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1 March 2013 Timmins Marlins Swim Club Volume 2, Issue 4 Fish Tales News from the Board Inside this issue: It s spring according to the calendar. Obviously not the calendar of anyone living in Timmins right now because the snow and cold doesn t seem to have any intention of turning into green grass and warm sunshine any time soon. Just keep telling yourself it s going to happen...someday The board continues to meet on a monthly basis here are some of the highlights. We continue to struggle with how to get more parents involved in the things that need to be done. The biggest concern currently is trying to find people who will step up and help with the planning and organizing for the Heart of Gold Triathlon. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!! This event generates quite a bit of money for the club and without it we would need to find another major fundraiser. Please contact Ron Lapointe if you have some time to contribute in the next few months. We will also need lots of volunteers on the day of the event. The committee will be asking for volunteers for July 14th in upcoming months. See page 4 for an exciting announcement about the triathlon. Bingo is another one of our major fundraisers and Chantal Riopel spends a lot of time at the bingo hall making sure parents know what to do. She will be adding more information to the bingo binder so she doesn t have to be there every 2nd week (and you complain about 3 times a year!!). We know it s hard when you aren t sure what has to be done or how exactly to do it but please try to learn from co-workers who have more experience than you and remember that the binder is full of information and the bingo hall staff are very helpful if you have questions. We realize that fundraising is not everyone s favourite thing to do but the money generated represents what you don t have to pay in registration fees. The goal is to keep fees as reasonable as we can to make the club accessible to everyone who wants to swim competitively. Team pictures will be occurring in April and it would be great if we could get all 62 (and counting) swimmers in the team photo. The TMSC AGM will be held in May and it would be great if we could have lots of parents attend. It provides a summary of the year, allows you to ask questions and is when we have elections for board positions. You will be notified of the date a few weeks ahead of time so please make every effort to attend. We will be hosting Fred Rams B Champs on May 25th and 26th. This is a large meet with all NEOR clubs attending so we will definitely be looking for volunteers that weekend. Circle June 14th on your calendar!! Planning for one of the best events of the season has already begun. The annual banquet is something that all the swimmers want to attend. In addition to the presentation of awards, it is a great opportunity for swimmers to have some fun together away from the pool. For parents, an evening out is much deserved after a long swim season. See you at the pool! Meet Results 2 Reminders 2 Questions and Answers Coach Tracy s message 4 Heart of Gold Triathlon 4 Upcoming Events 4 Nutrition tips 5-6 3

2 Page 2 Fish Tales Meet Results NEOR #3 was held in Hearst on January 19th and 20th. Twenty-two Marlins made the trip and rocked the pool. Fifty-four (yup, 54!) top 3 places let everyone there know who came to compete. All of the swimmers PB ed making it an awesome weekend at the pool. February 1st-3rd saw 25 Marlins travelling to Sault Ste Marie for the Dave Kensit Memorial Championship (A Champs). Sixteen teams participated with TMSC finishing fifth behind Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club, Sault Ste Marie Aquatic Club, Kirkland Lake Aquatic Club and North Bay Y Titans. Although the goal was to place higher, many of the swimmers had some very strong swims with almost everyone at least getting a PB. Although there weren t that many junior swimmers who qualified to attend, the ones that were there did a great job of earning points for the team. Congratulations to Jordan Doucette, Morgan McCartney and Katherine Doucette who qualified for the 2013 Short Course Provincial Championships held in Nepean February 28th to March 3rd. Swimming with over 300 of the best swimmers in the province, our swimmers certainly represented us well. Jordan, in addition to PB ing in his 100 free, swam his 400 IM extremely well in preliminaries and finals to finish in 6th place overall. Nicely done! With the end of March, the transition into long course season has now begun. Our swimmer first chance to test themselves in a 50m pool will be April 6th and 7th in Sudbury for NEOR 4. Be prepared for less flip turns and entry times that have been converted from short course making it difficult to figure out when those PBs happen! Check out the list of upcoming events on page 4 for the other meets that TMSC will be participating in. Reminders Swimathon is on March 23rd!!! All swimmers need to be at the pool and ready to swim by 7:00 am. Parents are encouraged to help count laps for the swimmers. Last chance for TMSC clothing! Orders must be placed with Wolfepack by March 31st. This is the last order for this season. As you may have noticed, our trophy case is empty. If you are interested in helping to set it up to show off team accomplishments, please contact a board member. We would LOVE to have your help. BINGO! If you signed up for a bingo, make sure you know when it is. It is your responsibility to attend your Bingo or make arrangements with someone else. The gift card fundraisers continue all season. Fundscrip can be done on-line every two weeks. Shop and Support dates are ed to you and you need to bring your order form and payment to Lorraine at the pool. If you have any questions about how it works, please contact Lorraine Melanson. If you need any equipment (caps, goggles, suits, etc) please see Kathy Rideout in the store upstairs at the pool on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:00-6:30 (or she can be reached by Prior to a meet, make sure your swimmer has a TMSC cap. We want everyone to know who our swimmers are! It would be great to include swimmer achievements not related to swimming in the newsletter as well. If your swimmer deserves recognition for another sport, academics or community service, let Susan know and she ll include it.

3 Volume 2, Issue 4 Page 3 Questions and Answers Like anything else, sometimes it takes a while for everyone involved to figure out all of the unspoken but really important rules. Here is some information about all aspects of attending meets that we think might be helpful to you and to the team. The Bus Believe it or not there is an order to where people sit on the bus. It is one of those things that has evolved over time and since it is best not to mess with tradition Starting at the front you will see coaches, parents, junior swimmers, senior swimmers. There may be slight variations (swimmers sitting with parents) but it is strongly suggested that parents don t encroach Officiating into swimmer territory too far. The designated chaperone for the meet is the boss on the bus. They are responsible for making sure that everyone who is supposed to be on the bus is actually there...usually calling out names and expecting an answer. The chaperone is also responsible for movies, the first aid kit and letting everyone know what time the bus will be leaving the hotel or pool to get us where we need to be on time. If you are on the bus, you ll hear the swimmers do a team cheer as they get close to the pool to get ready to compete. As parents we don t participate in the cheer but we give all the swimmers high fives on their way off the bus. Parents don t have to ride on the bus with their swimmers. BUT You need to put your swimmer on the bus, let the chaperone know they are there and you absolutely, positively must be at the other end of the trip to meet your swimmer getting off the bus. THE CHAPERONE IS NOT RESPONSI- BLE FOR SWIMMERS AT THE HO- TEL. Please make sure that your swimmer has everything they need on the bus. This could include snacks, meals or drinks. Always let the chaperone know if your swimmer won t be on the bus. A missing swimmer tends to cause panic. If you leave a meet before the bus does you need to make arrangements with the chaperone AND make sure that your swimmer is aware. Same rule as going to the need to be in Timmins to pick up your swimmer when the bus gets back. If your swimmer doesn t have a cell phone to let you know when they are close, you can ask the chaperone or another parent on the bus to call you. The Hotel The ability of our Transportation director to reserve blocks of rooms is somewhat dependent on TMSC having a good reputation with the hotel. If we aren t good guests, they can decline to host us. Some hotels will even ask you to sign a contract when you check in that clearly states the hotel rules around excess noise, propping open doors, running in hallways, etc. The chaperone is NOT responsible for your swimmers at the hotel. That is your job. The swimmers will have a curfew set by their coach. A curfew ensures that your swimmer is rested for their races and since rested swimmers tend to swim faster, you can see the importance of abiding by it. Yes, we know that in a hotel room it means that you also have a curfew. Some things just fall into the joy of parenting category. On Deck When on deck, the coach(es) have some very clear rules for the swimmers and you need to make sure that your swimmer follows them. These include Swimmers should be on deck at all times. The swimmers CANNOT leave the deck without telling the coach. If they are leaving deck, they should take a buddy with them. Safety first! Miscellaneous Important Stuff Any behaviour issues that are noticed by or brought to the attention of the chaperone will be addressed. Marlins swimmers are expected to represent the team in a positive way on the bus, at the hotel and on deck. Cheering for your swimmer and their teammates is always a good idea. Keep it positive because even though the swimmers probably can t hear you, everyone else at the pool can. Chaperones are doing their best. Be kind to them. If you are too critical of the job they are doing, we might think that you are volunteering to do it next time. Offering assistance is always appreciated. If you aren t sure about something, please ask!!! (If you have questions that you would like answered in an upcoming newsletter, send them to Susan Boisvert at

4 Page 4 Volume 2, Issue 4 Heart of Gold Triathlon The Heart of Gold Triathlon has been chosen to be a venue for the Ontario Youth Cup Triathlon Series!!! Triathlon Ontario is introducing the Ontario Youth Cup Triathlon Series for 14&15 year old athletes. Ron was quite surprised recently when he was contacted by the executive director of Triathlon Ontario and asked if the Heart of Gold would like to participate in the Ontario Cup Series. The four venues asked to participate were Caledon, Leamington, Timmins and ending with the provincial championship in Ottawa. Final Youth Cup Series ranking is determined as the sum of the three best performances. The criteria that went into selecting the host events included: Race history, safety and quality of the race Location and date Course and venue History and experience of the organizing club This is a great accolade for the organizing committee, all the volunteers and the Marlins. This opportunity will bring more competitors to Timmins and the Heart of Gold Triathlon will get more exposure. The details are still being finalized but all logistics and advertising associated with the Ontario Cup Series will be taken care of by Triathlon Ontario. Upcoming Events: March 23 SWIMATHON March 28 Bingo Armstrong, Kaitola (for Harterre), Wittig, Chantal Riopel April 6-7 NEOR #4 Sudbury Be the best that you can be! April 11 Bingo Martel, Kaitola (for Bergeron), Chantal Riopel, Cloutier (for Riopel) April 20 or 21 Top Fish meet Kapuskasing April 25 Bingo Drolet, Ed Riopel, Kaitola (for Harterre), Chantal Riopel April 27 TMSC Spring Fling Blue vs Gold May 4-5 Training Camp 13 & over Provincial qualifiers May 9 Bingo Rimmer, Rochon, McCartney, Arnold May East Side Mario s invitational meet Sudbury May 23 Bingo Wittig, Parisi, Chantal Riopel May Fred Rams B Champs Timmins

5 Fish Tales Page 5 Nutrition tips from Coach Paul Why eat well? It's all about racing fast and being healthy. How does it help me swim faster? As an elite athlete you are stressing your body every day in the pool. It is actually during the recovery phase that you get better by building strength and endurance in response to those stresses. When you are stressing your body, you may experience fatigue and you also suppress your immune system making you more likely to get sick. Eating poorly and sleeping poorly hits your body twice as hard, and you are more likely to have difficulties coping with the stresses of hard training. A poor diet also leads to fatigue while eating well ensures you have the energy you need to perform. There are 3 elements to nutrition and training 1.Day-Day nutrition and diet 2.Nutrition for training 3.Race Day/Race Prep Nutrition Day-Day Nutrition There is no magic formula but there are some basics you should follow and here are four tips: 1.Minimize your junk food intake Strategies include reserving certain days for treats or abstaining completely except after your big race etc. 2.Eat more fruits and vegetables When you are hungry, eat a fruit or vegetable first. Try to avoid the granola bars and the prepackaged food all the time. Real food is better for you so that should be your first choice as much as possible. 3.Try to eat whole wheat products When you are able, eat whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta. Watch your cereal intake though as it contains a lot of sugar! 4.Throw away the scale The scale focuses on the short term. Most weight fluctuations day-day are related more to water in the body or hydration than true weight loss. As athletes you should not be depriving yourselves of good food or trying to lose weight. Restricting your intake often leads to more fatigue, muscle loss and you may actually see a decline in performance. Before Workouts Carbohydrates are needed to perform well but remember that some carbs are absorbed quickly while others are absorbed more slowly. You can use a measure called the GI index to assess which foods to eat as it refers to how quickly those carbs or sugars get into your body. Before a workout athletes need foods that are moderate GI Index foods (absorbed moderately quickly) such as apple, orange, plum, pear, juices-apple, orange, fruit cocktail, banana (though this is high). Aim for cal total (100 in a small juice box). During Workouts High GI Index foods are best during workouts. Try sports drinks, a 50:50 mix of OJ and water or a mix of 2/3 juice and 1/3 water. Longer workouts (more than 2 hours) may need some salt so a sports drink may be better. Try to consume approximately cal/hr.

6 Fish Tales Page 6 After Workout (for those minutes long) After your workout it is very important to have high GI index food with some protein. Store bought protein powder is not necessary as you can use powdered almond, milk, peanut butter etc. This is an important time to fuel as the body is ready to take in these carbs. Good fruits are bananas, mango, raisins, cantaloupe, pineapple and watermelon. Smoothies using banana+juice+almond powder or other combinations can be a great source of refueling. Meals EAT HEALTHY! There is no optimal carb intake BUT if you are feeling tired and fatigued, try to increase your carb intake for 3-72 hours after exercise. Race Day/Race Prep Tip: Practice a Diet Plan at one of your smaller races where the stakes are not as high, this will prepare you for your big races Carb loading The main principle is to get to your race day with your carbohydrate tank full. Many different protocols have been tried to achieve this. Some suggest a period of depletion prior to increasing your intake however depleting your carb intake first can lead to irritability, fatigue, and even sickness and injury and is not recommended. Carb loading for too long can also give you upset stomach etc. Check with your coach and they will give you a protocol to follow. If you take adequate carbs in your diet then 3-7 days of loading should be enough. Diet Do not make any dramatic changes in your diet leading up to your big race, just continue to eat healthy. Race Day Follow your coach s protocol and these guidelines: -eat a good breakfast at least 2 hours before your first race -throughout the day you mainly need carbs, although protein will help you deal with hunger (peanut butter is an excellent source) -stick to bananas and easily digestible foods -no pop, no spicy food, no greasy or fatty food and avoid high fibre foods-salads etc. -NO junk food -sports drinks are a great source of sugar and electrolytes especially if you are in a hot pool racing all day and performing multiple races -get Carbs in immediately after your race -if you have a long time before your next race (2 hours or more), it is okay to eat again; something with protein is okay -juice boxes are great for refueling Gels There are different brand names but Powergels are one of the better known. Many gels contain caffeine which has been shown to reduce fatigue during endurance races and enhances interval training or high intensity activities. It is okay to have gels within the min before your race. They can be a great way to recover and give you a second wind for multiple races. Be careful: If you have too much caffeine it can be detrimental: -can interfere with sleep-don t have it too late in the day or you may not sleep that night -can build tolerance if used regularly -can cause stomach upset -should be used by senior swimmers only Practice using gels in one of your smaller meets or in practice so you can see how it affects you before your big day.