k s We, the yearbook staff, hope you enjoy the 89th volume of the SC Moundbuilder...~~e~r~n~college IOO College Street. Winfield, KS 67I56

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1 k s We, the yearbook staff, hope you enjoy the 89th volume of the SC Moundbuilder...~~e~r~n~College OO College Street. Winfield, KS 6756

2 For approximately 94 years the Southwestern College Moundbuilder has kept a record of events each year; but this tradition, like many others, will cease if we do not survive into the next millennium. From generation to generation, the prophecy that the world will end in the year 2000 has been a popular belief among people all over the world. Another rumored disaster is the infamous Y2K bug that will bring mass chaos to computer-operated devices at midnight onjanuary 1, While no one knows the outcomes of these predictions, the computer technicians at SC are confident that no major problems will arise within the computer network on campus. They are confident that the time, money, and persistence they have put into preventing Y2K crashes will be worthwhile. For most of the SC community, the Y2K scare has not played a significant role in their lives. Everything from traditional events to everyday activities have occurred as they normally would. The year started out the same with annual events such as Freshman Work Day, Kick Back Day, a Carnival, and a Jinx Dance. Some students still committed the everyday act of driving 50 feet to class; and the cross-country teams were again KCAC champions. Below : Krame r, membe r Leade rship te:l, si, rs a freshmen a t the ir a. yard. (

3 There is orne hype centering around the date May 5, The planets will align and supposedly the earth's weather patterns will be severely altered; this could lead to mass destruction and possibly the end of the world as we know it. Do you believe this? Yes: 7% No: 93% Below: Durin!( Kick ; D J V,j p.lftidpant in the sa voll~'\h : ll L'\'t:'ll t stands i"e; for "d i{)~. (pholo ly Ai G, " ','rr) Left: Studcnt.s pac L' personali zed rocks O il rh e SC mound ;t thl' trad itio nal. fou nd Build ing Cerell W 1\. ( p hoto hy \111\ Gaven) Left: Chase Reed, Sarah Melcher, and Missy ivcclening g ive an outstanding perform:l1ce o n opening night of Tb e.l1ediunt. ( flhoto by Am y Goverr )

4 Rigbt: Fe A mem bers mana ged to w in ~ n award {or til"'ir ho mecoming no" t l1<'fo r(' it!v1j 3p311 cluring th e parade. (phoro b)' Amy (;oven ) Right: l.uke F'lnar lakes a mentto r " on the sidelines before returning to (h e field. (photo by :\111)' (;o"crt ) Above: Keeping w ith the ho liday spirit, Stuclelll Uf stcl fftami Pullins, Mallin Rude, and Daw n!'c.ts-bailey show o ff their H allow' 'n :tlllr. ( boto by Kathy Wilgers) Above Center: b u.1111g at R,i <'h rtow :lnd his "Summer G irl ~,('nil re'\'ew, studcnh arc successfully ' ll 'f1.;) 111 rj at the (lllc<'ollling Dance. ( p 1 n hy Juli(' \'o r j1l1 ) Right: Rebecca Wedel disc usses 1he football game " ilh a friencl o n his first visit to 'o ulhwe,)!ern College. (photo by Amy G Oyes1) 4

5 Left: The basic jou r nalism dass simubreu a 'cvisioll nc\\... broadcast during the fall semester. Stacy Carpenrer acted as the mer e rologisr. (pho to by C ltlly \'(i ilgcrs) Even though things went on as they always have, Southwestern experienced new faces, new leadersh.ip, and new challenges that made significant changes in our world. "The nternational student population on ca mpus doubled in size; also, certain leadership positions in both student organizations and college offices were filled by new people. Other substantial modifications at SC were the integration of laptop computers, the re novatio ns in several buildings, and the donation of $1,000,000 to the Performing Arts depaltment. The Moundbuilder underw e nt some changes in the field of technology. "The Moundbuilder staff decided to hop on the computer technology bandwagon. By usingjostens' Yeartech program for the opening sectio n, the first sixteen pages were made on the computer and sent to Josten.<; on a Zip disk. T1e staff selected "The Clock's Still Tickin' " as the theme in order to symbolize the continuance of life. Mime team members gel,1 little goofy during their group pholo shoor. (pl,oro by Am)' Govert) Should evolution be taught in public schools? Yes: 730/0 No: 27% Left : The Black Cats and th e sr: cheerleaders participate in the trad i lion:l l homecoming pa rade by riding in an amiqlle fire engine. (pi, oto by Amy Govert) 5

6 11c:ltile r 3lack and 1\ 'til Kraille r gll"rd lill' "KTl'r " :til d o,l) t t fro m tileir oppo nent. ( pilolo by,\11 1), (;overl) With all the end-of-th - world theories floating about, the staff wanted )su'engthen the fact that life goes n despite the many 'h~u1gl!s that affect us. E!lowing the trend of predictions for the year 2000, the Moundbuilder staff decided to develop surveys of their own thoughts and predictions. Elements of clocks and apocalyptic phrases were added to emphasize the theme. While the SC campus has taken only the necessary steps to ada pt for the computer-bug disaster, many cautious people throughout the 'i\ approach the problems of the new year expecting the worst-case scenario. By stocking lip water and nonperishable goods, these groups seem to be prepared for a bleak future; some even awaiting the end of time as we know it. \Xlhile their theories may be true, there is al. chance that time will just keep on tickin'... Freshmen worke rs take a break from their hard work for a group Kathy wijgers)

7 7 Patrick Farmer Who do you think is n10re likely to appear as the "Sexiest Man of the Year" in People n1agazine? Big Chief Joey with 29% Austin "Farmer" Powers with 710/0 Joey Above: Helping to recruit incoming freshmen, Amy Govert explains o ne of the many uses of Ma ss Communica tio ns in society to a group of Belle Plaine students. (photo by Mandy Lampe) Above Center: Nicole Ledbetter and Alycia Griffin are all smiles at the SAA video event. Tbe laughs kept coming as students creciled wild and crazy videos. (photo by Amy Go ye rp Left: President Dick Merriman and his family ride in style through the homecom ing parade in a convertible. (photo by Julie Morgan)

8 Who will be our next President of the United States? Bush: 330/0 McCain: 330/0 Gore: 330/0 Undecided: 10/0 Above: Head Football Coach.\j()llfY Lewis k cc[ls lhe players out of mischief while waiting to lake tileir group photo (pholo by Amy (~o ve r l ) Right: H an'i Judd, :;ludent conductor, leads the Jazz B'lOd in a musical rendition d uring the ho)tlc:collling cnton,ltion ceremony. (photo by Amy Goven)

9 Above: SL'lh lo;lcij "H)\\ ilis c: nrilusi;slll ",hill' blc:n ing 10 J ".l 'di'orli j;1 ll1 he rill' llieir ij;ulli i>q~il1' pr;)l lice', (plinl() n',~ill' h' Fr,dL'\ Left: SOlllli,,'L'S\l'rl gll:\ 'lid k iloias 'L'b lip hl' ( fcnse wh ile' looking ror a u p 11 pla\'l'r. ( pholo.\m)' Goven l 9

10 Scon Miller curring a rug or Wimer Formal. ( photo by Amy GOWrl) Which would Scott Miller most likely be mistakern for: John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever or Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley? 20% John Travolta 80% Squiggy behalfofsouthwestern College. (photo by Amy Right: Timorhy lvlunga nio does his job or the libmly reception desk so well, that he has time to work on hi$ own cla ss projects. (phoro by Heather Jeffery)

11 11 Left: SC baskelball fans cnjoy the aclion during the men' gamcagainsl Tabor. (pholo hy Amy Goven) Above Lefl: Daniel$imp on and Emi ly Edwards are slill smiling Jfler waiting in a long line for the MilleniwnDinner. (photo by Amy Goven) Left: Wei Shcn Szetho. Earl McKoon, and Jenny Hunter enjoy the goodie al the annual welcome-back carnival. (pholo by my Govcrt)

12 ) {()UJlJ" ll '-'~ )k bc.:,'ci w c.:lid '11e1 Su ey 1~llrs goo(' uff after 111e MOllndhudding Ceremony, (photo by Ami" Liebau), ' t would you like to see, in Alvin the Alligator's old home? Bui~dlng block replica of gator: 20% Monkey: 2()oo Phil Sduniclt: 3()O/o Undecided: 3()O/o Below: The [ema) ' cast in the play f)'sis/rata plot to tak e :!way sexual pri\'i es from their mall's until they end the W:lr. (pllfllq by Amy (;"wrt) 12

13 l.eft: fircnt Wolf and Mikc Owen :1 1 (lul 3 television inlcrvit'\\ :L~ p,, o f a ba Sic journalism ",sil!nr11 ~ n l. (photo by K:llhy W ilg.ors) Above: Enjoying a night,>''un and rc l ~x :l[i on. stucicnls Sl'lrt out th~ new s(;hool yej' al lhl',lnltial SC carniva l. (pholo by Amie Liebau) Left: Spencer Duncan hl'gins a n ~w play by throwing lhl' ball in bounds. (pholo by \'i:tndy Lampe)

14 Bclow: Ben Vargas pa rt i i par e~ in " conlesl Ol lhe prcho me 'olllinl-( (lothall ga me bonfire. (photo hy Amie Lieball) Below: J ~ 111l ie Jan so nills. Da le ne Dick.,mel Ka lie Rqpn show r leir enl hll s i ~l s m ar rhe SC ",inter fu r hy Amy 14 Right: Natalia ivjikhaiiova works diligently in rhe library UJl ho mework. (phuto by H ea ther Jeffrey)

15 Left: "\;()!l1i "\()d" :lml i\i k" ()rl'lje"gil pel u' e ror : p iuure herun.: d e paning rur d elss. (pil()t() by,\my (;ovt'rtj The ever-loyaljinx c il ccts the Build ers o n at a home football g:l>1le. (photo by,\my Govelt) \Xlhich mascot do you prefer: Moundbuilders or the Jinx? 33% Moundbuilders 67% the Jinx Left: Layna Ford andjessica Graves show off their kicb 1,dare the homecoming bonfire St3rts. (photo by Amie Liebau) Left: Dan Daniel takes advantage of tbe coffee house atmosphere at tl1l' new "Bcatriz" restaurant in Winfield. lll:rc he can engage in philosophical discussions and enjuya good cup of coffee. (photo by Amy GOVf'rl) 15

16 J l11k ( ';lrpl' (l<:r and \ L" \\" 'Sl thunl their wrinkle" before J. elr.' rch e;lr ~J nl' by-/.jl/f f rhllto) by Kalhy \x: i l ger~) Who wears the pants in the family: Eany or Kathy Wilgers? Larry: 7% Kathy: 93% Above Right: ~ lc gj n Herzer and Mike Zise r e njoy gifts and food at the pub lications Christmas r a ft)', Cr hoto by Kathy Wilgers) Right: Jeana Clark and Treva SUll1111C rs re lax at the Rockin' for Jesus concert in rh e fa \, Cr horo by Anlie liebau) 16

17 Above: Tom :nglc anj Ju"in Hdl1lCf "bsclyc a slccpi ng Jn$ h "'heekr during an SC ["lskctball game. (ph",,, G,' 1\1ll~ ' Gnn:lr) Lerl: T racr Sraplccon onj Par Former show off rheir Jancin)!; skil!.s during the \V'inrcr For la!. (photo bl' Am' Gowrr) Below: Rl)gcr Moon offcrs a big smile for rhose inlerested in looking for a Saru rd ay morning job. (phoro by /\m)' Goverr) Rg,hl: HllLim.'y \\'nrsh<1 Ol ;1tll:nlpt" to smile, despit e loollh. r l':nly ~:ltu rd:l r m()rnill ~~ <11 {he AJrni ssion<:; (,lin (pho", by i\lonoy '-""pc) 17

18 Above: Srudcnt~ use supplies provided by S/'v\ to paint their rock~ for the mound. (photo by Amy Govert) Left: Members of P hi Delta Thet. rh eir ~upport for the basketball teams 11 home game. (photo by Amy GO\'cn) Right: The Mime and M.ission Team went au out with lheir performance at chapel. (photo by Julie Morgan) 18

19 Organizations... Left : Overexposure to ber~ Ashley Helfrich, Be (photo by Sarah Thuma)

20 Student Government Association r , Upholding the Peace The Student Government Association dealt with the usual student related issues. A number of areas of concern were given to committees to investigate and make recommendations. The weekly Monday night meetings brough t a variery of issues to the table from should the Thetas be allowed to have a chapter house on campus to how lighting can be improved on campus. The officers for were President Lisa Phillips, Vice President Joanna Moss, Treasurer Andrea Pearce, and Secretary Seth Leeper. T ~ Tbf" Student Government Association Firsl RolV: joanna Moss, josh Smith, j acob Tuttle, Lisa Phillips, Seth Leeper. Second Row: Emily Bauer, jackie Dick, JanSl>nius, Shelly Good, Pam Brown, Arnie Liebau, Christina Vcnsor, Kim Okeson, Tessa Ball. Third Roll'.' JackJyn McClu skey, Mandy Lampe, Julie Mo rgan, Rose Mam, Copeland, Leslie McCar,),. 'ollrlb ROJv: Jason Hunt, Sarah Pfannenstcil, Ashley Helfrich, Hea ther Black, Kari Good, Melissa Strauss, Ali Wait, Ken l<.j1oll~nberg, Lonna Ryan Kane, Mc!;an Herzer. Fiftb r oll': Lisa Reynolds, Martin Rude, Justin Frost, Brad NeweU, Travis Hastings, Maren Harding, Jamie Blo m, Randall Wall., Erin Logan, Charlie ;\lichell e Rosell, Sixlh r Oil': Hubert Dutton, Jesus Munoz, We i Shen S7.etho, Rich BarlOW, Taylor Cerne, Michae l Tessme r, D an Bowker, (photo by Amy Goven) 20

21 21 Activities Association Joy Makers The Student Activities As sociation planned and carried our all those fun things students did during the year. Especially memorable was Free Movie Night. Performers came to entertain, trips were taken ro hockey games, mud volleyball was played, dances were spomored... au the fun! Tho Student Activities Association Fin! row: Jackie Dick, Christina Ve n ~or, Nadia VanDorn, Megan Galliart, As hley Hdfritch. STrolld rolv: Kari Good, Lonna Summers, Kyca SGwin ski, Jared Gerhardt, D aniel Siefert. Tbird rolv: Rich Bartow, Jason Siemens, Jllsh Smith, John Neison, Marlin Rude. FOllrlh rollr [(alie Woodrow, Holly Clayton, Paul Mages, Angie Gentry. (photo by Amy Govert) Left: J o hn Brannon and Suni Goad lake advantage of the SA" 'p()n~() r c d vid eo nigh t. (photo by Amy Govert) r L

22 ivoundbuilder Compliant bl' i\ 111\' GOl'en The Southweste rn College yea rbook, the i'votilldljltiider, rolled into the 21st century with the work of fo ur edi tors and fou rteen s taff m e m bers. The o rganization continued to capture th e life and times o f SC, as it had do ne for th e past 94 yea rs. Alo n.g w ith th e additio n o f new members, th e organ iza ti o n a lso c nj oye d th e ben e fits o f m o d cr n technology. The staff too k ad va ntage o f th e di gi t :! 1 cameras and n e w compute rs purchased for the purpose o f stud ent publications. Jiana \'(i il son commented, "t was ni cc to have the o pportunity to creale a page o n th e computer, rather th an contin uing w ith the old c ut-and-paste m ethod." The ability to create actual pages on the computer also brought abo ut th e freedo m to man'l)ldarc objects o n a page. Evidence of th is can be seen throughout the open.ing pages o f the book. n additio n [() o ptio n s provided by YearTech, a program supported by J oste ns, the colo ration o f photos a nd the dime nsions of g raphics were enhanced by using Ado be PhotoShop "This is the first time that the i\![olilldbllllder has been subjected to the fu ll power o f moue rn technology. \'(ie acruall y had the ability to do cool things and be mo re creati ve." stated ~helj )' Fraley. /\ s the organi za ti o n successfully adapted to new m edia o ptio ns, the \\'ork e nvironment continued to be wro ught w ith chaos. P ul',[i cation dcadljnes kept the staff on its tocs througho ut the year. "Som e things nevcr change," stateu r\mie Li ebau. " But, at leas t thi s year's book will look berter." Above: Arnie Liebau is o verwork ed and llnderpaid. (photo by i\ my Goven) The M oundbuilder Staff: rm rom' Amy Govert, Kylec Ward. Secolld rou': J amie Jamo nius, Arnie Lieb:tu, roll': Jul ie ~ r organ, Ca njice Krug, Jian" WiJson, Sarah Thuma. FOllrlb "'JP: Jarvis Cannon, Shonda French, Heather. elle,,. Wilge rs) 22

23 C011egian s For the Future.tuJcnr newspaper of sl?ecti,'es about collegl: life. Co-editor Jeana Cluk stated, " With the ad dition of severa l more Bi\[ clones, our syslem of production became more b ~C!1 an actilt med ia stabl e. This gal'e us the opportunitr to produce a new look for th e Colle and fkultv mc11 {!fill." Beyond system upgrades, th e staff expe ri enced management changes. ThL: departure of Lon na Summers, editor, allowed Kasey Dumler to move into th e position of co-editor with Jeana Clark. Dumler's real- wo rld knowledge co mplemen ted the yea rs of experience th at Clark provided the staff. "t was great to have the chance to move into a position of power within the Collegiall staff. [love to make papers bleed," commented Dumler. The Collegian Staff First row: Brent Wolf, Megan Herzer, Rich Barrow. Stconrl ro",: Lily jvla trix, Kasey Dumler. Adam i'vlo!one y, J eana Clark. Thirrl roil': Nib Orebaugh, Ju~e Morgan, Andy Licbau. T hose not pictured include Mike Ziser, Amy Govert, J ames Larson, and i\hnd)' Lampe. (photo by Kalh)' Wilgers) thc ~111r~Jn is caught rcoding The Wid)ita EaRle "ther than writing her o wn c jor T/;, Coll~~i(li. (photo Amy Goverr) Right: J~ana Clark, coeditor o f Tbe Col/egia", spends another hour in front of the co mpute r. C10rk ended her couege newspaper coreer after four years, three and half spent as the editor. (ph o to by Kathy \Vilgers) 23

24 Builders The Education Builders Finl rljlv: StOC ' Roop, Rachel Rochat, Brandi Bellinger, Jennifer Henning. Second roll': Rich BKkrr. Julie Brewer, Li sa Reyno lds, Shell)' Han, li ck, Melinda Sullivan, Craig Lang, Amy H o neck (photo by Kathy Wilgers) r , Rebuilding Year 24 The Education Builders had a reorganization year. Co-chairpersons were Lisa Reynolds and Amanda Leddy. While wo rking to make contacts in the field the group had a chili-feed fund-raiser, sold flower bulbs, participated in Bowl for Kids Sake, and held a wo rkshop fo r education majors o n unit planning. The highlight of the year was helping to plan and implement the Southwestern College Teacher Hall of Fame banquet in May...._ _.

25 CANS Above: SCANS Firsl roiv; Tes>a BaU, Angela Wallace, Jackie Berryman, Jenni rei and, Stacy Kahrs, Dawn Sho rt, Carrie Bl oedel. Jecond ro",; Tracy Dial, Rachel Brown, Kat Schalesky, Jane Sc hli ckau, Kellie Webb, Jelinda Gose, Kristi na Recalde, Martha H ett (p hoto by Arnie Liebau) Nursing For Life ninf' l si roil"; Renee W hitaker, Sara uplctnn. J,(""d m//': Jackie Berryma n, Sara G raber, Pm/'DU': Andrea Schultz, ~!ichelle McKay, Audrey. J. n< Schlickau, and Vanessa Badley. (phoro by SCANS is (he student nursing society. Through membership (he nursing students learn from each other and make valuable contacts in the nursing fi eld ,, Busch i,. imcm o n givi ng a "painless" " Uthr \' 'f(w) Above: Rachel Brown practices giving shots. (photo by [(achy Wilgers).. 25

26 Students Association The Business Students Association best part about BSA. Upperclassmen gives students an opportunity to par can share their advice with yow1ger stuticipate in activities, corrununity service, dents, while faculty ai ds the senio rs in and collaboration with other students. job searches," said Jessica Sisson. "Although we weren't as ac tive as we n conclusion Seth Leeper stated, had hoped to be this year we did ac "BSA provides a base fo r business stucomplish many great things," said Jami dents to unite and begin to fo rm con Blorn, BSA president. Throughout nec tions to be used later in our profesthe year BSA participated in some of sional ca reers. And guess you could the ac tivities required to receive the say that o ur headquarters is Jeanne Purple Heart Award. "Being able to Dexter's office. She usuall y tries to keep gather with o ther students and share us on track and is great at adding comic our ideas abou t everything from events relief during the stress ful semesters." on campus to future ca reers, was the Above Left: Scan Strickla nd, Josh Thuma, and Jeff Lo,,'c show 01T their business skil.ls. (Special to the \l oundblliljer) Bllsiness Students Association Fir.r! Row: cdeb Velardes, Sheleah T ay lo r, Kenyada Davis, J o hn Brannon. Secolld R,,1':Jami Blom,Jiana Wilson, Hubert Dutton, Juanell Beal, Bnel McGinley, Josh Brown. "['"ird R.u': >Jicole Ledbetter, D avid Lee, Bernadette flicks, Josh Thuma, Jeff Lowe, Sean Strickland, OJ Bell, Usa Philli ps. (Special to the MOll ndbuilder) "The best part of BSA is hanging out with Jeanne and eating dum dum suckers, oh and planning our snowball attack on the science department." Jeff Lowe 26 Above: Juanell Beal presents a speech about busi n es~ ethics in foreign cou ntries to th e glo bal business class. Periodically speakers wo ul d join the Global Business class and inform s tudents about th eir experiences abroad. (S pecial to the MounJbuilder) Above: H u bert D utton explain s wha t the symbols mean on the Dutton. native Malyasian, g:lve a speech to inform classmates of cultunl differences. (S pecial to the Moundbuilder)

27 udent 1999 was the first year for the Student Law Association to be considered an official organization on campus. The main purpose ofthe group is to prepare students for Jaw school. n doing so the group discussed current issues, studied for the LSAT, worked on applications, and visited Jaw schools. The group consisted of ten members and their sponsor, Andy Shepherd. BiweekJy meetings were held to conduct business and organize fundraisers, community services, and other projects. " am really glad that this group was started. t is very beneficial for the students involved. hope that any student interested in law school joins the group. And it continues to grow and be more active on campus. would also like to see a law program set up at Southwestern," said Sarah Cox. The group is very busy getting organized and establishing programs for its members. "One of the programs that we have been working on, that hopefully be put into action next year, is the student mentor program. n this program a SC student is paired with a SC alumni in the law field who is their designated mentor," said Megan Herzer. Above Left: Between classes, Megan Herzer and Rich Bartow srudy for the LSAT, the mandatory test for law school, between classes. (photo by Jiana Wilson) r illllocialicm /'in/ ROil',' Keri KnoUenberg, Megan Herzer, Chris Hibbert. Secolld Row: James Rosenthal, Sarah Cox, Rich Bartow, ' poo>or. (photo b)' Amy Govert) 27

28 r , L. The award winning Leadership Team of So uthwestern College was busy during the sch ool yea r. One of the projects they have pl anned and carried out is Freshman Work D ay. This unique experience begins the process of the Freshmen beco ming part of SC and is always memorabl e. The fund-raising "Apples, Apples" takes place during the Walnut VaU ey Festival and is a huge sticky job. The pies are g reat, the fun at the festival is g reat, and the fellowship within the team is g reat. O ther projects included worki ng o n leadership prog rams with Collegiate a nd Th e ndependent School in Wichita; working with PFS and the middle school students in Winfield; grams with the elementary n December the: team Kansas City and wo rked with vation Army to fix food and gifts for those in need. The team wi ll enter in the itself up meeting with a s tart examining the req Th ey are also incorporating the Guidelines into thei r own The Leadership Team Fiffl roll': Belh Kramer,James Ro se nthal, Chris LaForge. Malana Conner, Ange la Tran, Kelli Cox, Mega n Gallian, i\ like Ziscr. Jf(Ozri rou-: Jared Bauer, Uda Perale s, Rose Mans. Sarah Pfann~n s licl, Angie Wills, Cmig Lange. Kristi n Kraemer, Katie Woodrow, Brent Wolf, Alyssa Rogers, JamieJansoni us. l'birri roz.: Ju stin Frost. Megan Burns, KaraJones, Cheryl Rude, Daniel Buchmueller, Shelley Good, i:\'!e~ssa Strauss, Ali Wait,Jason Siemens, Leah Brant, Kari Roswu rm, Lisa Phillips. Andrea l'cjrce. Ford, Kari Good. Randell Wal" Ch ri s Ford, Luk.. Farra r, Shane Alford. Jeff Lowe, Kim Okeson. 28

29 bassadors an mpression respon sibility o f hosting overnight guests. Other obligations of the group were as sisting with Explo re More Days, Mandy Lampe had this to say about her ambassador experience: "Not o nly do you get to meet prospective students of SC, but you just might be able to help in the decision making process of findin g the right college by their impression o f SC through you. That to me is a rewa rd in itself that wi.l l always cherish as a huge part of my own SC experience." The SHARP Ambasl ---:ir.i/ K011-': Crajg r.:'\ng :1nd sadors i\hndy Lo mpc, Sccol/rl lzow: ( atie \Voodrow, Brondi Bellinger, J\ngie Busch, J () ~nn" i\[o", ~ nd Rjch B:-.no\l,.: Above: :\ mba,, ~clor Croig.ang e,plains a"' pcct " of SC's SCe nce departme nt to \'1'''01', (pho lo h' :\)11\' Govert) L eft: J<:1ric \'X "oodn J\V :lod i\{;1.j1ciy L:1mpe rold torches to :gh the lv[o'lndhuildjng C('' (' monl'. (photo b,' \ml' G1Ncrt) , " am extremely proud of the hard-working ambassadors we have this year. They really give prospective students a positive view of the campus." Left: Brondi Bellinger di scu ~,e, rhe recent d c~ th of AJvin he i\1ligoro r with prospective ~ tud en" ~ml their [om ilie,.,\kin h~d been ~ campus re sident fo r o ver 40 "eors, (pho to by i\lond)' Lampe) Leslie Grant L. 29

30 q:tutors Tedious Tutors By Kylee Ward The definition of a tutor is o ne who gves special instruction to another, but the tutors of Southwe s tern College are so much more. H o used in the Cooperative Learning Center in the upper level ofsutton Hall, the tutors started off a great yea r. Along with giving up time and brainpower, the tutors also made new friends and stepped toward future g oals. Josh Wheatle y, who wants to get his Ph.D. in Biochemistry said, " think when get to graduate school will work as a teachers assistant. This is w here my skills as a tutor will come in handy. 1 can help the undergraduate students wi th their assign ments." The tutors of Southwestern Co llege were n o t o nly available to h el p athletes study, but also for anyo ne who needed the help. "My goal fo r this yea r is to help as many people as can, not onl y s tud e nts w ho n ee d tutoring but anyone who has ques t io ns concerning th e college," said Kasey Dumler. R yan Ru sco,w ho pl ans to become a high school teacher after college claimed his goal was "not to mess up somebody's as si gnment. hope the students will not have any problems o r be embarrassed to ask one o f the tutors fo r help. Even if we don't know the answers o ursel ves, we can probably find somebody who does." AL in all the tutors had a g reat time helping others. Who said studying can't be fun ) Lonna Su mmers, K :\:i~~' J eana Clark. S C{ O/ti ){,..: Rusco. Ma ndy ~lun Ji n «, Whea tley. Rachel \\'()[ Kristen Kraemer. (photo b Liebau)

31 Southwestern Southwestern Team has sen'ice pro jects the y in during rhe year include the Partners for Success program at the Winfield ivuddle School, painting group homes for Martin Luther H omes, and decorating the "Baby Closet" at the Ligh t House Maternity Home in Kansas City, MO. "Through Share have been able to help people and serve God on my campus, in the community, and throughout the country," said Treva Summers. Share Southwestern is one of the leading service organizations on campus. The members have worked very hard throughout the year meeting man y new people, cultivating friendships and having fun while striving to help those in need. Above: Katrina Bromlow and Rach e l Copeland s it and en joy "Duill Dums" afrer a long Jay of working. (Special to the M o undbuilder) The 1999 Share Southwestern team hisl/{ojv: Beckie Stuck" Tre\'a Summers, Tami Pulli ns,!\lichael Cas haw. S econd Roll': Lisa Reynolds, Janie Carballo, Alycia Gritnn. T hird!z01l-: Rachel Copeland. (pholo by , Jeana Clark),.. 31

32 Debate SC Debate/Forensics End a Winning Season SC Debate hosted the second annual Moundbuilder nvitational Tournament/ Great Plains Forensic Co nference this spring with over 80 people in attendance. The two-day tournament was the culmination of a very successful yea r for the Southwestern Debate/ Forensics team. Throughout the year, the team has had success in many tournaments. N ewcomer Soshi Kawabe, from Japan, exceu ed in dramatic and prose interpretation, as did Nadia VanDorn, from Kent, Washington. Dawn Short also competed in dramatic and prose interpretation and did very weu. Jeremiah Jones, Garden City, KS, Rya n Kane, Wellington, KS, and Rob Fry, Winfield, KS, competed in impromptu speaking. Kane and Fry also performed in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Kelti Cox, Copan, OK, joined the squad second semester and did weu in persuasive speaking. April Chlumsky, Larned, KS, competed in dramatic intrepretation of poetry. Coach Tracy Frederick was named Pi Kappa Delta Governor of the Plains in December. r ,,. still tickin. "These students have worked harder than ever before. They are much more advanced than last year." Tracy Frederick.. Above: Ryan Kane, Soshi Kawabe, Jeremiah Jones, Dawn Short, and Nadia VanDorn enjoyed an awards Tracy Frederick) 32

33 mpus _8l.tStllln oi 1\iss BOl/lld and The Tempest. Each year the Campus Players sponso r a spring banquet tha t hono rs the current and newest members of the club. [t is at this time that the QriQruusofthegmd~ti~ seniors arc presented and hung in the hall leading to the Little Theatre. n April 1999 the Campus Players initiated a new tradition. 1\11 graduating members of the club wear honorary cords during the ceremony. The cords arc gold, purple, red and green -- the colors on the Campus Players mask. Each color represents the four pillars, "Ms." and of the organizations Constitution: Commitment, Perserverance, Cooperation and Participation. "Even though it is a lot of work, being a member of This yt:ar the Campus Playe rs is worth the helped produce late nights and early Sarurday,.arJlltflJrlHl. Tbe Great mornings," stated Emily Edwards, club member. Above: Too tired to move Tobie Henline, Campus Playe" President, takes a comforrable nap on a prop found n the Helen Graham Litde Theatre. (photo by Amy Govert) Campus Players Fim rolv: jeremiah jones. Second rolv: April Chlumsky, j'y[jtch Nam, Missy i1cc lening, D aniel Buchmueller, Chad Killblane. Third rolv: Alyson Moon,julie Voelker, jeremy Blanchard, Tobie Henline, Soshi Kawabe, Cassie Coriley, Roger Moon. Fourth row: Daniel Simpson, Emily Edwards, Brooke ColLins, Eric Courtwrighr. (photo by j eana Clark) 33

34 A Capella Choir First rou< Brandy Henline, Gloria Tham, Paul Mages, Eric Couruight, Megan Burns, DeMay Grunden, Joe Gilmore, Morlin Jonaton. S<cofld m", ;\rviu2 Miller, Kristi Weaver, Rachel Stueve, Brandy Richardson, Emily Edwards, Missy McCiening, Tobie Henline, Alyssa Rogers, Stacie Fraley, Jenny Hunter. 'fjird ro'" Gallian, Rhyan Anderson, Travis H astings, Chad Killblane, Kye Baxter, Daniel Buchmuelltr, Jeremy Groom, Tim Putnam, JD. Sills, Andrea Billings, James Ledford, 2nd (photo by Kathy Wilgers) Women's Chorus Christine Allen, Amanda Bennett, Megan Burns, Stacy Carpenter, Rana DeBey, Dalene Dick, Emily Laura Godbey, CrYStal Goering, DeMay Grunden, Tobie Henline, Jenny Hunter, Mandy Lampe, lah MarshaU, l-lissy ~lccle'mi<t Alyssa Rogers, Gloria Thom, Kristi Weaver, and julie Woolf. 34

35 Southwes tern Singers Andrea Billings, Broncli Henline, Tobie Henline, Missy McClening, Sarah Melcher, Krisu Weaver, Megan Burns, Stacie Fraley, Travis Hastings, Ryan Parrish, James Si ll s, Eric Courtwright, Daniel Miller, Timothy Putnam. (p hoto by Amie Liebau) Left: Flute Choir Music Can Be Fun Left: Pep band. Above: Brandi Henline and Karen Wilder. 35

36 :Sand Band Firsl roil': Margo Straub, Kasey Dumler, Brandi Henline, Jami Blom, Emily Edwards, Erin R2nkin, Maramana Furches, l'vlke Osborn, Karen Wilder, Charles Yingling. Second roll': Cha Anna Martinez, Caryn Huslig, Stacy Strickland, Melissa Straus<, Jason Ellison, Bradle), Newell, jessica Graves, Angela Tran, Man Do ugla ss, Erica Guiterez, Kelli Cox.,!lah Marshall. DJlnl ro", Ali Wait, Deana Pennington, Daniel Miller, Bret Prothro, Jason Tuebner, Daniel Reazin, Seth Roach, Jeremy Groom, J,c. Hastings, jennifer Hunter, Brandon Westoff, Erin Logan, Hans Judd, Dalene Dick, Treva Summers. Fol/rlh rolp: Ryan Parrish. Wilger>J 36 Jazz Band members Melissa Strauss, Jessica GtdVes, Angela Tran, Matthew Douglass, Deana Pennington, jason Teubner, Hunter, Hans Judd, bin Logan, Brandon Westhoff, Travis Hastings, Ryan Parrish Seth Roach. Eric Courtwright, Jw Jonathon Conard, Jason Ellison, Josh Sears. (photo by Amy Govcrr)

37 Tht Pcp hnd played -or home fuutball and basketball games. Membership in the band was pretty loose. (photo by a f1"'1at Homecoming and trl'ing to play music at the same time can be challenging l (photo by Kathy Wilgers) İ tl, The HandbeU Choir was led by James Strand. 37

38 Mass Communicati0ns Media For the Masses by Amy Goven The Mass Communications Depart- points of interest related to the Win ment of Southwestern CoUege offers field community, in addition to me first-hand experience to srudents within couege. "W/e produced several shows the realms of audio, print, and visual featuring area 'secrets' this year, For' media. n addition to the campus example, our Halloween special focused newspaper and yearbook, the department on regions across me state mat claimed includes training in me areas of to be haunted," stated Kim Okeson. television broadcasting and radio, Srudents 'Vie visited a couple of mese locations enter me department wim the in order to conduct our own investiga understanding that me first week of cion." school is designed to establish meir crew or staff positions. "One of our greatest accomplishments this year," included Scott Miller, This Week at SOf.lthwestern Co/lege, a "was covering the visit Steve Abrams televised bi-monmly news program, is made to Sc. We were there to caprure the focus of SCTV. The fourteen me responses of srudents and faculty." members on staff present information KSWC (100.3 FM in Winfield, KS) for and about the campus community moves into its thirty-second year of during a thirty minute show. Along operation. The ten-watt station is with valuable srudio experience, Stu owned and operated by me couege and dents Jearn the basics ofshooting and requires me efforts of twenty-one stu disc jockeys. Once a week, each editing by working on crews dedicated dent to recording specific couege events. individual spends th ree hours in me Keely Stanley, a member of me Sports srudio. D espite me format (alternative/ rock), music varied between the Crew and anchor, commented, "t was hard to get into the swing of mings, Drs and listener requests. All Drs, was thrown into jobs mat knew noming about. Within one semester, howeve however, were required to play fifteen songs off the "KSWC Top 30 Playlist." r, 've learned how to do a lot of Office personnel and management of things and now 'm applying for a KSCW included: Dr. DeArmond summer internship." (General Manager), Jason Tattershall SC Magazine is produced by a select (Station Manager), Amy Govert (progroup of individuals within me depart duction Manager), and Scott l'vwler (pro SCOll \!Jlcr. (PhOlO b)' r\ l)1), Gm'err) ment. The fearure program covers gram Director). The SC Magazine Crew Pil)1 1011': r ,,.. 38 Right: Dusti Ludwig, \ ~l:' e Gentry, onj Joe)' Canru review their fina l project for Video Pro clucrion cl ass, (photo by Amy Covert)

39 The SCTV Crew First rolv' Amy Goven, Jason TattershaU, Keely Stanley. Second rol": Angie Gentry, Tracy Crockett, i\hndy Lampe Marpm Sarhangi, Dusti Ludwig. Third roll': Joey Canru, And), Lebau, SCOtt Miller, Dr. Bill DeArmond, Amie Lebau, Krysti Potter. (photo by Kathy Wilgers) Staff 1-l'rJ rcju ': Stacy Carpenter, Mandy Lampe. Second roll): Jason Teubner, Amy Goverr, 1 racy...rockt:ll. lljuu 'vw. PUller, Jawn Ta ttcrsh ~lll, Scott!\{iller, Joey Canru, Angie Genuy. Fourth roil): Erica Gutierrez, Levi Hillman, Josh Above: Mandy Lampe suffers from a movie ove, L.b"l) dose while serving her time in the office. (photo b Amy Gove rr) 39

40 Council Ministry Reaching Out by Canuice Krug Campus Council on Ministry is made up of representatives from each group of students dedicated to spreading th.e word ofgod to the campus and beyond. Some of the projects started on campus consist of various Bible studies, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and weekly student-lead chapel service. The opportunities to reach beyond the campus are operated mostly by outreach teams formed ofsouthwestern students. These outreach teams include: Praise Team, WO.W., Selah., Keynotes, Urgent? fcssagc, Mime & Mission, l'vlission Team Leaders, and the World Witness Team. Each group has a special area of focus on which they base their service projects. Karen WiJder, leader of the Mime and Mission group explained her vision of the group's future: "The Mime and NLssion team feels very called to go to the unreached. W/e want to use the talents God has given us in a way that is honoring to Him and in a way He can use us to shout His message of salvation to the world." Fellowship of Ch.ristan Athletes is also a large part ofccom. The purpose of FCA is to witness to as many people as possible through the miracles of God in athletics. Some ofthe events participated in this year include the high school witnessing rally, Godfest 2000, and KAYAK(Koliege and Young Adult Kamp). Members also take a covenant to join, and FCA honors a specific athlete each week. Many students find involvement in these groups to be both rewarding for themselves and for the many communities reached by their ministry Stacie Fraley, Campus Ministry ntern, is responsible for organizing the outreach team's appointments and coordinating schedules. She sums up the goal ofccom by saying, "CCOM seeks to unify the various ministries on campus in order to most effectively communicate our mission as Christians. The mission is to share the Gospel ofchrist with our campus, com muniry, and world." The Keynotes r"i"rj Row: Sarah Melcher, DeMay Gnlndcn, and Laura Godbey. Second Row: Gloria Tham, Emil\' Edwards. Katrina Bromlow. Third Row: Emily Fall, ah 1vbrshall, Rhl'an Rude, anu t\1yssa Rogers. Po"rlh Row' Rachel Copeland,].C. Lcornrd. Wei Shen Szetho, and Jeremy Blanchard. (photo by Amy GOWrt) Second f\nu.: Erin Logan, Jcnlllfcf Douglass, and Seth Roach. Wilder, Amber Randall, Charb l ah Marshall. (photo by Am)' Gm'C) The 1':J\':J-2UUU reuowship of Christian Athletes r;rsl KOV Andrea Shulrz and Katie Woodro,,'. Second Row: Jason Hunt, La)'na Ford, Emily Bauer, Kari Good, Julie Morgan, Mandy Lampe, and SheU)' Good. Third Row: Ashlee t\ley, Rachel Stueve, Brandi Bellinger, Wendy Mohler, Joanna Moss, Paul :-.-ragcs, Nguyen Ng.>n, J uscin KendaU, Rose Mans, Jaime Marmorato, Jaclyn McCluskey, Travis Hastings, and Lee Bowman. FOllrlh ROv: Jonathan Conard, Joshua \Vheadey, Waldo, Dan Reazin, Sara Smith, Julie Wolfe, HaUl' Clayton, RandaU Walz, Jercd G erhart, Mike Brogdin, Jeremy Lewis, and Brock Hickam. (photo by Amy Govert) 40

41 The W.O.W. Team Sora Stueve, Mandl' Lampe, Rach el Stueve, Travis H astings. and Sara Smith. (photo b)' Amy Govert) The Mime and Mission Team First Row: Crys tal Goering, Laura Godbey. and Koren Wlldcr. Secolld RolV: Brandi H enline, Candice Krug, Chris Allen, and Amber Randall. (pho w by Shelly Fraley) r World Witness Team Fir,-t {M" Wei Shen Szetho, Marrin Rude, Hubert Dutton, Henokh Kurniadi, Natal),a.':iecolld Roll': Denissc Camarena, Josphat j'\'[ururi, JuaneU Beal, and Si mon Luhur. 41

42 Disciples Through Service by JuLe Morgan Discipleship is one of the leading service organiza tions on the SC campus. They have participated in projects over the year such as Make a Difference Day and Outreach teams, which were sent out in the surrounding areas. This is a great program, which shows the students how to become better disciples by studying the Word of God and helping their feuow man. Over the last year, the organization has placed 14 interns and 10 summer interns in area churches. Many of these internships were in youth ministry. After their exciting trip to taly in May of 1999, the team decided their next trip would be to the Holy Land in the year r ~ 1. The Discipleship Team Firs! RoJ': Laura Godbey, Amber RandaU, \\'lei Shen Michelle Fi tzgerald, Emily Fall, J.c. Ledford, Gloria Tharn. TlJird ROJv: Jason Hunt. 1\" Bitting. 1:"oJlrl/J ROil': Jenny Hunter, Karen Wilder, Christine Alien, Derek KaUer. -lfih Rt.. Martin Rude, Ha Ul' Clayton, Daniel MiUer, Sarah Melcher. Sara Smith, Steve Ran kin. 42

43 Nore nvolved 11 un~ ocganiz;] tion!1creased,lad becamc more incampus Juring the ),C,lL ~m bc!'!'h l p is open to all stupating in the homecoming parade. Another way they strengthened the organization was by having several guest speakers at their meetings. Michelle Rosell spoke about rape, a major prob-. lem on college campuses. Then at a later meeting, Phil Schmidt spoke about communication in relationships.. With the help of the Leadership Team, the Psychology Club ended the year with a walk-a-thon in April to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. r ~ L "Hopcfully wc can continuc to bring in spcakers, and have more information about graduate school circulated!" Ali Wait.. Left: Jared Gerhardt, Mark Shrewsberry and Sarah Thuma try to find new members by bribing rhem with candy during rhe homecoming parade (pho ro b)' Karhy Wilgers) Below: During an informal meeting, Chris Hibbert plays with hi s pen and Ali Wait eats her lunch. (photo by Kasey Dumler) The Psychology Club Firsl row: 1\1i Wait, Caryn Huslig, Phaik Ooi and Michelle Rosell. Second rou': Chris Hibbert, Jared Gerhardt, Mark Sh rewsberry, Sarah Thuma, and Claudia Gcer. (photo by Amie Liebau) 43

44 ncreasing nvolvement By Sarah Thuma and Kylee Ward Kappa Mu Epsilon, Southwestern CoUege's Mathematical Ho nor Society, consists mostly of math majors, but is open to everyone. Math Club was involved in a number of different activities during the year while working toward the Purple Heart Award. They took part in the Homecoming parade and showed the movie October Sky for their all-campus event. For their community service project, they visited an elementary class and taught them about origami and tesselations. Ashley Hel frich commented, "We hoped to share with the kids an aspect of mathematics that they weren't quite as familiar with, and could learn something from and also have fun with." 44 Above: Math Club members kept a roomfull of children busy working with paper (photo by Kathy Wilgers)

45 ys~cs ('Jn~ ne, "-ri,ten "-"cmer,jeremy Moyer, Greg Bomhoff, Melissa Nichols. Second rolv: Steven Graham, Jeff Rahm, and , Physics s Phun Belonging to the Society of Physics Students means you will promote the understanding of physics. Under the sponsorship of Bob Gallup and George Gangwere, the group did an excellent job by pa(ticipating in gwup activities and showing that physics is a great career field and can be fun. 45

46 Athlet,. r , t11(:.. Above: Joey Wilkinson performs electrical stimulation to Jesse Dale's injured Heather Jeffery) Southwestern's athletic training department consists of an internship program for students interested in the field. Through this program student trainers learn skills in emergency first aid, prevention, recognitlon, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Th~ internship requires the student to obtain 1500 clinical hours working under the direct supervision of Head Certified Athletic Trainer, Brian Norton. ACCOrding to Norton, "a student athletic trainer must be committed to helping others." Once the education requirements and the internship hours are completed, the student is eligible to apply to take the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board ofcertification exam to become nationally certified. The Athletic Trainers First Row: Brooke Jones, Rachel Tate, Erin Eis, Angie Wills, Ngan Nguyen, Rose Mans, Schalesky, Jess Robinson, Kayoko Waki. Second Row: Brian Norton, Todd Fagan, Garrett Wahlenmaier, Kevin \~ 'g mtf NaughtOn, Amy Monical, Heather Jeffery, Rebecca Rob erts, Li sa Braun.

47 t ernat i - ona1 Far From Home b y H eather Jeffery The nternational Club consists of students of au nationalities. The members are active in the Winfield community where they are invited to speak to the public about their home countries. "We try to do activities similar to what we do in our own countries," member Denisse Camarena stated. During the year the organization hosted a series of international films and se t up di splays in the library. " Our goal as an organization is to make the American students aware of other countries," commented Natalya Mikhailova nternational Club First row: G loria Tham, Silky Silky, Everjoyce Madzinga. Second rov: Brid McGinley, Nata lya Mikhailo va, D eni sse Camarena, Kyoko Nakata. Third rou, Naomi N od., R.ie Fujimaki, Mami Kashiwabara, Reiko Kaneko. Fourth row. Kayoko Waki, Daniel Miller, Simon Luhur. r , tl c..' -t i.ck~n.. 47

48 B. Deadlines? Who Cares? by Hue : K..lTC~ The ROE., or Burnt Out Editors, is comprised of the Motlndbuilderand Collegian editors and sponsors. Frustrated with the incompetence of slackers, the B.O.E. formed May 8, 2000 when they realized they were the only people left to finish their publication projects. Ali year long their blood, sweat and tears were poured into every page and issue of each of their respective publications. Requirements for this prestigous organization are dedication, dependability, patience, a good sense of humor, and a strong opinion. Four-year member Jeana Clark boasted, "The great thing about being a ROE. is bossing people around and getting my own wayl" The pictures and captions reflect the B.OE.'s views on various subjects. The B.O.E. would like to state that they are not affiliated with SGA and are not considered a legitimate organization, so don't make us go to the meetings. We hope that no one was offended by this page, but if you were, who cares~ Right: When asked how they felt about alcohol on campus, the Amyics replied: "Restrictions> Who cares> StOp hogging the beer Lois'" Below: Jeana Clark only stuck her head out of her office long enough to reply "Who cares >" to rhi s quesrion: How imporrant is a srudenr's saniry ar college? r , Above: Kasey Dumler's reply to the parking issue was so V1llgar, we can't repear her words; however, we can show you her acrions. Below: When asked how she felt about studenrreacher relationships, Kathy Wilgers replied : "Are you kidding? Who ca--. " She wasn'r able to finish. Right: Executive proofreadet Lois Torrance's only response ro her regard for roday's yourh was a grunting noise, and "'ll make you understand."

49 Logos sponsored several speakers and f as constituting the events.tomscheafer, religionandethics principle of the universe editor for the Wichita Eagle was the manifested by speech. 2 first outside speaker for the year. The most well attended and controversial presentation was when Steve Abrams, Kansas State Board of Education member from Arkansas City, spoke about the decision o f the board to recommend that evolution was o nly a theory and should not be taught in Kansas Schools. r , L_ Above: Members of Logos Kye Baxter, Jason Siemans, Ryan Rising, and Josh Bitting. (photo by Amy G ovett).. nl of Euucation member Ste\'c Abrams vists with Jeana Clark 11m hi,, to Logo,. (photo by Am y Govert) 49

50 Beta Beta Beta is a biological society for students involved in the sciences. "\'/e have such a large membership and think it's great to have so many people involved. They devote so much energy into this just because of interest and for the fellowship. They are not receiving any fnancial support from the activity," Tri-Beta sponso r Pat Ross stated. The organization met twice a month to listen to presentations ranging from veterinary to osteopathic medicine. They also did a number of community service projects including Kid's Science Day, Earth Day and running the campus recycling center. nformational activities concerning evolution was one of the main endeavors this year for BBB Beta Beta Beta Honor Society First ROv. Emily Bauer, Shellt\' GOOll Helfrich, Rachel Copeland, Margo Straub. Secolld V)/Jr. Belh Kramer, Jnmit Carpcllt l', Krislm Kraemer, Jared Gerhardt, Malt Harris. Third Kol': Jonathan Co"ord, Pal Ka, Lund)., Duslin rs, Nathan Jc:ck ert, ohn Nelson. ' Sarah Thuma) Left: M e ~nda Sullivan helps herself to a banana before Tri-Bela's presentation (,f.~ Amy Goven) Below: Pm Ross plays Charles Darwin on th e BBB (photo b)' t\m)' Govert)

51 Sigma. Vision Statement and the activities that they learn and grow together as a family. Though they develop special bonds with those who are their brothers and sisters, at the S'illle rime, they also believe that there is something wonderful inside of everyone.although some Delts may have their faults, they develop good habits from their family and incorporate them into their lives. Theexperiences they rake away from this involvement are ones that will make them better individuals in the future. The Pi Delta Sigma First Row: Christina Vensor, Jess Robimon. Second Row: Tracy Crockett, Shonda French, Kyra Sliwinski, Hillary Jo hnso n, ChaneUe Hart. Nol pictllred: Jena Sc hleger, Sarah Thuma, Kylce Ward (pho to by Kri s G re en) Above Left:Sponsor Ken Kraus helps sell carnarions for Pi Delta Sigma at Homecomi ng. (photo by Sarah Thuma) Above: ChaneUt Hart is au dressed up fo r rhe Winrer Fo rmal. (photo by Shonda French) '~ Left: The S.S. Delt won best rheme at the Ho mecoming parade. (photo b), Shonda French) 51

52 Thet,. The Boyz Home By Amy Gover! The Phi Delta Theta Chapter ofsouthwestern College spent the academic year in negotiations for a fraternity house. After two years of research, the chapter first presented their idea to the student body in late January. While the campus body reacted with mixed expressions, the organization did their best to appease concerns. "Greek He is importantto any campus community. Southwestern College could only benefit from what we are trying to do," stated Troy Lucas, Phi Delta Theta President. "Having a house will help bring us closer toge ther as a fraternity," added Charlie Sitzer, a newly initiated member ofthe organization. The proposal for a fraternity house on campus followed the announcement of the national organizations intent to ban alcohol from all of its 175 chapters. f the proposed home doesn't remain alcohol free, the organization will lose its charter. While the fraternity continues to discuss the future residence of its members, the organization participated in several events throughout the year. n addition to being cosponsors of Maggie LaVine's senior project, the group helped maintain the fairgrounds during the Walnut Valley Festival Phi Delta Theta Chapter Officrs Firs! row: Adam Wright, Wade Motehead..\""wlld r,. ford, Jeff Lowe, Troy Lucas, Rya n Parrish, Randall Schaller. (photo by Amy Gaven) Phi Delta Theta Chapter First row: J D Sills, Josh Wheatley, Seth Naughton, Warren Be(gquist. Jecond row: Ja(ed Gerhardt, Paul Mages, Stuart Cauble, Warner, Ben Vargas, Eric Hunt, Adam Wright, Lee Bowman. Third row: Alumni, Chris Ford, Alumni, Randall Sc haller, Ryan Patish, Wade Moreh("ad. Allan Dennis Cooglar, Ryan Cla(k. FOflrth row: Chris LaForge, John Nelson, Jason Siemens, Jay Mehron, Randall Walz, Jeff Lowe, Josh Sears, Troy Lucas. (photo by

53 otoa ~gma isthc only female '( c;lmpus. The 1"1...".. \1,< founded on Deb LJotring. The lollking towards the nationall\' known. lxuri ltl utin~ uur time and fu nd raisers in a 11 of Winfield has fed privileged at sponsor Dena Allison's house. Brandi Richardson expressed, " enjoy being a member and Historian. Looking back at the pictures taken during the spaghetti dinner and winter formal, it is easy to see that we do know how to smile." n the future, the girls are loo king at options of either becoming a member of an existing national sorority, or establishing SS as a na tionady recognized sorori ry. "t's a long, hard process to go national. t takes a lo t of hard work and a lot of time anrl commitment," Dena Allison said. SS veteran, RacheUe Jesseph agrees that "it does take a lot of hard work to go national, but o ur organization has achieved much. 've learned how to help the community, and 've found that it can be fun. enjoyed doing activities like the food drive and school h.llctions. think next year will be even better." Above: Dena AGson passes around pencils to the pledges and members nf SS. At the spaghetti runner, new members were initiated and each received the Sigma flower-- ydlow tulips. (photo bl' Amy Monical) r , t kin'l Sigma lola Sigma Flrsl row: Heather Black, Rose Mans, Brandi Richardson, HoU y Clayto n, Karrina BromJow, Carrie Bloedel, Andrea Pearce, Stacy Kahrs, RacheUe Jes seph, and Tessa BaU. Secol1d rojv: Katie Phillips, Layna ford, Leslie McCany, Kaysha Velarde, Cassie Helmer, Jill Megredy, Dena Allison, Rebecca Wedel, and Mandy Srrano. (photo by Amy Covert) 53

54 Right: Levi HiUma n bursts alit of his blocks with a zeajous " think 1 can, 1 think can," (photo by E rica Guitcrre7.) 54,

55 Sports Above: Leah Bmnt g:m) Left: Ni ki N icholas mtrcli,ef.foj;~~~~~,cp'~ot Gaven) 55

56 The number of cheerleaders might have been low this year, but their spirits were high. The returning squad ofsix added one n ew face, Co urtney Radcli ffe, to the group. 'The squad welcomed me v.rith open arms, even if they were always tea sing me about being the ba by," commented Radcliffe. The cheerleaders focu sed o n crowd involvement and creating a positive athletic atmosphere. " Our main goal was to get th e crowd pumped upl We ha ve worked reall y hard on crowd interaction this year. t really makes the game when the crowd is involved, and that is our job," said Tracey Staple to n, captain. With both football and basketball teams going into the playoff round, thi s year required more time and dedication from the cheerleaders. The cheerleader's season is almost ye ar-ro und beginning the first day back from summer va cation and ending after tr y0 u t s, which are held in earjy Spring. ''We have almost twice as long o f a season as most sports do. Sometimes the hours get long, but always miss it when the season is over," said Tessa Ball. Above right:courtney Radcliffe, Tracy Crockett, and Paul Mage s pump up the crowd at a home football game. (photo by Amy Govert) Above: Paul Mages gets into character for th e annual theme dance. This year the combined performance was to the song "You Sexy Thing" (PhotO by Sarah Thuma) The Cheerleaders. First Row Tracy Crockett, Tracy Stapleton, Courtney Radcliffe, and Tessa BaU. Lewis, Paul M.li!p., Krist)' Grinstaff, and Megan H~rz e r. (PhotO by Amy GOlfert) 56

57 _... hl1,,'year. The young squad conof five new members who joined n=tumingthree. Jessica Graves, first an Kloc k Cat said, "This was the most l\e eyer had participating in a activi ty. got to meet a ton 0 f and had the opportubeen possible a t a big " Overall it was a buildr, where tech rtique and were emphasized and improved upon. The ination of the new _..,.,f,, y-<; combined with the existing.1r1kh,nresulted in a successful seafoe the Black Cats. season got off to an early start the s(]uad holding tryouts at the.illmllog of the fall semester. They kept the pace up by participating in numerous even ts including the Moundbuilding Ceremony, H omecoming bonfire, and parade. The Black Cats regularly performed at all home football and basketball games. n addition, they cheered at the home basketball games. Members of the squad were responsible for choreographing and teaching dances to the group, The Black Cats danced to a variety of music ranging from funk to oldies. Several new dance styles were also experimented with this year. One of the crowd's favorites was a contemporary step routine. Kari Good said, "One of my favorite performances was the step routine. Tie-dying our tank tops was fun, even if our hands were still purple for the game...our shirts looked great l " Above: Layna Ford, "!egan Burns, and Kari Good srretch out btl,,,c a b"tkcthall gamt n addition to regular performances tho Black Cats cheered at all home basketball!lam "This was my first time to stand on the court and cheer. J,)111 really glad that we had t opportunity to help out the chee rl eaders; we got to know each other betler and had a great time," said Layna Fo rd. (p hoto by r\my Goven) Black Cats Dance Team. Firs! Row: Megan Burns, Layna Ford, and Jackie Dick. Second gic Gentry, Jessica Graves, Kari Good, and Jiana W ilson. (photo by Amy Gaven) Above: La yna Ford and Angie Gentry change formations witho ut missing a beat during the theme dance routine. (photo by Amy Govert) 57

58 By Hea ther Jdfcry The vojlt:yba U team, coached by Julie ~v[ urphy, Betty Haunschild, Sara Peterson, and Lori Wedel was ab le to rise above KCAC predictions, The team was expected to place eighth in the con- fercnce out of nine teams, however, the Lady Builders took a smau but that anyone gets is an hon or, however the tea m helped me receive it. t wasn't just me as an individual. " McCarty was also named Freshman of the Year fo r the Conference, The team celebrated the season with a banquet where co-captai n Busch important step up to seventh,, was named the team MVP and An!-,>1e Busch explained their suc _Natalie Rose was named Most cess by saying, "People wa nt to mproved, FinaUy, McCarty be there and are enjoying them 'was named the team's New selves, and trying reau)' hard on Playe r of the Year. the courts," Co-captains Lisa The gi rls finish ed the season with a 7 Phillips and Busch led the team with 18 record, Coach Murphy renected o n hard work and dedication, H o no rable Mention AU-Conference recognition went to Lesley McCarty and Sara Smith, Smith replied "A ny award the season sayi ng, "We played pretty we U, t's hard when yo u have most of your team as freshmen and we traveled right o ff the bat." Above: Natalie Rose focuses on serving the ball, (photo by Amy G overt) Left: : Kri stin Sc hmidt moves to re turn the ball to the opposing team, (photo by Am y Gove rt) r ,

59 Left: The Builde rs get a brier break before the next serve. (photo by Amy Govert) Below left: The crowd observes the on-court action. (phoro by Amy Govert) Below right: Hillary Johnson prepares to set up a hitter. (photo by Amy Govert) The Moundbuilder VoUeybaU Team First RJ]Jv. Kayoko Waki, Julie Woolf, Katie Phillips, Angie Busch, Gina McVay, Lisa Phillips, Natalie Rose, Lesley iv!ccarry, and Rebecca Roberts. Second Row: Sara Peterson, Betty Haunschild, Hillary Johnson, Chriscin Schmidt, Sara Smith, l ori Wedel, and Julie Murphy.

60 R ight: Heath )Jixon celebrates with a fcl!ow teammate after the Huildcrs score agjinst the Bethany Swedes. The Buile! crs went on to Jefeat the Swee!es, their longtime ri yah, in a spectacular holln:' colnin g game. (Phot<) b y Erica Gutierrez) By Shol1ti:. French, Jarvis Cannon and Chri"ina Vensor The Southwestern Moundbuilder football team fmished their season with a record of8-3, surpassing previous goals they had set. They were crowned [(CAC Champions for the third straight year, and the Builders defeated their long-time rivals, the Bethany Swedes, in overtime during the homecominggame, Senior Nate Turner stated, "The most memorable moment of this season was the Bethany game when Kevin Langford kicked the winning field goal." Coach Monty Lewis had this to say, " am realiy proud of the three consecutive KCAC titles, The superior senior leadership plays an important role in carrying on this tradition, We look forward to bringing home another [(CAC title, " Turner and Andrew Vargas lee ted as NAA fense was Jon Runiun, and Vargas, Adam Ha% Wiley Jackson were namej ond Team Offense, and Ricky was awarded Second Team Dc Honorable Mention went to 0.1 Josh Browne, Scan Sttickland,J o ~, and Darryl Brooks, Jackson see SC football winning many [(CAC titles and proving we are ber one l " The Moundbuilder Football Team fin! row: joey Piel, Andrew Vargas, Leroy jackson, Kevin Warner, Silas RobertSon, Rodney Smith, Heath Nixon, Chad RobertS, Ricky Ktnyada Davis, Donovan Nolan, john Brannon, Derik Gish, Second rou': Seth Naughton, Cory james, Luke Farrar, jesse Dale, Eric Huebert, Ryan Cunningham, Darryl Brooks, \\" Taylor Bonner, Lee Bowman, joey Cantu, RandaU Schaller, Lucas Schroeder, Taylor Cerne, Brooke jones, Third row: Ngan Nguyen, Deon BeUe, Chris Bussey, Jason laldridge, Drew Travis ljrtwcr, Kevin Langford, justin Kendall, Scott Mclean, Derek KJaassen, Dusty Beam, Aaron Overbey, Adam Bruster, joey Wilkinson, fow!h rou': Erin Eis, Coach jeff Rahm, C",d. ~lcnerlin, Coach Chris Douglas, Coach Matt Welch, Coach Steve Roberts, Head Coach Monty Lewis, Coach jeff Stine, Coach Billy Beard, Coach Brian Shaw, Coach Phil Hower, Coach Goertz, Brian Norton, Amy Monical. Fifth rojv.' Gerry Strange, Seth Hobbs, Tony Daniels, Brian Beard, Adolphus Denson,josh Finney, Shane Alford, Zack Holder,Jason Nichols,john Tatc, Varg'", Jay Mehuron, Rick Smith, Six!h row: Chris Fisk, Dennis Coogler, John Runion, Adam Hass, jake Steven ton, Chris Gallian, Mike Graves, Brian Zoglmann, Casey Clemens, M,ike Chrr., McCurry..'l,renlh row: jarvis Cannon, Travis Huff, jeremy Lewis, Sean Strickland, Daniel Capps,Jeromy jones, Nate Turner,josh Sears, john Nelson, Montelle Knauls, Nathan Ecka rt. TOll': LJ York, Todd Fagan, jeff Lowe, DJ BeU, james Moran, Tylor Struckman, Andrew Brenn, josh Thuma, joshua Browne, Clint Robinson, Heath Horyna, Kris Green,

61 The lkr h:1nr Swcdl::- :1Ucmpt to stop funning back Sila ~ R o lh.: rt ~q n JS ri<, the k dl for the Builders. (photo by Orio Gutierrez) r ~ Left: Robert>ol1 Silas b,dldu/'l's over the l>e t han), Swedes. (photo by..\m~ ( ;on~rt) Left: Tackle ~atc T urner (78) and gua rd Adam Haa s ((,0) b lock Bethany defend ers. (pho to b \' A n1l' Govert) 61

62 By Julie Morgan and Jarvis Cannon " n o ur first two seasons we had a whopping two wi ns. n this last season we increased that number three times. We are improving, an d o ur coach is doing a good job ofgetting us talented recruits in each freshman class. think in a few yea rs we will be a program to be reckoned with," said Joe G il more. The men's soccer team put forth rl a great deal ofeffort this yea r. While playi.ng, they learned how to rely on each other. They have steadily ~ since last season, and hope to. ~ crease their intensity for year. "The guys had a lot of fun the season was a positive. rience," said Travis Hasting.;. As the season came to a the men realized the great ships they had made. They ished the season with 5 wins, losses, and 2 ties. Above: Orlando Corral tries to get rhe b"u awar from the opposing team by ming SOme fanc), footwork. (photo by Amy Govert) Below: :-'hrk Bolt tosses the ball back into pia), during a home soccer game. (photo by Amy Govert) Men's Soccer Team Fi!,- Row: Coach Andy Sheppard, O rlando Corra l, Jayson Guengeri eh, Mark \\lest, Daniel Seifert, ~:u, Bolt, Tanner Lundy, Chris Champion. Second Row: Jeremy HaU, Joe Gilmore, David EUiott, Travis Hastings, Chong Kim, Kelsey Schult1, David Madriga l, Coach Brock Hickam. 62

63 Above: The players get a little advice from the coach and a refreshing drink of water bcfore they take the field to finish up the game. (photo b)' i\my Govert) Above left: Kelsey Schultz and Spencer Dunca n try to block the opponent from getting near the goal. (photo by H eather Jeffery) Left: Orlando Corral dribbles the ball down the r,eld while trying to stay clear of the opposing team. (photo by f\my Govert) Below left: Mark Bolt attempts to stca l the bal l away from the rival team as his feuow players look on. (photo by Amy Govert) r , "This was a year of learning in soccer for me. was used to a very different style of play... like the team because (am) able to get along with all of them. Overall, 1 think this is a great team, and we had a lot of fun. " Orlando Corral,.. 63

64 The 999-2ililO Women's Soccer season starred off a titde slow. There were many new faces o n the team, so the players had to learn how to work with each other. " was worried about co ming on as a freshman and not being accepted by the rest of the team, but did get to know everyone," said Heidi Bates, fresbman. Though there were many injuries, tbe girls kept up the hard work. They had many early ~o:;;;:":;;::~ ingpractices and severaj late nights with class work. After a long hard stretch, tbey ended the season wi th two wins, thirteen losses, and two ties. "We struggled some through Out this season, but that says nothing about th e talent we have on the team. Next year S loo king '! very positive, so 'm ho ping every.--;;:/ one works hard this offseason and summer and comes OUt next season (0 win the KCAC conferencell l " said Brandy Richardson. Below: n the nick oftime, D cnisse Camarena gives the soce, haeel kick as Brancl)' Richardson comes up to assist in the pl:n by (\my Govcrr) Upper Left: Beth 10amcr the bali back into the game Furches gets in position for lhe pl. by Ju lie Moegan) The Women's Soccer Finl Row: Beth Barbiers, Giefer. Second Ro}p: Arnie Jacly n McCluskey, Jaime Heathee Black, Penny ZJhs, Amanda Rathburn, Be th Coach Brock Hic kam. (pholo Goven) 64

65 Left: Beth ' Crash" Barb ic r:-; take:-; a nmning st:lft to tos:, the b:dl ~ ):1(" ;": 1l0 pi:1yduring the Ckrob.: r 11 th game ago in" 1..:5/\ 0. (photo by J"lie \ (o rgan) Below: Heidi Rates makes n mad d:lsh :1cro ~ s (he,occer tield wi th the bau whik the plo)'er' Crol1\ rh e other team try to cut her of( in mid-stride. (photo by J ulie Motgan) r ~ -. Above: Amando Rathburn ond her teammate Rcn ~ l c G ie fer race: to capture '( he ball (rom the other team. (photo by Julie ~ (()rgon) Left: Arnie Luna-Tutlle dnhbks the bo ll clown the tield wh i.le hl:l" tc ::lnlmjlc:-> RCl1JC Giefer ond l\m:ul<h Rothburn hold ocf the oppming tcam. (pho to by,\my C;{)\'Cn) 6S

66 Cross Country Firs/ rolv: Rose Mans, Rebecca Wedel, Cassie Helmer, Stacy Kahrs, Julie Woolf, Ngan Nguyen, Pam Brown, Beth Barbiers, Second rov: Jason Hunt, \Varren Bergquist, Nathaniel \'(heatley, J osh \'(heacley, Greg BomhofT, Jon Cunningham, Josh McMillin, Tbird rop: Greg Gann, Adam Wright, Chris Ford, Ryan Turner, Trent Hanshew, jllnalhan Conard, E ric Hunt, Brett Prothro, Above: Senior Josh Wheacley strides in with a time of at the NAJA Cross Country National Championsiups, ' by Mark Conard) Above: Stacy Kahrs works hard to pass an opponent, She placed 57th at Nation als. (photo by Mark Conard) Right: The men's team gathers to accept an award and take a group picture, (rhoto by Brett Prothro) 66

67 Left: Beth Barbiers keeps up her rhythm during Nationals where she placed 111 th. (photo by Mark Conard) Below: Senior Jonathan Conard runs tike the wind to an outstanding 41 st place at Nationals. (photo by Mark Conard) r- L. Left: Ngan Nguyen pushes hard for a fmishing time of 23:38 at Narionals. (photo by Mark Conard) Above: Senior Eric Hunt asks "Where's the competition?" after running in a KCAC meet.. (photo by Brett PrOthro) Left: Cassie Helmer runs hard to deliver a time of 20:13 at the NAJA Cross Country National Championships. (photo by,"l ark Conard) Right: Warren Bergquist attempts to pass an opponent during nationals where he placed 102nd. (photo by Mark Conard), 67

68 / lbn/.'( : Men's Golf Team. Daniel Miller, Andy Roberson, Justin Frost, Derrick Landwehr-Brown, Chris LaForge, Brian Grunder, Wade Brummett, Tro)' Lucas, Matt Harris, J D SilJs, Jason D ixon, Coach i'vlike Flue" By Erica Gutierrez The Southwestern College men's golf, team enjoyed a successful season. As a team they placed well at many tourna ments. They ended the season with a third place finish at the KCAC championships. Freshman Justin Frost placed third at the tournament, earning all conference hon ors. With only one senior graduating the golfers look fo rward to continued suc cess next year. 68

69 By erica Gutierrez The Southwestern College women's golf team enjoyed great success durng their first season. As individual s, members of the team consistendy placed in the top spots at tournaments. As a team, they worked towards their goal of qualifying for nationals. Freshma n Kaysha Velarde qualified for nationals as an individual, placing 29th. Coach Mike Fluty commented, " We 've had a great first season, 'm really excited to see what the team can do in the future." With the entire team returning next year and several promising recruits the future looks bright for the Lady Builders. Be/oU/. Katie Phillip, and Kaysha Velarde stop to cheese for. lmcra befo re a to urnament. \ Women's Golf Team. Wendy Mohler, Courtney Radcliffe,Andrea Pearce, Katie Phillip" Vclank, Dalene Dick, Erica Gutietrez. 1. r ~ ~- 69

70 By Sarah Thuma and Kylee Ward This year's men's basketball team had a strong season with a large amount of new freshmen team members. Freshman Devin Nightengale was unanimously voted 1 st Team AlJ KCAC and KCAC Co-Fresh-. man of the Year. Junior Dustin Hundley received Honorable Mention A KCAC. One of the \,\!,."'.. \.';.--: team's most memorable 'S:-i;l YX>// games was the defeat of ' f~~';'/~;;(i Oklahoma Christian, '/. ~ )<X( k dfifh' h. 't:!,:~ lf:/.\'{/ ran e 1 t n t e naoon. '~~(,,//.! "t was a hard fought game, but we came through with a victory!" Rich Bartow said reflecting on the even t. They ended the season with the record of 10 wins and 19 losses. Below: Devin Nighrengale sinks one for,he Builders. (phoro by Jeana Clark) Below Right: Four on o ne and Dustin Hundley sou makes,he shot. (Pho ro by Amy Govert) 70

71 Ryan Clark sacrifices his body by taking a nose-dive to g ain possession o f the rnoto by Amy Covert) (photo by Amy Coven) Duson HundJe)' battle for the rebnund agai nst Bethel. (photo by Amy Covert) r ~ 1, L_ "The most embarrassing thing that happened this season was when Rich Bartow forgot his shoes at Bethany and had to wear a si7.c 13 and normally wears a si7.e think he has done this twice in the last two years!" Josh Smith 71

72 By Sarah Thuma and Kylec Ward The unity of the 1999~2000 Lady Builders aided in the team's success this basketball ~cason. Tho\lgh there were several injured team members, they ended the season with 17 wins, and 12 losses. The team also met its goal of finishing in the top three in (he KCAC conference by tying widl Friends. Dana McDonnan'commented that "beating Ottawa in overtime was the most memorable game. this se~son" The Lady Builders won with 4.3 seconds left pn the dock. N[issy Lungren recaued, "t was an emotional win for the team and espeda.u~ for Coach denley." The Women's Basketball Team First row: Maren Harding. Hendershot, Niki Nicholas, Edeka Velardes, Sheleah Taylor, Jennifer Tara Patterson, Mika Reed, Missy Lungren, and Coach SU7.i Cockren. row: Coach Lisa Braun, Nicole Ledbetter, Rachel Stueve, Casey Dreitz. Burdett, Angie Busch, Dana McDorman, Sarah Goad, Suni Goad, Keely Stanley, Kristin Wollenberg, Coach David Denly, and Coach Mike Above: Thuma) Mica Reed digs into the action against Bethel College. Left: Stacey Hart scores with a lay up against Kansas Wesleyan. Covert)

73 Above: Jennifer Jenson d emonstrates her offensive skills by driving the hall Jown the lane. (pl10to by Amy Govert) -----_._-- Left: Missy Lungren goes for the rebol.l llll ".((".titlst the McPherson Bulldogs. (Pho to by Amy (;()\ " rr) -----_._ _.--- Below: Kee ly Stanl"y, ( tislin Woll enburg, Ecleka Velardes and Mika Reed cheer o n their fello\\' reammates. (photo by Amy G overt) r ,. 73

74 By Erica Gutierrez The season was a time of rebuilding and improvement for Sou thwestern's women's tennis team. After losing several of last season's key players, first year coach Jessie Brass was forced to do some emergency recruiting. The team ended the season with a sixth place finish at the KCAC championships. Rebecca Wedel was named to the All Conference Second Team and also received the sportsmanship award. The future looks bright for the women's tennis program with the addition of Shawn Shimmel as coach for the season Women's Tennis First row. Emily Bauer, Rebecca Wedel Second row: Raechcl McClain, Angie Meier, Megan Sea fe, Alym Roge". (photo by Amy Goven) r , 74 Left: Rebecca Wedel sends a powerful backhand over Lhe net.. her doubles partner Megan Scafe watches. (photo by Arnie [jebau~

75 By Erica Gutierrez Under the rurection of new head coach Brian Shaw the Southwestern College Men's Tennis program has had a season filled with improvements, inclurung a win over KCAC champs Bethel. According to senior Jason Siemens, "Even though we didn't have the greatest season ever we had some good moments, like our win over Bethel. Over the course of the season we really came together as a team. 'm really thankful that had the opportuniry to play with these guys." The team looks forward to next season with six players returning Men's Tennis Finl row: Jeremy Moyer, James Rosenthal, Shuichi Wantanabe, Nathan Eckert. Second rolv: Jaso n Siemens, Garrett \'«ahlenmaier, Travis H asti ngs, Randall Walz. (pho{q by Amy Govert) r , : 1 ' :.. Above: Shuichi Wantanabe and Jason Siemens work on their doubles strategy during practice. (pho{q by Amy Gove n) 75

76 The Moundbuilders again dominated their conference in men's and women's track. Some individuals broke personal records; and event records were also broken. Several individuals and teams qualified for Nationals in Canada. Stacy Kahrs was not only looking forward to the competition, but was also excited about the flight. She said, "t,vill be so awesome. Ths is only the second time 've lown, and the first was when the track team went to Chicago!" This year also marked the final season for many seniors on the track team. They will be missed, but their achievements will be remembered. Above: Beth Barbiers pushes hard for a strong finish in the half mile race, (photo by Amy Govert) Above: Trent Hanshew has a good lead over his opponent in the 4 X BOO-meter race, (photo by Erica Guiterrez) T'.,.. -" \ ~ ". 1. \... ~, ~..... t -. W) A ~..... ", ~. --'~. --,~" ~ The Track and Field Team First rolv: Ryan Turner, Lee Bowman, Chris Champion, Chris Woods, Josh Wheatley, Eric Hunt, Christin Schmidt, Mandy Mundinger, Sheleah Taylor, Nicole Ledbetter. Second ro})': Trey Jones, Brian Hamilton, Justin Helmer, Curtis Porucek, Beth Barbiers, Pam Brown, Cassie Helmer, Stacy Kahrs, Rose Mans, Leah Brant, Ngan Nguyen, Carrie Plumley, Amy Honeck. Th,id ro,,,: Jason Hunt, Chris ford, Adam Wright, Trent Hanshew, Greg Bomhoff, Mandy Strano, Jena Schlager, Brian Givens, \'(farren Bergquist, Nathaniel Wheatley. Fourth rou': Jon Cunningham, Greg Gann, Juanell Beal, Heath Horyna, Nate 76 Turner, Chong Kim, Montelle Knauls. Fifth rolv.' Jon Conard, Levi Hillman, Keldric Horne, Calvin Burks, James Tirus.

77 Abo,'., Chris Woods and Chong Kim stretch out before their race. (photo by Am)' Gaven) Right: Mandy Stra no prepares her wind up for the discus throw. (photo by Amy Gaven) Left: Josh Finney and Jarvis Cannon wa tch as James T irus lands an exceuenr jump. (photo by Amy Govert) Rig ht: Jena Schlager works hard in practice to perfect her shot put toss. (photo by Amy Gaven) Below: Chris Ford attempts to give SC the lead in a reiay race by passing on the inside. (photo by Erica Guiterrez) 77

78 an excuse for Lil y Mattix and Jeremiah Left: Sarah Melcher examines hcr co-star in non The Medium. (photo by Amy Govert) Right: Several of the Sutton girls discuss how to paint their hall ', rock. (photo by Amy Govert) 78

79 Events aisles at the Facul ty by Amy G overt) Left: Layna Fo rd Hng dance fl oor.

80 Work Day Lefl: Ncw~ Channel 3 v ide()tapc~ crc'" number r0 as hey painr a house. T he news crc:w lill1lcci ' nltra l g-rc>" " durin!-\ the Ja) _ (phi.", by Kalhy \X'ilgers) Belo w : Heidi [>Ores and Juletta Gall get 10 know each olher while scraping a hou'e. M. nl freshmen found chher people in heir work crc"'" \\,.th he <Jme inleres". (photo by ~~.h\ \X'i1):ers) Left: Travis Brewer and har Anna Marcine? tr ' heir hands at ghdening during Freshman Workc.b)'. (photo b)' Kalhy W.lgcrs) Below: Group ive cmhusiastically scrapes paint o Cf a house. T hey finished the day by applying a fre sh CO. and restoring the hou. c 10 its ormer beauty. (photo by Kalhy Wilge,,) L.

81 ~ng Right: The roc kpoin ting ceremolll' le t crt :1ti"ity sho\v in roc ks like F. ~ r1 Mc K oon 's personal Su per man rock. (pho to b y \m )' G overt) Below: T he yea rbook rock " hows the Ji nx 's e y e~. as it loo ks for\\,;:l rd to :'\ new cra at Sc. (photo bl" l\n1v G overt) "Painting rocks was great, and even though our mascot is considered to be one of the strangest in the U.S., we also have a creative piece of everyone who went to school at Sc.".. Jacklyn McCluskey Right: Angie Gentry gets hc';p fro m se cu rity ex trtlordin:1i re, " D a (1 (h e Ma n," w h ik pu t t ing the fini shing to u c h es o n the 1:l::t:, Cats Ro ck. (photo bl','\ my Gov",,)

82 Above: Studen ts, faculty, and individual rocks o n the mound Left: Escaping in jury this year, the men', ern" team strategically position their rock mo und. (photo by Sarah Thuma.) Below: Members of the men', basketball team th eir working-logc ther skjus ;1:\ weu as their mu:;clcs. by Sarah Thuma) Above: Students cheer as their organization's expectations for the year 2000 are read. (photo by Sarah Thuma) 82

83 Day L eft: :\fter trudging rhrough the mud, Katie WooJro\\' ottempts to avoij slipping while climgi::,, ~ O\'er rhe edge o f the pi" (photo by Am)' Govc",' Below:,,'[embers of the Phi Delts and Tn Be to rc;1n1s b:1ttlc for first place in ;1 compl::lin\'c g:1 11lC o( sa ncl voll eybal l. (photo by Am)' GOl'en) Left: Earl rakes a relaxing "barh" in the mud pir Juring a break in rhe tournament. (phnro by Sarah Thuma) r Left: Studcnts hose rhcmseh'cs orf afrer a day n rhe din. (phoro bl' Amy Govc rr)

84 Beth Kramer Lisa Phillips Andrea Pearce Hotnecotning Court Queen Joanna Moss & Ugly Man Shane Alford Daniel Miller Jonathan Conard Jacob Tuttle

85 Homecoming Coronation Left: C8nJidates li>tcn m rheir biographies at the Homecomi ng coronation ce remony. (photo bv J ulie \ [ o r g~n) Above: Pr t~id l'l ll Aicrr imnn ( () Jl.~~ r :ll 11 b ll'''; Sh;l l1c 1\t orcl on bclg e lected Uglv ~ Ll. (photo bv,\mlc Licbau) Left: Ugh Abn Shnl1C Al(() rd :!l d (;llll'colll! H! Queen J0:1 n n :-l l\ l ns ~ :.nlilc (or ;1 j1 h()!() rdl () \n n~ the rof on:1tioll ccn:1noll\'. {ph()to n",\lll\" Co\"c n ) still tickin' ''There were both positive and negative sides to the Friday ceremony. t was a relief to have the r--., j\ l e J UC :- U l lilt: HJll CLV ll lll l ~ L VU ll. Welil l l... cll ll... H... '... n \1. '-"Ft' ) " ~ "",,,.u x ") held this year, allowing a ll the elected o nd idat", to be reco g ni7.ed. (photo b l' 85

86 Above:,\ mem ber o f the Alum ru Volleyball T= rh e ball du ri ng th e Ho meco ming alum ni matchur. b )',\mit L iebau) Left: Julie \X'oolf, :-':gan Nguye n, and :\[~ ndr prepare fo r the 51< Builde rdash Fun Ru n/ \X'nl. the /v[oundbuiljer) Below left: around the globe, sailed down ~lain St ree t yea r's H om~co min g parade. (pho to by,\ my C O\'tl1 Below: BiU Stephens carries awo\, the tree lilol "-il' the nig ht befo re the gam e. (Special to the

87 Homecoming Royalty D ani el i\.fi ller and /\ ndrea,it :!top a convertible as they ride pos t Mill ington.uri n!; the Homecoming parade. (pho to by \my President Me rriman leave, a couple students annual Bu ilderdash. (Special Jefi Rahm laughs so hard, he raus out of his chair Vargas looks on at the Bon fire. (pho to by Ami e Campus Playe rs ditch their acting skills to entertai n Homecoming parade crowd with ca ndy. (photo Kathy r ~ L._ 87

88 ormal Left: Emil)' Bauer S surprised b)' th e camera wh il e struning her stuff on [he dance noor. (photo by /\my Gnvcn) Below: Marathan. Furches, Jaime Marmnrorn and Jaclyn McClusky capture their first SC formal on film before heading to the pany. (photo by /\manda J ahn ) Above: Wade Mo rehead proves to his date JUSt how smooth he (photo by Amy Goven) n Below: Jul ie Morga n and Jerem y Blanchard Stop con verstaio n for a smile. (photo by Amy Govert) r ~

89 Above: porun)?,helt 1O~ ~. Shell), GnoJ ~nd R ~(hcl ( opd:1nd,mile for. he orne'o. (!'hcltn by Julie Abo, c: Mike C.,sh.w h ll'l~ l n'" c. (PhoLO by lube ~(()fg.'n' \ l or~.ln) Above: Alumni.. ' Pi DelL. S ' ~11:1 lcach "<!c'e ", 11embers,heir ho n()\'e~ lu 'he i\bearen:t. (1'1",1(, b)' Jllhe \(organ) r '1,.. 89

90 Fling Above: April Chlumsky and Soshi Kawabe live it up at their last Spring Fling at Sc. (photo by Jamie Jansonius) Below: Megan Scafe, Brooke Jones, Amy Monical, Leslie 1'v!cCarry, Jeff Lowe, Katie Phillips, Christin Schmidt, and Jamie Jansonius sbow off their Hawaiian accessories. (photo by Kristin Wollenburg) r , :, :

91 Follies Below: Sharon Shetiar, accompanied by James Strand, belted out " Can Cook." (photo by Amy Gaven).. Left: Jovana Llo yd spoke on behalf of "J(aps For Kids." (pharo by Amy Gaven) Above: The entire cast and audience joined in "t\mazing Grace." (photo by Amy Goven) to sing Left: Women Behaving Badly follow their rraditional format of a Greek Chorus. Jill i\(egreciy. Michelle Boucher, and Kath)' Wilgcrs. (photo by Amy Gaven) 91

92 Above: The Leadership Team in front of the Salvation Army in Rome; they wo rked here for Firsl (0,", Jason Pond. Second row: Cheryl Rude, Amy Headrick, u sa Phillips, Kim Ukeson, \ ndn:. Megan Galliart. T /;ird ro,", Shane Nford, Katie Woodrow, Melissa Strauss, Rose Mans, Sara Pfannc ud, G ood. FOllrl/; row: Martin Rude, Jason Spiegel, Kyle Woodrow, Joel Smith, RandaU Walz, ~[ikc Brant, Jason Siemans, Daniel Buchmueller, Kclli Cox, Kristen Kraemer

93 r Above: Megan Galu at!, Kalie Woodrow, Li sa Phil ups, and l(jm O ke son al he Colosseum. Above: The view o f Floren ce fr o m the lo r o f G iotta's Bell To we r. Left: {(atic Woodrow and Megan Gallian prune shutters at the Salva tio n Ar m y. Below: Melissa Strauss and {(atie \'(oodrow enjo), one o f the many spots 10 see Ro man ruins. \!c ~\ n Gallian and i'...fehssa Strau ss relax after th eir last day o f,lung lt,he Sah"ation r\ rm y in Ro me. 93

94 Right:,\ "S'.\cCklllW and Chase ( eeci,rar ill J/"., (dillm, ",raten by (jtan arlo i\lcnmn, The plly was a corppl1ti\'c cffort oy SC seniors ':ri c Courtwright and Tim lvrycrs. (photo hy /\11l)' (;o... cn) Below: 7N l i'!/,"il, dircctl'd by Roge r MDon wa, performed during the Spring semes rer at 2i)11, C ast member, included Levi H ill man, Lcric Counwright, and Moagan Z:lmpicrL', (plj("!j by Am' (ju \'(~ n) Abol'c : Lmily e dwards and Ka rra J ones rallied rh e women of Greece together in their r"rr<lrm :lnce of L)'Jislral(/, (pholo by r\my Goven) Rght: Suod ; oj J( f(n~ liliofi wa, directed by Tobie Henli ne and included the performances o f Kye Baxtet, J ~ nnifet \'(ill,on, SCOtt 1'lille r, and J e temy Blanchard, (phmo by Amy Go\'en )

95 Delle)' and Adam Malo ne), playe d the roles o f soldiers in the prod uction of ('l'lii/rlllli. (photo Left: Pat Farmer and April Chlumsky p u t in hours b e hind the scenes as they construcr the set for a d rama production, (photo by Amy G oven) ( '" members of The Tempest, written by William Shakespeare, include Joanne Willougby, Rob Fry, Emily Swi ng le, Tobie HenJjne, Karta Jones, and Rana DeBay, (p hoto C; O\'~ n) 95

96 nts Above:John McC:utcheon performed at Walnut Valle) rc>tivai with the Wi nfield Regional Symphony. (Speci.1to the Moundbuilder) Below: 'li m1 Chapin joined [he Winfield Regional Symphony fl)( " performance in Richardson Auditorium during the month of February, (Special to the,\oundbuilder) 96

97 c o L L E G E The senior nominees for the male and female Outstanding Student-Athlete award were pictured with the family of Tracy Young ('82). First row: Georgianna Young. t\ngie Busch. Schlager, track and field; Dana McDorman, basketbali; Renae Giefer, soccer. Second row: Mr. Young, Jason Siemens, tennis; Bill Young, Josh Smith, basketbali; John Nelson, Conard, cross country and track; Chris Champion, soccer. (photo by Amy Govert) member of Education, visited with r meeting with s Abrams was invited to the campus on behalf of the Logos organization and re sponded to questions about the board's to remove and minimize the references of evolution, cosmology. global warming, and population pressures in state (photo by Amy Govert) 97

98 98 Departmental Honors American Bible Society Scholarly Achievement Award April Chlumsky Gilmour-Marrin-Kieler Foreign Language Award Meagan Zamplen Foreign Language Award Rebecca Roberts nvestment Award Recipient Meussa Burdett Kwan Wee Lee Ryan Kane: Paper presented at the National munication Association Conference Title: "Crossing the Lines: A Student tive" Simon Luther: Presentation at the Kansas of the Mathematical Association of America Title: "Computer Aided Art in Three Maryam Sarhangi: Presentation at the Kansas tion of Mathematical Association of America Title: "Mathematics and Art: Golden Section"

99 Left: AJjce Keith and Mike Tessmer were recognized by the Srudenr Government Associauon during the Ho nors Convo cation. Keith was the recipient of the Staff Citation Award and Tessmer was awarded th e Faculry Citation. (photo by Amy Goven ) Below: James Strand and Max Tho mpson wer~ recognized by the Student Government Association fo r their years o f service to Southwestern CoU egc. S.G.A. al so recognized the accomplishments of Earl Spidel and Marvin Hafenstein who were unavailable for a photograph. (photo by Amy Goven) The Masterbuilders firsl ro.: Andrea Schultz, Daniel Miller. Second row: Josh Smith, Amie Liebau, Angela Tran. Those nor pictured are Jonathan Conard and John Nelso n. (pho to by Amy Gaven) Above: Sarah Goad eagerly jo ins her peers up the 77. (photo by Am y Govert) 99

100 Above: Tracy Frederick scans the ho rizon after reaching the top of the 77. (photo by Amy Govert) Right: April Chlumsky, Soshi Kawabe, Lily Mattix, Jeremiah Jones, and Chad Killblane join their fellow class mates on the steps of Christy. UJhoto by Amy Govert) Distinguished Student 0 Leadership Studies Recipients Mariana Conner Ephanie DeBey Chris Ford James Rosenthal Kari Roswurm Jason Siemens Angela Tran Right: Members of the junior class make their way up the steps o f Christ), after ushering the senio r class and faculty up the 77. (photo by Am)' Govert) Biology Eric Hunt Mandy Mundinger John Nelson History Sarah Cox Mathematics Deana Pennington Philosophy Jonathan Conard Stacie Fraley Business Melissa Burdett Angie Busch Janie Carballo Dana McDorman Jessica Sisson Journalism Jeana Clark Lonna Summers Nursing Sara Peterson Tracy Stapleton Physics Jeff Rahm Kristin Kraemer

101 Angie Busch Sarah Goad Dana McDorman Cross Country earn (First Place) Beth Barbiers Cassie Helmer Stacy Kahrs Rose Mans Ngan Nguyan Ryan Clark Volleyball Angie Busch Football Shane Alford DJ. Bell Todd Fagen Ricky Johnson Jeff Lowe John Nelson Randall Schaller Kevin Warner Cross Country Greg Bomhoff Jonathan Conard Chris Ford Stacy Kahrs Josh Wheatley Women's Track Amy Honeck Stacy Kahrs Ngan Nguyan Jena Schlager Above: Joanna Moss and Ryan Ru sco served as Junior Marshals fo r th e graduating class o f (photo by Amy G overt) Above: Nicole Ledbetter, Janie Carballo, and Al ycia Griffin are all smiles as the pcrpare for the Ho no rs Convoca tion. (photo by Amy G ovcrt) nal Security Education Program (NSEP) for Study Abroad Ann Hawley, finalist Experiences for Undergraduates Summer Research (REU) Matt 'perdue, University of California at Santa Cruz Greg. Bomhoff, University of Kansas Chad Killblane, University of Nebraska F. Baker Research Fund of Kansas Ornithological Society Tanner Lundy 'ty'of Kansas School of Medicine, Primary Care Summer Mentor Awards Emily Bauer David Elliott nstitute for Experiential Learning Sarah Ramirez Above: SC President Merriman and Steve Rankin offer their congrarula tio ns to the graduating class beneath the school banner do nated by Max Thompsoo. (photo by Am y Govert)

102 2000 r ".. Above: Darryl Brooks, Eastaboga, Alabama, had lots of family and friends ro share Ln his success. 102

103 to begin Graduation Commencement speaker Bob Knight, mayo r of Wichita, is seated to the President's left. (photo by Kathy Wilgers) Left: Dr. Helen \'(roten, former Division Chair and Ptofessor of English, received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree. (photo by Kathy Wilgers) , 103

104 r ~ ~ ~...~,... -~ '! ~ ~ ~ r ,,.. Above: The diplomas are finally handed out. (photo by Kathy \,(/ilgers) Above: 2000 Class President Jeana Clark challenged her fellow graduates. (photo bv Kathy Wilgers) 04

105 r , t,.. r , 1. Daniel Miller from Sweden had lots of help celebrating. (photo by Kathy Wilgers) Above: s the world ready for Jason Teubner) (photo by Kathy Wi lgers) 105

106 r , 11 t ~ckl.n :..,.. r ,,., ~n Above: The graduates of 2000 greet and rhank their parents, friends, and teachers. (photo by Kathy WUgers)

107 Left: Waiting for a diploma is hot hard work. (photo by Kathy Wilgers) ,, Above: The photo opportunities are about over as the fa culty recesses. (photo by Kathy Wilgers) 107

108 (p hoto by Amy Govert) Left: Warren Bergquist, Jart Conard, Nathaniel W heatley, and Greg Bomhoff turn the new st udent room into 3 gam bling casino. (photo by Amy Gaven) Brian Givens tell s Ra se Mans w hat seems to be an unbelievable (photo by Amy Govert)

109 People 109

110 Amos Angkasa Vanessa Bad ley Audrey Barron Cindy Bastian Winfield, KS Arkansas City, KS Winfield, KS Douglass, KS MUS NURS NURS ELED Corey Benton Gregory Bomhoff John ~rans Q Melissa Burdell Angie Busch Winfield, KS Wichita, KS Talrnage,KS Caldwell, KS Dodge City, KS BOUSEC PHYS/BCHM PH BUSA BUSA Chris Bussey Cuthbert, GA SPMG Patti Calvert Win fie ld, KS ENG Janie Carballo Garland, TX BUSA Chris Champion Waxahachie, TX SPMG 110

111 Jeana Clark Hutchinson, KS ENG Helen Cleveland Arkansas City, KS ELED Cassandra Conley Rose Hill, KS THTR Mariana Conner Winfield, KS BUSA Eric Courtwright Augusta, KS MUS/THTR Sarah Cox Leon, KS HST Jon Cunningham Winfield, KS BUSA Ephanie DeBey Salina, KS BOL Tracy Dial Winfield, KS NURS Jason Ellison Humboldt, KS MUED Patrick Farmer Blue Springs, MO THTR Christopher Fisk Oxford, KS HST/HPE Chris Ford Claremore, OK BUSA Robert Fry Cami Gibson Renae Giefer Sarah Goad Winfield, KS Arkansas City, KS Cheney, KS Ralston, OK HST ELED BOUSPMG ELED 111

112 Jelinda Gose Winlield, KS NURS Am y Govert Tribune, KS ENG/MC&F Sara Gr ber Winfield. KS N,URS Alycia Griffin Wichita, KS ELED Trent Hanshew Winfield. KS ENG Shelly Hanzlick Sedan, KS ELED Tobie Henline Augusta, KS MUS/THTR artha Hett Bernadette Hicks Kimberley Hockenbury eerfield, KS Arkansas City, KS Arkansas City, KS NURS SUSA SPED Amy Honeck Hugoton, KS ELED Adelia Hooley Coats, KS PH&R Machell Housh n Wintield, KS ELEDfE Dustin Hundley Winfield, KS HPER Eric Hunt Derby, KS SOL Jenni reland Pam reland Jeremiah Jones Hans Judd Ryan Kane Wintield, KS Wintield, KS Garden City, KS Winfield, KS Wellington, KS NURS HST THTR MUED COMA 112

113 Soshi Kawabe JAPAN MUTH Chad Killblane Arkansas City, KS BCHM Heather Koehn Winfield, KS NURS Heath Laetari Godda4d, KS BOl Maggie La Vi ne David Lee. Jo\eigh Leffew Monterey Park, CA Derb y, KS Winfield, KS GENS BUSC/PSYC ElED AmieLiebau Cambridge, KS MC&F Amber Logan Arkansas City, KS ELED Erin Logan Tanner Lundy Lily Mattix Lynda McDade Hugoton, KS Winfield, KS Meade, KS Winfield, KS MUS/ENG BOl ENG NURS Michelle McKay Ponca City, OK NURS Tania McLean Howard, KS HPE Gina McVay Erie, KS MBO Natalya Mikhailova Minsk, BELARUS ENG 113

114 Daniel Miller BJorkskogen, SWEDEN MUS Melissa Milner Winfield, KS NURS Sara Montgomery Wi chita, KS ELED Mandy Mundinger Baldwin City, KS BOL Timothy Myers Great Bend, KS BPHL Amanda Myles Winfield, KS ELED Seth Naughton Chanute, KS HPE John Nelson Lenora, KS BOL Jason Nichols Winfi eld, KS ENGfPSYC Melissa Nichols Arkansas City, KS MATH/PHYS PhaikOoi Douglass, KS PSYC Deana Pennington Grenola, KS MATH Matthew Perdue Arkansas City, KS BCHM Sara Peterso n Herington, KS NURS Joey Piel Gonzales, LA BUSA Timothy Putnam Bedford, TX MUS 114

115 Sarah Ramirez Winfield, KS CPTRBUSC Antwan Richardson Wichita, KS BUSA Silas Robertson Mabank, TX HPE Rachel Rochat Winfield, KS ELED Kari Roswurm Derby, KS BUSA Jena Schlager Walsh, CO ELED Andrea Schultz Herington, KS NURS Sharon Shea fer Burden, KS NURS Dawn Short Winfield, KS NURS Jason Siemens Augu sta, KS BCHM Jessica Sisson Winfield, KS BUSA Ricky Smith Winfield, KS HPER Rodney Smith Tulsa, OK HST Stacie Snyder Winfield, KS ELED Petra Sobba Arkansas City, KS BOLCHEM 115

116 Tracy Stapleton Oswego, KS NURS Lonna Summers Quinter KS ENG /MLNG Angela Tran Augusta, KS BOl Angela Traylor Winfield, KS ElED Nathan Turner Gilmer, TX SPMG Ryan Turner Holdenville, OK HPE ayoko Waki agawa, JAPAN BOl Linda Walker Winfield, KS ElED KellieWebb Winfield, KS NURS Ben Weber Winf-leld, KS BUS A Janeve West Greensburg, KS ENG/THTR Jos hua Wheatley Cherryvale. KS BCHM Renee Whitaker Winfield. KS NURS 130 M-l3iUl:hClllislry BHP B,.;lldor of Phil osopll Y BlOSEC - 8 iology, Secolltbry 810L- ~t ology BU SA-Bu~iJlt!s..<; Admini:-;u.Jlioll BUSC-n u si llt: ~.~ & C01l1puh:r llfonn.uion BUSL-Busint.:s:. L:<Jdcrship C HEM -Chel1li~my COMA-ComrnUlli l.';j {) Oll An... C P~-C owp uler Scil!llce ELED-l:t!llt:lll :.l.ry &.!UC\lll OH ENG- Engl ish GENS-Gcleral Stull;..:: HST -History HPE-Ht:illt h/pllysical &uca tio l1 HPER-Hei.llthlPhysil.:<l1 Euoc_'"_ti o_" RecreJlion MATH-M... tlu: J<.lics MOO-M ann t: Biology MC&F-M:ls.s COllU1\Unic;]l)()llii & Film M LNG-Monut::m L ;J11g ua ('~ MUED-Mujsit: E.UUL:: MUS-Music MUTJ--Mu slctjle~lte NU RS- Nursill}; PH&R-Pllil usphy & Rdlgl(l ussludil:\ PH YS-Physi(,;s PS YC-Psycholog)' SPEO-Spccc.;h Eclut=aioll SPMG-Spon M:magelllCJH THTR-Theatre Jennie Willard Arkansas City, KS ELED Jiana Wilson Ulysses, KS BUSA Warren Woods Osawatomie, KS BUSA 116

117 Below: Missy v!ccening and Brooke Collins huddle together to brave the elements on a blustery evening, (photo by Amy Govert) tl ~ P". te 9. e.l"c.a1:.,,! Above: Southwestern Baske tball players, Casey Dreitz and Edeka Velardes, take a break to get a drink of water, (photo by Amy Govert) Upper Left: Members of the Pep Band, Dan Reazin and Emily Edwards, blow their horns on th eir Homecoming noat. (photo by Amy Govert) Left: Yearbook editors, Arnie Liebau and Amy Govert, try to get money for their skills, (photo by Julie Morgan) 117

118 Shane Alford Ulysses. KS Christine Allen Medicine Lodge. KS Angela Bailey Branden Banks Richard Bartow rkansas City. KS Herington. KS Nixa. MO David Bell sabel. KS Brandi Bellinger Oskaloosa. KS Heather B~ac k Carrie Bloedel Winfield. KS Jami Blom St.C loud. MN Mark Bolt Maize. KS Taylor Bonner Stafford. KS John Branson Udall. KS Leah Brant Edmond. OK 8

119 Darryl Brooks Eastaboga, AL Joshua Browne Olathe, KS Christopher Brummell Bucklin, KS Christopher Bruner Winfield, KS Daniel Buchmueller Pratt, KS Kansas City, Jamie Carpenter Seymour, N Michael Cashaw Sl. Louis, MO Ryan Clark Claremore, OK Holly Clayton Ulysses, KS Jesse Dale Arkansas City, KS Kasie Dumler Lyons, KS Hubert Dutton Leona, KS Nathan Eckert David Elliott Todd Fagan Kiowa, KS Winfield, KS Mulvane, KS 119

120 Angela Gentry Haither Green Amanda Griffith Maren Harding Tulsa. OK Wichita. KS Burden. KS Mayetta.. KS Matthew Harris Valley Center. KS Adam Hass McAlester. OK LoronHays Winfield. KS Ashley Helfrich Wright. KS Jennifer Henning Geuda Springs. KS Megan Herzer Christopher Hibbert Keldric Horne Heath Horyna Perryton, TX Liberal. KS Lawton. OK Pittsburg. KS Craig dacavage Jennifer Jensen Rachelle Jesseph Ricky Johnson Caldwell. KS Claremore. OK Winfield. KS Arkansas City. KS 120

121 .", _...1 n...11' Stacy Kahrs Clay Center, KS Beth Kramer Omaha, NE Chad Lampson Cedar Vale, KS Craig Lang Burrton, KS Kevin Langford Mabank, TX James Larson Wichita, KS Chris LaForge E Dorado, KS Nicole Ledbetter Collinsville, OK Amanda Leddy Wellington, KS Seth Leeper Protection, KS Jeffrey Lowe Winfield, KS SimonLuhur Jakarta, NDONESA David Madrigal Winfield, KS Melissa McClening Westmoreland, NH Christopher McCurry Scott McLean Joshua McMillin Tulsa,OK Howard, KS Wichita, KS 121

122 ----~~, Jay Mehuron Scott Miller Amy Monical Wade Morehead Winfield. KS Belle Plaine, KS Midwest City, OK Clearwater, KS Joanna Moss Jeremy Moyer othy Mungania Jesus Munoz Josphat Muturi Ardmore, OK Ulysses, KS eru, KENYA Juarez, Mexico Meru,KENYA Bradley Newell Ngan Nguyen Michael Ostrom Tara Patterson Stafford, KS Garden City, KS Ketchikan, AK Dallas, TX Andrea Pearce Winfield, KS Tricia Pensick Winfield, KS Lisa Phillips Jetmore, KS Justin Pond Andover. KS 122

123 Brett Prothro Augusta, KS Rachel Ramirez Winfield, KS Brandy Richardson Catoosa, OK Heather Robb Arkansas City, KS Chad Roberts Winfield, KS Stacy Roop Burden, KS Ryan Rusco Argonia, KS Kat Schalesky Garden City, KS Randall Schaller Blackwell. OK Lori Schiff Winfield. KS Christin Schmidt White City. KS Diana Smith Arkansas City, KS Melissa Strauss Junction City, KS rickland Sheleah Tay lor Wichita, KS Randi Thompson Elkhart, KS Josh Thuma Hartford, KS Jacob Tuttle Cushing, OK 123

124 Kenneth Vaden Tul sa, OK Nadia VanDorn Kent, WA Christina Vensor Pueblo, CO Garrett Wahlenmaier Winfield, KS Kevin Warner Ul ysses, KS Rebecca Wedel Leavenworth, KS Dustin Wilgers Wichita, KS Joey Wilkinson Salt Lake City, UT Jennifer Worstell ndepcndcnce. MO Adam Wri ght Wichita, KS Above: Raechel i'v!ccloi n and!\lyssa Rogers m.ke MoundbuiJder memories by painting their first rock. (photo by Amy Govert) 124

125 - Above Missy Lung ren i5 5urrounded by pro5pective students. (photo by Keely Stanley) Left: Andy Sheppard leads hi s ClCcle of friends in something fun at rhe FCA meeting. (photo by Julie Mo rgan) Above: Daniel i\>f iller and Stacie Fraley bum around together at the camivai. ;ph,,'" by ;\mie Liebau) 125

126 April Adams Moline, KS Kara Adams Hillsboro, KS Tessa Ball Winfield. KS Beth Barbiers Alvarado, TX Emily Bauer Great Bend, KS KyeBaxter Brian Beard Joshua Bitting Pam Brown Chanute. KS Carrollton, TX Udall, KS Preston, KS Allen Busch Denisse Camarena Joseph Cantu Dodge City, KS El Paso, TX Augusta KS Stewart Cauble Liberal, KS Wichita, KS 26

127 Stacy Coburn Guthrie, OK Brooke Collins Wichita, KS KelliCox Copan. OK Tracy Crockett Udall, KS Kenyada Davis Oklahoma City, OK Roiann Dennett Winfield, KS A.D. Denson Casandra Drei tz Plains, KS Emily Edwards Wichita, KS Billy Ewertt Wellington, KS Joshua Finney Winnsboro, TX Shelly Fraley Burden, KS Shonda French Udall, KS " RieFujirn JAPAN Megan Galliart Winfield, KS Laura Godbey Medicine Lodge, KS Crystal Goering Pretty Prairie, KS Shelley Good Derby, KS 127

128 r Kristy Grinstaff Brian Grunder Erica Gutierrez Chanel e Hart Udall, KS Winfield, KS Winfield, KS Rogers, AR Travis Hastings Moore, OK Cassie Helmer Winfield, KS Brandi Henline Zachary Holder Travis Huff Augusta, KS Trinidad, CO Holdenville, OK,.. Jason Hunt Kingwood, TX Caryn Huslig Ellsworth, KS Brandon Jameson Junction City, KS Heather Jeffery Wichita, KS Morlin Jonatan NDONESA Karra Jones William Jones Derek Klaassen Wichita, KS Sterling, KS Whitewater, KS Tulsa, OK 128

129 Kristin Kraemer Salina. KS Amanda Lampe Piqua. KS Arnie Luna-Tuttle Garden City. KS Rose Mans Hutchinso n. KS Char Anna Martinez Todd McAtee Angela Meier Sarah Melcher Michael Morgan Mankato. KS North Newton. KS Olathe. KS Ottawa. KS Arkansas City. KS Jorge Mucambe Nika Orebaugh Ryan Parrish Sarah Pfannenstiel MOZAMBQUE Wichita. KS Hillsboro. KS Udall. KS David Prather McPherson. KS Kristina Recalde Lisa Reynolds Ryan Rising Wichita. KS Wellington. KS Winfield. KS 129

130 Andrew Roberson Oklahoma City, OK Jessica Robinson Douglass, KS Megan Scafe Wichita, KS Leigh Schooley Latham,KS Lucas Schroeder Cheney, KS Daniel Seifert Wichita, KS KyraSliwinski Columbia, MD Sara Smith Eagar, AZ Eric Strader Wichita, KS Mandy Strano Leavenworth, KS Stacey Strickland Hugoton, KS Melinda Sullivan Udall, KS Treva Summers Quinter, KS Jonathan Tate Tyler, TX Jason Tattershall Mulvane, KS GloriaTham MALAYSA James Titus Leonard, TX 130

131 Ali Wait Sublette. KS Angela Wallace Udall, KS Shuichi Watanabe JAPAN Matthew Webb Amarillo, TX Brandon Westhoff Karen Wilder Katie Woodrow Julie Woolf Penny Zahs Arkansas City, KS Winfield, KS Rose Hill, KS Cheney, KS Ainsworth, A Joanna Zayac Rochester Hills, M Michael Ziser Wichita,KS Above: Shonda French and Kristy Grinstaff hold on tight for the ride of their life on the Ferris Wheel at the Welcome Back Carnival. Durin o the eventful evenino the Ferris Wheel had a few technical difficulties causing many student: to be stuck in their ;~ats for at least ten minutes. (rhoto by Al11Y G.)vc::n) Left: Brooke Collins gives Rachel Copeland a little push for an extra challenge on the swings at the Welcome Back Carnival. (pholo oy Amy GO'tn) 131

132 Below: Cool Seth Roach. Be low: Josh Smilh shakes th hand {) f the (;pl'(l s in~ team before the h:l,;ame. (pholo by f\m)' G ovcrt) ght: Loum Godbey seems a 1)1[ n 'uus al.,h /lit lhl: pholographer. nter ri ght : The new coffee JS(;' Bc:u riz' became a f:1.\' ori[(: unt for students. (photo by Amy wn ) wcr ri ght: Brook" ColGns jo in s "<.kll ~ O()11 for a hair raisillt; ride.. l{)lll by :\111 )' Goverl ) 32

133 Betty Haunchild Mary Nichols Jennifer Schaller Sue Simmons Asst. Volleyball Coach Adjunct nstructor Oir. Conferences & Sununer Jerry Wallace College Archivist Rhett Joy Far left: J oanna iv[o" Enus her sejf 'lost in space' during the Millennium D inner o rgonized bv SGA "nu Marriott Foou service. (photo by Amy Gaven ) Left: M ike Z iser erades in Solit~ i r e for a more sophi sricued w aste o f tim e. keeping basketbau game Stats. ~)hoo by,\mv Gaven) 133

134 David Abarca Andrea Billings Melanie Boone Randy Bradley Darvin Breaker Alajuela, COSTA RCA Topeka, KS FR ldesoto, KS SO Winfiel d, KS SR Towanda, KS FR Calvin Burks Ft. Worth, TX SR Carmen Costello-Busch Dodge City, KS OT Melanie Disbrow Chanute, KS FR Michael Gichoga Meru, KENYA FR Brian Groves Arkansas City, KS FR John Hardaway Fairview, OK FR Jeff Henderson Arkansas City, KS OT Robbie Jones Garden City, KS FR

135 Andy Liebau Camoridge, KS FR Melissa Megti L atham, KS FR Rick Phelps Wellington, KS OT Carrie Plumley Cherry vale, KS SR Krysti Potter Winfiel d, KS FR Kelti Pulis Winfie ld, KS FR James Sandell Wellington, KS GR Shanna Shearburn El Dorado, KS FR Troy Smith Kara Spencer Heather Stout Anna Sullivan Winfield, KS OT Winfield, KS FR Wichita, KS OT Coffeyville, KS JR oughby Jordan Wilson Meagan Zampieri Jason Felix Winfield, KS OT Richland, TX FR Pittsbu rg, KS JR Colton, CA FR Everjoy Madzinga Harareorah, Zimbabwe 135

136 Right: At the beginning os school what more could you ask for than a carnival and friends. (photo by Arnie Liebau) Above: Mike Cashaw, Darryl Brooks, John Brannon, and Calvin Burks get into their act at one of the SAA sposored events in the fall. (photo Amy Govert) Above: Tobie Henline does what students do best. (photo by Amy Goven ) 136 Right: Jay Mehuron and Ryan Cunningham relax as they ride. (phoro by Arnie Liebau)

137 Drew Anderson Andover, KS Rhyan Anderson Burleson, TX Jason Baldrid Vinita, OK Meli ssa Barkus Winfield, KS Heid i Bates Midlothian, TX Juanell Beal Salina, KS Dustin Beam Pratt, KS Warren Bergquist Osage City, KS Jeremy Blanchard Winfield, KS 1 Lee Bowman Austin, TX Julie Brewer Arkansas City. KS Travis Brewer Houston, TX Mich ael Brogdin Canadian, TX 137

138 Adam Bruster Charles Burkholder Martha Campbell Norman,OK Newton,KS Burden, KS Jarvis Cannon Pryor,OK Stacy Carpenter Taylor Cerne Gary Champion Evan Chen Winfield, KS Altamont, KS axahachie, TX SNGAPORE Nathan Clay Cherryvale, KS Casey Clemens The Colony, TX Orlando Corral Garden City, KS Tony Daniels Collinsville, OK RanaDeBey Salina,KS Chad Dick Coffeyville, KS DaleneDick Pratt, KS Jackie Dick Spivey, KS Jason Dixon N'bfman, OK 138

139 Matthew Douglass Liberal, KS Erin Eis Winfield, KS Thomas Engle Ponca City, OK Erni.ly Fall Concordia, KS Lucas Farrar JeffFluty Layna Ford Justin Frost Marathana Furches Canadian, TX Winfield, KS Claremore, OK Fort Worth, TX Tulsa,OK Christopher Galliart Winfield, KS Gregory Gann Winfield, KS Jared Gerhardt Salina, KS Joseph Gilmore Wichita, KS Sallisaw, OK Brian Givens Brooke Givens Suni Goad KariGood Hutchinson, KS Arkansas City, KS Ralston, OK Salina, KS 139

140 Sharla Goosey Winfield, KS Jessica Graves Mulvane, KS James Griffith Mulvane, KS Jeremy Groom Rock,KS DeMay Grunden Augusta, KS Kris Grunewald CANADA Jayson Guengerich Wichita, KS Jeremy Hall Springfield, MO Brian Hamilton Wellington, KS John Hardaway Fairview, OK Edward Harris Caldwell, KS Jonathan Heckmann Highlands Ranch, CO, Justin Helmer Woodbridge, VA Abby Hendershot Canadian, TX Becky Hill Arkansas City, KS Levi -lillman Ransom. KS Kennton Hoffman Winfield, KS Eric Huebert Halstead, KS 40

141 Jennifer Hunter Garfield, KS Khurram namullah Amanda Jahn Cory James PAKSTAN Woodland Park, CO Enid,OK Jamie Jansonius Hays,KS Hillary Johnson Walnut Creek, CA Brooke Jones Ulysses, KS Jeromy Jones Stroud, OK Reiko Kaneko JAPAN Mami Kashiwabara Justin Kendall Kelsey Kinsch Ken Knollenberg JAPAN Haviland, KS Arkansas City, KS Guymon,OK Derek oller Candice Krug Henokh Kurniadi Derrick Landwehr-Brown 1. C. Ledford Wellington, KS Atlanta, KS NOONESA Douglass, KS Ashland, KS 141

142 Jeremy Lewis Dusti Ludwig Jacob Maforo Adam Maloney Hartshorne, OK Toronto, KS Zimbabwe Protection, KS Jaime Mannorato lah Marshal1 E-esley McCarty Louisville, KY Burden, KS Austin, TX Raechel McClain Ponca City, OK Jac1yn McCluskey Pueblo, CO Brid McGinley Carina McGowan Earl McKoon Katherine Meuth NORrnERNlRELAND Arkansas City, KS Carrol1ton, TX Burden,KS Nichola Mills Arkansas City, KS James Moran Pflugerville, TX Julie Morgan Mulvane, KS Anna Morris K~hi,KS 142

143 Kyoko Nakata Niki Nicholas Naomi Noda Donovan Nolan JAPAN Johnson, KS JAPAN Newcastle, CO Justin Olmstead Winfield, KS LislOlson Arkansas City, KS Jocelyn Ee Jin On MALAYSA Aaron Overbey Douglass, KS Elda Perales Salina, KS Keith Phelan Eureka,KS Katie Phillips Roswell,NM Courtney Radcliffe Friendswood, TX Amber Randall Peabody, KS Daniel Reazin Lyons,KS EslieReed Norman, OK Kathleen Regan Andale, KS Seth Roach Halstead, KS

144 r, Clinton Robinson Conway Springs, KS Alyssa Rogers Rose Hill, KS Dan Scheffler Newton, KS Kelsey Schultz Springfield, MO Joshua Sears Mulvane, KS Augusteady Silky NDONESA J. D. Sills Rose Hill, KS Daniel Simpson Oxford,KS Charles Sitzer Weiner,AR Kendra Smith Winfield, KS Jon Sparks Tribune, KS Elizabeth quires Arkansas City KS Keely Stanley Plano, TX Jake Steventon Newton,KS - Margo Straub Victoria, KS Tylor Struckman El Dorado, KS Beckie Stucky McPherson, KS Collin Stucky Newton,KS 144

145 Wei Szetho MALAYSA Shadi Tafaroji Wichita,KS Stephanie Taylor Cheney, KS Sarah Thuma Hartford, KS April Tobler Spiro, OK Rigoberto Tristan Wichita,KS Kaysha Velarde Roswell,NM Kylee Ward Canon City, CO Kristi Weaver Wichita, KS Kyane Whaley Caldwell, KS Joshua Wheeler Oxford, KS Angela Wills Hutchinson, KS Winfield, KS Brent Wolf Augusta, KS Kristin Wollenberg John York Brian Zoglmann Purcell, OK Hulbert OK Conway Springs, KS 145

146 Elizabeth Allen Faculty Assistant Dena Allison Financial Aid Counselor Andy Anderson Special Projects Ruth Archambeau ASSl Dir_of AJumni Programs Mehri Arfaei Asst. Prof of Mathematics \.. A -F...,. \.-.-;,.W,,~- Harvey Barger Groundsman Dick Barnes Assoc Prof of Mgt & Econ Terry Barnett Prof. of Chemistry Debbie Bauer Perkins Loan Coordinator Paul Bean VP for lnst.advancement Jackie Berryman Asst. Prof of Nursing Rich Bicker Asst Prof of Education Mary Blake Executive Asst. to President 146

147 Troy Boucher Professor of English Dan Bowker Dir.of Safety and Security Nancy Bowlin Faculty Assistant Lisa Braun ASSL Women's Baskelball Coach Becky Brock Asst. Mgr. BookCave Susan Bumsted Asst. Prof of Nursing Linda Calvin Food Service Donna Carpenter Custodian Michael Cartmill ns!. Modem Lang. Judith Charlton Professor of English Pam Cockayne Dir. of Alumni Programs Scott Dalrymple Asst. Prof of Business ~ Professor of Eng. Don Daniels Maintenance Bill DeArmond Prof. of Mass Com & Film Dave Denly Head Women's BB Coach Jeanne Dexter Assoc Prof of Bus 147

148 Mikel Dexter Financial Officer Dave Doisen Special Ass!. to President Chris Douglas Asst. Football Coach Michelle Douglas Dir. Little Builders Ed Erickson Asst. Plant Foreman Craig Ernsting Food Service Pam Frank Faculty Assistant Tracy Frederick Asst. Prof of Speech Juletta Gall Faculty Assistant Dave Galliart YP for Business Affairs George Gangwere Assoc Prof of Physics Claudia Geer Asst. Prof of Psych Benn Gibson YP for College Services Leslie Grant Admission Counselor Robin Graves College Services Asst. Mira Greene AcqJCirculation Librarian Faculty Assistant 48

149 Teri Hackler Marvin Haffenstein Kristina Harding Jim Helmer Assl. Prof. of Ed. Dir. of Degree Completion Administrative Assistant Assoc Prof of HPE Brock Hickam Men's /\Vomen's Soccer Brenda Hicks Director of Admission Nan Hinson ASSL Dir.of Alumni Pro Brad Horstmann Asst. Prof of HPE Michelle Howard Senior Admi.ssion Counselor Charles Hunter Prof of Biology Scott reland Network Administrator Phil Jarvis Dir. of nformation Services, Ron Jenkins Director of Major Gifts Craig Johnson Barbara Kaiser Gordon Kaiser Alice Keith Laptop Support Technician Asst. to VP for Business Athletic Complex Main. Faculty Assistant 149

150 Evelyn King Asst. Plant Operations Gary King Prof of Computer Science Ken Kraus Director of Development sabelle LeBlanc Affiliate nstructor Monty Lewis Head Football Coach KentLong Maintenance Debra Lynch Ostodial Supervisor Karen Mages Graphic Designer Lois McCaw Faculty Assistant TanaMcKee Admission Counselor Daryl McWhirt Director of Plant Operations Jill Megredy Registrar TodMegredy nformation Specialist Richard Merriman President oflhe College Adam Messinger AlumnifDevelopment Allyson Moon Ass!. Prof of Theatre & Speech Roger Moon Assoc Prof of Theatre & Speech nstructor in HPE 150

151 \ J Kay Newton Book Store Manager Dave Nichols Dean of Faculty s Debbie Pearce Faculry Assistant Dawn Pleas-Bailey Assoc.Dean of Students Tami Pullins Director of Housing Terry Quiett Cord. Academic Technology Gerald Raines Joni Rankin Communications Assistant Steve Rankin Campus Minister Jane Reeves Donor nfonnation Clerk Margaret Robinson Director of Financial Aid Pat Ross Asst. Prof of Biology Cheryl Rude Dir. of Leadership Deve!... Steve Ruggles Computer Lab Supervisor Reza Sarhangi Asst Prof of Math/Statistics Jane Schlickau Assoc Prof of Nursing Phil Schmidt Prof of History 151

152 James Schuppener Prof of Music Andy Sheppard Asst Prof of Religion and Phil Sharon Shetlar Associate Dean of Faculty Tim Shook Assoc Prof of Music JJ~W T Phyllis Shultz Asst. Prof of Nursing Bobby Smith Systems Analyst/Programmer tor ofplanned Giving Bill Stephens Director of Athletics Jeff Stine Asst. Football Coach Judy Stine Admission Counselor James Strand Professor of Music Mike Tessmer Asst. Prof of Chem Kendra Tharp Custodian Lou Tharp Faculty Assistant Max Thompson Professor of Biology Julie Voelker nstructor in Theatre Sara Weinert Dir. of Conununications Food Service

153 Michael Wilder Prof of Music Kathy Wilgers nstructor in Journalism - Steve Wilke Bob Wimmer Dean of Srudenls ASSllO President Rachel Workman Rodney Worsham Sharon Wr ght Charles Yingling Coordinator Sutton Center AsstDir. of Admission Administrative ~5istantl Asst Prof of Music Gene Young Visiting Professor in Ecology GregZuck Library Director Mary Jacob Mailroom f-llll""''ecn "ring OUt all the ""elrdo T:lTl Pullin-. M:u-rin Rude, (lml Dawn P <-J3:ille}. Phall) b) K;uhy '\ ilg~s. 153

154 Berryman,Jackie; 25, 146 Beta Beta Beta; 50 Bicker, Rich; 24, 146 Bitting, Josh; 42, 49, 126 Black, Heather; 6, 20, Blake, Mary; 146 Blanchard,Jeremy; 33, 40, 88, 94, 137 Bloedel, Carrie; 25, 53, 118 Blom, Jami; 20, 26, 36, 118 Bolt, Mark; 118 Bomhoff, Greg; 12,45, 76,66,108,110 Bonner, Taylor; 60, 118 Boone, Brett; 70, 137 Boucher, MicheUe; 91, 146 Boucher, Troy; 147 Bowker, Dan; 20, 79, 97, 109, 147 Bowlby, Roberta; 147 Bowlin, Nancy; 147 Bowman, Lee; 40, 52, 60, 76, 137 B radley, Randy; 1 34 Brannon, John; 21,26, 60, 118, 136 Branson, John; 110 Brant, Leah; 28, 55, 64, 76, 92, 118 Braun, [jsa;46, 72,147 Brenn, Andrew; 60, 118. Brewer, Julie; 24,137 Brewer, Travis; 50,60,80, 137 Brock, Becky; 147 Brogdin, Michael; 40, 60, 137 Bromlow, Katrina; 31,40,53, 119 Brooks, Darryl; 11, 60, 102, 119, 136 Brown, Pam; 20, 50, 66, 76,126 Brown, Rachel; 25, 119 Browne, Josh; 26, 60, 119 Brummett, Chris; 68, 119 Bruner, Chris; 119 Bruster, Adam; 60, 138 BuchmueUer, Daniel; 28, 33, 92, 119. Bumsted, Susan; 147 Burdett, Melissa; 72, 98, 110 Burkholder, Charlie; 138 Burks, Calvin; 76 Burns, Megan; 28, 54, 57, 138 Busch, Allen; 25, 52, 126 Busch, Angie; 29, 58, 172, 97, 10 Bussey, Chris; 60, 118 Butler, Martha; 147 C CCOM; Calvert, Patti; 110 Calvin, Linda; 147 Camarena, Denisse; 41, 64, 126 Campbell, Martha; 138 Campus Events; 96, 97 Campus Players; 33 Cannon, Jarvis; 22, 60, 80, 77, 138 Cantu, Joey; 7, 38, 39, 60, 126 Capps, Danny; 60, 119 Carballo, Janie; 31,64, 101, 110 Carpenter, Donna; 147 Carpenter, Jamie; 16, 50, 11 9 Carpenter, Stacy; 5, 138 Cartmill, Michael; 147 Cashaw, Michael; 31, 87,119,136 Cauble, Stew; 52, 126 Cerne, Taylor; 20, 60, 138 Champion, Chris; 76, 97, 110 Champion, Gary; 138 Charlton,Judith; 147 Chen, Evan; 138 Chlumsky, April; 33, 90, 95, 98, 100, 110 Church, Peggy; 147 Clark,Jeana; 16,23,30,48,49,98,104,111 Clark, Ryan; 52, 70, 71, 119 Clark, Teac; 126 Clay, Nate; 138 Clayton, HoUy; 21, 40, 42, 53, 119 Clemens, Casey; 60, 138 Cleveland, Helen; 111 Coburn, Stacy; 96,127 Cockayne, Pam; 147 Collegian; 23 Collins, Brooke; 33,117,127,131,132 Conard, Jonathan; 36, 40,50,66,76,84, 97, 99,108, 111 Conley, Cassandra; 33, 111 Conner, Marana; 28, 111 Coogler, Dennis; 52, 60, 119 Cooper, Rachel; 127, 134 Copeland, Rachel; 20, 31, 40, 50, 89, 131 Corral, Orlando; 138 CosteUo-Busch, Carman; 134 Courtwright, Eric; 33, 36, 94, 111 Cox, Kelli; 28, 36, 92, 127 Cox,Sarnh; 27,98,111 Crockett, Tracy; 39, 51, 127 Cunningham, Jon; 76, 111 Cunningham, Ryan; 60, 66,136,138 The photography exhibit at EASL D Dale, Jesse; 46, 60, 119 Dalrymple, Scott; 147 Dance; 57 Daniel, Dan; 15, 147 Daniels, Don; 147 Daniels, Tony; 60, 138 Davis, Kenyada; 11,26,60,127 DeArmond, Bill; 38, 39, 147 DeBey, Ephanie; 89, 98,

155 DeBe~ Ran~95, 138 Denly, David; 72, 147 Dennett, Roiann; 127 Denson, Adolphus; 60, 127 Dexter, Jeanne; 147 Dexter, Mikel; 148 Dial, Tracy; 111 Dick, Dalene; 14, 36, 138 Dick,Jaclcie; 20, 21, 57, 69, 138 Discipleship; 42 Dixon, Jason; 68, 138 Doloksaribu, Yan; 138 Dolsen, Dave; 148 Dorman,Sandy; 148 Douglas, Chris; 60, 148 Douglas, Michelle; 148 Douglass, Matt; 36, 40, 139 Drama; 94, 95 Drei tz, Casey; 72, 117, 127 Dumler, Kasey; 19, 23, 30, 36, 48, 119 Duncan,Spencer; 13, 119 Dutton, Hubert; 20, 26, 41, 119 E Eckert, Nathan; 50, 60, 75, 119 Edwards, Emily; 11,33,40,94, 117, 127 Education Builders; 24 Eis, Erin; 46, 60, 139 Elliott, David; 119 Ellison, Jason; 36, 111 Emery, Brooklyn; 139 Engle, Tom; 17, 139 Erickson, Ed; 148 Ernsting, Craig; 148 Evans, Cynthia; 133 Events; Ewertt, Marvin; 127 F Faculty and Staff; Faculty Follies; 91 Fagan, Todd; 46, 60, 119 Fall, Emily; 40, 42, 139 Farmer, Patrick; 7,17,95,106,111 Farney, Sarabeth; 148 Farrar, Luke; 4, 28, 60, 139 Finnegan, Andy; 70, 111 Rnne~Josh;60,77, 127 Fisk, Chris; 60, 111 itzgerald, Michelle; 42, 127 luty, Jeff; 46, 72, 139 ootbau; 60, 61 ord, Chris; 28, 52,66,76, 77, 111 ord, Layna; 16, 28, 40, 53,57, 79, 139 raley, Stacie; 41, 111, 125 rank, Pam; 148 rederick, Tracy; 100, 148 French, Shonda; 22,51,82,127,131 freshman W<?rk Day; 80 Freshmen; Frost, Justin; 20, 28, 68, 139 Fry, Robert; 95, 111 Fujimaki, Rie; 47, 127 Furches, Marathana; 36, 64, 139 G Gall, J uletta; 80, 148 Galliart, Chris; 60, 139 Galliart, Dave; 148 Galliart, Megan; 21, 28, 92, 93,127 Gallup, Bob; 45, 148 Gangwere, George; 45, 148 Gann, Greg; 66, 139 Geer, Claudia; 43, 148 Gentry, Angie; 21, 38,39,57,81,120 Gerber, Lynn; 139 Gerhardt, Jared; 21,28,40, 43, 50, 52 Gibson, Benn; 148 Gibson, Cami; 111 Giefer, Renae; 64, 65, 97, 111 Gilmore, Joe; 139 Gish, Derik; 60, 139 Givens, Brian; 76, 108, 139 Givens, Brooke; Goad, Sarah;72, 84,99, 111 (;odln:)', Laura; 4(), 42, 127, 1.)2 (;ol'ring, Cry~tal; 127 (;oertz, VL'rnon; <>() Good, [,ari; \(), 20, 2H, 4(), 50, 57, LV) C;ood, ShL'lll:y; 20, 2H, 40, 50, W), 92, 127 Goose)" Slurla; 1411 (;osl',jelinda; 25, 112 (;o\'ert, r\111y; 7, 22, 23, 3K,.1<), 4K, 112, 117 (; raber, Sara; 25, 112 Gradmltion; (>2-1 (>7 (;raha111, Ste\'en; 45 Grant,.eslie; 14X (; r:tyes, Jes~ica; S,Y), 57, 14() Cir:t\'es, :\[ike; (,0, 1411 (ira\'es, Robin; 14K GreL'll, l-laither; 12() (;rel'll, [,ris; W, 12() (ireene, l\(ira; 14K Ciriftin, Alycia; 7, 31,101,112 C;riftith, Amanda; 120 (;rihith,jal11es; 1<), 140 C;rinstatf, kristy; 12X, 1.'11 (i room, JcrL'111Y; 3(), 4( >, 140 (iro\\', Christi; 14X C;rundL'll,De:\\:ty; 411,140 (i runder, Brian; (X, 12K (irune\\'ald, kri~; 140 (iuengcrich, Jay~()n; 140 (iumbaniera, :\at~ai; 12K (illtierrl? Frici ' V, (,') 12K H Hackler, Teri; 149 Hafenstein, Marvin; 149 Hall, Doug; 70, 149 Hali,Jeremy; 140 Hamilton, Brian; 76, 140 Applied Creativity had the help of two Artists in Residence to make life size prairie hay figures. Hanshew, Trent; 66, 76, Hanzlick,Shelly;24,l12 Hardaway, John; 70,134,140 Harding, Kristina; 149 Harding, Maren; 20, 72, Harris, Eddie; 140 Harris, Matt; 50, 68, 120 Hart, Chanelie; 51, 96,128 Hart, Stacey; 72, 140 Hass, Adam; 60, 61, 120 Hastings, Travis; 20, 40, 41, 75, 128 Haunchild, Betty; 133 Hays, Loron; 120 Headrick, Amy; 92 Heckmann, Jonathan; 140 Helfrich, Ashley; 19,20,21, 50, 120 Helmer, Cassie; 53,66, 76, 128 Helmer, Jim; 149 Helmer, Justin; 17, 76, 140 Hendershot, Abby; 72, 140 Henderson, Jeff; 134 Henline, Brandi; 36, 128 Henline, Tobie; 33, 36, 94, 95, 112 Henning, Jenni fer; 24, 120 Herzer, Megan; 16, 20, 23, 82, 120, 127 Hett, Martha; 25, 112 Hibbert, Chris; 27, 28, 43, 120 Hickam; Brock; 40, 64, 149 Hicks, Bernadette; 26, 112 Hicks, Brenda; 149 Hill, Becky;40 Hillman, Levi; 54, 76, 94, 109, 140 Hinson, Nan; 149 Hobbs, Seth; 60,120 Hockenbury, Kim; 112 Hoffman, Kennton; 140 Holder, Zach; 60, 128 Homecoming; 86, 87 Homecoming Coronation; 85 Homecoming Court; 84 Honeck, Amy; 24, 76, 112 Honors Convocation; 98, 99, 100, 101 Hooley, Adelia; 112 Horne, Keldric; 76, 120 Horstmann, Brad; 70, 149 Horyna, Heath; 60, 76, 120 Houston, Machell;

156 .56 Howard,.\'!icheUe; 149 Hower, Phil; 60 Huebert, Eric; 60, 140 Huff, Travis; 60, 128 Hundley, Dustin; 70, 71, 112 Hunt, Eric; 52, 66, 76, 112 Hunt,Jason; 20, 40, 42,66,76,128 Hunter, Charles; 149 Hunter, Jenny; 11, 36,40,42, 141 Huslig, Caryn; 36, 43, 128 dacavage, Craig; 70, 120 namullah, Khurram; 141 nternational Club; 47 reland, Jenni; 25, 11 2 reland, Pam; 98,112 reland, Scott; 149 taly Trip; J Jackson, Leroy; 30, 60, 141 Jackson, Wiley; 60, 128 Jacob, Mary; 153 Jahn, Amanda; 141 James, Cory; 60, 141 Jameson, Brandon; 70, 71, 128 Jansonius, Jamie; 14, 20, 22, 28, 48, 141 Jarvis, Kieran, 149 Jarvis, Phil; 149 Jeffery, Heather; 22, 46, 128 Jason Siemans checks his diploma. s it signed) Jenkins, Ron; 149 Jenkins, Steve; 149 Jensen, Jennifer; 72, 73, 120 Jesseph, RacheUe; 53, 120 Johnson, Craig; 149 Johnson, HiJJary; 51,141 Johnson, Ricky; 60, 120 Jonatan, Marlin; 128 Jones, Brooke; 46, 60, 90, 141 Jones, Jeremiah; 33, 60, 78, 100, 112 lones, Jcrom),; 141 Jones, 1-.:arra; 211, 94, 95, 12H lones, Larry; 153 lones, Trey; 70, 76, )', Rhett; 133 ludd, Aaron; 120 ludd, Hans; 8, 36, 112 uniors; K Kahrs, Stacy; 12,25,53,66,76, 121 Kaiser, Barbara; 149 Kaiser, Gonon; 149 Kane, Ryan; 20, 98, 1 12 Kaneko, Reiko; 141 Kashiwabara, Mami;47, 141 l"awabe, Soshi; 33, 90,98, 100, 102, 113 Keith, Alice; 99, 149 Kendall, Justin; 40, 60, 141 Kick Back Day; 83 Killblane, Chad; 33, 100, 113 Kim, Chong; 76, 77, 141 King, Evelyn; 150 King, Gary; 150 Kinsch, Kel sey; 141 Kirkland, Mike; 150 Kite, Sh euy; 113 Klaassen, Derek; 60, 128 Knauls, MonteUe; 60, 76, 128 Knight, Bob; 103 KnoUenberg, Keri; 20, 27,89,141 Koehn, Heather; 113 KoUer, Derek; 42, 141 Kraemer, Kristin; 2, 28,45, 50, 92, 129 Kramer, Beth; 6, 19,28, 30, 50, 64, 84, 121 Kraus, Ken; 51, 89, 150 Krug, Candice; 22,141 Kurniadi, Henokh; 41, 141 Kurth, Brandee; L LaForge, Chris; 28,52,68, 121 LaVine, Maggie; 113 Laetari, Heath; 113 Lampe, Mandy; 23, 29, 39,4 Lampson, Chad; 121 Landwehr-Brown, Derrick; 68, 141 Lang, Craig; 24, 28, 29, 121 Langford, Kevin; 60, 121 Larson, James; 23, 49,121 Leadership; 28 LeBlanc, sabejle; 150 Ledbetter, Nicole; 7,26,72,76,101,121 Leddy, Amanda; 24, 121 Ledford,J C; 9, 40, 41, 42,141 Lee, David (Kwan Wee); 26, 97, 113 Leeper, Seth; 20, 121 Leffew, Joleigh; 113 Lewis, Jeremy; 40, 60, 141 Lewis, Monty; 8, 60, 150 Liebau, Arnie; 20,22,39,48,59,98,99,113,117 Liebau, Andy; 23, 38, 39 Lloyd, Jovana; 91 Logan, Amber; 113 Logan, E rin;20,40,113 Logos; 49 Long, Kent; 150 Lopez, Lori; 129 Lowe,Jeff; 26,28,52,60,90,121 Lucas, Troy; 52,68, 121 Ludwig, Dusti; 38, 39, 142 Luhur, Simon; 41, 47, 98, 121 Luna-Tuttle, Arnie; 64, 65, 129 Lundy, Tanner; 50, 113 Lungren, Missy; 72, 73, 125, 142 Lynch, Debbie; 150 M Madrigal, D avid; 121 Madzinga, Everjoyce; 47 Maforo, Jacob; 142 Mages, Karen; 150 Mages, Paul; 21, 40, 50, 52, 54,, :3 Mal oney, Adam; 23, 38, 142 Mans, Rose; 20, 28, 40, 46, 53, 66, 76,. ' 108, 129 Marmo rato, Jaime; 40, 64, 142 MarshaJl, lah; 36, 40, 142 Martin, Chris; 121 Martinez, Char Anna; 36, 80, 129 Mass Communications; 38, 39 Math Club; 44 Mattix, Lily; 23, 78, 100, 113 McAtee, Todd; 70, 129 McCarty, Le sley; 20, 53, 58, 90, 142 McCaw, Lois; 150 McClain, Raechel; 74, 124,142 McCening, Missy; 3, 33, 117, 121 McCluskey, Jaclyn; 20, 40, 64, 81,142 McCurry, Chris; 60, 121 McDade, Lynda; 113 McDorman, Dana; 72, , 11 3 McGinley, Brid; 26,47, 142

157 ~ [CNer1in, Rick; 60 ~ [CVay, Gina; 113 ~!CWhirt, Daryl; 150 Medley, BiU; 150 ~ egredy, JiU; 53, 82,91, 150 ~ egredy, Tod; 150 Mehuron, Jay; 52, 60, 122, 136 ~leier, Angie; 74, 129 ~ lelcher, Sarah; 3, 40, 42, 78, 129 ~ lcrriman, Dick; 7, 82, 85,87,101,150 ~ lessinger, Adam; 150 ~ leuth, Katherine; 142 Mikhailova, Natalya; 14, 41, ~ liller, Daniel; 36, 42, 47, 84, 87,98, 99, 105, 114 ~ liucr, Scott; 3, 10, 38, 39, 94, 109, 122 ~ lilj s, Nichola; 142 ~ lilner, Melissa; 114 \ litchell, l(jmberly; 114 ~ lohler, Wendy; 40,69, 122 Monical, Amy; 46, 60,90, 122 ~lontgomery, Sara; 114 Moon, AUyson; 33, 150 \oon, Roger; 17, 33, 150 \oran, James; 60, 142 \!orehead, Wade; 52, 68, 88, 122 ~lorgan, Julie; 20, 22, 23,40, 88, 142 Morgan, Michael; 70, 90, Y[orris, Anna; 142 ~'loss, Joanna; 2, 20 Moundbuilder; 22.\!oundbuilding Ceremony; 82 \lo),er,jeremy; 45,75,122 Mucambe, Jorge; 129 y[undinger, Mandy; 30, 76, 86, 114 \!ungania, Timothy; 10,41, 1 \[unoz, Jesus; 20, 41, 122, 142 \lurphy, Julie; 150 \luturi, Josphat; 41, 122 Myers, Timothy; 98, 114 \lyles, Mandy; 114 N ;..Jakata, Kyoko; 47,143 'am, Mitch; 33, 102, 114 ~aughton,seth;46, 52, 60, 114. lelson, John; 10, 19, 21,50,52,60, 97,99,114 Newe U, Brad; 20, 36, 122 lewton, Kay; 151 guyen, Ngan; 40, 46,60,66,76,86,12 icholas, Niki; 9, 55, 72,143 11ichols, Dave; 151 lichol s, Jason; 60, 114 Nichols, Mary; 133 Nichols, Melissa; 45, 114 Nightengale, Devin; 70,143 Nixon, Heath; 60, 114 Noda, Naomi; 15,47,143 ",olan, Donovan; 60, 143 ;\orton, Brian; 46, 60, 151 o ()keson, Kimberly; 20, 28, Olmstead, Justin; 143 Dng, Jocelyn EeJin; 143 ()oi, Phaik; 43, 114 Orebaugh, Nib; 15, 23, 129 Organizations; Ostrom, i\lichael; 122 Other Faculty and Staff; 133 Other Students; 134, 135 Overbey, Aaron; 60, 143 Owen, i\like; 13, 129 P Parrish, Ryan; 36, 52, 129 Patterson, Tara; 72, 89, 122 Pearce, Andrea; 28, 53, 69, H4, 87,92, 122 Pearce, Debbie; 122, 151 Pennington, Deana; 36, 40, 114 Pemick, Tricia; 122 People; Perales, E!da; 28, 143 Perdue, i\!att; 114 Peterson, Sara; 25, 114 Pfannenstiel, Sarah; 20, 2H, 96, 92, 129 Phelan, -:eith; 143 Phelps, Rick; 135 Phi Delta Theta; 52 Phillips, Katie; 53, 69, 88,90, 143 Phillips, Lisa; 21l, 26, 2R, 58, 84, 92, 93, 122 Physics Club; 45 Pi Delta Sigma; 51 Piel, Joey; 60, 114 Pleas-Bailey, Dawn; 4, 151 Plumley, Carrie; 76 Pond, Jason; 92 Pond,Juscin;52,122 Potts, Marianne; 122 Potucek, Curtis; 76, 129 Prather, David; 129 Price, Marie; 143 Prothro, Brett; 3, 36, 66, 123 Psychology Club; 43 Pullins, Tami; 4, 31,151 Putnam, Timothy; 114 Q Quiett, Terry; 151 R Radcliffe, Courtney; 69,143 Rahm, Jeff; 45, 60, 87, 114 Raines, Gerald; 151 Ramirez, Rachel; 123 Ramirez, Sarah; 115 Randall, Amber; 36,40,42, 143 Rankin, Erin; 36, 123 Rankin,Joni; 151 Rankin, Steve; 42, 79, 101,151 Rathburn, Amanda; 64, 65, 143 Ray, Melinda; 25 Dean Nichols found out what it was like to get around campus in a wheelchair, thank s to Julie Murphy's Adaptive PE class,

158 Shaleah Taylor and Kenyada Davis tried out the Web sites at EASL. Reazin, Dan; 36,40, 117, 143 Recalde, Kristina; 129 Reed, Elsie; 143 Reed, Mika; 72 Reeves, Jane; 151 Regan, Katie; 14, 143 Reynolds, Lisa; 20, 24, 129 t Richardson, Antwan; 70, 115 Richardson, Brandy; 53, 64, 123 Rising, Ryan; 49, 129 Roach, Seth; 9, 36, 40, 41, 132,143 Robb, Heather; 123 Roberson, Andy; 68, 130 Roberts, Chad; 60, 123 Roberts, Rebecca; 46, 98, 115 Roberts, Steve; 60 Robertson, Silas; 60, 61, 115 Robinson, Clinton; 60, 144 Robinson, Jess; 46, 51, 130 Robinson, Margaret; 151 Rochat, Rachel; 24, 115 Rock Painting; 81 Rogers, Alyssa; 28, 40, 74, 124, 144 Roop, Stacy; 24, 123 Rose, Natalie; 58, 144 Rosell, Michelle; 20, 43, 151 Rosenthal, James; 27, 28, 75, 115 Ross, Pat; 50, 151 Roswurm, Kari; 28, 115 Rude, Cheryl; 28, 92, 151 Rude, Martin; 4, 20, 21,40, 41,42, 92, 151 Ruggles, Steve; 151 Runion, John; 60, 130 Rusco, Ryan; 20, 70, 101, 123 S SAA;21 SCANS; 25 SGA; 20 SLA; 27 Sarhangi, Maryam; 39, 98, 115 Sarhangi, Reza; 151 Scafe, Megan; 74, 130 Schalesky, Kat; 25, 46, 123 Schaller, Jennifer; 133 Schaller, Randall; 52, 60, 123 Scheffler, Dan; 144 Schiff, Lori; 123 Schlager, Jena; 51, 76, 77, 97, 115 Schlickau,Jane;25,151 Schmidt, Chris tin; 58, 76, 90, 123 Schmidt, Phil; 151 Schooley, Leigh Ann; 130 Schroede~Lucas; 60,130 Schultz, Andrea; 25, 40, 98, 99, 115 Schultz, Kelsey; 144 Schuppener, James; 152 Sears, Joshua; 36, 52, 60, 144 Seifert, Daniel; 21,130 Seniors; SHARE; 31 Shaw, Brian; 60 Sheafer, Sharon; 25, 115 Sheppard, Andy; 27,49,125, 152 Sheppard, Beth; 152 Shetlar, Sharon; 91, 152 Shippy, Selena; 123 Shook, Tim; 152 Short, Dawn; 25, 115 Shrewsberry, Mark; 43, 115 Shultz, Phyllis; 152 Siemens, Jason; 21, 28, 49, 52,75, 92,97,115 Sigma ota Sigma; 53 Silky, Silky; 47, 144 Sills, J D; 52, 68, 144 Simmons, Sue; 133 Simpson, Daniel; 11, 33, 144 Sisson, Jessica; 98, 115 Sitzer, Charlie; 20, 144 Sliwinski, Kyra; 21,51,130 Smith, Bobby; 152 Smith, Diana; 123 Smith, Joel; 92 Smith, Josh; 16, 20, 21, 70, 71, 97, 99, 115 Smith, Kendra; 144 Smith, Ricky; 60, 115 Smith, Rodney; 60, 115 Smith, Sara; 40, 41, 42, 58, 130 Smith, Troy; 135 Snyder, Stacie; 115 Sobba, Petie; 115 Soccer; 64, 65 Sophomores; The Children's Lit group presented a colorful display Sparks, Jon; 144 Spencer, Tammy; 135 Spidel, Earl; 152 Spiegel; 92 Sports; Spring Fling; 90 Squires, Beth; 144 Stanley, Keely; 38, 39,72,73, 144 Stapleton, Tracy; 17, 98, 116 Jarvis Cannon and his buddy Mike Brogdin Stephens, Bill; 86, 152 Steventon,Jake; 60, 144 Stine, Jeff; 60, 152 Stine, Judy; 152 Stocke brand, Justin; 36 Stout, Heather; 135 Strader, Eric; 130 Strand, James; 99, 101, 152 Strange, Gerry; 60 Strano, Mandy; 53, 76, 77,130 Straub, Margo; 36, 50, 101, 144 Strauss, Melissa; 20, 28, 36, 40, 123 Strickland, Sean; 26, 60, 123 Strickland, Stacey; 36, 130 Struckman, Tylor; 60,

159 Thuma,Josh; 26, 60, 87,123 Thuma, Sarah; 22, 43,51,87,89,145 Titus, James; 70, 71, 76, 77, 130 Tobler, April; 145 Torrance, Lois; 48 Track and Field; Tran, Angela; 28, 36, 99, 116 Traylor, Angie; 16 Tristan, Rigo; 145 Turner, Nathan; 60, 61, 76, 116 Turner, Ryan; 66, 76, 116 Tutors; 30 Tutcle, Jacob; 20, 70,79,83,84,123 V t Ross and Joey Cantu look at a Buddhist Mandala. Vaden, Keith; 124 Beckie; 144 Valentine's Dance; 89 Collin; 144 VanDorn, Nadia; 21,124 Rachel; 40,41,72,90,130 Vargas, Andrew; 14, 60, 70, 124, Mendy; 24, 50, 130 Vargas, Ben; 60, 84, 145 Lonna; 20, 21,30, 108, 116 Velarde, Kaysha; 69, 145 Treva; 16, 31, 36, 130 Velardes, Edeka; 26, 51, 72, 73, 117, 130 Vensor, Christina; 20, 21, 22,51,124 Voelker, Julie; 33, 152 T Tafaroji, Shadi; 145 Tate, Jon; 60, 130 Tate, Rachel; 46, 145 Tattmhall,Jason; 38, 39,109,130 Taylor, Sheleah; 26, 72, 76, 123 Taylor, Stephanie; 145 Tennis, Men's; 75 Tennis, Women's; 74 Tessmer, Mike; 20,99, 152 Teubner,Jason; 36, 105, 109, 116 Tham, Gloria; 40, 42,47,130 Tharp, Kendra; 152 Tharp, Lou; 152 Thompson, Max; 99, 152 Thompson, Randi; 123 W Wahlenmaier, Garrett; 46,75,124 Wait, Ali; 20,28, 36,43, 50, 131 Waki, Kayoko; 46, 47, 116 Walker, Linda; 116 WaUace, Angela; 25, 131 Judith Charlton watches the Boy With the Purple Hair (Scott Miller) videotape graduation. (photo by Kathy Wilgers) WaUace, Jerry; 133 Walz, Randall; 20, 28,40,52,75,92, 131 Ward, Kylee; 22,51,145 Warner, Kevin; 46, 52,60,124 Watanabe, Shuichi; 75, 131 Weaver, Kristi; 145 Webb, KeUie; 25, 116 Webb, Matt; 70, 131 Weber, Ben; 116 Wedel, Rebecca; 4, 12, 53, 66, 74, 124 X'einert, Sara; H2, 152 X'elch, ~att; (j() X'cst, Janeve; 16, 116 X'est, ~ark; 116 X'estboff, Brandon; 36, 131 Xlbaley, ";:yane; 145 X'heatley, Joshua; 30, 40, 52, 66, 76, 116 :\/heatley, Natbanael; 76, 66, WH, 145 X'hceler,Josb; 17, 145 X'hitakcr, Renee; 25, 116 X'hite, Jenny; 152 \,'bite, Victoria; 133 X'iltler, ";:aren; 36, 40, 42, 131 X'ilder, :'-.ichael; 153 X'ilgers, Dustin; 50, 124 X'ilgers, ':atby; 48, 91, 153 X' ilgers, Larry; 153 \'('ilke, Dick; 133 X'ilke, Steve; 153 Wilkinson, Jot:y; 4(1, W, 124 X'illard, Jennie; 116 X'illon, Mychael; X'illoughby, D:lYid; 135 X'illoughby, Joanne; 95 Wills, Angie; 2H, 46, 145 X'illson, Jennifer; 94, 145 Wilson, Jiana; 22, 26, 57,116 X/immer, Hob; 153 inter Formal; RH X'ise, Charlotte X'olf, Hrent; 13, 23, 2H, 41, 145 X'olfc, Rachel X'ollenberg, Kristin; 72, 73, 145 X'oodrow, ";:atie; 21,92,93, 2H, 29, 40, H3, 131 X'oodrow, ":yle; 92 X'oods, Chris; 76, 77,116 X'oolt~Julie; 4(), 66, H6, 131 X'orkman, Rachel; 50, 153 X'orsham, Rodney; 17 X'orstell, Jennifer; 124 X'right, Adam; 52, C>(l, 76, 124 X'right, Sbaron; 153 X'roten, Helen; lin y Yingling, Charles; 36, 40, 153 York, L J; W, 145 '(lung, (icne; 153 Z Zahs, Penny; 31 Zampieri, ~lcagan; H9 Zayac, Joanna; 36, 40, 131 Ziscr, :'like; 16,23, 2H, 70,89,92, 131 Zoglmann, Hrian; W, 145.uck, (ircg; 153 ndex 159

160 r--ciock)s:till tickin'..as the final pencil was laid down after the last test was given, the school year came to an end. There were no natural disasters, no world catastrophies on New Year's Eve, and no major computer malfunctions. The clock kept on tickin', and SC kept on livin'. n fact, Southwestern charged into the new era with advances in technology, generous fund- L ing, and strong leadership. With such a promising outlook, SC will continue to be a model of excellence as long as The Clock S Still Tickin '.

161 MEMORAL LBRARY Southwestern College 100 Co llege St. WNFELD, KS , The Clock s For Reference Not to be taken from this library

162 still Tickin '

Valley Southwoods Activity Brochure

Valley Southwoods Activity Brochure 2017 2018 Activity Brochure CHEERLEADING Cheerleading Tryouts are during the spring semester of your 8 th grade year prior to the up-coming 9 th grade fall/winter seasons. A mandatory tryout meeting is

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Upcoming Events and Important Dates

Upcoming Events and Important Dates August 2017 From the Principal s Office Wow! Where did the summer go? Opening day of school is August 9th, and it s next week. Our faculty and staff have been preparing for the 2017-2018 school year, and

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What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World What a Wonderful World For SATB voices Original words & music by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele 120 S Aah, A - lo ha, O - ha - n - a, sun's shi-ning love ly day-hey... flowers bl - oo-ming, skies bl

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2019 Lunch with the Legends

2019 Lunch with the Legends 2019 Lunch with the Legends Dear Friend of FCA, On behalf of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes of Central Ohio, I want to thank you for your interest in the 4th Annual Lunch with the Legends. The purpose

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OLMSTED FALLS HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND CLUBS September, Twice a week after school November through April and once a week the rest of the year.

OLMSTED FALLS HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND CLUBS September, Twice a week after school November through April and once a week the rest of the year. OLMSTED FALLS HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND CLUBS, 2008 ACADEMIC TEAM ART CLUB Meetings Mrs. Rhonna Smith October May Twice a week after school November through April and once a week the rest of the year.

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Nomination Form For Teen of the Month. Sponsored by The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Princeton Elks Lodge # 1416

Nomination Form For Teen of the Month. Sponsored by The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Princeton Elks Lodge # 1416 Nomination Form For Teen of the Month Sponsored by The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Princeton Elks Lodge # 1416 Nominee s Full Name Last: Sample Student First: S. Middle: P. Parent s Name: Street

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EMORY CLUB SPORTS A P R SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS N E W S L E T T E R I S S U E N O. 3 EMORY CLUB SPORTS A P R 2 0 1 7 End of the Year Announcements From Exec Season Recaps SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS W R A P P I N G U P T H E Y E A R I N C L U B S P O R T S 2

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Student Government Association Campus Activities Board Greek Life Recognized Student Organizations Miss University of Louisiana Monroe Spirit Groups

Student Government Association Campus Activities Board Greek Life Recognized Student Organizations Miss University of Louisiana Monroe Spirit Groups Student Government Association Campus Activities Board Greek Life Recognized Student Organizations Miss University of Louisiana Monroe Spirit Groups The student s voice to the administration Fund projects

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MORGAN TOWNSHIP. MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER December Upcoming Events. Core Values MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER December 2016 MORGAN TOWNSHIP 299 S SR 49 VALPARAISO, IN www.eastporter.k12.in.us/schools/mmhs (219) 462-5883 Dear Parents/Guardians: The holiday season is here! I hope that

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UPAC Emily calls this meeting to order at 5:00pm Ice Breaker

UPAC Emily calls this meeting to order at 5:00pm Ice Breaker Emily calls this meeting to order at 5:00pm Ice Breaker UPAC 10-14-14 o How much do you think you need? o Toilet paper rolls and facts about yourself. Name that Tune o Sister Christinan by Night Ranger

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COMMISSIONER POSITIONS Activities Athletics Clubs Communications Dance Education/Fine Arts School/Community Relations

COMMISSIONER POSITIONS Activities Athletics Clubs Communications Dance Education/Fine Arts School/Community Relations ASB COMMISSIONER Application 2017-2018 COMMISSIONER POSITIONS Activities Athletics Clubs Communications Dance Education/Fine Arts School/Community Relations Pep Publicity Spirit Cultural Awareness Technology

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Weekly Meeting Notes Kiwanis Club of Scottsburg Outstanding Club for

Weekly Meeting Notes Kiwanis Club of Scottsburg Outstanding Club for Date: Thursday, January 4, 2018 Time: 6:30 PM Place: The Kitchen Weekly Meeting Notes Kiwanis Club of Scottsburg Outstanding Club for 2015-16 Attendance: Don Cooper Nick South Darryl Smith Guy Townsend

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Parades, half-time shows, assemblies, competitions and any other band functions

Parades, half-time shows, assemblies, competitions and any other band functions Spirit Groups Cheerleaders Head Coach: Emily Schmidt, Assistant Coach: Nicole Davis Varsity/Junior Varsity The Central Cheerleaders cheer for the Varsity and Junior Varsity Football teams and the Girls

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October 2017 Report Highlights. Burnet Middle School. Chatham High School/ECLC

October 2017 Report Highlights. Burnet Middle School. Chatham High School/ECLC Burnet Middle School Burnet Middle Schools is off to a great start. They had over 120 club members join their Club. They now offer Unified Intramural Sports to All 7th & 8th graders and had 35 students

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USD 224 Clifton-Clyde. Eagle Express

USD 224 Clifton-Clyde. Eagle Express USD 224 Clifton-Clyde Eagle Express October, 2017 It is the mission of USD 224 to provide a positive learning experience for all students to achieve their highest potential as productive members of a global

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Q1. Including the current year, how many years have you been on the team? % One Year % Two Years

Q1. Including the current year, how many years have you been on the team? % One Year % Two Years Spirit Programs Assessment Description: Date Created: 4/13/2017 5:34:07 PM Date Range: 4/20/2017 10:00:00 AM - 4/28/2017 11:59:00 PM Total Respondents: 67 Q1. Including the current year, how many years

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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ministry Schedule May 7, 2017 to November 2, 2017

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ministry Schedule May 7, 2017 to November 2, 2017 Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ministry Schedule May 7, 2017 to November 2, 2017 May 7 - May 11 Phillip Mescher Simon Mescher Rachel Reichert Ross Reichert Lauren Sanders Adam Koesters Bob & Katie

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Coaches Corner. Falcon Fastbreak

Coaches Corner. Falcon Fastbreak Falcon Fastbreak INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Coaches 1 Corner Season Recap 2-3 Senior Night 4 Record 5 Breakers Recognition 6 Camp! 7 Coaches Corner Happy March Madness! March is always one of the best months for

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Athletics, Clubs, & Activities

Athletics, Clubs, & Activities Athletics, Clubs, & Activities 2018-2019 Kevin Petersen Athletics Director Nicky Haas Secretary Chris Norton Secretary Main Office 723-5600 Fall Athletic Programs Football Justin Peters Petersj@mail.davenport.k12.ia.us

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Donate Life Club Campaign Ideas. A-Z Guide

Donate Life Club Campaign Ideas. A-Z Guide Donate Life Club Campaign Ideas A-Z Guide A Advertise: Sponsor an ad in school musical program or other publication Design an ad for the Drama Club program. Place a full page ad in a musical booklet.

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CYCLONE CONNECTION. February 2017 CYCLONE CONNECTION February 2017 To all the students, parents, alumni, staff and faculty, I pray that this message finds each of you continued to be blessed. I am so glad to have the opportunity to continue

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Student of the Month September-April

Student of the Month September-April Student of the Month 2013-2014 September-April w September 10th Hannah is the 10th grade daughter of Kimberly and Dwight Barrow. Her extracurricular activities include Tennis. Her future plans are to go

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Autobiography. Ashley Koldyke

Autobiography. Ashley Koldyke Autobiography 1 Autobiography Ashley Koldyke Education 111 Professor Eastman November 14, 2007 Autobiography 2 My name is Ashley Danielle Koldyke. I was born on August 14, 1988 at the Kosciusko Community

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Patr. perfect Patriot Patriot Millard South High School Vol. 9. Notes about cover: photo will be embossed

Patr. perfect Patriot Patriot Millard South High School Vol. 9. Notes about cover: photo will be embossed 20 Patriot Notes about cover: photo will be embossed outlines with an overtone silver rub. Perfect is silver foil. 20 Patriot is blind embossed. 20 Patriot Millard South High School Vol. 9 Patr perfect

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Welcome to the Hawks Football Family! Hartley Football Class of 2021

Welcome to the Hawks Football Family! Hartley Football Class of 2021 Welcome to the Hawks Football Family! Hartley Football Class of 2021 A Catholic High School Football Program Hartley Hawks football should mirror Bishop Hartley High School in all ways. The purpose of

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Bettye Myers Middle School News

Bettye Myers Middle School News 1 Bettye Myers Middle School News October 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1 We Have Came Along Way By the BMMS Newspaper Team DENTON ISD.BOARD AP- PROVED FOR OUR SCHOOL TO BE BUILT IN 2008 2009 Mrs. Rick was named

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Well before school was out for the summer, Limestone 4-H County Roundup winners in the Junior. (ages 9-11) and Intermediate (ages 12-13) divisions

Well before school was out for the summer, Limestone 4-H County Roundup winners in the Junior. (ages 9-11) and Intermediate (ages 12-13) divisions LIMESTONE COUNTY Date: SUMMER 2015 What s Inside: 4-H Regional Congress 4-H State Competition Achievement Awards State Ambassador Livestock Judging Well before school was out for the summer, Limestone

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Band From Three Perspectives. When I was in fifth grade, I joined band and decided to play the flute. Throughout my experience

Band From Three Perspectives. When I was in fifth grade, I joined band and decided to play the flute. Throughout my experience A Senior s Inside Perspective: Peyton Stoike Band From Three Perspectives When I was in fifth grade, I joined band and decided to play the flute. Throughout my experience in band, I have done everything

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RHA REGISTER MAKING IT HAPPEN IN THIS ISSUE: W E S T V I R G I N I A U N I V E R S I T Y / / I S S U E 5 / / V O L U M E 1 RHA REGISTER *Featuring our new RHA logo! January 2019 Issue MAKING IT HAPPEN New year, same RHA! The RHA Executive Board is

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Welcome To Clear Springs High School HOME OF THE

Welcome To Clear Springs High School HOME OF THE Welcome To Clear Springs High School HOME OF THE Students please remember to bring your laptop to school everyday. Club Announcements NHS NHS will be having their next meeting on Thursday, December 10th

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THE STAMPEDE. Buffs Stomp Out Cancer

THE STAMPEDE. Buffs Stomp Out Cancer THE STAMPEDE MHS Journalism 7th Edition Buffs Stomp Out Cancer On Friday October 29, Manteca High had its annual cancer awareness football game. This year, it was a purple out game in honor of cancer fighters

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TAG PTA Newsletter - Feb message

TAG PTA Newsletter - Feb message pamela simon TAG PTA Newsletter - Feb 2015 1 message TAG PTA Communications Reply-To: TAG PTA Communications

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Welcome to Midway Panther Baseball 2018 Work Wins

Welcome to Midway Panther Baseball 2018 Work Wins Welcome to Midway Panther Baseball 2018 Work Wins Midway Panther Baseball Fall Video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fn3jziu1s5k&feature=youtu.be Midway High School Baseball Coaching Staff 2016-2017 Coach

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ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN SCHOOL NEWSLETTER ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN SCHOOL NEWSLETTER 7821 W. Lincoln Avenue (Lincoln Campus) (414) 541-6251 www.splcwa.org 7835 W. Grant Street (Grant Campus) "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever"

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Alexandria Little League (A.L.L.) Regular Board Meeting January 26, Meeting Minutes

Alexandria Little League (A.L.L.) Regular Board Meeting January 26, Meeting Minutes Alexandria Little League (A.L.L.) Regular Board Meeting January 26, 2015 Meeting Minutes Attending: Directors: Gus Chiarello, Laura Kopp, Pete Biesada, Steve Cann, Hope Ford, Amy Goodrich, Marc Leon, Paul

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2018 SPONSORHIP PACKAGE 2018 SPONSORHIP PACKAGE 8 YEARS OF IMPACT more than $4.4 million in scholarships awarded CircleCityClassic TheCircleCityClassic CircCityClassic For 34 years, Indiana Black Expo, Inc. has hosted Circle

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Washington Youth Tour By Katie Grebner

Washington Youth Tour By Katie Grebner Washington Youth Tour By Katie Grebner I was so excited to be picked as one of this year s Washington Youth Tour participants! This was such an amazing week! Touring the nation s capital, seeing the sights,

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Defending Principle: Developing Stage 1 Defence - T ight Shadow Defence! Coaching T ips. Notes. Warm Up. Net ball Co urt 1/5

Defending Principle: Developing Stage 1 Defence - T ight Shadow Defence! Coaching T ips. Notes. Warm Up. Net ball Co urt 1/5 T it le: Defending Principle: Developing Stage 1 Defence - T ight Shadow Defence! Dat e: Venue: Net ball Co urt Durat io n: 1 o ur 30 Minut es No o f Players: Minimum o f 14 playe rs Sessio n Go als: This

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Lodge Achievement Form Year of Rating 2015 (for calendar year ending December 31)

Lodge Achievement Form Year of Rating 2015 (for calendar year ending December 31) Lodge Achievement Form Year of Rating 2015 (for calendar year ending December 31) Lodge name and number: City: State: Sons of Norway s Lodge Achievement program honors outstanding lodges and celebrates

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NEWS AROUND BCHS. Thought for the Day: November 17, BCHS Mission Statement

NEWS AROUND BCHS. Thought for the Day: November 17, BCHS Mission Statement Don t give up on NEWS AROUND BCHS November 17, 2017 Thought for the Day: BCHS Mission Statement Bracken County High School will prepare all students to be productive and contributing members of a 21 st

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June STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT June STUDENT TRUSTEE REPORT St. Patrick s Catholic High School Home of the Fighting Irish By Jack Soeder This month marks the end of another beautiful year of Catholic education at St. Patrick s. It has

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Dr. Sarah T. Campbell, Superintendent, Alleghany County Public Schools. Extra-Curricular recommendations for see attached

Dr. Sarah T. Campbell, Superintendent, Alleghany County Public Schools. Extra-Curricular recommendations for see attached P.O. Drawer 140, 100 Central Circle Low Moor, VA 24457 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: Dr. Sarah T. Campbell, Superintendent, Alleghany County Public Schools Jan B. Hobbs, Director of Human Resources & Pupil Personnel

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Total Frequency Percent CAPS Graduate Graduate Intensive English

Total Frequency Percent CAPS Graduate Graduate Intensive English Total Enrollment Fall, Fall I 2006: 8150 All Students by School All Students By Status CAPS & Traditional UG 4722 57.9 Continuing 5926 72.7 Graduate 3406 41.8 First-time Freshman 911 11.2 Intensive English

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2015 USASF. ANNUAL REPORt 2015 ANNUAL REPORT 1 2015 USASF ANNUAL REPORt 2015 ANNUAL REPORT 1 2015 Annual REPORT Worlds Photos By Action Moments 2 2015 ANNUAL REPORT President s Letter The accomplishments to date of the dedicated work of USASF Board

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Sponsorship Packet. I n d y P r i d e I n c P O B O X I n d i a n a p o l i s, I N w w w. i n d y p r i d e i n c.

Sponsorship Packet. I n d y P r i d e I n c P O B O X I n d i a n a p o l i s, I N w w w. i n d y p r i d e i n c. 2013 Sponsorship Packet Dear Sponsor, BOARD OF DIRECTORS Nicholas Murphy / President Chris Morehead / Vice President Alan Walden / Treasurer Donald Thomas, Jr. / Asst. Treasurer Libby Armstrong / Secretary

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April 10, Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. Reception 7:00 p.m. Dinner and Program

April 10, Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. Reception 7:00 p.m. Dinner and Program Wednesday, April 10, 2019 5:30 p.m. Reception 7:00 p.m. Dinner and Program Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center 650 15 th Street Denver, CO 80202 dpsfoundation.org/achieve Presented by

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Sprint with the Spirit 5K Columbus, IN August 20, 2016 Age Group Results Overall Place

Sprint with the Spirit 5K Columbus, IN August 20, 2016 Age Group Results Overall Place Results Run Female 10 Brinksneader, Julie 5K Run F-1 Female 1st 22:30.6 Run Male 1 Stilwell, Tyler 5K Run M-1 Male 1st 17:49.8 Walk Female 93 Sterling, Nancy 5K Walk F-1 Female 1st 38:00.9 Walk Male 80

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SMHS E-Blast. Make every day count!

SMHS E-Blast. Make every day count! Visit Our Website: www.pvschools.net/smhs October 5, 2015 Make every day count! ½ Day on Tues 10/6 On Tuesday, 10/6, we will have a ½ day for professional development. What are we going to work on? We

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Table of Contents. Contacts... Page 1. Uniform Page 1-2. Meet the Bearkats... Page 3. Freshman Football Games... Page 3

Table of Contents. Contacts... Page 1. Uniform Page 1-2. Meet the Bearkats... Page 3. Freshman Football Games... Page 3 Table of Contents Contacts... Page 1 Uniform 101... Page 1-2 Meet the Bearkats... Page 3 Freshman Football Games... Page 3 Dinners Before Games... Page 3 Water For Games... Page 4 7 th Period Practices...

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Lake City High School Newsletter

Lake City High School Newsletter Principal s Message.. On January 26th we completed the first semester of the 2016-2017 school year. I am genuinely proud of Lake City High School and would like to commend and praise our student body,

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Link Hills Country Club

Link Hills Country Club Link Hills Country Club September 2014 CLUB Information Fall Hours of Operation Clubhouse Hours Monday - Closed Tuesday-Friday 10:30-7:00 pm Golf Pro-Shop Monday 12:00-7:00 pm Tuesday-Sunday 8:00-7:00

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Tennessee Hall of Fame HandicapJune 18, Entries 100 Targets

Tennessee Hall of Fame HandicapJune 18, Entries 100 Targets TENNESSEE STATE TRAPSHOOTING CHAMPIONSHIPS Event 2 Thursday Tennessee Hall of Fame HandicapJune 18, 2015 142 Entries 100 Targets HOF HANDICAP STATE TRAPSHOOTING CHAMPIONSHIPS TENNESSEE RESIDENT TROPHY

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Cherubs Chat. Message from the Director. Dates to remember: CONGRATULATIONS to the Sullivan family on the birth of their daughter CHARLOTTE PAIGE!

Cherubs Chat. Message from the Director. Dates to remember: CONGRATULATIONS to the Sullivan family on the birth of their daughter CHARLOTTE PAIGE! Cherubs Chat Message from the Director Wow! September has come and gone so quickly. We have been lucky with the nice weather, and the children are really enjoying playing outside. On Monday, October 31st,

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Rotary District 6800 Newsletter

Rotary District 6800 Newsletter ROTARY DISTRICT 6800 NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2017 Rotary District 6800 Newsletter Speaker Chuck Hill, Sr. discussing Satellite Imaging at the Rotary Club of Calhoun s September 21 st meeting with guests from

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Top performances highlight fall activities at CHS

Top performances highlight fall activities at CHS COMMERCE ISD E-LETTER OCTOber 2 0 18 Top performances highlight fall activities at CHS Being the best on the field and off is the goal for our student athletes and performers. High expectations maximize

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TROJAN NEWS INSIDE THIS ISSUE: HOMECOMING WEEK By: Nicole Twitchell NEWS SPORTS EDITORIALS 17 October 2017 Issue No. 6 TROJAN NEWS INSIDE THIS ISSUE: NEWS New Teacher Interview..3 Las Vegas..2 SPORTS Football......2 Athlete of the Month.. 4 EDITORIALS Fall Crossword.5 ` HOMECOMING WEEK By: Nicole

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UPAC Emily called the meeting to order at 5:01pm. Trivia Tuesday How many board members favorite color is purple? o 4 o Annie gets the point.

UPAC Emily called the meeting to order at 5:01pm. Trivia Tuesday How many board members favorite color is purple? o 4 o Annie gets the point. Emily called the meeting to order at 5:01pm. UPAC 11-4-14 Trivia Tuesday How many board members favorite color is purple? o 4 o Annie gets the point. Guest Speakers Dance Marathon o Julia Jones is here

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February 2016 ISSUE 15/16 7 PEEBLES FFA CHAPTER NEWSLETTER INSIDE THIS ISSUE: PEEBLES FFA CHAPTER NEWSLETTER INSIDE THIS ISSUE: FFA Week Public Speaking National Chapter Evaluations Community Appreciation Dinner Picture of the Month Ask Minton Member of the Month Upcoming Events

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Millbrook Mardi Gras 16 Overall Finish List

Millbrook Mardi Gras 16 Overall Finish List Overall Finish List Place verall Name Bib No Age Gend AG Place -- Chip Time Gun Time 1 Craig Blakely 902 40 M 1 OA 21:39.0 21:41.0 6:57/M 2 Jeremy Henderson 830 39 M 2 OA 25:20.0 25:29.0 8:08/M 3 Ryan

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Panther Newsletter. The First Quarter of the School Year has Come to a Close! F O R T Z U M W A L T N O R T H H I G H S C H O O L

Panther Newsletter. The First Quarter of the School Year has Come to a Close! F O R T Z U M W A L T N O R T H H I G H S C H O O L F O R T Z U M W A L T N O R T H H I G H S C H O O L October 21, 2016 H O N O R I N G T H E P A S T ; C L A I M I N G T H E F U T U R E Volume 11, Issue 3 Panther Newsletter The First Quarter of the 2016-2017

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GREENWOOD TOUCHDOWN CLUB. Monday, January 10, LGI Room at Greenwood Community High School

GREENWOOD TOUCHDOWN CLUB. Monday, January 10, LGI Room at Greenwood Community High School GREENWOOD TOUCHDOWN CLUB Monday, January 10, 2011 LGI Room at Greenwood Community High School Meeting started at 7:00 p.m. ROLL CALL: All officers were present. Others members attendance were: Tracie McClarney;

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CONNECTIONS GRADE REPORTS MARCH 15 th The OSBORNE OBSERVER March 14, 2013 Volume 9, Issue 30 CONNECTIONS GRADE REPORTS MARCH 15 th Connections grade reports for the third nine weeks will be sent home on Friday, March 15 th. Students will receive

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from the principal school dates for school dates for 30 Monday, 7:55am Junior Choir 30 Monday, 8am Battle of the Book Starts (see Page 2)

from the principal school dates for school dates for 30 Monday, 7:55am Junior Choir 30 Monday, 8am Battle of the Book Starts (see Page 2) Issue 26 March 27 2015 Whitney Word Editor Martha McClew whitneyword@gmail.com school dates for Whitney School Council Co-Chairs Marcia Moffat and Jalyn Anderson whitneypscouncil@gmail.com Whitney Public

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NEWS AROUND BCHS May 19th, 2017 Thought for the day: Thinking of the Class of 2017 and wishing them great success in the future.

NEWS AROUND BCHS May 19th, 2017 Thought for the day: Thinking of the Class of 2017 and wishing them great success in the future. NEWS AROUND BCHS May 19th, 2017 Thought for the day: Thinking of the Class of 2017 and wishing them great success in the future. BCHS Mission Statement Bracken County High School will prepare all students

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Charger Times. It s YEARBOOK Time Again!

Charger Times. It s YEARBOOK Time Again! N o rt h w o o d A c a d e m y Charger Times September 2018 Volume 20 Issue 2 Inside this issue: Lower School News 2 Upper School News 3 Sports 4 Across Both Campuses 4 Northwood Faculty Participates in

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CAL STARS ALUMNI UPDATE: First CAL STAR ELITE College Graduates CAL STARS ALUMNI UPDATE: First CAL STAR ELITE College Graduates The Cal Stars Elite played their first full season and launched their meteoric growth in the spring/summer of 2008. This FIRST Cal Stars

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Winter Newsletter

Winter Newsletter Winter Newsletter 2016-2017 For program updates and notifications please like our FACEBOOK page (Lincoln-Woodstock Recreation Department) or call 603-745-8958. Volunteers Every year the Lin-Wood Recreation

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Orinda and Miramonte Then and Now

Orinda and Miramonte Then and Now Orinda and Miramonte Then and Now Most Miramonte students can t wait to graduate and move far away to escape the shelter of Borinda. A lot of parents that grew up here felt the same way, but as they became

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About Us... Student Athletics. Boys Volleyball Girls Volleyball Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Track Cheerleading Poms

About Us... Student Athletics. Boys Volleyball Girls Volleyball Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Track Cheerleading Poms About Us... School and Community The Palos Heights School District 128 is comprised of approximately 4 square miles and services children pre-k through 8th grade. A neighborhood school philosophy has been

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CROSSROADS CRUSADERS HOME SCHOOL BASKETBALL PROGRAM CROSSROADS CRUSADERS HOME SCHOOL BASKETBALL PROGRAM Purpose: "Bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ while excelling at competitive basketball." 1 Timothy 4:8 For physical training is of some value, but

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News. Volume II January 2017 No. 4. Message From The President. Club Meetings. Board Meetings Officers Directors

News. Volume II January 2017 No. 4. Message From The President. Club Meetings. Board Meetings Officers Directors News Chartered: March 20, 2015 P.O. Box 412 Lincoln, California 95648 www.lincolnfoothillskiwanis.org Volume II January 2017 No. 4 Club Meetings 1st and 3rd Friday Lunch at 11:30 AM Meeting at 12:00 Noon

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University. Homecoming

University. Homecoming University Homecoming Sunday, Oct. 11 Chapel Service New Orleans Style Street Festival Gospel Extravaganza: ''A Spiritual Uplift Monday, Oct. 12 TafrlJa Listening Party Mardi Gras Marchdown, Residence

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Fort Collins High School 2013 Boys Soccer Program

Fort Collins High School 2013 Boys Soccer Program Fort Collins High School 2013 Boys Soccer Program Contents Booster Club Welcome... 2 2013 FCHS Booster Club Officers, Chairs and Members:... 3 Coach s Statement... 4 Fort Collins High School Athletics

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SpecialOlympics.org. Special Olympics College Club Event Guide

SpecialOlympics.org. Special Olympics College Club Event Guide SpecialOlympics.org Special Olympics College Club Event Guide This guide provides ideas and steps for successful events on campus. This is a starting point for clubs to understand what goes into planning

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1. Go to the MBHS website. 2. Under the resources tab go to online payments. 3. There will be a cheer tryout page to click on to pay the fee.

1. Go to the MBHS website. 2. Under the resources tab go to online payments. 3. There will be a cheer tryout page to click on to pay the fee. To: From: Subject: Prospective Cheerleader Candidates and Parents Kristina Noto and Shane Martin, Head Coaches Cheerleader Tryouts Thank you for showing interest in trying out for cheerleader. You should

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Athletics, Clubs, & Activities

Athletics, Clubs, & Activities Athletics, Clubs, & Activities 2018-2019 Kevin Petersen Athletics Director Nicky Haas Secretary Chris Norton Secretary Main Office 723-5600 Fall Athletic Programs Football Justin Peters Petersj@mail.davenport.k12.ia.us

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Welcome To Clear Springs High School HOME OF THE

Welcome To Clear Springs High School HOME OF THE Welcome To Clear Springs High School HOME OF THE Students please remember to bring your laptop to school everyday. Club Announcements For all your FAQs, club meetings and events check our school website

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Jake Cumsky-Whitlock

Jake Cumsky-Whitlock Scott Cernich I am completing my first term on the CHLL Board of Directors having served as Secretary for the past two years. I also serve as CHLL Softball co-commissioner with my extremely talented wife

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BuckeyeThon Greek Life Packet. Ohio State s Year-Long Philanthropy

BuckeyeThon Greek Life Packet. Ohio State s Year-Long Philanthropy BuckeyeThon 2009 Greek Life Packet Ohio State s Year-Long Philanthropy INTRODUCTION Dear Fraternity/Sorority Presidents and Executive Boards, Welcome back! As you gear up for the beginning of the school

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Fruit Cove Middle School THE PILOT

Fruit Cove Middle School THE PILOT Fruit Cove Middle School THE PILOT Weekly Newsletter The Character Counts! pillar for the month of May is: Citizenship May 7th through 11th Teacher Appreciation Week May 7th All Library Books Due May 4,

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The Eliminate Project Service Directory

The Eliminate Project Service Directory The Eliminate Project Service Directory Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces in The Eliminate Project. This project is geared towards eliminating Maternal Neonatal Tetanus (MNT), a completely

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Iowa Wesleyan University Men s Basketball Records

Iowa Wesleyan University Men s Basketball Records Iowa Wesleyan University Men s Basketball Records Individual Game Records Category Record Opponent Date Points scored John Ward 51 Dubuque 2-13-1960 Field goals made Doug Ferguson 19 Rockford (Ill.) 12-9-1966

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2009 Women's Volleyball Photo Roster

2009 Women's Volleyball Photo Roster 2009 Women's Volleyball Photo Roster Jenn Timm #2 Position: L Height: 5' 3" Kelsey Wilkosz #3 Position: RS Height: 5' 9" Volleyball Awards: 1st team All-Lumberjack Conference junior year, 1st team All-Lumberjack

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Welcome To Clear Springs High School HOME OF THE

Welcome To Clear Springs High School HOME OF THE Welcome To Clear Springs High School HOME OF THE Students please remember to bring your laptop to school everyday. Club Announcements TET If you are a current sophomore or junior who is interested in applying

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Memorial Minutes Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal!

Memorial Minutes Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal! Mentor Public Schools The Cornerstone of the Community Memorial Minutes Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal! The mission of the Memorial Middle School community is to effectively challenge and motivate

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Martinsville Half Marathon, 5K and Relay 2015 Age Group Results

Martinsville Half Marathon, 5K and Relay 2015 Age Group Results Female Overall Winners Winners 1 Julie Moore 34 65 17 1:41:50.8 2 Christina Kinkema Collinsville VA 41 52 27 1:49:40.1 3 Rebecca Forestier Martinsville VA 35 35 30 1:50:42.8 1 03/21/2015 11:16:48 Female

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Leila G. Davis Elementary School

Leila G. Davis Elementary School Leila G. Davis Elementary School February 26, 2016 2630 Landmark Dr. Clearwater, FL 33761 727-725-7972 www.davis-es.pinellas.k12.fl.us/ Principal Kim Hill Assistant Principal William Durst Area 1 Associate

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What s inside. UF Circle K International Gator K-Munikation Volume 8, Issue 1 Sunday, April 17, Page 2... Relay for Life and Pie the

What s inside. UF Circle K International Gator K-Munikation Volume 8, Issue 1 Sunday, April 17, Page 2... Relay for Life and Pie the UF Circle K International Volume 8, Issue 1 Sunday, April 17, 2016 UF Holi. Our members posed for a picture after the colors and water balloons were thrown for the Festival of Colors. What s inside Page

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The Great Texas Old Blue Bison Constellation

The Great Texas Old Blue Bison Constellation THE TEXAS BISON STUDENT STUDY GROUP JOURNAL The Great Texas Old Blue Bison Constellation By Dr. Andrew Kerr THE GREAT TEXAS OLD BLUE BISON CONSTELLATION STAR MAP The STAR DAY Foundation of El Paso, Texas

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2011 HORTON SMITH AWARD NOMINATION Only PGA Members in good standing are eligible for awards. 2011 HORTON SMITH AWARD NOMINATION Name of Nominee: Phil Gaggero Member Number: 27060432 Facility Name: Lake Padden Golf Course Facility Address:

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Allocation of Previously Donated Funds - The First Tee of the Virginia Blue Ridge - $20,491

Allocation of Previously Donated Funds - The First Tee of the Virginia Blue Ridge - $20,491 CITY OF CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA. CITY COUNCIL AGENDA. Agenda Date: November 2, 2015 Action Required: Presenter: Staff Contacts: Title: Resolution Brian Daly, Director, Parks and Recreation Brian Daly,

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JCPRHAC Team. Festival and Parade: August 17 th & 18 th, 2019

JCPRHAC Team. Festival and Parade: August 17 th & 18 th, 2019 www.jcprhac.org Jersey City Puerto Rican Heritage, Arts and Culture, Inc (JCPRHAC) is extremely excited to be organizing the 59 th Annual Jersey City Puerto Rican Heritage Festival and Parade. We are proud

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Hillsboro Junior High

Hillsboro Junior High Hillsboro Junior High Eagle Flyer Every week, destination imagination participants are practicing for the competition in February! They get their brain started with instant challenges. Brain games and

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Mountain Brook High School Cheerleading Constitution

Mountain Brook High School Cheerleading Constitution Mountain Brook High School Cheerleading Constitution With any honor comes a certain degree of responsibility. The honor of representing Mountain Brook High School requires that a cheerleader maintain a

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