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1 The Rhodes School V 2010 TEA Exemplary Campus Parent Bulletin Week of: October 8, 2012 REAL LEARNING REAL RESULTS 10/10/12 Fine Arts After School Practice Begins; Performance Line Students Only (3 3:45pm, 1 st & 2 nd Friday of Every Month at Tidwell Campus) 10/15/12 Spelling Bee Parent Information Meeting (5:00 10/17/12 Staff Development Day No School for Students; Crayon Club Open Regular Hours 10/20/12 Fine Arts Students Perform at Summerwood Fall Festival 10/27/12 The Rhodes School Character Parade (10am 11am) 10/31/12 Grade Level Classroom Spelling Bee 11/05/12 Last Parent Chaperone Meeting of the Semester 11/13/12 Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon at Robert E Lee Campus 11/14/12 Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon at Tidwell Campus 11/14/12 Pre K 1 st Science Fair THERE IS A SPECIAL BABY SONIC BOOM AND DAZZLING DOLLS PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE PARENT ALERT IN THIS WEEK S BULLETIN BEGINNING ON PAGE 4 PARENTS SHOULD REVIEW THE INFORMATION TO INSURE THEY ARE INFORMED OF IMPORTANT PERFORMANCES DATES Progress Reports Printed progress reports for students in first - sixth grade were distributed today Please check your child's folder for his or her progress report For your convenience, grades are accessible anytime via our Parent Portal link Just go to wwwrhodesschoolorg and click on "Parent Portal" from our homepage Parent Portal letters were distributed in September If you need an additional copy, please contact your child s teacher This year s parade is scheduled for 10/27/12 from 10:00 11:00am (parade begins at 10, students in the parade need to arrive at 9am) Pre k 3 1 st grade students will be allowed to dress up as their favorite book character on Thursday, October 18, 2012, and compete for a ride on the parade float Parents and community members can vote for their favorite character costume via the school website Saturday Tuesday (10/20 23/12) The winners will be announced on the school website on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 (Continue on next page)

2 Character Parade (cont d) The first and second place winner from each grade level will be allowed to ride on the parade float, receive a certificate and a prize Third place winners will receive a certificate and a prize All students are encouraged to come out and support this annual Rhodes School Event The entry fee is one canned good Students who attend the parade and bring a canned good will receive a free dress pass to be used on Friday, November 2 Pre k3 1 st grade students who have motorized toy cars, bicycles, big wheels, etc are invited to join the parade march Parents here are some tips to remind the students: Create an original costume rather than buying one Impress people with your craftsmanship and creativity Bring the book that you read with you to take the picture Pick characters that people will recognize You can enter the contest as a team; people will be impressed with your teamwork However, the votes you collect from your team picture will be divided amongst each team member If you have any questions please feel free to contact MrsLin, or PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION MEETING COUNSELOR S CORNER The Rhodes School was built on the foundations of Scholarship, Leadership and Citizenship As we continue to educate our youth on these characteristics throughout the year, we promote the Developmental Asset of a Caring School Environment In order to promote a caring school environment we continue to educate our youth on multiple facets of character development and social skills that decrease the incidents and/or impact of bullying We have begun by teaching skills that ensure academic success and discussing self esteem We will progress to positive peer skills, friendship maintenance, emotion management, recognizing bullying behaviors, conflict resolution and assertiveness skills Bullying is a complex problem and sometimes conflicts such as normal disagreements, arguments and disrespect can be misidentified as bullying Peer conflict is an important part of growing up Children learn how to negotiate conflict with peers utilizing the skills learned through conflict For a behavior to be considered bullying, four specific characteristics must be present in order to be qualified as bullying Those four characteristics are when the behavior is intentional, repetitive, hurtful and involves a balance of power The Rhodes School s policy outlines zero tolerance for bullying behaviors (see parent handbook) As we foster the developmental assets of a Caring School Environment, Provide Clear Boundaries and Safety, there are several developmental assets that you can provide at home: Be A Good Role Model Create a Supportive Family Environment Engage in Positive Family Communication Promote Positive Relationships with Other Adults and Peers Be Involved In your Child s Schooling Provide Clear Boundaries and Safety at Home PTO meeting on Oct 23 th from 5:30 to 6:30pm in the cafeteria at the Tidwell location For those interested in running for a PTO office or becoming a member please be in attendance Counselor Recommended Books: My Secret Bully By Trudy Ludwig Trouble Talk by Trudy Ludwig How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and other Meanies by Kate Posey Wendy and The Bullies by Nancy Robinson

3 FIELD EXPERIENCE SCHEUDLE PRE-K 3 AND 4 OIL RANCH OCTOBER 25 KINDER SPACE CENTER HOUSTON OCTOBER 26 1 ST, 2 ND, AND 3 RD MILLER OUTDOOR THEATRE OCTOBER 30 4 TH, 5 TH, AND 6 TH 4 TH GEORGE RANCH HISTORICAL PARK 5 TH & 6 TH AD PLAYERS PLAY BUNNICULA OCTOBER 26 The Rhodes School is proud to announce its 1 st ever Homecoming Week The week of October 15 19, 2012 will be Homecoming Week We will have different activities for each day, which include voting for our school mascot, Rhodes School spirit day, a big mascot unveiling pep rally, and even a Homecoming dance More details to come GET READY TO SHOW YOUR RHODES SCHOOL PRIDE!!!! Parent Chaperone Orientation Meeting is on October 9 th at 7am-8am, 3pm-4pm, and 6pm- 7pm all at the Tidwell location The 2 nd and 3 rd installments of the Field Experience Payment Plan are due November 30 and January 11, respectively Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on wwwrhodesschoolorg for more information on the annual field experience fee The Rhodes School Spelling Bee!!! We are excited to announce that The Rhodes School Spelling Bee is coming soon Parents here are some important dates to make a note of regarding the Spelling Bee 10/31/12 In House Classroom Spelling Bee 01/10/13 Grade Level Bees (Top Ten from each Grade level) 01/24/13 Spell Off (Top Two Spellers from 4 th 6 th )

4 BABY SONIC BOOM & DAZZLING DOLLS PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE SCIENCE FAIR 10/13/12 BABY SONIC BOOM & DAZZLING DOLLS PERFORM AT ADVANCED YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE STUDENTS ARRIVE AT TIDWELL CAMPUS AT 9AM, DEPART FROM TIDWELL CAMPUS AT 11:30AM, ARRIVE AT MYRTLE LANE HOUSTON, TEXAS AT 12:30PM, & WILL RETURN TO TIDWELL CAMPUS AT 3PM 10/20/12 BABY SONIC BOOM & DAZZLING DOLLS PERFORM AT PRAIRIE VIEW HOMECOMING PARADE STUDENTS ARRIVE AT TIDWELL CAMPUS AT 7AM, DEPART FROM TIDWELL CAMPUS AT 7:30AM, ARRIVE AT FM 1098 ROAD UNIVERSITY DR PRAIRIE VIEW, TEXAS AT 9AM, PARADE STARTS AT 9:15AM, RETURN BACK TO TIDWELL CAMPYS AT 3PM 11/03/12 BABY SONIC BOOM & DAZZLING DOLLS PERFORM AT TSU S HOMECOMING PARADE STUDENTS ARRIVE TO TIDWELL CAMPUS AT 6:30AM, DEPART FROM TIDWELL AT 7AM, ARRIVE AT TSU AT 8AM, PARADE STARTS AT 10, STUDENTS WILL ARRIVE BACK TO SCHOOL AT 3PM 11/11/12 BABY SONIC BOOM & DAZZLING DOLLS PERFORM AT ANNUAL MAYORS VETERAN PARADE (WE ARE ASKING THAT ALL PARENTS, STAFF, AND STUDENTS COME OUT AND SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL ON THIS DAY THERE WILL A BUS TO TRANSPORT OUR RHODES SCHOOL FAMILY TO THIS EVENT THE BUS WILL LEAVE THE TIDWELL LOCATION ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2012 AT 8:30AM PLEASE BE AT THE TIDWELL LOCATION AT 8AM IN ORDER TO RIDE THE BUS MSCUNNINGHAM WILL ISSUE OUT FREE BUS PASSES TO THIS EVENT ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2012 YOU MUST HAVE A BUS PASS AND BE A CLEARED/APPROVED CHAPERONE IN ORDER TO RIDE THE BUS BUS PASSES WILL BE GIVEN OUT 0CT25 & 26 TH ONLY) Want to know who to talk to? Use our Who Handles What roster to get answers quickly by talking to the person who can best help you with our question or concern The Who Handles What contains addresses and extension numbers for various TRS crew members The roster will be updated as personnel and responsibility changes occur, so review the roster before each phone call to make sure the same person is still handling the area of your concern Monday, November 12 th All Projects are Due to the school at 8:20am Wednesday, November 14 th Pre K 1 st grade Science Fair Times 6pm 7:30pm at Tidwell Campus Thursday, November 15 th for 2 nd 6 th grade Science Fair Times 6pm 7:30pm at Tidwell Campus Download Science Fair Packets from the School website under the Quick Link tab wwwrhodesschoolorg Hard copies of the Science Fair Packets are also available in the front office at both the Tidwell & Robert E Lee Campuses Thrilling Thursday!!! Our PTO fun store is now open Items range from 50 cents to 300 dollars Items are sold during each lunch period Volunteers are needed If you are interested, please contact Ms Starks at ( ) The lunch schedule can be viewed on the school website under the Parent Connection tab NEED ANSWERS FAST? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) located under the Quicklinks Tab on our home page (wwwrhodesschoolorg) The FAQ is updated regularly, so parents can review it to get the most up to date information whenever they need it The following items on the FAQ are the most recent updates since last week s Parent Bulletin Items 8 12, 14, 16, 17 are new FAQ items