS ehroge 'em Se a week for o bmth and $4 a week forfora meal ticket. Tad bock and forth from the Ital., a back: two bits for the Admaat. fate bits fee noel. Iwo lots for the doctor, and a twee -bit tip for the potter. Add toot op and Ilsat's Our PIO Sack.' leuratty--flut. boss. stlailneirs coo*. pity their dime Social Security test"-howe grow Dick. AFTER a sumrsolul 26 -week winter tour of trio Middle Watt with his museum. Harry Lewiston end his personnel laid oft a week in Akron, 0. to prepare the unit for Its summer tour with Hoppylond Shows, Wits which they hare since opened to good btiolneta. Lewl5tern recently purobined new comma. and Ms side-show tent measures 160 by SO fret mad is trimmed in red and blue. Unit carrion a 240 -foot banner line and *bow is plowmen! on elevated platforms. In the line-up are Dick Disco, medernlirtle Punch and Judy; Bob Smith, wrestling ineauter pythons: Kat and Bobo. white pititifealt. presented by Sob Sheehan: Dick and Stella flags es, midgets; Chief George Eagle Piporie of Headless Illusion: Geraldine Sharer. alligator -skin girl; elpido, electrical robot; Popeye Ptrry; float JInden. mentalist: Joe Merl. bunion corkscrew. Chortle Potter. man turning to atone: Ms:WU and Ins dummy, Pat Mullin*: Pio Jane, Amazon giantess: %listen Dunning; sword and noon tube swallower, Ducky Wianty. comedy magitlan. and Irmo Farrell. human enigma. thaff has Rose Lewlston, general manager- Harry Lowman. front; Rob Smythe. general superintendent: Ruth Edwards. coot, assisted by Shorty Joel; lamas Murray. Gurney Laelcity. and Clarence Cmtrener. ticketa, Bed Berman, ml Kamm convonmen: Our* Weston, electriman and sound MUM "fla EVANS' DICE WHEEL A Sensational Honey. Hake Raked Stowers, Osogroa K"4 OWN:de Nola!! flashy! fas11 arptiel..rfe-r WHEELS OF ALL KINDS! tarmaamsrm Watelk. Paella Kraus Ram %raw.. Nra Mama he Oil. WI., and Irert0..4 1,4 ht.d.m. send I& Cr,. N. C. EVANS & CO. ISI W. Adams Si. Chicago POPCORN OWW Ver rut surd l'641-10,1 Pr. vet 0401 MOSS BROS. NUT co. Muloaeleasa 0<01. o anima* atakt SSO.00 A DAY ON CANDY HAMS Sun I a... at one en. le eml harm alay harm All wab XXX, toe ow ow ty 0116, roar owl. if stow froos..1 set ioilli teigyea4 flittal METRIC CANDY FLOSS MACHIN; CO. tor "'math A,... Ss. Ileihs.M. Ter, CALLIOPE RECORDS All the rest. color, brilliance and appeal of the Calliope faithfully reproduced CALLIOPESnag[ on rtgordl. 151 MIMIC COSiCS T51 SNOW GOAT is. All XA RAOTIMK BAND ON Olt IMNOUSTAN tog WAITINO FOR TIIC ROBERT C. Lit 117 ROLL ON, MISSISSIPPI, ROLL Oil JANC In THCRULL DC SONIC CNANOCI MAO( 1116 NAPPY DAPS ARIL MERC AGAIN CNC Wilt 01.0 OWL DOWN Be Tag VIA, NY ['Militia OAUOSITCR tat THE MAN en Tata stereo TRAPECI 'COWS Mg. MAMA. WiTtt A 60001C SICOLCY-THE SAND PLATED OR- SCAT Y SILL IOC OVIR TWO WAVES 165 MACNAMARA'S SAND MCOLET-6000 Ot.0 OUMMIO T1WC 11111APOLA -THE 1110WIRV Real ahews on carnival at e lot year show. Records. $1.00 each. plus postage; S records. SA.50. pl. postrgo. Setislaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded, SKAT I N TOONS P. 0. Box 264 Malvern, New York FLYING Loop -o -Plano - Octopus - Rollo -o -Plano and Now NEW FOR 1941 THE FLYOPLANE Too numm rim cr. Greta To Lc Mosey. tint-, ie. own femme.. anthar Corer 0,0,./ MUM. POLY MOM CO. MIL um. N. MARC. War Mfg. test.,* 1/444ry troancel RIONARO F. 1.1)14C, CtuaRMS. lamas *trot, PA. LUIS(

38 38 The Billboard CARNIVALS.Way 24, 791/ SURE YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ollle an.rd nmeol or orith wend - hone T RUT YOU CAN MAKE MORE WITH A SMART NEW 1941 TILT A- WHORL The Tinto To buy S. WONT NOW Ilner Mfg. Co., Inc. FARillAULT. MINN. USED TENT BARGAIN tier.., : R BAKER-LOCKWOOD 603 Hardelty K3I1S-it City. Mo. AND CONCESSION Midway Finishes PAINTS- ENAMELS 'WiAl;.r.rF :2;r) PAM EXCHANGE OF CHICAGO :1.u.. CHI0000, ILL. CONCESSION TENTS CARNIVAL pa $ in on. ee vms UNITED STATES TINT & AWNING CO. 701 rrwsh emmoon lare rso. ARROWHEAD SHOWS, INC. Ride Herr. WANTS W.11 ply coed...secs. No bas, SHOWS WANTED Coed circuit In Northern and WrIlrrn 11.noe100s, s.. let eo Orr, 109h. ARROWHEAD SHOWS. INC., Chrloth, Minn. Direct From the Lots Catlin & ilson Baltimore, Md. Week ended May 10. LoOesIttOftl. Lafayette Avenue at Arhbrit, ton. Aterpiors, American Chrinten Church. Business. emellost. Weather. clear. earept ram Friday. With general Insetnesa on the upgrade, bemuse, of defense projeete and other fectota. the third CO an extended four - neck Mend hero pane shows smother excellent week of business. hampered only by nine which came during the middle of the evening on Wednesday and Thursdey nights and a slow rain all day PrIdey. New streamlined Caterpillar arrived from rectory and topped rides. Other top rider were Chance Contain Moon Rocket. Drivr-Yourself-111cootte, Monoplane, end Octopus. New Spitfire to en route. Mr. and Mn. I. Cetiln and Mr. and Mn. John W. Vilbon visited the adynnue penionnel of the Inagling-Barnum circus, which nee making reedy fee tie appearance here. Top,Rowe on Um midway included Lautherb Side Show, Paradise Song and Dance Revue, runb,oune, Lautheen innangen Than They Seem Show. Mien Annerione Tableaux. Van Aultn Penny Arendt, Ttro-Stor Ranch, and <tient Sea SCAM Station WITH proved a,well ad - ond. La Conga and Mira America DIISAVS pulled be -nay 'business. much to the delight of Rsy Valley and Georgia Brown, heather was Food all week. Monday night's opening drew paid odmis- Mona. and Saturday mntinee, sponsored by Station WOH, reentered well. Saturday night saw paid admissions en hand despite cold weather. New Dtrael plants. used here for the nest time, wore natiefactory. Another 60-ktiowatt unit wilt arrive soon. J. W. (Diesel) Clements, Mempls. Tenn., and a staff of IOW AUporrtet4 lnataliatioe of the new tight -Inc system. Joe Sontag. chief eleetnclen. and staff are Installing new fluorescent lighting oo snows and rides. Jimmy Rangers Laushland did beg budnene. Speedy Merril's cookhonne truck omen turned en route here from Richmond. Vs., rind some of the kitchen equipment sue badly dimegon. Charles A, Abbott. general agent, spent much Vane back '11th the ancona dune.* the engagement. Kermit Sumner. former manager of Marquis, the magician. but now In business here. visited several Haire. Kart Wallenda left here to ro$oln Ms other unit, but will return on July 7. New billing truck arrived and la In charge of Date Roaenberg. adrerttsing agent. Jake Shapiro was a recent "tenor. yenning and publicity medium. John W, %ninon wee intervtesied by annommer Mormon, Press, with Howard Lee. city editor, and The Tinies-Iteratd. with Bin Harrleon, SHOWN In costsomea they hate, introduced for pa/ninny workers are (WE to right): Minn Rlehhy, Helen Runge. end Frances DeatfltrY, operators of -The Rowe of Buddha' with Royal Areerkan Shows. Mrs. Riehby has been with the RAS slz years, Mrs. Ridge awe peers, and Mrs. Deemer three )(ears. ThCleft aft Wei known In rho outdoor show woad. Photo by Daasteett Gene Rube,co as were Peed Cum chief electrician, and Pauline Norris and Paul Andre. Pennine Snow. errantry Country rale hampered Chtideenn Day Saturday. but there 19.6 good response from free Merry -Go -Round tickets. &turtle,. busl IV. 'AILS excellent. RAYMOND D. MURRAY. John II. Marks Newport Ne10.1, Va. Week ended May 10. Location. opposite belt park. Ara. pacer, VFW Port. Sumner.,, brat still dela fa years. Weather, good. Ihtelneos been wan the beat the writer CAN (ISE TWO NM CUSS PRONOTIOIW. MEN s.,... itt. 1,4a, pe. sdiefter, rmaru Into., de. No. Entlotd 41(00 IM. rew Mot 0.41t O $ IRRYANT. moo Ilmoolberrr OefeMm bas witiateeed in the tone mason% hen Uw.. Ora.. Mt. ArellAntn. been on the shows. Errry avow aiwl ride owner repartee wonderful ERMNts And le looking fawned to a banner semen_ BORTZ SHOW Shown are mitered to be the first to exhibit boshy in three years. A prohibitive. Irsatt r... rmelailf - o.ur.u. on..0 license and boantity on the psrt of the tonivry... ok Boca. conanums. set I.4th littiest. local businese men kept atiows entente on.or. tato of the city, Owner John H. Marko however. surmounted these obstacle. Speedy 6 nem 0 stow, awl orn. steal. la Haola, Cern Dofthrs. No. Li, ;tar, Merrill laid the stand equaled, If It did WANT SHOWS -23% not better, Ins Plourtown, Pon. date, his w-lat Ion cwt _ enr..t 1:4*M. ra. Awl banner stand In live yearn L. W. (Onkel Ootes.a.Istrona J eannette elomed 'hni best receipt. in to Ellens-Go-Nureel,ileoeftaiM several rears. and Rube ltizen said his rum, WhID 14o: Mery Trues nmon grows MIA evert better than the Greets - wenn Dann. 111As 24,1 la 31 bore N. 4. maitoirt.l1 wintiraw or ihn (N. C.1 fair. Mom Rneket led um Oven An.. II. IllsometOW. NM% tides. with the twin Perris Mods see - editor, and Sam P. Hoyle. adrertuing renttagre gore shown plenty of faroratne, publicity. WALTent D. NEALAND. Dee Lang Anon, ill. Week ended May 10. Auspices', American Lecrfon rat. flittineen, eery pool. Weather for the week was good with the exception of Wedneoloy night when rain cut down attentlenre. Every Other night's Madmen was good. however, and Savarday matinee was outstanding. Testa was credited to the distribution of free tickets to all schools Triday afternoon. New Ply-o.Plane snivel and was lot up World of Dlirth Hawthorne. N..1. Week ended May 10. Location, Waparaw Road. Auspices, American Lipson Aare. SurInfm. pond. Weather. ftro days rani. When favorable weather prevailed. patron from this industrial center cemc out In sizable numbers. Money wee con - eldership more plentiful than a year ago awl allows and ride, did well. firmed new light plants arrived end were M- etalled In wagons under direotton of Electrician Eddie Edwanla. Work WS., hampered nomewbat by rain. 'ben Kil. patrickn black and white twins penes Mee and did well Slovern pony ride le well framed and opened to good Wilms -a. Olin Porter's Smart EMow front is attracting much attention. Plenty of fluorescent cubing Is beim; used. Mn. anal new stock can arrived and will be cut down to flats to accommodete extra equipment. The Patterson Daily Nev, and Call were liberal with space. Shown weekly newspaper made Its Initial sp. peturante hem. With the Art Lewis ten Ben Williams shows playing rear by tin lot Looked like A hotel lobby at it Irr. men's convention. Among Visitant were Art Lents, Matthew J. (Squirt) Barn Rothation. John M. Lindy. Mien.: Cohen, Joe McKee. and Don Morris. JIM McIIVOIL Kaus Expo Petenburg, Va. Week ended May S. Auspice/. 'oz. Ruelness. fair. Weather, 5100d. 000cI weather brought out col erne& nightly. PrIday MOS. berivewt. Morn were hit by strews winds, labitt, drove n beg part of the crowd hom early. Who on the lot only n shay. time, patron, spent freely and merytedy did fair buoneva. J. Ted Venable add,, a raamr-pin niore. anti Citarlea Permit Joined James Burn's?notate game Opus Mra. Harry Raminh. Petemburg and the provost manna of Camp Lee. were frequent midway visitoen. ltd Cooper ant Me. and Mrs. W. C. /Caulk W. C. Kan, Snows, sinned. as did I. W. Wallace. Era'. Old Reliable Shows. Mr. and Mr._ Shipman left to Join the hr. 0:- SantrAtLon net Kinn. Reynolds & Wells Lawrrnce, Pon. Week ended May tt Auspices, American Legion Port. Stu, ness, good. Weather, fair. Show did not get off lot in Am, City. Kan.. till Monday at b pr-, muddy lot at Lawrence would pot shove to open Until Wednesday cilia' With four days of good weather. stow rides, and conoeselons did trod bust here. Raymond Taylor added new teem to his Penny Ammile. and Owner Rep - olds also had two avow fronts neonlare Visitors Included Neal Walters, Whitt, Fitton. A. E, Mal, and Ralph Wilkerson Mrs. M. R. Reynold... mother at Manager Reynolds, has been Ill for the pot twee weeks and has returned from the!tenpin,' Junction City, Pan. Week ended Pal 2 Auspices, VFW Fort. Runners, gate. Weather, min. Shows day and dated with the Ellt, Elp0att,071 Sh011y here to god buoln../.. Ram Lien's corn game topped cone -- Alone. and Bert Melville's Girl Revue wn bent among dunes. Tilt -a -Whirl 1.11.` Octopus led?idea W. J, LINDSAY. Cold Aledal La lefette. /nci. Week ended Ye Location. Holloway and Owen tin Auspices, /rooster Chub of Melva Bestness, eyed. Weather. void awl r. tinder supervlaton of Abner K. Kline. Ile creep? Monday night. and his wife, Virginia. remained here for two elmin Billy 806PD CAM* on to are After a Mamie move from Iktrivine. RI the ride installed and in operation. Me, where anoint operated Sunday. everyliner and Mn. Cheek* T. Goss visited and was up and ready to go at le pan. Wen Marna was awarded on order fora new day. Shows were greeted with their Dittoed Mondny night OE the season so fax nerini-trines foe the Ply-O-Fiene and hew office trailer. X. 0. Campbell malsted It was featured as Young Amergen the management In trotting out some Night. All reported big business. local diltsculttes. Ned 'Patti, Sunny Ike - and cold weather held down atter" net. hod D. Winebrenner were among Tuesday., aline a fate crowd turnn the many Y1.11t0t* here. Noble C. leanly despite the weather. The rest ei spent two dein in Chicago purchasing week found dicarfolk and patron.. won figures and other material to aut. log ern and overcoat.. but the went the Celine Busters Show. Noble tame out and Went freely RINI PI: And Viola Fairly are enjoying as vied It had A good week, Committee. bendn from their son. Paul. Can KleratIn was be Orville Dowell and Jack Infers*. on tinned by his dater and two esteem from oplinted. Paul Belfonlen Sex Sneer art? St. Lenin DAN 2. MEOGS. Barney Lamb's Underweeld =pow we:,

39 SNOWS; May 24, 1941 CARNIVALS The Billboard 39 best among abort., while Tilt -a -Whitt and Farris Whode led Odra. A novel coo. teat with a 510 award for the ride crew showing the biggest percentage for the Welt proud interrating, and Perris Wheels and Tilt-a.Whirl moss divided the take. Another stork shower. this DIM far Mrs. Estate Biles, was held on Friday night. She received many lerauti. rut elfin. Panay Walt, daughter of Mr. t ad Mrs. J. B. Kelly, joined her parents peer. Prrd Meyers also joined here. gladly matinees are atill going sarong. Mr. and Mr.. Ralph adoroom have a new living trailer while Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Duff purchased a new panel job. Red gofer Is doing a gond Job with electric plants. HARRY E. WILSON. Bee's Old Reliable Frankfort, Ky. Week ceded May 10. Busineu, good, Weather, variable. Pay pole 10 Cents. Shows played to good crowds nightly. e a did all concessions and rides. laic White is making prepanstioiw to add a Va-la-Oine Show. Mr. and Mrs. Sleekly Jett purchased a new house trailer hero. E. butord Von Arad*.le. John 8. Minter, T. C. Coleman. and Tom fiquilltet, execs -are MU of the Skeen, County Pair and Horan Show. wnregusesus et the manratenent on Prklay. Prankle Bland yir.ed es special agent and la doing a goad job. T. FELTON ROBERTSON. Motor City Lima. 0. Week ended May N. Bite - sear, very good. Weather. Move from Mansfield. Ca, was mode In mod time and everything was ready at opening Monday. Attendance the first :milt was goal. and It InOreased nightly. Saturday night's attar/dente totaled Thursday night was boot to rain, the Mat lance opening In April. Shows have played four spots so far and each soot proved auceettsful. Two 30-ntifiure remote control broadcasts over the local cidlo atatson were turd In addition to regular spot ancouitormenta. Specks thoccurth was mete. 8. W. lake repels good business with the Penny Arcode. College Boy Miller, In charge of the tango 'tend. reporter swell bitainew, Ozer Mallory's Midway Cafe is proving popular. Capt. Silly Sells, whose lion art la one of the free attractions. had a narrow escape when a strong wind hit Lames Tuesday night while he was presetting Ma act. Two of the Ilona got cut of control. but he subdued them. Ed Davis's Hewallan Village and Ten-ln- Cee vied for top show honors. Manager Ph Norwitz was notified by the highway patrol that the new tractor stolen at the opening stood has been. recov- Meant Atty, N. C. Week ended May IP. Location, Moho-oar 52. at city limits. Aurteces. Roy Scout Troop. Business, Al'. Weather. cool and rainy. Committee co-operatol a n d Mat Crawria Expose Show got top money. ltontrel Show was second_ Murphy's theltet Show did well. Doc afoore'm lanke Show Wei popular. as was the tale Show, AU rides reported fair bull - Deal On?friday and Saturday, H. (Do* Allen closed here. Despite Inclement weather,. Owner and Mrs. W..1. Bunts Mn tribe optic...tette over the season. C. O. Leasure Joined as special agent NM billposter and did a good job of tilling. Mr. and Mr... Johnnie Bunts entertained many Mende hero. He could be found almost daily golfing with Metre Smith and Judge lamirelynn. of Bonet Airy. Manager Bunts purchased a new truck here. It. 0. (DOC) PELMET. Alamo Expo Feraneirse. Ter. Week. Nay C-10, At... Weer. Pletnriero and Plains Dairy Show. audisess. goad. Weather. good, Local stand proved a winner. and the melte poilined the efforts put lath by Pete Smith. director. Shows chalked up big groan slid mere given good co. K aron= by press And public. Papers hl., were liberal with apace and the eliing lifer,' were' the subject of one feature airy. Don nraalitar and Brownie Water moneyed the midway. A soggy /0, greeted shows on cairn], but swell erooprestion of personnel. puticularly a:,b Maya, mode It inwetble for MOW' to 'pen On et -heftier on Monday. A zoo - tented dirtslon of the U. B. Army on dials:sty here proved a big draw. At night the aoldiers were on the midway end patronized all ettreetiona The army parade downtown on Thursday proved a good draw. Children'. Day, PtIday, was ruccesaful. Owner Jock Itubeek played host to officials at a steak Ma - Per In droves Cookhouse, LARRY MULLINEJ. 0. C. Buck Collars, N. Y. Week ended May Oa Auspices, Cohoco froo-asuericcoss, Boar. neat, good, IVcather. good. Pay pate, 10 cents. Greeted Again by good weather, shows did big business daily here. Station WTRY, Troy, N. Y., gave each showman live minutes a day to extol his Attraction on the air. Dr. Joseph Russo. Dermatologist of Albany, N. Y. was the veal of the enowa all week. Me is well known In outdoor *bow boaters., Welter Nealand's mother was a guest aid wee extended every courtesy, Mr. and Mrs. Kung Reed and a pulp from King Reid Shoe's visited with Owner Buck. nob Mellott opera the week hero readying shout' public addrons system. Emergency John Kelly was busy all week. Frank IfeConnville, John Base and Tbm Brothers were Owner Ruck's guests. LON RAMSDELL. Frisk Greater outosico, la, Week ended May 3. Aurpicee, VFW Post_ Bastems. good. Weather. good. Pay one, go coots. Sponsoring committee oo-operated sod all rides did goad business, with the Tina -Whirl taking top money. Conceasions had a good week'. work, and snows Chalked up their beet week Once opening. Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Vaillant**Midget Show took top honors. Mr. and Mtn. Cliff Barnhart and daughter, Lucille. Joined with their cookhouse. Visitors Included Mr. and Mra. Sill Chalicals, Bremer Shows; Mr. and Mrs. Bob corn game operators of Cites Lake. Ia. Mrs. Cliff Celeman is improving and expected to return soon, am its Lee Moat. A. 0. Iltilmara joined with 10 ponies..1551rel P. CARLEY. Buckeye State Jackeen. Mist. Week ended May 10. Lot -effort, Colored Ball Park. Business, fair. Weather, geed. This stand wound up shows' tour of Meolastypi. which proved a successful one. I. E. Bennett, superintendent al Jackson MutatelW Zoo. and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Littleton. former militia folk, netted. Mrs. John WIllander, or the free act, was stricken rerlously ered. Elmer NOWAe and son. James, St:potters. are doing a good job tamed. here, and was attended by a local phpaseisn during the weekk. Tier writer &De- D. Rex Barnes added come animals here. ARDEN D. MEESE tained a severely sprained ankle fluting the engagement. Mrs. Josephine Chiller h. been HI the last few work.. but les Crystal Expo much Improved now. Date Otirtts's 11M - lore] Show has been doing well, as has Silly lawn' Ctrous side Show. meridiaa, Miss. Week ended May 3. Location, heart of tomes. Aurpicos, American Legion Peat. Outllie" excet- Lent. Weather, good. Weather here was good ADO shows obteined excellent attendance and bust - noes. Rides end ceneraitons played a colored cetebration to Fond emulta. H. G. STARER:OK. Prell's World's Fair Baltimore. Md. Three weeke ended May 10. Locations. IIGUIVUTTIS and Catherine streets lot Hudson and Tapley streets slieno9roundr..and Federal and Ltizerne streets lot. Auspices, Ninth and 36th Wards Itcpubtiran Club. Raciness. good. Weather, good. Stows wound up the last of a successful three-week Stand hero on May 10. Innit week at the Baltimore and Catherine streets tot gays good grossest Because Ice was small senile of the thaws were 'Totted on a street. All tides shoved gratifying returns.. Cash Miller's Ten.ln-One Slate Show led shows A group of new *emirs were delivered beta. bringing the fleet up to 22 units. Oners. mittee, headed by City Piro Commie - Nosier Edward Dell. co-operated, A fast more Wee made!mania town for the date at?wend and Muern streeu and shoals were erected on Sunday. Level folk turned out In dooms and Lot Manager Harry Ward had his hands full main - twining order. Monday night opened to one of the largest gates since the scarson'a start. George T. Chestnut's billing crew did a good job, and Sammy Caruso made dolly tripe thrimut the dutriet with the show's sound truck. BUM - neon u. sattrfactmy. Noespapers stern lukewarm. Marlon All's Liondrome has been doing well, as has Genie- Sin. lora Chen Farce Show. blookey Speedway, under direction of Abe Wolf, is holding it'. own. Conunitte, under Walter McClean, co-operated. Shown wore greeted by good weather and buair.eas at the Nucleon and Pagiey streets showgrotnela the Oral week. Corninitte, headed by Judge Mueller, co-operated, and the date as a whole proved to be one of the shows' beat In the city. Bull Martin had his Athletic Show clicking, but Cash Miller's Ten -In -One Show hold on to And place. 'Itrby Kneeland. pointer. completed his work during this stand and deported. Jack King. wet Posing Show manager, assumed manage" merit of the Carden of Eden Show. THOMAS W. RICE. l'atriek's Greater La Grande, Ore. Week ended May 10. Anoka.. American ',ciao,' Post. Bum - nears, good, Weather, good. Pay gate, 10 cents. Owner Patrice allowed two days toe the first tong MOTO. which was made In good time, and thew, opened Tuesday night to the largest crowd of the teason to far. Wednesday wee slow because of rain. but on Thursday with a good mistime. bualmos picked up and cunt:mud theta the week. Billettl Troupe, free act. Is proving popular, and Map* John's Ten -in -Ono topped the shows, Cecil snd Irene Besselra Artists* Models Show did well, as did Tommy and Peggy Bailey with the Girl Revue. Chet Sander.. acenic artist, Is planning to add a Snake Shaw Loon. Don Meredith returned here, as did Prier. Itenkie, after a three-day TIM with his wife in Seattle, Wash.!tarry Gordon closed hero. A new flat ride hies been ordered nod Is expected to arrive icon. While adjusting the clutch on the Perris Wheel Ted Omoltt caught his coat In the drive cantt anal outsized a broken arm. /Relay Wilson took two of his store. to Orneesee. Idaho, for u tyro -day celebration over the week -end. Ur. and Mew Patrick, Slim Trctnaitr, end Prita Ikankla were guests of Mr. and Mrs. hill Clark et altos Dinghamai home for an oldfarnaor.oll chicken dinner. Mrs. Bingham is Mrs. Chalk's mother. DANNY CONODON. Elite Expo Salina, Kan, Week ended May 10. Location, Beverly Showyrounde. Business, good. Weather. fair; Coot as nights. With the aid of almost all on the those. trucks were moved from a mutiny lot and run brae was made with:mt mishap. John. the Stone Man, did welt, as did Captain Deerton'e mookeyland, with Jack Millard on the front. Pinch'S pony ride joined. The BOW Platang Club was ovganiced hate by these inenthers: Dutch Laseh. Harry Daum*, Dill Parsons, Keith Chapman. and Mnroball Haley. Honors for the biggest catch so far go to Keith Chapman. Keith's new the Penny Arcade and corn game were used here for the feat time. DON FOLTZ. West Coast Los ffetoe, Crag. Serra days ended May 4. Location, City Park. Maple.% cerebration conertittee. Business, mod- /ext. Weather, ideal. For the fifth year, shown ended MA date with a steady Increase in reocipm. Butinem was 40 per cent ahead ot last year Charles WaIpert returned from a business trip to We Angeles.!tanager Krekon took some rides and a few eons:melons to Lodi. Calif., for the annual fair there and reported good business. Jack Joyce. operator of the circus turn, entertained many visitor.. Los Banos La the borne town of Louis Leos. auditor, and many dinner partly were he'd at M & M SHOWS "New England's Largest" Can pima en* et Iwo Sanwa of ward. Ti., Show is Wedged solid Owes Hew Inctend Nrenton. All spats lint ssow M. Can Sleet Coat/ed. PIN% Tilt You WM. Long and Sheet Rance COWS, Sane. CIKetette CalierY. Diem, and Penny Arcade. No Whertaa or CO -Pan Store, Can place Rell.o.Plene This week, May 19.24, Kinoten. N. Y.t next week. May 24-11, Fort tilwosd. N. Y. Address: P. S. McLAUGHLIN Gen. M5r. ROSS MANNING Business Mgr, PAO., WESTERN UNION REMEMBER BIRTHDAYS OF FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES WITH COLORFUL TELEGRAMS BY WESTERN UNION. THE COST IS ONLY 20c LOCALLY - 25c TO ANY WESTERN UNION POINT IN THE UNITED STATES. NOT THE IA.ROEST sin THE CLEANEST EE DEf LING, * LANG'S FAMOUS SHOWS * Mgt. CAN PLACE NOW AND FOR 20 FAIRS AND CELEBRATIONS RIDE isiti-as WE ARE ADDING SEVERAL NEW RIDES. MUST BE SOBER AND RILIAOLE AND CAPABLE OS DRIVING BIG ELI SiMirTILMLIRS. OUTS P.ACAELSAONCYAZ ita Itt IsTIRtati.":XOrRISTHA N0: raiiiiitogr OWN CAM PI.AGC OIRLe /OR GIRL!MOW. ALSO OAN Ptea 01.1 COLONIC MIII. sneer L SHaw. MUnte1Atie. ALL INITRUKR NTS WANTED. awe" tux eery w.,l NI t, Mahe. CAN PLACE LEGITIMATE CONCESSIONS ONLY. ALSO AGENTS FOR BALL GAMES AND STOCK CONCESSIONS. CONCESSIONS.. DEE LANG'S FAMOUS SHOWS Asith A es: ROCK ISLAND. ILL., MAY 18.25: CAMANCHE IOWA MAY 2E-11. AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCENIENT BY THE SHOWMEN'S LEAGUE OF AMERICA Beginning September 1, our inination tee will be Increased front SIO to S25. Join Now While Initiation Fee Is Only $10.00 Contact your ewer.: LeeDut member or write doect to Member:Alp Committee. SHOWMEN'S LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Sherman Hotel. Chicago.

40 fiall10 AO The Billboard CARNIVALS May 2.1, 19, BINGO tartr 111.a4yt0it ry an.a.4 soailrar. ant.. 1'., a la. 1.thatear Iw Ma al aka. OS WO. 0000: 10 wry% : TO ana. easter cordit, 0500; 11.0 lye awe CArde.. If 2.75i std wads, Stale*. siwww,a0 NN pee 100. ay Cava Hew 0.., Soil. Memo Par KENO Made la 30 W. in 100 yard. web. PUNA mtow wry,. ley e.t.d.-mi Or wee. I.Lej.. mint fart n Per fel of TOO area, waw marten All Blain was an warp:4w sna swat w ho...'"1 es: dirlynna sant. All node Mao T W lihnic re f yarial tord ttawern. ca a mn.1v5:.,:ei 14czi o1.1 3aa 5.7og7 Avaannila Ware Wow. awl Paw - SIAM wa M Olin Inn. of 7 awrearai. t.000 Thiser4 re awe, sad. of /a. ann 4.5. my Ira'' TAO Ole t rag14111floimpeno.".4 stow 1.50 ta.41 tflt lamp 004se wish knee* We tail M. Sonde nal 3.:14..matcbsawn. OW. limy, CO. ase MG.t. =.1Sint:Alr.Ya rar C. *.hate.,.d.low. 10. rewaal Weed r -,I dt.m. J. M. SIMMONS & CO. 18 W. Jackson Ills do inbt,,sgo BUFFALO SHOWS Inarns rg T TAMS. Also. es Wa.riA Olaytts. P.O. a 14413w3.3.1 t a lla rag% Aeon., overarm.. Co. an, raaprostertt eon. "NA ova swine. MT OM. Ad alrele te (Wyk wso,ol at otonsi. decal "paw 0:111:rair ry,olea74/4a1"im Lee passe laterridan watesseial ts est wt VIM CafinCrrimalA Tala was, Ilernen00. N. V. WANTED Cash flr1,4 Bali Gan,. linebta 11.a to fa). af...ra etenet. KWn. Man to 1.00 eters. re Old sum a WOWS P.M, Ara_ 1,1. area: /1. 15,411. SECOITOROD SNOW PROPERTY FOR SALE 1131* Maw lia" Urania,. wars mg wear. $ Tem , pdeo M % 1000 Calcasa Mini twin. an nen &MM WO. WWI, O Aenwen elardani Canna maws mom, SW Ow Vaasa Wart, and %woo Mika Par WM% TY!MOP aftwe at. inilinbarona pa OHIO VALLEY SHOWS hfata ,frag. Cat lank w era Lyra-. ioi. mere eenreas. aka('011,. rtirldilen 11.1%.*11'1%tr:Pt Tr.'.1.on, gaptali GYmn, aorta 0afterv. 1". 04 Mob at maxi Um Air anr now of.000 dot *an Rat wow. Alt wan. 00 Ian Crsa.nolnwo, Mid. WANTED NEW SENSATIONAL Plinked See anew /nal I Lae 5.-'I..n 1,..1. ' raerark. L Orr ot- tr-1 1:1, :ay. frt, ABSO1'1"'S. Colon. itichlgas Lo.r..101 11073e0t ENTIRE CARNIVAL UNITS Will and I...r.1 liamnalwa. W. Showmen's Exchange, Ire. 107 flay it.. S. W. stra.wa"... O. O. WILL PAY CASH foe Used nbetemstia. lend Si Information. gox 044. The Mose/. Cool-natl, O. Side Show People Wanted NO dal., l.i r..ata Mee,/ and uke or..,o. It item GILBERT TRACEY cw. la Oataws. Ores: atom Om, HELP WANTED! se. fry w.41y.lional to We *a Let Caale041ana Al. WarwaT 11. re 10'Art.1.1 'UAW Fr weer. '1*.ehee. H. DELGAILIAN seam M. Whim Av. *crash. la home. 111* Mite. Josephine. akol dewaliters. LeVerne and!sofia. were boat:v(4 at a number of (bra.!crib 3_ rtlf received a new ant of digger*. Harry Myers. conceadon MAZIARet, Ie. ported a profitable week. Pay gets drew sauce 111,000 mad admissbota. Art Crane, special esenta pennoter, handled this date foe the third time. He left for Vallejo, Calif.. where he will be la charge of the annual Redmenk Powwow. Hun. ter Fernier reports good bustmees eo far with Ma two concessions. Mrs. Margaret Penner's sister, Leona Cook Bowen and dianthus% Patsy, naked. Prank Harov:a Side Show is doing well. Tod and Ming Ted Right's intrinsic Revue et:11 lead shown, and Jack Joyce's Alligator Perm la aurneung much attention. Lucy. the elephant, who telly* the front gate, Is popular. Tony Soares continues to do a good yob on the The gittbocred sale.. W. r.71 8l3P. Golden Belt Skew, Ito, woo: ended May 10. Zoo:lion. streets. Auspines, Areerrean Lepton Pot* Street Festiva& Seriness, alt Weather, bad. Run here wee made to good time sod.hoaa located on the streets. Inclement weather, however, hurt attendance and business, excepting on Saturday. when oil obtained fair greases. Managinnent encountered much trouble leentirsc the shows- The mayor op -operated In help - log shows get things Ironed out. Captain Lomb', free art clicked. Tlit.a- Whirl topped rides. Visitors included Oak Fulton. Oilier Amusement Company. and Sunny Bernet. lobo Menet Corporation. H. W. KELLY. John R. Ward Humboldt, Tenn. Week ended Mop 10. Location, Isighsehool grounds, Auspices, Writ Tennessee Strawberry re,sirei. Vastness. eallifoelorg. Weather, rartatge. As to other years, shows made the 400. tulle jump here from V Denude. Ark.. and. at tee several unavoldebte deleys, were up and ready to operate Tuesday. opening day. However. ran canceled all Rootlett:ea scheduled for that day. Wednesday was clear and 'OMITS and the midway was crowded with good-soonseling patrons from early morning until late at night Day's business wee helped by the appear - *not of Jack Dempsey. former heavyweight champlan.-who tinted Humboldt to referee a fight sponsored by the eonsretttee. 'nlisirsdey's businem was marred late at night by showers. tut Friday's and Sane:Mara miens ear:ceded expeitatioca. Ride". chow% and concessions ere being repainted and several new office comes. 0:01111 have Made their Amorous, one being a well.flashed corn pine, operated by Mrs. Ward. Owner Ward la expecting delivery on two more rides, and with the appearance of two show., midway well halenced. Light towers and floodlights have been purolliued and are tesr.g Was Nem. was nod.. loor... nem lure, en., et WO 041:a.., Itutelled by chief electrician Richard OM aid 4...ty fe Kennedy. Another large Mend light plant has been added. Alfred Kura. circus BILL HOYLE nit v., 61.. MI. SS wq, and carnival secretary, Is In charge of O. O. the office wagon. MI rolling stock was put In good Shape under direction of Doc Clark. general superintendent 7130 elephant free act has created much fa. notable ccrmnient and the daily parade vitas the elephant and callitspe, handled by M Stringer. gives shows winch publicity. CALVIN W. WRIGHT. J. J. Page Jr/Jerson Clip, Tenn. Week ended May 10. Looatton, I/Wren& Park. Business., good. Weather, lair and coot. This town, located in the heart of the aloe mina /inane:. where a government dim is under ooretruction, proved a winner. However. thenefolk had I difficult time finelin rooms and hotel accommodations bemuse of the Indite of worker, here. Mayor lien Catlett City Attorney Realltin. And 14.00rdef Jock SA'ardsop. 00.0p1Tated. AA did the soon - gonna committee_ Many members went on shopping trips to Knoxville. Tenn. They also visited the Mighty Sheostee Midway sod members of Scott Bros.' Shows et Maryville. Tenn. Owner Page was away on a business trip during Otte seek. while Assistant Manager Hicks sent. to Knoxville an'efll tinter to obit relalirea and members of the Sheestey COILLIOT,Ofit. Chileireetk Day went one: writ and The Jellereon City Standard was liberal with space. One night was marred by an early downpour, but the TAM stopped In time fee shows to recoup none of the Mehl% ices. Cool (Sea J. J. Page on page 54) Empire Amusement Sonora. Tex. Week ended May it. 8:41,1e*.e, good. Weather, ideal. Show, and Mice opened here to good weather and the best spending crowd of the spring. Merry -Oa -Round topped 07th Ytfrta Wheel Saguia and Eddie Martin's cookhouse has been redecorated and enlarged and is doing well. Sailor Oliphantk new pan stand clicked, lu did the candy (Iona, Tony Martin reports. Johnnie and Babe Martitik Hula Show led allows. Mary Wheeler, dancer. joined here, coming in from Wichita. Koh. newsy and Tony Gentry joined with their ball game and cigarette shooting gallery. 8. R. end J. R. Proctor bore their Monkey Show and wringer on the midway. J. H. Knight reports good biz with has bingo game. Johnnie Martin and Sailor Oliphant toted to San Antonio to purchase new trailer. MARION MARTIN. Cote's Wolverine unit No, 2. Detroit. Week ended May 10. Location, Mich:pan ATVAL4 and Roosevelt Street. Ravines a. good. Weather. fair and a..1 e, Unit NO. 2. after ploytng tote around Detroit and A geed engsgement on the Drat Side, moved on this lot. Cult COWif406 of four rides, Including the Merey-GoRound. with Robert Ramsey, foreman; Charles Horatio. second man, and John Storey. andatalit Perris Wheel, Leonard ilfentueky) Sargent. foreman; re111 Dorris, second men. Tilt-a-Whtd. Anthony Martin, foreman: Sari W. Phillips, second rr_sn: Woodrow W. Craves W11112 West Bros.' Shows were being set up in St Joseph, Mo., this contented group watched the carious activities. Standing, left to right, are Claire Winter, penny "oh and bar parse operator, and More. Dies oestrerener. Sealed we Carleton Itudgins, dipper operator: Maury /trod. pan stand J. W, Laughlin. shows' noncom and Wilford 0. McCormick, matatanno Mrs. Robert Ramsey. tieketa. Herbert L. Don'ts. foreman:!lend Junttt. nen, second DOW. Staff Induces Rita Cote. publicity: William Malone, Mu:duets manager Theresa Cote. general secretary: ffirl Johnson. mechanic, and John Buck Soden. electrician. EtaitSt P. COTS West Broe. Ottumwa, Ia. Week ended Map 10. Auaptcea, Trades and Labor. / fair. Weather, rain and cold. Whitey Dill. Tilt -a -Whirl foreman. gained State -aide pnbikity cot lull trip in here. While croeatng bridge in town, Dill was attracted by a child's cry for help. Ho dived Into the Icy water, but was Amity overcome by annum and bed to give up the attempt, All State papers earned eerie; of.his daring attempt to ease the child, who tell Into the river from a small raft Stand was marred by cold weather odd rein that held thrumat the week. A severe wind hlt, the lot at opening time Tuesday night' and Sisk Show and Athletic Show tops were damaged. On Saturday night, despite cold weather, the termed crowd of the season so fir pasted thru the front gate and all shows and rides enjoyed tell pry, Betty and Bob Wayne.r joined with thetr new fret att. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Moran Malted RI did Verna and Brit Hamilton, Jack Lindsay, Joe and Peggy McNamara. Deaf y Hermon, Jack Neal. Herb Hoffkunn. and Mr. and Mrs. Cottorn Ortasorn, DON TRI1ERLOOD Arthur'g Mighty American Redding, Ce11/. Flee days ended May 10, Location. Pnreka et Dodd offer*. AUSpfce.r. Redding Rodeo Arriciartert nesuirrru, good. Weather, hot. Sly gate, SO contr. Stand marked allows' Ilth week out and the tint warm week show* encountered In the gait 10. Redding gate the circus Ita banner week. with renersed seats filled nightly. On two nights pa. trona had to be straw -4. Increesed attendance nightly was cltrnexcel by over 3,000 on Saturday night. Althea the N.1. shows and roes business, concessions did not fare re well. Ekeause oh the targe ply roil (men Shasta Dam conatructicen, mom were at n premium, Broadosate were made deny over Station XVCV. Member. of the younger vet who were neon galloping over the. mountain trana on honebeck wets Ruth Oro f. Nancy, Lioy. and Mabel Doner111: 51thei Henry. Juanita neaten Bess 33rarrnan. Velma Winter. Mario Met - don. Jerry 711ton, Dellis Ryan. Anna Veldt Metcalf, Tim Heaven, William Summers, Steve Bernard. Jack Conictim. Olean Muter, Jack Gordon. mid Tod and Olenn Henry. On Mother's Day every mother was presented with a red carnation and a bog of candy. Mr. sae etre. Al Floe left for Ntanthdeitt. OWL on bemoan. Lucy Donreth was added to the MMUS performance m trainer of Ryan's pony, Wooderetto. Charles Mershon...7M haa been visiting Ma brothor and eleter-in-sow, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Marshall. In Chicago, will return to the shows won. Monett Butler spent the week getting truck, In shape foe the 400 -mile bop to Manthneld. Ore. Mrs. Men Stewart, Cognate Steen. Anna Veldt. and Ethel Henry Spent the week making new costlimee for the alma. performers. Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Ar. thur entertained perm] ahowfolk dinner en a local cafe during the week William Oroff reconstructed several new concesaions. Renchng was ahowsi Ian location in California. WALTON DE PELLATON. Lawrence Greater Martimburli, W. Va. wee:: ended met. M. Auspices. Hose COmputy Ha 1 ta. cation. Raektry Field. Ruerww, f3fr. Weather. rani and coed. Hoary mine and cold weather hurt nas was thews' thid business here. stand under the same &tapioca, who good co.operetson. The writer received oonaklerable help from Dr. Langford committee head_ Dul Meyers.' Jumping Jiro Revue led ahows. and the Whip topped rides. Scenic Artist Jerry Champion Is reminding the Merry -Go -Round horses and touching up the other rides. Arrleala on the attain here inchaded Jinsmy Hodges, Side Shoal John Rea two ashore. and , Powers, dogs and (*du - gated been Newapapera. tad melte were Itheral with space. A radio tin -up with Ball Gaul gave the writer four Iforelwate programa during the week. leans:lag Bad Oeulk safety "Trimming elompaign. J. B. MANI:MUM CONCESSIONS AND SHOWS WANTED Hi Striker. Cana Rack. Shooting Gallery. Penny Arcade. Machine Guns. Healey Suck. Cigarette Sheeting Gallery. Fishpond and other legitimate Concesslons. Greenfield. Ohe, Main Street, Juno 2-7: HartitOn, Ohio, Spring Festival. lone 9-54: Silvorton, 011ie, Spring Festival. lune Firemen's Celebration. Loveland. Ohio, Main Street, lune 23-28; Crooksville, Oh.s. nonnecorning. Main Street July I -S. Can me small Entertaining Shows at these events. Address inquiries THE F. E. GOODING AIUSEMENT COMPANY 300 Norton Avenue Columbus. Ohio

41 ;fay 24, 1941 CARNIVALS The Ril!hoard 41 TAFT HOTEL WRITE SIOUX TIRE d BOW SIOUX FALLS, S. 0. Spy on On Easy TOtr South Eighth St. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Ikon. Censwken to An Ser, tem er IM Culy. DAILY AND WRILRLY RAT1S.,u el roe istmartelle m See.. Lem twee.* Sy ee PAN, Ride Help Wanted Coo Ferns Whet( footman, salary 5:5.00 re, week. At.. att.: Redo Nee De Luxe Amusements It: W. Males St. Reckylllo, Cann. PRYOR'S All STATE SHOW re Dersettise Dry. asserks. rel'e Csieerettra. New Nartip.rine IT. V. T m e. Crest. W.* rwerda ittranborry Eertne.1 a1 meals ee.. W. Ts. WIN look erd. Exerpollarre re ene. Wes/0461/0 Klerw.Id. se.1111t41 erl eresemilyam--leat flearry. fays me1 klet /EMIL Rmn.tool,/ tee re0 know,,. nt.. onk-eine. New recreedivc rd Seem Me ant CeIetettleen. ALL 1Inse, JADOS PRYOR, I00beedM111. W. VS. WANTED Renate tar Semi. monied etrews Tynearrt. I. toe too seed Own. able and Cmeadian newannm awf do If,.. nom kre wrote,t T. Hanitte, L. J. teeth lown. lemeadost. Ky. 1. Octopus Foreman Wanted Cm. els. nee yew keen eel Mese with awlementaiw Itenane. nu ewe*, VIMen WILSON SHOWS Experienced Help Wanted 10.04:011.wet. Font. tytwl. r" v At., nth. 11.0' on Nrwi 1.2. HARRY MAMSCH.447 ONalneen Arc. CNN:AO WAX FIGURES Tae Tr,. n HMER-HUSSOUNI-STAINI ailasuipkei WAX FIGURE STUDIO nm tole, A... or Lents. MO. WANT MAURICE MILLER Ramon. Meese. Ord. Chanos' Portland Beginner Is Fair PORTLAND. Ind., May 17.-Altho aided by good weather. buslneto at Inaugural stand here for Jimmie Chaco. Shows wart only fair. NUS ettetatinn Nation reported 8taff/includte Jinsrnie Ghettos. owner-rotameger; Mrs. Chance.. seeretery-trearturem Red Munger, Alec - tritium and lot supertnandent: Jack It Nation, general agent. Rides here were Merry-Oo-Round. Perri. Wheel. and Chain:de:le, Two Kiddie Rides will be added at the next Shove are Ohl Revue and Pos114 Mune. Men. Cbrtettne Xht:on, manager: AthIhtle. Jimmie Chance- manager: Dog and Pony. Captain Henderson, manager; Happy Phillpson. manager. COOdt14/011.1 totaled 16 but nye more ate to be added. Dave Sewed b Opel. lung OWI. l'ipip091121g this stand show. will have a 0 -cent gate. with Captain Henderson's Circus as free attraction. Mrs. Nation la The Billboard sales agent. Monterey, Calif., Gives Corey Bros. Good Results MONTEREY. Calif.. May 11, -Corey Brat Elbows' opening stand bate re malty drew unusually good crowds and bortnefe was kboto par. Ebows. Vera. and concewslona reported fair play. PeatIlted with the circuit attraction are the Kling Boy.. Upham Tumblers, and tilt 7TILIndtcbtlx1A. Two new ALTO to be added soon. Oeorge Malone report.. Eva Perry has her Girl Show with with JOS Richard. as tetlyer, Betty Corey mantalned a broken back recently when she tell trcan a ladder while on a Malt wt.h her rivrther eillest a audent In et Preneott, Aria. &Chad. Want To Buy,Book or Lease MI Med. Tenetbrmet sod 1(41.1s Ilkte 0. elem. ann.) se. Vow darned to tab. M. S. ROGERS 11141,0, CARNIVAL BOOTHS, RIDES w, ram scmorst %II, sormorno, Kids Ride; 12 Dow,. tens renew Imbredi MR. IMO CLme. Pleermsreent Man*. Iffeme.. eke.. Demeedem. Will "I Up, tate down and lean. Canr.M Cmrose of wiry 'RAW -TRUST ritnet OL tenadelpera. Pe. Pt te RIDES WANTED Front rani. Kton. Qty.. Ideo.rws.. mot or book lee the NO stew Alm ran TO,. A, arraalb.cil SHOWMEN'S EXCHANGE, INC. 707 Gee tirett. N. W Wm, D. 0. GOLDEN BELT SHOWS Canada WALLACE BROSSHOWS Canada 24 Fairs 24 Fairs EASTERN AND WESTERN CANADA "8" CIRCUIT OF WESTERN CANADIAN FAIRS START AT EASTERN SASKATCHEWAN. JUNE 19 Want on account of dimple -Ointment. Manager.. Talkers and Arty for Ckeut Side Show or complete unit. Michele ulsries paid. Week of May 19. Chatham. Ontario: week of May 26. St. Thomas, Ontario; week of tune 2, Hurrilton, Ontario. Everyone address J. P. SULLIVAN, per route. BRMSII WAR RELIEF MANCHESTER. CONN.. MAY 26 TO 31 INCLUSIVE Tee FN. Arta. Leestrnata em4.-lone ee Sheet Ram. Oellery. Mule YeeWIn., Fwd. cane Para, Nemod. Sea/w, Poore Cmidey. Pr0.11.:" menensole Foldwed ay W...N.7. Crow.. Wm 2.4 to towee.t. New CAW-. ett/114 tone Onewh, --tomn. Own. Wanted--Cenumlon MOO, wereenwp Deere, NAM Nem to Ows-orMen one hts Ppi.14,1 O. 1,, At rIo fit.ncrs Tor aawaesw own 11.7body Mee Owl wilts FRANCIS 5111.I.Y, New Dorn..ter. Martteet, Co... Mantle. yew. I BALLYHOO WITH SOUND New Sound Catalogue With All the Latest in Sound Just Coming Off the Press. Don't Fail to Get Your Copy. Write today for your ropy ERWOOD SOUND EQUIPMENT CO. 223 W. Eric St. Chicago. III. GREATER UNITED SHOWS IS - FAIRS AND CELEBRATIONS - 18 ant T.tire fee Cen New Gott 1, km than eep rue.- clo SYno K.n mot. eo.o.row a et Spada orons en. we Nam lb. No. ITtSt 80. CAop.1 elerele. Nete. earth. Jew 710 this noel. Umtle. lemc ant writ, Ellettened. Iowa. -RIDES- Caw elite SOLtO-PLANE. OCTOPUS , TILT-AWHIPIL OR SPESOWAY. WANT hfroacy Show. prernited Platform Alta./kr., Shall, Normals equromostr. furs Home, dlochanical and Snake Skew. Competent SSoweran Ie...crate fully equipped ILLUSION SNOW. Leze.rnii.s,71t..Catoificna retacky Cold - CONCESSIONS: Mutt De.0000 and ettim/enc14 end dram truck. cash each nicht. No Spam., IWe ass RIDE HELP: WIRE I. GEORGE LOOS. WEEK MAY 19. SAN ANGELO, TEXAS HOFFNER AMUSEMENT COMPANY WANTS FOR LA SALSA. ILL.. A44,4., Losses sins Moons Cismenuoa ant treseeratien, ocwo der the DeneonVes Warm the rettennery Ocewardkna for MTN: Lead erearetle Seeptios Mewl. lksles. Psnwet. 2 NNW. Merterea. Oane Roar Nowd.s. sum., cat nat. ass On... MI. Nettle avert,/ awn, ow. Tam Aso, ISamitlay. Goody mon, NW.. CAM, AKIN. Pwrealt, ea. en 1.2 Cannel Corn. P ep tlem. Pea. ANAL*. 100,.1. An1ntl 5.0a. INtanankal larem. or any wee teem. Reed SIM, P eritlerty 001 /Mew a Wen. *MIL twrytteas men sews henoce and 10 WI awn91 tree on 1 ee 2 Coen Game WWII b bey WM DettIe Sall 0..(e. Ii W 14 M. osemdt1t. Maw be tr. geed Maps. wan a Mad Fem. Wesel OWNS. ad. Meerp.0eRforel Welk *SOSO wee, and bests. Ile Swum. Man Se NelrON w *NNW. Fa 041e--.2.ANNal LOW Sew. Al., Norecton MeerpOeRmenet.,met stey M *OP the NNW WNW, III.. hoer $44.. renew,/ OwNeenent awned No felemionsee Oe Free Farr. Mid 1e radio, Part, Inermou Seed newt Own Oahe bad owe* cam. Witi emcee MO NCeMe vat. b , F. P. et A. KOWA, and th... tureen. end Weed. In/04W. Mid en Wordeaday n1inii, Theorises. Fed., On Same.. Oa 4.14 Cob tare% and UM Fame.' Menk. Norm( Mew u Iletorday Mal Osedw. Alm SIM es WO Wee Nat wee meal. 0.4 p46.4at. Copt Naw.. TOIL N Five PAN 1.14 In , Mal pupa omote. Write NO CCCCC AIRUSIMINT COMPANY, 411 0, 211sen IL, pew, Jere 51 after VIrt Dellesey. La (WM, III, Rides and Concessions Wanted 24TH TO SEPT. 15THSEASON GARY,INDIANAOF WEE" MAY W. kale HeyDay. MeeryCoReund. Terris W4t1. DePrees.. itylnd Steele., Meekenical lemsce, Minlatme R. R. and tree Forte.. CAN USE ANY OTHER RIDES AND CON- CESSIONS. sett* er Wnce 20TH CENTURY ENG. CO , 10 Se. Ls so. Sr., ealeste Manner Randolph COSI FIDLER'S UNITED SHOWS CAA PI.. Nevem. Commedene of an ousels ayeraamala.00 sear. ewneiseir Deck Pane. Pith Meet. Melm. Owes Ye., AW, RIO lauwe. SWIM Orerm Ram. Sall /. 54w oppi103 1ps4 Cool /Mew Went WM Mews glasesau etas Pure mentand. b cert In rem 120 <me TOO e. WaT1 mia.). ler dahkue She, ado Ma. sr. swats Paw. V011 Wok Ran m1/1 oe waken man motreent. nmecialle Medan. Unseen, Wm. Strew es One ether MIP INA doe Mr1 own., 120,1 1/ ,04 Part. III.. Ors we.: PlaNYT, IN.. nest DAM PIDLER. 127r , Ilagnes. Cd..oA Par. M. Knights of Columbus Annual Decoration Fair PRINCETON. N. f.-10 DAYS -MAY 23 TO JUNE 7 FIRST SNOW IN $$$$$ AL LOCATION. Wort INITP1 14,1,,, Ito. 1111Pel Mae., LPN aaptu.r and clam Owreadere Dec. a to Noway oe any mow Inerw do Nat TIM p.m , Oart D eed'. Orsek... Any.. Ceelemem ballwy, Cam er knits Na., or wide. ham Fad/ 00te Nets. MeAssl. Ads... N. N. MRS. JR.. 10 Nleinan tt, Prellipds.g. N. 4. PENN PREIVHER SHOWS Wm Na. alrny Ns mass RN. 011eettl. Ca/ Wags Loop Ranw a Shan Wlq Arnameen reendary. Seto gime, es wow, want eutemearey FfrMi LltaPIA1 nelet Wel tense% Noma awl woe I'. lir0/ auract.:a,a rm. ea-ddevng. Tod wee. Mandl. 11Pa-1 mat.we., CO, Oadtpfar1J1., Tenselea. P. Kenna 001 Wesel 009. sn rne.1 LLOYD 0, CCCCC 56, Oen. Maeseor :.mores ewes Mon Wall bewtments. OW. Lawn. worm.

42 11247, Ilhevaas 42 The, Blithriarrt CARNIVALS May 24, 19n Selective Service Mail for These Men at The Billboard's Offices CINCINNATI. May 17.-Thn S011owing Mtn hate Selectlie Serrice mall et The Billboard's various affirm In oonie Instances the mall cooststo of 41.10tIon. rulers and In Others older number card. The order numbers are given In parcel.. theses where known. All of tnese men are requested to vend toreattling add:cute Immediately: Abbott Jaaki Alsaradn. Tom Anderson, Chas Prar.alts Alcor* Anizamy R. Astra:came. James %J - limbo. Jos. Zither BraUlla, John Wawa Baleen Reel at. marades. ( hearer, amebae O. Inas. J. flaws Weeny. Row Magnate Binder, Merman Rana tae, /Garet Mach linseed H. mite, Delbert nom Sitar. Thu R Blankenship, Waller Biettets. Cattle Rote meth. noel. Medley mane. rterl 0. Brennan.!krone Jo. ntichi. Jame* Barmy Dome, Rotand 0. Itrumnr. James J. humoveld. Joseph SUM 0,101. Wm. Oreille Bart.. Wat. Poems Barnett. Lyman Wm. lamer. Mud San Dater, Donald byed, Tony Meer% CaMestia. Iten A. Coalmen. luta Chu carry. Thomas C. Carter. Autrew M. Cudtor Cuurrio MUMish. 'AUDI J. Clack. Vern:. Ramiehill Clemons,!Yard's B Oak. CU...ill B. i43011 Cooke. Winners Ramon Coen. Richard H. Copm. Rare1/1 Mr.?Aland )0rey. Permled Jos Carr,, awatlb 11. gir".ut Z.!' Ctinernrhom. James Custer. Mot. Paul Daley. Prances JO. newel. Norman L. Daniel* Rimmed MMUS, JOIni C. tkelelaka Wm. JOb Deem, all Men, Herm 6. Dana. Rote. Luta Dilltardekben. reetketat.1. Daiwa. 1ter 0.001,, Cromer A. Dexter. arab A..4...aree Aflntao Clarence 8. Drab. team W. Weenaren henry W. DUALS& Luta Cutest Ear* ON. Weeny LAMMnny Ward... HeDarman Dwane 011awan4 Prank J. My, Clayton J. Passe. Lewis new. lasaner. J. Iternars Wier. Jack Mucurii Warne. Ms.` IL ertoden Harley awed. Cobbn Clessen Robert A. Om FRU. Ilrbr Demob cieetaaay, Miscue al (0. Wm_ Fletcher Oman, MP. Clark. Orabstm, Chant Reny Leo aralla. Wm. Francis O,.. Clatter. Geed & Michael OtWa. 1.4!4Cir Junta 01014/, Okna M. au Cunn A. Hat. c:ose. Wane MIL Weldon C--atatega Itenallinkbt. Albert Clarence ninantaa, Mowed [bun Hamrick. Cul J. Hamrick. W. T. tleniscas, Joan Kinkel Harden Vaal Wealdey Adams. Ira P. nocteriane, Orate Elmer Mara Mame W Itnindiatd. Ono H. Cetroomos. Semi. Oeonte Inliams. Robert 0. linbanta, John IL Paaltry, John Btaniey Foam. Ilmten Vienna Ade Delrenesis, Cltorloa Bernard Maher, Jaen P. Hakes Henry Alban Jartkin. Oswego Vranallo CINCINNATI OFFICE, OPERA PLACE go, Os, kap* Jahn Wri Heekuisse. Dane it MOM, hank Helton. /kfmail 11e ZAMA W. Hennesay. Plant Wm. Henry, CAtiPte Henry. lkat Bernsas Htilaes Clay Httlingraortn. Steward H. Koward Sloan irankas Omar Hunk% Than. If rnle7. Ito7 tracesoll aisd Wesley fray, than) WIn. Jwiceem Ralph J ewels. Wesley LeRoy Jrnaina_lbo. fira,xierftg411..' met Y. Jeannie, Pew nruno ream. Artnar one Jim a, Andres Cke Jones. 4.11T. Jones, Oriniss Mead Jon. 64anr Anthony JO001.?onto Wino. Jonas. Jane Wm. Jones. larrinelli McLain Jones. Roder 1.00 Reiner. Yolltry C. Strity. John Ilkon Retior, A11an H. Kenny. Henry P. lt,rnr. Richard naiad ic.r.r. James Jos. K ira", Jr.. Jas. %utter. Leander Wray Knight Deno 0. raw*. Weitz L. Lekkere. Wm. Wausee Lams, Clambre Reoseeelt Leak/. ltelkainin 01010n Leach. John Matthew Lee. Joe =limn Unto, Anthony teeth. mouses Loa 0.1.7d VIctor I>ran [wry. Jame IL lawn, 'Mac neloci Oaiiktfeey Y. feed. statit Delbert er, Jana Mau suoire, Riehmeed lickleeey. Jana Melediblin. Mr:sin Roney MO.:Biker% John Lukr James Anknek ucomk, Maus Hoare* Chao. Lever aunty. T-rre 1ria0007. Mae", menet. Michael A. M-ina. Almond Mien. Mapes rsseld Prover Markt. Steno Mitthati Mu:owe. Mari Durt Marshall. Rain Marla. Chalks tart at000n, Adolfo P. Muter,. ketert r. Meknes., Jidnes / James Janis Miler. Cods Miller. riereet Relax Miner. Morey A. amor, John L. ranter. foveae Pout Make. Leak Hamilton Miller aunard 11. atne:wn. Allred t :1. nob tnek asenseno, name T. Room Innen. Joh.naon Wilda V. amnia, Aura Monte. Jabbili Mine seemana. Seem P. Moores Mat Inn,.1.1. thercbak, Orerre Jerome sonmy, Timm. Altus. Ken. Anton. Naugle. lielessel Andy neuron) Paul Henry Nelms Mena Plebeian Jedersosi K.son. Lea Prank Rowe Rains James Idsrier Iteerett Ittresan. rioemi U. eager. Jolla Criirtess. Iaa Pat Ofiries, Maui Olieti, Janke A. 4}rrisalled. Joe. Oaneo (Sydow. Stewart Okeinan Oa.. lkketa (MI ratlike, RUC Manley Wow. Jeutim roil, omega Flatlet. Theorem /Mosevelt P Iseeren, Wm. rer nown. h, larne. Ilayseene Lea Payne, Wm. Omer Purer. Charles Ishmarl parrs. larniamin Fan Pena natter Rey 341,Sr... James Pontioneni. Anthony issoperni, All S. ringer, Part O. Preeley, awns Denote rilt.t...trgas Valence R.A11.toky, Wm. tft.tiw's iketrager. Ore II. Retie. Minted K. Rieeltk. Lens Moloirls. 011ud H. flibmu. tetayamnd (I.O.rira, Meta (11) 1191arn. Ernek nose, Rayeread Anhui. Pratt. Joo4tib P. Sabot. Mauna MOM% Ray C. Basoselsois, Diana Maw! Jr., Ace Wtaliaso Miley licissonense. Kareld Zarl burp... 6b.1144T M4ervin =ar Alm ritarou7 Wm, Booth. Prank Cal S HIM O. Slone ndward Arab. Yemen IL Marty, Irldlizol J. DOI flaidfeed. CAW. Manky. 01,1,310 W. enmity. Iheiro Vseicent wanes,. Wm, it. wetter. W. W. & Alive* Ketone etittses. Kenneth eniew. roma &musk. Leonard 4. Tabiedss. Ranaemia S. Talks, Nesry C. Taylor. 110e4rd Ray Taylor, Weley Aroh Terri. Roney Carroll Tula Water rleldwa Ilsisinaa, Aube, Thema. Naleon Paul Isannosen. nfnie 'raw*, Arnold likeler Teepees. Willie P. Trisetot. William IL Turner. Dim. teen Term, Hoary [footer. WM Thermo Toka, Jams HMI Clinton O '011 Horn, Monte It Walton. Jelin Junior WapnieL Nakao Ward., Clyde Cannettas Word, Theodore Cecil Ward. Wm. P. Washburn Jr Nemo Weeniest/. %Inter Lomond week Alter Wt. WerWra. William Franklin W.mlon, Beware Cloy., 'xi:dialer. William Our Wed... ciente Rdeard While. Wm rile l.,0 JLbr John W1110. triehmil Let Wilts 11, Joe. W111Satris, Level, Adam. Alfred Joon Wilson. Trod Wilson. Iturr Ina Waton. Merrill 0. WoCard, Bairn Lee Volker, Tony Xdurd YeArk. Rowe: onna ST. LOUIS OFFICE, 390 ARCADE BLDG. Hell. Itimard Leo Rey Henn. (kortt Wee maw. Janes Yeene etereeenni Let Wag Co. Roy ltmely. tad Yemen Lonar, Jana. tee reetrk. Mike lows. las Cotestkei eleobenocc ,1 Tale Sit(losits Wilmer I. Tubb,. Oils Adward Maxim, Itris C Web WI W Ilsoom NEW YORK OFFICE, 1564 BROADWAY ICInr. Frank Harold Kopec. Jay IA14. Jean Jewett meaner. Berman Lessens MeCasky, Ditektek CHICAGO OFFICE. 155 NORTH CLARK STREET sretatyrr. newer *titian, Padrone. linat Zarychta. Zelleard aewal Coon, reeks litoehro 01r1r. Lenard, ,1 yi Curl on Right Side At Madison Opening MADISON, Ind.. May 17.-W. 0. Curl Greater Shows concluded the Met trek of their 1941 tour here last Saturday night to summand tinalnease. May 2 opening drew good Crowds and Widnes& as 4.14 the wcond day, with good weather a big help. Three daye were hampered by rain end cold nrather, but [Ides and shwa wound up on the right side the last too days &optic the elementa. Shows are carrying ex rides. Including the Merry-Oo-Hound. Perna Wheel, Kiddie Melo Chalrplane, Ttlt-a-Whirt. and Double Loop -o -Plane. Concreslone total 20. Mows are tender the menagement of W. S. Coll, with Witham E. Lamb as general reprenentalre. JONES EX PO-AGVA (Confessed from page 29) ' monk inettildual performer. mid performer that mere not Ime than *30 weekly. or percentage which shall not Tall below that. Old Shows Or illusion fthoirri-rrincl- PALI. B24:.underitudlea, $20; and Lolly people. MO; chorus. cat modes 00 peeing girl". same a* therm Vol.. Vaudeville and Cerme &bows -Prim: - pea. 030: understudies doing specialties. * l-1ns and tally. $16. Jerre Acts net. Other prorielona are: Efinlinurral shall apply on re run -of - phew contract on Ault dates only; when plitytng under auspiers of a fair. all peen:mesa 1 eituanitted In foregoing shall receive 10 per cent of then weekly WOnrtty over and above the e1111 -date mammas. Employes shall funalah en chorus co.: - tureen Including shoes. Not less than 30 minutes at proper tiome anal be allowed for luish and dinner. In the event employer furnisher board fee &rust0 or performers. ho n111 deduct not more than 11.7 per week for three full meala a day foe sewn days a week. Deduction of loot more than te double per weak foe re lower berth rand 441 single for lower berth: $4 charge per person for an upper berth may bo mada. WITH THE LADIES (Certilhatend /rd.' pige 7.9) doing astlidaetory bualneos. Perry Reynold* entertained us In her homelike trailer and 'bowed me her unusual tea pet collection. When I remarked about the many doge. I mw on the aware, Tray Welt, told Inc he had heard of and wen 40 -car shows, but the rs wa the Hest 40 -dog ahoy lie knew of. While we wore on the lot Mn! Vaught ntertbset In with Mr. nod Mee. Whitey 221Sot The KURD drove on to Kansas City. Kan.. with us. ea Mel woo going to hl. next 'mot to lay out the lot. Whitey had traded and 0014 hl' can on the earloils 'bows he had been on and they were without transportation until they arrived in Kan - gas City, Ken. Elite Shows were on a downtown lot at Junction City and we exited there with Mr. end Mr.. Keith Chapman long enough to have at cup of good cookhouse eof fee with Mee. Younger. who has the cookhouse Oct the alsows. Peggy!Andes Chapman looks fine and Menem she la doing well. At Kansaa City, Mo., we Vlaited with Ruth Ann and Chester Levin and took In the two chows playing city tots. Ruth Ann's ordlection of eama Is growing ad that she had to add a new cabinet In the living room ter them 8111 presented nee with ono of the new wsuthable decks of cards and intve Abrim a new lighter 01th the wigs emblam that he Is noir entitled to wear. Tony atartone's Rides were on the 15th Street tot and, altho drizzling nitre preealled, there wax a crowd under the awnings and ready to come out between showers. Ruth was "may with her elgarette shooting gallte7. Kw:elm Mason Boyd and son were on Om lot. The boy la growing We and con will be age to help Archie with work. Snapp (treater Show, were net. new Int at 31at and Surnmitt streets end had been doing very well, but dlatlirclay when we visited It rained just enough to keep us In Doll Snapp's new trailer. Where we sampled her cocktatla. She has a novel and uwful collection of cocktail FlAmes and knows how to use them all. Wo spent Saturday night In Hausa City and then hnerly viatica thc nest inorning with An end Bird Brainerd. We also saw. Dave Htrrall..11d Clenelta Ross at the Red Hotel and they Invited ite to the 54 dance and party at the BoLd Hotel for the enwrifolk 111 the vicinity by the Heart of Amatica istberman'a COW,. We regretted that we had to Woo tt. There are so nuttly thews to and near Loins that we will stay hero for a *bile trill am them el If we <mi. I had ropey, teal an enjoyable visit with Nell Allen at the American Rota and elated the Royal Am wrican Knows May 4. Ruby Vetere entertained us In tn0 of. flee, and Margaret and Rosalne Raney, (tram Dow. Norma Lang, and 1 took to the shows axed thoroly enjoyed them, BIZ OF BAZINET (COnnateed froze page 2O1 4nm-east:II results, New cook!, mated by Jack Oaluppo. proie.1 with ahowtak and neatens. Nter.-;ei... Round le attractive In a new ten and ILL. been repainted. Kew -style panel (rota aro on the Girl and Life shoos. Rides Include Merry-OcoRound. Aerrt. %%glee], Octopus, Kiddie Care. itntok Planes. Tilt -a -Whitt. and Loop -o -P - All have been repainted and rettecor. lunge and cookhouse are leading con. - soor.s. with Tilt -a -Whirl and MerryOo. Round topping rides. Cliff Petten's Teri- In.Crne Ls best among 'chows ao tar. BEATTY PLUG HEAVY (Continued from page 29) matinee Oetting evince:gni In calk for grinding alternating with open. int.'s. this phase of operation being Under the elleortion of Sterling (Dukei Drlikenbrod, Veteran manages of olds atom., They don't come any better than the Duke on frontal action end they don't nuke front* thowelees any better than the white -Mod and neonized 00-1cons, with * few more nes-dons scheduled to be added to make a 120 or 120 -foot famde, properly hooked up with eptakcm to give out the blurbs. Now Gwyn Corning On each olds of the front Is a huge painting of Beatty and the aniniale In action, the frames being bordered with red 11C011. Two hoist* of Beatty are alto on the carnival's front RAW. An old top was used herr, but duo In la new oatirsa. a 100 Or 110 -tooter with tan 60 -.oat naltitikas, which will give a capacity cg about Front's location here was tight side of back end but future spotting. *111 be In dead center of Cot; usually about 1,400 feet from gate. kuomenent In the one -ring layout are Kink*, clown contortionist: Jean Warbt web end trap with sunset grind Ulan: Harriet Beatty. Hoer ridlng elephant howdah; Albert Meet's performing chimps, Minnie and Mickey: AI ("Pretty good,.14?) Plorenc, working 0O end sup during Ahem with *fickle. the noroperformingest dog in the weed: three elephant& worked by Jean Wm and Eugene Seat, and Beatty Minot?. presented In cage adjoining the curb with 23 Wine and tigera Including a pen of rollover and 'Terming lagers Show nem 01)0,15 50 rnimattei Music is recorded. Flanking the cage. In the back. ate four cage wagon. with the wild animal atoek. Those. with the elephant', 11 Carnal. and a Duffel. nuke An all r1,ibt menagerie Mara K. Knecht nee the WU and radio and to announcing show Until a male yoke merges ori. Jones's Agent la Plod (WIdtay) = personnel are frnewiet Sylvester. Hoke.; Don Cook. amnia: Etigelle Scott. enmak: Marvin Craned?, hood shiner; John Wall. acalnd ear ahead; Anthony Houses. Joe Cook, Joe Taylor. and Ofkrege Stir: bury. cage boys, and George lickerson. Meeks. 11 neattra.hear gleam sa subjtayr.or of beaeta doesn't draw them in. nctting will, 12ONARD TRAUB& QUEEN CITY STARTER (Continued tress page 27) up here Included nine rides. At fees: two more will be added at the Pratildln N. IL. stand. beginning May 19. Cot& windy weather most of the find two weeks was ttandleap. but Manager Decker reported far htuiriess. 'Top rides are McNally's Rocket ard Whip. These are (lowly followed by the (Moran Merry-Oo-Round. Airplane. Loop -o -Plane. and Perna Wheel. AIM doing well are Jack Lolly's Menke Speedway Auld two ball games, Leo Lite?, field's ball game, Merritt Anderson's E nigma lehow: Praline nillernuitt's.h.xt' rmigg.hooting 60110/3. re.iph lee's Sdt16' rang* Sanely, and Dare Wtittea two concessions. ktra Kflonia 1. pending refreshment comet:sten. Shoves' canvas will be repbeed eon Management Mesta Allows wt11 91-e New itampehire. Maatacaueetta. and Vet' moat territory this year.

43 . 111ma Hay 24, 1941 The Billboard.1.3 WANTED OUTDOOR ACTS e. Interstate Laurel Festival Wellebero,, lune 1PAA, Wr110 CIORCE 11003cit. Chamber of Cernameba, Weed:ere. PoemylranLo. State knvest fat poke. VIA:V.1E II SHOWS, A(TS, CONCESSIONS 1:4:b ANNUAL FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION JULY This la Mor TOM IMCCeliCTARY, 00AIMACRC 1AL CLUE WANTED FOR INDIANA'S GREATEST CELEBRATION JULY Ceder, Satmley and Anem. Doe aext NyAt and ekammien..., re irual4 Men ea rremlea4 o.r.4.1.1, On Meth. EL, la. :_rrayiona TO wren Moat:dal them. IS.1100 Mane In hew ermankem CO ner. Welke AMA Wile or Mot 0 AAAAAA ARICA linnelan tarn. Inalemoolir. I'd. EIGHTH ANNUAL JULY 4112 CE I,EDRATION AND JULY 3rd Preview STREATOR, ILLINOIS rime serfs. HSU MEN.1.,rerVOIONK. rthgworias. SUE MN, 1..wrigivi+. rid I then C. A SAIIIRRTT. Den, Streator. ill. WANTED CARNIVAL For ['not Festivol )11; Amon 211PrenoUnner IR. frahrore SORT MADISON ASSOVIA tn.,. TiOn. Cell undue. AMERICAN LEGION CELEBRATION Paoli. Weans, Me 14 to 19, Paws and Conemenne wanted. S. I. witintosh. Casireen WANTED FOR MIDDLE OF AUGUST-CARNIVAL, ETC., rem Two Myr larre COMMERCIAL CLOD, Smite CM,.., Mk. WANTED Sponsored Events Veteran, Lodge and Other Organization Festivities Conducted by CLAUDE R. ELLIS ICoenrnunkations to 25 Opera Place, Cincinnati, Spec and Royal.1.iiierican Shows for Dayton Centen DAYTON. 0., May 1T.-What Dayton celebrates the 100th anniveraery of granting of Its charter with the Dayton Centennial -Mimi Valley Celebration 10 ceinsilea are eapettoi to partkipate. and Stat.e and national thrum have promised to cooperate. A spiv. Frostier of Freedom, will by staged nightly on the fairgrounds by John D. Rogers Company on a stage 600 by 150 feet. with a cant Of 2,600. Our American CLUE Mies Miami Valley, and Miss Dayton are being solectexl by votes thruout the ID calumets. Num.-rotas Industrial and historical exhibit* will ret up on the faintrounda and name bands will play for dancing nightly. Several parades are scheduled. Royal American Shows will set tap on the fairgrounds. Prank Dylan to general chairman and numerous rarkarittatlocea and individuals are co-operating. Capt. Elliot R000evelt, while stationed at Wright Field here. started the plan for rnosie etas and lending Relators to be here. Attractions Budget Raised For Ill. Event; 3 Acts Set EAST MOUSE. Ill.. May 17.-Completed plans for the American Legion Part Independence Celebration In Mu- RIDES, about, coneosalona. free acts. nicipal Stadium here call for an increase fireworks, and merchandise *WAY* 020 planned to in depon.,i of several hundred dollars to fireworks ee and mageshow budget. reported Don Celcbcation in &Ile PlMne. in,. under of Commerce Club and Amer. Sweet, tnntchm and booker. who h" ken Legion Post. bandied the show, Its publicity. and Lyle 0. wood. reported Club Secretary midway for the past four years. At lent 15)000 are expected to attend. Pireweeke Company has again JOLLY'S Seeealum Park rides. Penny Aro.df,, and in.ob hates b, been contracted to furnish turvat3- acts tweaked to date for the one -hour rector tracks" of by f".7. four W. -day Nedrovr, owe ma-nagnig Band spring en- stageahow Include Aerial Dukes, high Prone In New Philadelphia. 0. Von pole: Date and Meyeni. ormillbrislei. and James Valaare. comedy cycllst. There will also be n parade and picnic hi the park adiecning the atadium. Pa. Jubilee Plans Moving EMPORIUM. Pa., May Prank Egan. general chairman of limporiuns% eta -day Dientor.d Jubilee under auspice., at American T.egton Post Eire Department, and hated Annociation, expected contracting an aerial ballet thru the Prank Wirth Mee for two performances daily and Ernest Rrtgg's grotesque balloons for an American Legion Eon parade. There will be a firemen's parade and Boy Scout camporee. Pintos will be awarded for parade* and COSHLMA. Male ettirens have been asked to grow boards In connection with the event. Program Set for N. C. Fete WALLACE. N. 0.. May IT roil Era Mrs for Iltommed tml Amend Weal and civic features having been set The 1 12t..414 tle. hi P. 144.VgZ, Merl Mabry. r '"'" la b. for the annual flre.clay Strawberry Pes- ).%! lay ecopw law leer near ml tleal here, Manager Normal] V Clitiliblien ly reem 4.04.ekn- "'din announced booking of the enterialsweent AEA KURTZ 11$1.. 50,0,554. bill for deny presentation. Attmetbans were obtained thru Oeerge A- Harold and CARNIVAL WANTED FOR FALL FESTIVAL 'Jt, err\ M h $11011S des- SAX 1041 Wma E. M. SCAROMAIIIP. Mew, Anraels Vallee emer Chanihre to 00. n On. WANTED 1%,,s Marl, Vbstrerser. Kw. Cm S. ones/!vv..., Inman. firos. I. lie Eire oo. Re.. SiN, 1, to be hell et Ike Cameral named. of Ibr 14wo Mellen Moe newwwle AwL 20.$04141MW CARL C. MESSMER. Sew, IIoN.Nd. Ps Morrison% ille. Illinois Picnic. and Homecoming Ar Irj.rnTnt.P AV re 31: 1 MINOR GOMM. Ommasim MarMOM WAITED clude Nledon' Bram:Map Sedlibda.b ballinoon ascensione d by Allen. and musk byy orcheetras of Jimmy Livingston. Don Gregory. and Joe Leighton and the Coquettes, 12 -piece band. CARNIVAL WANTED Interirrin Legion IllinE.Inly Celebration Only 01M.M.M. In South Wen W A. MILIESAY. *wens. wo- WANTED 1:11,, r.tretmsseirx SOU AMERICAN LEGION Airy... STREET TAIR Am Write RAY W. 0.11/1a. 591h ANNUAL CELEBRATION AMERICAN Hen! /11110f!pH' CELEBRATION.syko sim.9% N. II err CoMem.hine lie 1$ me 4,- -Or (Mammon, It 1;31... estri,thl,y.o- I. I Ilia enermilme morn'. Mk. I I...: -). Mem llarnm. Mermen JAN mil Merely. Maim. nem EMMA. cm. Lealead mem Creareenieste MI& V. F. Amnon, soomnon. HAMM V. M. Davie. Sony. Texas Home Show Plans Set CORPUS Tea. May 17.- Plana have been anummeed by the Real Estate Board here for Ito wood annual National Rome Show. reported Secretary Carrot Wakefield. Edwin N. Williams. Pederal Production Company, who directed bud yvar's event. has again been engaged to manage the shrew. it will be In a Onus tent and there will be an nmwseenent MOM 111.t$0 will also be a fire -room markt house. is MIDWAY. free acts, and parade will again be features of annual eta -day Circe - ter (W. Va.) Volunteer Pirernetia Street Pstr. Lawrence Cline Is general chair- :rin. LARRY FALLON will have charge of concussion* on the midway of the annual two-day Colurabinna (0.1 Street Pair under earpiece of the American Legion Post. ADAMS Rodeo Company has again been booked to stage a three -Gay chow In the %mental:a Legion Post Ball Park. Wheel W. Va., for the Paternal Order of Polka. (See SHORTS on page 61) WANTED COMPLETE CARNIVAL m Mies. Shows. Cencesikm July 3, 4, and 5 Crmneet Club and Asaerkan Leak., con/marini to rake MA the Mame enont of the year. Larger timworit Mislay, Ore ads. and other entertenneent teatimes,. Entire whim to be In the mon birshweii district. Coramanicale at once with 1. A. HER/MCC. Chairman ConInneva Chats Vane 1..elne. loom Fourth of July Celebration Casey, Ill., Jidy 2, 3, 4 Conecnioni, /me Acts and Sherri warded. Rides and Corn Came basked. H. C. HALLSTILN, Chairman ISANTED FON MOMENCE, ILL, GLADIOLA FESTIVAL Arm. 10 Ceennoma eml NM,, re: el tints OSA ft TOMMY SACCO THEATRICAL MART 1G2 Ale. stare M. CRicoao. WANTED fher,. m.r. I 11)1. FALL FESTIVAL Mont , 1E041 Video O. A. CIVIC, Greed Cleans,, s miaow Shows--Carnivals--Rodeos Lot. Lirema 01Ore emilara AMERICAN LEGION CheMenn. leremort SIX COUNTY FIREMEN'S CONVENTION SHAMOKIN, PA.. JUNE 16, 17, IS Can use legitimate COMersiOns of all kinds. Want boom Cu, Candy Apple., et. Can Waco leveret sorm11 Ridge sad Senn Wheel. All Conceeticom 10 be placed en attest. No Cernleal 10 buck. No edit wanted. Ovens b44&lo, Syneley. Juno 1Sth, with parade liekts to be on all night. AlereMCem Trembly Nicht, /mmen'e Parade Thursday Afternoon. rireworke Thursday MEM 11:00 pea. /err apace not, OF WO< FUN NOVELTY CO.. Shamokin. Pa. WANTED for COLUMBUS SPORTSMEN'S SHOW Held rbik Andliemum, 'censored by Lesinta Of Ohio Sporternen, June 11-15, lerehesero. Clog RetneyIng Act, Prated and Rale Shooting iferformence. Ely and Ban Cloning tehtbilion or my ashes attrattion oultatae. Afro Operator, tot following Corm:n*14ns: Lead &Monne Gallery. Skeet ShooNng Range, Metric Cy* Eillo or Tenons Coo lambinen. COLUMBUS SPORTSMEN'S SHOW. SI South MA St., Cnbmnbus, Ohle MANISTEE FOREST FESTIVAL MANISTEE, MICHIGAN WEEK -END CELEBRATION, JULY 3.4-5, 1941 Want legitimate Concessions of all kinds. Address: FESTIVAL COMMITTEE, P. 0. lion 4, Manistee. Michigan. WANTED-SHOWS, RIDES, CONCESSIONS NINTH ANNUAL HOMECOMING AND LIVESTOCK SHOW CUOA, MO., JULY 31. AUGUST I AND 2 MEM, Celebration In South Central Mimouri. For intoreurnen address PAUL T. CARR. alga, MO. WANTED LARGE CARNIVAL, ALSO CONCESSIONS for Leeks., ifroilah Week of May 27 to May 31 Inclusive. and Week of July 1 to July 5 Inclusive. ttorenr0 Y. CRIFI. Cholrmen. Coshow Indiana

44 44 The Billboard CIRCUSES May 24, 1941 Conducted by CHARM WIRTH -Communiceriens to 25 Opera piece. Cleo:nes i 0 Records for Polack Are Broken In San Francisco With ; Show Re -Engaged Next 5 Years SAN YRANCISCO, May Polack Hien.' Cacho exhibited hero tinder eyepiece of the Irian Blume Temple May 6-16 and Mote merlons attendanoe remede for teals stow. Total attendento for 16 performance* wee Thou a perfect ticom with The See Frond:co Anwestner and the public reboot* over 00,000 school children attended matinee perforanaciore. 0choole thruout the city were dorided Into district* and mai afternoon schools la theist dlnalcu were disenewml permitting chndren to attend the omits. to addition to thla over orphans and underprivileged Oblkiren attended free as mints of Authors end other pubiloopiritm firms Med individuals. As a result of the success of this engagement oincers of Wain Temple have completed negottatione with Irving J. Polack. taking up an Option whereby Polack nrottem, will exhibit here no - Malty foe trio next Oro years Under Islam &wince& MOW the advance sale by raillnhava Of the &trine la not completely tabulated. It Is olselally stated trim the sale Will amount to to Thruout the engseement here the four dautre onoperated 100 pee cent, devoting Gamma of space for photograph. and stories. CMS McDougall. with the arena and Jason Adam of lelem Temple, had every edition lammed with preen re - May 11 Judy, ledzienth-old iron of Noble Itentltene wild animal act. give birth to quadruplets. Thin a Wow between Vernon L. Meitner/ of the circus and Bob Wilson of the Zen Pranelsco photo division of the Mao:tend Press. a photograph of the cubs wee eyriditend from Coast-to-Cmut, captioned; Weeknis YOungrot Wild Minns! Mother 11 onwt Dailey's 10 Weeks In Texas in Black mon-. Kan_ May 17.-Dra11ey Brea.' Circus. which opened the seesean to February In nouthesat Texas rim paat left that Slate after spending 10 weeks there. tome cold end wet weather Wm foloollnterm. but bisslizeta was uniformly profitable. Three date of the 10 weeks were tat Stitch COhn Is mein treasurer of the show and in the ticket WIXOM 7W.) new annt-traller trucks have born added, one for trio additional big elephant and Ilse Other to help transport the side shoran The big top to now a fourpole top. the ibtrd 40 -fart middle mew having been hastened recently. Several length. of sails have born added Mucci the thew Omen. The modern line -looking house ears with the show help to :coke a favorable impreadon. The managerreme la very proud of the group of beautiful feminine Mara In the &teeing room Harvey Is now on big monad ass. Woneuperriring the advance and routing the show. nervy Doran. a young roan of wide sod sorted cum,' experience. is In cheep* of the billing brigade. AfhoireA In Qnod CDICINNATI. May 17.-Mr. and 7d7it J. C. Admire are in All at Clayton. N. lc charged with fraudulently obtaining money In connects= with their work ae Advance agents for Denney Bets.' Circus Which anted abruptly at MvOrDve. N. kt April 5. according to Bate Bond. then attorney. 'Sit* show Wall backed to way Clayton April If. "i0e Levine efsenved the circus at the time it closed." bond vontea Tee Stn. board. "Ind could probably help thent but they do not knot, where he Is and WO would Mc to find him. If you could help us to thin recant I would appreciate ti and Innw they would.' PAUL W. DRAKE worked bannent at the Diaabled American Vetere' Indoor show in netweville. 0. as did BIM* OWO41.11sebert Washburn. and J. 8. nett. Prank Bowen acted nes-ninon Drake eves Marto Kan Wari oleo on the job there. Drake /deo met Mr. end Mr.. Charles Poplin and Harry Miller when %Vallee* Moan Cirrus was In Ilanesvitle recentiy. has Quadruplet& at San Francisco Shrine Ctrcus Several outstanding teattue thrill acts were added for this engagement. Including the Four Apolioa. senaliont who will continue cute the snow. Vernon L. Mcnestsy handled all the promotional details here, oral Mr& Mc - Rusty handled the membership ticket sale Two wellknown circus personalities, formerly with the Al 0. Barnes Circus. joined byre. charge of the back dole. and Chet Reeve. whit the advance In ebonite of billing. Tao Adranco brigade is DOW billion Reno. Nev., where the Mow will open tts outdoor season under the new title an - pounced last week, but *hien lux been slightly changed. It 11 Polak Itroe ' nig Three Circus, Wild Antnal, end Sinew, the menagensent having decided not to Include a rodeo for the present. II later cm Wild West acts are added. they will be used all a concert feature. Wind flits Russell Show; Animal Tent Blown Down KEOKUK. la.. May 17-A snore; wind and ralnatafen CLIC short the everting Banker -Clown OREM:MICRO. Pa., May 17. -Wylie Overly. Unman, Of the Mount Mal - ant Stem Dank here. spends his Summer mention workteg as a down with ono of the traveling circuses. Inns week he wee eketed Menden: of the Weenrsnrolend County Banker' Anocutinn. HM Pulls 100,000 In Montreal and Grosses 527,000 MONTREAL, May 17 -ItemidMenton Circus, with many new act. and an Despite a heavy thcorei In oar.on. 0. They are Torn Heavy. In operatic soprano in the person of Dons May 11 shortly before the algal Wow, Reed, played to more then 100,00 patrons In the /holm here In 10 pertorm- apparently held down the mediator et. a atraw house turned out. Cialidne ektes &non May About LOCO were tenets -nee, which mut only fair. In MM. turned away on each of the Saturday dtetown. 0., the tailoring day binning matinee'. Attendance neniren ran about woo also big, with patron on the straw 20 per cent enove last year and the grows at night. The concert. featuring Berry was about * Pine weather favored Juan Lobo. has been doing eatisfectory the crew for In entire stay In town. buntline, and the tilde ehow has also dponsors wen the Montreal Mariners been getting fall' play. again this season and they were highly Press Agent Ora 0. Parke procured a yenned at the returns which went towards their Mound for crippled chil- to 01D Isndtng C011310erabte great amount of publicity for the show space dren. Long papers devoted much epees to the et,ow and a harlot to the &deer - using of the Allow resulted from a pmforinsitee given on the grounds of the Shrines' Heaptial for Crippled Children and one at the Childrenn nfeenoetal pint Most pleasing of the seentenn additions performance of the Rumen Brew.' Circus here May 7, The animal tent was blown le 0001 Reed, formerly with the Chicago down but Do warm. injury to either Cone Opera. Her longing accompahlment to semi' of the performeno feats. persons or ennuals was reported. Ono Of the wagons was overturned by the particularly trapeze and huh wire. mead* strong wind, which mums% heavy damage foe effete that brought keen reespome to surroundirut Properly. from the spectators. RB as Streamlined Under Tops As When Indoors; Side Show Appears To Be Heaviest. Unit itravleet unit per equine foot Wein.s to be the aide sheen which leek more titan a full working day to assemble end was still u.ntinietted even thu the whole works arrived in separately In the mid- BALTIMORE. May 17.-The Rangling every department Of operation. &how. caught Isere at Monday afternoon performance. find cants, stand of the season. looks as.rmmlined under tope as It did In the building engagements. but tor amserribling and dismantling purpesos It Is also a abow with plenty of dle of Last week. physical weight. Veterans. attended and unattached- would be expected to put In the knocks from the =gin but when the huge layout atarta On the or.inday Mande Met will be time to Judno whether this allensingly Overabundant weight. represent* a Ocean handicap to bud setting up and tearing down. On the surface It would amen as It streamlining has not bridged the shmteat distance between two points. but such judgmon( may be duo to the fact that the Mg Show, like majority of other outdoor projects, la suffering from a lack of enough laboring hands In virtually Outside ham six steel pylons. done In red and taring 27 tee In the air. They aro about 1000 pounds apiece in weight and support 18 panel& with &ketches of seta. Which ate nutty mild caricature,. a new twist or renew. English idre which IA Rupp:mei to take the self-etyled colcawham out of kid shows, Them were done by the Hilton Leech Studen presumably tinder direction of &menet Norman Bel Cleddea and the approval of brothers North. Each of tour wagons spotted In the back support" tow Me - torten. which are of the foleloup type (See litlt(oljno-bair.viin on page 63) PROMINENTS at She data -Afton Of ihe Lnaam Jong monsisanst to Glendon, Cemetery. April ft. Left to 'teat, (Fewer H. Lux, of the Ante (Po., Lithopreph le Prettiest Company, who ea, entrusted with the raising of funds for Me monument: Sec. L. B. J % of Leeetriira. PM; J. Edwin Baker, rupereiteratent of Mt Marry -Anna Crippled Children', Horne. Atone. lie., and Col. Herold flipplc,, of that city, oho &finned an addreas. Cincy Biz Heavy For Cole; Capacity Nights Continue CINCINNATI. Men Continued capacity crowds at night have been roe Lot oftle Bros.' Circus, with many full rnneltiee hollers included. The show had ideal weather here Saturday and (tun day. May 10 and It, and did excellent brialdsva, drawing a half.houre at the Saturday matinee and a lull howe at night, with straw boom Sunday afternoon. and a full house at MOO, The Mee on the hippodrome track were omitted at the Sunday matinee due to the at. -ow seetens, In the way of alleles and art In the throe dallies. Herrn Thomas also pub. licined the =ow with radio broblicasts. The blue big top, with the eters and stripes at its top running from one tan to the other, merited much favorable comment here by the perms and among fans The show was one of the best strata cucua propane', neck Terrell over pro. stinted Di the 011otT City and Cincito patient gave It Marty approval Gainesville Show Continues Big Biz OADrietiVILIZ, Tex., Inky 17.-Oalnes.. villa Ontranunity Circus continued Its reccedbreaktne atert In the bonne town by Mating to two full houses in Malmo. Tee. May 1 end 2 under ausplees cc St. Luke's /neuronal Outlet which reclined a net pront of better than from the engagement In four of Its fret five performance, this, aoal00 the show has had s 'client, and a twordhlrels boos, In the other. Performance to down to regular run rang time of one hour and 35 mints en with 21 displays. and all performers are back In the lineup except Jame* Smith. whose broken ankle hen not heated. Gerry &Innen and Vane Brewer. tight -wire artiste, and (tie Coln Moors and Burch Spires. Iow, ladder. partiedpata in a noontime headed by Jimmy Jenne*. Dallas radio cruet. at the annual district Rotary convention In SW - men May 6. Show'" next echortiled erieneentnnt at /nth& Tex,, Jtlete 0. Contract has been signed for appearance In Dallas for two perioesneneee September I. Lent. Day. Unger atropin" 01 the Variety Cub. Judge Reserves Decision In "Lone Ranger" Trial SPARTANBURG. S. C. May Trial of the $ suit, brought by Lena Ranger. Inc. a Michigan commas= regents% 0. C. Coo, tensor of Wallace DIVA.' Cletus, ara two Powell, OklUally and jointly. was corrapieved Mee 2 In Cloned Slates Dietrict oftiut bole. The preakling jurist. POIC701 Judge Cecil C. Wyche of Spartanburg. rescined hs derision In the Mee, which mu tried wttbotzt a jury, "until briefs hats been filed by counsel for both the pletnuo and defense." Lone Ranger. tic. ap:mier of a radio serial known as The Lame Senor. eought to restrain the defendants from Infringing on the radio program by using the 00o and the call of "111 To Silver." Lee Powell who starred In a MIDI movie of the same name, inturnied the court that "In advertiaing myself 41 the Lone Ranger I qualified the fact that I was the or:41nel Lone Ranger Of tailing proturres." FRANK MYERS. of Poona. Ill. drove to ounanapoua May 4 to catch the Cole show. Ito lays It auto waa Peru (Ind I day. so he saw a good many penal* from there. He also saw Arthur Levesonns min - :stun circus at the rawstop Hobby Show. At Pero, Myers visited with P. A Bonnet.

45 Ueiy CIRCUSES The Billboard 45 Under the Marquee I0errenuncations to Opera Place, Cincinnati, 0.1 NELLIE DUTTON and William WK. Ssuosten were due In New York on the 5. S. Robin Omy from Africa May 10. JACK SWEETMAN. former vaudeville ere most Arid circus bannerenan. is in ter So:ells:me Ikea Hospital. Dayton, 0. AL PITCHER. the frog man, is slowly recovering from a lingering illness at his boar in Oswego. N. Y. FOUR STOKER BROTHERS, comedy oreonate. base signed for the wasonisa Burton Bros' Circus. ED IDLER edelses that he bee not pined the Hamner Bros: Circus but la eel with Ken Mayoard. CIliktil= O'CONNOR caught Ray DK.? CUM( at ()meanie. lit.. and had dinner in the cookhouse, which la op - and by Cy Murray, BETSY KINO ROSS, motion picture :ayer. formerly with Lewis Bros., Bud e. Anderson. Gorman Brew. and other ebeera, la Intending college In Santa nonica. Calif. TOM PARKLISOIL of Deentur, Lae the opening of Kay Bro.' Circus at eylorrilte. m. May 7. Burineaa wee ;owl. and Tom lay,. the equipment Is Wry Clebli. "MANDY" MORRIS. with Cole Bros' Circus the teat three weser.e, underwent ter fourth major operation May II to Soloman Davis Hospital, Houston. Tex. Sr would like to hear them friends. MRS. AL RINOLINCL widow of AI le-gling of circus fame, atiebreted her Keil birthday at BarsboO. Wet, May 12. Per health prompted more than a mull celebration. CHARLES efematian. former agent will bannerman with verimus demo*.rid son of the former owner of MeMehan Roo: Circus, Is located In Portland, Ore., T.!b a coffee concern. MANY seesaw de rot madder whether Istreerandesert In the circa. are ter Mr toad el the circus, but decry them Mn Ntiedie RIM J. BANKS. former circus publicity man, paid a recent visit to Los A-eries. lecturing in school* and beere (ale clubs. Many of lits hulks are ea his (experiences with the CITCILS. AFTER three-year lapse, It appears doe RInglIng-Rarnurn show will return to Wlikee-Deirre. Pa_ this lemon. The proposed Location la directly In back of Artillery Perk there. ROOM LUDY and three city officials N Portland. Ind., visited Cole Bros.' Circus at Richmond, Tod., May 5 and bad an enjoyable time with Ira Watts. sto shoved them around. RAY HARRIS. formerly with the Meiling show. who last year took out a fax -made tent show, plaza to enlarge the show end make it Into circus Cis *moon. His quertme are M Passdiee, HARRY MAng0ef, old-tirres showman, feemerly with the Buffed Bill Wild West (hew, Barnum ez Batley. Adam Fore - Meet and Sens Bros', la Ill at his home In Atlantic City, report. Prink a, flubin. PINOLINO-BATINIM will exhibit in letentown. Pa.. June 29 on the Irving Street sod Union Boulevard lot Robert B. flood isialeted William Carr, contract - he agent fee the show, In snaking srningtensata for the show them. OlOA CEILESTE, well-known wild trainee, will Jaen start work in a TAT. 130P11), lunette (reek. Film will be erected by Alexander Horde &LIG released Lem United Artiets. Set e'en:ant. Luigi /Weir, recently went Ina) the army. SQL AND MRS. HENRY HAAO. teaerrty of hasp Bros.' Circus. gave a ti> at their night club in Deerboen. mat rtmertiy for Helen Mete, Mr. and Scheid/tee and Ted Rea, members et the W. 0. Wade Shows. lia. AND MRS. IMENCITIE MOORE are Foetus In Biddeford. Mr with feenehlees folks before hitting the road. They recently visited with WA Moore'. mother In Philadelphia. atra. Moore Is the forays Monts Darling. &NON D. J. COLLINS la working the Pioneer Days Celebration at Leavenworth. Item_ after O sun -maul efaxagement at the St. Louis Police Circus. Ho returns to St. Louis In June at LOTTeb State Theater. Venni Adverthing Car No. I of 0310 Drce: Circus was In Caution, 0.. recently. Ted Depplah, photcgrapher of the Charles. ibegriet Showmen's Club, took movies of the car and eta personnel. which will be added to hie libeas-y of circus films. MOST of the hialdinge formerly used by ciecturees wintering in Central City Park. Macon. Oh,. era being wed for WPA and other federal and Sete *cat - tied. It la Underatood, however. that the Macon cite council would make room tf Another circus decided to winter there. STELLA (HAMILTON, who before her marriage to Bill Hamilton was Stella Cronin. well-known circus performer. is now Bring In long Beach, Calif was formerly meocisted with several circuses as both owner and manager. The Hamill - tons own land manage Coder Arms, 1111 apartment house, on the Pacific. THE CIRCUS seems to be as much an M. door thew es It a an outdoor show. At any rate, the meld.or shmm will tare to go some 11 they do a. good business as the. Indoor shows tare dent ibis lett winter and aping. SLIVERS JOHNSON, after closing 12 weeks of indoor dates with Ilamld- Morton. Is visiting C. A. Klein in New Waterford. 0. Ile will leave soon for Newark, 0, to get his car and props re - Wanted for the Opening et Cumberland. WILD WEST contingent of Wallace Bros.' Circus, which glees the aftershow. Includes Lee Powell. Taxes Ted Lewis, Midge Dever. Dorothy teens, Cherlex Poplin. Jewell Poplin. Swede Johnroh. Peggy and Ray Ilarseroft. "Buckskin" Betty, Colorado Fred, end Baron Nowak, midget, ts an added feature. AL DEAN, for many years with the Cole Bros.' Circus. hoe the cookbeaue with the Wallace show this season. He boa a crew of 10 men and two trucks. the cookhouse moving each night at the enrielualon of the eventng meal. He says about 250 persons are being fed tech day. DOC WADDELL, with W. E. nada. former bag top trouper, the undertaker who burled the late circus owner. Dods Piste and Emil Wagner, another Mt - trouper, now chief auto driver for Doe's dry cleaning company. had front mats at Cole WOK." Cirrus In Columbus, 0. Rain spoiled the dare Mildness. says Doe. THE COLE SHOW has A good hunch of clowns and they work hard. The burlesque boxing bout between Otto Oriebling end Freddte Freeman is Is wow. Emmett Kelly, Arthur Borells. notate Laird. Danny 5feAvoy, Jack Klippel, Toby Tyler. and the other runners have anee clever numbers. J. W. MILL) LLOYD wan a daily rid - tor at the Big Show again this year at Madison Square Carden. He has hot raised Its opening in many yews. Ho will hot troupe this season. but will bo in charge of one of the Merry-Oe- Rounds at Coney talent!. New Trek. The past winter he worked a while ea room clerk at the Hotel New Yorker. DON SMITH. president of the Circus Hishattrol Society. and Walter Pletechmanitave had circus photos is -emoted for the fourth year of the Chryeler Camera Club exhibit In Detroit. Don hoe ate* completed a model of Ringlin.g steam calliope of 1501 and has It booked on A nun:her of hobby 'Chows In the vicinity of Detroit W. T. LESIVA. of Cole Prose *teens. was In emceed. N. H., May He visiting his friend, Pau] bf, Sullivan. Leiter hex been prospeeting New England for the Cole show, Eddie Jackson formerly of Sparks Circus and now at Benson's Wild libidos of Troupers in Military Training Wanted Shoe -folk who are to military train - trig in any branch of the U. S. or Canadian form are Invited to send photograph' of themselves to uniform to The Billboard. addressing them to Opera Place. Cincinnati. 0. When mailing pictures please giro fuu detail, as to rank, Wench. location data of entry, etc. also mention briefly your show counections and capacities of late years. Animal Farm. visited SuIllean recently. Both Lester and Jackson report excellent business with their thews. BILL BLOW and B. 0, Burnett, of the Seventh Corps Area Mining Center. Port Leonard Wood, Mo, were over - absinthe with hoellitatity by Mr. and Mee. C. W. Webb. owners of Russell Bros' Circus when they visited the above to Port Leonard Wood. Blow says as!pug as the circus produces such performance* as the Rumen *how ban this year the circus will never die. A REAL toostir he He elms is the 10,090 Sines Cavan., Inc. which eigenlaotion Wan again speller tta a good -will abs. then free to thowisad Slows Crly's flo) wade teensy. test T..r led chew riser. re aver 100, H. HODGSON. of Emporia, Kan., says that Mn,a Jackie D. Wilcox, of the Bud E. Anderson Cletus, Is the first lady advance agent over to aim a contract with him foe the use of the MKT snow - ground.; In Ereperia. where the Anderson chow opened May 2. He checked the record of shows that here boated the MKT lot as far buck ea ISIS grid says that Mrs. Wilcox Is the only Indy advancer agent listed during them mare. POSTPAS appearing on Railway Express tnacks and welt Donner hit. lac many pasts of Youngstown (0.) downtown section say ItIngling-Barnum wilt appear here. June 21. &Rho no ono et city hall know* anything about it of - Md. again with Hemel -Morton. He begins hls fair season July 1 for Otis Sun. tidally. The city acumen In the hear future la to consider a resolution which will ensure a permit for the Big Show If Ite (agents decide to select a siteleltbin the Youngstown city limits MRS. LINDA JEAL JULIAN, once billed as "Queen of the Flaming Circle," creel/rated her Seth birthday May 0 In,treingneld, DI. The Minot' Store.fonentat there earned a three -column picture of her holding copy of The ftflibcord and reminiscing over circus days. Site was one of the greatest equeetricanee and had horn with Barnum & Bailey Circus. She began her circus weer at 16. ART LIND says that thru the efforts of the Theater Authority. New York, and the AOVA in Clocinruitl. errangementa AM mode for him to enter the Jewish Consumptive Relief Society, Spivak, Colo., May t6. Art alio informs that Dr. 0. C. Schlock. old-time showman and director Of the Oak Foral. Sanitarian. Cook County, Illinois, has entered Dolly Lind Into that Institution. Dolly wax 10 Bethesda Itospitat, Clneinnati. recently for We weeks. BA.74 CROWTS.L. who smith Harry Nelson and Adolph Crowell headed the company Operating all conceselocis with Downie Bros.: Circus In will enter a new field tide semen. White tatting Paul M. Conaway and Charles Sparks In Macon. Oa, en route from his winter home In Miami to see the Big Show In New York. be reported he had bought a new Spitfire riding device, Watch will be booked with the Ben William, Shows. Crowell and hts wife were motoring to New York. BLACK -outs tare hit the (emu Protestor George 5. Neese, who will start on Imp with hh foortruch circa lust as soon as Brooms - burg r Pat State TemNers College stoles foe the summer, Is planning a need climax to hie i.e. act. Ho says he win close tols year's show with. a theeerninute btack.out, with hint and tad call In tate. Kenler samba two African liens, two mountain Dom pal: of kepards panther, sad a tips at ter lame time. RALPH ISPECKS5 CAUT1N Is paper - Intendant of tickets with Wallace Woe.' Circus again this season. Ina asaistants are Walter H. Cohn and Harry 741.1tr, both werking the track. in the Wallace (See Under MC mcoqtrao on page (13) Ohio Stands Good For Wallace Bros. CANTON. 0., May 17.-Better than two weeks of Ohio territory, confined largely to industriai Iowa where major factoring are busy on defense contracts. gays Wallace Bros.' Circus constateut good leutriess, with good weather a contributlog factor. Pine week in the Buckeye State saw capacity At needy all houses In six of the Upper Ohio Valley and Eaatern Ohio cities. At Beat Liverpcol. 0, May 6, the IG1OTe had Use second Woe day In the 10 years It hao appeared there. Same. the next day registered good grosses. and Warren tar:wed with a 'draw matinee and hear capacity at night. Sammie. 0., Proved the most disappointing stand of the season. cow sod rainy weather held the crowd down and few of the thowande cd laborers engaged In building a huge gun plant there evidenced any Interest In the chew. Last stand In Ohio. North Canton, village of 3,000. proved an Ideal Saturday town for the show. The Someone Clun of that city purchased the show for tbo two performance, and more than 500 members of the club hustled the ticket. a week its matinee. More than paid to we the matinee, and the big top was filled to neat -capacity at night, It was the smallest town the their has played In lie many yews of touring the country. Officials said. Committee In charge of the exploitation ara tickets did a line job. selling to exectithea or the Hoover Suction Sweeper Company 1,500 children's tickets. which were distributed to orphenages and welfare groups. About 150 English evacuee'. nutktng their homes in the village during tine war, were guests of If. W. Hoover. of the Hoover company. The =watt followed the matinee and patron., sow It at no additional charge. At night the show management retained Cho concert. V. X. Seberffer, a Hoover company etieoli tire and an cifflter of the Booster 011)b, warted untiringly for the success of the engagement. ;ferry Winslow, veteran eget% formerly of the Jack Reale and Lewis Bros.' circuses and other erwewe nanod here to do (See WALLACE BROS. on page 62) USED TENT BARGAIN Wo must radace ow stock of mod rrnas beteg. we mare N. one new loco - tins. Here Is one of our winsalienal removal sale thargains. No, ont Itcomd Top wefts two 40' red not 10' Middles. Top $ or. white drat triromed M were. Roped second seam. Wilt cote fourth seam. ass rag styte. With 10' Me, 611 es. wb.:1, 4611 with band in center. In/epic(' top, lair to food. darkce49.5. I. color. Too and tones BAKER-LOCKWOOD 603 Hardesty Karnes City. Mo. NEW usen TENTS FOR SAI.E OR RENT Waive FOP rote CATALOG VANDERHERCREN, loweete al. Pt., Cc BUD ANDERSON CIRCUS N., ,4.4( dent e, ewers rtes.. Lwrui P.IoSe all debnetessitlk Ti. Nunes. If., elnrie, Um 11; i t ZS: West MIDGET CIRCUS WAGONS MIDGET CIRCUS VON MN. CO. CALLIOPE R ECORDS e'er Ad on Page 37 TIGHTS OPERA HOSE KOHAN MFG. CO. laar;,ef:,. V.

46 46 The RWboard CIRCUSES Mon sirwith t!te Circus 14{15 By THE RINGMASTER Ora Macaw iteouso WILL is St.1 rim w. Dreg al.:oil/21 26 llama at. se ire. 4, Am Damns, Chia. rem Omit 412VaVaj Osessmir. tweal, ROCS:MIX Ill.. May 17.-President William H. Judd. of New Britain. Conn_ recently allot rimilen of the high meta being framed et the train:en quarters of Crash Duntgan in that. city. Arts feature Ira Millotte, his son. Jimmy, and dare enten These acts work under the Four Bombshell& rend to be the MOW in the big. being presented at 150 feet and featuring Jimmy Millette In heed balanclog. Marrebows MUlettes. and Aerial Madolps. The Millettes feature Ira Millen, and his daughter In head tenement, The Maderapa use a 110 -foot single ladder -high trapeze. climaxing with a 000.foot slide for life. Harry D.!laughs, of Durham, N. O. former ciente trouper, now oonnected with the Washington Doke Hotel in Durham, recently emateoned In New York and also netted his old friend, Hal Donut, in Stafford Springs, Conn. Art Stensvad, CPA of North Fleets, Neb., recently took a motor jaunt oe 2,250 miles to fled a ennui. In North NUM. City. Mo., he found Bud Anderson setting up, but his Mose mho:lute cemented his making the show. Art WA quite a few potential CPA members lined up in North Platte. Fred Schtotzhauer. of Oquesane, Caught both performances of Russell Dios: Circa at Burlington. Is. and Morunoutb. III. A. T. Sawyer. of Monmouth, in_ might the night show in Burlington and when the circus showed Monmouth. he bought 150 tickets for the employee. of the Illinois Blinkers' Life Insuraoet money. They atteroled the night thew and ravened a swell anlionntenient. Francis Itthenadel, of Rochelle. spent a Veers 'vacation In WieshIngten, and white there had pleasant Malta with Ineleln D. Itileireth, past president of the CPA, and Dr. William Mann, head ce the National Zoo. Ho also met numpsy Anthony. who to running a novelty stand at the roc, Ito made the trip with Dr. Mann and 'indents to!dittmar to are the Me Show canna on the lot before the opening. threcno Jim Tontlienon and Mix. Toni - Moon. eircua fans from the Kist med. the Dig One often in Madison Semen) Oanten. Itillowing the close of the tbow there they went to Washington to await the tint amnia date in naltintore. Where they etunht It several times, and then Brno In WarnIngton, where It opened' May 13. Horner H. Harriet CPA of Denver. State Cbeirrenzi for Conran and formerly of Iowa, wax a recent caller on Jsoob A. Wagner, Des Moines. F. E. Lesley attended the Mg Show at the Boston (linden May 10. He saps there was star.ding room only at both performance,. Frannie Graham. CFA of Dixon, lin entered the army April 20. and sifter spending two days at Fort Sheridan. Chicago, was rent to Camp Portent. Tullahoma. Tenn. While in Chicago he caught the Greater Olympia Circus and TOM Tenth Jacobs. Polineing leis election to the preen deney of the Minh InrotOlf Tent of Hartford, Conn. Jeff Phelps IV attended the nniehta of Columbus Ctrcut in New Haven. where he was the guest of Frank Wirth. He also visited Clown alley and renewed acquaintances with Hip Raymond. The next day. eccompanted by Urn Phelps and Mete daughter. Joan. be motored to Beaton mut caught the Matinee Of the Blg On*. Ttiny visited with Peed Bradna, equestrian director: Bauch Laridolf and Deb Netwin. of clown alley. and Mr. Springer. announcer, George B. Freeman. CPA of None lett May 13 for a fishing trip In MInnesma. Walter B. flthertadel and Everett fismann. of Rechelie. III_ attended the night perfonnance of Russell Woe' Circus In Dixon May 13. They state that the ahoy lied a peeked house and was well received. nut Chapin May. who is making hie home In Rochelle, caught the matinee and Maned with Eddte Weeelrettan. Selective Service Mail In the Carnival Depannient of this Issue appear the names 04 thorn hae- Mg Selective Service mail In the remotes Moen of The filliboard. This list ts published in addition to the amens e hub are set In capital letters in the regular Letter List Citcus?Wel guibas attowneits' Ossociatim 8y RUSS T. WARNER (Director of Publenly, 1418 Mulberry Street, Roaring, Pa.) UMW -NO, Pa May 17.-There was a time when alnicat every hobby show was complete if it had a miniature re:frond. Memo collection, and an amembly of ships and other knielenseka, but today It menu that meryone. when he goes to mach a abow, at once looks around for a model metes. In more mid more M- aumee% the C3IBOA la satisfying the public's mints and la letting it see just what model circus looks like. One of our latest lucky exhibitors was non. other than Arthur B. Lemon. of Canton. /11., who walked away with grand nitro for his mall circus at the hobby fair at Newt:toe week of April 21. Jim (HUI) Barrett. of Segnston. Pa.. has undertaken another big step In the construction of his large layout. lie is working on a parade in motion. Tnie will cover a lerarth of (10 feet with loud speakers concealed In hand wagon. and Calliope. The rumbling of the wagon wheeta will ono be heard by the attechmeat of 'woken' and sound -effect records beneath the roadway. Daemon is another one of thane fellows who ands that when the Mono gets too small for the circus, you don't throw the enema out, you Wive to larger house. Ho expects to more to a lamer borne In the nem future, after which he wants the Model Builders to pay him a vent Tad Hardesty, of Portland, Ore. has emend hobby shows lined up at which he will show his Munn while waiting for the big shown to come his way. Ted's newest Mitten Is a "Cote Bros." weed - robe wagon. which is now in the punt. chop. J. A. Haarland writes of the line time he had while with John Maned and Charles Bennett when they Malted with Model Builder Terrell Jacobs at the (Weeder Ctlympin Circuit in Chicago, 'rite fellows took Terrell to the Brooknetd Zoo and then bad a One lunch at Bennett's home, prepared by that good overseer of Charlie's cookboure, Mee. Bennett. It is Interesting to note that Charlie Is returning to the good old baggage horses for motive power. having just purchased a fine eight -hone hitch from Gorden Potter. Potter. who Is of St. Joseph. Mich.. visited with Terrell /mobs and Mrs, (Dolly) Jacob& Charles Yowler, and Bennett They all had is One time when Bennett put up his show for the day and placed his new monkey cage on display for the first time. Schumann Cireue in Sweden NEW YORK. May 17.-Delayed messages from Sweden report that the Schumann Circus opened Ile season (Indoor) at Clothenberg on Mamie 8. where It remained foe 10 days, after which it evened In Stockholm March 22 for an Indefinite run. Apparently the Sebumann like the French showman. Jean Houenc. hare been able to get their horses out of Denmark. Schumann program. due to starchy of araliabte talent, Is not up to usual standard and several acts double. Rest belt ham Max Schumann. cowboy riding: Your Leennee, adagio dancers: Rosen Bross, acrobats: Albert and Max Selma. menu with Lillian Cher. equestrians; Nko and Alex. clowns: Johnny Wein aerial: Seven listen Planner Girls. batten Adams and Aretnge Company. elelfilen Albert Schumann. Liberty botviik Gordon arid Lester Wien and Alex). springboard: Northern drew! Olgotplade. a epee. presented In a rine and on a One. with Six Menelatnos, acrobats; Fred and Al. beet!roam Bros.). Anglers: Adams and Areinga. basketball on cyclist Dianna Ryan Show Draws 40,000; Second Week Is Canceled DETROIT, May 17.-Dick Ryan's Cam - Wiled Rodeo and Hollywood Thrill Show closed Sunday night ill) at the Michigan State Fair Coliseum here, instead of eontinuinn for a second week am originally announced, 'final attendance for the IS peefoenithots wise 40,000, &mordtng to Ryan, with a total gross of about 818,000. Show was sponsored by Dodge Local No. 3, United Automobile Workers (C10). and received conalderable support front active promotion by that organise- Uoa. An unfavorable factor was the warm weather, better suited for outdoor shows during a large part of the week. Another factor Utat 'kept attendance down was the fact that some sewn acre were not In toms for the ant two day, of the show. altho presenuolon was made of top-ranking outdoor acts luenteling the lincirnoffe. Repenskis. Chrutlansen's Liberty horses, and Ella Carver, flee -diver, There was also an unpopular reaction because the show was somewhat mixed in tharatter, combining a thrill show. a rodeo, and after -show donning with George Ohen's orchestra, Detroiter in the past have generally preferned their entertelnment unmixed, with just one type et show at a time. nessi$19 Roam gossip COLE BROIL-Macinentl gave US two very good days and Ideal weather. Viol - tom Included the Roblosona, who came In a body: led Van Work. the ttggflig builder; tarry Sloan, Jack Dater. Wolter Harrod, Mr. mid Mrs. Ray Tenth Bey - don. nee Theresa Adkins. A new!mention to the program is the Morimaky Trio, comedy acrobats, featuring high end lofty roll over.. in a trampoline bed. Jeeter Sutton and Boole Knowlton are readying some new and novel trick,. Chan are going full bleat on the mattes:dr. Members of the Soren Sinners' Club are Dorothy Herbert. president;!ohre Freeman. es:enemy; Manus puretualng agent: Betty Illeffentch. Mend snooper: Rome Bruce, enmesh. Betty Rich- in cheese of elmine buckets, and what bare you; Marlyn Klein cartes girl. We bare a Gino on our elde called the Sharp Shooters, with Clary Bruce and Paul Nelson as head Soup Shooter& It's more than your life U worth to go to your trunk without a convoy. Among the new faces I forged to mention our very Nanning prin., 0,1005. Florence Tennyson. with a yoke that is very!soothing. and a good scout with It: also Fred Wenzell In clown alley, and the Arthur Bondi!. Trio. Rex de Rea - mill has certainly produced a grand opening spec and the cloning spec Is a masterpiece. The Cookhouee this season is an netons dream, thanks to Mitt Carl and his slatf. The way we are going, It will be a tosnup who gets the Beg between Jimmy Rienenach. Mickey Freeman. and Rose Bruce_ I do all right, too. Bobby K. Nelson left show at Columbus. O., after receiving news of his father's pianos. Ile ha* wince returned. Toby Tyler le getting a tot of laughs out of hie high ulta. He doom the best drurilca On Witte this writer has over seen. The way he gets around the unek, you would think he was on terra finna. The show got a new caterpillar at Port Wayne, Ind. It moves around the lot like a race horse. listen and Win Partello and Mtn Premien were overnight guests at the Met Carter Villa, Cater - elite, End, Marlon, Ind., just 20 mites from Peru, was a big day for etionfollee, with lots of Stall= all day, Etta Hod- Ont. Mr. end Mrs. Prod Young, PItct and Dorothy Carter. Ma and Pop Johnson. George Vahan:to, the Key, brothers. Mary Taylor, and Jimmy McCloud and wife. Mr. and eine If, MeParlan were hone to many of their Meads who ennui over from Rochester and a horn et other. Al Mann caught up with the show at Cinelnosal, and is hem. happy. Jimmy Merfersach is bark in hareem Otte coffering nasty buster In Louisville the second day there. Meth John Smith. keener' to friends am letrie Eta Innith. bent T. P. Leven to the tot the other clay. It will never happen main PRSDOIE YREEMAN. Girls and Two WIltODA, aerial. So tar no tent themea have been aim. nourated. but probably fftlawr,ant and others will go an tour. The Corral 1Conveutinatorn to Opera pines. Cincinnati, 03 ISIONTIE MONTANA le at Isla quarters In Los Angeles anti working In is new motion picture In Hollywood. OFFICERS OP the Cerrnarigny. Aita- Stampede Association are J. A. Ilub.te, president: lien Ohlor, save-prendent and James Davey Jr_ weerretary-tresouree. CLARK LUND will be arena M.-est-tor of this year's Raymond. Alta..!Stampede. Organizatten will be headed by L. D. King, member of the board of directors for number of years. He succeeds J. W. Evans. ABOUT 25,000 hangers bearing a pim turn of the noted chuckwagon race are In the malls to advertise the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. Event, which usually has hid an extra day of horse racing. will only present *Ix iters of racing this year beemuse the train carrying the borsea %sill not arrire in Calgary from the Winnipeg race meet In time. Autry Sari Greer Stock OlDeg AUTRY hes purchased 20 beahma bulls, 30 saddle horses. and 30 bucking horse* from Mimi!! Joe Oreern Rodeo and Wild West anew In Lancaster, WI. on May 12. Autry plans to open Ms thew. for which he is now ma. classing equipment, next fall or early winter with Greer as manager. The therrtfra eon, Harry. will do trick riding for Autry and other members of Greens troupe are expected to appear with the new organization. During his tbrenhour visit in Lancaster with OrD<T, Autry len Came n Orient County deputy thertlf ond was appointed an honorary colonel en Governor's Hell's staff. RECENTLY elleetfiran Candy Ham. meta Rodeo ear' nosh %Minims Thrill Dineen were ready for their openine stand of the treason at the Municipal Stadium. Davenport, Ta.. on May Mit It teen two Mar chamber tendons of city officials before a permit wee ermine. It wasn't because etry nannies quostetend the type of enteenainment, but Davenport :DM an ordinance prohibiting the Snowing of carnivals,, tent shown and Austen exhibitions. before June 1 ce each year. However. encires. are one probthited under the regulation. It was only after the Levee Improvement Croon:Maio% which has centrel of the munielpal stadium was 114DUIV41 by Hammer and French that the beeoball dienesnd at the stadium woutd not be dam. aged by the rodeo and thrill above. that the committee agreed to rent the bail park for the trent. SLEETER'S RANCH. neer filrackwaxl, N. J.. attracted several thousand May 11 for the masesins first rodeo in youth Jersey. Representatives from practically all ranchos and rodeos In the termite) participated. They Included Dtck titan's Stables, Wireteotee Circle W Dude Ranch. /finktcora Dude Ranch. Webeen Sunset Ranch. D. Sow. W Dude Ranch and Silver Spur Dude Ranch. nob McInerney. old-time rodeo announcer. handled the program and music was provided by Carrie Lee and the Pour Texans Jack Wessurott presented hula high schen horses and the Beatty Brothers Cord trick riding.!ronk/ were ridden by Jaen Shaw and Reds Holden. Two youngsters, Wimpy Metier. 9 years cad, rode celvcs. and his brother, Sonny. Ia. did trick tiding. Judges In the steer and Drone riding events were Ruck Kennedy and Pat O'Rourke. All menu were contented according to Rodeo Association of America rules. Other participants included Albert Bram-fly. Robert Ste - Runny Jr_ William alenurney. Willie= Kirby. and Wank Pezkina. Molls., Lode Draws 10,000 AN EnTIMAIED patron turned out for the annual Mother rode Rodeo sit Sorsora. Calif.. on May horn Rowell prodded the stock and directed the arena. Other officials Included AI (see CORRAL on pipe 831 PrIOTOGRAM AT WnoLLE- ESAI S 1.10,40 timitu -.trews De *. and OLIDTOMET CARD ORCAJO PHOTO ART Del KIPRO 41,966 Demon. OHIO

47 48 The Billboard FAIRSEXPOSITIONS May 21, Conducted by CLAUDE R ELLIS- Communicatien, to 25 Opee Place. Cmcinnate, 0 ILL. TO CUT PASSES Tight Pay Gate To Curb Deficit Whopping attendance that Annie Oakley* brings little revenue, say officials SPRINGFIELD. III.. May 17.-The practice of tensing :bait:ands of free tickets to Mineral Mate Pau here will be aboilahed this year and everyone required to pay an admission ft*. Slate ',Ureter of Agriculture Howard Leonard declared today. The move to abolish panes yarn. when State officials sought a means to reduce the deficit under which the fair has operated for the mat several +roams In with attendance estimated at , there were only paid lad - missions. Fair Manager William V, Ward. commenting on the change In pabry. nod. "Lead year the Plate received only 112,220 to adrnlasloon 001 of a prieubb $22fieCO The lair In 1940 paid out Under the plan of 'everybody pays' the deficit will be roduerel.' There I. a bill pending In the agricultural committee of the General Ammonly to adopt a free gate at the fate but It l expected to "die in committee." as anallar Mlle have in previous years. Wirth has Tampa Show for 2d Year NEW TOPIC. May 17.-Grandatand attraction of Florida State Fair. Tampa. for 1042 have been awarded to the Prank Wirth Booking Ansociation, making the second straight year that this calor her booked them exclualrely,!were 1941 such bookings were made independently. In making the announcement While Itsdieeted a long-term centrart le being arterged with P. T. Strieder. getterel nutfrager. and directors. Office wilt supply Its Thumbs Up revue for bight. and n patriotic spec fen afternoon*. In addition to Indideluat *de. Irraprovrmente are Manned by fair In grandstand ecemtruction and entrances. Sellers Chairman of New N. M. Board of Five Men ALBLICIERQUE, N. M. May 17-liarold B. Sellers. vice -precedent of Culver - idly Heights Dermiopment Company. was named Waxman of the State Fair COnsniteeke by Goeterier John E. Mlles. lie succeeds Frank Shutfletarges. Albuquerque maiteacter. resigned. Governor Mites ',lettered the board to a fine -man group. appahling Con W. Jackson. Loa Vegas. and Nick Krennawater. leratino, to two newly trotted pieta for cattlemen and sheepmen. Jackson is fernier precedent of New Menke Cattle Growers' Amexistion. lb:adorer members are Nathan Salmon. Santis Fe. or4 June, Murray. former lieutenant governor. S. A. Expo Opened May 15 RIO DE JANTIRO. Orient May 10, -- Brannan lodustrial Exporition In Montevideo. Uruguay. will open on May 13. Goveriunent sponsorship by the ministry of labor. Industry, and commerce la in connection with Bearlia, program of expense/4 wtthin the other countries of America. Abel Rtheiro Pinto, chief of staff it, the ministry of labor. lett by planet for Moodevideo to put on the dabbing teuches_ A Ilresilian buntline will be opened In the central part of Montevideo. MCA Contracts Sally Rand For Great Falls Grandstand CHICAGO. May 17.-Itogan llarwock. of the Music Corporation of America. announced this week that Rally Rand had been booked for two dem at North Monte.. Mete Path. Great Paha ae an added attraction to the grandstand &how. Hanterk also has wet Sally for two Clays at Orark Empire District Pair. Springfield. Ma SLICER A. IIKAMER, retiring Michigan State commissioner of egnculture. whole death on Rea IS came on the same day on whith his successor, Leo V. Card. Helladele, carumed the post after appointment by Me per -veer and delayed eon- Arms:ion by the Slate Senate. The office of commissioner carries It the supervision of all fairs In the Stare. Beene, had been active for fetes ewe 1516 and was mutely known as a clock breeder and exhorter. Card Takes Ag Post for Mich. As Beamer Dies LANSINO. Mich.. May 17.-Leo V. Card, Hilleilale master farmer. took the oath as State oaninalsesioner of agremnture on Thunarthy the mine day on which death took his predecessor In office. Elmer A. Seamer. The coinnfireioner is In charge of all Michigan fens. Gov. Murray D. Van Wagoner alined Card to the pout upon Beernera resignetion on April 17. The poittion had remained vacant until confirmation by the State Senate here on Wednesday. A rumor its official etrelea Wes that the governor had hoped for a selection from the iterate to allow him to appoint John B. Strange, Grand Lodge. and this MIL said to have been a factor in the delay. Senator James Burns, Dernocrauto floor leader. declared In *perch that Card was the governors ftrst choice. Reamer died of a heart attack at his home three miles south of Bluslield. He we. appointed corruniesioner in 1230 by the late Gov.?milk D. Fitzgerald, He had *creed aa a director of the Lenswee County Pair since His entrees hid been prise winners and grand chum - pions In let rattle dirielorui at Michigan Stete Path Detroit. and Buffalo Pat Stook Shows. Detroit To Require Test Demanded on Coliseum. Guarantee Civil Service Rights Of Mich. State Org DETROIT. May 17.--A, new rule re - gutting a guarantee front any show playing the Coliseum on Michigan Slate Fairgrouude here was annotwand Cols week by Bernard J. Youngblood, fair manager, and Jack Jones. manager of the Coliseum, The new rule requires any promoter coming into the spot to put up a mall bond to guarantee payoff. particularly for acts which will be employed. and other help. Manager Youngblood 'bought a Palemino toddle horse tw Sundey, with the *Arne of Rudy RudIneff, Wens equestrisn. which he will We around the grounds this seamen. makir.g him a real -manatee on horgebeck." DETROIT, May 17 -Milt to teat rights of civil service employees In the Michigan State Pair orgatabattort here was brought this week In Wayne County Circuit Court by Melvin C. Arena comptroller of the fair. He was tusked for his msg. nation by Bernard J. Youngblood. Mete Fair manner, who took office about two month. ago, and Avers asked toe a bearing before the civil service coatminden. This I. the firet time chit service has been invoked In connection with a fate in thus State. The civil etvelee *et -up was extended to precticany ell State (See Mich. Cleft Serufee on opp. page) Around the Grounds MADISON. WI.. - The. Your.; bill. which would have alithorttesi the State department of agriculture, with approval of the governor. to purchase land to the north of State Pair Park. West Atha. for expansion, was kilted by the State Senate. JACSZONVILI.S. Tex. - Staley W. Mime. tour year. manager of Crockett (Tex.) Chamber of Commerce end Hous. ton County Pair aim% was named Manager of Use Chamber of Commerce and Tomato Pestisal here. succeeding M. C. Taylor. who goes to Sulphur Sprthga, Ten. Mims is a graduate civil engineer. Before hie Crockett eronnectiona he served two year. as a untvemity Instructor' and later Ite an engineer with the State Highway Department. PTTISSUROIL-Coranseecial exhtbltors will be charged rental space at the HMI Allegheny County Parr here for the first time, county comemlasionere announced. Perm exhibitors will be elven space free as before. Auto parking fete will be charred for the firm time on the grounds. accommodating 5,000 cars. Space for can outside grounds will still be free, V:AUPACA.Wis.- Waupaca County Ward voted to purchase immediately the Weyatiweata Ma) fairgrounds. Board agreed on May 4. NU, to purchase the grounds at , payable at a year until paid. With elteadr paid, an opportunity presented Itself whereby all claims agalnat the property In =mirage bonds amounting to 44,571 could be settled for , whleh la the balance of the amount originally appropriated. Resolution ordered the amount to be taken from the contingent fund as soon as a clear title deed could be arranged. Grounds will thereafter bo leased to Neuman* County Agricultural Association for one year at Si a year. on closing Saturday' and a rodeo foe full stretch booked by Frank Wtrth. Mitireila WACO. Tox.-3elka P. CeAteltaw. Waco. Far natant had a cowboy attriatuon has been named executive eeeretery to woven mans the Dirt Farmers' Congress. lee Ism bean Ben Wit:lama Shows, booked for second active In Term agricultural work for year on the midway, will be spotted to >van,. He was a successful manager of center of canna:non area. Pair president fans County Pair here several year. and J. Alfred Valentine said that admosat Is a peat president of Tema Association seta have been teased to prevent appearance of squatter. immediately of Fairs. pound, DANBURY. Conn. -- Danbury far - grounds has been opened for midget racing, with Cappy Lane directing rum programs, and C. Stuart McLean as operable, The 0100,000 grandstand has seating capacity of LONDON, England.-Subject to blaekout and noire restricttolui. Motor:wry fairs were held at Kanter time on all London County Council site.* except Hampstead where. Mara peernhainn was granted, no applications were made by ahowento This was attributed to the usual ebncessionetres tuffertng from Labor troubles and having then read levee and lorries engaged In war work. In several badly bombed areas author!. (See FAIR [MOUNDS on opposite pees) Jimmy Signs Jimmy BEAVER DAM. Wis., May 17.-It was a use of seeing double when Jimmy Malone. secretary Of Dodge County Pair here. and Jimmy Mebane, Chicago, of the Racing Corporation of America and publicity director of Merida State Fair. Tampa. signed a contract calling foe auto mem on one afternoon of the 1941 Dodge County Pair. Mich. Bill To Take Race Fund From Aid Is Making Progress LANSING. Muh.. May Money received by Michigan Racine Comm...Son would be placed In the general fund oc the treasury rattier than going Into a separate deposit earmarked for std to furs In the Slate under limestone of a 0111 approved on May 12 by the Homer of Representatives Measure bas been transmitted to the &nate. Present statutes requite that receipts. of the commie -ion be pieced in a "State fair, county fair, 4-H Club. and Keen: - fund fund." The money may be woe for development of the fain, to pay ev bonded indebtedness or floating debts, for allocation to eon n Cy and State ecepontiors and 4-11 Clubs, and for general betterment 01 agriculture. The eneurfiaston Ir allowed to retain, 840,000 for Upper Peninsula State Pair. Dicanaba an! 1110,0:0 to defray expenses under the present set-up. The tax collector will take 3 pee cent Of profits from pan-mutuel betting if a bill reles-ved tee debate on the now of the Home of Representatives on May 14 become. effective. Mechanical de. eke* to compute odds. of betting will alai be misfired. It will permit Detroit 'teethe Association to lake 10 pm cent ce placed Lasts. a rates from the present 7i' per cent, Marshalltown Preps for '41 MARSHALL1'01AN. Is., May 17.-Wtth a new dual-purpose race track needing completion and a foundation laid foe a concrete grandstand to east over &OM. meaner:is of Central Iowa Fair board hem launched plans this week for the 1941 annual. W. A. Buchanan. former board number. was elected eceretaryortanerr to replace Reality. who resigoed to take up duffles with the Durlington (hi.) Chamber of Commerce. Board has applied for inentherthip In Central States Racing Association Circuit, which will sanction auto mom at Spencer and Mason City. to.: Sioux Palls and Horan. S. 0: Albert Lea. Reason. Preston. and Hutchinson, Altnn. Racing experts who have viewed the new half -mile track *aid It wand be extremely fast. Tana are banked on a 30 -degree angle. Contrart to conduct en auto rid meeting during the fair has been awarded to National Speedways. Iftur.eas races hats been act for two days. Mineola Is To Feature Rodeo and Midget Races NEW YORE. May 17.-MlneoLar's 90th anniud will highlight tie tivedar trio wttb Walter Stebbins.' midget auto races grounds. He also annour.oed that demand., for exhibit space Indicate len Creased scope in all &pertinent.. St. Stephen ExlailtTo Resume B. May 17.-St ST. STEPIIMO, N Stephen Pshibition. closest to the I; S border of any Canadian fair, sill he held trite year after all. It was suspended to 1940 and there had been nu plans fur resumption until recently. when dates Were wt. There will be homes setae and an outdoor vaude bill with at least four setae. Midway will hare an all' Canadian carnival. In past peers eke Williams Shows have been at shoat 11 fairs. The fair will be without the usual government grant, eliminated because 01 the war.

48 1 48 The Billboard FAERS.EXPOSrrioNs Conducted by CLAUDE R ELLIS Communication. to 25 Opera Place, C.nonnats. 0. ILL. TO CUT PASSES Tight Pay Gate To Curb Deficit Whopping attendance thru Annie Oakley brings little revenue, ery officials SPRINGFIELD. III.. May 17.-The IKtiSetee of hosing thousands of :me tickets to Illinoia State Pair here will be abonalied ibis year and everyone requiseel to pay an totiniasion fee. State Dtiorter of Agriculture }toward Leonard declared today. The move to abotish paws came when State official' sought a means to reduce the deftest under which the fair has operated tor the pest severe! eraeorts. In with attendance melmeted at , there were only paid admits:0one Pair Manager William V, Ward, Mom - matting on the change In policy. mid. "Last year the Slate received ooly In setmlesioca 041 of a possible 9228D30 The /air In 1040 paid out 11281,0:0 trraer the path of 'everybody pays' the MIMIC will be reduced.' There is a bill pending in the agrleul. total committee of the General Assembly adopt flee gate at the fate but le lo expected to "Me In committee." Ca similar Mlle hare In previous yams. Wirth Has Tampa Show for 2d Year NEW YORK. May 17.--Grandstar.d attestation of elortda State Pair. Tampa. for 1942 haves been awarded to the Prank Parking /tweetattoo. making the second straight year that thin rettne his booked them exclusierly. Before 1041 *nth bookings were made indepthdeatly. Ili making the announcement Wirth In - dialed a long-term contrart la being atelkervil with P. T. Strieder, general fitenseer. and directors. Office will aupply its Thuethe Up revue for nights and a patricele spec for after :0/. In addition to Individual act.. Improvements are p' -ended by fair in grandstand constractien and entrances. Sellers Chairman of New N. M. Board of Five Men ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. May 17.-Hareld B. Sellers. vice-preaident of Ciders - sty Heights Development Company. was gamed chairman of the State Pair Corn - Mission by Governor John E. Mlles. Ile am -cents Frank Shufflebarger. Albuquerque contractor. resigned. Oeiternor Mlles Increased the board to flue -man group. appointing Con W. Jackron. Lea Vegas. and Nick lemmas - Titter, Mectro. to two newly melted ;ens foe cettlenven and theeprivnt. Jackson to former president of New Mexico Cattle Growers' Araccastion. Holdover winners are Nathan Salmon. Santa Fe. and Jame* Murray., former ELMS It A. &KAMM, retiring Mich igen State corarnistioder of Ort. cuawre, whore death on May IS came on the same day on waste* Mr steamer, Leo V. Card, Hilladele, amassed the post after appointment by the porerr.or add delayed eon firmation by the State Senate. The office of oomasiestoner carries teak tt the supers.tison of all /airs to the State. Reamer had been active foe fairs eine* 1916 and seas widely Annan as stork breeder and ethane,. Card Takes Ag Post for Mich. As Beamer Dies LANSING, Mich. May 17,-Leo V. Card. Hillsdale owner farmer. took the oath as Seale conintlelioner of agrteuiture on Thursday, the sense day on which death took his predecessor In office. Elmer A. Beaman The commissioner is In theme of all Michigan fairs, Gov. Murray D. Van Wagoner named Cud to the post upon Bearnera resignation on April 17. The position lied reanalood vacant until confirmation by the State Senate hero co Wednesday. A rumor in official circles was that the governor tied hoped fee a rejection from the Senate to allow him to appoint John B. Strange, Grand Lodge. and this was told to have been a factoe in the delay. Senator James Burns, Democratic floor loader. declared In a porch that Card was the governor's Brat choice. Miaow died of a heart attack at his horn* three Mgt* south of Beagle -Id. He was appointed commissioner to 1000 by the late Gov. Frank D. Plenterald, He had served as a director of the Lenawee County Pali since 191e. His entries had beam pate winners ar.4 grand chem. Mons M fat cattio divielone at Michigan State Pate Detroit. and buffalo Pat Mock Shows. Detroit To Require Test Demanded on Coliseum Guarantee Civil Service Rights DETROIT. May 17.-A new rule re- Of Mich. State Org quiting guarantee front any show piny - leg the Coliseum 0.1 Michigan State Pategreubrin here waa announced this week by Bernard J. Youngblood. fair inar..ger. and Jack lone& manager of the Coliseum. The new rule requires any promoter cornets into the spot to put up a cash bond to guarantee payoff, partieularly for acts which win be employed, and other help. Manager Youngblood beught a Palomino saddle horse no Sunday, with the aerie: of Rudy ItudiitOff. Meru. equestrian which he will use around the grounds this season. making him a real 'manager on hometeack." Dr17101T, May 17 -Suit to teat rights of civil senile* employees in the Michigan State Pate organization here was brought this week In Wayne County Circuit Court by Melvin C. Avers. comptroller of the fair. He was select for his bees - nation by Bernard J. Youngblood. State Pair manager. who took office &tout two menthe ago, and Arne asked for a bearing before the civil service cool - (1115:40n. This Is the first time civil service has been Invoked In cormeetion with a fah Around the Grounds MADISON, Wla, - The Young bill, which would have authorised the State department of aviculture, with appeoval of the governor. to purchase land to the north Of State Pau Park, Weeo Allis, for expansion. was killed by the State Sonata.... JACKSONVIL: k. Tex. - Staley W. Uinta tour years manner Of Crockett (Tex.! Chamber of Commerce and Houston County Pair there. was narrate man - seer of the Chamber of Commerce and Teemed Trottel here, aucceeding314.. Taylor. who gore to Sulphurp Tex. eflms la a graduate citti engineer. Befote his Crockett connectiona ho served two years as a untt realty instructoe And later as an engineer with the btate nightcap Department. whereby all claims gesture the property In mortgage bonch amounting to 04,571 could be settled for which La the balance of the amount originally appropriated. Itetolution ordered the amount to be taken from the contingent fund as amt as a clever title deed could be arranged. Grounds will thereafter be leased to Watimoa County Agricultural Azeociatlon toe one year at ft a year. WACO. Tato-Jetta T. Careeltaw. Waco, hat been named exec -et -lea tectetat, to the Dirt Farmer.' Congress. He has been settee In Texas agricultural work for years. He was successful manager of tells County Pair bete several yearn and I. a mot president of TOW Aseoclat:On of Patna May 221, 1941 Jimmy Signs Jimmy BEAVER DAM. Wu.. May was a ease of teeing double when Jimmy Malone, secretary of Dodge County Fair here. snit Jimmy Malone Chicago, of the Racing Corporation of Arneeica and publicity director of Monde State Fair, Tampa, signed a contract ailing for auto mem on one Afternoon of the 1941 Dodge County Pete Mich. Bill To Take Race Fund From Aid Is Making Progress LANSING. Mich. May 17.-Money received by Michigan Racing COOIDUMOO would be plated In the control fund of the treasury either than going Into a separate deposit earmarked for aid to fairs In the State under provisions of a trill approved on May 12 by the House of Representatives. alternate has been transmitted to the Renato. Present atatutes require that receipt. of the commie...ion be placed In a "State fate county fair Club, and afelcultural fund." The money trey be Used for decelopenent of the Satre to pay oft bonded inclebtedetto or floattng debts, for allocotion to county and Mate expooftiocu and 4 -It Clubs. and for general better. mint of agriculture. The commission It allowed to retain e for Upper Petite -oil& State Pair, Encanabs, and to defray expensen under the present eel -up. The tax collector will take 3 per cent of profits from part-mutiiel betting if bill Memel for debate on the floor of the House of Repeceenhitivre on Mat 14 become* effective. Meet:mend detect* to compute odds of betting will Mee be required, It wilt permit Detroit Racing Association to take 10 per oent e placed beta. a Mae front the peewee. 7i5 per cent. Alarshalhown Preps for '41 MA1t$HAt.LTOWN. Ia., May 17.-With e new dual-purpose race track nearing completion and a foundation laid foe a Concrete grandstand to mat over 5,000, member. of Central Iowa Mr board hove launched plans this von toe the 1041 annual, W. A. Buchanan. former board member. wee elected esieretary-manager to replace 0. S. Eteilley, who resigned to Lake up duties with the Ituriington Chamber at Commerce. Board has applied for membership In Central States In this State. The Men Forney atelotip Racing Association Circuit, which will was extended to practically rill State unction auto race. at Spencer and Mason coy. la: Sioux Pens and Huron, (Sec Mich, Civil Service OK OPP. nags) S. D: Albert Lea. Raison. Arenas, and Hutchinson, Minn. Racing experts who have veered the new half -mile truck said it would be extremely tart. Turn, are banked on. a b0 -degree angle. Con. tract to conduct an auto race meeting during the fair has been awarded to National Speedways races hare been set for two days. Mineola Is To Feature Rodeo and Midget Races NEW YORK, May 17.-Mineolaa 40th annual will highlight th five-day run with Walter Stebbins,' midget auto races on ctosing Saturday end a rodeo for full stretch booked by Prank With. Slanerila Pals!hula had a cowboy attractiora In Leven yearn. Ben Williams Shows booked foe second year on the midway. will be spotted In center of eabibation area. Pair pendent J. Alfrid Valentine said that &Listen% rates have been Intend FA prevent &peter- Iletnenant governor. S. A. Expo Opened May 15 RIO DS JANT3RO. Smell, May 10 - Brannen Industrial Exposition In Montevideo. Uruguay, will open on May 13. Government aponsorthip by the mintier, of labor, Industry, end nornmeree la In conneetioes with Brazil's program Of te- ance of aquattem imosediately ouuide paniteon wattle' the other countries of grounds, lie also announced that demands :or exhibit apace indicate In- DANBURY, Antwice. Abel?Miele Pinto, chief of Conn.-Danbury fairgrounds hes been opened :or mtdeet creased score In all departments. ruff In the ministry of labor. lift by PITTSSUROW-Cconnvercial exhibitors plane for Montevideo to put on the will be charged rental apace at the 1911 racing. with Cappy Lane direct ex race finishing Mechem A Breathe:I building Allegheny County Pan hero for the flest programs, and C. Stuart McLean as operator. The grandstand has St. Stephen ExhiliTo Resume will be opened In the central part Of time. county conuritaionem announced. Montevideo. Perm exhibitors will be given space free seating capacity re ST. STEPIlf2e, N B. May 17.-bt as before. Auto parking fee* will be MCA contracts Sally Rand Stephen Exhibition. cirsecet to the U S charged for the fine time on Spacends. LONDON, England.-flubaect to blackout and noise restrictions. mortennery this year after all It wits IniApordrd bottler of any Canadian fair, will be held accommodating cans. for For Great Fall. Grandstand cars outside grounds will cull be fairs were held at Exeter time on ell 1940 and there had been nu plans for re. CHICAGO. stay 17.-Itoeen Ila.neesek. free. London County Council sites except autopilot% until recently when data of the Music Corporatioo of America Hampstead where. altho permission was were eel. There will be Marais rectos; anneunced this week that Sally Rarait wetypee,a, tele - %%upset County granted, no applications were mode by mad an outdoor veutte bill with at least had been besotted for two days at North Board toted to purehaae Immediately the showmen. This was attributed to the tour seta. Midway will have an Montana Slate Pall. Great Palls. as on Weyeutvega (Wina faintrounda Board usual thereasionatret ruffeeing from all - Canadian carnitel. In past years Den added attraction to the grandstand show. agreed on May to purchase the tabor trouble, and Maine their road Williams Shown have been at abcon It network also bas let Sally for two grounds at , payable at a loom and lorries engaged In war work. fairs. The fair will be without the hotel days at Creek Empire titettlet Pair, year until paid. With already In several badly bombed areas *unmet - government grant, eliminated because.4 Sp:tinge:cid. Ito psis, an opportunity presented Itself (See FAIR GROUNDS on opposite pope) the war.

49 Illay 24, 1941 FAIRS -EXPOSITIONS The Billboard 49 Premium Facts ItUrr S4,41 fl..ter1 Data collected from lists received by The Billboard MOOSE JAW. Sask,-Nfooso Jaw Exhibition. fixth annual. June pigest Cgfloos; W. H. Johnatode, petal - Cent; A. C. Alexander. P. If. Jones. acepiestelentsi George D.?tackle. secretarytreatwer-managew. Attractions: Onutda ace. RanacwCarruthera* Coneds swings, ;ode*, home show. Midway: Wallace loos: Shows IN Canada. CHIPPEWA PALLS., Wis. - Northern W DIA.,tot Pair, August E" Officers: L. J.VitUdreull, preetcent; H. A. White. vbce-pressidenti C. E. ttilea treasures; A. L. Putnam, aecretay. rmnisser. Ado:ilia:ors:2S cents; obl/dren under 12. hoe; grandstand, afternoon and night. 80 mote: children after - moon and night. 2$ cents: children under 11. afternoon and night, 10 cents. WMttor.s: Orandstand. Lorenzo and VI4k1, Great Carlton Troupe, flrepoelvt; beilet of Liberty, with Alexander States and Cecnpany. Eight Grenaaiere, Dorris Cartel, larlmer and Hudson, Ainsonorth dance= WCCO chow. with Iferry Itribata and Cedric Adams. Midway: Rennin* Brea.' Shows. bdssolila., Mont. -Western Montana Far and Rodeo. August pages Officers:..hitin Stahl, president; Floyd Day. weeretary.muneger. Admissions: 50 Cents: children cents. children under 6. free: night. 28 cents; children cantsc grandstand and bleaches., ys and 50 cents: night 25 cents to el. At'motions: ranchland. Tim Bernard Rodeo. horse room..lain the "Who's Who" of OUTDOOR ATTRACTIONS In the SUMMER SPECIAL Here ts the beat. moot direct method of familiarizing committees, managers, Weenie:M. Offices, and other talent buyer. with youract or show. Everybody Feu need to sell now leek* forward io the Annual Outdoor Afireettona :Section In the Bummer Special. DOA year the 4th Anntial Edit:On will provide bisoeas with a wide array of lateral leg, helpful. and liformative meterlel. Don't let this opportunity to gran :motet and good will alp by. SEND A POSTCARD TODAY FOR COMPLETE DETAILS The Billboard Pub. Co. Professional Department 2S.27 Opera Place. Cincinnati. 0. CALLIOPE R E C 0 It I) S See Ad on Page.17 qtaftestatu),g1tows ONEIDA County Pair Mat:Mallon. Rhinelander. Wis. booked Russell Brea' Circus for the 1941 fair. KARL L. KING'S band. booked for Clay County Fair, Spencer. 1a. will play before the grandstand on a portable remodeling the TRIM exhibition bandies for rink was For this lot,,00tt was received from town council. Commlisalon la holding the town responsible for the 414,0l0 balance AltiC0 It was on WV CAMPBELL, who lams booked the Flying Behove for a week at the Lady of request of council that the work sea Sorrow Mauch carnival, Hartford. Conn., done Deficit of was reported ou reported he will also book acts for the commission opersitiona fur QC thle Waterbury Elka Carnival: North End waa front the race track. Community Club Carrara', Torrington. and 11Allettathel Pate, all Connecticut COO HARBOR CITY, N..7. -A balanced datee. Re ha* arranged for the Casting amusement program will again mark the Caropbene. Jimmie Campbell, manager, 1041 Atlimas, County Fair bore, it wee to play pants And carnivals thus year. deckled at meeting of the fair committee, with Manager Anthony 0. Neaten Campbell.. high-caafing act, will play fatra foe Barnes -Carruthers. Vautrtnot presiding. There sea alio Mscusaon about Increasing livestock Ms - plays. OAINEBVILLE. Tex. - Cooke County Fair Amochation here has under way a NYA improvement program. Grandstand is bong enlarged and a reek wall le bring constructed at Its rear. stand which seal supplant the old fiend Mao under way are shuffleboard and now being dismantled. King will give croquet mutts, landaespe work. and erection of rock state thou grounds. afternoon and night concerts and will furnish mimic for hippodrome acts. REGINA. ftaak.-directons of Regina Mutilation have authorized expenditure of to build 400 benches to twat Fair Elections for the arta In front of the grandstand. *1.200 to build a new floor in a RIVF.RHEAD, L. I.. N. Y. --Suffolk *mete of the stadium, for dime - County Pair Association elected John G. thin signs on the grounds to renew Downs president; W. Kingstand Macy. sheep pens, $200 to concrete dairy build - rice -president: Ellis T. Terry, treasurer: leg. 68(.0 to repair pavements, and $1,000 Celt R. Ifineken. lecretery-trensulet. for general repairs. SPARTA, N. C,-Alinthany County Fair Association re.elected R. E. Black, president; H. H. Huigina, secretary, and named MICH. CIVIL SERVICE L. K. Boyer, vice-president. CLARK FORK, Idaho -Bonner County Fair Doerd elected R. E. Knight, alarm:in: Alex T. Russell, vice-chairman; Walter Thomas, ammtary-treasurer. HUMBOLDT, Bask. - Humboldt Agaeulturel Society elected: President, W. Cficeelreen: vice-presidents. A. KlIcher, 3. O. Yoerger. atm:nowt. Ask -J. C. Otant wee elected president of Olenbuab Agriculture' Society. replacing the late Omega Gordon. Lt was decided not to hold a 1941 felt but to meet In October to plan for a 1943 fair. DRIOOEWATER, N. &-rerldgewator ExhIblUon CommIsfion re-elected Mayor H. M. Sweeney. sweeident; W. J. Clouse. secretary -treasurer, and r.emed H. Wile. vice-president. Riverhead Seeks Expansion RIVERHEAD, L. L N. Y.. May 17.- At a Suffolk County Fair AssioclatIon meeting here on May 10 It was decided to disband the board of managers toe the th annual and turn management over to ono man In the Interest Of more efficient operation end to build In scope, reported Coat R. Ilincion, who was named secretary -manger. Big attendance la expected A0 of pros -!may of Camp Upton. where about 13,000 soldiers are expected to be stationed by fair time, and the fact that the county has population of and It called wealthiest In the State. New departments are to be created and premium book revised. FAIR GROUNDS (Contfr,.ed jinn oppm-iie mot-) tins art tr-skir.g good Use of showmen's heavy read locos for cleoranoe &has. TALLAHASSEE, bill to prohibit bookmaking and pool selling. Introduced in the House hese by Represen- MGM CeferiVe01, 31tami. exempts any portion. asox-mtion. or corporation selling part-mutuel pools within the en- Cleaure of a race meeting pursuont to nutborlty granted by the State finning Commission. ANOLISTON. Tex. - Branorla Cotunty Fat Stock and Flair Asdoelatten haw mimed Richard J. Sinai' paid manage:. at its fair here. Construction of another balding on the grounds to being cooaldered. REGINA. Sisk. -A director of Regina Malaya:on, Charles 3.1, Learmentia, wee - den of Regina jell many years. hes been trensferred to Prince Albert, flask, where ha will be warden of the penitentiary. PALESTINE Tex. -C, 0 Miller Jr., manager of Texas, Flute Palace here. lute )ottled Tesas AMOttlallan of Palm. BRIDOICWATER, N. S. -Bridgewater Exhibition ComitilialOn mono: cost of (Continued /rote ottpattfe Impel employeeeby an amendment adopted by referendum fast year. and this Is believed to be the first teat case brought under ft. Youngblood has raid he doe, not chaltense Arm' contention that the poet la under civil scram. but that he had "cause" for dlaritsati which would be defended In a hearing before the Tho CAD{ is primarily to seek an injunction reatmlning action prejudicial to Aerra. such DA diamikaol from office or holding up of salary Wore the hearing. Definite organization of the State Pair office foe the 1941 fair took shape this week, organization of rererel depart- /rasa:oa being completed, Appointment of a new director of publicity for the fah, la planned, with several pmipects being Interviewed thi. week. Two name bards will be used in the new outdoor pavilion erected hat year, to play for dancing, splitting the 10 days of the fair between them. Time available for a Few More Oates. Wire or Write Todaf...f.,c c1101 E SO MAN Penwrsee4 msg.., 111-,c(We..---":4' tit 111..t. Aft. Cs. or Tilt iltliwago. eincittriati. O : \11,21\ MIL. tddie loveres..-1 Li;&fir toes, reellfleeal.54 taner...e. Mak. pebtfiet out. tieding. Wet* tadsy for comp -Lee leformaatios. Some tins 0111 *me. EDDIE VIERA CID, of Tho Cieetireuti. 0,.o FLOYD COUNTY FAIR NEW ALBANY, IND.-JULY 28AUalii Wreaiy Oder. 1171DI. 09)0114. RA.. WOW. Can tat pout ttbegg Of an ki01, Iltsb rttc. Art. AnAtriutags.cga,=. row. V.../'t 13,A4PeraL pftny Mai PADA. 41=411. Lee; 4111erf 4 te 0IDT7 r1914p Jeter JODI. ADO.0147 tnidw., F9" 1,re. out wa-ewa sire easga yid Ni.g.thro., mie yew d +WT. ft/mk COW A Sew. WANTED jetege., hive a. MAW. far NEW CASTLE FAIR Avant 16.:041 A. C. aces F, 6"" 407 L. P. A T. PrAPT, 14enialle. PG. SOUTHEASTERN INDIANA FAIR CIRCUIT WANTED LEGITIMATE CONCESSIONS -PLEASE CONTACT AT ONCE WASHINGTON. INDIANA -JULY 4 II?, 1. Graham, Sept. Cert.-Went ANDERSON, INDIANA -JUNE 30, JULY ChM. Wol.res. Supt. FRANKLIN. INDIANA -JULY Wattage 1. OcoGns/o. Supt. ContotDens COLUMBUS, INDIANA -JULY E./ Redrnin. Supt. Ceett4liOrrs NORTH VERNON. INDIANA -JULY S. B. Beekshire, Sept. Contettmot OSGOOD, INDIANA -JULY AUG. 1-2 I. C. Gatti. first. CoDless170, SHELBYVILLE, INDIANA-AUC Oft* W.Va., COnettske., CONNERSVILLE, INDIANA-AUG I. M. MOUnt, Sop?. COAteitioes CORYDON, INDIANA-AUG De. L B. Wolfe, SG.Gt. COnceslims CONVERSE. INDIANA-AUG t. I- Kling. Supt. Coeetslians Wanted For the Itimtet Celebration in the East TIDEWATER DEFENSE EXPOSITION AND NATIONAL HOME SHOW PORTSMOUTH, VA., JUNE RIDES, SHOWS. CONCESSIONS FOR AMUSEMENT AREA IWO JIMD113 nro SUWITS MUM DOLLAR PAYROLL MERIT 100 Stint,. $ in Free Prizes 14th to fled including ruswatil*orl Speu, rereou u'utde Let..M U. S. Ootoru 1110S Doty. Ow Ann). Ilan, Air Sao. INA, WI, Doe. Sewer ArteeffAe. Overanwome filietini of th aternaince Ds. 100,000. Ve.ettertp "ratios. 1[74, n5. Wilt mit.fe cry feed Mtn Teat,, In nnindii.onn agy, 0.4p Crewoutftr.res. 51,51.,. Mope, NonatUrr. O.W. Juke. Ma OearA. Free.. CV IleMelten PartGato, T ee.t, ORIANni, Mel MI.40,~41 Owes. of Valk onn, 14...pthealp own. ND OWL Caving tINITT 00.0PARATIDIM. ALDIFICED OODIMANOANTS' P101.1f140 COMMITTCD. Aterret K. P , PwUlke4, 9*.imieSsrrte Koestr0 Oce-, P.N. 2) Ift 111& PerwerlolA. WIPID1.

50 50 The Billboard PARIKS-RESORTS-POOLS Cooed by CIAUDt R. flits- Cemesuretations re ,1 I Mame Claelneari, Ops To Offset Outing Drop Pep Programs To Up Spending See Illilli of industrial picnics during defense aeti,ity--tuicling free acts CANTON. 0.. May 17.-eboottragrd by good weather. to contrast to rain end cold in the early part of lam 'twee. end by greatly improved Induattial tondiilea.. rte r n Ohio park operatere an ticipme a profitable season. ILAjonty will go on full schedule on May 74 or on Decoration Day. White most opernters admit the outlook R. moat oneouragrng. they also Are swore that e=tain angles must be considered if the rernaoti Is to return a bri=er -titan -average profit. One paramount...eery. they mid. is the likelihood that three wilt be a minimum Of Industrial outings. on which mesa of the inapt spot. depend for some of their biggest days. Bo May are fhb marmite of Industrial c000rrna sit defenae contracts that few will be able to give ete 'p;arres time off for =fattens. Moat of the larger pinta will pay employees far vacations and keep teens on the Job. Many plants are working three shifts. Sarno =natter plants, Intluding those not en gaged in defense peoducuon. will as utast plan Meer outings, which parka are now listing, While most or the parks fintehed last mesa tit the black. even after the dug s:irene" first half, few are planning any major conmruction. Operators are pro - seedling with caution, deciding to forego octet:41m building until It may be determined how long the Industrial boom win continue. Operators bellere Met spending will be better this year. bating this an big (See OPERATORS on pope 57) Playland Bows With Nickel Day Bargain RYE. N. Y.. May E7..-Jut Playland got Off ter its 14th.ostron today the magnet feature wee a bargain buy for all age groups In which most attractions went eon the block" for n racket. Put Into for= by Playlimd Authority. which ope rates tee epee for Woad:toner County. Utmeted tabs metalled tbruout the afternoon until 7 o'clock. Pietelai tie-up with International angle marked the opening when a big group Of British evacuee children accompanied by eerie. and Maumee paid the playground a visit by motorcade under the tanner of Briteth-American Ambulaoce Corm with fifesorks a highlight. A ernendehlp Bridge" program was short. waved to England from Pleyland'e mall. sponsored by the corps and supervised by Bob Emery. with the kids talking to their parrots and friends abroad. Instead 01 the customary tape being cut to signaltte park's bow, the son of a Royal Air Fermi flyer teemed together S. and DrItith flag to symbolize the tio between the two nations. Pr= act othedule. with weekly chanee, begins tomorrow. flint attraettona to be %Maine Malloy. trepere and Retch Hembree. comedy bars These are given twice daily to the steno. Casino man - moment booked as initial band Duke Daly and Ha Gentlemen of Rhythm. beginning today. They are to broadcast daily over Mutual aatverk. Preview for Le Sourdsville MIDDLETOWN, 0. Use 17.-Opening of the preview mason et Sourderille Lake near let= Listened for May 16. with eninit of the perk's 20th semen Set for Slay 30. Swimming arra will be In operation daily tbru the preview period. New legbprnatere system has been Installed to maim! water temperature. New this year will be a Whip and Terns Wheel. There will be dancing In the indented acid redecorated ballroom on May III. 24, and 23 to the music of Minn Endlee orchnitra renewing a special Deeemtion Day dance the pavilion will be open Teeedey. Thursday. Saturday. and Seth - day nightie NEW CONCESSION ROW at rake Winneperetukari. Chaffartoopa's einese. meat park, near Romerrle. Ga.. Was ready for the Peed opeeinp on may when matron; Stoned out. The hew building honars a new arohery pone, Swims bowling auepe. el:coffee gallery, ball pew, and ice cream stand. NM Minette Dixon. owner, reported apenaing much heaeler than fart year and Au Me spot act for a bird season. Detroit Biz Steady; Strike Factor Hurts DLTROIT, May In Detroit parks continued steady the poet received lt4 Usual baptient of rain on seek. not shoeing the Increase stele, - opening day last Wedreeday. Rein fell paled with =eh week -end at this ree,on. during meet of the afternoon and a high because of cool weather, trueinces was wind Scattered small tree branch= *bout notably steady In lesetwood Park. largest the midway. With evening came prom - of locale acconing to Manager Henry tee of cawing skim, but threatening Wagner. clouds kept people away and only a tow At Walled Lake Park. typical of the hundred dotted the grounds. No cenceessora except a few juice and grab outlying spots n the resort arcs, bud - now has not really gotten into lia stride. elthe the ballroom. operated be Mrs. Louie Telletene. W. been reporting big night trade. with bands In the one - name elms booked in weekly. Med W. Pearce. general manager. was away for the week, ending his Exceluer!Minn.) Park. fidgeweter Park is about 20 per cent ahead of the corresponding porexi of 1040, mid General khan= B. P. atelleb, One uncertain factor holding back biol. was here. as In other Detroit pork*. te the rash of labor strikes that hate de - %eloped within the pest few weeks. A building strike I' holding up con. 'traction In Edgeteseee, win= a ramble program la still under way. Delivery of material Is delayed or stopped to many Maumee' and the strike itself mrarta some cocedderable Rea of pat:ounce. Next mayor redo change In Edgewater will be budding of a Rocket Ship ride, which wel use the bask 'structure of the present ale -car Airplane ride and Se achesinikd for completion the week before Decoration Day. WESTPORT. Conn.-Plana for rooperl- Mg of town -meted Campo Beech here An Decoration Day ate complete. ;aid Frank Dayton. auperititender.t of the teach. Oonceemorie have not been awarded. Woreirten have finished renovating the conteseloo pavilion. Chicago Riverview Opens in Usual Rain CHICAGO, May 17.- Riverstew Park stands were Open Outing the day, but by evening meet of them were In opera - Goa. tho getting little play. Most of the more then 23 rides were In operation and picked up a few dollars. Patr.o.Clintes mimed a rim 'This ide cannot operate because cif 'Ugh wind." An aggresatve publicity campaign Is being conducted. advertising extending to towns within a 100 -mile MAW.. Park has built up a huge melte-' lust. which meetematically circularized Mime *pedal days bare born arranged and numerotia picnics are achlauled for June. July, and August. Harriman Publicity Head For Summit Beach, Akron AKRON. 0.. May 17.-Jerome T. Her. rimes. will -known circus advance executive, last season with the Ringling Meow and formerly with nunteroue other eirrilaal has been named director of public relations for Surrunit Beach Park here. Ile succeeds the late Ben II. Voorhees, etre hredel this department at the perk last season until Illness forced him to retire. filmy Coney Clicks With First Preview; Lost River New Front CINCINNATI. May I7.-r'-at of two week -end previews of Coney Island here on *ley 10 and 11 drew crowds that measured up to beat records of Mealier occasions In the past, reported rreadent and General Manager Edward L. :Schott, Saturday attendance of was considered light, but a Mingup crowd of more then turned out on Sunday and excellent Medawar, was reported for attraction. and concessions. Moat remarkable feature of the week. end wee a record turnout of dancers In Moonlite Ballroom Sunday night to hear Tommy Torrey's orenestre He broke the mark ce establettnd by GUI Lombardo' band In Mersin Dale and Ida Orchestra played the ballroom Saturday night to fair business. Officials were gratified over the reception given lost River. a retied edition or the Casoadoe Its trout was redmigeed with the aid of Herbert P. Schenck. Philadelphia Toboggan Company. and his staff of coteries -re Within are an assortment of new entreated figures. Another attraction that did Matinees sue the Wildcat. Booked for May IT mad 16 is Ted Mermen hand Skyey Setters. seventh, who hate appeared with s bond In the clubhouse to recent year.. have ergesered an crehmera and are set for the season In the spot. They will boron May 34, opening date of the reguiar mama May 24, 1941 Seaman Will See Doubled Population In Tidewater Va. NORFOLK. Vs. May 17.-DeettratIon Day will Inaugurate whet most rowel operators In the Norfolk ar.el TICIffrfathr Virginia area confidently expect to bo the biggest season in history. Vast expansion of military and naval establishments. plus influx of an army of avarker for shipbuilding and other defense induatries, has boosted the population to a figure estimated at double what It was a little over a year Ago. Oeneral expanelan at Virginia Beath has added hundreds of new room to a dozen of the principal hotels and many more smatter once. Sexstde Park Casino, main amuarment pavilion, has been rebuilt following a lire wblch destroyed a large portion of It early this spring. -and many new devices have been Installed. A $ Improvement and expansion program has been undertaken at Ocean View Amusement Park. according to Manager Cecil T. Duffee. Housing fiecommodationa are bong enlarged, arid with week -end reservation% already Indicating capacity business. a plan of m14. week excursions Is being promoted to spread out expected congestion. Chief MAW Or concern to opermorx appears to be transportation. General belief Is that, with thousands of soldieri and sailors adding to the heavy week -end civilian Millie. a terrific Jam may emelt Winnepesaukah hiat. 15,000 Out at Opener ROSSVILLE, Ga.. May 17.-About attended Memel opening of take Velonemeaukeh on May 4. The new orecowers houses an archery game new Deane bowling alleys. shooting vinery. ball game. end We cream mend. Hal Wilson and Raymond Arnold opened their new Luz= Auto Scouter and. according to first day's receipt., they bare picked another winner. They nude their debut Ian year with it Ytyrli Wheel, which has been a comement money-maker. Mr. and Mrs. Charier White had their modern dining pains= ready with a large force that was kept (See WINNEPESAWCAll on payee:i Idoru's High School Day Reopening Has Over 10,000 vossoarowa. 0, May 17.-Ora 10,000 students attended reopening ex Idora Park bore on May 10 at The Medi- Cords 10th annual High School Day and the park's 46th Inaugurel. Mower: Charles Detbel and assistant, Max co-operated with Harold Paliteen. fee Verelkither etreulation manager. and Milton 0. Johnson, YMCA boys' secretary'. Special tickets were distributed to see. dente and prizes were awarded winners Of conteala. Park has added t now rein, the nut - Oat. a Penh Wheel. new Bug and new Eldelteland. Ballroom policy MB be name bands weekly. George Hall playing fee opening week. Monday nights will be Bargain Nights at 30 cents for eneel plan dancing, and Thur"day Mehl.* Mil Co Thrift Nights, with social plan dance lag at 40 rents. Other nights wilt be on park plan at 5 cents a dance. Heidelberg Omelette will maintain a ellneand-denee policy with mueo nightly except Monday. Open-air roller rink Is In operation. Balt water pool will open as weather permits. Mere frequee.1 ftreworke display. are planned. Gate Free at Des Moines DEB MOINES. Ia.. May 17.-Oats will be free at WYtrYlew Park hers. which open, co May 30, said Manse= Deb Reltharde last year the part expertnunted with e 10 -cent gate ticket good for anything Wilde the park A Rena plume mid Flying Scooter have bent tn dallied sod several other new lid= are expected. Slitters Ballroom wit hove a change of policy. with tight weeks of tat bends and same territortal end nave bands. Bob MeOrew will open the flat week. ATLANTIC CITIt,--Mtinbens of the brach patrol will Ire ln the patriotic trend this blintlarr with new 'men nn' -r Of red, white. and blue. Trunk" are bloc with red and white bare along tn. olden and Jerseys are rod with white and btu' markhiga

51 Mery PARKS -RESORTS -POOLS The Billboard 51 aiitetican Recteational Eiuipitott association Oy R. S. LIZZELL 8T The early spring luta Oren a good Mart hero to the parka and gytater amount of riacesea in orculataxi la registered to better reports from txket whew at the rations attreetiona. The plight change to lower temperatures cut ettendonoe termsceartly. The rooter, sights pent patrons home early but now tam Old Sol la puttint on better show me parka will go into a much tatter stride. 'There Is no scarcity of labor for enitueinent perk eper.ottori as yet but what the summer draft will do dem not yet appear Pored Park Highlands perente a new Couster to tea potroim le ir pleasing and getb a rood play at 16 cents. It to speedy with plenty of pep hit no rib cracking nor tooth Injuries. TS has life but not gravtly-defying twists. and turns. It will go far and last long Ketchum has nth lit. Louis patron'. patierett the national experience on Coaster ConetrUction sod has 'elected 12. brat to meet his customer demand. Net tee tame and not too %latent agent to have been his aims, and the wisdom el them will be reflected In his returns and the long life of the tide. The front Is imposing. with blending of Vara and oaks. not glaring but forceful And pleastng in appeal. one that pau..nk stop to admire and conunend and go away talking about. 'the poster. of the front to billboard.. And In ears and Wawa mike a tine hit. Tills Confuter. the Dodgem. Vaned Swots Boat.. Auto Recce, Aeroplane fiaingo-lis fact, the stole place is clean and attractive and node fs the big picnic warren just bora:mpg. Tar big competition for a brief run h the General Motors otos:wisdom. dia. ;ha. mostly from New York's World aria, toasted just across' the street In 4taturcit Perk. free to the public. Their Was:est show Is under a tent without Oakes, supported by aluminum arches to which from the under stile the mum, is attached. It is net Ine..-11 but jetned by the use of rippers. On Bond*. May It. the show drew about Bette Of them did patronize the park ants the 'inset but. expositkes-like. the held the crowd too long. But lie enitrivernent will won ternuonte and EachuoVe big Menlo wall do the same c.:4 profit producing a. heretofore With ire upturn of the present trend. A. W. Ketchum ta, an authority now en John Wilkes Booth. garnish, of Lin - cola, and his marvelous escape frees the Garrett farm. where he Is supposed to have been shot, and subsequently Internal In Baltimore. A. W. now has two lairent-compelling books on this "one toe, set." Haw Life by Hoffmann the river near the city Watetyrorke. ett..ii of Sock' Amusement Park got tray to a good start. Christ Hoffmann president and general monager and h dung things. He flua the place of PENNY ARCADE SPACE WANTED! Will 1.oat tompttte Penny Arcade en rental or ptnitnlapt balk In lay 0.I.P.511Ve etessenttnt p.k. but., to w.r.q.. rt... All tsanopow rarraaws. fend tall 0.0. and spate available. lox 0.27, tare Teo tialboord. Cincinnati, 0414 WORLD'S I.C A0OulInTEnt. PENNY ARCADES tottetatx MODERN SPOIITLANON HIRE MUNWS CORP..NEW TOOK' C A I, L i o I' RECORD See Ad on Pole 37 his brother, John, who le no loner/ Meta- Which Atlantic City streeta are named. ailed with Me place but Ina atertimao Crnitiera of a resort synhidiony Patic, a State Park. near this city'. Christ tin to provide tree summer concerts for Hoffmann la giving new life to his park 'Aeneas. has been urged on the city coen with eloanlinew And color. Then he Mellon, orchestra to be erripkuyed and lus teamed how to go out after plenice sponsored by the resort with to which he my. do not come to you but be given In Convention Hall. which one must go out and get. Peed Highlight of the Variety Club conclave W. Pearce le the largest panne...image was Frank Wirth's three -rim circus fu with Mx attraction.. He scud R. 8. Convention Hall loot Saturday afternoon tireell wore the online] cooteeratoitalma and a parade Ott the Boardwalk with of thia park, both stet identified with It. floata arid bands. New a1e000 Philip Our fine friend Bab Huff erkamp is Morns exhibit on Harnidk Sflilion-Dollar back at Wont Lake Park as manager and Pier will open on May 30 with a gatherprenla booster. 'Thin veteran has watt Ing of Metals and since and radio Caleb - mar EaS years Of annocraunt park expe Title... A J. Ette.hell. mummer of the alumna Ile was with Stever. Colonel local office of Albert M. Creenneld At Hopkins. Sam Ounsperta and John Tip- Company. Is pointoss to the Increased pelts at Pored Park. Ketchum began as demands for Boardwalk properties by a youth under Itofterkamp at this' place. national exhibitors and humanism and Our genial "Bob" ha. a good memory amusement interests. lo -Alta St. John. and Can tell much of the oni-timere, ens Cayce of Central Pier, said a two -tau Billy Dent/wt. L. A. Thompson. H. B. replica of the crown Jewels of Orma toothy, arid all the old-timera were hie Britain and other Darr/man count/lea pate. Ire oars they don't come any bet- will be On exhibit on the pier. ter than our old friends were. I concur In most of his eenthnona but our modern keen compel:min Is otitis as these old broom never had to meat. With vaunt. foct9 95(a;t) pi:cation of parka earraral visits. *Pmtacidar free attractions,. municipally owned and operated attractions, in creased coot of materials and labor, and much more wetly adrerthring. with dancing eretywhere. the present-day anat...out park manager must be an executive of the first order and constantly on his toes to meet nil demands on his time. mrength. and revenue, In other words. the youithful Ketchum can take It and has insole gcod. After the frosts of RI. winters H bee not Brown cold to the park tameness or any of his old friend. and haw only one year more to go in reaching the record of our Once behmeri dean. D. la Humphrey. of Euclid Beach. Cleveland. Judge Wilson. at loutueetilr. hen sewn a. mane numioee. as Inanphrey did bust did not spend 0:1 many of them In the amusement pork an either our honored "D. la," or the fine old "Deb." Excursions as Coespolish Otte LW source of coencelitifin here to amusement parka La the culottel rime steamers which net excursten parties nun summer. None of them are connected with amusement park. as at Cinelnnetl. where Mr Island Queen IS on important adjunct to Coney Wend. Here the beats bike enxiirdons away from emussernent ports, while at the Ohio City they take excursions and daily paten - gent to the omusenamt /Vann. But the parks bete ran never have a flood deny Chain of Rorke, which I. Ited feet above the leather of %Comm while Coney. Cincinnati. has had two floods fn one reason, None can hare all of the bona - fits and none of the headaches. lake toying. the succesdul must be able to take It, especially In the Othello, Max Cocehnon. here with his shows. told us that he has taken hie share of wallop'. Has knee, in real estate in New York City would sure build and equip an amusement pork of the tint order. Sometimes we get better storks front our fellow citizen.' away from home than they give us at borne. J. C. kfccaltery saw here too. Never In a Tillery. yet niaking every Inla.ite count. he always slope for a few Words with all of tn. What would C. W. Porker my If he could Wilke up and we the Royal Anwrican Shown? We VotltArt the (time that he would sty. "You can not carry ell of that stuff and maks your dates on time." But they do. aliattfic Oft' By M. H. ORODENKER A campaign to turn residents Into enthustastle resort bonder* was started thls week by the public re:snorts committee of the Chamber of Commute DuPont exhibit marked it. 26th miniver - Racy thls month. In Its first season the, Boardwalk exhibit was visited by and last summer by more than , D. J. O'Connor,. who ban been manager elate its fneeptten, la at113 at the helm. It la the second 010 eat spot maintained on the Boardwalk by a national odvertieer and 14 exceeded It age only by the Aetna MR?. 8. Bader. city Ammer, director. announced hewing of Carden Pier Theater this summer to the Aulasiwy and Artists' Guild of New York Ben Jacob. E man. guild president. sotdrse was Wart - Mg for Breadway production and would wroonally produce The Green Cup. Plan to invite governors of various. Matte here (1[1.1Yfl Day to MVO{ new plaques bearing DAIWA to t the States for By ALFRED FRIEDMAN Final touches are being applied for openings on Decoration Day. The-, heathy. will employ a batbing toll at tem; Long Beach, Atlantic Bomb, Inie Park, and Jones Brach. bell Much In top man from the standpoint of...torten at the shore. with a flock of theni under Ills wing. 0:. rnelt:4p0pplas) Olsen (Olsen and Johnson) Is guiding spirit behima a etulard stand, golf-drteing range, and two restaurants In Malvern,. POtIOn Sr.' blooming more strtngent In the lantlance of ear perking lot 'termite At shore retort*. istriating that menace Of fire makes it necessary. Rockaway Chansher of Commerce. which, With asanaance of Rockaway business people, eponoirrd fireworks shows for many summers, Is not likely to carry out the practice thin year, With :Usocial shortage glean aa the reason. Everett ferigernerel Eden has a plan for out -rate admix Iona to arnuxmeurs to all men In military uniform... NEW 1941 MONEY MAKERS )frur PENNY ARCADES SPORTLANDS AMUSEMENT PARKS SUMMER RESORTS TRAVELING SHOWS ARMY CANTONMENTS 1163jrevzo.raerte 4 A./e 'KNISH SIM, ER REn N. lake St Ousts WANTED All kinds et Aattet rod CG...{10,1 en pm...age Itat bath. Will tent a TAnoting Calker. IDEAL PARK P. O. Bea III faansttart. Pa. FERRIS WHEEL FOR SALE 5. Pt. Part Toe. P.A.- BERTHA GREENBURG now Is.nonels, PS. Sc. a now or. MINIATURE RAILROADS-SPECIAL OFFER oursagr. "Row to stop the leaks and plug the holes in the Amusement and Recreation Field." This book contains invaluable information for every operator of Amusement Parks, Pools, Ekaches and Recreation Centers. A wealth of intimate ink/elation vital to every operator. Your copy is ready... write for it /vow as nriilirm is limited. MONEY -METERS, INC. Dept. IA, PROVIDENCE, R. I. 11-s lusseaulo-skoolers AGAIN Tills SEASON OTO4400YEAS san O. tree.. s soe sot ta CASH LUSSE BROS., INC. ow- oriel. MINITRALNS N Kent.. All, 1,01.1r Da... Po N. Fairfilil St. Philadelphia, Pa. AT PARKS. FAIRS AND ON CARNIVALS WM us., fur tonete a te.. LUIS[ , LTD, ftere,nle 14ws, as i.e Lanett,, W. O. E GAMES-WHEELS-BINGO A COMPLE:YE LINE 01 FLASHERS, Wfriffla. PAPER ea004.1s, Skutt GAMES. WAN Reef C.Aar4S. CLUB Matt fotrierataer. BINGO. CARDS AND BINGO (AGO% egfsiltti"'. CT OTHER CONCESSION CA...efi writi TOR CATALOG (Al WHY 141N ST.. WM. ROTT MFG. refw YORK CITY LAKESIDE PARK lanetne Coates. Vent., lindtisan tad Oestiful wal 411. one et oso.otte Late nen.% elle atonsaltken. atl:aln as reeroanos t.0444 awe 14 anew MOM 01 Flint. 4 MOW. Pewee one 1 WO Open Illeastelsa Ileg as as was.. Want 411ery4Palteen4 sous billkot es. in Oatton stem tow as, NW. ettaalen. Went nery. Pt* Ptte4, Kis*. Ono ea ewe n Os.. Paolea, Own, OW Perk. 14.4t0ker as4 Slant. o1.4 Ow. Van. at t /11 at R. galen It Woo. and Owa Plow. am p.a., Au...4a a- con,tiotten. VII. 41/6/ Wif tinle pow en N.. el thew Pk ,0..1 natio.. latuote..1 to tan et Ines ree Pero Ptak. Clete aces wee. IOCMwen Tar /busk alas 10.1 Dente NW. Ms. 1:1000teet Oaea,WPM C soma. vaberam. ot. 00o. latest. Own.. (Atte..1., No sort owans-- 0enrowesno INS ineiev.twa set I ham. Wr4 tentiontet kit. JAY *****, te lawn. gees tae

52 52 The Billboard PARKS -RESORTS -POOLS itlay 24, 1941 The red Whirl By NAT A. TOR (All Coressunleatiese to Net A. Tee. Care New Yet* Mks, The Bi Lose Eye -Ling It Your mertepoodent took mooday excursion last week. visiting all tong Inland open -ale plunges. Accompanied by Mack Rose. pert of New York Pool Owners' Association, and ityd Panzer. Monaotton manager of The New York Dona Mirror. who is m charge of Its retro club. I &dna mite a tank. Pint &puede:arc we hit was Etunnysida (L. I.). owned by the estate of Samuel Potter end operated by Prank Plitecber. torrnta beet of Rimed Cascades pool. New York City. He 'metaled an untie:int condition at Suonyaide which should Interest other pool operators, Monday them is ordinarily one of biggest days of week. Now, we all know that Monday. no elite. la the worst day for all amusements. but In thus case that Ocean% seem to bold true. litinnyside II!bid Its admission foe kids on gatordaya and Sundays a few years ago. policy dealened to discourage children's patronage over week rade sto as to leave the run of the place to adults. Result Is that pourtesters flock to this natatorium on Mondayrin droves, Plelecher Au discovered that bla grown-up swim. tares enjoy having the tank to them - Were* On SetaMaio and Sundays, and the boost Per Monday attendance bears Mil the succesa of his plan. Whitutone Patronage Near Whiteetone peril on Flushing Bay La run by Guy Weight as owner -operator. Tank Is open to public. and be also runs the adjacent Beachnew club and pool. priwite preposition. Ho retested that be had discovered that ha extensive ad. tensing and publictty In the past five Pan has net peed for the!ample reason that his patronage Is exclusively near- 'oo family one. So be to con ',orating on new PENNY ARCADE awe, FREE! Dor 48 pages filled with facts and pictures of America's most successful arcades... crammed with ideas for profitable operation and arcade Setups... with Mutoscope's Brilliant 1941 Line of Moneymakers completely Illustrated! Jur Sand lot Catalog end order your agoipment TODAY Iron. PERKY ARCADE HEADOUARTERS INTERNATIONAL MUTOSCOPE REEL COMPANY. INC Eleventh Se Long Island City. New 'fork WANTED i,k If 1 111:7Ai..43 Piga. FM Owe =7" Ors. V. Oa.. /typing mason locker tax and at Ignoring tratialont enticeirsma Hu public and primate aquadrornei are On the bay front and provide relaxing surroundings. At Jamaica natatorium. not Iar from the center of Jamaica, 5111 McGrath to head. Plunge as mastructed to the shape of the letter L. with etivinx con - dud to one section. Thls epee has blossomed out In an array of World's Pair colors. blue and orange, which went to be popular with ro many outdoor pools this ream. Jamaica. too, Is making a play for season trade, offering special rates to all who purchase lockers before the tank opens. Wal-Clif to pool Is In Elment, a mu - Mel ticket's throw from Belmont race track (it the wand Isn't blowing). Bert Ifincheliff runs the II-2.Orlurn with his brother. Milt The latter la on vexation prior to opening. HinchciitT's Wall - Cliff* pool appears In the beet condition of any tank visited by this writer in the past few months-all over the Past -- not only on Long Island. ft Is Inimenalete and nary a creek exists In pool floor or on sidewalk% which Is noteworthy when you consider that this la not new plunge but one that ham been up for over 10 year.. Hinchellif frmai have branched out Into roller skating operation and have one of the molt aueccesrul rinks on the Island. They are plotting Sunday water shows similar to those popular In Florida. and plan draw from near -by townships One drawback foe thin pool in Its location. which Is quite a distance from the mato thorclate and mortal communities Three biome are maintatned by the Inneheliffa to bring 'em In. Moses* Belt Wes Pools Plus/Ong pool and Ostend bathe. Par Rockaway. are run this meson by the set Charlie Keene, for bank Intereats. In addition to hie managerial duties at Ravenhall, Coney Island. N. Y. As a result of Part Cemmtasioner Mows" work In creeting the new Belt Parkway we also were able to malt some Brooklyn tanks, such as Formant. Steeptechme. RavenhaD. and LIMA, about which dna department win haw much to Mamas later. Moseys whose Inhofe In the New York City park department In building many munielpools. retuned In the de - mho of many commercial tanks, has been able to bridge together many pools by virtue of hie new Belt Perkway. MADISON. Wia-Twin aotsdeds, born in Tibia Park Zoo here. are reported by Director?red Wligelmann to be doing well Patisaes, 72. (9. By CLEM WHITE The often mentioned "Palisades Luck" has been men mom evident thus tar. This year. es everywhere. operator. were expecting the Inevitable bed day. duo to stein, palmistry, scales 13). luindwetting, temperatures. But Important week -ends mixoplione: Jersey city Tebacco Company. cigarettes (2); Frankel & Weis- have been everything that mold be de - aired. Regular afternoon turnouts are man. DM -10M (2). bottle, doll (2), gift, just about par, contrasting greatly with penny pitch, cat. Jap gun. barrel, base. the night Influx. Early indications continue to nonage the biggest run In years. E. Brodl. and J. Corcoran. Olg Vane (21. ball throw: R, & 8. Annsentent, mouse: Doo Morris has 1510 picnic season al. Pouter. dog: T. Millis, waffle. potato moos up to amnia:v, main trouble Dow 42); Creamer & Dyer. frankfurters. me, helms to find enough dates. Plato 401: Murray Oraldtxre, gums your age CUM** seems to have hit the proper 12): Nahum & Fabian, rout beat and chord with parrichute jumper. as targets birch beer; Port More* Machine, frozen lei his shooting Viherlea. A military Intluence that began when Joe Clans was tenmacker, photo (2): E Parker. ham - custard (5); R. Bennett. bird: R. Gut- Inducted Into tentee hat thread to the butler: N. Jennings. high pfuller: a a office staff. designated bobby Itaulson as top ea - giant. with Johnny RappirMIS battling hard to deserve additional chevrons. LAM week sow Opening of the won five - %tents -weekly broadcast. featuring name bands throe and the popular Uncle Doti twice weekly. Fire spots may be augmented over Mutual Broadcasting to SIll the enlace week. Bunny Berrtgao trumpeted to a nice reception as band itttraotlon at the tree. act stage last week. coupled with Miss Bernice. swaying pole attraction. whom routine Is regarded as out of the ordinary. Harry Sheppard. guiding hand at the Casino, Is extolling the way dancing to reviving In this territory. Cmild be that Henry Dere and his oat, combined with widely publicized banda, might be the explanation. Personnel Ridee and other attractions: Clam HOLM, Denny Hailer; Snapper. John Doran; Zeppelin. Harry limb& Spider. Henry Stoeckel: Flyer and Loop - o -Plane. Joe Salerno: Rocket, Loo Jordan; Kidctioseind. Don Row: Funhouse, Row*, &weans; Carousal, John DI Mattes; Bug. Bridle Gore: Plying Scooter. J. Ifthen; Swan Ride. A. Bentschki: Bob SIM, Joe McKee: Virginia Reel, Louis Decker: Sky Rocket. Harry France: Scenic Railway. John Winkler, Auto Scooter. Joe litnaleth Auto Speedway. George Reiser; Bobbie Bounce, John Tole:: Whip. Bill Hoilenbach: Water Scooter. Ralph NOW: Archery and Mtn- Com,/ Island, N. Y. By uso A new Coney Island will confront 'est. tom this moonier. Credit Park Commasoioner Robot: Moses with his million. do:lor streamlining plans to enlarge the beech, adding feet to the Board. walk and tratosforrning the wand from a dirty brown to a glistening white. two Inches thick, pumped from the ocean floor. New Bretton of the Walk it only 50 feet wide Instead of standard M. Thlk. together with another million dollars' worth of equipment from the nursing Pair and many gallons of paint deftly admthiatered to repot. that sateelt needed It. tend4 to empbeative reel new 1041 Coney Isle and to subotentlate the prediction that It will be golden season for the opt. Steeplechase Home Steepteehare go, on dilly schedule May 24 after a few preview weelt.emat Tina la the park's 45th year, The Tilyou--George, Fat and Prank-hate room which opened list' 17. park's second Sunday, low Sandy Shell and Ills Steeplechases Teed Jacket', an ode that hat been funetioning for the jitterbugs twelve mccesialve mamma C. et C. Elects Charles J. Kean Is the r.mety elected president of the Gooey Island Chamber of Commerce. A director of Ravenhall Baths. he replaced Captain C. J. Hilbert, now at Pert Dix. Also elected were antiwar honorary president% nci.rod P. Tr - you. Dr. Ph Nash, Geo. F. Mater. f. H. Klein. Walter E. Borgne, and 0. J. Hulbert: drat yire.pereernt. Frank 6. Ttlyout mooed vice president. Max Goldberg: third elec./wean:tent, William C. MeInch; fourth vice -]occident, Allan P. Kremer. end fifth vice-prealdent, Wil- Lardy Aircraft Corporation.14 usenet Two rides, duo Loop-oPlane from Ramona Park. Grout Raped. and a Caterpillar from Edgewater Park. Detral. have been added, nuking a total of eight. exclusive of the speedboat. There are 17 COnntadtOna. Fred '<thous has liam F. Billhant; treasurer, Daniel taken over the shooting gallery from Schroeldlen assistant, John G. Ward, Clarence Huber and the hamburger and secretary. Charles A. Pelt:can- Directors for three years. PION, Catemareo. Mayfair, Lake Lansing night club. B stand from Harry Burger. owner Of the Militate Batt Mary E. Dillon, Alfred Felt. Paghlighl ha. set up Penny Arcade man, Itenhamln feeder. William P. Man for his father. who has the Edgewano gent David J. Martin, Nathan Handwerker. Harry C. Moloch. and Janne Brydon's Baas Mach near Knox. Lid. Park Arcade, anti will get one up al taettintore: for year ending Mrs. to open on May 24. Henry Adler, Walter Cleary, 'Paul E. Milton. Mrs. IL S. Steers. Thomas H. Teaatm>. Juin* Beekoritr, Kenneth F. Sutherland, f. Kean.. and Jamas xisienni. Acts Again at Swedish Spot 00THE200MIG. Sweden. May 10.- Bowes and Wagner's rebuilt the bicycle roe destroyed by tiro LL.t.bets Amusement Park opened last season after 35 years of operation. Its The old Perris Wheel has been oiled up Dave Resen'a girl show on Surf Avenue sees= on May 1. policy of free open -Or and remodeled. This U the wheel that has been packing 'ern in the last few MMus continuing. Opening DID featured Ptve Staterukthe. cyclists, sdd George C. Ttlyou, founder of the park. week -ends. This year's talent and house brought over from the Buffalo expositton. Parachute Jump brought over Lallonte. Sue Lot. Juanita. Rita Greene. personnel Include. Donna Roger.. 'Pixie Three Mama:nen% bar act. Cabaret Ili. - with valid* show. opens on May Id. from the World% Fair. IS boated on the and Mary Stelae on stage: Olga. heedless beach front and may be seen from girt, with Mary Wagner as nurse, on the SPOKANE. Wash.--Natatorturn Pik Staten bland, from far at me. arid front belly. Murray Spivack and a nee -piece here opened the wick -end of May 10 the Battery. It's about 300 feet above irk. Charles Rums and Burt Kaye, talkers: Ike Wagner, tiekets: Charlie Stein- cent of 1040 attendance, accorden to and II to a crowd of only 40 per ground. The four 115 -hoot wheat poles that Mood at the Coca-Cola building at becker. doorman: Bill Kilkenny and Owner Lou* A. Vogel. Weather wm the fair wall be an optical feature. fevtn Rothenberg, candy ooncesalonalree. nearly no warm as to 103D, when LOW There's also new streamlined Racket SpInsek also doe* ems's. porentu were drawn. Moe and Coa03" Ship and a new Whip here. The ball- Julius Kuehnel la back for another ex. pons took In about 33 per cant KO pectant Mg summer's business at Wagner's World Circus Side Show whate he Aeroplane and Kiddy Speedway. Pro"' revenue than lase year. Two new Sat has &mile. "sex miracle girl": headless popular. Plunge drew tasty well. OW* expose; two midgets of the real tiny penitent with the Chiy Jones ortheaus. variety, Jeanie and Johnnie. and Tan - sera. filmiest foe the batty. Alm a candy pitch with partner J. Hurd. Kuehrel 10 also proatding over Lao Singer's midgets corrang Into Una. lattice Golf. Patsy amen: Boornerar.g. "Brigham Young": Caterpillar. Mon Grimaldi; Jitterbug, Bill Tonle; Mini.. tuts Railway, T. La.ualuto: salmnung peel. Phil Smith. Conoomionalres: A. Stelnbergcr, Midway. Deschltelv, end Orandview restaurants; IL Noire's- Manager Ann Halpin has B. Amusement, Mocking, penny pitch: Berm & Marzoehl, Pennyland. Poker Eto; Mitzl Manna. malted: &WM Harris, bear: IL O. Mart, ; J Earteco. bottle: X. & O. AmuSentent, shooting gallery (2): J. Plotortous, roast beet 12): Genies & Howeny. souvenir: Keno Kareatau. string: J. Donohue, candy. 005ce anistanta hobby Petition. Johnny Rapareill: orwitehboud. Edna O'Rourke (night), Nina MoDutrienr: accotorfant. Ludwig Stearns: messeneen. Phil Coypeletta. Pete Liguori; switch. board relief, Agnes Hove Haynes Hurt in Auto Crash GRAND HAVEN. Mich., May ST.-Hebert W. (Hustling) Heysoess, Proprietor ce Hyland Gardens Park. Is recovering to hi. home here from broken back am. tainel In sin auto anetelent near Mel. bonnie, Pia., en April 31. He and Mot 'foram had been elating mends In Florida and were en route home. Traffic wee stopped at a culvert and a car tray. sting at high speed crashed Into the Haynes hr. causing it to catch on fire_ According to MelboUrne hospital MOMS. Haynes matained a compressed fracture of vertebrae.. The mile trip horse was made In firm arnbular.oes and two trains. the Harlem+ stopping In Oinelonett for treatment on April 30 and leer. Ing a few for home. He ex. poets to las sitting up by June 0 and to take settee charge of the park by July 4 Lake Lansing Sets 3 Rides; Spot's May 3 Debut Earlie.1 LANSING. Mich. May rt.-formed by Warm weather, take taming Part real, Its pre -season bow on May 3. earlfro opening In history of the part, Manager. W. A, and R. E Sprague plan to open May 20 for Mx dam a week with fro am* booked thru the Gus Sun Agency Untll that time they will operate or,-, week -ends and after that IMO close en Mondays. Delivery of a new Ply.o-Plant by drew poorly Saturdey night. MOO antes races opened Monday (12) to s prod crowd of at 50 cents per el. mission. Park hes a free gate. Vogel k beginning Ma 33d year hunt

53 Vay 24, 1941 The. Billboard $S MAIL ON NANO AT Ihma NKr 2:314.E1M.O. neekelert. RAT EA. 1011N CINCINNATI OFFICE EI22 Deere Vine ILcitter List WM * harm W. 1)=.7%st-r'il Uttn. Tfr11 OrtatIo. C, R. 22 -?f.'= 1.1.'4' Paw" CON! reen:1..u...0 a To loom* against delay In Pr.i.'...',V Ile, U IGC1C hreind s advertised under Mai TER. 0. ea. Y. T. 1117(4..Ap1114 Ctwelwnael Ofbee... the, must ALTAR A. 2...Taid,A,. R helllef. 114,2 be ended to reach Cineinnati NOTE -Mail held at the various offices of The Eli!lboard h fern, Jur by Tkunday...Ind. tiogmerr A. Heard Mr classified under their respective heads-cmcinnati (Kee, New r.,..t.,..-:, , sle,-.:,..,..!7:... York Office. Chicago Office. Si. Louis Office. Requests to laser. Pr/. All ;treog.... FIC Parcel Post have mail forwarded roost be received In Cincinnati by Friday Gsr, Hoe/ A. I. Heator, Cal irrifis'ilky Owed Itregint. limn, mornmg (early I and in New York, Chicago and St. Louis by now. kin.v4 G Kt. ROUT terdere. Mtn s.wr,o. Cleremen Mrs ts.../. R T. 7f17./RT 2114 I 24 Thursday morning, otherwise names of those coneormed voll lar.sigety,o.et1 lithl. Censor, Iinnitts II 15.1nratt, Site. Milren. Deft., Ile tartrei. Um Al be repeated in the following issue. Irtr. Ann. TO 11. Corn.. Ler. acti:rn w. de dowitrool. IStb.10. MeGrel. Mrs. Flo 11 t:1174. r x (...r.., JO tit. Arnreiln. lir T. arra, but tit:n..451n Oreell. Alettanl, 9.3 *1.14.,. reptre. litelortilan. We. bells., L tr. Ink*. all, W.,Ile A. arra.. Aratel. FltARlf TeX War. TANA Is ;' fttm II.110i rie Smola. Mary. Re UrlaethIli. Wag.. Mn tree gr4113,...`..0%.w. MrIgMil'" p Orrnd. Attest 0. Ova ' Crest. 11,..11., I: TIA...avere, Jar 0. inosten lore.. 10rAPplY- a rnancss E. 1, e, r.,1.74,41, r1lan. R. HP1711r. Pr Iteril Iii4VAott. Kelly intennie. Georm Ward., p...u. awr Cc Wefortert. Jr. A. metr.-1, Weer. Memo, Mn. w..., Claw." Jr, L. _. CM. e... PrintIon ltrim tittle. C. T. WXT.N1C A. I.a... U. r II LUX T.Clirf te lw t.. a sisliser Nero IC Arlrpo Pre Wheat! Arta., Mean, Mr, NIeminimii, Webb, Una 141:11 MMANIrr.. 0. i..71-cittrr. It7y. br,rre. Irt Watt, ran Warm I LPG. &D. II. J. C..111r09: E. :Ural,' P.3 Slansfirli_,Leto Te,-.. emu.. War t. r. C. I. Moroni. Belts Writ% J. 0, Wren. larn%"." re, W. A. Dv2iftete DMA Puma dart,, T. Mx. MetsWellte. /0.1.terar., Earl Wer Lee Itt D COL;, CREST04. WILA MU Menne., Mee Wleettr. Mrs. lemnesiletn, Mingia, Once N... WIT. t. ow. I Peuer, RAT F. w. 1frart. Joe Ls.. Nmnrean. Z.. W.,...teilin A keetthr Mar Dr TiDay. Inn.. foe 4 Wimo, 044 sl,,t,. ii.41.4, rwok il:e " Wsma, Mrs Neten ILte..._ lir A.,C,..Grai.J.A.:1 fl (Cereal Nutlet Trriie.w.Dellla. lore. Car Moe.. Ihrtin Mrs. Gale Yonne r11 in; 3;;Aj.1..r1: I' KW". "M N. COM KO& 47 Wake. Pas1 DIto. %%turf, Lost, 7. U. Sal. Oleo. Ez. loth Trance. PAraa IL 1""*'. :Irate 1 X 4..tpar. 14n. Rook CO... X. Creme, Jkrk altore. Morro Iltona4u, r. Tarsue, 71.r. Rut Ara Ilmary, IL It. C.f.& 1,14M WC CIO, haw Ar.04. lemon tinny, re. W. W. tn. Viral. //,...1* W.. tat F. tiodolx, /rity, ay 11r TiGnangs. ClIto4n1 IloarolaiDo, M. I. gletrkca...,the D. (M. NMI... SIIII, Si, /Irer. WA IT. TU" )14rimi Milo% Mote Ani. Telliree, yr. 1.. Warr. 14r. gricz/ C-.. /1.01re. Aare 11,,,,, RA., 00Lie:..swl.e7,: Waver. ;I., Mrs. Nem Me. Otrie 1 MOW. Mn. Mar? Or bat (Imre, Or. /Are aet MrS.w, Edrenle, 7"rgta 1(011,1' ;ISMS WC!...ns. Un.!Per. Jura P. 1..1wodr,. Slid., Meets 1. Truro, Ien. Carr, J.W.i 1. Oren. It 0, Ittarap, I. XVI. lierre. Jar R. cceolur. rite C I. a Herreen, A.1".I. 'Dry Usirried. Ws. T. Terkel% Or. W. wralp. Ws, F., Orr, Maar D. COPCS. ItAlteiLb Werra. Loa e t in.. Mettle /Award,. Want Tuttle. Oril.rtn la are. Prem. IIROWII inabloo Moore. A1.6 W. TrIed, Wihr. Urp. Gram If uorvpir?' tint Ittanith, Jobe 01. Mtn Dar fra riot.. //At Si'.,.. LIfte Tan, alto, Dr C. err. ROklID 0. here.. Ira. J. COREY 7tn. T. Torr. Urs Bina Join Arr. n. fa.ibe Taste. XI. L.,Tv",[:,:,,,": aril wt.. Ir''ul:I=1. t. p=711phkr!tr': 7:17 Fr :1") Maid WAG Un tenon. to. MIA 1. H. ittonebt. smote Mr. 11, W. VII. p111 WOresbrfar. %. 7.../ YAM. Madam ( reme GOttIP.. 'Via, IL r4.4 ranuer Theme* Iltonotila=" ROWN IRO, seta. Ur. I T. Vits rt::;.v. :IL,. entree, /dn. To Volim. Pear R. 1/AltiTrel JA,011,4 J. 0-mtn. Dal R Line, DOnDrali. itt jitootang. rent (*.sim. J..i. "t1dr;21 Atria Rotor, Came WaIterta. SlnR Iknott. Join A.. A.1_, An. Intos Moo, 51.. {1,14.1 P.Orl Helm {Cital. _(..s. tea... Jot:. 1.. COX. RRNSLTII TA Sera IL Sloth* IL 1.146:Vi 114[41 Le4r!Van. MO. PM Mute )'Mena. Si'.. Lee. Una E.trertle Lovell.. Idle n. grp7:411'b;s71 i w. Parr. J. Coo Tater Reel" AtOol, 11.1, (1.4tilrilitillte. Jeanne =r.....4)7polti. M" Rands Men lirt.sla P F. L Gr...e, xi Ifrra. sa A. 4111NOW1111i rpm, trek GRANT. liaiiel HOWARD. eternse, filltlee cvr. a,... X. Penal.. Gemne, Poe Anson.. JAsir.s 140. Hefted lia' R. T. Isnot, it. O. eat., gum*!mum hoetrin. mettle. rie.rt.', rent Isnot*, R. grlre.., Mare 700 Mrs. Envy Mrs. ON :18tVbt gg Keep, hire otnelo. 451,11. RAT. k. Dumb, sucavr.s. Isne,l. Itrd entwai7g:il CLAXENCR C. u:. -.s. De., IrtrIsse. G rtuler. PAUL 11, Oro. /Vaud P. llstae, TM nerkit, Gut L , C.ID/ tm* Wee Drum ISeinelea bm.rern, Ornite. leen 101.1ey trectrxt ,4r.,.... M. ORS Rebus Clem, rettr Itockttl. Cit.. BURR 11:. AT71. i,;,ttap, 0., N. fibre II,.. Fa. Reale 01reo. ORVILLE =. Daub A4k-stil.As$0 onc".:1'1.. w U. t''r.14pa. t. ROT 41,1 Rum, A. F. Mr:0G Ita AZ /. Ir. l'adlo..e.. Weer Ge. Um TIPP t 71r. Ler Oarb, )0. Jato P7t-i';1/'; A. men, tn.,. ratty. Donn, Ind aryl,. EOM Nate:.,Inns tors., It IL C. 1mtor. Onager. run*, 54w. Wail. Notice, Selective Service Men! IJ.. rnr..1 W. ev4 1L JD lk V. V. `:' rleerefernt. 0. revery. TArl Omer, 18,1 cetera. Rudd loot, Um AtlICO Dauer.. Loom. laatai/11311-,..u. Vet, nottz Yaw. Greer, Um Pra se. 41=44,14r"' 117:';.rErt!" t:/nitn Wt Carer. ;sit 1\). T. tt:.. /la MM. AmAnr, Nti. ToL Conn II R.-_ &.f t. p Map Ilanceend. Atp, DAllt Dena, tr. stn. ft. nero. *Au 'woes Coml. o Pe AN Mrs. Wirt.. 14n. Ilelee Hurl, Nor 41p R., Prase le.,/10x1 Tesler elmortn. rilfrir:-;!.1%.mr41:r1 f. %T. Orre14 CAP: tell, Marto Re t2.1221e. Joel tilt* et,o. Iln.stot. Detre 3sturzi, Row Mover pl.!my +a. Mr. Ler _rs. Jo r. thla Dut tp7iam,11 M." "Peal rba..0011ere V. NOM nintnti. Leo ) r. 'Wm Jeanne thoware, Urea. /Groat 0: Itreeteras. Ian. Warr Kra. war" 50.. Ps, 0. Rah. Is. An. rle /War. flu: (L.trerr. Ina A. Dwelt, Ury Wram Mrs Verne PInfre.1 Mar.&vr. term, Rah IA Jarra. MM ob r.vratr. Jan. 040 A nom. Duna 7+{.,.w.., Omar 4,.01,1me. Jerre. Xn. J. II. Joialtwa, unt. IrArNerb Ir. Ur. Ayr PRIG Irate Erre. >l hl J 111e1. Aar R. het Wt. Dra tar1.4 Tarfir. tmd The namos of men in this list who have Selective Service mail at The Billboard offices in Cincinnati, New York, Chicago, and St. Louis are set in capital letters. Ft...41tran, (trite TWO*. J. Albat. 17- P. aiornu,s4,,. "lumens I'VM;17:1(S' I0I1 After, r.n.e. crrr. inks (84 ea. Rna.s. IllmOse, Graeae JOR. Alroartio. Merle Khoo., J1.. mem.) Zgr.: kr Ali. Ma,x... fereer. aril. 11n. alr.qt1r.flra 11. Arm Deft' Pada RAMO* triis)7 /Ames D. Rare, Cal. It. A. Rang C=.0. 9r: I* kr a' l'i...,,,.":7,,.-- Our,. Mr. Webs, MOD. Alm. rerria. C.r. tioit,nint&da II. Prbtare. Rim Ite ers.411 iftterk, IDA. C. Joust tit 'Cilir714, ROM.7. U. kj:lilt., tor,..z arm RUST 'ep..ald Roan. 11,01/a Ree-n. Aha IMItA ;;f.t0.1i larp...4"41r1":...144,zr. kern. RO SfEltleAM :WI 0, VOW 11r. Oct AMCAY l'm Relsome, Map /try, amenve, r,,1 t4.,..,,,,,,..,,,, i.. AJLIIT rival,. s.. anomm. PPPIP.1%. t enline Pena Al I' Itnnktant, Do, ,..arri. lirru. RIGOUT. ROCRIt Ara.. /arra assoarr A. Nimilen. frit EPITXPOlt bts a tioltred. nem tr.thrp. Sine Reamed, Lento* ral.".0,14rt f:*11: PZV.. Now, COrrine *0111* 1+, R. M74 Inc w. a. Mirtle 51 twin. *Um, Mr.. Ma pe.trapal mow. 11..r. InNownimmv, 0ar.TpOICIAI C. AA"I*A.-.N.F1Z01:77 P.- 01"41X01-1ArY:knewr Catto t011..tru,twi Call. Ter leer riteetii.. IMI. rot ft'... a LP'. TA N 149". v.-.itte art. frorw"l'ille.1161filo ram. ROY 1.7."*. t4,1«. illarno,_10. /Roo. Mr. emit. Ales, Ali 111..AQK. Coed D IL ItOrp, PIn. W. (ter. Jr Muria, Xrvt Pettiel, rve. 0 V. platirr. licase1 ;Ora, h. itackint, JOH. 7. ist...51s,!!nn tact, Harr. Wet. A. DY1.6/11IT MX Fs.,... Wu X Cane., V. lout, :1r. ASAr1RW 11. (Nan, Ir.. Carr. Plat C..(''''Arl..1.6 "' yr, Winn Viistkht riots.. 1. %non la Prealhira. YI stet, CAr. WAV os, /mak I. Pen erulempsel l'or, Rank Alva 3)11154 n. Py",\T; rwm, r. patc.71a Ef. Fir! L4'1;4. IF wit.ewiii nn. jjarie/ix OrlIte. Jar/ OLERN M. (42.77"pi7JA'nr'DT7'b (Itlag..,,,, A. Itcxrce ROY 1P-GE1104(4,,, DIRT, 11,4,1C. el r 7,1:6 llan" Jerre litiveli"' name. Ter. jjawcm.o.r. AT Pr'1 T 1r41 hr.s.. jipipulact PALMER Tn.,,;1,... w. trww.1;11 ARK I 12.7". ; 2" )I=Asext. $14.. Ile CD. tram'. WELDOR imsrtuitrm IlprIbre. Dr HAMILTON J _ Ar.Z.. igtfa.158 CZ: 04RL J. DAMarNitttit.tabW. 1'. ty I 1.11 frideray. Ilre...;e reitbi.-..,,,,,,, Ire,,-,...,.-..,titirr`id , 0119 pp Ugh J. 7.rea. MHO. er,o, Alf.. 'n..will K.', Kit 11110w$ 11(0a, Mere UERO Dot., SWAM Ann ErtIel. Orrery ?.na..u. Saul Xis InIAN.W"arirrligg,.11. e.. Prrr. }<in: Rota. l'hote ItssItn. Wm/ Leo IL..., K * DtArnt's Leine pan,. & Truro T Jelnfint t*". Kerr, WA leph. tin Oz.. Ẋ. IRALD1fIle. RCM nt.evu.s. 0. PlIAN61:4. lt. fith'v. D/MARDPI.R.,1411DI IL I Area, lr14.80furls, La -4 Terre Pair. Thera Malta. M. so_ nale,_ P. J. u. RES. P. J. I, T. Kee NKr deer,...2.,...t ",r..."" Prem. rare A. X. 11.1turr. WA*. Sta. = srp, VArrt sr. retro Merl Red D ItrIly. rant11. C. 0. trritslimk!..4 W, rwee. frt./ PRATIT:11 On. Trereipow) pxya Kt'Ar. Daft 14M., Riot. Ir. Wrap DW, 114 IIARLEY Z.,2:"="" Delmar Jul! 1C1441. IIARRintrt. Ire t. D. Keret, Era" Cat''' II. A, Vler...7tanie t:larls dram f.a.: urea rs..e..c...r. Met Writ Iiirt.w. Krersta EV _, Cram. 'tun 01 ATM A. Retries Ji 110.e Itjter Berer. Ara Lea Inc..., folerrer Terr /Tenet. Or Wm. titlgoint DY.MATFTe. Sly. AP =1.1.1itArrt. KrfUrd. Dr 1104TX/1" corr. T.,' =Mem" 180.a. Mrnot. 10,010.. All tit:41.1.1:t rriortreraseter Vati. W. E.a.17 cla)sont )1' II 0* rarrn11a 32.. M.. ear %.m... ran II-Arra/are. era 17..eelle. Aar, 4.31Opi.14. J. SaaieZe WrA UAL,* Kreger. *err L ear. Or. Mar Jura J. railer AI ilan. learai ia 75e1.n, x %Ar. e;azap., Taw (1.4. S..nuu ft.. I. % o..,... R. Vo11.r. W. 3, IIATLT. 210! 4Ww. (vb.. nt4r etolk. J.. 1c.W I14 lse477*.a nrM Lary, Owe 801./Arir. Umk. p :, IIII1 /Griner, Frey nat. IX. Y.., /Co oruto ,11 Dr,k,,,,i, Marroe. Peel Er, Lao L. Iontort. pen., , OAr.vert, w..Water Laren. Ur. VnInIg, AD. Imo Neal, tarsalera. hear Clortr.VV h1Lottp, To. Arstb,r 11*.' It R. Ora at. Ors. L.eart, Mrs aura. Zonsa When Writing for Advertised Mail, Please Use Postcards ".<1 Alsme W1110 rearetee, /D. 00 amikitio Also Bute how long the forwarding address is to be used. Etavet01. :On IStinna 11 1t.u.'611"ei, Rt Mare. err.1, NN) 10111Mpt 101(Ael. j'ac'ct.1al rargigld JOITYX, EVOIDIR ,.1111wilLEVII.w1 ign0.7l41,1ww. aorirl! ack_nnrr ii rclain 4./coe.".": imr:1 ker.' Jens. 1'wa JOKILK ROKITtga!mem. Rtre j/11111."." liee:."r. 11s"LTAIr411.AtI War.D, Jar/ 117;1'1Cgt.NET C. JA

54 Thew 54 The BilThoorel LETTER LIST mongol,. Au.r.0 Pratt W. Oto. npc'en'ia..irvrt.. refilfeir's'*. Won. X ANYN rnnia.r:ru Roney. W. LILO! ANTIIIM D. lia!bg, WY. 'HiCRIIOND Wolk Jxba I'ljelilfATIINCIC IC %,.,,., nrc... real 3101t1Itio3Lnint- 3 a. root r. PlactarL KOH. I:hair J. Itierwittakt. T. 0. SATt-Tr r...0 I& R _, 74_,N... Irxii1 It igia.vil0,14 NATI:11RK JAB. law. low rant. Kr.L.t.T. JOHN.101IN.1.4 tr.% Jo. LISBON MrLatn, r. r. aloe. Hock N. haw. Wts. Kt:LOY. ALAN Skiwo,!Ws l(w b if.,.,. froot IL SOLAb011it. 11ekry oad 34x0rvitAlt uronbt 'il"., s4 IheaSI 31:11011 I: On. AWL` ANO11. rawly. Owthoy NkLaa0011. W. LI, Wok A. IT.o.l k '11.'1)11NRY McLArat.41I LTVL41Voor. A 114rIVAJPI t. nr.3cnt 34.ox'a. Ilmotll IL MONAD Kat. Raow 14e1how,_Twa 7 Lamy. Alton T ItatSwi, I% T. N toks. Chad. thrtly. Abe A. Hastry rotor. Redo Potatly A blr. r.. Um Nu. IL IlankaII. Al J. m''''' C'(eiww) eamenm. zfrir,::::,'..,.1* 4,--a tk..., wain. tr. wax, M.o. t /Wwwo A Rad T tft Wash. H, L yirapoyak, Allhow r. L. Talonloo Li Wykly, UN. D. -CANC. n. Port Otbaan../Itt,,,. VALEZ, flart `Wka...A,,,...L aht. Winlinint DrIen. Iwo* H Ptbytion,, O. rare Nkomo, /locts Van Allw. Ils:17 tlyttma.. yox4rat P"LCOX. NAND 11-ppaho. J. T. Pima, non. VaAnsrtvg: kw Yak, ClAtte 1to 7.0WAILD Pi,lim,o/imte" V Tawk..41 Z.& Artbor Xlerotto,Xrldlt OMNI= C. im.=. Ry Z.U. Doh OnAko. liontal"n NoWoOtt WM. Van look Ow Ohara Non, LoItto Von /44). Tao lba. Vial limb 101,4,.z. V.'. 7 Taw Aortal Votw BAIL ON NAND AT AIT LAY WILaa ),, Dark Marto. Jack Mtwara, Rol Vtrint, W. A. NEW YORK OFFICE Iron. 11. K, Ileum. NANO PLATT. COW, Tibear4. Thol T Ortufazy J...A.:2:......=41Stron.:41'..11,W.:,,,. rii V1senc. Yrs% 17:1111kL101 Nuellsol, DS Thoreett. 1 A., Ss. Cans Vllsoto. NO1,01 To inwet against &try I. An.. Leh rgrg; K15,4k41:TARD D. rilkikt:01,v..,,x: gal FISk/1 Ilkft=".%::;:' 74*!"(114 Nett PoIt Co. TISCI A haying I ttttt advorthod trader 'Coal. Jatk NO A Twat KIJIIIT Abdraor Viral tho 19IZ fte.,4.714 Kam. C. Mato. Arg &NM A. C. RN CSC. -New York ,- Haw ntrn/ O. J Ilst7, eta, C. Tes.160. Ils I. to resth Neor York by FIZakTr.l. tlar.101.1ant. W.:..44, SE C. CURTI, THANK Wott. Lisa T. WeInesdeir twrning. I. (X4.11A1411,. XV. Prank II 111w. CALA. R. IlaPosk kooky X gal. CARL Wawa, lkaor lomoi3.t. P. IL 0. It. IIIITH JR. Cy. Wx.5,eas, ft V. 1/Irelnilrl JO& 5,..b.,---...ztv. ;re. LILT:. 't&, a Muni. flat: VC ;Fq..11.4: Lorry A u., ToAST Women fr,::.. p..., w:111.v.-r:147i'.52,..,:t. inl VI... P. Ikr. Nowt RABA Slyaa, Ur I. Rol Devils Carib. OS. %au, Ilsty Y. pyko W. E..1:COVINC NA7A, A.CTOkIK Walk.. Dab! 1121/4}t.1/2,.Ith. I AnNL rc,a 1--,77. Cotatwoo is. Rs. Iliku I 11}Nr JPEgi: 11:14,,"Iitrt.;,..r g'al:thk"u.ic'r Om, I. Walluo. Su Nottl. jaw MAIL OR NANO AT ICHATA ZAT I,_T ICS. IL i...,...03 Coners,Jo.tx Prior. M. Kb*, rhn J. wacocrr. CNA.. ANDS re:i,!".` ARS Tes Wallrtlh. Oars et...g. Ka. Ntrk. Tan) L. NAPROTH, Ikeexe. AMID, WILT], WCiut. Saud I' Norotla It ST. LOUIS OFFICE %WO,. kfloto4 S. PART HENRY a...,...1);ix3 m aoktri. P1.1 Notaketwort. W. IlrA.PMtirr nem., Ct.. C., wat.tort, Jaw,: /.1., WW1 310 AN RDElt 11. A.wee IL Noryttan pawn Il. =soon P`rOsow Swat fltex,.. A. atorotwillatt NI:LION, Mayon MARTI). E.E. "e:-..".11 N. "m" gins 1( ty.'11..itiii: Ter Ioturo spinal Why Is KJ-,ballcri 1441co. ownno Lew... Noah 'whoo VIAALD cltde Gtvoo. Itt.t. Net 1,11.1.g 10ton adoorlhot1 unorr ;41,ri. 3.. A. T Ciararo W. Ihney. Nag lo Derealso. Jes Rawett.'* r. trat.y. irowy Slay,. Aro. ra" X Moray. Hatati 714. trio. /row. NW Tbuslerla._ Lwh Onictr." Ilky row, A. R. MALLEN?. Hwootobet MP....Art. loo WPM' Maw,. Kwl nast..-0 bo tooled ha retch St. Lanals br 14 14,1tARI) gr6=11:4;nollos Rwho ei "rot. 3%.0 watt)) ell gi),d 1..., stx. Detbee Verso, LoIa Wednredry 4144reilng.. W. to J. M11 ess 3eu A.. vas:il Lost. WAD* WAIL )Etta Jran mart. Preaallo UN+Lat. TA., JOHN CH INN WARD,. P. Wuw. 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55 I May 24, 1941 CLASSIFIED RATE 10c a Word Minimum $2 Cash With Copy Forms Closo in Cincinnati '25 Opera Place) Thursday for Following Week's Issue NOTICE Due to to noes. of prase. necessary in tie forwarding of wad adenod 10 A14.4' ads. or!hose using a 1.0x 00,0001 ore 01 The fldihond el IMO and address, an additional things et ZS<.nis ,7 t0 tree fhb wenn. Threne when figurate Ma east of,ebliskose your adv./nunn/ Runty a..14 : Se ft: the Inwardly.' I iplles. AGENTS & DISTRIBUTORS AGENTS - ATTACH SLASH LICHT TO CAP now, hands free ',I the dark. Sample omen. O ration unit and 25 aricoa Ugh! CU" $1.00. TRADERS PRODUCTS, Traders Bldg, Wakefield. IGENTS-NEW MAGIC BOX PROOUCES 738,haves Item are safety Made. Fan arena; paginated. thg money meter. Sample rte RALOROU., Builders bldg. Chi - CPO x (GENTS - SELL S!.00 PACKAGE LAXTONIC Cosoontrahe inseam one cent). Dozen.. CO. Sanwee Dc. VERIBEST PROD. XIS_ 4250 East." St. Loos. 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LEWIS Pont Pleasant. N. J. FOR SALE -St 'corny USED PENNY PPEONDS, slandand models rod, One-half C.01/1. balance C YENOES SERVICE CO W. 31c1 Se. Dayton_ O. 104 FOR SALE - MOBS FREE PLAY MINT Vt on. clean, A-1 condtion. Same as re.: used ems moon, S % deposit wills meet balancer C. 0. D, PENN MINT SERVICE, 424 Foreland St. 5., Pittsburgh Pa. FREE PLAYS -S SALLY SILVER sloytts each; 11 Stone/ Ambles, each 4 Gottlieb School Days each; I Gene* Soon -UP $64 58,1 3 Maro, 2 Chimplons. and 5 log Sine, St5.00 eacn: 1 Seetkiip 5.the. chutes alit Noe $34 SO: 7 Kerrey Air Ralder, converted to Karr Bombers, wads. All In excellent conc118e. One.thud cleetnit wins order. t-xx0 W. L. ERSEBURN, care Cap Exchange, Sholt SEEBURG RAY GUNS, $15.E0; HOLCOMB Er Note. Buttertsist Poo barn Pokill,,01 (lave aerated). cost $ floor nscdel: $9500 rake, if. Ready to caox in and operate tot Years of moll's. Amshingvdrn * CON dot. Write P. K. SALES COMPANY. Cambridge. 0. SEND FOR BADGER'S 32-PALS..ttlfa MACHINE Catalog. Our. 1E03 meleflathtmed Maclae pratons. AccenotMen. Pitts, end Sacda. BADGER NOVELTY N MIteraulcite SPECIAL - 10 ROBEHNS 2 -COLUMN POUT RASP' WINDOW CARDS 14,22" whitt. Vender, $40. 2$ Viere-A.Scoom coax, larpe tvoe, 100, 53.45; %aeon 5 Ic AB.T, C,rms, Red. Whree and Blue, $14.00; Stript. 2-8,4 Li", : : fie- 75 Pothard mach ms. $3.50. CAMEO VEND. one Included. Quick service. SOUL IDAY'S. 'NG. 402 W..ft 424 New York_ 2-3 CAS 3 PAY ANIMAL REELS, EXTRA WINDOW CARDS - tax22. ONE GOO:Kt 1130, Fruit Roes : Rotkoht Argon % desenf. bewte C. O. D. Nue omit pay : Mint CST, Se in!hieing chariot, TH( DELL PRESS, WPM:in. Ofoollt. T10:00 111Y Panogrecan. Ray Gunk Penn. x :WEST COAST AMUSEMENT CO S. Lithert A LARD SHIPMENT Of.38 AND /39 RE. 1,000 LETTERHEADS, 92SO; Ave, Fb 1,1'0) ILI US- Seism In 3SMM. Renialsow Menem. re. haled ZDIXI' I Coculan. 53.CD: laimeograces 3C-71"in,"775L'OPFS WITH THREE FILMS Mt...ed. k.h.h.kel. Wetness. Honor. Gangster. Int memo we.knsamno. Lowett piece. Will ; five for S1CH CO: Posen Duke &tin Senate. and SlacistIde Comedies. wow, stimote arrow.* mow. Wood-. Mach:m S0 swains VIM. COLEMAN only, 13USSA RIM EXCHANGE, " 0. I 51 NOVELTY. Rdokfittch ALL KINDS POPCORN MACH:NES - BURCH. fakink Peerless, guaranteed. F rade. Mtto* quart Roared alursinsei Poop,ng NORTHStDE CO., Inethnoth lows nty3lx CORN POPP(fifk GEARED KETTLES, GRIDOLES, Myer, Lielferru, ,. tanks, tubing, names Lowest Viet,. IOWA LIGHT CO. III Lecust. Des Monies. Iowa ntrilet FATAL SKATING RINK e. PORTABLE. Year 'rood. Made Moe. Model B Han. mad Caber:es, ICO Watt Amplifier. Cmq-460 Skates. largo Evirs.xes Sowler, Aulerriork Poo Coolers Cr-A er terms, Reason, daft. Orme.; daily. VOX C -I20, TM PIN BONG LETTERHEADS EN. Window Rot/Pant. Dodson. Libra. Herald.. Cods printed reasonable. HUBBARD PRINTING CO. Rector, Ark. I,CCO BUSINESS CARDS : CUTS. VELLUM. ono day terrine with order. DIXIE BUSINESS CARD CO. BB 189 Jefferson. Maw. Eh% Tern x9 ASSORTED HANDBILLS, Si CO- bassi, Cincumah. Gager, Sc and IC, s14.ts. All epiyelfenl!ft excellent [cedilla.early for be Il ns. onethird cad,, balance C EAGLE VENDING MONKEY PACER FOR SALE - CO. 70S antoa Tampa, Rs. CARS. Meet Track and Fame. baud Tent only $ A teal rwineyaraker. tel.a. L. SINK Patterson Ave., Woulen.Sstkers. N. C POP CORN MACIIINg.---POTATO CHIP OLITF7T. Dry ROOM,. Wet Peeper. LONG EMIRS, 1975 High St.. Soreglield. Cl'.'.. x TEN YEAR ACCUMULATION OF STONES removed born Jewelry. gals, Garnets. e.fe. ZOO AssOled, , 1,CNVE, Box 525. Ch. COXO. Ill. X 5 USED RUNNING POCKET AND WRIST Watches. lynches. and swhs, rant. $ /t. Box 525, Chloago, III. FOR SALE -SECOND. BAND SHOW PROPERTY ATTRACTIVE 8ALL.THROWING GAMES - Berta. cark Isom, K,dt, Tan... Complete portable outfits and weolies. LAMANCE. 152 merion S. E. Allimta Ca. BALLROOM. STAGE An* ME ACT LIGHTING Ceraal SpotX011, 010. SON', 253 W ON I St. New York. N. Y. FOR SALE - SIXTEEN AND Twtxr..-FOUR Sant Cllir Plow; co/matte: K,dOe Aare Nene and Chair Walt CALVIN GRUNER, Pineknerivgle, Ill 101Y11 NEW LAUGHING MIRRORS FOR PARKS. CAR - ninth. fan, fun Anne, musrernt, et10 Ckt0 9,404 et111,y: 1=0X 101, C. MURPHY. EMIR. 0 rny24 TENT - THIRTY 8Y SIXTY KHAKI. PUSH POI% flat back. wenn loot *A, top and wall. First Rope Ladders, Mein!cot knelt each. TIIOMPSON BOOS. cal- LoaN a tomzetpturt co.. Aurora. $8. SWENTYOCHT UNIVERSAL JUNGLE COCO- Cet Elected Eye Pedemal Sheering Gamow five Hollywood Metric Eye Outh floor tabinot. Make offs., for lot. Alto tho Miniature Auto Can, 155 H.P. big( and Sweep, Motor, heavy Morons for Week ufe. Used one coma In per Met cadition. $125C0 each Sloe AtlanNe CIPA N. FRANK W. WHITE. 36 Coed Way, Minn.i Fla X WALKING CHARLIE ((VANES', 8 FIGURES ' frame TOM- Attratelye. ready foe the. $ oath. N. LEWIS, Pent Pleasant. AI WILL TRACE KIDDIE RIDE (PONY CYCLEI for a Kona Trwler of Tn.itk BOX 240. Ito gintoerd Droadverr. New York. 19' MANGEL LONG RANEE SHOOTING CAL - Ivy, fully soul -aped 06 yea Winetwitee and poyiniefee; gallery Nei des/ ape/ wens, wools( t argot gallery. Rmien foe tepese arrenaanted park closed. Write Jacob Vero\ 410 Jersey Ave. CAN:ester City. N I. I-q-rtlItE BALLOON RACER A UNIT - Wm duo. In Isrir CHAS. MILLER, 2974 N. 5. St Ptilladelohla, Pa. MOTION PICTURE FILMS de EQUIPMENT NOTICE Nen and &sole( adriikanants of Intense te /000..Ismrdm40 w,n P. found 114 The Illetwanes n greed.t.m. leek fee "NceTeeterIcal Films" In th 1.6r. en page x

56 ' 36 The Billboard CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS illay 24, 1941 ATTENTION. ROACYSNOWEAIN - CET OUR now Int of Win.erns. Soputck morn. Action darnel; 3SILDA. wry. STANDARD FILM SERVICE. OwNOON W. VA Mix ATTENT 10 N. ROAD:NOD/MEN - SAVE money en your 16MM. gun Sena for or tarns FloWsheormen's Catalog and Handy SookIng Cinbe fret, INSTITUTIONAL CINEMA SERVICE, INC A Broachier. limo Ye& ATTENTION, OPERATORS -MERCHANTS' FREE Movies. Diggest thing cvtdoor pranement were today. Teske Prorate. EQebolools rented. No. 603 Stairs Ride_ Clikage. lz BARGAINS IN USED REBUILT PROJECTORS. Heads, Amotiller IL Speakers. Opera Osaereens, S00% ghta, stiecorithons. R04r4. 11,11...exarlds. Ticket Mother and referees. Cato S tree. MOVIE SUPPLY CO W, [Neese, myll x SIG ortiit0es 15MM, Roaostooi.vs - THEA. Octets Cot.rrunities... Cooret wand *emit?. ment; menaymaking film PNIPros l'on" weekly. kith terolones ayalet.o. SOUTHERN VISUAL. Box 2404, SMerphiL Tenn. mails FOR SALE - ROADSIKAV MATURE FOR WEST Vegeea. G more moa Lire cluctlr. 35Mood M. Film. BOX C -1n, 22, care Bet. Lard Gres, nati. O. mo)l FOR SALE - OUAL PORTABLE 35MM. SOUND' Profecters. 2000e capac,ty. Year falwc guerantee. Religious RUSSELL SORICHT, 4512 N. We -fiesta, Chicago. III, 147x MOTION PICTURES - 35MM. 16MM., ALL types, all, tent Pronctors, Tents, Light Rant fee sale. LONE STAR FILM COMPANY, DEfteE. Try FILMS - LIMO 16MM., 56.75;_ PEA. Bros ' Soto, Snorts. SATS. Treed. aceeeled Instelemors. Urhex Mate Cenvera, $4.95; Metal Prcioction Surds Catalogues hoe. Twin ISMM, Western Electric Portable Scrod Outfits cornokto ; DeVfy 35 Seund Outfits of le. S9900: 161AM. RCA complete. F00; V,clpf complete, $ Eviterihre Film Pertal Library. MOGULLS, 59 W. 49th St, New York City. PHOTO SUPPLIES DEVELOPING -PRINTING ASK FOR LITERATURE ON THE NEW FEARFUL Preern EnlargerReds441. Takes Cep, from 1442 to 344. Eittehtes La, to l0a12 pretrial also or reduces to 3/6 leen! Nrlang aka 4$ on the market. Send fore free catalog. MARKS Er FULLER. INC.. Date. B31. RIX1111,111. N,74 Y- Ail 4 MR I Cc OPERATORS -Cur PRICE CAE ell Machnes and Sutton. Full Lenlel Caerro.In WABASH PHOTO SUPPLY. Nett Haut*. d. Mr111 DIME PHOTO OUTFITS CHEAP - ALL SITES. SOW 0 -co In and in. them. All the letesi bargalne P. O. Q. CAMERA ICO'I i I E. 15th St.. ChIcage. I6. i.144 FREE - EIGHT CHROMIUM FINISH INI.APCEnverirs wont every red, dere...reck ISe. same GIANT FOTOS, Box 632. Lincoln. dab.ry N rt. OR. my24 FREE - BOOKLET! 'NOW TO TAKE BETTER Toshees" Fry ea gr. Fast clip this ad end um, in MIA cod with 25c In coin. Year bookie dryetered negelyes end eight dechly W olk dated Peeler* torts, with a woven Prong you to enlargarienls, will cane poderd by return rail Money back p -w inlet. RAY'S PHOTO SERVICE. mot Le Crosse. Wit. Two dorm EACH Mna =141M ee. from IC. WINO., ROLLS CNVELOPEO and two Inie ErVergeeunt Mft 10 SUPPLIES OR LESS -NEW COSA. Wuhan Machine means I1/242 and Ed Ousts and het trek We carry NI attes Eastman Ditwet Pouter* Paper, I 4250% $4.75 per roll. Glass Frames. N:411.. Roo cralog. HANLEY'S PHOTO ANY, 203E 12th St., Karnes City, MO. rnalx COSTUMES, UNIFORMS, WARDROBES A.) EVENING GOWNS, WRAPS. 5200; SHOES. 50c up. Furs. Costures, Memel &nark SI 00. Street Wear. CONLEY. 110 W, '47th, tow Volt. MOVIE STARS' SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING - Sui Gowns, Hap, C.cors, Slacks. Large Meted 5500 and St000. Send Om WIN mows order. I. MOSS Fouts en Avo, Holhyrod. Calif. X TIN RED BAND COATS, ; ttx Brown 51500: twouritul Green Curtain :, 51500: Orchestra Coe% $2.00 WA.LIACE hi Hestad, hese. SCENERY AND BANNERS BEST CARNIVAL SIDE SHOW BANNERS AHD Madero Prone Prols Pinitwely no Cis - glowworms NIEMAN STUDIOS ttaktied 5r., Chkeee, III my31 SCENERY. CYCLOIMMAS.E DRAW CURTAINS, saiec4 ar.rhy_ N'S'CLIV STUDIO. LE33.eotAa Show Family Album ROY E. LUDINGTON, general manager of 0. N. Crafts Entetptiles on the West Coast, who modestly admits having been "the boy wonder and midway sheik of yesteryear." Is shown at the left as he appeared In Photo was emeemel in Richmond. Ind., during an exhibition of the Rico Er Dora Water Carnival, with which Ludington trouped. The show went to Richmond from the Pacific Northwest. It played a tow Southern dates before closing in Montgomery. At,.. and ceasing operation as a railroad attract:on. Ludington trouped with Midwestern carnivals for a number of sous before returning to the Coast. At the right are Ed Coro (kw and George Siebert. member; OF Ike Martin Downs -Cole Boos.' Circus, snapped the.sawn of Comm is now manager Of The Union News Company. Asheville, N. C. Siebert is dead. The 1301board!net Nu Its readers I. subiutt sinotos taken from IS to peers 000. it se spry:fang reoursted that pictures big CLICAA end Met They be oroompanted oetth C t descriptive data. Croup pfseson ere preferred. but picture. of Indnidssola who are STILL LIVING toilt be irreloned. Meg wilt be returned 11 to &oleo!. Address noes Tamil); Album Editor, The 8111beerd Opera place, Claelaosate. 0. MAGICAL APPARATUS A CATALOGUE Ot MPEOREADINC. MENTAL. Scare Effects, Mask, Horoscopes. Forecasts, 0..5ra. krone Photos- Cryitela, Lucky P,Res, Palmistry. Graphology 0411s and!looksolholesste, Larpnt Rock. 164,oafki Illustrated catalog., 10e. NELSON ENTERPRISES. 316 any244 5 PPoluorn, M C 0. A LATEST 216 -PACE ILLUSTRATED PROCESshinel MEEPO C.a.-sieve of Vats Books, Supplies, VentoLloquIel AVMs Walnut, etc 25c. my24 TATTOOING SUPPLIES TREMENDOUS TIMELY OPPORTUNITY - Start profitable Taltiming and Removing emiress Fun initnrirs :included, wet. TATTOOING SUPPLY COMPANY. 651 South Stare. Chicago asy314 ANIMALS, BIRDS, REPTILES ANIMALS, BIRDS AND SNAKES FOR SHOW folks. Also Trained Wild Annul Atli tot alt or SUE*. SNAKE KING. Tee h124 AttiMALS BIRDS, REPTILES - WAITE FOR large free be Aes Spring Cressg, ono, tear... N Y. MUMS CROL Cr WARD. Oceanside, CIRCUS MICE - ASSORTED COLORS, TEN del an hundred. Waltzer, four dollars door. Do:y thlornents, Half cash deposit. SuNSHINE MOUSERY, Sarasota, Fla. FOR SALE -A 2'.11 MONTHS OLD AMERICAN 1..M Eagle. Highest Ends. BEN VENET, R. F. O. 2. ger. '79 leawa- IMPORTED FRCM CENTRAL AND SOUTH America: Spotted Picas, 517,50; Agoutis : Capuchin Ringtait Monkeys, : 7.480E Blue Snorkel ; Item surf - owes andxfulninakra King, Bulk, CaechwhIps, 5100) and $15.00 ow dr. Over* Dragons. ccatt 0 foot IMPORT PRODUCTS CO., Mende, tarns, S. C. x 1.4X1CSS C HEALTHY. 9 r.toorru:s. Full brother to one.,hated Nem, York pried*. fee. Write BILLY B. COOPER. Nee - Ken PLENTY SNAKES, DRAGONS. OIL/. MONSTERS. Iguana'. Bon, AnwadIllos, Terry -him. Horned Teoh, AllIgaren, Menarys, Paces. Ceuthoundo, Agoura,. Sloths. Kinker.% C.Int Pigs, Pratt** Cogs, Porcvoincy. Badgers. Rats, Mice, Pea. tow,. eureleaw. White Dorm Partalyer5 Wire OTTO MARTIN LOCKE, New Breunfelea Tex. UPSIDt-DOWN ANIMALS - SLOTHS. 530 each; South Arrallite, Ostriches, very War SISO 00 pain Monkeys rack WHIP - POOR -WILL CAME FARM, Rockall!, had SPECIAL OPFER - GIANT COTTON -MOUTH MOCCAAMS, 6 It. long. while they lest, ST SD tock,, S ft. fekcerins. SI.E0 oath. ROSSALLIN. OCIIA. fl,. 200 t.0. TRAINED WRESTLING BEAR COLLAR. 0,43, and Muzzle. 525 CO Co-, and or her. HARRY & CRICKET COLE, 6610% E Wave ortsten. lnellamooks. Ind. HELP WANTED BAR PERFORMER -- STRAIGHT OR COMEDY. Good amateur with abitily considered. Opening ) to November STEINER. 1)502 Glenwood Am. Detroit OAR PERFORMER AND TOP HAND TO HAND EIVI.Mer wanted. Write BOX C-103. care or The: Shrtord, Cinconati, 0. WANT AGENTS -STOCK STORE BALLCAME Hose -LA stock Wheel, Penny PIICX. IWi Swannery C.X A L WADS- Zacchni Brost Sere& Unearter. Pa. WANT USEFUL PEOPLE FOR VAUDEVILLE PIClure WM Show. Write, tell ail and sp,,,w, safety. Don't wee. BERT RUSSEU., Haltitoro, N. C WANTIO-LICAPER FORCLARXONiANS FLY. Aetwn Act wits Russell NOS.' CIKAA. dress es pm mute. WANTED - HAMMOND ORGANIST MR roller rink. Sane all fust loner. With or without omen CANN. ens lase. Ind. WANTED - SERVICE MAN IMPERIINCED ON mole roadie** and pin moos. Welo DOX C.126, Billboard, Corminst,. slating Quatime. Nam refoirgeo, *abed Wry. WANTED TO BUY SUY, CASH, LEASE ON PERCENTAGE FOR TIME seeps. used Ferris Wrn/t1 of Flat Racy, Fat detail& C. NORTON, 211 Tomnson. Alter,, Pa, 3.103EL B HAMMOND ELECTRIC ORGAN FOR cash. A, ICIdt1t. firma Pok, Kosovo% Pa. SECOND NAND COOK HOUSt, PUBLIC AD. dressing System. Clot full dereos and p-iee tint letter. WILLIAM 1. DELANSKY, pro Mills. Pa 4 WANT GOOD USED IvoitS - 000CEM, TILT. ElvWhA What hew, you? W. C. BOWER, 395 Manor Rd, West Now Otleiten, Staten Island N. Y. WANTED -HER -CHILL SPILLMAN TRACK MarrnOPRCeral. Stirs condition. paver used, twerdietti eerauey or stake too, where It can be seen. Muat be cheap Pr ear DANIEL R. CLARK Knorr Ave.. Flint, M4:11. WANTED TO BUY - INDIAN 14LA0 PENNIS. viri pay premium onts of 500 or mere. Akhoss P 0 Box 264, Menet, MO. WILL PAY SPOT CASH FOR ALL TYPES Or surplus Sates Dowd,. Rumour,. Good,, etc Cho run deals. prices. Cuantitiet. ate. F. BRANCH, 3922 Wriltumteri. Ocoee. At Liberty Advertisements Se Wont (Pew, LAY.* IL wort Tint 1.1. S411 Urn 0.01A$11 1. Wood 1 anon AI arm 1.1AA l'/a1 F1004 Ter et Wore. at One Pao oat, Nifielatrir tae CAME WtTN 00PV NOTICE Doe to toe reense of peetage men., 101 the forra0110e et eute ottroosed to "Wog": er 11.t 1411 / bee numb/r In tart el The Billboard In11141 of thee noenetafte *arch, an 64,11E104A Oro* el 25e Is nearnlay 10 tors. this service - Thaw*, when lirarlftg tar Ere al 11.14,.G.,,i your / Molly for rho fomenting of replies. AT LIBERTY TREE ACT WANTED Al; WARNER PARK. outtamess. Tor. for Ores week. State AGENTS AND MANAGERS free, rettrece, type of act in lint teary. GIRL ASSISTANT - MEDIUM BUILD, EXPERT. ems rot necestary. Sready vri=c1 Eilhont,_,, 1 Penmal 31Emisr or Poo Reconnitallo Ix MAGICIAN, Kee Sturm. 179 R Dayton 0. Swat A A /10, Ennwtta fe ream.. cote or tnevrest oromu thwe oration Term J. Ovum can Tr. B. GUITAR MAN - SING IN TRIO. SINCLE r.g.tfwas4 010Iro WOO 11. AO Must biti i66a to trameeee. M. C A. unit., Al lion, the b El, dart 74111_. 5, A. KORTFAIL Indiana, St, losie, Mo. MALI PIANIST AT ONCE -MEDIGSNE SHOW. Slate If easy Acetednm ce do sconalting else_ sea, sum. TACK MCLKAN. BrIdoehan, N. 1. MEDICINE PERFORMERS - TEAM, FAST BleckfaCe. sive Mars Roarer, or Dancer. Cve age. Write E V. WHITAKER. Box 604, Csole PIN BALL MECHANIC - WANT A ono Mot knows veva? to do_ SOUTHCCEV AMUSEMENT CO., 107 Charlatan St. y. Al., TALKER WITH WIFE AND CAR FOR BLACK and While Toro, World Of Mirth Shows: Percentage. THOMAS KILPATRICK Hotel Ph. carlty, Now York Ctil. TRUMPET, TROMBONE. PIANO. SAX MEN... WANT WRESTLER WHO CAN TALE IN front of artoth show, Goodor0000ltlen lee Me GGREENWALD sr. coif. AT LIBERTY BANDS AND ORCHESTRAS A SIX PIECE STRING ORCHESTRA FOR HIRE - For pane:wan write R. L. MAUND, Box ITA Hang:MIL Its. HOWL TRIO - VIBRAPHONE. ACCORDION. String Bah. "Do Throo (amen." NJ= "Ph/ART: bey tenor, Novelty w rhythm. U , best rateeerdet Swann* lure 7. CHRIS POWERS, Fer% St.. Pent IR rrre24 fob' Niro* Pecs band Plw Magni, Beach OUTSTANDING 0 PIECE WESTERN NOVELTY Bend. Oft Vocalist, best wen:babe. esicethre ANA doubling coefemed MILTON MISTER_ reference. ID) watt anollfor and some! Ind, - Canal Colivery. Wealneten 0. C, Plenty corno:h. Act features beauthe CO r.9 TWO YOUNG DRAMATIC TEAMS - DOUBLE tire Ccernr.. Celebratiom, parks. picnics. fees OM/vestry ary3 Specialtles. Slate ago she, Clubs in Central Prfyiinisi, emits C. LOCK - salary. Bern morn" Weelanan. VOS 5. Boo HART. Itunoorra Po. 191, Stuart Ia. THREE TO FIVE PIECE ENSEMBLE-US:NG I VERSATILE MED TEAMS AND SINGLES--FtAY VlnRre, Pier, C.Nle, Bats, Vitrasucp., At - own musk. Km de re cr. Slate lowest cordon, 5peciatiang in denier rush..p.110,0' salary he semen. SATANIC MED. SHOW. Woo, h 11%11 COncen sod neoplah Urn" 111: AdOons ENSEMBLE 504 pe,v. Vied:emol. fret WELL orcanizto SIX PIECE BAND AVAIL. Rae fee hotel End club ixatien Mws! not Ice on.recant location. Weds BOX C:1.44 The Billboard. colcoviatt. 0.

57 May 24, 1941 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS The Billboard 57 AT LIBERTY CIRCUS AND CARNIVAL Awthatibi-- maw waft mill A v. arra X Wade tt-714tioctrv. 04. Y. Ital AT LIBERTY COLORED PEOPLE FLY 8 PIECE COLORED OR - ermine and featured Vorrot magable for wgod tenable engagement anyeeeee. We re e.. dean tad and can play any type Met ecm. Ca.t, Cate It or oftrabli. NOW, to gee% and eke Par full potticulms *WO»SAMMY BOLDEN, 620 L. 9th M. Pante.. 0. COLORED HAMMOND ORGANIST - NAVE -.IA 109~ eildst month. et Hotel Howard. Pirtort. Conn Song. legitinute and wie whingewitastl of popular mulytter y. Will go anywhere rd play anyinfulte, Were* hotels. Can feature NMeNtle Vocal. L. Unkln. good telleeencow PlenlY WwWWWIOW ate, setae, raliata'w and Naar Writ No ports. Centitet REGINALD R. 1TK, 591 Weer St.. Oakipatmg E. Conn...47 /unarm Cerh - Aolinble Is. Went CNN. taw ne. swain % banned.. twat, nett. r..s X tir 12 paw.. Crews wm Lwie ane T &wed isttie & Databeni, rt. 1. 1:4)11 - enknd_ n:-newe teal Wtat dirty war trawl itre wet ham awl 11 elalbeibleall It Slaw/not 711 Irobeiw Ala. UMW O. AT LIBERTY DRAMATIC ARTISTS ket DRAMATIC REPERTOIRE OR SUMMER Suck-Ye:tog man. art 21. weight 180. Hire S IV, good altowitance seri wardrobe. stock tape/ante in hisienite arid Crertse. De Met Connacht., for corning sm. it, State beet teams and ortieutara ROONEY KRDEN, 5101 Avenue I, IITOoklyn. N. Y. my31 AT LIBERTY MISCELLANEOUS 51.E-441 (Iwo, Wwt IllosMsm. RR., yie ,4, Can lo Inmat asatqwp. eare,... en. Blow& neattr. adtle 1 an sob fat en. &att. wtoat ninalesie Ow awl Will letw Nowt 4tat. t-i sew red M litinr. bet reel to Mn Doc Oak Math. WA dinthen. woes etek. nens tow, he ne,ard.w.ofti. ng betty, Attweini *amen tw ascot sold &um* a. boakryt. Anne Patted Yommta. It iota. licatoy. lams AT LIBERTY MUSICIANS HAMMOND ORGANIST lir roller rink. Expeciented /or skate dances r.:74 C 'bard Cincinnati. 0 ORGANIST - SKATING 1 Union. yos.wg nun. Personably, an. Nemo. For Newf. morlence RSA O.A.?vett Sher Dances. Wish change location. nentent references BOX C.SO, Cec moll YOUNG MARR I ED COUPLE fxbiint COI Voce' and "go- Tenor Sax Armor, fir* etc Orme, Elam Clarinet. I:lentils:elec. Iwo.** Cerro seek together In ternsed band using or more reeds Pictures vt-in recarst. No,* brd experience. Kw* Se. State mi in totter. MUSICIAN, Sox 342. mnimille. In. kto. TENOR, CLARINET - YOUNG. UNION. _Seer tow CORFINXEL Sheridan so. Chicago, in. env24 "1..TO SAX, CLARINET. VIOLIN - FIRST OR tired Tom on an. Limon. Anrallable ear prove rest to your band. BOX G.Intionst unit BARITONE, ALTO. SAX ACE 38. NOW worteng Will caneseend for future. Con. sldo. Mealco or South Aracncis ler West pact. MUSICIAN. Sox No Mendota, 111. my24, DRUMMER. VIBS - SEVEN YEARS' EXAM - awe, trion. Avail/84s how 8. WM* AIR CALLIOPE - EAST. DRUMMER, ICS S. ChsuCh Ste eiturfreotboro, Tervk 97 A/ Ave., Wvcriler, Mitt. DRUMMER - TWO ALTO SAX. DRAFT EX - em, t. cubit Clamors. Madan, tree off. FANNIE BLAIS, THE DIF- Sober, reliable. Plenty ILpfierKe 04.10/ band. Nowt Feature Attract." I make cannot. STEPHEN NANCE. 469 na "meg operings. browlente, ability and as:of:int!lath!morseled in real freak Now GIRL ALTO SAXOPHONE. CIARINET-YOtteres 4,1. FANNY BLAIS, 1910 Fairmount Ave., attract vs; guarantees To read anyth.n1 re adalphia. Pa. vnoll and tame bands 10 RAY RAMONA HALF AND HALF FOR SIDE wean wily. BOX ST. L 12, Billboard. Se, i inflect. Piot class. Ointioard, Clem Louis, Ma ren31 GOOD DRUMMER DOUBLING VIORAHARP- Young, union, toter. Location ptectred, commute details essential. Avalhatn4 Kota I. DRUMMER, 3101 tiontock 59, Indiana Hobe.. Ind. rey2a STRING BASS - READ, FAKE. SCB-Ht, RE NIHON) voice. 01,44 Tuara. BOX I. Shand" Ark. TENOR. CLARINET. ALTO - TRANSPOSE ON sight; bla flai tone. arrant", gond fragrant Alto on mod only. Linen, dependable RUSS MUIRHEAD 297 Lrk St., Attany, N. Y. eel 1 TRUMPET - GOOD SINGER. LOCATION FOR WM/NM No take Off. Volta airs. wren welt. daft dattifkallen B -A. Own transpoetatkin Week's nodes needed_ Like Mich. Igo", DON DUKES, 3171/2 S. Lemony Ave O. T USA, ARRANGER -ESTABLISHED, RE - liable organizations ony wr.scotr. Oana Maws liteitute. Warren. 0. STRING BASS - ExPERI. axed. BOX CAI, Bator& Csamnatl. O. VIOLINIST DUELING CELLO. SIX EX. oriented theatre, trnotiony. hoed. ra0.0 =I:. WWII rave cos PlanItt. Orfanot. ; 804 Per, Vegermr, y Wra inn.. Ws, ett Yee. Att. N. rem Beweelen. Pies.,.04. Mack.11 etwelail Nov. truerawar riaia, flalawsna Art. thetnip wtot Twine' A A^-7w =Aid itire,a Ibitivisioat. Ate Darr. 11;11 lit 1.4 A.4. MAO MOW, WOW... Pik Name Chigne-i Abadne4orette_tattriiininuTli RI I. beet Affe4011. kar =bras Littarg. Irrtfenle TIrErdi;. ITSV /elf Taw men. ma. ininew jlar 111-thire tiro brew "oot at, WU. Jm.tiLt4trkst - Tint wriflanipat tretwait Can Wadi MMMMTw. Mfr.11" Ditto. eroakiort Mus c an 11 t, Amu TukkA 11 7'a -wawtl 5Eduaan. fmn,legite.03. e er xmlituor.itew Mae. Waal Moran. N ad. Prefry at. tam Ado, owe. Calsks ballroom. with name bands on Sundays 'tepee. at on en news. Geri. awe ao4otr Caron,bog Pew. me and midway attractlana. Spot will offer. feworme via Weestfel, We Li. more praterstious free arta, many attestry Tomb... - empromml omplego $9411. *6.4. sou Sot Orattne. Whirr having boon contracted. Smaon prim ugrgoolsr:i.r n..1=rsoga."frsat 11,oti: no. May 24. Canton employment Is up wit!! Plaftiscar aeo compered to May DS teat year. tat% Summit Ikeich Park. Akron. which will rt talaarrtt feature It* dance payllion. will have a. ;117.! tillzaultrk.wry AT LIBERTY PARRS AND FAIRS Basalt AMERICAN BALLOON EX- HIBITION COMPANY. rarest Arial Attraction. Addram blionbo.dt Too-i BALLOON ASCENSIONS furrikated with ewe to Mx chute dean G41 or Cent Rweich.ditt. Modem wenagenent, RENOOISON BALLOON co.. Nast Ma. 0. tiz BALLOON ASCENSIONS- PMatrvata MOdtrn 40.or.nseart for lairs, park& celebranans any place. any Caw Acores telohla. GLAVOI L. SHAPER, 1041 S. Derionen St. Inlanacolit. Ind. 147 BALLOON ASCENSIONS Net all oeculent JACKSONVILLE BALLOON CO. facksonow, ill. 117 FOR FREE ACTS - BOB FISHERS FEARLESS FLYERS. Onoord. Gin. tenati OUTSTANDING COMEDY lilt on any program SLAPHAPPY, St. Reels Hotel, Oilraso, Ill TIGHT WIRE ACT NOW available for fits. featuring sick Semen. smart or, 1110 one. No tea/teem rot bafancl. 41h et July own. Wnte. rare WALTER NERCO. 210 W. BM Sr., Vreirmatt. 0. B AL LOON ASCENSIONS - SENSATIONAL Prachuto Drop,. raceem ecnrcenent. ova, reatonable BALIORIODE BALLOON COMPANY Con/1W Road. Snot, Mit& BALLOON ASCENSIONS. PARACHUTE 1UMP log &oral/sad tor peeks. te.n, coletualkes. Etta-J./ad Expenrneed OPX.IICes. litelvenr.. furnished. OSCAR E. RUTH'S BALLOON CO, 1021 Coiner 51.. Intianapons. Ind my21 DOG AND PONY CIRCUS - PONIES,. DOGS. Coat Monkeys, Mutt, Mete people. Feat halt now dean thow. Open fur tommar. CAP- TArN ANDERSON'S CIRCUS. 27 Orem Cart Moon, Mau. FOUR HICH-CLASS ACTS - WORLD'S BEST was Act. real Carroty. Tramp Iiradkrig Act, Novelty Two)* AN. HandflalinCln4 and Acrobat Av. BrNICS CIRCUS ATTRAIONS, Roofer Cudahy. Wis. mr24 FRED'S Kicott CIRCUS - TRAVELING PET Zoo. Different, reasonabla 9yllk-411. In 114 HIGH POLE AND TWO STALE ACTS --- BOX COS. Ter Bnboard. Calm-nen. 0. HIGH POLE AND TRAPEZE - FEW Wind awn. Write Irruntat.ataly to DEPOLO, 1810 Performer, Ave_ Reading. Pa. 1.7 FAMES COGSWELL-4.1,4LE SAM ON HICH St.lta. Clown Cob, ClOws Cnalsetni. Cowineltiece, write BILLBOARD. Aatilar4 Bldg.. Chicago, LADY AND GENTLEMAN - THREE ACTS, oeflif and p'atforrn. Pt.ce reasonable. Address LA ZELLAS, SiItord, Conti/wall, O. TROMBONIST WANTS SOB NOW OR LATER. /17 Alto datable Na Votath. vitennala Reed. lac takeoff. tango tom. madam. Cut or eft THE CARMENES- TWO COMPLETE AND Name or WIll manta bind, Contact IFS. Ab40 dilinct sett, Cyiteutste BitancIng Nouttity. kitely nr> hem Meeber Los Anger Union. Comedy Aribbatot Act. Pto. And 1110,010g Ca B OX C -I 25 cats Iterptiet, C0,6murt, rt0a(111'. P. 0. BOX 09, Int LIasaIng. MOCK, nly24 THE PORCELLAS - PRESENTING ONLY MOST darmally dalicuit 'ThrSI" Routines. Single and Potable Traci*. Audirle Novelty. 100 Ravine St. Revere. MM,. 117 AtceStiVitslags:%3,11rArtireAraT. STInzite I at. Owns*. writ* sa MOM. Ime.orila=tarimoi. n. atria Attend." rate are erktr_mv - Inas ID:Tleth...due. ow tatoine sawed. Eze4tAre. 7 viti4300m,is.37 cbtande Onta--k Slier ma AN. 4. M. WI. era All lateg: 1141:1: t4 Ima.t.achWe Antwai Dno, Cad. fatttttttysssl Mt. n issedwit eon b..t earalsee, Miens era Una 14 nuartair ss lita Tit loud. Candoeul, 14 AT LIBERTY PIANO PLAYERS COLLEGE DANCE BAND PIANIST AT LIBERTY May 291h. Good reads... Wilson sfyi lend rhyttan. CO answfwe Slate ill end highest. PHIL MESSDIKOPF. Box420I. Duke IJNYttruly, Driven. N. C. PIANIST - OUSEL HAMMOND ORGAN. EXgwvirneed MI rots. Dew. location. Mar. fled. 28. eva habits. Read, ON. Abos lutegy deper,debtp. Address MUSICIAN. tkay 222 Maxko. Mo. rny24 PIANIST - FOR toorels, THEATRE. RESORT. att. Comm, and &MCC ZicoarVince Rosen, Utitan. draft exempt LARRY SCHEBEN, 401 Arch St., Litt* Rock. Ark. PIANIST -READ, TRANSPOSE ETC. ABILITY. sober, dependable. BOX C.97, 5i1180ard, Ckneinnatl PIANIST FOR COMMERCIAL. DANCE BAND. - Young, lobo. Read. awing. fets No bons.. located In Leukbana bat will go any. whom. If lob Pays well. 00X C-119. two Bill. board. Oneirwill, 0. At Linnet Way SniS-Towa lman4r 14.rder cr.! Iteero. Putty 114knv..14 tnt r.o..lit. alt. Beare) weer Ila-Skt. Wow. t'tew.welbin Twit Ma/. memo ems. Ito X. 00 N.. (bean, ale, ROW Raw flue,. ItAnatw/d to. one Ilinert.eld, Inwriu-Sta. Weide 70ard daft neer.?awned Ewa. N achy.." "*"..raar:su espy. Soot wellware we at 5a14..w. Its Nada eellemirs. lobs G-31. Iltd.neard. (Sate AT LIBERTY SINGERS BLONDE, YOUNG, PER- Domes 'motion amieuraree. Vocalist liseth vnall CO operative band, Makes Viewing hard (Cr band. Singing last eke months In smart client also six merely coaching AM "swing- and "rano-duty- type Sower, V4I:rig to nook. Swan talky, travel. BOX Broadway, New Yak. my31 AT LIBERTY VAUDEVILLE 1RTISTS AT LIBERTY - MIDGET. lackie DUNCAN. Flowery Singing. Tap and Acrobatic n0 -.c. Straghil, M. C. Fall Class wardrobe. Nile 0.11 or unit. 11.**0 oil Cypress Ave., Co. kenbm. 0. At Liwtty - Tanatilit (.rile laberkan Att. 1 out and *SI (pandas Wear& Nor irt..1, qa. mu 46.1 ryom,.03 Lena sag II. tears mew Ise. can 00 1: Kant AM, Or Chul a, W. Awe taw" I.. WCALITS GREATEST COMEDY MOLE SOMER vault Semedang-Rope Act. HIS LENA. NARgrIlla, Wls. LINDH-EY ANO rnyll I at. Tea Dower Tr H... anal eastiwts. Aaaw.s.D AntrAzId. Tw. wen re Wow / OPERATORS (Continued from page 50) Munisma circules we doing In %nu Nentory and greatly buying compared CO a year ago. Inn emptily of 11121ancos they ire planninc mom special Ciento, have tont/victor] foe more free acts, higher priced attraction*. and have retained amixiattly qualified, exploitation end public relations men to an effort to rover awry angle of prospective Madness. It Is the ammonia that Sattardsys, Sundays, end holidays will give top groove bemuse many Industrial plants. under file proient set-up. relieve markers on row of theca daps each work. leaving limns to seek recreation over week -end/. Meyers Like Park here. pllottel George Sinclalr and his son, Carl, will eonunue to stress dancing In Moonlight long list OS outtngs. Midway has new INxIgem And wino new conceadons, Spot will spend heavily for fres seta Prank Haul continues at tho holm, with Law Platt looking after band booking& and..mte1121,1 T. Harriman a. director of pub - Ito relettona Spot opens on May 21. Akron factoties hare added soften the port two years. At Chippewa Lake Park. neer Medina. %MOM Parker Beach conunum at toad man. little his been done In new conatniction. Dante hall, a consittait money -molter for rant will continuo with name Banda and dittrict iavoritaa Decoration Day opening Is imt. At Scioto Puic. Youngstown. sown got undo Way On May TO. Name bands Will go Into tint dance pavition weekly. Idletwey Mao a new Blackout and amoral new kiddie Naos Menlo booking: heavy. mold Charles Mabel, who conunme as manager, with Max Aladin again lita aaslatant. Ito* Springs Park. Molter. W. Va. has two work* of school pangs from 1111 over the upper Ohio Valley Wor to odletal opening on Decoration Day. R. L. Rand. manager. eel& Mao Lake Park. operating on week -ends. will go on full acheclulo on Decoration Day. Buckeye take Port to off to a good start. heavy week -end pain:mate being reported during May. Dick Johns at Lake Park, Codtacton. hat been operating his dance pavilion since Rader Sunday to good reality.. Sandy Beach Park. neer Akron. V operating week -ends. with paueetage reported okeb 'Pineal' Park. New Philadelphia. municipally owned, seems retain of a good,ism. due to heavy Wok bookings end special events.

58 58 The Billboard e Play 24, 1931 e PRIZES NOVELTIES PREMIUMS SPECIALTIES Coedected by EMIL ZUBRYN - Communications to 1564 fireadway. New York BI NGO us JOHN CAAY A STUDY of bingo grunt. in Mew. WU. Rasa.. Is being made by Mayor Albert W. Olynn. It a hoped that the Mee users are all set for record -breaking season. The stage bar been set at survey may lead to the oorrection of a beech and mountain mecca with colorful mercharelier. acquired in anticipa- few existing evils. Praternal organizations; sponsoring the games have been tion of the big eresson ahead. asked to subsea their records to city bail All Indleattons point to the best seswen go that the mayor may have a complete In years. Hundreds. of tbousancts have picture of the bingo situ/aloe. The elks, the ITIbernians, and the Eagles are now sponsoring bingo In Haverhill. Mayer Glynn indicated he had no Intention of stopping the game. "I do not Intend," he said. to eliminate license now In force." City hall clretes said the Investigation resulted from charges that. welfare recipients were spending cottnicl pal funds at the game. lita.:00 PARTTral in Cincinnati were fewer in April because of Holy Week. according to a report &sued by Williasa C. Aden's& sualetent pollee chief. Attendance we. Ice, than in any month since March. 1940, Daniel C. Laurence. clerk of Me Pollee Bureau of Records, announced. Alto 230 parties were scheduled, only 271 were hell. Attendance figures at too 223 pertie totaled 234,175. Atte:science figures thrtsout the country also ideated a considerable drop as a result of the hater holiday. However, deice three were three weeks during which games could be played, the par. ticularly sham drops In some localities can only be attributed to leek of enterprise on the pert of operstore This la atilt!outset evidence of the lack of promotional Interest by some operators, They are content to follow a hackneyed routine and err surprised when attend - ante figures drop. BINGO OPKRATORS need not worry about the effect, of Infietioa, taxes, prior:um and other defense program bugaboos. Kenneth Collins. of Arthur Miriam, Inc New York advertising agency. speaking before the Boston r.thlon Group. hit the nail souerely on the head when he mid that average individuals for the fleet time In 10 years have money to spend freely. Not only "Mumma as usual." but better than navel, may be confidently expected from new on, saki Collins. Collins asserted that the nonnal tune 887,000 Go Back To Work in March NNW YORK May It-Notional unemployment ileums were cut 12.6 per Cent as 667,000 person. returned to work In March, according to a report by the Retie:nal industrial Conference Board. The nation'. unemployed figure to now reduced to This Is 3, below the bard's flames foe Meech, and the smallest March total recorded since These figures are still further proof that nwreliandles teem can expect an vwepefonalif cowl vcor. Employment has Climbed to , the highest point sines September when 4i pereaus were working. The seasonal upswing In sericulture necounted for 35t000 of the March total. The boa rd estimated wreckers In the WPA, CCC, and other federal emergency altencles. If thew were deducted front the unemployment total, there would remain only palms out of a total labor auppiy of about Decoration Day Opener For Vacation Resorts NEW YORK, May 17.-The , vacation industry will get Into full awing with the Decoration Day week -end. raincealonalrea, pitchmen. bingo and eastesboarcl operators, and other mercban- designs will also appeal to bathers. camper*. and taker& Patriotic merchandise is expected to steal top homes at reeorta, Interest In sines 1018 In preetimaly every State in there items has been unusually high, the Crams. Ptnld your column very Ira according to reports from all over the terrsting and read It regularly. Have gone back to work as result of the country. Patriotic novelties will be the been using a ship lamp to excellent erten.* program_ Pay rods are ;Ging star money-makers. The American turnovers and em now having a new up and nue* motley Ia beteg circulated. people are wearing red, white. and blue Item made up. for me coosisting of a Vacation travel title year la repeated to lapel pea, ring& tie chains. breaseterts, three-piece leather net. break all preatous records, with Increased and moat anything with a patriotic "I am poetise business will be better profits to all merchandise used. Tho motif. Other Items mating strong demand hive been blankets. clocks, etre- know me as Ted, of Denver." from now on. Most all the Operators people are going back to work. the wild spending Waage' that matked the tato tri:al appliances. bedspreads. and Limpet Clad to hear from you. Ted, and agree 'Xs are absent. The trend today Is that bust:sem should be better from :saw toward econonacal entertainment That On. We all know the defense program la smother fact working in favor of resort corxersomares and workers. work and extra billions at dollars two Is putting thousands of people back to Decoration Day this year falls on a caculatket A good percentage of this Priday and the shore and mountain reside have made preparations for or omit 'breed find its way Into the pocksu operator& a harmer three-day week -end. Coney banal. Janes Beach. alayland. Asbury Park. Atlantic City. Beabelght and Seaside Height in the at are all set for the holiday creed.. Resorts thrums% the country have also male arrengementa to take we of better -than -usual business. Bundlnp and Mande have born reran voted, old erpapineatt bar been overhauled and Unproved new genie. sad attractions have been prepared, and flashy displays bare been designed. Since this la admittedly going to bo an exceptional vacation year. the accent Is on variation merchandise. Ilene Items. old and new, are available. Picnickers. bather& and campers will call for fitted picnic muck Beelleware Welts, etaintem Meet cutlery, 'dente Julia etatno Isnterns, cocktail shakers. permnel kit cases. and sporting goods. interest in cameras continues to grow, chiefly as a result of the many contests which offer prime for photos. Newspaper. and magazines. particularly picture marmelna, rasa welnome pictures Item amateur photographers and pay for them, Therefore, the average vises - Rome levelly hes a camera at 'Lend to saner astable rubleets. Demand for cameras is not omit:sect Roiling of realness the only way to meet the large taxes impeded on the ration by the defense program. People will still want things- and will seek relaxation. even the the emergency becomes acute. An 0310rIneue expansion In sudes of moderate priced home furrathing was predicted by Coillns. Bingo operators can take advantage of this trend. Increased Interest may be expected in lamps, dinnrreere, radio& and similar lines of merchandise. PATRIOTIC ITEadll continue to be favored by the American public as a result of recent event. abroad Bingo operators in ell sections report strong interest for all types of patriotic mere:ismdim and nowittes. Menem. lapel pans, and novelty jeweler", traeuding clips and brooches. are In suong demand. Many additional pat/lotto Items lure been added this year with demand heavy for pictures and Selecilee Service certainties. Merchandiser carrying the metal Insignias of M. army, navy, and air force is particularly popular at this time. Leather goods shaving kite, stationery portfolloa kerchief., and other useful Items' are favored As more draftees are Inducted Into the army each month the market for patriotic novelties and mac - Real items cootinuel to grow. Alert bingo operators are featuring outstanding merchandise of this typo for prime at this UniC. to the cheapest types. Maher priced equipment la also In demand. Movie camerae, Bmm, and 16mm, are also popular. Portable maim, particularly the new lightweight types offered In unproved Mich. Solons Mull Sales Legislation!MIMEO, Mich., May IT. -Siert action in a rebated), slow Legislature has resulted In approval by the House of Repreeentateres of an act authorizing township board. to license peddlers. The measure, which now goes to the Senate, would affect towns/ape with more than populatbon, and the boards Of supervisors woutd be allowed to mike their own regulations. They Could assess a license fee of not more than 423. formulate rules, and provide penalties up to 5100 nr.o or 90 days' imprtseraernt. Another nomeure would specifically exempt from prevision. of the Wart - Hour Bill sidemen from meant. the State. persons having nee. onal employment In Michigan for 00 days a year. and executives. Drive On To Make N. Y. MI -Year Holiday Spot NEW YORK. Nay 17-Robert K. Christeriberry. president of the Broadway Asecalauon, hu Inaugurated campaign to make New York en ell -year vacation center. Chriatenberry delivered pouch to Postmaster Albert Goldman containing the fart of 2, letters which will be matted within the next few weeks to person.' living beyond the SO - mile poetal zone. Tice official ceremony took place at the general post. office. Eaghtb Avenue and 33d Street. This promotion will undoubtedly bring tourists to the city, and merchandise Users can expect a considerable share of the totulat dollars. -Make New York Your Vacation City," Is the eassocietion's Mogan. appearing on each letter. Names of the peorpective pima were complied by 100 member hotels of the Hotel Association of New York, department stores, travel agencies. rallroada, and theater's. Fluorescent Futurama Tours 16 Major Cities CLEVELAND, May 17 -After a three - clay stand In the Carter Hotel, Use Ft:durum.. exhibiting the latest and beet In fluorescent lighttng. I. touring 16 major cities. Merchandise users will be able to see for themselves all the latest developmental and fixtures available. Spans= and exlilmtors are outstanding ationsesent fixture menuterturers. Bich of the exhibitors will same a mast - warn of four fleturns, ell tested and certified by Electrical Testing Leboratortes. The Cleveland unit will genie Cincinnati. Chicago. Minneapolts, Kenai. City. Mel St. Louts. Milwaukee. and Detroit. A Wend Unit vial Uhl= In Pittsburgh, A Column for OPERATORS* DISTRIBUTORS of SALES - BOARDS SALESCARDS and TRAOi STIMULATORS. CM Py BEN SMITH OUT OF THE MAIL BAG. T. 0. Denver, writes; -Rave worked the aaleacard business We look forward to receiving letters like the atene, but don't get enough of them. The opt:atom as group seem to take the attitude "let the other fellow do the telling," end as roue: very few of the boys ever get around io writing anything. Yet operators always anxious to learn what the other fellow is doing bow be is going abaft solving his local problems, what new deals bee working, and what new Wmtion gags he's created. He can get ties infreenurtiou if the boys generally see the light end kirk thru with a few squlbo now and then. How about it? D. D. Oremmeboro. N. C., writes: "I am a regular reader of your column and have gotten plenty of Information from It. I hare been working a eat - shot deal with good results and am now looking for a deal on a small mai I wonder If you would send tee lit of firms that have such deals. K. Neale vend me a copy of Seleaboard A B Cs." A list of deals distributors was Rewarded on to D. D. and la am:table to anyone else Interested. We are out of copies of Saleaboard A B Era. but expect a new batch Moray. In the past few weeks we have lied many requests for Ilea of drab Lao tributcce and this is an open itivitatirc to all merchandise houses that hare complete saleabcord deals availably to acrd their names along to tie so that we Can add them to our lat. This otter esallester the distributor In no way. tee were once a Boy Scout and still do our good turn daily. Many States. particularly In the Itue and Middle Atlantic sections. hare 51 - reedy opened their lakes and etevanu trout flaherroen. In other parts of the land anglers are getting their rods 1151 reels out of closets and readying then. for the beginning of the open Imam le their localities. Which la another way saying the fuelling season lb here again and operators who have not yet run eurribed be the profit pordblittles of a good &slang tackle deal are Missing nut on some of that extra folding Monet' HAPPY LANDING. Buffalo, New York, Newark. N.. rap.- dtiptiiii. Baltimore. Md.; Charlotte, N. C. and Atlanta.

59 May 24, 1941 MERCHANDISE The Billboard NEW YANKEE Uett S BINGO BLOWER first In OtscsUty, Beauty and lye Appeoll MOST BEAUTIFUL ELECTRIC BINGO BLOWER EY& PRESENTED 0,08b1. LicAl. WO SHWA. *Trlmm.d.nth Illecoufol Or v",wan Ovitettorssita DI I Itstom, *late..proof Oiwo Uca. *AU,Cos4s0 glow 11440, Owns tsad is On Ow: Je6444ti.0. cortkreclual Feta WI and Irt.74164t4. 14, ,1 fr 1 METRO MFG.E0.41.U16 IIROLY-POLY A FLASH FOR FAIRS, CARNIVALS, PRIZES AND PREMIUMS. OW. of 110v7 weisfrl cini1.1 10th botowoor baby Coo& MAO roll Ord Mused na cock tlo ao401 0 MO to Nei In Sol Of Also color. Pt. Da. Ns. D OH. it In Carl roc, In con II 114? -8'. Oro, WO to 0.0 Ai* Kt ,,. saw, sash To tea Poets fee n1.4..uowcf s to.stales. OWN ro-e , Wt Is col WI Pc14cr Ira tub, so% acoont to Or colon. JOSEPH HAGN CO. Wholosede WWII's/tors Since W. MADISON ST., CHICAGO IARGEST.BUSHIEST.GEDUIDF 47.' 3600 awn. Ow. PsOarhais Noises! Plasela lals masa,. VA Dod. sollar. taw 4000 WNW/ Make' iw ttn Awci oat Twos OrrOros* amt. SW i A snotaryelso. a,- IOy corprful Oft 1.18 IrIr A tor occorrec. o. ' "riot" tarts. 144,1,14, sc.!e omen * fadi (Awn. SS% D.I. DOA. WK.. fee IrAIR Cloak, K eorelry, kw* d. TOR CO, W. 21I BINGO SPE CIALS7 SEVEN Ald) TEN COLORS ASK.5801/1' 8/14C0114.OWCO ta621:46%2arslcsil 11601, WALTHAM BULOYA, GRUEN earlo041 roe 10 tout Orow 1 o. Lawnc4osadsi o9041.a Waist ton PAIR e4 rawest KANE WATCH CO. 105 CANAL ST., NEW YORK!Popular Hums Write to The Billboard. Buyers' Unica Department, 25 Opera Place, Cincinnati. 0.. for addresses of companies in this department supplying the Items which interest yeti. Portable Radios With HMI abowiti5 big demand for three-way radios. a new lute of portabee seta has been annoursocd. A raven - tube Circuit recently deletopect la repoeted to have excellent teem end extreme sensitivity rind seleetisity. It operates on AC, DC, or battery. Aerial: are built In Retard}, designed raises. Alto offered to a ehouldor-strap radio. It Is battery Opf6at00. The aerial Is contained In the shoulder strap. Bet la cn,lored In a rur.g... Tonne ease. Products of Phileo Corporation. Parade Feature Two double-boelted balloon figures, Dutch twins in bay and girl types. are new toas-upa which are expected to become popular with omeesaltanstrea in Tory are offered In two adzes to retail et I and 5 cents. The aloe is fur:stalled without cardboard feet. but they may be purchased at slight exits coat. Largo feet and a glassine envclope accompany Use big balloon. Santa Claus figures in the same 611efare menanie at the same pekes. The rstastutsctutor aim eartless Ilne of sponge -rubber merchandise. Producta of Toyeraft Rubber Company. Eleetrico-Dernother A new moth killing &Tice that operatm on AC or DC to on the market. When plugged In generated beat relearns a pungent vapor from paradlchloro -ARMY RINGS Maim ItclO Geld WIII or4 Iffoon. Slow.?,ISM le each 4? dorm. 1s Al' lirorenco of $ ,01 00/40 btonling swu m NINO & *inset Quality Moro R OLt It / BE NGOR PRODUCTS co. 876 BROADYNEE, NEWYORK, N. Y. LADIES' Very WATCH flashy WHITE COLD COLOR ttftfoltiet Ls..nn ents1-0 tracotes to mauls liens New Imolai essesmal. 001 berr4_ Lett. Irtr ori tse YELLOW GOLD COLOR eau oath Ovur,..,n ounce sees. WAN tosodel. It TM. pill also. Otiwavias san AI too 0L Pow CaloCao No. RAMO ROHDE.SPIENCER 223 W. Madison Chicago FFIEFWHOLESsii 4000 OPPORTUSIITItO CATALOG, )..44 tondo mad Kea cc pet. toolotrnr. for44. ic717 oilia.=r: I. t rilds *rata Oa MIA esdiute e. f o f34czol. earo anal deslovv. 740 ***** tase4401 ibtetwilw 0,604 maim. fo1ra Crow That lorcovor rs t10 for aro! Otutli..t. lake, ram sa.lef sun, torrocico Off Nrro coor rolico 1. It Ct:4J. S PORN WOK, IA 04.6, MVO NOT YON't OWN MI TOP WIN MEM NEWDYNAMICAMOT/C 5111ERSi CONCESSIONAIRES, ATTENTION! HERE'S YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE FOR BIG RESULTS! These gorgeous Army -and -Nary Dolls aro truly the most sensational specialties that ever made the public roach Into Its pockets INSTANTLY! 6 different styles.. Soldier. Sailor. Seldwretto. Sailorette, Red Cross Nurse and Miss U. S. A. fall illustrated except Nursol. Atl 25 inches tall -and ALL IN FULL REGULATION UNIFORMS! So real they Seem to breathe! You've neser before seen anything so magnificent. SO TIMELY. so geared up to help you CASH IN QUICK -RIGHT NOW -on Rho patriotic feeling of every American! Packed 24 assorted to a matter Carton, PHONE, WRITE, WIRE IMMEDIATELY FOR OUANTITY PRICES! JERRY GOTTL1EBINC 303.4th AVE.. NEW YORK, N.Y. "I- 6A.A.""' Genototo outfit Celt, about $60. Theta sal you to- Itelle I. flirt 141, big Mornay 845innr. Takes and Finishes Slack and White, or Sepia Photographs IN ONE MINUTE. LOOK! Is Hoy, AA.. writs. $14.20 SAT- URDAY."' Zone,. Mm win `1110 S20 SUNDAY WITH P. D. Q." Srynwoo, Pa- writes:.1 opoisfs i aced $.rnity eakly and145,hit 450 PHOTOS IN 2 DAYS." This mat irtg ON1 MINUTE PHOTO MACHINE 1,11,64 Or 64,4 OCon 111akts Camel knifes. Photo, 4t. n188?. lortfort of old daces, Hz* 21 isl1/2 Inches. HOT TIN TYPES. lain Is Pstate. $46,1740 1,14,,Witaert feuds you 04w vas sas.slio4 to SEE PHOTOS 01 isin_dp. A serceptslo portable unit foe fasting dims. photos. It's pistons taidol time. C-wnlyall, tale,, pknles, whs. birches.. comm.., book ytrot. pte ,0414,44 and prollh IVERTWHISITI Wt.?. or W., 11., FPI( ,., P. D. Q. CAMERA ( th SI., Dept. B85, Chicago, I& NOW IN OUR NEW HEADQUARTERS 3333 LINDELL BLVD.. As 0. Tranoo--1141In Om.. Reort er as 444,111 WHERE OLIVE. LINDELL LL AND LOCUST STRUTS CROSS CRtATLY thlarged SPACS-IMPROVID (4 FACILITIES. CNN..., and Was* (theloat Hsadlin of Von, Rush 0.4nrods. FEATURING THE NEWEST IN NOVELTIES-- rittmiums -.CONCESSION GOODS. We AvoNoisto and Sonelt Coarlawan of Tow Valved Pahinsalee 1.15;e1!471r grome PREMIUM SUPPLY COQ, LINDELL BLVD. Alig_NA. BULOVA - GRUEN - WALTHAM - ELGIN 801 SANSOM ST. WE LEAD FOR PRICE AND QUALITY NORMAN ROSEN Wholesale jeweler Wrist d Picket Watdms 0015 LADItlAfita Otarri 44,44410,44. Otortoo La Rao. tali &W. W'/II. for Frog a01a.bno. kiclork PHILADELPHIA. PA.

60 I $3.^ 60 The Billboard MERCHANDISE May 24, 1911 benzene. 4111th permeates textiles to 1.0d Comte. It operate. with a 130.watt bulb and a cake of "para." After the device la set no operation the arrant Is made DEFENSE =47-'N OUR NEW CATALOG sir -tight by mating all cracks with tape. It may be *wasted for one hour. but AUTO PLATES stim.yianner best results or. obtained by leaving the current on overnight. Treatment once NO. B136 month is aufflalent. Product of the co4,_ AiiinTiora rrmar ADAIR i ieua $es. maw_ IS Indus Tap 24 In.Art Ts* NO NO PIP Diem Dttaion.S [/ [ non SAO N. SHORE CO., IS READY FOR MAILING All New from Cover to Cover THE SHOW WORLD'S GREATEST BUYING GUIDE!! WRITE FOR A COPY NOWI Stara Coolness You Ant In As Wo Do Noe Soil COASVITIOWS PARKS AND CARNIVAL 3IEN- Here Is Your LEADING MONEYMAKER FOR for 1911 The Original and Genuine 4`) SLEEPY -HEAD DOLL Every Girl and Woman Wants One CUTEST AND MOST LO &&&&& DOLL. 54uNt OR I. NH OW.. Manta M MX. or bath.* OWL amen ml nowt Ins. Sid/ Of WO. Karoo or wpabiti NNW la &sterna* WOW IMAM. nit. swot o001.1 boty, "noel Taw sad Wig MIA P000ti M Oto. ADAMS & WELLS STS.. CHICAGO.1,4, IL.1,...14.,*.M M., +J. ATTENTION Grind Store --Board Operator. Tho Lateit and Hottest Item RCN 4TUBE POCKET RADIO Amu :+e *Cwt. 024 in.. rte. Swag 011A 111b,noto dpants No bu11t4n maw Pr V.,. tannin sod arty naltols. llif WA/ 3,4141.ti 3/101 OwiroUt es ton eiwinot. it*" wig ono...maw. -11'. Intim**. Arnold vim oroutt with boon each OeUr Os Nor-0or A WISCONSIN DELUXE CORP N. 3.4 Theet, L1ILWAUK(1, WIS. BIRD CAGES FOR CONCESSIONAIRES 8,44(03 Soho k,.. 0 A 14 CrOtt Pt. *Unto Wrtll TN., colors including chrome, squares and round, ---individually packed. Guaranteed perfect condition, Retail Value $2.25 to $5.00 each. $15.00 Amnia& Atantit 504 <At% Tii It a re. 407 an41 the oft. Nana fora Iler1.4 tea,. 213.: dsm.ea 0,10 aloe to C. 0. D. HENRY TItEFFLICII 215 FULT [W TOOK WIT CARNIVAL tk BINGO SUPPLIES MILITARY SOUVENIRS -PREMIUMS -PARTY FAVORS -HATS -BALLOONS Write for qevisep N2 50 CATALOG. Many new itern..r BE SURE IINO MENTION YOUR LINE OF BUS/NESS MIDWEST MERCHANDISE CO Vg Company. Color Post Cards Patriotic workers hare been miceetieful with s post card showing the American eagle with wings spread dellantly veer an Amerfran shield centered In s moues of six American flags. Eight colon ore wed. :gee borders are!mod with the flags of 20 American Republica. A slogan on the bottom of the card reads: -In Clod We 'Mot To Save America." Item Is copyrighted end is offered by Reiter Novelty Company. New Jewelry many nrw Items are Included to the 1041 catalog Issued rosently by s norelty Company. In It, the SIMI reports. Is featured a line suitable for er.granres. Other Item include lockets end rings. Product. of Majestic bead S. Novelty Company. Carnival Light Bulbs A nrw hour bulb has been developed for we by carnivals on ride* by Brighton Lamp Company. They are de. Maned to withstand Waft vibration and are rated at 30 watt*. Atho the bulb to made Its treated glass only. the tuunt hour bulbs are available In colors and milltypes. In fide/mon. there are and LA00 watte for ball perks plus lull line of rian4ard bulbs. Pouring Spout Pitch's:am and demonstrators working a pouring spout offered by Cyr Specialties Company bare been seillag the Item In department atoms and house-thhouse. It Is adaptable to any canned liquid. opening and pouring et the some time. It eliminates tbo punching of two hod. Military Rings An assortment of 12 military Insignia nntis. handled by the Carnival Novelty Company. has met the approval at mill - WT men. It In reported. 'They am available In sterling sliver and are also fir - ATTENTION DRIVE-IN OPERATORS No more worry about cuitontera driv. ing away with expensive service trays. Our new paper Auto Servo container solve' the probicrn STOCK PRINTED TRAYS, $17.50 PER THOUSAND STOCK PRINTED SERVICE SAFETY RESTS FOR TRAYS, $8.75 PER THOUSAND Your eon,. prinlird $1 CO par thearand asel.t.enst. Send $10 for a special Introductory order 500 trays and 200 safety rests. All prices F.O.B. Indianapolis. PaperProducts Corporation INDIANAPOLIS. IND. al IF is le 21N7i/427 :1;u1s)41511)7. Is il*v missetati%,T73,14[7[16)40. 41)1111bgingin ths 00, solmmo 11.. olloofteol Mosel.OW10.mm1.11. Ott in M/ Omit. 7., ilialornity <W!, entowea mot 1nA...107'. lath In tnntino Wan.intown, "LOTO11/ :: s15.00 CROIS LOTS. Po Ontt They're ALIVII BABY TURTLES 7'1.Joitt" Ikuntntt Incte {Pew: Mew Nig wow Ibp.upa mosammimi Nano of NV 001 r- sot, cu.; nan0-k titre WALT DISNEY ORANAOTERS-611Worr Plitotchub. P.A. Wan.* ottluunar 11,1 ( Sr Walt Otww, [.y. 1 1, Inset. In Ws M 100. watt PATRIOTIC TIJItTLICI IOW Anterkpb 1,140o /.. f4t. 10c In Ana w Sompist Davao, Postpaid, $1.90 WONDER TURTLE * SOW, Pp, 100 [nwitsp. 111/LSO Al! [ViCe. F. a D. Chicago. 2.5's Dep. moat accompany C.O.D. Order Move Co. 714 N. franklin SHUR C.I ICALO =AN OUTSTANDING SELLER - *medium Won; a Digs Llni PrAbon Mitt.,, BEIM. at NA* pat Me tritu Oi ditannal ella Copt rt.,. In wan 0010, Mr 1w:tune tokel re Us licrorts muotrattlot tattninotb tpwa edam Nurlotrnort1 Nu book.. Or WWwa aim. an fleeerk it.. II% 5 A 1 tort.. Lot. PuIrtiboallb bow& We ban am fame wawa NOW Now up pea Olt 11, KAUL IMPORTING AGENCY K Ss, Mt.. CNIOnOn NEW.. BABY GRAND PIANO RADIO pc to 3r,b; tkc) LIS E0,j h.?00 saw oq' ORDER SAMPLE TODAY $16.95 (110ottot EVANS NOVELTY CO. A DIrItton of Prmitirn 5.2., CO. Oeme. ( W. WathInews. [AUK, Plat Wader tete-4.actlen Cu, 1.0%1 Plage. Des \ARAI /LAC LAPEL BUT. TONS -100 for 91c. RhIntritorte LAW Ilettem-- Dee. 40e No. and Peewee) WAGON JOG WIElt-tawar Nom. Not Md iginntowg Ow*. taw Wit. TN oaretoo. BUMMER artotals: N.U. Oa.. WsIto law Fts *mottoes ItomMIloomdoes W4 Ownwn. Eta KNIFE & PEN DEALS Pat bli4111. HtiAting. ulmstw. 12 N Deal *Oh I. to 19e Card. Per Deal aso DRUG ITEMS NOMA& LOTIONS. CARDED 0000$. 11/ MOST. CHAMPION SPECIALTY CO Central St.. Kontos City. Mo. Blowers and Flashboards!IL It1: ) STUDIO I tte,s, toinst novena. NomS. IN, 1.1[1-FArli---Billeit Milo 1.0,..1 ST,IIITS 07 0 & W[Piltil WRIAT 25 *AD roomer I WATCHES Wholototo jemrity S..t Silt SIND FOR IllIf CATALCC LOUIS PERLOFF Ste Wawa,. IS.. Pit/154P14tinFO

61 )1tty 24, 1941 MERCHANDISE The Uillhonrd 61,oeed in gold and elites -plated and styloe Flag Pins bireetmen report *mnusl demand for a 10 -number assortment of patriotic (ag pins and lapel ornaments offered by Le...pertal eferchtmense Cnenpany. The pou are hand painted, etched, enameled. end reasonaby priced. Gbsa Animals A dtveraitled selection of minlateare glees animals to elected by Kul Ouggenbcm. IOC. The novelties are attractive ere here sold well. Two popular novelties are a glees penguin and duck. one Ilia Gang, radio entertainers from /nation WDOD, Chattanooga, gave two on the new outdoor stage. Park feature 'media on Sundays, Mondays. set Tuesdays and plans are under way to peewit% a weekly town ball series of egrnme variety and drama. A comic strip parade. eponeseed by Chattancoge Timm on May 10. drew large crowds to cheer the youthful eretants as they paraded on the midway. ger de* numerous publicity atones The Seta used four pages of advertising to uneince the event and nen daily pie - Does of pork attractions. upending has teen much heavier than kit year. and Mra. Minette Dixon. erier.menager. predicts a big reason. fcbtot peceiles are unusually numeroas. std an al. -time high was recorded on awning day. when a church group armed at 6 Lan. for a picnic breakfast. SHORTS (cony/lima from page 43) Sack will hays popoom end carmen. men: Larry Patton. 'UMW and tweeter Reegell. peanut..1. It Malloy Circus win be on the midway and them will be tree mta and cent/ate. SIEGFRIED, ski Jumper. has been tooled by Timmy Sacco for Dixon, OdebretIcal In July. Sarno and has again toned the midwey. Acts, and revue for the Oisellola reetivat Mornenee, III. This he Is adding a 60 by 100 -foot (*- Met tent for Commercial exhibits. OAKMONT (Pal American Legion Feet plans to stage a for -day Carnival web fireworks and drum and bugle tape oeinesetition. reported Charles H. kilo and Herb Renege. committeemen ,011 MARLOW. of Merino Amuse - :eat Company, reported lie will again birdie Use among annual home -coming sted fair of the Junior Order of Chit errscan Mechanics, Canton. 0. Band Wine and free acts will be nightly at - nutters, Intensive campaign le Mere way. There will be farm and mer- D ant ea/obits. AMERICAN UNITED (Continued from Per. 22) nand to satntactory takes. despite cold 'either on three days, Octopus end laeloplatee garnered top money among with Johnnie Bauer'. Girl Shoe beliest shoes. Leo Earltnke's Athletbe /erne was second. Cionceeetona did well. Attendance totaling S.163 paid aciente. kcee greeted the shows at the opening O the nine -day stand in Renton, Waah. thin cold and rainy %nether pervaded ke five days date gave shows, which Wee located at Third end Ratner ereene under American legion Post arapaint, one of their biggest opening vect4 in yews Tee Flying LeCtaree. free attraction, In Proving popular. en is Cy Smith's Genteel Money MaIrre Oegortulty P.,, c6 theory- c.,...r Au* k low sumo% Lecsene omen In annsi mr.e. Tann 11,11.1 rarar n.,awry IncZ...w ,..i...ev.11001:01S fil\,... tr...1..*.0.0, tecricat uneviereuso Co am te Ha a......,. ot..r auleva-elgirli wavnimas-hamilton GVAIRAIIrTtlIO Line PdlIN SEND CATALOG BERMAN GREEN CO.!t same., It.. rhillieletes. P.. cookhoun. All terxerelons reported peed 1Yallaatta. Roden Includes 0. H. Anise president; M. M. Beauchamp, vice-president; II. IL Avery. secretary; Chas. It. Mason. general agent; Mrs. Chat. R. Mason, pubtleite; Doc Carr. sound CAC Jimmie Kiln/. front gate: John (Mee) Snochar, elecincien.ride super:attn. cat: Dad Lane, night watchman. Rides Merry -0o -Round, Ray Barnes. tontmen: lerenehie Harteiroad, second man: Johnele Buckineharn, Hekete; Tense Wheel. Sammy Taylor. foreman: George Riley. named man: Helen Lane. tickets; Baby Auto. Billy ABM. owner; Jack Lane, operator: Octopus. Bill West, foreman; Erneet Lee. second man. and Will:ern Smith. tickets; Loop -o -Plane Martin Gonyer. foreman; Tom Barber. tickets: IIINNEPEFIAUKAH Rollo -Plane, Matt Thomas. foreman; (COntinued from paps SO) BObJetuuna. second man: Golder Avery, tsi until Late at night. Orandpappy ticket; Pony Ride, Mee Sue:mbar. owner: Wilfred (Wolf) Peterson. operator end tickets.. Pony Itapnees. Dell Regan. olio/sem, Oboes': GM Sbow: Johnnie Bauer. manager: Marion Murphy. Betty Lane. Nadine Bauer end Jean Rene. dancers. Pat Shelley, ticket*. Athletic Arena, Leo Karlenko, manager and arreauce: Premien, Lemon. weenier; Teresa CYPer. wrestler and boxele Dolly tickets. Mickey Moues. Jeasfe Anise o wner. Jtianita LeBlanc. trainer. Olen Blowing, Harry Warren. assisted by Jimmie Warren. Penny Arcade, Dad Anne owner; Hank Hanandli, Gus Smith, and 3. D. McLaughlin. assistant, Ten - In -One Speed Olson. manager -meet - clan: Bill Cochran. talker; Chub Wolcott. tickets: Tan n. balloon man: Rebecca Wolcott. Moslems; Conine Peen - back. torture act: Buster Cfleseerke, fire eater: Beth O'Rourke. indie rubber girl: Captain Mak, aaord swallower: Abe Goldberg. anatomical wonder. Ceinessions Cookhouse, Cy Smith. owner: Mrs. Helen bentth. (ashler; Barn Wagner. chef; Bob Painter. waiter: Hues Adams. as - instant umiak -re Ted /MUM,. Meant.- nance and transportation; phone gallery. Lennie Pities. owner: Ann Murphy, cession B. C. Christ, dark room: Jane Lamont. tint expert: bottle ball game, Winne Hanford, agent; bottle game NO. 2. Pat Hogan, agent; blower. Jim Murphy, menage?: Bill Poole and Dutch Acklee, agents.: balloon darts M. M. Beauchamp, owner; Whale Ferguson. agent: grind sleet. Johnnie Murphy. =wen Prink Marrow, Buck Buchanan. and Blackle Bain, agenta; high striker. A. H. Avery, ownee C. I.. Lannota, agent: ham and bacon. Rill Melding: cigarette shooting gentry. Mary Fielding; lead gallery, Ca It. Min. owner; Red Mason and Pete PetaCtICM, agents; popcorn and tardy floes. May tkiewbar: diggers, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dykes; penny pitch. W. L. Mock. ovrner-operator. bingo. Jessie Al - owner -cashier. hilly Aline caller: David LeBlanc). agent. WILLIAM ROSTER (Continued from page 29) Seined here, and with Derrell and DePhil Is presenting the free attraction. Shows have ended math now canvas and Ilghttng effects since opening. Plenty of painting has been done and new shows have augmented the midway. Visitors here Included Art Lewis. cf the wheels bearing his name, and Prank Bergen and Max Linderman. World of Mirth Shows. David Cleary arrived from Priftedelphla and took charge of the Life Show for the wand season. Hank Silo has framed a new show which le known e s the Dope Fiends of Chinatown. The other show being framed a new Monkey Circus. Lint -up of other attractions Melnik* Parisian Revue. Monte Severe. manager and bilker; Howard Puller, tickets; Dave Miguel, calliope and piano; Torn Mundy and B. Richards, canvass:nen; Princess Mona and final. dancer,; Tent& line and specialty, and Patricia Larrance and Key Crowe, dancers. Show has added new scenery. lighting effects- and wardrobe. Bide fallow, James Thompson. manager: Teeth Thompson, talker; Dewey Meadows. tickets: Dan McIver. magician. lecturer- P. Putman, truck snootier': A. Meanie Chinese!M Madame Orra mentalist: Tex Careen, human cannonball; Nadel Ben All, fire -ester: Tint Carnerlin. Minion. and Mrs. Meadow,. Illuetong Margie. double -bodied girl, all - heft.?toren Alive, Bill Blake, manager: Gene Welsh, talker: Mrs. Rieke. tickets: Dolores Walsh. In Ice. Ponhouee. Dill Purchase. owner William Ryer. Motordrome. Billy Boudreau, owner -talker. Irene Boudreau. tickets: Fred Beriew, trick rider; Joe Boudreau and Wally Novato rides& Concessionaire:. include John P. Ciebeurn, duck pond, cigarette gallery, milk bottle,, and pitch -WI -you -win: Germaine Burgoyne. cat game; Mem Win earns shooting gallery; Feed Edirne. two wheel games end two grind stores: Mee. P. Dunlap, penny pitch; Rocky Troplance custard owner: Joseph Alnico: Mr. and Mrs. Mark Riley. popcorn and apple eland, manned by Charles rode:. and George Barnett and Joe Harris, blankets. Tait Cites Difficulties Of Operating in Orient LOS ANGELO). May 17.-Difficulttea tinder which shows are playing in the Orient were erriptiulmel here when mem of the Tait Shows was received by Lou Johnson, executive secretary Of the Pselno Coast Slunernen's Assocts.tion. from Merin It. Tale Letter was written March 8 In!Singapore, S. S. Tan wrote: "Have been so)ourning about elk weeks In Singapore. Am returning the shows to Manila In a week or so. It is a difficult matter to operate, a show this site tinder present condition& We have been to Malaya for nine months and the British authorities have treated us writ. People in America cannot realize that a war is on. You bare to nee it at closer range to reallee what it means. We recently sent Bill Barlow, American living skeleton, who years ago worked with Jolly Nettle on the Potty At Burk Shoes to Arthur Orem/mien in Sydney. Australia. Bill got a break, years contract. Ala having a difficult time getting the shows back to the Philippines Boats are few and far between and generally Silty loaded. We hare dons well In Malaya. However, because of present ooredltlona teen, are atetneent money restriction*. Future shows are at present beamed to enter the country and no doubt the state of affairs will exist until the end of the env. If not for merest years after. "My brother le holding down the fort in manes. and new thst hr has born made madden< and manager again at the race track I imegine he la pretty bury. Of course, you never experienced "blackout' We have bad several hex. which gives an Idea of what the mopte must go tbru every night In inniend suppose the boys are getting reedy to hit the road again and no doubt 1041 will prove a prosperous reason. At lent. I hope so. Preen whet I can learn everything la on the upgrade to the States' NEVI otir Ra 6 FRE CATO Loc. MEET ALTCO! a,.124 UMW/ DOI ear.11, Ors.. btitswiwas 'rsi :01; antalmn,,"104/ D.11111aaly tingiln[414 OV. Ans. adine want. oat WY other ea yea Sat tar OW ALTCO TRADING CORP. I) Ct., el.. Ores. O. N. V. Cl, BINGO SPECIAL Pall OP.. 2,4 t flirt VW, 0001(KR Kew Only $4.95 Nat I)* tronary ci.yee waling ORDER TODAY it w.lte foe co,aret, moo,/ LEVIN BROTHERS TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA Oh pr,works Boy! THINK Cie eft All Vert. //.../",.--ent of Crvet 605 recces ef fi'' *, reworks won% $6.11 for :295 cash with W lure ft* (emcee "ZEBRA" Sash crackers. Workes lo...seit. 100 FREE eentea soh retry erne. Free eat BANNER riarwotks. Bea 17)4, W.Tatede.O. COMPLETE FISHING TOILE OUTFIT Pent /omen... non rmateen and were..wont,.. Tn114. bet Blute) conisnxtea. ocenwata with camel Hetat Malt n nillirni rasa. sn sarisf red, avatar, spaan. win baler W ino, sal Ma sere, 83.95,., STRATOITOCK 11411uUNI are lonitian4 anti ntalta wee hilar nan,.11.66pons 104t4Mt meteor& " fan. 15" one ail. 3.6S 111nrnklIal. ballrmrs leased ori all O. 0. D. cnlin CAT PLO J/6' NOWg. You cane afford to est.'s the honest. of "newer - Maine yeses to be found in our 8;g Otrlfai Caning No. 57. It Mimes te you tea mew *ergot's,/ tints of Pant/L.11. Novelties and Specialties roe hove ever reffered-ast Pekes Teat Defy Ceram -teems. lawd.eds W Iflus!fann1 neon Salutes thane -6 of lenses that can wake mce,ey foe veal Send fee veer VIM COPY se ttnb Mg "%nee. a.m." twee FREE 49 GELLMAN BROS 'CIBORIA! PRODUCTS CO. es W. Closet 51., elmiaeteat. Oak lu fear eas tn1124 Uts n FM,/ I 000 al. N. at 11.,ar 119 NO. 4TH ST. MINNEAPOLIS MINIM

62 ' 62 Thr Billboard MERCHANDISE -PIPES May 24, 1942 AMERICA'S LATEST CRAZE YOUR NAME In Railed Coral Coined Letters on a Genuine Tropical SEA -SHELL BROOCH Ilas Nue eittgeal INTa 11.0 wood o kw mon Kama Brows., owod 'Nowa Awatital Sus Net noed astaki golon. Cend LII len K...,. If.. wad! Trete Ntercdo mad The tugna isms( ountlly fw Pons Oro 2 hit tegegiele WEL platod tweeds rant. Caw to amsablo Moo ons61- Lotl adascus 0.4.0rs a 'RV...a Er 14 Caanoonloot. Onf 6. H Wier tna M at Until. Smarts Xrew mr1 /deems Wm% Ihrwavaln I AA Now I, NEAT P41100 LIST, 0,400 Tt Sun. $14 Shag $1.70 $10.00 jeweler's limack Phu Coral Brooch Cm* Coral Colored 50cl a flikr.not. go1011, to, Irtt 10w ,1). Car Ale tal IN11.6f Wtotern Bola nut 11.11W-De2 MAO% 1. A. WHYTE & SON 6307 N. L 2d Are Miami, Pa. 6,6,6, ad Cotton NW s. MINA dub Curl.. eta. SARI Lofton And 00..t. Pre* 0K t. t..414"" WALTHAM N or Ps. PIIN P Pem-Ownionmima. The mo Wo.uson Y1.1V1 portal. 064 you ta swot. WM...* pnr M 61 woo VtatUsion pow. S TARK PIN 00. S OO W Dom. B ZIRCONS Erten ht..04 Animal 10000n. 4 u nw1- glikva00 wheat =maw lats. 6.rtlodsug Ow? Tulut, ata Die r60 wars, &Mk ono. nn0-nal tse oer.,in!!..1., MJ IMPERIAL ZIRCON SYNDICATE 427-;;I :t. 20 W IMINICA111 LIIADINO MANUFACTURERS Of FELT RUGS L Prt $am: Moo. Pmwa. MILLS.. MAUL SLUM JEWELRY $1.00 ANNIT.NAVE AVIATION R ei.ret PINY Der. C- 0110LigA.r.0.1 SMeoa. fool me*1. CInton $ , RINGS, hot marg.., Dow 7, LOCKETS. porotar P uma., Dom ItalocuoD. lagholl Poohm. otha wow. FELDMAN BROS., 8tvl VOA' CITY FREE CATALOG JAY-ARI SPKIA117 CO. TO Some SI. Ilitt4Y PAY TO Y. 11,Al1Y tgc 1000; ASPIRIN. tin. -d esive sornirs. Vo-11.44,tree lb NANO NUM.- II 16 dro.: VANILLA TAIT., a us -004.n: 111 X 11 II I Z IC Eh AC Cr tiOt LA 2.ha, A. WE DO NOT ITUYit MEDICINE MEN catalrg of Ter=a, OD. Saw. sae. TWO& 101. MIMSsonur. Produals LuAllIty Infu Owned.) PRODUCTS LABORATORIES phownwans EST IL Spiry St Ohl* POLLAN PLATES WIRE eagle PLId1 eaneattarrev, Sat EMU St. osiovicoantat. P. A 100pNITORONI for FAckenns, Deww. ttttt cos, 3011, MO $ Showmen. Agent.. ttttt wen mod by BILL BAKER (Cincinnati Office) DILL (11W?.) HATE. says he lira landed a fine position as general saloa planner of the Itin-o-Roll Product& Company, au no more hand- Stater If Ralph Ituhl Is readying Ms stock for anothor annuner's trek! Doo I. IL Pierce le working Missouri territory with herbs and oil? It Doo Cothran is on dm rood again working drugstoece sn Carotin. and corgi& with herbs. and It Jamos 011sen will take his animal show en 1/OUT S UMITSt3T JOHN RAE... hat been working *es -shell brooches In Miami and oars go has had Ms best winter In Teem He to leaving for the Wont Coast "OM and will work brooches there. JUST BICAVSI a fellow pitchman Is atit cents.' whine yew have toned, that') no memo ter you to knock him to othst gettlk. folk. Cln Mot credit Is. koving oomething on Hie bar. DOO H. J. CLAYTON. her been working lawn mower nharpcorm In Dirac towns and taw not seen any of the boys. He penette front Athens. EL that lie mot Joe Radtke/ (Spanish Shawl Joel May 12. Joe la ahead of a carnival. Clayton woys Ms has been miry ewe with him and that he ts &Jinn; toward the Southern Iltinota coal fields, JACK (BOTTLES) srovett scribbles from Alexandria, 9n., that everything la okeh on the leaf with him and Billy (The Kid) Dietrich. who arc together again after a year on different roads. Alt. CIRCUSES gee new on tour. Who of It.. novelty worken in doaking lie dales or expect to wake 'not W. CA/drTON (DOC) BEM. - Scribes from Chicago: 'Tat Nat getting back Into lb* rated VOW after a layoff of Aimee% file yearn working Intade behind a counter. Tot thou with Mores foe good. I hope. Yor the last several months I bare been Wendy moving north. with good Matinees at 10/710 of 1110 army camps. I hare turned up new wrinkle Next Issue LIST NUMBER rrin Feature thr FollosrinR Lists: FAIRS COMING EVENTS CONVENTIONS DOG SHOWS FRONTIER CONTESTS JULY 4th CELEBRATIONS Order a copy iron your newsdealer NOW or mail 1Se in pottage or cask to Billboard Circulation Dept, 25 Opera Place Cincinnati. Oh.o in the mod game that OE the boy' rn:$111. Like to sue up on. Lots of ooltrees and tinlverelties have amateur theatrical on their summer othedulos and U approached right some of those can be writing Alsalrals for Men. Ho Is In Detroit. interested In booking a real bang-up otel-claw mod show. Some 'son offer a FOOD FOR TlidtiClers It 11. Otte amines) had dkd along with those who snarled gravy. It stoma they Irk., the Idea of nice guarantor. with the mod sates all It, More would kayo be.. no 16166not Masa the toed show as a novelty and are In the *Mel and ballyhoo. They an. roam had I. be newton,. 04 I CL.N. Iry a gondlilwa that will taist of want a (110Cy name. to my show la billed long a. pitchdos sovviros. Those now as the Therapeutic Theater. Ten heading ( men who show promise are urotlhy of for Colorado and will work the UM- 0,44.1. W -nay 01 Det1Trf campus at Central City In Juno. I am corresponding with mend BOYS AND OTRLS other colleges and hopo to got soma morn TOTE o ak If George Brush. CF311LAI worker of college rummer dates. I has* heard that noto, and Mun Spechter, Corn punk purveyor, aro stilt wcektng Pittsburgh/ It N. Y. wonta a mod ahoy, but It's out of the Pitychodmmatio Inatttute. Besioon. Craig Brothers ore set to open tinder my territory." canvas again this year in New York ROADABIR. been ORS rids. emir Eme mowtbs until winter. Never It.. Ham for erogegtogdy fe get burr. JOE MODS lnfoa: "I got a 30 -day suspended men - tome In Lou Angeles lart month. I won working paddies and (Hindu lostd17). I am Laying around the booth In Long Beach. Calif- for while. but will be back On Los Angeles c0311." STANLEY NALDRETT... opened at the H. L. Green store, IMAM- SOO. WL., May 00 for nn Indefinite Arley. ITS UP TO YOU I. get Om business. The seowbolls gene and row (42't eat tibias. BURT JORDAN who antlered A paralyue stroke while making *pitch to Kendallente.lnd.. May 2 end meeently In Veterans' lecopital. /CrEanapolla, la reported doing fine. Ho mould like to hear from friends, so It may be tome tiny before tie to released. J. H. WARD SHOW... Is playing Woodward. Okla.. to fair budnein. Doc Wanda eon. Tony. celebrated Ms fifth birthday May 0 with a party at the home of Harbert and raullno QuIckeL Herbert is sheriff of Woodward county, Oklahoma Than at the party were Doe WOOL, Bobby Jean. Mr. and Mrs. Ed &now, Mr. and Mr*. Elmer Nelson. Wayne and Viola Hader Sondra, Extol. and Olive Smith: Larry Dm. Walter and Thelma )dclnroe. and Walter and Bob DiTINSIvt TRAWL veldt. owes mstralntncosb0h. Ong roman tha kwghts of the Irlpgs and kgattor dos'. OnOW each other b these day teem f them an an the.0.4. 'LARRY (KEY CHECK) HMCO... has been enyoying is good run of business with Ins dog collars, key ring Meath Ica - Ron tags. and novelly and patrtoue plan at Crystal Springs, Wu. He goca out wrek-ends from Hatehro, Mae. Crops and hinnies& are gcmd In that arcs, he PIITL LANDAU... was sighted working tea shell brooches In Columba's. 0., recently to big bid. reports Jerry Croon from Flint, ISCri. PITCNIMIN'S Marta: 'Pb... Itt old lupe Plicly h. good to oar this *omen," r. A WHYTE reports that as brocebra ate being worked in the main Kresge store in Detroit to good business. He recently left Detroit. for Flint. Mich. JACK OLIPIIANT left Mlami May 14 for New York to work sea ohe11 brooches and tee shell Sewelry. Jock now Ed Edwards, of wale fame. In Ntirtml and toy, Ed use III all winter. WS) 1006 AROUND and resit know thorio a ggarow foe optimism. 'MET AND HIS FIJTOZAICIIRS.. are playing theaters In and around Corpus Christ:I. Ter. Cast Includes Roy (Toby) Durham. comedy: Dorothy Green. Ingenue; Prankle Drtggere ranger; Hann (TeabOnol MOOre. comedy, and the Musi. W1 Rockets. novelty musical acts. Troops playa the Mudio Theater, linglentele, Tea, May and then go to Taft, TOS. SUCCESSFUL eirclitetti ice that Vr.y IN, Caine Owl know thaw biomass -but won, JIMRY PREEN. opened In park In Flint. 712th., last work with shell jewelry and 10.4 shelf brooches Haar Der :Aaiun& HZ; "I bum a good amerce to oftw sod 1 neva beittile to 1,1, Oboe) it." BOWLING SIAM PINS! NOVII-14 Us Hawn for prognot14 heal., 5,, WW olns. We =4. A 000~ In Our C / Writs lor It wan. Stab butinsta HARRY PAKULA & CO. 5 No. WI ba th Ave.Chicalo NEW JEWELRY for ENGRAVERS, fn Iart , 11.., c40boa, ,1 INus. etc ogla fog Iwo 0 A L to, NOV T 51, Ave.116Tws I I ELGIN & WALTHAM REBUILT WATCNES 5175 N. g owe.. Oros. ai Sons ter Prue oca II Nog NT OITY WATCH MATERIAL CO 1111 N, geoeseet. at Lwl1, 100. 'Sell a l'itn(ely line SUN GLASS KIT.. seri., cower *son Glass Cop., Mawr ant (II,, rat w 1. tlooky Plosto $1.50 DOZ. Fl.w.111. Dew... IMPERIAL MDII. OD,. me. gas N.Y.C,:t Tall4n,AUTO FLAG -HOLDER 1141wlabbh In 14..sontal To6Ital P4111,,. ror Aubsrnoh0.1, Mnsclont. atm 04Oc1 ots. OewpOrte MN 3 6goe. EAR. $666.10F Bent fee 244 le Lag tack Santrts /6e. Dot.SIJS Gro.S14.00 CORDON MOO. CO. 110 V. 2_34 SI., Orpt. ITS. Now Yolk Ott JUMBO r«:: Grow; PLUNCIA Main. $16,00 CRUZ E2MMID JOHN F. SULLIVAN tpaollonite gutty) N. Y. 010 YOUR FORTUNE HAY BE IN FOOD 11.1, 110., In,r1t4.1..! tt ' - In n! =Io n - : 6...-ta/th..1 Marl 6 ag., 11, In: A P.,. F.1(:1... Pt 1111.i! &Nuns. Ate. MADISON, WI

63 Ilas 24, 1941 MERCHANDISE -PIPES Ma Billboard 63 Pitchdona Five. Years Ago Zip Hinter nod Doc Joe Williams were Ito llama 0/Ca., after a year of trouping tot took them all over the country. They found Tuba end Phoentg, Arts - the only towns that were hospitable. &sore readers there woe good. and yore were free modem to Itinerant o arsmen Over 00 years old. Tulsa was plied with.. D. P. (Hoot) aferarland was to Bucimport, Me. lie had just worked Bangor. which he found gold... John S. Evans was In Oalad. Tex. with the Te-Co Medicine Company. Snow was plarcg to good crowds. Roster wooled Doc Compton. owner and lecturer; IsIn wife, cashier and secretary; patsy Compton, Joe?Junin', Chet ompleby. Johnny and Myrtle Eserm, OfaIf-Pint" Siam, Billy Davis. Jack end Mercedes Hamilton. and Vernon LaRue. Doe D. (Tex) Worths, who had been operettas a coed show for many Vara. taped In for his first time from Tee - molt Pa... John Looney was with Ce Dockus-Klionla WUd Animal Circus to Concord. N. H... 'Dummy Jack R. oerrent pitched a Saturday In Oreeley. Colo. to good poarouts. The town was open on your 0. m. on private property sod on street earners until 0 p.m. on your o. tn... John H. Jones was to At - lanes with the old pencil man. BM Ed - tarsi,. Reader there wee reasonable 04 moete property with your o. m... Zooid Case was In Ruahville, Ind., where be expected to had off until the Indoors tetra opened... Art Reload cooled In a Milwaukee store to good Maness... John Clement Breaursambe and Rae Steron were reported merited SLAY 2 In New York. Johnny was known lice Teat Clement, mentalist, Jack (Dottles) Stover was still Sienna hi:at vale, end handsome on the leaf to Hare Metal. Va... Thetas all. 701e00 OPINING': "You know at well I do not not all the geed tones Ate efewd. pr you also know that you mast be OW - nos non to work than." May SPX --/Old Knob. Strokte177 Youro, CALIY.-MATUnah. Deena* Days & rein 24. SS. Outland. Dog mow vions. Reece. M -b, Mouser. Parade Se Hors. Minn, 24. RLr Stele talmia. Lesion CoLirtatiton tin-tr-oltanapoue. Dog tan or, 21. L1-3canhallionn. Tatatert Savo t hes room.. Dog Kew. is. IIAN..1nainommtb.. Pioneer Days' Ocher, - tarn =Oa nomit coy. Rolm IIT.--tadarillet. Dos Anon 24, Realerson. Merchants A Mtn. Indoor Telt tuft:-roascal. Tniip 7SC.e isbn -Outrage Coitus reglad & De Into Celebration X. 3.-Resell e. Speirti redtal S. Y. -Medea City. 002 She.. Pa. Ir. O. -Wallace. Biraiterry sositou r*--com000t rtreenewes week Irma -Pot[ Tamale:W. 1M6Codennron res. Wel MOS. Wallabies. Days 51 Real Sport 244S. R. VA. -Cameron. Legion Celebration WX1.-Cislatoah. Inenet. a Home Bison, trey b441 AIX -Pt. BoaiLii. ROOM DLO. -Itiereonneo. Horse Shwe Ran Staten Itorin 10.4o, 304one 1. RA- Wreitlegn Tomato Prolosl, last week 1 Ray. 17M.-2Intliatiapons. Auto noon. 1400,3 tattled D Wlltouty Strawberry Festival :OIL RO-reebse Mar Omit 31 -It. x -Maoism DOC Show. 21. Xe ctelalr. Dog Blion. -Tbgeolo Part. Doe Chow. Xi 0-Cisoninata Waal Valley ladtutry l Demme Zpc, 2a-Sear r. Ta-Cetincenee 014 Home Week CAlas, Nyon-Horse Strew Reiek 31..Stew 1. V' VA. -:f ThaTIlle Celebrinasn OLT -New es4. N. B. Motor aeon, Dept. Selective Service Mail hi the irides) Department of this tune appear the name* of three 13sT Beketire Bervlee Mall 111 the Tutors oaten of The Billboard. This bat la published in addition to the names which are set to capful letters In the regular Letter List. RINCLING-BARNU31 (Continued from page 41) or In isettlo111 to Obaluarallne on space GO moves. Ream (abate covers the wheels end are weighted down with big rods. Pluoteecent lighting te thrown up on the pictures. equipment being protected by troughs. Above the panels are banners with descriptive Pillions. Inside there are II platform Maws. each with foollighta. Bandstand for Arthur Wright* Minatmla has a canopy and smart border -light clusters. In back of the bandstand are 10 -foot prow with silk Ourestos, these serving es masking of the front door. Plenty of other silk fabric thruout. Canvas, which Is orange. Is a 73.foot round top with three 40a and sidewalls are blue. Acts aro the mine width started the season plus the band and 'delay. juggler. Due In from Finland end of June Is a touted giant Myllyttne Johannes'. according to Mile - *how manager Fred Smythe. Ms Top Is Higher The big top Itself, higher than It hes erer been, Is the familiar dark blue, easy on the eve and lending Itself to production values. It's a 210 -foot round job with three 60 -foot middle Mecca. Center poles are approximately 00 feet and have to be put Into pcoltion with skid*, a:the old-time canranceen prefer handaork. Quarter poles also rise higher than ever before. While the performance la given In three rings, per 1940 style, emend turns are spotted by the outer curiae for the benefit of the blue pews, Menagerie top and layout represent change of pace ha several particulars. Measurement Is 110 feet with five 40 - foot pieces. but the big point is ail red (envoi. which, with the sun beating down, makes everyone look yellow and Sickly. Customers found It difficult to become accustomed to the brilliance. ese pectally when they entered from this to the subdued bug top. Anlanelx may not be affected. however. A giraffe mound or bland hes been built on the right Melo with rumps and a network of wooden grips to summits Injuries to the emelt:re longnecka. An outer brit dependent co/more, level with the ground. Sa for rianols and interns. On the corresponding tett aide la Monkey Wend. Lining the sidewalla are the blue -doted mute wagons, with the excepttori of a short stretch used for the bulls. Its Mt the sandy menagerie with dominating red that everyone's. used to. but tt hes dig - anyway. Experts lays the caroms hero should by green. The horse tent Is 73 feet round with four 40, and houses 110 head of stock In well -arranged labeled static Entry to thin Is from a rub -connection on the Ode of the monkey section. Gorilla? Top It.. In the connection appears the Big Show's No. 1 billed attraction. Dorgan - ens and the minus Tee. and It's the eirat time this parcel has had anything but restrocata Top, a blue Job, Is 07 feet 'square and of the suspenalon sortety, nupported be four poles cn the alt - aide corner*. The joined cage* of the gorillas are spotted in the center and viewing la from two aides. cech of which has a lump with ton levels. It seem. to be mole to order for s mild stampede unless crowds aro controlled by mecbanicel means. Big top has eight anacendttlerning tniit*, two on each of the streghtaways and two each on the curves. Deana - *Mod theirs run 21 -high and the Wiles 21 -high. with the chairs =Aloe greater Inroads into the rounded portion of the tent. tenacity Is about The usher* are really something to look at with short baby blue jeckels, gold braid with red trimmings. pants In dolt blue trot hove gold and red etrtpes down the aides, and blue peek hats. Also white dickey thine. Chief usher. John CATSUP. la tereased like smenething mem- Aline an admiral. epauleta and all. Plenty good taste shown In thin department. Leta Arrival Reeatme lice train arrived In here late Sunday night from Boehm and also because of difficulty In figuring out new blinortnts, etc.. fiat performance didn't get underway until nearly 310 end finished throe hour* and 20 minute* hire, which fa is bong -distance record for About 20 minutes of this time twee taken tip In hanging the central apmonths used In the Pan-Amerioth thole a. this Taros of rigging cannot he struck permanently As In the buildings. Work Enure and his moulders sweated during this Interim and dad much to portly en atidlnee already weary, but many spertatore enjoyed the Tod -ea -dings anyhow. AlteCutwee and premien were all over the center ring trains to speed up the sittiation, which null probably lie straightened out btfore Display immersion is not much different than when caught In New York. chief change acing the frintigunal number. sei,uh la Alfred Court's wild and domestic enunel display in the three rings. Butchers hot to hurdle the ehift- Ing pens to peddle their "tuft. Lot of time sea taken by Roberto devesconcelloe In lolling trams< of eight Liberty horses to do a leydown. When six Old It. two refused. and when all eight were almost down, three ;potted the broth by Tho It was Late la the program and this la hardly a thrill trick at beet, the twiner 1434 na obstinate as his charges In Insisting on completion. It spotted an ottserwlee good hersefloah display. Cement Conccitba Row A feature of the ne-er styled midway Is a olinyo.ct and more uunied confession row which has ticked: and refrothment vegans end trucks topped by henry Structures between which are!sitting deoctiouto banners with the weeds thrilling. entertaining. eactfillit. etc. Several of these were damaged In transit or aseecobling end one of them toppled over, but there were no injurlea All of them were ginelly removed. but will probably be replaced when the riff Is flamed out. Antler Bros.' Coastal Trading Company the ones -4 lone. Entrance to the rioneoy leading to the marquee to ecnedoled to assume an arched arrangement via patens and wagons. There were many vialtors around. notably CPA Melvin Ifttdreth and Dr. and Mrs. William IL Mann. of Weaning - ten: CPA George If. Bartow, of Binghamton, N. and Mr. end. Mrs. Robert Rangling. An oven greeter visitation oc- CUrTed to Wallington the last half of this week. Baltimore lot Monumeot and Highland. le said to bo ready for sate for conetruation of an airplane factory. Playing day and date here weer Kpue Expoeition and W. C. Raw Shows. apo peering directly aroma the Rangling lot, and Colin Wilton Shows, plus Independent trellem. including Sam Crowell, who to popular with lilt Show earce and ptoionnel. Beltimom Matinees was good arid Wanbington woe expected better. Pat Valdo, personnel director. hes his right area to a sling, moult of an altercation with a horse in Roston. Traisbc. CINCINNATI. May 17.--P0llowlng is the meter of the No. 1 advertising CAT of the Ringling-Barnum circus: John.1. femoral. manager; C. W. Oothrnenn. boos billposter; R. E. Managers. boss lithog- Telpher: Dick O'Brien. Ed Rosa. Dirk Connor, George Audette, Pearl Bononia Sal Vogel. BM Miele/. Burton Savage. Roy Blatt Ray Long. If. Barrows. Mike Covitch, Oeoege Orth, Meek Powell, Onarce Monts. James Haddon, Vince Mister, Clyde Haskell. Tom Coitigan. tki Ritchie. C. Stanley Fulton. Joe Bern- /dein, Gene Rodgemnn, and Peed Rale. bitters: Torn Brawilla Paster -esker, CORRAL (Continued from pope 40) COff0c110, neeretbry: Perry Ivory and Co, Cash. judge.: Dr. Herrick and Ii-': Louschner. timer's: Bud Bentley, or,- 110Uneer. Contracted performer were Homer and Eerier Holcomb. down.: Montle and Louse Montana. Allan Patera *DEMONSTRATORS *MED WORKERS *DISTRIB- UTORS *AGENTS N ote It a Itletl end Cre.mtle04.1th.p.De,...ette mesh Was. of Iwo Ms -eau ran en4 In Oa this 7.1nsene-tcan7"Ina"" WRITE TODAY IN MR FULL 1-` 0 '/.00 /1/... i, of what hat 0 / hied before. patent rcd. sines. ho? Settles, heahee etc.. tyr ILICTRIC THUG. PIUTIC MAISACIR It guaranteed Cr" h el p rellere the mina of IIRIOMA y 21/41JI INFLAAIMATiON. I.VMSACO. AhT4RITIS, NEURAL CIA. MUSCULAR ACSIS. Three Is nothind mysteriws shout Ma Wilt. 14(1 Is that heal 0,2 E...01y retiree the versus cl;,,i don need above, sad Our 6, kr nukes possiale Rae onassacnne el the tost0fal area &Seig *WA the spalkstkto et inelgoaalind base It is- first ever weal instrsamni e. II, olleckney Is reser ammees. The 1LICTRIC THIIIIA- PtUTIC MAISACIIR Mils OR a ~sweats',reduces dumantee boast.. It pcnsliyeir tat ertoll sytineel shove. Ice two Year te as. beta selang areseofiellsy on s multettler belle and new or the line tlam It is efinnt as a Owner. sealer Item. Leo as As. /roan tvanane mho has soar sold Or skthorntysted swellslaa in the t4trb*--, heetthspialsa<4 held. rs,,no postpaid. THE EMPIRE (0., DEPT k./.. brod.y, Now Tosk, N. Y. THESE ITEMS DEMAND ATTENTION 050. WHIT[ a SLUe Lace,, c0.90 *IONIA. 104.r. Can.& 100 Euel PATRIOTIC lininisto/12 PO. Wena 1.4d MILIOTARY E1113.EIS POVISKR BOX Pawn 1.44 MUTANT EMBLEM PENDANTS RETS Is.laaw $1.00/ , Y ENS31310 /0U/crag PENS. Cle...4 TYPE CAMERAL goon 1.20 CA11010 TYPE GANICRAL Myles ISO,.80 NOVELTY WALL Pt ROUES. Oyu, RPACT1I. Cool Vs.. DONN, 0.00 POWDER SOX, TOO Vey. Dam 3.60 ANDYNAVY 51501, Oa A P. (.ha [acne Yaslta, WON CYR.. 1M IMADIC PAOSta, Comains 21 Um. 100 Slat. Peaks *1500 Medea POCICIIT CONIIIII.creMe , ES 11.4.s. to Fun error"m. Narsjiima 341. MILLS SALES CO. R4A.o,* 901 BROADWAY WOOLSI IONtif Os.C10 V.101.1%11.1 Bill Aturtin, Be -mire Taylor. and Dick ClInginen. Finale Chet McCarty. Clay Orifilth. track riders, Carr, llugh Clinctrien. Diet Huron. Rotting: Brook Riding -Day money, bareback Brook Riding Chet McCarty, 'Dm fluid Mulkey, Jackie Knight Ben Panther; El ()thorn and Cooper: Cecil Jones' and Frith Titan Cart DeMilty. split third; John Schneider split fourth. Par.als. Jackie Cooper. end Hank aline Split fifth. Calf Roping Buret Mulkey, Chet McCarty. Doff Aber. -First day. Leonard Stock. Clay Cat?. Brahma Bolt Olding-Pint day. TIMM Sam?anchor, Dam Campbell. Second Rogera, Loren Fredericka Bob Wilkinson. day, Clay Carr. Olen Shaw. Sam Palle Cern Jones. Second day. Dick Griffith. otter, John Bowman. Arriatclir Box* John Bertram. Cent Rambo. Bob Wilkinom. Steer Wrestling -Pint day. Chet Flagg, Buster Ivory. Second day, DOA Riding -Mort day. Doti Landis. SUM McCarty. Clay Carr, Hugh Cling:man, Lend M. Bert Inks. Owlet Ivory. Mats, Ward Watkins. Second day, Chet Me - Don Lomita Slim Maga. Buster Ivor?. Carte. Clay Carr, Deck Herren. Hugh Petre money totaled WALTHAM WATCH uco.yeet.sty it EN NOM Iowa/ aelaaoaf, too444. tmtarw New LUMItee , K coo. thisdinably la Plies el $2.75 L.`4.`,3 Smnak lee Care Seed for rem ealauee area el1rel 2s seed 15-i *IT en soy 04,...RI,.4.4,st 31,1 Deo. 55 Order, tialanos C CARNIVAL NOV. CO.. INC. 10 Woo 3d ISI,YTI 11W YORK CITY MILITARY INSIGNIA RINGS *aesiarrearsra OP 12 Ihnine Olen. sem bele Run, /Wed Ils Com. On* 0/4 PAT Chill ',nee Solsol Is 1000 t. scoo Beaalllwt Test j I tall

64 64 The Billboard GENERAL OUTDOOR Slay 2.1, Hartmann.* 113roadcast ANM angle to connection with Barites Brea' Circus, one very harmful to the circus indualry, has cotes to light, We now have word that the show did oleo, at Melrose. N. It. April O. os rumored. and that even after It Nosed *gents In ethane, continued to collect money front local mem/ante in various towns on rothoed admtealon peke 'tickets to the allow. Stones in several Names others raid that the Noma Were adreelleang the show to appear In ass many es five towns on the seine day. Think of it! The Sntffnet - Republican, Llneoln. Ram. of May 8 canted a atcey on this back eye to the oircas. a story atiminer to many others pun -tithed In meltdown!wiwi papers. It reads: "Kansas newspapers aro reporting a new type of admitting fraud being put Over on merebants and buttons houses this epring. Peeing as advance agents for the Barnes Bros.' Circus. nevesl men have been extracting funds from the merthenta foe prodeotkonal 'tickets' to the petformance. 'The merchants edreetlee the circus date and give the tickets to their cues. tomes, the ticket. to admit the bearers at a 'reduced' admission prtoe. Circus day. hombre:. arrive,, and no circus. Tho Wakeeney World explained the nutter sta follows: 'The Barnes Oct..' Circus which was scheduled to appear In Wakeniey Wednesday for a one -day appearance to apparently nonexistent. This same circus was to appear in Lensed, La OtOted. and Neon City on the rams days Wednesday. " The circus promoters arrived In Wekteney two weelca ago, spent the day selling pads of tickets and other &doerthir.t motter to the merchants. The merchenta were to present the tickets to then customers_. It Is estimated that the Meal merthonta were swindled out of $70 In exchange for advertising matter end are chalking the Incident up to experience' -Tao Orbonte Farmer adds to the story by confeselng that the Barnes Moe. were to appear to Cotorne on the sells -me Wearlaselay. The Amount of mrmey the 'advance agents,' got In Osborn* Is not known. but one businese man said he paid them $6.50 fee ticket*. 'The La Crowe Republican states that nee:manta of La Crowe bid a mighty turd time explaining to the kids that the tnerchepea and realdenta of La Crone had been duped. Merchants In that city paid ell the way front to $6.50 for the pent:coo of giving away, with sales, Metes tickets whiob would admit an adult or child at a reduced palm. An txtmalve advertising pan was explained to the merchants whereby they would got Credit for nonevent; the theta In handbills which would be marled to the box. holden on the routes and In newspaper advertising. Bat Uwe was no advertising and no circoa. It Le understood that Menace and FJneley were oleo on the aucked lint of nonexistent atolls &genie. "All of which should be fair wanting to other communities to beware el eirelllar Maxie in the future." Te gods, what an we coming tot TICE following from J. N. Moon, ex - A cotton broker and former showman, for then: "In your Broadcast In the lame of The Billboard preceding the Spring Spooled you predicted /saber prices for ootton and wheat. Whsle you did not cite your reasons. you evidently oemedered your information reliable. /Once publication cotton has advanced Well over 200 point.. and while wheat Is handicapped by Cambrian. also Argentine competition, yet It hoe retched $1 per Mahe!. While I thoroly understood The 11121toard is not a political or *peen. latter pormeaticet yet It does portray all forms of arottaments and le a good barometer of conelitimui." WEcongratulate Charts H. Manahan. news editor of The Memphis (Tyra.) Labor Revue., on his sound arturnente of the endue of a carntrat to a city cc town. Ills Wilde column. The Town Periscope Pawned 0. H. In the Labor Neuter of May 9, was de. voted to this subject and we are merry that apam will not penult of reprinung CINCINNATI It In Its entirety. Written Immediately before the opening of the Cotton Curd - vat, his arguments follow. In part: "Next week Memphians and their galena celebrate with the Mempbts Cotton Cornived, an event M whicis Mempba's enronteed labor can join heartily Moe the carnival is diatinctly en aunt to litemphls. If It does nothing mere, it odors a week of divervion and causes a lot of money to be pieced to circulateen-money that might otherwise not be In circulation and money that, cren natty, finds Its way to the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker... "The downtown parade. liberally Sprinkled th_u the carnival program all create pleasant traffic burdens for the Memphis Street Railway aa tbetuonds of parade viewers oath spend Ie cent" they might not have spent othestao In needing to and from the business "MuiIciana, too. fend a peck -tip In work durtnz Cotton Carnival weekthose rectal evenu-while releaturante end downtown drugstores find a land. onto buret:me before and after ponders... "Merchants, who find their patrons all out watching the parades and not In the store. eventually get business as a result of the Cotton Carnival, for them eaten wages And overtime pay of etre-attar rr-rn, mutletlins, and others mean the attereolthil to buy clothing and other neoceeitice. a 'Over on the Front Street. midway. Ino eldentally, tapas will be live people who no. drink, esod have the require:bente of everyday people. They spend racmcie to lire, and buy clothing, fool, patronize bench: buy gasoline, electrical power, sruppllos of all Mode. The show coming here this year. Hamlet See. Is one of the larger units of the Amusement aerporstioca of America. with a personnel that-without benefit of the prone agent's ciphere-.till numbers emend hundred men and women, end throe on the pay roll get their *rem foe the previous week's work on Theaday-with a full week, almost, to eporxl then stipends in Memphis,.. "In all, whether the Cotton Combat causes ono or 260,000 out-ot-town vitttors CO come to tdensphia Wane time during the week. It all means a volume of extra bonnets created by tale di. version of street paraded athletic rents. air show midway activities that adds up to a distinct meet" IVfl g Green's The Crossroads CHICAGO WHETHER Tod you, and you like w- eaned hillbilly roue* and comedy or not, hundreds of thousands do, as evidenced by numerous reap pre:go-mos and radio surveys. 13o-we've volt of wondered why some smart carnival show. man hum% capitalized on that fact by installing a hillbilly show on the midway, Not just a none-ex:mt bunch of guitar and banjo plunkeer with twangy vowels, but het a dozen fats to maddlice performers who have developed a radio following and can put on an entertaining show. We can hear carnal' man whose long association with shore has made thorn blare exceelmtng: "Huh! Vibe Wants to listen to a lot of corny tinging and banjo ployingln Corny? Of course It tel But dowel about OS per cent of your midway audience belong In the corny classification? And don't they Helen to those corny programs on the ant The WOO Malone! Barn Dance to of course. the dusk! example. Yoe ready 10 yeas it has been turning people away every Saturday night in the Others Street Theater In Chicago. And a large part of Its audience, is drawn nom the population of Chicago and Its suburbs. Perhaps that doesn't prove anything. Nevertheima we hare a hunch that a properly framed hillbilly show would prove profitable on a midway. While It would not be, pnealblo to get a Lulu Belle or at Renfro Valley show for the midway. there are available at a not too high figure performers who bare retablutted a following on the air and who doubtless would attract plenty of custorneee If they ehoeted on a midway and were properly exploited. Maybe It's as crazy idea. nut a let of crazy Rime have panned out and somebody ta going to try this one. TirDS a rmy nice press balk for Alllanselean Proliclend pollen out by Walter Halo. the show's publhelty ream We was particularly Interested In the hero atom the glamorous Mimi Mon - tattle. who, according to the Story, will croon Retlaw resha new Mt tune, Omni See a Dog About a Man. Now who could that songwriter Retiew Ma bet BISST weather prophet for the middle of May I. Riverview Park. Any thaw flguring on pltylng the Chicago territory in mid-eley earl make a safe bet that the week will ne rainy. It hits g out of 10 years, which la a pretty good percentage. Leonard Traube's Cut in the Open Performer Salaries NEW TANAOER8 and showmen of "Clam up. pulp -Inspired conoccteoo which Ile A" ennead eamleale will not find It particularly difficult to comply with pante for anat. This type. wbeover Or whatever he or she may be, receives salary conditions net up for performers not lea than 62.0 a week by the Oulida Ws, whichan Outlet ot Variety Art - own seated demand in to agreement Ws. Is in charge a Mt" JUMWIR3- with rthausgemerta. Incalenntly. what Met. In fact, the terms are no east happens where the value of the att7110- that artists on midway* below the "A dorm not depend upon a specific rating are liattamcd to be paying the Individual performer? managements for the privilege of en. gsgement. Ctrl thows are thrown In with illueloo Under the Oullere minimum wage shows. The principals' In chow aro male for the very highest etstentication rated $23 minimum, understudies (wbattete they ere) aro clawed In the 420 a talker or openinst maker, who may now consider hirmelf a performer by Irtue of the tualona recognition of him NI MKS. Is entitled to the fancy minimum amount of te20 per week. Some of the more worthy turners of tips will be glad to know how highly regarded they are by the union nirtch come them. An Made lecturer Is oleo down for the dooble-aawbuck minimum. A eide-ehow act which ha been around for at leapt three non and is "generally recovilree ae a drawing attraction" Is entitled to OA more than a talker. The (thud's etanderel contract done not.ate how "graerally recognized" is strived at, nor does It bother : acts not "generally rocoguireer on box-office automata. 'What happens tee this claw? A single pit rot, In which the value of the attraction depends upon "a ape - YORK nee individual performer," I. to a better position to command financial security. 1/10 Its oc she be a pored -up. trumped- group, and 1111-tna and belly people are permitted to grab $16 Chorus girls. models. and laming girls are ihtorid to be worth $4 more per week than the mil -inn slid the belly retinue. Principals In exudes -the and dome chowa receive the puma ntlednaun as pit acts or 830, but understudies (wbstmer they are). It they do specialties. are entitled to at least MOO. What happens to understudies (whatever they are) who do net present nsperialtica"? The very highest mintenum la for free acts, the remuneration being $00 net. AA If these fabulous salaries were not enough. the Ouild says that the ante to raised 10 per cent at fair dates. The minimum wage stole for performers with carnivals other than "Cum A" la awaited with great anxiety. Tele year's weather ran mu* to torn: rain falling Intermittently thrueetit the week. So far no side elows hale booked for the park. Bid when It to number and variety of tides. It clew can just about top any pork in in country. ICUARD MILLEWS Thirstand. kiddie AL perk on Clitcagole Southend Sian ham been getting a nice play this spring... boula.1. Berger, agent for Csoosirroo Weldor Shows, to from St, Louis to look after come railroad contracts.... Rumor In a local daily that Oma Atitry Ls (.0mo:daring giving up him radio work to dmoie all of Mt time to rodeos. ie toe bunk_ While Autry doom get heavy dough for rodeo appearantes. Ma draw IA baud witty on Ms radio rep, and to quit the air would mean a quick decline. Gene is too wise in the waya of Show toe to let that happen... "Clibby" to from oho West Coast and left foe St. Louts to join Royal American Sham- Al Sweeoey back front a succosigul booking trip tont the Midwest.. Row W. Ogilvie. who hill. Mr:own as "the snail man who does big things," ts tokens awing around the country and stopped off In CM hot week Meer a leisurely trip thru the Southwest from hie home lo Gardena, Calif. nee Is a netatth per. eon, his card Maine hie atvenntallabenents as bookkeeper. baritone. typist. and cook J. tiodlensyr and Curtis Velem of Royal American Shows, spent mew. of lard week in Ch!mgo..,. Among co: - of -town threemen who came In for the funeral of L. Clifton Keeley were Dee Ler.g. Noble C. rairly. and Dennis Howard. DAV indoor Show in Zanesville a Success ZANESVILLE, O.. May 17.-The Disabled Amencon Veterans Indoor Clans In the newly f [nestled City Auditor-1cm here May 9 proved nucceedul financlalty. The amine:lune was Ideal for chows aced which met with the approval of the patrons. The DAV committee received wonderful de-operetam from newspapers and the radio. One of the highlight* of pubtelty oceuited when Wallace Circus extichited here a week preceding the IMV'e thee, and R. W. Roger.. men slier lied the event annatined over his speaker system at the night performsom. lain was a real fatter and the committee baa not etopped talking Of this matey. The program hero contested of Beitorda ponies and trained hears: Modem Denea trained doge: Theaters McCoy, whip maniputotoo Smoka Do WM. Mexican knife thrower: Claineds. Emit fruhen mystic with large Madera the Aerial Lerchea. and Jame Corneal DUO. Pennk Laatheed led the tend and Ptonk Bowen arldeuneed. The show was prodlicod by the Mid. last Producing Cempany, headed b' W. St. never. Mildred Meyers heivtael the onkel and peornotlenut The Mid lleit company hat been Melted both to produce the chow next year. RCA -Victor Group Sponsors Hunt Show CAMORN. N May For the Met time In its history the Victor Athiroti Aoreclation. cornprtainx members of ibr RCAVictor Manufacturing Company here. has sponsored a circus. Itur,t's Threes -Ring -Circus and Wild West Bees gave four two-hour show' yesterist Ufa and today (171 at the Valor Athlete: Mid here. No tickets were sold on the grounds. Only members of the mods - Lion were entitled to buy guest LOOM and each employee -member was calumet to one free ticket and as many children's tickets as needed Up to three IA ItIng they lotted. The Hunt chow served its a warmiten up for the show. which maw tore May 28. HAVE CASH be linos. Rectos r.,,/...4,/a I. I...WA ea I, Preiet 1.10%. N.. tre. &eel 0. It It tsp. C. C. CON Vifibood Os,, Ps.

65 May 24, 1941 GENERAL OUTDOOR The RiIlboard 63 Two British Shows Out; 3d to Start LONDON, April 12, --During Its Brat seek to the road this sown Mrs.. Clara pedes MMus picked up good bluenose ledustriel areas. Program. sustained alsrest entirely by the runny. embrum Welt -group and individual.. wire walk. too. aeronaut. rope thinning arm whip meeting. pooches, and John Swallow's got:ants. Salt and Sauce. presented by pickle Williams from Australia. Show n ming a one-pote tent. For enusic an amplified gransaphone is mod. 1k-smite's Circus started out this week. ire. hl first dates being towns near to iodquarters In Auer. Program con. sou of family member', related either ere marrease or blood, and Include,. group ape Individual tiding, wire -walking, anng rings. trapeee, knifeonmenng. thick &booting, roller balancing. and pretend acrobatic*. Ttempole tent la teed and an &meanid grunophone twenties the mmic. Moot atanda will be stor dee. Backed by a syndtrate of four, Inrennag two Made booking Rentz. new inning show Is due to take the road my M. Tent of last,sera's Ill-fated 5:.--;,-Prencla Circus will be used. and company Will inelurre well-known Britten vez performers. A definite run of four meta has been guaranteed. K. C. Fairyland Reopens; Brancatos See Big Season ICANBAS CITY. Mo.. May 17.-PaRyland Park opened here today and the!henn ts expected to be best In the jerks history. said Owners Victor and Jleno Brancato, John D. Turnino la man reeedent manager In special charge d the ballroom and ono Brancato; ant operating manager?. game bands are elated for at Meat one duce weekly, with well-known orthea. ins to ploy for dancing on other nights. Johnny Engro and his orchestra opened Oe hillroom, followed by Bob Popo and Ila band. lenge* was brought In by the 1k=key Music Company. Ballroom will hue dancing Priday. Saturday. and Sun. (by nights until Decoration Day and Men dancing will be held nightly except lirnday. gsnagenwnt is presenting 28 rides and Premusert. Senora Carver'* diving levee will be returned. Parent-Teacher AaavialLn.aponsored picnics began teem Many other outings hare been tothel With the Zoos H.P.,WAUXFJO-A peer of Bengal tigers, MO of South Ante:leen ;unlink and a oemeary will be added to Washington in Zoo hero as a result Of purchase. 'moved on May 13 by Washington WANT TO BOOK suerfewrio or Si:aroma was olden. Ahe reel Shorn or A as for week stand,,. Alt.07 to SUMMIT BEACH PARK Akre, Ohio ROLLING GREEN PARK sawn. va Paineettraita LIMO Pang Park Zoological neelety director*. Ant. vine. actor and ono of Philip Mermale. men will be turned over to the mo at ranger, and vocalist with Seatton WCAN. and Jane Sterling. aeteexii. May 3 at the the ar.r.ltal sprang Opening day program A daughter to Mr. and Mra. Jack Gordon May It In Menorah Hospital, Brook- Cathedral P. E. Church of St. Paul, Beatonlyn. Father is owner of the Gordon ors June 15. CALGARY. Alta. -Armond report of MORDAN-POULES - Robert nounett Novelty Company. New York. Calgary Zoo showed Morgan. plants(, and there were 516 Josephine Love speetre.ene on display. compared to 463 Fouled. fernier band vocation In Wasb Lngton May 9. at beginning of the year. noodetuffs to Diootces the value of $ were donated and RANDALL-VAN OSTRAND--Don a Id food purchases amounted to $29610, Randall. trumpet player with Don Gm - Oreer Clarice. /attest from Edward... don creamy's, mad reelyn Van Cetrand. Alec Abbot finetaeri, British Govern. nornpro. May 4 at Patchogue, N. Y. sent attache, recently. DMVVFM.-Clyele 0 Mil. superintendent of City Park Zoo here. has been SCRIMONR-NYE-Lade 0. Scritriger, Irene Beldam Brown. formes show girl named commender of the Colorado nonpro. and Ruth Nye. daughter of II. if. and now a booking agent, from Jomph A. Broom, national detente force which will servo Nye. outdoor thowinan. to Mount Vernon. 0., Arid! 26. Bremer Consolkimed Shows. In Min. ecenenutortaire with the an the State', military unit during absence of the national guard. lie was an WILHOMBRADNA--Doustas W. Wil. Ann!Mime: Harkins, Westport, Cont. neapolta May 8. officer during the World War and has holt. mot:lite and ranger. and Olynape from John Harkins. Saranac lake. N. Y. been active many years In VeleTazia' organization& the Coed Shepherd. Beverly Hills, Calif., Bridgeport. Comm., May 9. Bradlee. film anthess, at the Church of ennead* writer for Warner Brotbera, 10 May 14. The bride's uncle Is Fred EMI. O'Brien from James A OlItten NEW ORLEANS. -Audubon Park Zco Brads, ringmaster for the Ringliag to Donee April 22. has received young female ma] from Bros. and Barnum At Bailey Ctreus. MargaretCartwright Baker from Mil the West Coast. With the 120.pound YORK-OTT7A121-Jeme York. non -pro, Baker, Dim comedian. May 3 to Weal. cow Corns a fourth male addlnon to the and Carol Ottmer. one Of the Seemly Palm Beech. its. pool. A second pair of male are due Stators. April 27 in haltintore. Md. Hewlett& Eckardt from hank W. Dck- 1100[1. ZOLLO-MclitrLI.C4 -Leo Zolfo. or. &reit May 1 in Wincemain Rapids. Wis. They operated Wisconsin Raptcis three Circus Historical Society WICHITA, Klan, May 17. -Walter W. Teton. of Guelph, Ont., recently received an old herald of the John Robinson Great world's Reposition Ten Shown Combined. season of The original owner bad pawned on the herald. "First railroad show to play Germantown, 0." Welter W. Pletschrman. CKS of Detroit. Is attending the International Business Machine Corporation's school at Endicott, N. Y. Jack and Evelyn Turner are with Young'', tent thew on the advance and handling banner. They have a now Plymouth and a Trevel-Dme troller. 'Thattca5es DART-rtonams - Jan Bart, e nd WIWI Robin:tn. anger. April 10 In Brooklyn. BERC-IIBLPLY-Alphonee Berg. ramie performer, and Winifred )(reply. nonpro. BRADLEY.UPSHAW- Trunk Bradley. talker and front man with the C. P. Weer Shows, and Leming Upsnaw, nonpro, recently in Albuquerque, N, M. BRANAVQt-McKELLAR - Dave Bran. suer, producer and co -manager of Iferryle New Yorker, Chicago, and Ethel McKellar at Bowling Oreen, 0, recently. CAUPBELL-L UNDBERO Jamie Campbell and Mary Lee Lundberg. members of Clark's Greater none. in Moe - anon Churcb, Preen, Calif.. April 23. CAREY-11EC5CSCHER-E. MacDonald Carey. actor appearing in Lody in Ito Dark In New York, and Eirabeth Crosby Hrekeeletr, settees and engine May 4 In Bryn Mawr, Pa. COOK.HISIGER-Pbtlip Cook. of the Virginia Reel, Coney Island. N. Y.. and Helen Menem nonpro. April 28 In New York_ DAVIS-QURON--Carleton Morris Derta. notirtro. to Lillian Joan Quinn. singer at the Hotel Bond. Hartford. Conn.. ice Ridgenrid, Conn April 18. DILLON-ROHAN- William P. Dillon. manager of the Blue Magic Cafe, Holyoke. Mem.. and Mary A. Rohan, Holyoke. May 5 In that city. CIARSTON-HALE-Michael Garslon. dancer, end Doris Hale. dancer. May 14 In Philadelphia. HARRIS-FATE-Pbil Herrin orchestra Rader, and Alice Pay.., film actives and e tneer. in Ensenade. Meath,. May 12. KELLY -BRAN -Chic Kelly. new, editor of Station KYWn Philmielphle. and Amy Inia.n44to..is1w1rw-Atetl.W dpeaenka g! e g met nem n Bean. non -pro. May 3 In Phitdelplite. le IL KISTLER-PUCILITME--L. H. Tiny Kistler, fat man In the Ted Metz Side Show WASTED cn the Golden State Shows. and Mary Pugllose. nonpro, In Las Angeles Aped 30. RS' BAND SPRING FROLIC KRLJL-MILDER-Edward Krill. manager of the New Home Theater. Detroit. Ade OM., Jana 4.7. to Marion Miller, nonpro. AprIl 23. n O. 124A 421.ANT)0%4 MERIVALE-STERLING - Jack Men - ATTENTION tag SALE --One of the best small Parks in Ohio. 18 years operating: never,1 2 losing year. Income from rents $3,000 per year. Lake braking. latiftel donee pavilion, arcade gallery, games and Marty other features. Wnh to retire se account of health. Will stand the strictest investigation. AU'fti for foil information BOX D-68, Cafe The Billboard. Cincinnati, 0. chestra leader at the Benjamin hanklin Hotel, Pbilacielphia, and Gertrude Mc- Mullen. head Willtenae at the /miens Coral Cafe. two years ago in Manacle). phi*. It was disclosed recently. Comini 71Zattlaget Angela Cowen pianist, to tiring Siegel, orchestra!ceder and conapmer. in Minot. N. D., soon. Byron K. Timm termer night club enterteiner and unmet on Station WADC, Canton, 0. and Lucille Schmio, nunpns, an Canton June 14. Mein. Henry la Minivan. non -pro, and Margaret Jane Vaughn. Phllsdelptata lee nkating star. at Woo Point In June. Dr. Daniel Silk, nornpro, and Adeline Berger., daughter of Louts Deemer. owner of the Empress and Ideal theaters. PM!. adelphla. In that city In November. Arthur French. Mimics% Mees., and Muriel Illehardson. of Station WIMO. Worcester. Meas.. In Worcester soon. W. P. Slumber Jr. (Preston the Magician), and Mildred Pawn, groper, rat Fast Baptist Church, Ptnerille. Ky., June 13. Louis B. Simon, account executive at Station KY& San?nineteen. and Gertrude S. Karp. nonpro. in San hancisco June 8. Adrian Gendot, writer at Station EMIG,. and Late Allen Hampton, radio actress, in San Promoter. In June, Elisabeth Rotnolo Ferment.), owner and manager of the now Lee (Mama Theater. and Anthony Serra. Pittsfield. Mem., In Lee soon. Ralph raotwood. vocalist with Leo Zollo's orchestra at the Beneainin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia, and Menton Mervin. in Phindelphia next fall. Rittlts A con, Daniel Lee. to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jones recently In Sandusky. 0. rather is Owner Of the Star Theater there. A son to Mr. and Mrs. William 0. Ken. nedy In Mount Carmel Central Hospital, Detroit. April 20. Father is operator at the Bleier& Theater there. A delineate to Mr. anti Mtn John norntek in Florence Crittenden Hospital, Detroit, April 19. Father to operator at ate Majestic neater, Detroit. A daughter, Irene Claire. to Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood R. Conner AprIl 14 In an Atlanta hospital. Parents are well known in carnival circles. A sort to Mr. and Mrs. Julian Hoch - fritter at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital In Hollywood April 27. Father le 'welter at MGM A daughter, Susan Elliot, to Mr. ar4 Mr., Herm Olmstead In York. Pe... April 25. Father Is manager of Warner Bros.' Copitol Theater there, A son. Michael Arthur. to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Weinberger recently in New York. Father Ls a theatrical attorney. A dat.mbter. Ruth, recently tee Mr. end Mrs. Barry Milford In Interns Point. Wis. The parents are tent show opera - Mrs. A eon to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chinos April 23 In Hahnemann Hospital, Phila. dephis. leather is orchestra leader at Carroll',, Ptilledelpnia night chub. A son, Charles Allen. to Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Morrie. burlesque performers. Le Dr. Lempn Maternity Hospital, Bronx. New York, April 25. A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Tro Harper in Stanford Hospltal. San Francisco, May I. Farber a special event, broad - crater at Station NAPO. San Francimo. A son to Mr. and Mm. Phil Letterman April 28. Mother la former planet, sr - theater, for many years. Phyllis Roper Ober, nonpro, from Philip Ober, actor, May Ii in New Meek. WALLACE BROS. (Continued from pope 45) 24 -hour work. The five -bull act that was In Chicago for the Stadium show to beak on the show and helps the program IM. Show moved Into Penneylmma from here and after playing about 10 days In that State continue* east, Harold lamp. formerly of the advance of the Wallace show, now labor reporter for The Akron Beacon Journal, malted his former bone, Ray Rogers, here and renewed acquaintances among troupers. Ted Deppith, photographer of the Charles Merritt Shreannenn Club, screened movies of the Cleveland Arena indoor emu. lost winter between 42401,1 bare for entertainment of this performers, many of whom took part In tine Cleveland *how. Other Melton greeted by Rogers here included Judge Gordon Bunts and wine owl Cal Wise and family. member:, of the recent Al Horan Trurndrum Shrine Indoor circa* committee; Fred Work, Ralph and rimmed Petetek Mr. and &ha. Prank Adams. Olen Wagner, Nick Ray Wallace, Frank Reardon, J. R. nealioy and wife, Jack Mullane, Jack Redrew and wife, Roy Wild, and Rex MoDonr.ell and wife. UNDER THE MARQUEE (Continued from pope 43) band. directed by Mao Guy. are Charles Cuthbert. Andy Munn, and Eddie Masten. cornets Sylvester Lorton baritone,: Carl Beerggren. bum Prank Miner and Art Myers. clarinet and vas: Prank Clark. calliope: Joe Campo. trombonat Wild Wycnore drum& Band le union and claimed to bra the only truck shah bend using a reed section KEYS, who has the Wild West ebocert on the Al 0. Kelley -Inner Brea.' Clreng, alto le the mall, route Mad, and Btilhoard agent, He say, the concert le holding half the bigeseiew audience. Its line-up Includes Keys and lets daughter In trick and fancy roping: Doris and Obert Miller. comedy mute: Oklahoma Shorty and Mary Keys. whip crocking: Rey, and daughter. trick and fancy rifle elmoting. and Chief Keys In trick and fancy home meriting. with Oklahoma Shorty, Mary Keys, and Montana Lily aa riders. HARRY AND LORETTA LA PEARL write that the Peed Meyer Storrs Circus In Portland, Ore... had Berry LareartIs c3owna and deem Healy amid Mack. bar gymnasts and wire artists: Boots and Saddles, Hollywood melte dogs: Mareell. escape artist: a mechanical man: the Ranch Serenaders and the Syria Brothers, with LaMar, In charge of the program. Healy and ',Leek have mooed on to Vancouver, B. C., where they will appear at the Can Club for two weeks and then go to Winnipeg for two more weeks, ANOTHER REPLY to the inquiry lig to whether Cionrnar Bros' show ever played Canada cornea from L W. Adams. wire is is cite* at the Pickwick Hotel, Atlanta. Ile toys the 0011mar show made Catiaoa Ira 1817, after it was bought by Jam.. Patterson from the Golimena. 'That woo the last season of the Gotinur title on the road until when It was leased by the American Circus Corporation and put on the Morse's (host London Millman. toys Marna Ian week Memo 0. Breathes said the Gollmor show played Canada in 1V3.

66 66 The Billboard May 24, , AMUSEMENT MACHINES De,badmeirtfiz Opetezkra, Jobbea, Dc2C2ibutozi. and Manufactuwa. Conducted by WALTER W. HURL--Cornmunicationa to Surveys -- Ashland Building. Clark and Randolph Streets. Chicago The coin machine!trade is one indaytr3. that needs reliable data made available for its oun good Surveys and questionnaires aro a very common thing in modern business. In the last few years there are many who fool that the idea of surveys has been overdone. But reliable statistics aro always useful in business and for that reason surveys and questionnaires will always bo used. The federal government has greatly increased the coverage of its census bureau in recent years and now makes regular and very useful survey reports on manufacturing industries, retail sales, and other important business sublects. In vary recent years the census coverage has been extended to include certain items and business fields that relate to tho coin machine trade. For example, a census report on coin machine manufacturers for the year 1939 was made available late in This gives to the business world a reliable and conservative report on the coin machine manufacturing industry as a whole and will be of benefit to the industry. The census of retail sales in recent years has included a check on the sales of merchandise thru vending machines. All of this information gathered by the federal government will be authoritative and valuable. But there are many phases of the industry which are highly important and which will not be covered by any official census. For that reason certain agencies in the trade itself will need to collect reliable information about the industry. Tho organized trade associations within the industry have been at work in this field for some time. The Automatic Phonograph Manufacturers Association keeps a complete and reliable check on the phonograph manufacturing industry and is aided in this worthy job by the fact that there aro not so many firms in the phono manufacturing field. The other associations have a much bigger and slower job. The Billboard this year is offering its co-operation and at the same time seeking the co-operation of all associations and the industry at largo in gathering statistics on the various phases of the industry. The coin machine industry is ono business that needs reliable data on its activities and business importance. Newspapers often hurt the industry by quoting exaggerated figures. but part of this may be duo to the fact that no reliable statistics have boon avail able from any source. For the last few years The Billboard has been making its annual legal survey of State and city licenses and tax laws that apply to the various typos of coin -operated ma chines. It has bean very difficult to keep an accurate chock on these legal matters since there aro frequent local changes. Another problem has been to got tho co-operation of the trade in the various States and cities. But the good work has been started and each year a greater number of associa. lions, distributors, and operators join in co-operating with us to help the industry as a whole. Our plans for 1941 call for making a ' T7.,77:773 FENSE te,eds SPITS aunt TANS'S A4aRAMta NATIONAL ocatir PILOTS ILATIeau SN J National Unity u tar CeSt,01 SVS is our lilt of do/rum fleets. (Ca, - icon by COPL.14Cif in CArtsiton &taste Monitor.) special survey on particular types of machines during each of the next several Months. During May we have boon check Ing on penny merchandise vending machines. a small machine to be sure. and just how many millions of thorn aro in operation no ono seems to know. Bost estimates range from two to three million penny venders. Our first reports in this survey reveal some very interesting information. Of course, on this first survey we hardly expect to more than make a good beginning. but at the same time we will got some useful information on which to base fairly reliable estimates. During Juno wo plan to check on ciga retie vending machines. A lot of information on those important machines is already available, so that our annual surveys will be largely to bring statistics up to date. During July wo will make our annual chock on beverage vending machines and July is also the month for making our annual survey of legal conditions. On the legal phases wo already have made a good start In previous years and each year we bring our legal Information more up to date. During August we have tentative plans to make a survey of the music box industry and records. This information will be gathered in time for use in our annual Talent Sc Tunes Supplement. our music annual which for two years has proved its great usefulness in bringing the music box trade and artists and musicians close together for mutual profit and understanding. Later in the year wo will check on candy bar vendors and other types of machines. With the co-operation of the various association. firms and agencies in the industry a big stop will be taken toward gotling reliable facts about the coin machine trade in all its branches.

67 ... May 24, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES Th,liboard 67 West Coast News Notes By SAM ABBOTT Of The 13,111:oard Los Angeles thee. Address: Cecil Hotel. LOS ANOM.M5. May 17. -This week aw Meaty Bromberg In in the Part and the the boys on the three load coin rows boys expect bins to ants a new car back. supping 011 it. Many sailors and readier. in town have made budnean excepuonany them Predictions are that 20,600 men ta-d. Bite:Urban tenths and busses are will be in camp there by June t. teeming service boys from near -by came, am week -end stays at a reduced rate. done hotek me offering soldiers and odors special rake. tea Lordrn report. that the draft has darken up his badness. but that things sr, gradually getting beet to normal. reetter Wean and Stew Nemetb hare kit for the army. In their placeo are Ted inephard and John 8andburn. Le. pate the Illuminated organ-typn spathes are gang crony In this section. 14. Herring. who ha. been In the phone. graph remodelkat business. says that be will soon have an announcement of Inquest. Southwestern Vending Company Is a sary place thew deli. and the good bud - sea has out short Harry. Replan's trips. JInmie Jocks. manager. nye arcade gdsidit norrotr. May Karl Klein. G-orerben Tool Manufacturing Company. ea- to Boston for a few days to contact peons and operators. Harold Rudman. operstca of the BAT U.sentfIlt Machine Company. Onnertdge, was married this week to Drab; Cotter. The seventh meeting of the Amuser_rot Merchants' Aosoctatiots W. pod - peed this week. Treasurer Jim Woodwinl said the next meeting will be held robin the nest three weeks. Yo wet tent were repeated after the fahna trip taken by ate, and Mem. Arthur Sturgeo. of Automatic Distributing Clospany, aboard their cruiser. EddSe Wirth*. et Melody Phones:mph Cernpew:. Springfield. and Ire WaleWO ens guests. nay Shea, Worcester nivale operator. hal treruterred one of hie telephone mule systems from Worcester to Pram. Ingham ROA reports geed results. l'as Wier. of C. W. Claire Company, Ihome, Me.. placed remote apparatus lei alt of his top lexatione In that city and Morns business has tnereasesil subnormally. TognisoCI and Cara Ferrari. of Amusement Company. Preening - =1. Masa, are expanding their route " POPC T new equipment ZIPOrts that the musk operators' ass:rialto:a would be retired were prornitail MOM; the Hub's =en rows last week. itzintee Kushner. Of Tatly-Bowl Mann- IkiurIlig Company, reports, locations; ant nbirg to the new product In a big way. Pain Bonin. Wiarcestfr Maw. reports colleetionsi on the Inerearie In the Wedem nod of the State. Operators In that s".3011 anticipate One of the biggest fewr to bistory. Paul and Arthur Strand of Mo. Mak Phonograph Company. Ornetefteld. 31w... are kept busy expanding thetr remote MatoHAMM>. Boys art plating 'Mote equipment In mans of their ICC6- COTS-odd report col/cottons constantlyconstantlylians It's always Monday and noon when Met, Roy Smith, of Lancaster. Calif., walks Into the AOLAC orrice. Office force Le thinking of mitting the clock by her visits... Joe NOtO la planning strip north. That new fellow at the AOLAC meeting recently sue Don Jackson. Max Home Weatare, manager for Need -a -Pak. recently returned from a trek around this territory. According to Max. things are looking up. "A Mort to the Mitten'. musket horf--hackle:r Morin, SItateVa V4101 Direct 'Mitch -to -Town' Action and 'Barge Tour; " Matta Afsfettne Dawn. Buckley Decal y. Celt:men are etalting Cam Manama. Culver Ctty night spot, to renew acquaint - antes with Harold Lewin. a former operetta. (Manufac- Among those attending the NBC party turer. release.) monument Is going Wrenn. The hot for Jar* Denny m the 1111troore Bost on wsher h.. increased plans co rissehinea the OM -4g= of his 10th year In radio st the beaches. WAS Moine Simon. Cutler Robinson's ein. (lent secretary. She's been with the Di Canvasser left for the rant reenniv AOLAC since it alerted four year. ago. muuteapolts.t. Paul to ):en his wife, who was called there by. the death Of her mother. Verne Moore recently returned from a *tart buoinew trip. 3.11NNEAPOLLS. May 17. -Opening sat BATT). Eleauregard and Lloyd Sanders Use noising season Litre Thursday nignaliml the start of the Minnesota tourist e.7.1 be Inducted into Uncle Sonia army hetare long. Their name, are already on season. tbe honor roll In the Mike of the Awn - Peanstitoaltia WWI Operator. of Los Angeles County. Vs'ILNIZ-BARRIV, Pa., May 17.-Thteree A cheek with Ruterli A. Ackerman.. obtained about $25 If001 the cigarette city license department chief. retorts New* teem San tuns Obispo is that said candy vending rnbenlim ohm they that licemea were tamed for about lenie Dunn 1. one of the babied men broke Into Wed Ride Park In Berwick pinball Mere Camp San Luis Obispo Is located last seek. It WAS the fourth burglary =thins. In Minneapolis May I. there within a year. Application for licenses UUCP/ the new vending machine ordinance are Very Lou Cuterbenter. net Noteity Coln- 6:06, Atte:men said, pony, reportshen", two morecentral There have been 400 licenses Issued for pinny rending city locations for hie Mystic music,,,,,e4, /indent Albert Balogh. mehanie for City Company, wen inducted army last Saturday Rex Nor. into the Max Roth end lions Linden= put nentlwra in their caps by donating the service. of a phonograph (or an affair et th'ilkeellarre Chapter. American Newmaper audit Lou Unterberger was Installed as president of the local Banal B'rith Lodge last Tuesday. H. 8. Staanak. Shirkthiney operator. used ado in the Wilkar-Barre Record recently. Mississippi NATCHEZ. MUs., May ring badness, 1st this section is for bmond expectation. Monthly market reports, show that trend co:if/num to wall and bar boxes for phones. Volunteer, to army terries continue to thin rattier of operators. Newest sultan. tier Is Attorney T. O. Bauer. legal ail. deer of rennet local operators. lie lase been rent to Camp Shelby. Operators ere renting phone/ for commencement parties, here. Powell Kinser has lidded the Golden Anchor night spot to tar, route hat. Penny rending ree well as nickel vend. tug Iw:crop, machines axe springing up In various locations. Many new weighing machines installed. gulta la innea'aiao, May 17. -Jim Blakeslee. fromirre Amusement Company.. Ott a btlys lug some. ixru ht Par new Oil Seetsurg. LI Twit AS another lineup of &sebum remote tot:inuits. Blakeslee also rimenrso Drive -Mobile, whkh be Ilker very much. Tod Inn. Amtnieriurnt Company la getting ready for surnmor ble and meantime le getting good entleettelt. In his city and afar -by spots. Bill alphingi Cohen, Silent Sales Company, beck Men Cbicogo, where ho met with H. T. Roberts. of Autocratic Instrument Corporation, reports that an important announcement concerning phonon in due to break soil. riusinew at Con -a -Matto Amusement Company, according to Jostle Deorack. has been excellent the past wort. Jack Ravine. of United Machines, gent that trade has been holding up in fats shape. Mike O'Dowd. of St. Paul. hal been storktog up on Eiceburg ph -nos and remote control and reports has route la well satisfied with the Ifilt line. Murry Eirsehlistion ph mo record cliato-muter. has boon having a good 'moon. 1. N. Jensen. of Chippewa WI.. was in the city to buy new equipment for Ms route. wrath he akin has been doing well The P C. Mayer Company, recently appointed RCA -Victor distributor in this area, conducted in open house Wednesday th.u Sunday (till. At Minnesota Machined Company. op - errant by at M. tdcci Berenaon. business was reported bolding up well, AUTOMATIC' PHOTOGRAPHY Dettaii DETROIT, May 17.-PAward P. mon% Who OHtfettes *lax. hurry's Oar - den, on the aide, has placed an order foe PhotornatIns.... Now operating Slim known as the Lincoln Park AITHM Coninaty U being organfrect In the suburb of Lincoln Part by Rumen 'Fella and Prank Staff., Edward Kitty, former Detroit muse oiwrator, who la now putting out Ill. town reeorde, wan a swat of the Ututelt Ahlsle Operators at their meeting recently. James Ashby president of the tinned Mode Operators. reports that tweak:es in the territory are weal SAllaftod with the present service charge collectiona..ill operators now work on the bads of a minimum service charge for each tom - UM, moonlit from dl per week. accord. lily to the tsp. of location and average trokly grow. Rankin P. Peek, manager of the Detroit Towel Cabinet Conmany. la completing plan for pexliaction for his company. which in devoloptng a new automate towel Vender. CI A)fl'ION WNW*. chteeen frasaw- of 4.1l ANNA News. Not ott Pin toten on MI (otweart. bottenst caratnt4o p,ot OHO Ato. Jlebt Crtelt ty r, p.n. tows MON Noy. Otto.n/lullt OHM: seatses AN ANNUS bot pelt, GROETCHEN TOOL COMPANY 130 Is it., ti, ARCADE EQUIPMENT' World AWN, $ T. Pins. N. Ple ; NNW. ON., , Cunt Tan SIAM L. S. $ litoe : Swoop hateltnnft. sum maids r lidnelt fsaia; illeasies Amami, ; Oftltion Soot. Na Ilex , seta *44 -**1 (*Nom Ilttycht. 61. Qn. MM.! This aordtentnt 0 all in No lotottona and in 5.1 metttt814 N.19 Iw Nile moot 05.0,1.5 Womb( will tent t ra 'NW NI Vet NMI, peke AO an suede 0.11 ANNOth / % WATERBURY AMUSEMENT MACHINE CO. 744 UM*. Nth WevIe-ey. Otos. J. J. NNHON-T Conn. Ilet,401. Olo frfbults. -SPECIALS A oft Lao Grow....OILS. Air strew...arririo Wqt.i.r Itoeoltoll Memos I KN." alectsfi Wtolitoe 84, OtNnet Oon411.4n Jashtn. 9(1.60 I , Doxel, , MARION COMPANY Wkhna, Kan. *110 Volts AC Anywhere! WITH RA AND NOTARY lronetn tanaef 110 AO AO Oyd i.e eattn ann-entrrlad rawl tnte..tno. 0.w. totitto. sio rollo.s. 14.1fl aw wool ON -s: Wm, 110 AO Ltflt inens--tha NS. ONsfort BOO Vton. 110 AO 114,5 9 MOO Woo eat* lt.sni KATOLIGHTO. Mankato. Minnesota. U. S. A. The ettootrkablf toot.elotird PHOTO/JATIC onatiten worlda'orto public outo war4.n7 rake, Mawr. and a tom PeoOul phew* N. oniv 40 Ntende IteloNtet bto afffetleelst tneel 11111, stwelth NNArlog. PROVIN thw8y.44/ NON, ablloiton. INT6RNATIOMAt uuroaco,e lift CO.. INC Sr.. two/ lased Cdr. N. Y.

68 68 The Billboard AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) 3lay 24, 1941 Music Discussed at NAB Meet; Phonos Mentioned Meeting nwrked by Mutual. ASCAP 'Signing and slashing of Mil radio rates sr. LOWS. May V.-Many angles of the radio Industry were diecumed due. trig the convention of the Netional Association of Broadcasters (NAB) which opened offktally here May 12. The conventton was the merle for dtsetuolon of the Onions that hare come In radio circlet during the past emend month.. as well as!elks on, the many both:leas puce of the CUrient music had*. Leaders In the radio field spoke of the prospects for now muses end songs and of the outlook for good music en future radio programs. Occupying a prominent place In the convention were reporte on the aceornplimunecte of Broadest% Music. Inc. (Ball). since lts beginning to the mule fled In May Ban was aegantred by the broadeastern when differences arose with the American Society of Composites. Authors, rind Publishers (ASCAPI 'sheet the broadthat rates on copyright music. tenet that time the symbol( DM1 end AECAP have become almost household Wed+, duo to the wide publicity gnu ID the newrdatlates to the radio muelc "war." The music box Industry was also vitally Interested In the effects en the supply of phonograph records. ASCAP Musks was dropped from many radio Ina. lima when the dispute about nom arose. Ingenue News Lest Sunday It wee announced that the Mutual system bad made an agree. Merit with ASOAP whereby the Society's music would return to the Mutual chain. TAW was considered big news In music Circle,. and all breeches of the music node are watching the elf eels of this agreement. The neat day the Mules situating took on even broader meaning when It wee announced that RUI hid made a slash in Its MUSIC fees to broads:set nations, This Indicate' that the two competitive euppitere of mune are likely to offer many new erreleee and Ideal during the coming menthe. Phonographs Newtleased The muse box industry boa held to a neutral position during all the music furor and has also been able to do a good job In Its own circle of popularizing now songs anti music. Music operator. Were deeply Interested in the radio convention and the angles that would &- elem from It. Since Ban had been orgenized by the broadcasters, the reports during the contentton gave many facts about the work of BM since last kitty. In the speeches Assn. Urges Members To Buy Bonds 1.OS Arroyos, May I7,-"Buy Deane Beads" urges a bulletin noted by the AuxSated Operators of Loa Angeles County, Int. Curly Robinson. managing director, in a letter to members Mated: "Your aoiselation la naturally Interested In national deferser. That Interest bee been manifested verbally. charliebly, and etholeheartedly In mane ways in the past Ind will continue for all iirse, because we bare faith m America and Americana. "Currently the gommornent la settling defense bonds at all post offices to denorsoltiatiozs freem as and up., here you can fulfill a two -fold purpoeea We Investment and a pantotle duty. foe the money dented Is needed In the defense of this great democracy, "Dien Its eneraberdep. your ateocte ham always been among the net to OttemplIfy its patriotic fireeepe. This le the greatest symptom of patriotism that any American ran allow in this throe! Buy defense binds Way." that were rude by oliterala of DM1 aurae eery definite compliments were made of the mutt box Industry. Sidney Kaye. general enunsel, spoke oe the great number of phonograph records that had been sold to the borne and music box bade. HO also tenon -sailed the great efforts being made to improve the music supply which would be available for radio cod the record Ueda Merritt IL 'empties& general measeer and vice-president of Ball. mid the op. craters of coin music boxes had done much to help popularire the tunes which had been offered by HMI. The result of the music bole, and other groups using monde had been to gtve "enormously favorable pubitelty." he declared. Tompkins also added that "It Is a fair estimate to say that three -fourths of the records now canted ots coin phonographs are either BUT published or controlled." it was said by observers at the Mt- VentInn that the prospects are that both NBC and CBS will sign with ASOAP. LS at5els LOS ANGELES. May 17.-News gleaned from Mee Mohr is that he's planter; another trip to San Francisco. He reports that Baker's Target Skill and Pam are going strong_ Pred Neuman, Rex Vending Cnmreony. 5411!Tar)CLAM was a recent business visitor to Loa Angeles. He spent some time with Jean Minthonae. local Reek - CU dealer. When asked for a statement regarding his trip into this territory. Neumann arid, "Rock-Ota Ss going strung In both North and South California." Edward J. Smith. manorter California Simplex Distributing Company. distributor of Wurlittera in California, Arizona. and Noveda, pod returned from a trip to 525 Irrit0OlegO. He reports Dullness good. Mac Sanders Ls complaining that he hasn't bad a Vacation in throe years, but bele going to take one this year. The Seeders place of business is a busy spot three dap-. Every chance they get Lunn Weldon and John Halley. em - Puts $150 in Phone Boxes To Check on Juke Boxes at Home (Reprinted from The St. Louts Peel. Dispatch, May 13) Formerly no sound was sweeter to the ear of Ouy Lanknotth Juke box operator tel Washington. than the click of a coin insetted in a slot. In the six weeks be has been in the army at Jefferson Barracks In letesourl, however. the sound has by degrees" become Wu mtulcal, more melancholy. In that time he he. heard his own nickels. dimes, and quarters to the total of tinkle Into coin boxes of the Southiessatern Dell Telephone Comrony. The calls were necessary to keep In touch with hie home office and check on the regularity with which other people's nickels were falling.into his own coin boxes. Disheartened et eerier; his coins going In such numbers Ono alien machines. Lattellotil called on the Hee. Herbert J. Melia, of St. Louts. reception center Chaplain, for advice. He wanted to know how he Could arrange a transfer to Kane post clover to his juke boxes and with lower phone tolls to Washington. MEMINM110 Wales, play the Ace Borne,. a number that Mee says IA going to be one of the top games csf the mason In thts area. Lou Walther. of Advance Atitornetie Salm, was a recent visitor to the Sanders (tmee. Pat Maniacs has gone Into the army and Is no longer with Operators' Vending bfrobtne Supply Company. Lew le Feldman is the neer.teer there. and George Andersoo Es In charge of advertising and publicity. Harry Bewlings, of County Carom. le Inn -mated In outdoor show busince. and Is one of In bast supporter" In this wee - non. He yea, around with the different show owners when they are in this section. ltd leads the Pacifto Coast Showmen's Auer:anon in the Allegianoe to the Flag cersenceites at the opening of each meeting. Herb WC:01th is In the search foe bigger end better gadgets to pull jokes on hit friends eines, TOm Wall made that remark that be is totes some Gee yearn old. WURLJTZER DfSrLAYED IN A MILWAUKEE rifrater covindeat with fho personal appearance of Bob Crosby and orchestra at the Rreerstde Theater. Acme.VorreIty Company, WUrlifZer di/tribute,, pieced a leurlitzer pion in the theater lobby. Lett to 'WM. W. 1. Koala, of Acne: Rob Crosby. and Earl refines. theater manopyr. They report the phomoraph sttracted wide alien - flan end jororabie comment r.ventoicetureei release.) Tri-Way Introduces Phono Pick -Up NEW YORK. May 17.-Trt-Way Prod. ucte Company has introduced a [sew featberwelebt permanent Jewel pick-up fee automatic music operators. In addition to featuring a permanent Jewel needle In a isteweityte cartridge to At meet tone arms." It was slated. "the weight of the duke Is only one and a half Minces. Thla results In has wear of records and much longer life of roc - cede," officiate of the firm state. "A special volume control box is to. clotted. with in extra Unit Reallablo for opernlcca who um an addltioaal rooms control on the box or mar the rash regtater," they revealed. "The ;ewe' pick-up glees a much liner tone to old mechanisms and makes It tut two or three time, longer, The InatallatIon proceas s simple ^theireevez a remote control Male trystern Is used, featuring twin medal - nines, a twin featherweight permanent Jewel peek -up Milt t. available." a Trt- Way Official explained. "Tree new met works In perfectly with our Dltratone and IllOmitone chandelier all -metal speakers. More and more of these speaker% are being shipped dally so Operntrea throne: the country become seottainted with them." Uses The Billboard As Text at RCA Dealer School PIFIMADELPHIA. May 17.- The Billboard was used es a textbook by RCA- VIrtor last Tuesday when It areemblet all of its record dealers In the city at the Rite Carlton Hotel for a retool too sleet on the merthrindishur of Victee. rtluebtrd records. Part of the day's lecturer was devoted to trade publications. and Eddie Heller, In charms of the elms, used The itititocksed for textbook. He explained the fin:anon, of a trade paper and showed the "student*" how to read It. pointing ore all of the record serrke features In The Sthboard which can hi, uttltud wt. vantageously in rolling mere records. Special attention ass given to the Iteeold Boring Oulde. Telma and Tuna cot. tutus, Music Popularity Chart and the record reviews. all exchutve genic, teatem* of The 11111beard. Aitho the reboot was designed pti inertly for the music *totes, many muse: machine operator% were In attendance, and Heller gave special attention to the muse machine Industry In hie lectures. Stars, Operators Meet at Modern NEW YORK. May 17 (resnilertoea leuel.-the weekly Friday efterneon parade of recerding Wars at the Offine of Modern Vending continued yetterdel with /Ovine Rey, the Ktng Sisters Clue Kreps. and Harry James; dropplog to to greet Treks Somme" up from Want: and to lay "hello" to Nat Cohn, HIM Rosen, and the stream of Operator' wto buy their records at Modem The ants and the three bandown autographed records for the mateabied operetors, and flashbulbs; popped as Cahn anodsofmor punttriscnarre posed with the Moodier Between scribbling and *booting the visiting musk machine men and baltdmen swapped trade talk. Somme. said that operations down allantl way were better than they have been for acme time. Cohn reported n almner Increase In bustneses In this territory and hot) stated that In the past mooth Madero has donee bigger business. than define city other tingle month in the romps -10 long career. nee month promises to be teen bigger. The recording artiste expressed then Plruitto at the reaper -tuner the yeah* get-togothera at Modern afford them to meet the operators to wham they owe so much of their Meet&

69 Noy 24, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) The Billboard 69 HASTE RCRAFT PADDED COVERS 10* IJIGNA (011I PION Woo ro. a1an., In mo4417,4aroomole to/wm, poll? 4.4 ostoapme. NW AWL.M4160 PM tam calentla to Ss 5IV514"7.27../ $1040 N )G4W. PM 05w melooto 51 tt'z'tr g:ix w 13.5^ NW. 34 0:10-0or PM (Co. L.M.Moto 00 to CI ) $ AWvAamlLOtWa OImart7 Men. MI b BEARSE MANUFACTURING (0. tea Csrtland SO wilu. FOR SALE AT SACRIFICE PRACTICALLY NEW WALL & BAR BOXES! ALSO 30 CONDUCTOR CABLES AND ADAPTORS! WRITE QUICK ROYAL MUSIC CO. 641 KUN1HDR ST., NEWRY., N.1. 50,000 RECORDS,5e F. 0. a AU Good Stock SWINGLAND RECORD EXCHANGE /0 1. M.,. CASH WAITING Wer ANI 260o. Arq *mmilv, mt." tumid awl ron4gmn lo Pam 1totr. 60X 140. TIM IIIIIMM osty, Now Yoat Ctly `USED RECORDS' BOUGHT FOR CASH A, MKA, 2.(0 A... N.. Vr... N.Y. HERE IT I I DeftVei DMVIM, May 17. -Wolf ReiwIte, Wolf Saito Company. end George Rowe. salesman. are back from a trip Wu Arizona and New Mexico. They report prospects in that area very.geoct. Re:wltz left Immediately for North Innawardia, N. Y.. and Chicago. Rowe is now In Southern Colorado and New Mexico. Recent Wolf Ratters were L. A. Webber. Pueblo; Vernon Scott, Medicine Bow. Wyo.; A. P. Balm Cheyenne. E. C. Bowen. Trinidad: Jack Shuman. Cheyour.e. and Itarold Rounds, Lovell, Wyo. Oano &enter. Denver Soles Company and Rocky Mountain Soundlos Compny. Ia confined to his home with injuries eustained in an automobile accident. Gerald Whitney. who has managed theaters here. has joined the Sound:as organization as salts representative. A spurt of sake to arcade equipment Is reported by (Moon Bradshaw. or Den - re? Dial:Muting Company. Two amusement parks were equipped this week and another sill be equipped next week. Tony Docile and Dick Warren. Colorado Springs. hare purchased arcade equipment. Other Vatter' were D. W. Burns, Lender. Wyo.: Jack Kerns. attntiou Springa. and MCCennell and McCord. Albuquerque. N.M. Automatic Druipment Company Is now marketing a remote -control bar and booth hos for wired mtuto. It la the Invention of Lawrence Stone Jr. A limited talk circuit rtp-n-i. a coin when another box is in operation. M. W. McBrooni. Modern Mtuile Cons - pony. Colorado Springs, reports better reetipte from troutote-controt installatione. Al Robert*, TAALIMC of Wolf Sales Company. made a flying trip to the Springs last week and predicts that this will be a banner tourist , VI, inert E6u Miaicape4a444- qei wide, isde Miaacie f0iil Atealla A/Alf1(04, / ST ,7:1 IS -THE ANSWER TO PROFITABLE WIRED MUSIC OPERATION A BOOTH and BAR BOX offering selective speech -automatic light signal systorn--coin returned when any other box in aervice-quick change chassis -removable money drawer, capacity over $10 in nickels -box does not need to be dismantled to remove coins -beautifully f;nished--illeminsted space for advertising photos ---5 wire installation. Wthe, Wire, Phone AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT CO. hatsal $125$ TH ST. DENVER, COLO. Used Phonographs Wanted We export several hundred a month and can take all you have if the Vices aro right. LAREDO EXPORTING CO. LAREDO, TEXAS a wnwp/rect,ouc#-to-maa'newo# "AMERICA'S No. 1 BUY" - FOR BEAUTY - FOR UTILITY - FOR PROFITS - SEE YOUR DISTRIBUTOR!! 14.M0.6 I gaols. Rmorommuml 1220 Wpm. OWN, PA. Paula-.7 o" -a Oe 102 a. Won Am. AMIITIROANI. N. Y. Casevo:77717 CO. Boot Mama AllaUPY PARK. R..I ,tro1.1 P. R. ATLANTIO OITY. N. J. A Ew 10 MV` In I M e.a Am, PALTIMORE. MO i, Oat W. lat. Rom , I., Y. 11..morto 1/..4Iri OW. low 201 Geono Am INCIN14, ALA. a fnosp.a..--r.vrolum :117 Third Am.. Nary ML) N. J. ow.war aw..umers oss IS Vokot, *, MASS. I2 otaolvan. 102 ClorpoermmItS IIROOKLYN, N. V. a:maw. Am6. Os. 640 Woe.* OGLUMAL.I Ow 442 W. Prom IL ametano. ILL. Mori1r-Llo4olof , OMATTAP ,TCNN. O t / 61 5 Cl w..054, ILL.F. A. Attensal.4 IMed A* Co !map St. OALtA4,. Ito. Wo1Woo SW You.* Stt am , Morair7Wmooll 1lMottaM Yaw Clin. Si/GrWy.) tmotniousle Oa. 644 MO*Wa Oirrt...01T ICON. a4dvggtigr C. S e ZLISAINITIS 11. J. ANo 4,0 50 Wool at, CLIXANETN 01TY Oil N. Moll, 11. CL11/17613 INO, ItoiMmam Wok 0o A" 46. IAR1a AUL. MIRS. Clootor Wm Comma 401 Co..1.2 INCSIGO. CALI/. JGG N son 554 N. V-tt 50 FORT WAYIIII. IRO. ',A.,* so, ZOO M. WIWI Orrolo GREENVILLE. S.C. 14,0ooTra--C.o Co ,1rL1 St. CUBA L. 1717a71-1., / , NARRISSUR1, PA. Tr N. We W. 1101J27011, TAX Co Ara /111APOLIC IND. W...1 Music SOS Madison A.. IIN Z List. Toeeer CO. 70, N, A.. LA13001/, W. -Ti..o Co. LCWISTOWN. PA. 154Thirram 114 WM* M y7 N. J. Woo Antoroo0 CO. 17 R.. Am. LOW*W KY. J. Z r5VAS.. OA SIG I* It. LO * enpoli 22/7 W. Psas COm oM loll W. PG* WC NIASSILLOW, 0. in W. Tomorm I. MEA Tes.I.K. Oa M.MMI Ws. MEXICO. 0. F. NOW, W. We Sew, Paola MIAMI. FLA ir Ara MILWAUKEE. Wutoo=r'on.00n. Ina 6210 W. emote/ 04 An. Won AEI.. WM. "1""W.. ' 111$ A.. NEWARK N. J. Ow :rproninc::: AL moos en"="a-k..i., SSI NiNIGNS, Aw Marta Ow 11 Otro NtW aue/lim LA Coral 111,741 Ploapan PapPoo 61. NEW SOAK CITY Wm IR. Y. 0.0 toots Woo MP.) WI Widow I Rows Aso. 1116y6.,, N.Y. CALIF. Iw 171.-=roomaas* Illta et Lae. 0a 150a 14.7,01 IL ORLANDO. FLA. thoo=v.7.4 Co. 103 W A.. OTTAWA. ILL. 50,40 CoNAo. 120 a. 111/an emonci, N. J , PORKY. V IC WWI SAL PRILAZIELPNIA, PA Man. W. Quo/m. Venom, OW Am. pirrseustom. PA. OrON &771171, 1410 PAK Am. PO... A.0mo V a. W Am. POIRISO II NorWry 11. ROONISTEN. N. Y. P. Awnew &2=e... R. WiAW4o1 VGAIGG4laSs CC. "292MK A -I Awww.A1 1u C An.. NO. I ACKAMENTO. D. B. IMAM 1021 SAN IRANOIS00. CALIF. WU me Otoupow (Poe.11t OeM awe ewe etv EL. Mato. owirrataarty 260 Clew new AN.. sf.nigilifronnggi Ow 40 IINNNANG 04 gramsiela NGSGNIGI Sonnwe 104 8( E XILZAI114. WM Meow OmmtmO pa; W. ter. Ayr.* 6YRAOU6It. N. V. Moo A W. Woo M. 1: Taw Una TaRNTON. R n/L/ 0,. 204 Mar, St UNION OITY. N, V. Dow A 17., 155 New 1/0-11 l,/t V. 410 WmaIolter. OWN. N. T. ITINGan OS , 14. BUCKLEY MUSIC SYSTEM INC 4225 W LAKE ST - CHICAGO

70 70 The. Billboard AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) Mtry 24, WURLITIER 61 COUNTER MODEL WITH STAND GUARANTEED PERFECT 19'M With D.C. Motor, WuRLITzER 16 -Record MARBL-CLO With Illuminated Dome As Illustrated Complete Ready to Operate 400 Wur. MARBL-GLOS Waddler Regular 44_ Wur. ill. Grill Wur. Keyboard Wur. Keyboard, Slug Proof Wur. Rotary, Slug Proof Wur. Keyboard, Slog Proof MISCELLANEOUS Air Raiders Navy Bomber Sky Fighters Ant: Aircraft 'brown) Barkley De Luxe Mutts Love Truces limed/ ARCADE HEADQUARTERS Complete PlIOTOIIATIC ilarhiries and SU:apnea YANKEE 2 GAMES IN ONE rev crisnee Imam Cnosmige le Pewit Owe meen eg kimono In 1 Elinits. Witt Coe Disiekt '1975 I '3 Deposit With Order GERBER & GLASS 0ta no.114sst INVO.CaliCAGO Talent and Tunes On Music Machines A COLUMN FOR PHONOGRAPH OPERATORS By HAROLD HUMPHREY Zilli News Notes Th. of Vector'e teeming elf Barry Weed with the glop Wert are cut Phis week on the tteceding el "Tell file, Pretty Malden," ma/ Stis14 report VW.. is not toffy It Meech, of Pb. /NW cerehlmtim. The wally mot vetall and treks make the record ewfiaral fee the coin to it.* t1 who ham Mud a preywee el If.. Asa rerun of WMNI Bees. twinging out the lam "Millieri-Oelles Iteley, the reemdlog compantee are all hoolne On to 'het old tom, -I fond a M Dollar Oahe Ina rise and reecom SION." Pe La., who h In the mark, will record It fee Victor, sad Bing Gentry Is set to don far Occes. ICS floored that stout emordings of the song wee We It.. gnarlier within the week... Nod load., Ofrie Toggle. h playing host fo many mmelert el tkc coin eliesegema Indeitry dating ale came, 4.88p -west st the &team Beltrawn. Caleage. 0. Wight he threw c ttttt II mod dinner early for 20 leading Mighemt operation and their when, and the east week her had SOO retail record /eaten ea4 Monde Sip to the Awom lees party. Robbins Music Corporation la having such phentanerial ewers. with Its fancy yellow and blue Ulle.trip for the Andrew, Maims' recording of Aurora that the firm has had to get two extra Prilatinga running the total up to Operators report that the tricky 811p Mande out ao prominently that cue - touters Just naturally toed the number tre*.. Autometto Machines go% a plug tact week at the Illorrolde Theater. Milwaukee. du ring Biddy Dischltit engagement there. One of the stage RM.' Included a phonograph on atage, and the curteln hod drawings of records mute recently by Ducletn.... B/Ueblrel has Just signed a 0)111rRei with Billy Chniels. Negro night (I'M Hater. Rcturn of ASCAP The Mutual network brought ASCAP tune.* beck to I% air lanes trot Turoday eve (12). but the debut was not too auspicious. Banda with Mutual air time discovered that they just Couldn't suddenly make up their entire air shot of ABCAP turtle without soundir.g foctish to the lietenert After alt. the current top tunes tuippen to be nearly all HMI tunes such as Amapole, Wise Old Oct, etc_ and the public still wants to hear them. Bend leaders will have to Introduce the ASCAP ditties gradually, acid for the limp being anyway will lath have to compete with WA. on NBC and CBS. which will be playing HMI music exclusivele. SituatKut may make for some now hit for the phomagrepts operatons. bill they shouldn't be too optimistic. Release Prevues loan taterai wen tweed Iwo of WO songs In lam emus Golersage re "Timm 011 ha Rhythms." fee Bluebird.sole, They at "Az if Ten Deln't Komi' aod -Tweddlin. Mr Thumbs.-.. SI. Hits end s was will do 'Obviously the Gentlemen helots TO DAM.," Morn Ike Mem Peewee. fog Oltch recoede... Olgle Nikon and Hamlet 14Illlstd win mead `Whet" sed ZW Me, Ban, with Gentle Ms" for Bluebod. Tunes are hem their mining movie. "Betty Co.fd.' Nano 0.4.1g. Wit melee a flock of LOU tun. V..1 new Orma arbieso CtiotIs' MO wording fee Oluebird w10 eosam "Tenth...* Sete..ode" and "Diane.' Industry Notes Deter ha. announced the opening of a new branch In Denver. Claude Brennan, formerly of the St. Louis branch. Is the... Ohio Phonograph Owneror Asacciatlon will hold Its snaual banquet at Motel litatler. Cleveland. May 21. The Ink Spots cutertnln. Territorial Favorites POLLOWINCI > u. list of report. from operators in ratiottee sections of the owilhery who have mentioned artiste and records se local favorites. In addition to the national!cedars Hated In the Record Buying Outdo: WASHINGTON: Cow Cow Blass. Bob Crosby. Crosby band. epotialista when It Menet to blues numbora, hearted Ude mooing nub fa Kano time, but for ono of thcoo more Or lea myetical mesons It Is now catching on in the capital City. Negro population. of which there Is a big one in WashIngton. is no doubt seaports:min for many opo throwing Mtn record on the remedy* Ira tbe kind of tuna which le right up their alley, and often- Umee all'that has to happen in for one Negro location to request I% and others Immediately fall In line. PORTLAND, ORE.: I Dreamt I Dwelt In Harlem. Glenn Millet. Commonly known RA a "jump" tune among awing rant, this recording It.. DSL CASINO IS VITENTAINSD Og Sass Tara's, president of Mayflower :Comity aresperty, St. Pouf The Mills Marren phonograph aids en the enter - raining. Leff Co ray,rt a,- Herman. Paster. lake atardorcer men. apse; Del Cam*. itho Am mode several Soundtes; SOD, furze. and Oeorge rlatlaart end arranger /or the Lel Casino ore/vitro r.u.s4acturerr Moue.) alto been kickingaround a while. but this I. the Iliad Urne that operators hi any one city have put It on the machin,w to any large number of locations. Plat. nograph men In other sections yeaght give It a whirl If they haven't altracty, because even tho It will probably never be a top number, the Miller band *boobs mate it good for at Least average play. BOSTON; A. Andrews Sisters. Tht 1a new Latin ditty. of which there are gnarly now, so Its chances ere difficult to predict. Thls typo of tone usually falls Into a pretty set foernula However, the Andrews' treatment of it sets It off to some talent, and the pin. operators In Breton report the recording as catching on. DES MOINES. IA.1 Let's Get Away From It AIL Tommy Dorsey. The phonographs in tilts Murrivit city are drawing the nickels already on the T. Dorsey recording of Vita now ono. It's ono of the matutroh latest. and many operators Misr IcerrUona where Just the name of lib particular band leader le enough to give it at Boat a fin play. Operettas errryahero might UM a sampler of It because of the ceuticlan. whip end the catchy title. which will no doubt appeal to a tot of people Just now, Radio's Loading Songs IIKSE la a comparative list of 10 e,r, broadruat most often during the ended May 17 and the week I. ended May 10. The songs are heard over the networke and New York stations booed on 'Igo!" supplied by Accurate ReporUng This lace Week 1-144, Idle. and I 4 2-Two Heath That Paw is the Night. ') 3-Warkisd by Mt Rime 4-41cela Mee 5-Intumesce - 6-Groat. on My WAInd 10 7-Things I lea 3 li-oe 1 Weer,/ 9-1aufh of North Carolina 10-0h, Look al No Now U1.1/ PERMO POINT huous Stove nott list The il ,11 44 Vol., MUSIC OPERATORS QUICK CASH FOR USED RECORDS UNITED, P. 0. Box 1000, Newark, M 1.

71 May 24, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) lac Billboard 71 _ IIIIM On the Rccords A critital analysis of the catch record releases. corning both the msa(cal and commercial angles of each dok reviewed, Reviews of greater length are given to recordings that possess unusual interest as to artist. selection. or both. Paragraphs in heavy type are designed for operators of autorriatre phonographs as a guide to the potent.' value of recording, in moot machine. Key: FT-Fox Trot; W-Waltz: VC-Vocal Chorus; V-Vocal Recording. (CONTINUED FROM PACE 12) FtANKIE MASTERS lokeh 6176) t4e if or the. Moist-Fr. VC. Pe With You In Apple Olossunt Ttme -IT VC. Masters dote the Sehertenteade adapts - urn on the It side smartly. but relatively straight. Only at the end dont his ter - stand out. with a clarinet. indulge= In a tittle symphonic meandering. Marion Peened sings a nice vocal. Mott /Mate k ltkinelm done well enough. D!setting In any ontitanding quanitea- Dna,. The Rwingesattere vocal tees off after the Intro. and makes good listening In the accredited style of vocal groups Ine this. Waren Cm manila operator, with prolit sw ntentings in 14 past, a.d either aide Int could being fur tnourts Wenn In the 411,44. Tien is net44 aboot shear tide gut dembritte ih Intionion on buttes turnbinn, heweirer, WILL BRADLEY (Columbia 36101) rank or Me-PT: VC. Tea for Two-FT. Yvat site I. Ilradlera theme tons. et,.-ih wont moat's much at the moment lo Bradley fans because It hasn't been beard over the ate enough. ht's a fair played welt enough. with Terry Aihn doing an Undnstloginahod vocal. Companien piece glens the Ray McKinley Quartet Lapel billing. with nay on tuns, Doc Goldberg on bass, "Peanuts" Marko on sax, and Freddie Sleek on piano dialling out some typical nee treatment to the noted Tea for Two. timber Ode wilt be awelmr -twat Me eaddr" Ise esenten. Only In More Socanon when. trattry's nom is magi( alit, tessemling.micas MO that borsht - steads mend will thb disk e,rn be worth giriag a ter, XAVIER CUCAT (CelereMa Set C-541 Scuba With Copal-Four-word album. Hernia held day for any lover of Letts AtorrIcan rhythms in general, and foe losers of Criegit'a superior any of playing tiers In perlicular. Rumbas. boleros. atrocuban numbers, and dano are in - [laded In a colorful pageant of southof-thentionistr tempcia that dinghy this bend's unqualified ability to give the Keen' projection to this type of music. MOM feature of the albino is the front - met eerleatura of Xavier by no tem an eatherhy on the subject than tbo mars. tro himself. Doe te Meat technical hewing to the sole. laun Ilse, fame disks afford Mtn oporwfteite her 004.1tir peer's. esti'''. e1 <eon, Ilwee krootkos where HUs tort of moot is Os ago Fe tote tuns:oen of csqthing Ow. and-- IAN GARBER 10koh 6182) tapers --}T: VC. Limper /tat a Little Loeper-W; VC. &Us aidea are pretty much for the customers who like their muolc straight off the cob. Playing and,.imaging (of Lee Bettnettl are to the best corn tradition, and therea a piano thorua after the total that carries It On nobly. Fliposer Li a dasparosionitte watta nsimorr that Wens nothing for listening or dancing waters should net let lb' simaanty el the HEN on side A to "Cecilia" feel thins: thin is 4 "Cott 'W." Maths. it see Its companion on the ono,, is rten a lair pon,bility for 14 rnaterlotra. JOE RIICHMAN (Victor 27408) 1/ Tilt. Br Lore-rr. VC. Dance of the Bayou-FT. Retchnian shorn a allehtty different atylo on the Sidney Becket composition :-;.- a Jam Ilk* 1111p0,1 or a ballad noels ate on the A sides Marton gime totals the latter to her unappealing manner. but even/bine else ts subordinate in listening ploaaure to Joe's ivory wont, anyway. in aren't strong enough lane to carry en the sinessitul Mee phone start Roecknun ha mast with his vast. at "The Who Old Owl... sides to, stmd WO with Sol torrent tornagtittes, bee 41.4 of "floret" lee Isn't width smwn..mach *Nang nkkoldatooto. sad his mattrial k aganot on this rink, in addlhon. TONY PASTOR (Bluebird ) Burry Burt; to Sorreato-1T, VC. Ham of TrOts--FT. Johnny McAfee has the whole rtootoslabel surface of Sorrento to hinuelf. except foe a abort orchestral Interlude that breaks up his eocaluang. McAfee singe nicely but certainly not well enough to Merit btm practically it star performance, Tempo an Mow. and backing ordinary here. Companion piece is cootnoting. a medium Jump tune by guitar. tat Al Avola that is tau enough In the Usual pattern for numbers like OLP. Other sad bite. gemming, of "Invents" are Moody maarbar, and since net much is happening along the phone artwork with avalt disks, It's Ased1H ;doable Mat Pa,tet's.40 worn *nothing. Myers* is only for onset locations. TOMMY TUCKER (Obeli Time and Time Again-PT; VC. Minnie From Trinidad-FM VC. Amy Arnell dont nowt of the work on ads latent pair of Tucker widen, stinging both numbers In avrangenvnins that keep her In front of the mike for molt KIDS XSEP DIAL -A -TUNE BUSY. It's Rock -Ole have at Me Untrersit9 o/ Georgie and this yam of coneys students are not panty up the musical appreciation program. Ed Wood/tn. Rock-Ola dinributoe for Georgia, report, that the system to flitstotatton ta paying handrortse pra firs. on the second side, letting himself and bin band go In a medium swing rein that is autprtannly solid for its ink styled essentially Moog hotel nom. M Is customary on Retchinan'a disks, hie poaesn OPS! DOLBLE YOUR TAKE.. with the DOUBLE HIT OF THE YEAR McFARLAND TWINS AND THEIR ORCHESTRA Cot tor. sornatiooll recording of teeny Do's td With fin Strawfmny blend) "AND THE SOD PLAYED OW' On OKEN No Tr:, "ht., list Wel tm OA McFarlane Twine" OW 0". OW.'" ON1 't imake aian y thef fsteanncdeo wh ethan JOE REICHMAN Ming, you nen reading, of thine great numbers-!lid stidistc" in Me I/CW.1n.,_WISE OLD OWL *TOY PIANO MINUET.`-'11."4:1:4.112*HEY, STOP KISSING MY VICTOR sisitinv,:. It'd Of the Way. Band Ls fair enough on what little It he to do. with. the must - tiaras accomplishing more with their veleta In backlog up Wm Antall its Minnie titan they do with their weenie on both skies The tantalisation et Leaser and moony how hr, borne fruit for menton Wore 11.1s, sod on the second Sid. Orere Tommy his a ditty Hat may dewlap nice, *Stag the plane network. Song Is from the new movie. "Zirefeld Col," and rani hap /naiad knoll known to lot of paott th warn. 11 they want to hoar ielet 54 It ea Moir favorite loin phone, this is a mod 'toiled to give the.,. Planeness hare won't man mach, kovecirtr. ORRIN TUCKER (Columbia 36093) CWhnp Arl riearra-ft. VO. You Car DcPoul on Afe-FTI VC. Tucker la showing DIM Improvement In his handling of bounce tunes, sewn both Wen hero more danceable than many of has previous efforts along Insi tar Ilniss have been. in. atilt awing stud with Large tracer of foriarttro, but that there la a betterment of style Can't be dented. Orrtn's A ante vocal is adequate. and Donnie Baker Ca Bonnie litter on the reverse wordage. There Is aotblog Notttal to coreptl mathine otonaton to put Mil one In their hetet, yens, they Prate.. Smetiern win Today sna retains Ina "Oh, foamy" pops. serrty. EDDY HOWARD (Columbia Yonstos But Can't Forge: You-V. You Lucky PrOple Yon-V. Release of the ming from the Bing Cinsby Rood to Zdtiallso r plc on the second olds comes a bit late. Me own - Top ARTISTS ml TUNES -Top RECORD QUALITY DMA Top MONEY MAKERS IN All YOUR LOCATIONS 28 COMP Y STOCKED BRANCHES to SLAYS YOU. ORDER THESE D(CCA tars PROM YOUR NEAREST IIRANCH BING CROSBY My Buddy I Only Want a Buddy-Not a Sweetheart GUY The Rand Rived On LOMBARDOYou Stepped Oat of Orchestra a Dream JIMMY My Sister And I DORSEY In the Hush of thy Orchestra Night 3710 ANDREWS SISTERS BING CROSBY JIMMY DORSEY Orchestra Oa Aurora Music MAcrs.3732 Dolores De Cainpfewn Races 3644 I Understand High on a Windy Hill 3535 LOUIS Mew Do You an ARMSTRONG That a Buddy Bev Lawdy rchestr Mama, BOB CROSBY Orchestra JIMMY DORSEY Orchestra WOODY HERMAN Orchestra Flamingo Far Away Music The Things 1 lore Only and for AII.3737 C'Byo Now Until Tomorrow.3745 LAWRENCEFriendly Tavern Polk, WELK You Are My Orchestra Sunshine JIMMY Maria Elena DORSEY Croon Eyes SONS Cool Water OF THE So Long to the Rtd PIONEERS River Valley A COIN MACHINE SPECIAL! CARMEN I, yi, yi, yi. yi MIRANDA Alo Alo Lid Price 75c and temembet-

72 72 The Billboard AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) May 2,1, ,.., ANOTHER Sir Ilk 1.,..,...,... IF...- "A TERRIFIC nr....,,,.... Illi: ". IP..,... i, Here it is SO -AND HIS SWING & SWAY ORCHESTRA COIN PHONOGRAPH ITEMIu Says The Billboard i BOY" "DJust released on VICTOR No From The Billboard, On the Records-May 10: 'A Persia, con phorceiapts.ten,... the band bort Wpm,/ in tauten backed by a thstlealar formoorng bail Tempo a. ovesestrb* - muds re amuong andlung to their two advantage... cattily acroual...'' Peualalliffs--May 1711h "An admirable navels. numb., for the boron. this SAMMY KAYE noted it the roe of Moss total, o'er heard, dammen mama nahearnrs It has a rtssffirsnc Illf and a sonenctes and carr.p.noss of onolody rise phono lens would V' f ",.,.',...' - O O WOULD BE WE TOLD YOU-"UNTIL TOMORROW', A HIT! VIET011 NO no lidlboard Record Illosdng Caide of May 17 "UNTIL TOMORROW" in "COMING UP!" 170. Werth) Nom WI inl 711, week ere st,:1 '-COMING 1!P' and patine nipee.pop,pro.osy., b., rho rninsfle. "Mira TOMCAACIW" rt ant no mina, ',MY vas reulfaton con rote soon Iteterelleers by SAMMY KAY_ L emo wave how to nuke 'ens so tney"il *Watt those errhals yam woe' Orrin Ibm. NPis be KM TODAY! Pobtished by REPUBLIC MUSIC COMPANY, INC. 730 Fifth Avenue New York City! For Music Operators In addition to the phonograph and record news, ideas, and re views published in this section. The Billboard also publishes every week complete news of orchestras and music publishers. as well as tills and reviews pertaining to all angles of the band. music, and recording fields. All of this information is extremely valuable for the music machine operator. Operators would do very well to start on Page 3 and read thru the general news section and the radio, music. and night clubs. vaudeville departments for highly informative general and de tailed information on the bands and music that contribute so much to the automatic phono graph industry. In particular. study the Music Popularity Chart, found in the Music Department each week, for the most complete and concise lists of songs with most radio plugs. best selling sheet music songs, and beat selling retail records-an accurate crossseclaon of public reaction to now music. complete on one page, that is available only in Tho Billboard. bet hasn't arnounted 50 anything In the other recorded versions that were bawd some area. ago, and lloward doesn't do anything with It that Is guaranteed to give It a new tease on life. &de A also falls to contain anything that mile!or a second hearing. and stiffens farther bemuse the :rang is decidedly inferior to the film tune on the B side. Altbo Howard sirs s papules fastore a year of with Me Crick Preto, Wad, ho hasn't '<Mamad north since keying that *ark and Iroise out for himself as a single. nit doable has little chance of rnearslog any more sutossatk oho.t lion any of kis ether disks have meant. CLAUDE THORNHILL tokeh DO I worty7-pt: VC. sleepy Serenade --PT. Pant side to coneentional In It, Wow tempo and much vocal, In this tastance from Dick Harding, But the flip -over finds Thornhill in an instrumental performance that exhibits the fine musicianly guallum of bts band. Thin 1100.Done ateil;nt clarinet of a lilting melody. Fine listening here.farom an that la cansacal from the =+Vt his piano Instrommetally letter -,.reed as rah bind way he. 1f is.01 knows well gamer era. verullr. net don it play cersonsectsin smart% for thew ibloo to base morn radial -pulling PM., Perhaps TheenhIN will he a name to interest operators when and If Pk repute - Cps vows. Out here he 'upon. Own with ttflle et real potential comourcial wave. BOB CHESTER 'Bluebird On Throe roman. Good Lore After Bars -Fr: VC. Drill Tomorrow-PT; VC. Betty Bradley is showing great improvement on these Cheater recontinee. and On aide A she ciehrere a forthright bit of awtng singing. Oak Si solidly danceable and I4tenabt0 thrtiout this aide. aurrounding and batting Masa Bradley well. Reverse serves to introduce Bill Reynolds, new Cheater vocalist. Given most of the attle, Reynolds chose promise, but seems to have been a bit apprehenalve during Ma first stance in front of a weeding microphone. Out - ode of sounding not ton safe Of himself, however. he sing' the Sammy Kaye ballad sincerely end well enough. Aremetegm Ise 1114 phortograptra aren't too mamma Ater. Keye's more re of hl, "Until Tomorrow" has late* riars foffial spefteha, and rata that has boos *MPH se far Skit A hors 40,1.11 ~di out In any ant depart merit errooeli to ledieste rotten.] nsethirre Paecese. r Nen ON 7HE RECORDS On peg' 751 Mace pot heard U? _was TliE NEW NOVELTY SONG SESSAIION FREDDY MARTIN and His Orchestra currently Cocoanut Crove, Ambassador Hotel. Las Angeles on BLUEBIRD RECORDS *- *** HUT-SUT Karlstdad Ball No *** INTERMEZZO Nice Dreaming Baby No * * * Now on Sole TILL REVEILLE Soon To Be ReInsed Watch for this number *** tesnagersentr Most Consoratiers or Arurries DEAR OPS: P. 1.,, 9.0bbiard Theatre baelatat in Cltwirmill, tar Co..,la I. B "moos iiita GO 111E 3115 YOU MARIA EttNA COMING! YOu OWN it LANUS fitw WHIT "WHEN THE LILACS BLOOM AGAIN ME HUI-SUT SONG JOE VICTOR RECORD he REICKMill be /clew 1 SOON!

73 ,ihry 24, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MUSIC) The Billboard 73 \C-1,S ta%c.ft. ok\is011, \\/in v IS sov HORACE AND THE BOYS COME UP WITH A NEW COIN MACHINE "MUST" The Hut-Sut Song (A Swedish Serenade) Give three cheers for the name. Donal job Horace does on this nifty novelty! And three cheers more for a bang-up vocal by Donna Wood and her Don Juan: (Gordon. Charlie and George): And when you're through cheering. got down to business by napping this great Columbia Record on your machines. The nickels It pulls will REALLY be something to cheer abouti RONNIL KEMPER AND DON'T MISS OUT ON THESE OTHER HORACE HEIDT "EXTRA SPECIALS": FRIENDLY TAVERN POLKA I5026 CliTE NOW TOY PIANO JUMP TOY PIANO MINUET GOOD-BVE, DEAR: I'LL BE BACK IN A YEAR WALKIN"ROUND IN CIRCLES 'rz-fri Nark "Caumbla" and Twin Sods Reg. U. S. Pat. Oft ottist,t, from your DISTRIBUTOR 2101, ar ut Record Buying Guide The Hat -Sat Song, A number that the music trade Is eying with much = comment ac to lie future possibtlittes La this one, aublitled A ShesttSth = Serenade, and tteancg out the favorable trade talk are reports from a few = operators mentioning It In the FRPASDY MARTIN* version, Better keep = en eye ea It - Crain Cm, IDEMY DORSEY* has teen turning out the meet consistent out- put of hit disks of any band currently recording during recent weeks. and here again he ban one that is being played In a number of machines. = with the attendant Indlamion of more general popularity. yew& And dill another.7123my DORSEY. wax effort is this oat. mentioned = in this section before. Now it Ls advancing to pant ethers it may bare = to be cionssdared more than a "Powriblitty" shanty. Aurora, This looks extremely good for iambi. tutdons along Use photon bet- g work In another few weeks. The ANDREWS SISTERS' recording Is at. ready getting around In a number of machines. and operators had better E not take any chances, and get It on the turntables soon Tao Ma. Pretty Maids., If operators are looking for something a little do' of the ordinary. they cfon't hare to look further then this record by m BARRY WOOD and the zrso BIRDERS. WE bound to oat lily ell tastes = bemuse the sor.g is a well -remembered oldie, and It's sing hurnceousty. = partly aattrt, partly straight, and partly awing. 13efinitety a goad bet for = the phone*. tylppeldez Hammes to Me. The TOMMY oorun-r and WOODY = MAN' records of thin are bringing around the fringes d. general appeal. Not too much bass happened to either disk since Its first mention here, = but there's Mill enough smoke to presage ftre a tittle later on. Indhatoe a meal chorus Is inesadad tainmenwanme owe. as pap..., I = art UM etenore, An Analysis of Current Songs and Recordings Front the Standpoint of Their Value to Phonograph Operators GOING STRONG Record.,is lilted below sr. currently Ow bicteit money -raker" M soternsirc Phwaseraphs. Selecilorn ate the consent," of fepoots coehof od each week by representa tires of The Billboard from at least (ow leading phonograph Operate" in cock of the 30 moll inisertant ehnosiersph opealing centers as the counter. Reeeedlea thus! without an explanation are those that haws appeared Under this hooding to on week or more and hare Itsu, become oath established successes that Pam, requite no krileef nere'll Be Some Changes Made. (Slit week) RENE Y 0 OODM A N', vationr: moxaor... 'rim WEEMS.. Amspols. week) JIIDIY DORSEY., SASINtY RATE.. CONNIE BOSWM.L, Oh. Look at Me Now. (4th week) TOMMY DORSET.. The Wise Old Owl. 14th week) AL DONAHUE.. JOE REICHMAN.. DICE tiolintraox-. TEDDY POWELL*. Dolores. Lid week) TOMMY DORSEY., BINO CROSBY. The Band Played On. (3d Week) OCT LOMBARDO.. COMING UP Rocoregeses rated below are those whkh operators report AN not yet top-notch memyonshers but which are growing In popularity en autemstk phentetsibet- Soierifhhe. A. the <enwraps of reports gathered each week by tommentanves of The intlormit free.0 NW foot iroesee ebenegraeh Pewees, In eseh of the 30 malt lesportant Phonograph operating centers In the country. Glow, Now. Aitho HORACE MDT was aloes on this fast-moving emir, for several weeks, he no longer le supreme in carrying Its rhythms In Mc vibince. Last week VAUGHN MONIlOIt' came along to challenge this F7. :04Frrrndgi. and this week WOODY KERMAN* has a 0111 that Is Matting to climb nicely. Do I Worry? A sharp upward tramp was token be this ono. which up to this week had been doing only fair. The INK SPOTS' record le heist fauna in more and more phor.os, with TOMMY DORSEY taking care of the roves that the myna foursome misses. This Is going extremely well now. My Sister and I. Also showing a greet deal of trientortrnent during the pact Galli days Is this signifkant balled. with J]wiltY DORSEY. Mill the standout disk on It. However. the ICING SISTERS have a vocal recording that Is meeting with oonshierable!edge in the pbonas. Friendly Tavern Polka. After model:1g with a mensal last week. this mono that should by thin time have been In the topmost brackets. again 1, stymied. 'etch little a no progress reported on It this week. HonAcE: libidt has the only disk here, and It's riot going half as well as It shesn711 be. In ter rne xi& OWE LOMBARDO. end BSNNY GOODMAN have the contrast - :cc recordings that are lifting this one steadily up with each p.sutng Of the multitude of alai of this lovely melody, only these two ore universally popular enough to merit mention here. Maria nom Doing very well and showing sum' of challenging the leader, another couple of weeks or so, this' lilting number Is progressing In a highly eatlefectory manner, JIMMY DORSEY has another click disk In this one, with no other raced approaching the widespread favor In which nickel droppere bold the, Morey ermikel. I'll Bo With You is Apple Bleuere Tine. RePotu from operators are considerably mixed on this ANDREWS SISTER& record of a song they In their movie, etre): Privates, In some locations the disk in doing extremely well, while in Others It's only so-so, or not being played at al: Daddy. Mentioned as a "Powsibillty" lag week. It bann't token long 107 t. exceptionally catchy number to move ahead. It's SAMMY NAVE who has the one and only disk OS It, and the rhythmic beat, clever lyrics. and elirtelnliie singing are starting to make a most favorable Impression on phor,o patronage. For a record out only rho littie while that this:one has been, the reaction Is Indicative of a hit of suable proportions In n short Walking by the River. Action on :hie one eased off rs great deal this week, after a promising beginning lost week. UNA MAE C.1RLISLE'S recording is the only 040 lit :he picture, and it isn't doing too well. Songs Haled below one those which hare appeared In 'Tensing lie ler tsar weeks or mots, and which are s1111 Wine mentioned on enough reports to warrant then Ines lion In the Cut& ran the they most probably wall never climb sale "COME Street:. Until Teenerrow. (8th week) Weakersing. SA.MMY KAYC.. I Understand. (13th week) Didn't 1140 up to expertation.s. JIMMY DORSEY. POSSIBILITIES Rocerdings listed bearw owe net es let strew. any strength in automatic phone. Vase's but ate the most ikely prosmets for musk machsw success among new reeerd reet aireatestbms aro based upon radio performsnem. sheet musk sales..motor hens musk Inablashon as ro the meat** Inspeaturce of certain songs N then eatable', as well at en that ftadgeseatt of The fillteareo ~Si docartregna. on 'w e no w OM ws., :=1 Pace Setters Put this nickel -nabbing sensation in your machines today! The slut-sut Song A coin -catching natural in swingy Swedish doubly talk on Bluebird FICgtarde.. The /tut -Scot Song (A SwriliA Serenade) B Freddy Martin B The FourKing Slates-0%4th the Rhythm 'Rept Joe Reirliman Other Choice Ferro for the Fans Let's Get Away From It All Tommy Dorsey "Fats" Waller Friendly Tavern Polka Sammy Kaye Toddy Powell Daddy _ Fn Kayo VICTOR RECORDS List Price 50e BLUEBIRD RECORDS List Price 35c Order!CA Vol.. Per., Pend Needles from your RCA Veto, Oh - tribute, Totter. la Ceeada, RCA Valor Co.. Ltd.. Mears:A. Order today from your Victor Record DISTRIBUTOR

74 74 The Billboard AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MERCHANDISE) Hay 21, 1941 Esquire Premium Vendor Creates Profit Stampede Sample Premiums Actually Displayed in Vendor! SAIL GUM CONCEALED ELIMINATES CHEATING FALL GO lc ics' meall CI M KO.. U. a. PK IRO ro-11wall OF INIRING116tENTI Om,*e Un1 WWI" di tat 1, ny IMI ETAND. AND POWDER BLUE FINISH 1r DISPLAY I IN MACNINE 002( LI. 2 \LAO( D02SN L *ROI *MOLE KNIVES. MACHINE PILLED WITH 1100 OP GUM. INCLUDING 20 STRIPED DOLLS READY TO AST ON LOCATION ENTIRE DIAL $ TOO ONLY RIACMINE TAX l IR $11.00nPAY LOCA. TION II!, OR $2.70 -YOUR NET RETURN a.t.a.sris tree". deem moll Me me Oven FeesmRn Pena my IS 11. M imee4140 t ,4* top sod Dew Vol MIT SO mole Feemnne Meet war.nay AMOY mewing M lull enerammint V...,.tet 04.6,41.4. Nutt, ma II MISLED T CHEAP IMITATION{ AND INFERIOR RIERCHANDIMI! It FIRST IN TOUR TERRITORY WITH THIN PROVEN MONEY MAKER. Tenne 1/2 Cm, 19/110 Onto, O. D s.3.4%.:an.rem same Ton 0. O. D..N1.1. VICTOR VENDING CORP. 3/11 IN GRAND AVOIDS, CHICAGO An WEEKLY SPECIALS COUNIER GAMIN II On ocesell1.0_ / Oeltes-Pete cis awe It 11Yrafluall.O. 11.0f If mOne NerrIsTeem.11.G Tel TM. Pay lesmi S.D. Yeses Peeves titrety T.D le AIITChallonme IILCM VENDOR* If Henomi101ine 01E4 I/ 14.n / EhMerAnn Peal / Chworpok raps a/ 0.4 Sr Ir ON. OEM It Dowses 1 Or. Asa id Melle. Stall 3.01 I/ Les CAW. 20e1. A aq It WAR. 306 a'. KM Oen, AS PlAmtn NAN Sm_. _se SA,(1t EICE 25 'Tau' MARVELS WITH SALL owe Fee c In Ommum fn. 0.4, a Fee woe. n 10 FOR ONLY IA Deo, sr. 0. o. 0. aiwe ti OemeGete 16 ASCO. 140 ASTOR ST., NEWARK, N. J. ADVLRTIII IN Tilt DILLIOASD-YOU'LL 11 SATI/4110 WITH RISULTS. a ] I i HA I MR I Important CVO of Illinois Meeting Scheduled for May 24 in Chicago CHICAGO. Slay 17.-Ctgarette Vending Opera tore' Association of Intends has called meeting of 1111n012 chnirette rending nasohtne operator* for May 24 at the Pelmet Route. Chicago. at which problems confronting operators will be discussed. Primary concern of the meeting will be dneusaion of new taxes scheduled to go Into effect July 15 and meilic4s of operation under them. J. L. Huston. masted - ant to the head or the firiarme department of the Illinois State Legislature. will be the principal speaker. Main Writs of his speeth will be: (1) Rules for Operators Under the Now Law: (9) How to figure Sale* Tax. (3) Procedure for Stamp Affixing: le) Procedure for Sump Purchase'. and IS) Distributors' Licenses Another speaker will he Clinton S. Darling, secretary of Ille TIN moat vending machine aasoctatton. Among other subyects to be litseuesed to a pith to eliminate the coat of reeking change from venders in packages or in chime devices RepresentaUres of Rowe Manufaeturing Coen. pony. Duoremer aranntacturtrar Company. Nattonal Vendors. and LI-Need-a- Pak Corporation will be prevent to Instruct operators on bow to change machines to 20 -cent operation. in a statement to operator', CVO GDiHW deciered that the meeting Will Torr Hails Penny Vender Survey PHILADELPHIA. May 17. -Roy Torr. Philadelphia die:tribute:v. in one Of his periodic observation. Of business condition.. mentsoned that the penny vend. Rog inseldne survey note being conducted by The BfRboord Is one of the most Important things haw before trio industry. -Atready, tram preliminary report." arid 'Herr, "tunny ralunble facts hate been gleaned. Pointed out by the enemy have been such facie an the Immensity of the penny strides field, the amount of money Inverted. the number of persona employed the amount of supplies and candy that they buy. "When the surrey Is completed It will be Inrahlable." he continued. "Naturally my firm Is much Interested because we are ono Of Llte largest rending machine distributed* In the country. We know Met the field la large slid that It 0. ini- Ixelant. The dirirrearrts surrey wilt glee to more emirate knowledge of Its else. Heretofore. whenever we attempted to arrive at an accurate figure we were stumped by lack of reports and eon - Mason. Ilowerer. The Rtittroard has calcimined this curtsy. Wing Ile large net of correspondents, and seeming the enthusiratio co-operation of distributors everywhere. We &unit anxiously the completed statiatice and Ilium from this survey. -smpro1,1414exto PROFIT replace the one regularly scheduled for Dixon. Ill.. May 17. Dinner will be served at the Palmer House at 7 p.m.. May 24. with the meeting beginning at 8 p.m. Elretion of diners for the coming 12- i:tonna period will also be held. Ohio Cif; Venders Association Exhibits At Restaurant Show CLEVNI.AND, May 17. -Ohio Cigarette Venders' Asaoclation sponsored an educational display of cigarette machines at the convention of the Ohio Restaurant AdeDetattob Slay at Hotel Butler here. Lou Ooiden. president of the cigarette organization, was in charier. The eehlbit was called 'Pe:dress In Cigarette Machines from 1P37 to 1341." atectitners of the vintage of '30. '40. and '41 were shown. The exhibit was en - Winced by good-looking gill dressed as Johnny. of the VhIltp Morels Company. who distelbuted samplee of this brand. With eseh IIIIIA a letter from the association addressed to re.tauratit managera calling attention to the fact that the Increased use of etranettea has forced ninny merchants to carry them as a service to patrnna; that there are cigarette Trending machines In Ohio, and that they are outstanding examples of /newer for nutomattc Other ask* points were also etc.:seed In the letter. The display Mt -meted much &Routh:el. Hawthorne Joins DuGrenier in N. Y. KM YORK. May 17 (Marini enturere roles/el.-burn/met (Rip) Glassgold. Pales manager of Arthur H. DuOrenler. Inc.- annovinord the appointment of Bob Ilewthorne, former president of the Clanrette Merchandlarne Isesocietlen of New Tot*. se manager of DuOrenlers New York Mike. "I ham operated the DuOrenler Champion cigarette isserehandlur end the Candy Man Sc candy bar machine for a long time. Now I am happy to become a member of the ontanlastion manufacturing Ode equipment." stated Hew - thorn. "We hate known Bob ass an operator for ninny enid Clisasgold. "and we hsvn always eel/weed him. It Is meat honor to here la men 10 ItIMICCTO1 out the Industry Join our sun." Hawthorne operated rending rnechtnes In the New York metropolitan area for a number ot yearn. His popularity with fallow operators led to his election se president of the MIA of N. Y. llowtheene resigned his ofnee recently to *moot the executive potation With DuOrenler. NSW HOME OF RAKE COIN MACHINA: EXCHANGE In Philadelphia. Left 111 stet( are If. Bernstein. J Rate, general manager. Mias X. Lorriets, sferw; at. Derratebt. and N44 Rake, amnatent (Seoul manager. FROM CIGARETTE AND CANDY BAR VENDERS Orueee.s. 0401Leecesel P.y yew Mewl Stovia.t.1 C.f..' Assets the n...eir..* 33 homer to yeure anst candy all nomleseilm ono stletlano Swift.1 Si 0,,lhudred. el k edema See III resieelll Woes ler IMO. lotay. THE NORTHWESTERN CORPORATION S FIST I0K STREET, 1E41111, Ill "N r a N. 33 Pead Vender S6.85 ISM In Lem se $7.35 Ew In weed Lea WM* fee Used Mail,:n frt. INIs Liu Megan. AtIklmlo el Li tths.4. Rail Cu, In. Syseds-Ors<kels..- ilorthwestern SALES & SERVICE CO. SIN ' II.. name: *Igen To Make Some. REAL MONEY ROY TORR Recur.,,-.. Vat SO Ivo We'd. MI 1.110TOR'S Inuit* Pr eell 10.4er. SOMETHING KM AND ONIGHIA1 Sum.. L. s12.' 207LA.. A -SO. 68 TORR PH4I PA. Cu, aid re* CASIt FOR S %LE 40 NAB DINERS 'I' & (' es 14_ len Se!Ares. WIND

75 May 21, 7941 More Made To Put Venders in Pennsy GovernmentalBldgs. PULLADLI.PHIA. May 17,-Pentaylmeta legielative balls and governmental buildings promise to open tip** legations per ea:mug machlans. Repreeentettve Samuel lime of this dm, with Waller Rowe of Johostown. congee:ring. Introduced a bill In State etorla' tufo moviding for funds to set up mecum machines In all governmental bulldings 17er MU provides thnt all the mtehinets hope:rated by blind perione. The Penn- Pecleration of the Blind enters -e n the et a matting here lest gaierday (10), Pa. Senate Passes Unfair Sales Bill plriladelphla. May 17, - Cigarette eroding machines were elven oneoureee. went when the Stele Senate heat week yawed the Pennayttania Vnfalr Sales to A vote of 49 to 3 The bill now 6041 w the Renee of Representetives for final cameeneent, where a huge majority la tko anticipated. Ameding to the measure* of the 6111 meleittion from the eut-rete stores w111 'topped, While the bill affect. other mrchandteine Item,. It means mod to ON tobacco Indultry, acid the National resociateen of Thbacco Iristributont here teem canspalmitng foe the paraege of the tty. The meet Important provielon of the , that eliminates 'last leaders." Ai A result dealer, will haw to add such gees, as expmus charges to the coat of drereteta told to the retell above 'The eeer, leaden" repeseent any number Of mein diecounte whieh have been CO. Weed by the atom.. enabling them to al -orb some of the taxes. With the MU termini' law It will mean standardizing est price of elearettee an that they will be the more over the countera as It Min the 67.1Ce. OVER 40 SELECTIONS MOST COMPLETE VENDING SERVICE OFFERED WRITE ONE ORDER PAY ONE FREIGHT PAN CONFECTIONS 345 west Erie St. Chicago r.. III. WANTED Venire* Coca-Cola Dispensing Nubian s'anil flatti 4.0!n1it erect: lox :az, lea sietwee w.aore. ram eat, N. Y. AMUSEMENT MACHINES (MERCHANDISE) COMING EVENTS May 21 -Mooting of Ohio Stale Automatic Electric Phonograph Owners' Association, Hotel Stotler, Cleveland. ' May 24 -Cigarette Vending Operators' Association (CVO) of Illinois at the Palmer House. Chicago. Dinner at 7 p.m.: mooting at 8 p,m. Election of officers and discussion of 'few Illinois cigarette tsxos. Juno 1 to 4 -Twenty-fifth annual convention Associated Retail Confectioners. Morrison HoteL Chicago. Juno 9 -American Federation of Musicians' Convention. Seattle, Wash. June 14 and 1S -Annual outing of Interstate Cigarette Merchandisers' Association, Berkshire Country Club, Wingdalo, N. Y. Particulars from Cigarette Merchandisers' Association, Chanin Building, New York. July 10 -Ohio Cigarette Vend. erg' Association annual meeting Al Cedar Point, 0. Nov. 10 to MPoling of American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages, Philadelphia. List Ten Best Bulk Candy Items CHICAGO. May 17 (Manufacturer's release). -As hated by Pan Confections, Chicago candy concern specialtring In bulk madlin for bulk vending macrame, tbe following were the 10 most popular..andires for venders during April: (I) Candy Teeny Beans: 12) Midget Baked Beans. herd shell; 131 Reenter Boston Baked Etna". hard shell: (4) As, eerted 1.kemice Pastels. hard sheil: 15) PATWO Ball Gum; (el Mite-N. 11p Mix: Smooth Burnt Peanut.: f61 B. re W. Licorice, hard shell: (0) Ruff Burnt Peanuts. and (10) Candy Prattles. herd abet!. new deans NEW ORLEANS, May Warm w eather haa brought a &harp pick-up In pin machine opeeations Remold the city particularly et outdoor locations.. Dbetribeation of pin genera. new and need. by the Dixie Coin Machine Coin - pony la best In many mantle, and Met Cartesjal looks for the best &ono*: eta - :on In the Meter? of hi. nem. Newly displayed thit week are Orncoee Hl Not. Ebchlbit's Double Play, end Chicoines 1041 Melons, The recom-hreaking tuntenste In phonograph records In the fleet quarter of the year bas been followed by mom big business in April and the first 10 days of May. Deeptte doubling of sem- ATTENTION, OPERATORS! A bettor quality coated chcw:ng gum. Always fresh. cad gill Cum also Pellet Gum. Write for samples cad Priem. U. G. CRANDBOIS CO., Kalamazoo, Mich. la ne USED "111t(1111\1 -,S r $001 Otero S / SAM Not 144.6w A.I.T. Otalloaro d,mee & AI Cootainallem Not , ini vest*.., ) i. a 044. OW VetsAW. well, Oisewl as. &tug Woman, , Wilhite 0110 Poswirson. twriir st. eatloo is el, D.ROBBINS&C0.2:23111.Vil.:X. ago apace by distributers here. the de - mend Continuer. to outdo Om Meek on hand, and orders are piling up. Salm of popular records to phonograph operators are better than double the turnmer of year ago. three large distributors hero report, Indicating time operetiont are conaidtvably. better than bat spring. MelvIn Mallory. manager of the Louis- Inna Amusement Company, State enetributor of Rock-Ola phonogrephe. :Immense after shedding his appendix. lo Julletle Harries subbing fee her Mater at Pleasure Mttol Company M- ist* as the latter &smite the stork. Edward Menthe an. Southern Mimic Coe:ninny% contribution this week to Uncle SAM', khaki boys. toff lettok for Comp Livingaton Thursday. Ernie Oertie. local branch manager, ta away In the Delta to the listened of J, P. Seeburg phoudgraphe. Ciente b mums One of the host Menne in min machine row'. sit Martha YOner ghee up her secretarial job to Lorraine Kern, Peter bleme.t. of Automatic' Coin Machine Company. recently bought a large trot% of lard In Jedeneen Parish for a future (50616,1. Louie Bossbrrg, New Weems Nevelt) Company. Is planning to get hie sled etarted with Sunday baseball prectice soon. Ms team, however, will be weakened this year by the absence of Rae liraworth, now a member of Uncle Banes flying extusuiron. Nuona intents and R. J. Piplters5 are now convected with the Dtslo Coln Machine Company. Misaissippee cote thachthe privilege tax collections during the month of AprU reached , a new low *Ince the levy woe installed *cella] months ago. The etateis tobaoro tax collections, at the corns time. reached * new all-ttine monthly bigh of 11242,1)(0. The 'Phownlaten Company of 1.011: le using.pot announcements On local radio stations to ten the publio of location of PbonovOlon machined In downtown New Orleans. Deaths SCHACWERER-William K., 05. Inventor of many mechanical developments for coln-opreated machines, 1u Cleve - lend Hay O. Ile at one time promoted a system of merchundiung cusined goods and liquors with tending insehinot atema-sebucum, 61, in Wit., recently of Injunot received in a railroad accident. He was the (cuter of W, 8, Siegel. autornauc phonograph operator of Marenneld, WW. Survived by I4 brother* and aettera. Burial tie Seymour. 2,10 DIE CUT :Ind gummed The Billboard 75 SILVER KING 5550 Each in lots of 10 Mit Or MR 210 montle SOLD -ON -TIME PAYMENT $ r4 $ for $60,00 1c, Sc or 10c Play 1.3 DEPOSIT HERE'S THAT TERRIFIC LUCKY STRIKE 040 AncTTC 00a&Tell 0 A al I wit. Val Own Vote. w. Most NO n wool a meal / elswetii. OI.4. Wok 10 pad Pon wio 16. tun, idols, tee ttoolor OSireti Sao 14.4Nies11 Ts Asti were, AOKI. most, rbylee 0.4 $4441 Neu P.O POO.: R00 a Para Arraisani Wits as Ii Attochownt 0611 Si 00 I sio PEWEE 10A TIME PAYMENT PLAN TORR20 47 A -SO. 68 PHILA., PA. $1.00 POSTPAID U.S.A. 12 DIFFEIIENT BRINDS---SYMBOLS IN 3 COLORS Put Those Obsolete Games To Work Thu. 644wisnint macst. Is.4.eSSIs is eel lyot M insientew. Con Is wird t. rro41 0. rw wit $0 Pontes 60.1r4. Pull Indrottloos 1w nuking ,0 sel MIMI'S/ testate& win ow. wt. flio moat, out. apt rrisboi.1 Ott yys and can be Audio(.wt fro levant., ow ART IMPRESSIONS 210 W. 13th St. Ft. Worth, Tcx.?bah/mien woe EL 40 rug W flaiest testes sold cos noose. tools Via NVr nm rotor. tor a fall YANKEE DOUBLE 7A owns lo tool Now 404 run it as *@any, 6,1)1 tte 1:40 witoi wittion. Imo 224 endow to?nal rilia U. 1e12 Ftvitesorr. Wrare owe, ito ran dares Tura Terraria- 12 rame. to 200, mato WI " EACH L IWO teedwist. o n lissofiew. Wiltett twit. f tea atavism to CASE 01 6 S lotoweot Osirtw6 ItiStelny oriole NI 014/0. teeiretrara SO321%1 it or St Play WOO Ill AO Literal Vs*. Iforetera ratio Orin r. Lame Oar% $ tier Osieseits. wid bp 7" Nye.04 V' $410'. ea. Gera 1/wilor. W 100 2/3 Deno, If Required With Order. SEND FOR LITERATURE OF courlere LINE. RAKE-2014 MARKET STREET, PHILADELPHIA. PA.

76 76 The Billboard AIVIUSIENIFENT FitAcn INES ilay 24, 1941 America Needs Inspiration By JAMES T. MANGAN VOL go to a movie, or ball game, you there by man. pick up a book, you seen another When for the first time you fly over n city. You do It. lois say, bemuse you are greet American city at night, you see lwaing for entertainment, dlatraglion, the myriad of twinkling lights, the or es, n ear to kill time. That's the geometric perforation., of lights Meng Surface expinnation. streets and made; the bloody bundine But underneath there's a deeper. of red neap end the mimeo?, grandeur truer routine. Underneath there's an of the greens end yellows and red, n, unrecognized hope that the end blue,, the sign.. the lighted temples. hex t you nee will contain mere than aratasement, more than ' mere eon for your money." You are hoping. fiercely and faithfully hoping. In awl* a the unrequited degree of dozens of bygone moose, that this OM play MI be great. That you will see performance to be long cherished and remembered with ewe and teepect. Wherein great writers. great directors. Vein *Mors all unite to make a point. to leech a lesson, to leave a memory e0 tbrilling that neither time nor other performance* can ever erase from your mind. A. en American, nourtotied from Amick:an soil and breeching Ametican ate you have been naturally and inevitably endowed with that name merit which Y the hunger for inapirlation. You are born of a land ennuis great Unties hole been done, where great men here arisen and endured only they the amount of ineptretlon they have given to their generation. where no man its. been great unless he hat been Inspiring, and no one lea been impute' who hes been victoria. where Inspiration has been tie own mid, sod we have judged our meat not so much on what they hive delivered u the way they roved and livid their bleats. lo you go to the movie, the book, the ball park, the strange city. hoping that bete and now. on this ordinary occasion. you may experience a thrill that will send chills up your spine, will make the roots of your halt tingle. that here a new world of wonder sod surprise Will soddenly open up and engulf you. The odds see *bent toil that It will happen, but still you take that thence. because It has happened before -right here in America. Right to your own lifetime. and more than once, you hare felt, seen and reimonded to the ecstasy of an Inspiring perfermarge by an American player, artlet or &TWAT); you have alert an American wonder, a miracle or mind end genet, take same nmertmn material and bullion it into a deed of everlsettng perfection, You have lasted embroil,* before and you went to taste It again. The hunger foe luneration inn berm be fondled In a true American: It le his distfnmashing end Ineradicable trait, 1k has traversed the earth with feverish step. be has harnessed the river, lake, and Wean. burrowed under the ground, he bee touched the heights and the depth. the blazing congeation of the lighted heart of the greet env you see sight that nothing In nature can rival. you cry to yourself: "A city. en American city, merle by men. by American men." Men made It and made it wondrous and thrilling; It bas a purpose and Men. and n will grow further, end change, and endure. and It la great because great desires, greet thoughte greet toduatry went into Its building. It I" en Inspiration-given to you by others of your same felon, )our blood brother.. Yoe once heard a man preach a great eermon, or give a greet speech, or act a great part In a play. He wee Inspiring because he wen giving, he remind you because you modem -food him emu realized what greet sacrifice and dieetpline went Into late training. whet suterhuman /Tien and intensity was watered up by btm for thin one greet hour. You knew hie sincerity, you lett his p so you could measure and forever O17c1 his gust:wee And like a true American. having tasted of inutratton before, you seek It stream but not always do you remember that you owe your emmtra end your fellow men a return pe3ment of title sense heavenly stuff, When last have you done exnethlng Inspiring? Have you ever held 'aid moved a great meek or even a small audience by the wild striving for a great goal backed up with your personal contrtbution of Unstinted work and peep. *ration? Have you sweated out a mullion words to distill thoitsaral pure ones? Have you carved a hundred statues to be able humbly to offer your goveration one *tante That plan you r.econantend--did you hesitate before of - frame It, did you check It as If you writ spending your own money on It? The inepiretion In anything I.e the amount of spirit, of life. of herd work. of nue tbought, of self-entictsm sad ex - weave coiner.. wanting. asalfire you put Into the project. Tee aspiring physical I/Anglin America. mash as its great eitles, harbors. bridge*, dams. end factortes, all bear the America birth marks of rich Recline*, long planning, biennia of ambltton. expensive perseverance. Do you supped* any of your personal doings can be in. ;miring unteaa they, toe. have the same American cherutertsttoo. What America most needs U true Inspiration, We need Insoiraeon now. today. You who hunger for It so, you and the far apace.. seeking what he who go to movies, to games, to books. moat needso-insplratkai. to travel, we need this Inspiration from It Is abet you meet need, need today youl We need It so America ran go More than ever. on Inatead of stand sun, we need It to Yet inutratton. highest and most find new expression of our present sought star In the rky, la no different eeneratton. to uphold and re-establish from Loy other high or noble thing. the respect of the whole world for Amer. The way to justice la to Ore pntko. lean genius end Industry, to peeve to the way to get is to give. The way to others atad to ourselves that we are find trupiration la to give Inspiration. growing faster than ever before. Red the way to give Mutilation Is to Hate you the dream. the drill, the ply the peke drive In you? If you have. then you can No Inspiring deed or thing was ever justly earn the title which properly an accident. Thece is always meaning belongs to every American. you can be it to inspiration aril that meaning le put man of ineptratkol BRAND NEW CUB and ACE le OR 5c PLAY r. CUB Nude or Fruil Roth Formerly $13.95 COIN DIVIDERS $.75 EACH UR OF 6, $42.50 SEPARATE CASH COXES ACE 5 Poker Reels Formerly $14'95 To err: ta Deposit, Balance C. 0. D. NOVELTY CO N. WESTERN AVE.,CHICAGO.Itt. Assoc j hatommicmusicco 3915EotendR.r.itA DETROIT ortiete MIAS NOVIIIIT COssuseNe, 221* /ink Are.e1TVIIIMO NOM r KsfoeVAl tilei1c1 et. oh_ POPULARITY OF SEEBURO SERVICE SCHOOLS is inuireated by th photo showing those who attended the Atlas Coln Menhine Company mess;' held In femme. wearers from all perk of Nam reeked were In attendant, (Afentefeeturer's rtkate.i Mtmves Offers Cash For Arcade Ideas NEW YORK, May 17 (Otetributor's relesae).-mike Munroe, known thruoet the trade as the "Arcade King," le offering a cash prize of $100 for the best Penny Arcade In the country. An addl. Unmet $100 price 1. offered for the best new arcade machine Idea advanced by en employee or owner of en arcade. '-tie feel that with many more Penny Arendt* opening everywhere In the cotm. try." Joe explained, "this is the time to help toward better IdenUficatien. The award will be presented to the Penny Arcade termed 'America's Bait for MO by a committee of judges. The judged will be announced later. "All that any Penny Arcade need do to enter the contest Is to send us a picture of Its place. 'The picture.111 be used thruout the contest so that other Jenny Arcade men In the country can also judge them. There to no entrance fee. There are absolutely no strings at. tachtel to thle offer and no purchases are Mee/easy from our firm. It is 'amply a cash prize nwerd to the but Penny Arcade In the Industry In Our ef. fort la not only to choose the best ear. cado In the country, but, thru the contest, to help all other Penny Areselea and to adopt or.e as a baste for all future Penny Arcade construction. "An adrittionel $100 prim is offered for the best new arcade machine Idea submitted by an employee or owner of an armee. The Idea can be Aube:latest In a drawing. hand eyelet. or a completed welting model. Regardless of Its form, completed or nearly completed, we want the employee or owner to write tie, outlining the Idea." All ooziest entries meet be mailed di. rectiy to Mike Munvea, MO West eart Street Now Yak. on or before midnight, tiepternber Photos of arc,,. received will be given careful ;Meat:. and turned over to the judges. T judges will manse their choke and i parity opinion will decide the 'A. The Came procedure will be folkawarding the arcade machine ire Mike Murices stated: "It Is ou' hope that all Penny Arcades the. country will enter this contest.. will make their ectect:on not only a beauty standpolnt, but from the star point of greater attractireinese to I public sod many other angles. 1 buildliag hentelng the Penny Arcade o not be the moat beautiful, but the rangarnent of machines may prove to best. Many other conelderattons v. enter Into the ear:teat. 'The same plan applies to Nape; the beet secede machine idea. What rr. TVA VIM like anything new to some outride of the Penny Arcade envie m.ay prove to be phenomenal In this p of the Industry. Therefore everyone chance. We urge Penny Arcade owe,.. and employees to start sending Co. photo, and =Milne idesa to us Imo dialely." New Canes Roads Bring More Baltimore Lorati tttt A BALTIMORE. Md.. May 17.-Oar citatribiliore here are very optirelstk good outdoor season They report tc many Inquiries are being received fn operators who Men to operate at re,, door ellabilahments_ The tonstruetten of new tweed, roads to and front the military cane near Baltimore bas opened new ye' for business- Plum of amusement entertainment are planned snorer to. roads which will open new locations enechtnes. Youth Leader Lauds Assn.'s Help In Curbing Juvenile Delinquency LOOS ANOWLEB. May 17.-1n OOLVISte tten with the public Women.; program conducted by Curly Robinson. managing director of Association Operator. of Los Angeles County, Inc., the following letter was received by Hotenton. Original of this letter ha. been filed for consideration by judges of The Billbcor4 Aseoeletton Awards: Dear Mr. note:soon: -Your letter of March 12 1wa been duly received. together with clippings giving Mews on present juvenile delinquency. 'The informatton those clippings reveal ought to set every one who has our youth at heart to thinking. And you and tour cegantratton deserve much emelt, not only foe eroding to our leaderselp those clippings pertaining to jure. nlle deltiaquency. but for your ever - readiness to co-operate help to protect end supply youth with the material aid that will glee tliera a new outlook upon life. -Those who are helping to Insure good citizenship for our future citizens: thou who are helping youth lesdane to combat torelga lams and Mean Amen:an:see Into the heart of our red-blooded too and girls deserve a word of cotrannoes. "There are scores of boy, and lion whose own parents are falling there. Some of shear will centlnue the mono thou our criminal courts. while other, will become Infected with the teacbtrua of Ned, Paselst. or Con:Qualm doctrines In preference to the American way. A:1 because of the apathetic attitude CO so' called patriot, who spend their Wee werrying about Innocent martge or crave a desire for preaninence. iterteel of assuming some youth reaponalahtt In their own communities. Indess there to a marked change of fee* moons our loyal and patriotic Amortentel. Meesi America" can menly become "Lc.o. Help America:" 'You and your organization bore et support of myself and my c0-workw! In your endeavor to help 70'11' I algindi Rev. Herbert L. Smith. dirmee Moroni. community Center. East 6443 street and Holmes Avenue. Los Anglia.

77 Vay 9.j, ;941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES The 17i1Thonrrl 77 N. Y. Slug Trial For St. Paul Mfr. Set for June 4 ST. PAUL. May 17. -Edmund 51. Mel. pen. manager of the St. Paul Stamp Works charged with counterfeiting, la ce,fer $1,000 bond to appear June 4 in sr, York. it has been learned from federal authorities. atellpen Is ono of those recently In. dieted In New York as the remit of a erne by secret service agents and pat aloe Inspectors to curb a coin Wog beak. He la Charged with mall fraud, enanu. failure, and paseasion of slugs. An arraignment Were W. T. Goddard, V. S, oommisoloner, held up several days moiling firma' of neceuery papers from Few York. was accompli abed afenday. gonna* appeared with his attorney'. rafted hawing and posted bond. Minnesota Slug Act CHAPTER H. B. NO. 210 A RILL POR AN ACT prolublung the rnanufac. nine, sale, offering for aide, advertutng for sale or distribution of token,, amiss slugs for use In lieu of lawful coin In rending machines, parking meters. service meters. take:ames. or other coin receptacles, and providing a penalty for Ira etolation. Si it enacted by the Leglalature of the State of Minnesota: Retion 1. Tr.o manufacture. sale. M. eeri=e for rale, isdreetlaing for sale, or Satribution of tokens. checks, or slugs Itmilar In she and shape to lawful coin et the United Maim of America, with err -sledge or reorion to boilers that such kkena, cheeks or slugs may be used In ientitution for any such lawful mein any vending machine. parking meter, aerice meter, coin -box telephone or Misr coin receptacle deeigned to receive a be operated only by lawful coin of UN United Sham of America in con- with the rale. use or enjoyment of maven,, prtrileste or service. is hereby polsibited. Section 2. No person 0411 msnufaeinn. ce offer for axle Or distribute sty etseeka, token,. or slugs unless they Pall be tither flea per cent lamer or tie per cent smaller in dismeter than em Useful coin of the United Stetes. atztton 3. In trial of a defendant In isolation of the provision of this. set. knowledge or reason to believe. within the nximing of tine act, shall b, atoned to tato: upon the presentation ef proof to the court that any county inceney, shert11, or chief of police In the Bite. or a deputy or delegate of ouch *tar. has given written notice to the ifidendant that tokens. checks. or slugs d tne kind manufactured. bold. Mitre! ke isle, advertised foe sale or distributed by him are tieing used In eubnitntion ice lawful coin In the Operation of any rob coin receptacle or machine, pro. weed that mach notice *hall have been wo prior to tits time of the mannki<ttife, tale, offering for gale. adventske for tale, or diatributical of such kenos. checks, or ship for which the *lenient is being tried. Section 4. Any person, firm or corpo. num violating the pros -Mors of this set shall be guilty of retiadenimattor. Approved April 9, Incorporations 'ALBANY. N. T. May 17. -The Auto. lane Defense Stamps Service. Inc.. of 91w York Om has been granted tinnier of incorporation by the Secretary f.e.ate. The company will deal in intomnic machines for the distribution 94,,eroisa. It has a capita/ of 200 shame of stock The promoters and neck - Ere A. J Sack and Ralph 8 Cardeuin. New York, and Audrey Man. Brooklyn. Another now tending machine entertim Waled a charter by the State is Stoffel Seals Company, Inc., New Trek. which will deal in aes'ing [113 The concern has a mental a 7,0 Marts preferred stock at $100 and bet shares common stock no par. Stock. Miens era RADA T. Shiite'. 'R.-andel!. Y: 0. Williens Araelie Larchmont 3. r, and Walter C. Warren. Freeport v y. Industry Mentions in the Press This Week Magazine. lame of May 3. Magazine section of 25 leading newspapers in the V. 8. said to reach about 6, familia weekly. Tide: "Breen Change ii Mg Money.- by Obed Stearns. Tell* of spending $3.11 on on automatic holiday "for allay*, meal, an Insurance policy. a font massage, or almost anything elm' wanted-" Very!tuneable. Source material furnithed by James B. Otimcce. of Coln Machine IncluatriOr. Inc., and Walter W. Hurd. coin inechlne editor. The Billboard. Cessoftee comic ship by King, appearing In newspapers all over the U. S. Syndicated and Copyrighted by The Chireoo Tribune. Appeared to UR044 of May 0. American Sfacarier for June. under the column "Why Don't They"... asks: -Why don't they monde automate ptrosetting machines for all bowling alleys? Anierfeen.116Torffic has been informed that several firma, It C. Evans As Company and Pots Manufacturing Company, have automatic pen -setting mechanism.. The Saturday!Ermine; Port, knee of April 26, page 20. A feature article entitled "Land of the :oak." Automatic phonographs and records are mentioned. "The Wentwoode woof to find out how teeny root friends the) hater American Magaane for June ILaa the obese cartoon by Henry BolUnoff, one of the several Items of interest to coin. mm an that Wane. The Chleogo Tsirrwa, May 13. carried mentions of automatic plionostrapha In "juke joints" in connection with a story on conditions around army camps. Army *Metal also are concerned about moral conditions In camp areas the paper reports. The Chicago Hererd.emerican, May 15. in Nate Ore.'. 'Than Tattler column, reports that a Chicago merle militia group is wing an autornaiin phonograph for drill purposes Martial etre are played e MI* the troops tramp, tramp around the armory. Baby Production A daughter, Belinda Ann. to Mr and Mrs. Burton Browne_ Father is head of Burton 8213W110. Inc.. Chicago nine. tieing agency. Indications That Tourist Business Will Be Very Beery During '41 Season BALTIMORE. ltd.. May 17.- Baltimore's hotel, are jammed to the doors, Crowded conditions are one reason why both distributors and cps -rotas of coin machines are feeling the upaurpng Minnow. Ir.cressed population in Baltunore includa tourists, defence workers defense enipneers, friends of soldiers to the camps near here, and the overflow from Washington. Ths hotel boom began about Christmas. are -orating to hotel men, bit ate stride ecseral week. ago, and le growing all the time. Philly Games Assn. Adds Nine Members PHTLADELPHEA, May 17.-Phtladelphia Amusement Machines Amoclation continues to make great strides In organleanon of independent operators and reports that Mite new merobere have been inducted into Use azaociatton this month. Robert Epstein, Samuel Groner; Ferencs Lang, trading as Lang As Son; Irving Wei.; Messrs. Mints and Spnberg, trading as the Spring Amusement Cempany. George Phillips, and the new firm of Levin de Older. Pinball Pitcher, Too!. WILIffie-BARRE, Pa, May 17. -South. paw Vernon Kohler's pitching Abilities aren't limited to the Eastern League, judging from the scores he has been ringing tip on the pinball machine In the Mertz Hue Terminal here. A hurler for the Wilkes-herre Barnes. Kohler hu beers continuously piling up free garnets despite the fact that Max Roth, of Roth Novelty Service. frequently changes the reac.hices, Kohler's crowning achievement to date was the piling up of 223 free guinea In one night His teammates report that Kohier'a pinball achievements are not limited to Willovorterre, for he has anuuneel similar high scores In point& lat Mt& FORT WORTH. Tee. May 17 -Wall box lastallaticeut continue strong In this area. Mat will box unite are featuring a new model phonograph. It has already been proved that folks like to see an attractive phonograph display and It never rails to Increase receipts. Rot weather hoe swooped down upon this <Its with tint and rigor and but started outdoor spot* booming Sevensl coinmen are taking their rem. Hone early so they can be in the harness during the rush summer months. Serf. Icemen are being allowed early vacatintut also. This week Benny Menorah". Star Coin Machine Company. is having to w- here two of his aervieemen who are vacationing, Salt...shear& continue good In this ant. (ton, with cigarettes leading the parade. eieveiam) CLEVELAND, May 17. -An automatic phonograph was on display at the Ohio Restaurant Aesociritson Convention at Hotel Sutler here recently. The Acme Phonograph Company. distributor. had a booth and the music was carried tutu speakers to all pans of Euclid Ballroom. L. J. Neeetth was In charge. Th. phonograph, brilliantly lighted, vu one Of the high spots of the exhibit floor. Acme has enlarged ill quarter. to Include a service department. B. P. Keenan has joined the company's sales department. Jimmy Petney. Mercury Amusement Company. has departed for Nassau, Iii, partner. Phil George. U In:Attie after things during eta ishser.ce ARCADE GAMES WANTED FREE PLAY BIG GAME Built with Animal Head Strips, or Standard Fruit Reel Strips. Also budt with Mystery Cash Payout and Token Award jack Pot. Bulltfor lc-sc-10c-25c Play Madc Only By WATLING MFG. ( W. Fulton St. CHICAGO. ILL. LIBERTY BELL A nose Wan par..' *WNW wfew reell; awn o, Iwww4d tit thus inieow Woo anN. Writs fa ember meows ono, GROETCHEN TOOL COMPANY 130 N U/ Chcoto, FREE PLAY -1 BALLS Mille fold Style).. S25.00 Mills (New Style) Cold Cup Eureka ,.y Deposit, Balance C. 0 D. AUTOMATIC COIN MACHINE CORP. 340 CHESTNUT ST. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. PERCENTAGE PLAN LOCATION OPEN AT MONTE PROSERS' DANCE CARNIVAL MADISON SQUARE GARDEN S. SPINRAD 210 W. 50th St. Ckele NEW YORK CITY

78 lea 78 7'h a Billboard AMUSEMENT MACHINES May 24, 1941 EASTERN FIASIIES NEW YORK, May 17.--Tne peat week Was quiet ecessidering the run for sere" that Isas been going on for some Datributors and jobbers expect a spurt, with the antral of new games. -George Pourer and Jerk Mitialok assent part of lam week In Chicago visiting the widens manufacturers. Jack believes the music Casino's Of the ludastry to in for one of Its moat Luna George has returned timisetaigto to are Mina Novelty... Lou Holzer oral Pepasour Intern. of Power, caught stroll. lug dawn coin row... Iry Morris. Of the Pomo. Jersey after. will go far out el hie way to do Ms cuttomers s favor. 71ta %ark he made a Imola trip to the abort, to help one of the firma olden Menne got set right. Hill Alberg, after visiting bra brother's turn in Lawton. Mich.. to mending some time In Chicago with Dia Hood. Dill reports that H. C. Want will have two now products that will put the boys In line tor wane reel buck.. And the way Charlie Aror.wan talks about the new games. there's no doubt that Brooklyn Amusement Machthe Company I set for another big aumareer. Bert Lane. boa from Chicago. reports: "The game factories are working overtimes to meet demand and many now plants hare sprung up all of a sudden." Dart Is also happy became Itutoneopel telee-alobilea are coming Into his orate In increasing quantity... u Noll As Sena thiloo. N. J.. are doing a great job with music. being One Of thd really oldtimers in this division... Marty Mean. ono of the best known mechanics in the industry. report his bobby Is working at home. developing new Meth for amusement devices. PAST PLASHES... Sol Gottlieb around Coln Row telling the bays what great game brother Dore hat... At S. Cohen, of Aloe, reparte that the firm has timer before enjoyed such swell sprint bintheas. They plan to =pounce a greet buy for vender men then... fry Mitchell gets a bang otit of diecuiering with hie customer* rendttions. politic& the weather, or anything. AN OUTSTANDING SPOT In Port Wayne. In a. the Mecca Tap, attributer Its popalerlty to automatic music as prearni,d to /mynas Met, the jj KrencV unit boxer ttratcyteallp plated trimmer the location. The installation war mods by the Masco organization, Fort Wayne operating Collett)). Moue.) (Mansitorturer's New York operators working together Sugar bowl all show spots for music op. like a well oiled football team... Jack tutors tatereeted In acting Buckley Kay. of Ace Disulbutoes, working over- Musk InotallatIons. time to keep nue with the inners pouring In for treed ettutpronot.... -Bap" COLN SHOTS... Otaregoid. sale. manager of Arthur If. Nat Cohn. atcdern Vending exec. ye - Du Grci)er, la on a short trip to Weston celved many lance and cents from htt New York State with Jule Moberg, the friends and employee:i wishing him the Wink New York State representatere... beat on bin birthday May 13. _ Ire BM Wiener. U.Need-a-Pak reprosenta- fintraner. of Modern. drove beak front live. Is traveling AitTO the South.... Miami by stow Mates. calling on the hove Jack Berger was extremely bury dashing tip and down the coast. Ho arrived In here and there In Jerry hit week. doing New York Thursday,... Lou Bloom. a tine Job preparing country -VA* Chip- of Trenton, doing great job with the most*. Buckley installations... DeWitt (Dec) Sol Silverstein visiting on Coln ROW Eaton. Eastern regional director for and talking things over with the boys. Buckley Musk Sietem, &mama up to Dave Stern. of Royal DOstrIbdistes. Horton to Melt big district manager thintheth: Harry and Sommy Wichan- them. Trite runt after the big regional sky. of AtInk and Barney (Rug,/ BIllitr meet held to 'Newark. where the trans WAIL of Nevntrk. In a elcoe huddle. And Eastern district manage:a got together atter coming Out of It report: "We're to discuses poulhaltke and nuke new ruing to have the biggest ofirptto In plans. history for the industry. -Stingy" Is menu Struhro new premium spot on now using the Wrcaluthic Diner and the 23d Street is attracting many tomenen. Struhik was always a big buy Rot foe the bars wls0 Use premium testicle thane In the coin trade... &tannic Shrenteld la rer.wtoct to bare pushed the colleetton.s Of his made route to a new high... Harry Pearl will be reedy to pop open In is week or two on his New York caber*.... Joe Flthman Odetowted his 20th wedding anniversary May Art NYhteg. of Calvert. Is so busy he just desenla have time to do much except take cane of badness... Morriss Rankin slotted Scientlf10 Machine Corporation's factory and was taken on a tour of inspection by Max Levine. Hanktn wan 1mtosIT'S DOUBLE PLAY )44-1 FOR DCOUBLE PROFITSe/Laz r C.4.* ow 5:mezAde 0/2...ot EXHIBIT SUPPLY CO., 4222 W. LAKE ST., CHICAGO NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED moertre shwa row P1,11 Ihr6416., Pars ItNarr Wad. GO., OW laymm Ile. am,.1, Alln craarasam novetell aerate moan shoo Soma, Dutra. &Km AVYaw Cam. Claaml Cooney PAYOUT Aram WM. OMIT P.N., At. teat14ind IN WORKING (*OM, NO JUNK S ay =iner4 D ull Lima AY 54an ACOC ES M.N. ST Yell Cmr.rW 00011th daises Car. P.M A WIN O one Tout D mot snsinm sa W ell Coln (14.) , Tiny la alaase Vend., feta..., la Dortrawayn 50 MAIM YawW.I. I Wm) It Win A Pah Clp Owl. Cl (50 a lot Olmr) Oft /maw /wow Ve4os (Ail Iltsdil Oso.r. Deabte Dock Aar. Wer., AST Twat NMI I Mcdol I, MIA Maw Tel 0 PM 0,0 atei can A Mma0 Cm R WOW 8015.WarrNart PAIR, Marla. II* Ity) netc.ocammar ImmaNal 20, Dam Alma. Ctlall04.14* ItePtecay Chiba SmOm KIN. SLOTS Re T.S.P. Ic WaV,g CMARCTTZ Otemmo MARIETTA SERVICE CO. En UONTGOMfer it. - Pb... isod MARIETTA, OR SALE -AMERICA'S FINEST PHONO MUNN. 12 STAIR Itoz.:11011mmad, s WyMna. III (1, AM a Pm.. I MONO Scrimp Cm. ITO limma 1 IMMO WamIlle 24 (Prem.. m0 RMIUMM) HMO Notaa. WIlme i,mppria GOOA PleTanoi o Rarkals Oesma. Mow *MO Wytinter SODA N.M TRAM, 1 RR 04PAIt Wma illitasisssi all Yhaetter al. Owns. SW* Mama W. Sib Balm.. O. 0, D. Willie IA.,1 IN Mem MIA PON ORNIUMATC 1.10C LILT! We NAVE D.C.0.0 MaSam trtaml IMITTNINCI YOU WANT IN NORIO!' EASTERN PINNSYLVANIA MANAGER FOR BUCXtEr MUSIC SYSTEM UNIVERSAL AMUSEMENT CO MARKET ST.. PHILADELPHIA, PA. revived with the pfar.t and the remarkable woodworking "hop where Max produces his own cabinets. Despite the fact that Rankin's office wired ceders for machines. ho insisted on placing an addl. Ronal order before learns. HERE AND THERE... Archie and Horned fins& Of Major Amusement. are reported to be enjoying fine busiv.+-4, Miler Green sends s yooture of him'arlf being presented with a silver plate for winning the ping-pm:1g champlcmahlp at Chaultiger'. In Miami. And is Milty proud(... Abe Green end Billy Ehronixrg are practicing nightly. getting In trim for Metz golf match. Dilly has played for many yours. 'retitle Abe le just beginner: so filly agreed to give Abe one and a half stoats a hole... Prot Iverion and Bandy Warner In Fred's Bunk busurie all forty speed laws in a hurry to get home to dinner. Peed spent a few days at Seaboard', offices beton, going back on the read. AI Simon reports he has taken up golf, He has bought a set of clubs.. Jack Krooberg. of Crown Matributors. reports': "We hare no complaints. Bust. new is good and getting better and our customer list forreasos daily."... Earl lips, of Roy McGinnis. Baltimore. NM., thanes that the firm look. forward to a great rummer If the present bud - best jump la any criterion. Ed. Jock, and Al Ravreby are working harder than ever thetiout New England. fluty repett, to get the newest games to their CilatOttains in a hurry... Tony Clasparro leaving for Chl to visit with hatbibit and at, what the factory has for the summer..,. Charlie Lichen:auto. of Federal, to all pepped up user the fact that his Oren has roomed to the top faster than he expected. Al Sherry. Al Koondel. and Phil Gould. of Ambassador. report many orders for machines. They bare a problem finding crates. AROUND THE TOWN... Milton Nagler over at Mike Sfianree; Coin How headquarters working harder than ever and never getting upset.. Mae &names getting into pinocla: genus and making 400 bids by the akin of bis teeth... Joe?Sumas, worthless; for more arced.. equipment, takes time out to say: "My predictions came true. Tata is the greatest arcade year In ail coin hietery."... Iry Blumenfeld. of General. Baltimore. Md., that many more &tontine Ratting Practice games use brine purchased In Maryland and Wurangtou. Leon Berman, New York a..., l - Supply Company. has just o window display for Keeney..1 and other ramaie OqUIpinent. Pi.,l ihat7 Leon', rothman. hers left foe n trtp thin Connecticut and New York. takira Murry Base with him to show him the ropea his.. will represent Muth in that territory.... Korn Bach" playee. the old Violano Virtleno at his plate. Bought foe one of the men in town re - letting a =Serum of old coin-op.e.a. music equipment Sam claims: "It' great mu ne box."... Henry r; and Jailer* Cilithetn are two of the r. men In Now York State, Henry as': representative for Buckley and Jo: Charge of the ftrin'a office. In Att., Trt-Way Products Company r. that Its 1/1tratesie and Murnitoese (teller telling speakers have won from operators everywhere.... A. M. Strong and Walter Mann. of CI '. Corporation, say their outdoor AI Gum Vender has clacked with the, everywhere... Joe risilmtn, v. Prtedrnan. John Helfer, and Mike Muni, talking It over in front of Joe's spot ana an sernstrigly agreeing on something that John was shouting about. Taal C. Backe, of National Newt, Company. Merritt. L. I. DOntInues v, In many hours at his offices sm., his customers' demands... Levine, of Setentifle, Lt AD busy that hr mutiny found doing two or most things at a time and working late into the night.... Ityrrite Budin reports ttoody demand for retooditioned mechuns. Jack Fitzgibbons to grouping all uses game'" In one big vices -cut.... het Deelin. Eddie McNamara. Jimmy War. and 'CM McDonald, of Plia's Bally Bulla Mg. are seriously considering getting together the Bally Baseball Team.. Willie Matt, of Supreme. I. busy pre. paring hits new spot on Atlantic Arenlia Brooklyn. with some Of the beat Idea to the business. Willie also plans a visit to the Buckley Chicago factory. Moo Mandell. of Northwektern Soles. Brooklyn. is muting a tutu rbowd for Northwestern vennens m his territory.... Once again Chicago Cobs Onus anreolathmpoernires t chatee(taz)ofrotthalle eoperam. tbas- I. her Specialty head. "Thin time It's Chi. env> Coin' Majors of '41," be "ant we're teen mneli..nng out at fast at coo PH1LLY MILASHES... Joe Ash Is rebuilding and letnodelln: and It look. as Ow Active's Martins will be one of the most outstanding In the pin division of the induetry In Ph117- In the midst of all the work. Joe nu taken seek, and so Moe (Aaptrtfi) Barr hat to get all orders out..lcd (1Cersteno) Bernstein Is getting reedy to Wilt another Sam-Uncle Barn this WM.. Georgie Phillips has just become a Timm. be: of the Minty pin operators' "sorts. Lion... Jack Sbephard la repotted to have upped hi. RockOla opmatleta Marty Went*. may of the Weal apa elation. did not appear at the last sneer tna and has the Was wendertrig. - Swum and Perlptywallfemetely, Mickey Cairo) l - Orin) Bayer's dad just underwent CC eye operettas and all the bets are no?. Mg be comes GM! kelt., Ed crippy1 Klein and Rudy Greenbaum dasialet about PhitlY together, while Rudy mass hl" regular visit. Harry Ithablel Block swamped with order* for tan Frei Chance -Maker as the result of Bret al In IrtUpboy.... Lieutenant WM" Mont, slattened In BAD Antonio, 'DT" In some ads for hie dad and reverts 11,a, be bas purchased a Plymouth. L (Pop) Pokes's. father.loaaw to At (Arco) Rodsteln, recently bought Out Si, Onkel-tarns route. Harry Mitt'.'. arcade In the Ben Pranklth Is piar, the slatting bell tntma to his SeleelLM

79 {hr-' 24, 1941 AMUSEMENT 111ACIIINTS The Billboard 79 The Billboard presents ImportantFacts&Figures OH lite (oin Machine Industry and Mr Defense Program ill the May 31st Issue A Logo portion of the billions of dollars being spent for defense is going toward paying the vesset of workers in thousands of dehese melees,. These wort crs red their families will bo spending ereporticelate shams of their newer and greater earnings esuchneeded entertainment. * * * for In the May 31 issue The Billboard wits answer the following <meshing of interest to every alert el:ureter. jobber, distributor and lecturer: 1k441 MONEY 1ittS BEEN APPROPS10.10 FOR Stitta EXRE RiS. *NM 010 talkd Ilk AkkIS AO St SONA ARE PEOPIE t1014mqnv a lost laiit% EACH. loos 1k A - 0,E ARE (AMPS, ASt1411 AO Mit 10 A. BASES BASES 1.00AES 1? Complete. accurate and official WI. analytical and interprotie stories on the Coin machine inthawry and the defense program war' aelrtar In this important Mao! Watch for it! Dotting Practice... Bill Roane:a la now calling his place "Wild Bill's Rifle Mange.".. Oscar aping4d L upentrig ritle range near tho Navy Yard.... Honey BOtInd Is being called Philtre cah-on-the-lino operator. Pays mar for everything and demands cab for truck-.. W. C. Elea, of A. B. T., la In town. Joe Ash, AI Stern. and Bill Gersh paid off their bets to Al (Moo) Rodetan for It!attar a girl (named Arlene). and Lou Bloom, Sol Silverstein, Ben Pirenm. and Law London Aro yet to bo heard from. Lew London In Finny looking oral Wild Bill's Rifle BMW with great Inter - rat.,,. Tony Barone. ot Kenneth Square, running benefit rodeos an a hobby.... Andy Boater. of Willow Grove Park Areado. raporta receipts 400 per cent abase lost Tear... Ralph Pranks opening one of SelenHfle's Kentucky Derby spots In Waders:ad.... Harold Gorman also running Kentucky Derby In Wthiworgi,. Rank (Indian)!Amman. roomaentine Iliwekhewk hoards, Moan be a traveling footer than ever these buoy dare.... Chuck Edelson is eagerly looking forward to his next trip to CM.... Leo Ptak In Philip visiting Hank Longman. Bill Halrigel clown Mr Office* at 3 Ptaa, sharp and can't be reached after that Fred (Banner) Walter has Met re-.. turned. (torn a five -week roadtrlp thru Pennsylvania and Watt Virginia and re ports business booming... Tom is doing * terrific bin on renders Roy leeks forward to a big year... George Mb Is the new manager of Prank Engel% and Mike Spotter's Automatic, *mum. ment Company.... Sam Kreabnrg visited Philly this week. Sebastian Ramsgorem In them buying more music. Re operates at Port Dix... Mike Weinstein around buying W44 equipment.... John Manion doing a terrific blo.... Leon Grose buying rttn more music.... Joe Prindnan. of Itertirbunt. telling Minty boys that he may be railed by Uncle Sam any day.... George Wilson /Rifest. of Harrisburg, re. ported building an attractive new home. in Montrone Park.... Mike Spector Implied Into New Yak to at the Jenkins fight, while Prank Engel toured Eastern Maryland.... Leeds Sokkrve, of Imperial. telling about the good old days. Estelle Leopold in humming hie music route.. Sam Snyderman, metering from a octinun Mneea but anti can't do the rumba with Philtre rumba queen. atm. Sun Snyderrean. -. DeWitt (Dot) Paton. Eastern regional director for Buckley Music System. In town. hitting hard and uniting all the way.... Bill King, of Quaker Vending, one of the best liked guys In town.... Sid Meyers mid the beauteous Mrs_ Meyer' are playing the home rncea-but big.... Sam Toren, of Mayflower. a visitor to Minty... Jock Kaufman. of It C.. clang a whin of a bir, with crates blocking the sidewalk In front of hits quarters.... Willie (K. C.) Pturnan. chief inectianic. back on the job after his operation... Harry Lean and Harry &belt have opened an encode near Indloultown. Prtedberg, propeletor of the Prodders% Hotel. Atlantic City. has gone into the arcade Mxr which proves nomirthing or other *bout the arcade Mr.. Harry Brown, of Trenton. buying Mont Toutut... K. C. Novelty Company has is complete line of novelties and pre. ennuis, for arcades..., Martin!Shirty. new president of no...state Pennsylvania operators, Mu pia become a Buckley Vuelc Satent Melnik... Frank Kuhn, who has the agency fee PepaCola Vendm. Ls doing a bang-up job.,.. Prank Urban totems hie pal and roommate linable (Beate) Genet... Ben Steinberg son of fray Steinberg. going to serve Uncle Stns.... Bobby (The Fin) Kline continuee to hop all Over the State. cloning 'erne big deals art G. V. Adruna one -cent gum venders... Sam Pintos/Its Is reennelding his home.... Lou Solomon', wife and baby recuperating free% operation..... Cy Glickman reported to be working on still another invention. Ben Nankin', voice reported to be get. tins better Ntssle Klein and Sammy Odell reported to be among the two Beet hustles in the big.... Al Roth and Harry afendeltion are opening an areal* In Atlantic.. Bill Rangel, ae Keystone Novelty. coattnure to enjoy these big airs.. Geom., S. Pled and William J. Murphy. of NorriMown. ray that by using only the latest and beet nitride machines they have been able to practically choose their locations. -Thla angle." according to Plead and Murphy. hoe bellied us to build what we believe.-an be termed one of the oteso alike! astute machine firma In the money." jive J)ying Repainted from the WILlica-Sarre (Ps.) Sunday independent A/tho there's still a large demand among the younger dement fa the boogie-woogie manic and jitterbug numbers, we've learned that Ulla la dying out gradually. Our authority for thta to Tommy Dentin, the pedagogue -maestro, who has been playing dance dates In this valley for so many yews. Naturally, when the dancers are of the high scholastic group, they want the Jitterbug Jive and they got It from any band that plays for than. But the older group-and that inchtdes the young people from 21 or ao on tip -liken zonate gems In keeping with digutty. Anyway It's pretty tough to ( C at a pace that le more phyrandly wearing than a gruelling basketball or hockey garne, If one docent have unbounded vitality backed by enthusiasm of youth, It's difficult to cut the rugs, so to speak. ft ts not surpastrig that this has happened, aince most dente erases from the time of the bunny hug and the turkey trot. hare faded after a few years and a return to normalcy is mode. We can expect acenething different in terpsichorean vogue ill a year or ao, we presume. Incidentally while on the subject of danctng, there ware name great numbers at the North Sod Minarets, and the boops.a-dally number WON enjoyed by everybody. &Notate BALTIMORE. Md.. May 17.-The P W Machine Company, Hagerstown, Md. hast been ehartertd to deal In Coin and music mechtnea. Capitaltration ta net at consisting of 30 shares of stock. Inceeporntors are Millard P. Kea...incr. Charles W. Hatbaugh. and Howard B. Tams.. Tri-State Bottling Company has purchased the beverage bottittug equipment and fixtures of the Try -Me Bottling Company. Inc, ON TYKE RECORDS (Continued from pore 72) AL DONAHUE (Melt 6179) HI There, Sr Orr". Moors-PT VC. it. Nothing Nato- Fri VC. Donahue seta nice tempo on the first aide. making dancing to Ball one definitely on tiny job. Everything else about the platter le nice, too, exoept that It lacks the vital spark that dtatinguishes a sock record from Just another capable performauee. Dee Keating and Phil Drito sing skies A and B. respectively. adding to the general competent em -up. O onaaa hes a Made 0CDoEs, diet nontrally In..The Wise OM Owl," see wish that par. Inn the war. them way be a patron dcreand tor snore of rib accords. [diner side hats iii annwo the aureate, lithe In throryelwry ttwy don't rellotitn1 aarything ootohodor. ALVINO REY (Bluebird B Woodland Somptgony-FT. On, for Hearcts'a Sake-PT: VC. Rey Mellen out a pastoral study on the A aide, with bla guitar not as prominent as usual. Santa deserve ft special note of prase for n couplc of exoeltent parnagm. Reflective and tonally descriptier. the coonpooltion droop In spots. however. and listening becomes a little tirererrio fiecocel Md. IS a dressed -up version of Arkaruar Troerler. with Yvonne King and Steens Herfurt duetting a cute late. Aivtno's guitar Is effective on this rale. Pessaialtria be cot.. p140.sgraph Wynnt se. weak hoe. fide A Is wetly resets oat et the territory that germ retentlal...kin* hits. and the reverse It too Incontsloiotlal to make any Inewrailon upon phone. patronage. DUKE ELLINGTON and IIMMY BLANTON Victor 27406) Body and Sou! -Plano and boss. Att. J. B. Sioce-Plano and ban, Poe awingeophilts and absolutely no one else. Eit-eton and Ma bees player get together r a bit of jamming on the Johnny Green standard and an original. with Blantonls bowthe sounding like little else than an ailing One. When be slaps the bass, there's a pickup of rhythm and interest, but using It w n string Instrument produces same analniay ward tones that are hantly a midget IN SIZE Completely automatic payout machine, with Bell reels, metered jackpot. An &Inch cube, weighs only 18 lba t cash box holds $4,1 In nickels. A beautiful m.sehltte t either chrome plated or In hammerlold blue and gold. Terrific demand right now - nub your order. Mills Novelty Company, 1100 Fullerton, Chicago. WILLO Ots7 POCKT.7 ArLL a giant IN EARNINGS MILLS Distributor PHONOGRAPHS CONSOLES BELLS TABLES KEYSTONE NOVELTY b 14F6. (0. Selo Hrnonpiro ars, Pn,so yh., re. INOWntee carve. eta Onl.nolni N., nail',.,., WI. PIN GAME PARTS & SUPPLIES FOR ALE. HAKES 84.6 WOW:. lonng,ln W,t4 No Coo*Wo Peon 100. COIN OPERATORS' SUPPLY CO W. Wean lnot SAVE MONEY ALL -WAYS with IMPERIAL! 042UNTIR same. Cloin imp t.41ihrety ORM doe 0.66 Amorloon Caddo wrens to* inlets 07 KUL Reel, PIKE'S PEAK..21^. SPECIAL K owarel wwt IllaWnno Ono. Slate Gt PNON $U0N44. 11%.*Inor awl NOW.. Onw.PWar I I WOO , Tnnnv,i4 Ithak, tal.s0 VENDORS Is Strom Stint Maier $ Wens NEW 20. VANOR 2 Oonannn at Pacno Peanut Be. Wow. T1/.30 Wrn. roe Wins of So PrvIlt down.w. Ow.*Or. On, Wow.. IMMO... 1 /4 all CoOnn.. Sol. G. 0. O. WIWT1 fat OUR COM react listr IMPERIAL, 2022 Markel SI., Phila., Pa. conducive to 11r...ening pleastini. The Duke.' piano saves thin dirk from bang a total toss. Not let tots phones by say streth 02 MR lisseinstket.

80 80 Thr Billboard AMUSEIIEFAT MACHINES 31ay 21, 1911 PENNY ARCADE OWNERS AND EMPLOYEES WIN $ CASH ENTER THE FIRST CONTEST IN HISTORY TO CHOOSE "AMERICA'S BEST ARCADE" AND ALSO "BEST ARCADE MACHINE IDEA"!!! (NOTHING TO BUY! NO STRINGS ATTACHED TO THIS CONTEST!) READ THESE SIMPLE RULES... Akrele ann.. need Only mei In one or 1 mer photos lot a. worry a. they w.its taken al Mop re shoe boy the regions gay their at, "Amok.'. Best Arcola" clonally to Mne on or Woes MIdnight, July 5, Arrato need net neesessenly bes 10E60 or not r.don t vrists lieggnseat mad. O. general ppor.nee mod leollon. allenttios &splay. motion., factor. end method el operation. Winner sodl roe) cosh 104 scroll eigned by }sedge ing to hk Arcade being "Amerkes t ot Arcade" during AN AbDITIONAL $ CASH PRIZE WILL It AWARDED TO TITHER PLOYil OR OWNER Of AN ARCADE WHO NAS THE BUT IDEA TOR A NEW ARCADE A1ACHINT. This Km can be only a &owing, hold..del or a compreted working node( Rr godless el bow end.. It may be, the lodge. osal goody on the "idea" of the machine and now on Irs booty or Anis!. All those 0dos tor the now MIKE MUNVES "The Arcade King" JUDGES Mika Munyes-Joe MUI1T21 1. Frvi Meyer. President Exhibit Supply Cen;any Waller W. Bard. Coln Me. chine Editor The Billboird Harvey Cot, Editor The Cole?Udine lomat Ray Becker. Editor of "Opt" Magazine.00,4, mathine must N. rnelled firottly to MA. Munro on or 1.lae , 1.1y P. to entered In this coates. MAIL YOUR IDEA 105 THE REST ARCADE MACHINE TODAY? "Specializing in Arcades Since 1912" MIKE MUNVES CORP. LLLLL leostr 520 WEST 43RD ST.. NEW YORK 1.1toc PLAY Wsellsom CI $ Tram Th., Kw ael curare es.oa 1040 Farr, Amer Jr oorr Oren. Orchnstrelso ,.M Pweso / I es $ Lmoser a Ottli 0., *Woe DimIrm. III ,11,010 59,50 11I014 Ion don Hon. awe Two SIM. $1.110 Dom Ham =A% Bow* LIne T.50 Lassoy akel 1 Lao glee w...elluir 0. Berl Delo.. 11, ,500 MAW* /0.1 venni% *Wag Nosomml A heel No IRMO. Meng Fortsme Toiler'. Cettartga , WA. N M. 0.A... {M R9 TeomMA., Wain. Woke 4040Corm larrasr , Mille Mech. bor :,,,=.4.00, t ins. E ota Leer Male 2054re 117A0 l Lip Am Annoon Eta. awl ens. 17.8* 1110) *urns vrz. 22x8 AYOUT A.B.T. Taman. Meek. I alr..-416nosnd...!lso 000.w ,04. wens run re 1: PownWhor autumn Itate rot, 1/ Mn. 0' WW 4640 wens ION 10.0, r= HAM Avelino Owndelan0 SOO D. 07 DO 00.1 Ie.l INA* OM Coneera / Ism trip se /5051 MAW / Aber. 17AS Or...T.Thre LIAO 01nsr loll Reed Tieht, tlecemhoe Jaen. Mowry IntlYin& 7.56 All Balm Ill ria 19. (ISM REDO Maws OnIsoLi.., toe 0M 1740 Q Pleen Punt. Yendlest 0.03 T DHOW. $ Mon teler glorkessa Conway Dm/ veins Mow &kayo TIle0.00 For.rd Mara re7 Tsrrosiimite; ::: 17,50 Pr., 11100, W Nis ishm Slaw the Omni 15,00 Novo, M96.1%. MY" Hord DM Iswitass.iai Woo Ben 110, g , a ocs Orme et Dann" Mo. Now 300 Wgrenar 71. h ,45 Cechy Locsa 13,00 *thy ftmeme nestega Simms VW els0s 3 CO Wareham Ores sq.. Issocer 2.10 ~Meer 010. Lnesr lilmons ton / W5P ai 'see 81 oft. ATTENTION, OPERATORS 5080 wan, Cwt,, MIN /*ow Three Roll, Ism. Parole. a*d.11 Beth moth to ISny. Plate your evn, es. r *1.1 In MI.1.i. In MAYFLOWER NOVELTY COMPANY Mayllower Building, 2218 University Ave., Sr. Pool, Minnesess Western Itawbalt Nee. RITE--0 (SC H AS IT -WIRE SI/ SO Selwic.5 Cauntet SSS \TER :Ara a RNAM GUNS Lots of its OiS0$27101,1elfli CO. 025 IELMONT AVENUE CHICAGO, ILL. OPERATOR RERT RO.VDfOLA. of N. le R. h'ovelty Company, Serer Oro:, Itt, N pointino o.l111 pride 4181 days to his tensors Park fill., ideation, (wafts a compiel, Nr04ure :mute system. The SpeakOrpan unit Rae bointo a xpeclatly ban: pone( and the arrangement hag been a soiree of comment (root patrons. /Manufacturer.* release.) Oklaitma City OKLAHOMA CITY. May 17. -Coln machine Matinees confinun to be good in most quarter* here. Litho operators report It ts slipping high dining the MU three month* its of the year. Passage last week of 1042,000 bond true its Oklahoma City for national defense work here is Viewed among operator. and MatrIbutors u good omen busineas-w110. for the indeatry. Recent rialtos" at the Showrooms of Pooch it Steam's, Inc_ State RockClia distributor, were R. P. Mossmars. Perry; C. S W7lItn0Y. Chtekuria: Mack P. plat- Hes. Garlsr: L. W. Ashbrook. Lawton; M..1 Plremoner, of aildweat Novelty Company. Tulsa. and Tom Reasonover, London Music Company hoe Mats - Raised a new location In Flakes Cafe. Oklahoma City. Friends of Mrs. Charley OMNI. Tutu. will be glad to team that she is recovering from her, recent Illness and Iona been disenneed from the heapital. Charley Kanataer. Oklahoma City ope rator, la expected to begin an expand:on during the next two menthe that will double hie operatkm. L. W. Mee. of Rice Mune Company, reports a good reeponve to the firrn'a ape - Gill promotten of pioneer and Western tousle during the seek of April 22, MI anolrerway Of Oklahoma's Run of The pronto:ton sma carried on by means of telephone musk.. Tom Wolfe. head of 1111 Sooner HOT - city Company. State distributor for!iceberg. said In April the firm enjoyed the limpid phonograph oaks volume In Its history. Oklahoma City IA OrTsttEcdEn hear an Unusually large number of Russ Morgan reecade when Russ Morgan and WA Witten* open the Bprtnglake Casino here few the summer. City and Bute operators were Inritod to an open house at the Meat Dinributing Corporation branch office. where the orchestra leader trade a prreonet1 appearance May 6, Biterat purchase of the month at Conunerelai Music Campion./ we* made recently by the London Mualc Company. B. H. Williams, Commercial mar.- ager, reported. Prock de Robins' office here has added the Keeney T Lengucr to its lino. J Peed Barber. martures, said he expecte t. to receive geed play, tapecialty since 1210 Thilka League en40071 has started for the Oklahoma City Indians. D. >A Bettlemyer. OkLsborns City operator, has!noted Ms office to 1641 Northwest Fourth Street, bringing a...erste:lett= Of his business office and w arehuusa, which formerly were separated Rice Music Company has onablithrel neer )ona-a-tune telephone equipment In the Buccaneer tavern suet dance ball. Among recent purehassers of Wurtttur equipment bare been Don Hutchins. 'Aram: Ike Leonard. Chickuhs: W. 2 Atkin*, Jack Coll. and Charley Mental all ad Oklahoma City. Jack Landon. of London Muale Ce pony. announced that he heat rt, of all Isla coin nuclei:ea, except graphs, with which he Intends tots,. Ws operation. Jack Coll. Oklahoma City operator. celebrated his 30.2s birthday April Zd. Charley Mutant, who recently extern' the minks of Oklahoma City operators, ha. announced plans to build route between Ada raid Pout, Vallso. U Tr A LO. 31.y 17.-1Rne spring weather Is continuing here and with tt fine Min machine collections. Much buy. Ing ts being clone. Bernie RIseher. Amplified Sande Con - party. has bought additional equipment, including Rapid Me guns and Texas Leaguers. Bernie la starting on his summer location, and I. planning to phew the biggest remote -control Soeburg wall box set-up in the city soon. Horace HeisIt'a disks. especially retens117 Darer% Polka, Will get a real beat when the Heidt Pot o' Oold exude show plan, taa nuriato Theater. VarlitMa plastletly tic -ups are now being readied. American Cigarette Maehtne Company La garnerin; fine collectiona three daps ideate routeman Jimmie Mansell left Ian week and the firm Is now busy breaking in a new man. Rex Amusement Company la reporting definite uprising In pinball machlko sale* After a slack perted. Hill Fluchnit. service manager, who was recently de. Peered by Uncle Sam. Is optinnafic about the new mop of granest. Wilbert (BIM ClareeT la 8 newormer to the ranks of Buffalo coin op. and lin just begun to operate aerate! gouda m. thins and games. Ilob Btoldt. Rex Amtlannent Company serviceman, snored up Ma wedding do' about VRES111071tha, DeislIDg the bond acrll ID instead of at the anticipated Jane celebration. He recently look lease free! Rex to join one of the defense Man. tiles here.. Clarence (Bus) Allen. a prom:rm.:i game operator here, is spending all hie spare time fixing up Isis boat down try the Niagara River these flees sunny din J. II. Winfield Competny Is ring OW at a needy pace. Clonro's Itt Hat k nleely selling pin game on till Marled urea floor, but malts festered to be centered on Wurlitur models, are selling well at present, At Attu Phonograph Company reebtrits are being ordered in FIVIIT quantities than over and big Is really excellent. 'conduit to Ben Bullet Milts Amusement reporta mule col- Irettorm 22 per cent ahead Of 1840 far, with future outioor

81 tidy AMUSEMENT MACHINES Thr Billboard 81 Roston BOSTON. May 17. -Distributors In ata area were kept busy the past week u order* flowed In for new equipment. Mane now aumnter loaattoits were re, ;crud by operators Who were In hurry so get machines for their spots. 'Nevi guns acre the big bit of the recent Carnival for Preedom held et the 5.-nten Carden. Sponsors of the tvoa-day /fine reported patron.: waited In tine for Coulee to list the min -operated target ostees. Several mnball grimes also lensed poptilar. Dave Bond reports tnereased activity in arcade buying with new arcades toady sa open on Cape Cod and at Revere Nun and other resorts. Ice Levine, of!lamer Distrtbutors. pip:rt.* continued Interact in Reek -al.'s gum set-up, with operstors reputing wilctbona shooting upward week by seek. Apex Coln Machine Company has a series of steel delves along the iss:.'s of to display rooms. Cameo are kept on the e.helvee. reach eliminates the eronalty of putting the legs on the games led takierg up floor space, Rill Wells.a grriest (71Inckle) Biackwell report hairves good. They base just taken on Sri.her Inethanle. Charles Shearer. To beilltate de:merles and aid operators veils their repair problems more quickly. garde has purchased a new beachwear. Wm 'Arne* Woodward. wife of the per operator who arrvoe Ra eteretery d the newly formed Amusement Mer. ear's' Ansichition. Is recover:lag from 9aperndeCtemy. Etraer.t interest In th field herentemui B eve continued growth of remote equip - bent Moot operators feel remote equip - tent guarantee* mare profits over a let run end It la eatimatod that appcsimately 80 per cent of the locations b :Mr vicinity bare now been equipped MO remotes tr.achlitery, Alert operators In thla stela) here tone lap with a new system of listing be records on their machines. Instead ef making up mingle strips for insertion Is The wall boxes, typewritten Mimic atop each record are supplied. In ad de.vm, several operators have worked out ether metheele to fecilitato parking ben remote equipment, Trent Blackman. wife of the diet Coin repair genius, is recovertng ken a tor:silken:my. Nike Bond. total Buckley dietrib, relent be la kept busy teeing to keep Up WIt the, orders flowing in from oper- Wel an over the territory. Mike has' teen in business only a few months. M- eaning to the coin field after a long dame* due to till:ma td Ravreby jubilantly report* more hoteam territory has been sold and Innossa have?corned upward On 'Welke to keeping his men bury getting essettnes out to operators. Di and his tembera, Jock and Al. are devottng mono tie rear time to aredritlng Opireters got tirx Inulnees Into shape_ A terrific Armand for the Automatic Boems machines is claimed by.7. J. Dollintio. Automatic Instrument '.a.pany Beaters seaboard district manner. Derchster, Seeloure's Eastern repnunieltve in charge of co:inca...en., le id517:110 ee.ortgratuletiona on the birth of datight Bill Wein. Apex Coln Machine CornceSebreted ht. birthday one day gea week by wneking 30 hours. Bill +kb when bualness Is ruching you can't dike Urns for celebrations P4 Adams. of Mule Automatic Mee - Minnie CorpOrstion of New Friglend, Averts Tomlin/ machine hastallauous HOTEL PEABODY..WYMP111S. TRIVN, feattirm a Dolontat Model Wurtifarr phonograph. instated by music merchant W. S, Ifterk, the Wurittscr trutru. mord harmonises utth its surroundings. CoSectiorcs, according to Klein, hare gone up :Mee Its (nansflation. (Manufacturera release.) are booming. The spread of national defence work soil the remittent tntresse In the amount of money being spent Credited with the great tntereet In venders. TA reports business spproxi mately 30 per cent ahead of Seat year. Summer Iceatiens reported using new lee -cream venders that vend matt peek - aces of cream with a wooden spoon. Some operators are tying these In with cookie venders and beverage dispensers and report good results. Nick Pamlico. Waterville. W._ game operator. In Boston seeking en:ian:neat. reports burdoeu good in his section. Norman Herman and Nathan Tram are now operating games and music In and around Boston..7. feted Gagnon. of Cape Cod Cigarette Cl'artes Herald. Lynn. Mass., mato Service, Iterwielmort. MPs., in Beaton aerator, has bought out a large route to seeking equipment to add to his fastgrowing route. Exertions are all In the ev to Ws own flit -growing bunnesea. vicinity of Camp Edwarda, where condi Bury Levlben. representing Evans. lam Cone are good. Locust:ens in that area it town foe a few dere contacting local get a tremendous play on Sunday, when littera and singing the praises of the visitors to the camp make is big Increase nes Swine product*. In trade. locations IS and around the three important naval centers In New gngiand. Charleatawn. Mass.; Portsmouth, K. R. and Newport. It. I., report bustnew good. with the miler* ready and willing to spend on anything. Damen and music are getting the greatest play. nem:ming to reports. Morris Recker, Springfield game operator. In Boston ;coking for equipment. Springfield budneas!a reported to be in - Creasing. &ten Bbendeld. South Shore Vending Company, hustling about seeking equipment and contacting toestions as Bomb Shore expands Its activities, Phil Schwartz, game and music operator, up and around after a long siege with a broken leg. Altho still on miatcheas. Phil L9 able to get around and are his locatibm and make contacts. eh:dome le booming In Western Mass.. chin-mt.', judging by the way Raymond Rrocronskt. of Royal Vending Company, buattee around after equipment end locations. Dave 34. Robineen. Alden as Holden Company. is kept busy theory, dam lining Up new summer locattona. Company operates Kamen and guns and reports great tntereed this year. Tony Oliveira, Antoinette Music Company, Woonsocket. R. 7.. make., reviler Mite to Boston now to pick lip equipment and thin with jobbers and Mouth - MOM.. Metro Aucomatto Salts Corporation has bought out the Cnivereal Cigarette &entre et Boston. Samuel NI Ooldstein. of Metro, reports the tole Involved approrti. mstely b0 machine., bringing Metro% total to around 300, Another sale of a ctearette route was reported by toms Rieman, of Mystic Automatto Boles Corporation. RImman nand Mystic purchased a route consisting of approxlmetely 100 machines. The Ways and Means Committee of thin liamschusetta House of Reprotentativei le exported to hotel a public heartng within a few week* on House Bit 3131 Which calls for maintaliilog the present emergency State tax of 2 tenni on each package of Maitre:Ws as a permanent tax. Ben Petal:rant. Packard district manager In thus section. jubilantly report* that orders for Pla-l.tor selectors oontinue despite the pato rise the first of the month. r. Spector arid Rudy Bloom, of NAM Vending Math:nee Company, busy with summer inrtallationa Marcel Cherie. %doom:ter game operator, In Boston looking for equipment. W. P. Melegthr Pet. -Tram Deftait DETROIT, May 17. -Gene Callahan. &lax Noveity Company. sat inatalled unique new educational display for operators, oonsisung of a large standard ellaplay OAP Pith trays of soma 100 MI - recent kinds of parts. The many pasta are shown In quantities, suing a clear idees of lite Complicated etructuro and skill required to produce modern machine. Janste ti Pessanante,.1 Az J :Smelt). Company, Ls back from a tete thru Northern Michigan. where he vatted op - orator's to show then the labs Nit guinea In the belly lino Ben J. Mara -hail. reenter Detroit jobber., sa track from a long May In florid& Henry C. Lemke. of Lemke Cotn Mtchtne Company. ties bought a new truck fee use in his business. as well ise a now sedan fee his personal nee. ' Ruben Marko and IL 8. Lotwenthal have formed n now partnership as the Acme Automatic Bales Company, with headrittartere established on Calvert Avenue. reports business good In Western Musa- Chuseets. H. Ranald Ibtrateh is adding new machine* to his guns end repeater colleen -one are increasing everywhere. Der NOTICE! -Jac Roseman Mutat ON SeltreeirIC VATTING PRACTICE WE ARE 07.S.FR100TOR5. PHONE. WRITE OR WIRE US FOR YOUR REQUIREMENTS. 00 NOT PASS UP THESE BARGAINS AS POT ARE OPTCRED SUBTECT TO PRIOR SALt. rive MALL FREIE PLAT 10 Sally //TAW E tlicaer. a. New , Nri...Saeea I 114-y alit. fleate. P.S u..., EPeerpe. 004o I amt t two FIem. 00 dose SNIT O. O. O I Mae* In1 2i444/ a.50 1"" 0 atellienwpftre Illeete t:: 1 Lew tetateekil I KI014,144 Not Koaws Cowboy tir"*" 211: QelluesOeln Otwas Pert Dalitm 0.045Vaue-Faw * aoltbeis lawallem Ailey Rocco) Swot az 510." I 1 Ebettl!No fle Naet, sr.e, tes Clai I 5 Sane Ohm Oran. wet 2 treat. Waa- 1 tatablt Lama 2400: emtead IN* new 1E343 ONE 3 Re IOW Ombe 10PeetelibMALL Rea. Lucty Luta. 01 MOD 5 Mete 1.24 illww I taw Dement,.27, St Plat I P MM. Par.** Parley. 04. awn e Reaps Dome., *Ss Rats. MIL af i Reck1114 Three Up to.rin 2 e... neeue...j.p.. IN Pew a IlaNT naps, Pp* Wimpy la F OWN Faetat Teem Pse Reale I RON bawl Special Parer Raw JP., O.R. Se I 011,14 1 ION Oat Nieto Pato Ram Deere Omina , ORIN Jambe Parr* LP 1040 COUNTER GANG i lump MU I Amauile law. Ir. Ulu Kew Maw PAW. : IWO... IMP.00 ' Yiet Poise. Einw. PLOD 1 aleempokien art Saw. ONO. Om wow Vet. Porbee, eftramr. P.O. $.10 1 Koran Neat flambee Gocuttbia Sok. ELY.. Pew Psi. Wet 2 Dam Ralait Pert Tea Oen In., 4,01a. Oetrp. CerreatIANLC44. 1 elmc0pip ILIUM MeetPM 1250 A 1, P.. FIPP re Mg tit Peeemmelei by 1 /3 NA34.1 depeeti. bales, WNW 01 al as i.0 be pat Co cep mc Abets pekoe We at acere Mnf MOSELEY VENDING MACHINE EX., INC. 00 BROAD STREET RICHMOND. VA. Day Plwe ye:et,t Pro *Oae ATLA balms, yes UN T PROFIT PRO- W/ORR in Newt.-DAVAL. ^51. lacn /pa need R&M ha libri. SUNS -vial PROFITS:A SAMPLE $19.75 Ceet or 4 $72.50 ITS 'NPR' Imo, 99 NOVELTY CO N. WESTERN A VE.,CHICAG0,11.1. ASSOC [ATLAS AUTOMATIC unite' CO G.seeit.wei are Ltd ItOrl OFFICES ATLAS NOVIllY CO.1501 Vt.'. Fa 1$11tiGN

82 82 The Billboard AMUSEMENT MACHINES May 24, 1941 i n Y0 U YOURGiEfTy0ur Sample Y BACK ; DOESN'T MAKE TWICE AS MUCH MONEY ON LOCATION AS ANY OTHER 5 -BALL PIN GAME ON THE SAME LOCATION! Featuring the "BUY-BACK".. Greatest and Newest Pin Game Attraction in Three Years! SEE YOUR DISTRIBUTOR TODAY! to get... and be sure NIGHT BOMBER The greatest gun machine over built, money-maker etiwress milt. corp. :EH I. MIMAGIVI WA. WAGS. el. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE AT AVON NOVELTY! Seven Up..$59.50 Bei chief Formation Cold Stars Howe Run Leaders Top Hat 1-2-3a Spots Specials Sport Page Gond Stand Five -in -One Big Town ti FREE PLAYS hiondle $25.00 Nippy Attention Gottlieb Bowling Rosy Score Card Yacht Club Dude Ranch Coldest Coto Ponies Attention ARCADE EQUIPMENT & CONSOLES Cos,7 f1w at 1.=0410 Cfout O Ittro.m RaOkto i Aa, cite Flat 110 exec Co.M. Cos,,* molly How GIOIA., OWN&Oto M COUNTER GAMES II Molt 31 C4 m 50& 2 ooecn 22 A..,.., 4'. 122A0 4 Tc.rtut Write fee prkes on ell types Slot Moraines and Cited Phonographs C 0 D WE OUT SFLE TRADE. AVON NOVELTY SALES CO., INC PROSPECT AVE. CLEVELAND. OHIO PROVEN MONEY EARNERS IIINIEDENTE SHIPMENT AUTOMATIC PAYOUT* Goan No.t Mow AMU C14, t0Moor N.C Mew Itioto tate 0...ita DODO CC 00 UMW "" " UTOMATIO PAYOUT COMSOLIS pate Sorzst $ 1110 Wm* d PI. & eat, o.a. two POO. *NO MVO. Ctn.* 41 Pena mi.. Mwo Proof R&D, 1140 WOW Pmtutoom. WWut C011r.M. 10 PI.V. ItthImt. tarot lamm sash MM. To& ; 0='74941 I 1 $ :: , "-.,..: c.v.? I, ;v....ti 41,:uo..., LMONARCH COIN MACHINE COMPANY 14,146:,..*;2[1,:a. ADVERTISE IN THE BILLB0.11ID - YOU'LL BE SATISFIED WITH RESULTS 5 : : 1 st * ORDRA for Packard Manufacturing Corporation music products sras pieced recently by W. P. Haelef. Copttot Coln Machete Itrchaape. Bootee Abele it a photo showing the order of remote -control equipment real., to be shippol to Bolton from the indtasurpotts factory, (manulocturcr, release.) PhilaMphia PHILADELPHIA. Msy Starry Yanks. formerly in partnership with Mother lam, bas opened his own Play. time Mune Company. while Larry Vents has [nosed headquarters, for the miglual muse machine operatioas to 007 South broad Street Catching up on the vital identities, we find that the stork hes been buoy here. Pinball operators Joe Drlben and Max Brown are both recent fathers. Mare recently Phil Dr.ben. Startled Music Company, become father of a son. Gerald. nernattd Cohen. counsel for the Philadelphia Antooastao Amusement Machine Operators' Association. 14 DOW a grandfather. The trade will be happy to hear that Harry H. Wexeltslatt, sasorlate counsel for the pinball Operators' asscclation. la out of the hospital. Both the stark and cupid are busy at Ben Piroman's Automatic Sales Company. The bird brought a daughter. Metre. to mechanic Jerry Stone. Aoestant service clod Sam Sklar Ls heading for a wedding,. Harry Bortnlek, former areociate movie editor of The Philadelphia Dally News. was appointed phonograph record ades nod promotion chief at Haymonel Rm.= Company. local Vlotor-111Oebirti (Mt/Runge Irwin Newman. head of Modern Music Company, grabbed one of the prime at the town's Lion Lodge party Last week at the Variety Club by reek:etc It amortels to *kr* to the "tat the banantia" contact Operator Meyer Frank. who was CM Ildelinta with illsome. Is recovered end back in action. Norman SewellS Century Radio Company Is distributing a special record Lobel of foreign -language recordin,7. A giant made machine made the stage decoration theme at the annual dinner dance last week of the Warner Club. employees of the local Warner Bros' theater circuit at the Coilarbrook Country Club. With Oil Pitch's orchestra on the stand that woe Iethloned as a record turntable. Wall boxes were placed In front of the *Mgr Daneera Indicated their requests by dropping oath* In the bora., the money turned over to local chanties. Congratulation, are still being canted to Mlle Richter. bead of Mutual Diatributing Company and sergeant at nine of Intel pinball operators' at - r so..71ation., cm the recent marriage of his daughter. Welcome to another now pinball op - enter to the trade. llerbeet W. Naumann. a L te. has reabstmed lila firm as the Amusement Service. opening office. for hie operations In the West Oak Lane section at 1700 Roselyn &feet Has wife, Elaabeth. will take An active port In the operation of the ne-a company. Mist Margaret Viscid! is another of th weaker sex breaking down the suer.- zaitton that the amusement mactone field is strictly a Iran's ludo...try. A heu.ewlee all her life, Mot Viscid! recently inherited the Universal Arnow. mont & Distributing Company at nearby Paulsboro, N. J. Shooing that silo Ss a so-gttter, else has made great strtdra In building pinball and music opa. anoint. High Point Muster Company bee reorganized. according to the registratior. In Common Picas Court. In additkei to Maurice Finkel and his wife. Helen. Alexander Wets* has been taken tato the businesa. Jack Reseatn president of Berle Trod. tog Company followed up his ^Merl Miss Cheerful" in his newrpaper miter. tieing for the candy leade' with two ksratired characters that created a lot of comment In the trade. Spotting hla sat 0t3 the theatrical mei of all the local neerapapere. using cut o: a coney ver.dor to eraphasire. on successive weeks, Berman be. "Ur. Executive" sad 'Miss Choosey" eening the machloes. Show banners has really bitten Dli, Sugar. manager of amend Amuernoc: Company. The music machine operatic has now become personal manager 0: rst Wilson. Irbh zinger. And It's a safe that Sugar will noon hare Wilson's map on the records. Boston Association the Gaining Members BOSTON, May 17. -The rlfth meeting of the newly formed AmueemMit Mord:Ants' Asaociation sea held rceently at Me offices of Attorney Louts Dobriek In Clam. bridge. Serena new members joined tee association and plans were discweed fa the establishment of a menthe -ramp fee and the drawing of a constitution. The artactetton Is still In the Pyrrnatire stage., and aerera1 plane were suligesud for the adoption of a set of by -last h was decided to draft piens for the maceiatten before attempting to recruit maw members. Chief topic of dines:won was the two' peat of getting effective State-wide tattoo regulating the maraca. Because the Legislature now meet* only In manion, tt will be impossible to get 1111 Whin before January, but it o hoped to bare some btil rosoy tor pr,stru- Hon at that time. Mores. all elected temporarily pendinc adoption of the by-laws and election re a set of oaten who will govern for coming year. Include Don Dillon. pro," dent: End Wotherst. secretary. and r-11 Woodward, Manner. Another meeting Is scheduled for i at which time It Is hopes: to be 41',, to get under way wltb pima for rtm.., tog new members.

83 Very 24, 1911 Canton Phono Assn. Planned; State Affair May 21 elem,and. May 17.-At the May r aoing of the Ohio Slate Electric Au:or. re Phonograph Owner.' Atsoclatton,garsioro Of Canto, O.. advised the di - Actors that they an forming an organroma and Indicated that they Intefe.ed to alginate with the State smoclarion, isles Luklch presided at the State ae. Kennels meeting. which hoard reporta en the WW1.. being made for the meet. intend dinner to be held May 21 at point Mailer. Horace Heldt anti Joe Reichorobostra leader.. have promised w wend the affair. It is reported. ft P. Eawods, representing the ya'ngatown-%vamn chapter, made rearsvations for a large group of member,. the publicity committee advised Vint n bad 614r:belted Ueruout the State wee display panels In red and black panning the appearance of the ink apoa. recording %wane.. and an NBC asr,:x. atm. Operators Praise New -Type Bumpers CHICAGO. May 17 (Manufacturer's reyo.,e 1.-The new style Half -and -Half tempera. Introduced In &dire Pan - /certain a -ball novelty game, are provili poptiler W all porta of the country. Wording to Demote Jerking, general e'er manager of Daily Manufacturing OwspanY. 'he cape on the Half -and -Half bump - eh,. Jenkins explained. "are divided the the center-half color and half mite. The col* half of each bumper termini Ill until corresponding number ti lit on the beck glass. 'to light the auntie:. player oast lilt the bumper Mtn the white half k lit: and since the salt, Iletite doh on and off. alterrintkg tetween two groups of bumper*, the nee -close or almon-did-it element is my strong In Pan-Amerleatt "Me alternate flashing of the white IcIA also permits the use of a sidemen sure looks -easy board, which la an. telt strong play-attraulating femme. Isp-st volume Orders on Pan-AnterIcan we coming In faster and faster. Every Ydicaltan le that Pon -American Is one d the stand -out hits of the swoon," Sam London Sets High Dive Record ChiCAGO. May 17 (Manufacturer's re. kr, -"Not by breaking any awlrornir.g twmas or trying to Mesh the mermaid* cm or the spotlight, but In hie sales of ter new gone, High Dive. 8am London, tine of the Milwaukee Coln Mechine Ccop.ny. he. act a new record." Dave reporter -7.:sn Sans first set aye. on that gone k premourseeel it tilt that would go Awes and he's proving It every day by O. ronsrkwble lob beds doing In sales. 'he reason," London wt11. "% that, Ech Mee has ermything that made past ticttileb garner famous Moe a few new IlMea of Its own that add. still mon Ors popularity. in our territory Inch het it setting enviable records. Opera. his who have the game are strong for 00 not hard to understand why /Dec*. Coln has already heaken leads in oaks and Is going stronger leery day. With a game as great cur High acre, great roseate aro only natural.- CoinmenKeepBanks Busy With. Nickels WILMINGTON, Del. May 17,-The!k at has become * ritaaer honking prob. kn Wilnalnittoo. With the corning Si tat. parking meter, the nickel vending mchine, and the rise of the automatic k"iwilmington uses approximately i-onat piece. daily. And every day oaf of three Mettle ergot beak to the 17WkriCA TIMM Company. where the city Ideeics Its parking rector collections Ind where meet of the operators of coin lasehinee have banking account'. LA a result the Delaware Trust usually ICO many nickels and the other watt do few. Daily the redistribution effected among the city's. bank,. only Ito la% the nickels pour back Into the AMUSEMENT MACHINES The Billboard 83 Correction Iterb Hewer correct. a statement in our May )0 Isom that ho LA on the road for Chicago distributor. "i do riot represent the Chicago tratelbutor mentioned nor ant 1 or, the road for him. said Boma. Our "pokey.. Delaware Tenet via coin machine. of ono type or soother. Thaw) deposits avenge OW daily, Henry Willis, chief teller of the book. said. This represent nickel* a irecat percentage. Or In. total in circulation in the city Cap Paul ILLVNEAPOLIS. Islay T. Herron Company, vending machine distributor. ham had a fair busteseie In recent areas, Recording to D. T. McShane. Dorn'., asicserisn. The reacting machine btu. - hams, he said, tuts been erecter' by the new Minneapolis ordinance. lamas Ii. Oenao feta on each tending Unit, The Seeburg service adecol conducted by Ify-G Amusement Company at tin plant recently was a success, according to toformation front Hy -0. Phono operators and their aerate -omen from thruout the territory serviced by Ily-0 wore present at the two-day school session. At Acwe Novelty Company Dialog. has been moving up In marked fashion in recent weeks, according to Coale Truppenan, sal.. manager. New gamey are corning in and getting operator attention immediately. Wuriluser phonon have been the recipiente of excellent activity alt thru the going reason. said. In a recent howl of rho friflboard Vera Pieter wee erroneously described a. affiliated with Coln -a -Matto Amusement Company. whereas she Is in charge of the record department at Mans Novelty Company. The barns of too young lady at Coln -a -Matta Is Jetale Dvorack. Manny Isolne, of 8phs-0 Pala% teporta his business has been holding up wall, Otit-or-toun sale. have been growing eats:illy, be Intalfeattl. atinneapolla operators are looking forward to IllifetLhfd trade during the MC annual Allrincapall. Ampatemind scheduled here In bold -July. With some of the finest acts In the country billed for the eight -clay festival here, thousands of vulthrs Will come to the city Prank Kummer, of 8Pfaria to take In the Aqiudelin.I. And the Minn. is borne from the hospital. where rnacir COln machine tocatiom thruout he had been sertously ells Altho not the city will get a henry play from the vialtors. Mayflower Novelty Company has been on the receiving end of wane (tile bead - new. In behalf of Panresm, Herman Peeler Of that firm report.. Operators who have Panoram on location report the units have been fine usniary-roakena. New units arc solos on [oration steadily. Archie LeStau. of LaBeati Novelty Company. St. Paul. report's Muth«. very THE SHORTEST DISTANCE BETWEEN YOU AND PROFITS IS THE SENSATIONAL NEW YOU CAN'T MIS Spectacular 5 BALL REPLAY with Hies Store! Liter Out Awarda! fig fllo.ldhp Award! Ball Return! '109" "Spot" Feature! IMMEDIATE DELIVERY from Your DISTRIBUTER WESTERN Products, Inc. 925 W. North Ave., Chicago good. New Rock.Ola phonon are AlTIT. mg steadily now, after some delay. sad are being Shipped out. almnat as quickly no they come In. fully recovered. Prank is looking forward to taking 010. lets route again after being flat on his beck for a month. Oscar (Orate) Truppinen. Acme Novelty Company. la toilbuslaatic over Batting Practice. which has teen going well at. all Locations. The Indortry Is mourning the lose of Otto Hockey. 47. for more than a quarter century in the coin machine inelsisiry, who ist,,o1 away May 2 at hie MIL.LS' J BELLS --and renbetiohrornr al furnished by Arleen litiontnqa, The commie ti reported to be one of the most popular made by Milk Novelly Company, (.1feauteetureea release.) home lc St Paul. He leaver his site and a daughter. Mrs. Hockey has taken over the active management of her hurshand's colts trisolitno mute. Marmot Peon. the "clown prince of tic coin machine induatry." kat. June 7 for Seattle. Wash, where he Wall embark for a 3O -day vocation In Alaska. away from his duties at Mayflower Nor. silty Company. Ben Friedman, of Silent Sala[ Come pony, reporee Mohana has been exceptionally good In recent works. Oene010 High Hat and Neeners Psur Dtamondli, new gator.% are being bought up left and right by the operators, avid Friedman, Steburg phones continue to move along at a good pace at Hy -O Amusement Coen. pony. according to word from intermit Schanfeld, secretary to Henry IL Orem. stela. Hy -0 executive. A pinball machine and an autotnatio phonograph play Impatient part. In the Theater Ound moduetion The Trine of YeAr tile. starring Feline Dowling. which was presented at the Lyceum Theanet last week. Surfs Tarn. heed of Mayflower Novelty Company, combining tautness with pleasure on a SO -day trip to New Yor. Sidney Goodell. promotion manager for Roycralt Company. record thortbutor. %PI be married Thursday. May Ia, 1.0 Ruth Warren. of 84. PauL al Hotel Cora. modore, that city. Recent vt.itora to the Twin atlas, all steered from a check-up at order book at the venom distrtbutora to Idllincis anon. and St. Paul, Include Prot NW! berg. St. Peter. Minn.: Prita Frank, Cloud: Vert Deeleh. Walker. Andy lkunit, Ironwood. Mich: Leo 13. Mara. Ashland, WI..; Harry Callon. MOnotellnee; Ted Clymer, Iftedson: Charlie Potter. hay - mount, Minn.: C. B. Seaman. et. Cloud: Doc Purcell, Parrrnorit: J. C. Weber, Blue Earth: P. P. Plod. Poininna, N. D.. and Reny Hayte. Blue Earth. mum. a

84 .. 84 The Billbnard AMUSEMENT MACHINES May 21, 1911 WAIT 'TILL YOU OPERATE KEENEY'S SKILL SENSATION Deluxe Model tg LOANOW! 18 Balls for 5! and all these PROFITABLE NEW FEATURES! Adjustable from 18 to 15, 12 or 9 balls! Slow ball travel- easier to hit! Larger, rubber-covored bat! Sidelights illuminate playing field! Full hand grip on bat manipulator control! Your Dist -ignitor has. FOUR DIAMONDS wail Boxes, Track... Consoles! Time and Triple Entry J. H. K E E N E Y & CO.=..The House that lark Ehrih" 6630 S. Ashland Ave. Chicago *OLIVE'S BARGAINS IN A-1 RECONDITIONED MACHINES 5511 PLAY ".110 PAYOUT. 2 Alpert t All Man a AU Arrtetts t MB/ Mott/.. t used Ws Leere a Tome 54 Shen 0154se 1104(a Arm MOW SOVI Z _ ReLetno.. a R.I t. 11e Awe 05E_. Roe Oft ,. Oo Pmede 4/5,7 I , MOO Moe t bell Tn Leers re.154 Reel, ) (WA Teo I Rapal IN* $ NW S Crachr ,1A Tap. Crente om."...rn, , tuae.../-le/ a Ituenorrn ".( ea...( I Ow/ ne Ave. le 4 RI ORR. Melee Up.54 UP =1:711 'WI RAM / a if arailort te.nant.. Val /DLL MR t Ono /MOW E IAN IOW* ONC.IIALL IRE( PLAY 054. hetet /ell 5/05110, ellintent / t I 065 Mete aciuirantar A.B.?. 1155A SIM /4 3*04N, Ante Mien Ulm ,7595. Too WOO 1 L (Mew 0.,,,, 7740 Toe PI Wt/ z Line U (Old 544I (Me 100/ LIU Reared E0 Air *Odor e I/0.00 R0 04 /10e / E=0(1:91411 Wetelt.5. 24' Mr. C Weenteer I Meet I.0> / Wrenn. A1* (Ile. 2 Pets /4) ) mntid. Re.e4p 4 Coney AIWA. It In Peentes hipeenkt/ viers/051/ OW Place on L le 59 are not t WHOM% rams the OMNI III 05 sethis ee/ melte 5,a Teem /e0 O. O. D. Wo Have All the New Camel On Hand for Immediate Delivery. Write for Priccs. OLIVE NOVELTY CO. MS LUCAS AVI. Sr. loins, MO. ADVERTISE IN THE BILLBOARD - YOU'LL BE SATISFIED WITH RESULTS A fltotomatic AND A BRACE OF SXY Pk:arras am prominemrty displayed In the XarboirIta & Rtsafteld Aroocte, Carve Island, N. V. The arcade mar outfitted by the International blutoteoye Reel Company, (3fen6/acturers release) Douglis, of Daval, To Make Biz Tour CHICAGO. May 17 (Mantstocturees re - tease 1. -Al S. Douglis, head Of the Gavel Company, will leave on an orrended road trip nnxt week. According to Douglis, he le risking the trip due to the request of distributors Gironde the country. 1( discuss with them the rispecia of the counter ransom buuneto, ho Indicated. 'The field today rowan.. the type of product whit% will meet with complete approval," he said. "The trade has found that counter gams* bring the retsina: cost back quickly. Further, they have found that they continue to earn profit over a long period of time. Thereoce wo want to discuss with distributors the typo of produot roe feel Is moot necessary for success La the counter game field. "Teals trip will first be toward the Eastern Mato". Prom there so shell return to the factory and then leeve for the South and &southwestern States, whore we Mien make contact with many of our distributors who ham been highly succeseful eelllpg our machines. "We are also going to urge greater solos -1 Marvel and defense model American Cagle, for both of those machines have proved themselves among the belt." Gerber Arcade at Film Star's Party CHICAGO. May 17, -Paul Gerber's arcade again broke Into HollywOOd news. as The Los Angeles Examiner, In a recent feature art=tie on Its society page. credited his machines with providing "hilarious divertisement" at the 15th birthday party of Jane Withers, young film star. An even hundred of her friends and contemporaries. said the article, crowded the Palm Roots of the Beverly Mlle hotel to,to the young star bonne in fitting accord and make her birthday event a rousing.arced. Mentioning many of the orlebritire who were preeent and explaining some of the stun% they Milled. the newspaper goes on to say that the amusement nuschines, which played a part in the celebration. were supplied by "Jane's friend. Paul Gerber, who moved Omen up from hie Penny Arcade.t Ocean Park Pier for the occasion." "Yes. that's what happened." Paul Gerber acimowtosged. "The truicbtneat w ent over big. SporUand Penny Arcade Is a ferceite amusement for many film celebrities who appreclate the fun Just as much I0 the rest cc us. They know that they can always count on plenty of sport from these machine*. So way not Include them In their gala affair, nor Ponser Gets N. Y. Panoram Franchise :tcnica O igema''00l17115."row ilyork,1 has completed Anal arrangements' with ofdnage of Mills Novelty Company and bundles Esseributing. It la reported. for franchise rights covering metropolitan New York. Punier la said to have placed a huge order for Panorama, with time. clime delivery promised. "Ono reason wily we signed for this big order: titian] Power, "la that we have checked Into earnings of the machine and and them very substanual. I believe Panoram to be the one machine that every operator should bare." NEW ARCADE MACHINES $ :(t 11(14401 eats Rnt,10) OAR $ ) arr, : 10.../0155, $150.00: Manic : Wisreas Or of 51. $11.14, to.. 94 [wens / Il05450 IfOrt(. carn 444 (oar awn rnahol. 440E0: Om, 0000 Re44/.. $45.00, 502/ /4,9 IIIMPOOO *IN 400 tar4r NEW GUNS Are $ DOWN e ,. RECONDITIONED ARCADE MACHINES IllatOrrev P4.44, 424( ; *111 re* reein, Ore P ; Weea Mills ' (sheet Plarclv.2 err, O Marra's % ra =Palmor, r1=1. Oelee et Ilde Rm. 16. (12 001), MI Nwt Op.O.O /due Snob,: Vessar., rsen 6095./Nalle 5)41. 5E ,1 7011V , ( MDR Op). $ RECONDITIONED GUNS mow. Nom 34100; All etseente, rientees We.. Ant/ 551 eaeso; Teen We RIftes. 2910: se. ems, sac..o was mew. ter A/NM ' !55.5 f ; l'oeten II5.15/ : ,0011 P mosiea Meo.octi. eloorroi /015 OAK K. 0. /10151 (wok tre Mueun itearel Te... KRA* aril: 3edire4 M.N. MIKE 31U1VVES "THE ARCADE KING" TH AVE., NEW YORK CITY aevarcr JUST OUT! 014 DELUXTIX4SE NOW -I8 BALLS 5c! IDEAL FOR HIGH SCORE AWARDS! 1BirminghamVendingto Third Avc., North Birmingham, AlAbcIvi SPECIFY 16.2c et Cc PLAY.

85 AMUSIIIIIANT Ifrry 24, 1941 AMUSEMENT MACHINES The Rillboard 85 ARE LYMAN plays Scientific's Batthe7 Practice end bar one of the mechin...3 In hit home. Abe:* photo, taken at George Power Coripeny, she -e. left right, Surria See:ulster, to resagrourad, Floor Meee'cr Honk Silver, and Abe (Meaufacturees raters.) Batting Practice Okeh, Say Coinmen If`.00/CLYti. May 17 (Manufacturer's tekw").-ricleatinea Dotting Practice Is cot cg the ligastest games ever intro - deed to the Industry, according to re.' eau from leading Operators. )0bbers. std distributors ne meow toe the game's popularity err many, thee. kedges report. Hated Practice ts a long -life ronelsine, emtly captures play and bottle players' Matson, and brings them beck again sad again. the reports say..1=ng other things, than men re - pt, getups practice is truly an Anted. tu game, frattwing ono of our true anmosn 'ports. It features baseball e the genie Li played with all the fan. bre. thrida. and tantalizing action. gat Levine, ensue:tog the praise the PIKE'S PEAK TN.41 Mama teener mow or teat. Abe await min min e.cone swan) MOM.. M.* Ode e.11 4.rUKI1 44 SpNIM fr, GRO N CHEN TOOL COMPANY cem.e.e. Coin Machine Operators WANTED we hsee a list of care:rot A'resSernent Peeks who have arced 11$ to install Penny Arcades. If yen: can Invest $3.000 '43 Items can be &ranged/ we turn over one or 1110/4 of these leads to you. equip the ersl'm arcade for you. and guide In Ito WOO, Operation. Fte detal's wore or TOOAY. Motostefe Reel Co., Inc. 11.e II.. lane Island Ctrs, H. V. machine hat won, repute: "It has always been our polity to bring an nominally mound product to the lothai. try. We tested halting Practice for a long time and we know the game has merit. It assure* Mead, profits to opera. tots and to all those engaged in Its Rale and productioo. 'The game also has It universal appeal. as It brines home to the American public one of Its oldest eports-bssoball. "This rev. duct has been manufactured with the purpose of lasting for many years on locations. Batting Practice will be operating on a luottabto brute years from today." In describing the action of the game.!arnie continued: "The thrilling rip of the ball right up to the player's boo line the clicking hit. duplicating the actual enund of a bat meeting leather, end then the flight of the hall thru the air-into the scare chernbers for singles. doubles,. triples, and homers, has made Our machine a true reproduction of the national game. It Is oats -operated baseball In big league style. "That's why." Levine Concluded, "we merely ask the player to play Batting Practice. The answer Is right In that first game. The answer to profits. to location accept/mem to play.: reaction. to to reel baseball thrills. Operators report that Batting Previa. IA one of the greatest games produced to date. This will become more apparent when our campaign gels into full 41111j... Volume of Biz Crowds Lieberman CHICA0.0, May 17 (1XstrItrutors re. base).-a oonstant stream of 01111T4 is keeping Bud those data, he reports. "Despite recent addl. Ilona to shop and shipping room matt. the upward trend or bias:news continues to crowd both time and space.' he de- Ciarta. "Tho we now occupy three floors," he states. "we are In need of more room to accommodate our large Mocks and niod. ern reconditioning equipntent. We carry a large variety of reconditioned machines on 011 (Loom Our dependable machine. and real valises combined with hat service and my personal attention to every order. large Or mull, hare caused win growth." Kleiman, of Allied, Gets Acquainted CHIC/t00, May 17 (Distributor's release).--jlad returned town a week'" trip thru the company's territory to boo:um personally acquainted with their etas. Comers. Ram Kleiman. of Allied Novelty Company. Chicago. reports: 'I've made many new friends and received a splendid reception wherever I went This. was the first opportunity rre had of seeing some of our custom:a face to race. "I was delighted with the many nor complirern-% they paid me upon the splendid service and dependable quality machines they have received trout Shoot Earnings Sky-High- With this sure -shot thriller! Loaded with skill.tempting targets efereiwed with lammed with action! Get TARGET SKILL qu1ek! Drew bead on bigger calleevons! Order todayl 6 WAYS TO SCORE! RIG SPECIAL B SURE FIRE HIT! -EVE FEATURE! THE BAKER NOVELTY COMPANY INC WASHINGTON BOULEVARD-CHICAGO. ill UNA. ANC UNMAN PO Ina WA, tee Cat: 41.0 aw 0:1,1h;N:4,47...i Mgt. Lana Of PLAY... 1 per 1 bm pwoh 0.. IN. (INN. 100 lk.r. HMI I /...14 Noril of Ta. 4. WOO ****** porowl arolit 1,13.00 S Awe/ Wofd% rrrrr Ss.,,bowd 11KWY OpteAos The SUPERIOR PRODUCTS 14 M. PEORIA ST. IHRALU, 111. ADGER'S BARGAINS SPECIAL 1940 PACE SARATOGA JUNIORS $9 7.$0 AUTOMATIC PAYOUTS FRAAPLAY MA011111[0 MACHINA& 1 C.C. M.. Dos AMOCO. it Ai, Rstdr% Lao Rm {r0 04,41.. roinkien 4940 aro *we VIM 0450 Hanel CocOler MOO Warfflar Ma* SOON. Lola Mai, 110)11 144, 2030 NAO.! AoLdlevres Owns own'. 1110, MOO Doc% Am. PICA Ow NIS r& Zwol Cohen OWN, DATA, WM IMO... $ Creollalootol lail. I$e SOHN TANN, Tema 1/3 Onek W O. OUR 1111W 1,41 CATALOG OM f TOM GUAM& OMAN. WNW.. 1, cAlcc.. Mono. Htt4101t1..0 Pasta Cali To fond 1w Year rho Coo TAo. BADGER NOVELTY COMPANY 8344 N. 10T1/ ITIRCZT Cl A If WI

86 7,6 f Ifillb,,ard AMUSEMENT MACIIE%ES ifiry 21, THIS IS IT! The tries were right! The grapevine was right! Everybody is g;eiitg it am OK! IMMEDIATE DELIVERY D. GOTTLIEB & CO ISO N. XOSTNER AVE CHICAGO MAKE YOUR COUNTER Ya. SPACE EARN THE LIMIT WITH HI -LO -FIELD FLIP -DICE COUNTER GAME "The Hit of Miami" fr; 4 f cv.rlr, tr...t,:ra IL) I. 3 tt,i. dice Awn evehata pent. Ong ia 15 4 iv irodet*--.9aar It by tar knr-erg tare tare wt.. 1E40 %.$ $ w neonso SOW SLOT. Oa?nether.. et the btrar.t sal OA. Meta ha monk, care Sarum t-qakil1 nadir eaas.ed nor oraaler..1 - in dove ordure. 0,r -se W. 17i1S. Iron $50 CO ore4ary note. lac =0 r Se401ag ilomesoi st emu 0$. Thom Meat Gear and And soma Ism, ortw esuaat my to Ikea la INTRODUCTORY PRICE $9.95 Viv;,.," n.7 ta247" itr"46' VALLEY SALES SERVICE. 31 So. Broadway. A. GROETCHEN TOOL COMPANY Vol.. Cl Cairene Groetchen Counter Game Line Large CHTOAC30, May 17 (Manufacturer's release).-groetchen'a line of counter games U the largest to Its histoey, report company ofricials, "A counter game for every operating need and every typo of territory 1s efferent to operators by the yard Oroetehen line," they ray. "In token payout genus Groetehen has such popular modeta as the Sparks Cloth Aimed, which to supplied with cigarette. horse, beer, or number reels. Our Cilitit pleas Print Bell ea well as the Liberty and Mercury are token payout games_ 'In 1941 Oroeteben Introdhoed Pike's Peat: Pok-o-Reel, a five -reel cord machine which dealt autornetically regulation poker bands: MM. a blackjack 21 -game. and. just recently Introduced. plus the Yankee Double -Header. which Se convertible from fruit to cigarette reels In two minute.. COLUMBIA GOLD AWARD "Groetchenk line of Columbia Bens CIGARETTE BELL feature a wide range of niodela for the Nopr4 are.rat,t0 la prel/ ,...,... to, 1,,,,.. from. Pgarnittat fn. wow we el- d, Ow w s',..., Worts joy. ecavtio.1.1d. 14 Or 11. Am -7,oten. a free -play counter game. and eala ado sw ten dome era...weed, ails Shot, lie companion game, era also vent... tub. noteworthy counter machines. "Imp, A =at popular counter pine to continuing to enjoy a large rotunie of -_.lea In all parts Of the eountry." they conchaded. StICCILES MANUFACTURING CORPORATION OFFICIAL Charles C recemet hooey orders for Room , 00:0 St:M.,* game. from OpertUor$ S. F. McGee. licf4 soared). of Chrunpaika, ILL; Harold / WO, Handley, and associate of Rock Woad, M. (Manufacturer's relegate.) Demand Strong For Chi Coin Majors CHICAGO, May 27 (Manufactiirer's releme).-"the tillaperlse vested by the many scoring opportundien on the playllekl of Chicago Cona's Mayors of '41 how put this Ore -ball replay garnet right set the top In popularity." advlaea Sam Wolberg, Chicago Oohs Machine Company oregial. 'That Is the only conclusion we can reach after hearing the enthusleatto comnsente of our distributor. regarding the great and continually Inereastag demand for Stapes of '41," Wolberg said. "A more detinite proof of Mayors* position to the 11$91 game market Ia suppited by our production chart, which shows that. to spite of operation Of production liras In both our plants, MAYO. production is JUL' barely ahead of orders. "On location, Majoea' popularity bee meant a mint of money for Operators. our enstributors tell us, Basica/1y, that le the big reason why the game Is eo tropreecive and why operators aro continually reordering." Genco Hi -Hat Moving Briskly OHICIAGO, May 17 (tdanufeeturei releave).-fleneo Metals report that their newest Game. Ili -Hat ta still enjoying a wide and rapid sale. Op-returs state that HI -Hat le up to the high Omen standards in every say. the factory reports. Prom the set eroint of profits, performance, and sustained playing appeal. HI -Hat to reported to he a standout game from Coast to Coast. An operator Is reported to have commented: "We operators have found that we can't go wrong with a (lenoo game. The conandent Wing of winners brought out by the Oenes factory in the past 18 months L nothing short of miraculous -and I know operators everywhere share my enthusiasm Sc. Oenco games. "HI -Hat. Genook present game, Is a real hit on my route. In rieveral Instance* where Tye wanted to retake change. players instated that t leave the HI -Hat game on location because they realty go for tta thrilling action and new ptay Maas." Branson Praises Buckley Equipment CHICAGO, May 17 (Manufecthrer's release). -HS Thank% vice-president arid general manager of the J. E. Cobb DMtributing Company, Louisville. Ky, was In ChiesiRO recently to arrange for movhts family to Ms new borne and place of business. Vnille "kiting with Jerry Haley, Buckley Music System's Wes prornotkm manager. Branson reported a Amble Increase In ACC* for Buckley MUSIC Systems. "We now have two men who do moth. hag hut Install Buckley system* and Ws ere putting Oil a third man to take care of this increase," Brans= Mated. 'The acceptance M the new chrome Muctinated wall and bar boxes by the operators In this territory has been very :Mr. "Without execration every Metallatios we have made has resulted In repeat business, thus micreing that the Buckley Music System is =rig a definite new] among music merchants. Once we mate an Inataliation we also MAY0 a highly pleased Buckley customer who Os - terminus to use more Buckley eyatems evety opportunity." Soundies Releases CHICAGO. May 17 (Manufacturtes etlease).-soundle releases for Panora= moue machine* Include eight emblems. They are: You Walk Lip, teaming lid Casino's orchestra and the danetng of Mary Jane Smith; Seven Barre With :he Wemere Man, comedy song starring Cindy Walker; Dave Scheeler and His 71 SWInghearta on a, venial arrangement of Ranchero:ode; Gale Storm and wren Mar Johnny Downs on a song and 0.1.,:e routine to PG-Mhouse Serenest*, mune by Dave Rose radio band. Alvirso Roy and the Pour King Sitters In A new Interpretation of Sr. Loafs Sitio: Sialariesp as the Seance featuring the mule of Johnny Long and Isla band, with Helm Young; Sonny ark; singing Deaf Cry to the musical accompaniment of Vincent lopen Smear For Your Supper. sub the colored entortallim, Dorothy Dantridge. A previous rttram of eight numbers woo composed of Iterble Kee and Connor in Wilite, Wink, Well abr. They Pastor In Oh Mark, Dave Sthooler ant ELL 21 Swingherirte In Tchaskossrliets, Del Casino in The Lame Old Steer; Mitchell Ayres to Three Was a Lurk Oki, with Mary Ann Mercer and IS...x=7 Tailor; the Xidondlers to Were Verve Lee Brown in Is It LO:4 or Jr II Conrceeptionr, with Doris Dey handl.4 the vocal: Tamara makes her first appearance as a Soundie star In inerfidk, Del Casino orchestra and Betty Jam Smith dancing. ROLL A PACK Tie "Swerfhwf" of Cooler HfCeiw ruck^o,,:.; 51/ er ROLL / 1).0 *AiWoo. I t. PACKS by 0.. Cam Me Wee Olt e.e.. rt....ire 1 /4 o' lied esea,, ll/tt 5 Oeetoet rw NAAS ols 4114Ara ellselt IOW MOLL a PACK ortel.01* IWO Own Atia4..« r *atm VICTOR VENDING CORP GRAND AVINUI. CMCAGO

87 *HO SPORT May 21, 1941 ANII.SEMEN"r MACHINES The Billboard 87 ir-11"s NEW -11 W. B. Novelty IT'S SENSATIONAL (OD DAISES IS A "HONEY") Holds Open house Acme Presents 720 Holes Takes le $36.00 Pays %I S19.53 Average Profits $16.47 Double Steeup Jackpot Fresh Ketch Jackpot Old Fithin' Hole jackpot 6 Beautiful Colors ACME F. AND M. CO W. Monroe St.. Chicago, Ill. SPECIAL TERPRORIIS-- for Alen To Soli Penn geoids to Operators. Writs Us. THE AMAZING LEGAL FILM -A -SCOPE 1040'1 o.chiroa in third dimoonion on AM ;booing rainier Or towel wawa with it Co eisy. Now use can colloct toeisinv without legal -eery. foto to locale serro1ore And ALL PROFIT. W.i,o for inloofnotumn. L B. KLUGH COMPANY 715 Arch St.. Zane -male, Ohio WANTED!! PENNY ARCADE 31A- CHINES OF ALL KLNDS N ANY QUANTITY. CASH ICUTING. SEND COM. PLETE LIST. QUOTING YOUR LOWEST PRICES MIST LEVIER. BON 0.28, CARE THE BELL - ROM% CINCINNATI, 0. KANSAS CUT, Mo, May 17 (17totribu. foes reicase).-w. B. Novelty Company, Inc, held open bowie dcreelay, Ito), 11. to Mitch r.4 operatora In the terrhoey were Invited The result woe meat convenient toward* W. II headquarters, Barry al. Silverberg. manager. roporta. Primary purpose of the open house woo to better acquaint 01111IC OpP/o1.01n with the phonograph equipment offered by the firm. A complete. 'showing of bee - burg phoomeraph, and auxiliary equipment was Return:1. Favorite of vnitork it waa said. wow the remote equiproont. Bald gliverterg: "After all, remote equipment =Weft dropping (elide tlroplr. It merely puts what you hose to sell directly ODOM. the eyes of the trivial* public. Whlia opereters time aro no strangers to this equip. remit, suinurazon, and order. peen us at the open house pronilw that a melorlty OE lomtions minable for this type Of lustallatien will atxrrtly be a.> equipped." Texas Leaguer Rates Laurels --Ryan CHICAGO, May 17 Manufacturer's. ccleme1.-wiltherl (11111) Ryan. calm chief for J. IL Keeney & Ceicepany. reports that distxtbutors ore Imaptng the de luxe model Texas Leaguer with high prattle for MS en.m11111 and earning power..our new de luxe model Texas Leaguer hat earned a Maori In the coin machine ball of fame, thanks to the many Unproved features that have built up Its appeal to where operate., have reported unu.sualty high earnings. Asa game of aid it has opened up new A of revenue for fleri, and operators have been able to expand skill game octets. Ron, with Texas Leaguer. 'An Indication of the demand for Texas Leaguer can be aeon In the fact that produotion at the huge Keeney plant to almost entirely devoted to 'DUOS Leaguer," Ryan said. Western Games In Sales Spurt CHICAGO. May 17 (ilanufacturee release).-"weetern'a new line of games have shown their mettle In Wes cornpetition by rapidly achieving an enviable production and delivery reowd." reports Don Anderson. Sales chief for Mote= Iroadixda, Inc. 'Prom the outset the new tame* men - log off the Jinni In groat quantities were accepted with enthusiasm by operatom and players alike. Seven Plaalwas. our one Or floe -ball replay game. was accepted so well that our production equipment area strained to keep up with orders. Barrage. our flm-ball replay thriller. has been srosalaing records lett and right olnoo its introduction a short time Ago -Roth are fascinating gamic, with frotures that Snake them freohly appeollng so the public.' Anderson declared. STONER CORPORATION AURORA. ILLINOIS wow What a Game! 109' to CCficoo Watroft MOW" Let your eyes decide ---there's not another game with the sparkle. thrills. suspense or WOW. 111 Hich score feature.!ii Licht, out for 5 replays and additional replays as bumpers are contacted. 131 When lit roll eye's. (41 Big Spotter values for added suspense. 15) That Soper -Special Award of 20 replays EACH BUMP of "Super Special" bumper when lit. Take a good look at WOW today. THE BEST BUYS ARE ALL -WAYS BUDIN'S BUYS!!4' ZOMBIE r PARADE S52.50 woirrilgitinu tdm METRO STARS AllNr.. SEVEN UP ALL AMERICAN flafo,, C. O. D. TLA A, N. YD. BUDIN'S, INC. 174 SO. BROOKLYN NR NA All Games Guaranteed Mechanically Perfect Ca, Duch arch C+3 ISM. I W.A. L'orriCo $111.11t. B rookest Pfto to, 115 Docout, Medan O. 0. D. WESTIERBACS AMUSEMENT COMPANY 3616 DARWIN AVENUE CHEVIOT. OHIO "COURIER GAME BARGAINS" Koch ONO Ildnos run hoot. ooh Gratighok looloo, '..$10.00 lbokiloo 'katfo t'a'il/ i... " ' 1.0.0t. ALSO C chin 7^' Mm..S.Vi CO I Free Pser ra...e. a...000o COloOtuto..$11,00 tiond Docod1 EllftDE 11 w11outi. N.0.NG CO, -- A ol T.s.: 4,2100 llenrietta ISRATINSTEIN.01 the hearty founded Central Corn Machine Archonoe, loc.. coalmine, 0, inspects Double Play to tas gg- Melt Supply Comipany's factory Airplay rixnes. She prra6cfr the baseball gone wilt be an errablt whiner. (ltortujootureet name.),--6421pailailagetqrt4_,ffigrati ($ DEFINITELY! THE"titCA4ES FORLO1-1:m- I am 17 :u WRITE TOO 0011 COMPUTE LIST "\TAgIlltiEt AND SUPPLIES 1070Btoadway,BR00K1YN.I.V.

88 88 The Billboard AMUSEMENT MAC LINES Boy 24, ti mans more money for you 'aura CLUB TROPBY de rot. regiv taae bends 511 lb S" leaddree of Belly& g guy -teb:e-chanting Odd. -14rdel7 2344CU4co-W12 Place Pee,. Deere Syltetts - Otiylhelioaet - -Orar.412.3t1 Style" P...erre-ple. Oen mensausal we. peoftlleetune 112ea- NTH 111,11.0Cr 1110NCS AND NM WILD'. TOE$ NO wader CLUB Y incline already on lessons from mast to caul ago AA IT.I.M.V.0 <011ectteo Peeled., Get yrr.lire? OteSet CLUB TROPIrf lod1.11 I ORS Bill PLAY BALLYMFG. COMPANY CONSOLE OR TABLE 206: BAR JACKPOT F Holes - Takes in $82.00 Pays Out Average An. Profit $33.31 PRICE $3.65 EACH OTHER FAST SELLERS 1025 Hole, F-5280, Wonder 3 Bar Jackpot at $ Hole. F Horses at Hole, F Pocket Dice at Hole. F Pocket jack at Hole. F Royal at 2.12 CHAS. A. BREWER & SONS gggggg Dosed and Cart Has.. in the W Kinard Ave.. CHICAGO. U. S. A. SLOT AND FREE PLAYS 60 Woe Isere.. WI. ever CM... One Ia , eall "14". tle Co.. /rant Q.T.% us41 lets 2500 te. than IP ILA. lire Ifirr)=.2 no e ea C Cc 2 Egeotbs 014/ reela ha Jae! /An 'wt C5 mod awes Ca. ALISO 240 Lam Veen Rog Caere. etv.a % es paw reutnrenenia. HALT ALANOC O. CLEVELAND COIN MACHINE EXCHANGE 1011 PHowter OHIO IA THE HOINF OF "GOOD WILL" ST ADS....SAS Ahneel. *4...`t elmfois 41/ It., 1.../71 kw ' Len OW.* 8000 Oroain Et , All Pans* Orope011.lened 64 Weer 1105 W. Ovegr 0 0 *WO.1,44 Fn , TOT., 1 /2 Oteatit--lialane O ce AMBASSADOR VENDING ( CONEY ISLAND KRIM. H ice-plins1dzitt LZO J. laft.ty. of G. D. Jennings & Company, U all siniks as N. G. Pelt/ Mtn fright) telta Aim Wier a big fob he Is doing In his territory on Jennings' Ciga-Role. dual action cigarette moolsole. (Wonuldesurers ramose.) a Three Ambassadors Open Penny Arcade NEW TORN. May 17 (Dietributoe's re- Shert7. Phil Gould. end Al Koondcl. the boys who run Ambaraador Vending Company in bronklyn. will open a Penny Arcade nt firlittrton Bench next week. Arcade will Do one of the most sumptuous In Brighton, they any. Yearn of operettas experience Mend the ontfh In good stead In their choice of equipment Antics moat of the equipment will be new. they also will time many standard arced* machtnco on Ito floor. Since they went Into rho jobbing busmen in Brook/7/3 h Sew months ego they hare been compiling a fine record. They now have customer's for their new of States. they Matt. Southern Marks Business Increase winscrux. Xy.. May 17 11LItatzttni. torn releasel.-the sale now In preste... at the four Mem of the Southern Auto - matte* Woo Company marks greatly Improved business oanditions, repecin Igo Weinberger. "The prearst offerings In used tintnea. Eon* phonon end Other equipment is ono of the tangent in our history." Weinberger declared. ^Due to the fact that we are able to oser such a meat mock of good equipment at such rennortabie prices. our busincea in Improving by traps and bounds Not only are we noting Int-tram, In tined game on:ot. but used phonograph aides are also boom - mg. This me attribute to our new re. nnbhing department which cronies flue ato-,1314-glo and walnut flnialned." 1. SIMPLE, SWEET, AND TINKLY!, k7 IntY12344.Initr sand in. 3104'0: tr011tant ueoh.rg.ere *kid Mee rel 0eten NO BUCK PRIVATES Average Profit $43.35 A 3T1r X 01' slov norm. )421:1N11 HMI NOW 1lEADY 1110 T01.11 WAITE AT ONCE You NNW einctiaili AND Ert.t. OSTAILAI GARDNER &CO:, 10lr ARCEtIl Alt. CHICAGO STERLING BARGAINS 0444 LW. C.7..7, K eene, RN leabe ATeect ToNt rear Ore.* noll VIM posttl. / as in wed W.V Mlle 04411evor. Few K ent., WA Pails *on. Ilse wm , Amiss Per.M11, 0 nm OS Sas June* P.M.. Atele Twmt 103 Dep.:415 IlaJanor 0, 0. O. von.. re. vver.3,. I:.1 ee Wee Mee*. res. STERLING NOVELTY (0. 40e 1. Lt%1110TON. XV. SEE OUR LIST OF GUARANTEED GAMES. n And you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only are the prices low but the games we ship are reconditioned beyond reproach. Yes, we GUARANTEE every gime that coma out of our tnodcnn repair room,. A penny postcard wilt bring you this list free every wale. Don't delay... send it TODAY!! AFFILIATED WITH GEORGE PONSER COMPANY 40/ NEWARK COMO, 101 Murray SI., Newark, N. J. fr Jena 2 'moon To De Per I. Taw Oyler With 10 T. 1. tom C. SA Num, e Tow 0:. mrnif /41/1/SOUTEX7RA COSI IlillernerPTSINA78/7441WARei Km... lane Ogle./ melt et M Witet (7410 renna1is..44 OM& dtiel I 010 T : atr, Ore Inetkna van ede heise. 1.- rt. fir, k,... "I" of no> '- eeeuneel ttera. a.0011iii...usu.:i i1nem11.1. e....ur NATIONAL NOVELTY CO ,0144 Nabs E. LYRO , I' 16.

89 Nay AMUSEMENT MACHINES The Billboard 89 YANKEE DOUBLE HEADER Dee If CNNMbeie's MM.. L C., be eeneem4 1rem 01, e INN Vim. Rev nye. tip. et. 6,IM1 Wilein ball ty. dimtm to Or Me GROETCHEN TOOL COMPANY VON LATEST SAODELS--PREI PLAY RIKER (Bally) Like New.. $42.50 ro los., leinenemee sesstuos $ , il wei R...; 51.00,.1 0,st II IMMO MITI it Oen Ilasy Lie vows % Oletr $400 Zatitele it; so To-olitony. Vow. SI Teem, Lytle Prien. ROW Oirer knemllwer Mt, two/ ANN, Pt: V1.1. 0,0014eq.ue. OW150?Mi.., Teeillm, seitty, OmmeN. U.4. $18.00 Fun CAN Oelirseieen. N. Y. milc lank et. Yen. N. Y. SIMON SALES OMAHA BRANCH OP ATLAS NOVELTY COMPANY LI ahosm above. Bob Van Wear, In charge of the branch, reports that recent reeene hare brought go uptielag fn bottom. "Not only are Omaha operators depending on us more and more," he stated, "but mod orders are mounting steadily." ( instribu tar's release.) Grand National Adds 5,000 Feet CHICAGO, May 17 (Distributces release). -When the rerriodelttig program now under way at Orand Natlemal Salea Company. Chicago. Is completed It will have the gnat ahowroom In thin part of the country. reporu Al &helms, head of the company. "We are adding 0,000 sentare feet to our prewent quarters." &aid *Ming. -and our plans include A elsostrooni that will be the meet modern in every respect. We always have offered operators a largo variety for their eolectlon. and new we shall be In an better p to oo this. Our bustnem has grown rapidly became operators have found our *emit. tboroly reliable, and we are enlarging our Airlift:ea so that we can continuo to give them the mar.* dependable serri0e.". 437 W. 42nd ST. NEW YORK DISTRIBUTORS MILLS NOVELTY COMPANY BELLS - CONSOLES - TABLE MODELS ReFf Arlr113/$(11.141,19 r ,11.11f-write CO' WOC toe rertiinfren NOW DELIVERIKG-KEENITS NEW DELUXE TEXAS LEAGUER, $69.50 FIVE BALL FREE PLAY $ Owe Line '...?,Z, lease i `III Aseastcen " n Olieny **1 DOM ,-, 3..11S. filraod 'Rehm A rise. 18 eo row, ruck* leerrertlene Illnienem...4&0020.o. UP 5510 ARCADE EQUIPMENT!weever AIR RAI Inturiel emoteen Sam ,Yr'e AM141N1N) Men OM.) Yen Dully (Soma Un Ileme/1 An16111reren (Senn CAN) Iwo.' II 114 Omeite (1100Me.110) Weatern's "RICORDIT" tsososue VOIOC MO, 0/1111t 5men1. yew woke cie 11-nre '0004 fee WRITE 80$ PAR Orajb1111 "PHOTOMATON" AANNeble 4 re. 10. er I I lee 26I. Pee. OAP. Automelk-ne.heed.. merelree. 1 nl Merl.14 Nevailew eL peetnit nweinanrel AlweRen nee, You can ALWAYS depend on JOE ASH -ALL WAYS FINEST FREE PLAYS READY FOR SHIPMENT:! ii^sba ems Mot.. {110O / lloollot Ally? soar lowly I 9.90 asedosso C.v...nen.., ble 11Mom 10.50I r,: ne I or...s.p {0... id AO AIN us*. area L *vows ' ' Reenny.., AM Ms An1.4 Rola, MAO i Iwo Goo NY,... $ P W ae met PO S WM2.0015s e SPECIAL: DATAL-II AOC. NEW. IN ONIONTAt. 0900E3..,.., 7.00 I03 WOO Oblee ,M11 C. 0. O. on. Mr *04 CHINts. ETC (Igo: ACTIVE AMUSEMENT MACHINES CORP Mindelelee. Po Pee., Merlitt FOR SALE Over 500 Fiore, of Payouts. Norelieet and 1 Write For Complete Price lilt earl Fees Plays GRAND NATIONAL SALES COMPANY rilaca W RU2 ONICa0O, ILL GREAT Cibila WITH ULTRA - REFINEMENTS! New Design Pla On, Top New 2Tone Cabinet EVANS' BANG TAILS THE ORIGINAL CONSOLE AND STILL TOPS! New Rlld Coln Heed Super lack. pot, $6.50 All Cailt1 Michine- Gun Effect Psyoul 11 C EVANS 6 CO 1 S W ADAMS ST CHICAGO 1/EBERA1Na WE BOTH LOSE MONEY If YOU DON'T TRADE WITH MEI 1231.L 1511 PLAY L PRIES 11./f Span Ineiee Rein...) $35.00 O eM MAO As. coo,, Orem Nalmitel Manes 111_ Rale mew 0040 I Lb. Mille VI LooTOIO 4.? FWL LIS tf J otottsoott.p.o a,,il'in $2.50 I 58100, owe, )16`..11 Oh* Ilsoeoses of isattnot Amen 33Fres on., Coors ma, otoo at nea.emmein Truet.:we /two L441 ma Lebo.toe too owl. NEW OAAUS oa Hood for Inmodiofe Clolivory foot 11,014 0,310 Pin Terme $0111 DISTRIBUTORS FOR ALL LEADING MANUFACTURERS 831 W. WASHINGTON ST. CHICAGO. ILUNOIS JUST A STONES THROW FROM THE SHERMAN! is analp TAKE A SWING AT BIGGER PROFITS WITH HARLICH'S NEW PICTURE TICKET BASEBALL BOARD No Sr. A Play 1000 Hoes SUPER JUMBO DIE -CUT BOARD Takes In $47.50 Average Pay