Annual Club Banquet. Winter In this Issue. Club members and family celebrate 2012 and look forward to Left: Tina Wilson, Nate Wilson

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1 Winter 2013 Annual Club Banquet Club members and family celebrate 2012 and look forward to Left: Tina Wilson, Nate Wilson Below: Aaron Newman, Neal Gassmann, Jim Marx Bottom: Kristine Jordan, Cheryl Kamenski In this Issue President s Corner Page 2 Your First Triathlon Page Club Banquet & Awards Page 3 Event Calendar Page Winter Series Page 4 Announcements Page 6 Favorite Run Page 4 Run Schedule Page 7 The Salt Lake Track Club is a proud member of the RRCA. For more information on RRCA's services and programs, please refer to

2 President s Corner As part of my final President s corner I want to thank those who have helped make my job a whole lot easier over the last two years. I am lucky to have served with a great board, and feel the club is in great hands for the future. Sometimes when I say board I have to remind myself that the term is bigger than our club bylaws state. Christina Perry, John Moody, Amy Newman and I made up the official members of the board. But, in reality, the board is a much bigger group that includes Evan Sanders, our Winter Series race director; Carrie McAdam, our Beat the New Year race director and newsletter editor; Olaf Questereit, our speed work coach and day-of-race registration coordinator for Beat the New Year and the Winter Series; Mark Salisbury, our equipment manager who keeps us organized and ready for our races; Doug Barker, who every year braves the cold to accurately measure and mark our four race courses; and Paul Bernard, our volunteer of the year and web page expert. Add in all of those who step up year after year to help with our races and other club functions, and you can see there are many people who make this club run (no pun intended!). I have enjoyed volunteering for the club and look forward to stepping back, but still helping out when I can. Regardless of the role I take in the future, the club will continue to be strong as long as there are members willing to volunteer and come out to the fun runs. The club is more than just one or two people and we need every person s help to stay healthy and to be a part of the running community for years to come. I have enjoyed the friendships I have formed over the years as a part of the club and look forward to meeting new members in the years to come. For those who are regulars at club runs, I encourage you to remember that first time you ran with the club. What were the things that made it fun and what by Jim Milar things did you find a bit daunting? Recall those things so when you see a new face at the run, you can take a minute to introduce yourself and make the new person s experience welcoming and fun. For many newcomers, the club may provide some of their first social interactions outside of work or school after relocating to Salt Lake. While I know not everyone who comes out and runs with the club will continue to do so, I want their experience to be a positive one while they are with us. We get many different runners at the fun runs, from the new runner looking to find their way, to the seasoned veterans who have relocated and are looking for a group to fit in with, and just about every runner in between. We are a unique club in that most of our regular membership is made up of people who did not grow up in this state. This diversity is refreshing to me, as a native of Utah, and I hope that we always welcome every runner who takes the time to come out for a run. The new board already has great ideas and I am confident they will do a fantastic job as they take over running the club. I want to again thank all of you who have helped me the last two years and I also thank the regulars who make it to the fun runs week after week. I would not take the time to drive across the valley if I did not feel welcome and a part of the club, so please extend that feeling to all club members, new and old, at every run. Thank you again and I will see you out on the roads and trails. Happy running! SLCTC Board of Governors President Christina Perry Vice President Treasurer Secretary Newsletter Editor Equipment Manager Beat the New Year Director Winter Series Director Webmaster contact Lauren Udwari John Moody Tina Wilson Paul Bernard Mark Salisbury Carrie McAdam Marx Evan Sanders Paul Bernard Page 2 THE RUNNER S PULSE

3 2012 Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony Nearly sixty club members and their partners gathered on October 27 for the club s annual banquet and awards ceremony. Devra Vierkant was selected as the 2012 Female Runner of the Year. Devra claimed impressive victories in competitive races. She won the Salt Lake City Marathon which she had entered the night before in 2 hours and 54 minutes. In an interview with the Deseret News, she noted that it was her first time running the Salt Lake City Marathon and that her longest training run was about 15 miles. Other 2012 races won by Devra include the Winter Series 5k/10k (18:00, 37:20), the Striders Half Marathon (1:20:59), the Wheeler Farm 5k (18:36), and the Alta Peruvian Downhill Dash 8k. Training partners of our Runner of the Year said "She is an incredible training partner who would routinely push me hard in our runs," and "She is great to run with she will run any distance with you." Congratulations to Devra for an accomplished and inspiring The 2012 Male Runner of the Year was awarded to Fritz Van de Kamp. Fritz has an impressive record in Utahmarathons; he is a four-time winner of the Ogden Marathon, and a two-time winner of the Salt Lake Marathon. This year, Fritz won a grand slam of marathons. He started the season by winning the Ogden marathon in a time of 2:23:00, followed by the Salt Lake Marathon in a time of 2:25:58. He then won the Deseret News Marathon in which he lost his watch and gels before the race in a time of 2:21:58. He finished off the season with an impressive win at the St. George marathon in a time of 2:21:14. Between his marathon wins, Fritz also won the Wahsatch Steeplechase in a time of 2:14:27. The club congratulates Fritz for his hard work and a year of stellar results. One of the important functions of the club is communication, and this is where our 2013 Volunteer of the Year, Paul Bernard, made a great difference. Almost all of us get our information about club activities electronically: We read s about upcoming events and races, we look at Facebook postings, and we check the web site. Keeping our site current isn t a simple thing: We always want to have a listing of our upcoming Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday workouts and training runs, and to stay up to date on the local races we recommend, many of which are acquired via requests we get from the running community. Posting such information to the club web site had been a laborious process. Paul fixed up the site to make it easier for others to do quick updates, streamlined the overall look, and continues to keep it current. Thanks to Kris Jordan, Olaf Questereit, and Evan Sanders for contributing to this article award recipients Fritz Van de Kamp, Devra Vierkant, and Paul Bernard W INTER Page 3

4 2013 Winter Series by Evan Sanders The 35th annual Salt Lake City Track Club Winter Series is coming up again, with three races to help you stay sharp during the cold months. The 5K will be on Saturday, 1/26, the 10K is on 2/9, and we wrap things up 2 weeks later with the 15K race on 2/23. All races begin at 10 a.m. in front of the Great Saltair (I-80, exit 104, about 10 miles west of SLC airport). We also offer a 9 a.m. start for the 15K for those who anticipate needing more than 2 hours to finish. Registration is available now on Active.Com as well through a printable form on Long sleeve technical shirts are guaranteed to those who preregister, and a special finisher's medal is given to anybody who completes all three races. Favorite Run The Favorite Runs section of the club website is long overdue for some new routes. So here's one of my favorites, which I hope will inspire submissions for future newsletters, which will in turn serve to update the site. If you're downtown, in the Avenues, or near the University, this hilly, scenic loop mostly trail is easy to get to, and can usually be run year round. Start at Popperton Park in the Avenues (11th & Virginia), and run west on the road until you pick up a bike path on the right. Follow that up and then down to the mouth of Dry Creek, where Like last year, we are once again pleased that New Balance Salt Lake is our title sponsor. They will be providing the chip-based timing system, the cash prizes for each race, as well as various merchandise items in the raffle. If there is a running-related item on your gift list this year, please consider a stop by their store in the Union Park area. One new item for this year is our participation in the USATF Utah Long Distance Running circuit. The circuit is a specially selected group of races by USATF Utah, where runners can earn points by finishing in the top ten places in their age group. We are pleased that the Winter Series 10K is in the circuit this year, and we hope that participants use it as a first step toward earning their 2013 points. by Paul Bernard you'll connect with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, heading north. Now the fun starts. Put your head down and get used to various grades of uphill running... er, shuffling. At around the 2-mile mark, you'll Continued on page 6 SALT LAKE CITY TRACK CLUB PRESENTS 35th Annual Winter Series January 26 (5K) February 9 (10K) February 23 (15K) The Great Saltair Pavilion (10 miles west of the airport) Registration opens at 9:00am Races start at 10:00am Pre-register online at Registration forms also available at Day-of-race registration will be available. Page 4 THE RUNNER S PULSE

5 Your First Triathlon You've been a runner for some time and you are ready for a new challenge but you are not sure where to begin. As a long time runner, 27 years, I have been in your shoes but have made the switch. I love the variety and challenge triathlon training provides. Here are some tips on how to get started. Since triathlon include three sports, swimming, cycling, and running, it's best to get experience in all of them. Most tend to shy away from swimming, but I encourage you to buy a good pair of goggles and jump in with both feet. The more time you spend in the water the sooner you will get more comfortable in it. But there is one thing you should know about swimming: to be fast you need to learn proper technique. Even the fittest runner will often be gasping within 10 yards of the pool s edge. To learn proper technique I highly encourage you talk to someone that has been trained in distance swimming (not sprint) and get some coaching. This way you can learn proper technique from the start, master this new skill quickly, and learn how to breath effectively. Most triathlons in Utah take place on the roads, so having a road bike is ideal. However, if all you have is a mountain bike and you re not quite sure if you want to invest in a new bike yet, then that will work. When you first start, aim to get out and ride at least two to three times a week. Limit your time riding to allow your sit bones to adapt. This is more often the limiter than fitness. Don't underestimate the value of good padded cycling shorts. (Note: there are triathlon specific shorts with less padding to be used for racing.) Spin classes or upright bikes at the gym can also be helpful to get started, but as you get more comfortable start paying attention to cadence and proper pedal stroke. When you do decide to invest in a bike, make sure it is fit for you properly. This is important. By Lora Erickson, a.k.a. Blonde Runner Most likely you are familiar with running, however triathlon training is not just as simple as adding two more activities. You will find as you swim and cycle more you will need to adapt your running schedule to allow for proper rest. You will also want to start incorporate brick workouts; this is where you run immediately after a you cycle. This will help your legs adapt from one discipline to another. Beginners are often shocked at how dead their legs feel when getting off the bike and running, and often say their legs feel like bricks, thus the term brick. These workouts will help your body adapt sooner and regulate your pace better. The final discipline that you need to consider is transitions. This is often overlooked and not well executed by beginners, and is defined as the time spent transitioning from swim to bike (T1) and bike to run (T2). Transition times are counted in your final time, so fine-tuning these can really help your overall performance. On average I would say an athlete can be ready in weeks to complete a sprint distance triathlon event, however if you have little to no experience with triathlons, I would suggest going and watching one first. There is a lot you can learn just by watching or even volunteering at an event. Another great way to learn is to get involved in triathlons groups, clinics, or classes like the TBR team triathlon training. This is a great way to make friends, have fun, and stay motivated. Triathlons are a blast! Coach Lora Lora Erickson aka "Blonde Runner" is a USATF certified running coach and nationally ranked triathlete. If you'd like to learn more about her coaching and triathlon training programs and classes visit Club Membership Benefits Regularly scheduled fun runs and track workouts Quarterly Runner s Pulse electronic newsletter Discounts on all club races Annual club banquet and BBQ 10% discount (20% with cash) on purchases at Wasatch Running Co. (8946 S. State St, Sandy) 10% discount (15% with cash) on purchases at Deboer s Running (135 S. Main, Bountiful) and Companionship, camaraderie, compassion, and encouragement W INTER Page 5

6 Calendar of Club Events January 26, February 9, February 23: SLC Track Club Winter Series 5K, 10K, and 15K races. The Great Saltair Pavilion (10 miles west of the airport); races start at 10:00am. January 5; February 2 & 16; March 2, 9, & 30: Breakfast Series runs. Various locations. January 21 (Martin Luther King Day), February 18 (Presidents Day): Olympic Oval runs (Kearns); visit the club web site for details ( Announcements Board elections: The 2012 Club banquet also featured biennial elections for board positions. As of the new year, Christina Perry assumes a two-year term as President. Lauren Udwari was selected as Vice President, and Tina Wilson will serve as Secretary. John Moody will continue as Treasurer. Congratulations to the new Salt Lake Favorite Run (continued from p. 4) emerge at a saddle overlooking the valley, a sight you'll enjoy for the next several miles. Now continue west on the BST, following the foothill contours. On this stretch I've seen coyotes and, in summer, large gopher snakes right on the trail (though you ll more likely see multitudes of mountain bikers). There's a challenging hill at mile 3, but after that it gets easier. A little after mile 5 there's a confusing intersection; if you stay to City Track Club board! Membership dues reminder: If you haven t yet paid your 2013 member dues, now s the time! Rates are $15 per year for individuals, and $20 per year for families. See the Join link at the right, you'll remain on the BST. Soon you'll be descending into City Creek, and at 6.6 miles you'll emerge onto the hairpin curve of Bonneville Boulevard. From there, just 2.5 road miles to go: south to 11th Ave., and then east all the way back to Popperton. A fellow runner told me that after finishing this 9-mile loop she felt like bat barf. I now think of this as The Bat Barf Loop. Enjoy! Club members Carrie McAdam and Gretchen Margetts compete in the 2012 St. George Marathon. Page 6 THE RUNNER S PULSE

7 Run Schedule Winter 2013 Monday Speedwork: Workouts at the Highland High track (or in Sugarhouse Park), 5:30pm. Meet west of the track in Sugarhouse Park. Wednesday Fun Run: During the Winter, Wednesday runs will start at 6:00pm at Highland High School, 2100 S E. until Spring. Runs are 5 6 miles in length. Saturday Fun Run: 9:00am Saturday runs continue at various locations (see below). Sunday Run: Informal run (~5 miles) at 8:00am at Highland High School, 2100 S E. Date Location Address & Comments Wednesdays Oct 17 April 2013 Saturdays Highland High School 2100 S E., north parking lot, near school sign Jan 5 Sunnyside Park 1735 E Sunnyside Ave (840 S) Jan 12 Draper Park S.1300 E., northeast parking lot Jan 19 Red Butte Canyon concert entrance Jan 26 Winter Series 5k No fun run Feb 2 Liberty Park Feb 9 Winter Series10K No fun run North Campus and Red Butte Canyon Road. Check our web page for a map to the location if you have not been here before. 700 E S. Park on the east side of the park parallel to 700 E, about halfway down just before the road that leads to the center of the park. Feb 16 Highland High School 2100 S E, north parking lot, near school sign Feb 23 Winter Series 15K No fun run Mar 2 Tanner Park 2700 S E. parking lot Mar 9 Storm Mountain Park S E., Sandy Mar 16 Mar 23 Mar 30 Emigration Canyon State Capitol Basin Recreation Center, Kimball Junction (Park City) Rotary Glenn Park, Sunnyside Ave (1000 S.) & Wasatch Blvd, east of Hogle Zoo East Capitol Boulevard. East side of the road near City Creek (NE corner of the Capitol) 1388 New Main Street. Check the web page for a map if this is your first time. Also look for details on Facebook about possible carpooling. Breakfast run series: Bold means a member will host breakfast after the Fun Run. Breakfast location announced at the run. Host will provide a main dish; please bring a beverage or breakfast item to share. Fun runs are informal, non-competitive runs open to members and their guests. Non-members are welcome but are asked to join the Club if they plan to participate on a regular basis. There is no fee and no facilities are provided. Runners arrive, socialize, run (or walk), and often go out to eat afterwards. The base distance is generally 5-7 miles but can be altered to fit individual needs. Please plan to arrive minutes early if you need time to stretch or warm up. Runners participating in fun runs or other SLCTC events are expected to have a signed waiver on file with the Membership Committee. The club membership application and waiver can be found at W INTER Page 7

8 Thanks to our Sponsors! Editor s note: If you see any problems or want to comment on or contribute to the newsletter, please contact Paul Bernard at Next Newsletter: April 1, 2013 Deadline for Articles: March 16, 2013 Visit us on the Web