PEP Species List, as of January 19, 2017.

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1 PEP Species List, as of January 19, There are currently 239 PEP species, meaning, they have 50 or fewer plants remaining of the species/taxon. Since September 2016, the PEP List has increased by 1 with the addition of a new species from Kauai; this species is not formally recognized at this time but there are plans to formally recognize it in This alphabetical list also provides island distributions and island-specific PEP Designations. Definitions for each of the designations are provided at the end of this table. Taxon Distribution Island-Specific Designation 1 Abutilon eremitopetalum Lana`i PEP 2 Acaena exigua Kaua`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Acaena exigua Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED? 3 Achyranthes mutica Hawai`i PEP Achyranthes mutica Kaua`i PEP-EXTIRPATED 4 Adenophorus periens Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Adenophorus periens Hawai`i PEP Adenophorus periens Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED Adenophorus periens O`ahu PEP-EXTIRPATED Adenophorus periens Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Adenophorus periens Kaua`i PEP 5 Alectryon macrococcus var. auwahiensis Maui PEP 6 Argyroxiphium sandwicense subsp. sandwicense Hawai`i PEP 7 Argyroxiphium virescens Maui PEP-EXTINCT? 8 Asplenium dielerectum Hawai`i PEP Asplenium dielerectum Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Asplenium dielerectum Maui PEP Asplenium dielerectum Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Asplenium dielerectum O`ahu PEP 9 Asplenium diellaciniatum Kaua`i PEP 10 Asplenium dielmannii Kaua`i PEP 11 Asplenium dielpallidum Kaua`i PEP 12 Astelia waialealae Kaua`i PEP 13 Brighamia insignis Ni`ihau PEP-EXTIRPATED? Brighamia insignis Kaua`i PEP 14 Brighamia rockii Moloka`i PEP Brighamia rockii Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Brighamia rockii Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED 15 Canavalia pubescens Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED? Canavalia pubescens Ni`ihau PEP-EXTIRPATED? Canavalia pubescens Kaua`i PEP-EXTIRPATED? Canavalia pubescens Maui PEP 16 Clermontia oblongifolia subsp. brevipes Moloka`i PEP 17 Clermontia peleana subsp. peleana Hawai`i PEP 18 Clermontia peleana subsp. singuliflora Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED 1

2 Clermontia peleana subsp. singuliflora Hawai`i PEP 19 Clermontia pyrularia Hawai`i PEP 20 Clermontia samuelii subsp. samuelii Maui PEP 21 Coprosma kawaikiniensis Kaua`i PEP 22 Cryptocarya oahuensis O`ahu PEP 23 Cyanea cf. fernaldii Hawai`i PEP 24 Cyanea copelandii subsp. copelandii Hawai`i PEP-EXTINCT? 25 Cyanea crispa O`ahu PEP 26 Cyanea dolichopoda Kaua`i PEP-EXTINCT? 27 Cyanea dunbariae Moloka`i PEP 28 Cyanea eleeleensis Kaua`i PEP-EXTINCT? 29 Cyanea gibsonii Lana`i PEP 30 Cyanea grimesiana subsp. grimesiana Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Cyanea grimesiana subsp. grimesiana O`ahu PEP-Extinct in Wild 31 Cyanea grimesiana subsp. obatae O`ahu PEP 32 Cyanea hamatiflora subsp. carlsonii Hawai`i PEP 33 Cyanea kauaulaensis Maui PEP 34 Cyanea kolekoleensis Kaua`i PEP-EXTINCT? 35 Cyanea konahuanuiensis O`ahu PEP 36 Cyanea kuhihewa Kaua`i PEP-EXTINCT? 37 Cyanea lobata subsp. baldwinii Lana`i PEP 38 Cyanea lobata subsp. lobata Maui PEP 39 Cyanea magnicalyx Maui PEP 40 Cyanea maritae Maui PEP 41 Cyanea marksii Hawai`i PEP 42 Cyanea munroi Lana`i PEP Cyanea munroi Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED? 43 Cyanea obtusa Maui PEP 44 Cyanea pinnatifida O`ahu PEP-Extinct in wild 45 Cyanea procera Moloka`i PEP 46 Cyanea profuga Moloka`i PEP 47 Cyanea purpurellifolia O`ahu PEP 48 Cyanea pycnocarpa Hawai`i PEP-EXTINCT? 49 Cyanea remyi Kaua`i PEP 50 Cyanea rivularis Kaua`i PEP 51 Cyanea shipmanii Hawai`i PEP 52 Cyanea solanacea Moloka`i PEP 53 Cyanea st.-johnii O`ahu PEP 54 Cyanea stictophylla Hawai`i PEP 55 Cyanea superba subsp. superba O`ahu PEP-Extinct in wild 56 Cyanea truncata O`ahu PEP 57 Cyanea undulata Kaua`i PEP 58 Cyperus neokunthianus Maui PEP-EXTINCT? 59 Cyrtandra ferripilosa Maui PEP 60 Cyrtandra filipes Maui PEP Cyrtandra filipes Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED? 61 Cyrtandra gracilis O`ahu PEP 2

3 62 Cyrtandra hematos Moloka`i PEP 63 Cyrtandra kaulantha O`ahu PEP 64 Cyrtandra paliku Kaua`i PEP 65 Cyrtandra polyantha O`ahu PEP 66 Cyrtandra viridiflora O`ahu PEP 67 Cyrtandra wagneri Hawai`i PEP 68 Cyrtandra waiolani O`ahu PEP 69 Delissea argutidentata Hawai`i PEP-Extinct in wild 70 Delissea kauaiensis Kaua`i PEP 71 Delissea rhytidosperma Kaua`i PEP-Extinct in wild 72 Delissea waianaeensis O`ahu PEP 73 Deparia kaalaana Maui PEP Deparia kaalaana Kaua`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Deparia kaalaana Hawai`i PEP-EXTIRPATED 74 Diplazium molokaiense Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Diplazium molokaiense Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Diplazium molokaiense Maui PEP Diplazium molokaiense Kaua`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Diplazium molokaiense O`ahu PEP-EXTIRPATED? 75 Dryopteris crinalis var. podosorus Kaua`i PEP 76 Dubautia kalalauensis Kaua`i PEP 77 Dubautia kenwoodii Kaua`i PEP-EXTINCT? 78 Dubautia pauciflorula Kaua`i PEP 79 Dubautia plantaginea subsp. humilis Maui PEP 80 Eragrostis fosbergii O`ahu PEP-EXTINCT? 81 Euphorbia eleanoriae Kaua`i PEP 82 Euphorbia herbstii O`ahu PEP 83 Euphorbia remyi var. hanaleiensis Kaua`i PEP-EXTINCT? 84 Flueggea neowawraea Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Flueggea neowawraea Hawai`i PEP Flueggea neowawraea Maui PEP Flueggea neowawraea O`ahu PEP Flueggea neowawraea Kaua`i PEP 85 Gardenia brighamii Moloka`i PEP-Extirpated in Wild Gardenia brighamii Hawai`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Gardenia brighamii Lana`i PEP Gardenia brighamii O`ahu PEP Gardenia brighamii Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED 86 Geranium arboreum Maui PEP 87 Gouania meyenii O`ahu PEP Gouania meyenii Kaua`i PEP 88 Gouania vitifolia O`ahu PEP Gouania vitifolia Hawai`i PEP Gouania vitifolia Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED 89 Hesperomannia oahuensis O`ahu PEP 90 Hibiscadelphus distans Kaua`i PEP 91 Hibiscadelphus giffardianus Hawai`i PEP-Extinct in Wild 3

4 92 Hibiscadelphus hualalaiensis Hawai`i PEP-Extinct in Wild 93 Hibiscadelphus stellatus Maui PEP 94 Hibiscadelphus woodii Kaua`i PEP-EXTINCT? 95 Hibiscus brackenridgei subsp. brackenridgei Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Hibiscus brackenridgei subsp. brackenridgei Maui PEP Hibiscus brackenridgei subsp. brackenridgei Hawai`i PEP Hibiscus brackenridgei subsp. brackenridgei Lana`i PEP 96 Huperzia nutans O`ahu PEP Huperzia nutans Kaua`i PEP-EXTIRPATED? 97 Huperzia stemmermanniae Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED? Huperzia stemmermanniae Hawai`i PEP 98 Isodendrion pyrifolium Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED Isodendrion pyrifolium Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Isodendrion pyrifolium Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Isodendrion pyrifolium O`ahu PEP-EXTIRPATED Isodendrion pyrifolium Ni`ihau PEP Isodendrion pyrifolium Hawai`i PEP 99 Kadua cordata subsp. remyi Lana`i PEP 100 Kadua degeneri var. coprosmifolia O`ahu PEP-EXTINCT? 101 Kadua haupuensis Kaua`i PEP-Extinct in wild 102 Kadua laxiflora Lana`i PEP-Extirpated in Wild Kadua laxiflora Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED? Kadua laxiflora Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED? 103 Kadua st.-johnii Kaua`i PEP 104 Kanaloa kahoolawensis Kaho`olawe PEP 105 Kokia cookei Moloka`i PEP-Extinct in wild 106 Kokia drynarioides Hawai`i PEP 107 Kokia kauaiensis Kaua`i PEP 108 Labordia cyrtandrae O`ahu PEP 109 Labordia lorenciana Kaua`i PEP 110 Labordia lydgatei Kaua`i PEP 111 Labordia tinifolia var. lanaiensis Lana`i PEP 112 Labordia tinifolia var. wahiawaensis Kaua`i PEP 113 Labordia triflora Moloka`i PEP 114 Lepidium orbiculare Kaua`i PEP 115 Lobelia dunbariae subsp. dunbariae Moloka`i PEP-EXTINCT? 116 Lobelia monostachya O`ahu PEP 117 Lobelia oahuensis O`ahu PEP 118 Lysimachia iniki Kaua`i PEP 119 Lysimachia lydgatei Maui PEP 120 Lysimachia maxima Moloka`i PEP 121 Lysimachia ovoidea Kaua`i PEP 122 Lysimachia pendens Kaua`i PEP 123 Lysimachia scopulensis Kaua`i PEP 124 Lysimachia sp. nov. (Pohakea, Kauai) Kaua`i PEP 125 Lysimachia sp. nov. (Wainiha, Kauai) Kaua`i PEP 126 Lysimachia venosa Kaua`i PEP 4

5 127 Melanthera kamolensis Maui PEP 128 Melanthera micrantha subsp. micrantha Kaua`i PEP 129 Melanthera populifolia Lana`i PEP-EXTINCT? 130 Melanthera waimeaensis Kaua`i PEP 131 Melicope adscendens Maui PEP 132 Melicope cf. reflexa Moloka`i PEP 133 Melicope degeneri Kaua`i PEP 134 Melicope haupuensis Kaua`i PEP 135 Melicope hiiakae O`ahu PEP 136 Melicope knudsenii Kaua`i PEP Melicope knudsenii Maui PEP 137 Melicope lydgatei O`ahu PEP 138 Melicope mucronulata Moloka`i PEP Melicope mucronulata Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED 139 Melicope quadrangularis Kaua`i PEP 140 Melicope sp. nov. (Kauai) Kaua`i PEP 141 Melicope sp. nov. (West Maui) Maui PEP 142 Melicope wailauensis Moloka`i PEP-EXTINCT? 143 Melicope zahlbruckneri Hawai`i PEP 144 Myrsine knudsenii Kaua`i PEP 145 Myrsine mezii Kaua`i PEP 146 Neraudia angulata var. dentata O`ahu PEP 147 Neraudia ovata Hawai`i PEP 148 Neraudia sericea Kaho`olawe PEP-EXTIRPATED Neraudia sericea Moloka`i PEP Neraudia sericea Maui PEP Neraudia sericea Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED 149 Nothocestrum peltatum Kaua`i PEP 150 Panicum niihauense Ni`ihau PEP-EXTIRPATED Panicum niihauense Kaua`i PEP 151 Peperomia degeneri Moloka`i PEP-EXTINCT? 152 Peperomia subpetiolata Maui PEP 153 Phyllostegia bracteata Maui PEP 154 Phyllostegia brevidens Maui PEP Phyllostegia brevidens Hawai`i PEP 155 Phyllostegia electra Kaua`i PEP 156 Phyllostegia floribunda Hawai`i PEP 157 Phyllostegia haliakalae Maui PEP Phyllostegia haliakalae Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Phyllostegia haliakalae Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED 158 Phyllostegia helleri Kaua`i PEP 159 Phyllostegia hirsuta O`ahu PEP 160 Phyllostegia hispida Moloka`i PEP 161 Phyllostegia kaalaensis O`ahu PEP-Extinct in wild 162 Phyllostegia knudsenii Kaua`i PEP-EXTINCT? 163 Phyllostegia mannii Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED Phyllostegia mannii Moloka`i PEP 5

6 164 Phyllostegia mollis O`ahu PEP 165 Phyllostegia parviflora var. glabriuscula Hawai`i PEP 166 Phyllostegia parviflora var. lydgatei O`ahu PEP-Extinct in Wild 167 Phyllostegia parviflora var. parviflora O`ahu PEP Phyllostegia parviflora var. parviflora Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED 168 Phyllostegia pilosa Maui PEP Phyllostegia pilosa Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED 169 Phyllostegia racemosa Hawai`i PEP 170 Phyllostegia stachyoides Maui PEP Phyllostegia stachyoides Hawai`i PEP Phyllostegia stachyoides Moloka`i PEP 171 Phyllostegia waimeae Kaua`i PEP 172 Phyllostegia warshaueri Hawai`i PEP 173 Phyllostegia wawrana Kaua`i PEP 174 Pittosporum halophilum Moloka`i PEP 175 Pittosporum hawaiiense Hawai`i PEP 176 Plantago hawaiensis Hawai`i PEP 177 Plantago princeps var. anomala O`ahu N/A Plantago princeps var. anomala Kaua`i PEP 178 Plantago princeps var. laxifolia Hawai`i PEP-EXTIRPATED? Plantago princeps var. laxifolia Maui PEP Plantago princeps var. laxifolia Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED? 179 Platanthera holochila Moloka`i PEP Platanthera holochila Maui PEP Platanthera holochila O`ahu PEP-EXTIRPATED Platanthera holochila Kaua`i PEP 180 Platydesma cornuta var. cornuta O`ahu PEP 181 Platydesma remyi Hawai`i PEP 182 Polyscias bisattenuata Kaua`i PEP 183 Polyscias flynnii Kaua`i PEP 184 Polyscias lydgatei O`ahu PEP 185 Portulaca sclerocarpa Lana`i PEP Portulaca sclerocarpa Hawai`i PEP 186 Pritchardia bakeri O`ahu PEP 187 Pritchardia gordonii Hawai`i PEP 188 Pritchardia kahukuensis O`ahu PEP 189 Pritchardia maideniana Hawai`i PEP 190 Pritchardia munroi Moloka`i PEP 191 Pritchardia schattaueri Hawai`i PEP 192 Pritchardia viscosa Kaua`i PEP 193 Psychotria grandiflora Kaua`i PEP 194 Psychotria hexandra subsp. oahuensis var. oahuensis O`ahu PEP 195 Pteris lidgatei Moloka`i PEP Pteris lidgatei Maui PEP Pteris lidgatei O`ahu PEP 196 Ranunculus hawaiensis Hawai`i PEP 6

7 Ranunculus hawaiensis Maui PEP 197 Remya montgomeryi Kaua`i PEP 198 Scaevola coriacea Ni`ihau PEP-EXTIRPATED Scaevola coriacea Kaua`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Scaevola coriacea O`ahu PEP-EXTIRPATED Scaevola coriacea Moloka`i Offshore PEP Islets Scaevola coriacea Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Scaevola coriacea Maui PEP Scaevola coriacea Hawai`i PEP-EXTIRPATED 199 Scaevola hobdyi Maui PEP-EXTINCT? 200 Schiedea adamantis O`ahu PEP 201 Schiedea attenuata Kaua`i PEP 202 Schiedea diffusa subsp. macraei Hawai`i PEP 203 Schiedea haleakalensis Maui PEP 204 Schiedea hawaiiensis Hawai`i PEP 205 Schiedea jacobii Maui PEP-Extinct in Wild 206 Schiedea kaalae O`ahu PEP 207 Schiedea kauaiensis Kaua`i PEP 208 Schiedea laui Moloka`i PEP 209 Schiedea membranacea Kaua`i PEP 210 Schiedea nuttalii O`ahu PEP Schiedea nuttalii Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED Schiedea nuttalii Moloka`i PEP-EXTIRPATED 211 Schiedea obovata O`ahu PEP 212 Schiedea perlmanii Kaua`i PEP 213 Sicyos albus Hawai`i PEP 214 Sicyos hillebrandii Maui PEP 215 Sicyos lanceoloideus O`ahu PEP Sicyos lanceoloideus Kaua`i PEP 216 Sicyos macrophyllus Hawai`i PEP 217 Silene alexandri Moloka`i PEP 218 Silene perlmanii O`ahu PEP-Extinct in Wild 219 Solanum sandwicense O`ahu PEP-Extirpated in Wild Solanum sandwicense Kaua`i PEP 220 Stenogyne bifida Moloka`i PEP 221 Stenogyne campanulata Kaua`i PEP 222 Stenogyne cranwelliae Hawai`i PEP 223 Stenogyne kaalae subsp. sherffii O`ahu PEP-Extinct in Wild 224 Stenogyne kanehoana O`ahu PEP 225 Stenogyne kauaulaensis Maui PEP 226 Stenogyne kealiae Kaua`i PEP 227 Tetramolopium capillare Maui PEP-EXTINCT? 228 Tetramolopium lepidotum subsp. lepidotum Lana`i PEP-EXTIRPATED Tetramolopium lepidotum subsp. lepidotum O`ahu PEP 229 Tetramolopium remyi Lana`i PEP 7

8 Tetramolopium remyi Maui PEP-EXTIRPATED 230 Urera kaalae O`ahu PEP 231 Vicia menziesii Hawai`i PEP 232 Viola helenae Kaua`i PEP 233 Viola kauaensis var. hosakae O`ahu PEP 234 Viola kauaensis var. wahiawaensis Kaua`i PEP 235 Wikstroemia skottsbergiana Kaua`i PEP 236 Wikstroemia villosa Maui PEP 237 Xylosma crenatum Kaua`i PEP 238 Zanthoxylum dipetalum var. tomentosum Hawai`i PEP 239 Zanthoxylum oahuense O`ahu PEP Designation Definitions PEP = Plant Extinction Prevention = Taxon has fewer than 50 individuals in the wild PEP-Extinct in wild = Wild founders extinct, outplanted progeny exists that serve as founders; taxon has fewer than 50 individuals in the wild. PEP-Extirpated in wild = wild founders extirpated on the island, outplanted progeny exists that serve as founders; taxon has fewer than 50 individuals in the wild. PEP-EXTINCT? = (Possibly extinct) Taxon not seen for over 20 years, habitat remains, some hope of discovery remains (refers to entire species) POP = POtentially PEP = Taxon has more than 50 but extremely vulnerable ROI = Rare On Island = Taxon that occurs on other islands but is rare on a particular island (<50) EXTIRPATED? = (Possibly extirpated) Taxon not seen for over 20 years; habitat remains, some hope of discovery remains (refers to island-level extirpations) EXTIRPATED = Not located despite extensive searches, very little hope of discovery remains (refers to island-level extirpations) EXTINCT = Not located despite extensive searches, very little hope of discovery remains AS = Apparently Secure TBD = To be determined. 8