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1 RATHKAMP MATCHCOVER SOCIETY THE VOICE OF THE HOBBY SINCE 19~ I frms BuLLETIN NO. su January/Fet,>ruary by MikePrero Five years ago, we started this survey/report. Here's what I currently have as the largest collections in the hobby. I have no doubt that many of the numbers shown here can be superseded by larger collections that have not been reported or have simply not been counted. I'm hoping that when you notice that you have a larger collection than what is noted here in a specific category, you'll contact me with your collection numbers. I will not use your name unless you give me permission to, so please include a yes or no with the stats you send in. No estimates, please. These need to be exact counts. The figures here refer to 'all different covers;' although variations are OK. If you have categories not listed here, please add them, although the listing is already very large, so I'm normally not reporting totals of' 1' or really obscure categories. CATEGORY COLLECTOR SIZE ASOF Advance Mat.&Prtg. Tom Valachovic, FL /05 Adveraps Alma Adams, WI 51 3/96 7-UP Bob Oliver, FL 77 10/87 Adverti.zit Match Co Tun Moffett, CA 40 10/90 to's (au) John Wtlliams, OH /87 Affiliated Nat.Hotels Stuart Bergman, TX 423 6/93 to's (Ohio) Andy Anderson, MO 384 7/96 Agriculture Tom Gray, la 7297 tl/05 to's (Universal) Andy Anderson, MO /96 Airlines Sid Barlow, ENG /02 t2's Stella Williams, OH /93 Airplanes Bill Furlong, NV /90 t2-up Judi Wittwer, AZ 107 8/03 Airports Mike Prero, CA /05 21" Feature (empty) Dan Bitter, OK /99 Alabama Win Lang, CA 489 6/97 24's Judi Wittwer, AZ 322 5/0t Alaska Roy Buckley, W A 316 3/01 40's Joe Onofri, i> A /88 Albert Pick Hotels Ralph Brann, IN 206 3/04 200's Roy Buckley, yja 5 3/01 Albert Pick mm Don Marquette, AR 's Roy Buckley, WA 53 3/01 Albuquerque John Nichols, NM /93 AAA Mike Prero, CA /05 All-Trades Mike Prero, CA 51 11/05 Abraham Lincoln Chester Crill, CA 171 4/05 Alligators Chester Crill, CA 122 4/05 Acey Ducey clubs Jim Moffett, CA 8 6/93 Allis Press Mike Prero, CA 13 11/05 Acme Match Co. Mike Prero, CA 6 11/05 American Ace Clem Pater, OH /00 Acorn Match Co. Mike Prero, CA 2 tl/05 American Legion Mike Prero, CA 1018 tl/05 Action James Benes 25 10/01 American Match Co Don Marquette, AR 48 tl/05 Adam Hats Don Marquette, AR 224 5/01 American Mat.&Prtg Mike Prero, CA t73 tl/05 Advance Match Co. Warren Marshall, CA /88 American Quality Bill Retskin, NC 20 t0/88

2 2 The President's Message I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our membership and their families 'best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year'. With winter upon us, it gives many of us northern collectors chance to stay home and catch up on our sorting and trading. It is a great opportunity to welcome our recent new members by sending out a letter with a few covers. As the use of the internet grows, it is becoming apparent that unless you are connected, the hobby might be passing you by. Instead of waiting by the mail box, instant communication is letting us know about the health and welfare of friends. The internet is proving to be a valuable tool for many collectors. Endless information is at your fingertips. And of course, a monetary savings can be realized by not having to mail out want lists. I imagine that one day soon, we will be given the choice of receiving this bulletin on line. Think of the money that could be saved. Think of the space that the bld bulletins take up in your hobby room. What are your thoughts? Should we offer our bulletin on line? I look forward to your responses. Regards, RMS President My Most Prized Cover! Starting with this issue, I'm beginning a new series which will run as long as I have enough input for it...but it's easy enough... because every RMS BuHetin January/February 2006, No. 518 collector could probably identify his or her... most prized cover! It doesn't have to be a rarity; it doesn't have to be expensive; it doesn't have to be exotic. It just has to be your... most prized cover! Just send me a little text explaining what it is and why it's special to you + a good scan or photocopy. It can be a cover, box, or label. It can even be a set, but I'm only going to have room to run one pic, so if it's a set, just send me one representative sample. It should be interesting seeing what our fellow collectors prize, although it will take awhile to see your own...i'm only running one per issue, and that's only six per year... but your grandkids will enjoy seeing it! THE RMS BULLETIN The ~S BuHetin is a bimonthly publication of tbe Rathkamp Matchcover Society. RMS dues are $20 (single), $25 (single) for Canada and $35 (single) for overseas. Add. family members are $4 each. Dues are to be submitted to Treasurer. All articles, advertisements, comments, and letters should be sent to the Editor. Publication dates are: Sept., Nov., Jan, Mar., May, and Jul. Deadline for all submissions is 30 days before the publication month. This publication is owned by the Rathkamp Matchcover Society and is made available for public distribution through first class (Canadian and overseas) and bulk mail rates. RMS WEB SITE: RMS OFFICERS ( ): President: Morris Pasternak, 22 Sachet Drive, Richmond Hill, ON IAE 4S1CAN E- Mail: lst V.P.: Grant Gehringer, 4761 Parkman Ct., Annandale, VA Grant. 2nd V.P.: Brian Mason, th Place., Vero Beach, FL Secretary: Shirley Sayers, 1290 Corporation St., Beaver, PA Membershipffreasurer: Terry Rowe, 1509 S. Dugan Rd., Urbana, OH (937) Editor: Mike Prero, Eckard Way Auburn, CA Tel: (530)

3 RMS BuUetin January/February 2006, No Americana Hotels Ralph Brann, IN 35 4/93 Bonanza Steak.. Tom Gray, IA 465 6/97 Americana, Perkins Art Houser, NY /93 Book Match Co. Mike Prero, CA Amusement Parks Ellen Gutting, NV 240 9/00 Bowling Chester Crill, CA /05 AMVETS Toby Mes$mer Boxes Paul Moyer, CA /93 Anchors Mel Garrett, KS 163 6/93 Boxes, Japanese Paul Moyer, CA /93 Angels Cheryl Crill, CA 221 4/05 Boxes, Lipstick Wayne Eadie, NY 121 3/01 Animals Chester Crill, CA /05 Boxes, Pillow Les Hufford, OH 9 8/93 Animals, Celebrity Rich Greene, NJ Boxes, Plastic Br. Wayne Eadie, NY /05 Anvils Judi Wittwer, AZ 41 5/01 Boxes, Swedish-type Paul Moyer, CA /93 Apples Chester Crill, CA 232 4/05 Boxes, Swedish Terry Rowe, OH /05 Arizona Judi Wittwer, AZ /01 (small-foil) Arkansas Lelim Roll, AR /01 Boxes, Wooden?,CAN 217 9/93 Arrow Match Co. Warren Marshall, CA /88 Boxing Judi Wittwer, AZ 44 5/01 Art Match Co. Mike Prero, CA 9 11/05 Branding Irons Judi Wittwer, AZ 129 5/01 Atlantic Match Co. Mike Prero, CA 8 11/05 Brands Judi Wittwer, AZ 125 5/01 Atlas 4-Color Tom Valachovic, FL /05 Brazil Ralph Arnold, MA /00 Atlas Foil Mike Prero, CA /05 Brew Pubs Steve Weiner, NJ 750 6/00 Atlas Match Co.( old) Mike Prero, CA 23 11/05 Bridges Ellen Gutting, NV 500 9/00 Australia Mike Hubbard, MI /05 Bridges, Natural Ed Brassard, W A 129 4/00 Austria Mike Hubbard, MI /05 Brit. War Relief Soc. Alan Grant, Nt:I 119 7/05 Auto Dealers Greg Lund, CA /05 Brothels fun Moffett, CA /90 Auto Parts?,CAN /93 Bryant& May Sid Barlow, ENG Auto Racing Mike Samuels, DC /05 Buffalo Chester Crill, CA 243 4/05 Autographed Covers Mark Quilling, MN 440 3/03 Bullfighting Chester Crill, CA 70 6/93 Aztec-theme Chester Crill,CA /99 Bus Lines John Dockendorf, PA /05 Babies Dave Hampton, CA 93 10/88 Bus. Machine/Office Harold Crusan, CO 26 5/01 Bahamas Wing Lang, CA 155 6/97 Cactus Chester Crill, CA 611 4/05 Bail Bonds Chester Crill, CA 67 4/05 Cafes Greg Lund, CA /05 Ballons, Hot Air Ellen Gutting, NV 180 9/00 Cafeterias Jo Wilding, TX 337 5/93 Banks Mike Prero, CA California Win Lang, CA /97 Banks, S&Ls,CUs Charlotte Hoffinan, NJ /78 Camel30s Dan Bitter, OK Barber Shops Andy Anderson, MO 944 7/96 Cameo James Zearfoss, P A /88 Barns Loren Moore, CA 130 1/99 Camp Grnd/R V Park Harold Crusan, CO 82 11/05 Barrel Matches Andy Anderson, MO 181 7/96 Canada Mike Hubbard, MI /05 Bars Jo Wilding, TX 3127 I/99 Canada Color Roy Buckley, WA 567 3/01 Baseball Win Lang, CA 778 6/97 Canadian Excise Pierre Dorval, CAN Bears Chester Crill, CA /99 Canadian Pac. Hotel Ralph Brann, IN 100 4/93 Beauty Salons Andy Anderson, MO /96 Capitols, US Marie Harbison, PA /93 Beavers Chester Crill, CA 141 4/05 Car Rentals Ray Vigeant, CT 35 1/99 Beer Bill Retskin, NC /88 Cards, Playing Chester Crill, CA 196 8/95 Bees Chester Cri1~ CA 146 4/05 Career Offers John Nichols, NM 222 5/93 Belgium Mike Hubbard, MI /05 Carousels Chester Crill, CA /99 Bell Machine Co. Bill Retskin, NC 50 10/88 Cars Ray Vigeant, CT /90 Bellboys Chester Crill, CA /99 Cars (antique only) Roy Buckley, W A 266 3/01 Ben Franklin Chester Crill, CA 130 4/05 Casinos Pat Flynn, NV Benihana Rest. Wayne Eadie, NY 186 1/01 Casinos, At. City Marie Harbison, PA 331 4/93 Best Eastern Frank Lawton, CA 23 7/93 Casinos, Foreign Sid Barlow, ENG 698 1/02 Best Western Ken Riggs, MA /88 Casinos, Louisiana Bill Hubbard, TN 47 7/99 Best Western, N/S Bob Oliver, FL /87 Casinos, Mississippi Bill Hubbard, TN 93 7/99 Beverly Hills Cheryl Crill,CA 430 4/05 Casinos, Nevada Jimmy Calhoun, CA /88 Bicentennial Clem Pater, OH /87 Catalina Island Chester Cril~ CA 178 4/05 Big Bands Bill Evans, MI 47 9/05 Caterers Jo Wilding, TX 291 5/93 Billboard Andy Anderson, MO /96 Cats Cheryl Crill, CA 450 6/93 Bingo?,CAN 34 9/93 Cattle Brands Roy Buckley, W A 153 3/01 Birds Chester Crill, CA /05 Caves Ed Brassard, W A /00 Black!White Photo Bill Retskin, NC /88 CCC Camps John Williams, OH /90 Blacks Opal Calhoun, CA /93 Cement Co's Pat O'Keefe, AZ /87

4 4 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No. 518 Central Match & La. Warren Marshall, CA 321 7/93 County Seats Tom Valachovic, FL /89 Century Lites Roy Buckley, W A 2 10/01 Cowboys Warren Marshall, CA /88 Champ. Spark Plugs D. Longenecker, PA /05 Cows/Steers Chester Crill, CA /05 Chapman Match Co. Judi Wittwer, AZ 9 4/93 Crabs Cheryl Crill, CA 349 4/05 Characters, Cartoon Riche Greene, NJ Credit Unions Mel Reese, WI /00 Characters, Hist. Mike Prero, CA Crests Marie Harbison, P A /93 Characters, Literary Rich Greene, NJ 292 1/01 Crown Match Co. Jim Moffett, CA /87 Chefs Chester Crill, CA /99 Dams John Clark, FL 53 11/05 Chevy Dealer Greg Lund, CA Dated Mike Prero, CA /75 ChezParee Seymour Shedlow, IL 94 5/01 Dated Auto David Schroeder, CAN /01 Chicago Match Co. Les Hufford, OH 544 8/93 Dave & Busters Mark Quilling, MN 102 4/00 Chicken-In... Rough Chester Crill, CA 40 4/05 David Lionel Press Mike Prero, CA /05 Chickens G. Hocfaker/P. Spoff Deer Chester Crill, <;A 620 4/05 Chicks & Feed Leland Roll, AR 112 3/01 Delaware Win Lang, CA 237 6/97 Chimney Sweeps Jim Moffett, CA 20 6/93 Dept. Stores Andy Anderson, MO 810 7/96 Christmas Mike Prero, CA Devils Cheryl Crill, CA 161 4/05 Christmas, Giant Judi Wittwer, AZ 83 5/01 Diamond 40-stick Roy Buckley, W A 6 3/01 Christmas, N/S Judi Wittwer, AZ /01 Diamond Four-Color Judi Wittwer, AZ /89 Cigars Andy Anderson, MO 474 7/96 Diamond Quality Harry Branchaud, CA /90 Classic Collectible Judi Wittwer, AZ 172 8/03 Diamond Quality(fb) Bill Retskin, NC /88 Classique Jim Moffett, CA 33 6/93 Diamond Saf-First Ed Brassard, W A /88 Clicks Cheryl Crill, CA 195 4/05 Diners Greg Lund, MD /05 Clocks Cheryl Crill, CA 49 7/93 Diners, Full-length Mel Garrett, KS 113 6/93 Clothing Bill Evans, Ml 572 9/05 Dining/Dancing Cpls Cheryl Crill, CA 289 7/93 Clowns, Circus Ellen Gutting, NV Dinosaurs Chester Crill, CA 49 4/05 Clowns, Rodeo Judi Wittwer, AZ 101 5/01 Diplomatic Mike Samuels, DC Clubs Andy Anderson, MO /96 Discos Chester Crill, CA 227 4/05 Coal Co.'s Larry Bell, CAN /90 Disney Hank Northam.,CA /90 Coast Bk Match Co. Mike Prero, CA 2 11/05 Disneyworld/EPCOT Joe DeGennaro, NY 342 7/05 Coca-Cola Wayne Eadie, NY /05 Display Jimmy Calhoun, CA 310 4/93 Cocktail Glass (N/S) Chester Crill, CA 528 4/05 Dog Racing Mike Samuels, DC /05 Coffee Andy Anderson, MO 214 7/96 Dogs Cheryl Crill, CA /05 Coffee Shops Greg Lund, CA /05 Dolphins Chester Crill, CA 252 4/05 Col gates John Williams, OH /05 Donkeys/Burros Chester Crill, CA 601 4/05 Colgate Bridge Sets Dave Hampton, CA /88 Douglas Match Co. flid Moffett, CA 23 10/90 Colleges Anonymous /87 Downtowner Mo.Inn Ralph Brann, IN 70 4/93 Colorado WmLang,CA /97 Dragons Chester Crill, CA 672 4/05 Columbia Match( old) Mike Prero, CA Drinks (Alcoholic) Andy Anderson, MO /96 Columbia, XL Mike Prero, CA 8 11/05 Drive Ins (theatres) Ralph Brann, IN 157 4/93 Combos Walt Wecker, IL /87 Driving Schools John Nichols, NM 48 5/93 Combos, Casino Marie Harbison, PA 69 4/93 Ducks Chester Crill, CA 463 4/05 Combos, Holiday Inn Marie Haribison, P A 78 4/93 Drug Stores Andy Anderson, MO /96 Combos, Navy Ship Dave Hampton, CA 89 10/88 Duncan Hines Mike Prero, CA /05 Combos, Railroad Marie Harbison, PA 159 4/93 E-Award (WWII) Mike Samuels, DC 79 11/05 Comedy Clubs Chester Crill, CA 108 4/05 Eagles Chester Crill, CA /05 Connecticut David Barbieri, CT /05 Eagles (F.O.E.) Sid Barlow, ENG /02 Conquistadors Chester Crill, CA /99 Easel Back flid Moffett, CA /90 Consumer Press Mike Prero, CA 11 11/05 Eddy Penny Boxes Larry Bell, CAN /88 Contact Judi Wittwer, AZ 348 5/01 Eddy Quality Bill Retskin, NC 50 10/87 Continental Match Mike Prero, CA Eiffie Tower Chester Crill, CA 210 4/05 (old) Elephants Chester Crill, CA 611 4/05 Contours John Clark, FL 916 ll/00 Elks (B.P.O.E.) Mike Prero, CA 5495 ll/05 Convention Les Hufford, OH /93 Embassies Roy Buckley, W A Convention, RMS Tom Gray, la /05 Embossed Mel Garrett, KS /93 Coronations/Royalty Mike Prero, CA 30 11/05 Empire Bk MatchCo. Mike Prero, CA 4 11/05 Cotton Bolls Ellen Gutting, NV 60 10/00 England Mike Hubbard, Ml /05 Country Clubs Milt Wolf, DE /00 Errors Mike Prero, CA

5 RMS BuUetin January/February 2006, No Eskimos Ellen Gutting,NV /00 Gasoline/Oil Brands Andy Anderson, MO /96 Executive Inns Ralph Brann, IN 51 4/93 Geese Chester Crill, CA /99 Extendn' Ad Jim Moffett, CA 55 10/90 Geiger Bros. Mike Prero, CA 16 11/05 Eyeglasses Billijo Piper, KY 156 7/05 Gem Match Co. Warren Marshall, CA 66 10/88 Fairs (not World) Judi Wittwer, AZ 250 5/01 General Match Co. Everett Hoy, OH /88 Famous Places Paul Moyer, CA /87 George Washington Chester Crill, CA 202 4/05 Features (all) Joel Acus, OH /05 Georgia Win Lang, CA /97 Features, 15-Stick Joel Acus, OH /05 Germany Mike Hubbard, MI /05 Features, 21-Stick Joel Acus, OH /05 Ghosts Cheryl Crill, CA Features, 22-Stick Joel Acus, OH 96 11/05 Giants Mel Garrett, KS 626 6/93 Features, 33-Stick Joel Acus, OH Giraffes Chester Crill, CA 66 4/05 Features, Contour Joel Acus, OH 69 5/01 Girlies (all) Walter Hubbard, CA /93 Features, Display Joel Acus, OH 141 5/01 Girlies (sets) Walter Hubbard, CA /93 Features, Giant Joel Acus, OH Girlies (singles) Walter Hubbard, CA /93 Features, Flat Mike Prero, CA Girlies(stock,unlisted Walter Hubbard, CA /93 Features, Full Joel Acus, OH /03 Gold Panners Jim Moffett, CA 230 6/93 Features, Knothole Joel Acus, OH 100 5/01 Golf and CC Art Houser, NY /05 Features, Odd-Strkr Joel Acus, OH 36 5/01 Golf Clubs Win Lang, CA /97 Features, Poster Joel Acus, OH 28 11/05 Gondolas Chester Crill, CA 267 4/05 Federal Prtg. Mike Prero, CA Gopher Match Co. Mike Prero, CA 4 11/05 Federals Dan Bitter, OK /99 Grant-Mann Mike Prero, CA Federals, Short Dan Bitter, OK /99 Greet Hat, Lion Joel Acus, OH 28 ll/05 Federals, XL Dan Bitter, OK /99 Grocery Stores Andy Anderson, MO /96 Filigree Helen HoUmann, PA /05 Group I Robert Anderson, NE 892 3/01 Filigree-Type George Bruckman, CO /93 Group I Sports Robert Anderson, NE 679 3/01 Finance Co.'s?,CAN 243 9/93 Gum Andy Anderson, MO 137 7/96 Finland Mike Hubbard, MI /05 Gum/Candy Judi Wittwer, AZ 136 5/01 Fire Co. (+related) Mike Samuels, DC /05 Hamilton Match Co. Mike Prero, CA 7 11/05 Fishing Mike Samuels, DC /05 Hangers Ellen Gutting 32 9/00 Flamingos Chester Crill, CA 246 4/05 Hard Rock Cafe Joe DeGennaro,NY 300 7/05 Florentine Evere~ Hoy, OH /88 Hardware Stores Andy Anderson, MO /96 Florida Fred Houk., FL /05 Hats Jo Wtlding, TX Florida Match Co. Mike Prero, CA Hawaii Jim Moffett, CA /89 Florists Jo Wilding, TX 581 6/97 Hawaii, T.H. Don Marquette, AR 93 5/01 Flowers Opal Calhoun, CA /93 Hearts Dave Hampton, CA 29 10/88 Flowers, N/S Chester Crill, CA 429 6/93 Hellman Match Co. Tun Moffett, CA 4 6/93 Foilite Vema Troxel, WA /93 Hemisphere '68 Stuart Bergman, TX 29 6/93 Food Products John Nichols, NM 256 5/93 Hercules Match Co. Bill Retskin, NC 2 10/88 Foreign Mike Hubbard, MI /05 Hillbilly Mike Prero, CA /05 ForkLifts Art Houser, SC 170 9/97 Hiltons Frank Lawton, CA /88 Four Seasons Wayne Eadie, NY /05 Hiltons, Foreign Frank Lawton, CA /88 Foxes Chester Crill, CA 546 4/05 Hiltons, Mini-Max Jim Moffett, CA 22 10/89 France Mike Hubbard, MI /05 Hiltons, N/S Bob Oliver, FL /87 Fraternal Mel Garrett, KS /93 Hiltons, Stock AI Kilburn, PA 778 5/93 Fraternities Mike Prero, CA /05 Hobos Ellen Gutting, NV /00 Fred Harvey Judi Wittwer, AZ 201 5/01 Hockey Judi Wittwer, AZ 149 5/01 Friendship Inns Tom Gray, IA 644 6/97 Holiday Inn Ken Riggs, MA /88 Frogs/toads Chester Crill, CA 190 4/05 Holiday Inn Boxes Ken Riggs, MA /88 Fruit Chester Crill, CA 661 4/05 Holiday Inn, Foreign Frank Lawton, CA 611 6/88 Fuel Co.'s Andy Anderson, MO /96 Holiday Inn, N/S Janet Penny, PA /05 Fuli-Frontals Mike Prero, CA /05 Holiday Inn; N/S For Janet Penny, P A 425 1/01 Full-Length (20s) Dan Bitter, OK /03 Holiday Inn, Stock Marie Harbison, PA /93 Full-L. Bank Checks Carmine Arpino, CT 288 7/05 Holland Mike Hubbard, MI /05 Funeral Homes James Willard, MD /05 Hong Kong Mike Hubbard, MI 475 7/05 Gambling Ships Jim Moffett, CA 21 6/93 Horse Racing Mike Samuels, DC /05 Garages Andy Anderson, MO /96 Horses Judi Wittwer, AZ /97 Gas Stations Greg Lund, MD /05 Horseshoes Judi Wittwer, AZ 149 5/01 con 'in t our nex I 1ssue.

6 6 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No Beverage Set From Bulgaria Yet another fine set courtesy ofhans Everink, Netherlands. These boxes were made in Turkey for distribution in the Ukraine. Each features a different kind of beverage. Most look like fruit drinks, although there is at least one cola shown here. Hans sent me 9 scans (8 shown here). That's an odd number for a set, so I won't swear that there aren't more.

7 RMS BuUetin January/February 2006, No ~OBBY HISTOR~ The Original Plan of the Organization of The Rathkamp Memorial Society of Match Cover Collectors [From an October 1, 1941 document by then Secretary Edward Perkins and Presid<mt R A. Lockard] During business meetings of the Second Annual Collectors' Convention held at Pocasset, Mass. on dates of September 11th, 12th and 13th, 1941 urgent need was seen in securing accredited lists of the many highly desired match covers, both current and obsolete. Equipped with such data the task of associating such covers by size, structure, color, date and history might be minimized. The collector would then have accurate information on the status of his collection. Added interests would be stimulated by his quest for such material, known to be absent from his sets. With the prime purpose of utilizing the vast man-power of the general match cover collecting body throughout this country and abroad in this channel, and in other channels wherein our hobby might be enhanced and popularized the RATHKAMP MEMORIAL SOCIETY OF MATCH COVER following manner: Uniform lists will be mailed out at sundry times upon subject, which in the opinion of the members require the greatest immediate attention. Such lists will be compiled on 8'/z" x 11" standard size paper which may be placed systematically in loose leaf binder. New items for various hobby publications. News letters of interest. Research for new covers. Standard and fair price lists for new set covers. Miscellaneous benefits to the collectors. Printing, mimeographing and mailing. 4. To facilitate the exchange of covers desired, a compile list of all members will be supplied. Monthly additions to the membership list will be sent out in the news letter. 5. When new sets of covers are placed on the market certain members will be appointed to govern fair costs of same. At the same time their authenticity will be thoroughly investigated. 6. Complete listings of all set covers, as well as other groups and types of covers will be compiled by committees of old time collectors who are recognized authorities upon such subjects. These covers will be tabulated and numbered for COLLECTORS was organized. The name selected purposes of quick identification and less ceremony honors Henry Rathkamp, the best known and most in corresponding. beloved pioneer in the field. 1. MEMBERSillP open to all "Flat" and "Full" match cover collectors in good standing with the hobby upon approval of the Membership Committee. 2. The Society shall be conducted on a mutually governed plan and a non-profit basis. There shall be no overhead costs for rent and salaries. Officers will be elected annually. Each member shall have a voice in the policies of the organization, and those who attend the conventions may vote for the officers. 7. To defray costs herein mentioned the annual dues will be $2.00 per member. A plan is already underway to purchase special certain issues in case lots. The membership roster may thereby secure its covers on a community basis, for lest cost. It is a well-known fact that collecting preferences vary to a great degree. A member's symbolized system will be placed in effect whereby one collector may know the other's specialities at a glance. 3. Receipts shall be returned to the members in the continued on p. 24

8 8 RMS BuUetin January/February 2006, No. 518 ''MATCHCOVEK" CADDY CO!"- "NowPntorC~ T.- ~o " C,'h~rk~ "' Mar&"~lt Ri>dRn~ C. T. {~ut< ~ P, 0. &.s: ~~72 Lak "-.1,-CA.. ~71t ~ lrfw n~ S62-4lJ9.i<t63- -Mail ;:1.-oirufa:.,..,l.,.,m MATCUCOVER-COLLECTORS fl:mse \VERE ~IADJCJUSl' FOR YOU! _. Art 8 mil polyvinyl c leas: pli! ~ignid. for n1atdico\$,r tl>tlector~, i'i.n n~o re,diffi~n1r cnr nws ~ N~ nlore friv.-s fulli ng out. Rasy to ctufn~e. Nfli~~)efi~l slze ~Jb \l)'u!htql.\ i ~- 1'11-g~ -fit ~tat1dard three rirtg bin&:rs you uo ~u.rdtiise; ilnywlle~. I. I f ' - lj : -:-:r-!. t ;. _ l J! I l I I L: I I t' ~:--:--r I t I 1, i t : I l I!.: t ' I L~J -- -~- - -L.J J ~!;(.- s 0,--.}~r It M.C 2fi'~ s ~ h--~! = n'ob.h. ~ -!~it..ritc h CC?,c.:n: i:!r. -~ f" ll::_.!-: :.b J Fr> " 5. ~...._,.:..;.Q:M-t_-_:_ :s""' 'i'-'r.,e"'- p~,----~ aj""'.=" #4()'.,_..:25 Stale ----~~".,tc..:.. _._. - -~ ;:; liuo Tu...!!L.. ~:'..~..._tv,_,1,_,idgets 25 l... """"~~- ~... '. '.... ~ ~..... :... ~b.itmil1!t... ~~-. ~ ~~ C.altf Orders &%sales tnx S _.;_.!) Can You Match This? We au collect Group I, but how many of us 1 ha~~ Matt Pater and Amy B. Chelstowski an autographed Group I cover...gotten ourse ves.. t St 11. 1, S+ f th S c th 1 did W.. F J a. 1v acy o e ea a o 1c Stuart Bergman, TX,! He got 111 1am - urges Ch h K nr t FL J h h.. d. S urc m ey vv es,, on u y,. to Sl~ ht~ cover, w en ls team wmtere m an went to DisneyWorld for their honeymoon Antomo... m Amy is a veterinary nurse and Matt works yan Homes in management construction. new address is 5218 Grand View Lane, View, TN 37146, which is just north ofnashville.

9 .. l ",J '06 l{lcrs l"' GET -yo\jr.. The Forest City Matchcover Club Invites you to Summer in Sandusky 2006 for the 66th Annual RMS Convention Holiday Inn Sandusky, Ohio August 20-26, 2006 Some Great Reasons Why You Should Plan On Coming To Sandusky In 2006 An attractive hotel room rate of $89 - Free Parking - A special low priced Breakfast Buffet each morning - Indoor and Outdoor Pools- Fully Equipped Exercise Area - Relax in the Whirlpool - Badminton, Ping Pong, Billiards, an indoor miniature Golf Course, a wide variety of Restaurants (more than 25 within walking distance or a 5 to 10 minute car ride) and close proximity to shopping (Sandusky Mall is 5 minutes by car). We're working on a shuttle. service. Complimentary pick-up and drop-off at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (must be arranged in advance). Two Exciting Trips: Monday, August 21st - A guided tour of Cleveland's highlights and the exciting downtown area including lunch in historic Little Italy and a visit to the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum. Tuesday, August 22"d -A ferry boat ride to Put-In-Bay Island, a private Put-In-Bay tour train with a guide for a narrated tour around the island; an elevated ride to the observation deck of Perry's international Peace Memorial; lunch overlooking the park and Bay; a guided Tour of Heineman Winery; a Tour of Crystal Cave and free time for shopping in Put-In-Bay plentiful boutiques and gift shops. An Ice Cream Social, In-hotel Casino Night, fine dining night, a trip to Greek Town Casino in Detroit, Michigan, Auctions, Dealers, Golf Tournament, Bowling and many other events and activities. Places and things to see in the area: Cedar Point Amusement Park, Merry-Go Round Museum, Lake Erie Islands, Maritime Museum, Thomas A. Edison Home, Hayes Presidential Center, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center, several wineries and much, much more. This Is One You Won't Want To MissUI!!U!!Imm

10 10 RMS BuUetin January/February 2006, No. 518 Club Memberships [Boy! This was much more of a project than I originally envisioned! Special thanks to Denise Alliegro, Joyce Moyer, Bob Reed, Wally Wade, John Bachochin, Richard Giardini, Les Good, Pat & Wally Mains, Joe DeGennaro, Ed Terracciano, Grant Gehringer, LaJuan Melendy, Shirley Sayers, Judi Wittwer, Doug Fouquet, Brian Mason, Marilyn Reese, Robert Lamb, Don Marquette, Richard Lauck, Jo Ann Wieghaus, Mike Hot han, Harold Crus on for their time and effort in getting these figures J Year Angelus MC Badger MC Berks County MC Connecticut MC Denver Strikers MC EmpireMC Garden State MC GidieMC Great Lakes MC Keystone-Lehigh Liberty Bell MC Lone StarMC Long Beach MC MARVAMC Mid-South MC defunct New Moon M&LC Pacific Northwest MC RMS Rocky Mountain MC San Diego MC los Sierra-Diablo MC I Southeast MC

11 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No. 518 Since 1998 ll Tobacco Club Trans Canada MC Tri-State Cardinal MC Windy City MC Two County Seats? by Herb Price Collectors specializing in match covers from county seats should be interested in knowing that Lee County in Iowa has two county seats; Fort Madison and Keokuk. According to a recent article in the Burlington Iowa newspaper, The Hawk Eye, this situation of two county seats has existed since the Iowa General Assembly passed a special Act sometime in the 1800's. The article did not give the exact year the law was passed. Currently there is talk of having the citizens of Lee County vote on the question whether they wish this situation to continue or wish to have only one county seat. Lee County is located in the South Eastern comer of Iowa. It is an area rich in history from the nineteenth century. Looking at a map oflowa, a feature which stands out is a small triangle shaped piece of Iowa which points downward into Missouri at the South Eastern comer of the state. That land is\,..,... Tract and is the Southern part of Lee County. This land was intended as a land grant for the children of white men and Native American women. Because it was such good farm land the white settlers saw to it the land went to them instead and no "haltbreeds" ever got to settle there. The town of Keokuk is located at the Southern ~~~~~~:;~~ jjiiiiiiii!liijilijii most tip of this triangle of land and is named for SacFox chief Keokuk. It is know as the "Gate.._..N t ll$#o.t' f1mf04, ~ ~ LOU~.. City" because it is situated on the Mississippi VM.O{ ~ li.oll03){ at the Southern end of a stretch of rapids which blocked the travel of larger boats headed orth. Before a dam was built on the Mississippi which held back water so boats could travel orth, an canal was used to transport cargo around the rapids. The town of Fort Madison is located on the ssissippi River North of Keokuk and was named for a military fort built there in The encouraged the Native Americans of the area to attack the fort during the war of Because of the fort's poor location for defensive purposes, it was abandoned and burned by the garrison in 'OJiA.~ CI0\1 C0\'0 lefe ~ { S f ~INO

12 12 RMS Bulletin JanuaryfFebruary 2006, No. 518 Manufacturers and Better- Notes: This listing is basically limited to 20th century, domestic companies. Roman numerals denote different companies with the same name.i have knowingly omitted Central Match & Label Co. (no location- probably Illinois), Douglas (no location), Lite-Rite Match Co. (could be MN or NJ), Magna Match Co. (status and location are too clouded); Diamond Match Co. was originally formed in Connecticut, but was later all over the country, but because most of their covers bear a New York location, I have put Diamond there; the Jersey and Manhattan match companies have been put in Elizabeth, NJ, but you could make an argument for NYC; Merchants Match Co. (no location- probably California); CALIFORNIA: - Hollywood: Hellman Match Co. - Los Angeles: Coast Match Co. Crown Match Co. Inter-State Press King Midas Match Co. Los Angeles Match Co. Mono matches United Match Co. - Oakland: Publix Printing - San Diego: California Match Co. -San Francisco: Willats Ptg. Co. - San Jose: Monarch Match Co. - COLORADO: [this one's ifyj -City Unknown: J.H. Maymon Book Match Co. -DELAWARE: -Newark: Helio Match Co. -FLORIDA: - Jacksonville: Atlantic Match Co. Southern Match Co./Corp. - Miami Beach: Florida Match Co. -St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Match Co. ILLINOIS: - Chicago: Acme Match Co. Acorn Match Co. Advance Match Corp. Advance Match & Prtg. Corp. American Match Co. American Match & Prtg. Co. Arrow Match Co. Book Match Co. Chicago Match Co. Circle Match Co. Consumer Press Continental Match Co. David Lionel Press Empire Match Co. Federal Prtg. Co. Fleming Calendar Co. Gem Match Co. Illinois Match Co. Lucky Match Co. Match Corp. of America McGill Match Co. Meyerson Press Midwest Match Co. National Press Northwestern Prtg. Co. Regal Book Match Co. Regal Match & Prtg. Co. Salvation match Co. Standard Match Co. Superior Match Co. Willens & Co. - Frankfort: Atlantis Match Co. - Joliet: Hub Match Co. National Match Co. (I) -Rockford: All Trades Match

13 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No Known Printers: By Location -INDIANA: - Crawfordsville: Indiana Match Co. [could possibly be Evansville] -Union City: Harrison Co. -KANSAS: - Ft. Scott: Standard Adv.& Prtg. Co. -KENTUCKY: - Henderson: Kentucky Match Co. - LOUISIANA: -New Orleans: Delta Match Co. -MARYLAND: - Baltimore: Maryland Match Co. Regal Match Co. -MICHIGAN: -Escanaba: Escanaba Match Co. - Grand Haven: Columbian Match Co. - Grand Rapids: Art Match Co. Michigan Match Co. - Saginaw: Sommers Brothers Match Co. - MJNNESOTA: - Duluth: Minnesota Match Manufacturing Co. - Le Center: Lite-Rite Match Co. -St. Paul: Gopher Match Co. -MISSOURI: - Kansas City: Allis Press Chapman Match - St. Louis: Star Match Co. Universal Match Co. -NEW HAMPSHIRE: -Jaffrey: Bean & Symonds Co. Billboard Match Co. D.D. Bean & Sons New Hampshire Match Co. -NEW JERSEY: - Elizabeth: Jersey Match Co. Manhattan Match Co. Merit Match Co. Unit Match Co. [ify} -Kenilworth: United Engr. Corp. - Linden: Merchants Standardized - Newark: Advertizit Match Co. Atlas Match Co. (I) Geiger Bros. Metro Printing Service National Match Co. (II) Tulip Match Co. -NEW YORK: - Brooklyn: Empire Book Match Corp. Lion Match Co. - Hudson: Union Match Co. -New York City: Diamond Match Co. Federal Match Corp. Hercules Match Co. Owname Products Corp. Peerless Match Co. [could be Rhode Island} - Rochester: Imprint Book Match Co. - Roselle Park: Rex Match Co. Royal Match Co. -West Nyack: Sun Match Corp. -omo: - Akron: Denmead Match Book Co. Palmer Match Co. - Ashland: Reliable Match Co.

14 14 -Baltimore: Buckeye Match Works - Bellefontaine: Merchants Industries, Inc. - Cincinnati: Cincinnati Match Co. General Match Co. Hamilton Match Co. Kaeser & Blair, Inc. - Cleveland: Columbia Match Co. (II) - Wadsworth: Ohio Match Co. - Zanesville: American Match Co. (II) American Pullmatch Co. Mercury Match Co. -PENNSYLVANIA: - Bellefonte: Pennsylvania Match Co. - Biglerville: Interstate Printing Service - Scranton: Edward I. Plottle Hayes Match Co. -TEXAS: -Arlington: Republic Match Co. (II) - Dallas: Texas Match Co. -Euless: Atlas Match Corp. (II) -Fort Worth: Southwestern Match Co. - San Antonio: Lone Star Match Co. -UTAH: - Salt Lake City: Utah Match Co. -WASHINGTON: - Tacoma: Coast Book Match Co. Pacific Match Co. (!) Pacific Match Co. (II) Sun Match Co. -WISCONSIN: - Kohler: Henseleit Match Co. - Marinette: Columbia Match Co. (I) - Milwaukee: Milwaukee Book Match Co. Premium Match Co. - Oshkosh: Bell Machine Co. - Plymouth: Republic Match Co. (I) - Sheboygan: Sheboygan Match Co. RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No. 518 Interesting Covers: II >>>> Here are a few more interesting covers that I and others have run across. 1. Top row, next page: These are four Safety Firsts, but they don't have the usual Diamond or Lion manumarks. The last three of these have been made in Finland, and the first one says "THE BEST EVER IMPORTED! in place of a regular manurnark. I've had this scan for awhile, but, if memory serves me correctly, these were all sent in by John Mathot, MA. 2. Bottom row, first cover, next page: This is an Advertizit Match Co. cover, which, for me, in and of itself, is interesting, because I don't see them very often and I also do the listing on them (there are only 197 currently listed). But this one is different even from the other 196 Advertizit covers I've seen thus far. It has the footer on the top flap rather than at the bottom of the front panel, where we would normally expect to see it... after all, that's what it's called a ' footer'! [notice also the footer is a Safety First- normal for Advertizit covers]. I have no idea why, but I can come up with three possible suggestions.. It could be due to the text simply being misplaced, but usually we would see all the text of that particular color out of place. Here, we only see the footer that seems to me out of place. Or, the cover could have could have been cut too high up on the sheet, thereby taking the next cover' s footer- which might explain the blank space at the bottom. Or, it could be intentional. The warning would be in plain sight on a matchbook, and I have seen this before in a few other older covers (Toya Match covers imported to the US, for example). 3. Rest of bottom row, next page: This is a cover from Mexico that's an odd size to begin with, bit it opens up into a moustache (die-cut)

15 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No "'ClHA i ~11.~ACW 1 ia, Riv ~n a lis CQI. (uo.uht :n'j' Oo!"J{) '-f(xico. D. F terttrt: la"t mb~j&dt.~ A meric n~ e tnc.tts.a; R SER\' AClO~ E.' ~ ~0..!,

16 16 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No. 518 The How many times in your life, thus far, have you heard the name "Cedars of Lebanon"? What do you think of when you hear it?... the famous hospitaf.'?... obscure Biblical references?... ancient history? Well, the Cedars of Lebanon qualifies for all three associations, but did you realize that there really are Cedars of Lebanon, still there? When I ran across the cover shown below, it prompted me to find out a little about the subject. The Cedars of Lebanon, located about 120 km from Beirut, have been famous since ancient times when the Phoenicians used them to build their ships. In the third millennium B.C., the city of Byblos prospered from a flourishing timber trade from the cedar forests. The famous kings and emperors, and priests of the ancient world all wanted to use the cedar for their temples and palaces. These mighty trees, mentioned often in the Bible, were used in the famous temple built by King Solomon in Jerusalem. The Cedar tree, majestic and indestructible, is the emblem of Lebanon and adorns its flag. At one time, Mount Lebanon was covered with a forest of Cedars, but their exploitation began thousands of years ago. The Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century, A.D. tried to protect the forest; however, in the following centuries much of the forest was destroyed. The immense and wondrous cedar forests of ancient times have disappeared. Not much is left of the famous forests of biblical times, true, but what remains is impressive enough. Today, there are about 300 trees known as the Cedars of the Lord. They stand at an altitude of more than 5,000 feet. They average 100 feet in height; and some are 40 to 50 feet in girth. Of the 300, about a dozen are thought to be more than 1,000 years old and of those, a few probably go back 1,500 years. The "youngest" are about 200 years old. There are of course other cedars in the world, but they are not so old, do not grow on arid rock as the Cedars of Lebanon do and therefore do not have the hardness or resistance from rot. And Lebanese cedar wood, though sweet smelling, is very bitter tasting. This protects it against worms, and its reputation as an imperishable wood follows. For this reason, as well as the fact that it is beautiful to behold, it was a must for palaces and sanctuaries in antiquity to have cedar wood as a building timber, for the roofing, for colonnades and for paneling. Lebanon's pride was used most famously in the Temple of Solomon, built by Hiram Abi from Tyre (1 Kings 7: 13). History tells us "everything" was of cedar wood; not a stone could be seen: a fact that earned the building the name, "the House of the Forest of Lebanon"( I Kings 7:2). The Pharaoh Cheops' barge, unearthed near the Great Pyramid of Giza in 1954, had fittings of Lebanese cedar wood; they were still in a remarkable state of preservation after 4,400 years, and some observers swore they could still detect the wood's sweet smell. Egyptian documents dating from 2600 B. C. say that Pharaoh Snefru imported 40 cargoes of undressed timber from Byblos for boat building. Long-dead Sumerian and Babylonian kings are recorded as being avid customers for Lebanese cedar. More unusually, the Egyptians used cedar sawdust for mummification and the resin, known as Cedria, for embalming. The resin was also used to glaze and strengthen papyrus-- a

17 Cedars RMS BuUetin January/February 2006, No very early example of "plastic" coating. The interesting stone wall that encircles part of the grove, running up hill and down dale like the great wall of China, is the successor of one originally built in the 19th Century entirely at the personal expense of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Her Majesty, on being informed of the destruction of the young cedar trees by goats, and the probable extinction of the species unless preventive measures were taken, extended assistance to Mt. Lebanon as a landmark in the growing campaign to save the Cedars of Lebanon, with their biblical connections, for posterity. Cedar saplings brought back to England by early travellers flourished on Britain's soil to remind the Queen of their progenitors on Mount Lebanon. { hi of no/lebanon/ /al_ arzlcondel index. html] Today, the area of the Cedars is a very picturesque ski resort with hotels, chalets, and ski lifts. Skiers came to the Cedars as early as The government installed the first ski lift in Located at a high altitude (2000m), the Cedars resort has a slightly longer season than the others, sometimes beginning early November and often lasting until late April. This historic winter wonderland is also the site for various international ski competitions as well as the casual sporting skiers. The tourists visit the Cedars of Lebanon throughout the year, and in addition to the Cedars forest, there are numerous sites of interest in the area. Bcharreh, a neighboring village of the Cedars, is the birthplace and place of rest of Khalil Gibran, one of Lebanon's famous poets and artist (author of The Prophet). There are also a number of Maronite churches and monasteries scattered throughout the mystic Qadisha valley. As mentioned earlier, these wonderful trees are described often in Scripture: "The trees of the Lord are watered abundantly, the cedars of Lebanon, which He hath planted, In them the birds build their nests"(psalms 104:16, 17). One ofthe most famous verses is: "The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, and grow like a Cedar in Lebanon."(Psalms 92:12). histcedars.htm] Interesting notes: [... showing the widespread influence of this ancient forest] -The highest web cam in the Middle East overlooks the Cedars forest and shows the slopes in the background. You can see it by going to: r:-==~=~-,---:o:-~~ mcedars. asp -There's a Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee. -''Tall Cedar of Lebanon" is also a particular rank among freemasons. [http: //www. g mwp. orgl tal/cedars. html] -There's even a Cedars o Lebanon web domain [ www. cedarsoflebanon. orgl]

18 18 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No ~ 1's.. ~ ~.. ~And~ o.. ~..-v l.vj,..~.... } ~.. : [Please check the Mail Box column for answers on last issue's IBM Soccer Set] r:---...,...,...,...,-...,...,...,_, Odd Striker Position,tc::m:Z:Cili'Z:o::m:i:::3mmD::lc:::mi!Zi:i::::::g Larry Dan ver, CA: Here's a cover with the striker in a position I haven't seen before. Ed. I may have asked about this type before, myself, but I don't remember if someone furnished me with an answer. I have 9 of these, both 20s and 30s. Is there an official name for this type of Universal cover? Trademark or hobby term, at least? "Bottom striker"? If anyone has a definitive answer, please let us know... And, if you have a question about a set or series, send in a clear pic and details, and we'll see what information we can garner from our readers. WHfEltNG. W. 'VA ~9tn:> NOU.V!)~l'\ to< SfintJ S'Q'WtS: I ~H:J S SiLV::>I!IIH13:) ~WJJ. t SlN.rjq::>::>'t J.:illtHl l r-',. -.! C ckir "Combo" is a generic hobby term, rather than a specific trademark. It's usually a matchcover +postcard from the same business or location, but the second item could also be a beer coaster, printed napkin, etc. Combos often make very attractive displays, and it's common to see them in display competitions, such as at conventions and swapfests, and wherever collectors are making demonstrations, such as at 'show & tell' presentations. Walt Wecker, IL, had a rather amazing 1,600 Combos as of 10/87. [Shown here is one of John Baal's, CA]

19 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No /4 ~ PlziJd ~ ~~ ~ These are my favorite covers. I am a license c~ ~ plate collector. I specialize in California plates. ~ The plates referenced here were produced by B.F. f' ~ Goodrich from They had the owner's '-..) license plate number stamped on them. If the owner's keys were iost, the finder would put the keys in the mailbox and they would be returned to the owner. The disabled American veterans had a similar program into the 70's. Can you imagine someone doing this with someone else's keys today? No way! These "BFG" tags now sell for up to $100 each. I have 19 (California) in my collection. These are the only two covers like this I have ever seen. Sure would like to find more. Sierra-Diablo Matchcover Club Sierra Diablo was founded in 1983 by a small group of collectors centered in the Sacramento area. Today, it's the second largest regional club on the continent. Taking its name from the Sierra Nevada Mts. to the east and Mt. Diablo to the west, this regional club serves the Sacramento-San Francisco region of Northern California. Sierra-Diablo's success in the hobby has been a direct result cf its v.rorking members, especially its officers. Over the years, they have not only shown themselves to be dedicated but innovative, as well...and thus the club has become celebrated for its bulletin, its bulletin auctions, its caddy and plastic page sales and so on. For years, its informative, award-winning bulletin was the only one in the hobby that was published every month (now 10 issues a year and its published in color)~ its designer membership cards (ala Loren Moore) have become collector's items themselves. Sierra-Diablo also has its own web site: and is the only regional club to have its bulletin and roster also available on-line. Did You Remember To Pay Your Dues? They're Due This Month! Sierra-Diablo has no annual meetings (most of our members are out of state). Current officers are: Loren Moore (Pres), Peggy Leslie (Treas), Janet Johnk (Secretary), Mike Prero (Editor). Dues are $10 (individual), $15 (family), $15 (Canada/ Mexico) or $20 (outside N. America) and are payable to the "Sierra-Diablo Matchcover Club," c/o Peggy Leslie, POB , Sacramento, CA GET IN ON THE GOOD STUFF-JOIN US!

20 20 Donna p A: Donna, who 's done a lot of work on sorting through all the varieties of Champion Spark Plug covers, sent in these two DQ 's, which she traded Longenecker,~ for at the last RMS Convention... and both were unlisted on the DQ list! Nice! James Willard, MD: James wanted to thank the collectors who answered his call for information on the Top Dogs sets- those published in the Bulletin, plus these who wrote directly to him: Margaret Summers, Cheryl Crill, Carmine Arpino, Sid Barlow, Patricia Giraud, and Terry Loveless. Jimmie Close, FL: Some interesting comments in the first installment of your series on club meetings [May!Jun 2005]. I caught one item that indicates club meetings can't be all things to all people-the gentleman from Arizona that observed that there was too much social and not enough hobby. I, on the other hand, go to the meetings for the social. I can do the hobby without going to the meetings, but I need to go to socialize. Ah, well! RMS BuUetin January/February 2006, No. 518 Graham Hubble, AUS: Ref Sep!Oct issue's 'Movers & Shakers: VI', I love this article as I see history as being so much more important than most people take it for. Ref Sep/Oct 's Editorial, Yes, I do believe that ebay has killed our hobby to a point. I do not have ebay, but to me and perhaps others it our modem encyclopedia which opens up a lot of things. You can now see what you are buying and its condition perhaps it's that special piece that will complete ~ collection, but we've lost all contact with writing to each other, and to me that is important. I have started trading with Paul Spoff and have been so happy with the covers received that I took them into our club meeting in September.. Of course, everyone asked, "Where did you receive them from?" Yes, I have many stories like others, but it all comes down to us as members. Like you, some of us have a passion for what we do; unfortunately, a lot of this passion has gone with the times. I, like you, will be here to the death. Many of my friends have said that when I die they will bum me with my collection. Steve Carter, CA: I joined RMS in 1997 shortly after moving to California from Rockford, IL. At that time, I only had a half-shoe-box of covers which a friend had given me because I had a couple dozen Casino covers that I had collected on my many rides to Wis. Indian casinos. I proceeded to go bonkers with my collection by running ads in the local paper, flea markets, and swap meets. I now have around at least 300,000 in my collection! I once bought a refrigerator box of covers at a Bakersfield flea market for $50. What a find!... dozens of Features, Diamond Quality, old Diamonds, and just about every old Casino feature from that period. I now have at least different Casinos, with out 1,000 full-books.' My favorite category, though, is Pigs. I currently have 993. Ref Sep/Oct' s Kingbury cover from Brian Meyer, I have two of something similar, but my footers say Universal Match and Ohio Match Co..

21 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No His might be a little older, though. Also, Ref the Motor Hotels article in the May/Jun issue, the one from Rockford, IL, was not for people but a parking garage for the downtown workers. You could drop off your auto in the morning for work, and they would gas it up, change the tires, tune up, washing, just about anything that could be done!! even bough a couple of used cars there in the '70s. Jerry Glenn, OH: I have the Kingsbury Pale cover referenced in the Sep/Oct Bulletin, page 21. The manurnark says "BOWDEN ADV. SERVICE /SHEBOYGAN, WIS." American Breweries II by Dale Van Wiren lists the Manitowoc Products Co. as being in business (during the State prohibition). Similar but obviously later covers Baveria) 1s (tall Universals) show Kingsbury Breweries Co. German ( ), Manitowoc, Wis. as the like the manufacturer of Kingsbury Pale which, by the are here in baseway, includes the word "BEER" on the label where ball. They don't the Bowden Adv. one and an earlier Ohio Match win all the Co. one and a Lion Safety First one do not. Also of but, they wm note on the Bowden cover is a small swastika MOST of the underneath "KINGSBURY PALE" on the bottle's time, and they Wolfgang Grobe Klaus Augenthaler Lothar Matthaus (World cup team) Norbert Eder Bernd Martin Bernhard Dumberger Norbert Nachtweih Hans Pfluger Roland Wohlfahrt Wolfgang Dremmler Jean-Marie Pfaff Reinhold Mathy Holger Willmer Michael Rummenigge (World Cup Team) Bayern Munchen (Munich which is located in label. It seems apparent to me that there are at least usually have the three Kingsbury covers from Prohibition days most which all reference Manitowoc Products Co. under tatives on licensing from Pelissier's Limited of Manitoba and National Team Winnipeg, Canada. The Canadian reference goes that plays in the away once the switch to Kingsbury Breweries World Cup and comes about. Beer matchcovers from Prohibition Olympics. I can't and pre-prohibition days are very scarce with the give you the exact possible exception of one or more of the year of the team Kingsbury's just discussed. although the covers are at least Ed. Great research = great information. Thanks! 6 years old. Oliver Kahn has been their Goalie for at ft'\\!ii~-:l ili!ili John Bachochin, OK: [Ref last issue's query on the IBM Soccer Set] I have the complete set of 16 (the number of players on a German soccer team in the Bundesliga) from the Bayern Muenchen (Munich) soccer team. Only difference is that the advertiser is Commodore Computers. Dieter Hoeness SorenLerby least that long and bt~~±fe~~ he is considered the very best in Germany. Pfaff is the Goalie on these covers. I am ASSUMING (a bad word) that the cover shown in the Bulletin was issued in the same time period as my covers because your photo of Wolfgang Dremmler is identical to the one that I have and he wasn't as big a star like Matthaus and,. d con mue on. p. 29

22 22 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006 No 518 ' 200-Strike - a cover with 200 match sticks; - souvenir-types.,_l:j ~ I Bits & Pieces I 240-Strike - a cover with 240 match sticks; souvenir -types; 1939-? -~ - OH NO! For years and years, Ron Hopps has been AA - An infrequently used abbreviation for our only member in Mexico... and now he's moved "American Ace" [See American Ace} to San Antonio! [sigh!} FOREST CITY MC has gone to a quarterly bulletin. A~eswer to Last 3ssl4e's.MateAeo"er Mystery "Originally, what were the annual dues for RMS?" $2 Ed. I just noticed that I ran the answer with the question in the last issue! Duh!....And still no one got it rightl I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to recommend a promotion for this audience at the end of this school yearl.mateaeo"er Mysteries: #61 [Oh! This one's murder!} Abrasive - A previously obsolete term for striker, but it seems to be making something of a comeback with the appearance in recent years of a very granulated-type striker on certain matchboxes, often foreign. Accumulation- As opposed to "collection," refers to an amassed group of covers or boxes which have not been organized into any logical fashion; often used to refer to the holdings of noncollectors. Ace - Short form of "American Ace" [See American Ace} Ace Match Corp. - Defunct match company; Maywood, ll, 1936-dissolved [I've never actually seen an Ace Match Corp. mm] Acme Match Corp. - Defunct match company; Duluth, MN (?); originally Acme Match Co.l920s covers currently listed. "Which was the first Navy ship to order a Ten-Strike?" Labor over that one until our next issue! Hobby Glossary with 40-Strike - generic term for covers 40 matches or that sized cover; introduced by Advance Match Co. in Joe Onofri's collection numbered [see also specific trademarks such as Billboard, Royal Flash, etc.} 100-Strike - generic term for covers with 100 matches. [see also Centurylite} Acme Quality - Acme Match Co. footer ( 1920s) Acorn Match Co. - Defunct match company; c. 1920s. 3 covers currently listed Action Match - Universal trademark, ca. 1940; characterized by flared edges at the saddle when opened; 29 currently listed. Adams Hats - Sponsor/advertiser for 9 sets and series of20-strike covers from 1935 to 1948; especially known for personalities on the inside. There may be over 1,000 varieties, but the largest collection I've heard of was Don Marquette's 224.

23 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No Pertinent Comments [March 1953 RMS Bulletin- by Ed Perkins] THE PRESIDENTS were printed by Diamond between 1940 and 1942, picture and legend on blue field. Your complete set should consist of 32 different; and, iflucky, two extras- an upset in the pictures of John Adams and John Q. Adams, and a miscue in the Woodrow Wilson date. Or, if you go in for closer variations of tape width, there is an approximate ONE MilLIMETER variation between the first and last runs. The assembly begins with Washington and ends with F. D. Roosevelt. President Jackson appears twice, first as "Stonewall Jackson", considered an error, and also as the most valuable cover in the set, and later, the correction "Old Hickory." Truman and Eisenhower were never added, although each had, or will have, sufficient personal covers in his own right, to compensate for the omissions. It had been declared every President since Theodore Roosevelt used personal match books, reminding us of a charming lady, who, upon seeing the famous Lindbergh matchbook on display, cried: "Can I touch it?" While not attempting to challenge the existence of any of the earlier presidential matchbooks, we would be happy to see, let alone touch, any issue prior to the two versions of Franklin D. Roosevelt, which later received considerable publicity in the national press. Collector demands for the booklets reach an all-high soon after the war, at approximately 200 per week. So far as it is shown, no mailed demand was ever met. The writers did receive a souvenir of questionable merit - a bleak mimeographed letter on White House stationery, and a franked envelope. In spite of seeming "precautions" to keep the books from the collectors, many are found in collections, either by way of a leak from the famous ' desk', or a derailment at the jobbers. Even today, neither the (1) "Stolen from the Desk of Franklin D. Roosevelt" on blue Mirror-Gloss by Universal, or (2) the F.D.R. fashioned as a sailboat (sailing was Roosevelt's favorite pastime), is particularly rare. Nothing in recent years provides a more accurate barometer to the popularity of matchbook collecting than the books that were made for a man who didn't even smoke, Harry S. Truman. Yet, his yacht, plane, temporary address, initials, even "Swiped From the Desk of Harry S. Truman (obviously a holdover gag from the last administration) in all shades of the rainbow - leaving little doubt as to the motives behind it all- give something for collectors to worry about. One amusing incident occurred last year when a collector accidentally stumbled into a flood of "President's House" overruns, and then, at least for a day, the National Capital had moved to Brooklyn! Most highly prizes of the Truman corollaries is, perhaps, the 1949 Inaugural "Perfect 36", a size that has since been discontinued by Diamond. This is the only booklet we know of that carries a picture of his Excellency- this one with the excellent likenesses of Truman and Barkley in smiling postures. This booklet sold for $11.00 at the Empire Collectors' Auction in New York, February Later, when Diamond heard of the deal, about twenty were sent down from Springfield, Mass., for auction at the 1949 Convention with proceeds going to charity. The members voted One Dollar per cover as a fair price, and then drew lots. As you may have read, Diamond published a special booklet for the 1953 Inauguration, described below, which, when added to the General's own Royal Flash, and his many campaign books, plus the myriad of books that are bound to follow, will doubtlessly make President Eisenhower the best matched president in all history...

24 24 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No. 518 The Original Plan... con 't from p. 7 The Secretary will gladly accept resolutions governing ethics, suggestions, etc. for the benefit of the hobby. These will be voted upon by the membership body. The following resolution was recently approved and seconded and will shortly be placed before the members for voting: RESOLVED that in lieu of any prior understanding between parties regarding the exchange or sale of any such match covers, or the offer of any match covers as inducement for new membership into any hobby exchange group, or the advertisement of any number of match covers being given away in conjunction with the sale of any album, or match collecting accessory; such match covers be authentic and known to have legitimately contained matches, and the proper kind and number of matches originally ascribed to them. In view of the fact that the vast majority of collectors look with disfavor upon accepting any but legitimate cover or full match book this Society emphasizes the fact that it will not countenance any departure from this policy. On the other hand it does not wish to interfere in such isolated cases where covers or full books not meeting these specifications are desired by certain collectors. The dealer, trader or club official is therefore instructed not to circulate questionable covers of this character without full knowledge and consent of the recipient. In organizing the society no attempt is being made to form a clique of master collectors, or to enter into competition with any of the existing match exchange clubs. On the contrary one of the main objectives will be to assist the clubs in every way possible. Every collector will have his share in the scheme of mutual assistance. A warm welcome to join the Rathkamp Memorial Society is given every "fair-play" hobbyist. Such applications will be accepted by Edgar A. Perkins, Secretary, 600 F Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. APPROVED: ATTEST: Edg(!.r A Perkins, Secretary R. A. Lockard, President. Washington, D.C. October 1, 1941 Ed note: A few especially interesting things are laid out in this original document. First, notice the 'wage and price' controls put into place vis-a-vis selling covers within the purview of RMS. Collectors would never stand for that today, for a number of reasons, but, originally, there must have been early problems with people sharking covers to collectors. Second, notice the emphasis on the authenticity of covers. One must gather from that there was a counterfeiting-modifying problem already to be seen even in these early days of collecting. Finally, notice the prohibition against flats right from the outset and the resulting implication that such are not to be recognized as legitimate covers. As you read through this document, especially if you're familiar with the current workings of RMS, you can readily see a number of instances where, in ensuing years, the membership has voted to depart from specific original instructions... but such would be true in the evolution of any organization, be it government, church, or hobby club. Times and circumstances change!

25 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No. 518 What's New! 25 by Joe DeGennaro Most of you know I collect all matches that relate to Disney including Disneyland, Disney World/EPCOT, Euro Disney, Disney Productions, etc. and even matches that just make a mention of Disney (like "ten miles from Disneyland"). I even maintain the Disney World/ EPCOT listing. I recently picked up a Disney match item on ebay which isn't new but it was certainly new to me. It's a sleeve of four 30 strike covers that was advertised as being from Disney's Coto de Caza (which I had never heard of). As you can see from the picture the sleeve says "An Arvida Disney Resort" and has a cut-out to show one of the covers. The sleeve and the covers are a light cocoa color with burgundy print and design. The covers are all the same and make no mention of Disney. Inside they have a map of where it's located with the name, address and phone number. I checked them out on google and they opened in 1991 and have been renovated since then but there was no mention of any Disney ownership or connection. If anyone knows the history of this resort and its connection to Disney I'd love to know it and I'm sure your fellow members would too. (i:

26 26 Footers... by Manufacturer: Part VI BEFORE STRIKING - Please Close Cover Before Striking - PLEASE CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRIKING - SAFETY FIRST - CLOSE COVER U niversall Atlas: - BESAFE[~m]CLOSE COVERB EFORESTRllUNG Universal/Eddy Match: - BE SAFE CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRIKING KEEP AWAY FROM CHIT..DREN Utah Match Co: - CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRIKING Vista-Lite: - Close Cover Before Striking - CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRIKING - Refermez Avant d'allumer Close Cover Before Striking Wagner Match: - None Western Match Co: -CLOSE COVER - CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRIKING - None - *PLEASE CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRllUNG* Willats Ptg. Co: - CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRIKING Willens & Company: - Close Cover Before Striking - CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRIKING RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No. 518 What's All That Writing On The Backs Of My Covers? Now, we all know better than to write on the fronts of our covers, but who's doing all that marking on the backs of the covers we get? Well, the good news is that I doubt if it's anyone these days, except in certain instances discussed later. In that respect, I think we're a bit more picky than our predecessors, and it's the later, indeed, who did most of that marking. Sometimes you' ll see the collector' s name sometimes a simple mark or a logo. Some of th~ older collectors wrote it; some stamped it... whole names and addresses in some cases... perhaps just a tiny little star or asterisk in others. Whatever it is it doesn't belong on the cover, so don't do i~ yourself It just detracts from the cover, and hardly any collector these days appreciate extraneous markings on his covers. Never having done this, myself, I can only guess as to why previous collectors did it... to make sure they didn't get their own covers back in trade? Record keeping by tracking? Advertising? Perhaps one of our senior collectors can fill us in on that one. The accepted exception here, though, is the catalog number! For those categories for which there is a listing available, it is helpful (sometimes invaluable) to have the listing # for that cover written inside- in pencil- the latter so that the purist can erase it if he finds it objectionable. It's sooo helpful, for example, to see the COMBINE # already written in on a newly obtained Navy Ship. The same holds true with Girlies. Matchoramas, Foilites, etc., as well, but not so necessary since fewer collectors collect these latter categories by list. But the pencil is important. Look at the. backs of many of your Matchoramas, for example, and you' ll see several numbers written in, crossed off, added to, etc... and you can't get rid of all that... because the entries have been written in ink!



29 106. USS SPHINX ARL 24 S-53-A 107 USS ORION AS G 108 USS WOOLSEY DD437 W-283-A 109. USS GRAND CANYON AD 28 G-22- A 110. USS BURTON ISLAND AG-88 B-47 -A 111. USS MAURY AGS-16 M-19-A F.O.E. FRONT STRIKE 20'S CANADIAN GENEARL 30'S FRONT STRIKER MISC. FRONT STRIKER 40'S POCKETBOX SLIMS R B ULTS 5e7J.frrYHI-I~ 1 q _so 2.. i '4: eo 3 ~- c.c 4 I 5'" ~c s e. :;-o (. I o, 6 ~ 1 '3, ec q (. 00 to ~ - cfi' i I.!1,-u I L. 5""' co 13 ct. os- 1 'i t!$.i'5"'" IS' ;. Z.,.)- j(o { co ta -~. ~o l '\' o :Jl77 21 /. 3 -,.- "l...?_ i. ~:') t-71" L~ ~. co 1..5" I.~ > 2_(p J Ob Z-7 -~ " 7.,.- 3~- ~'j' I 30 /. 3:>?, I I 3,)"' ~ ~... ~J 3 ot:. ~y ~ oo :,_s- I ~'$" ~l,o ~co "'J7 o<30 ~g ~?, q j 3 ';)- ~0 I~Y 4-- ( ~ ~ ::> t. 3S 43 ~.:.,""'1::) tfu I (o..oy ll s "?>' :51> 't, I 0 eo l/7 J()cOO I ~ ~ c0 3 "\W '1. 3bU 5' ::; oo <;.:. 3:. ou '7 300 g ~...:;,-o q 1c:> oc> IO 7-30 tr ;o - ~ /'2.. ;o.oo t? zo.oo tl.f tj.. z...> I) 30:;- 1 <f. lo-oo 7 ICJ -00 t '8' y..o )- '1 /roo ''Zo _s--od 2..f t..i {...oo "L2-3 ov ~> 9:7-:> 2'( 3oJ 2.1 /7-7S:, l..~ /2-7> :>' 1~ ~<J[) 2-1 &. 7 :::)' 30 /2-7--l' 3 ( l 2., 7.-:J '3 '2... /.t/). -:J-s- '}} c,oo ') y ~ oo J) /0. >0 3 y Cf: 70 )7 ~-?.>)' 3?' C.l f 8. '/0 t.fc} /O tjo ti( /. <a-o '-f 7... I;!-(){) c.r) t3 ()0 VY <-{) 3.8-c


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32 28 RMS Bulletin January!February 2006, No. 518 ~US3NBSS BOX RMS BULLETIN AUCTION features a 75%/25% split (you get 75% of what your lots sell for). Send your lots to Bud Shappell, 109 Wood Ln., Reading, PA (Tel: 6l ). I NEED YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS please! These addresses are changing constantly and I'm losing my research contacts. If you haven't ed me recently, please send me your address. rmsedi 1. net RMS AREA AWARDS: - Angelus MC - Dwain Crum -Lone Star MC- La Juan Melendy - New England MC - Barbara Snyder DISPLAY CATEGORIES FOR RMS 2006: - Angelus: Best Combo - Liberty Bell: Amusement Parks -New England: Coffee & Coffee related Extend n' Ad covers please contact Art Houser, De George Circ., Rochester, NY We have list ofboth and dupes for trading Jff06 I WANT TO BUY YOUR DUPES! Whole categories or entire collections. Please contact me if you have any matchcovers or matchbooks for sale. I am interested in many categories. Greg Lund, 7000 Rainswood Ct., Bethesda, MD , NEED HELP ln THE FOLLOWING: Colgates,Eddy Matches,Hunt's,Perkins' Americana,Supermarket sets,joe Camel, and VA Hospitals(Blue/Gold or Silver 40-S Only) See Want List in RMS web site Want Lists page. All help appreciated. Wilton Mason, 1636 Walnut Rd., Springhill, LA net Jff06 WANTED POLITICIANS: A1 Gore Senior, Wm. Janklow, Earl Hilliard, D.Rosenkowski, R,Packwood, N. Gingrich, J. Symington, M.Biaggi. Call A.Cahn, or Thank you jff06 WILL TRADE full, complete and unstruck DQ's for old front strike covers from Leonard, NO for display at town's I 25th anniversary. Craig Neros, th St. N.E. St. Michael, Mn Jff06 I AM INTERESTED in buying, selling or trading especially collections; please contact Barry Turner, ARE YOU TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE I AM INTERESTED in any covers from Stockton, Modesto, or Merced, CA. Will trade in your categories. RMS WEB SITE? Your categories can be listed in Raulin Mendonca, 1502 Verde Dr., Guistine, CA the Category-Collector Data Base; you can be 1328 J/F06 listed as a collector on-line; and your specific wants can be listed in our Want Lists area. Check WANTED TO TRADE OR BUY:?up Soda, Masonic, Old out the web site and see where it can be of help to Sets and Big Boy Matchcovers. Bill Hubbard, 1501 Lookout Dr., Memphis, TN J/F06 you! WANTED: Lion Cocktail Rooster. Mary Pickford Cocktail. CLASSIFIED ADS In very good condition. Contact: Gayle Hofacker [gayliano Jff06 SPORTS TEAM SCHEDULES on front strike match coversfbooks wanted. Oscar Alley, 3881 Davis Rd., Penn Laird, VA ( ) Jff06 FOR SALE: Two l" multi ring antique albums, each with 38 slotted, used pages. Albums excellent. Pages good. $5 each. John H. Rowe, 5810 Brahma Rd., Roai1oke, VA J/F06 FREE: You pay shipping. Slotted pages, used. Excellent condition strike pages and strike pages for 3- ring binder. John H. Rowe, 5810 Brahma Rd., Roanoke, VA J/F06 ANYONE INTERESTED in collecting Sticky Backs or STILL LOOKING: for design #4 of the Happy Birthday America Bicentennial set, 30-s, Holiday Inn Oak Lawn, ILL Janet Penny, 2513 Lonigan Place, Sun City Center, FL BEACHCRAFT ALBUMS FOR SALE: 5 green, 4 red, all with pages. These are used but good shape. All or some. Best otfer+postage. Mike Prero, Eckard Way, Auburn, CA WANTED: Texas town covers to add to my collection of 839 dif. Stuart Bergman, 3402 William Penn, San Antonio, TX J/F06

33 RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No. 518 REMEMBER to let RMS member Jeff Williams know the names of any restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos, bars, or other establishments that have matchbooks with their names on them for his Web site Whether from your travels or from places near where you live, all information is greatly appreciated and will help keep the Web site going. He can be contacted at And feel free to give a short review of the establishment as well J/F06 WANTED TO BUY OR TRADE: DQ's Safety First, all other "quality", tails, Koppers coke, "displays", full features and anything really old. Will trade same or in your favorite category John B. Mathot 40 Pinecrest RD, Holliston, MA or LOOKING FOR CAMEO 30'S ZODIAC COVERS: Contact Bob Hofacker, gayliano WANTED: Covers or boxes showing chess boards and or chess pieces. Looking for the Universal chess set of Fisher vs. Spatzsky. Larry Bell WANTED: Jewelite 501 and New Haven Motor Inn. Bill Gigantino, 197 Bradley Ave., Hamden, Ct wkg J/F06 WANTED: Badly need FS from Leonard, N.D. for display at towns!25th anniversary, Craig Neros th St. N.E. St. Michael, Mn M/A06 I WANT TO TRADE FOR: unstruck 1940s presidents. I need #10 Tyler & #22 Cleveland. Grey Disney: I need #s Yellow Disney (glazed): I need 62nd Pursuit Squadron, 133 Field Artillery, 75lst Tank Battalion, Alaskan Defence Force. I have most names in dull & glazed. Charles Eberhart, 3616 NE Seward, Topeka, KS (785) M/J06 WANTED: Coca-Cola matchcovers. Highest prices paid. $250 minimum for pre-1920 covers. Will respond to all offers. Thorn Thompson, 1389 Alexandria Dr., #7, Lexington, KY N/D06 MAIL BOX... Continued from p. 21 Rummenigge were and who played on more than one National Team. Sid Barlow, ENG: I have the complete set of the Bayern Munich team which contains the one player you have, there are 16 in the set, but issued by Commodore Fan Club. Ed. As John noted earlier, apparently these sets were issued by dif advertisers. Allan Warcup, ENG, also verified that he has the 16-cover set advertising the Commodore 64 computer. Ed Skrocki, OH: I have perfected the easiest way to soak off glued-in covers in old albums. Put moist newspapers in a large plastic bag and lay an album sheet on top of the papers. Close bag and in hours open the bag. The glued covers just fall off the album sheet. Take a moist paper towel and wash the glue otf. Dab a clean paper towel on cover to absorb as much water as possible and let covers dry on newspapers near a heating vent in the winter or just nonnal air in the summer. Then re-flatten (I use a heavy piece of beveled glass to cover 'em). Ed. Ed sent me a 40-strike Military cover which he had 'un-glued' and it was perfect... not a mark on the inside! Janet Penny, FL: Ref last issue, p. 5 on Elvis. I have 2 boxes, plus some other covers. Ref p. 9, We have no cell phone either! Having one combined roster would save a lot of work for editors. Great Lakes s theirs. The only one I know. You' re right about smaller clubs disappearing; there isn't the staff anymore. Tom Gray, IA: You had a little part about sewing album pages in the last issue, and you said that you did not know if anyone still did that. I sew pages for my Girlie collection. Started way back in 1980 when I bought an album with sewn pages at the RMS Convention. There are 16 slots for 20 strike, 12 slots of 30 strike and 8 slots for 40 strikes on each side of the sheet. The pages are 11" x 15". I made heavy duty covers for the albums out of mar lite. ( sp ). The same stuff that you would find in bathrooms. The masonite with the hard waterproof finish. I use expandable posts to hold the albums together. I have about 12 of these albums. The largest are around 4" thick. I also made a smaller version size wise for my Perkins Americana collection. I started doing it in the first place because some of the early Girlie sets were 5 or more covers and regular album pages only fit four covers across. Perkins sets are 5 so it worked out great. It does take time to make the pages, but I feel it is worth it. 29

34 30 MATCHBOOKS IN THE LAW BOOKS: PART 41 by Kenneth H. Ryesky, Esq. ================================== Ken Ryesky (RMS # 9003), member of the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Bars, practices law in East Northport, NY and teaches Business Law at Queens College of the City University ofnew York. He can be reached at P.O. Box 926, East Northport, NY or by at RMS Bulletin January/February 2006, No. 518 overly intrusive if its sole purpose were to fmd weapons, there was reasonable cause to search Johnson to look for evidence such as napkins, swizzle sticks or matchbooks to confirm that Johnson had been in the bar. The trial court ruling was upheld on appeal [126]. Johnson was obviously no matchbook collector, else he surely would have taken one or more of the Captain Bartlett matchbooks from the bar. If Johnson had taken it, then Officer Elzey would have found it. The prospect of being paid to search for matchbooks is, no doubt, just one of the law enforcement profession's great recruitment draws. Visitors to Fairbanks, Alaska can find good lodging, food and drink at the Captain Bartlett Inn. Security guards are posted at the Inn to provide a safe and orderly environment for the guests and patrons. Our profuse thanks to Terryl Day, the General Manager of the Captain Bartlett Inn, who was kind enough to provide the Captain Bartlett matchbook shown here. [To be continued] [126] Johnson v., , On 6 April2002, Bartlett security guard Joseph Wells State, 88 P.3d 1137 observed two suspicious individuals on the premises. (Alaska App. Wells had reason to believe that the two, Clarence 2004). Nicholson and Donnell Johnson, were engaged in illegal drug dealing, and that Johnsonr--: ,---. had not attained the legal age to enter the AUTHENTI C A LASKAN bar. Wells alerted the police, and two DECO R Fairbanks's Finest, David Elzey and 197 Remodeled Guest Scott Adams, soon arrived on the scene. Rooms artd Suites Wells informed Officer Elzey that "SfOltgh(oot Su.e.!s 1 '. Nicholson and Johnson were seated in Restc, urant the bar. Elzey confronted the two, and Johnson admitted to being only nineteen The Renowned years of age, not old enough to legally "Dog SlecW SaJ:r:)Qn. imbibe in Alaska. After Officer Adams.,.C6mpl :!<te.meetin~ n I co~~~ that Johnson had been '). Baliquet F~ci l i:ti 'ecs ~,; : drinking m the bar, Elzey handcuffed. Johnson and searched him. The search yielded a pager, a fake Georgia identification card, and some cocaine. Johnson was charged for underage drinking, underage presence in the bar, and misconduct involving possession of a controlled substance. At trial, Johnson's attorney questioned the validity of Officer Elzey's search.. Wells testified that available at the bar were napkins, swizzle sticks and matchbooks bearing the Captain Bartlett logo. The court ruled that while the search of Johnson would have been (907) _88.Lower. 48/Canada ~ lq A l ask;a800~4-7s ~