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1 CAPE TOWN CRCKET CLUB THE STANLEY HORWOOD COLLECTON PREVEWS AND REVEWS, MATCH REPORTS, SCORECARDS AND OTHER THNGS Hrwd cmpiled an extensive scrapbk f items dating frm the 9 th century, when he started playing the game, up t the late 950 s. The items preserved in the scrapbk and displayed here fcus mainly n the Cape Twn Cricket Club and give us an interesting view thrugh the windw f past histry.

2 SPORT. j BUFFALO GRGKET. TS. PRATES. The fint f the Unin fixtures WBB cmmenced n Saturday last n the Oval, the cntesting teams being the Buffs and Pirates. Neither clubwas fully represented, Miller and' 0 Muller being 'un able t assist the Pirates, and the Buffs had t draw upn their secnd eleven ( t fill vacancies caused by the absence f the brthers Giddy. Rain threatened in the early part f the afternn, but later n the sky cleared, and the game was p'layed under. the m?s~ fin;unble, n~~t!lw',ame.. erf gd t crcket/was shwn by members f bth elevens _ HartigllD> and :&ul?us, fr the Pirates, and C Dnne and C Prince, fr the Buffs, ding best t, in the batting, the latter playing freely fr the r tp scre ef the day., Of the bwlers, N Nightingale came ut with splendid figures. The 0 twnspeple have nw nthing t cmplain f regarding the q.u&j.ity f the cricket t be seen n n the Recreatin Grund, and it t be hped a that they will, tum up in greater numbers in 0 :future. Prince's hitting was wrth ging a a lng wlf jj).see, and n any ther grund he n wuld have gt duble the number f UnS. He e alsn gave a gd shw il wicket-keeping, and i had a hand in the dismissal f fur men. The 'Pirates had first innings, Hartigan and n Mullen bein!f the first pair f batsmen, nnes a (twn edd) and Dakin aharing the attack. The e star,t, was net a- prmibing ne, MUllen tieirrg. (, taken at slip with nly 'ne run bked, liut Harbigan and Rupus pla.yed cla.refnlly and well, t and 27 runs were added befre they were t separated, Rupus, wh had scred 3, being g snapped up at the wicket. Web.slJer etayed fr tl sme time, and Nightingale went n in the r, place f nnes. The change wrked, fr with n the fi<'stball r the new bwler's secnd -yer Web.te,r was dismissed CSp-a-9), an~ tw runl later Hartigan was taken at the wiket ; a. the latter had played very gd cricket fr his runs, and Will tp screr f the side; he made in ime dangerus strke thrugh the slips, but w, gave n chance that went t hand, King sn ill fcllwedr and Knwles and Oakley were next S. a00iated the attl' in ttaed ~8.->life ml; in, the game, l'l4 brught n- Price fr Dakin,... C change wliich was at nce suessful, Knwles te being. caught by Dnne, whilst Oakley was leg- ~!~~e ~~~~~in!:je. i!~~~of c~:e~th~: ga6~~ ;( fniglltingale came ut with very fine figures, n capturing 6 wickets fr 7 runs.. Like the Pirates, the Buffs made a bad start, er lsing nnes, wh, with Dnne, pened.the B.nninge, with nly eight runs scred.but Prince cl and Dnne made a.lng stay, and the Pirates' ~ ttal wal passed befre they were parted. h Bth played fine cricket, Prince scring faster a than his partner. Knwles and King started a the bwling, and they gave way t Wiltshire. n and Hartigan, Parsns having a brief trial..j.ate:r;.,~ n btit it wal nt till Knwles had resumed th~t a separatin was effected. Dnne being smartly taken at mid-wicket, the ttal standing r at 7. Twards the clse f his 'innings he gave.,j a chance f stumping, the ball beating Oakley as ""- well as the batsman, but therwise hi. innings th, was free frm :;ault, and he and Prince are t be an, cngratulated _)pn their.~xceljent' cric~et. as, Prince did nt -lng survive Dnne, being tb: beaten and bwled by a ball-frm the Pirate th King which brke frm ~he leg. Shingler ~nd me Nightingale played ut time, the ttal ~tandng f at 80 fr three wickets. The game will finished up next Saturday. Present scre and analysis r-> Ra PRATES. J H Mullen, c nnes b Dakin..:.. E M Hartigan, c Prince:b Nightingale 4.J A Bupus, c Prince b Dakin 3 'A E A Webster, b Nightingale 9.',Q W King, b Nightingale : '\E\Oa:kley, l.b.w., b Nightingale 9 r A':N Knwles, c Dnne b Price 2-,\ T C Puzey, run ut.. a A J '\'\'Z,iltshire, at Prince b Nightingale a W Kilflnil, nt ut... a H 0 Pa:t~ns, c Dakin b Nightingale 2 Extras 8 an be he as: tal n be di -68 th E T~N -:~ PN~-ED SERVCE. Played at ~nf'8 ~n Saturday, and resulted iu mst extrardinary "'Win fr the.t~n Club by ff.bree wickets and 333 runs. Gmg n first, the United ~ervice were dispsed f under an hur ~y Heccull and M.ils fl' tbe meagre_ltal e~ 4, wblle he Cape Twn Club remlrined ali the WCkets the rest f the afternn aud.empiled the tremendua cre f 374 fer seven wickeh, ne f ph~largest scres ever made in the Western PrOV<C-;i, and the fine scre f Hi2 bye. Prince is ne f the highest individual perfrma~c is. Prinee, wh went in first WAll n".t ut -unt. 330 had been put n. L. E,mulBbatted in much in.prve fr,m, and played a thrughly gd inaing's fr his runs. f\,ccull again bwled very well fr the TJwn Club. "'he fllwing are full scres and analyses: UNTED SERVCE. T.3;'cwer,lbw b Seccnll W igltt, b Seccull'... J. (J. nnell, b Seccull..... P, Heid;c W. O. Reid b Seccull... U""n." lbw b Seccull H. -"_vetf/.lbwb Mills.. Hackett 8t Prince b Mills.. 'DJid"'e, b MilJ..... Hw~s"c Calder b S~eeuJl.._ J. ''hmpsn, b Seeelill T. Prieslieh, nt at. Extras C. Prince, lbw b Hacl4:ett S. J. Hefmeyr, run ut W. 0, Reid, b Thmpsn... A. W. Seecull, hw b:l'hmpsn. H. Calder, b 'Brewer L. B. Smuts, b Hwes ~liu~, b Hwe-s..:,eetbEn!{, nt nt <, J. L';',gden, nt Qut Ex.tras ' 6- (l Bwling An,alysis. Ovrs. Mdns. Rns, Wkti. Mills lseccull 9' CAP,E TOWN ) < ". Smuts and G. Mitchell did nt 'bas,,! Bwling Analysis. j. Ovrs. Mdns. Rns. Wkts. TO ill i 5 2 ' On Saturday a t'e~~ was cllected under the title f Cllege Ramblers frm Past and Present Dicesans resident in the Peninsula.. The Claremnt-Capetwn game having fallen thrugh. ~wmg t SOne bungling having prevented the frmer frm raising a team, the CeJeO'e Ramblers were able t enlist th,e services f Prince, Spenc: and Gill, with the result that a fairly pwerful W.P. X. went dwn befre them in a mst unexpected way. The dismissal f the Club fr 35 by Andersn (~-7) and Bisset (4-540), wh very rarely truble the batsmen Wth such freaks, indicated the result pretty clearly, and all, dubts were speedily set' at rest by the grand innings Prince played. With Reid he raised the scre t 87 ere being djsmlsse~ f~ a ~upe).'bly hit 65. Held cntinued t play patient cricket.tlll dismissed Wth his scre at 4, anther prf f his pssesslo~ f the ~tr~nge~ t defensive pwers bestwed n any batsman n the district, Andersn smte" hlmin' 'ard and blmin' 'igh and blmin' ften," pr Smith suffering severely at bis hands, with the result as abve stated. The W.P.C.C.. batting was distinctly pr, men like Hearne, Smith, "" W. L.L...L H. RChards,,L wh h is never returned t his ld frm, and

3 a cliancer 8~UW}""5'U~y _. ~_;_~~_~,. weu as the bat,sman, but therwise hib innings t 'was Jiree frmfault, and he and Prince are.t be an cngratulated.upn their excellent crlc~et. as. Prince did nt -ng survive Dnne, being tb: beaten and bwled by a ballfrm the Pirate th King which brke frm tbe leg. Sbingler and me Nightingale played ut time, the ttal.tanding f at 80 fr three wickets. The game will finished )lext Saturday, Present scre and analysia i-«~~ PRArES. J H Mullen, c nnes b Dakin.... an E M Hartigan, c Prince b Nightingale H be.j A Bupus, c Prince b Dakin 3 'A E A Webster, b Nightingale 9.' -R. W King, b NightiD~ale. :." E\Oakley, l.b.w., b NightlDgale 9, A).l Knwles, c Dnne b Price 2 T C.ruzey, run ut:. ':.". 3 A J 'VlQltshire, at Prmce b Nghtngale 3 W Kilfil, nt ut H 0 PatllOns, c Dakin b Nightingale' 2 Extras 8, BUFl'ALO. A R nnes, c Hartigau b Knwles C Dnne, c Puzey b Knwles.'. C Prince, b King =._.... -c,...,.,;.; A-WSlillg'ler-;-trtlu N Nightingale, ht ut Extras 68 he as] tal n be qi J th ql se a th W( '80 G Webster,. R H Price, E A Dakin, E Cutts, jec 'J Read, and R Cutts t bat.. l:h Analysis f' tlu: BO'vhn,q. Overs. Mdns. Runs. Wkts. w A R nnes Dakin Nightingale... Price " 0, ". tel su () ~() 4 il' 5 Ort, On Saturday a te~~ was cllected uuder the title f Clleze Ramblers frm Past and Present Dicesans resident in the Peninsula.. The Claremnt-Capetwn game having fallen thrugh. ~wmg t sme bungling having prevented the frmer frm ralsllg a team, the CeO"eRamblers were able t enlist th.e services f Prince, Spence and Gill, with the result that a fairly pwerful W.P. X. went dwn befre them in a mst unexpected way. The dismissal f the Club fr 35 by Andersn (~-7) and Bisset (4,54), wh very rarely truble the batsmen With such freaks, indicated the result pretty clearly, and all. dubts were :,peedily set at rest by the grand innings p'nnce played. Wth Reid be raised the scre t 87 ere being dismissed f: a ~upe):b hit 65. Reid cntinued t play patient cricket.tlll dismissed Wth his scre at 4, anther prf f hi~ pssessin f tbe strange; t defeusi ve pwers bestwed n any batsman in the district. Andersn smte" blmin' 'ard and blmin' 'ig~ and blmin' ften," pr Smith suffering / severely at hs hands, with the result as abve stated. The-: W.P.C.C. batting was distinctly pr men like Hearne Smith W. H. Richards, wh hrs never re ur'ned t his ld fol:m and Cuthbertsn failing cmpletely. Richards played a' very valuable but very slw game fr 30, a scre which was exceeded by ~lddy's 3.5-an innings chiefly ntewrthy fr sme fine cutting, He S t be cngratulated n the result f his first appear~nce fr the club and shuld be a useful man, thugh his style Wll bear imprvement with caching and practice. His brther, Lex Giddy f E. P. fame, will be well remembered by many Capetwn cricket:el~ s~. --,- _ ij

4 R. Graham; e Feredar. b Bannister J. J. Ktse, b G. Wili;ll.. ~. a. Rwe, nt ut." c T. :.Extras... T. TO T..-. ' T ~. Ttal.. '...'.-. T; 7 ; ". H3 Fan f Wickets. :!3~56789U ti ;; 00 ll l~ ' t' :,',.. WO.RL'F..8TERSDR-E.-First nning-. Fster c Pl-i~ce, b.ktze.." saac, 'c Tancred, b Ktze '..,... :T 6 Pearsn c Shalders, b Ktce -s-,... u G Bwley,' c A. Bisset, b Rwe... "T 2 WhedJ;J, c Graham, b K~tze.".,.- 0 H~yward c Graham, b Sinclair.;. ' 2 Fereday, 'c M. Bisset, b KOt7.e.' -.. ~ 'Gaukrdger, Dt ut. :. "...' G. 'W.ilSOD, C Prince, b Sinclair.. : Bs nnlster, c Sinclair,' b Graham.,... 4! H. Wihrn, c Graham, b Ktze.', ExLra~.. :,.,~f'.ttal :. :... ' Fall f Wickets. :;".:(C'. m, ' ~ '27 ~ ', ~~' W)tKJ).\sr:/'lDRSlJRE. - Secnd nnillglf. F"f~' 'b -Gra.hau;'....: -...' (J tsaac. 'e and b-rwe... ;.. ' Pearsn c ann b Graham.... ~. Fereday; c M. Bisset, b Graham.. Bwley;..:c M, Biss~,!;,.?Grabam ,Wheldn, em.,. -Bis,et, b -Graham.. ~.Havward. b Ktze.:....,.....: : Gaukrdger, c. Sinclair, b Graham. 24..\ GWilsn c Sinclair; b Graham..,. 4, : WUs,{, st M.' Bisset, b Graham,. l!. Bannister,nt ut , ~8~ i l!.'xtras... '-'_... 00:,,<.. --' f.t;....,...:.. \lv -<"r' -~ieke ; t (. 6' ' ~- - - n Z7 39 4'2 5f) lz W 209 B()!W!Lh"fG ANALYSS, Suth Africa ns,fi~'st - nnings. e O. M. R. W. G. 'Yi~SOl... -:.' ~ g H. WllflOU x" JJ.' illanni.i!ter.... ". 4 3 ~4 ~ :!f:-a:yward ".,.,': ~3 O~. ' Pearsn '.'... ~"'. H 2. :J..!], Hayward b~ed ne wide. SenEl nnings...,.- --".,''' '0. f R. W. G. Wilsn <. -.7=; fi ~carsn. -;', 4 42 'H,ayw-ard.... ' '... ' Bannister '....', : 6 2 3~ 0 :J i'ballnistel' bwled "ne n..ball. W{)rcestershire,-First nnings..: O. M. R. W, i.". J'.'~~tz~.... M.l J...i. Sinclair. c '9 2 7 i (", Rwe ""... R. Gra.ham.. ' (2 i9 iktze bwled ne wide. Secnd nnings. ' 0,?i. R. W.,J. : Ktze.,.... '.. 24 ' -53 R. Graham.' ' S ). R'We., ;J l.. 8inciair Ktze bwled. ne n-ball. ( Umpires: Titebmarsh and G. Bean.~...- ROBER ~O~' Y. CAPE TO\VN C.C. Ca.e T wn belt Rbertsn hy nine wickets and 36 T Sc!)rCil: Rliertsn 50 and 69. OaP!' T... ~7 and 6S. ~49, llt ut' Ander n ~J..-. :4~ 5p$;'j.~/' CA.!-i TOW'S Y. nrasas COLl'"fDGE. Tllb Ulltttlit was plated!t N~l'tla.nd8 8! 5mt day, tile Cullege 0}'$ mailing a creditable,ilfalt', agairt.t a. fdir), represen tltf> ('..$( l'awn ~ 'Ene ~:JVUchil) '.elecl tlie ~ tlie ilr~ ttir~ wi>ik,et, {!itt 0 -.una g~t tatel. Dllt rec8jved bu\ peer aslitft;an, friiiif trite rest f tfle te~', t!l.e.tbifd W'ClFe6 fil)icl\ ryx ~. att~ ~lte.hle side bej(,!i~p!l3ed.f ft' ']2,.Mi)lil; ~l"a; and L. Smlltii asoinbeing ~nq.princil?!l.!ll,rers: Wth nly an hur and a balf left befre tl!lle. tb, Ctlege bys had little chance f reaqll'iag t.!hr ppnent.' OOOlC, but hitting ut with ireat determiuatin emptled the gd ttal f fdr!cven.nckets, Murray Bisset batthg in crrect style. CAPE TOWN. L B Smuts/.. c Prince b C. Mllnnik J: Allen, b tlisset... Bills at Prince b A. Mnnnik. A. \Y. Seccrrll, b A, MU:lnik. H. C.lder, t, (Jilmnr b \ Mu-nuiJ( J. Dallas, st Prince b A. Mnunik. A llftileyrj run dnl;.it C. Gp~ilett!H. "t. ~iii'w~.. M. Neethll:E, f.i,.~.jlttillult R. Black, run ;it ' F. Sm\~i,nut ut Extr.s.. 23 < BawZi,9 Anal!!,;, s, Ovrs. Mdns. RnB, Wkt.. M: Bisset 2! ) 48 r C. Munik A, Ml"nik - ~O E. Ditrrd "l 2 ) lj.. Gilmur.. u ;; 6 () DOCESaX COLLElHl C. Prince,.t '.~nuta b Hfme)' 'i'- W. Bell, b-mflls.. ~,'" J. n.dde! b 5esu:l.H. :t U. Mhhell, Q.Mills." \."e ROCk; c :b'. Smdt.s <; &ccuh ~. Bisset, nt ~t.." GilriHur, c bftni>yddj.j!irture, A: Mnnnik, run u~;;~ ;;;. E.i.:tl:aa.:. ';.~bc ~. 82.,. 0. ". H..._$ J ~. ~ 7!, E. Dilfrd, J; EertiM; and O~~fl'(WliJtt' bat. ]Jtifh.,ig A,.aly,is, _ A. Hfretyr Mills. A. ~eccull R. Black h. a. Smut! CRCKET. Cba. Mdni, Rns, ";~t~. i 30 6 (l 40 :t H f) 2:! 2 fj 0 5 ) 2 DOCESAN COLLEGE -; S.A. COLLEGE. The Sr uth African OGllege were aeverel r drubbed hy th~ Diccesans n the Western Pr!- yn~e field at, t -.the tune f an rnmngs and ~3 runs. Sres: 6 t6\; D0<iSAN COLLME. C. F. Prince, b s,teyn, L. P. A.hhurmh~m, b RO\~~ J. R..Andersn, e Duff h Rwe M. Blss~t, b Duff... '" J. B. Mlchell.lbw baling A. Reid,!~Alina M. Spence, b D{;ff... R. Eelips, b SteYD... J. A. Munnik, b St-eyn. T. W, Bell, nt\mt.. P. S Jnes, b Dnff.. Extras '". SOUTH AFRCAN COLLEGE. S. Dyer, b Bisset. '" 2 nt ut A. Ft, e Prince b Spence 4 c Spe~ce b C, Duff, b Bisset 3 ru~:fik F, MeJ.llsh, b Bisset 6 c Spenc~b Ash: E. L. Steyn, c Reid b Spence H. Watermeyer, c Reid h )5pence L. Brwn, b Bisset '" 7 0 G. Rwe, b Bisset '" 0 A. van der Byl, c SpHlce b Bis6et '. G. adisn, b Spence. G. Am,. nt 0$_. i '" ; '" f 4 'burnham c Andersn b Ashburnham 0 b Munnik 2 b Munnik. b Muunik:.. i at Pdnce b Ashburcham. 7 b Ashburllham 0 8~Pl' b~- Fe '~"

5 ~ A \.VESTERN PROVN~E XV.' NASMUCH as a frtnight will.s~e lcal. cr~cketers engaged with ur eagerly. expected visitrs, it is natural that J speculatin shuld turn t the prbable representatives f Western Prvince cricket. The XV. that will meet Hawke's X. in the first match will be an undeniably strng ne at all pints f the game. but mre especially in the bwling department. Of curse, while the mst imprtant trial game has still, at the time f writing, t be decided, it is n easy matter t make an accurate selectin f a team. There isjmrevsr the difficulty f determining upn the inclusin r therwise f men wh have failed t maintain reputatins, and have fr the time being, at any rate, lst their frm. As is always the case, the chice f the first eight r nine men presents n difficulty whatever; it is the level medicrity f the ast few men that is always s sre a trial t a Selectin Cm- ~mittee and s fruitful a surce f discntent. This is, hwever, almst inseparable frm the chsing f an X. r XV., s that c:.nmittee and players alike must prepare t face the inevitable with as gd a grace as pssible. Cmmencing then in the usual way with the wicket-keep, it will be apparent that in this respect the Western Prvince suffers if anything frm au embarms de richesses. Prince, Castens and Richards, wh are all available, are each and all much abve the average standard withut either displaying any marked superirity ver the ther. Prince is the quickest and mst brilliant, and has,.mrever, all his best years befre him, whereas Castens, wh is generally regarded as his mst dangerus rival, is, in additin t being smewhat shrt f practice, a man wh is n lnger n the upward grade as a cricketer. nasmuch as the encuragement f new bld is the plicy that always pays best in the lng run, the chice shuld almst certainly fall nthe ld Dicesan, whse frm this seasn has been cnsistently gd. Passing frm the keeper t the disturbers f the sticks, the task f chsing ur men shuld be a very simple ne. N ne culd dream f mitting Middletn, Rwe r Smith, even n the strength f the idle argument against the presence f three left-handers in the same team. N ne ever thinks f grumbling when an X. pssesses' three right-arm men and nly ne left. Mrever, thugh all leftbanders the abve tri are really very dissimilar in style and methd, s that the apparent sameness is withut real fundatin. Fr a fast bwler there can be n dubt that unless Willughby's frm displays a wnderful deteriratin in the frthcming C.T.-W.P. game, he will, t use a turf phrase, " catch the judge's eye." With these fur at his cmmand, the Captain shuld have small cause fr anxiety n the scre f dismissing even such batsmen as are included in Hawke's X. fr a reasnable ttal. Fr it must be remembered that the bwlers will als receive cnsiderable assistance frm the strangeness t the visitrs f the cnditins and surrundings, nt t mentin the fur extra men in the field. Pssibly sme peple might fancy that the inclusin f Kuys as an extra fast bwler "auld be desirable, but inasmuch as there will be a large amuut f gd change bwling f all srts and paces in the team, it is questinable whether anther bwler wuld be required sufficiently t make his inclusin a surce f strength, Turning t the batsmen, it is nt s clear whm the eye f the Selectin Ummittee will rest n with favur. Street, Richard, and Hearne have all been making runs lately and are nw in grand fettle. They will, f curse, be the backbne f the willw-wielders, in cnjunctin with Prince, already chsen as the' stumper. Allen, wh, in additin t meeting with cnsistant success as a bat, is a very fine fi~ld, shuld be an abslute' certainty, as shuld be Luis SU.-ts, wh is nt nly a fine free bat but a very useful fast bwlei, whse light wuld have burned far mre brightly had nt the wealth f his club in this department caused it t be hid under a bushel. Bisset shuld get a place unless again unsuccessful in the C.T.- W.P. match, as shuld Francis, wh scres with the greatest regularity in rdinary games. Three places remain t be filled up, but t.d. s will be extremely difficult and will depend almst' entirely' n circumstances. Miltn, thugh he has played little 0' 0{) cricket this year, fr his fielding and captaincy alne wuld cme in, but whether he will play r nt is uncertain. W. H. Richards has taken t the game nce mre, but has nt yat quite 'recvered his ld frm with the bat. Saturday's match will settle pretty clearly whether he is still the fine bat man he nce was, and his nerve and experience will weigh largely in making a chice. Castens is an unknwn quantity. He will make his first appearance in a gd game this seasn fr the W.P.C.C. n the 4th, and if he gets runs and prves him elf t be in frm will f curse be chsen. At present hwever his inclusin wuld nt be justified. Vlley Van del' Byl has been cmpletely ut f frm with the bat, thugh he has made sme amends by bwling well nce mre. He is hwever smewhat weak in the field, and n present frm wuld, especially in view f the ample bwling at the cmmand f the captain, have t give way t bth Reid and Andersn, f whm the frmer has defence secnd t nne in the Prvince but appears t be lacking smewhat in nerve in big games, while the latter has emerged frm a temprary clud f misfrtune and nce mre piles n the bundaries merrily. Cap- Cn bbertsn t ha shwn <rne pretty batting and his. nire sme cn ideratin. Wbile the fate f m t be se ed b. e C.T -W.P. match. At flals.e;:ecfu-n re ty cch as 'j ---- J The big match-the return between the C.T. and W.P.-was begun n Saturday and was prductive f a clse g~me and sme generally unattractive cricket. Capetwn batting first ) made a fine start, Prince and Francis putting n 25 fr the first wicket, and Street, wh tk Prince's place, fllwing a gd example by playing free, if' a little lucky cricket, fr 27 ere being dispsed f, with 80 n the bard, by ne f the m?st marvellus catches ever seen n a cricket field, Miltn taking him high up at mid-ff with ne hand frm a terrific drive '. After his dismissal the bwlers held the upper hand, B'rancis sn retiring fr a mst patient and invaluable 42, but an.innings devid f grace f style r fine strkes. Allen, wh hit freely and altgether played very cnfident and sterlin~ cricket f?r 28, was the nly ther batsman t ffer much resistance. Smuts and Allen unfrtunately fr their side and fr the spectatrs, wh lve ~ hitter, played a stiff game, quite unnatural t ~hem, and were cnsequently quite at sea with the clever bwling f Smith. wh wrked like a giant fr his side, and Hearne, whse 3-26 was a 'surprise t mst peple, wh imagined his. bwling days were ver. Castens was ff-clur at the 'wicket, prbably wing t lack f practice. On the W. P. taking up the bat at abut half-past fur, Richards and Hearne st_arted' m~t cnfidently t Rwe and Willughby, but disaster dgged their ftsteps, Hearne playing n witb his scre at 7, while put ne f Rwe's up t Street jus~ wh~n he lk~d like staym? Richards, after gettini( 7, unluckily hit a full pitch f Rwe s, hard t Street, wh held it, and 3 were thus dwn fr 38. W. H. Richards after getting 0, but nt in his best frm, was yrked by Rwe, and Middletn clean beat Van del' Byl, wh S sa:dly dwn n his ruck at present-bke Kuys n the ther Side. Smith, hwever, played carefully, after having n~ r tw clse shaves, and stayed with Bisset t!l the c~ll f time, the pall' raising the scre frm 6 t 0 Wthut being parted! Smith nt ut 27, Bisset nt ut 2J, the runs, after sme painfully slw cricket at first, cming fairly fast in the last quarter f an hur. With five wickets t g, and nly 43 runs behind, the W.P.C.C. are in a very satisfactry psiti~n, especially as t~ey have batsmen like Castens Reid and Mltn t fllw, and f nly an early start is made' next Saturday shuld f~rnish a mst exciting day's cricket. f a cmmencement S made at 'clck punctually a very fine fight shuld ensue! fr the W.P. X is 50 per cent. mre pwerful than+that which suffered s disastrus a defeat last week. During the game a pint which is bund t give rise t much fd fr discussin and cntrversy amngst cricket authrities ccurred. Smith playing at a ball f Middletn's either slipped r started t run-the ball having been tuched by the bat and gne ff t leg- and his bat falling ut ~f his hand when h~ must have been a; yard r tw ut f his grund, struck the wickets. After a mment's hesitatin he began t walk away but n shuts frm the pavilin appealed t the Umpires, wh were evidently much puzzled t decide whether the batsman was ut, but eventually Mr. Daneel gave him the benefit f thedubt. the ther Umpire averring that the decisin did nt lie with him. T decide whether he was still in the act f playing; the ball r had c::npleted ding s when the bat hit the wicket was a very delicate questin and was. prbably the mst. interesting incident f a slw day's cricket. LEATHERHUNTER. ~----~~ ~----~, ~~'....: ''/',"

6 Turning t the batsmen, it is nt s clear whm the eye f the Selectin Ummittee will rest n with favur. Street, Richards and Hearne have all been making rnns lately and are nw in grand fettle. They will, f curse, be the backbne f the willw-wielders, in cnjnnctin with Prince, already chsen as the sturnper. Allen, wh, in additin t meeting with cnsistant success as a bat, is a very fine field, shuld be an abslute certainty, as shuld be Luis Sm~s, wh is nt nly a fine free bat but a very useful fast bwler, whse light wuld have i burned far mre brightly had nt the wealth f his club in this department caused it t be hid under a bushel. Bisset shuld get a place unless again unsuccessful in the O.T.- W.P. match, as shuld Francis, wh scres with the greatest regularity in rdinary games. Three places remain t be filled up, but t..d. s will be extremely difficult and will depend almst entirely n. circumstances. Miltn, thugh he has played little r.n cricket tliis year, fr his fielding and captaincy alne wuld cme in, but whether he will play r nt is uncertain. W. H. Richards has taken t the game nce mre, but has nt yp.t quite 'recvered his ld. frm with the bat. Saturday's match will settle pretty clearly whether he is still tue tine batsman he nce was, and his nerve and experience will weigh largely in making a chice. Oastens is an unknwn quantity. He will make his first appearance in a gd game this seasn fr the W.P.O.O. n the 4th, and if he gets runs and prves himself t be in frm will f curse be chsen. At present hwever his inclusin wuld nt be justified. Vlley Van der Byl has been cmpletely ut f frm with the bat, thugh he has made sme amends by bwling well nce mre. He is hwever smewhat weak in the field, and n present frm wuld, especially in view f the ample bwling at the cmmand f the captain, have t give way t bth Reid and Andersn, f whm the frmer has defence secnd t nne in the Prvince but appears t be lacking smewhat in nerve in big games, while the latter has emerged frm a temprary clnd f..,.'" misfrtune and nce mre piles n the bundaries merrily. Capt. Outhbertsn t has shwn sme pretty batting and his claims will require sme cnsideratin. While the fate f mst f the -dubtful nes will be settled by the C.T -W.P. match. At present it lks as if the final selectin wuld be pretty much as fllws :-Prince, Middletn, Rwe, Smith, Willnghby, Street, A. Richards, Hearne, Allen, Smuts, Bisset, Francis, A. Reid and J. Andersn. Of curse if Miltn determines t play. experience makes his place a certainty, while a single gd innings n the part f Castens, Van der Byl r Outhbertsn r a failure n the partff several batsmen included in the abve selectin wnld me an exchange f places. As matters sta~~/ "hwever the XV. s4\nld be pwerful at all pints and shulp" d n discredit t i' "r the Prvince. / "'--,---.--;c_--/.,./,. ",:r LEATHERHUNTER.

7 AF:rERNO~ Lr'~ --~"-). PhY"was.l'esuuwii: at- bwl- 'mg t Outtell,. A rather risky-single was nm~ thn Haigh. placed the bwler hard t t le~ "b~d~,;:y wooing 00 up. Outtell sm~ked iddletn t extr~ cver, Jnes j PLAY. fieldmg %marty.,outten lifted ne- frm '" e-~'aham t.lng-n -which Dwer.hwever ".. and ms--:team are li.'l.,n'lg a- Jail.e(l t secure, tw Tuns reslilti~g. T.he~ 'wana time ill Prt Elizabeth, S) far- as tlaig.pulled l\t':tt9t~n"-u.t. htitmu - -wea'.!.ler is cncerned, and at certain stages ary, ~n"l a single by Cutten ff Graham ; f=a~ gatn.e J?la;ted,!\.ii:dtha:t ~w in_{) ~p.. N.ext b~ll was: r.esp?nsible f0"t ;$rt:p,~we believe the enthu~astlc Baru has nalgh,8 dismissal, Gddy -bringing ff a j "--C~' "~," adm,rted the state n affairs a tritle t splendid lw Trtt :!lulkl""' Again, 4he:iEuglish team is havine a, was applnude.l as he prceeded t the wicket we 'll: r _ceptin :lj and n the cricket fi~d,,t fill th8 ",;cally. Cuttell tk a maiden fr they _are p<lpulaj:, and Bayniens]. ev~d-,:'!ill..middletu. T~tt snicked Graham's.:-'arEt.--'strammg e~'y nerve ~.t make- fliird ;;d;v~i:;'.t the l)ut.(lary.,!jutteli gt _their stay as pleasant- as pssible. ;rile ne n iu;ltbltn anit 'D:tl: drve -the fast cr';,l~.;which attended th.~;natches n WBa- ball.~ th~ 8~Gr t '0~-0' "s-fer arsingle. ~es(lay and Saturday testified t the g-ren,t T,w- deliveries la-ter.. Graham clean bwled,.. a, interest taken ill:the visit, the. entire field _hm.!6--fj -5. Milligan jined Outtell and being surrunded utside the r-pes with s:rrvlver} :m..a,ppes~l fr ~tumjling. _ Fur b~tw8en ~wandtlii'eethusandpepleeachrlay singles "-wer&-. the utcme., f next Similar interest-taken thrughut the seasn three :'ers «pel.drught go up. Outtell J wuld enable lgaj.. teams, t invite teams cut \.:l'.l~l:llll prettily past pint fr it nair frm varius centres in the Clny, and :fll~i!g ~bj~p by f the grullu wuld make Prt!llizabeth as prminent a.f~ ii.x. Middletn sent- dvm a maiden t cen~):eas thse wh.w~er lse an OppOJ;.-'Mlligan.,Outtell thsn, seat.90.- up -witn. a tunityf disrating Alga. imilar interest ORt'palO'])'Hnt frtw ff Graham, Each 00, by the indetatigable Cmmittee wliieh- b,atsm~ll gt sinitles-scring was at a. S nw carrymg ut the arrangemnts r-the v:!-'yslow pace,, rmtcent tack the' ball frm present visit, wuld g., lng way C.ddfet0T.. Millgan pulled him t leg fr twards that same bj eef and there tj:j.ree, a~l''l Outtell -sent the next t the leg ' b d di. seems t be n ritasn w.jiythese-bserva- un a~'j:' ;>,&ll lug 00 up amidst applause, tins sh?uld nt be prmptly acted.upn. t. Outtell rit Graham t the shrt'leg bu-qdarjr, S admitted, n all hands, that there is. and was stumped ff next ball, a smart piece splendid m.ateria-lliere, in bth batting and 0t w,?.r:k by Prince, 07-7",,5~, Outtell played :b.wlmg, and 'bhat We. representatives f soollylr.hs. scre, which tk ver tw Prt Elizabeth, in the recent test azaiust thehlll's t cmpile, L~)l'd,Ha;wk:e ft,lled 'the English X, fr at east tw days,dis)ayed vacancy. 'Mill'igll;;:ipulled Yintcflutrtr,t--SE Qfli.t'e-t splendid frm, but, as we' have previusly leg fr,tw,. and \:xt ball fn a_single)xrthe statc~, they seemed t get -disheartend, and same directin, Then. he drve Graham t t the victry was snatched frm-them by mre lng-n 0'tw,. llwmg up Wth a chance experienced ppnents, ~4 much tr' the t Jnes at shrt-slip which. was nt Prt.Elizaheth match. ne Clnial X accepted. Lrd Hawke -rmlled Vintcent t ~hiclihas entered the list against- the El~g:~.leg. fr three, -md' G.r~am s!lnt lijm~ a - lislr team, J.S a gd. ne, a"ndn Saturday m:;tl~en. Middletn relievedyiatcent, and prved the judiciusness f the selectin. Of M:4~ga~.}Vas, ca;ught at rn.icl-}lby ''abuteau, there are-always exceptins t betaken?ff his third )Jal. p~-s-l. ~r~ley-daven~! t this r that man, wh desn'tcme nprt <lf:lllem..~ With the-aid f a ljy'e, 29 ff, but it certainly is absurd t criticise a were histed, The new".cmer Gut Grahain's r _l:>a't \ "duck" t his name last ball thrugh the slips fr tw. Lrd in. the bk ll"..his first appearance, One Hawke was bwleil:y Middletn in next might- as well say that. Trtt, wli n -8at:ur- ver. --l22-9~3. Bard was last man in, day was clean bwled f0' 5, was -unwrthy ~UJ:..hyeswere the n.l;yresults- u'm tw r f-a place, y-et.shrtly befre he had been three ~ver8. Bea-d then smacked Middletn _th~ saviur f the English. team versus Prt t mid n p.ulldary, fl!9wing :nth Ehz,betli XV. -80 with all t~e players fr three f...[: a.rsnick t leg, aj:l: an.vert~rew. t4e Clny ; th >y have all displayd gd Davenprf was caught lyy; Francia a,t-cver i frm and thus gamed the right t represent POnt sn afterwards, and, fhe inn-ings clsed-] the Clny,.Prince, ne f the best bats in fr 3-!, Bard 8 nt ut ~' the cuntry, never pened his accunt n ---- Saturdaj-=he gave Haigh ne f the httest OAPE COLO~Y'S 't\tnlngs.- returns that we have seen, yet Haigh held it. Shalders has scred centuries in Griqualand Oape. OlnJ: X cmmenced their innings yet he was given ut leg befre he had at 4.,0, sending,prmce, the Brd@r".represcred. Dwer wept in first and stayed at seu~atve, t the wickets, the-.. frmer facine the wicket fr a!!-;t~urand frty minutes-.hagh, -wh caught, and bwled Prince-~ fr 4 runs, exhibiting a sund defence, and very hard return-s-with thj'urth ball 6 the as Gleesn did in the previus match, en- ver. 0~-0. Fra~cis jined Dwer, and enraging thers wh partnered him durinz a bye was l"l: Trtt'bwleli frm the pnd his prlnged stay. The value f such ag end,audfrancisplag.b-clthattrundlertle&fra innings is great. Haigh n Saturday was in cuple:.haigh sent dwrra maidea t D~wer. his best bwlinsr md, and defence was abut Francis again hit Trtt nicely t le- fr e nly alter~r:ve t bat men. Francis hy, and, Haigh - :eaced, an:q,ther'maideu t m ". be quted as an exceptien td a hs H;ual:ysis. p;ver bhen put. a-cuple t his extcnt,. f ~ he ~ve a prett.y credit.wth a ht thugh the slpj!' Tw t dis lay f battine each time he faced Francis fr a strke t cver "piut fllwe.l either Cuttell 'Or Haigh r Trtt, frm T~'tt,_and 0 was telezrai-he-.d..dwel' and wn the a-hnirati a f all ~0 witnessed gt-a single fr a leg- hit, ft Ha-igh'& next it. Jimes t in ieated strng hittine ver, bth batsmen plavmg - cursfully and pwer, ana.his' men-y innings was all t~ exhibiting dollq~dfeqc~. The lcal reprehrt, Giddy tk sme time.t get int his sentati ve t~en liit Trtt t ng-n-fr a pair, u ual swing, and made several rather weak and gt a. single fr a "smack" t mid-ff. strkes, ut luck was with him, and ere time After Haigh had bwled -anthr 'naiden, was called ihe seemed fairlv well settled 'Fn;ncis drve Trj;t t lng-n fr.a. brace dwn. ''abuteau did nt shine n this ca- and in that bwler's next- ver had tw 2'': sin, but his ability is well '. -uwn, and n t ff and square leg respectively, sending 20 dubt we shall have a taste f it ere the clse lly, after half an hur's play; Haigh jll~thj3 -f the match. - -With regard t the cehglish m~lltuu~ent~tbtl..t a:dd [:'"tliisanalysis. te~?-'s innings,_ the stil,'i:t'was nt at all pr- F+ailcis yullecl5rrtt-t leg,ier f0!r,.all run, msmg fx. them, Warner, Mitchell, a~d f;0l<-'a 3Dgl~ff a st'9ke] the sal\e an.c Tyldesle-y-three f the best direetloll. Francl& nw, brke Raigb.'s run 5a.tam.e~. in. the team, being dis- f maidens sending h.imt mid.n -fot..a. pair, ~;R: 20 ~ :telegraphed.!dd placed.lulther ene there, l\. -singleresult-. time mg. (Ju~ rem~ Trtt at.the..pud!md

8 t'h~~~=~:y,'-;~;' ~pene-dr-hh;;is;-;a:-;c:;:c~=ri.;t'- ~:;::ll:-~""":'----""'- Saturday-he gave Haigh ne f the. httest CAPE OOLONY'S NNlJ.~GS. returns that we have seen, yet Haigh held it. Shalders has scred centuries in Griqualand Oape Clny X cmmenced their innines yet he was given ut leg befre he had at 4..5, sendmg.prince, the BOFder,repr~scred. Dwel' wellt in first and stayed. at sen~atrve, t? the-wickets, _the"frmm: facing the wicket m; an hur and frty minutes- Haigh, -wh caugnt and bwled Prince-a fr 4 runs,~exhibjjing a sund defence, and. very hard return-z-with the furth ball 6 the as Gleesn the previus match, en- ver.?~-0. Francis jiued.dwer, and c(;hiraging thers wh part!lered-him during a bye was run: 'l'rt't'bwled frm the~plld his prlnged stay. ''he value f -such an enel,anelfmucurplace-clthattrulldler-tle&-fra ~nings is.great, laigh ll..saturday was ill cuple: Hai~h ~e.nt~qwnal!laiden.t D~wer. his best bc;ndmgmd, and.defence was :;tbut- Frall.ClS agam hit 'rtt nicely t lel fr the nly itltern:ative t batstla-n. Francis t:v, and. - aigh l;!laced anther maideu t must. be:. quted as an _ejg:cbp\;ieu t _a- his analysis, pwer then put a cuple t his c~rtam extdut J fr he ga-ve a- pretty -crecht.wth a hit-thugh the.slips, Tw t display f patting each time he faced J!'r:'.llCl;l_ fr a.strke t-gver- pint )lwe'l either- Cuttell r Haigh 0' 'J.'rJ;t, frm Trtt,_ and 0 \Vl.;) telegraphed. 'Dwer and wn the admiratin f an wh witnessed - gt-a single fr a leg iit ff ia,-igll's. next it,.h>nes, t<'?, indicated strng hitting- XeJ:,??-th batsm-en playing carefully u"'h pwer, and )S merry lljluj~s was.all t exlubl~lllq un~ defence. The lcal reprshrt. Giddy tk sme tim,e.t0 gt}tmt his_ sentative "t:en hit Trttt lng-n fr a pail', ~,;::;::::::~~,,!usljjl.l s ill~..and made. se'lt.e;ral rather weak and gt a. single fr a smack= t mid-ff, strkes, utjuck was Wth!tim, and ere time. AfteJ:!-lghhad bwled anther maiden, was. called "he- seemed farrly well setffed, Francis drve Trtf t lng-n fr a brace dwn. Tabuteaii did: nt shine n this cea- and in that bwler's next ver had tw 2'~ "in, but_his at>ili y is -well b;lown, and n t ff and sq~al'e leg ~spectlvely, s~ndi?g.20 dubt we 'saall have a taste f t ere the clse T-P, af~'r half : hur S.Ra}'; Haigh.~ the.(jhli~ ~at~h.- - With regard t the English-!ll'{>.lliat~mE).entill'tLBfJ. taad "M's i his analysis. te::]:=,-s mmngs; the start was nt at U;J: pr- Fxa~Cspullea.Trt:t t leg fr f,:!',.all ruu, DlSl:Qg foj: them, 'Warner, Mtchell, and ~u a sl}lgl~ ff a strke in the sa~e and Tyld-esle-y-three f the best directin, -FrancL~ nw brkehaigh's run batsmen in - the team, being dis", f m_aidelissending him t mid -n fr a pail', psed. f ere 20 had been telegraphed. ~nd place(lanther ne there, a; single-result- Clnial.prspects' Were rsy at this time, mg. Outt~ l.'e:glved Trtt at the Pnd endbut. Cuttell [l,errrmed thee same service as and Francis drve his last delivery straizht T.rtt-did in-the J?revius match,d:ad.e it lni. fr t~v-30 u~. Singles t (ja~ ba~r;,n 8tan~, and practically br@ke-thl} badk f the pened.0uttet yer )fnt-nclffs_ driving bwl~ng while heput n 53. The trundling being much admired, -The Metrplitan then f Middletn and Graham was splendid. as!tt H~~h- t ~he leg bundary fllw" _ -.:!he results sh K:u.ys t was. almol:>"t un- mg. this Wth anther f!ilie ~ jllayable, thugh Vintcent-was happy in the same bring 40 up next ball, hwevers- " cha-nge h-.made ~n Grahall! being' substi- saw ~inl ut lbw t Haigh, Franeia.was. lieal'tily appl9;wled as ~e returned t tre

9 SPORT. CRGKET. BUFFALO TS. PRATES. The fint f the Unin fixtures was cmmenced n Saturday last n the Oval, the cntesting teams being the Buffs and Pirates. Neither clubwae fully represented, Miller and,, Muller being..;unable t assist ~he Pirates, and the Buffs had t draw upn their secnd eleven t fill vacancies caused by the absence f the brthers Gid,dy. ltain threatened in the early part f the afternn, but later n the sky cleared,.&ud the game was played under. the ms~ f~,:illable. n~it!;ver.y gd t cricket was shwn by members f bth elevens _ Hartigl\Jl- and.~uplll, fr the Pirates, and C Dnne and (') Prince, fr tbe Buffs, ding best t. in the batting, the latter'playing freely fr the t' tp scre f the day. Of the bwlers, N Nightingale came ut with splendid figures. The 0 twnspeple have nw nthing t cmplain f regarding the quality f the cricket t be seen n n the Recreatjn Grund, and it t be hped a. that they will tnm up in greater numbers in 0 mture. Prince's hitting was wrth ging a a lng way ~.eee, and n any ther grund he n wuld have gt duble the number f runs. He e als gave a gd shw lf..wicket-keeping, and i had a hand in the diemissal f fur men. The Pirates had- first inning's, Hartigan and D Mullen being the first pair f batsmen, nnes a. (twn end'} a.nil Dakin sharing the attack. The c start was nt lie prmising ne, Mullen-Oeirrg t taken at slip with nly ne run bked, liut Hartigan and Rupns pla.yed ea.refnly and well, and 27 runs were added befre they were separated, RUPUB, wh had scred 3, being.napped up a.t the wicket. Websl!er stayed fr sme time, and Nightingale w,ent n in jh,e place f nnes. The change wrked, fr Wth the Mst ball f' the new bwler's secnd ver Webster was dismissed (39-3-9), and tw runs later Hartigan was taken at the wicket; the latter had played very gd cricket fr his runs, and wal tp screr f the side; he made sme dangerus strke thrugh the slips, but, gave n chance that went t hsnd. King sn fllwed;-and Knwles and Oakley were next Al!lliated ;' the, lat.tell.j:i!'q$ed~le.-li.fe in.i; the game, alld -brught n' Price fr Dakin,.a change which was at nce successful, Knwles being.caught by Dnne, whist Oakley was legbefre t Nightingale. Nne f the thers gave much truble, and innings clsed fr 68. Nightingale came ut with very fine figures, n. capturing 6 wickets fr 7.!'uns.. Like the Pirates, the Buffs made a bad start, ei lsing nnes, WHO, with Dnne, pened.the B innings, with nly eight runs scred,.but Prince Gl and Dnne made alng stay, and the Pirates' tt& wal passed befre they were parted. h Bth played fine cricket, Prince scring faster-} a than his partner. Knwles and King started a the bwling, and they gave way t Wiltshire n and Hartigan, Parsns bjtving a brief trial-late~ - nbul; it was nt till Knwles had resumed th~t a separatin was effected, Dnne being smartly taken at mid-wicket, the ttal standing ' at 7. Twards the clse f his innings he gave 0\. a chance f stumping, the ball belliting Oakley, a! well as the 'bat)!man, but therwise hib innings tli 'was free frm' fault, and he and Prince are t be an cngratulated.upn their,~xcellent cric~et. Prince did nt -ng survive Dnne, being as: tl: beaten and bwled by a ball frm the Pirate th. King which brke frm ~he leg. Shingler ~nd me :Nightingale played ut time, the ttal ~tandldg f at 80 fr three wickets. The game will finished up Jlext Saturday. Present scre and;- Ra PRATES. J H Mullen, c nnes b Dakin... E M Hartigan, c Prince b Nightingale 4 ;r A Rupus, c Prince b Dakin 3 A E A Webster, b Nightingale 9.' tj W King, b Nightinga.le. '. E' Oakley, l.b.w., b Nightingale 9 A ~ Knwles, c Dnne b Price 2 T C Puzey, run ut A J '\'\~ltshire, at Prince b Nightingale 3 W Kilf~~il, nt ut H 0 PlntlnB, c Dakin b Nightingale' 2 Extras 8 BUFFALO. A R lmes, c Hartigan b Knwles C Dme, c Pusey b Knwles.. C:pmm. b King an lie he as: tal n be di th ql se at -i:tl'---- E T~N v. UNT-ED S!lRVCE. Played at ~nff8 "'5n Saturday, and resulted iu mst extrardinary "'Wn fr the.t'yn Club by ~.bree wickets and 333 runs. Gmg first, the ij nited ii>ervicewere dispsed f under an hur?y Heccull and Mills fr the ~eagre_ltal e~ 4, while the Cape Twn Club remaned a~ the WCkets the rest f the afternn aud cmpiled the treraendua 3cref 374 fer seven wickeb, ne f t.h~ largest scres ever made in the Western Prvince, and the fine scre f 62 bye. Prince is e~e f the highest individual perfrmarc 38. Priuee, wh went in first, WAi n-. t ut unt. 330 had been put O~. L. Emuta batted in much in.prve fr!d, and played a thsrughly gd inning's fr hs runs. ~<ccull again bwled very well fr the TJwn Club. "'he fllwing are full scres and analyses: UNTED SERVCE. H. 'Brewer, lbw b Seccull.. \V J i~ ht, b Seccull.... ~. 0, nnell, b Seccull..... P. Heid, c W. O. Reid b Seccull.. H"'M, lbw b Seccull.. '.. ~ver bw b Mills.. Hackett 8t Prmce b Mills. 'bidge, b Milh... Hwes, c Calder b Seceull... J. ''hmpsn, b Secilall T. Prieslieh, nt OQt Extras Mills Seccull Bwling An!llysis. t Ovrs, Mdns. Rns. Wklii., ' ~ CAP2 TOWN. - r c. Prince, bw b Hackett 65, S. J. Refmeyr, run ut. 3 W. O. Reid, b Thmpsn A. W. Scccull,lbw b Thmpsn...? H. Calder, b 'Brewer.., 8a 'L. B. Smuts, b Hwes 7?lEU., b Hwes, 0 M.l{,~etlJ~!n!{, Dt ut... 5 '.. J. L».gden, nt ut 22 ]"tras ' ". Smuts and G. Mitchell did nt bat. Bwling Anal!!l;.. Ovrs. Mdns. Rns. Wkts. TO at B !i , On Saturday a team was cllected under the title f Clleza Ramblers frm Past and Present Dicesans resident in the Peninsula.. The Claremnt-Capetwn game having fallen thrugh. ~wldg t sme bungling having prevented the frmer frm ralsllg a team, the Cllege Ramblers were able t enlist th.e services f Prince, Spence and Gill, with the result that a farly pwerful W.P. X. went dwn befre them in a mst unexpected way. The dismissal f the Club fr 35 by Andersn (~-7) and Bisset (4-54), wh very rarely truble the batsmen Wth such freaks, indicated the result pretty clearly, and all. dubts were speedily set at rest by the grand innings Prlll?e played. With Reid he raised the scre t 87 ere being dismissed f: a ~upel'blj hit 65. Reid cntinued t play patient crickat.tlll dismissed Wth his scre at 4, anther prf f his pssesslor;r f the ~tr~nge> t defensive pwers bestwed n any batsman ) the district. Andersn smte" blmin' 'ard and blmin' 'ig~ and bl.min' ften," pr Smith suffering severely at hs hands, Wth the result as abve rated, The W.P.C.C. batting was distinctly pr, men like Hearne. Smi vv. H. Richards, wh h s s never returned his 0 r ~ Cuthbertsn failing cmpletely, Ric valuable but "en' slw zame fr :' by Giddv' ~ 0 cut ihr. - He is ~~~u.:tei

10 ;;~ty ta.ken at mid-wcket, the rtal stan<ldg at 7. Twards the clse f his innings he gave,'i a chance f stumping, the ball beamrig Oakley as th~ well as the batsman, but therwise hi. innings "was free frm fault, and he and Prince are. t be, cngratulated.upn their.~xcellent crlc~et. Prince did nt -ng survive Dnne, being beaten and bwled by a ban-frm the Pirate King which brke frm the leg. Shingler ~nd :Nightingale played ut time, the ttal ~tandldg at 80 fr three wickets. The game will fin~8hed next SatU:day. Present scre a.nd analylb:- PRATES. J H Mullen, c nnes i Dakin..... E M Hartigan, c Prince b Nightingale U,.J A Rupus, c Prince b Dakin 3 'A E A Webster, b Nightingale 9 _.,Q W King, b Nightingale : <;E Oa:kley, l.b.w., b Nightingale 9 A B Knwles, c Dnne b Price 2 T C Puzey, run ut ' 3 A J V~ltehire, at Prince b Nightmgale 3 W Kilfl~il, nt ut H 0 Patllns, c Dakin b Nightingale 2 Extras 8, BuFFALO. A R nnes, c Hartigan b Knwles C Dnne, c Pusey b Knwles. '. C Prince, b King ~A W Shmglef;lJtl>lt. N Nightingale, nt ut Extras : G Webster, R H Prie, E A Dakin, E Cutts, 'J Read, and R Cutts t bat. A'w,lysis f tlw BO'lVling. A R nnes Dakin Nightingale... Price... r'" Overs. Mdns. Runs. WktB. 3 4, D. 4, l,~. BU FALO VS. ZNGA.R. 5 ~5 4 it 5 an as. tli: thnu up Ra arc be he as; tal n be di th ql se 'af th W( jet M w, tel su r. On Saturday a team was llected under the title f Cllege Ramblers frm Past and Present Dcesans resident in the Peninsula, The Claremnt-Capetwn game havius fallen thrugh. c:wing t sme bungling having prevented the" frmer frm raismg a team, the Ollzs Ramblers were able t enlist th.e. services f Prince, Spenc: and Gill, with the result that a fairly pwerful W.P. XL went dwn befre them in a mst unexpected way. The dismissal f the Club fr 35 by Andersn (~.7) and Bisset (4-54), wh very rarely truble the batsmen Wth such freaks, indicated the result pretty clearly, and all. dubts were ~peedily set' at rest by the grand innings ~l'n,?e played. Wth Reid he raised the scre t 87 ere being dismissed fr a superbly hit 65. Heid cntinued t play patient cricket.till dismissed with his scre at 4, anther prf f his pssessin f the strngef t defeusi ve pwers bestwed n any batsman in the district. Andersn smte" blmin' 'ard and blmin' 'igh and blmin' ften," pr Smith suffering severely at his hands, with the result as abve stated. The W.P.C.C.. batting was distinctly pr, men like Hearne, Smith, ''t. H. RlChards, wh Hs never returned t his ld frm, and Cuthbertsn failing cmpletely. Richards played a very valuable but very slw game fr 30, a scre which was exceeded by <!ddy's 3.5-an innings chiefly ntewrthy fr sme fine cuttmg. He S t be cngratulated n the result f his first appear~nce fr the club and shuld be a useful man, thugh his style Wll bear imprvement with caching and pratice. His brther, Lex Giddy f E. P. fame, will be well remembered by many Capetwn cricketers.

11 '!THE CURRE CUP. NOTES ON THE PLAY. Fr the first time since the cmmencement f the turnament a (lay's play has passed 'Yith~t any striking alteratin in ~h.e, coli'am"ns-g!tw games. As generally anticiated Kimberley-have fund the Transvaal 428 ~ltgethert big, andhave lst thirteen wickets in cmpiling 229, s that withseven wickets yet t. fall in ther secnd innings, they are still 99 runs t the bad; and there is every indicatin f Kimberley being defeated by an innings, their first defeat f the turnament. Unless a decided change cmes ver the ame it will be abut finished by lunch time,.nd the attractin will be the cntinuatin f )ay in the Natal-Brder match. t has pints ;)f interest.0 every team in the turnament, fr the whle psitin f the turnament cepends n its results. Transvaal and Kimberley, thugh they have wn tw matches each, are bth in a state f uncertainty, fr the tie between these teams=-having tw wins. each t their credit -is ne tie unless the Brder beat Natal, Ti-eps;.tinJ8 s absurd. that it might almst be cmmended t tbe ntice f Mr. W. S. Gilbert as a tit theme fr cmic pera. f Natal beat Berder-and they are playing a big game-the Transvaal play Western Prvince in the final, which can be played during the Easter hlidays. f the ther thing happens, then the final cannt be played till the mi.dclle.,,,, week, and,,!!e fails j; see where the added intereet will cme m, Smething has been said regarding the element f uncertainty having asserted itself. The element f Ulmertainty asserted itself as sn as the turnament cmmenced,.and. it has been in mst striking evidence ever since. Uncertainty! Why, Kimberley beat Brder, wh beat Transvaal, wh beat Natal, wh lk like beating Brder, and if that des nt illustrate that the turnament has kept up a. the best traditins f cricket uncertainty, then Ju.u.- H T Hewett, b Willughby Lhmann, b Willughby Hayward, 0 Willughby b Xl idd letn A J L HiP, 0 Prince b Grimmer C B Fry, c Street b Smith ::3: J Wds, c Francis b Middletn Sir T C O'Brien, 0 Glver b Smith Lrd Hawke, 0 Street b Smith.... H R Brmley-Davenprt, st. Prince b Willughby Tyler, c Bisset b Smith Butt, nt ut Extras : Byes, ; lbs. 4 ; n-ball, Bwling J Willughby G Glver Smith.: Middletn Grimmer Hearne Grimmer bwled a n-ball. Analysis ȯ e 0 M. 0 \J 2 7 R. w. 82 : CAPE OOLONY. First nnings. Secnd nnings. C Prince, b Lhmann b Lhmann Hearne, c Wds b Brmley- Davenprt. _ 26 b Lhmann Street, 0 B'!rtt b -:';-ry 5 c aud b Lhmann H Francis, c Wds b Fry.. c Hayward b Hill A Richards, b Lhmann 3 b -Hayward.. J Dig, b Hill 5 0 Hayward b Lhmann Smith, b Lhmann 3 c Davenprt b Tyler.. : Bisset, c Lhmann b Hill 5 c O'Brien b Lhmann Adcck, b Hill c and b Lhmann G Glver, c Wds b Tyler.. chill b Lhrnaun Middletn, 0 Lhmann b Hill :3 0 Lrd Hawke b Hill.. rvine Grimmer, b Hill 4 b Lhmann.. J Willughby, nt ut nt ut Extras: Byes 4, wides 9, Extras : Byes 9, n-balls 2 5 n-balls 8 : :) G G l± 4 4 G 4 0 -,r 62 Brder have wi'redfr several players t strengthen their team in the event f their beating Natal..The meeting f the S.A. Cricket Assciatin ha veadpteci,; the suggestin thrwn ut in. this clumn regarding th.e prcedure f play in the event f Brder beating Nata!. ''Vestern Prvince will g iu, and play will be n the knck-ut system, A t the same meeting, the name f the gen tieman wh has made s generus an ffer t bring' ut an English cricket teamj\e,. _easii' was made_publie,th'lltigll it has been pretty weil knwn in sprting circles that nly ne man in Suth Africa culd think" n English cricket teams. Hnur' t the Hn. J. D. Lgan. Up t the finish f yesterda.y's play the fllwing were the leading psitins in the batting averages. t nticed that fur Transvaal players head the list :-. BAT'r.!'G ANALYSS ;\ loq e 232,... " 46'2 74'\,~'34 4 ).67~}\J ' ' ' '3 The cntinnatin f yeaterday's play frm, he pint at which ur Third EditOn reprt ft ff will be fund n anther page.

12 ~,getting-lwny. l'en went up frm a mcely placed cuple tleg, ff Lckwd, by Richards. Next ver frm tile Surrey Ulan Richards ught t have beeu stumped frm the first ball, almst gave i catch in the slips ff the secnd. land was beaten by the third. Play nw ruled very slw, until RiChnr(,S~~ Lckwdfr 3, the highest hit f thei~ ~hus far. Next OVOl!- Reid drve hi"' u~j:u8ltly fr, 2. Lckwd nw seemed tired, thugh he had nly bwled abut half t dzen vers. He abaudued ris lng run and f'let ball, and. instead walked but a few sneps t the wicket, and delivered u ball varying frm slw.t fast medlum,.,. 2 ''ne change was appreciated by the bats- COLLAPSE OF THE GARD N men, wh played much 'mre freely at him Thia match, whichwas playe ;'[0 rayn n trying a shrt ne.-betd was almst thrwn Saturday, was ne f the 8U' ises f the Chamut by McQue. Reid made the first bundary f pinship series. Bth sides cnfidently antieithe innings by driving ne f Lckwd's slws pated the victry f the Gardens, but. the t the lighting bard, At 22 McQue tried,»ice glrius uncertainty f cric.ket was nce again Hlland. but the senaratiu Clune frm the demnstrated, fr the Service -playing' their best ther end, Reid ging ut t smite Lckwd game f the seasn, managed t thrash th~ir and spning the balk-blre making the catch frmidable ppnents by 6'Uns. The Service at mid-n. 2:\ Kuys came n, a'lld played a gd all-rund game. their batting, pened his by a gd mw t the grand bwling and fielding being unusually brilliant, stand. Peehell was.given a trial next ver, and and they thrughly-deserved fbeir victry. The each bat made a single frm him, Kuvs n- Gardens went all t-pieces after the fall f the drve Me-Quefr 2, and cut him fr 3 between first wicket, Simpsn and B~ljdll, were the nly J ames's legs. Three smartly run singles were tw men wh gt duble lgjl,res.,. scred in Pechell's next -ver, and then the The Service &atted flrst, sendinz in Hrne batsmen began t play extremely quietly. and Fysh t face the truqtijing f Rubball and.the-hardsplayed McQue,easily fr 2 and Rt the Birbeck, and the pair tk the scre t, 24 ben, and it became evident as 40 went up that.fre Hrne was caught ~y P. Chiappini.ff the tw bwlers wuld nt effect the desired Birbeck, One fr 2,. Wlth Slmn jmmg separatin. A duble change was triecl,at 4,;, Fysh the scre rse rapidly, and the bwlinjt.lckwd resuming, and James taking McQue'g was changed repeatedly, Kisch finally being end. Richards raised cheers by a nice n-drive successful in getting' Fysh eaught, at the wicket, t the bundary ff J awes, and then smacked Tw fr 6. Wilsn did nt stay lng, being ut at Lckwd, with the result that Fljsmbe als.taken at the wicket by Blenkenberg.: caught him away rn the euutry Three fr 68. Reid began hitting ut at nce, N less thun ;f-':rty vers had been bwled at -euttmg and driving bth bwlers fr 4's rethis perid. Prince came in a-nd began by peatedty, and n separatin cming Birbeek playing very uneasily ai James until he sent up again tk the leather. the change bemg ne-n the leg, which Prince prmptly placed t prfitable, as ff his secnd ball Slmn was the.rpes. Prince nearly played n t ne caught by Kisch. Ful' f.9'. Nese~ signalised frm Lckwd, and then hit him square t leg his srrival with a nice bundary, but m the next fr 3, afterwards driviug James fr a like ver fell t Birbek. Five fr 04. A rt nw number.' Seventy went up after ninety minutes' set in, Thmpsn ly cntrihutingasingle, Te~ry play hi a single t Kuys, whse next being caught befre he had scred, and Reid, strke-f imprtance was an uppish cut f;!' wh had been playing a-n.t,game, being held at Lckwd fr 4. Hlland nw resumed»ice the wicket by Blanckenberg, while Mstert. was J ames, and Prince drve him sweetly t the als dismissed withut scnnz,,the sixth, ff-bundary, and then seemed t give a chance seventh, eighth, and ninth wickets haviug fallen behind wicket. Next ball he gt rund nicely with the ttal at 06. The last 'wicket tk t. deep-leg :fl'4. Kuys chpped a curly ne frm sme time t--get rid f, butdilllrlty:van Hssght Lckwd wide f pint fr a cuple, and fel(t Hubball with the sere at 8. Prince drve the same bwler sweetly t the ff The Gardens started well,sending in Simpsn tr 4; and legged his next ne t the ftball aud L. Ohtanpinl, while Thmpsn and field. Prince's -next cntributin was a grand Slmn shared the bowling during ''the entire straight drive fr 4 ff Hlland. bringing up the inninas, The Gardens 'cnptain began t scre century, The last 30 runs had been put,.n in at-n:;'e, itting all rbuad the wicket in fine lw!llveuljn~tc8, a va~tly~'cnt r~.f ~('&!.style, an "wlifui- auast. _ t :that wlnc'lr-tmd-'p'l'i\!itiled hefre the LCape 'had made 23 ut -f \tatal, f 25. Uiie fr 20. Twn stumper had cme in. His time had nw Breda fllwed hr. but nly half a dzen runs eme, hwever, fr he tuched ne and wes-pal- had been scred befre L. Chiappini played pably caught behind ihe wicket n ne frm Slmn. Tw fr. 3., Bisset, the new-cmer, pened his accunt by a Hubbell sucumbed t Slmn's first delivery, nicely placed triplet t leg ff Hlland and and Birbeck shared a like fate, the Sel:'ice Kuys then made a 2 and a single by similar bwler wh was sending dwn sme beautiful strkes il' Lckwd, Kuvs drve Hlland, fr balls thus accmplishing the hat trick. P. 4 (all run), and bisset pulled bckwd sweetly Chiappini nly survived a few vers befre be fr a cuple. After tw hurs' play the scre- fell t Thmpsn. Five fr 34. Blnnckenbeig was 6. and Pechell was given a trial 'vice jined Breda, but nly t see his partner smartly Lckwd. An verthrw gave Bisset 3 stumped by Mstert, Six' fl'~. Herrer and ff the new bwler. McQue nw t-k Brintn made a shrt stand. taking the scre.t Hlland's place, and Kuys mwed him fr befre the latter was splendidly held ~v The batsmen were cntent with singles frm the Terry in the lng-field ; Herrer being held iu, slw sft-hsuder, and singles were very frequent, like manner by the same fielder a cuple f Bisset ught t have.beel: AtumRed in running vers later. Nine fr 5~. :rhe last Wcket fell ut at Pechell, and this, Wth a piece f smnrt withut anther run scred, the Gardens fielding by Pechel and a bungle b:r Etlinger, thus ttalling the miserable scre f 57. Scres \ which gave Kuys a bundary instead qf a single, and analyses: ".. were the nly relieving items in: a perid f dull,unted SERVCE. < mntny, At length Bisset was stumped by J. Hrne c P. Chiappitri.h Birbeek.. : 5 Nichll thrugh running ut and missing W. Fysh, c Bla~ckenbel'~ b Kisch 2l Pechell, 38-' Kuys welcmed Gill by a P. Slmn, c Ksch b Bll'begk... 9 sweet leg-hit fr '3, ana Gill hit the next in the W. J'. Willin, Blanckenbera b Huhbnll.. same directin fr ne run mre than 'his k b b l P b k. 2.' partner. Gill tk the secnd ball t Pechell's P. Reid, c B ~nc en e~ T e -.. next ver, went ut t smite, missed the ball, J.J. Neser, b Birbeek -... ~ and Nichll stumped him. 46-' Ohallner T. Thmpsn, b Birbeck. 0 pened weakly, P lacing Peehell very tamely J. Terry, c Kisch b Birbeck wide f mid-ff, and then snicked McQue u fr ' 3. H. Mstert, b HubbaH '... 0 He ran nt.t drive Peehell, missed J. W. Clarke, nt ut 5 C. van Huaght, b Hubball.. 7 it, and wastumpecfl. ] d.a.nd~rsn Extras... ls drew Pechell rund r a COllP e an straight- - ljs drve him fr 4. He then went ut t drive Pechelland nly partially gt hld f the ball, spnlng it t Eughes ~. Jnes., played quietly fr a time and then fen t a fine running catch by Etlinzer n the...bguadary Since last he was put n Pechell had taken fi-vewickets in eight vers fr 29 runs. With Smyth in Kuys cntinued t peg i awry with singles and an ccasinal 2 frm each bwler. Smyth then placed ne frm Pechell sftly int James's hands n-t cver Rwe put the wicket-keeper's head in peril, s lng did he wait befere hitting Peehell right behind the wicb-t fr 3. Lk.d ROW tried frm the }Old - Ml Pecbel...,.,. rneuteuauf Blre,, KUys Jdeuteuant Paine. nt ut Extras ' -~..:~r ~.: Ttal fr three wickets "";_..'j.. B(J?l'li~l,g A,nalysi.~. "..H., R. "Rmve 8 3 ;)3 Smyth 4-0 Kuys 9 4.[ UNTED SERVCE V. liubbtill.., Birbeck... Kt.ze Brintn. Kisch Bn'li9lg Analysis.. M. 4:3, i 0 -.~. 0..; :,.if: ~..:89' R. H w. R 6

13 were the nly- l'elievin~ item-s in a pel'i'd f -d~i mntny. At length Bisset was stumped by Nichll thrugh running ut and missing Pechell. 38-"-4-:-5. Kuys welcmed Gill by a sweet lel.l',hit fr 3. ana Gill hit the next in the same directin fr ne run mre than 'his partner. Gill tk the secnd ball t Pechell's next ver, went ut t smite, missed the ball and Nichll stumped him. 46-'-5-4, Challne{. pened weakly, placing Pechel! very tamely wiele f mid-ff, and then snicked McQue fr 3. He ran ut.t drive Pechel!, missed it, and wasj tumped. ] Andersn drew Peehell rund fr a cuple and straightdrve him fr 4. He then went ut t drive Pechell and nly pa"rtially gt hld f the ball spning it t Rughe? Jnes, th~ ~w-cmer, played 9-uietly fr a time and then fell t a fine running catch by Etling-er n the..bguqtlal'y. 64c--8=<l. Since last he wall put n Pechell had taken five wickets in eight vers fr 29 runs. With Smyth in Kuys cntinued t peg awry with singles and an ccasinal 2 fr~ each bwler. Smyth then placed ne frm Pechell sftly int James's hands at cver Rwe put the wicket keepel"s head in peril, s lng did he wait befere hitting Pechell right behind the wicl t fr 3. Lckwd nw tried frm the pnd end. and ff his first hall Peehell drpped a fairly hard catch frm Kuys, at mid-ff, Rwe then hit Pechell just ver mid-n's head fr 2, and an ver later legged him fr 6-making the Clnials 00 n. Then Kuys suicked Lckwd fr 40, and the next went fr a 40 bye. Hlland tk Pechell's place, but with n effect in bringing abut a separatin, and after Rwe had gt a fluky uple thrugh the slips Richards clsed the innings, Kuys canyibg ut his bllt fr 69, a "L&~ : "''''.... UNTEB,SERVCE. J. Hrne c P. Chiappinib Birbeek '" W. Fysh, c Blanckenbetg b Kisch... P. Slmn, c Kisch b -Btrbeck. >, 'V. J'. WiJin, c Banckenbel'~ P. Reid, c Bl~nckenbe~ b Bubeck L. N eser, b Birbeck ;. T. Thmpsn, b Bli'beck.~..' J. Terry, c Kisch b Bil'beck H. Mstert, b Hubball. J. W. Clarke, nt ut. C. van Haaght, Extras b Rubball b Hubball S BOll'litllg Analysis.. lf. R. w. llubbatl.., 4:3 4 ::5 3 Birbeck Kt,ze Brintn.., f 0 Kisch 4 0 S _GARDENS. L. Chiappini, b Slmn... '" C. R. Simpsn, b Thmpsn W. Breda, st Mstel't b Slmn J. Hubball, b Slmn... G. Birbeck, b Slmn..... P. Chiappini, b Thmpsn... C.R. Blanckenberg, b Thmpsn A. Brintn, c Terry b Slmn. J. R errer, c Ten)' ) ThmP!lOD.... J. J. Ktze, b Thmpsn...,. R. Kisch, nt ut.. ' Extras ~ '" ~" Ol 6 i t, n &

14 ,. 8 THE SOUTH AFRCAN REVEW. / Sprting Ntes. Cricket. praise as Rwe, thugh f curse he nly suffers by cmparisn-wh.ich they say is dius-and he als has every reasn t feel satisfied with his latest feat. Raving hpe dne the bwlers full justice, must add that they have t thank the batsmen in allwing The sle tpic f cnversatin in cricket circles them t d 50 well. With 2 runs t get n a gd during the week has been the extrardinary termina- wicket there was nt the least need fr excessive. tin f the W.P.C.C. 'i. Cape Twn match, and-t a almst nervus and panicky cautin. f Reid and certain sectin-the n less extrardinary s-called Richards had played their rdinary game and drive' unsprtsmanlike, cnduct f the W.P.C.C. captain. the ball hard i~d f simply patting it runs mu The latter may be dismissed in a very few.,-,wc:..::,:r.d~s"""-:"-.j...n~me. Again, many runs were lst by nt pa frmer wuld. require a bk t d it justice, and, ;ng the ball slwly t the cvers and running. 'J indeed, have met several peple wh have talked batsmen std as if glued t their grund, and like a bk and, mrever, enugh t fill a gd big aaving a silly pint in frnt f them, the cvers ' bk n the subject. allwed t stand very deep in perfect safety, and' cver a tremendus lt f grund, indeed it was al M B" R h impssible te get a hit thrugh them. A cup' Firstly, then, as t r. Sset 5 actin. e as dashing batsmen wnld have changed the whle' been vilently slandered by a large number f cricketers and thers wh are nt aware f the reasns in ten minutes, and that was the game sme' which prmpted Mr. Bisset t act as he did. Under Prvince men must learn if they are t be rec the circumstances. it wuld have been better had thse f accunt as really capable all-rund cricketer gentlemen suspended judgment instead f indulging in ' vilent and excited tirades against a man whse reputatin had previusly been unsullied by any unsprtsmanlike behaviur. am in pssessin f his reasns, aud am able t say that they are very gd nes, thugh n gd purpse can be served by making them public. The Cape Twn captain and the acting captain last Saturday (Mr. P. S. Jnes) have been furnished by the W.P.C.C. captain with his reasns fr refusing t allw Andersn t field, anti bth have expressed themselves satisfied, There the matter ends. As Mr. Cripps said in his letter t the Cape Tilme. n Wednesday mrning ;-" Mr. Bisset's actien is quite understandable frm a sprting pint f view, and has given rise t an unnecessary amunt f criticism and talk." "" T turn, t..the.mre pleasant side f the game must cngratulate Cape Twn n the inagnificc iit up-hill game they played. Prince's innmgs=-whicc is nw almst ancient histry-c-gave them an uts de chance and Rwe and Middletn wrked like lightning t make the mst f it. Prince's 2 is the finest innings have ever seen him l-lay and have knwn him since he wre knickerbckers. He ught t have been caught ft Graham at deep leg-a fairly easy catch-befre he reached dubles, but thereafter he gave a display f glrius all-rund the wicket play; late cuts, square cuts, frward cuts, f drives, n drives, leg hits, glides, were there in prfusin, and every strke pertect f its kind. The trundlers, except Graham, were helpless against him and, fine as was the subsequent bwlrng f the crack left-handers, am inclined t give him the greatest credit fr the psitin in which Cafe Twn ultimately fund them-._ selves, When the Prvince went in it was any dds n them until Rfmeyr left, when fr sme unknwn reasn Reid and Richards settled dwn t a champin display' f the gse game. 'l."hi." as fllwea up by ther batsmen n the side with the result that Rwe and Middletn tumbled t the situatin and, simply keeping a j.ertectength, made n attempt t get men eut, relying n the batsmen's wn mistakes and the failing light t d the damage. 'he expected happened, three r tur f th~ best men n the side af'ier lng perids f defence at length fell, and then _the weak :Prl'inc...e..Jilll"had t -battle in a- fast'" waning,--,,,,'!u!t4~""_" against sme"ofrh:e best Dwling ever seen at Newlands. t has been said that the game shuld have been played ut n eaturday night. Certainly it shuld have been and wuld have but fr ne 'very in.pi tant reasn. ~ he game ught t have been cmmenced at nun n Saturday, but the Cape Twn men insisted n deducting the hur and a quarter's play which tk place n Thursday evening. he" estern Prvince captain therefre had n alternative but t give them their pund f flesh ar.d nut an unce verweight. l. Returning t the grand feat f Rwe and Middletn n praise can be t extravagazit tr such a perfr- \\ mance, Rwe bwled much the better f the tw, keeping up right thrugh the inning<-trte hurs and ten minutes-c-ane all but the first half. hu acainst the wind. H'- length culd nt have bee ter, anu he used excellent judgment, Middle t a b t.. ~ in e rw men ut leg-befre t &L Uu:. ~ act deserving t s grea] A certain individual, wh evidently wishes t pse as,t great authrity n clnial cricket, has been airing his pinins in the clumns f a -Jhannesburg newspaper in regard t the players ~at..ught t be selected fr the prpsed team fr Eugland. Judging frm the furteen names enumerated, it wuld seemas if this great racle did nt entertain a very exalted pinin f the abilities f cricketers resident in the Western Pr-- vince, He credits Parkin with being the best bwler in Suth Africa. While the Prt Elizabeth ~:;,,..,.;.,_ man is universally admitted t be a~ very gd bwler, very few gd judges f the game Me prepared t g quite as far as that. After naming players like nnes, Kernpie, Wimble and ne r tw ther trundlers- with fair reputatins, he cndescends t remark that, -as he hears that Middletn has imprved as.a bwler, he might be included i the team. The very idea f placing- a man lilr. J A Middletn after players named abve clear~ prves that this wuld-be authrity is nt very i - well psted in cricket matters. 'rhe nly ther players at t-his end wrthy f a place as tail enders, f (accrding t that authrity) being- F Hearne and V van del' Byl. He admits that he des nt knw, much abut E Allen, but what he des knw ' wuld nt lead him t name Allen as a member f the team. Such an admissin nly prves that he has nt kept himself psted re the result f impr- ( tant fixtures duringthe present seasn. Allen, by his perfrmances up t date, stands in the very frnt rank f Snth African cricketers, and wuld be picked by all sund and impartial judges f the game fr.such a trip, in preference t any f the players mentined abve, with the exceptin f thse sterling- cricketers Frank Hearne and Middletn. As was nly t be expected, the writer, being a Jhannesburg man, cannt di-scern a wiketkeeper wrtby f the name after Halliwell. t is evident that this great authrity has neve" seen - perhaps never heard-f Prince r Castens, either f whm, r thug-h perhaps nt s shwy, are cnsidered by thusands f peple t be very little if, indeed, at allinfel;im: t!lha.lli.well-at his very best.,- t wuld. d this gentleman, wh has taken upn himself the - selt-impsed task f selecting the team, a pwer f gd t be present at the crrtemplated turnament t be held at Newlands during Easter. He will then, it may be fr the first time perhaps, have the pleasure f witnessing- cricket f a quality that cannt fail but cnvince him that there are sme fairly gn players ntside f the ''ransva a tel)',a.ll _

15 j.. }JVUliU \):.ue s.n HLU.0L all OUllC~ ver werg u u, Returning t the grand feat f Rwe and Middletn { n praise tan be t extravagazit r such a perfrmance. Rwe bwled much the better f the tw, \ keeping up right thrugh the inning.ltlhte hurs, and ten minutes-s-and all but the TS"t half. hun against the wind. BiB length culd nt have teen better, and. he used excellent judgment, Middltti was a bit lucky in getting tw men ut leg-befre, wlckt:t and n the "hle is nt deserving f s greai D.Vr.,TT'C=

16 l curse, -Ullable t d mre than Mr give. 0. very cursry glance rund., HeverlOlf us hped t spend Saturday in the West, )mt- M~. Lgan was.all-'keenness t.shw us the glries f his.highland. hme.' When he discvered that the game wuld be ver n the secnd evening, he wired making, arrangements fr ~ tn.!' t Lch Tay TEN -DAYS -N TrE_LAND OF ''U,E n Saturday,arid, quth l:ie,_n.xu mnst get ~ HEA'l'HER, THE. y..,ountan, AND t,daigaise.ill time even ij yu have t- THE FLGOD:-.. cllar-ter a special train." Trte: speci-al train DALGUSE CASTLE, PERTHSHlRE, was nt necessary, but it was '2.30 a.m, ere We- Augus~- U.~~.rOl3 Ha;;-regate the first. all- reached ur present temprary- abde, n l;igh~jurney 0 the-tur was necessary, -m rder t-get even with him fer his impatience: rder.t.reach the "Einp"ress City f the we al fresc pen - air cd,ncert, Nrth» in time t fulfil gur engagement and made night, r rather early mrn, with the Ease f.sctland n Mnday, 5th. hideus un.til such time as a sleepy vice inst.... bade us enter., As:.the Yrkshire game was ver early n A Sctch mist, r rather a mister ahem- Satm-da:sr afternn, yu may well 88)< why inatin that by curtesy passes as 'l"eather ill WD did nt travel 0 Sunday. Religius tliis-very liquid-in l0l'9 \vay -tlian ne-- ' scruples,? Wen, n ; -;r'm 'sn:jc nt t he cuntry, endeavured t spil the Lch. able t -admit that, as -far &S the team.are 'Pay picnic. But W> are Jia-rd"",ect t Hlga.- crrcerued-vwith ne: hnurable. exceptin, laud climate -after a )"i,ee.k-i,a.-sjuratr; ; ' ''he 4ai:Jt is that-thse -resensible f.r the side tli.e.!l:~der, a-,,a..,,t"-$u tlie flds. f ec GO Nah culd damp -the Mark Tapley- spirit wrking 0 th Nrth untry tratn 8"~- assumed "-, the wlle party. Fa? abler pens. vice are men whm.sme f the Ber ~J M.L.A.:.s at the Cape wuld like-t grip by than mine have described the magni~cenc<l. the hand and iiaternis-e with as kindred f the Lch 'l.'y scenery, and d nt intend ' ~ints. 'n shrt, we culd nt cr08~ the t an unequal cempetisin. Suffice ; Tweed n Sunday, fer the very simple it, everyne -returned fully cnvineed. f 'reesn that~ere were n trail)' t take us, -th accuracy and "egatd fr the truth f tf thse- pen-wielders. - :.:{""",yetr, we g~t away yer'.!' r".~teeu Y The next day being t.he Sabbath, an hnest rm thii Yrkshire health resrt fwlllrik<endeavur was. mads ta bserve t.he da.y. wifih wdr'"'-;jit n Saturda', and reached the becming slemnity. bea ul capital f Sctia in time f0" an Mnday, the glrius 2th, the-geat- festi. earll ~ reakfast. SUlluay, happened t be a. 'Valf St: Gm.use, dawned fin", -and mst f raj- fine day-l'_ smewhat unusual ccur- - d f j.dur pa.rt;y we~e early n the mrs rea Y r ' rev [in Sctland, we have emet cnsi er the fray. Sinclair, Tanered, KEze, Rwe; > ten days-' expej:len--and advantage Gley, Shalders, Prince, and yung Lgan ekeru f -the beautiful afternn t -the Frth Bridge, the grand ld Castle, -represented tlip team, and jined Mr. Lgan, d.l- f ' ". t est the Rn. W. R:ss, M.L.C., and Dr..Rbert-j an 0...,.- p aces nearry eq ua er. _.; sn at the rdge as' early as pssible, e"srs' A. br~ller-in-law,f Slncla;r's is ne f t.~e Lgan and ROES s,ecured the-biggest beg, but engmeermg staff.rn.,barge f t.~e WOEHl S Sinclai.r, Lgan junir, and Ktze all did l l famus bridge; and th:reugh us kind ef!i<;es. their share, The ttal kill was ilixty-sevenl Sinclair, Tancred, and ne r h; bhers and a half brace, as ',veil as sundry.hares, were enabled ver the bridge; snd One f ur batsqlel,-he ges jn.first. ana make thrugh. }nspllctin f the' ~..,t dcs nt hail frm Kimberley-e-did an all-) sta-uture, Others f us, pssessed f less rund perrr.!]nance that wjll g very near th.e energy, strlled UP. t the Qaste, and, en- recrd f. the seasn. He secured tl)"o and listed the aid 'f ne '0 t.he_g.rides t Ccerne a haw.bra".., gruse, twe hares, half arabus int the ancient frtress, Birrg Sunday.....i'n d " h' if' -the slti<!t" cbsefvanee f'the Bab!:>a.t!!again JJt, ne.r ~ e gs tal s,!""lc'!'s 0, "-~truded.tself-we cwere net allwed t a keeper's head, a.-ndthe brim ff Graham s J b h S' -.' hat...-., ener the rms,<m c-cup,e" y t. e.u,,,,,, Tuesday - tl>~ prgramme wag.. ne-d,\!- ~)a.ty; but the g:uide esrted <us th;;ugh match P~rthshirl>. The latter, ~ve seven gateways, int ilie -inn~r Ul;yard, were- tld, ~~cd..j;q b' m.llt glye and -pinted ut f.he rg~.ll"':.nce OCCUPled ~y t.r\em 30m-a encuragenhmt, ~:::-J::l:l~-Y- Bisset., the luckless Ma.r:f Queen ~f &ts:.. We. -'!'ancrc-d,'tantl 'Rwe std dw~':lli"weln aune 0 the cn0uw..n.j.hat thse castll} thus C"-pt ined tk~ tes.m fr -the first time, guides are all-reund men: f n mean cali-hre, and it "US intend d tlu>t ::"';r. LQgan -shculd being pgssesseil f memries tba~ wuld earn fill the eleventh pkce. At the fast mmenf, tlcm mere than P; "pitta.~e in a.. dzen illf hwever, he had t drp cut wil'lg t illness, fcrecl. wa~ks in escrt 8tarted ff "ld ur-see"eiary tk, t hand f.r the fiest iu tj6 tffirment.h century, and time. En p"sant mus' add, fr the insteadily tile<h thrugh the agea up t -the frma~in f )~klutbafrican -rec.-<lrdand aver. pre3ent year;>- 0'[ gra~ rec'jll.lbillg.w:itli ~~e c0pil:erjj~ that jt. has be~n fficial]y ci~scarcely ~ pa:use f.!:. Cllb<l t.hat tnls match des Rt cunt m the assault.:;" trials; behewalil, r..ddtl0ns. a,nd r~rd.f the tur, being simply. a ne-da-yrenvatins t bnildings, etc.~ fr B.t lea'st game 0';- a hlday no-ture..' hpjf an hur. anes r twice we inter- - YeTth wn the t-cs. :;",d kn-cked up just rapted, t we if he s6uld ptck ti~ the thr~d sl:mrt f 200 l'uns. _ Of that tw extras, -mainf his -taje but he w,pat"~.ntly 9nred tn.e "\' '5v<'" all!auuted t mot" than a. quarter, inrer:ieeti,<>!oujd stes d:.;rypro".-8ed,unt;]l we and "their tp ~COl'er-wasr.Ussm 0:<>ssthan final!:\' nctuded tliat half the -hghhmd six times behind the sticks. N~th"r Halli race 'must n imprisned, tried, OJ' \Yen not' PriDGe;.yu will scarcely need t he ex6cut<:!dwit.hin tbsecinpregnable walls. tld, dnn~d ~ha ga,untlets, a~d Bisset, yo~l But em t.hear yu impatiently claim, <~-T!lt, tut, enu.g~-,f. ~tl.eb exend will rememh0j', yu O:n,.was n.l p~g.who" th.. Guess, nlrrc f. s, exgcutina; what f the encl{et? Srry! Bitt fr cbarity's Sl;)<!), dcmt ask me. Srry! Crick"t it shat! be! Perth, when-they ifjid70 ill' thereablfts nj 'rhe grund f \ih.egrange CJ-ub, wheren tbcl bard, a!ld.less than tw hura remaine<h we met;the East.f Sctland, is situat.e a.t W play, had aeriua thughi.s f declaring. Raebul'n Pll-Ge, ve-rlaked by Fel;tes Cl- Th",y didn't, but tbe neglt ta d s in n " e!!:e,qle f the great'es.t f ScamsJ:." ""hls. Wlly eifect':g- the.-esull:. t did tlj.e apacta t is an x~,ellent grund, with a wilrctc fh tan, thuan, "fr the addl~inal rtms.and t famed fof its run gettin quarities, and the snoltenad t-;,ne to '''ke them in demanded a avilin l airrg3t up t--6the best first class tr. menc!wlhitting' effrt, ana the gd men standard in the;r -f -appintments. f PGrth were-treated- t.a. disp!.,y f hlge A. Bisset, Prlnc'C, amf ~ley stgd d.wn s-miting that tlley will nt readijy frget. TlHl-J frlp. ur team, yung LQgan bsing affred bcuugariea wete nt emal, but thcy mus.t a trial in tne land f iis f"theml. The hme..rn...e seemed 80 t the bwled! when Sin clair-j. me-n batt-ed,-and did-mderately, until Ktza "':; t. He hit fur ffs 0: cnsecutive baus, appeared at the bwring ereasll, and prveil: in cmdany with Hathrn. -added 47 t t-liej t be in his Jtpeedi'Cst and mst destructive ttal eft t.w{) cns.utive,.ers, and fin'allymd_ A ttal f 25 was nt rnu(}ht faee, reached 42 in 65 minute3, including eight nd wescn left it fllr n the rear. The ER$ 6'.,. and nine 4'5. Reid, Ha:-nrn, "Prince,. ca.ptain, -M.". H. J. _-8t<'Puensn,is ne.d C!'l', au f!lwed enit, and J the eest lb bwlers in ilie United KiugdUm, the ZOO we,nt up- "f:ler 80 minutes' play. Reid nd but f{){b.rm.the East might ha~e been and Hathrn each bit a -six and -Cley tw." fielding yet'. He was resen'e in'ca-se f Mr; The latge.crwd 'Wa;~edmst imhlusia.stic,.j:ephsn being unal.i9it pla.y-0'the GenRe" a-ntl a. cupte Of tl'iueand smat:-'beys WM'l rm against the Play~ at LOl'ds, and, - '<'8 -very attentive ill their applause, which '<0< he is ging; ~ take :part. j,n t~ e ~l~ t.he.irm f p&i;!l,sllc«@!'.~(,yel'n 'b(')ruglj',~~lvat'..rijj!,uchelb'lpx~week.;w the'l;iack :W'ihn wn slil'a.i':l!<muj;>(:'bj- T'g'Jt!". fllw his 'perirlllance-i against a.dill A hearty welgme was accq:ued t t6am crack batsmen with irl.tercllt. ; He-is a c,!er by--t!re.chall'jrulu at lunc'hen" 'and ~aptl,\in er; getting p6nty-~f spin n the eall Frall/:wel's n;a'iden~h n; Pnis tur in bd> sides. ana nly.'l'alcr~ pa:yeg repjy dt'd bim ~'''""S:'"-'~~'.:.if. im ~JR<StaiD.ed cnbdence. Se-t-e:-alm: ~~t if caima abut the tigws.u.h Yigur. ~~ l!;e:i'-!-~ -- f ~ :t;!i!i$=!e;~ nn a tlrymg win an sun rencere.' e pitch difficult, and.afol-d~d.graham an "', prtu~ity f,which:h.'l<wu nt clw. t ay< himseif. ~.qe shwers <f th". secnd day kept fire wjcke-t"ea-sy, and:enabt"d t" t emplete ur 'iunings, -snd the -Sc.tchmen. t p'e>tl:. their secud n a pitch'eiyfavurable t b:a.tting, but after lunch.qn the last day, Graham had matters an.his wn way and the 'defenders were quite helpless, He"'J'\'"35 Jtnj; inches bth ways, {lll-'i als E:C!.Jt a very' gd length. n the. "",-emsf ne pr~e$gi<l."aj. wh was the- victina f & partic'ularly gaud ne, He can make 'em em i where he- likes:" Off the cricket fi.eld at Edinburgh we had a :vei:-y jcily time. On Mnday Mi". Ln';": :ir.:iv'l!dfrm D&lg,-,:.e~,and tl): bxes at :k,il Emnir fy the.ffi.">m. Tuesday svenmg we wer~ dined by t.fie Gl'nge Club at Raeburn 'Place and tr.. ;der the. presidency f Mr. Me- La~aj; an lder nr.ther f the famus lnt.,,- nat~!~l, W. E. f that ilk, wh- captained tbe first Rugby t~ t Suth.Africa., a mst harmnius 'e\:ening was spent. ~es5rs. J.. D. Lgan, Cluel Schermbrucker, Murray Biaset, and"h: J. Stephensn an :t~d"d t therr laurels 3S ratrs f n mean.calibre, -0win'g t the dearth f musical talent, -r retue,' wine t t-he mdesty f several mre r less ca..n"t!ej'e~..frmer.s, the fia:t latar n.went frth that (}-v~ryman in turn must simr a EODO" r m-ak-e a speech. Then: under s,tl',;ss f ('nlp'lrt~in,-t&ncl'sci, Halliwell, and -tw r three f ur hsts prved their wrth. Nt many f us have enjyed an evening in the OM CuntJ'y.mre than we did last, ''uesday night with the arang;e Club. Wednesday' eve-ning,\\9:5 spent -witnesslg the perfrmance ~r "Tlenthe,"..s the gueste ~_the J?'O~Jy Carte, OPBj'!l, Cmpany. Prminent tile.mat- was Nl'. Albert Kavanagh, whm lll~ny ld Randites will dubtless reme!l)ber: Cer;. tainly ld Pirate!: ",ill rceall the Pirates n'!l;ht at the Standard Theatre, when ~r. KavltHz:gh tk the part f t,~e pirate Kl)i\" in the " Pir ates f Penzance, and th-ey WJl he glad t learn th'l.t he. is as che:rrful. as ever, anel ldking nt" a week lder than n th~ hs lcyn days,.., A curisity wentlce.d 0 F.",hnbnrgh );; thas the names <>the stl'ee.ts at the ~,.ne~ a~'e rit-"iven in full. Fr exampte, ",'itea,. ~Ath'PJa.,e, GrGs'lenr Crescent. ei::., ne!"e'mh Athl Pl., Gr3\'enr pres., and s. ~. One member f the team, wn by the WRy :3 a ScOtc.hfilUl hin:rself, a:lld lx~_enber f a. ghi'"5.!: dan and was tllus gibing at his awn c{)un- ~.en, interl~l:e~d the. saving?f lett;:!"~ ~t.~ Sctch care Of t!fe bawbes, mggard,me.i5, Q! SOfn8 equ~lhy strng ~ei"n'l. ld Scblanu a cpper cirr ls a,,~.n~b,e a":'let, -a.swe lermt t--bur arlvantage Wth tlram ndes at p; h.lfpen!'>y a jurney, ne-m;paper;. b- 'tainable at a simii-ar ignre J and ether tnmg3 j in a like "at.;. - Frm the Frtli- we tured cr('s-~o\~}ry t the Clyde in rder tc encunter t.~e \,-<'~t f Scctland at PMtick, Glasgw:. ''lle tram j wosnearly -a.n n05r late" nt.hrng unusual,, in far-t, 'quite t-he reyerse n Sctland, as we have since dill cvered.. n all th<.t~am made &ix ilifferent nlllwflcyjurneys n<~h f tl;..e T.. eed and nt n. ene ccasonwas the tmm ~punct"',,l.. 'rhe g wit! the waterlog-can ha~ be~n busv r three da-ys prir t ur_ arrval m,tbe--great inciuztt;-,j hiy" f the West, :.;nd.he!"p.muined in frm during ur ~Wfr (l."!.ys ~tt.y. Th<! re.ult w:tsa G'ular puddl!g r a; wlck"t at Partiel<. ll)terv;d~ f brjght sunshme Hnrl 'Shwers did nt imprve matters. an~ thp f wicket,_nevpr ~ gg-od-j}ueaj; the t.ast. f thne~, 'WM abut the FOrst we-had pl-ayed n p W date. '. d Gd batting ws 0t f the.ques~"n, an "the ganle resved " n~ r cha.n-::.e. A very few re!lla;.'ks \vlll t}.er.e>:re,.u.ffi.ce. Shaldel"S, M. ~isset, aj~d R~d,.w_ tne first inninl'~, and Ccley. Red, Swcan; and Graham in j,lle 2e<;nd. all cntnbuted 2el. (Jutns. and tue stc,n a.nd value f t.hetr effrt is intuleqm:tely repre ented b-y the gul'e pp9site their rt'alpcctiye ~ames.. ' C<>levhad the t..psere f the ma.ten. He was let ff. «n ea'!y ::-hance J Wlen tw, bu~ thereafter hit. with. great Vgur, and made s.em.e excellent strkes, ne very ~ and pwerful drive landing the leathe~ mt the"cent ra3dwa.y. Sinclair and R{")-wem~de th!l,mst f th" wicket, nnd j;he l>:",er ls rapld.:;!!-?preeb- [ in?: his Wckets fr the tur.. -n Sctland we RU'e run acj'os3 qu te number f S(>llt.hAfricans. At ~nbun! Mr. Lachlan McLean. f the Um,?-C Cmpany. wit~'"'ed th~..-rd day as did M.. and. P L!!&n ~n.:d;~]aaf~~'g.~_-",,~~ t:ui3p :. & L.-~J

17 - ""'A'.B~s~t, P~'i;;;'-and C~ley sted dwn s-m,tmg tlia.t t ley W nt reai'fflyrget, TiW""J frm ur team, yun-g Lgan bsing a:!fr4ed bundaries were nt small, but they must & trial in the and f -liis fitthe'l!. The hme JU,e seemed- s t the bwlers when SinclairJl ' men batted.vand did 'mderately, until KtZ8. e +. He hit fur f's GJ'f cnsecutive, appeared at_ the bi6wling crease, and prved in cmpany with Hsthria added il7'"'t the t be in his speediest and mst destructive ttal c!l' tw cnsecutive vers, and nnnlly-/ md. A ttal f 2~ was nt much t face,.reched 22 in 65 minutes, including eight and we. sn.:jeft-j:t far in the rea s, The East 6'g and nine 4's. Reid, Hathrn Yrin<::e,. -eaptain, ''_-H. ;J. S'te;phensn, is ne cf Crli)lr-y, and Grl\llam all fllwed euit, ;ca,nd the "est lb bw~rs in the United Kingdm, the 200 went up-after 80 minutes' play. J:eid -&nd but fr hjm,.the East might have been and Hathrn each hit a.six and-ciey tw. fielding yet:, H" was reserve in-cese 0 Mr: The large crwd waxed mst entu5il.stic,. ael'hsn being uuabls.t f/fa.y lr tnec Gentle- imtl' a cuple 0 thusand stnall"bys werp. "men against the Players ~ Lrds, and, ls Yery attentive i their applause, which i:a'lii ':he ~s -gln~ 0 tal<e part),n tw_ f ~he_e?ar- th. frm f patti;ng,the :successful. pl,,:ve'!_u '-bruglr,f(cs?!val- maij!jhe!vn.ext-;weel},:w~ -sna-!l the Qack Witfi- n sih'al-\lmut>t~( t- l!w his perf.mance-s against.il_dmltt-edly, A hearty :welcme wae accrded th t-6m crack h"tslu>il with ip-tercirt;,,..he)s a c~yb:r b~,4;p:e.qba'l'm~n at tulc:con, -a,n~ Cap'tajn 'bwler;>,getting pl6'ty f spm n the ball Halnveli's.maiden. speech n fhis tur m :frm beli!) sies! and nly.tanercd -!)laynd reply did him creedi!;;.., him with s(;sfaln...'ce-n:llclence. Several Q,.'hia vemng it is- ra:ining agli;in, but. -te th,e_.thers set abut he -slws with vigur, dampness withtlt affet, "US :ti~;!~. Mr. but aft-er a few lusty. smit-es, fell t the 00:)- Lgan is greatly. delighted that his team -has 'ilratin f an en-erg:eti.c field and' the wi~ s.;l>adlywnr~a th:.:ee different ~eyeil~ ~f Gf the j lbster." '.fanm-ed prayed a sjillend.itl is -wn cuntrymen thaet he desn't care if innings; -faultless, exlle-pt'r a cuple-. sn<l>ifs. _. _. _,_ mre r less. difficult chances f ~tumpmg, A'ptps f the spleudld 'Tegn:lanty ~th ~-&d,had the satisfactin 6f tpping the cen- w]l~eh Jll.pite.,. i'lethvin,,-; fulflls his alltted il' tury fr,the first time jn Great..ritain. Time- ti~k in this land 0 the- muntain qew. and. agam he ran dwn fhe lbs and. drv:e COlnel Setr""mbruckcr tells a dleful tal-e. them t all parts f tll". field, and "Wh~:r t Sct.tland," Sflya.he, fetal at 6,.had the satisfactin 0 ruemng "y.aid- "'at sue the.sun fr 'l;are..- :weeks, t int his thusand runs during-the tur. He raned all At last. in th-: hpe f. secnd nly t H-athrn in this respect. a. prmise f VOtt"r things' in. gt<jre~.p. _ Rain fell heavily n the secnd mrning, pr<jxclied ne <>f Jh > S~'''&rda witt! -the~' s- ~hat detayil'lg-tlie i!tmt;.a-a-~l-iseq~!>nt!rn'f(' ~ y~ ~!ly~ i~ye w.eatller Eke $light a.js threatened interruptin. m Sct!and? Oh, u,: r e smw ;t Very Biriil}r -mej:e~elg!i;a. 'COditi'S pre- '!lea {ene, ' it enw~':!i\d-c6ll"tlle tmr clay, :wibh regard t c u 'as. a C n: Kin «un ''''.rh''~--;---;._-:-;,...-r. _ iffol,t is inadequately represented ~ the figure~ ppsite their respective!lames. Clev had the tp scre f the mate. He was let ff. an easy chance. when tw; but thereafter hit with great vrgur, and made game excellent strkes, ne very ~n -:ud pwerful drive landing the leather int "he adjacent radway. _ Sincl~ir and Rwe made th~ mat i th" wicket, and t.he frmer 'is ra.pld!:;!>ppre.ffi.- iug us bundt-ed wickets fer the tur.. -n Sctland we have run acrss quite A. number,h Afrieans. At Edinburgh, M.r_ Lachlan _Mc.Mll. (if the U.niO-,;,-CMt!e Cmpany; witlx'.io'<e.dth~ secnd day s Pia, Y, as did M. and"\''-5, \'i _ P_ Tayf!'. M-r.!- Lcanc aud a party came ver Jrm Dalg-u;,e &.ndi;he 'N[;sses:Gergesll, f \ FiR-stLnd';, ware -present, whilst ~' number f Suth Af-tjcan students at Edinburgh llmv~rsity als caj..~et see there;t: perfrm. At Glasgw., Mr. ~' R. Sy!re,_ lked H! up.a.f:,,:n; '!t the l\~c~<>wat8.!, Dicesans. wh nave mad9. thej~ mark _ GlasO'w ftball circle>!.. ""J:Q,eed cess c f tkeir fellw-euntrymen- Our- tl.'ue in Glasg;w w~_s_very S)0't~ s shrt; in bet, tj:)&t an r ll'vltatlo!, t dine Wth Mr. Mathesn, the W e~t captain, and thers, had perfrce t be dechn".d. Thure?syeveT ing ne- "ld. all made their ~a:r t ~he.exh_ \ bitin, Put m the very shan; time &vatlable. { frm 8 t;;tlt p.m., were, il the sue-.

18 J an P batt'lr ana sunder batsman, but ne wh, like Tancred, scres freely, and inspires his clleagues with great cnfidnce. But a,ery strange slat f affairs is it that, despite the admitted example i ur first pair as aids twards the manufacturing f big ttals, a cllapse has well nigh invariably fllwed upn a gd siart by the Kinrberley-Transvaal cmbinatin. Such things require a lt f explanatin. Persnally, intend t assay t.ole. Allan Reid has been ding pretty -well f late. He generally Harrg(lte, August Z. plays a hitting game, and brings ff sme What am ;0 find t tell f. the> dings "f, fine drives, bth ff and n, als bth lfty i the team during the past 'i'feek ia s{>(newitat and alng the turf. His high n-drive- is, f a cnundrum. Of curse have made 0 a finer punch than anyne, Sinclair, j me!'tin f the match (sic) at Swind(Hl, curse, excepted, n the side can execute. which tk place, r endeavured tc take He has.30 due- s me gd wrle in the place u the tw clsing days <;>last week, field, aud in this Y...-k3hirematch in particu. \ and au's mre, dn't> intend t mentin ar he has been seen t ensidazable advan- i~, exepl t say, as f curse mllst by nw tage in that, respect. Of Hathrn have be smewha.t ancient lliafry, t,hab there was ften spken, and there is really nth[ng never any real chance f the game being t add. He- inspires ne with mre cnbr()u<7..h~t a definite cnclusin. And fidence.f his ability t stay there fr an 'twere b Uer thus. Cricket is- nt cricket indefinite perid than any ther man 0 the huudr ~ cnditins that prevailed. gain, side, in s far, tha.t is, &8 plumb wickets- are ud, misture'. M,jitw-,;, ud, rain. cncerned. Hathrn hae imprved a tt r!n 8.atut:daN nig'it t ne$da ~a- in the field f a.te-nt that he was ever. a day the aixteen - units ceriijio%i'ii'g: tn",,,t,,,,,sl bad field-and nw is very sure and painstaksn, very little f ne- anther, b,, a great ing. Sinclair, by his imprved batting, has deal f tm.r peple and things, ani! n clearyajustified his claim t be cnsidered the Clubt they imprved their mind. and t,he best all-runder. He bas dne a lt f u e- shining hur. ''hc " shining"- hur, be it ful run-getting f late,-but even nw is wt nted. fr frm the dleful experiences Of in hi. ld-time frm. He has develped a residents ill Lndn during the three imme- tendency t wield a crked bat at times, diately preceding days we had been led t especially when tackling a fast bwler, and expect lii;ue f th"t brihiant c-mmdity. mrever, he is ccasinally very rash. $,n- 'm nt sure, by the way, thal; that is al- clair is. f curse, a magnificent hitter, but ~t<6ether brinia[)~!y-expreased, l~,-eny w~, he is, r can be, "sund, reliable batsman f r OU knw what,m, which S nearly all the mst apprved type. H nly he ~uld u hat, matters. ~ be persuaded t play &8 he played in the B97 t W8.9 a cheerfully and hpefully expect- Enster turney, at Jhannegburg,.,-when 0>- ~~nt party tlmt assembled at bhe 'l'avist?~k psed t Ge. Lhmann, Gerge Rwe, and ~r lunch 0 Wednesday, prir t tabng Middletn-he wuld take a deal mre shifttrllin fr this beautiful shw twn f thef'ing than he des at present, and the cables \ many-ecred shire. Fr 'were i.we nt; ging WOJldshrtly be flashing the details f sme j ~ t-hrw dwn tile gauntlet. t t46 great r ther great century f his acrss the j CDlDPlOneunty! And illd we nt, ne and waters. \Vitb L'e'ga.rdt i5bwling, there all, secretly vw t emulate the can De n questin that en his day. he is\ brilliant deeds f " dear ld Sam- quite the mst difficult f ur fur attackers. my" - as Lrd Hawke' called him ly<l~terda,y fr. inscance, he kept a splendid at the dinner asb vening--and his length, v~riea.his pace very cleverly, and trus~y henchmen? We-, we lst the tss t made 'em turn bth ways. n the field, he] sta,rt with, 80 that a; n au chance f '8 erratic; tip-tp t-day,.unce. bain t-rnrsimilarity between the tw games was rw, Murrav Bisset is a giant t step inte. kncked int a cked hat." frm the ut- - th breach at a crisis. The wrse plight the set. Smerset had 239 t save the innings side ill in, the mm determinedly des he defeat. \Vie'have 392 t' get t' -win, which shut his teeth, arid, s t, speak, grind fr j task is the greater leav-e my readers t ' dear life, He is in better frm -than fr a.decide fr themselves, Anyway, let me ten.,ple f years paat", at least, at New!al:de, yu that whatever success all-t ur lt n and the field at mid-ff he has dne a lt the mrrw, the team are gcir.g t gird up f very" brilliant wrk. Halliwell keeps ~eir lins and make a rea-ygd fight. wicket as well as ever when sund, but he Preaently must vi&i'ffur s;;t,ting-rm and has been s much battered abnt by Ktze's exhrt every man t d his duty ; nay, mre expresses that he has frequently been inthan his duty, if nly' in rder that may capacitated frm dnning the stamper's nt be stultified "in the eyes r my readers. armur. Sme f his leg-ilide stumping feats The team as chsen t d duy fr us is 'have fa.irly staggered bth the victimised suppsed t represent ut' full strcng th, batter and the nlkers, Halliwell, like his Celey, J.,gllJl, jun., -and A. Bisset PG captain, is a thefrnghly at a standing dwn. The latter, f curse, i$ pinch. His cnfidence and lusty hlttmg hm'e undubtedly a better player tlian ne r tw several times been f inestimable value. wh nnd places, but f!' sqme unej<plained Rwe has his bwling doyfi. Let him bwl rea;,n ArL;e hmr '!llr.bee"li g<>ttitgtb..llld' the slw leg-curler he is always (hfficult, and he.shuld Of late. Wli~r; exa~tly, is difficult nearly always 5ucce58ful. SmehEfw r ther ;0 The nly seemingry rea:;na,b.!e thugh, he 'un he culd. swerve ~r?m excuse t ffer fr his failure is tha~ he ha~ the ff and since then h.'! ne amlnt]n nt the sta.min. fr codtinuu8 cl".lcket and ha,; ;,"';nt clea;n bwl his victim with a fast that frm l ck f rbust vigur his cn.fidence ne, swingiug in frm the, ff. Gerge J3 in himself haa suffe~ed, nt eld:ng s we!! as he mlghl' d(), and has Charles P~'ilce i. nt ba.ttina in ar.ything, at Newh.ud,. He has dne a lt f like his best Afrin frm, nr,"fr that mat- r ~rllhant wrk, but he h,.. de."elo'wd a -wnter, has he at any time doile s, and fr the ency f?r ne hand wrk,,whldt S sure nt preaent at any' rate a damaged hand in- t'il pay n. the lng run.. ' ea.pacitates hinl frm pffiiating behind the Ktze 8 a better and much fft"mlr shnger V Lgan's Team. Mr. ~----- THE CHAMPON CDUNT'Y. (By Our Special Cvrespndent. ''eam.) batic\o;. He des nt seem therefre alt- thd ever h~ wu.s at N ewl,,:nds, an.d a ('{)Uplc gather likely t' be f any great use- t j f weeks a.ll.0be w~ trundllllg gl'andly,!!,reat i) ~ side, but at auy rat-e, h pace cmbmed. wtth J!;...YA!T?QG' &\e. p.t,...."~ ~ntribut-ad R very acceptabfe 95 at StO'ke,: : ''h,. re~,,; ef<)l"ce~" 'test has. P;::,t.nm iff" and als helped the scre.lng at Wr-cester_ 'and t-day he was fa, frm bel as f0th' ~e. t is the.-efre exped.ent that he be played i"ble an ppnent as a weef:cr e f in- the hpe that ere lng' he may treat u~. is r.m f?r mprvement lll, th~.field" bu~ h;s. t ne f his vm'y best displays such a "e-m: f nt rthdx.. S-very VgO,OU., 'inning. f the pnrgst 'ray 6G~elleJ and, when uck favurs hm. he kncks ~p as hi, 8 in thee W~stern- a uaefd tw~nty Oi- thll-ty almst befre tile Prvin - Capr Twn meet,ng at fact is rle'ahsed...' L ilk> ending f the 899 seasoll. Luis> Tan- Gl'&ham has greatly mprved as a b~t, cred has nt been quite the 8ucces~ we and ail he S a;lways ready fr tell mlllut!e~ anticipated this tl';p Certainly l()ha,. cn- bfre hillel!, be~re t.lme,,r at any thf" \ trib>.iled!!everal ve.;' useful intiino"s.but lint incnvenient perod, lls s'er.vlces.have sme..' 0e buabelful f n;ns hacs () ~ ~ times bn f great value, Hp S. nt fiejldfe iitie _ ing s waj.las at Ne~lands; and h,s bwljl'lg _ C8Ding. His lltilil;:j-t~ is the l'everse f reliable. TQ da,y '!- pclfeet -;=:-::=~~~:'~ with the a.earel.y-b& accllrlltely' len~h; then t-mrrw allli\".<:lrthree d~. and. fr this l"'..ason: perhaps!'fter 0 length at 'tu- _ ' abut the bwling Last lllght 'J!e were e tg dm,.r ~ &lie imi and Y - was t ';ue travailed per same train, but smehw r ther gt int the wrng train, and was carried <in t Darlingtn. Hwever, h" managed tfini a train back in time t reach the dinner (t,lo p,m., and in time t ' make a mat- elquent and humrus ratien.. Meanime Mr. Lgan, having lst his wuld-be fellw-traveller, alighted At i Yrk, and 'spent the evenrng wiring hither and t.hither ib search f the mis~ing Clnel. A wi., t the Laird t cme n t the dinner re :'erl Yrk after th lu\ train had t'ft fr her>, Mr. Lgan.had tjier<,f,e t cntent, himself with aplgetic wires, and ct his heels in Yrk until this mrning. Lrd Hawke made " splendid speech+in -prpsing the tast f the guests f the evening, and tl, ccasin t pint ut that \his was the first ccas.i, n which the Cunty Cmmittee had Oil,.~rained any visiting team frm acrss Wi> seas. Majr Sheppherd, a member L t e cmmittee, said at4t l, nice thi&~ ~t.ohtthe team. Mtrrra,y isseu respnded i ': l. in his J~laJwell-chscn style, and redl.c _ that he wuld nli bat- lng n this.,.-i.- -"'. as he understd that the Clnel was bt2!" t- have. an innings, and he must be &:0..,.; ample time fr ne f his. best cm_.ll said befre, t,he Clnel's effrt was ill every way wrthy f him. The cntending elevens were, f curse, ~;h present, and a hst f thers, Lrd Hawke, the curse f us remarks, stated that Suth Africans. bad received him in their cuntry 50 crdially, as,.. ell as ther Yrkshire men,,tabl:r Frank Mitchell and the late Mr. F. W. Milligau, that hi. Cunty Cmmittee eagerly seized this- pprtunity f returning the curt-esy ShOWlt-the captam and ther famus Yrk. shirernen, Present nt the dinner, amuget thers,' were: <\r, J ul ius Jepps~ he chairman f the Wanderers' Club at Jhannesburg ; Mr. \V. Rckey, anther J-hall!lesburger j,l}eutenant Alf, Hellawell, lately f the. (jape ''imes." and rnre' lately f th \Y.P.M.!'.., and JnL..PhilliQ!!.<. the famus umpire, wh e name has been so prminently bf~ the public f late in TO the thrwing questsn. T-night the trem are the guests f.he Yrkshire Culty e,c.. at the thea!;r". Bur enugh f this; the play's the thing, and the -play is cricket, Therefre t cricket let it be. Of curse my readers will wan't t-kn:" wh,atl we thiuk f the Yrkshire team, Well, tne game is.nb yet ver and shan u-serve rnsb f- D.Yi.ema.rks u~e{'- this headi ng until next week. Just a few here may be f illt. "est. w-u, the chief cuaracteristic!s ~ their lve f (tiil" pla:f"and true sprt, their energy,,keennes3, an? en6hlls:aam fr,thelr side. N selfish m.k'es are apparent, They almst idlise L6rd Hawke, ami there S a. gd ellwshipr--& bn cmeradi amngst the men which cannt fail t have the best results. There i~ n Palairet, n Fry, r Ranji in their ra~ks,,hut e:\re-ry man ~ a gd trier, and doi}&.llls. best t 9"et runs as fas!; as he can. Hirst and Haigh <re nt playing, and Rhd<!s, nly bwled. sleveu vers, hpe he will be called upn t send dwn fur times as many n th mrrw und that then he will nt be successful. Of-the utfield f the side must speak n~xt week when J. have"had a further ppr;l. f sl;ldy,ng thelr methds, Y ssterclay, cer-' t.inly.their fielding Wl:" r:.0 vet:i:er than urs. M,', Aba- Bailey was an mterea<ed spectatr 0 tv-day's play, aud again a. hl.ige crwd witnessed the game. jllcluding ~ very large prprtin f fajr ladies ill r&.ylshlng cstumes. 'lnc ar-e tld that t.he Harrgate seas()jis ill full swing llow. O"rt:.ll~y.the pla<!e i:. crwded with n~ables and "al!hlona:y dre;;s rlk," The weather has, beel} vets fine, and :a~ga.t-e 9tnkes m~ as ije~,m exceedingly h<!~lih)' spt-qut" apatg frem the "a(e,-. MORE -Anal}'! THE YORKS;WE G'lasg W; "August 9. -' The' predictin f ur champin ~tilliat_ lss nb QOmet n.ther \VerGe, we did nt beat yrk~hire. As, Wt~ be;ri', [ hwever, am inclined t thee pmloll tll.& he was nt mre than half in rneef, a,nel at any rat- he- dcs nt appeal' s dwncastas his lrdship f Yrbhire wuld undubt: edl have been ha.d we humble<i t.he eleven w'hih he is EO d~~a9tyedly prud ~ lead, And as fr t,h Te.t f us, we j,rquiw ~atjsfied with the game we gave tile cha!p.n". T'lHY were well-n"igh at full streagtt:-t-h& nly hange fr Uw ~anea9hire!'latch.. J. T. Brwn's benefit, bemg the. susbluh~ Hirst fr Wainwright-yeL t was weu mt the third aftez-.jn be ce w,: were "?"'- plled t. lwer ac. f!.a? ThaL S. -..a.b many f tha candlqa.res r c..; Y (' pimt.ip hnunt Jl&ll say_ En th~ Tykes had a Tery..- u.s_ ce~my bt!!' -

19 sticks. He des nt seem therdre alt- thd.ll ever lie was at ' ewlaflt'ts, ant! a rupre ~he.. lik"ly t be r a,ny greab use- t!f weeks a.~ he.w!,s trundling.ltandly, great ;be. da, but at any rat." he pace cmbined. with ~...xe7?q''''''''' p:vv~ ~nlrjbut a,ery acceptable 5 at Stke 't'h" rccul, enfrced :est has put lrim. ff, snd_ als helped the scre alng at Wrcester' ~and t-day he was far frm being as frmid-! ~t B therefre expedient, tha.the be pli""ed' 4 able a.n ppnent as a week r tw ~. There n- the h~ that ere lng-lee may treat u~ is rm fr imprvemen-t in the field, but his! ~?ne f his..y''''"ybest displays, snch a gnu battiug. if nt rthdx. is, very vigrus, nning. f the.purest ray serene and, when luck favurs him" he kncks up as. his 8 l the, Western- a useful twenty r thirty almst befre tite Prvince - Cap«Twn meting at fact is realised... L the ending f the 899 seasn. Luis Tan- Grr.ham has gready mprved as a b:,t,. CNd. has nt. been quite the success ''e and a. he is always ready fr tell mintl~es i a~hclpated this trip, Certainly he hag. cn- befre lunch, befre time; r at any ther i trib,~t~d several very useful innings, but nt incnvenient perid, his services have sllle-j ne bushelful-f mus h:p (\ erd. ~ times been f great value. He is nt fieldfr thi:' ma. er, - 'liatier.~ --rma iug s well as at Newlands; and his bwlin '! smething big "Wail cming; Hi. utility t is the reverse f reliable. T-day a perfect the side can, hwever, sarcelj=be- accurately. le'n~h; then t-mrrw and fr three d~. Dl~ured by.ay.erage, and fr this reasn; perhaps after n length at all. - Time and again he has set abut the bwline Last night we 'were entertained t dinner u.t t~e cmmeneemenf ~ the nnings," a.nd by the Yrkshire &nmty Club. Lrd Haw~. kncked up twenty r thirty in duble quick president and captain, presided. A large and cnfident style. He scres S9 fast and! m~any fregathered, and a mt njyabie by.such gd strkes that the men waitinz evening was spent. An mfrtunate a3.r th~r. turn t bat are t bund t frm th~ was the nn-arrival f the Hu, Mr. Lgan.! p~ntn that t~9 bwling: i~ l\8y, _and, t!ly r.l.t 8:ppears that h-: ha.d been llii~lea int De- re<ill.l"r@l!l";>u.nchmg. ~Aga.m. L.T. lias fielded ieving that the dinner was t-night, instead COnsstently well tol''r.. He has saved f last, night. He left Lndn yesterday u.fwl: ~an:f a fur at pint, and als effected tile nn, intending t sleep at Yrk and cme dismissal f".m"n~py means f s~art catches, n in the mrning. Clnel Schermbrucker. wh therwise might have becme verv. sharp,thrn" in ur side, - L~~-~~----=':::':"':----~---''-----" Shalders is anther player, { the. same, {ass',e..nerrl as 'd a.field as Tancr~, MORE -:ABOU~ THE Y(~RKSllLRPJ - Glasg w, ""\:ugust '9. [' The' predictin f ur champin pti-tniat has neb CODle t ass, n ther wrds, vre did nt heat Yr<hire. As wrte be}r(', hwever, am inclined t the pinin that he was' _nt mre than half in "",rneet, and a.t &y rate he dcs nt appeal" s dwncast as hi" lrdship f Yrkshire wuld undubtedly have been lul.u we humbled t.hb' eleven whi"h he is s deservedly prud t lead. Arid as fr the -resb f us, we arc quite satisfied with the game we gave the nhampina T'ney were Wt'll-nigh. at full ~reugth-t,h" nly clll>"lge fr the Lll.neashir match, J. T. Brwn's benefit, being the substitutin, f Hirst fr Wainwright-yet it was well int fhe tbird afternn befre WB' were cm-" pelled t lwer ur flag. That is mre t.han man-y _f the candidates fr cunty cham-. pinship hnurs pan s!l.y. En- rute, t, the Tykes liad a very llnp,asy time. When 'tlw cent.ury hve in sight in ur secnd innings.. with 0 wicket dwn, and ~.vanc:ed -and, Reid well set, there 6n' dubt, r pat "he> hampins were in deadly earnest. Half an hur later anther xample f the greatest charm f tp<>,game-ita imm~\lse Ulec&t.a.>Hty '4

20 ...J>...U 8- q. ur WlC a s OtL lhzg;0 nlislh, sad thareaiter 'L<!rtl llawke nd his merne mel,.24llwsy~held the whip.hand, Reid fell t a splendid catch by ~ ~lf atdng-ff- tha.leldsman. tskiug the i : ball "ClOY lw Qwn n the left. si~le. - Tall: i-ered- returned a het--ne 0 Rhde",.aud Sm- clair rashly lettin~ ut directly he!ht-yed,. was eleverly caugn.t and bwled frm 'a trcmendus skir. V,ter,- Hathrn and Halliwell.pJ8.~ with gl'eat. cnfidence, hut trey, wsre nly leading ~fdrlrll npe. ~ athrn \ ked like making a. lng stay w.ben he sent ne very hard bac-kt9 Smith, and Ha.lliwell's lusty ca.reer_m9't- an untimely end.nsequent upn an endeavur t llit- a ~ yrker ut f stg ;t; ki. -. sien, ma.y add tll t. the wicket-s-never re!l;lly up t the lil. sta:n,dard-ha.d cmmenced t wear twards the jclse f the _s~c{}l,ldday, ' and that the general.pinin was that m: ppnents had dne very well t reach 369, Masb- (}f the chilli!'un-getters mad,,_ fnulty s~r.()kes, which, unluckily r~r. us,. did nt uite cme t hand, and '\\ ainwright, tj"'- tp screr; ff by Graham frm a' simple ret~rn befre he had made 20; and agllill. at 62 he sen~ an easy ne t Shalders in. tlie."out-field. These bh.:.ndars-m""'~}: t9fw,ise- excellent, di-splay f fielding, ana ne which earned unstinted.applause, DU'- iag the lunchen iute'va. n the gec~nd. <;"". verheard tw ty>ieal Tykes dl~cussmg tha game, and (J'l:lOth One t9 the, ther : "'Chese ellws any rate- teach uy fellws a. lessn. in fielding." r Tha~ tesblllq.ny, ming frm a staunch Yrbhlre!llil.n. against his wn cunty, wb~ mve tt;e reputatin f being te best fielding side -m E,~- \ huhl, was indeed high praise. -, Lrd Hawke- tld.~ afte--cwa.rdgt.!""tn an f the-w0ket n the thind mrn- i"g._ he cnsidered we shuld be uky.:<> reah 50. The a.itendance thrughut, this J game was splendid, the crwd nce the mst fashin.,b{e and appreciaiave iihat has witnessed 8..Y f cur game.". n thepavilin were Messrs, Ab Bailey, Julllls Jeppe, and \V. P" Taylr, all well-knwn lsuth Africans. - t.. is 2m?st needless "t ada anther.eulh African, present was M,'. Alf. Hellawell, sme time.spdrts ecitj:,;f the" Ca.!;)"''irues.".and ther. crrei'p&nd,mt at M"f~lllg _during the siege. Messrs. Jeppe and Tayl?f. were yery pleased with the all-rund:' exhibibin f tle team, and came t see us e>ff t Edinburgh n the St.!;urda.y night, Our captain din~ with Mr. Bailey ne evening. and was let int!'- J secret cncerning a well-knwn Suth. Afn- can rickcter nw in England that will be ecd news t &$uth Africa ns..f / that, hwever, mra ann. \-Va- had ail been lkinz frearc! t meetlll!!; Yrkshire -and Rhd~s (dn't frget Rhdes, as he is fhe mst imnrtarrt {act" jn their many triumph3)-fr week. befre the match tk r'plnee, _and think tld YOl in my ~st Hhat we had written t Lrd HaWKe asking as a C?lllphment t. SDU!.!r Anr,-an cricket t!.t lls h,l! champinship eleven mig)t ppse us. -. J_' 'r Unf-rtnnat,ely. ur: letter readed!um just after Lnel P"a laireb and ther Smerset batsmen had gi,'etl- Rhdes end C. such a ding. His rdship was evrrle'.'ty a littjc J despndent and.replied tha nthing wcu.d, give him ~ea.ter pleasure, but that we culd l see fr urselves that his bwlers w- ~ e.used! up and badly in!lee-d f rest, e'~eciaily i yj~w f the 'Bank ~ Hliday -match against i 't;a;nllashire n the fllwing three. davs. At the last minute, li:"w-ever, Rhdea--tk {,hei place <4 E. R. WJ::,n. Haigh was undergrng Sll'gial trea.tmeut fr a bad knee at HW'l'gate and h -nt played fr the PM" ten -qay,. 'As it fi,appened, therefere, Hirst was the nly ahsenl:e,drm the full sidl'. J>ersnally.,tudi.ed the whle eleven, b,th individu&lly R,ndcllectively, with great interest, and, perhaps, the rmpresstus f 3. Suth Afrian may be f interest t Suth.AJrian.raders. ~t any rate, here they are l(g what bhey are w-rth. The secret f their Bte-cessseems- t be a: ;d captain. bth n and ff the field. A bnd, f sympa.t.hy, a feeling- f god-fellw.! '-llhip between th,,- captaiu and ris men, betw' Bn the amateurs and prlessinals, ciu:tted with several f the s.gter. and fund that. ne and all had a!'reat fr "hi lrdship." as they all call him. Lrdi Ravd<:e is evidently a very thughtful ana. cnsiderate captain, and ne wh,ha.s interests f his men, R. ~l! 'M.hrs,~d",.~fu",,'at ;,.''. "'Tlen,,wain. nne f t.he'l batsii:lell belcng t f.h,at de~e8tlib-le e~, the " a.verag-mn"gel"8. Tnere 8 r. QUlute <>t. Kinnca.r a.bllt t.he stalwart Tykes: Ey\"ry' man pla.ya t g t ~. many runs and as fast.'> he can fr the' benefit f th<> siac. f ne mau f il. in att<'mptir.g t scre. the C'O!T'~, in. cnfid<".nt in the belief that: -r -.~ n Bwwn'. day. tlen it must he )staa. if nt; Mitchell' th D '';aiu- -, ut'cl'y against s0venly fielding and missed chance.. "'speak f. the Yrkshire bwling withut.' Hirst. and ajgls!>.r6ura rather f criticising : a pl,rv minus bhe chief characters..apare frm "'hat they actu-ally d themselves; they! 0 dubt lend t make' Rhdes a Letter! bwler, aud asy]"'s pwer f strength is the thre bwler:! just named, a.n a~pr0bja-l trn f the eleven when.w ef the t.prea i i u.n',bee-ut '8 hpele.~sly illcmplete. T make the but f a bad Jb> hwever, r can -sa.y smething abut ~h(fes.- Th tendency f th" day ill lhe cricket -press_8 t exalt, t'he man' T the hur at the expense f DS fellws, bth cntemprary and past greatnesses. One evening pa.~er, the t-her day, in au. appreciatin f Rkde8's--wrk,.. eut ~ far as t My:,. Briggs culd make the ball talk; Rhdes can make it dance and sing." That! is, f curse, merely figure f speech, but at the same time it is.y~ry exaggerate.d speech. n my humble prmn, Rhde.3 "'- [l.,-t S9c g-d a bwler as' POOl' 0a:"'Jml-nn:Y'"'Uiiggs: H\). seems t lack very.much the infinite cunning, file variatin, and resurce f the wily- Jhn. He is mre f e. lemr'_'l hwler tm.] Brigg-s was, in fact, 'he_keeps a better jen~[, thl! arry ther bwler we.iave seen, and he, varies his figj;with great skili. The _bn'l seems t he cming right up t yu, and than suddenly t drp a lt r mre shztr than yu expect. Our wn side frmed: "el:y diverse pinins f his skill. On-e said, " He's n better than Cranfield r Blythe" ; anther, "He a great bwler; yu require t play against him t app"teci;lte his wrth." Sinclair, f curse, attempted t lse theball when he bwled. He gdt in sme hard kncks, and W9.8 mlucl<.y t fall t tw splendid catches. Anther f th team said, ""'Sf u can play him all day, prvided - yu dn't take ibert ies." Persriallv, thnk i_tuthing shrt i heresy tc cmpare him wit~r Gerg- Lhmann, Jak Brwn yu've all seen bwl at "the Cape, and Ernest Smith is simply an rdinary medium fast ri-gft-ha.ud~r, with the ~.",l bit f wrk frm the f]'. On 0 " easy vidries- 0 ver th Eas.t and "Vest 0 Sctland must tell yu next week.

21 u,: n:5 u;. ~ltl'p'.l!nl~lhi =: l-~'... fell r 'Cricket t,s,t his full champinship eleven mil(hb pp'cse us. ' 'j Unfertunately. ur lette]." rea.dted!,im just,after Lnel Palairef and ther Smerset batsmen had gi ven Rhdes ",nd C. such a ding. His lrdship was evidently a little,despndent, and replied thab nthing wculfl: give him g:reater pleasure, but th6.t we culd J 'see fr urselves that his bwlers wel'e. used up, and badly n tleed f rest, e,t!ecla.ily']l i view f the B3k Hliday -match aga.inst i ::ia:ntlashiren the [",lwinq; tbree davs. At'j the last minute, hdwe-v2t. Rhdes- tk t,he l place c:4 E. R. W'li$n. Haigh was underging- surgical treatment fr a bad knee at Hasrgnte, and has 'nt prayed fr the peatten day,. As it bappen'.'!d, therefre. Hirst was the nly absentee frm. the full &ide. - Persnallv, ~tudied the whle eleven, bth individu&uy and cllectively, with great 'interest, and, perhaps, the impressins f a Suth Afri(}an may be f interest t Suth African readers. 4.t any rate, here they are (),- what they are wrbh. The secret f their success seems t be a: gd captain, bth n and ff the field. A,nd..-c sympa.t hy, a feeling f gd fellw J' "hip between the' captain and ris men, bet",,,en the amaseurs and prlessinala, C'hn;tted with several f the latter. and fund that. (lug and all had a f!reat affed-in fr "his rdship." as they all call him. Lrd Hawke is evidently a very thug!rt.ful and! cnsiderate captain, and ne wh has the; j) interests f his meu..oc'!hl.".hrs,,;,l<!, ~atw~y' at f,«{;rt. 'T~etl. R-gaiu. nom f t.hei,atsmen belng t that detestable elaes, the avcrag-mngers. There is n Quaiie Kinnear abut th stalwart, Tyk. EY~ry, man plays t g<>t~g many.runs and as- fa,t f~;she can fr the' benefit f the side. f, ne man ;ttt0llnting t scre. the nxl; cme, in, cnfident in the Lelief that; if it. is ~rwli's da.y. then it must 9 Dentn's; if nt tfitchell's, thn,\,aln'j wright's. f - Nne f the batsmen struck me 3s"be.;lJg' f. the same ch:ss us Linel Palairet, Tvldesle,y,! Ranji, r Fry. Bh!; they are «-wrkman- like players, a st<fjld-y, hmj, reliable.?ud wcll-balauced lt.. :A:nd t.lley are gd crn- Jades, and delight~'d t s e ne anther ed-me ff. Hunter did nt strike me- as a gieat wicket-keeper n his frm against us, sc;<r<'dyi s gd as Ptincs let alne Halliwell. The fielding, als, was l nthing' very great. Al year r '4'(0 ag YOlCkshire acquired a /'re mendus reputa ticia fr fielding, but they are said t hav-e d' t0iir-ate<l YfJry much f' lste,.and. nt, and 00- i:~======d~l~ioi~~~y~s ~~~'d~t~~t~d~~b~e~t~~kr~===-~ ~ ~ ~-

22 Our Sprting [BY SATURDAY'S SNAPSHOT.] MATCHES. Favurable weather prevailed n Saturday last, when three matches were played n the lcal grund. The mst imprtant was the Unin fixture BUFFALO VS. ZNGART, in whicb the "Gipsies" were expected t make a gd shw, but, thugh the Buffs were withut the assistance f Lnnes, Dnne, Nightingale, and thers, the senir club left ff with a big advantage The Zingari men battedlirst, and ViT3:kefiel and Riemer mar e a prmising stat:~j[j atsmen maldng sme fine strl~and put tgether 9 runs i Riemer was then bwled hy Nichl and at 2' Wakefield was caught by Dakin. Hellier and Bth were next assciated, and, playing with great care, made a lng stay, mre than dubling the scre during their partnership, and bth batted in creditable fashin. Emersn hit ut in his usual free style, hut the thers did very little; half the side were ut fr 55, and the remaining five wickets nly added three runs, fur wickets falling at j7. 'l'his _clhpre "as brught abut h.y. Dakin and Prince, the first-named getting fur. wickets fr 3 and Prince fur fr 5 runs. The Buffs then went in, and Prince fllwed up his sensatinal bwling with a capital innings f 2. He was missed by Wakefield at mid-ff half-way thrugh his innings, but this was the nly fault that culd be urged against him; he "batted with less freedm than usual, and he and his captain put tgether 37 fr- the first wicket. Bayly played anther.fine innings, quite free frm fault, and his scre was the higbest f the match. Dakin and Giddy gave little truble, but Shingler and Price made a lng stay. adding 32 runs t the scre fr the fifth; ""Shirrg er batted in-capital sfye fr 4' (nt ut), and Price atned fr his want f success with the ball by a gd innigs fr 20. With the dismissal f the lat~er, play ceased fr the day, the Buffs, With half.their wickets in hand hlding a lead f 29 runs'. Riemer, wh was smewhat severely punished by Prince and Bayly at the.start, bwled well later n, and tk fur wickets fr 39 funs. Bayly reappeared fr the Zingari, after a lng absence, but met with n success with the ball. The early finish f the D.G.S. match enabled Garner t assist the "Gipsies," and thugh he failed with the bat, he captured Price's wicket fr tw runs.' l'he game will be firiisld.d::.ftrif\j e end;-b the Buffs have established such a strng lead that they can hardly fail t win. The present scres and analysis f the bwling are as fllws ;- ZNGAR. CD Wakefield, c Dakin b Nichl 8 T Riemer, b Nichl... 9 H G Hellier, c Dakin b Prince 4 G. Bth, c Ashley b Prince H Mrehead, c Giddy b Dakin 0 Z B Bayly, b Dakin... 3 G Emersn, 0 Shingler b Dakin 7. F C Garner.cb Prince 0 C Saunders, c Read b Prince 0 P Wells, b Dakin... 0 E Prctr, nt ut Extras 5 nuffalo. S J f.p3ayll, b Ricmer.., C ~,~c sub b Riemer... E A Dakin, b Riemer A W Shingler, nt ut n Giddy, c Bayly b -memer nprice. c and b Garner. Enra T! ti,ng' -.. ntelligence. CR~ET. -, ( CAPE TOWX v, CLAREMONT. One Ethe SU'P'iSPS (f thus far fnil'ly eventful champiuship seasn ecurred uu Saturday afternn. when Claremnt aecm- plished the unexpected perfrruance f making" r a rll'aw with Cape Twn, t. was after.half- past ne when the Claremut team went n t the field. H. Andersn tk ut Kuys t start the Cape Twn nnings. Andersn sn gt lively, and hit Smythe T,' thr('-e ~i-'sin h~6 tlrird n":', He h~d nnule ~4 ur i:!9 when he was euught, LOllis t)l)nt~rratp( neatiy fr.;<3. He called Kuys fr a quile pssible run, but Kuys did nt z, nnd Smuts was run ut. Prince assisted KlY8 t carry the scre frm 70 t 28. They tk every iberty with the fielding, and caused numer ~ chang-as f bwlina befre Bucher lwered Prince's wicket. Knvs left 0 runs later, p,.lp~.bly leg hefre wicket. Percy.ues did nt stay lng with ~liddletn, neither did Green, SHytlle bwling Jnes with 47. and Harsiilfir-'cf<tching Green frm a mishit at square-leg at lti. Middletn, after.!l free innings in which were many pretty CUlts, was hwled by Ward fl' :W. Ferris Smuts au,\ Dwer tk t.he scre frm i~ t 87, when the riwill'gg was declared clsed lt 4.0. With ftnd" <]ll'00' ho\l'5 t Lat. Gill and tltertie' ()))Ced the Claremut, inuings. Gill was i a hitting 00,0. He made tw 4'8 and a 3 ff Middletu's first ver, and scred 4.uut f the flrsb "",S,his captaiu mean- while baying made 4. Be then spned ne, and was cnuaht by Andersn. lhm y stayed sme Hille with Steytler, eventually leaving at GH. Percy de Viltlers tk a hund in anther.l(rl stnud, then "bth he and St.ertlet feu t Rwe, wh als bwled Buchet '* runs later. Ole scre being' 0H. Huttn Watermeyer did nt give mueh as-istanc t Vincent van del" Byl, scping ne f Middletn's int theair at 07. Hnrsaut and Yan der Byl t.hen made a lng stand, find!s clmwiug time was f'ast.uppraching t,hei,',,!frts were repcutedly cheered by the ir r clubmates, Win!\-!)', Kuys'.. AJlJ,lthcl' [ trial. and just tk Van del' Byls OU:.hM -. heuuty, Seven fr J2(. Wal d hud u tair stay wi~h,u3!lllt, bth men playiug the. g(l,;e g.ame." t perfectin, When at-eugth Ward was bwled' by l:~wethe issue. f thl: game was practically decided, With ten minute~.()illy t piny, r Gunner Smith ubnudned his usual big-hibtlng st sle. and went in fr blcking, taking- rap" n the kuuckles. u the bdy, in fact nnywhere, with pleasure, BO lng- us the wlckees were undisturbed. ''he eallfl'.:j;'(.vq bwlers made desperate efi'l ts t ejfet \ separutl.r,. but. withut B-"liil. J'J'eqllellt npl,e!ds were mnde fr stumping, l.b.w., 0' Rny t ier pssible (muse f infringement, but Mr. Sirukirrs ncted the hnest njun." and th nail' were still tgether nt lurif.pflst six and stumps were then drawn, thugh the regulatin five Pnd a half hurs had nt been played, ''he prprtiu f maidens in the vers by the Cape Twn trundlers was remarkahle, Scres and analyses: CtP.E TOW:\'. J. Andersn, g Van del' Byl b b'mythe.2.. U)'B. lbw b Smythe.. L. H. t-im.ts, "tun nt... O. P. Prince. b Buehet v....p. Jnes;;' Smythe.,... J. Middletn. " Warc!..... A. Green. c Har8tb Buchet. ". Smuts. nt ut. '" K. Dwer, nt ut... fiixtr:js ''tal fr seven wickets - -.Q... Eat.h and G. Rwe t bat. Smythe Wtm... Van del' Bvl Barry' Huchet '" De Yilliers... BOtdill.q A-nfllYRis. M.." 8 2. J4 ~ 8. 0 H..,[ 0 CL~Rm>[ON'.r. R. Gill, c Andersn )) Hwe. K ~. xtcytler, c Andersn ij Hwe J. Burry."t Prince b Middletn r n. P. de VmierH, b Rwe. \'. A. van del' Byl, b K.uys l<l. Buehet, b Hwe H. "W."mrer. e b '. H Jit R. G6 :U 2 2}) ~; J ~ :::l~j 4 ts.. W..,

23 6 H r ,---un"" :.0;;0'. ~. _ "Gipsies," and thugh lie fallea W;l rnc-e- ~_~ ~ ~ bat, he captured Price's wicket fr tw runs. rrmuemr::ru wrru.~.~ '-7utdi~iiirryses:,:---, :l:'hegame will be fitlistre:tl:::tli., ee emi,b wus remarkable. Scres nud aualyses: the Buff's have established such a strng lead C:U.E TOW". that they can hardly fail t win. The present J. Andersn, Q Van del' By! b :''mythe scres and' analysis f the bwling ure as ) $U}'8, ll.w h Smythe..... fllws :_ L. B. Kmuts. -run.uf... ZlNGAR!.. P. Prince. b Buchet.. CD Wakefield, c Dakin b Nichl T Riemer, b Nichl H G Hellier, c Dakin b Prince G. Bth, Ashley b Prince H Mrehead, c Giddy b Dakin Z B Bayly, b Dakin. _ G Emersn, c Shingler b Dakin E C Garner.vb Prince C Saunders, c Read b Prince P Wells, bdakin.. E Prctr, nt ut Extras r 3UFFALO. S J!i-~,~t\l, bhi T?er :..26 C ~, c sub b Remer.. 2 E A Dakin, b Riemer 5 A. W Shingler, nt ut 4 N H Giddy, c Bayly briemer 0 R H Price, c and b Garner ;;;;;;;Ex.fra Ttal (fr five wickets)., 87 J J Head, C Bayly, A G Ashley, AR Rich und H B Llyd t bat. Analysis f Bwling. ~e Price Nichl Dakin Giddy OVRS. MDNS. RUNS G ====---~ WKTS ). Jnes,'b ~myt.he J. Middletn. bward....., A. Green. c Harsnut b Buchet... ". Hlunl s. nt ut '" K. Dwer, nt ut... mxtl'~b Ttal fl' seven wickets G Babh nnd G. Rwe t bat, BOtrlill,q.ilntll:lfRi.l. Smythe M. g- "rar(r Van del'.bvl S Barry.' 'j 0 UOl.('het '" H De Yilticrs CLAREMON'l'. t. Gill, c Andersen ) Rwe '" K S. Steytlel. C Andersn b Rwe J. Bar:'}'. 8t Prmce h Middlcfn n. P. de \Tjllif!'H,b HOVi)... \:. A. van del' Byl, b KllYS.. ~..B~llehet., b Hwe H. Wuterrneyer, c Kuys U. Hursnnt, nt ut A. Ward, L Hwe...,.. b \iddletn t.. O. Smith, nt ut... Extras... r<- Ttp.l fr eight. wlckets S. SnytJlt bat. BVdi.'lg.hal!Jsi.~ ~.w.l... 3 ±.. 2~ ' w..> 2 -!!)... ~... g '" t t l~ /...:ts O. w. T')lVe 25 i:i liiddlet;" XU :l E:lYs..!J L. 'B,-Smuta :3 l{ =,

24 DOCESAN COLLEGE VS. UNTED SER \ PORr ELZABETH v. UNON. The Eizl\beihan3 fllw On. Set the frmidable task f requirig, 322 rues t draw level, the Prt Eliza- beth club, after seeminglj, being ut- :::!ayei at all pints in the first part f th6ir innings, pl~yed up well, andhad it nt!:een fr th:tih' ~retched aiiatakes in ih~ ~::!'- t~e twevius Sllturday there wuld have bseu little diffol'encebemvmn-r the clubs, As it was they had t fllw Ol, being. in a minrity f 53. The zrund wag nt '!) f avurable t a large sccre al week, but even this will nt sccun t fr the rcpid fall f the first r wickets. Play bgan punctually at 2.30, when Dalyand Ritchi'e hc~d the bwling- f Oadle and Lyn's, When five had been scred, Daly gave 'a midfield chance t Martin Gleesn and retired, and seven runs later Ritchie als fell a victim t x..yna. Lumsden and Gubb were the new partners, but the last named had his wicket upset by Lyns after he had made a flukey snick t the bundary. Prince, the next t fllw, abslutely threw away his wicket, and Patersn was bwled fr 3. Thus fur wlckets were lst fr ~ r,.ulljl. and seven were dwn fr 58. When Hannam became assciated with Lumsden matters imprved, and these tw carried the scre t 25 ere the last t.g in was bwled by M. Gleesn when trying t pull a straight ball. The innings clsed fr 69 runs, nt s bad after the cllapse at the -beginning, J. L. Lumsden's inning" f 8 nt ut \luls mst useful, and he made sme excellent drives, but it was nt altgether faultless, fer Mackay behind the stumps missed lllm tliree times, and h'efwas given a life by R. Gleesn. ----,--PORT ELZABETH-st. Jnnings. D. Daly, c M Gleesn, b Lyns' - 3 D. Ritchie, b Lyns J. L. Lumsden, nt ut, - 8 J. Gubb, b Lyns -.' 4 C. Prince, run ut 0 J. G. Patersn, b Cadle 3 F. Cck. b Cadle 2 D. Air, b Cadle- 0 R.. P. Hannam, b M. Gleesn M. 4-um~den, b R. Gleesen j J Edward,!l Rbertshaw, br Gleesn 3/' Byes 25, leg byes Ttal BOWLNG ANALYSS. O. \. R. W A. Cadle A.Lyns F. Tnks 4 23 M. V. Gleesn J. Q. Smith R. A. Gleesn 5'4 7 2 The Prt Elizabeth men fllwed n and in starting P.r:iJcewas clean bwled by Lys' first "ball.. thus fr the secnd match being dismissed fr spectacles, as he had als failed in the game versus the Alga Olab. Daly partnered L'psden and: runs came slwly When he had scred 4, Daly gave a catch in the lngfietd, but Rbertshaw did nt accept the ball, and six later the same fielder was given a j ;=,:elf=:dal~.. tl& ball rebqnnding WheJa tiiae 4"'- ~ f retrienqg his mistake, but _"D~' Played at Observatry, 22nd Oct. Cllege winn. ily by 2 wicke~ and ~3 runs n the first innings, United Service batted first and began fairly well, the first wicket putting n 25. N stand, hwever, was made after and the last wicket fell fr 67. Hackett alne reaching duble figures. This scre was passed befre the fall f the first wicket, Prince and Ashburnham being tether. At 75 Ashburnham was caught by Chase fr a llilliisand, faultless 35, and 3 wickets later Prince was -csught in the Ongfield fr 74. The retiring batsman had played e;x:-eet; lent cricket, his hitting being clear and hard, and was let t: ff nce at 66. A. Munnik was the nly ther t get int dubles. Fr us A. Munnik bwled well, capturing 7 wickets at a cst f 28 runs, while A Wright, with 4 fr 40 was mst successful fr United Service Scres and analysis as fllws: UNTED SERVCE () Ttal DOCESAN COLLEGE () 9 7 J ~~,~ 4- E Prince c Frieslich b Wright 74- L P Ashburnham c Chase b Frieslich 35 T W Bell b FriesliGh 9 J B Michell run ut... 3 A Munnik rulout.,. 4- M Bisset, b w, b Wright 2 J Brke b Wright... 3 C Mu-nnik b Wright... 0 H Eedes} F Trill 6 67 T bat Extras 6 Ttal 46 < ~ J t. a 'f ter be npy, eir he * "9" *:i:~ -u -'0 The Cape Twn Club sent a strnz eleven n ~tellenbsch n Saturday, and which, "f curse, simply Wped ut the pr lcals. The visitrs went ill ana cmpiled 267. Twards this ttal Francis, wh gave an early chance n the slips cntributed 80~ L. B: Smuts 67, H. vvatermeyer: 4, and Street zo Street and 'R.we sn plished ff Stellenbsch, whse ao'!tef,ate nly reached ij~; n batsman reachmg dub e figures. '"

25 BOWLNG ANALYSS. O. M. R. W A. Cadle :: A..Lyns F. Tnks M. V. Gleesn '0. Smith R. A. Gleeeen 5'4 7 2 The Prt Elizabeth men fllwed n and in starting Prince was clean bwled by Lyns' first ball, thus fr the secnd match being dismissed fr spectacles, as he had als failed in the game versus the Alga Olab. Daly partnered Lumsden and: runs came Slwly W'hen he had scred 4, Daly g.ave a catch in the lngfietd, but Rbertshaw did nt accept the ball, and six runs later the same fielder was given a fine chaace ~etrieving his mistake, but again let eft' Daly, the ball rebunding frm his hands. Wher. time was called the scre std as fllws :-.,. PORT ELZABETH-2nd nnings. C. F. Prince, b Lyns J. Lumsden, nt ut- D. Daly, nt ut Exteas Ttal (f(,r wickets) ~ ~ 35 t. a,f tel' be n-.lly the :;,:, *:;:: '2., ~. q '" The Cape Twn Club sent a strng eleven t Stellenbsch n Saturday, and which f curse simply wiped ut the pr lcals.,he visitr~ went ill and cmpiled 267. Twards this ttal Francis, wh gave an early chance n the slips cntributed 80, L. B. Smuts 67, H. Vatermeyer' 4, and Street t. Street and Rwe sn plished ff Stellenbsch, whse aggregate nly reached 32; n batsman reaching duble fignres.

26 (!,\pr,; T(l\\,::-i v.,,'ape TB-JE';.!':,.",H :'ea 'iu: nu ::lmurtbj'. CUj<: Twu \',i,"l\~'n~~by /) runs. Scre: CAVE TME~.. Pf'\('l'!'lf'n. run ut Fishel', (. Drake h Kuys l-)'h fll~. il \..)';:;, L'id~\-'dl;l,h. :! t_';\'i..'~!ili \.\'it.- Uli, ) Kur~~ LiHQ'H'th.L Knys F'i~ :\ll l",h Kuyp.;...!t\\'...s Pt.ince h ~".\! j'~rht:l.('l, e U~ldeJ' J l\..ll}~ _U~U)tlOlt, h (uy8 Du... ves. Jlrit nt E.dnl~ '. 't;- ~.-"... _.. CffJ'JQ. "~;,.~f 55 K,n's -". tk,,;cnll." ROJ'lill[/ An(d!!,;;.,. - 0''8. Mdns. Rm. Wkts. :;.; S, i«. 30 CAPE 'POWN. C.'Pl iut), t, L,j;ncell!ls, Vmke, lhw b i).we. G. Tn.thO, b Hwe.. - 'H. 0::'[<.('', b Lan<lellus "', 5. J." FelTier. st J~j8hel' b H~e_. \.. W. ~ccnll. c Cannn.>Lancellas. \\ir. H. 8tl'<Jud. run ut.,. 'B', :-;l,<:3, c'?eh~l',en Rwe b'. ;;-.lvs, eli'ishel' b Wih,n A, ~',)(,t.. Luucel lns L. ~. ;-;:n(,r:-~.-!'lt ut.,... E~r~l'i{:'; H.~\Ve.~lj:d{!.~, \Vilrn.:. \;t"lt'pt'.. ]jwli ~.~ f '_;ll,,~l!.,is. 0""".. Mdns. HlS. :;tl P ijn H. J 4- :s 0 JO 4. Jlj CAPE 'fown -v.'oce8\.n COLLEGE Hl 6 Wkts, ; 't ( -n ) 'fr'l"-\) the Cape Twn e.. " had tw \ lllatche,;' n::; ~urdly, each ag!\in.t. gd uam, that which played "Sain the Die!an Cllege ~t Newlands' n Satnrday had t accept unexpected defeah. The CeUege were firsj,. dispsed f by Mlli. aud L. B. Bmute fr the pr ttal f 5, f which M. ~iqset was resj>nsib!e"ir 9: An easy ~ in fr the hme tesm. s prgnstlca'ed, but icltet""{t r wicket (inclncting th~t cf Mills) went 'dwn in qlljck succesein t the bw ling f M!,rra), ~ 'Bissec and M. Speuce, and Wth. nme Wlc~et~ dwn ail three rung wanted t Wn, the excitement wae li:ee" but the ball wag thrwn 'up fr the CtJneg~, th~ agt m.n bein!\, ~:ivell nt sht:uped -uu fol-liu\a:t"\,y a 'Very, queatwnable df'cjsl~n. Hwever it hau accnpted. The CUege giuf: in ~-sf'cnd tit.. e, t the bwling _fdevenish and lelrn'ick, had scred li6 f~ five Wckets at the call <if lime. 8ceres: DlOC!:SAN C. F. Prince, b Mills CO!LEGE. 8 c Smuts Devenish L. Asbbumham, b Smnts 8- nt Gut 'f. W. llefl, b Smuts, 0 b DEV"llish 3 u, M. EedllB, b Smuts s c Dallas b B.8- v.ick J. H, AnderE)., c Chiap- Viui J Milfs...., 0 J. B. Michell, b Smuts - e Stranj6e Beswick. J'lnes, b Mills... ~. Uissetl..ibw b Mills A. J\{unnn:, D Bm"'llts M. Spence, nt ut C. l\tunnik; b Mills F;xtrae -. 9 nt Ol~t ).6 7 b. 2 2 b 2 Analysis.-FlRT NNNGS. OVS. M dns. Rn,. Wkts... \; 6 28 'i ~L. &:~lluts- "..., l5~ j!l:c0~ D NNlWJ\..., D.}venish.., HC8Wiclt CAPE TOWN., 5f C. Csnett, c Eedes b Spence A.,,~\run Jll'j ut... b nib8et "'-"~.,.. '~v4!ui6,st Prince b B!sset {) Spe!'ce b Buset ~ B\ Prince b Bisset., bb~ rting ~telligence. CRCKET. j CAPE TOWN v, S.A. COLLEGE. C~r:e Twn pened Clair champinship metcnes with a victry ver the Suth African Dlag,: at Newlnfids n SatnrdBY. The match t, was nunhle}?\ a phenl?enal scre by Prince, i, wh. made 2\)\), the first trme the secnd century. has been reached rn ehampiuahip matches. Bsenberg,and P~itch~rd pened thc Sas' mmngs t the bwling f Rwe and Kuys, n Rwe's first. ver Bsenberg MOSen a bundar- i and then piny became rather slw. Tw 4'g ;; ; Bsenbsrg ft Kuys, bringing up 25. caused that bwler t be ta~en ff fr.middletn. At S6 ; ~el:<t:~bwled Pritchcrd and Glj"nD. with succes- ~l'ij balls, andthen a reguler rt set in. Bien-' uerg was G!lugh,t at.~!nt. and Ru. sell caught Ly Bata, bth f!' Mlddletn. Dell tuched ne in theeslips t Smuts ff Rwe, wh then bo'yled '. untn and Wnts0t:, whilst Mi&dle,""k Suttn's bails. The third " fell at (3. fcnrth at 4. fifth i,;i.xt.~ at-45; se_"eu~h a.t 4'8.!ud. eight~ at C'., Stantn stayed ill tr sme 'httl.} nme, Whilst Breda mucr runs. Stantn was then un rolimntely ruu ut at 58. Perld was the,lllst n:an; and ~,tm he was beautifully stumped, '.\fbe mnmgs had lasted,au hg;l'ana three- r qrr3.,l'ters. ' -,,. Prince and Hearne pened the Oape Twn mn!ng~, aad v~ry speedily assured victry t ' their-side. Playing splendid cricket, they tk tll,: scre t 92 befre Hearne was caugbt!t pmt, Smuts and Kuys did.nt stay very lng, ~he.latter being thrwn ut Perld, Percy.iaes the! JO!Ded Prince, and a mt prlific p!hthej'shl.p. w&s cmmenced. Hearne scred much the J,l';\cker f tbe pftir, a:l i,h different bwlers.,tried hy. the Cllege eaptain suffer- H&, ah"e. Priuce had made ver 20 be~ol'e he gave a chance, which was drpped in, the lnz tied. Quickly'. j;l carried his scre i alng ~mti] he bad made exactly 20D,.when be i 'l-yea a...mllfj:.m l'-ritclla:d int his wicket. - ~ t was a grand sc()re,;w ';"6 ~-~!-t\'l'cuty.eight,'s. 'Wi,;'> A';hc fall f his wickes, ~.tumpb were drawn, J"~.'ei:ug. ~nt ut fr!s~..lc0res:, S.A. -COLLEGE.. t'. ~:?c~h~rg. c e~~'ne b"'middletn.. 2~.J. Priteuard, b RO<l ~.,:f O. Glynn, b Rwe..." t Russell, c Bath b?>iiddl.}tn 0 A. Dell, c tlmut5 b Bwe.' - F. Tauutn, n Rwe 2 ( L. Brda, ntut i F. S~ttn! b Middletn 0 G. Watsn, b [{()we..l5tantn, run ut erld, l't Prince b:midd!etn Extras 9 B()?vl'id/{f'iAnalt'si.s.. M. Rwe 22 H Ku)'s." M.iddl~tu 6 6'2 3 5,. " CA"PE TOWN. Hearne, c Glyun b 3.t:eda.. E. cr. Prince, b Pritchard... L. B. Smuts, c PritcWU b Stantn F. Kuys, run OU& P. J0l8S, nt ut.. ~... Extras '" ''tal E'ful' wickets Middletn, Bath, Willughby, r Rwe, and Simkins t hat. - Brclim,g AnalyS'is.. M. Perld ';l 3 Watsn 86 4 Breda ~ St!!!ltn 0 2 Bsenberg 6 0 Prltchard 8'3 0 Glynn 0 ~ R. W i ' 'i Andersn, B. 'W : 0./

27 CAPETOWNV. DrCE~AN CU:-L-;fi:::E~G~E:::-.----~---- ''hngb the Cape Twn c.n. " had tw matches n l:;~lurday, each against a gd t~a.m that which played againsc the Dice!a.n Cllege at Newlanda' n Saturday had t accept unexpected defeat. The Oellege were.lir8~ dispsed f by Mill. and L,'B. Smnte fr the pr ttal f 0, f which M.. Bssc>twas re&j>nsib!e~r \9. An easy. ~in fr the hme team was pregnstieated, but f wicket after wicket (nluning thht r.f Mlls) ''ent j -dwn in qniek successin t the bw ling f Murra.y Bisset and M. Spenee, and with nine wicket~ dwn ad three runs wauted t win, t.he excitewent WL3 keen, but. the ball wag thrwn 'up fr the Cllege, the last Ran bein~ dveu nt stumped -Ull fullw".""'ly l.. vrl' 'lue8~nable d~cjsl~n. H«.ever, it had t.he a, cnpted. Tbe cen.-ge ging in a secnd tirse, t the bwling f Devenish and Be wick, had scred 06 fr.iva wickets at the call f time. 5cres: DlOCl!:S.A.N COLLEGE. C. F. Prince, b MjlJ. 8 c Smut! b Devenish 2 L. AshhJltl>ham, b Smuts S nt ut ''.:\\.!lell, b Smuts 0 h Dev-nieb.,. 3 H. M. Eedcs, b Smuts. : c Dallas b B.8- v.ick.. 0 J. H. A}~lderEn, c Ohiap- Villi lj Mills." J. B. Michell, b Smuts \p. J'lnes, b Mills ~. Wssctllbw b MUls A. Jllunnl){, b Bmll.t;& M. Sl'ence, nt ut C. Munnik; b Mills Ex~ra8 e Stra~~e Beswick 9 nt ut b Devenish Ext.m. Bwling Analy,is.-FR-T NNNGS. OV[s. Mans. J;. n.:bmuts-., () l\lill5'~ 52 7.lll(CO~D NNnm.s. D_,veni~h lkewick 3h a 23 lit CAPE TOWN. C. Csnett, c Eedes b Spence A.l" t<,lo.l, run nt... J!iH:, ~trtjnct> b 'Bisset.... G. Devmish, st Prince b Bisset.. Chiappini, c Spel'c-e iuiaset., L. <. Smuts, 8~ Prince b Bisset _.. Beswick, b l:;pen~e 0. f'.trallge, J:) Bisset... -= \!J. lhliaslst Prince b Spence i. {hlrgeii,l};)w b Bisset... F. F.:eemlU, n'ot u'i ~as....ft b 2 t, ~ 6 S.A. COLLEGE;, O. B.?"enberg. Hearne b Middletn.J. Pritchard, b Rwe U. Glynn, b Hwe... ~ :;: :::.. n. Russell, c Bath b iddl.)tn A. Dll, c ~mut~ b Bw ' F. Tauntn. n Rwe L. Brda, ntnt... j F. Suttu! b Middletn G. Watsn, b!:twe. Stutn, run ut erld, lot Prince bmidd!et-~' Extras '" J B(lVU'/l!J"':A:naZ'rj3~S. R O. M. we...., 22 6 Kuys itid9l~tn., 6'2 {j CAPE TOWN. He~rn.~,. G lyun ~ Bred9- E.. rc.), b Pritchnrd L. 3. Smuts, c Pritchard b 8ta~t~n F. Kuys, run us P. Jues, nt ut ::: Extras... ''tal fr fur wickets. Middletn, Bathe, WillDughy. Rwe, and Simkins t hat. ' Bwling Anal?lll'is.. M. Perld \0' 3 Watwn' 6 4 Bl'eda 8 Stantn '" 0 2' Bcsenberg 6 0 Prithard... S'3 0 Glynn 0 2- f." fr.., '., i;6± R. 23 w. 5, 2 0! 2 4 \ :':'!~ Andersn R. 'W J ' Bwling.dllaly'is. Ovr Mdnl. RuB.., ' Wkts. a 6

28 THE M.C.C. N SOUTH AFRCA 35 but he was frcing the game all the while he was at the wickets, am his gd frtune was in a sense deserved." Ant! s 'we twere all ut fr 272-a ttal which 'a empllljiicprf f the strength f the ele ight dwn t the last man, Lees, in batting. The" Prvince bwling was excellent, and had their catching b-een better we. might well have been ut fr under 200. At the same time much f their fielding was A, and Hrwd, Snke, Rwe, A. Bisset, an nes particularly s, while Murray Bisset kept wicket neatly and effectively. Snke, right-hand fast, wh tk three wickets fr 7 runs, seemed t me t have mst" devil" in-his bwling, and was ften unlucky in beating the batsman and then missing the stumps; and Shrt, when he btains a better length, will be a dangerus bwler, fr he can make the ball break back rvery quickly. Whitehead, fast medium left-hand, wh is stated't be qualifying fr Warwickshire, sent dwn a dzen gd»: vers at the start, but he wuld be mre difficult t play if he bwled at r a little utside the ff stump instead [f hammering away at the middle and leg stumps. Rwe was unlucky, ~ and culd nt _ e..much falilng away frm -the Rwe wh used t win matches fr Suth Africa. Perhaps there is a little less" flick" than befre, but he still can turn the ball, and his accuracy f length makes him hard t drive. D 2

29 "36 THE M.C.C. N SOUTH AFRCA Western Prvince. in their secnd innings made 233, S. J.' Snll8 and S. E. Hrwd cntributing-th e-quarfers f" the runs frm the bat; and their pare ip fr the third wicket added 37 runs. Snke layed magnifieently,. Off-ariving beautifully; and cutting anything like a shrt ball very hard past pint, while his back play was watchful and sund. His was the finer innings f the tw, and he deserved every run he made. He has imprved immensely since his visit t England, and in.sme respects is the mst finished batsman in r Suth Africa. Hrwd was a ittle lucky in giving tw ~h~e.~ "t tne bwler's and mid-ff's left hands in ne ver, and is neither s sund nr s gd as Snke, but he batted very well indeed, and his pull strkes were wnderfully well timed. Our bwling at ne perid was almst in a knt, but Crawfrd' pulled us t,hrugh, and at the clse f play seven wickets were dwn fr 95 runs.' T-day we wn easily by ten wickets, the Prvince's innings clsing fr 233, which left us nly 43 t win. ;r The results f ur first three matches are such as t fill 'us with cnfidence fr the future, thugh am fully cnvinced that a cmbined Suth African team will take a tremendus amunt f beating. Still, ur batting against excellent bwling has, s far, prved itself sund' and reliable, and with Blythe-wh std ut f

30 THE M... SOUTH AFRCA 37 f this. match-crawfrd, Haigli, Lees, Relf, and J. C. Hartley we have a gd supply f bwlers. The crack batsmen f Suth Africa will dubtless scre freely against us, but we may at least hpe that ur bwling will be f high quality. Still, can see a strenuus struggle, and it wuld be hard indeed t prphesy victry fr ne side r the ther. T-mrrw we leave here fr Kimberley n the Rhdesian train de luxe, and the hspitality and kindness which have been shwered n us in the Cape Peninsula will linger in ur memry thrugh ur wanderings, and we shall lk frward t ur return at the end f March. WESTERN PROVNCE. First nnings. Secnd nnings. A. Diffrd, b. Lees. 3 b. Crawfrd 4 S. J. Snke, b. Crawfrd 5 b. Lees 80 H. C. Cggins, c. and b. Crawfrd... 0 b. Crawfrd 0. S. E. Hrwd, b. Lees 23 b. Crawfrd 74 A. Bisset, c. Relf, b. Lees 5 b. Crawfrd 9 P. S. Jnes, b. Crawfrd 9 c. Relf, b. Crawfrd 0 Whitehead, nt ut. 9 l.b.w., b. Crawfrd 9 M. Bisset, b. Crawfrd 2 b. Relf 8 W. S. Trickett, c. Crawfrd b. Haigh... 0 b. Haigh 5 W..L Shrt, b. Haigh. 3 nt ut... 2 G. we, b. Haigh. 6 c. Dentn, b. Relf. 3 Byes, Leg-byes 2, N- (Byes, Leg-byes balls 3).. 6 6, Wides, N 0= ba!ls ) 9 Ttal 8.", Ttal 233.,.

31 38 THE M.O.a. N -S - TF AFROA ~ \, Crawfrd Lees Haigh Relf. '). M.C.C. BOWLNGANALYSS. First rvnings. vers. mdns. runs. wkts Crawfrd Lees. Haigh. Hayes. Relf Secnd nn~ngs. vers. mdns. runs. wkts ' M.C.C. P. F. Warner, b. Shrt...., 29 Capt. E. G:Wynyard, c. Rwe, b. Whitehead 2 Dentn, c. Snke, b. Rwe 0 F. L. Fane, b. Snke 24 Hayes, b. Shrt... 0 J. N. Crawfrd, b. Snke 7 Relf, b. Snke.. 60 L. J. Mn, run ut H. D. G. Levesn-Gwer, b. Rwe Haigh, hit wkt. b. Shrt. 6 Lees, nt ut (Byes 4, Leg-byes 6, N-balls ). Ttal 272 n the secnd innings P. F. Warner scred nt ut 5, Capt. E. G. Wynyard nt ut 27; Leg-bye,.-Ttal, 43. Rwe.. ~Whitehead..Shrt..Snke Trickett WESTERNPROVNCEBOWLNGANALYSS. First nni7rgs. vers. mdns ' runs wkts

32 .l.vt Ga ~ J\,;.. TyYLC e. _... e _ - -.:;; Lxtr:'- H~,.)burn m".de- ": grj:.l.rnn an- kp..k, W e-re r;;',.. tr it>o" - - made tat.klelmd(;ku~hlfre his mark tl'... he t culd.. clear. Lsrsrdln. i.el y " tne " Afn"'_ils. ".'., sere llght t have been mre "'fonna.. 6~.~~~: ~Ol!JC~\;:~t gamed r~'\', cueiderlng t:c fuquent cmeins.l.n '-'.k>t'.., J fil e t ree.,.89 srt f. which.ley tk u.«strw' lttllcl!.mg! ~C nm R,Wi.tll. Hepbn: _.t}u A a."~. ",~. "d. ",,._"'-~h._ {i"..,l... frm a rr.- l Et)',. J ''" ~~=", -e :,.,""'.. '0'''''''',... L '.. Y,,' ge>, mat 'J a gwm ', t. \." frward» as E.::rig.rce thji.t pi e~ <l~"h,m~ l\[k~e fl(;xt stpped 80 rush vented it. Tile attllmpta t pass ut frm wit plied ~. t splendid E l' h kink z: E S.mucl~:re. d ',sernms n the E 'lj~h~h. me ' were wrse than, ng nsr z 'lil:( all WDS f ' awarded a f ree kick f -if.', B',. rui e,,~. fr the E' li h b k. u.gt5 9.C S were y ld e' as failed t d) ~h.:r,0,~.!ua~h,r?e B kick uear ff-siue a~ they dared, and cn-;"qlently kee in he t l.ny"'ll~g.,uou,.' rnca were rl!m!'h~-d the man "B sn 8th b!~ll0j;very l g t b~lwe!. in the English quarters, ccasin. Thr,t stvle s [L perlet defence t nn ~~ were p J'm~ a grand cmbined game, De attack»r passing cut but it reveals an awful. ual and Bes~lCk.and Dermehl dribbled right weakness t an~ at~k by 80 sharp wheel j (nt the.engllsh line, where serums fllwed. f the serimmaze and i. dribble ver Ham- England lnf~rcfpted a P~9S ut. and MrHmer mnd, Cr.un ~'<: 00. wuld have b~n rer, }~~~e~hths 20..Mnge~ br};..~clean away tw 0: three Urnesif they hsd had the African' Af'i \ serum, an~klc~ed rlg~t ver the pack's chmc-s n Saturday. t WRS rather "0:~an '~CK8, lm~ Stamue.e, dd~ng Bnlg~r. strange thnt ur fellws had faikd t gather... n a ne repiy '0 centre. Suth Africa thnf small wrinkle Simply V rushed the.. Enalisti in n scrull, RDl i t bas been given.', abut;as a ~ed80nfer the pf:vr;~~~:~ddbre~~ujzh, entirely different results t the tw ga-mes f. - n ie a way me, where Thur@eftyand Saturday that the Enzltsh team Lsevere d. tlg'lrt serums WH~ "P. seen Etlin ger~ fed had brken ' thruch. the rigid :8ef.,' mderha.r~ b~.:tutlfuuy'.hut b.~was puu.ed n by atin fot which they have been nted thrught e nglish backs, wh were. aut the tur after ~be game f ''hnrsday. ''he ALWAYS ON THE WATCH. statement is entirely devid f fact. They had The English frwarda packing badly, nt altered their style f cnduct in the ecst, ili;linger dribbled frm ". serum, Tbere are many reasns. t accunt fr the and 'MeaTS gt in - a shrn reply. Sll~?en change, The, de:':tre fr revenge had Elglish passig ended ill lluc-ee d p- Blll~ted sides, The Engtlshmen had fulfilled ping at gnl frm U<' 2,;, but the "bull \~el,t thel! vw t tnke.t6nt f the Prvince" fr, wide. and ''dd failed t. give Samuels fivc h~vldg the. temerity t make C draw yards, s tl:at a serum fllwed at the Origi~all?f the fir~;; match, and they ha~l en-ne spt. G. vau Renen dribbled t Me'rs. t s effectually that they COUld. ~t A.udersnreplying t th lntter's kick. A free but have. mada tbe~gclves r the 0?lOlO:J. kick,tbuglllll& bruzht the >t Africa's ~hat their adversariea wer; very.feeble. terrlt":ry. Anther free kick fr-r t serum. 'hey va;ke(l the fu~t that tw.t~hd~. f mage mfrma'iity was taken hy Bane, wh Sat'! were nre:t Wlt~ a Gummy, sht at gal frm the e)utre line. -AsiJn u- de~l.ret wape ff a te~n?le d~sgrace. The plied t thc kick, which W"S wide. Lariril" Afrcan frwards shwed t their plny frm Astn, Andersn, and Hepburn passed grandly tbe ',tar~.. They were as ~een as mustard. and the lat+er kicked benutifnllv,t tuch ()~ Aud having a gd deal- E luck, where n -, the English 25.fiag. _,yl.t'tlme'~g!litled$ru~d ThU:sds- y they had nne; they made. a m~ch by.hl'eakinl{ away frm!~ line-ut. Bulger ~e~t;ershw. Ttwy were encuraged in,~avlll;r gamed further grund by a kick int tuch. bem;'ld the~n backs wh nt :nly' did.nt A8 Byrne was tackled with the ball Andersn nullify thcu. effrts, but cnsiderably aided tk it ut f his bauds and ran ciull' f all the~. ~hejr sharp fllwing up wus but Mears, When tackled by the latter be fru~tful ~ many captures f ppsing back~; passed t Lurard, wh nil in under th p~l. their dribbles. were well ~()jj,~rledut; their Euglnnd raised bjectius, hilt the try was r\ld~ea har,l.l stp, and bheir general pack allwed."... wr«mag-n:lient. t was a grand cntest between frwarda. n the matter f weight. HEPBURN KCKED A GO!.L there was very ittlc t chse, Hancck. Crean, amid terrific cheers, Oran restarted, and and Oliuch n the ne side wuld nt kick the Sllmuels jll'ter mulling returned utside!ris beam very much. if a.t all, nghinst Hatlie, De ' quarter, tdadrie made a desperate attempt t Waal. and YiJ.ll Reneu, Bth packs were in bre~ thrugh, but did T9tget far. L:HllTd grand cnditin, the Englishcnen having the..taking' a pass frm. Etlinger gained mre better spurt leu at the finish after a g-rulld. The pace hereabuts. was killing'. game whic~ they had played at a lrilling Bulger mu,j'feda Pl~8. and Heatlie kick-ed t ~~~. Outeide the J!cum.matwr. were very t~uchat centre. Serums fllwed. and a fre!e ev&ilybalanced except at full-back. Samnels k~c'kwas allwed t England. Byrne made. wag in frm; f that tncr{l culd be n bg punt, but fielding neatly, Jnes replied, manner f t. Brrne'!! abilities as a J and J. Magee tried a drp e.t, gal which fell lengthy pu. sre knwn, but :5ll.mueisutshrt. and Africa tuched dwn ~ the call Q <li~tancefl. his WTrts every time 0 Saturday, h,;,-lf:t~{l. SCre: Suth Auiun, ne gal RB fieldmg was clean, and he was. never (liv-o FOlntr);JUnglan.!.nil. ;_~~~~~~fl;.;nrlc.ld. One culd scarcely ver-estimate the Crean kickedff n -=~r.l'..g""~,~. -J:"" l/i.lll!lr~ ~- ~ retu'lled t Byrn, Audersn punting wen n inspi, - everyne &>,i&re-'filw",.~ :.:eply:t tte latter, and finding tlluch in the impli it cnfidence, &ttd tnere is mon.englsh.!lllartere. Carey dribble(l well, in thnt than meet-!! the eye. But and tackled huard. u:nd- then l3ell ne must nt frget La-r&l'd. While Su.mnel~. qrve. the Olurals fur~hcr b ck with was lul~kingsuth ACric!!.play well Lll.ral:dwas a punt frm the bclt' f the serum. pedr.miug the r;werae fievica fr England. L. Mllfcewas called upn t stp a rush. and a He ttalq<and cmpletely upset; the English free. kck.lw.fisgiven t England. Samuels backs. JJ.eahwcd empnratively little aptirepled Wltu mterest t Byrne's kick, il.nd was tude t effect a perfect attacking' mvement; ~udjj.cheered Hepburn had a kick ch rged but a8 aq a.ggre3~i.edet.endel',if the term may! frnt f th~ English frwards. hut Larard be uscj, he was wnderful. He Wall everystpped them well. Anther free kick Will! where at uce, and the Engliilimen hnd n j lriven ty England, but Byrne's kick fell!hrt peace. His llussing was nt wlmt it ~ht t frm lmlf-wny. Percy Jnes replied and the llave been, Etling-er having t~le clet.ner. Suth African frw!.rd~ dashed a Na.v' Bala-er crisper style, j,ud hj'.viug many fewer :dug t stp them in his wn half: U. ;'l.n tr9.nsf"a intercep.. The African three- Relenbrke thrng-a ~ serum and quarters were - level lt. OEthe tw Bishp!! ne exhibited the best and the lmer a little the TACKLED BYRNE ON HS LNE. wrst frm. Hepbarn came secnd t Jne<!. L!l~ard culd nt get thugh frm 0. pass by Astn wuld havfldne better had: he been less ;thnger,althugh he ddged well.. The Eng. effectively ll.rked: Takillg the backs as lll~hthrec.quaxtels interrupted motepnssina-r bdy. tb:eyw<'ra crf,l(lit t th cuntry, and the Suth African back-s.. En"'J.a.ndfO:;ted culd ngteasij;y have been impryed-in fllct,.away irm 'a $l tun, and C:r::u.u takled D.ilmay be gleaned fr.lm the freging remarlt.' ~tuf!ls wit!) tbtl, ball. Cre~n beillg bll~lly we weze well pleased with the team all rund: daml~ee. Etlinge r fed. Hepburn n There were unmrs f peeple n the l(~l)llug tf~ shrt interval, 'wh grullll OllSaturday wh were lud in their ~ ljt tlie ~p:itsh:. 25, ddging B'nlger belief that th cqual f the team culd nt b meel,.. m:n~t~y afterwnrds Etlingt'r fund in Afrlcn.. '!&:;e): England serdwed a As fr 'the Elglil!hnlen, little r lid faulb ~ were peu.ahsed f-rff. ')ujd be ~und with the frwards. Th8f lht)klc" h.-.m nekr qrked VGry hard. They cmplained thaldll ~.!;'f Qf~-ABt --..;x : -c.. '

33 G'L ND WAS l'e~.alse~ fr ff-side n ne lied L' pr yig RS thng'li tliey had given up 0ter~9b.H b. yr lep led t the k.,ck. and in the g<\re. arid it wss nly thalrl\:arda.wh. e nrn 0. grand.rnn and kick, and were reullv trvijo' tn'lkle.l l'rncku:)-befre he culd clear Larard D -, '" ;", " made bis. mark the r:. ~ '.,..,.ly the Afnel:-nB POOleught t have been mre zrnnd O"re(X ;lucntk;~nu gamed Jl"fg4', cnetderlng th" frequent ccasicns (n.,,,,,. "J n:.(,e P. rec ",89 srt f n., k t ttak ~:!l!;>.frtlm B ~g.''/t>, J:!cplJnnL.iUl~"'rl""'-';..uet,.,00 _ uf~. a.;,:r~. 40lac=-t~ frm n f.ai8 by' E-t)i,. u ~~... - ~. t~ l-",c,jt., d L.' n~e.. lwj v a gl&j(l FUrl. e i'r.rl'l'ard" as a Nrig frce tblt pr e~i ~~~th '9 ~r~~~ Tl;;xt stpped a. rush vented it. The attempt.a. t pa88 ut frm; plied "t ~PEer.,!rlh k~'?k. ES,rm l ueal :re-6erums n the Elll!lisl line were w('rse than,, nznsr /0 llr an was f 'U f th E li h b k. awarded a f ree kl k f -ff" B 'a ki rnr e;;~. r e ngns s S were ymg as failed t d) c ~!/r 0.~.ruPth A~r~e a ick uear ff- side a~ they dared. and ct}n-;,;qnently'l ~: ' t, ( any., l~g. esu rnea were :rej;(!l :dthe man >Ul sn 8 the b!ll 0 everv..eepmg d tile'. ball 'well in the Bnalish quarter'. -. "J ~ s, Ot!Cl8J[U. ''hnt style S [), per Let defence t nn ~~ ~ertld~by>njl'a grand cmbined gume. De attack bj passing ut but it reveals an awful. ua an eswick.and Dermehl dribbled tight weakness t an" at~;k b a shnr wheel.~n ~ fhe.en~llsh hne, where serums fll~ed, f the ECrimmng~ and a drbble ver: Ham- ngtand nt~lc;pted a pass ut. and Mrtmer mnd, Or.un & C. wuld have been yer ~:~~~h~ ~::u~..n~~kb~l-~ ~ean awn y two r three times if they hud had t!le Africau. Af", an~ e, ec. rlg.; ver t 0 pnck's harc-s n Saburday, t WlS rather :.r,~~~r:.l!~ck:, ;~~ S~rnne.6: dou~ngl Bng:,r, strange that eur fellws had failed t gather.. n.!j.y 0 cenure, -seut Afrca thaf small wrinkle ~rp Y llbliea. tpe Eug-.ish. in., a s~rlm. and t has been givc~ abut as a rensn fer the pf:vr;~!~~::;~re~~ul7~::;'flu)ble~.lnt'tunh. f-lltirely different results t the tw -games f a~ve.rftl ti,l~ scr n e a -way D.e, where Ttlllrsi!ny and Saturday that the English team ~ «g. < ums WEr~ seen Etlinger fed h d' 'k tl h h "d Larard be:mti'uu' b t h~..' re cen irug t e ngl ra e f mderthe Englisil b~jri' ~ ~ was n by atin fr which they have been nted thrugh-,w 0 '\\ere. ut the tur afrer the game f ''hnrsdav. The ALWAYS ON THE WATCH. mntement is entirely devid f fact. They had. rhe English frwards packing badly. nt altered their style f cnduct in the enst.. llllinger dribbled frm a". serum, Tbere arc mady l easns. t nccnnb fr the and MeaTS gt in ~ a shrt reply, su~?en change. The dc:: re fr revenge had ~glish passicg ended in Magee drp. Blll~ted H~~B. T,he Englishmen hlldjnl~ll.ed ping' lot gnl frm the 2,>, bu s the bull wer.t the!:f vw t tnke l.t ut f the Prvince fr, wid~. and Tdd failed t. give Samuels five h~v~g. the~ teme:lty t ;nake, dra~w yarns, s tl!at a serum fllwed at tile ri sinal?f tue fit;l" match, and (,hey ha~ dntie spt. C. y~u. Renen dribbled t M~'rs. t s effectually that they?r:utd, ~t -"-.uder,sn re"lymg t bh.ntter's kick. A free but have. mad" tbe~s()lves f t,w!?,nla kck t Fmgl,lU3 bi,)u;rht th{) J>l t Africa's ~hat their adversarica were very r-)eble. territ@l'.:'.autherfree' kl'c',.fr.,. < serum- 'hey verlked the bet that tw-thirds f.,...>' S<t d ' t.. th. mage mfrmaiit.y was taken hy Byrne, wh "".?-r cy B,. cam were.nrer, Wl. a urnmg sht at gal frm the c iutre line. Ast.)fi l:f- de?re t wipe ff a e~n~le d~sgrac@. The plied t the kick, which was wide. Laran.. A.l'rc,,~ frwards shwed t ll their play frm Astn. Andersn, and Hepburn pnssed grandly, the,.t.,r~.. They ~ere as ~een as mustard. snd tb.e l?'tter kicked henutifnlly t t.nch n ~nd.u\ Dg a gd d'~'l E luck, where n' the Englsh 2;)..flag, h.ill.rtime' (Tuiue(] O'rlltd ''hursday they had nne; they made t much by, breukinz awly frm!t in~.nt. "Bulger ~e~t:er shw. They were encuraged in!!ving gamed fnrther grund by n; kiek, int tuch. bem;'ld the:n hacks wh nt. nly did nt As B:r nie was tackled with the ball, Andersn nullify th~u. effrt-d, bnt cns~derilbly aided tk t ut f his hands and ran clear f all the~. '.J.:uell sharp fllwng. up was but Mears. Wtwn tackled bj the latte.;r he frn~tful ~~any captures f OP,POSlng ~back~; passed t Lurard, wh ran iu under the P08tS. the.:r were well ~c&~red ut ; their England raised bjectius, bu t tl,e try W!l:.8 rud~e8 hlt.!. t st~p, and nheir general pack. allwed.'.. wr x lllllglllfient. t wafla grand cntesb. between frwards. 0 the matter f weight "HEPBURN KWKED A GO!.L there WS very little t chse, Hancck, -Crean, amid terrific cheers, Crean restarted. and and Oliueh Uti the ne side wuld nt kick the Sllmuels ;after mulling returned ull>ide his beam very much. if a.t ull, nguinst Hatlie, De quarter. M:aukie made a desperate attempt t Waal. and,v",n Renen, Bth packs were in bre~k thrugh, but did nt get far. Larard grand cnditin. th.e Englishmen having the taking' pass frm. Etlinger gained mre better spurt, left at the finish after a l'rnnd. The pace hereabuts. wns killing. game whfc~ they had played at a!ruling Bnlger muffed a PMS, and Heat!;e kicked t p.~ OutSide tbc ac"um matwrs-. were very ~ueh at centre. S~rum9 fllwed. and a free evijinly balanced except at ful back. Samuels k~ck was allwed t-'j England. Byrne mm]e P was in fol:di; f that there c::luld be n J)g puul', bnt ~etling l, Jnes replied. manner f t. B~'ll.e'i! abilities as and J. :l';lagee ~red a drp:lt gal, which fell lengthy pn. are knwn, but ~amuels utshrt. Rnd Afrca, tuched dwj:l Oll ~he call f di?tance.d bis wrrts every time 0 Saturdtly. n lf- t.ime..scre: SnlJ;t Auiea ne gal :ala fieldlllg \VlS dean, and he was. never efi:v~ p@lnt&) j l<jng.{,.nil _. ' lankd. Ojle culd sor,rilely ver estimate the Olean kicked -ft"n.;:e~ma.~, ~;";'~~R!~~::!!i'~':i:~~ ~-=- ~ returned t Byrna, Anderl!Oll punting well in e ve;ne b~re.fib". 'N....reply. t tte latter, and findiny, L<lUch ill the impli it cnfidence. ax,d there i8 Jl)rl3.English llartere. Carey dribblerl well in thdt th!ljl. meet!! the eye. But and tackled J. ratd. r.nd then :Beli ne mu~t nt frget Larw:d. While SlDUe8 ql've. the Clnials fur~h(lr b.lek with was making l'lnth Afric!!. play well Lannd was a pnnt frm the. bllclt' f the sernm. perfrming the r?varse f;e;rvica fr England. L. Mageewas called upn t stp a rush, and a He ttaijy and cmpletely upset the Enghsh free kick WS gh"'en t Engle,nu. Samuels backs. He shwed empmatively little spareplied with interest t Byrne's l.nd was tnde:t e!fect-a perfect attacking mvement;!ndly.cheered Hepburn had. kick ch'lrged but as al} aggreg~i\"e -det.ender, if the t~rm may frnt f the English fqrward8, hut Larurd be u~cj;bei was wnderfu. He W.J everystpped them well. Anther free kick was where a.t uc~, a.nd the Engli'lhtnen had n [riven tv lildgland, but Byrne's kick fell shrt peace. Hil! lussing W.!! nt what it ~ht tfrm lu.lf-wly. Percy Jnes replied and -tbfl have beed. Etling-el'.having tae cleaner'; Suth African frw!lrda dashed awav' Bal-er crisper. stye. lud h;-.viug many fewer..juuing t atp them ill hili wn half.'. :an transftrs intercepd. The African three- Reuea brke thrngh!' SClum and quarters were a level lt. Of the tw :BishO'ps ne exhibited the beet and the ljler a litt!ethe TA.CKLED BYRNE ON H'; _LNE. WONt frm. Hepbllll <mme seccnd t JnC'!. Larard culd nt get thn<>h frw a pass by Astn wuld have dne better had he been lobs J;tlinger, althugh he ddgea"' well. The Eug- effectively marked. Taking the backs ae a hl!h tb.ree-quarters interrupted mre passino' f bqy. they wer a crf.xlit t th cuntry, and the Suth Afriean backs. Engi-a-nd f~ted cul:d nt easily have heen imnrvcd-in fact,,away frm a!'l '/un, and Crean tackled 8.iJ may be gleaned ft.lljl the freging remark;., kl~llll'.j wub. ~,ball,- Crean being badly we were well pleased with the team all rund. daml~. Etli:iJger fed Hepburn n There were nnmbers f peple n the t ljl. mg.~ a snrt interval. 'who' grund 0 Saturday wh were lud in their' tljc":~r'&lh 25, ddging Bulger belief that thtl equal O'f the team culd nb ~ t. afterwards Etlingt'r follld in Af.r'ca.. bet E~lan~ _~we.lil \\ tr AEl\glishm~ little r JO W5U'& ~ 'riih tile &~_

34 , 4 'THE WEEK'S CRCKET. The chief lcal matches f imprtance this week have been he cntinuatin f the \.C. vs. C.:6. match, the United Service -t' whse appearance's the bwling f Hendricks always lends sme measure f interest-versus the Dicesan Cllege, and the usue.l weekday cricket, ver nne f which was the public enthusiasm vilently excited. T tell the truth there. is very Beldam anything dne in. the lcal cricket wrld t startle the phlegmatic inhabitants f Capetwn int life-particularly n such warm weather as greeted players last Saturday. Spectatrs wh always imagine that cricket matches are played fr.their special amusement must have wndered at the' unselfishness which culd induce anyne t freg his pipe, the pleasant shade and idle ease, t vilently. exert himself in the scrching heat fr the benefit f thers la,~t Saturday. And fr nce in a way the mst exacting nlker might have been led.t wnder whether, after all, it isn't just pssible that sme.ther bject besides his particular edificatin is nt sught by - thedevfees f the King f Games.'.. Taking the last first that is.t slj.},-j:eyiewing.the~k~ cric'ket.- it Wn Oeseen that the Dcks. with the aid f the Willughbys and ther well-knwn cricketers, had smewhat the bsst f a draw with the W,P,C.C. Marshall hit remarkably well lr 49.r the W,P., whse smewhat weak X. at ne time was in sre straits. On the ther hand, Willughby made up fr his late ill success in the bwling line by batting in very decent frm. n fact he is by n means s weak in this department as peple imagine, being quite capable f making sme runs at any time. On Thursday the S. A. Cllege gave painful evidence f their weakness in a very feeble display against a mderate W.P. X. When will this Cllege prduce anther cricket match wrthy f its psitin amng the clleges f this cuntry? There is at least n excuse fr such wretched fielding as was witnessed last week. Challner f~ W.P. nce again shwed gd frm with the bat fr 77, and gives evidence f being a really useful man, his style being neat and his defence fairly strng. Mitchell and W. H. Richards,,wh, just at present, is in very gd frm, als scred freely, 248 fr 7 wickets being the state f affairs at the clse. The. 8,A.C. were dispsed f fr 88, Bertie Graham's curly nes. prving mst destructive. Taintn alne shwed gd frm fr his team, his batting being excellent in every way. ''he Dicesan Cllege, thugh deprived f the services f Andersn, Reid and Van Renen, had a lng' way the best f their meeting with the U,S,C,C. Jnes hit remarkably well fr his 68., Last year this batsman's perfrmances gave prmise f cnsiderable excellence in the near future, but these hpes.have nt this seasn been realised as he has played but little, and appears t have lst his keenness t a great extent. De Kck, a fast bwler, wh cmes t the Cllege trm the Wynberg Schl, prved a useful recruit, capturing five f the seven wickets that. fell. Altgether, in the absence f,their cracks, the.perfrmance f the Bishps was very creditable indeed, and speaks well fr their strength and pluck. Hendricks again met :with little success, and the ac] that he is cnstantly played with ease by men f n particular ability in rdinary games seems t a great extent t discunt the reputatin his terrific pace and perfrmauces n bad grunds in small matches have earned him.. The enrmus reserve strengthf the C.T.C.C. is mre cnclusively prved n each succeeding Saturday. With their " pr's" away and all their leading men engaged in the M.C, game, they nevertheless defeated with ridiculus ease a club s strng as.the Gardens. The latter made 09 (Bamfrd 32), but the'c.t,c.c: ran up n less than 238 fr 2 wickets. Watermeyer playing a fine 24 nt ut-his secnd century this year -and Kuys taking a new lease f life with an excellent 70. i : rapid dcwnfall f the Hme f _. additin t Etl' pr~ essinats, all f whm-in with a d nger-were ut With the scre at 70. Rwe met shuld ~ive ht~a~ ~~e:~cs~~s:t-p~rhaps a little lnckily-but it Renen kept u his d an sme mre cnfidence. Van prmise, havi~g thee~na~kryrell a.nd shws a gd deal f unpleasantly. Willnghby's b :akm g the ball bump mst will in time be a very' useful ma l~gtw~sdnt at all bad, and he an n S epartment. Th C' -- ver f50 :~~~al~ :n c~r::::e~~~ng their d.ifficult task f making fessinal bwling n the ther f?jt y mn?tes.against the prkncking ff the runs All S e. ~ent n With sme hpes f shattered by the dism'issal t;~visins were hwever rudely the stumps f Reid' and Allen b~uwe'l~r 3h~nd the uprting f 20. W. H Richards h i ug y ere the-scre was and Bisset 'made a 0;;- w t ~nce mre bat,ting really well- ~~~~~;~~~~~~~~:~~:i~:j :~~}~i:f~t~~~~~i~~fet~~~~ri~9~ ~ls Captain, wh eventually ~eti def us }' n cnjunctij, Wth nvaluable thu h t f r~ ~r a reely played 46-an a~tempts t hit ;w:v~r r:~~n:~s i~n~ng~. Tw r three wild wickets, s that at the finish th e w~fall ~ tw mre the Hme Brn Smith de game was slightly favur f secnd time, but Willu E~ve, very; sme, his great pace renderhi :r t appear t De.very truble. des nt bump the ball sufficie!tl ~ t~;y~xpansve whils he -as a fast bwler shuld f hi Y a e t e fullest advanta-e -0 S numerus men in the slips. 0 t is mst unfrtunate th t t d a late start being invariable a th~v~e a{: f~hbeing set apart and ahnst inevitably be a draw' E'th su 0 ese matches shuld played in the curse f the seasn er tw? games nly shuld be each, r sme means f maki and l three days set apart fr wise the cntinuance f thes~llx~n ear.y st~rt devised. Otherf hams extra play n Saturd ures.squtte futile. A cuple their secnd innin-s-~'th ~h~~ablmg ~be M:,C, t cmplete wuld nt, prbably, h~ve ta:~! ~nsplcuus ".tail" they Clnials t g in t 80 thei r: ng t d ths-and the time cnsideratins ;:O~ld ~~v rdm~ry ~ame unhampered by A~ they std. the t~ams were e pr uce a very fine struggle. ~rancis and Vlley v. d. B we~:ry evenly ~atched, thugh llclusin f Challne. l ntable absentees, and the strengthened the M: C r, X~ f!psn and Bamfrd wuld have teams alwa _..,: e~:lormusly. Smehw the M C shuld nt 6e\~h::~\t/lilCe n a,rngthy' tail-a thing that here is cnsiderr:t~~~mb.r f military men quartered Next week the W P C C. Prt Elizabeth' and Etli~-~r ml~us.hearne, wh has gne t the Dicesan C~lle" a Cb~ w.0 sh.nt yet qua.lifi~d, meet mteresting t see hw th Bll~tns p match, and t will be h. 0 e snp' perf. hi ~r~~~:,lmst invariably displa;ing t!~:i~ b~~t ~~~ ~:t~~~ ~~ : Despite the fact that the game must in the rdinary curse f events have ended in a draw, a better crwd assembled at Newlands than n the first day, t witness the cnclusin f the M.C.-C.B. game. As it turned ut, the' Hme Brn wuld prbably have wn in the absence f A, Richards, wh was _unwell, but had Prince nt been dispsed, f s early in the secnd innings the bld plicy pursued in declaring their innings at an end might have ended mst disastrusly. The J Clnials cncluded their first attempt fr 82, a much better-. ttal than was expected, the fllw-n being thus saved by 3 runs and defeat entirely averted. l\st f the batsmen did smething, Bisset leading the way with 55 nt ut-perhaps his best effrt this seasn. The bwlers, wh must have felt the heat cnsiderably, left the dispsal f the batsmen mainly t Middletn, wh W:.,Sfr a lng time in extremely gd frm. The nly ntewrthy incidents f the M,C, secnd innings were the success at Willughby with the bat and extrardinarily

35 ~,~e. the -~':'-'-----~-==''':::~='i=--;::-==-:-~.. and then $~i " was taken a~ " tnlr, r' ~ CRCKETERS' TOTTD' R W -wte"", Wi~ ~ ~, ~!\inwf. ~ "-"_ SOUTJ AElRlCANS.-.&GOhd- innius. ~'''''t ft ~ fas;bwl~.. EteveJl.l"l}~ r &A. ' ',.~.l\j ", "Y. 9i.~ law n-';';rt uaualllliclxrit~~ a.::bat?; t ~ "" -! - -:-;--,.'..e T. Wass, ' :.5!f 4 ~~.wttt" lustu,.. e-aid' his :uj't!-yjld G:"!'xE WlT., ' H 'N,OTTS. A. W. Hallam ' ' -'ay (lid much- t rb the S0uth h'\fti~.?! ""!U G. Anthny ' er'lvhclmwg'" advanta&e. t lt. '" T J Atkinsn l' -6.r ""e J-' t t"'~'fa ' f the eighth Wickd:"?,..,' C l'i 7 :) e- l)oss""'&oo.a. =e. b under: while l VSTORS 'WN',. ".;...,ar t~led' a' ~Al in tlie fir~ in- He' hit. bundary 3 t"::-t ~ keepjbis end - - 'waes, ~ Gaukrdger was cn t ed, f " Dings' and Atlrinsn tw wides and wass ginlf. Rwe '>nd, G~"ham bwled r (SECOND NOTOE.) a n-ball in the se~ftd. l{.llfie and 8i ~~ _at'look ~~.Bat~t;':;, ;,, " ~~- N{)TTS ~Fir-<;t jnnin~g. wjiin..,42. by t ;.:n: later ':;-0"" ::..;... ':: SPEC_'tAL CORRESPOD5lmT:] '0 "' R d~~. ap.i't leg; hwever ~ wbq' lai A..! k"". Vili, "',' ~fur was well caugnt- y erne air -vu " ---. ~ J. J. Ktze :.~' ~ ~i ~ ~\m(hr.y ff G!3ml t~~~~~!abut tw-heurs' play milked t bring J. J: Sinclair ; 2 y w~et had added 00, r"..ln&.-'-~ld at t~a. matters t a clse at Trem Bridge, n G. A. Rwe.:.,.. '" 3 -atlle stand t was., Wilin, :wa~ u 0 d : Saturday, when the Suth Afiiean team OTTS:- Seend inninrs. shi t slip,.and the mmngs erse a ', '..,., -,-', 0 ~f R. W, ft ~,t~ the: Suth: Africans enjymgeat _ ~'aehieved a yietqr' 0J~ ntts-. by 9-li - 9' 0 3 leg\t f 69. Ktze bwled at a gr : runs. The success was the re&ut f ad- J. J. K~tze..... ~\ Paqf', and was far t gd fc?j,:the bulk ;';mira'ble- c r icke., Ha;vilijt regard t the.j, H. Sinclair..'...' 2 57 ':5 r the batsmen ppsed t him. '_ 'commanding lead which they had estab- G. A, Rwe,.. ~ At the secnd venture the SOuth Afn llishedn 'l!e previ()ult day, and > B. Ce- Cley..'. 3 0 caas were nt seen..t. such!.dvan~ag'e.: " W, ShaMars..., ' S~lder"'-l.nd Tancred made an auspicius "~enera:l excehenee f their wrk in Hie Sinclair bwled a wide m tee first in,, putting n 5, prir t unchel~_,'b.wling depall;ment,,it seemed imprb-], withut ces. Wilsn and Pearsn- bw able tihat the visitrs wuld be put t U\~:tze bwled fur wides and. ne' n- led. but the batsmen made n? ldlsi'ak,es, much truble i!l, decidinl{ the issue. But ball Sinclair tw wides',and ShaJders ne and played thrughly gderieket. ~!.et" ~ cnludin?; stage ecupisd lnger than Wid~' in the secnd inlllgg. hmchen, hwever, a ;;reat c~ange,,,,,me "i many had anticipated. Shrewsbury, and 'ljmpires:-a, F. Smith and T. My e ei the game; a change 'wlhck was al- Oates ma:kinj( a determined' stand. When crft;, mat tactics slely ad9ptea tlue byt practtcauy the, reckless the lrittwg whle, stumps were drawn n -Friday Ntts., ' ~ f -the Z6itn African. 'represetrtat.ives, with fiv~ wickets dwn, 8tll required W6, GAME WTH WOW ', Sbslders was leg befre at 69 fr t win. There, Was t mere handful f. creditable 32, Strangely e!lugh!. ',;t~e erpectatrs. when the '2:ame was resumed ]. ENDS N A TE. bauimen was nt a\yal'e that the ge"i~'u. -in a dull light, Hie weather being again had.gqle against him, and tw tulls-ol very c se, ' a t" h' wl\'at }VuJd have cunted, as ru,ns-hl!>d Ql the tw prevous uol!g nt days. e ppres5l\t!, The visitrs as (f'ro. "v... "~n SPEC" ~ CORR>ESlPONDENT,'] 'L.:te_~.made befre lie reali sed tlla~ t.l!-~ ""U', " _ ~med ut, with- nly' nine men,' t umpire's verdict was all adverse ne. ~X transpired that Halliwell had sustained, runs later Tancred wag clean ':bwled.,i an injury t~ f his 'hands, and deemed, :After an intensely interef!tillj!; struggle em; t, had batted well fr hi'! 3..MSit.inadvi able t pl-ay. A substitute was frx.m first t last, the matcli between f;tunes nw came apace" Hathrn we;:! fund fr him. and William Gunn.carae the Suth Africans 'and Wrestershire, l~.befre t Pearsn Wthut f>~(}nn", <l'u': t field t e m p Ml.rjfa ill,place f Sin. CO -t ana Sil,l.<:rar;~kiug a magnificent elan, wh tk hw - ace rn the teaml ieh rtk place n the new.wl y. 6".drive -elean u f he grund, the :Wt'el' Pl'Oceeding:s- ba been in prgr~ Gfcund, by the side j!h~ River Severn,..!laring vec the trees antt 'l!pl?~nf& ril' albut a Quarter f~an.hur.' iha-:!li n J'uly' J.5;"'r6, aiiiftt;-eniled.' int a timber yara n t.he vvps[te 2-<d~ ~'S ~)lst b~ind th(vwicket Vas ceu- th{)ul'h a nt frequent ccurrence, a tie f tha rad, WaB ut t a superbrcatcn,,pie{[ b,y M. Blsse~," ~, '. fi. ' 0 the bundary by R. E. Fster. Fr ~ '.. ~ S' by n means unknwn. n rss-ciaes d t._,'\y:; ';~.,.vernj ht tta.l 22, the nt- 77 the mment the hit seeme. ~ "'" a v re erv ",- t <lilts,. - Sh '~8bu!y, "(25) and Harri~n, (8) cricket ~ n En""nd. s"'" As far back as 8,, :O'd qne, :5u t. rs 'L' t er Jum, ' ped up ',',t least cntmued the, game t the bwhlm f Surrey and Kent btained equal aggrc- ~.cqhvle.f. feet and tk. the bajj. : h i,~ze and Rwe. Only 4 runs had been gates in a match at the_oval, and ~~le alle>y his head Wth ne b"md. 'ne astded 't.. the scre when Ntts, lst. scre.was 99 when'sincai' ert, and at 'aootjrer wicket, 'fill-rrisn ha.ving the bad fllwing' instances ~f tie games <''' a,,5o' DS MUl'ray Bisset w!!8bwled as the ne-, luck t play n,t Rw"!!. Oates then 0 recrd; Surrey vs,,~r.c,g:and Grund, sult f a reckless strke. At 9 Hel~, parlnered Shrewsbury. llurj t,he the.oval, June, 868; Surrey vs. Mid wjlo bad Shwn sngg~stiu 0'. stell:~\' ll'owd s bstinate that fr a perid, dksex, at the Oval; July, 868; Surrel' ness, was ta.ken ~t the wlckr~j,.ald at, J..38 i Ntta. supprters were <tlmst encuraged A"Bisset was dismissed by Vlliwll. ~h.e t hpe that- disaster might be averted. vs. Midd'lesex, at the Oval, August, 876; :;;t j;ht-ee men were, all,ut t st~")'es Shre.wsbury' was -playing- with a resurce Gent[emen vs, Players, at fhe Oval, June, which erred in the- directin f, renkt., ~rt,hv f his' best reputatin, and 0t-tes %3; and Surrey vs. Lancashire, at th,3 nss and fhe result Qf a very ~h8appl _t. \ 'W-8 Shwinl$ vigcir.v s but 'careful edckel Ol"'d-j, August, 894. Smerset a Mid- ing' batting displa.l was the mqlte~at.e ' KtZ;l!,llrvmg il}effectu-e, Sincla:h- was dle.ex pjayed a Lie at Tl'Ullt. n in August, ttal Gf 40. G. Wilsn bwl~d particu. ~ ie:qtri&itined at 67, but bth batsmen, ' larly well fr after ging n a.secqnd 'ftlished smewhat severely. Ui)n 8!,()" but the fx:mer Ounty was nt the}l t' " cltptured l,ve wiclcets fr a c~t ShaMel'S relicvinff Rwe, similar. treat 'Offi':''6ly l'ecgmsed Js fup!;-'class. t,;ls :'t7 ~~ns. '.", mefif; was meted ut. After batting,f!, scalcely nc0ess'ary t say tiat.,.the clcslng VVl'cestcn;hire '&0<'C nw left wlch 29 ; ~ ~ur a.nd, a half -8hre;wsbul'Y reaclj-ed stage f the game at W~lr(JeS'ter was m.,ark. t get t win; a nt particularly ~-eavy ~ls.50, an hour'a play': d'tlrm!r the mrnmjt,,ed by very gt'eat excitement, Tt was Wk n such, a Rerfe,!!t wic~et, alt'li;)::g!l '~\vmfl J)r<fuc~ed7fjruna. :KObe resumed c~tended by mapy f tqe W~(;eflter- their batting in the first llstance na-d ' D} -place;.f Smcul!\ wh crqs8ed ver t ahlle team that MUM'a,y BlBset had nt.nt been f an inspiring character.!\luca WE),navllwll end. T,h~_ chang.e ms ev@- ~hered tl!-e ball wb,en he. b~'<?ke H.,f their cricket <t the s'ecn(l s;m,em)!iy tulilly at~ended Wth suc,ees!!, Shrewsb~y 'ivillln'ii wrckefi" :n~lrdeed, t (lid seem, 0 s u-tter. had n sa ing';liii> neha..v}:llg hs Q~-stu!RP, '!u.placed,by- S!n. t sme that-the pall went bet.ween Jis- ;;'< lid t ~sl> -'0 - ffis;mis.; y ii'.'l,:ny way clar" whse ~wlldg, m c().n.t~9t W'lth,han' he waa 0 the act f pu'tting ;{) ilit hich!lllilt atta.;h tl) Grailam t.!hl't n sme earher ver-s, had DPl'QVei! dwn the stumps. But after a'lj the le (;re skilf\ p - "'e" "and rear. illl'lneailurahly, Shrewsbury'lt 85 wt:s the ~umpjre,\vabflu' bettel' pl~ed -fr s'eeiilr Q~ S u- fi"'tn, ~il' an'd'at- - tha ;relwlt. f t ' hurs.a~ t~e.nt:v mmutes'l w:hai; acw.all:y. cc,w:req than peple at.a htt.'v'er: t the d 'ii? 't Granam Vtlf)"" fallltlebs erlcfet. n f}ia,l; penq.. tne ~co'l'e, distance, and the, lclden't in n ay, ;' r~ ume Rb a i. :l-b i' the'. f had been l'ased. by 58 runs, the Wcket r affected the' recl"ptin f t ', Ol"!i at had p.ened the _w ~..., ~, h~;ring added 96 in' an..h0pl' a~ twenty the dse -f'~-m- mterestilf> am:! Y,;red!!,-y,wh fllwzed, was taken ~J~j mmute..,sh:ew.l!bllry's chlet nlul beng exciting struggle ever seen n the Wr. Wcket at,'fl, and at ~9 a i' m,t 0' f... "eight 40's, seven 3's, and eight 2'8,' n ~he ceflter wnn.d~ Bth teams were mst tu?-e befel the h{)me Sde.; R. E. iste!..._._""_._..,! nex,t ver 'W'RSS was.,stumped ft Sm= enthusias i<:&uy chee'.ed, and it wag u,ni- ~l!g cml!letely beaten by ~,,;,ery teh~lt:" 'clall"s bwlng, havm~ nly adi.led 2. versally decreed tbat n better fiel<hng delvery trm,', ham. _.J.h~;~.'t~ ",Oates hall heen battin~ n 'ex.cell~ut; ~tvl<:!,'si,de than tb.e Suth :Air.ica-lB had ever!wjey,.,:,h had~.a s;:llne;~ <- but w.hen,he had rased hls,ndlvlduid at WO'rcester_' Graham bwled iell Q. Vjctl~ t Munay B,ss~~ 8 Vlgl a_e,., C'~rrutin t 4'4 ran himself ut after v.c-ry finely during 'Practically th,e' whle!::ld at 97 Whel(~u W&3, ut '!l the- sam.~ a eta.v f a little ver a.n!wnt and a ha.~_t the secnd inning;;. but he wed nt way, half the_ Side h:j.~mg b~en, i?~ r) l;t t-he wick-ets. The last par, Halhm 'a liftle t. the remarkable dexterity f vf fr t.he a,ve'mentoned. mlllglulica~t,'md ~tjqnsn, diq nt!rive mueb ';r&ubl~ Murrar Bisset behind the stumps and ttal. Ma;~tei-s ll!:en" t~.the mmnl:!!;. wlnch' 'lasted f~>l!~ hu~a, Sincliur at shrt slip. The t:-erendus 'W-6rcest-ers]llre af this ptnt, but B!lllP' ~Tl.g fr:253, "~ving the Vlslt0rs V!C pace { Ktze was' als ~!l imprt!l-nt ~"'aavwa~d and 8.3(:, ~y s~ad?,t: 'Ol'iOus b:v ~he.numbel' st!.ted. Althugh factr n the g~ Gener.uly-tlpeakmg, ting; managed t check t!fe i;ij!! 0 dis.,;i, n,at. acmplu;hlll~ ~cha nile ~l'fpjl\a~dej the Sutj:. AfrlCans pl.a..yed rather ~h& "st~r. TheY were,nbnj tp~ ll'~~.y, ',' as m the. firet mnmgs, Ktze a,ealn dj better crcket, but tli~r r~ckjes3 ~t\:ing tgether, but.befre play';'~ the!. 'W.etl-; taking three fr 5. The!,OllOUTS at the secnd attempt rumell their ~n- had tak~n the scre t..8.f: TV, fl}l" matc~ rested t a l~ge ex>th~ dubted.y l?;reat chance they had f wu:- ther' lss. GrJianr ~-n<:d _ w.l,~, ji>od Wl.t}\ hm, J:ut the t.e~ ' aa. a, w. 0 " DJl4t the. "~me..,judgment, and n\d s far. U!; the scav-e.a~ adm!l'll'ble' exp.~ltin at the ~~e The 'Suth Airic!ns m~d-e tw c~a~ge.! \7hvle f the wickets whiqh. ha'l. f&llejl bqt:i n bat~lug, 0w]mg and fiel mt.'" frm tbe t&m. which g8.hle.d s. brillhu~t CONCLUDNG-DAY' l!alt\well's wicket-keeplop:' was ne f tue a victry v"r Ntts. Ballnvell hurt hlll. ~ 'diadlays seen fr many y.eal.'s' -' hand ilj. that enj~l\'gement. ana culd nt Althugh P~) did nt ~ a~ Trent Brldg,e-...,and. ~~eret_,;veret.htmahnydkeen 'w,icket at W~FCester, s it.. was:d.r tod& there was a fair ilier t~ eleven ieen at its full atl'~ ~ -. iii 0,- "" ') eas:r...,~ nl''''~'''.,",t a..~,..j..;' ~~ aad '~!:~:':':!':~@;=i..

36 e liaa raisea is illaiviulm. appeared at ercester," Graham Jjwle'd.ell a Vie rm 0. ur ay Blsse~'a gil " C"Of.!trrutint 44 ran himself nt after v..cry finely during 'PTactically thee whle aad at fj/ Wh.ehln WR3 ut W. the' sam.e a may f a little ver au bur and ~hal~ f 'the secnd innings, but he wed nt: way. hatf the,side, having been >l~t rid at the wickets. The last pair, Hatb: b m a Hftle t the remarkable dexterity f uf fr' mentined, tnsignilicant ami 4tJqnsen, diq nt give much ;;'00 ue, ~urra;v Bisset behind the stumps.and Ma~ters lked v~,ry ;{)lae:k" t:.the mmli, w~llcth-.lasted f?l~r hou~8, shrt sup. The tremendus W:):cestersh.ll"e a,;h8 pmt, but ~!mp ~lthlt fur 253, l",wmg the visiters vie- 'Pace Of Ktze was als all imprtant.-'e!aywal""d and.l ~, ~.Y stead. ~at::. 'O"tiOUS by the number stated. Althugh factr n the g:'_.~gener.uiy,,speakm.g, t ing, managed t check. tlfe" 0 dis- i<. rit. accmpli,,iin~ ~ch. a Dle ~,f"'~\a.l.~:der'tlie' Sutf. -Afiiians pl,ayed rather ~he- f>!lter. Th~y were,-rt.~::t: _ t},t}!et!y. ~' as n the firet mnmgs, Kbze azam di, better. cricket but tne:l'r reckless batting tgether but befre play-; they w.ell;. taking three fill' 5.. T~e 90nuTS at the second a.ttempt ~ ruined their un- iiij.tak~n- the scre t.8- w.i,t~(i.;lt ';'< '~.,~e. matc:h.~ rested t a large e~~ dubtedly ",Feat chance they had f WD' tlier lss.. Gva am. e<i 'wj~,!;;pd <: wli;h him. But the, t.e~~, as. a.:w 0.. m~ the ~e.llq. -' '.. jt(lgul~t and had 80 far tttl~eh.'rn e gave: a~ adlli~'a'ble exp.~ltin at the ~e The 'Sa!;h Africl'!ns ni~de tw c~afgea.,!j.vle f 'the wickets whi~lj. ha"ll. f~le)l. bqti. n bal;~mg, ljw}mg and fie mfi" frm tbe team. which g&\ne,d s brilliant ]. CONCLJDNG-D:AY'-'" tj:"al'rweu's ~et-keeplnlr was ne, f tea victry vec Ntts. H.alh.well hurt his. _:C,",,,~. ~,.~ lj sm&test ',d,slays seen fr many y;ear9', hand in that engagement and culd nt Althugh play did ilt {trc.lm~c_a;..lmt- [- at Tr-ent Briilge.. and. t~ere wcl'e,manykeei> wicket at WOl'ceste;, s it was de~ tng,.fhere was.a,ct:5>wq.~t~:-tq,t... - ther- f~t",,"<'~ ",h,~l. m",:"ted th~: ha~ cided. t.:pla;.-with Prince; and Grab:U -5ee tuei,. cnclusin 6.tb:l-~a-t:eft~:, hjelf. ~/.' cunty eleven be,en a.t l~s full st~f'-ngt.l eame dn in }.!accef Cley, ''l'he._wt: l>wr~~. :,~ val: thlly w~ul-d.",,,. n ~ ),,, n ~~sft~. ~."" l!ilhh~":u"al'enwasa- stltewial; ex}jel'<"'l'hc!il,wh expeete<ftosee'\l':$~c'l ~POl."~.r ;WiVt :al. '---: cf#.jurretja~.. ;' mental ne, several well-knwn members inll: jittish were in n sense U~WQmte,u. 'la. l ~ 'l\u!'v0 ile, ar.d the l!ablh~y- pi._. f the team being. rested. Trials were :S nthing culd hay heen.ptoj:;f. ~Cltp~ ~nnn t,)ay, thl'q' U ~hg~g~~d=: affrd~d t A. W. saac, a lcal amateur; ine Jhan}he play wi~njr8,.~: ;W!;C~ster-«,'m, fur-ther. w~akenet e twith ntli GaukrQC\ger, wh acts as understudy t shire. W,!;}} ha:lf their 'Vlcka;s:m ;:,,\-nfj, 4'i s ll ~lt th;ese (>l'c,l'';!8tanc~a~~ t : sa~. Shraw i the 'l--e~a.r ~k~.kpll:r, H. re~l'ed l26. t win, b~ n' paper.;ber~ ~ ~ Vl~~rg ~~. everv hi h was tne re9llt Wlsn. a eft-handed bwler f!m YOrk., wa'!nlot m~n battmg le~. 'l"'he "\V.e<t~n.;e! S ~.' wr.t,,,a ;d~jr:ii ~t~nd c'mlrinajin. shire; and F-eredayc an'd ~nnjlter, b,tb, and tj~e Wicket were agh.~.ll-k $r?:;:'.-, if a ",sp'.y.nt l p SiMhi:r and - Rwe dl!- f whm have seen cnsiderable senl/" SimpsQn liayward, nt y'!; ~ W40;~,t<~,, l>=~;'a;~6 a~fwira '~90urees in attack, with the Cunty eleven_ The weali' nt.ut 2, went qu.,. WJ,t~ the ',P'" "tlll(!, J., ~~--'---",-_...- -n."

37 .. judged catch i,n. the lng-fiel.d.,.i)y~dentn his 'nly mistake in. getting his 3'.beiP e n07eters' TOUR,' di ---" f G h m and K,tze fell t a. the ene chance. ieferre«. te, _On his dis- H n.!spo~ 0' rat a, a. ~ nrl,ssal, WainWrigl;it relieved ~Rhde:s,. and catch at pint by Smitb, the ball having ~t Prince lell" befre, the agllth wicket been skyed t a great.height. S' tire - - h d. innings 'clsed far 93 J having ~een in falling. -at W7; With: t e ~e as'ga.'8, prgress nly tw hurs. Althugh freely ever, Rwe and Graham rt away very Nn '! rit durina the ne bi" partnership, freely' a snick-by the litter sent up 2'00;- CEf,-,',j\!iPFONS WliN BY 5 nuj:~. l~,.,..!5 <.,.'.a -...-d te..l,lc mdi-ng a.l(oaa f ily 22 runs, YrJr-. when me : - mnm~ "'" as t!q shire went :n a=secnd time just at mid, nearly three, 0=.' Graham Fm T DAY., ~ day, and again a capital start, was made, then an 4friVe - Wainwright fo'.(" Brwn and Tunniclilfe scred fast frm 4, and Rwe a.j;!;cra'lueky' ~ ver the slips, Rwe and Sinclair, ana it was nt until twice drve Srriith t the n. bundary" OUR SPEiAL.CORR))SPOi''-'DEN'T.] the left-bander changed ends, after Ktze the three strkes being made in ne ver. M.d gane _n, _that a wicket fell, brwn t Hwever, at.236, Sini4>h ~beat l,he left -. - being-smar-tly caught and bawled, having -hander wh.ha:d Sc<lred.;20- ut f 39 m - "'t was wen 'bbe SU'bh :A~rl{laDB sh~lt!d "'sc:i-!'d U. ut f 47 ffi 3iHninutes. With a quarter n an hur. Ktze came last, ha v~ had a rest Mre entering upn w;tlat Dentan-m, Tunllchffe,. :when. 2, shu!~ and hit a 4. hut lifting the nen-ball t lust be c.all.s!u l,ed {he mst arduous. hav~ been run.ut, J:!ut.Rwe,.t.he bwler, thb lng fleld, be -was aut t an ~~ce~ent match - f thetur, Desite '-... the. defeat - bv J brke ball. the Tunnicliffe :vlc~et Wthut anly scred handlng 4 the mre fmlnin'. <:ate'" '''Y. Dentn',...h '..last'. tile' d thr mmags h g, Samerset'and sme uncertainty m fnm ll. rims, ]rut he' stayed,..' until the ttal clsed far 240, a.v'dg. e ee. urs. mre recent >.lftt:>h, Yrkshire have reached 83, 'Dentn hitting very finely. ten minutes, al!d at twenty-five minutes easily retained the psitin at th e head Tunnicliffe's.25, made in an hur, carried t? fur, Y0,kalnre had wan the match 6 by '_.r '.. """,' - t.f tli"'- 0 t runs. 600res:,..._ f the cun.tiss, and their ttle f cham- ns!l".,~~ga~, 0:' ~ seasn 0".. '... '.'" _ pins Js t, il t bi -, hal- TaylQ.r jined :De~~p, wh -shwed great-' y-rtkshre.-"fixst -tn!l!lll~. f is. ~. {C'<y e seraus 'Y cna, freedm, his hit.ting t "eg being artieu; S' '. -:.', l Jen. ged this s.e~sn. S after' s much larlygd. 'TJle 'hmi,red went up in an.brw~';rfi Graha~:. bd.&:;a;i;; :~ ".:~ -c!.ck-et the ~'lsl.trs -cauidnly find it an.hur and-sa quarter, and Wth Grah~m ~ -' <en;d b sincl" _ agyan.ta:g0 t begin the heavy eng;;t.gemen<t bwling -fr!t0we,. rups -ga'!le v~j"yf t. TenL nt' C 0' ~b.w b Bi:i~i~ :.--:" c:.;,., h. -. A 4 "aye Dent-.n his 50 m frty-five.. ay,, ".qu~te res, and except DiRut~S; but the strke thrugh the ]j'. ~litc.hell, c ReJ.G, b -Sl~C a.:.~":_~ Prince bfh scffered fram slightly njured. slips was nat.a gd. ne. Lunch W,\S Wa:'nwnght, c ~ancred, })Bmda.(l' ~-", fingers, all the' team. were fit;" Hahiwell taken at -half, past 'ne, the t'tal being Smith, brw,,:..... '.' ":" _.... C~ na. nt. lcentwi cep \Vl'Cet k smce. the "N '-t t mg. h' am 2" 0 f' Or w WlCKes;. 't entan 53,an ay- Rhdes L d ti-_:" p k Reid '. 'b_ 8mclan:,.,. d t D d T......,.. h ', ;. 0'' r.rut>w e, 00" au."..., :, e. ;",,.~ m~tc, ana Pru:ce had been ~~p!m t~e Dentan cntinued' p-laying gd, free Whitehead, b Rwe.:.. _.-. ~",c "~ 5 ne::,~ gml.e." As t ~a;p'~en;d b~"n lyere. cricket n the game; being, resumed, pun- Hunter,. c Bsset, b Rwe =.,'' 4 quh:.~d din-ing YQr,mh,re S. ihat,~nlllgsj C' shin«grahafn fr a i.dzen ne. Extras. _... ".. T,.", :H.20 Halliwell, wh. started, having t give up, ver --a strke t leg and an ff drive., ~, ~e glves t',hh~'lndelstudy,when.hdf ~~ being beaut. iful.y t.imed;' "A 4 t' leg fram _.. ~ "'tal.... '-"", i... " side we: re 'Out.. Bu t.,lhe great. thmg was Sinclair was, anther very gd hit, and - YO~SHTR~:.~Secnd nnings, _ the AnJ.<:ans had then'_ fum stre_~gtih aya~:,. he" we,!t. ~ m~apali~ing the scring., able, a!,c t was decided teave ut At Ta.y.r, relyldg chiefly defence,.. never Hr w~...c and b~ R'W.:.':..,',,,', 24 tp~r-blfts~~,.lga.n andd:>,e y. YOl'ks'.~e seemed' very'c<?mfurtable, a Y. after ap- Tunnicliffe, c Graham, -b Sinclair -s,- 25 paid the "'Slta~ the ccmr;jjm~thtf lluttr.g peals far stumpingnnd leg befre, he was Dentn, c M. Bisset, b Sinclair-.:, 'f';. '~' a -very s~l,'(}ng,elde ut the field.. n Vew bwledff.his pad by Sinclair. This was J. T~ Taylr, b Sinclair...r,..,.25' f the bg ma:tch n Mn-d'aY against; Lan- at 69. the third partnership having pr- F. Mitchell, c and b" Sinclair-.,.,.: 30 thsllre, Hirst and Ha.lgh,_ bath 0' whm ducecl 86' ill 50 minutes" Taylr's share \V~nwright,' c. Halliwell, b Grlliham.'6 j ihaye recently suffered frm l~me:nes3, we-e being 25. One run- ater 'Dentn's bright Smith, c M. Bisset, b Rwe,', ",.., ' given a rest. lk. Ernest Smith and T, L; and faultless innings came t an end. Rhas,'b Katze..., b.o') ~_'., ".:c;:..35 Tayl~' cmpleted the ~leten; which, :>-t Murray; Bisset, wh was keeping wick~tj Lard :Ha.,yke; b Rwe :. c.'.,,,. :. is«. ""'~. mre batting than in recent catching him at the secnd attelifpt- ail' Hunter, nt aut. ',.. '. "-'f; :.;.:--i'.. 0, '>t>. several-ryf the rilg.t famus nl;ts Scring' his 8,3,-in an hur and, '\'.', c and b Graham,.' cr.'.." "" \i~~~ep' t a late' made f'l'~.'uls.!t wads 25 mj,:utes, l):en~an.;it. fi'ft~en 4'!3; a, S; ~tr ' 5 ' ~,,~-,'s first 8jlpea.r.a.ncetllS sean, an and SX 2's. Vilth YWal.wnght m, the..=:_ as.~ " "_0.": " 'u c"" l'tj 3:-. -- \ [ a,ylrhad nt pjayed sin'ce beil;g ;jlutt m scre rse fast, b-th.e and' Mitchell T.. the Smerset in,, t'ch. llhe ar~'aga.te. farcing the game'" and. thaugh Graha-m '<lis., "'. ""..::'T.'... "': 3e} l)ple tak much illter St in th~,"j,,:ijt al ~.ld Ktzewent n after the 200 nd, FAliL 'OF THE WCKETS.: ' the Cln;ial.s,"a-n.Q..",.uS!.aJa.t iilie. 'lretty. p;ane up in tw.ln.urs_tw.ellt ~utes, -~ i'irst nn-( 'liea; resrt, the c6mpan,y was lai.'gey th't ttaf'teached, ~re Smelau: was ~mqj,()sed'af ladies. Rather small t be-.a);am fr,ed at the. end where he did S' " 4: 5,- (j,.,';. 8 ( 0 gin w:itth n'l'hursd<ly tiie :a.ttend:ane.,well n the previlis' '"day..,.and caught ~.- -:0-' ~'. _._. l'eached abut 4-,000 a,fter lundr, and the Mitchell' fralll, a ~harp return first.ban~ ~ i i H!a 2 '25 weather 'being 'bea.utifully fine, the,day T~e va~tnershlr -hiul ~~!l.ed 73 :uns m 5;).8e~~d:i:nningll. p~'ay&l mt enjyable. As the w:wkeis mmutes,!jl.e.lnck benlg With ~he ba~~' ' 7 em th.e H~'l:'6g~e ClQl3l GrlliKl rarely men....:walllw.?ght had t:een near,y caweh:. ~ Hl, - wear well wmmng the tss meant gam FrO)T a retul-ll by.~,aham, :'~J?d. ee.! ~266%78' in:g!l. ca";'si:derajbleadvantage,.and tha.t peaten ~Y ~~z.ej besdes smcklng hin~ g00d frtune fell t Lrd H-awke. ]us.t -ff ~ls WCKet f?! 4-.. ~w~ver, _'f:'l BOYl,r,:;,kV'G k~m..ys8.. ''he llffilal paln', Brwn and ''unni6lift~, wrght ht wfu, PUl,,!'g ~ d!-rm,gf~snoln, _ Firse' nnings. startd b<l:btnngfr Yarkshire, the brwjnk and- he cmpleted 50 U 6.) mm,uces.. nee '='.,bein", shared by Ktze and 'R~we. Oeca mre a c~angej~ad _effect,,:rl',e gam.g; n, '" M. R... ill bal. ; h f"t and l:ettmg Smth -cau/:ht at.the wlcket, 0 w. t. r )l~~ y. tne, gt up a)lt.e n tea", while he bwled L~d Hawke'at 278. Oft J.J. Ktze. ',.,... 3' 5 -turr, bult genera~y the i!lbrl\~l~gl~e~ the previus ban Shalders had mibsed G. Rawe... '., 28 9' 6lJ,~<?me a {lllg pre' 'Y, eill. y, u run.s '" Wainwrighf when 65 ill> te!ln~ field-a R Graham / ~ffic~clit.j:a!<et,~rda btli<: -w.h~\:, th nse " catch tha sh:uld have been easly made. J. JL Sinclair... " ' ",unm. lle.jlunmne. any'tllng l"",e..a 00 Seven wickets were nw dwn, and an.-;ba;l Wl.'tb:!:eedm. ",;:,hen 'Xl h~. mad-e a interval f twent~ mill~tes was taken - Secand npings, 'd.strke ff KQt~e, "&beil;lallfalllllg shnt fr tea. Rh-des,vas vva;'s pa.rt- O. " M. R. -'Of,!.a.tlJ.-rn at tillll'd mlm..graham was ner n resuining, ~nd Rwe and Sincl-air J. J. }Ctze... : \'flcl tned fr the a;s,);j.wler,and tw were freely hit,. Wainw.'ri&ht frci,?-g the. -G. Rawe,.... :0'.;'. _26 ~ 9,.: f~rs by B"wn se):r~up 50 aftex_ abut 4'!l game and. making :.sever!l'~jine. sbl'6kes, R. Graham... '.' _.... J5, ~2 '.' m.jn,;tes' play.?~we an~ GnWl:un 'h?tn. thaul!h sme were'faulty, The' 300. went J. T. Sinclair " 4,:}Jaw]ed well, the ~a.tter ~C'3.tlngBrO'WllWltJ up \vh!3p. the 'iiinfl,lgs" '!l~'.tl la,stcd ~'Cle E..A.,Halliwell.... ~ A. ~,) 0, '. 'a ~aj that 0JJY, JUl3<tnus;sed the ff stump, hurs M) minutes' and"vfa.mwtl9;ht rapd-. hilt i t,vas nat,until,sin.clair went'i)lut 72yiiiiared'~)iislll~t( '. :aan~w'ln >y:is SOUTH AFR!O~'N'S.-First nning~._. :that tn bat.smen. ex'penen.ced serl{)u.s tl'oh~.. tried'..ana a>~4 t'-leg' fram hm carned L. J, T~ncred, b S!p.l'bh.. "... _3 he in n~ting,the atm'0k; SindM:i.ah~ a.;:;-w.r~i_int~thr' e f~s-hi8'-hu - W.:A., :al<!efi!. l-smith~._. ~~~.. ',,_ :~t _O:nG.e~. 9twdhis_leJl~th! and mhen.t."_, :drecl had~anjy ceupie'l-a.ll. hau.p al!.d fi~y:..-.a<reid,,i. ith,..,. ':_''':::'< ".. ': tqt-ad li~d l~"amed 86 ).,-;Ju!f; a.n h--~rrhe niinutes, the secnd. 50 bemg btamed -\. Hathrn,.cr.-J'a.yqr. ;> Br<lW.n...,.J..>;0" Ttinniciifie caugj.t a't cver; 'f,am'-!jy",th:ee-quartersc...l,.all.hl!r.,.. CT-~e ~~?-l J. n.. Siuclair, c.~ent.6 ~ b :n,b:6~.. r c:.l!!~w,(l,frpm:a,;'ln~. -..!uilluedffe had ;,qw~l>:' "h~a 3~ \\'>i;e.n-e"tze,. k,.,;.m. Bls5et : J b &*4:, '.",O'",j" i 2~,'li,it-!&fl well {'ii}, hi&.45, bt~". the be,."; lrn: ~fi{'"t:-, ~{. ctb! :;--pll~<;h;;.: \OFlill; 'lit A_ n:~lnven, lj Smti::. :. ':: ,,p,; th-e,c 9",k"~lremen.was -.shwn: by ~.:;&l'ioq;~-"fur- ;. n 50 :p:~utes we =par! Q. J::- Prmce, c and 'b' Stlll.tll.... _. '. ' ~ ".?enbn, whbitl!p 48 f the n'e~t' 56:adided nersp,p :!;td p~du:e?l;&5 rrips,. and Rhdt R. 'GrahalJ)" c DentD. Jj.Rhades ;;-:,,: 6 ;.').\.,Sl!.,_,'l'h~.:hund;.'ed went'.nl ~l-'ajh{:mr "had lllayecl very 'tr,},l -fa! hs. runs: ' G.. Rbwc, 'Ht nf' ,",.. l~ t ',;,an-c a.9. tta rtel:,;'p'4 :then Ktze, Wh Rae!..!-';nar~catch ~Y Graham fr9ffi a ~~vu~ J. J:.Ketze, e S!litb; b Rhades ;.,:.' 7 a-es~ed, ' h,t-fr u.rfu:s by Ven, d.smlss~d. Wh~tehead 5, ru,ns l~tel, _ an( "jr"xtl'u,q ' _ '.., three ryf'-ke-s b~mg With a 8'lllgle added, \Vamwl'lght nly.. '. s.j;mi@h.tdrivcb.s Hrnve wen~ an; but't :",l~,grhld f! a balljrap.l Gh:ra ~bam,..alf~:'" Ttal.... '.',' ".7',: 7.~., 93 'wa-sbindair wlh effected a partlllj!", B~Qwn liftmg J't t n~d-aff,,,:as eang t y tift, being caught by Gra.'ham at third man. ",ell: the inmn-gs, whl~h had la,ytednfur -SOUTH..AR]CANS.-Secand nnings. ' 'rhe Bee<)nd wicket fell at 44, :kawn's hurs a.nd a h~lf, cl,?s'tgfr 3?\l. "bll~ L. 3. Tancr~d. c and b Rhdes.e. ',. 60 ". hare b~ng 47, and!l.dlasted a;n h--ur Wl'ight p~ayed cnck!:.t f<;lr.-his6, e w; A. ghaldei's, b Whitebead and '.rty minutes. Frm t.hat' pmt the had a falr sbare f luck, gvmg a ~aup a A. Reid, c Taylr" b FJOd l!!...!=" ::f 'ba.bting brke d<)wn utterly_ Gd and f rather hard chances,. lh4. sc~"ll'" M. Hatharn, c and'b- Smith. '.-,j., 0 clean frm the start the fiejdjng imlptoved gqod J;Uany runs frm.)lll';;s-ts, \llc a~ J. H.. Sinclair. c and b- RhGiES if anything and SinClAir and, Rwe;, being beini!:. the bwler.t,,suffer d:;~t!l= M. Bisset. b Brwn s well supertf>..4, earried every;thing be- ~B~ting;, twq h(~ufrs,an ~ ~w E.. Ball'R!l re Dentn fed t a catc:b at mid, Wa,inwr,gli~c'lUt a 5 6r an v. a.d ~G..l:'Ff;i'~~~~~~~~ a«jy Reid. and. tjlea we lunchen intea-- -eijlthteen ~ D tea 2'!'~~0:;!!;~ witlt tile KCJn! Y5 fr ~ Rwe -- -':'''~ii. ~~~'"jj;_;;- ~ line~ b-

38 t>!r~tne'~ ;a;t:smen 'X!{rerlen;CeU S-enVlllS cr'.. - :v.::;-.-;., he in meeting.the attack, -Sincl :.,..' crl~~~',"~!l-~";4 tu-le,~.rr6d mm,carn"", n. ", ;c -;,7..,.;;:;,": :-"'''7]' at,o'!~e:c:&)lmdhis..ength and :Wfuell- the.w'3.ll-wrr~h nt~::e. ~PeS~hi-4.Ull-:- W., ::A;"Slal:;ter<l;'-b. S:ffiith":, -,.:~ '.~' J < ttal had reached 86..,."-. h 'h -,.dred had nj.y OCCUPH~c-all hur and ifty :A Reid b 'smith.,=,,',,' '-.' " -',,-.. '," )..JU an <)ur', e minutes th secnd 50 being ht in d in - \" H" -.'.....-'... ", "".,,.gt Turinieliffe caught \.t cver ''Oin' hy", _' ':..'.,.a e -.' at~rn, c:r.aylqi;, b J}l.Qwn., :'.:::.:t.,:rlw:e,frm --,half.:.;) t T.' ' h "d, th!,ee quarte,s.~,- ;.a&.h.!!.,' The tt?l J.. Smclair c Denb -9 Rh'~ SO ':~"'-_ ~.',a"..... _ nnmen e ia.' Q\uckly reached 393 when.ktza '.;k his M B' b :«"_, 0 i,0 v""u wel-f,li)t'; hlli'.~, -but. tle UMt frm, ',fi'l'\it:c'wfuket' f"''tje~: match<: bfling '. l,sset"~. ml~: :',. '.H '.0'"' ", ',~"n9ng t~e,x~q'k;lj:m:emen' was sh~wn,by: :Rl:iOdes -fui''3l;;''n' 65 -inlnutes'tfiii '>tjart:,.r ~.~~~~wen, lj -8t\,ltJ.:.. :._ --:; :. ' 35,:c.?entn, :,h~ blt!l,;j? 48 f t~e n:e~~ 56.:ad'Ced nership bead prduce'il&)ff:!)js, and Rhdes Q. si-, rmce, c a.nd, b~~'tl.,..,... t. ~ ::i,,'l{l,.,;.,,'h~.hundred wenl!; ur> nr-arr h?llr.',had, nlayecl v~ryo"nn fr his: runs. A R. /}faha:;r'» c De!tLn.,. EhueiJ ;c; ;,:~6.." a.«uavtej:';'pd thep: K~tze, wh iad, smart catch 'b Grahanf frin. a return. G. -Rw,!fat ut....,...,:... :.,' W ~slj;ffi >d, 'WiliS hit ir rur furs by Den- dismissed Wbitehead :5, runs later and J. 3'. Ke:ze, e S:t;b Rhdes.. ' ~.-,7 t0n~,ne,-?va', three f thaatrkes being with.«single added" \Vainwright' nly Extra'.. -,.. '... -., 2 stmll'.ht d!voo. S Rwe wen~ n; but t half!wt' hld ff a ball frm Graham and; '. - ~ 'lv-as.sinclair wh e leeted a pal'tljll', Brwn lifting it t mid-ff, ~as eauaht -by Halli. Ttal '.: 'O. '.'~ 'O.;.-_.... ~.~. 93 'being GTaJ:am at third'.ma~. well, the mnmgs, Whl~h had lasted fur BOUTE.ARGANS-S C d: '",-. ~he secnd wicket fell at 44, Brwn S hurs and a half, clsing fr 369. Wain-. ecn nnings.,.--sli.are b~lg 4, and play had lasted an hur- wrizht '!}laved fine cricket ft' his 6 but L. ;r. Tancred, e and b Rhdes 65, and..fl' ty minutes, Frm that pint the had"'a fair'sbare f luck, giving- a cbuple W: A..~hadei's, b Whtehead...'.' 0 lat-tmg br.;kef dwn ntte-rly,. Gd and f rather hard chances, and scring a A. Reid, c ''aylr.; b Rhdes... ~. ~7, ~]~an fu.~mthe st~,t tb.e fielding imprved zed many runs frm vmiss-hits, Sinclail' M. Hl].tJ:rn.. c and 'h Smith.> d.. '37. f anything, and and-rwe.r beiug beinz. -the bwler t J;uffer mst in this J. H' Sinclair, c and b Rhdes.. ~. Q s well sup ~rtp...d, 0lU'l:ieQ...!lY,er:yhing._b.: 'may. Batting tw.q.'hurs and 25 minn,te!h)'r. Bisset, ~_ Brwn ",-:'. >J, c. ~.,!,e lie~. n felf;t9 a catdlia.t mad- VYainwright hit a-5 (4' fer-an.ver~hrwj, ~.. {l.~alh.we!,;;b Snnth.".: ".. ' 5 ff 'by Re,~, -and, then -Me lunchen nter-. eighteen 4'8,. ~~ ten 2's., Sinclair a,?-d_ U..l!-:l' rmce, U,.W., >_Wallwrrght. " S val WClB taken with the scre 45fr ijhtee Rwe were azam th mst sllccess[ul R. Graham, Dt Otlt....._.' 9 'v;:ickets. Deu-tn'g'4S was a fine bright dis-; and ';mthe ~whle th.e fiedibg G.'Jt.w~, l:j -Smith:. - ;< 20 play. '. f was J(d.. _, J. J..Ktze, c Dentn, b Smull ;3il).clair had tit-ken the three wickets Left with the very heavy task f get- '. E>;tras.. ',,'. '.... ~.-:... 3 and' n the ade beig resumed.lre quickly timr 392 renll t g!!t t win. the &>titb ~Sp<)!led f ~"itchel and, Wainwri"'ht- Africans had five iminutes' batti~g,. ~ld \"!lht at extra mid:m by. Reid aii'd av!anmd -and, Reid' scre(i--6 withut l)emt OJ' Tapered res ectivel: '- while, ma, separated. TtaJ , FAL.. OJ!' Tm WrKET

39 ~~st nnings, l Taylr wh aad shwn much care, was.. :!eg,bef'e,wicket, mx men bein:?; ut 6' THRD DA.Y. ~ il 'r!..8,' f! 85. Just befre this Halliwell -had hurt Althugh beaten,by 5 runs, the Suth 8 9,2.'.2.. ll2,il.6'l~5 '6" -7'8'9~ his hand, and -P,ince tk his pia;ce be-.. f. > _ hind the.' stild)"'''',.:''.< " Rwe.and,si.Jidair Afrreans "gave a 'VerygQd.acc'~,!? S d. "-.-"....,.,,'.' h 'th' Y, hire.r > ecn,nlngb'.,..:..,; ~ bwled with great... efj'ect, fhe frmer themselves- in' the' mate,.wl. rh:s.~, ',.. ' hittmg Snrath's" ff-suump, white ailbeu:. and in every W<.:i,.tne.'ga'nerrrpved. ~9st,.~'::,,4-,,5' 6.,7 '8 9'.Q -=.' Heid' had ea:uglit, l'fuues' at htfa:' mid-ff, e~j );able. f nt s lal:ge,~.{)n the tw 'is 00 i 'l~ '~ i8'2 9; 97 2-;',,~ ~ RQwe bwled-whitehead and..'gt Hunter ' \. f' v '"..r...- t " L, k. previus days, there was a all' cmpany! :.:~, _.' 'DND;TT."JQ,.. caug-tl~. a.,.ta,t.v,"'t,", -.: mg'on;: rc. aw'e, WtlO '. th.:dv Y>~.l\ = _"~'_U~"llO,. went in seventh wicket dwnxat 87, had t see the finish, -and. nd' fixture n e, ' - ' ' " E G.Jlre;;sed himself Fmst anxius. ((0 d fur has attracted 0 Dany spectatrs.., - ~Tsl; nnings:.,-' t v.:,ef, H,avmg s Qftenq:ile4 n the rnat-. The'tagl. f-geu"ing392i.ntae last innings,.o. M.; R. W. ' tmg 'Wickets when WUl'lDgD Ai"lCa, and c '", <Ld ". f 'he Smith:... ~: ~,: '~ '," f he at least 'did better "than the later as expected; exceee <t,. bhepwel's " BJ:{)wn., -v,..' d ' 0, " 2,45 J s batsmen,. f-r he tk.-u; his hat f... Clnials, butthey batted up bravely, n-. Rhdes..'.. -"u,4, 3 '88 3 ; The innings, which asted.j;tee hurs deed when the hundred went 'up withut S M', r and five. ll~n~~tes. clsed f{}r.25. Sinclair, ma ut there seem'~d" the ~ssihility ee nmngs. -'J wh vaned his pace, s skilfully, as. t get.a n 0 rc,.: _.... O. : M. R -W, ' eix men caught en the ff ~ide frm mis- f the clla.mpln -eunty being defeated. Smitli.., 'C' "".: ~.4 _ ~ 55. "', hits, in -v,all tk seven wickets 6' 5i~'t Nw, hwever, came ne t.thestal~tling -Bzwn.. 7..,,0 65 ], mst brilhant perfrmance. R.we had, changes fr which :the game was remark-.rhdes.. " '.. :;. 0..' ~ ~he pther wickets fr 00 runs, The Suth able and befrc-uirch the result was: a Whitehead..,.. ~ ' 2. 8 l.~.africans~ad cerlainly dne better than frc'gone cnclusin. Only sb:'rulll- had Wainwrjght... : -3 3 ~ ii culd pssibly have been -expected t get been sred+n the 'Friday evening, s i Ump.i~es,2:..'fes'sl'S" Pbiilips and"wd. li. the cunty ~t fr 25, after the fir~t that practically th Suth..Africans had a' tw partnerships+had prduced 44 runs, f ';. <T e", d hev did L_ > the last eight wickets "'-ing dwn fr n u mnmgs ~ pay> an t ey n. runs.,. '.'.". _.,.'.. suc~umb until <iller ha~"pas:j; three..,.but.t~eil' ged. w-ql'k. ~s:- ll~iteen " ~i~cred, and ~.el(!~'~la~~. fin~,crl(!~t, tlnued when t came their turn t -bat,,a;\d '~u~n< th.e,htc:u: slhlwed, crisiderable. t being 'd'e..«ired t rest Rhdes as much, Sgns (Of wearing, bemg dlsty, 'tn~)7 ftllj'ossile,.lrd Ra,y"ke.r;.l>t 0,.Erneat.met :...R:h{)des.and Smith Fr Smith, and. 'Brwn,',"'e rd Oxenian g<?t 'a wb.ile..-reid did mst.., ing,~ n.«a J,(}t._f.. pace; -and 'c'lly thul 'tunling S~tli" t let t, '. ving -beat.~.tancr-ed : \nd.f>h:aj:de:s an RhOdesfWt'ce t the:leg'mundary., WHh -n!l'-. Over - at egih!~ -and.nme re- Wainjvrjght.and.:Br.wn":iji T-an<;redhit sv~cti.vely.. 'J'h.e~ a eaten :"'<'? en.~4.e ut mere, and the~ajriiy f 'the runs' leg, side. dls-mls~ed. Hathrn,. and.with came t him'.:he'" t" 50:" flf Reid bwled by _Sml~h,. f9ui'llcn-- were,,:,", :. c, ~e~ U;~. m,~ ':5; ut> fr.2. At tllls POnt,' a wretched p:nll!l;es,> ;tng the:uaftel. ~ela had dlly~j, cllapse seemed in. stre, but tbere came Waunvight.t.the>'l<y.l~n, 'lancred Jut a sudden' change. Sinclair started hitting,.bf,wn fol::.a.cuplei...4'.s..,."su Smith tk and- "with.murray Bisset 'playino" surrdly.. ns place, b;ut nly the slw bwlers trn- '~he scre POle,at,a gi'.t pace; Sinclair bled the ~l:lat6men. ami Tancred gt. a (trve Brwn-etraight ut ~ the cgr-0l))-d luc~ 4 thrugh the sli}l "ff Waimvl'ight" fr 6 fur 4's, tne' ball twjce while,' wh~ 43, he shuld. have been ~itching.()w:" th~ ring.- -Fifty went U'J) stumped ff 'Rh(les,~vth:jiadjust' '8> un. -f{)r~y m.luut~, and, th!()ulllh. Rhd~sumed. ~lid!'l8 and Smith were bwling "went, n, Sinclair cmpleted,.his 50. at -the OppOSte ends,,frm. which they, twenty-~ven,mmutes,,havrng, ~elhit. a had been s elrecbive in 4e first innings, 6 and el.g~~ 4 s, Rhgd~~!l 'll. f-r as. 'and Jh - f. t bq j 'd.j, " much punishment. as ps predecessr, and. e as. wier l" ".noe seem near y cnsecutive vers frm Smith yielded stdlfficult:,a ~ t }e~ frm thes gave lnd-3 rum, Binclair hit with splendid.alc~ hj3, 59!)lgnty 'D!ll,!~es, 'the tpwer in frnt f fhe ' wicket. Fl'l'il an ~l,hellg.86;, and,,;thjl~.\l :WJl]t h~~l'ever f Rhdes' 0 rud6 came and the lie'ed Smltb, the hundred went ug man hundred went up in fifty-flve \ninutes':'" hur and=a half. Hwever, a change was jthe secnd 50 having ljeen~'t p-in-.soil:.t -J!'>me,Rhde~te.d -the_bn&.,quar~e'r f. an hur." Bisse~ was" pla!ng n;en, Tlayhrat l~' n' catching R-;;i~ '50 wen. that he ked- like.' stpping c;g'se: t, -the~rund~ The. ttal; was 00; sme tnne, but a fine-length ball frm the part:l!l.ersju.,p haviu'" asted an. hur S~l~l beat ~im at J;~~.}~ ju.flt frty fhee an? ffirly~s;_ nib-rcid's share m'nutes. th~, n th WC~e" h;,d ~d~ed lqil beng 37. _ Mter tills.excehent stm-t there' Tuns, B,sse e S shar~ b~mg 2~, lns stea;li' every prmise,f ~he 'VisiwT;; makner. and r,~soul:c~ 'G~lDg n]y.t':s ';la\~: iug a goo finish.' 3ut "wibh.nly a -sinll;ble than 5mclalr S superb Jnttin. T.le;l gle added.' threewiclrets'" A fl b :u :partmmship had del;jght~. tle cr~yd, and_ frm, -Wh'te" > d" k' ~:d' S.haseldt,' when fur runs later Smclalr was G8ught ' uea nock;: B,.,ers 'b'v J)~ntQn at lo)g'ff f..'x)~n,a v~ry.har leg stump ut f the grup.d; Tan- bit 'he bit,d a mt enthusiaslic recenti.}.. cr? returned a ball t nhdes, ':7h a fe? 'Scring 80 in fifty minutes', Sinclail: hit mmutes,\tter <;a~ght.: Sinclair frm t a..:..6< 'twelve 4's tw 3'8 -and 'fu!' 2's. rtr<:mendusly }uga re.turn, - 'l'iu s after Regaye,n,? eha/lee; and e'x('ept f-' ELting the br~lliant ctar~ by ran~l'eci 'ana lleid,.{ f w (f h,s d),'ves--f'q~'rhd-es"uetween feur Wckets were dwn 'fr 06, TaE' fteldsm.en. he did nu.tilmg, :wr<ln,t. H~s ~.;ed, thugh. a trifle ~neertain. in playing; :j5l'eai: -:lnllngl!," fllwpg " ills - SfJlenih-d, illl'odes, 6huw~ flne defence, and cut am:! bwlmg, h~d lja~e -Smcl~U' t.he. e'- j '<il'ovc very "WelJ. Hatting an..h{)ur an( the. day, aud' w~,thut hjm the 8?utll three quarters fr hi>~65, he hit seven 4's.A'lcans WOuld.,mdee:l h~ve been m a a 3 and fo'ur 2' Hath{)' 2 d Mrr.: ha4 iva.'y Desplte...his efl.'crt,they had: '"! 3-.. _. Tn,an ~. seven'm~n ut 'f!'!' 25, Prine,e. being f"-y ssel, were tqgebh;r a,t lunch-- cauum and hwled frm"a skyer by,&eken at..-30-;\e tj;a:] -bemg 09, Aftersmith. - Tfiel) Hal]'well. hi~, l'e.slutely, "ha~'ds B~set was sn bo:lea?-j:' Br;vn, and~.heilred by Graham, carred vhe ~}re t. c..ball ll: v~ry ",d '~M'4>'ea:klDg irm t 6 witib!ut'3einn parted. HaUn;:el leg a.nd nttlug the ff s~ump. Rathi'D, hit. Jl,,-pd,'Wille f 'hisn dri:,es fr.{jdf 'Rl:l:~eii,!,,~had beenplayiiilg sundly; n b~ing (ljtd Brwn,.w;h was tneil, agau; bemg lmed by Hallwell, 'fi" drve Rhdes fr exioelent, an.d at the drawmg f- 4, an'd then came sme,-cry u;ee $l;qri!lg. J,he w~. nt ut 32- an-cl 'Gh?-U'tU : Sn'th HelJiwellgt -Brwn aw'ay :0 t-he 0n s :httd -:wled u!l~naeged, 'and taj;:en.five leg!'lry, and d:l'v~ him.t the Oil f the scyed \Vckets. fr <, wjle after a dratg!tt driv-e t-<l ijb.e.~ " l'i~, he hf hil!! clean ut.f the grund, SEtOl{D DaY, _ wd!' n the slde. Stilt Brwn~ was left '-The weath'etz, v.~s again glriusly fii,j.e 0;'>- until Halliwell hit l;ri:l~ fr tw m~l'e, when.' the gaiit~.~v as. resumed On Frirlay,Afb-square l~g. and n ili'we::-then Snlt? ;mer\lftg 'a;' twenty past.eleven, f>iumps t(\k up th, at..taejr, ~_~ange t~at soq.jl :ta.. J> drawn, at six 'clck' OVe"!'rD.ught aboqt a seg&l4ltiq.'j,.ual!nyell. be-l ; Cilll.,.. the mg cleanbl#wled aftel':nnth{)tl had gven' n:g'.ht, nn~"'a: fal'ly~0()([ em~..y,.~'l. ~ e.\alxe tl) Jl-"mter ~i9il;l'~j,ack. he. Vlslt~' mmngs fimshed. ff ll. twenty- wicket.fell at 82,':!ls five,mldutes--f6r -the a«:iitlon f 32 -:run!. in {jam a.n hur. 'Halliwell's, 35' '';~8 ~ 8;nith and Rhde~' t-<twled,ihd with ~i"gnt daing di.;;q>jay. Hatl.'l!?fp ref);' _ runs nms scred, the- a.!l;8jteul' beat lwhwe'llllai:el'r very,v.en caught, and bwl~a: by : l()r a very gd 35, thil ~igd:t:hwieket av" Smith frlll!l ha~ lw ret:ur}h FYr~an --- me prduced a "er.l.\jse!~l 45, 3\ )V~l: j~9ur 'Ha~~n had-}hlyn. excellent frm,,".-, ~

40 -"'t:t::::--'~---""''''''- THE WEEK AT THE WCKETS :he Pretria match did eventually end in a cmplete triumph = be Englishmen, the Pretria cntingent cutting up very yin the secnd innlngs befre t' ildly erratic Heseltine, se bwling -at Capetwn nt any ~ate-w-a~ «istintly f the ier t be labelled danger s-t,he batsan» r's head if nt.; wickets. 'l'he 80 dd.runs were easily lmucked the nd innings fr the 08< d five 'lrct! p, wh ms t be nne the -,NR'~ 0" drinking c!' :it'.' _ nur nlus Stephanus, n.e" :.',tvi. ''anci ed j nt e in the secnd.r.». '~Ld Kersten,,v:l at - first attempt, ff. "- _ ' lo(;cr' vict,,,e s =and ::ill-pitched).e t 8'",h is."p t the time f.:::< U!.r, n '[/,,3 r, ili:! at the Glden <' ic'" B:JWEV;' ( ~~?):l' s that i j st:. "-,,,sib vnd, a i l,-e. J rs. f. t has been " ul \0 U l!h lege; i n. 'p. - ewland-, r; Vi ed nesday J "n~ cx. rc, J."t;.A.C.'s, pic..:,.",\.. X' -ket, Lad f len a prey ~'(,,;- ilea! c"llific(,nt i ta~ f 9. \'v,' u!'sd",y"., mere ~3 a secnd Jill ".teri -ar~!-d r t t be, the 3;,,;' )S re J'l bwling On '.tl me sinking -a '~ly g.atting, J (. - e Di. ",,!lege,. '::"i n ~ p. atl"tllp> ', C -vcrk wever! n:;,twh l '.,.!... rf -, ever ~ '_ till,.. n ~(."g- )n leve. t" l' ~ t- j+ "Jk ailf- T.Qt!\u '.~~sfd cket () ) )( t'8 X. a-side.s is ;Dd news-t x frward t sme r the best. :'.> x,:iting nature. an l,.},yed ff at. ~ ar.ticipated. On..C-.:.)U,J..U atrcius. Hendricks fr the vas therefre lked. -r-ncents, and 80 > \~'th an nnings t br '8 medicrity c-in b! " there was flme :.. B2 ding well fr ej"! zrcat c _,lit fr a ].. fh;tjughut, ane uninter..,ting, as.veu a fair pprtunity.rprisiug rival..,j.d upn a Champiuship uu. gain a pi',infully ne-hrse }t dstck men had t th~nk Lflli W.P. batsmen, rather than tl <-. f the premier club fr nly X':-.ieemed a revelatin t the men G,n.s he liked with their wickets,,. -',sset and Simpsn enjyed a '''',Se f the ther side. Miltn in "'D, d:.ving and hitting with all the! L an runs went t his name ff was mst decidedly nt a "il. great success with the ball, : its uarkest hur. c, Biddy" Andersen, V' se star has nt shne s brightly this - - n, ran int th-,:.t :c.) figures in a match fr O.T. vs. the -:",\'. Jnes,' his,; -e cnfrere, cntributing exactly half : amunt. A ':? d game between the Garrisn, wh nw a fairly ;~; \,, 'cmbinatin, and a strngish W.P. ~T resulted in vjc'" fr the latter by 4 wickets. Smith, wh i - wrked like a \ OJ..r his club, nce mre prving an "~l f destructir Sykes, wh was last year the prp and J f the Y. and. 'egt., ran up 50 n the ne side, while si tent scring wa t.aerder f the day n the ther. The isn is nt the best bwling team w r q,7c seen, hwever, ugh Hughes, wh was-t have ll.y". < L3 Prvince n - rurday, is by n means bad. Perha,. iddletn is an- _ 'iling amngst the" Tmmies." \,., be a gd thing if e culd be brught t light. On Saturday the lng-anticipated g"'r. e be-tween ~he 'V.P. d C.T. Clubs, n which hung the fate t the c. mpinship, s cmmenced. n the absence f Rc \VB and Hearne at -;.hannesburg_uei!,hel' Y. culd be 'termed rep.esentative, but mst unfrtunately the O.T.C.O. ~~s deprived. f the services?f" Francis, Allen and Kuys in addifin, s that mu.c~ f We interest attaching 't the fixture lapsed. The difficulty f arranging anther suitable date n dubt was the ~easn fr /;J;e game nt being pstpned, as many wuld have liked t see t" in-rder t see the struggle squarely fught ut unde.r even ndibins. Nevertheless the twn club had Just a t~fl.e the best f matters at the finish, 5 runs being the balance in their favur, after sme excessively pcr cricket n bth sides. :;;:::!:3 ~ The W.P. batting first, lst Richards and Etlinger in the' first ver with a " blb" apiece ppsite their names. W. H., Richards and Ohallner fllwed bheir leaders in. lyal fashin; a" balln" likewise falling t each. Fur wickets fr fur' pretty well indicated the final.scre--0 n a?- excellent. wicket against a weak team f their ppnents. Bsset 35 w8;s in a lng time, playing almst undulf careful cricket f!ll hs runs andwith Van der Byl (20), quickly put tgether, and Smith a useful 6 alne gt runs during a miserable failure au' the part f a pwerful batting 6leven. Mddletn b,~wled as h~. always des, steadily and untirinaly, with a real scrcher whipped in every nw and the», hut he shuld 0t w be able t g thrugh a team liketh,; W P. as he did ~ Saturd~y. Willughby was very expensive, mst f the batsmen seemmg enamured f his deliveries, but bth e-rnuts and Street sent. dwn sme decent stuff and received their reward. The \etrplitftn Club started almst as badly as. the W.P., lsing three fr 0. including 'prince and Street, t?e latter' receiving an unexpected qualificatin fr membership f the "Balln Sciety" in the shape f a fast yrker frm Van der- 's first ball. Watermeyer, wh w_as_clearly nt brn t be. caught, and Blanckenberg-a clt wh made his first bw. in gd cricket here n Saturday-made a useful stand er~ ~mlth. bwled the much-missed Watermeyer. Except the hitting f. Bath, wh played a right merry innings, the, rest. f the b.attin" called fr little cmment; the last few Wckets being reaped int Smith's gamen with extrardinary' rapidity. Tw()c., feebler displays f batting have prbably never been seen at Newlands in s imprtant a match. Thugh the O.T. Club was.unfrtunate in lsing s many' gd men, the Cmmittee have r.eawn ~ be thankfnl fr the pprtunity affrded them f trying theirv ung bld, f which tbey have a very pleasing surplus. n Blanckenberg, wh ~as,. it is said, lucky enugh t learn the game at an English Public Schl, they have u.nearthed a very excellent. bat, wh shuld be f much service in the future. Thugh a httle tame at the star' and lacking in cnfidence-which was very natural -he appeared t have gd. defence. and sme very ~seful strkes n the ff-side, and hs future perfrmances Wll be watched with a gd deal f interest. Mst f. the thers wh were n trial seemed smewhat raw and mexpenenced-, nel'vusi~s's W' dubr=ats playing a biggish p8rt-b~t their' style was nt very striking in any instance. Where ls Calm Duff nwadays? A wrd as usual is due t Smith, wh has certainly prved a. treasure t his Club, fr which he invariably des service in a mst persevering w~y. Van del' Byl met Wth sme little success, but he and Graham are expenslye' at all times. The latter's batting appears t be develpwg. mol:e rapidly than his bwling. and he will sn be quite gcm this department. Next week shuld furnish a fine struggle if nly an. early start be made and the game cntinued.a little later. which S quite pssible. At all e~ents lt is-nt imprbable that sme very tall scring will be witnessed by way f crnpensabin fol' Saturday's failure. Unfrtunately there S never any.public t witness it. The public deserve t be hung fr ts apa.thy~ and s it is-by cricketers,. LEATHERHUNTER.! /

41 THE WEEK'S CRCKET. Befre dealing with the ntewrthy incidents f the games f the past few days a wrd r tw n the excessively" bad frm" shwn by the Transvaal in the selectin f the X. f Suth Africa t play there, seems necessary. Frm the Western Prvince Hearne and Middletn have been chsen, and Rwe and Willughby ignred. The last place has been left pen, and 4ith a view t selectin Hendricks has been asked-t cme up fr a frtnight t practice under the eye f the Selectin Cmmittee. Thugh regretting that Rwe shuld have been passed ver, the presence f nnes is a mre r less satisfactry explanatin. Bnt that Hendricks, wh has been debarred n principle-and a very cmmendable and necessary principleby the lcal Unin, wh are indisputably the prper persns t pass the verdict n lcal men in matters f this descriptin, shuld have been apprached in the manner that seemed gd in the eyes f the Transvaal, is a mst scandalus exhibitin f bad taste and a mst ffensive slight t the W.P. Cricket Unin. The psitin f the lcal Unin shuld Hendricks be playedand with anything like success-will be rendered difficult in the extreme, and they will d well t mark the disgust which the actin f the Transvaal has raised in the Prvince by refusing t allw their men t take any part in the game. Thugh admitting that Willughby has nt been thrughly tested as yet, it is still clear that n sane persn culd regard him as sufficiently inferir t Hendricks t necessitate s shameful a breach f etiquette as that f which the Transvaal Unin has been guilty. ''here is still time fr the Unin-if it was the Unin's wrk-t retrieve this fatal errr, which must create the bitterest animsity, and it is hard t believe that cricketers like Rutledge, Seccull and nnes culd have cuntenanced, r can cuntenance, s flagrant a breach f cmmn curtesy. n his ntes last week ur Jhannesburg crrespndent's unfavurable cmparisn f the Capetwn amateur batting with that f the Transvaal amateurs raised a questin which has f late Leen puzzhng lcal entblls:.:jgsts yery~ Tha.l practically all the run-getting here was dne by the prfessinals while the amateurs failed miserably, displaying the feeblest pssible frm, is undeniable. That the dashing cnfidence f Rutledge and Halliwell presents a very remarkable cntrast is alsc a fact beynd questin. The cnclusin t be drawn frm. the utter inability f the ne centre t master the visitrs' attack and the freedm with 'which punishment was dealt ut by the representatives f anther leaves very bvius cnclusins t be drawn. On the unpalatable nature f these inferences t the Capetnian it is unnecessary t enlarge, but at the same time the cmplete failure f lcal m sn des admit f a simple and nt unsatistactry =xplauatiu. While men like Rutledge and Halliwell are seasned and experienced veterans wh have played a leading part in all the turnaments fr the last five r six years-nt t mentiu the 'trip t England-and thus enter upn games such as thse versus Lrd Hawke's men withut being impressed with any undue sense f the imprtance 'f the ccasin, batsmen like Prince, wh are yunz, have had practically n experience f. itnprtant matches, and feel that the making r marring f their reputatins rests mainly n their perfrmances during these games, are bund t be at an enrmus disadvantage. Hence the dashing, reslute style successfully adpted by the ld campaigners is cnspicuus by its absence in men like Prince. The critics immediately laud the ne t the skies and cndemn the ther in unmeasured terms as wrthless in a big game. Yet anyne wh has watched Prince slashing up his 60 r 70-as he has ften dne this seasn-against gd prfessinal bwling in the W.P. v. C.T., r M.C. v. C.B. games, must be impressed with the fact that fr natural ability, ease. and grace f style and pwer, he is nt ne whit behind Halli- :S,el!, and prbabiy;,!> the latter's superir. t is all a questin f time and experience with a man like Prince. n fact the same yuth and inexperience was the main characteristic f all tbe Prvince amateurs, and was evidently respnsible fr their feeble displays. But the examples f Gunn, "Bbby" 'Abel, and Frank Hearne, whse first attempt.s in cunty cricket resulted in averages f abut, 2 and 3, reminds us that the sttlne-tlrat.he-btlittle despisedthas befre nw Decme e uea f the crner. Thugh the fruit f inexperience is ften bitter, that bitterness is nt peculiar t the Suth African climate, and therefre there is n cause fr despndency, and n need fr hasty cndemnatin. The mst interesting part f Saturday's M.C. v. C.B. game was the fine batting f Ellinger 86, Hearne 83, and Prince 68. The first-named, a late arrival, is a frmer captain f the Marlbrugh X-the schl Miltn and Dawsn-Thmas hail frm -and a. thrughly sund bat. His free, cnfident and reliable style f cricket shuld prve s, great surce f strength t the \Y.P. club, with whm he has thrwn in his lt. Hearne als added lulo her fine innings t the list that has made the ~ quite a, red-letter ne fr the ld Kent man in his C~:a::;.al' :peld', =C6;. Prince played :> magnificent game, meting ut exem lar B,ulllshJ?ent t Wllughby while ruuning up 68 ut f thepfirs{,9. HS strkes all rund the wicket were exce tinall fi a~d ~ajd, a~d made ne regret mre than ever th!stiff stjle t; a,p.e against the English X. Middletn as usual bwl ste~lly and well, but Willnghby shuld nt have been kept e~ f:v~u~ ~~ ~~~g;;;ee B was. As it stands, the game is much ~n rn. ~tems f interest in min~~ have nt been )lentiful ~t:~t~~a!red a fine c~nt':lry innings vs. the Plice- hls first i~.' y, and Frieslich, wh at ne time shwed a little prm~se as!er, played a splendid 80. Gardens a ve pwerful combnaton Wth Bamfrd, Simpsn and Birb~ k ry ~~~c~el~~dd~f~tedd~~~ U.S.C.C., thugh the latter were ai~e~~; " e en n s. The New Regment made a mst in auspcous start against a mderate W.P. XL, Lieut. Challell; alne shwing any frm. We seem destined t meet a sad fate ~~e~~et!:igbt:e~:a~~frterfed herce. Wdstck, ntwithstanding Cl ng rm apetcwn, came up smilinc at t ;~e~~~tl~~ ~~~t~ nft~islchcason the sweets f vlctry~73 ~ hili a s, ries lc 0ce mre ShWlllg all r d a ty. Olaremnt appear t be in a bad V d - un rarely gl dd thei b ay an success very a. ens ~r a urs, Gardens n the st takinz th. ~easure Wth a trfle t spare, representinz the scr:~r Smpsn-'~h shuld have played fr Mther C~untr -and Gll batted r~markably wel~ fr~~pective Sdes. y }- l DOClJlS.\N COLLEGE v. srmr AFHWAN ~-----,:, {]OLLEGlll.-.ll the ret urn match between the,.}j~ve clleges, played n the We.tern Prvince field at 'Newand, t,he Dice ms wire nt as succesaful a~ they usually h"ve been in.the inter-cllegiate cntests f late, and succeeded in' beating their l'~vals this time b~ ~niy-26 runs n the first innings. _. Huth Africr-ne we'llt iu first and 'ttalled WO 4l f which wereypul; n by the lasf wickefi, De imid and SlDlQn beiug 'tgether. This scare the Bishps reached b~0rq tbe fall f the fifthwicket, but nly 26 m re rm.8.~re' "tided ~:fr9 tbey were all Ut. n their ~2nd uuings, the.,twn Ullege made-!09, De Smidt and Slmn, again cntributiig, their ehare, With 83 runs t make, a-~dnly 8fh.minllte. left t pl y, ~nders,"n.,and Prfiic pened the Dicesan COllege see.nd innjngs, and brhcmmenced hit.t.irrg m at OllCC. B adersn pened. his shulders time after time. sending the ball t<j all parts f the fieldv.uce finishing up an- Over sent dwn by Van Blmme-l stein witb three cnsecutive bundvries. Hwever, in ahemptini: t make. the. winning hit ff Rwe'st last ball, be wasllwlen jus', at the call f tigle, the.suth A(ricas- being thus jus!;.s&veihrcm 8; defeat by wickets;. Watermeyer fr the Suth African q.lle,ge...h!? ;ved the b~st cricket, while P"lDce'846 m the -Dicesan first mmngs was made by mre careful play than usually fh.. n by that batsman. SCQres_~ndanalysss: SOUTH..A.FRCAN GDLJEGK. E. L. S'eyll., st.prince b. Bisset... ;.:.'... S. Dyer,.,;t Prince b Bisset 3 C. Duff,_e Prince b ljpenca. WatcrmcYHf> b A. rt.:qnik , -'>. 3 J~llO~80n, run ut.. J6 G. Hwe, ~t Prince, b C. Munlll:.. 7 B. Guthrie, b A. unnik W. Ohadwick, ~.~.?'[un - mk..... '" 0 H. van Blmmsetein, Spence b C. 'MUDlik. ';;. hllm..n,c-.prtue b Bisset-... 'tv. de Smidt, nt ut Extras. st Bell b Bisset 27j b Bisset. 8~ Hell h A. Munnik 4 b A. -MuDllik..: 7 b A. l\unaik;.. 5 Andcrsa b A. Mu)mUr~. c Spence b Bisset. nt ut 6 b Andersn 20 h Andersn.. 9 b an Extras ioo 09 Bwlil!9 Analy,is. O. \.R. W. O. M. H. W ~i;encc j ) 24 () }. Brasct. 6 Jj 2 H H38 26 < p. Munnik H. ) 4 2 A. Munuik a J 26 4 A. Reld.. '2 6 U J. Anderspn ;;, D0CES_\.N COLLEGK. C.-liri)lne, e Hdgsn b r, Dyer b Van Rwe... 4H Blmmestein 4 J. W. Bell.Jbw l> Rwe... ) nt ut J. And(e[ f;n, b S'teyh '" 33 h Rwe /leKk, C,V.uermeycr. b Steyn...,.. 0 M. Bisset, h ll.we it 'pen«e, e.ti dgsn b lai :tv

42 asty cnaemnatlon".--~--- The mst interesting part f Saturday's M.O. v. O.B. game was the fine batting f Ellinger 86, Hearne 83, and Prince 68. The first-named, a late arrival, is a frmer captain f the Marlbrugh X-the schl Miltn and Dawsn-Thmas hail frm -and a thruguly sund bat. His free, cnfident and reliable style f cricket shuld prve 2, great surce f strength t the W.P. club, with whm he has thrwn in his lt. Hearne als added anther fine innings t the list that has made the present year quite a red-letter ne fr the ld Kent man in his Olnial experiences. Smith, later in the innings, played excellently-albeit luckily -fr 46 nt ut. The certainty with which he gets away straight balls t fine leg is truly wnderful, fr a riskier strke cannt well be imagined. The rest f the M.O. batting was very pr, befre Rwe and Graham's curly nes, the bail as usual being much in evidence. Rwe bwled well twards the end and just after lunch, but is t fnd f his ff break and t seldm endeavurs t get men caught au the ff-a pint wherein be might with advantage take a lessn frm Smith. Graham had bad luck but is necessarily an expensive bwler at the best f times. -~---~ -_""L~~~~'~'..,..., C.-@!:J)l~e, c Hd gsn - b Rwe... Vi J. W. n-n, lbwb Rwe.,; J. Andersn, b St.yn M. de Kk, c-wutermeyer b StCYLl'... (l.hisser, b Rwe.. i 'pen<r, c l:idgan b Duff 20 A. Rcid, c and'h Duff A. Muunik, h Duff. Bernard, c Hdgsn R(iw.'} 0 C. MunnHt, nt eut - G J. Brke, Wa.termeYer b Rwe.. ljxtra.s. r) Dyer b Van Blmmestein nt (Ut _. b Rwe ]4 2 65!t Watermeyer b Van BiODmestein 6 4 Extras 3 26 lit) BtOli~.a~lgN; 0: M. R.W. O. M. R. W. ~4' 2 42 () 8 Q 24! t- O lu 0 0 ]2 Q- 4!! ! 3.

43 JE CA.MPONSHP. \ WESTERN PROVNCE s, CAPE TOWN. L GRaND future career t be watched with cnsiderable attentin by all interested in cricket. CROKET..'yung. Graham, thugh nt successful in btaining any wickets, S nevertheless likely t cme well t' the fre in the ~ear future. The amunt f leg "screw" he gets n the ball S mst remarkable, all the mre 'a fr being apparently fairly natural.!f he ever bec.mes accurate in length and learns t regulate his break he Will d great things, but at present he BATTNG- BY PRNCE. sends dwn a: gd ~any that- the batsmen can punish' very, The Western Prvince-Cape Twn match, cwhigli was unfinished n. Saturday last, was cnttnued ye ;erdl,yafternn. At the cnclusin 0' play en Datul'day Cape Twn.had lst eight wickets in their secnd innings fr :6\ runs. w hich left them still [) runs behind their H):Qllf;nts' scre. t was there- fre arisuzed t nbinue the match yesier day. The tw.nt uts,. Praucis (.3) and r, Prince'(~'j, went t the Wckets at 4.30 )l.rn, land frced the attack f Gra.ham s,md.slllit~. rfrdlll the very first PriJGe prved ill splendid r frm and treated all the fwith'little respect. UllUS came fast, and chanae after chang-a in the bwl- in- - ' "",'is tried. Ktze, Diffrd, fltilla-y'r, Smi!, and Gm~",m au wsnbn ill turll'l withut the desired separaton \ beino" dfected. and finally when play ceased. after all hur 'and a qu.a~t./}r's. play, she Cape; ''wn, ttal had reached 265, Prince, b?jfig 08 and Fr:!'n'~is 25, bth nt ut..prince \ pl~yed a gt~nli inn ing's w ithut g'l'':jug' 3: chance while.fraucie cntented himself with' hill wicket up and scring' m;)asiniilly. As matt~rs nw stand Calle ''wn are 9.') runs n Wth tw.wickets t. fj~ Under the 'circu~stances t. S t be!'j0;ed,fiat the O'aUle wln-'be-cntl'nued n SlJ,turday, thugh late last night it had nt been dacided whether play wuld be c~:mtinned this J,fternn r nt. The tllwing pre the i'uu scres:. WES'fERN FROVKCE,-l'lST NNNG~.. A.. Reid, b Shrt..,...." 43 A..Hfmeyr, c Prince b Shrt SOl Rich:""'ds, c "Thiddlet-ll b Jnes M. Bisset, b\'.b Pritcha~d... P. Ohiappini, b Jnes, J. D. Differd, 0 Hrwd.,,:... h Mddletn..Bisset. st?rince b l\iiddletn SU).itli,cCripps ~ Shrt. H. \'. Smith, b Jnes... R.O.J.'>tham, run ut J,J. K{ze, net ut lixt~ ~ts... Bwri.J/g A,wlY8is.. M. l'liddldn.. 40'±- )8 Hwe Shl't Pritchard J0Ues ~... _!-_ 2 3 CAPE l'0w~,,-flli;,' \. R. 79 G ' lnl>tngs. Hearne, b Ktze.. P. S. '. J'l:mes, b Dj'!l'rd S. ln-wd, c Ohiappini b Grahnrn J. Prifchn,d, run ut,... C. F. Pr ince, 'b G-mhani H. H. Erancis, c :6mith b Graham!. G,. Cripps, Smith b Gra.ha.m, 'V.. Shrb, b Graha,n." G. B?th, c Smith b Umh::tLU J..Midrll.etl!" run ut i'f.twe, ht ut }!;xrras.. Bvwli-Jlq A nal usis,. M. R. Ktze 6 30 Smith Gr:.ham.. 8'2 5 Dilfrft z. Diffrd hwled a n-bal l..20 5B G _" 20.. v G.. 33 W il..0. \l ] 2,. 4J " severely. HS run S als smewhat t lng and must tire himcnsiderably. ' The game itself was a very tedius affair. Frank Hearne played an extremely fine free innings, all the bwlers cming in fr very sev~re punishment at his hands. His innings was the ~e red~en:lng feature f the W.P. perfrmance, which was dlsappmtl:gly fee~le. Cuthbertsn 'played prettily fr 4 and M:;trsh'l.ll hit p~ucklly fr 0 nt ut, but Middletn and Wllughby carried all befre them after lunch as their analyses 4,33 and 5-35 will shw. Rwe fr nce ~as dead" ff" and was severely punished. Prince and Street after tw wickets were dwn fr 9 played with extreme cautin Prince in particular appearing t be thrughly imbued ~ith the imprtance f the ccasin. t was nt until the game was perfectly s~fe that t~ey cmmenced t "tap" the bwling, s that the cricket during the afternn was far frm enlivening. Their scres. f 5 and 47 respectively were hwever. f the utmst service t their side, and if nt quite free frm fault were wrthy f high praise. Nne f the ther C.T. batsmen met with great success, thugh Middletn lashed ut lustily and Crmack-anther man n trial-played steadily and well after the.first!-ervusness had wrn ff. Smith's bwling was creditable in the extreme, fr despite the heat and sme bad luck he pegged steadily away, never lsing heart r length. thrughut.. Graham was put n at the wrng end fr s slw a bwler, and mst f the ther bwling was nt f a very high rder. Perhaps the feature f the afternn's cricket was Spence's catch at pint whereby 'Middletn was dispsed f. Eventually the Metrplitans left ff with a substantial :;tdvantage, s that the W.P.9.C. will have t make great mprvement next Saturday f anther exciting finish is t ensue. They shuld certainly get many mre runs than they Rand Old Dicesans. DNNER AND BPEEOHES. JOHANNESBURG, APRL 25.-[Frm ur. Orrecpndent.j-e-A large number f Old! Dicceaens met last evening at Lng's t partake f thc fir!t annual St. Gerge's Day dinner. The president (Mr... S. Caldectt) ccupied the chair, and was supprted u j:ill right by the veteran Mr. E. B. J. Knw and n hill dt by Clnel Wllaatn. Dr6. Mrtimerand Van Niekerk, Mi'BBrs. Bnrtn Tucker, W. Kidger, Tucker, Fred. ''ueker, J.. Tucker, E. H. Mllrtimer, J. Malear, C. R..:Meyer, H_ J. Stnestree;, W. F. Sav&lle, G. F. Savage, F Hffa, E. C. Tennant, C. Lever, A. E. Hrwc, Clem. Webb, Ale Oletc, W. Newdigate, J. M ller. F. J. ller, ;.. " Prince, W. E Klbe, E. A. Adams, W. Kicger, W. Slack, J.nd the hen, secreteey and the aseistant, hen. seeretary (Messrs, C. C.. Currey- and J. D Diffrd) were ala preeent. Aplgies were received frm the fllwing- Dr. A. V~ Niekerk, Measrs. J. H. R~.f0.jer, E. Mlwby, J. H. Munnik, N. Pauling. J. Hartley,"" llud M. van Bnnren. Letters and telegrams expressing regret fr absence and sympathy with the bject f the Unin frm the fllwing were received. Revs, Osnn Ozilvie tmd Cann Brke. Messr9.!H. E. Mrrie, Liebmann, Bdkin, A. R. iirtimer, Ochse, Bramley. J}l&ke, :a-r~ 'Sw Fi-A. Ntlyce (~t,:l-~!j. wh enclsed ~ 53. fr the BU'eary Fnnd, ''heletter l'r.jd dea-r -ld " GO"." full Qf aft"-

44 Bwli-Jlg ; nal usis, O. M. R. Cc!ze Smitu Gr:>.llam 8'2 5 Dittrd 2 2.f Diffrd bwled a n-ball. C APE 'J;OWN,~ECQND HlliN9S. G. Cripps, c Diffrd b Smith P. S. '. J ae-, c and b Graham Heas-ne, b Diffrd is. H,!n'd, c Bisse.t b Smith.. J. Pritchard, c A. BS,O$lJ Bmith.. C. Prince, nt ut J. Middletn, c tichards b Graliam G. Rwe, b Smith,..,.. W. T. ShOl:t, c and b Smith... H..J.;'rancis, nt ut Extras... ''tal fr eght wickets G. Bathe t hat. Bwli-lf/ Anal'llslS. M. R. Graham _ Ktze lj;'uj( :l Smith... '" 6 Hufmeyr W 9 W lD () w ~'~th~th~-~bj;~t f the U~n frmthe' f~~l -w ~ "'T'T ing were received. Revs. Osnn Oailvie and Cann Breke. MCESX9.!H. E.lrris, Liebmann, Bdkin, A. t. lrtimer, Ocllile, Bramley.»l&-k-e;-Hreer~ 'Slid :--A;-i'fu,c.e(\t"tl-~t wh enclsed fr the Bu'!B.'Y Fu;:;J. The letter frm dear -ld " Geg." full f aiftc. tin and pride in his ".cid bys," was received with great applauee. The Presidut expressed the hpe -that tile cllege wuld stili flarish and cntdnne t instil feelings Qf j;r6 patri-tibm fo the g.~ untry we live iil-snuth Afda:,.Clnel WiliiatD, in prpsing" Dlesau Old -Bys," referred t the lhtt(:c! lead frm M;r. Malclm Searle, Q.C., and the E{lCreta:ryf the Unin which had ju~t been etarted at Cape Twn, 8ngrrcsting cmmn bject», tuch "8. a burss,ry Of building fund, a. cmmn nnuiu day, and tile frmatin f a regisser f Old Dicesans. He wuld alyza giye kis. hsm~y au'::'p9;:llte.tbs Unin. r.. Mr. Prince 6UggCSt-eQ a sabscriptin townls a pavilin fr the cllege. Dr. Mrtimer earnestly urged tllbt ill spc,rbs the cllege. shuld be as strng and as well prvided f<:> ls the cmbined eala Dd clleges f Buth Af.tica,whcx /l.s '\Ving t the numerus endwments f th :rival cllege-the Suth African-the Dicesan was seriusly.handieepped, and j;he/bu.r~-butd>, thlij4. be aug!len.tcd. ~f~

45 THE C RRE CUP. NOTES ON THE PLAY. After a spell f fine cricket weather, it was ' reserved fr the final and therefre mst im-, prtant match f the turnament t be played i under trying circumstances. An.almst cntinuus heavy rain.fell frm Sunday frenn. t well n in t Munday, with the result that- t the Prvince grund had the appearance f a vlei, and with the sun in a hesitating md, l and the ra~n cluds still mre r less threaten - i mg, it was dds n there being n phy n Easter Mnday Twards nn, and the 'rain.atall hlding ff, effrts were made t get rid f the surplus water, ana a small army f grundsmen with blankets began t mp up the pls f water in the vicinity f the pitch; but even then it was nt pssible t make a start till Despite the unfavurable turn the weather had taken, the attendance was a success, and by 3'30, when it began t spread that play had heen resumed, a crwd f ver 2,500 was present, and it was thrughly enthusiastic. t seems that the decadence f cricket-wrshipgd cricket-has nt yet set in. There seems t be i, mral in all this, but perbaps it will be understd withut being labured. The game between _the best tw cricket teams in Suth Africa is full f pints f pasisn and critici m. t is' an extremely difficult task t set ut,vhy this team-rs-' the better than the ther, hut mst lcal critics agree that the Prvince is a lng way the best as an all rund team.. And this in spite f the fact that twelve mnths has seen such a big change in the persnel f lcal cricket. T. Etlinger, Prmce, Challner, Paine, Hughes, and Lhmann, are all names included in last year's turnament team, when it was a team fr any centre t tackle, bu t all these are n lnger playing cricket at the" shank end." ---- 'And in spite f the.pauie 'created n Saturday by Sinclair's bwling, the present team is very little wrse than last year's, fr there is hardly a weak man in the whle eleven, A huge slice f whatever success may be attained by _the Prvince, must be ascribed t the pjsessin f tw r such bwlers at l\:iddletn and Rwe, a _pail' unmatchable in Suth Africa, bth trundlers with a splendid variety f changes, and btb adepts at using their, heads as well as their hands and feet. The result f yesterday's play will mean i cuple f hur's i~terestmg play t-day, fr thugh the Prvince have an apparently easy task t get 62 runs fr nine wickets, the recllectin f the Transvaal and Prvince first innings, will debar anyne frm taking the.tinal result fr granted.,.0 eg. A sldgre bv a fnli pitch by Sinclair was- the res lit 0: the ~ext ver. A snick by Bisset t V. Tancre<i, in slips resulted in a sharp sin ale ff Shep- : stne's ver. Bisset added a bra~e mre by a mcly. placed cff-driv~ ff Sinclair. A bye and _ft.smgle by Bisset, and a single mre by a pretty glance strke by Francis ff 8hep~tne was fllwed by a pretty cut fr tw by Bisset ff the same bwler Francis tk a maiden frm Sinclair and then. with t.he scre at 89 ccrrthy went n vice Shepstne Bisset glancing him t sharp by fa;' a cuple and sending up 90. A r smgle fr an ff-drive fllwed, Bisset made a bad strke ff Sinclair, just ver l',coarthy's head at mid-n, a single resulting and he snieked ecarthy thrugh the sh~ t the bun.dary: A streke t.square-eg by Francis ff Sinclair realised a aiugl, and Bissetr sent up the century-by legging the samt:bwlert the bundary. A strke t leg by Bisset ff McCarthy added a cuple thrug'h a misfield by Shepstne. Slatem tk the ball frm Sin- clair, and Francis gt his :arst ~an t sharp-. l~g fr three, a eg-bye, fllwing, and a 8glemre t Francis ff the same bwler was fllwed by Bisset ",etting the last ball f the ver t square-leg bundary fr 4_ Wal~he drew applause by a smart piece f fleldinc at sharp-leg. Bth batsmen added singles t(~leg ff McCarthy -but with 6 still wanted t win Fr!LneS Was bwled, by a ball breaking frm leg, after a sterlmg innings (6-2;-38). Hearne jined Bisset wh n-drve Slaten. t the bundary fr 'l and then made the winn- _ ing hit by a high srtke te leg fr 2. l%;s('c~=",.ut ut 63, and n retul'ninll',tq the pa virin was greeted \\'th a.ssrm f a~plause in recguitin f his grand innings. 7 fie Pr: J vince chus wn by eight wickets. J TRAKSV AAL. -KRST llinngs..j. Sinclair, b Middletn Q. L. J.Tancred, b Rwe. V. Tancred, >Middletn... :5 A. Halliwell, Graham, b Middletn 8' G..Allspp, b Rwe... _.. 2u G. H_ Shepstne, c Graham, b Rwe 7 D. Cpe, 0 Rwe G. Beves, c Jnes, b Middletn 6 J. J_ Slatem, b Rwe A_ W alshe, b' Middletn 0 l\cuart,hy nt ut _._.Extras ;:; Ttal BOW.lKG ANALYSS. O. lll. Middletn 7 6 Rwe 7 4 Middletn bwled a n-ball. WESTERN PROVKCE.-FRST N,'NGS. R. - w A_ Reid, b Sin-lair.. _... F. Hearne>-c Walsbe b Sinclair... '" 2 H. H. Francis, st Halliwell b Shepstn 7 l!'. Kuys, b Sinclair.... "_ 0 R. Graham, b Sinclair _::.._... 4 M. Bisset, bw b Shepstne..: _.. _._ 5.J_ Andersn, c Slatem;t Sinclair.._ 24 P_ S_ T_ Jnes, b Sinclair- 3 R. J_ Hnghes, b Sinclair ::: 3 J. lliddletn, lbw b Smclair 0 G. Rwe, nt ut 2 Extras Ttal 83 Sinclair... ::\hepstne McCartbv Slatem.:. BO=G A-.'\ALYSS. O. ~f R TOORNAMENT 'AVER.~GE8. w. BATTNG AVERAGES ABqVE 28.. ~ 8 a5 ~g g -~ gj.; ~.E ~>~ ci eg 8a 'W ~ H ~~ ~ < M. Bissett(W.P.) L. T-ancred (Transvaal) Prince (Brder).._ ' Cllins (Natal) '2 F. T. Jnes (W.P.)...._ G. Glver (Kimlierley} ' G. H. Shepatne (Transvaal) '3 J. Sinclair(Transvaal) t 27'2 Challner (Nata) B6 26 H.Tabateau!(Kimberley).._ '3 V. Tancred, (Transvaal) '3 J. (W.P.) Warren (Brder) '4 H. a. Frances (W.P) ' G. Beves (Transvaal),.. : '4 W. Shaldel's (Kimberley).._ A. Hime (Natal) ' King (Brder) ' BOWJ.NG AVERAGES.. M. R. W. AV. J_-iddletn(W.P.) '0 G. R\Ve(W.~\, A. H. W)yte (Natal) '7 J. Bissett (Kimberley) '4 J. Sinclair (Transj [vaal) _._... 23J !!39 -is- J. Pwell (Kimberley)......_ 67 5,56 4'2 e. W. King (Brdr) 70 6 :0 2 4'2 A- D_ :Xms&(:\,,,tlj 6' "5 "l-uz 6!7 O. P. Carter (Nat.l) [ 7-3 G_ L_ Daltn (Natl) '6 B. E. Grdn (Brdr) '7 S. J. Snke'{Brdr) G. Glver (Kimbly) ' '3 2'2 - Llewellynt Natal} 60' '8 G. Sheptne (Trvl) '2 J. Reimer (Brder) '8 G. McOarthy (d) '2

46 lectin f the Transvaal and Prvince first innings, will debar anyne frm taking result fr granted. TO-DAY'S A GOOD BEGNNNG. PROVNCE WNS AGAN. FlNE NNNGS BY BSSET. n dull threatening weather play was resumed in the final f the Currie Oup Cmpetitill this mrning. The Transvaal team tk the field at ten minutes - t eleven, fllwed immediately -.l>y. urray Bisset and Franc:is, yest~rday's~, nt 0lt~.. :E'r.Sl;>t;;> _ J'e~"d.:z. as!;.;f. Wel,? and had lst nly ne wicket. There was a fair-sprinkling f.speetatrs cnsidring the hur and the weather utlk. Bisset tk the first ver frm Shepste. and "':,ik thrugh he slips reached the bundary. Sinclair cmmenced t FraHCs, wh ffdrve the first delivery t the entrance bundary, Bisset ff-drve Shestne fr a cuple and sent 70 up. Fra'cis gt a full pitch frm Sinclair t Z just as rain Mgan tu fall smartly again. Play entinued, hwever, and after a maiden frm, Shepatne t Bisset, Francis gt anther full pitch t square-leg fr a single, bnt a heavy dwnpur f.ram caused.a cessatin; f play fr a few minutes. On resuming, FranCS added a single frm each end, and the Bisset drve a ball nard t Cpe, wh fielded finely, and there seemed a half-hearted dispsitin t treat it as \ catch, but well fielded was the ultimate verdict. Anther single by Bisset, and then Francis sent 8Q up, by a nicely laced strlie Eitrs..: Ttal 83 BOWL!\G ANNALYSS. r.. _ O. bf. R. w. Smclalr ' N Shepstne Shepstne bwled ne wide and ne n-bail. TRANSVAAL.-SEqND :>'NniGS. [ L. Tancred, c Kuys, b Middletn 8 V. Tancred, l.b.w., b Rwe..; lg. Allspp, c Hughes, ~we Q J. H. Sinclaar, c Andersn, b Middletn..; 7 A. Halliwell, c Jnes. b Middletn, 24 G. H. Shepstne, b Middletn 26 G. Beves, Middletn, b Rwe 0 D. Cpe, b Mddletn 24 J. T. Slatm, b Middletn 8 J. McOarthy, nt ut... 3 A. Walshe, c Hearne, b Miadletn 2 Extm.s... 7 BOWLNG ANALYSS O. M. R. w. Middletn 54' Rwe Graham Kuys Middletn bwled tw n-balls. WESTERN TtOVNCE-SECOND NNNGS. M. Bisset, nt ut F. Kuys, st Halliwell, b Sinclair.. ~ 5 H. Francis, b McCaTthy l) F. Hearne. nt ut EKtrl.l.s TO DAY'8 DAVDSON'S!'XUltES. BENEFT. ~lf]wpean6 v. OOLOU{ED, at the Western Prvince' cricket.urtd, Newlands ; pluy t cmmence "t a.ln. Eurpenn, Team: J. Andersn, A. len, T. Att;ridge. C. Mainn, A. Gldmnn, WRJ:d,C. Fck, Mills. Middletn, Davidsn, anther. Olured Cmbined. E. Ariefu, B. Pwells, N. Marlie, B. Ellie, S. Manre, Adam's. G. Salie, C. Hendricks, Gamieldieu, Fredericks, and J. Kariem.. CAPE TOWN CRCKET CLUB. t special general meeting f members f tl.e ijc Twn Cricket Club was held (, SatutQ>Y ming at the T!iat.hed Tavern. Mr. n. pp ~ietl the- chair,-n:ncr-there W!f)" rjy arge attendance f members, Mr. U. th was elected t fill th vacancy n tue amittee caused hy the departure ur :huanaland f Mr. F. Smuts. ;Vith reference t the questin f engaging >fessinals fr next seasn the meeting :ided t re-engage Middletn, and anthrised i cmmittee t engage anther prtessluul cnsider >t nhe-clese f the -seasn ~tthe club's finances will permi..t»f. same. \fl'. L. Smuts drew abtensin t the adtisil- :ty' Qf playing an a.dilitrnal match with the R{). :with /, view t J:aiJlinJr...llQma '..Jl.~~<>t>"ttne w_n YM ce in team shuld it be decided t- send such earn t cmpete in the Currie C~P tnrns-.nt in Natal.-Thematter was referred t the nmittee t deal with. ~

47 J -nd'bie earas_ _ r: J; :A:: ~ yui\krmw wjra.t mean. JlumblY', c_ fr pardqj,-and r~ witht."t further ad t-hat Skippttr Bissef dwned the redbc-. &blll"..r. E. FQSter in -the trivial, yet mat mme~t<iu!!. matter f citi-spinnirrg. ~e By ilie wa.y, think =eritined' r.a.u.l;jvo :.. vm> llmal'k," Get ~e&-dy't.field,. yu fellws. as. a matter, f curse then, that Hathrn, V' T enn's maa-'m.; came int tn-e dressing-rm \'Utli t.he re,; Wlsn bwled fr Wrce3~er. t fll,uwj;,!! :- - ~_.' ':'N-nsens:e," quth S:haldere;- " 'saw the- made-a higsre. The name f Wilen is! -. -' "" skil"der's-,seraphi<l'smile when the-cin fell. like a. red - rag. te a' b:ull t M.a. r.~y Our.-wnCrrespcndenf W,.h tne :Team.). He i.ever e.m!les ikethad! w.hen--~~~lst ~e re mauled and.trtured the f tss,q.n"""pa-~ dla.-wlcke/i:. m gmgio analy;is-. f.' that_. ilk ' - -Nrthamptn,.July 9, 00. '. iputollmy-paa;, and"-thinlt-yu'd h~tt-e-ri[ ut 'f all recgnitin up at Cambridge,. : '. '. 'the same, 'Luis.'] Alii:th~ 'went m, Vlie :>Eught lllm dwn frn- t~p t tenth.. r J, The"frecast! the Ntts mat~h pry~~ biitt-ed.nearly, and' finally amass.ed.e <--reahnts, 2ar.,e. in t!hl a,.;'.ra:g,,~. y~ : ca'!tee~ u:. m~ci as we ~ru~~ ~ ~. fajr~,2~3. Nt a gpeaiis<ire,'y, ut a Will- ani:! hac mauled fhis <}ttrer "\;\ils:= f:gll.j'e&i ;-easy YJCWY :At, te~s~.., tin~. e-"e._. ning- ne; as far is t>went. Wrster had l-pr"tty.bajiy, t. 'bew ;nu3t!:>e a C{)nnec:t-, a.p'.'nd n Safl-r(~,!-ymrnrng wj:j~n"t Teked t leave.ut tw f. t~eir r.egula:r. ejevlfu wg link smewl!(~rl': n' tn\'i.)?"..llts"nf~wi!'" t as.,!f a gjmj;ot the pasf was :gollg t pan fh.feugb.illness ancp.lury. 'A 'third, the S.QB must bave C!-ue.F.t",;il.Otn,.::>r ne f.his i the game ut- ef the fire.. ARhur Shrews- lwieket.:keet>er,,;;was. give~_ ~ rest in.v~ew.f kin, n..gti"vns injl;ry, and he hat> s;,rn t~j bury played a very :fine mrungs. He eer- _bara w:d< t cme. "As the pmin f avenge ib n the whle llr'be t tha<name...ainly did.nq~.scol'_" _at ~,J esspian pactt;'but ma-ny3c-asthe reserve man is be~tar tha;n "B'e,-i.usLy,~ wish there."f-ere a Wilsn b.wl~' ~ a:: the same time was 80 p'hlli~ed, the l:lrst.string, and rta;inly a better. bat, a"ams'&us lj-e-very,fr then he woll5d). -his strkes sa perreee, tha.t ne iol"gi;tna.t.. dn'l> think they---su:ff"ere; n. this re-.see t it that we _put up a respectable 800'e, lc was slw. lie was never bustle~ r spe(}t_7~-wil..,tt-the Wrcester bwler, even if he h«.-6\.-0 make i"t-.cll himselr, ~-j amuus,.made -h,s.str:kes hard and Clean, in the pinirr f the t ea.m, stands secnd- Tnmit a lng stery shrt, GJ.:a.hamgt :flve -.Jmdnever'iJ< ca liberry, Snme f his pl~y nly ;0 Richardsn amngst tp.9 speedy wick.ets.heaply V'crnigit, a-nd WOTceirl:-er _ nrthe leg side ~ Rwe Vl~S pa.rti;::n"rjy.l, m<;n-l:ckw.d, perhaps -f:rt~ately,' has.!>;(tt get 43 ",itll five,:-i.ckets standing. r g~8,'fu;\and.e4fe.ctlvf~..luckily he at, last nt crssed uuspaths, :Wil'30n 8 act~any Nax" mt>q:>ingfhe ~xth wicket mre than i ~g~ n gm~ ba~k: t~ ne well the fastest bwler w-e have.'playeil.against.,;u@led the t~_.and nhe =,ent added J Jp frin g'illclai~~'e..-'h~tll~d aparn, f He is-nt sa a ~ ~9 K~ie-\;,J.'" by.general anther W. Simpsn-Hayward had a lt f Nne &f- th -ther ha;tbm~ sj:i'ck us. very; ~ns"n$us f punn, rs t~e -as-testb"'v!~r ' licli:,. being--ll',j~sed iu; the islips and after- j.i much except p!u'hap" Harrisn, cb-' ~lt, ~ ill England atajie present tame. - 'Nw, a.n t.ward,; caught 0T:a n-ball, ani 8 00 ~ad~.vli-~aintajned a-sund defep.~,. and pla;,red run away with a nlls!"ke'l. j<i~ that. tll.el'e-s:ma";ar~y rclry atrkes Q lytze. 'Ajiiin wh t may call &- well-ba<ane2<! style.. are n fast. bwlers 0 En-grand, and S!'Y, parently.he:rea;jj~ed.hisju~k and threw a-way L:!-ei0!e.leaviag' the Ntfis,match, must- pay Well if Ketze's the best fa3't ~bwler in hs w] cnsequence, r s Hi s8s!lloo[ t it, tribute t Ktze. He bwled b<;-tter and :Endn.nd, vfe'd a4 like t. _play - first-class -t sme j Us. Be that as -it may, he made r fa""stert; lletlinks,.~han ~t. an~ ther tune cri.:ket." 'Lden'f ~y he's bll:~be~t~ :,lyj a wid.slash at Kt,ze and paid the penalty,! during the WUT. -~ st-amma ~s. mrmense, 'the fastest, and llllnd..yu, h_ wnippmg Ga;nkr"ffi' meanwhile had nn making ;! and hi! is finw.:!reepmg, fr s fast a b<;>wler,,'em.dwn. at almst twwe.. the fl:ace.<he.:"ver'j --serim_t." Surrey cuts "-s c~jloo after i -wul)detully gd leng~h.. Be k~j}t.up ~did"'"at-!ne.wlands. Jl'l"':m~!y, c~n ess tha genj~ Harry Wd, lhe 'e:x:surry stu~, f 'hib lngspella, mamtamed his pace was nt in fa\lo-ur f', the -Prvince trundler \'0 was lan]usfr.hssmekmg prpensuaes i almst thrugh;ut, and entinua;lly m ade ~he,acm.panytllg the tea.m.. Lu.ckiy, -the.e.- -=-tli::.tojj.ght.t. la. t-him a lifetime. The ballttiln :tw.r threll inches.. ' lectrs f the team cnsulted lder and, 'fates a.nd iurle;>;' in iact all the. pwers -f Sinlaii'" as''''2flt'n a 0.>-- Qf gd wrk, am glad t say', wise~,he a ily': tnin ;mine. evil, seemed f'o..j3-figb-tingagainst t8 ream, f 'e,.n~qt'" hvur-ed. by iriun-e. Graham Withut Ktze.dn't rnnw' where- and ill seemed ver. Luckity G ab&m came l:had p:er[nie..t"". ta.nd at-f the;match wmg tack ~vutd be.- R'B.=ikea the ther b:'wlers llga4n-,aided 4y!mar\; wc.rk by Sinclair, wh. i t.a '.-spfained shulder. Dunng the game tl bettel' by.perlu-rbmg frhg hilt-;.nlcl, and tk tw pretty, right-hnd, lw dwn C!'-th$, 'Halliwell again ~E~ a fingel' in takmg thew if,-thejrjl,.y, s!'o f'!a'y. As in the-~!ip$, and M.' )lisset at the WCireta,: Kt ze's expt"ejl;;es, and Murray BBset, as usual, the ta,il dla gd_ w~k n the fi:rst n:nd "midst pa;lpit,-atingexcitement ~ eec.ap- ~ usual dnn.ed "th-e glv"b.. &, f curse, innings. PrillC.e made serne slashing ed by the- skin f ur teeth, Qtl,e"-Wlll8~ be. \ J.acks'the genius-nf'~ Barbert~n," tint a.t the.. skk-e in his 35,,-_ an' hetlped The cr.wd'lst thei.- heads almst entirely., tine is 'neat and effetjve, and fx a Ha,thQJ:m. 0 put. n sme' 60. B<>ys screa»,ed, men graned.and. gaapedl ~ slfe.nd l"eaerve sttlrper h,s aeeureclquj,t~ a Graham chipped in with a, useful 20 dil, n~t.j.adies shrieked _and actually-s. PnJlOe and hag f "ictim~.. Rw~ ai~ flt meet W~~ ut, and K >tzebange~ six: r sevep 4's Jll us 'Shalders, wli. wer~ fielding. square-leg. in! mucli.,suc"e.s Jll the.. ma.tcl. nstead f llis a Gcustm~ii lusty, lsmewnat.rustc, frnt f their "sf=d, r,elate-a.etwllly OTOO.:usual.slW leg -bi'eaks, he is nw seud!-ng fashin. _ A week pr tw ag Y'~ thught. with excitement. After- the finish everybdy dwn it..medium pace salivery and trymg Gerge ROwe bail-'!juilgeaklize the rder feltdimp and fit fr ntr;ing. Thc strain. was 't m.ak<3"themewing. in willi his arm. The f ging in, but latterly 'J.iL has G.0n'l'" ~!l tremendm~. The evemngs at Wrc@$er result is a-n Dc-asi.QJa. clean bwl, bull p, again, alia POOl'_Gerge has Stlll.t-bru,lg up were.spent,y the team n the ~ver:n, r~s.erie f hye:s,- ~,, sn;cks-,.a""d 4's -t,the real-. There.seem$ t be as mtlch nvah'y iug 'th2ffi$yes, bedg :rwed, r'plltm-g f8jr J<m". 'n _the N~tll'avili(')n are qulte :a c,?l- lietwe.en <;l~rge ana Ktze fr t~e hnur damsels u'" the- re--..ehese-f =t.lw ~lrils ld leetiqn'f"ld.prmfl;, phntgraphs, f gmg n tenth a" there was Je.ween the -atrea.m: The a.."-t view f tb" W~est-er team 'D.ementelO f a.past, r ahula say tv/ frmer and }JiddJetn m the last tea,m. OUT we saw was R. "E. Fste,' and Simpen-Haypaet, genera.t;mlb-.,f Riehard.Daft, mst se-cndinnings was a painful clj",~se. T&n- wird pract-ising with.sme f the a.fres!l'l~ grac:eful Lbatsm~n> Of Genrg~ "Parr~-L the, c~ed and Shala~rs m.ade a da hing! weepng maiden.a. ':'h",-ew~ t_be a ladh!~ ra:arollsgrb!tt leg,hltter, f Marlm Mcnl.y~e,! Truth t tell, -we POStvely dread a gd mntil'h in_ the <rrt&nn.. EVdently the frlr :,and:in,.mor~ reee-ill[times, Qf.Alfred Snaw, ' first-wicket gr:tnership b.y these tw. Tney entmsiml:-sprvia g l prlldice, 0 t'!ibmjes; Mrley, MidwmtO:f! and thers. A?,re. a srt f d:;:nible-aded JGnah t the l rltl'y in.the pal"w'sw~ read R. E~ Festar and. t4;>t v. ~te(t>amerwa_ll- lullngs..dees? r 00, g up befr~ the Himps'\:m;H8..ywardput. en 50-dd. llg:;>nst r f fall f'the' first. Wcket; tlien we are sure t ~~a\~ f',!h3(.e. e St~d::n'!:"l ~ P\'lt:. 'J-:e:a(l?-n, - ell!>. NiJU-S!lkel'S a.: be all ut fr aliut 50 r en the 35:' Wee must a,il pl.y with the la('hes,, ume"llft-een years-r thereabuts agne, cnka:ry, let five wicket" fall fr 80 r 00, methinl",. On :fhe.rad fr<;m Wrcester \<> -ill wb~ch the ab~taij).er" Bet up a great p!ea. m~d jts l t;", n", that th, last five men, bere. (l'jo'rt}.antgj, w g.-tnews f Sm~-;: t~ r -fef tll=- temperange ily: at the ex~ a::.ta anytnmg L.rem 00 t 2,,'0. -That h 0 g-reat glri:cu" truly mo$~-:"~~ r:p-euse f the wers r the nxius weed, t iceun-ed E0 0ften nw tlat, unless the fir,," r triun;pli ~er Y';'rkshire. A 6ret\.~c!<eer,~a.s[ the~ tune f ~03-a; rec '.>r_dfr ih:s.t-c!asa i pau pnt 0 _ aut 3"00, a.nd make a r-e~fect.- l"aised, -fr we are all greatly antl-ynmnre cticket at the time. n that-tq:>i"?n Shrews- - ab!e. ttal Ol"the side rl{\"ht ff,_w". a:br05t just nw. All t:me spm-t-sl~.m~,be, as- ];)ury ll'ml (funn srtr.ed t the. lmt tune Of (rej)c~ t see the hg-aa f the e«v<l bail~. Mlti-0c-PO:lst~::Wese.nt a mre t! Bam!Dy -:s6ln-ewnere.abut 400 runs, s that Ntts r The lcal papers made a great fus~ _a Qli'. W()d". :rie must a.e been th~ bappjest.' nt unn-a.tu;r!l'lyp'~ud t?.have ~Jle ~hat they are pleagea t- term..r~cl~e~_tt i.rlj;;nglu;nd n Wednesday mght.. ~Jlllill. t 8dcard 0 thew pav-!lon. The, tmg. Stup ana n~msen e-. One, 0, p_l. Yj'. Hail, S-On'leTet! yre- nff ~ur hats ll r- :screr has been at the game fnr 32 tw, we4"ea brt "Hid.. Pnnce, fote~i~ lp"tt ve.-anq<.l t you, t. LOnel Palalret, and t all years ~yithui<.a._break,_ and is, f wurse,.but then he ever d,d, a.nd e-:';t Wl -g f Sa.mD.Y'sgallant band. p}ld e bis aehie.vement..strange t s"'y, himself l.have ften.salo, and shdll, ~ - Mr. P. H_ F!ey- Wmeester's secl etary, Me" wile -a988 nt. understand the game, an.d _fear, ften repeat, 8harles,ls a ms,t.s- ~ treasurer c.mmit'.e-e,rnan, amateur SOOJ;<>r,.ratey= ~llds lie ma~n. Hwever, ahe,j heaenmg ;bats~an. t. hate n 0ne S b de : in fact grej].fj"pll-bah everything in. w~- "':.;pressed. a._ de6re t.see fl r.-put nes tru.~.lli By natur~ 08.. m cestel crickek-t.gtcl me a lt_f v.ery lreui(~tlla.a[.l.'lca.n~-were v;ery black, and, crc"ket8r, a ch.arnplon-na.tsman, ~s~s.e~ ~ 'f able cricket stnes. Sllace =d t~e fotbi.d ame t the matelr fr tne the gjqtolsstrkes. he n~ve,!, gjv.~! 'us t -nwe Next week m\.lst reta4 them. }lurpqsil. Being ill tlia scre.r's bx at the!'himself a fair -chanee. Once,. p~jap~, ill t J -The- Ntthants match is w~l n~gn,ev:f>r. time, chaffea her. abut thj~, and she.e- ten he re:illy ~,tt!es dwn t!t"nit" ':: g~~ th!l\l V{nturea prphec.y. We -aha,l Wn art-er a markea, "Well, they d. look ratle!:, best ut f hjmsef.. Bnb \t~ 3.& 8.,!n. a a "rate fite." _ -bj.ack." POl!Siby"bu.t..s WGuld y '. deaf lqrr~ time,_jar. the next}ill' ze~ Jirifir;:as " l~try,!!' mcess'antctll m the he JS -n<>];nmgf.~'?t?ijldnfsl~o d " _~,,;:_:-T~~i::E;:.,:A.~'.:7.:E~R~A~G:~ES::.~. heat arid hurjilen f the-:ilay, and, strangely Truly;,gemus, bl'jl!lance, an( - p mg _ ~ cn,-,;gh~fr Engl~nd, th.ey i~ellme, in alm;;t e nt Lten,g hand n P!nd.!'aha" h d h'tllm-us suds:nme. Nttl h dd n"'" J.-----

48 ;H:t:."P0>!i~. ;c.>'7.l--.;..... 'V... c(ia,l(ed her abut tlii$" an n e r my "'= "'''~~ "_,,.' ':marked. "We!!, they 'd lk' rather be&t ut f himself.. But that lasts bm a n.,;u",~. P~_ "_'"'.;B}ack:.", F~ibty., but, 8!> wuld y-,deaf lng tim-e, fr the next.hatf~dzen in":j?ings " grate fite.» ~atty, afi r_ten weeks' incessant, til in the he cis nthing if nt wildness per~mfied. _. _ and burden 'Of the. Gay, :and, strangely Truly,!genius, -eriliiarl "" and -plddlllg d. -T!-E AVEKAGES. "fuhmjth.fer- Engla;nd, they felj me, in almst f nt ften g hand n 'hand. Gl'aw,m had a THe team have new- played twenty-tw yntimtus etmshine. Nttingham des nt bang n the arri'la. f Ktze. But then, s matches, f which they have. woj;l"ten, lst seem a,"particu-arly intereseing place t a ~c we all. :Despte 'his numerus useful runs, drawn m, and-tied <me. ''hey nave' stranger. - 'Yelb~(}k A):>bey and Qhatswrth h~l!l qutas, Ktze S nt.a c!'fid<;nbe-lll' scred in the aggregate- 8,785.runs ro the -Hause are n -the ne>ghbeurhcd, but the spumg batsman; He, and lss f 37 wickets, bemg (t the l'a.te f "W~:srJ; ~i'ain 'left a;t.lunh ti~~ n SlD- gep-eraj:ly his y;s.a-vls,. t, n his h":,,c runs- pel' match, and ~3.68.runs Fer day, s th~ej was n tlttfe fr -a VSitt these Wnen we get ill With him ur mam UQ:f8-ct wicket, Their ppnents have scred 8, linles f England.. is t run hlw.flway frm the. bwhng-yu f~ the less f ~78 ;'lcket-s, being Pt th rate W\\,:c%;.er, nj;h ; Th.erhand, is. a d light- knew what mean. Keep hlm.a-spec~"t;br t 3'79'('5 runs permu,-rch, and.22. runs per fully rush place. Suell a cntrast t the at the bwler's end. And t hs cre<jit W,"l;:<lt.. smk Nrth an_a Midland twns.!'he it said, he is a sprtsn;tan. a;n~ t-akcls_the. n the ten 'matchea thgy.have- wn they ri l"_wipaa _ its _ trtuus,~ same view f th~~,_ 'Wl~ certam_~g;fica- have scred 4_603 runs fr the lss f 4T-l t h~ ut,*itls'~ -past- the greenest f,. twn.s.. FQr he- fancfll6 himself a lnt,.and f-wlcke~s, an average f ~60_3 run';! per match. - tn.r es and wdlands,.and vertk- gleefully tells Gel'ge Rwe that he h'i[. g?t [ ~and 3.29 rune per wicket. TheJr 'ppn>nts :.lng::the --g:teket greund is the stately ca- him set fr PrO'l_lUce. and Ca~,Q:n ihave scred,3:07 runs- fer the 0SC!!f 200 tmdml. -The catbedral and deanery present matches next seasn. On,.:s;.e;'a! H~s Of t!cwiokets, being at the rate O! Tuns per -a-ve!'y. pretty picture as-seen frllf.the pa- mg t bang Gerge--aml!Vi} d et.., 0 j match and 8.53 runs per wicket, ' vitin. A br-..a lawn S!pes up frm the curse, i=identaly=-ver the.,.pe h and.hut n the- nine matches 7h,,:,['have lst they nnv:er-. bank,_a;n~ the d~an~:t:y is- a red brick -~ sight. Gerge, f ceulls~, as t er 'h...-ve scred 3;85 runs f-r the lss f 80 htuldmg--f ancient ar~hf'tecti:lre, and nesttes, views,.md says he can sy,(,f-.ktze ut wlen wickets being at fhs rate f 353_89 runs p<7' in. ; w<lalt~ tli -cj::eepel's.- The cathedral. he likes, ~W? fast and a S'l.~;,r tw0 ~ W'] ~atch~ 'and giv-ing an "a"leragb f 7.7 runs iiliilll'<$ furnish a gratis.and r<ml>tant ba.nd,' and a iut, 8 it'? Oh, we!!,_t mattehsrli:ftl-e~ per wicket. Theil' ppnents scred 3,97 f wliieh-, t - my -mind, give,,- just nw. W<>shall see what we s a: see j runa fr the 0s5 f 33 wickets, gylllg an kgreat.\r; plea&ure t;m!l tha.t f the -best "f in a fe>w meirchs' -time_ ~! rcest~~!ad ~~ averaze 'f runs per mat-ch, ld29.\5 flllita.ry ;)anas a.t N ewlands,, 0 g~ "-win. ~ - sta-::v..,g;- V\~_ ';;S' per wicket. f?"'blt ~ psing as, what 5an sa a K'Otze and P..OW", r a!rme.r dafl~.ill'!' - cbir, as usual f hlte, Bl.sset le On W Ktze and Gmnam. A_ reguhtr strf'<e f captaining genius it tnmed ut t b,e. Gralram p'ea!<i t fin? a perfect length, ami what is -mor6', kp f~ thrugbut the innings with _0 the exceptwll f-e~6!lr -tw. lse 'visrs. Twisting.anii lijlld!fidg a phen,t ~r if ~e>.he v. (l~. :.. ii..~~-"""~~~-;=~2:::::;;;:;;;;;::;:;;;t=~iiiiiii_ <Wer~«l, :". ester andwas f sr~ c ean f "-!t~-t,hqt;l. h~jy ~ w!'re 'F.~ii~;;;iii~~E~~~~~ ~~~.~ le WQen we J:<3aCl '<l>d..y Q.",< he bad carved: 35 f the 'be~t 0 r~c "'7.;i, Riehardsn ana C, Dn t- frge. th C., fr t!w,t repr~6fts.e. M. Dwsll~ the, b,:st 'Val ~ii.y bwler f the- ~~,.,a,lld th CilRtt- ' rpt-n Jub6ter, D. -:L. A.~J <'}!lsnn. _

49 ;:"'ir lwest 74.Ag~nst th~ tj.~ SXJ:e was r-.)~ ~y Hants, th-e lwest, Durham, Turning t ilie averages, it,;i!l be seen th.a~ by hie grand innings f HiS again&t rl!.e East f Sct!!Vnd, :t J.. Tanc~ed springs ~m eighth, place in the averages t f;rtll't.h./» the. aggre~.ate. he is secnd, OOing the nly Ulan, Wth 'tae exceptin..o HathOl'll, t<> re~h. ". g:ires.' -'le h-. &O.'Nllvnr: ptayed fur innings mr-than that pla:.:er' in fact, he has pla-yed ne. mre thttn any ther member in th team. H'e has been. the batsman w!ected"'w'pen the innings ~r hie team J.'.i,gRt ~ha<lf g.h the,*,sn; and his ave:a.g", Qr-Qve~.25 fr thi,n;y nine cmpleted mmngs testifies. mre than. mere wrds earr express, t h,~cusefulness, - His century is the -seventh 8C.0'Cd bv a men' bel' nwteam during the tur, and is 'Fhe thrrd highest. his scre b:einl>' 8!lrpaBsed - by Hashrn'a ~G, and the-captain's 84. 8ia! ders retains ris place, third in the averages, and the fa= that Tanxed and he"are fueth :and t..-tlrespeeti v-ely rs'~vidence tha.t '-they' Jiave prved tl:eirfitnese.t pen -the. innings fr Ml;. Lgan's beam.' The ther batting figures are but little athered. 'n +h bwling Sinclair heads the,gu?es, with eightytw wiekets, QBty ei~. rm:.-thej.oo, -at lust under 20 runs.a.,.niece; then 00 nes Ktze with se.venty,fi-ve.wi~kets;. a;nd Hwe 'W~t:t, at just. ver 20 runs.. while. Graham. Wth Slxty ne, at a. shade, ver 22, is creeping up $~e"diy. Bslw are <lihe figures:' CLOCOLA.N VS. WNBURG. At last Jupiter Pluvius graciusly cn'. descended t permit ur 0lclan friends t jurney ver and jin in a friendly cntest at cricket. The Winburg Capt. winning the tss sent his men t-rthe wicket and Fivaz's free hitting was t.he principle feature f the st innings. n the Winburg 2nd innings Shaw shwed up t advantage. Williams's bwling deserved a place, 4 vers, 2 maidens, 20 balls, 5 runs, 5 wickets. The bwling f the visitrs was-weak, and Winburg ught t have put mre wrk n the leather. Prince, fr the visitrs, did yeman's service bth in the field and with the bat. His 66 was hwcharacterised by a.. wnderful cntributin f luck and 4ut el! fingering n the parb f the Winburg fielders. Much has been said f Prince's wicket-keeping, but the large number f extras pint silently ne way. prefer yung Barlw behind the stumps. The match was decided in favur f the visitrs n the st innings. Our friends were received lyally and treated lyally and went hme delighted with the receptin accrded them. Capt. Matsn is a jlly gd fellw, and everyne f his men ditt. Winbl~rg with ne accrd say Yah, English yu knw! quite English yu knw." st nnings. Dr. Leigh, c Stamp, b McDnald 0 run ut Thmpsn, e Pri~~e, b McDnald '\ ~vaz, s Prince, b.mcdnald 36 D. Steyn, b Ferreira Williams, b Matsn } st nnings. Prince, c Burchell, b '. Steyn Ferreira, b D. Steyn Smk, run ut McDnald, c Steyn, b Sbaw, Picard, b B. Steyn Matsn, c P. Steyn, b i Williams Bwie, b Williams-.. 'lnglish, b Williams... b Matsn... c Picard, bmat-. sn....,. lbw, b Matsn c Ferreira, b Picard 4 Shaw, b ~wie """' ~ 3 Jbw, b Picard.c, 29 : Dnaldsnv ub-ut... 0 b Matsen P. Steyn, b McDnald 2 caught Stamp b Prince. Burchell, b Bwie... nt ut- Culsn, run ut 7 nt ut : Crawfrd, c Picard, b,prince.., 2.T bat..:::..jllx.tras ~. 3 Extras 84 2nd nnings. 66 nt ut 6 c P. Steyn, b b P. Steyn nt ut ~ b d~ 9.~ ~~ _ , 0 ~ 75 0

50 PRNCE AS A WCKE'f-KEEPER. T'the Editr f the Fri-;;:;;,, Sm,-n the reprt ~f the recent Winburn- 9000lanCricket n.atch, played at Winbul'g, y~r nfrmant makes use f a statement, which t me app~ars unc~led fr and dergatry t Prinee's ability as a wicket-keeper. The cmparisn with "yung Barlw" may 0'may nt be crrect. 've n~ver had the _pleasur~u)f seeing the latter behind the stumps.. Hwever, Prince is, by cmpetent judges, cnsidered sesnd t. nly ne if nt! nne as wicket-kepar in the<,western Prvince. Last mnth a match was plapedbatween the. Capetwn and Western Previnea teams. COllllllentlllgn thisahe--capetwn crrespndent,.f t~e R~ainu.Gale,ulQ//' says that the Western Prvins Club were withut the services f HearnE'-i (t~mpraily disabled), whereas the city lst in Prince (absent) an iwvaltable wicket-keeper and j. gd bat. Cnsequently bth clubs were evenly \ represented." ''his is is sufficient t prve Prince's statns as a cricketer. Certainly there were t many extras n the Clclsn side but a gdmany were wides, and the byes were chiefly f attributable t the bad state f the grund and equally bad light prevailing., cannt clse withut reiterating what ur. bys say as t the receptin they experienced at! the han~s f ur Winburg friends, and was right: ryal, 'Yea! perchance a wee bit t much s. :, Yurs etc., ONE-WHO-WAS-NOT-''HERE. Clclall~..!li.hF'eb'ua.ry898. ) Stamp, fj un.... J Frd, nt ut 0 E:ttr;~' Extras 0 i \ ' : On the Dicesan Cllege grund the annual match between the Past and Present Students f the Cllegewas played n Tuesday, but the Present team had evidently nt yet recvered frm the effects f their defeat at the hands f the C.T.O.C.and nce mre went dwn.t the tune f runs. Reid, despite ne astnishingly bad let-ff, played a mst invaluable innings f 83 ut f 75, carrying his bat right thrugh the iuningsthe secndtime he has dne s this seasn: His inuings, thugh slw, was a fine exhibitin f irn defence. The Old Bys with 26 fr nce in a way earned winning brackets. Blus 39, Bisset 64 and Spence 36, making light f the nt very frmidable bwling. The eagerly anticipated W.P. vs. C.T. match came ff n Saturday n what has been smewhat rare flate-a fine warm day. Bth elevens were nearly 'as representative as they culd be, thugh W. H. Richards and W. H. Miltn wuld have imprved the W.P. side cnsiderably. n additin t then<ltur~ attractin attached t. the meeting f these clubs, a certain. extraneus interest was lent t' the game by the debut f tw bwlers new t first-class 'cricket, Graham f the W.P. and Willughby, the fast bwler lately unearthed by th~ C.T.C.C. The latter met with immediate success, great pace being f~nd in rare cmbinatin 'with a gd length and plenty f staying pwer. Unless this man declines suddenly as,many, bwlersd, he seem likely t fill the psitin f a fast bwe; in African Cricket in a"{,aytha~ n ther appears capablefdll~g. The fact that the cricket was nt sufficiently hard t enable him t bump, was as frtunate fi the batsman as it wa~unfrtuna~e fr him. At all events his bwling n Saturday will cause hs

51 &~ i'l Y' ~t:(" /9/ 0 bfu~ h~a t:vc' ~A-a.~ '4/ ru ftytu4 atn-«: ~ «: ~t7l -~H.U--p(TUL: (h.u..-a '!'~/7) /k M tlttm4" 6-7 UMC4 ft/~ d/ ~~t: au:«-~d ~ dtr ~_ /~ t!' =--:»: t 7. ~l' fuel jul- haa ~ f/ku.r~?:! /.~7 atvv. 4./ /D {, ~J..' /0 --",<-L- /0 iz«,, /APll' e. Mik~,4. t~ d-~h-tt-~ /~ ~)trr ~ [' 9 / /'lua- ~ 6 -r /.; t--j un-u-«~f n; 6-, ~'la--:/- tf. ~ ;f' /~ j/l4ja-vf. d tv! ~t!l--~ d it ~, afn,.j "/,fa. eft /q-f a../"f t '4.l--<- ~ C7--v\- /t'cl< Ca/"laA~V[ 't, t.~ '{"'4:, J~ a!nv' - 33) ft4-''k-l ~~ ft~ ~j, tt~ L 'l-'~.;: ~a C:~u...~ taa 0 jv'{.{tz(. ~ U4"- /fl-"" - 'M fi,6j~~ ( /0 Uru {J7A h-...r {~ a;fl/l- - /./ ~{~ t: bri. ~Li c-e: ~4-, {~t!{..t-"-lty~uvtdij ~<L ~ ~/' {~A.. ~ h, 6y~~4 /t'u -J!~ / u h l tf-l Ch. ".. j-«. c-c "c/~ 4 /~ / tw-- ~/' rrtry\. ',/-UAA_4- j."cl ~ t l'htrjvl ~{~l-a/ ~ ht h#~u-4 - " /hl~~ t~~/:u-4-.j-tr~ -., "if >-3, - / /i:t.r.: ~LL twv p~ tv?l-~ ~!~~ ~-te,.- ct

52 nvvu.. f.lrj..uvl,j.. 5u..llUlti J lilly lulu LUtHf l-h~rlunda.ueels.. A skeletn f the full Prvince team, n their wn grund, administered a mst unmerciful hidine t Claremnt. During the mrninz fur f the team had sailed frm ''able Bay. Richards iand Smith tk their departure fr the mther cuntry. whilst M., Baiset and R. Graham left castwise per" Mr." The destinatin f the lasf named was East Lndn. whither he has g-ne t take a pst in the Gvernment service, ~ dubt thse wh have enjyed his brilliant fielding and clever trunilling at Newlands, will wish him every success, and at the same time hpe fr his very speedy return. Neither Western Prvince cricket nr thp cluh f that name can affrd t lse permanently-nav even fr a seawn-the services f s accmplished an expnent. Bisset's absence is t be but a shr-t ne. [ He has gne t MORselBaJ'" n circuit with Mr. Justice Maasdrn and his curt in the interests f law and rder. He will nly be.absent fr sme tw weeks. which th.j;!gb, -Will "uffu;!}!'t-tm%hi <mt,f the ~champinship match f his club a!(''tinst Alma. t-mrrw. On the latter's late.t disnlav it seems very unlikely that his absence will be felt.. The Claremnt match atf.rdad Hfmey r the ppr- -tt grand seasn's hatting with a century, e l&~ sccranliahed fo' the club's first - secnd this seasn. There was, f cntend arsinst. but en.m e f hw t punish ".t:5attng A"VERAGES. Times Highest nnings. nt ut. Runs. Scre. Aver. C. O. H. Sewell 37 3, E. A. Halliwell D. C. Davey * 20.6 T. Rutledge 43 i A. W. Seccull :0 F. Hearne C. L. Jhnsn G. Cripps C. :Mills G. Glver G_ S. Kempis D. Parkin _.3 3 : H. H. Castens 2' ' J. :Middletn * 8.4 G. Rwe Six centuries were scred, viz., by C. O. H. Sewell, 70 v. Smerset; and 28.v. -Derbyshire ; T. Rutledge, 52 v. C. W. Wright's X.; C. L.. Jhnsn, 2 v.,d Distr~ct;, E. A. Halliwell, -- 0, and F.. Hearne, 04,. bth against Glucestershire. '_ L- ---

53 '3". _ -rv-three, E:X ms,-t dreadful fr w 5. DE:0' - e ri~: - C Ub'E batsmen were ". able t e e" izh est;. w against. the lder.... club', i.,left banders. and the frmer will n A match f which DO reprt has appeared ill tiut dubt he a ie t realise what the Prvince batsmen dailies tk plsee.t the Dicesan Clleze n Wednes_ hac:l t face a week befre, tiay week hack. The rders w~re Pa=t and Present f ". tbe Clle!?e. and the victrs the Old Bvs : which wal hut natural ensiderine their nersnnal ; P. R..T nes Twenty-ne. extras in a?- inninas f frty-thl'~e is hy Biddy Andersn, A. Reid. A. Bisset, Shrt. H",vd: n mean! Prince-ly. Suteen. f tbes~ came m fur and R van Reenen, RmOnltRt thers. Th~ Present bundaries fr~ ne ver ~f Mddletn s. the stllmp~' bys played furteen. hut culd nl.y raise, ttal 6f. n ea~h case beinz s certain t~at the ba.wuld.hlt eighty si s; Sh-t, with seven wickets fr,",n.. 'mber that he stepped..aside t avid the il,,,~g -bein«their master. The ancients amassed 60. The bails 0 dubt, hwever hs. cnfreres wuld readily chief entributrs were A. Reid ;60, H. V. Smith 32. frgive Charl~s thse.little slips in V;p.w f, hi. P. S. T. Jnes 3. Several f the thers eave their mag,umcent Wlcket-k~ei)lng the we~k befre, 'hat wickets away bv wlld hittine; and reck less running, reminds me..n w~ltmg f t.h" b.lg. ll,atch 'u.'te therwis6 the tt l wuld n dubt have heen fr~t t eulzise Prince fr hl~ bril liant wrk With greater. ThA atudents' hatting was feabla hut fl. the ",Jves, ~nd hast~n t aplgise and als t add. a Carlin anf!.t. Bergh as usu. bwled VAn effect.ivelv, :",,d f praise nw, f?-t t~ late. n~ver saw ~lln A.. Reid departed frm his usual stne-wall tactics m bettr frm and hs finsh~d wrk did nt a lttle and made sme axel lent hits. As Jnes ann t. upprt the dea.til~ trundling and t keep the Ander_n remarked after tw pwrticular ly fine fffielders up t cncert nith. Such an example culd d.iveb t the hnnndarv. "There vu re. he ('an hit. nt fail t.~he insniviting. A:ltgether that Cape ~~wn as :"el ". anvue. a";d he go' l~t8 like' that. t hit an? Pr~~.mce match was a right ryal ne fr the.agamat UB Oil Saturdav." The" m n l'la.tlll day".f Prince. Curse refp.rrerl t Ca,ne Twn and that ultra patient.".. innings f eight f his. Next seasn f 'el sure Reid T return t the Alma match, Cape Twn naturallv will punish Rwe and Middletn's lse nps R.S thev made light wrk f the task set them, and nassed deserve. He has the reliable testimny f Jnes and their ppnent's scre withut s much as the lss f Andersn tha.t it can he dne. and thet ught. t knw a wicket. Therea.fter 0: curse slg-ging became the "5 they have cm') dwn very hard n Middletn, rder with the result that the Alma bwlers were especially nce r twice this seasn. enabled t get the whle side ut, which ir a in'eat ". 4. deal mre than they: wuld have.idna.hack'tdctly \,.. sund cricket been the rder. At the same time the bwling was by n means bad and yards in frnt f their batting. Fck and Rle WArethe best, and the last-named, despite the severe handling he received, frm Jnas, carne ut. with quite respectable fi~ures. With sme hitting t be dne, Jnes. Andersn, Prince and Hrwd were f curse in the van. The ld Dicesan cntingent are facile p'rincbjs at that?ame. t was a pleasure t see Biddy smiting sixes just as if a frtnight's influenza acted rather as a tnic than the reverse... This match was tbe.fin;8"'~ t~e Cape Twn seasn. : _ and next week J hpe t give the -everaees. -[-thlm \ \ first team at any rate. They have dne fairly well n the whle, thugh as hnurs are ea.8vwith the cracks frm ver the wav-e-a win t each and A.drawn g-amethey CA.hardly claim a triumph. Theil' bwling has been. n the whle. quite up t the mark; but their battinz. cnsiderlna the undubted talent at the dispsal f the skipper. can hardly be said t have rea sea anticipatins. Next week. Or pssibly the week after, must g mre fully int their perfrmances. A skeletn t the full Prvince team. n their wn grund, administered a mst unmerciful hirlin e t Claremnt. During the mrning fur f the team had sailed frm Table Bav. Richards and Smith tk their departure fr th~ mther cuntry. whilst \:. Bai=et and R Graham left castwise per" Mr." The, destinatin f the last named was E&st Lndn, whither j he bas g-ne t take a pst in te Gvernment service. ~ dubt thse wh have enjyed his brilliant fielding and clever trundling at Newlands, will wish him every success, and at the same time hpe fr his very speedv return. Neither Western Prvince cricket nr the cluh f that name can affrd t lse permanently-e-nav even fr a seasn-c-the services f s accmulished an expnent, Bisset's absence is t be but a shrt ne. He has «ne t Mssel Bav n circuit with Mr. Justice Maasdrn and his curt ill the interests f law and l rder. He will nly be absent fr sme tw weeks. which tll--l.!gh,-wilj OUi;bK hrl ut f the : champinship match f his club ag'tllls ma. t-mrrw. On the latter's late"t display it seems. very unlikely that his ahsence will be felt. The Claremnt match aff.rdad Hfmeyr the pprtunity t cap a grand seasn's hatting with a century, the first '.hat he has scmnliahed fr the club's fii'st eleven. thugh his secnd this seasn. There was, f curse; very little bwline t+cntend against, but ~ Hfmeyr gave as gd an example f hw t punish r weak bwling as in the previus /:amehe had shwn hw Rwe and Middletn shuld be kncked abut; which, hy the way, is a lessn several f his club mates night d well t leaeu frm him. The rest f the aiting calls tc little cmment. Lndt hit freely, nd displayed an aptitude fr scring strkes. W., ~id and J. Graham, bth f whm, n dubt. will in SOUTH AFRCAN TEAM N ENGLAND, 894. Matches played 24; ",:n 2, l~t 5,,drawn 2. BATTNG AVERAGES....DU Times Highest nnings. nt ut. Runs. Scre. Aver. C. O. H. Sewell E. A. Halliwell D. C. Davey " 20.6 T. Rutledge 43 D A. W. Seccull :0 F. Hearne C. L. Jhnsn G. Cripps C. Mills ,8 G. Glver G. S. Kempis l.7 D. Parkin ' H. H, Castens 2' ' J. Middletn P 8.4 G. Rwe Six centuries were scred, viz., by C. O. H. Sewell, 70 v. Smerset ; and 28 :v. Derbyshire; T. Rutledge, 52 v.; C..W. Wright's X.; C. L.. Jhll;sn, 2 v.,d Dlstr~ct;, E. A. Halliwell, l0, and F.. Hearne, 04,_ bth agaiust : Glucestershire. '..~

54 " XJ,..,...-.&end innilw. ~~a~htiie&'~iw~.~i~;:l" - ~ --;;n AF.lUCANs ( A. CDCKETERS' TOUR;., Y. R. W. l:uerw~~8..~~~ ~'~:;,., 0...Dr ;.4 t ;lflm 8 nt, Ulh~uy all"",,,,,,,,,,,,., "- ~l.., T. Wass.,.. '.. 20' 6 87, 4~. hit ut'lusttty, mid',his m';~jd 'G'A'ME wrn. E: -N,OTTS. :A. W. :'\anam ' O' vj 8td much t rb the S9uth,\frlca~ '-- G. Afrthny '39' 0 &f~fh 0 erwhelming" advantage. ther. aa;:. r WN, J, At~nsn ; ~ ~ 4 0 riss~; ~l;tre' {al), f the 'eightbw,ckct"l J.;;...Q.a;:,l'itM;led a' ld.ball in tlie firs~ in- GRe'k'hi:dt. bundarjc"~natte~:t ~?~::pryhisw:~: ' ( ' --'- 'i. '\'V~ d Wa all r ger was v ~ "" b' d fr S]JCOND NOTCE.) ninga: and Atkinsn tw wides!n 8S gmlj.' Rw.e jmd. G.,...ha.m we, n-ball in the seed. Kq,ti:~and SiMlaix at'oo,~an:.&~stt>:; '-" -,. NOTTlS.-FiTEt iun-inp;s. w.jii.u-,42,wa\l,miss d.. by ~at ;:n: l~~l' ':[FlOY' t)it~ SPECAL CORRESl'ONi5~.J 0 M R W de~ Jt-0d eg; ~wever.. h '\Y. lai ' - ""'-' ~.?', ' ~3ter was -well caugut;; by SD,Calr.~~ ' J. J. K9tze : ~i 3 tlf 'hftundary, ff Gr-a. nlj ':'h ~Di!;!,!Abut tw ~h6urs' play sufficed t bring J, f. Sinclair.... 6, 0 w~~~ had edded 00, l".ld's~~ u a v.,. a matters t a clse at Trent Bridge, n O. A, Rwe able stand it was,,'".wa~ ut t '''' '!:day, when the Suth Aiiiean team OTTS.- Secnd inning's. catch-:at shrt s'llip.' mnld~b~!s.e~ "'''''u, ','U: R W f' the': Suth Africans, enj~'lng,,. : achieved a vietry v~, NQtts. bi' 9i. '0."[;- i 'lea\t f 69. Ktze bwled at a.great : runs. The sllcce~was the re&ult f ad- J. 'J. K~;ze '.'.., ~\ ~ psce, and was far. t- gd f«;>.:the bulk L-mira'ble- cricltej:. Havillg regard: t the J. H. Sinclair...', 2 ff, '3 r the batsmen ppsed t. him., 'cmmanding ead which - they had estab- G. A. Rwe.... " ~ At the secnd!-en.ture the Suth Af~l. sahed 'n the previus' da.y, and the B. Or C~y. ' c;(ils were nt seen.. t such: advantage, '.general excellenee" f their wrk in Hie 'W, Sh:!lldel'l! ".. Shilider.'}n~ ''anred ~e an auepicius Sinclair bwled a Wde R the first in: l>tart. putt~ng' 'OO' 5, prir t JuncbheOl~,,b:wing depamment, it seemed imprb-]. ni s. _. witij\lt lss. Wspn and Pears,n. ~w able :,hatthe visitr$' wuld be put t ~tze bwled fur wides and ne n- led, but the batsmen made n~ DlSi ak,es, much truble in decidinl<' the issue. But ball, Sinclair 'tw _wi4es;. and Shalders ne and,pla!,ed thrughly gd cricket. ~~be.'" 'thll cncluding-stage eeupiad lnger than wide' in the secnd mnmgs, d T M lunchen, hwever, a great ~akge.,'\u\le ~ many had anticipated, Shrewahuty. and.umpires:-a. :F. Smith an '. Y: evei the game. a change 'Y' re 'Y.~:ta. htes..,.,- d te. d' d Wh crft mat slev 4bre t the reckless w lug...,.. m"lwll( a. e rmme s.. n. en ~ " tactics adciptea by practically the w:!,je, ltumps were drawn n Friday Ntts., EBTERSHRE f -the SOiltb African representatives, with five -wickerl;s dwn, still required :MS, GAME WlTtH WORe, Shslders was leg befre i\t 50;) fr a win. There, was a mere hanrdful f creditable 32. Strangely e!lllgh,' the spectatrs wllen the iame was resumed ], ENDS- N A TE. batsmen was nt,hyal'e that the gei>lilioll -in a dull light, 'the weather being again had,g,()lle ~gainst him, and tw tuns-r very clse. althugh nt, e p.presaive as wl,ia.t wuld have cunted, as ru.nll-b~d ~ll the t\v ljrevius days. The visitrs [F'n, OUR BPl!:,C.AL CORRE9i'ONDENT.] Meu-l;lade befre he ralised tlla~ ~i?: :t;j.rned. ut, with- nly' nine men.'~. t ' umpire's verdict was au adverse ne; ';;,~ ~~plred that Halliwell had sustained.. r\lus later ''ancred WM clean.bwle..' ~n!njur~ t Ollll. f hishan~s, all}l, deemed. After an in tensely, llterc6tl~ struggle he, t had batted well' fr his 3..MS' it lnadvl able t,play. A subshtute was fn,m "first t la#t, the match' between frtune~ nw came apacev Hatb,rn Va.;!fund fr him, and William Gunn came tbe Suth Africans and Wrstersh-ire, le,~.befs'~:e.t~~~r~{~glt:o:ao'~~~ennl;t m: t field tem.ll~rr in p-lace f Bin. h k..x., new Cunt"!ud UC all', a.~ 0 th elalr, wh tk: hs ace in the team ',c -tg p act; n ""e. " -. t '-<d've 'clean ut:-i-th~ grund, :"e a«ev prceedings ha been in prgr~ Gi'cund, by the.side f th~ RiVeT SeverJ~., ~~arlng vec the trees Mil ~l!pl?ml&! f0 a~ut a Quarter f- an hur, Rani- n JulY', i, ana-7,~enil: ini""'ti~r- -int a timber l<ard n th VWOS[~c ~~ '~~'l'l;.ypst b~in<l. th'l~wfcret fi'is ccu- thugh a nt frequent ccurrence, a tie f thg. read, was ut.,..t a superb c..'~ctl,,pi, by M. Bl~"- ~. - by'n means un'kn.wn in firat-elass n the bundary b~. E. FO!"t,~r. ~r: ~~ ~ ~~'6vernight ttal 22, the nt- S, fa b ck. ]87 the mment the hit seemed.t,. De a V~r'y ( t~, Shl'e'w'sbury (.l5) and Harrin (8 cricket, in En!l'land. A3. r a as., -/::00 Que, but Fster jumped Ul) ;.t l-east ; i cntinued the game t the bwli)gf SU-'Tey and Kent btained ~lal agg~~, a cuple, f feet and tk. the b~ l!lgh i,:&i ze and Rwe. OlY-H runs had been gates in a match at th,e Oval, and V.le ade>y~his head w,th ~e h;md. l?t e. add'ed ert the scre when Ntts. lst f n.' instances f tie games a,t~ a:50 scre.waa 99 when Smelair-.eft, and a l'll.nmll wicket, HJ,l'r:isn ha.ving the bad ) OWng -'. ies Muvrav Biaset w~ bwled as the r~luck t play' n t Rw'!!. Oates then n recrd; Surr-ey vs, M.O.G, and Grun~, sult f a reckless strke. At 9.Kel~,, :par:tl}ered Shrev:sbury. \nd t.he resista~ce\it l.l~ -Oval, June, 868; Surrey '"3. Mid- wh had shwn '" snggestien f stell:dl', prved s bstmate that fr a i>en.d: dlesez, at the Oval; July, 868;,Surre~ ness. was taken!t ~he~wick(,t",and atj38 Ntts. supprters wer~ almst encuraged M'dd' th 0 A,r. 0"6" A Bisset was dismissed by V ilsn. -!,he, f> hpe that- disaster might be averfed. \ s. iesex, at. eva, ugust, 0' J j;h all ut t strkes <t G tt.. t 4-; - nhrewsbury' was playidg with a resurce' en iemen vs..nayers, a jne rv: Ji ; ast ree men were" ', ~.'Us une, Vt;!ich erred in the direebin 'f. rec ':t<,., W':>rt.hv r his best; reputatian, an.d Ot'-tes %3; and Surrey, vs. DaUCQahre, at th,~ ness. and the r.~sult f very d~8appf":.. (, rw-aa shwinlf vigarql.s hutcaretil erieket. OV"d,J, August, 894. Smerset and Mid. ~g batting dl~la.y, was t~e lll)o'a(tretijcac"u: K'tz:e,nrvmg ineffective, Sinclair was dlesex played a tie at Tauntn in AU!!'U8t ttal gf 40. G. Wilsn. b "led d ''''' r'l!quillitineil at 67, Dtft bth batsmen,. ' - ~.' larl.v well, fr after gmg n a.sccqll, rmnished smewhat severely. Upn SPO., but the f~r Cunty W8.B nt t'lle,n t' 'e captured n,ve Wckets fr a GOllt- Sh=rldera relievin.!\, Rwe, similar. treat )flicr:ally l'ecgmsed as lli:i:t"class. t 9!,illi ~uns ' i:nenl; was meted ut After batting f! scarcey necessary t-say tiat.the clceing. -w'l~cest~r;;hire WOlte 07 feft with 20 l! hur and a. half Shre;wsbury reacl],ect Stage f the game at Wrcester was mark-. t et t win; a nt particularly~avy lug.50, an h~ur'b play'dumnjr the mrnmg, ed by very gt'eat excitement. t 'was ~ n such a yeriect wicket altlia::/:n :\lav.mll'pt~ 7fj runs. Kt?'.e reaumlld'c~tended by m~ny f tl?e WOl'ceS'ter- heir battin' in' the fir,st,itwtance Md. n} place.. f Smcial!" wh crssed ver t shire team that Mun-ay -Bisset bad il,t!.t been f ~n iniipiring cha' Mudl tli~ tlllvj!{)l end.. The_ chanke W 3,S even- gathered t...e. ball when lie brke H. 'h '. 'K t,t tl B'C ld,ij, eml'it tually at~ended Wth, Shrews:J~ry 'ivils~n'swicke, a'lld;- hhleed, it <lid sger.. ~ te~t?r!c bead,\ n e sasyi;g ue hav;ing Jus ~-stu!up S,m. t ~me that~the pall w:ejtl; betweell!iis,,~ u ex ~ 'iminjni&e in.'l..u way <i.fur,. whse bw!d.g, C.n,t~9t Wth,hands as he waa n the act f puttlllg ''hiild ai; hi;h lllwt ~tta.cb. 'tl} Gfafiam!:hat n sme earber ver.s, had ml'h'ved dwn the stumps. But after -all tile.i e C!e,W C - " B' _ "d l'e;j.l" ~urably. Shrewsbury's 85 was the ump-ire W8 far hettel' pl~ed,-fr,s'eei~ fol' hs skil{h Pfiwfn g." OW'? t\l'- the leidlt f t:v ethurs a~ twe,nt:v minutes' what actuall:r- OCcurred than peple at a &On were. e ~f pall',. algr~a.!u 'm/)~ faljltleas CMcf, n tliat peno<l the ~cre distance, and the, incident in n way latte.r returnehd abba~ t?.w'th :f.~.tbe'. [ had been ralsect. hy Hi8 runs, the Wcket affected the - recl'j)tin f t- e _. 'rs at had pened t e w ~.. ~~. h~ving added 96 in l} n<l;ur an4- twel,?-ty the el(j8e 9f'~-m g-mrerestillif and F~redl!<.V' wh fllw~d,?was taken ~~!mute.~j Sla:ew~hury! C~'ef ruts be!ls' e~citing slr~e ever seen n the'wr, Wcket at 'P, a.nd at ~9 a gr-ea~ n:. ~', eight 4 s, seven 3's, and ejght 2'8. n!:he cester!'run.d. Bth teams were mst tu?e l>efel the hgmc sld-e.,. R. E.!s,te", --="""',..., nex.t,-er W'ass was. srmped ff Sm. enthusiasti~lly ccered, au'd it was uni-,b\:l,l!; cmpletely beaten by.n: :very hum". " clair's bwllllg, mymlt nly added 2. versally decreed that n better fie:{illng (lehvery f-rm..ha~lh, 4<,,Oates had heen battml;t ex.ce~ ~tvl~, 'si,!le than the Suth -:Africa-us had ever DwJey,. wh b'ld 'Um4e. s,.me, "'-_ but ~he!l he ha.d' ratsed. hs appeared at WOl. cester.' -Graham bwled fell a vlctm t MUlTay BlSS~~8 vlglla-.::,_ (!'nitr.ibuti.n.. t M ran hnnself nt aft-er very fi.lely durlnl!'. '\3racticaJy th.e whle t;).d at 67 Wheh!u was, ut!!l the. same a stay f ~ little OVeT an hur ~nd a half t 'the secnd mll-lugs. bu.t he wed nt Wail", halt the Side h~~mg b~en, ll?t rl~ ll.t the Wlckets, The!ast pblr, liahm aliftle t. the remarkab-le dexterity f v fr the iilive--mentloned...dslgm.lican. 'and 4t!qnsn, diq nt gve much tr&uble, :Murray Rissel; behind the stumps and ttal. Ma;~teJ:s l~ed v~ry black" t~.the - mmnjrl!'._<wlnc'h.lasted f?l!r hu~s, Bj.ndair at shrt sup. T,lle k~!l<!nqou6.\v:6rcestershlre.\.. ~hls p.rnt, but Smp. O~!;,;t fur 253, ]"'. vmg -the V.Blt",!,S V](j; pace f Rtze was als ll!, lmprt!l-nt $n-'e/:aywa:t;.d arid i-b~, ~y stead~bat- 'Ol'OUS w ~he.numhe!' st,\'-ted..aitllug fa~tr n the g~. _ ~n:e:raj:iy -tlpeakmg, ting,~ managed t& ched(tlle Z'dilf.'" t nt.accmphslnn~ S'l!ch a,f~~adil.(!de\ the Sutf. Africans pj,aye<! rather ~he- [>st~r. TheY wel'ecnten:k j'j,q,fe,:.ij",.-,' t as D the firet mnmgs, Kbe a,eam.[ b~ter crcket but tner l'eckjes3 bat~lug tgether but befre p they 'W.etl. taking tllree fer 5. Tl~e hullrs at the secnd a.ttemi>t C ruined their ~n- had.t:ak~n ih scre t. ' ith(ht fi.u",(,tjle match"'l'est~d t a e,x>tept dubted]: t chane.he", ail f m:l'!.. i '" ' P- t.thtm ~J: h_d.:la.


56 ,-',.. " The mst nticeable thing in cimectin with the names actually chsen is th~ fact t~lat nly ne ~ap,e TOWnman's name appears n the list, and ;that _S U. 'F. Prince. There seems n dubt that after hs last tw perfrmances the ld Cape Tw~ cra?k is fast - recverinz his frm, and in frm Prince S always wrth his"place as a bat, t.say nthi~g f his wicketkeeping. Still, the sele.ct!o~ cmmlt~e ~lst ha~~ had plenty f cnfidence him, as prevoust their ch(~icehe had nly made ne decent scre, and tb~t against the Paarl. Hwever, few can dubt tb.elr witdm in selecting Prince, and he lks very like jm:tifying their chice m~st/ully. it <:':). "Bidd~ '~.A.'ndersnV~ b~ck~in the Cape Twn lank~ ~gal,ll, but he hasn t quite gt back int prper cndllan yet fr sharp runs, and s e= run ut Snke (47) and Prince (77) nt ut, "were th~. p,rlllcipal.cape.twn scrers, ani bth had a merry time f t, Prmce especially scring all rund the field. There ca~ be n dubt nw abut the latter's return t frm; hsperfrmances are always attractive t _w,~tc~,h? never lets a lse ball g unfinisb.ed and hl~ hitcmg S very hard and clean. He was a bit l.?cky n Saturday, but with the game wn he tk J~ks-a few mre batsmen f his class in ur senir cl'lc~et _and there wuld be a distinct revival f pubbc_mterest,in the game. S far Cape Twn have nt failed t Wn a match this seasn. * * -,,'. ar The Paarl cj;id'ei;.. team 'paid ". visit 'f(, T' the. metr.plis n ~ret.llt~sday t" try C0\- r elusins Wth the rham:pi.lls at; Newland;;. \ -Ul team a''(vi)d three r ' fur;. mt<healtlrv recruits were ~ readily fund at the Suth Afl ic_.'m (!ne~e. f~ hence, w hen- pl<jy mmelwed su after ;Y eleven,,t.hnnv,prlkhu.»d. the J'aarl skipper, had a (ul' team, t:a pe, '0\;; tk the field and cmmenced with \'lbiteheacl and g{ Midd.etn""wcTmJ~t,~as- sn 'madeevident, ~\c lvere mre than 'a match r the talent b ppsed t. them, S. that,i acted c- in a prting spirit in giving these bwlers {'. a rest after fur,\'il'kets had fallen tr ~ under 20 runs. g '~ncl{e and Shti;- weis-. ther ff-cllu'..0\,u'e-'" ~. t accunj: f.;' t :WUl' wic 'eta, when the frmer tw. were J :a.gain requisitined t clse the inmngs, v which gave Paart 5 runs. O'Riley. f Sacs, played wr-ll fq' 39, but the rest did. a little; while PritGhar., with his Hem-e at d 0_ was sent back by "l gd ball ±rmj a \Yf,itehead. ~ _ " --. ill Cape Twn started nne t well,.cr- ;~ mack, S.-D. Sncke, 'and Shrt fljwlug f! ne anther pavih,,'nwards in quick sue- i cessin. Swan and l.rwd hit ut mer- i t rily, but bt h left befre 9"0 was histed' r will! si-s wickets dewn,,.prillcc, "'the f stumper, then arrived, and- with WJite- ~ head pub-n nearly- J:.Oruns fr th~ cis-hth wicket, :d'tllus' S3,'ed Hleir sid #a cri- 'tlcal juncture, f Whitehead. hit well r 3..vhile Prince'! gave thse present ne f his ld-time ex- hibitins f hw. erl(;kef; -slrculd 'be pjayced_ J Batting fr an hm 'and a quarter, h'lpul t ~e.!he!:, 52. TUDS with.ut the senbjan_c~,?f t t a el'i:mre. and in J.- scre w.e'9 fur 4 d l and three ;fi;. Tlfe {;:\pe 'l'lnvn ttal' t. clsedlfr -203;:-Bert.r.a'll ph.'il}g a ~t~(;tree d j.innin.:;: fr 2a. "" _ j b DEATH Of MR. GEORGE PRNCE/". -< All ld- Free SlalerH will, we are &l!-e, be srry t hear f the death 9 tll_s wcll-knlyll gentlemen. lur_ Priuc, wh W~lS brn ill Ca.pel.wn,,ras the sn f.e nt Mr. Gerge Prince, ~llerchant f that city, and was " land Bun-eyr by prfessin. lie e!l m up t_this twn early in t he six... -,t res, nnrl ivd fr llwy vears ill th.,hu_e nw.cctlpied by Mr_ GerO"()> age in the 'West End. During (he, learly part f the Basut War, be acl,cd.,)as twn field-crnet f BhemfOll:tCJD; lid he was the first Wrshipful )faq- J! JO rcr f the. Ldge Risiug Star, N. (.:,922, >ll~d had much naturally t d ~ ~- Witii- aymg th fundatin f!free- '-, iuasnry in this Clnv, SOlUe twenty. r mre years ag he 'clllm'cd (J th e C?uquered ' territ.ry, where h lived n,- his farm;.mrgenl'(l Sme- r('a,l~ ~_~_~k h~~remved t a farm near 'Stelt ~, Ga:pe-Gb0Y, where lie died t last week,.aged 77: Mr. Prillce, wh was -a- genial wel-jlfl'.lh'd gentleman,, wh tra,-elled much ill Em'.pe ill hi.s _.putl!. was! cnvivial llost, and in his early days!ll the Old <~J'eSt.ate., W[lS ~lc\-er h~pler thau when he \\"S tak- JJg part l sma -spni-t with the "Dirt v Bys/' as th yung blds f BlelQf~ntOll were then named )y thsc wh ' did nt always see whe e fun f 'P many -practical jke in, He was twice married, a av a widw and a numerus famil r. His irst ".i,fe was a MiSs.Yn-e, (' etu, whi» au Fre,,- ctnemr r all " leader ill sciety. i\. 'harley Prirrce_ t!!e wll-knwn.". at keeper \is ; ~ -. "su f ~Jr. lce. f

57 ,BDOB DSPATCH, OCTO] '-'-~ _~-P-RT. OROKET. PRATES VS. CAMBRDGE. A match between elevens representing the abve will be played n the Recreatin Grund this "fternn, cmmencing at 2'6 sharp. The villagers will have the assistance f Prince, jately f the,oapetwii-o.c., undubtedly the best wicket-keeper in the Clny, and a clinking-- bat int the bargain; he has taken up his residence here. and will prve a great acquisitin t East Lndn and Brder cricket. The teams are fairly evenly matched and an interesting game may be anticipated., The sides will be cmpsed f the fllwing :-Oamb,'idge: G J A WebPier, A E A Web8te~_H C-Wheeler, N Nightingale, O-G A Webster, 'Rev H Steele-, Wd, T 0 Puzey, E 0 Reilly, W Bwer, 0 Prince, and W J- Dnaldsn; W D and, Wrmald, reserves. Pirates : C W King, E Oakley, A E Knwles, 0 W Sween)'; G Muller, J i"lullen, E M Hartigan,A H Miller, J A Rupns, A J Wiltshire, F Garner. A crre~pndent in the 'Cape Dllily,Teleb'r-ll;'h says : As regards the exclu8itm f Halriwell frm the Su~n African eleven a prminent member f the visiting. tean': wh has se~ bqj;q tells me. that Prinea 00, i:>atutday;( better'.~'~ than he.hllb evl;l' se~u R'-!liw~lhtpJ. a'nu Jiy.t hi) wuld alw&}'& Select him 4.lfref:l!l:t,lce t the TraOiV!\l autcrat. f PRATES VS. STANDARD.,-

58 =:«. ~"Fll-wing clsely n air's sensatinal perfrmance with bat and ball fr Hward, Farrar & C.-nt"Wandeters as was errneusly stated last week-s-cmes anther, this time frm Kimberley, which wuld make it appear that there are still sme able batsmen in that" City f Deslatin." Playing fr Kimberley vs. Pirates J. Pwell and Dig becming assciated with the scre at 9 fr 2 wickets, carried the ttal beynd the furth century. J. Pwell being respnsible fr 200 nt ut, and his partner fr 70 ut f the 404 fr 2 wickets registered at the call f time. This stand must be a further breaking f Suth African recrds bth with regard t the number f runs scred fr tw wickets and the ttal f the partnership. Kimberley grunds smehw seem t be very fruitful f duble centuries in cmparisn with the ther cricket fields f the Clny. C. Mills ran up 297-the recrd individual scre f S. A. cricket-n a Diamndplis grund, and D. Cpe with 28 was anther wh fund it pssible t make a lng scre in that centre. Curiusly enugh n batsman has ever been knwn t tp the duble century in the Western Prvince r, we believe thugh nt certain n this.pint, in any ther S. A. cricket cen tre. The chief event f interest t cricketers this week has been, f curse, the cntinuatin f the W.P. vs. C.T. match. The heavy rains f Friday had cnverted the W.P. field int a species f miniature lake, s that the clubs had t chse between abandning the match and stretching the strict rule f cricket t transfer the game n t the cmparatively dry C.T. grund. The latter curse having been adpted a smewhat late start was made n Saturday. With the additin f 8 runs the C.T. innings was cncluded, Smith, wh appeared t be in excellent frm, dispsing f the last three wickets and thus. earning the excellent and thrughly well- deserved analysis f 6 fr 49. On the W.P.C.C. starting their 2nd innings 56 runs t the bad, it certainly lked as if the game must be a very nesided affair. Richards and Hearne, wh pened the batting, were hwever in such fine frm that the balance was rubbed ff ere the first wicket-hearne's-fell fr an extremely gd innings f 36. Certainly the ld Kent man was never in better frm than at present, and his duble cntributin was simply invaluable t his side. Richards fllwed shrtly after fr a fine innings f 30, full f sund, watchful cricket, and abslutely faultless. The retirement f the first pair was, hwever, fcllwed by a cllapse s miserable, in the face f sme grand bwling by Middletn, that the whle advantage gained by the big stand fr the first wicket was utterly thrwn away. Man after man went in t face Middletn, nly t return discnslate, a victim t a piece f the finest bwling dne at Capetwn this seasn. Smith played pluckily fr 8 nt ut, but receiving next t n supprt, saw the whle. side ut fr the wretched ttal f 06. Middletn's analysis f 8 fr 28 deserves mre than passing ntice, and its merit was recgnised in a way gd bwling t seldm is. here-by a rcund f hearty cheers as he came ff the field. Rwe and Willughby, 'thugh bwling well, failed t capture a wicket, while Street, wh tk a cuple, did nt seem t be very deadly. Prince and Allen set all dubts as t the'ultimat issue at rest, thugh Prince, wh was ut just befre the necessary 50 were btained, was lucky in making his 6, his partner playing infinitely sunder and better cricket. ~c Hme-b~n team were expected t enjy the advantages f th~u' ppnents nn-pssesain f bwlers f the calibre f Mills and ~=n, but, as events shwed, several f the crack players were _. f n terms w~llr beneath their average. The present ~. f the. match m, ~atem an equality which wilt make-jehe c~n d~cldedly e;x:cltmg. The Hme-brn scre f 2 fr" 4 Clma.l-brn'~ ttal f 68, thugh deeming t an OpnOn regardmg their supremacy is greatly discunted ~ ~ JJliaat:ethat at the 8~e stage the Clnials had secured 7, and fr t:tll 8()rm~ has t be placed upn a remainder in th: llllpenr t their ppnent's list. Rapid run-getting at loourean advantage by the real test will lie in the.\... f vr.t<;fi' EK" Pttr:r~-nreFr YL CAl"'lil T0-Wlf. t, n view f the appraching vi.ic f the Engliah is- team, ic was p.erhap3 a happy idea tij~t the tw Jr. p;t'lnier clubs shuld tipt tbeir secnd encunter r f the year immediately after the firat sne, and t,: that the tw Saturdays remaining -<'Penbefre the ~ Er.gHsh tes m arrives sttu'l be utilised fr this- 'a purpse. But fr that raer, it w~d ha>..-ebeen 03 u'her mntenus frm the pectatrs' pint f D. view t w itness a display f cricket by f B' almst the Bame. -playera wh were en-' t!"wed in cncluding a match an the t previus Saturday. Tlie rsatch was, hwever; t by DO means devid f int rest, and quite a fair r int number ef patrns ef the ~ were present. 'le't' fact that tbe..wl team' ar~, 90 far as the first '?n.j day's P:"Y-50sSf&n.elm'S very nearly appraching. :be cquahty, pints t au exdtid~ day's plitt next,: nd Saturday, althugh the chance., f a cnclusin Of'r ' the match n that day are rather remre. The, md Western F'l'avince team was slig:btly different frm that which. was defeated by Oap.e~wn. Miltn, i :- Oaatens,. and W. fl..b.lchatds azain rt i- jned the team, an.. Reid, f the -ci- Dicesan Cllege, was given a trial. '' T SOLe.mlO.~mmt was caused d<mingthe Prviace ers innings by the vagaries f a maa, wh stalked n ul- t the field f play in a, menacing attitude. He c., W3S.taken in ha~d by the Oape Twn captain" '.0) wh managed t mnuc : hi m i. leave the zrcnnd and escrted im utside the Oj)<8-. Aft8~ a fev:: sr- minutes'nterfupti, the ~ame prceeded, n- The Cape ':'wn inning" was remarkable fr - three fine inuings by Frar.cis, Street, and Allen. [6 ' Francia played an exceediug ly mna inniags but i wi.h the exceptin f thse abve meutined: the [ t- rest f the team rendered little assistance. y > Smith was. the m-t saccessf ul bawler.. f Hearne and Rchards sturtcd the Prvince innings. l~ Rwe pened the attack: aud '0 his fi.-at ver each batsffi@llsc-ed a single. Willughby bwled frm r- the ther en-i, and was pret&iiy put t leg by,b Hearne fr fur an e;n", run being gt by emart st mwiug between the aticks, Hearne mra than, 'a nce had a smack n the leg fr. m the fast, bwler rs wh "'0.8 bwling rather wildly. At 3 he fell ~ \U victim t e Rcwe, and Captain Cuthbertsn jined Y Richards. ~Tbe j\>air'at nce appeared t the f bwiiag, h,hugh as the eve.:t prved, they were.e -{!lrfrm being At bme. SCOflLg,h.vever. became :0.lnucliarter" and mns -, in quicker. (,0\ ina t ~i sme miserable fieldiug n the part f the GApe. Twn men, Richards gt Dve away t lea fr 3!th and the captain scred anther tri by a"pretty -cs, cut ll' the same bwler, At this pins runs came frm almst every b:.n, Willugh"y especially ns- cming in fr a deal f hitting abut, He hail in fclishlj' nly ne man u the leg side, and the be batsmau managed t get the leather away n thlt its side with t.d result-. Captain Cuthbertsn was de' DEMlyrun ut in trying a secnd run n ne ccasin, thanks r a smart thrw-in by Allen, a piece ef fielding that WaB all the mre refreshing wing n- t tbe lax i., m shwn by mst f the thers, 80 was telegraphed, Outhbertan was caught r at mid-n ff Rwe, and Bisset came in. At chis be perid the fielding 5y Sme meu.bers f the Cape i 'wn team was little sht t f disgraceul, aud i, is n ifticult t accunt fr such a wretched display.. r ~.' ns Sn after Bisset had cme in, Richards was caugbt at mid-n ff Rwe in an ex.actly similar be fashin t that in which his partner had been dis- if missed, with the exceptin that he hit the ball c~{; ry -rather harder than did Captain Ourhbertsn Van n der Byl succumbed almst. immediately t Middle. te, wh had gre n. ice Willughby. Smith ce [eined- Bisset, and tgether' t.lrey succeeded in.d playing l ut time,. eacb batsman playing san!!! ' :, cricket. Scres '!Q ;lb'ly&is:-, H C.T.C.C. '. F. Prince..c ReJ.'d,~Van-der Byl 9 ie- H.. FranCl8, b Smith.., 42 P Street, c Miltn, b Smith.,; J. Andersn, c W. Richards, b Hearne 9 E Allen, b Smith.. 23 ( r F. Kuys, b Hearne : 8 Middletn, e Oastene, b Smith 6, b L. B. Smuts; c W. Richards, b Smith 0 t A ';Lawtn, b Smith G. Rwe, nt ut ' Y J. Willnghby, b Hearne.,;.. 2 Extlas 6 Ttal 45 BOWLNG ANALY8S. fj r a j : s r Smith... Vau der Byl Hearne, "w.r.e.' A. Richards, c Street, b Rwe Hearne, b Rwe.. Captain Cuthbertsn, 0 Street, b Rwe M Bisset, nt ut... W'. H. Richards, b Rwe._ V. TaD.der Byl. b lliddlele:a 8JaU.~~ M. R. W

59 Thc Hme-brn team were expected t enjy the advantages f their ppnents nn-pssessin f bwlers f the calibre f Mills and Middle~n, but, as events shwed, several f the crack players were dispsed f n terms whlly beneath their average. The present cnditin f the match indicates an equality which will make +he cmb:i!tatin decidedly exciting. The Hme-brn scre f 2 fr 4 wickets, against Olnial-brn'e ttal f 58, thugh deeming t warrant an pinin regarding their supremacy is greatly discunted by the fact that at the same stage the Clnials had secured 7, and that reliance fr tall scring has t be placed upn a remainder in few degrees superir t their ppnent's list. Rapid run-getting at the utset may aecure an advantage by the real test will lie in the secnd innings. "F ~r C.T.C.C. O. F. Prince c Reid,.b Van der Byl ie- H.. Francis, b-smith. p Street Miltn, b Smith.. J. And~rBn, c W. Richards, b Hearne E Allen, b Smith....f F. Kuya, b Hearne... '-'. M iddletd e Oasten=, b Smth... B L. B. smuts; c W. Richai ds, b Smith 'l A. Lawtn, b Smith t G:Rlve, nt ut.... Y J. Willnghby, b Hearne....- Extlas r a j Y Ttal BOWLNG ANALYSS.. 39 " Smith". r e Van der Byl Hearne "w.r. c.: h A. Richards, c Street, b Rwe j- Hearne, b Rwe, Outhbertsn, a Street, b Rwe ch M Bisset, nt ut....- W'. H. Richards, b Rwe. ng ble 'in st re fdluly rure r at iers, ten hall V. van der Byl, b Middletn Smith, ns ut EK$r!lS Ttal fr five.wickets. H. Oastens, W. H. Mi.ltcn, s.. Gr'aham t bat;. Bwe,.. Willughby l{jddthtll. Smuts M. 3 BO,V'L'rN (}- ANAL'ySS. - O. ~{.,,_ 2il Reid, R R 42 3l 7 4 4~ i w. 6 3 add sprt _ HGH S.CORMl-. PORT ELfZABETH, December 4th [Spec!al].- Tl;e nterrwn match.t-day between Unin f Prt Eiz~beth an , 0p 27 ~ ~ and B w. 4 6 J.

60 DUNEDN. C./ /L' e:,:..t "..J r..t_w 73hi+ '/" ~ CLAREMONT. t" MOLTENO ROAD. 't--:,,:- /. C a-l / [Hb nl~ lilt ~amk S7: - lg /Jil- ~ li7'; - 9 ~ - 29M- ~~.872 ; - 0 ~ /j- i fk.. ~ S'l2.; - / 'JJk flh-~ /~f3; - f-/. a+l /f- 0 : '7r: ps: 37 '",.

61 - '-ureutenau; Blre, h KUVB getting away. Ten went p Tm a nrce y.ieutenant Paine, nt ilt. ".....;;.placed cuple t leg, ff Lckwd, by Richards. Ext./.' ij Next ver frm the Surrey man Richards ught "" r88.,...y~ _ t bave been stumped frm the first ball, almst ~ ~if$ ~~ -:--,,- 'gave a stch in the slips ff the secnd, iand was Ttal fr three wickets "'.-~.' ~'.~ ~89 beaten by the third. Play.nw ruled very Brm'lilJl(! AnalYRiR..., slw, until Richard~'.d Lckwdfr fl. the. M. R:. w. highest hit f the iuai thus m'. Next ve. 0'> ] Reid drve him u~inslily Ol'.2. Lckwd nw 'R,fe ;'" ) il., ~i).. seemed tired, thugh he had nly bwled abut Smyth 4 0 } 0 half a dzen vers. He abandned his lng run Kuys 9 < 2 and fast ball, and instead walked but a few ---- steps t the wicket, and delivered a ball UNTED SERVCE V. varying frm slw t fast medium. The change was appreciated by the bats- COLLAPSE OF THE GARD men, wh played much mre freely at him This match, whiehwas playe }\l rayn n trying a shrt ne.-reid was. almst thrwn Saturday, was ne f the SlT ises f the Chamut by, :McQue. Reid made t.he first bundary f pinship series, Bth sides cnfidently anticithe iunings by driving ne f Lckwd's slws rated the.victry f the Gardens, but. the t the sighting bnrd. At 22 McQue tried, rice glrius uncertaintv f cricket was nce again Hlland. but the separatin. came frm the demnstrated, fr the Service fllayinjt their best ther end:' Reid ging ut t smite Lckwd game f the seasn, managed t thrash their, and spning the ball, Blre making the catch frmidable ppnents by 6'nnB. The Service at mid-n Kuys came in, and played a gd all-rund game. their batting, pened his by a gd mw t the grand b\vling and fielding being unusually hrilliant, rstand. Pechell was.given a trial next ver, and and hey ~rughly'deserved heir victry. The each bat made a single frm him, Kuvs n- Gardens went all t pieces after the fall f the drve McQue fr 2, nnd cut him fr 3 between first wicket, Simpsn and Jl'lj!ia. were the nly J ames's legs, Three smartly run singles were tw men wb gt duble flgllres., '. scred in Pechell'e next -ver, and then the The Service hatted first. sending in Hrne batsmen begau t play extremely quietly. and Fysh t face the truqd!ing f Hubball and Richards played McQue easily fr 2 and 3 t the Birbeck, and the pair tk the" scre t 2< ben, and it became evident as 4.0 went up that fre Hrne was caught by P. Chiappini ff the tw bwlers wuld nt effect the desired Birbeck, One fr 24. With Slmn j.ining seuarutin, A duble change was trieclat 45, Fysh the scre rse rapidly, and the bwlin~ Lckwd resuming, and James 'takiug McQue's was -ehanged repeatedly, Kisch finally being end. Richards raised cheers by. nice n-drive successful in gettlne Fyeh caught at the wicket. t the bundary ff J an03, aud then smacked 'l'w fr 6. Wilsn did nt stay lng, being ut at Lckwd, with the result that Fljambe als. taken at the wicket by Blanckenberg.: caught him away in the cuntry. 5:>-2-3. Three fr 68. Reid begun hitting ut at nce, N less than frrt,y vers had been bwled at cutting and driving bth bwlers fr 4's rethis perid. Prince esuie in and begun by peatedty, and n separatin cming Birbeck playingvery uneasily at James until he sentup again tk the eather, the change being ne n the leg, which Prince prmptly placed t. -prfitsble, as ff his secnd ball Slmn :was the.rpes. Prince nearly played n t ne caught by Kisch. Fur fr9'. Neset: signallsed frm Lckwd. and then hit him square t leg his arrival with a nice bundary, but the next fr 3, afterwards driving Jumes fr a like ver fell t Birbeck, Five fo' 04. A rt nw nnmber. Seventy went up after ninety minutes' set in, Thmpsn nly cntributing a singte. Te~r;Y play hy 8- single t Kuys, whse next being caught befre he had scred; and Reid, 'strke f imprtance was fin uppish cut ff wh had been playing a, being held at Lckwd fr 4. Hlland nw resumed 'vi.ce the wicket by Blanckenherg, while Mstert was J ames, and Prince drve him sweetly t the als dismissed withut scring', the sixth. ff-bundary, and then seemed t give a chance seventh, eighth, and ninth wickets having fallen behind wicket. Next ball he gt rund nicely with t:he ttal at,06. The las~/w,icket tk, t deep-leg -0'4.Kuys chpped a curly ne fi:m sme time t get rid f, butjinsuy:van Haught Lckwd wide f pint fr a cuple, and fe(t Hubbell with the.sre at 8. Prince drve the same bwler sweetly t th ff The Gardens started well, sending in Simpsn fr 4. and legged his next ne t the ftball sud L. Ohiapinl, while Thmpsn and field. Prince's -next entrfbutiu was a grand Slmn shared the bwling during $e entire straight drive fr 4 ff Hlland. bringing up the hmin"'ll'. The Gal~lens captain began t scre century,,the last 30. run~ had been put n in at n:;e, bitting all,l'uad the WCket in fine iwejve miuutcs, a vastlyclift"e.l'8nt rate f s<, and,w!re'atlast.he~h="ol t 'ajat- Whi~t-dllilea. ef6rethe '-Cape had made 23 ut f! tatal. f 25. line fr 25. Twn stnmper had cme in. Ris time had nw 5reda fllwed in.-hut nly half a ~?-en runs eme, hwever, fr he tuched ne and was pal- had been. scred befre L. Ohiappini played pably caught behind lhe wicket lo n ne frm Slmn. Tw fr 3. Bisset, "the new-cmer, pened his accunt by a Hubbell succumbed t Slmn's first delivery, nicely placed triplet t leg ff Hlland and and Birbeek shared a like fate, the Service Kuys then made a 2 and a single by similar bwler wh was sending dwn sme beautiful strkes il' Lckwd. Kuvs drve Hlland, fr balls thns accmplishing the hat trick. P. 4 (all run), and 'nisset pulled Lckwd sweetly Chiappini nly survived a few vers befre he fr a cuple, After tw hurs' play the scre fell t Thmpsn. Five fr 24. Blanckenbe.g was 6. and Pehell was given a trial vice jined Breda, but nly tl?,beehis partner smartly Lckwd. An verthrw gave Bisset 3 stumpldby Mstert. SX fr~. Rerrer and nff the new hwler. McQne nw tk Brintn made shrt stanjl. taking the scre.t Hlland's place, and Kuys mwed him fr fl. 56 befre the latter was splendidly held bv The batsmen were cntent with singles frm the Terry in the lug-field ; Herrer being held in slw left-hander, and singles were very frequent. like manner by the s_ame fielder a cuple f Bisset ught t have been stumped in running vers later. Nine fr 5;. T.he last WCketfell ut at Pechell, and this, with 'a piece withut. anther run being scred, the Gardens \ fielding by Peehell and a bungle br Etlinger, thus ttalling the miserable scre f 57. '" Scres, which gave Kuys a bundary instead gf a siugle. and sunlyses. '--. were the nly relieving items ill a perid f dull " UNTED SERVCE.., mntny. At length Bisset was sturnpecl by J. Hrne c P. Chiappini.b Birbeek v....: 5 Nichll thrugh running ut and missing W. Fysh, c Blal:ckenber~ b Kisch,.... 2il Pechell. HJ Kuys welcmed Gill by a P. Slmn, c Ksch b Birbeck. ".._. 9 sweet leg-hit fr 3, and Gill hit the next in the W. J'. Willin, c Blauckenberg b Huhbal]... same directin fr 'ne run mre than ilis k b b }!P b k ' <,3 partner. Gill tk thc secnd ball t Pechell's P. Reid, c Blanc en e~ ir ee -._. ~ t t t t 't ' d th b JJ. N eser, b Birbeck '... 6 nex ver. wen OU 0 srm e, misse e au, T. Tbmpsn, b Birbe?k._. and Nichll stumped him. 46-'-5-4. Ohallner J. Terry, e Kisch b Birbeek 0 pened weakly, placing Pechell very tamely H. Mstert, b HubbaH.. 0 wide f mid-ff, and then snicked McQue fr 3. J. W. Clarke, nt ut 5, He ran ut.t drive Pechell, missed C. van Haaght, b Hubball 7 it, and wssj tumped. J50-6-<. Andersn E t ls drew Pechel! rund fr a cuple and straight- x ras... drve him fr 4. He then went ut t drive Pechelland nly partially gt ~ld f the ball, ~na:n_lnr.y. :if.: +. i:i'".u,... :.:!:.O -...,_ i:5.,~_..... _..'"~ '-~ ~...:._Lll~SLL_~_,;...~

62 P-e~hell-and nly partially gt eld f the -b8fi; -~--~ """------l ""'----~---_~.. spning it t Eughes Jnes. the Bn', played quietly fr a time and then. lf. fell t a fine runnmg catch by Etlinger n the Hubbell.., ]4'3 4...bGu.adary Since last he was put n Birbeck Pechell had taken five wickets in eight vers fr Ktee runs. With Smyth in Kuys cntinued t peo' Brintn...,,'" 3 0 L away with singles and an ccasinal 2 fl'~ Risch '" 0 each bwler. Smyth then placed ne frm Pechell sftly int,james's hands at cver Rwe put the wicket-keepel"s head in peril, s lng did he wait befere hitting Peehell right behind the wick. t fr 3. Lckwd nw tried frm the pnd end. and ff his first hall Pechell drpped a fairly hard catch frm Knys, at mid-ff. Rwe then hit Pechell just ver mid-n's head fr 2, and an ver later legged him fr 6-making the Clnials 00n. Then Kuys suieked Lckwd fr 4, and the next went fr a '" bye. Rlland tk Pechell's place. but with n effect in bringtng abut a separatin. and after Rwe had gt ~ fluky cuple thrugh the slips Richards clsed i the innings, Kuys C8tTyiEg ut his bllt fr 69, a _ GABDENS. L. Chisppini, b Slmn..... C. H. Simpsn, b Thmpsn. W. Breda, st Mgstert b Slmn J. Hubball, b Slmn.. G. Birbeck, b Slmn... '" P. C.hiappini, b Thmpsn...,C.R. Blanckenberg, b Thmpsn A. Brintn, c Terry b Slmn. J. Herrer, c Terry b ThDppOD.. J. J. Ktze, b Thmpsn R. Kisch, nt ut. Extras R. R U. 8 w. 3 6.z, (

63 -36 S.A. CRCKETERS, the tut. s a brilliant ~~; but an unsafe catch, and SOO:~t have a special dl~like fof~~~s. ' -..-~,---,,!. '. Ktz e.--,-the fast.b,0e.j)± -~ '~' he has } t. the heart f.a Gerg~hmann, Bwed extremt y well up t the test match, when he fail,ed.,-.,<:-!::::~!!!~~f)!3:e:~fb;:"';~w'?~~:,- '-- ":""'~pk.. 0 gs' '~r~~"il~"l."""''.:.c8>f-d great, tl.~.~ ~.. t better "- t get <-lany wickets, The man wh played him tjian anyne was" Ranji," w~imply revelt: led in aidina the express bwler t th&~!)pes,' s (Fr the" OwL") "' l' d Th.., slvenly,in the field. and a pr bat, <thlj,,,g-lhe /-' L,' J, ancre,- e mt cnsistent sc(llcr"qn -A th ' h d hi t.hirti '' ards the the ~igle, and shwed' that his experience wi'>~e nw anr en reac e s ls. 0"" "~ previ-us team f 902 had nt been wasted. clse.0, the tur. he, ~y" naturally, bired ; but feature 6f his batting is' a- peculiar cruch; '::l. btained his 00 Wckets- first-class matches. Jessp nt..s.tping as lw, His 0 against "\ :::l.,t. Snke.-Played, sme useful innings, but shire w~.; his'"stc pe~frmance, thugh he r.:;"ts nt given t many pprtunities f prvil~ five tlf,ei' centuries. ~ gd field but W,s wrth, and as ften as nt threw away his "thers~n the side, can dl'!) ca,tche~. W..~ 'J,et.when bein faced br." Kgee " ~t...jj::.e...di,,.' -'=,,:;~':"'~?:J~lli~an~O"~~b~Q~""der.~ ---..t','><'...t,d ' ;;:--'-irnit"&ltl,.,,"-<>ju..njl' "'-e..r~".~,,--;-..,c;"'.'.l ":lle. side; and ~ -n. t:jjfdirectin'. 0,,ed wi th success- n ccasins, ~ -..Hathrn.-Undubtedly the best bat'. G. H.. Shepstne.-Played nly Un five matches. team, pssessing great patience and a sund d was mst unlucky t be renderer hrs de cmbat fence. His strkes are als invariably clean a', strain frm bwling. hard. Played tw splendid innings against " England X., f 69 and 59. His century ag>a;,;st =========="',; Sussex was als a very fine perfrmance. Vtv qu:k in the field, and thrws in better than lll(;s't playt."l have sn. Ril.njitsinglii cnsiders himta crickev- f -the highest rder. ' R. e. Schwarz.-The ex-middlesex -cricke~j' certainly exceeded expectatins. His battiria,'0 atbractivs t watch an d l..".. GM,,~i.r.n '' ~w-tfil a.sman, t~will be fund at the buun:cfa,,i He>hits very hard, and is quick n his feet.. he great. surprise, f curse, was his bwling. q--i,te by' chance, 'he was put n in the secnd innings\f the match against Oxfrd. He hlds the ball ~e an rdinary bwler wuld fr a leg break, but whim dslivering it he twists it. the ppsite way, s '. when it strikes the pitch it cmes frm the uk. M=y a. batsman has been deceived by this ba.j, which in reality is quite simple. Schwarz is ntll~s smart in the field as he might be, but shares with Grdn White the hnurs f the best all-rund m~n <.:c= ~ n:;,.t~de. - i z-. _~.. ""~F""' ~~~~",=:;;..~ - J, :H-. Sincl,tir.-By repute the finest cricketer h the side, but results unfrtunately prve,t t.he~ _ cntrary..immy nw and then gave glimpses f hi's true frm with the bat, but generally seemed unable t get a start, "and latterly threw his wicket away in the mst childish manner. As a bwler, he' was bth gd 'and bad.' Fr instance, in tle Test match, n a bard, true wicket, he was well nigh unplayable, whereas at Crk, n a sticky wicket, have never seen a man bwl greater rubbish. As a field, Jimmy is nt t energetic, allwing t many t pass between his legs; but' he has the fewest number f " missed catches " agaillst hs narme.. -- F. Mj,tchel.-Captained with great success n the whle, and his experience n turf wickets certaanly was a great help t the side. He is a batsman f use t a.ny side n any wicket, being ne f the sundest bats" playing in England just nw. His fielding leaves much t be desired. E. A. Halliwel.-'rhe veteran f the team, but nne the less played sme useful innings, Htis wicleet-keeping 'at times was as brilliant as ever, but he shuld nt have been played in the smaller matches, as a rest wuld have made him fitter fr /~.\, ~/ ?~:;;:::...~tr,h~e~~0'ell~~~~mili'.'.~"~sa 'ir''"w~.~a,s~'~'~ c~e~.c~a~.p~t~a~in~~f~i"h~e~-;-,~j~.~m~i'ddletll.- Bwled fairly well n the whle. eain. unn'f' cth, "'~- - =.' iij.; -'Pp-""'red,{. ta5" jf finest keeper in the wrld. length, Suffered frm a strained sinew latterly., Shalders,--Was vel' u 'e, and culd nt be used. the OWL. Ow DARE HE KEEp OiCKENS L\ND LVE DOWN OUR WAY! " "THE TVOL FA VOURTE."

64 _~ -...,_.. "" v..,u.v..u:"l UVl.'.:uwv... ".H...,..ur-t'~ Ur:r 'V\.l!ill: UU-,C i!lujdijf':::::.r ~ matches, as a rest wuld have made him fitter fr ~~;;;::::-~t~h~ew::' ~"~'~:..~~ ~~m~'~'.~(?:~...~ 'ir'~w~ ~a~s~v~ic~.e~.~c~ap~.~ta~i~n~0~f~;~j~!el. 2.J~._M~i.ddlet~n.-Bwl~fairly _well n the whl~l- ' tea!)l. Stii'rt# CTvl ~;., 'l. -': ~ i,~ ~re~... -.~].. --!!.-ppea:recli.t. lag. -:.i-' _ finest keeper in the wrld. length. Suffered frm a strained sinew latterly:- J W. A. Shalders.--Was very cnsistent and use!'ul, and culd nt be used. and; with ''ancred, invariably pened the innings. 8". E. Hrwd.-Did nt d as well as was ex- His style is nt as gd as that f Hathrn, White, pected, but, like Snke, seemed t think it xpe r Schwarz, but- h plays with great cnfidence, ;,nd dient t have a g at the bwling at the.termina.: haij a.splendid defence. A gd field, and t'nes tin f the innings. A gd field, but missed ne ha:rd.. r tw unaccuntable nes. Grdn-Wlnte.c-d'he mst prmising cricketer n Ben Wallach.-The reserve keeper. Perfrmed r the side, and imprved as the tur' prgressed. well in reland, but had little pprtunity affrded He bats in taking style, and can play tw distinct him. A stiff bat, but can keep his end up at times. games, but his free game is his best, and fr this L. B. Llewellyn.i--The Natal by and Hampshire reasn shuld think he ught t be sixth r prfessinal. Perfrmed with marked success whenu eventh, -inste~ajlf secnd. r thi d. icket,.!his J2laying fr Suth Afrjca. His batting was always. u ;ahtiful- 0' watc)'i, e jf~."..;;;.-'" rel.reslimg'w wa!:c',,rrd--fu '..~ (he best. His bwling was nt a success in the 'big in England. He appears t have lst his bwling. matches, excepting in the game Versus Kent, were but this is easilv understd "hen it is remembered we--bwjed better than in any ther match, )ne< that his enersries are taxed t the utmst bv -the captured the hat-trjclt~the nl;r ~in:jeit was <tne n H ampshire C~b,...,, ' -:, )

65 accunt at the appraching hlidays and pressure n time. f _Smith was bwled ff his pads by Middletn's first ball, but ~» Castens, wh made his first appearance in a gd match this./ seasn, batted in very gd frm fr 4. At lunch time the ttal std at 23 fr 7 wickets, the scring having been exceedingly r slw thrughut. Resuming, runs came much faster. Bisset ding mst f the scring, while Reid played a, steady game but was at length taken at the wicket fr 3. Mre, wh played in place f Miltn (indispsed], came next, and after beginning a little nervusly settled dwn t play gd cricket. Runs nw came fast frm all the bwlers till at length 200 was signalled amid great applause. Shrtly after Bisset was l.b.w. t Rwe fr 90, the highest and perhaps best innings he has played in a first-class match but nt devid f a fair share f luck, thugh the dubtful decisin given in his favur n the first evening was cunterbalanced smewhat by a mistake n the umpire's part sending him back when s near the century. A few runs later Mre was als l.b.w. t Rwe fr a very valuable innings f 3, and the innings clsed fr 22 r a lead f 78. Rwe and Middletn were by far the best f the C.T. bwlers, but whereas the frmer captured 7 wickets the latter was nly rewarded by. Willughby was again unsuccessful, and neither he r Kuys appeared t be very difficult. Prince and Francis, wh cmmenced the C.T. secnd innings, speedily set t wrk, and the frmer in particular played cricket f a mst brilliant descriptin befre being caught by a mst attractive 76. Francis and Street put tgether 29 and 3 respectively in styles as diverse as the ples, but bth equally nseful, and then Andersn gave_ the bawlers and spectatrs a fair taste f his quality, cmpiling 54 in mst slashing style, while Allen played sund and careful cricket fr 22. EVentually, thugh 200 went up n the bard fr the lss f 3 wickets. 7 men were ut fr 220 at call f time, the match being thus left in t mst even psitin. t is a thusand pities that s fine and interesting a game shuld have t be left drawn, fr if played ut it shuld furnish a mst exciting game. Thrughut the cricket was f an infinitely higher rder than has been seen at Newlands n any ccasin this seasn. very fast scring all thrugh the afternn being cmbined with sund cricket and excellent bwling. Perhaps a special wrd f cmmendatin shuld be given t Smith, wh bwled thrughut the C. T. innings with wnderful pluck and patience, and yung Graham, thugh unsuccessful, als deserved a gd deal mre luck than he gt. t is perhaps a ntewrthy fact that thugh the umpires had t decide numerus kntty pints n which there was much diversity f pinin. n breath f suspicin was heard aga.inst their abslute impartiality. The final match between these cluhs will nw be lked frward t with unusual eagerness, fr n Saturday's frm they culd nt have been mre evenly matched. mmediately n the cnclusin f the game the cmmittee sat t select a W.P. XV t ppse Hawke's X. The final selectin is by nw knwn t everyne and will have been criticised by all cricketers-and a gd many nn-cricketers t. t is always a very unenviable task t select an X, and the present ccasin furnishes n exceptin t the rule. All things cnsidered hwever the cmmittee may be regarded as having dne their wrk well. Mst undubtedly the man whse selectin will be the subject f much un favurable cmment is Van der Byl, and it is hard t say whether the chice was a Wse ne r nt. The fact that Willughby has been s unsuc cessfnl in the last tw-innings n dubt-caused the- cmtrrittee t regard it as safer t include anther fast bwler, while the fact that neither Kuys nr Smuts have shwn particularly gd frm lately in this department was the reasn fr the selectin f the Prvince man, wh is n present frm abut as useful as the ther tw with the ball and immensely superir t Kuys as a bat. His fielding is, hwever, mst uncertain, and he will nt harm himself by a little hard practice in all departments f the game. Allen Reid, ne f the dubtful men, was nt included, and perhaps he has scarcely justified his inclusin by his frm in big matches. His time, hwever, is bund t cme in a year r tw. Castens' gd frm n Saturday must have made him cme very near selectin; thugh n dubt the fact that he has nly just recmmenced t play, and that he is nt behind the sticks as gd just at present as Prince, weighed smewhat with the cmmittee. Fr his batting he is unquestinably gd enugh, but this wuld be discunted cnsiderably by his fielding if he wcre nt t take the wickets. W. H. Richards and Cuthbertsn are tw men whse inclusin wuld have pleased very many, fr bth are safe fields and gd bats, but against Richards there is much the same bjectin as hlds against Castens-he has nly just taken t the game again and is nt in frm. One cannt help regretting that there was n rm fr Cuthbertsn, but it is difficult t see wh culd very well have been left ut, as Andersn's innings during the afternn practically secured him his place. Of curse there will be the usual utcry at the exclusin f Hendricks. t is hwever quite idle t urge his selectin, fr the authrities have decided repeatedly, and very wisely, dead against the intrductin f the principle f clured men playing in representative matches. f Hendricks were played we shuld sn be having the claims f half-a-dzen clured men advanced fr places in ur teams, and it is well that the Unin has defiuitely put its ft dwn n the practice. As it stands the XV. is a very pwerful ne in every respect and will make a very stern fight in the first match even vs. Hawke's pwerful cmbinatin. LEATHERHUNTER. Blisset, nt- ut. -:' '-:-;:-2 T Pringle, run ut Rev E Castle, st Ck, b Chase 3 C Mf'itzes, b Chase- 0 Extras 5 Ttal - BOWLDW ANALYSS. O. :\. R J. S. Lumsden D. Ritchie '.! A. R. Fraser :..f~~~en - ~ 8 5~ B. Chase - 0 O. 33"" PORT ELZABET-st nnings, lf J Ck, c Feaver, b Rbertsn -, D Ritchie, lbw, b Feaver - ---; - :GUms en;-c J Pr.ngle, b.jiikms -. C F Prince, c Dwer, b Rbertsn - B S Chase, b Pringle.M Lumsden, b Pringle F Farringtn, b Dwer A Davidsn, b Walker Fraser, LOt ut - Simpsn, b Dwer Deare, b Dwer Extras Ttal ',. - " BEDFORD-2nd nnings. l' Blissett, b Ritcbie - 2 J Pringle, b Ritchie -. - _ 5 Beavea, st Ck, b Prmc ' -l R T Pringle, c Chase. h Pin~j 24 W Slm m, c PrinceJ) ftit';~9 0:= - llcg ij.a'lffittl, b- it':nie ~. -~ - Rev E Oastle, ~tck, b Prince Walker, b Lumsden, c Prince - ]5 Dwer, c Deare, b Prince Meintjes, c J Lumsden, b Prince: :2 Rbertsn, DOt ut - Extras 4 Ttal - BOWLNG COLF. ANALYSS. - 9 '0. J. R. w. Prince 5' Ritchie PORT ELZ.iBETH-2nd nnings. Prince, c and b Slmn Farri~t, nt ut - - Extras ~ ~ Ttal The fllwing is the result f the cmpetitins played ir yesterday :.-- SNGLES H"ANDCAP. G Wynnfl- 95 H R Pa.gden 9 W'Bume- 86 J O'Driscll 0 A B B Clark-e - 94 A S Tlsn 03 H Thrntn L5 8 0 FOURSOME HANDCAP. H R nnes and T Ca.dzw l5 9 G Wyne and A Clarke 99 loo- M T Rll and W:L Llyd 02 B H Thrntn & P Smith 02 Hi w ȯ ,94

66 -.' "'~N l'rovuce. E-frm Mills strarg <. e ceu.lnry, amid.neers, -ri '., ver Ku~a WB.6 severely the n.bunilary ~ the.:\j. Pr~n~ b Mills. chanfl" was made in the then mnts made a en; - eg bit aui-hel: ~ tie Villienl nw relieved D Mlll~..., (. g Mills gt Oastens tc pitch frm the faat b.. ler, bth t the bund ~ but Smuts finely l\s:-'" ~.'.: -- "" 2' C. Tvf~g sue the sending up the century amid ~eers the rpes pa"t deep t'... '\" ad ~ust a.r dyed, t,;i;: th'; With 0 runs added, ::!eccllll ace mre put his leg t ent.inued t cm.(,jh a 0 ut... 0 W:,s'tiredut and shlut, where his bat shuld been, and retired fr a well-,smuts bitting h}m fr)o ldne. 6a, '..:.. _ befr~:" t wu~d ~j;il played 6, Smnbs added a bunda-y strke, and a cuple, sending?p.lo. Rls t\\.'. -)i t have put Mills n a th~t dec!"re~ the innings clsed, with the ttal lit fr a. fine pie.0lf llil~m!!.- A<!!, t\l.'eewclts. 2 f,i-sent tlle #rst ball t tl) 0fr SXwickets. tin t M,'lltn drve him twc'ou.i~as. H. Miltn, H. ~U:..... _.. PROVNOE''''l:l';l!:'''\'''O'''''NAD''''FEN;;r;:;."''''K;YG'''S;-:.~--- De Villiels then ga-ve re ball~~o\ ' i;iliamb and. Dm~~'. hut>sruuts nt t be dl~, drql"') M. ~. ' v; and tw...vers later put t~( With 38 runs wanted, and nly an hur bwler ha.i:d llgainst the canvas. i- ~ Q:'> 0.0' we "lp the lng-leg rpes.. ''hie them ill; tbe Prvince team.cmmenced 'bed"th.eclmll La. V~r:~ut,~" : was hwever, his last effrt, as Rwe gt hill t secnd inningswith "'fhs afid V. van der ed t cme, eliiefir in singlet-and Ct'fJ:: e- lift 'a ball t cver- pint; where Smuts caught him. After tw byes, Tfts was well caught by Ca. k":suceessill, and -g. (\ 4 O~ n the 'same ver, Tfts hit a. ball ff Mills, secnd ball Dawsn-Thn e frexc'edin~ly weu-;!udged runii'&~ hard t Smuts lw dwn, but the fieldsman missed eignalised acessln by uttrng Kuys t t. put Va'tl der Byl t the entrance gate~. the stch, W H. MiltOll pener! hjs accunt ~Y bundary, and then Van der.8yl gave a very har, 4. With n.early 5~ up, Tfts w~s.depu,~cracking Smuts t thc..eq:u,, e~eg bundary, but ill. chance te Allen at deep third man, ff Knys. A lbs frm the stann end. WilU~:llS, 'the same Oyer gave a' bt c.,an~e t. Rger~:.t ball frm Kuys beat bth batsman and wicketpint and frward.quare-eg, w s n. p~nt, and. an ea,y,!h=~c, f st uj)l;lng, Prine keep, al!d went t the canvas lr 4. Thmas. sent mmy..runs by watcbful ~nd sm.rt~eldmg. being uncer th. m,sap}enen&idil ~h!\t he had Mills t the ff bundary ver Smuts's uplifted 60up a duble banse the ~~)}W'llDgwas, whipped the bails dr, and tryilg agm ju~t as the hand au cver pint, and then cracked Kuys t the t Miltn and Diffrd rewmmg, bul th~ ~ batsman put his ft Tw vers l"'er, hw- bundary-at leg. Again turning attentin t Mills, en! t J;:t.ili. Wicke~ intact till hal.p35 t;vcr the Prvince captam was bwled ff hill pads he put him away again t leg fqr 4. VAn der Byl en a tea adj';lnunen.t_~ k,place, the tt" by th~cape T~n sere.tary. li rwho-. had, 80 far ~ly three sing!es t,hi; 68-E. Allen 3~, i B. l5mu _s'5_ -A TllieK -TAlL-. (r~iht,lfund anth~r single cnverted mt five by n't. - ND TEN FOR THE WCK~'T. an verthrw by.allen, Thmas,l t t bu ut- 'vndr-ed A.. ~, b Williams succeeded, and Tfts fihed filr t,?e dne, cut Mills bard fr 3. Rgers then cleverly med)a;tely n.~esu.!lnng,smu.: s was m8s~d a runs t save t.he fllw-a... T~het()~al was st~adlly tk Va.n.dtr Byl at pint. ff Kuys, 48-2~-9. TiJ]iera at shp,.but Ane~ hi'~i:g 'tr~\c~~t t.a~en ttl 25, W~lCll: Willat!ls hl~.a b~ll,t Mlltn-J->med Thmas, and Rwe relieved Mills. anther 4..w;ng t ~_Bfi:e _s in- Bud-d'f, where Oahl~~ ba:uy tn!sju~ged Me The first ball was put up by Thmas iut the ler By!. AnQ\h~r atrne by A, ~:n der nat-ch. A sinaie was, run, awl 'lfts put J h nds f Calder ~t mid-ff, but the fieldsman ted int 4 by 2.D verthr,:" by Vhey 't': the nr xt ban hard; r.way t the lng-leg! culd scarely be expected t accept the Batch, and 5>~Qrty afterw.rds/ Wth the ttal : a'~_ bundary, sending the.neceh!,rs 30 up. When t let it pass. 'rhen MUtn late cut KiYs uppishly _ ~ 200, Allen was easly take'.' at ld0~ ft d: late Mi~ was deputed t.relieve Smute, '''l~ams- ver Allen's head and the ball rlled t the fine imlil)g~.. 'l'he; partn~tshlp :ha t a.e ; li (t~d the tl!frd ball ~0 the bundit!ty at the 0, bundary, n th~ same ver he sent a ball t the re a<fditi~ f Bt).~",,~C'l ~~~ i! but- put up tile next d! near pint. ''fts + ft bundary. Thmas replied by sending a h rlf an received a w~l de..en,~"',fibe'ialfj~ <eseaped a cnfident appeal fr stumping,,llut vlleyt leg frm RJWe t!' il. At 6.SlCCU!! tk.gave a.,bance, ahva)'s ~eep~~g '~9-7--{d Williams gave a.hard, chance t cveq~mt, the ball frm Kays, an~ Mm". hit a ~:\l! int the lilt five 4 _,.a 3, and rnne Biter Sltcceded, \ and the cath El.lng uwpped he wa~ rufi ut. deep l\eld, where Kuys Juan missed bnnglog" ff a ',rrn, the: DlOCl'Saf~0~!f7e t~u h' the slips 4-:9'"'-. J.)j.ffr~. clime n and set dwu t gr~nd catch, but he was caught next ver at cver- fter put.hng.a ball u ).,. h; fund his' 'eauttus play, while h! partner bra gh~ ff an pint, Oastens face4 Thmas, and De Vlllte~. e the bull~:~' 2' ccasinal bundary strke. After ge~tldg fnr each batsman secured a tri, and the incmer n- ~ peg disldged by- ~ ~. ~. fr a!' singl 8 Diffrd pue@d,. ban frm Mills t the hit Rwe t the pavilin fr 4. Andersn was twd Smuts, and.v~flen a P d :allwetl i b..u nd~ry at the n. Th.e bell then nng fr lunch, nw fielding in fine frm in tbe cuntry. Then in the slipe by De iers was d He ala~ the ttal atanding at &l. ' Dawsen-Phmaa gave anther chance t Oalder, muts w~s then,.~arly A8.tu~p~~ hits were 0:. play bei,ng :e~~eil, -bhe lunch appeared t wh this time brught ff t~e catch. StUUp_Sand ed.crdllt.l appau~e. 2' me J 09 -'9-53. G. h-ave ad n.d:"."l ~ ffect nl'l.._~eb~tatt~n, the match were drawn at SX'clck. Bcres : 4'2, ne 3_ nd seven s, l at nce wh played Wltl'i;-~ Difird s hits CA. hipped in. hut tll'> end came' were fur 4'8 in succesaica, Tuft. added t;v 3's and FE TOWN. ~eig c;tngbt frn;.. a ks}y~o: p", the runs came apace, tide scre quickly rising t P. ~gerb,- C (:h,tens b ngs cl!!tng at fivg!! cwo r-zve, 80, with the aid f 86ft byes t the bundary. Dlfi'rd c Oastens b THE pb.p'vncjil<:lpenng. Diffrd's last hit-was fr.qu.artet ~ M.llls, wh Bisset, 5. t the Prvllice bg.u then had his revenge, the mlllngs clsdg C. F. Prince, c De Villiers the usua tn erva,..' _" _ e Dilfrd 29 r nin""" in a wretr-hed light, wlth Peter.fl. CAPEl TOWN 6E(;ie,'l) XNFNG!.. filiergo ~nd V(hit~~lit vael) de~ ~y;o t~:..shrtiy lifter three, the se-nd innings E Cape Mills, c Castens b Miltn - 5 g 'Of Mills,sm n en.a.~le but 'Mills TOWn \''ll's started by O. t>ridce and J. P. Rgers, dj;,6w first }.dlwl~h ; s~ 'Bisset 8UC-' Miltn and Bisset pening the attack, the frmer -A. W;-8eeeiH, c-:b;,,~et b ;a D~ Vili~rs ff. frm the pnd end. Bth batsmen at nce set i Miltn.....,j ani. Mi. LJs, a~~ltpt hit it., ad De abut rtin"", and a{ aud 'cuples,.e. Allen, c V. '-as der Byl but ~~ r l' sset. by, temp ill" th~' R?gers gtltijisset awa)' fr 4. Pri C9 ref-p.lewd,.}b D}ffcrd run ut. ". ~l'o,.8 a n: till h'm.tu';".,ped. With tw 4's -jlret,t;lrt square-leg il' fthltn, JG. Cnpps, b Miltn. 2 ~b:u~g m,fj,l, and "":;: ~,,-i;'when Mills ttge'rs added a[ther caundary 8trke~aJO<. Prince!B, tjalder; c and b.ltn 0 b V. van der Byl 0 R' ~n:her w k f all t n k r th. pr havill" gt V"der Byl, wh t", jll,t relieved Miltll, "L..E. Smuts, st Castens b t him b;tc Wit ll. as yr e~,. 0 ft' H th ' f h ht' M'lt '3 t t ~. ef il th ~ t -/)'ll vf each ver. away (Jr a r~lo. e 'en. S par,ner, caug n " n u 22! 0:;:; e as d. 'jining Bi!l!et at the wick t :Mis jined Prine, J..H, Andersn, b Miltn 6 nt ut. 'b gl\~it= e r~)~il'ht. m'calde~ wh.~t0nce~randlylatel>~lltv"n det Byl t t~e F.Ktys,y.A. van de, * h '. '> t tile qjlj:f pavl!n, and gob hill»' t lleg fr ".Still Byl b Dlffrd 3 >.K.~ys.,~ kat ehe:l e.ttal -ted at;w payieg his attentin t t~ fast bwler, tw v r~fg. Rwe, nt ut. 0 ~tx 0 Glc., " ' hter, the Dcesan COl' e by ~g hit ahd ctivi Extras... e and ana yals :. liim fllr 3 '!ud 4, -; iliilfi Ji:hllf3 cut earib CAl'E :r OWN. bwler t the rpes. Pi'i e L after shwing 8iijiQrl;;~ 2,)9 (Six- wickets) 5 gers, c Castensb,Difird......ll9 cricket, was magnificent aught at deep third m,ati Bwlil0 AncJ!.i$ Prince, c De V!Jhers b Dlffrd. 2~ by Dawsn-Thmas, wbj '!,8t rea<lh~dthe ball wth 0 Castens b!rblten... -.nd Het: jined tile clu O. M.. R. W. O. \f, 'H. W. W. &ceull, c :Bsset >Miltz:... ~ pticfblonal, wh late Bisset fr 3. After va~ der B Allen c V. van der Byl b Dlffrd t'butvivin~ a. cnfide uk frm Van der Byl Bsset " 6 27 {JriPll~'b Miltn... 2 fr leg befre, the 'nal put in anther D,ffrd. 9' Calder, and b Miltn.....? be>.utifuj late l~hg th lin, bu_t wss snapped. H. Mlt?n fn ~muts, st Castens.b Miltn 53 Dt the wisk!lt ff th.e n lit 66-l"';!6, Allen!P..fl. de Vtlllers ' 7 0 H. Ander~n, b Miltn..,,~... iand ~ecul were nw ~,jet er, and the latter hact :A. O. Tfts _ _'&ny8, c V. A. ~au dt:r Byl b Dlff"rd 0 thr~e given him by an, v~rthrlv, but Allen, WESTERN PROVNCE. w!lut ut.. ( OWlllg t a smart th~ D by Watermeyer,' ro ~!XQKi......_J -fielding substitute f De Villiers, ~as 'P. H. ~~ v ters, st Pnn.ce f~n ut, ~n'l unfv nately had t rct~re. b f"s.... 4, 20'. wlthnt scring. 69- &. Calder went tn, V. A~van der ~:rl, b Mlls ~ BwlifiO Anal!/sis. li'an,9,lficking :msset'for~.&nifhittjai hlrifhard ana ~. Bsset, c :rili.llsb Kuys 20 Om..Mdns Rrts. Wkts. well t the {,ff fr 4, lnqlghb..diffrd cn at the fl. Baker, b Mtlls. 2 '. van der Byl ~tatin end. SeccaH dreve Van der Byl fr a V.vaB der Byl, c Rgers t. B~.l>et cu~ple. The fast bwler, hwever, gt thrugh '~b 'Mills..., 22,.,., 9' Oalder's defence Luis Smuts suc- '. M. Dawsn-Thmas, c,~jm~l~n :.. 2' e~ded, and made it!mwn by racking a full- Smuts b Rwe 82-. H. d Villierll 4 J7 0 Pitch frm Van der Byl t the entr-~nce ~ate9 at J i {Jlng-leg. Secull add{ld a brace f cuple~ and H. Oastens,.b Rwe. 290 ::..:,~O~.~"T~::ft~s~~~~~:.:.:.-""-:,,,,~,::,,~,,:,:~_~..J~- -,-",-,=,,-======--,,-,==...-.:c::..=""-=l-:ir.!. C. Tfts, n, ut 7 W. H. Miltn, b Smuts... 7 Lieutenant Williams, run ut. l~,. Diffrd, b Mills 26 Extras... c 'hm~s b V. van. der By! 30 c Cas.teE.S h V. van der Byl 2 bw h Diffrd 6 Extras c tgers b Knys J' j 9 - e eatl-&l'" ~ - Seccull 46 nt ut:.. 3 c Calder b Mills {) c Smuts b Rwe )87. (F().Urwickets) 88 Bwlin!! Analusis. 0; M. R. W. O. Mills 20' E:uys Calder Rw~ L. B. Smuts A. W. Secall

67 Senir Cbampinship. 'D 'Y. DECu-"'rnER ~ RA'; f!ll '".a. L..L' \, ~ W - a ~ju<i;:;e' ve ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lieutenant Hwlett came t the rescuc' uad Claremnt v Cape Twn.. anther stsnd c.a made. Rwe wns put an. peared well set, and were scring well all again, but was a bit expensive, sending dwn L \ Middletn in Frm With the Ball. rund the wicket. Hwever, just when we five vers fr 8 runs. Mills, hwever,,'7jen :,.,;., "_ were lking frward t a lng partner- given anther brial disslved the,paj:tnmship. ~Cl tf. The Twn Win Easily. ship- between the tw, Francis was clean Lieutenant Cbbld was the whipper-in, and he tel'. ~' bwled by Barn, the scre then standing t d tdll t" ' 6l h Pyed t"d{ly.n the Cape,!,--.yn"grund at 68 (68---&-2O).. B aye ne scre was,w 'll ~).e, JU at gluti,us. weathe-r, there nt Prince Jiw jined; Snke, ana: Glare. he was stumped by Rutledge. The AUe.:t even -being a suspicin f OlD' nearly ever t' t tal ed Th C~ Twn fielding, whilst generally very gd i!. an tl S ;' ch mnts r was sn pass. e same W3iimarred by tbe drpping f a few catches, which, ' cystmary s uth'll3stc\ --seml'. am-, pairwere still tgetherwhen the century :t. rbarter. :~dren.dy stated, made his nlt3 ceun.. plonship matches the Twn have hithert- "as histed, and it lked as if they were,- succeeded in earrying everything befre t ne tgetlier rndefinitely, as they seemed, l"ery prettily, but the bewling was t gd, n them, but Claremnt,:,cu2Ya l(ibwly:pos- able t ~re pretty wen -as they liked. fr him ever t scre very rapidly. bin at the bttm f the 6g, _and have Suke was Jllayin~ a sund game. and he C"p" ''{JWli had all: and a hljft<yb,.t ;. - f yet,9win their first.mateh. bill.dy Ander- slaved all the bwling ppsed t him with when Rutledge and Prine went t the" ~te sn appeared as.skipper f the Twn the greatest- cnfidence. ', \ wickers,. i::;u Garrrsn having ccupied the invalueleven. _.,.."-., - t cwas nt until 'tbe scre had reached ptt;.:::t fur. tw t~rs n.~? thirty-five minutes..-sere The Claremnt skipper 'was SUC!'eS!iLw in 25 tlats)lke's lng innings came t au T) mce f n t mea t " ' : d had tt 'naml'ng",";g,",t th spin., nf tlre ein, and he if " b h. bled t.t rr. C'".! CS H. ua e y c a rea ly"o L in u ~"n ll.., ~ v ~, n, v e a".mau eing we! ccur a ex bull f;-(m Sykes. Andersn hit a ', u, il, and,partir had little hesitatin in deciding t take tra cv~r-frrii Minaar's bwling. His in- a :2,and tw singles iu tw r three vers. 'nu [his e", first knnek n' what lked ~ beautiful wic- DngS f 47 was a creditable display and Jnes, u J>. ~ ~ ~.' ~U.v.,'U was then ~ua cub. Allen then jined H.'JUt. ' ket fr run-getting. 'The start was nt ~ cntained fur-4's (25-4=-47). - e,uge, and,ll.o r.u.jl8.were added in a.litt. ill ver 'l'y} ~eh.c;. assuring, as by the time.that,the half cen- Prince cntiiiued t hit away merrily' flft)' rmnutes whilst these tw were tgether. ~d. ' Wry was histed, in spite f sme fair hj;g driving being terrific. Chi{'-fiy wing ',: batting by; Olete and Lilplin:gtn.;. fur t his bremencus -smiting the secnd cen. ltutledg6 scred in the prprtin f D.e:lf)y~' t f f the best Claremnt batsmen had bidden. ~lry was signalled, and sn. afterwasds 4 t hi; ;Ouj." ' 0 8 ne. His "lg-hi tting',r. adieu ~hg crease. Prestn left-ne run stu-llll!':were pulled up, the Twn having driving were heuut:fnl. He had scred T4.d pa: later, and the frtunes f the batting side nl~ lest six--f tnetr batsmen, and having when AU0n was :lo, thugh it must be said ' sav at this stage appeared t- stand at lw wn t'he match wifh ease. ''wn scre and that the latter was mst unselfish, fr 2-fOl water mark.' analysis: - " he ran many sharp runs at the' end s at a' Van Reenen, the :ppular captain;.made Cape ljowll -. (st- innings). f an ver, r nly ran a cuple when DUrtl.!'.( an heric effrt t put a better- cm- D. D. Davies, b Van Reenen three might have been made, s that Rutledge,~!{Ll' plexin n the game> and while he' was in, 3 D 8n _ S l b M' "7 s;l>'<. fif,t, all t.he bwling. Lieutenants R';'. the drping spi.l.'its f the members f his ',. :;.' OOKe,.0 ewe anaar '..." >Y' side were -cheered up a little, thugi it U.,J:rlllCe, nt ut \.P~ ~u,;!,.andmw.did the e wuld ha-ve required a JeSsp at least t H. ". Francis, ]) Barn '" - 0'. ".rmf\ '" ''''''''bv hi!,~.u r have caused -them, t rise t ~ll3':thing -ap- S. Hrwd, st Bnchet b Pate..., TO c"t :J:\.: i;:;;r""-,,,,cl rat.., f ~Ol:f!g,.h". - E rachin g - the sev enth heaven, f. delight.!j. A-ndersn, mn ut catledge was nicely taken, as he llii:;-ht have \Vb-itehead, c Barn b Van Reenen. 0 'lst f the runs came frm snicks and W "' t 2~ t been a cuple f vers previusly. He made t.d at ith t.a,. f. '" lt, nut ut, ' hi. d d st. ht,. f ~ps rnt t"n, nth WfildS nolj g 3. care.dul, Nxtras. ~... y.;" ' ll "".l0 were ';;C u e a. raig Q!Ve d r f th d F - - arrangemen 0 e e n e- eg S e an rurteen;. s. rerrrer came n, an by Biddy Andersn. When the scre std Ttal (fr 6. k t ) '" tticugh never.getting settled, made 7 fairly at ~Oa frantic appeal frm T,ln"t~l'ead and - WlC'C S ~ ~'" D V LU ~ B,. quickly and was then well caught. Fur f Prince tgether=-the rest f the fielders wnng Analysis. l5t. Kuys helped Allen t win the match, the \". als takin- part in it tis well-was an O. l\i. R. W.;.l 62 havingbeen made in eighty minutes.. Allen,'in swered advesselv t Vau. Reenen fr in- Pa(e" _. ~ ' 36 " tuched ne frm Sykes and was caught behind art f;inging the:'leg"befre--w:icket rule. n cn, R van Reenen , t' " k t r.;, R '. hi sequence theret he had t retire r a J. J3arn T 0 2 sure 8 a v. we mwe away n S ppl use 4' w an a.nea tl Y pu t t.geth er-.. innmgs OC." ' G. P res tn ' '. 0 i usual style at the first he received, and bby) The number 70 prved a mst unfrtu- t.l<. SewelJ edge. Mills jined Kuys aad lsu him n th. ~ nate 'ne fr Claremnt, as _n fewer than Van Reenen and Minnaar each bwled c"a f time, thc scre being 8il. The Garrisn ;am. 7 ( )..:.~. ~innaar.... : i Sppett stuck t th«ball n the bundary' :r.2.:' three wickets fer at tj.iis ttal: After Van ne n-ball. ~., fielding was fay frm smart, and their bwling Reenen left the end was net lng delayed [n Clar~mnt's flrst, innings fur f the is nt' t bc cmpared t their batting. as Middletn bwled in irresistible fashin"! runs credited against Middletn shuld Scres and analyses: and carried everytlling befre him. 'l'h~ hav~ 'been reeol'iled as byes, and the pr,! innings clsed fr the small ttal f i6 and -fes'slonal's figures shollld the'efre read: ' carrs/)(; while taking int cnsideratin the ~xcej- S.2.v~rs, '7 maidens, 24 runs, 6 wicket.s.] j {Teuten:nt Armstl'g.ll Mj;l~ uent bwling f the Cape 'rwn pair, it --- Lwutenant- Ashtn. c Men b Ri)\Ve r cannt be said that the Clli'i:emnt: batsmen Sergeant Sppett, c K~lY6 b MiHs... l~ g ver.ed themse-lves gl.ry. Middletn., Lleutenant Sykes. b Mlls..,......; n!lame ut witl tue excellent analysis f six. Lieuten,'mt Andrew, c Ruu~~edge b Andersn 7!c ~ ic.::ets, 28 Tlllll, 'WJritebead's fur be- :0, i Maj' Bartel', l.t Qut : y ing- captured with ~'l runs' kncked up ~ CAPE TOWN v. GARRSON..\ Lieuteuant Walker, b Andersn... 9 ~ r against him. -' ~" --- Lieut.enant S'utherland, lbw b Andersn 0: - l Glaremnt scre and analysis:,!f QUCK SCORNG., Sergeant Hdgsn, b Kuys ! _ elarem~iit.-firs.t nnings.', Lieuten,mt Hwlett. c Sprigg h Mills!!O' l~ This match was pl!yed at New~ands all saturl Lieutenn.nt Obbli!, at Rutledge b Mills 3 Y B. ()]ete, b vvhit'ehead '.~ day Bud prveu a fairly interesting.encunter ExtraB (320, b 7) W. Reid, st. Prince b- Middletn.. 2"0' \ The we.ther Wile rather chilly!dd tnel~ght n~ &. a. Linningi:n, b Middletn.. 0 f the be8t. iddletn, Crpps, ancl L.. Bj, C, P. de Villiers, b iddletn.. b t f B l(f 'i ly! t. y-an Reenen, ]y'w.hi~jread lj Smuts were the mst iml0rtant a sen 7es?Ti n' m" "nil.n..,g. Prestn, b Whitehead, , the Cape TO'\'\'l team, which, hwever, mclu~ed OVl S.Meln".Rs, "Vkts.j - C..Minnaar, b.mirldletn... 9.\Rutledge (Jha"Q.n sburg) and W. P. Spngg; S.prigg.,. ):.!. 39 ~ F; Se\'l"ell,cnt ut... _ ~ i whq has ja~t ret;urned t the Clny. Th~ Rwe 9 (i 30 ;fl. r Pate,. b W"'bitehead _. 0 G'lrrisn had the privilege f first inpings (tile, ':"'-", 3 " 2:7 j be. A. Buchet, cji;nqke b?l:f.idcletn.. 0', m'ade a very rooitable display. Lleute~;s. Mills.... -lg'2 il ~: ~ l/" J. Bam, st. 'rince-b MidiUetn. ~ \ Ashtn and Armhtrng were the first PJUt Andersn ] i!lg' ExtJ:as-. _.. ' ~~ batsmen. RO~'e :md :SP~igg ~hariug the bqwi} OAPE TOWN. Tetal.. -{l R~.e pxvea rem,.rral:ily d~fficult ",t( Rutledge, 0 Armstrng b Andrew ~. 83, scpng ~lt~ i!.~w,f., ".:.}!.me. ~;:'~ ~~b~w4 Prince, b Sykes Bwling,Analysis.,~~.,a'Vtll'y OJ a '\'\'<!,.;i,g- ~n~ Andersn. run ut / ~ O. M. R. th& Bcre at 38, l>,.l.}tn fell t t Gabch b'l Allen, ctlwlett >Sykes 42. a ~Wbite~ad lfi 4 4 4,...,. ff 'Ri;)We. a;tia Se-rge.ant S0ppe~ Ferrier, c Cbbld'" b Andrew" 7 B. t Middetn (l:.DC in. Armst.rng, wh played V~~ Kuys, c Cbbld b Sykes.. 6 t'i'! ''\he Twn fa-uno.sme little difficulty il't~ett:iry, was ra-ther severe n Sprigg. s, R<:we, c Sppett b Andr-ew 6.: J ", _~ '_getting their ~t-'mn,. and direet.;v this Mlls wns gil-erl"'a trbrl, and ahnsr. imm')di~tel, ~hl;;:n.t,(.~t" b" ;).\ l;. ej.'. Jlad heen-.'lttam DaYJe~ had hls fi-s~ump. f;t rid f tlj:ee. men. Sppett was caugh. j,x\.ab).,, ldlck~ Q\U_ OJ the gr,und by the Clare b)" Kuys, and Armstrng a.n(;. SJ'kes. w~r '~ TOt,, fo"!' seven ',wi'jts......ls3 ' rl ~llt..:fa~t-_bwledr- H-l'w?,d, w.h went wth bwled, three,vickets fallm L:allentyn, Smith, and S.ll'lgf, t be,!, J ~ b:rst wleket. C'}wn,qUleKiy k~ckerl up whilbt the scre was being taken frm 5 t. - i-l:! Fl run;;, But Sn?ke and FranCls made a 6L Lieutenant Andrew and Ma;jr--:BMt- Bm/}ll''{f~,A'a,tYSS. '& gd stam, and l.8j:nte f numercus t - t' t P e latte7~ play being ve':'" 0\',-.[<". Tn, s. chaj{l; Sill the t.rnndhn department the,s QPpe( n.- e r, UQ <..,:.,' l'r - ".,., ~'l ~ ba.tsmen were gtill..irnretiee when the nalf- currect and. safe. Kuys was ~'lven a tra], Ul.j.",...!,. ',:, :, l'~ li:;:.t J '" = ' item in the ttu;l~ fr Gunner Smith had.n' Sutn"t an, _: B-.,. thi~ ftme Ule edge had been taken ('eived a painful blw frm the b:and ~ad t Arms rng \,," ff the Gturel'l)"nt hwlin~, which _appear-,!y2cate his plritiot. behin,d the sticks. Elght~ ed t.if.(l 'Wi in a knt. ~:- J.".;,"""'n a:p' W8 the Bcre when AudQrscJl. was put Q <.r.-~<")ir-4 n" 'l- ~iiee!y-.e}l{~i.-l'o" ~'Wv~t ~ L'3..Ld '" ~~~~------~~ ~~!b~e~iu~h '--c~a~u~g~h~t~~b~;l!~n~.~[~lt~l~eg~~!~je~.~ ~L~i~e~u~te~ll~:~~~~~--~ "".. >WlS hist'" -Oil- the t-e.l!! tbe scre still robe,extr'ls belllg a prmmen ' ;\ :,,!;"'''J' d'" n'

68 J. C. Hartley. L. J. Mn. P. F. Warner. On the "step" f Frank Mitchell's huse. Off t the Test Match. R. O. Schwarz and P. F. Warner utside Frank Mitchell's huse. T-

69 CRCKET. Wit the lsutn ALl" ".~v. MOTHER COUNTRY v. COLOlfAL BORN.. -'--:: Mther Cuntry. <i This match W&8 played n Saturday n thp. {.:.,;;\/fr ",- By tke Special Crrespndent f the SOUTRAFRCAN i Western Prvince grund at Newlsnds, anc ball ging jus ver pmt-s '-.,,.'[,; t. REVEW. resulted in a-very even draw. The weatherwa l cut hhlld!celr t th, li[>,ujtt, [mug;';>:;-.'{! perfect, but the attendance n the grund '\\'8;<,rnuts nguin "put,,,.) hi~ s]wn!'!('!'g hj ;~', nt as large as the imprtance f the fixture' fl,.:villg him (0 {he p"",ii; ',,, :"!",iu,';, :l.(),l J wuld seem t warrant, the ~ct that the game! w'l..~!h ~bi}pt; i.fu:'!,,!,,uti). r.e,,,: eb'~ j culd nt be played ut rbbing it f a gd. at 0 ~r)]' fur wlc!:el~, 0L"ll{S [,"'J~ nt 0,r deal f its interest.. and A~l. nt put, 5, The Clnial Brn cmmenced badly. lsing ~:,/es:mic'(.a~t~l' th,0 interval. i', J t-nless than fur wickets fr 24 runs, but Smuts '", ",~!'cetbhill",. tire "O\"Tmg, the ~Uri)H.'" n and Allen, n becming assciated,-altered the changed- ver t the UlU'Cm"t end..r appearance f things. Smuts played 3 splendid sent up SO by an fr-liril'c fr :3 frm isl' innings, and it was very hard lines fr him nt secnd ball, and drve him, t~istime t tf.., t get his 50. He certainly played the crrect fr a li-ke,num,er tw bulls <. t 0'. b. game in trying t frce the cricket bit. and 6;lickec?'(iddletn lukily fr u cuple, but his display cming as it did at B. time when it nearly tumped ft t." next hall. Ale:! it was gadly needed was mst meritri let ut at a ball frm Street, sendirur au " Allen rendered him great asaistance and chance t Bath in the lng-field which, if smewhat lucky, was nne the less vel', he managed tldl'opfr ame unaccu 'The nly ther batsmen t rell,l:;hduble essn, as 'there was n sun t hdth.ett 'WerePrince and Van derbyl, thebattmg g ad he anything t d but stand still and tpiecesafterlunch.nly22runsbein~ad rthe ball. The life was ntf mue the fall f six wickets after the interval. wever, as Middletn bwled him ill the will be seen, Middletn btained the b ver fr a well-played , The, analysis. The Hme Brn team began well, made by these tw was eimply invalu, - Hearne and Francis bth playing gd cricket, When they became assciated the scre SU'rn AFRCANSL"D LONDONCOU2l'TYC. C. A.TTHE the catch that sent the latter back being a nly 2i fr fur wickets, the wicket had tj-. CRYSTALPA.LA.OB, MA.Y 20TH, 90. splendid ne. Street, frm whm great thiugs, fre added n less than 67. Kuys then partv were expected, failed i cme ff. Hearne was his captain, but was bwled il' his e'! The Oval, Surrey, lej ff when he had made 33, and prgfiting by Middletn withut having scred. J ues 4 July 2th, 90. tlie.eilcape he increased his scre t i3 befre he in iu time t see Smuts, by a very pe.;: Fr the secnd time this- tur, is it nt, Mr. Editr,. was diatnissed, Smith and Dawsn-Thmas als ".k.e-te.. the. leg JJOundll.l',J!J$endup tb my weekly budget has nt been frthcming.. A \ p~yed well fr 9 and 6 respectively," and but in Street's nxf'ver he wasbwled, business engagement interfered last week. Strange, n )\hlten als reached duble figur~s.,the bwl-! -2. Ward filled the vacancy,nlv t ~ dubt but a cricket tur is net ne lng rund f mg was nt. well managed, and t. 6 prbable captain run himself ut in attempting.a,, 0 h there i. rtant business that had mre changes been made the ttal pssible run. ) Smuts had plu) pleasure. n t e cntr~ry, ere S.nnp,, wuld nt have been 80 large. Neither Van der splendid innings which practically saved t be dne, an~ c?aso,;,aly at mcnvement time,s. Byl nr Spence were tried at all, and Bisset, wh Sde. He went rn Wth the scre at 2< fr That, hwever, S neither here nr there. T~e main was put n and gt a wicket in his first ver, wickets, and by his.plucky innings at a thing is that this week's letter must,cver a perid ~f a wall prmptly taken ff again, the idea appa- w?en it was greatly'needed, infused curage frtnizht. The first week f the tw S, f curse, ancl.ent rently being merely t effect the separatin. The hs men. He gave n semblance f a CD: histry t sme extent, and dce~ nt require ~uch ntice.: Clnial Brn secnd inning!, was pr?nctive t Ward did Rt stay lng, being bwled C. B. Fry wrte ill his Athletw News an article n Mn-; sme very fine hitttng by Prince. ThBbatsman Street with the ttal unaltered, and Rw day that his visit t Old Traffrd last week was the first' and, Rei<;t~ncked up 20 in half an hur, and Van jined Spence, but was b0.;e4by the fir match there in ten years in which he remembers fine, de; Byl jined the frmer when there werebut he received, the innings thus clsing fr e weather thrughut... fifteen mmutesleftfr play. During thts time 00. W ite believe that Mnnchester smehw, '0. fewel: than 50 runs were ad~ed, an.d ~ F ncis and Hearne started the Hrn e? can qu. h. th da t, which Prince's share was 40. He hit beautlf.ully innings, t the bwling f Rwe frm t _ seems like a plac~ where t ug, t t ram ree ys u ~ all arund the wicket, and thugh a bit lucky a~ mnt and RUYEr frm the pnd end, _ f fur, t rained there tw f the thr~ days we {lle.ammej.jj:e.:r.ent (}f bis..mnings, h~..gave na pened his accunt with a 3 t leg ff K:. spent in the place, and everybdy was heartily glll:d t. ;!Jl!llbmncef a c ance after-va:'der'bjl. jimld F-r-ancis cut the same bwler fr a cu ~ bid the place adieu. We had the wrs~ f the wicket: hoo., ' viving a very cnfident appeal fr a eaten and the wrst f the light. t was nthing less than a ~ hvafurfrt.uutlite that--no'm l'tffi-gern..t;;_~~( wicket tw balls later. n the lame b farce as a. test f skill when we had t bat tw days n made befre the game cmmenced as 0 lvlietre\ nxt ver, Hearne cut him prettily t< a wicket varying- t all srts f degrees f bad?eb,. th match shuld be decided n th~ first inningr bundary, and again hit him whereas the Palatine men went in t get 72n a Wcket, r nt. Of curse, prperly speaking, the game t the il', Rwe bringing ff a.very smart which under the influence f a strng east wind, had,~as s-tw-dnya' ne, and, therefre, had.t br f fielding, which wlj,s deservedly appla bee ' ite f t whilst the weather was bright and either played ut r end m a draw, but wing t" Francis was then let ff in the slips by ) rne qui as. ', the fact that play was pstpned altgether 0': ft Kuys, a fact which he signaliaed by C\ sunny, and the ight f the best... h' the firat day withut a ball beinz bwled man,l the next ball t the bundary. Rwe hllj Sin?lai,r and Rwe bwled exceedldg~y well m t e~ peple seemed t be' f the ~pinih that i. hithert left severely alne by bth'bstamer first mnmgs, but t bad fr wrds m the secn~. shuld be-cnsidered as a ne-day match, anct they turned their attentin t him -w There was sme reasnable excuse fr th~t, thugh, m, bherefre, it might be decided n the firsl scring a brace ff his ne:lt ver. Francif the shape f a strng wind, half a gale, right dwn the innings. sent a very hard chance t Rwe at extra pitch. Neither f tj;tem displayed any keenness.t-, THE GAME. which the fieldsman judged beautifully, dle-i th t th f the " breeze" but Graham iilled~, Q in'" ff a marvelluslv clever lett-handed, trun e-m-!l!- ee,'. Smuts, wh wn the tes, Bent in Prince an~" Q _J Q c, the breach nb y, keeping an excellent length..' ~ "~ '" ill--h. Street jiued Hearne, and run' The turf at 0 Traffrd is abut the~b~.5t ~ep~ D( Reid t pen the Clnial Brn inni,ng~iddj'7 inued t cme pretty freely, the last t f k ':Ph F \ tn and Smith having charge f the 'll.twck,th scring' n less tban 2 ff Kuvs' next ver _ ~E~n~gl~a~n~d~,~a~n~d~tr~/e~ra~a~s~~p:i~s:n:::t::a:r~t=. ::e:e:-:. ::=,,-~er:e:::;ls~:..> frmer bwling frm the pnd en!!. PrincL bwler had his revenge, hwever, getting t, drve Smith straight fr 4 ill his first ver, bu caught in the slips, Tfts then. r tw vers later lst his partner, wh was cleas Hearne, wh was playing spl~ndid crick: practice grund adjining the big field, and n practice, bwled by Middletn Bisset the- time t see him badly misse.r ff Kuys by is allwed n the main arena, Furthermre, the t jined Prince, wh in Smith's next yer pene';, third man, the batsman taking advantage' enclsure is strngly railed rund, and the public are n l his shulders and hit the ball clean ut f th, life t put the ball awa-y t leg fr 4, and: n accunt allwed t trespass n the sacred grund. ' grund ver the bwler's head fr 6. This ~a. in the next ver t -the ff fr the Mr. A. N. Hrnby, nw President f the club, takes his last effrt, hwever. as Mddletn goy; hll) number. Tfts, wh appeared t be gd care t Bee t that. s h, yes, "Mnkey" is a l.b.w, in his next ver.' Van de ting rather tired f ding n. pwer in the land at Old Traffrd, f that there is n Byl was the new-cmer, and wit~ these tw ran ut t Rwe,-and getting the ball n. d bt Th L hir did t tl di t' ish assciated runs began t cme rather mn it away ;Q Uw.~ boull\iasy. He the. n'l e ancas e men n grea y SdmKgUlt freely, Bisset in particular playing very prett, Hearne, hwever, wh. running ut t th emse ves in the catching line, giving Rwe an 0 ze cricket. Van del' Byl gave 'l, hard chance t sent an easy ch3..l:\it.treid at square t!:tir4 a cuple f lives apiece at the end f the secnd' innings. Francis at extra mid-ff frm Middletn's bwl which was :J.cce~d thijl t@f'.jli;- We stayed at the Grand Htel at Manchester, a very iug, which, hwever, the fieldsuian failed t.dswsn-phmaa came.iqbll.: lst, 'ft-, ~ swell establishment, but we had the usual cmplaint t l hld, and taking advantage f''the life he dr immediately, the laipi'a-ying,n t a ~ Bake, in that the waiting and attendance were nthing. the samtrtrwler hard alug ti:'egrund ttjlrm Rwe's. 6~.-7., e new-cmer. Luc! like 80 gd as at sme f the smaller and mre mfrt-! bundarv. Tw balls latr, hwever, he wss ver' did nt stay lnge'(' ~'ei~~ bo'ijhid ;y'. "mansins." l nearly bwled by Middletn, having apparent! when 0:(y& had Dilen ;a(f(l9d t the The three days in Lndn between the ManchesterJ n ntin f where the ball was. This cls ', ~ he \}\:t mau/llw ~vahrlttche~kby' the team in a Tarietl' shave did nt avail him much, hwever, as i.j still came' awbn-thmlit. f different ways. playing frward t Smith.he was- e8i!;tly caugji nt hittin.: 8J:ri'lth " et Many interes ted tales were related when we fre- l and bwled, the strke being a very tame m nicely t 'up. This br All.e wag the whipper in, bu n a cha ih."place OL gathered at the Tavistck, Cvent Garden, n Mnday& he lst-bisset at nce, Middletn sendinl Smith, by sficcessl 2 and!j,. ~ mrning, preparatry t preeding t the Oval. But'e him back with a clinking ball., 'ent up the '00a 'the D.e these are private matters, s let me \t nce get t thee The retiring batsman had played ver: fu, 'hmas n t his. 07a. 'Tis but a shrt drive frm Cvent Garden t the - careful.anu crrect cricket, and h tin ath played a.j~: hme f the crwd" -as a cricket; laureate nce l, was unfrtunate in '!lt making runs. ~m'll,j;, ~ W~ put n a~ described the, (Jval'--a;n-d the-scene acrse Waterl--- jined Allen, and pened his accunt wiill;\ Jl.. ~A -ch~gjw:m th~, Bridge lking up anddewntheriver, which bends each ~ snick t leg fr a single, fllwing this. b. tla' tried' ':WllM rei wav iust there. is mst intp.r"rtinlz_ cl." " mi ni' ' t the ff \v: 0 '

70 -... _..-,~...,.&: ~ v..&a.... b -r: way just there, is mst interesting. Owing t the Gentlemen. Players match at Lrds, the full strength f the nce great champin cunty, were nt ppsed t us, which, after all, perhaps was, just as well. A greater than Richardsn, in the persn e f Lckwd, trundling at the ther end, and tremble t imagine what ur ttals wuld have been. Richardsn did nt bwl s very fast, merely a gd fast medium. but he kept an excellent length, and whipped back sharp right acrss the wicket. n the first innings ur batting was t dreadful fr ~ wrds, but in the secnd Tancreil, Shalders, Sinclair and f Bisset strve manfully t win the game. Bisset was left in until the last, and lst his wicket in attempting i.~ag the bwling as a ~rn hpe. " AU;;" e;~~ting-his~c:::a~p::lt~ai:in~8~~ex"'a;;mmi'--'l'"r">a"'s""'-'''''''''''ilt"lm ewre dnvmg iddlctn prettily t the bundar}. :Qi~'l-.;t9. Mit.fl. wli:- - Tw maidens fllwed, and then Smuts, why~u and!" ~t~eij }jis~cqu@; with a 2" apparently eager t frce the game l dl'ove&mll! :3ff,~ He $6Jil~t nath, wh was between nrid-n, and the bwlert fhe bu:n'l"ary in th~l~'fiefd liy J,uys ll:,rw-e. H- Allen successfully negtiated 3. maiden ve Oa'PF~:ll~ jmedim'ilfq}, w~ >bya pre~ty d\:. frm Middletn, "and then Smuts, wh 2, sent up ~ Caprn then gt Kuys t9 J, evidently fund Smith's bwling t his liking 3 cup'l.e,iu:illmiltn stiicked Rwe U(7~ drve him twice, nce fr a cuple and th leg fr the -same number. Caprn, in secnd time t the n hundary" th<l"lniterstri, ut at the same bwler, hwever, was car bringnig up 40, and lu thesame bwler's next OWl mid-ff by.mlen. 28-9"':'3, Middletn cut bim prettily fr a tri. Turning his atten his eaptare, ~u.t tw balls later Milt tin W l'liddletn, he drve him twice t the 0 caught in tlie.slip's, tfie innings thus cls' fr a brace each time, sending up 50, and 0' th 39. last ball f the ver sent him t the rpes a The Clnial Bern cmmenced their snusre leg, the strke being un exceeding" innings a~ a quarter past five. Prine prett.yne. Bth batsmen gt sin,glesqft Smith' Spence f~ the bwling f Smith and ne t "Over;and Allen als drvahun fli" a cuple the latta!;' fim the pnd end. Prine 3 cans~ 60-t be t{)~~:!!;.f missed at the wicket ff, the ~.,,""" 'lle~~ ~~ ~ ban!oft dwn, and ~ithcut " dletn twice t the u fr a sinlj'le. tud (;' ilt!.c This bru~ht n. a change. f bwling, $tre;~c~;""'::""..,..."'---.: "--;', "'(ling n in p\u,ce f Midtaetn. Srn'ut& made ~ luck r strke f ;'.hi' j' ~ utteumt tb.

71 ~-./ y-~.-~,? :t..' ~,...~ ~E'Lt- rs : 9th d 26tJl DEe 6 'Wt teid, c ~ilug!lby b iiddletn ~ A.B. Tanred~ b k ad C.F. 'rtnee b d Jd K. Bisset, b J Lieut. Chulenr, run ut, 4~ -A. Riclv. cis, b ilu~y s,«, V der Byl b 0d Fe ~,e ~hes b lddl t ~. J.H. ~ dersn, 0 E ling l~ b Hll L. L. Bayne t nt ut, t A -~ - L);l. n Extras 2) 9 3 '6 MOTHER Ul T st Prince b ~ e Prin b Bayne e id b iss&t b uys b Biss t Nt ut ~ ~ L U 9 24 J

72 -d 2nd J ua7 897, fr, F C v; C h J7. b Lhmann 57. Lck' 0< 5 fr 4 and 4 r 25 - ;/.. -'V'jJ lnulg

73 i"'c~.t~.~c~.c~,"'-pt&m~ '""_'~"'C~~~-;:"*~ling inning. With Kuys in, Middletn started t hl~, and,~t Bi!etfinely all alng the ~ t th.e paviln. By gd placing he added 2 8 anti 8nilea, and had m&de ~, and Knys a dzen, when the.all.; 0. mes' captain rang the bell ani declared the r i-;ulgbceed, the ttal being 62 fr, the!<jss f k eight wickets.. l THE PROVNCE NNXfilS. f At ten minutes t five A. 'c'. ']lofts Rd W. H. Richards pened the pj:vin<:e inning~,. Mills and r Middletn being entrusted wth the "tt ack. Tfts gt the first ball t leg fr 8, and Richard's 'put ~ Midd e n away fr. 3, hut ~W~~ nearly caught at pint next ver, Prince nt Denlg -able reach the ball. Rwever, after the t ff a gd few runa th.a same fiefd8m~ _ -9. H. 'Balter < catb'>, sendldg TAts,smen settled dwn t very snool!eded, aud.,'their evwrt bject, draw.- can er, the scre was slwly taken t 03, rlien ius OKethrugh Bicbards'a defene ;' V. van 'l. Byl cut the nut b'l,'int the l hands. Qf PrlnO'e at pins, but the fieldsman ' drpped an eas~!l>.~ch. ll&ker then beg.n. t t punish Middletu', an~jl8 and 'Kuys (the latter mst, t blame] left the u,ke\keep (Rgers) t run after twq hits f-r 3. :Ba>-ker f'iwed by driving tbe East. Y rksuire, man t.i, entrance!ate, but hying t hit Mills he. was" ""'q~!.!ld. 60";;"3-J. Dawsn-Thmas sueeeded,-amid eh-eri; and he!oousati-fied the gaery by hitting Rwe j 'CO iad just relieved Midulet-n, t eg' fr 6, all t run Qut, the wieke\keep being again auqwed t -d, the jurney, The smite~ J!..further sustained his f reputaein by grandly lifting a ball frlll Mib!' iclean int tile pnd. He then lst V&n det Byl, e wh, trying t.emnlate him, was smartly etuard. r With 5 l}ddcd twqmre wickets fal t Mitis, wh clean 'bwled bth E. S. 8reytle!'.and J:. H. Oastens. _ 70-5 and 6-0. Murray Bi!!lleli tlien kept up bis wicket,..hue Daw30n-'l'hmas \.~' lmcd Me hitting, 8.dding bhree 4's, and escaping t ~\l.r.l!~"l fr stnmping;. but. the incmer W\!!!.'li,nvled withqut scring, W. H. MiltOlll'. jn~d 'l'hmas and th pair made the last few; ~-luning.ver. 'merry, TnQmas c;;acking Rw!, [ ag3iu fer 5, MHwn!:e_pcnding by skying a 'ball ~ frm the prfes~i6n~- (;v~r.;j;he rpes at the. n-a ixer. At the drawingiqf stumps 'at a quarbe,r-paj!t, ;X tlie Prvince were- stitl63 'Un8 behind, with, te.6:-wicke~2'~ofall. 600:e6and; t.~ '...l.ll-<lomers.. < C~Qger8, c Bsset" Van der Byl 2 ~. idrince._v~nder Byl b Bisses.,...~ 4 ~ b-bisaes ~- ~. "". 'i - J!!- Z'~-:--sec!ll', e BisSet.h V-an der Jfjl.. :::-:..a "if. Crfpps, Castens b Van derbyl '" -: 4 E. An~ }bw_b Bi8t!et, 9 ~. Gin, bw b Diffrd. 0 H. Cnder"e De Villiers b Diffrd 6 Private MiddletQn, nt ub - 9 Kuys, nt ut.., 2 Extras 2l nnings declared 62 G. Bwe ta bat. Bw/rug Anal!/.is. Ovrs. Mdns. Rns. Wkts. M. Bisset V. Van der Byl '3 Miltn piffrd, , 2 C P. de Villiers 5 '0 7 0 WESTERN PROVNCE. W. H. Richards, b Mills. ~, A. C. TQft., Prince b Mills, H. Baker, b MHls. V. van der~yl,,&t Rge'lllRQwe N."'. Dawt!Qn.Thm&8, nt ut..e,.s. 8t~ytler, b- Mills. :... j. Castens, b Mills _ Bisset. b Mills,W: H. Milt-n, nt ut Mills :Middletn Rwe

74 MOfHER COUNTRY- Smith (F.E.), b Van Renen Aj at 'vallach b ~rit(jhard ~ Middlet.n J. ), ~b RQwe ~ ~ nt ut - Richards (W.J, bw t) -an Ren. c Rwe b - rtc. rd 4 V.R. Hare, b - Bisset - 2-Be et aeh b Rwe E.A. Hall e -, ines b 'Van Renea 53 Wallach b A.Bisset - He~rjle (F. J, JOKeS 5Van Renen S b A. Bisset 2 - [00. Diffrd, c A. Bissetb Nrtn 80M. Bisset brwe-- ~ y H.H. Francis 0 'snered b Bisset 65 b Nrta~ - - -;. Li-eut. Sare, b Nrtn.0 0 Pritchard b Rwe 2 LieJ.n.~..Re: n,0 Reid b A.Btsset 6 c Tancred b Rwe ( ~.. ;i;~ane, n 0 ~ 4 c :M. Bisset b Nrtn, Extras J8 ' if / --= ~/3 OTHER COUNTRY BOWLNG Middletn (~.) 26 4 i}l 6 0 Smith (F.E. ) ~ A.-B. Leana 4-50 Lieut. Sare l -.D. Diffrd V. R.: ~re 8 0 Rihards..) 2 0 ~l t~ C t-. L BDRN BOWL G

75 _ J,/ _ '!"'.6- ;.: ]~E' LANDS ; 3st DECEMBER898, and 2nd and ;rd JANUARY899 LORD.HA;-iili!S TEAM 4l F-<: -Mitchell-J bw b Rwe ] Pritchard b Middletn P.F. Warner c Reid b Middletn 47 T 0 Hu~hes b Rwe Y ldese (J.T.), 0 Graham b Middletn 24 c Reld b Rwe F ~in. Mil igan, 0 Francis b Middletn 9 st Hughes b Middletn "ut tet- r.r. J, 0 Graham b Rwe 8 Hugfies b Rwe 0 Trtt A.E.), 0 Jnes b Rwe b Kuys 6 Haigh S.), b Middletn -20 nt ut 45 /s Bard J.H.), 0 Pritchard b Rwe 2 c and b Rwe D Lrd Hawke,0 Hughes b MiddetDn b R~we _ 6 A.G. Archsr~_np ut u c Ml~dletn b Rwe. -. ~. - -i-b R& - B b MiQ-d.-le.wR-. ~-::---~-l Extras, /~ WESTERNPROVNCE A. Reid, b Trtt 5 b Milligan ' J. Pritchard, b Trtt :5 0 Bard b Cut tell i H.H. Franis~ b Haigh b Trtt M. Bisset, run ut D b Trtt P.S.T. Jnes, b Haigh 0. 'b Trtt 'if. Kuys, 0 Bardb Raigb 5 Haigh H.R. Bl cre, b Haigh, 2).. b laigb. vj.h. Andersn, 0 Arher b Trtt 0 b Hai@ )C S.E. Hrwd, 0 and b Trtt '6fu,~...s 45 b Haigh R.J. Hughes, 0 Haigh b Trtt 8 b Hai@ R Graham~,+,b~'T;5-~ ~==:~~~~~~\-;:;~~~~ id letn J.), n u Mitle b Trtt b T'Trrrn. i G.A. Rwe, 0 and b Trtt nt ut E tras, g ~ Cf"lUl ~~(. l-~ :i. d~./ Middletn (J.) WESTERNPROVNCEBOWLNa ~i 4 f ~ 3 2?.."G.A. Rwe 8 4. R. Graham i 0 vf. Kuys D LORDHA-fKE S TEAMBOWLNG :"-+=~==.;;:.;:::.-<;;)...--~~ ~. Trtt (A.E.) 24.; 5~- (3 Hai~h (8.) 24 D 4 ~ ; 6 2 ~i ecrtt.. e: ~,. R 6 ~ - ' t~. F. W. Milligan 'fj' - '" - ~ h 8. q~~ =t~adt.(~

76 THE OA.PE TOWN CLUB;" 'The advantage f the Cape TOWil grund-in wet weather, at anyrate-ver its cmpeti~r J aerss the way was evidenced n. Sa.tllJday, when, J althugh tl!.e,fi:vince grund was thlly unfit fr "J play, wing' t' the recent.heary rams the Cape Twn Club fuud their grund t be in excellent cnditin, As a preliminary triapef the clubs' atrengtb, the usual friendly:. glme was play.ed ~ between the first team and. a :qrimber f Clts. The Oelts were the -first t b rt, and made but a pr shw with ne r tw exsepticns, Hrwd was perhaps the m?st likely-lkiug batsman t the lt, and'dvenish and Drake were the nly tw. t a~sist him materially. Middle~n.lJ'n(i Kuys bth. prved deadly with the leather. P~\lce "nj Allen pened.the in?ings fr the first _~~am, ~nd the. frmer lllmedlately settled dwn t' testing tl. upabilities f the. nvices in the 'field, He gate leveral chanees nt ne f which was accepted, and indeed the Clts shewed tbemselves miserably deficien~.a'kn-wledge f tielmng. After'kn?ck. ing up half a century in duble quick. time, Prince e retired. Allen scred' 30, and was dismissed by, Willughby, wh tk tile leather' after repeated is changes. "Dcvenish was respnsible 'fer three,f.0 tbe remainipg wickets, ' gave 'litue truble, and a t the cnclusin f play tbe.rere was 3, th~.x ha.ving three ','Vic;,." Scre.s:- NEXT XX. H Watermeyet:, b Yidilet_n J Z Dr"ke, lfiddletn., J! Hrwd, e Frie.Hch, b.kny'... R A. Blankenburg, c Prince, b KlY!.... J G Hnbball, c a"d b l4id<iletn....,,' M Neethling, c Prince, b KUyd.. ~'". B Vlsteedt, b Xuys...'.. " '.;,.. W J Willughby, b Middletn. "._ E Bwen, c Francis, b Middletn... A Oaldectt, b Kuys ~-.. F Phillip, b Middletn... _.. v... J Herbst, G F Smuts", b Middletn.;.. F G Devenish, nt nt.., J Muirhead, c L!'muts, b Middletu, >, A O'Riley, b Kuys..,......:.~. E Dakin, b Kuys.c. R Blatlk, run ut. ' e A Green,b Kuys. ",., Csnett, c L Se:luts, b";;~'". Extras~.,,"r. -'.,,:.;'..i..~ -'Ttal BOWLNG ANALYSS,;,-' FRST X ('J Prince, retired...:....' 5r E Hallen, e C.ldec t, b Willughby, H Francis, b Herbat -...,.. _,,.,;... i G Bath, c H.u'tlbnll, b Willughby. 7 b 'J B Crmacl<, nt ut ', ,_.. 3 d Middletn, c Watermeyer, b Devell8~),; e F Vriesl-icb. 8t Wa:ermeyer, b Deyen\..$-;. 0 F K"yp, b Green. ''', "~"~i,r:" '". 8 J Seccnll, st Wat~rmeyer, b Devenls~.:~.. 3 h Extras.. '......"7 ~ d ~~ _ ~ :T~ta.l ;.; "'\-;.....,-3 i S A Lawtn, F Smuts, ana L B S'mutl!:di(nt bat.!, 'BOWLNG' ANALYSS;' "',-...e. 'es fl) ite Os. tn, a lot M B'aek.. Vlsteedt Dakin H bball". Phillip.. Willughby Herbst Devenish Green,..~~ ~~~~~~n!ll.... ', ~O. i!i '0.-',7 st.'6 20 )0 R '. ". '-~: R..,. 6 ':")'.t ,'"' 4, ':-:' 5. " 9 ~ " 8 '-4f 6 ::: ~. \Qlf 9 ' ,: i '0...i 6 ". 0,... 3,~ - -~ 75 r ;. i CAPE TOWN'v. CLAREMONT.. B-EUllFT TO C. MLLS. [ There might well hav-ebeen a larger attendance at. the al;ve match n Saturday, in -recgnibin f thl'.gervl 3es rendf'red i~ Qhalles Mills the Cap-e ~wn C C. prfe~8inal, the ~ame being f-r his sle benefit, but ]! lls undnbtedly gained> by the curtesy f the Western P:r:vince C.C. Cmmittee, wh put their grund at his liispsal fr the afternn. A gd many sujlp-arters f cricket &tte!lded, ~ and.members f-the Prvince Club als paida~ttiel ga~e O?t..f syn:'pathy twards Mills. As tg the ~rjck~". t was Vrtually a win frlclaremnt, which ceam included severnl. players frequently seen in the Western Prvmce O. C. elevens, but a~ the same b0l-.fide med!bers f the Vllage club, and they prved themselv~s mre than equal t the call npn them t mllke an even match with their Oppnents. On the ther ~ hand, E. M. Dawsn-Thmas was an additin tl the C.T.C.~. ranks, hilt E. Allen was nt playing, a.nd G, Cripps nly arrived n the.field just i~! tme. t.taw - a~ innings. Th.e Claremnt Club pen mg. the hattmg, ~. H. Richards was the nly.l bnts~an wh fr awhle- sucessfully reshted tbe. bwlng f. Kuys and the prfessinal, but with! the fifth wlc~et dwn fr 50 runs, Edgar Bisset a~d N, Pauhng made < sland, and brugh~ n a dn!>le change f bwlinlr, Pauling was ut at P6: A:ssted b~ C. P. de Vi/liers and. Diffrd, E.. B,sset entmued. t treat the bwling with free- f dam, thugh twards the end he gave mre l than,ne c~. H. Cader was very dfetive n ging' nt.bow)z.:: ~ 'unjngs at a h clsed fr ~fi2, C. Yr!nc~, ~ '.,;ad.irps' d, kept wicket in anythmg u his usua frm, The Cape Twn men, n talq~jg up the, defensive, at first attempted t frcg the game! with the bject f, if pcssible, getting the tuds in' the tw hurs refllajning fr pl}y. But the i ",tta.k by V. van der Byl.nd E, Bisset was t severe, and their trundling buld nt be trifled with. The fight gt wrse t, and tbe wike~~ fell quickly, Three were dwn fr 3,-sb: fr 45, and seven fr 55, Calder aad.a. Secull were the nly batsmen t. make imy sfiw s t;hat lit the call f tim~ there were nly three wickets left t fall, and the Cape 'l'qwn C,C. was still 86 runs in arrears. Scres and anajys~s : Or,AREMON!!.',. W, H, R'chards, 0-4.Smnts. ij Xuys.. E. S, Steytler, lit Prine b Knys.... E, 2isgd, c E'eccull b Mills 2n 0' F M. Bisset, c Snb b Mills B sf ~ 0', 2 3. V. van der Byl, b Mills'.. le. Bisset, nt ut '.... f N. Pauling, :c-seccull b Kuys C. P. de Vi:liers; b Calder.... Diffrd, 0 and b Oalder... C. van Reenen, 0 Kuys b Calder.. F. Myburgh, c and b Seccull. Extr L ~ Bwlilg Analysis. F. Kuys..?;~8. ~ds. Mills '" G. Rws 6 2 s.i-eeull.. 6'2 Calder ~. '" 6. C4PE TgWN~ C. Priuce, 0 Myburgh b Van der Byl J. P. Rgers, c De Villiers b Bisset H. Calder, run ut... ~.... f Andf'rsn, 0 Sfeytler b""bisset. A. W. Seccull, e and b Van der Byl E. M. Dawsn-Phmaa, run OUt 'Mills, nt ut G. Cripps, c Pauling b Van der Byl Kuys,.nt ut... Ertraij t L.~. Smuts and Rwe t bat, M,Bisset. Vall der Byl ~wlilg :2l.nalysis. Ovrs, Mdns; 4 3,* 3 Bns, a f '" 2.. Q! 0 i.. a! "'-~ 52/ Wkt8 8. ~... t

77 CAPE TO\iVN'C~C,f -~ : ANNUM" '!\EETKG. i HO);. J. H. HOF~~~:r;.'S EKCOURAGE.! he~l., ' CR.CKET AXD FXAXCE. ~--"""'e.tir;:-.} j. en.. ed pssible that uid be n annual meering- f the wn Cricket Club, but there was lchce ::t the meeting n.lfridav f. ck f interest, < ca[litti att d~n( il thr.;ks - t the energies f.ent.husiastic ~embers f the club taken a new Lease r life.,l'he lin, J. 'H. Hlmeyr, as been us c:-zstm fr many years past;l whenever ~S, health permitted, a.)fa.intast.i,!,lis lji'act'~aj llltercst n the du by presl lng,,ig.;.. ~ r- - ~~ v..t;muts, Fer-ris. Smuts, S. E. lrwood, '. Hlmes,W. i.~. Yeman, and many thers, THE YEAR'S WORK. The reprt dealt part icular ly with che financial psitin, and shwed "that wing t<:l_ depreciatin f "gates," and falling ",ucr 00 t -. - " hffi en m membership, the revenue last year 0\':8 nt sufficint.t pay fr the rent f the field at Newlands, which it was stated was a-cmparatively lw rental. Allusin was me.d t a special meeting ( recently held, in rder t nsider ::,he Jilsi )::n, and t the indebtedness t th effrts f \,'. \Y. V. Simkins, wh had persnally secured many new members f gd tal-ent. ] n spite f depressin. ~we.ver;- and falling ff f membership, t was' pinted ut. that debit balance had been reduced frm 26 9s. t 5,,but this was due t J receipts frm the Pageant and the Clurcd ''urn amenf," A luck f keenness n tne l pu,rt {)f junir members was "Huded t, and the rc{)or~ gene-rally dealt vrv th, rughly with f:he 'wrkings f the club in a 8 a60 that was nt. withnt f R. HOFMEYKSENCO'GRAGEMENT. The H~n. J. H. Hfrneyr, speaking in! re; ~ the club, with which he has. 7-"~~.ill.t9(! k'i!fi&. i~,mrmati,n, n e nl:5ill}_'y f cricket, 'said --;tea. the i,l'eprh;" reminded him f th Jin;afl{)ial i ~tat(>ment8. presented in anther' place : it spice f' rue <iepre,,jvn. and f the pssiililit~<'l th«dlt{)..\;ioil'.&' fared with a deficit <f sme 60 at the end f the f a time when <retrenchment was in the air, he hped that they wuld still retain the servic-esf their tw prfessinals and wuld ~tju. rtai bth g'wunc;ls, even thltgh, by ("utf'.expenses n manv rhcr '\w ~~,. ih(' 0 ""j]! l-e f.:wpd \"ir.i' a deficit." at t:6{j ~ end f rbe seusn.: Au l:ttedly it WUg a deficiency, but it was nt,an lf\,.!"nllli~ ne, Last vcar they thug':;.b,hat lllh utlk was bad, but the d,"b had cm.e Dut much,hetier than in pr Hiu, 3'0';;"'" ~md h<ld r ':!uc'ed their d('fi ~ict!':~' Th,is he thught was a 5pJeiluid!.r5.;< ~n:j]..~'}l t.)~, as they wm;ld say in.. anther" place." n sprt, hwever, it was essential t keep mving, and whar was a dficieney, even f 50, with a. club pssessing th reput.atin and recrd f the Gape Twn (;.0., witn its list.r presidents, vice-presidents, hn. members, and " gdness knws what." He felt that there wuld be nc d.fficuiry iu making up that -ddicicnt",,:\-, and, n s ding he particulacly alluded ':...:r ' ":\-_ v_ t-nlklns.~,vhl) t :h~ h~(j raci'litrna'.c 'hdr:~)l'~r)~.mem\lers, t the- cx.timt f SOl ie u.:> '0\. " E\'en ~f have t surrender my C-JlP.tie,"- ~dd }h'. Hf0Yl', " pledge my wrd ' that the-dcfici : will be met. dn't thin~' ~ it will ever X necessary t d t.nut., but l if funds d nt 'cme in a..~expected, - shall,h ve t tackle sme f rh ciuh's i fr.iend~ myself,. and if canl~.qt -gc-t.;jcr (:0 guucas, UY na'2u}is ns J0rl -{- ii?yr. ~~ Cnuirniing, ~r. Hfmeyr said that 'they hud!0 reasn {. s"f0uc,abut the>'; r psirin, but there was n reasn t be disappinted. Last vcar was nt best year f rhe club, but ne club C.a.3'DOt be always champins. f they \f,'re il-'v\:-;ys at the tp f the uree, 'what wuld the ther pr clubs dr 'They wulu die ut, and then tlier wuld be n C't,m~'eti t:n and n cricket. He asked them all t pay partie-alar attentin t the advice f 'i.ihcir, ;0 t.urn ut fr any math fot which thv were selected,!!qg qo he disheartceed f l they lst, and t' play the g.am6 fot ihe sake f the game.. He- particula nlv wished t refer t bba j exceptinal services rendered t ilia du by r.l~--rs. w. V,. Simkins, Hrwd. Cr- mack.. and hped tillirt Gherumu:rs current, that :5. D. anti S. J. Snlre had severed their cnnectin witit the. club were a;tq.,vet.her untrue. The, haia alwavs been!assciated wit.'> rhe club, and le.h~, '~~'" ~n.tib!w (-0 d~' rr:-: ~. n#ncltisin,,]\r. Hfmeyr said : "~' S th. ~.wentj'.fir5t. year f w~ dtltb's <'x.), enc, it was drmd 2? years ag, and< was present at its,b,rfjl,.::\t.w, we must make ur. cming f a,ge a ntable QCC:v sin, Being- 'Present at its ibirth, naeurally want t be in at its cmin f aze. '[here has always 'X'l :J. sa"ing- that w!h~, r die the Cape Twn C.C. arc t bury ~e. have always apprved, in ~ct, it my wish, and desire nthing betfer, i but ",hat is t becme f my funeral if the Gape Twn C.C. ware t PlES ORt f! existence 'befre That must never b~ allwed '0 happen, and nev-er ''-'i.jl.'' : (i,..'ud a."'plamc-.) ','Mr. Simkins, in supprbing, hped t,ha.t. t.jiat funeral wuld il pstpned fr many, ' marry 'years. The club shuld' never' he allwed t ~ t tpae wall, and'.w~il th.atllk 09 the chairman fr the sentimsnts ex. / pressed dn regard t his itbl effrts, n", culd OQ,l,'" say nhat he ihad had. assistan<lp' wherever he had asked,, 'Dhev muse unde\~tand that the financial -psitin f the club was secure. f finances were \V'ant., ['ad filley wuld be rtllicmmg; they must r~3'llse the backing uba t :tihey :iuvd' he. hind t;hem. t was nt a questin f fin. awe; fr th:a>twas' assured,,but tihe members must: pi,,!, cireg&me il'ighlft. thru~h fr a wul/) <Uk.t was in.its.twenty iirst v:;"'';' culd never be allwed t.g t the wa:il, He hped t Be4 illts 'fiftieth anniversary. ~f<l/l6ts. Hrwd and DOW'Gr wamrlvsupprted th3 t>w <previus speakers n b.half f ;ld",cluj). )One latter in '- speech f sme Te.ngth grvmg the,mtin~ t'lle' general id-ea f the 'irrrcntins f th crn'l mittee in regard t the wrk f tllc rtheming seasn. OF.FlCERS FOR THE YEAR. 'l'he electin f fficers <fr the ensuinz seasn resulted as fllws, Patrn Hi~ Excellency the Gvernr. n regard t. the electin f vice-patrns, illr. Hfmevr 'paid a trmu,te t t>he memry f the la.te- Arch; bishp, wh,b,ad always ta.ken a practical interest ill the wrking f th club as ne f their vice-patrn T.he' vacancy was nt filled' meantime. Other viee-pabrns elected were: Vicc-Adenira! Sir E. Pe. ~a.jr-gene.ral Si,,. R. HM-t, :'r. DunCl!n Baxter, M.L.A. (Mayr f Crpe TOWll) ln. W. P. Schreiner, K.-D., Hn. D. fl, de V. Grad, M,L-C., and Cu ~~~~.d~'"b'~an

78 "7.'r<'Tu: _ U:-.'CTl!}C"fl. ~'~--~ rtlu r-rrrr~'p n:ea-nmm:e. crtrr~u., was nt an nla,rmill;! n~~ Last' Y0M.they elected were: Vice-Admiral Sir E. Pe. thught 'lh&t the utlr.k was bad, but; the '.Ma,jr-General SiJ' R. Hart, ~r. DunC<!D club 'htd cme ut much,hcltgr than in pre- Baxter, ~.L.A. (Mayr f Cape Twn),, vicus years,,"ld had reduced their dcfi- -fun. '\T. P. Schreiner, K.-c., Hn. D. ciency. This he thught was a splendid P, de V. Graaff, ~i.l.c., and Cuncillr»chievemeut, f. Liberman; president, Hn, J.. '." Persnal iy, he shngl:;- recmmended the Hfrneyr. :;}ft. Hfmyr.,by unanimus ~ club t keep Oil as tlw:, had in-ended. reslutin f f.he mting, was als elected. i'lw}\ might argue that they shuld, -nt! as n life member f the du~..vice-presirnbark n an undel't~k! ll.'nt"~ denrs : Messrs.' W. \. Simkins, L. B. T,~efiC'ic tlcy <t the <'nct. lat was J Smuts, W. Sleigh, T..s. Lawt0. J,. H. Andersn,. and J. He:mema:nn; captain,. :\::. S. R Herwd, ~ioc-cl).pta, :'\i.r. ').. ( Ccmmaille, hn, secretary, Mr. F.,\V. Yeman ;!hod. treasurer, ~r. J. Cr-, mack; ssistarrt ihql. 'tre2suxer, ~r~ N. t {!:' E-~l,ith: ~~lt.ree,_ Mcesrs.. ~:, \'ihiug}.h;v, ~'~""'" R"""", k=, l~th, and Ritchie ;" delegates t Wr{lr~ Cric.ket T'nin, }fessrb. S. E. Hrw~,,!,d. Sn).a~; alternat : d!al.,- gat""?i,' '=a.n..:\3lty,new metbers, rt.

79 a,.-.s xl declared drawn. The Standard were lucky in getting the respectable ttal f 93 ff the Garrisn bwling, fr thugh ver 60 runs had been scred when thefirst wicket fell; the ttal was nly 07 when the ninth wicket went dwn, Lance-Crpral Vkes causing cnfusin in the Standard 'ranks by bwling Denby, reland, and Harte with COsecutive balls. The last man t g in was Arnld, his partner G. Andersn. The pair played" ducks and drakes" with the Garrisn bwling, aud -despite frequent changes, a separatin culd nt if' be effected, until the scre had risen t 93. Andersn, wh had made -(, was theu bwled by McCrmick, aud Arnld triumphantly carried ut his bat fur 50, btained by free and vigrus hitting. The last wicket put n 80 runs, and thus it was that the Standard were enabled t bast f the eminently respectable ttal f 93. The GarriSQu pui n seven bwlers, Vkes being-thcr-ltost successful. securing-ful' Tr 36. ~ ~.0' At Durban, the mst imprtant match 0 thr cards had als t be abandned, after ju8 s ver half-an-hur's play. The-teams eugaged wen.', the Wanderers and the Zingari. The latter went in first t bat, Dan Taylr and Ridgway pening.,~ ''he last-named was dismissed after getting a dzen runs, and Harry Taylr filled the vacancy Rain descended shrtly afterwards, and it was decided t abandn furthe.: play, the scre standing at 53 fr the lss f ne wicket. -t a '8 On the nrthern brder f the Clny, willw : wielders appeal' t have been mre frtunate, fr.e rival teams f Charlestwn aud Vlksrust met and.e played a match t the bitter end. The Vlksrust k eleven, which included several well-knwn players, 's prved t strng altgether fr the ppsing d team, which was beaten by 23 runs. Fr the winners, Peter Thmpsn, the well-knwn Sctch player, carried ut his bat fr 02 runs, his scre, including tw 6's, ne 5, h three 4's, and nine 3's. M. D. Harvey's scre 0, 46 was the next best cntributin t the ttal f.7;) fr tw wickets, cmpiled by Vlksrust, whils ~ Mr. F. W. Murray, the wner f Chanticleer, Devilment and Marc, made 8. Charlestwn :_ were dismissed fr an aggregate f 52, bbetsn e and Backstrm being the nly batsmen t gel a int duble figures. e Thmpsn's "century" makes the tenth that has been scred in Natal this seasn, "Skilly'- well heads the list with fur scres f ver!l hundred, and the ther batsmen wh gt int three figures are L. H. Gray (Hiltn Cllege), D. :; C. Davey (Durban Wanderers), Capt. Newland e Garrisn), Capt. Bell-Smyth (Gvernment Huse), and C. T. Him~ (M.O.C). Frty Natal playen ve made scres f 50 and ver, SewelL being innded in this list als, with cntributins f 9() d ra The Maritzbure C.C. are frtuuate in their acquisitins. The latest, hear, is C. R-.Varndell, member f the Surrey 2nd, wh has recently arrived in the city frm Beira, With 'Sewell. Taberer, Frster, and the latest additin, th~ C.C. shuld find n difficulty in securiuz ths pinship. 0 General satisfactin is felt ill Natal thahj. O. H t _ well and D. C. Davey have signified their willi sm.. t g t England next year, shuld their services be required. Shuld they be selected jc: - al will be wrthily represent-ed. -.,. --- (Allen 2), that he caused a -s?n-satinby punis~ing Hearne t the extent f 6 ne ver-s-straight drives fr 4, 6 (clean n t the statin rad), 2 and anther 4. Hearne did nt make any mvement t take the ball when it came t-his next turn, but Miltn asked him t cntinue, He did s with effect, having his revenge f the Old Dicesan by fa little later, and the Prvince men were 'mighty glad t see the back f s brilliant a-hitter. With the game as it stands, Prvince 60, Cape T}Vl57 fr three wickets, neither side can bast f advantage, and there is all the mre reasn why an attempt shuld be made t restart extra early t-mrrw, therwise there will be n pssibility f playing the match ut. t is a misnmer t term games in which playis nt cmmencedltill tw 'clck in the afternn "twqday" matches, necessitatingthe applicatin f the rule that such matches cannt be decided n the first innings. these cntests are nt played fr being lst r wn, the public interest that nw attaches t them will fade away: t is highly imprbable that a result can be cme t in a game when nt eight' hurs are allwed fr the playing f tw innings each side. Play shuld be recmmenced at the latest, tmrrw mrning, tt eleven, if any prspect f a finish is t be btained. "Cllegian" writes as fllws :-Sir,-As many peple have run away with the errneus idea that lthe" champinship" match played n the 2st instant was an inter-cllegiate cntest, shall be very much bliged t yu if yu will be s kind and enlighten them by inserting a small paragraph t that. affect in the next number f the Review. Thrngh this miserable dispute abut the Law Class, we, the tw Clleges, have nt yet cme t an agreement, ana cnsequently cannt play an nter-cllegiate match in the strict sense f the term. Alb, the match was played under the rules f the W.P.C. Unin and therefre cannt be classed as an nter- D.clkgi~ t st as we have s far always played under thse-drawn up Fiy tlletw Clleges. This match, like & Cup matches, will nt be placed upn the recrds as an nter-cllegiate cntest. : Many thanks jr yu having mentined ur actin with regard t arbitratin. We are ging t try -and have the questin thrashed ut by " Old Bys," frm bth places f curse. This questin f the "law students" is still exerting the minds f all cnnected with the Clle~es, and the bye-law f the Cricket Unin i tuching the lcal champinships, which leaves it ptinal fr a law student t play fr a Cllege if he chses, was the subject f keen discussin at a meeting f the Unin n Mnday. The q~estin as t the reading f t~e rule was raised '> a prtest frm th«cupf Times C.C., n ' acc~uut f the Suth Africau Cllege cleven against them having included ne r mre law students. Th general pinin was expressed that it is nt desirable that any students shuld be played fr ue cllege iu preference t uutherwhen their studies d nt uter int the curriculum uf < striet cllege curse, but as it stands the byelaw clearly allws a lp-hle. As it ~stands, the b,\"la.w wuld allw, say, eleven uieu+-shuld their cricket be cnsidered superir t that f the prper cllege bys-wh might have received their the Dicesan ur Victria Cllege, t play fr the Suth \'frican 90h'ge, by virtue f their becmiug law st rdents ill twn in cnnectin with the University. Such t privilege cannt frm an incentive t the develpment f the game amng the cllege beys ure aud simpl ~~~--~=--.--~------~' -i

80 v-- tft'f;( 0 r. / llhlstem Prvince Cridret Unin. Sealer ---.p--.!.ampbnship. Redmj Sta.H'i by Cape 'Wu. -, J

81 "

82 ...: 8 Sprting Ntes. Cricket. SOUTH AFRCAN REViEW. praise as Rwe, thugh f curse he nly suffers by cmparisn-wltich they say is dius-and he als' has every reasn t feel satisfied with his latest feat. Having hpe dne the bwlers full justice, must add that they have t thank the batsmen in allwing The sle tpic f cnversatin in cricket circles them t d s well. With 2 runs t get n a gd during the week has been the extrardinary termina- wicket there was nt the least need fr excessive, tin f the W.P.C.O. v;-cape Twn match.iaad-e-t a almst nervus and panicky cautin. f Reid and certain sectin-the n less extrardinary, s-called Richards had played their rdinary game and driven unsprtsmanlike, cnduct f the W.P.C.C. captain. the ball hard inst ad f simply patting it runs must The latter may be dismissed in a very fe~r_d",s_"""".lnj!tl.cdme. Again, many runs were lst by nt playfrmer wuld. require a bk t d it justce, and, Jng the ball slwly t the cvers and running. The, indeed, have met several peple wh have talked batsmen std as if glued t their grund, and by like a bk and, mrever, enugh t fill a gd big having a silly pint in frnt f them, the cvers were bk n the subject. allwed t stand very deep in perfect safety, and thus,. cver a tremendus lt f grund, indeed it was almst Firstly, then, as t Mr. Bisset's actin. He has impssible te get a hit thrugh them. A cuple f been vilently slandered by a large number f dashing batsmen wuld have changed the whle gam~ cricketers and thers wh are nt aware f the reasns i)ten minutes, and that was the game sme f the which prmpted Mr. Bisset t act as he did. Under Prvince men must learn if they are t be reckned the circumstances, it wuld have been better had thse f accunt as really capable all-rund cricketers. gentlemen suspended judgment instead f indulging in i--' "'- --- vilent and excited tirades against a man whse (. reputatin had previusly been unsullied by ally unsprtsmanlike behaviur. am in pssessi. f his reasns, aud am able t say that they are' ve~'y gd nes, thugh n gd purpse can be served by making them public. The Cape Twn captain and the acting captain last Saturday tm. P. S. Jnes) have been furnished by the W.P.C.C. captain with his reasns fr refusing t allw Andersn t field, and bth have expressed themselves sansfied, ''here the matter \ A certain individual, wh evidently wishes t ends. As Mr. Cripps said in his letter t the Cape pse as a great authrity n clnial cricket, has 'illllel, n Wednesday mrning :-" Mr. Bisset's actin been airing his pinins in the clumns f a is quite understandable frm a sprting pint f view, Jhannesburg newspaper in regard t the players -that.ught, t be selected fr the prpsed team and has given rise t an unnecessary amunt f fr Eugland. Judging frm the furteen names criticism and talk.",. enumerated, it wuld seem as if this g-reat racle did nt entertain a very exalted pinin f the abilities f cricketers resident in the Western Pr- vince. He credits Parkin with being the best bwler in Suth Mricac While the Prt Elisabeth. _"",, man is universally admitted t be a very gd" bwler, very few gd judg-es f the game are prepared t g-quite as far as that. After naming players like nnes, Kempis, Wimble and ne r tw ther trundlers with fair reputatins, he cndes- 3.'0 turn. t_the mre pleasant side f the game must cngratulate Caj.e Twn n the magnificl nt up-hill game they played. Prince's innings-e-whicc is nw almst ancient histry=-gave them an uts de chance and Rwe and Middletn wrked like lightning t make the mst f it. Prince's 2 is the finest innings have ever seen him ]clay and have knwn him since he wre knickerbckers. He ught t have been caught (ff Graham at deep leg-a fairly easy catch-befre he reached dubles, but thereafter he gave a display (f glrius all-rund the wicket play; late cuts, square cuts, frward cuts, ff drives, n drives, leg hits, glides, were there in prfusin, and every strke "perfect f its kind. ''he trundlers, except Graham, were helpless against him and, fine as was the subsequent bwling f the crack left-handers, am inclined. t give him the greatest credit fr the psitin in which (;a{-6 Twn ultimately fund them-. selves, When the Prvince went in it was any dds n them until Hfmeyr left, when fr sme unknwn reasn Reid and Richards settled dwn t a champin display f the gse game. 'hiti" as tllwe up by ther batsmen n the side.with the result that Rwe and Middletn tumbled t the situatin and, simply keeping a j ertectength, made n attempt t get men eut, relying n the batsmen's wn mistakes and the failing light t d the damage. The expected happened, three r tur f the best men n the sie after lng perids f defence at length fell, and then the. weak Prvince taic@dt battleina- fast+ waning,.... "' ""t!i... ~""' against sme f the best bwling ever seen at Newlands. t has been said that the game shuld have been played ut n baturday night, Certainly it shuld have been and wuld have but fr ne-very in.pi tant reasn. :he game ught t have been crnmencen at nun n Saturday, but the Cape Twn men insisted n deducting the hur and a quarter's play which tk place n Thursday evening. 'lhe '" estern Prvince captam therefre had n alter_ative but t give thsm their pund f flesh ar.d nut an unce verweight.! Returning t the grand feat f R0>e and Middletn n praise can be t extravagant tr such a. perfr- \ msnce, Rwe bwled much the better f the tw, keeping up right thrugh the mnings-c-tb ree hurs and ten minutea-c-and all but the nrst half. hu acainst tl.e lilnd. B:"" kngth culd nt have bee all e "dgmlnt. Middltt U.ll ut leg-befre ~X::-T:J:l&(' s grea cends t remark that,' as he hears that Middlet~ has ~l!!p.r"edas-a.lllllvler, he might be included it the team. The very idea. f placing- a man i!; v. Middletn after players named abve cleal~; prves that this. wuld-be authrity is nt very.well pste.d in cricket matters. ''he nly ther players at this end wrthy f a place as tail enders f (accrding t that authrity) being- F Hearne and j 'V vau der Byl, He admits that he des nt knw, much abut E Allen, but what he des knw: wuld nt lead him t name Allen as a member f the team. Such an admissin.nly prves that he has nt kept himself psted re the result f impr- i tant fixtures duringthe present seasn. Allen, by! his perfrmances up t date, stands in the very frnt rank f Suth African cricketers, and wuld be picked by all sund and impartial judges f the game fr such a trip, in preference t any f the players mentined abve, with the exceptin f thse sterling' cricketers Frank Hearne and Middletn, As was nly t be expected, the writer, being a Jhannesburg mall, cannt discern a wiketkeeper wrthy f the name after Halliwell. t is evident that this great. authrity has never seen - perhaps never heard-f Prince r Castens, either f whm, r thugh perhaps nt s shwy, are cnsidered by thusands f peple t be very little if, indeed, at. :Lin et;il.u; his very best;:- t wuld d this gentleman, wh has taken upn himself the J- self-impsed task f selecting the team, a pwer f gd t be present at the cntemplated turnament t be held at Newlands during Easter. He will then, it may ba fr the first time perhaps, have the pleasure f witnessing cricket f a quality that cannt fail but CO]] vince him that there are sme fairly gn players utside f the Transvaal after.all /

83 ~DAY, MARCH 6, 953 Senir cricket champins, Cape Twn, phtgraphed during their match against V.C.T. at P!umstead n Saturday. T.p. (L t '.), Mr,. S. H0'wd, the Ld Cape Twn Springbk, K. HeLdsinger, N. Thmas, L. Treadaway, N. BaguLey, R. Lear, P. Jaffer, E. Lindsay (screr). Frnt, G. SLmn, S. Swansn, R. VaLentine, R. Hward, J. BelL

84 Senir cricket champins, Cape Twn, phtgraphed during their match against V.C.T. at Plumstead an Sa day. T{}p (. t r.), Mr. S. Hrwd, the ld Cape T Springbk, K. Heleisinger. N. Thmas, L. T e:~"'.at.;:-u., ', Bagulell. R. Leer, P. Jaffe~, E. L'ndsay (screr. - G. S ~,S. Su-ansn. R. alentine, R. H -i'

85 DE BtrRGmt, \V"OENBnAO, -] ~AAR'f'-~, E krieketspan van klub Kaapstad wat vanjaar die beker in die senir krieketkmpetisie D van die Westelike Prvinsia ver'wer het. "Die spelers is van links na regs (agter) : R. Valentine, P. Jaffer,~. Treadaway,.mnr. S. E. Hrwd (beatuurslid), R. Lear, N..Baguley, E. Lindsay (tellinghuer), N. Thmas. Vaal': K. Heldsinger, G. Slmn, B. Swansn (kapteim, J.. Bell en R. Hward. ' L -- ~ _ ==============~~==~========~====

86 E -krieketspan van klub Kaapstad wat vanjaar die beker in die senir krieketkmpetisie D van die Westelike Prvinsi ver'wer het. Die spelers is van links na regs (agter) : R. Valentine, P. Jaffer,"L. Treadaway, mnr. S. E. Hrwd (bestuurslidt, R. Lear. N..Baguley, E. Lindsay (telllnghuer), N. Thmas. Vr: K. Heldsinger, G. Slmn, B. Swansn (kaptein), J. Bell en R. Hward.

87 -SATSFY. q MR.._A.. H. H/iRTLEY Jrights), secretary f th~ Western Prvince Cricket Unin, hands.0vet. the First Diisien cnampiflf ship cup t Mr. V.Culling, secretary f the. Cape Twll Cricket. Club. The Cape Twn club inscriptin already appears n the cup- t times. They Wn it fr five successive years wben 'H the cup was first presented in 895, and again in 902, and 92...

Girls T20 Smash U16 Playing Conditions

Girls T20 Smash U16 Playing Conditions Girls T20 Smash U16 Playing Cnditins 1. Team Cmpsitin Maximum 9 n the field. Players shuld be Under 16 n 1 September f the current seasn. ACA is lenient n granting dispensatins t allw players t play at

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Girls T20 Smash U16 Playing Conditions

Girls T20 Smash U16 Playing Conditions Girls T20 Smash U16 Playing Cnditins 1. Team Cmpsitin Maximum 9 n the field. Players shuld be Under 16 n 1 September f the current seasn. ACA is lenient n granting dispensatins t allw players t play at

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Girls T20 Smash U13 Playing Conditions Girls T20 Smash U13 Playing Cnditins 1. Team Cmpsitin Maximum 9 n the field. Players shuld be Under 13 n September 1. ACA is lenient n granting dispensatins t allw players t play at the right level fr

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IPSHA Cricket Laws (Updated 2017)

IPSHA Cricket Laws (Updated 2017) Criteria fr Cricket Grupings IPSHA Cricket Laws Three frms f the game will be played. Traditinal Mdified - Super 8 T20 Blast Aims and Objectives Our General Aim is t prvide an pprtunity fr all players

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Badminton. Introduction. Origin

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Conclusive Evidence: ICC Elite Match Officials Workshop: Dubai Sept Caught Decisions - Conclusive Evidence Guidelines

Conclusive Evidence: ICC Elite Match Officials Workshop: Dubai Sept Caught Decisions - Conclusive Evidence Guidelines Cnclusive Evidence: ICC Elite Match Officials Wrkshp: Dubai Sept 2013 Instructin The primary fcus f the 3 rd Umpire shuld be t find cnclusive evidence that the riginal n field umpire s decisin was incrrect.

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WHITECROSS DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Girls Under 14 T20 WHITECROSS DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Girls Under 14 T20 2018 General Infrmatin Except as specifically prvided fr hereinafter, the Laws f Cricket (2018 Cde) and any subsequent changes shall apply t all matches.

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YKC FLYBALL QUALIFIER REGULATIONS FLYBALL REGULATIONS YKC FLYBALL QUALIFIER REGULATIONS DEFINITION The YKC hsts ne Flyball cmpetitin final at Crufts. T qualify fr this final, teams must cmpete in YKC Flyball classes held at appinted licensed

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FCS Bowl. Determined at the national level. For more information, please visit

FCS Bowl. Determined at the national level. For more information, please visit FCS Bwl Descriptin: Entries: State Awards: Natinal Awards: Participants will wrk as a team t answer varius cnsumer and life skills riented questins. Teams shuld cnsist f fur members and may have ne alternate.

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Recreational Sports Racquetball Rules

Recreational Sports Racquetball Rules Recreatinal Sprts Racquetball Rules Mdificatins have been made t suit BYU-Idah Recreatinal Sprts prgrams. Rule 1: Players Racquetball is an individual sprt, as such each team shall cnsist f ne (1) player.

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RULES. Dates. Saturday, March 3rd - Sunday, March 4th. Address. API 740 Route 3 South Gambrills, MD Phone: (410) Parking.

RULES. Dates. Saturday, March 3rd - Sunday, March 4th. Address. API 740 Route 3 South Gambrills, MD Phone: (410) Parking. Dates Saturday, March 3rd - Sunday, March 4th Address API 740 Rute 3 Suth Gambrills, MD 21054 Phne: (410) 923-2100 Parking Please see attached Prperty Diagram. Families are encuraged t park in API's verflw

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Central Highlands Cricket Inc.

Central Highlands Cricket Inc. PO Bx 336, Emerald QLD 4720 ABN N. 29 959 509 658 CHCI Junir frmat: Rules 2017/2018 Seasn Belw are the adpted CHCI changes t New Junir Cricket frmats fr each f the 3 age grups (U11,

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WHITECROSS DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Boys Under 14 T20 WHITECROSS DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Bys Under 14 T20 2018 General Infrmatin Except as specifically prvided fr hereinafter, the Laws f Cricket (2018 Cde) and any subsequent changes shall apply t all matches.

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Can't wing practices, plan in advance! Hurley keeps practices for several years to compare current quality of practice Stick to what you write down!

Can't wing practices, plan in advance! Hurley keeps practices for several years to compare current quality of practice Stick to what you write down! I. Practice Essentials -Put it Dwn n Paper Can't wing practices, plan in advance! Hurley keeps practices fr several years t cmpare current quality f practice Stick t what yu write dwn! -Alternate Hard

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General Industry Toolbox Talks. Providing Excellence in Regulatory Compliance Management Systems

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Prospect Park Baseball Association PEE WEE DIVISION RULES Revised January, 2011

Prospect Park Baseball Association PEE WEE DIVISION RULES Revised January, 2011 Prspect Park Baseball Assciatin PEE WEE DIVISION RULES Revised January, 2011 The games in the Pee Wee Divisin f Prspect Park Baseball Assciatin are being played fr instructin and fun. The emphasis is n

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SMALL SIDED FOOTBALL 2012 Blacktwn Districts Sccer Ftball Assciatin Incrprated. SMALL SIDED FOOTBALL 2012 GUIDELINES FOR CLUB ADMINISTRATORS, SSF CO-ORDINATORS COACH S & REFEREES Nn Cmpetitive & Small Sided Ftball Frmats & Rules

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2016 CONGU Handicapping Changes

2016 CONGU Handicapping Changes 2016 CONGU Handicapping Changes The changes fr the 2016 glfing seasn are nw finalised and will be implemented frm 1 st March 2016. It was intended that these changes came int frce n 1 st January 2016,

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CPE GAMES CLASSES COLORS. Object: Successfully run your choice of one of the two over-lapping mini-agility courses on the same field

CPE GAMES CLASSES COLORS. Object: Successfully run your choice of one of the two over-lapping mini-agility courses on the same field COLORS Object: Successfully run yur chice f ne f the tw ver-lapping mini-agility curses n the same field Scring: All bstacles must be perfrmed successfully t qualify unless within the faults allwed Levels

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KNOTHOLE BASEBALL, INC. AA Baseball 2019 KNOTHOLE BASEBALL, INC. AA Baseball 2019 MANAGERS MEETING: M a y 4 th, 10: 0 0 A M Blue Ash Sprts Cmplex(Crsley Field) *** T E A M R E G I S T R A T I O N *** The Team Registratin and rster frms alng with

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Barney Indoor Sports Soccer League Standards

Barney Indoor Sports Soccer League Standards Barney Indr Sprts Sccer League Standards All players must: Acknwledge and agree t all Facility rules and prcedures, including thse regarding registratin, waivers, rules and cnduct Pay prmptly all financial

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OFFICIAL RULES FIELD: OFFICIAL RULES FIELD: The kickball diamnd is a square with equal sides f apprximately 60 feet. There will be a pitcher s circle that designates the 'area f cntrl'. Once the ball is returned t this area

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Activity 2: The Incredible Journey

Activity 2: The Incredible Journey Activity 2: The Incredible Jurney Overview Backgrund Infrmatin Objectives Time Materials Advance Preparatin Setting the Stage Cnducting the Activity Wrap-Up Enrichment Salmn swimming up a waterfall. Pht

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!! 1st/ 2nd Grade. 3rd Grade

!! 1st/ 2nd Grade. 3rd Grade !! 1st/ 2nd Grade 3rd Grade This is an intrductry prgram. Players are put n teams based n request, their schl r prximity t ther players. At this level caches simply wrk with the players n fundamental skills

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Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Adult Co-Ed Indoor Volleyball League Rules

Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Adult Co-Ed Indoor Volleyball League Rules Fayetteville Parks and Recreatin Adult C-Ed Indr Vlleyball League Rules Thank yu fr chsing t play vlleyball in Fayetteville! Equipment Game Ball Parks and Recreatin prvides the fficial game ball fr each

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The guidelines are written for singles events; you should follow the same principles for doubles events

The guidelines are written for singles events; you should follow the same principles for doubles events FIR Summary Guidelines fr Referees Table Tennis The guidelines are written fr singles events; yu shuld fllw the same principles fr dubles events The scre sheet will be handed t the referee by the players

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Recreational Games. Ladder Ball

Recreational Games. Ladder Ball Recreatinal Games Ladder Ball Origin There are several theries n hw Ladder Ball riginated. The game has many different names which makes it difficult t find the first versin. Sme nicknames t Ladder Ball

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MY FIRST SERVE PLAYBOOK. Congratulations On Completing the Game Challenge! I am in the grade. on (Write in today s date)

MY FIRST SERVE PLAYBOOK. Congratulations On Completing the Game Challenge! I am in the grade. on (Write in today s date) Cngratulatins On Cmpleting the Game Challenge! MY FIRST SERVE PLAYBOOK This is t certify that My name is. (write yur full name abve) has met the fllwing requirements fr NJTL s First Serve Life Skills Curriculum

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Age Group/Division Rules

Age Group/Division Rules Age Grup/Divisin Rules Managers shuld read these carefully and take a cpy t each game in case f uncertainty. Junir Divisin 2 11 a side Maximum 5 weaker under 16 players are permitted but nne lder (as at

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PROSPECT UNITED SOCCER CLUB Summer Soccer - RULES OF THE GAME PROSPECT UNITED SOCCER CLUB Summer Sccer - RULES OF THE GAME The nrmal FIFA rules f ftball will apply except in the fllwing situatins: The Pitch The pitch shall be rectangular in shape. The length f the

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Rep Tryout Procedure Guidelines. Supplement to Policy 7 - Rep Hockey. Date Revised: July Version 1.3

Rep Tryout Procedure Guidelines. Supplement to Policy 7 - Rep Hockey. Date Revised: July Version 1.3 Supplement t Plicy 7 - Rep Hckey Date Revised: July 2017 Versin 1.3 1 Table f Cntents Table f Cntents 1 Rep Tryut Prcedure Guidelines 2 Intrductin: 2 Rep Tryut Objectives: 2 Purpse f Player Evaluatin and

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USTA Northern California Junior Team Tennis Section Championship Rules (Updated as of 8/1/16)

USTA Northern California Junior Team Tennis Section Championship Rules (Updated as of 8/1/16) USTA Nrthern Califrnia Junir Team Tennis Sectin Champinship Rules (Updated as f 8/1/16) All Stats & Standings will be n TennisLink: Turnament Directr:

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A AAA A A. BreakAway Speed Sports Training. Soccer Coaching Clinic. 2l Warm Up: 1) General Practice Tips:

A AAA A A. BreakAway Speed Sports Training. Soccer Coaching Clinic. 2l Warm Up: 1) General Practice Tips: Breakway Speed Sprts Training Sccer Caching Clinic Prfessinal Sccer lnstructr, Heather Williams 1) General Practice Tips: t0-15 n tn H\ aøi,!.j a) Practice time shuld nt exceed L hur l-5 mins fr ages U5-U10.

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Best Practices: Hosting a Curling Bonspiel. Thank you to the Grand River, North Bay and Windsor-Essex Chapters for your advice!

Best Practices: Hosting a Curling Bonspiel. Thank you to the Grand River, North Bay and Windsor-Essex Chapters for your advice! Best Practices: Hsting a Curling Bnspiel Thank yu t the Grand River, Nrth Bay and Windsr-Essex Chapters fr yur advice! Time f year Respnses are incnclusive; chapters have held successful bnspiels at the

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Livermore Harley Owners Group RIDING WITH LIVERMORE HOG

Livermore Harley Owners Group RIDING WITH LIVERMORE HOG Livermre Harley Owners Grup RIDING WITH LIVERMORE HOG 2010 Riding with Livermre HOG Table f Cntents Page 1 Welcme Page 2 Ride Planning Page 2 Rad Captains Page 2 Grup Ride Basics Page 3 Grup Riding Prcedures

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Crusader Senior Girls Summer Workout Program:

Crusader Senior Girls Summer Workout Program: Crusader Senir Girls Summer Wrkut Prgram: #1 Ball Handling: It desn t matter whether yu are a pint guard, pwer frward, center, r shting guard yu must have excellent ball handling skills. Develping gd ball

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OH-PIGS Exhibitor Eligibility. OH-PIGS Membership Fee. Competitions

OH-PIGS Exhibitor Eligibility. OH-PIGS Membership Fee. Competitions OH-PIGS Exhibitr Eligibility Ø 3-21 age as f January 1, 2016 Ø Any exhibitr frm ther states may cme t jackpt ages 3-21. Health/Vet papers will be required t participate in OH-PIGS sanctined shws. Ø Must

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Levels of Play, Skill Goals & Coaching Guides: T-Ball:

Levels of Play, Skill Goals & Coaching Guides: T-Ball: s f Play, Skill Gals Caching Guides: T-Ball: T-Ball s 5-6 (as f 12/31, 2017) Ball Tee 10" Sftie NA N N NA Entire Line Up Bats Every Inning Frmatin Frmed by LOGSLL, per neighbrhd and schl N previus skills

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NORTH-EAST WALES NETBALL ASSOCIATION LEAGUE RULES STATEMENT ORGANISATION & ADMINISTRATION The league shall be gverned and managed by the Nrth-East Wales Netball Assciatin cmmittee which may delegate its pwers and authrity in this respect t any sub-cmmittee

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Freshman Baseball Post Season Player Evaluation

Freshman Baseball Post Season Player Evaluation The purpse f this evaluatin is t prvide caches, parents, and players with an idea as t what players shuld be able t d AFTER playing at a particular level and BEFORE entering the next.. At this pint, a

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2018 Charlottetown Ringette Tournament Rules

2018 Charlottetown Ringette Tournament Rules Charlttetwn Ringette Turnament 1. The rules set frth in Ringette Canada Official and Case Bk 2015-2017 will apply, unless mdified by these Turnament. 2. N additinal players can be added t a team s rster

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Helmets must have face mask and chin strap No stealing. Ball must be in play to advance. Tight base rules apply. Yes See below for details.

Helmets must have face mask and chin strap No stealing. Ball must be in play to advance. Tight base rules apply. Yes See below for details. In Field Fly Rule Mercy Rule Ties Allwed Intentinal Walks Balks Called Equipment Base Running/Lead Off Scre Kept Team Frmatin Methd Equal Playtime Rule N Yes Yes N NA Helmets must have face mask and chin

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CWLOA - POSSESSION CLOCK SITUATIONS MECHANICS First Editin CWLOA - POSSESSION CLOCK SITUATIONS MECHANICS NOTES: The fficiating team must cmmunicate with the Pssessin Clck Operatr during pre-game. Be sure t discuss that the peratr will have t start

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1/9/18. To: Wrestling Coaches and A.D.s and Wrestling officials From: Lewie Curtis, IHSAA

1/9/18. To: Wrestling Coaches and A.D.s and Wrestling officials From: Lewie Curtis, IHSAA 1/9/18 T: Wrestling Caches and A.D.s and Wrestling fficials Frm: Lewie Curtis, IHSAA Cngratulatins n the cmpletin f the first half f wrestling s regular seasn. I hpe yu all have the pprtunity t spend sme

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District 6 and Unit 190 (D4) STaC - Conditions of Contest & Reporting Instructions Fall 2018

District 6 and Unit 190 (D4) STaC - Conditions of Contest & Reporting Instructions Fall 2018 District 6 and Unit 190 (D4) STaC - Cnditins f Cntest & Reprting Instructins Fall 2018 Key Infrmatin fr Club Owners: Please read and pst near the scring cmputer fr the directrs use during STaC week. Sanctin

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Game Balls Spooky Nook Sports will provide game balls for all matches. Size 3 (ages U8-U11) and size 4 (ages U12+).

Game Balls Spooky Nook Sports will provide game balls for all matches. Size 3 (ages U8-U11) and size 4 (ages U12+). Our gal is t prvide the highest quality facilities fr futsal training and cmpetitin during the winter mnths. The purpse f league games is t allw teams t play tgether and experience game situatins thrugh

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How to Install a Toilet By See Jane DrillTM Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved

How to Install a Toilet By See Jane DrillTM Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved Hw t Install a Tilet By See Jane DrillTM Cpyright 2013, All Rights Reserved Objective T learn hw t remve an existing tilet and install a new tilet. The steps described in these written instructins and

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WCSC Walnut Tournament 2018

WCSC Walnut Tournament 2018 Turnament Headquarters Heather Farms 1 (HF1) will serve as the Primary Turnament Headquarters. Turnament standings and any ther annuncements pertinent t the turnament will be psted at an infrmatin area

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Clearing Principles in 4 SITUATIONS

Clearing Principles in 4 SITUATIONS Clearing Principles in 4 SITUATIONS Clearing principles in 4 situatins (Nte: Flash mvies f each principle can be fund in the Level 1 resurce library) A quick clear after a sht: After a saved sht, the clearing

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Indoor Soccer Rules. All games will be governed by the following Viking Intramural Program modifications: Players & Equipment

Indoor Soccer Rules. All games will be governed by the following Viking Intramural Program modifications: Players & Equipment Indr Sccer Rules All games will be gverned by the fllwing Viking Intramural Prgram mdificatins: Players & Equipment 1. Eligibility - See Intramural Handbk 2. Each Men s, Wmen s, team shall cnsist f five

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Canada Beach Sports has a Zero Tolerancy Policy for the following items/actions in all Sports.

Canada Beach Sports has a Zero Tolerancy Policy for the following items/actions in all Sports. Players Cde f Cnduct: Canada Beach Sprts wants an enjyable experience fr everyne. In rder t create a psitive envirnment we will strictly enfrce a Cde f Cnduct that all participants in the league are required

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SAIT Recreation Outdoor Soccer Rules

SAIT Recreation Outdoor Soccer Rules SAIT Recreatin Outdr Sccer Rules General Rules: (Mdified frm FIFA) Fr warm up, teams may play with a different ball ther than the ne prvided. Games are tw (20) minute halves with a 5 minute half time break.

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RULES OF THE ROCKY GAMES RULES OF THE ROCKY GAMES On the ccasin f the 10th Gay Games - Paris 2018, the Paname Bxing Club rganizes a funny and sprt games cmpetitin titled "ROCKY GAMES". Participatin in these games implies the apprval

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ARKANSAS PREMIER YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE ARKANSAS PREMIER YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE Article I Name BY-LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS Amended by reslutin f APYFL Members August 5, 2016 The name f this rganizatin shall be Arkansas Premier Yuth Ftball

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MISSOURI STATE 4-H COUNCIL REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE APPLICATION 1 MISSOURI STATE 4-H COUNCIL REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE APPLICATION The Missuri State 4-H Cuncil is an elected bdy f 4-H yuth wh serve fr ne year. Cuncil members help plan and carry ut State 4-H Cngress and

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SPARC Match Rules v1.2

SPARC Match Rules v1.2 SPARC Match Rules v1.2 If an event chses t use nn-standard rules they will make the alteratins clear and publicly available prir t the event. Bt Lad In and Activatin: In arenas where rbt pwer up is pssible

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Published: September 1, 2017 Page 1 of 5

Published: September 1, 2017 Page 1 of 5 2018 USDAA DOG AGILITY STEEPLECHASE & PERFORMANCE SPEED JUMPING SM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT SERIES Published September 1, 2017 USDAA s 2018 Dg Agility Steeplechase turnament series is designed t shwcase

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General Procedures. 2. Player additions may be made at any time during the regular season.

General Procedures. 2. Player additions may be made at any time during the regular season. Intramural Sprts Flag Ftball (7x7) General Prcedures 1. Each player MUST bring their current TAMUG student ID t each game and present it t the fficial in rder t participate. 2. Player additins may be made

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More than one measurement shall be obtained at the 2018 MCAC if either of the following conditions exists:

More than one measurement shall be obtained at the 2018 MCAC if either of the following conditions exists: 2019 IFCS Wrld Team Selectin Rules Cmpetitrs wishing t qualify fr the 2019 IFCS Wrld Team are required t attend the Masters Challenge Agility Cup (MCAC) being held August 23-26, 2018, in Franklin, Tennessee.

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2018 Dance Camp Chicago Rules

2018 Dance Camp Chicago Rules 2018 Dance Camp Chicag Rules General All Cmpetitrs must purchase a weekend pass. Cstumes are strngly discuraged (thugh crdinating apparel is allwed), and bts and hats are nt required. Dance Camp will prvide

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Rules and Code of Conduct

Rules and Code of Conduct U.S. PARMA Sccer Club 560 Springfield Ave. (Suite B) Westfield, NJ 07090 (973) 868-1850 "Passine - Dedizine - Unine" Rules and Cde f Cnduct U.S. PARMA Inaugural Spring Kickff Girls March

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Nile River Festival 2016 January 21 st to 24 th

Nile River Festival 2016 January 21 st to 24 th Nile River Festival 2016 January 21 st t 24 th (versin 2 19 th Jan 2016) General Rules: All cmpetitrs must sign in and pay entry fees n (r befre) the 21st January during the afternn s registratin. N entry

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IFPAA League Rules (Major 11 and 12-year olds)

IFPAA League Rules (Major 11 and 12-year olds) (Majr 11 and 12-year lds) Majr Baseball 11 and 12-year lds GENERAL: This year the kids will make the transitin t the next phase f yuth baseball, a game almst identical t adult, Majr League baseball. Nw

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Indoor Volleyball Rules & Regulations

Indoor Volleyball Rules & Regulations Indr Vlleyball Rules & Regulatins Mdificatins have been made t suit the University f Arkansas-Little Rck Intramural Sprts prgrams. Sectin 1: Eligibility All participants must prvide a current validated

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HAWKS Flag Football Rule Book. First Edition. 1/1/2017 Spring Hill Hawks

HAWKS Flag Football Rule Book. First Edition. 1/1/2017 Spring Hill Hawks HAWKS 2017 Flag Ftball Rule Bk First Editin 1/1/2017 Spring Hill Hawks GAME At the start f each game, captains frm bth teams shall meet at midfield fr the cin tss t determine wh shall start with the ball.

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MYSL Cup Overview. The Michigan Youth Soccer League (MYSL) will administer and govern the MYSL Cup.

MYSL Cup Overview. The Michigan Youth Soccer League (MYSL) will administer and govern the MYSL Cup. MYSL Cup Overview MYSL CUP Overview 2018 The MYSL Cup is a tw-year intra-league cmpetitin that begins each fall fr MYSL - registered U11 teams and cncludes fr thse teams in their U12 Spring seasn. The

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NOCRA Newsletter. Breaking News. In this issue: Breaking News. President s Update. New Rating System. Treasurer s Update. Thank You for the Memories

NOCRA Newsletter. Breaking News. In this issue: Breaking News. President s Update. New Rating System. Treasurer s Update. Thank You for the Memories NOCRA Newsletter September 2012 Breaking News Update Yur Arbiter There are still sme referees that dn t have a picture r phne number in Arbiter. Sme f yur pictures are questinable; please use a gd picture

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Let s go through the mechanics of air resistance that way we can understand why an aero helmet may be a good option for someone.

Let s go through the mechanics of air resistance that way we can understand why an aero helmet may be a good option for someone. Shuld I wear an aer helmet? This is a great questin and ne n hand, the answer is easy: Yes, buy any equipment that will reduce air resistance during cycling. On the ther hand, the answer is mre cmplicated

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SAMPLE COMPETITIVE PRO BY TOM SAUDER FAST BREAK SOCCER SMPLE SMPLE SMPLE SMPLE SMPLE SMPLE SMPLE SMPLE MPETITIVE PR FST REK SER Y TM SUDER Print & G Practice Plans and Drills scre mre gals - win mre games an essential guide fr all sccer caches SMPLE 0 ach

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MECHANICS & TECHNIQUES 3PO MECHANICS & TECHNIQUES 3PO FIBA Main Cmpetitins Summer 2014 2 This material includes mre practical apprach and detailed techniques fr sme key situatins n the curt and it is based n FIBA Referees Manual

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2018 Softball Rules. Minor Division

2018 Softball Rules. Minor Division 2018 Sftball Rules Minr Divisin Nte: All managers and caches are expected t read this guide prir t the start f the seasn t becme familiar with this divisin s rules and standards f play. Page 1 f 10 1.

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Inaugural Fort Christmas Bluegrass & Backyard BBQ Festival

Inaugural Fort Christmas Bluegrass & Backyard BBQ Festival Inaugural Frt Christmas Bluegrass & Backyard BBQ Festival March 24, 2018 T qualify as a Backyard team, the team culd nt have wn a cash prize in a previus BBQ cntest r been cmpensated as a prfessinal BBQ

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YMCA OF GREATER LOUISVILLE AGE 3 YOUTH SOCCER, RULES Updated August 2016 YMCA OF GREATER LOUISVILLE AGE 3 YOUTH SOCCER, RULES Updated August 2016 STANDARDS: Y Sccer Leagues teach kids the basics f the sprt while als helping them make new friends, stay active and learn new skills

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The Serve. Take Control.

The Serve. Take Control. The Serve Take Cntrl THE SERVE Every rally in Handball is initiated with a serve, and thus its imprtance is paramunt. The serve is als the nly time that a player has cmplete cntrl ver

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Sports Categories Details (Rules and Regulations inclusive)

Sports Categories Details (Rules and Regulations inclusive) Rules & Regulatins fr Seafarer participatin in MISL 2017 Sprts Categries Details (Rules and Regulatins inclusive) (1) Table Tennis This is a Singles Turnament nly Separate categries fr Males and Females

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Cosplay Masquerade Grand Final 2018

Cosplay Masquerade Grand Final 2018 Csplay at Shwmasters Csplay Masquerade Grand Final 2018 The Shwmasters Events Csplay Masquerade Grand Final 2018 will be held at Lndn Film and Cmic Cn (LFCC) n Saturday the 28th July 2018. Entering the

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The Ponds at Battle Creek Wednesday Night League (UPDATED 4/24/2018)

The Ponds at Battle Creek Wednesday Night League (UPDATED 4/24/2018) The Pnds at Battle Creek Wednesday Night League (UPDATED 4/24/2018) Rules/Event Descriptins PACE OF PLAY POLICY: See pace f play addendum ***Acknwledged at registratin*** USGA Rules will apply t all events

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ASHE ESWP ASCE. Softball Hat Tournament Rules GENERAL TEAMS WAIVER OF LIABILITY SPORTSMANSHIP WEATHER POLICY ASHE ESWP ASCE Sftball Hat Turnament Rules WAIVER OF LIABILITY GENERAL All participants must agree t the waiver f liability. All participants in the league assume the risk f injury. All vlunteers and emplyees

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ANNOUNCER. - If available, a script may be given to you from the Meet Director.

ANNOUNCER. - If available, a script may be given to you from the Meet Director. SCORETABLE GUIDE ANNOUNCER Yu will annunce the lifter s names as it is their turn t make their attempt and any ther annuncements needed. Yu will be in charge f the flw f the meet and t keep the spectatrs

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Softball Umpire Fitness Testing Protocols. Softball Umpire Fitness Testing Protocols

Softball Umpire Fitness Testing Protocols. Softball Umpire Fitness Testing Protocols Sftball Umpire Fitness Testing Prtcls Sftball Umpire Fitness Testing Prtcls 1 Sftball Umpire Fitness Testing Prtcls PHYSICAL ACTIVITY READINESS QUESTIONAIRE LIST OF STRETCHES CHAIR STAND TEST WALL SIT

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V O L L E Y B A L L C A R N I V A L V O L L E Y B A L L C A R N I V A L Venue: 6/7 - Kings Baptist Grammar Schl - 3 Keithct Farm Dr, Wynn Vale 8/9 & 10/11 - The ARC Campbelltwn - 531 Lwer Nrth East Rad, Campbelltwn General Infrmatin: 1.

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H Livestock Rule Changes/Updates State Fair & County Fair

H Livestock Rule Changes/Updates State Fair & County Fair 2013 4-H Livestck Rule Changes/Updates State Fair & Cunty Fair General Changes Revised 4H 202 Publicatin Iwa 4-H Animal Identificatin, Weighing and Exhibiting Requirements fr Cunty, State and Interstate

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TFS Cheerleading Overview

TFS Cheerleading Overview TFS Cheerleading Overview A TF Suth Cheerleader is ne wh: Puts schl wrk first. Is a psitive rle mdel fr their team, schl, and cmmunity. Is present and n time at all events. Is cnsistently wrking n their

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QUAD COUNTY RECREATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE QUAD COUNTY RECREATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE FLAG FOOTBALL The fllwing Flag Ftball rules are intended as a supplement t the Quad Cunty Recreatinal Ftball League Handbk, and are nt exclusive f the rules fund

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Core Measure: Functional Gait Assessment (FGA)

Core Measure: Functional Gait Assessment (FGA) Cre Measure: Functinal Gait Assessment (FGA) Overview The FGA is used t assess pstural stability during walking and assesses an individual's ability t perfrm multiple mtr tasks while walking. The tl is

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INFORMATION SHEET: OUT OF HOURS WORKING RISK ASSESSMENT AND CONTROLS INFORMATION SHEET: OUT OF HOURS WORKING RISK ASSESSMENT AND CONTROLS This Infrmatin Sheet prvides guidance n what t cnsider when undertaking an Out f Hurs Wrking risk assessment and deciding the cntrls

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Members: Darrow, Marvelwood, New York Military, Oakwood Friends, Poughkeepsie Day, Storm King, and Wooster.

Members: Darrow, Marvelwood, New York Military, Oakwood Friends, Poughkeepsie Day, Storm King, and Wooster. David J. MacNutt Directr f Athletics, Wster Schl 91 Miry Brk Rad, Danbury, CT 06810 Wrk: 203-830-3991; Hme: 860-799-0124 Cell: 203-470-9943; Fax: 203-830-3958 Email: david.macnutt@wsterschl.rg Web: wsterschl.rg

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Texas Intercity Football Inc.

Texas Intercity Football Inc. Texas Intercity Ftball Inc. Texas Intercity Ftball Inc. (TIFI) was established in 1971 as a nn-prfit crpratin in rder t supprt the bys and girls within ur cmmunity. Currently there are 16 ftball clubs

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MALTA JUNIOR GOLF OPEN 2017 MALTA JUNIOR GOLF OPEN 2017 SUBSIDIARY COMPETITIONS 9 th April 2017 under the auspices f the Malta Glf Assciatin hsted by the Ryal Malta Glf Club and supprted by the PGA f Malta 1. CONDITIONS OF ENTRY

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Waxahachie Youth Baseball Association Rules

Waxahachie Youth Baseball Association Rules Waxahachie Yuth Baseball Assciatin Rules The Waxahachie Yuth Baseball Assciatin has adpted the rules utlined by USSSA Sprting News Rules except where stated therwise by the WYBA gverning bdy. The Waxahachie

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Exercise 2: Reviewing the Workplace Inspection Checklist (30 min) p

Exercise 2: Reviewing the Workplace Inspection Checklist (30 min) p Exercise 2: Reviewing the Wrkplace Inspectin Checklist (30 min) p. 19-20 Part One: Behaviurs vs. Cnditins (15 min) Wrking individually: Think f 3 r 4 incidents that have ccurred r have the ptential t ccur

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San Diego-Imperial Swimming 2017 Winter Age Group Championship December 16 18, 2017

San Diego-Imperial Swimming 2017 Winter Age Group Championship December 16 18, 2017 SANCTION: This meet is sanctined by USA Swimming and issued by San Dieg- Imperial Swimming #SI-17-52. In granting this sanctin it is understd and agreed that USA Swimming shall be free frm any liabilities

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MSCR ADULT COED KICKBALL LOCAL RULES AND PROCEDURES MSCR ADULT COED KICKBALL LOCAL RULES AND PROCEDURES 1. Field/Equipment: Field: All games shall be played n sftball sized diamnds. Fields with r withut utfield fences are acceptable. Bases will be 65 feet

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UCP of Central MN STUCK IN MOTION STATIONARY. bike race. January. 27 Saturday PARTICIPANT PACKET

UCP of Central MN STUCK IN MOTION STATIONARY. bike race. January. 27 Saturday PARTICIPANT PACKET UCP f Central MN STUCK IN MOTION STATIONARY bike race 2018 January 27 Saturday PARTICIPANT PACKET STUCK IN MOTION RIDER Dear Team Member: Thank yu fr jining ur team and supprting UCP s Stuck In Mtin bike

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2015 CUA Annual Meeting

2015 CUA Annual Meeting 2015 CUA Annual Meeting Munt Pleasant High Schl Munt Pleasant, NC Sunday January 11, 2015 2014 CUA Meeting Minutes Jan 26, 2014 Mt Pleasant HS By Law Amendment t create and define duties f Cmmunicatins

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Grade 11 Performance Task

Grade 11 Performance Task Thermmeter Crickets 1. Classrm Activity 2. Student Task 3. Task Specificatins 4. Scring Rubric Classrm Activity Nte: Since perfrmance tasks span different parts f the assessment system (summative, interim,

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