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1 31 st Triangle Summer Sale SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 2018 Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center Shawnee, OK

2 Triangle Spring Sale Averages Continue To Reflect Incredible Demand The market for high quality, broke horses has shown no sign of wavering, as evidenced positively once again by impressive averages and standout sale sessions during the recent 39 th Annual Triangle Spring Sale. Held April 27 and 28th, the sale featured 349 catalogued horses of multiple disciplines and culminated to a $6,200 net average on an 81-percent sales completion (minus withdrawals). The Top 10 average was $21,000. Sales held strong throughout both days to mark a Top 50 average of $13,600, driven by National Cutting Horse and National Reining Horse Association money earners. Entries from the two groups proved to be especially in demand, with 10 NRHA money earners averaging $14,000, while 48 NCHA money earners marked a $12,000 per head average. The sale s Top $10,000 Club, established for horses bringing $10,000 or more, welcomed 43 new members, which was an increased number from the Spring 2017 Sale s 37 members. The recent editions make a total of 143 head for Triangle Sales multiple daily sale sessions showcase the diversity of entries drawn from across the country, and was led by the Cutting and Cow Horse Sessions total average of $8,500. Trained horses topped the group at $10,200, followed by broodmares $9,400 and prospects at $5,200. The Reining Session averaged $5,500, led by trained horses at $6,800 and prospects and broodmares averaging $4,800 and $3,500, respectively. Shawnee Sessions followed with a solid $4,500 average. High seller overall, Dunnit N The Waves (Pale Face Dunnit x Miss N The Waves by Tidal Wave Jack) sold as Hip No. 114 in the Cow Horse Session. The 2012 palomino gelding brought $35,000, consigned by Crossfire Arena & Ranch, Whitesboro, Texas, and was purchased by James Shipley, Ontario, Canada. The top sale in the Cutting Horse Session for $25,000 was Hip No. 83, Geaux Jeaux (Bet Hesa Cat x SDP TRS Little Gal by TR Dual Rey). Geaux

3 Jeaux is a 2014 red roan gelding consigned by Johnny Bowen of Pride, Louisiana, and sold to Dawn Weeks, Vinton, Louisiana. Hip No. 184, Rey Of De Playboy (Dual Rey x Playboys Heidi by Freckles Playboy) was high seller for $24,700 in the Shawnee Session. The session includes roping horses, broke geldings and mares, and barrel prospects, and the 2007 bay gelding led the group as a consignment by Wood Ranch, Heber Springs, Arkansas, to buyer Michael Kennedy, Quitman, Arkansas. Triangle Sales features four annual sales: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, at the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center in Shawnee. The Triangle Fall Sale is scheduled for October 26 & 27, with nominations closing September 14. For more information regarding this and upcoming sales, go to Heart Of Oklahoma Expo Center Shawnee, OK Nomination Forms Available at

4 by hip number

5 #1 Mais E Hughes #2 Madera Dually #5 Its My Choice #6 Little Miss Stylish #12 Siouxper Fine Doc #21 NMSU Leave N Smoke #28 Great Chief #31 High On This Cat

6 #32 Peps Dualin Pistols #35 JR Whiskey Lullaby #38 Mamas Smooth N Sassy #65 Stylish Latigo #68 One Kickin Cat #75 Yo Mamba #76 TQH La Reina De TBar #77 Just Surprize Me

7 #78 Smart Little Desire #79 Crome Whizard #81 Jess Dunit Twisty #82 Gunners Tinsel Cat #83 Smokey Mountain Rein #84 Shines Dunny #86 TW Cracklin Rosie #88 Jerrys April Surpriz

8 #91 Boomernics Potranca #93 Fuel O Livia #94 Kool Kat (Mustang) #96 Dudes Logan Juliet #102 Miss Gallo Oak #104 Plenty Siouxped Up #105 Ranch Hand Poncho #108 RTR Two Eyed Spirit

9 #114 Roan Badger Red #122 San Jo Face #133 Cals Thunder Gal #139 Macs Full Of Gin #142 Jazzbos Huddy Cowboy #143 Handsome Handcock #144 RC Lopin Legacy #145 Acid

10 #148 Gunsnbits #153 Charlie Playgun #159 Sugar Playin Jubilee #167 Showin My Guns #168 Lilbitofchickenfry #169 Jvccolonelsleojack #171 Lilbuddycrackerjack #176 Bodies Cowboy Cutter

11 #177 Rees Mr Dual Hancock #179 Whizs Am Sun King #181 Ducati #183 A Whiskey Chance #185 Willy B A Treasure #186 Angels Hollywoodcash #188 Hes An Early Riser #192 Firewaters Renagade

12 #193 Vf Run If On Fire #195 Easy Talent #199 Smart Wittle Wilson #201 Firewatesr Playboy NEXT SALE TH TRIANGLE FALL SALE October 26-28, 2018 Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center Shawnee, OK

13 8:00 AM 8:00 AM Buyer Registration PRE-SALE DEMONSTRATION Team Roping & Barrel Racing 9:00 AM SALE SESSION 1 Select Cutting and Cow Horses Hips 1-70 Show Horses, Prospects, Breeding Stock Followed By SALE SESSION 2 Select Reining Horses Hips Show Horses, Prospects, Breeding Stock Followed By SALE SESSION 3 The Shawnee Session Hips Ranchers, Riders, Ropers Followed By SALE SESSION 4 Select Barrel Horses Hips Show Horses, Prospects, Breeding Stock

14 A Division of PO Box 279 Millsap, Texas (817) office (817) cell (817) fax Jim & Carolyn Ware Benson Park Road Shawnee, Oklahoma (405) office (405) fax (405) FAX for sale days only (405) Dena Lackey Gina Rounsaville Shawnee Office Manager Cindy Bowling Consultant

15 Gina Rounsaville Cindy Bowling Heidi Arvidson Karen Craighead Gina Doescher Molly Fincher Herma Dawn Harris Trish Hoover Dena Lackey Rena Ligon Bret Stossel Madison Taylor Leo Arriaga Cody Schmidt J.R. Thornton Gene Stroud Tige Shirey Col. Jim Ware Millsap, Texas Col. Steve Friskup Muleshoe, Texas Col. Wade Cunningham Jay, Oklahoma Col. Spence Kidney Col. Ty McClary Col. Cyler Davidson Don Frailey Justin Morris Buck Waite Scott Hansen Col. Derrel Hargis Adam Lowe Dena Milner, Midland, TX Devon Pierce, Midland, TX Ramona Martin, Monroe, LA Cutting Horse Training Online, Weatherford, TX

16 Take I-40 to Shawnee/Tecumseh Exit 181. Travel approximately 3 miles to the third stoplight. At the light, turn left onto the grounds. PHYSICAL ADDRESS 1700 W. Independence, Shawnee, Oklahoma Longitude/Latitude Coordinates N 35* W 096* The Expo Center RV Park is equipped with (361) 50-amp full hookups. RV Park (behind the facility) - Pull In, Find A Spot, Services Always On Expo Parking Lot - Pull In, Find A Spot, then Call (405) or (405) to Start Services

17 (405) (405) (405) (405) (405) (405) (405) (405) (405) (405) (405)

18 The sale will be broadcast live on the internet at Your computer must have Flash Media Player installed to view the auction Call the sale office at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the first sale session. 2. Be prepared to discuss: a. Have you seen the horse or are you familiar with the horse you are interested in? b. What is your method of payment? either of these 2 choices ONLY i. Pre-sale escrowed US Funds at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the first sale session. ii. Pre-authorized credit card at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the first sale session. c. Will you have a representative attending the sale? d. Who will take care of the purchased horse? e. Who will transport the purchased horse? EXCLUSIVE INSURANCE PROVIDER FOR AUCTIONWARE, LLC Phone (405) (405) (405) (405)

19 Equine Express NA, Inc. has partnered with Triangle Sales to offer a safe and reliable way to get your new purchase home from the sale. After the new owner (if available) or Triangle Sales (acting as agent for the new owner) signs the transportation Bill of Lading contract (releasing Equine Express of responsibility, but under our liability), we will remove the horse from the sale grounds by the deadline given by Triangle Sales. The horse will come to our facility in Pilot Point, TX, as a layover until the horse can board one of our trucks to your destination. Triangle Sale horses will take priority, but we don t run every route every week, so some horses will have to layover with us longer. All new owners of the sale horses will be responsible for $25/day board while with Equine Express. Board will include Purina feed, coastal and alfalfa hay, a clean private stall, and daily turnout (if requested). PLEASE NOTE: We service most of the United States, but there are some areas that are hard to service. Please call and talk to the dispatcher about your specific destination. Also, Equine Express works with Equiflight,LLC to fly horses internationally. 1. Call Caleb Alexander, our sale representative, and ask for a quote from the Triangle Sale to the town and state where you want the horse delivered. Please have ready the age and gender of the horse(s) you are considering from the sale. 2. Go to and click Book Trip. This will be a form you fill out with your information as the customer, where the horse is located, where you want it delivered, horse info, and quoted amount. There is NO booking fee or deposit. We understand this will be a tentative booking, depending on if you purchase the horse or not, but it gives us an idea of how to best plan transportation for your horse. We will take credit card info for the entire transportation and board amount, once you know you have purchased a horse. 3. If you are not at the sale, but purchase a horse, please call Caleb directly, so we can get the transportation and sale paperwork taken care of for you! Located approximately 6 miles from the Expo Center



22 NO INHUMANE TREATMENT, ABUSE OR NEGLECT OF ANY HORSE WILL BE PERMITTED WHILE ON AUCTION GROUNDS. SALE MANAGEMENT DOES NOT ACT AS AN AGENT FOR OR REPRESENT THE BUYER OR OWNER, BUT MERELY PROVIDES A MEDIUM FOR BRINGING TOGETHER ALL PARTIES FOR THE PURPOSE OF A SALES TRANSACTION. PRIVATE SALES COMMONLY REFERRED TO AS ALLEY SALES ARE NOT PERMITTED Every owner has entered into a contract with AuctionWare, LLC to sell each horse cataloged at auction. This authority is irrevocable and AQHA/APHA shall be notified of such irrevocability, if necessary, for the purpose of flagging the horse s file. Thus no horse may be sold privately before it is offered publically. If a horse is repurchased or passed-out in the auction arena, the private sale of that horse is encouraged provided all settlements are made directly to the sale cashier. Liability and strict auction policy allows no person(s) in the auction arena while a horse is selling except representative(s) of that horse. Owners are asked to please refrain from personally using the auction PA system to comment as a horse is selling. Diligent attention and great expense has been made to secure extremely qualified announcers and auctioneers at the sale. If an owner has additional details to add to the sale of a horse, it may be done by submitting a written note for announcement or commenting clearly to the professionals on the auction block for announcement.

23 PRIOR TO BIDDING OR BUYING EXAMINE HORSES CAREFULLY AND/OR SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE After owner is paid (in 5 banking days) complaints or rejections are out of the control of AuctionWare, LLC

24 Triangle Sales is a division of AuctionWare LLC, a Texas Corporation fully licensed and bonded to conduct horse sales in the state of Oklahoma. AuctionWare LLC is an independent contractor regularly engaged in the business of conducting consignment sales of horses and is recognized as sale management. AuctionWare LLC holds no ownership interest in any horse offered for sale, and is not responsible for any liability whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the loss, damage, injury, death or illness of any horse, person or property before, during or after the sale. In the event of any legal dispute between a buyer and owner, AuctionWare LLC will occupy the position of agent for a disclosed principal and stakeholder and will be discharged from all obligation upon delivery of any property and/or funds held, to a court having jurisdiction of such dispute. Buyers, bidders, owners and/or spectators are notified to use extreme caution while on the sale grounds, particularly while horses are being presented in the sale arena. All persons attending this sale do so at their own risk. Neither AuctionWare LLC nor any other independent contractor associated with the sale, assumes any liability whatsoever for accidents, death or injury to persons or property before, during or after the sale. Every potential buyer must pre-register at the sale office prior to bidding. A valid US driver s license, intended form of payment and a complete buyer registration application are required. Any new buyer and his banker should complete the Request To Purchase By Check form provided if personal checks are to be used as payment. Any buyer exceeding the amount of established credit must update buyer verification. AuctionWare LLC reserves the right to accept or reject any request for buyer or owner participation at this sale. Non-US Bidders Foreign buyers are welcome. To participate please note US funds and a form of positive identification are necessary. Methods of payment accepted: 1. US Cash 2. US Cashier s Check 3. US Bank Drawn Approved Check 4. US Money Order 5. Mastercard, Visa, Discover & American Express 6. American Express Travelers Check 7. Pre-sale Escrowed US Funds Designated for Sale Purchases NO BANK DRAFTS ARE ACCEPTED. NO POST DATED CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED. A 3% office processing fee will be added to all purchases, however this fee will be discounted for purchases paid by cash, cashier s check, check, money order, travelers check or escrowed funds. ALL ELIGIBILITIES AND NOMINATIONS NOTED WITHIN THE SALE CATALOG HAVE BEEN PROVIDED BY THE OWNER AND HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED BY AUCTIONWARE, LLC.

25 The accuracy of all information regarding a horse s catalog page is the sole responsibility of the owner as is the certainty that all announcements regarding corrections, updates or warranties are made while horse is in the auction arena. Buyers are cautioned to pay close attention to announcements from the auction block regarding corrections or updates to the sale catalog page as such announcements take precedence over printed material. While certain information may have been procured by AuctionWare LLC from third parties on behalf of the owner, it is nonetheless solely the responsibility of the owner to verify the accuracy of such information and to make certain such changes are made public. AuctionWare LLC nor any representative thereof, assumes any responsibility or liability for errors or omissions, or for any verbal or written statement regarding the horse sold. If a prospective buyer is not sure about an announcement made regarding a horse up for bidding, he should immediately consult with the bid spotter working that section. BUYERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PRE-INSPECT AND ARE CAUTIONED TO CAREFULLY EXAMINE ANY HORSE PRIOR TO BIDDING OR PURCHASING. PRE-SALE VETERINARY ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE ON THE SALE GROUNDS AT BUYERS EXPENSE. Potential buyers, at their expense, have the option to have a veterinary examination performed on any horse prior to that horse entering the auction arena. Owner s permission must be obtained prior to any such examination. All horses consigned to this sale are offered in accordance with the laws of the State of Oklahoma. There is no warranty, express or implied, by AuctionWare LLC, any sale staff member or the owner of any horse offered for sale as to the soundness, condition, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. All horses are sold AS IS with all existing conditions and defects except as expressly announced from the auction block or as expressly provided herein. Any guarantees announced on behalf of the owner from the auction block are strictly between owner and buyer. Owners are bound by these sale conditions as well as the consignment agreement completed upon entry to the sale. Within that consignment agreement owner represented and warranted to buyers and AuctionWare LLC the following: a) title to the horse free from all adverse claims to ownership, use or possession and owner agrees to defend title against all claims b) the horse is sound of eyes and mouth c) the horse is not a cribber or a weaver d) the sex and condition as to a stallion, gelding or ridgeling is as described in the sale catalog e) the pedigree and parentage of the horse is as represented f) the horse is suitable for the purpose it is represented g) the owner will disclose any and all unsound conditions, defects or bad habits the horse may have including shoe pads and scars h) the tail or mane extensions or any other alterations be announced at the time of sale OWNERS ARE WARNED THAT ANY HORSE REFUSED BY THE BUYER FOR LACK OF DISCLOSURE OF ANY WARRANTY OR LIMITED WARRANTY DESCRIBED IN TERM #5 HEREIN WILL BE SUBJECT TO RETURN. UPON ANY SUCH RETURN, OWNER WILL OWE AUCTIONWARE LLC, THE CONSIGNMENT FEE PLUS THE GREATER AMOUNT OF THE 8% COMMISSION OR $1,

26 No guarantees or warranties are made by AuctionWare LLC as to the pregnancy status and eventual foaling, fertility or breeding privilege of any mare offered for sale. Final pregnancy status and covering sire for any mare shall be announced from the auction block on behalf of the owner. Any mare selling in foal sells without return breeding privileges unless announced on behalf of the owner. Any breeding agreement is solely between the buyer and owner. Broodmares represented by an owner as in foal are subject to a veterinary pregnancy examination at buyer s expense immediately upon purchase and prior to removal from the auction grounds. Any broodmare found not to be as represented in the auction arena may be returned as unsold to the owner who shall then become responsible for the cost of veterinary pregnancy examination, as well as entry fee and commission. In the event that any horse is not as represented in the sale catalog as announced, or if owner fails to disclose at time of sale any of the limited warranties described in Paragraph 5 above, horse is subject to return by the buyer. Within forty-eight (48) hours after the close of the sale session in which the horse is purchased, the buyer shall file with AuctionWare LLC (fax: or a written notice of rejection along with veterinary supporting statement of condition of the horse. AuctionWare LLC may require testing by a second veterinary source of its choice to determine if the horse had the issue at the time of sale. Said veterinarian s decision will be final. If the veterinarian determines that the issue or defect was present at the time of sale and was not announced, the sale of said horse shall be null and void and the owner must pay the consignment fee plus the greater amount of the 8% commission or $1,000.00, and the cost of all veterinary services performed. If the horse is found by the second veterinarian to not have the alleged issue or defect, the sale of said horse is valid and enforceable and buyer assumes all costs associated including veterinary services. AuctionWare LLC has the right to determine what a reasonable expense is. It is the intent of AuctionWare LLC to tape record the entire auction which shall be used to settle disputes regarding statements made about horses while in the auction arena. In the event of disputes, the final veterinary examination and tape recording will be used to settle said dispute. Unless waived by announcement, there shall be a minimum upset (starting) bid of $ for any horse presented for sale. If the upset (starting) bid is not received, the horse shall be automatically repurchased by the owner as unsold and all expenses become due by owner to sale management, thus no horse will be sold for less than $ This auction is conducted with reserve, meaning the right to bid is reserved by the owner. If the final bid is equal to or greater than the reserve, owner will pay the final 8% sale commission due. To protect the desired sale price for the horse, owner or its authorized agent must: a) be the final bidder on the horse and execute the Buyers Acknowledgement Of Purchase And Security Agreement OR b) deliver a fully executed official AuctionWare LLC reserve bid form to the sale office at least one hour prior to the beginning of the sale on the day the horse sells. Under this procedure, AuctionWare LLC reserves the right to bid on behalf of the owner, up to the amount of the reserve price OR

27 c) make known to the Auctioneer for announcement that the horse has been repurchased or passed-out BEFORE LEAVING THE AUCTION ARENA The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Should any dispute arise between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer shall settle said dispute and that decision shall be absolute, final and binding on all parties. BIDS RECEIVED AFTER THE FALL OF THE AUCTIONEER GAVEL ARE NOT GROUNDS FOR DISPUTE. In case two or more bidders claim the final bid, the Auctioneer may re-open the bidding procedure and ask for advanced bids, solely between the bidders having claimed the last bid. If there is no advanced bid, the horse shall be sold to the bidder from whom the Auctioneer recognized the final bid. If the bid should be reduced below the disputed bid, the Auctioneer may re-open the bidding with the highest bidder becoming the buyer regardless of whether the final bid equals or exceeds the original disputed bid. Title transfers immediately to the buyer at the final fall of the Auctioneer s gavel. Title transfer includes all risk of loss including but not limited to illness, injury or death of the horse. Additionally, at title transfer, the buyer assumes all responsibility for the care and maintenance of the horse, for any loss or damage to property and for injury or death of persons caused by the horse, buyer or buyer s employees. Additionally, buyer agrees to hold harmless AuctionWare LLC for such loss or damage. TITLE AND RISKS ARE ASSUMED BY THE BUYER WHETHER OR NOT SETTLEMENT AND DELIVERY HAVE BEEN MADE. After making a winning bid on a horse, buyer shall remain seated and immediately complete the Buyers Acknowledgement Of Purchase And Security Agreement. The buyer should confirm the hip number and final sale price on the agreement before signing. ANY MISTAKE REGARDING THE FINAL BID SHALL BE BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE SALE CLERK IMMEDIATELY. ALL DISPUTES REGARDING TRANSCRIPTION OF FINAL BIDS SHALL BE SETTLED BY AUCTIONEER AND/OR SALE AUDIO RECORDING. The buyer must print the requested information clearly, as this document will be used for invoicing and transfer. The buyer will be given a copy which must be presented at time of settlement. Any buyer who makes a winning bid and signs the Buyers Acknowledgement Of Purchase And Security Agreement is responsible for that purchase and cannot assign new ownership to a second party unless approved by AuctionWare LLC. If the highest bidder fails to immediately execute the Buyers Acknowledgement Of Purchase And Security Agreement or otherwise fails to comply with these terms or in the event of an announced mistake by the Auctioneer, AuctionWare LLC reserves the right to accept the same purchase amount from another buyer, accept the next highest bid, put the horse up for sale a second time, or retain the horse for the owner as unsold. However, nothing shall prevent AuctionWare LLC and/or the owner from pursuing whatever legal remedy may be available to compel the original buyer to perform as set out herein. All accounts must be paid within the specified time announced prior to the commencement of the auction. All payments must be made directly to the sale cashier

28 and not to the owner, under any circumstance. All payments must be in the form of US currency and drawn on US banks only. Methods of payment accepted: 1. US Cash 2. US Cashier s Check 3. US Bank Drawn Approved Check 4. US Money Order 5. Mastercard, Visa, Discover & American Express 6. American Express Travelers Check 7. Pre-sale Escrowed US Funds Designated for Sale Purchases PLEASE NOTE: All funds are cleared electronically immediately following each sale session. NO BANK DRAFTS ARE ACCEPTED. NO POST DATED CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED. A 3% office processing fee will be added to all purchases, however this fee will be discounted for purchases paid by cash, cashier s check, check, money order, travelers check or escrowed funds. Any person issuing and signing a personalized check or authorizing a credit card purchase in the State Of Oklahoma will be held liable for that amount. Writers of any returned check or disputed credit card purchase will be turned over to the local district attorney and the Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In addition to a $25.00 NSF charge there will be a $ fee for all returned checks that are not repaid by banking wire transfer within one day of the return date of the check. Purchasers who fail in any respect whatsoever to pay for any horse under these terms shall be declared in default. Any horse purchased by a defaulter may be resold by AuctionWare LLC at public or private sale without notice for purchaser s account. Costs of such resale will be those of the defaulter. Should such resale fail to satisfy the defaulter s account in full, defaulter will immediately pay to AuctionWare LLC the amount owing or be subject to legal suit. The defaulter will be responsible for all costs, including attorney s fees incurred by AuctionWare LLC, in collection of amounts owing for horse(s) purchased or, in enforcement or interpretation of this term of sale. To secure the payment of the purchase price and expenses for any horse purchased, together with all other indebtedness owed or hereafter owing by the buyer to AuctionWare LLC, the buyer hereby grants a purchase money security interest and lien in and to each horse described in or covered by the Buyers Acknowledgement Of Purchase And Security Agreement and all accounts, contract rights, registration papers, breeder s certificates, records, general intangibles, proceeds and products relating thereto. NO REGISTRATON CERTIFICATES FOR PURCHASED HORSES WILL BE RELEASED AT THE SALE. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE. ALL PAPERWORK WILL BE HELD BY AUCTIONWARE LLC, UNTIL BUYER S PAYMENT BECOMES UNCONDITIONAL PAYMENT. The transfer fee is the responsibility of the owner. Registration certificate and completed transfer will be mailed directly to the AQHA, APHA or other registry by

29 AuctionWare LLC. Buyer will receive original registration certificate directly from that registry after the transfer process is complete. Any registration certificate being processed by the proper breed association at the time of sale, will be forwarded to AuctionWare LLC which, in turn, will be sent directly to the buyer. A complimentary shipping halter and lead will be provided for each horse sold. Buyers may pick up halters in the sale office after full account settlement has been made. DO NOT leave the auction arena with any leather show halter provided by AuctionWare LLC. To remove a horse from the sale grounds, buyer must obtain a stable release from the sale office after full settlement. Buyer must present gate security the release to remove any horse from the sale grounds. Hip number must be present and legible for horses released from sale ground. Leave hip number on the sale horse and leave horse in the original sale stall. Stable releases will be checked against hip number. No horse will be released from sale grounds without a legible hip number. All sale horses must be removed from the sale grounds by 9:00 am on the day following the last sale session. Horses on the grounds after this time remain at the risk, responsibility and expense of the buyer. Any delays in shipping must be pre-approved by sale office management. Any expenses incurred by AuctionWare, LLC due to an extended stay on the grounds will be reimbursed by the buyer. Heart Of Oklahoma Expo Center, Shawnee, Oklahoma Entry Forms Available at

30 This form must be properly completed in full and notarized. This request must be approved by AuctionWare, LLC at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the first sale session. SALE NAME SALEDATE(S) APPLICANT S NAME SOCIAL SECURITY # DRIVER S LICENSE # AND STATE ADDRESS CITY, STATE, ZIP CELL # OFFICE # HOME # BUSINESS NAME TRAINER/AGENT NAME NAME OF US BANK CHECK WILL BE DRAWN ON ACCOUNT # ADDRESS CITY, STATE, ZIP BANK OFFICER NAME & TITLE BANK PHONE NUMBER The applicant named above and signed below, has had an account with this bank for years. Applicant conducts business in a satisfactory manner and this institution will personally guarantee $ for the purchase of horses during the AuctionWare, LLC, Sale(s)-Name of Sale(s)-on, held in. Month, Day, Year City, State SIGNATURE OF BANK OFFICER SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT DATE Subscribed And Sworn To Me On This Day Of, 201. Notary Public City County State My Commission Expires Triangle Sales Office Benson Park Rd Shawnee, OK (405) (405) (405) Office Fax Prior To And After Sale Days (405) For Sale Days Only

31 Lot order for each sale session is sorted alphabetically by using the first letter of the second dam s name. The first letter for the sale order is determined then all others fall in place sequentially. Grade horses are lotted by substituting their names for the second dam s name. A draw for the first letter was made at Triangle Sales. The result was the letter J. When multiple horses with the same dam/second dam are drawn back to back, owners may request they be moved forward or backward ten lots in the daily order. Lot order for special productions/dispersals within a sale is determined by or on behalf of the owner.

32 Index to Consignors Hip Horse Year Sex Sire Dam Diana Adell 112 Blue Shimmer Bar 2017 c Frosted Malt Duck Mcr Billie Bar Sally Amabile 74 Lucy Shines 2016 f Shine Chic Shine Great Lucy Lynx Amabile & Strusiner 87 Shines Red Gun 2015 g Shine Chic Shine Gunners Miss Oak Jaden Anderson 33 WT Royal Blue Dot 2015 f WT That Blues Man Lil Wils Superstar Kolton Anderson 107 Lil Freckle Joe 2012 g Joe Codys Cowboy Miss Freckle Stop Nathen Anderson 19 Papers In Association 2016 f Dark Brow Playboy Ms High Heat 20 Ms High Heat 2000 m High At Last Ms Hot Olena 69 Tivios Frosty Doc 2002 m Peps Frosty Doc Tivios Holly Cade 151 Starbert F Annie 2007 m Starbert Fisher Starbert Leo Trixie 160 High Brow Johnny 2016 g Two Goosebucks Hollys High Brow Nichole Anderson 44 Snicker Playboy 2013 g Dark Brow Playboy Tivios Frosty Doc William & Billie Aylesworth 1 Mais E Hughes 2013 f Thomas E Hughes Jae Bars Tule 31 High On This Cat 2013 g WR This Cats Smart High Brow Barlon 61 Dual Bee Smokin 2016 f Dual R Smokin Bee Gee Olena Bar L 109 WR Cat Medicine 2014 f WR This Cats Smart Medicine Kid Philip Beauregard 142 Jazzbos Huddy Cowboy 1999 g Huddys Jazzbo Capriciously Steve Breitsprecher 108 RTR Two Eyed Spirit 2010 g Bee Dees Pride Miss Palzy Showdown Ryan Brewer 202 Pa Ketel 2014 g Ketel Won El Bye Charles Burger 7 Mustang Mary 2008 m Smart Little Lena Dual Nurse 25 Irreysistible 2007 m Dual Rey Prelima Lena Mark Burkdoll 72 Stormy Shinning Girl 2016 f Shiners Dually Colonel Smokes Dream Calvin Campbell 93 Fuel O Livia 2017 f Fuel N Shine Genuine O Livia 102 Miss Gallo Oak 2017 f Genuine Doc O Lena Jennie Gallo

33 Index to Consignors Hip Horse Year Sex Sire Dam Judy Ann Campbell 10 Red White And Playgun (P) 2015 f BS Popgun (Q) Red White And Robin (P) Bill Carter 68 One Kickin Cat 2014 g Cant Kick This Cat Poppin Hickory Uno Nonie Casselman-Reed 23 Smart Zz Cat 2017 g Smart Boons Verve Cat Daniel Ceballos 21 NMSU Leave N Smoke 2016 f Love Em N Leave N NMSU Three Jay Kandl Daniel Chartney 132 Drifters Doc Frost 2010 m Jacks Double Drifter Docs Steel Comet Circle K Livestock 168 Lilbitofchickenfry 2017 c WR Dual Twist Ellie Rado Dallas Mike A. Clark 123 Hudson Pale Cider 2014 g Ikes Drifting Cowboy Tkm Lady Godivawood Thomas Conroy 47 Chromedoutcatt 2016 g Sophisticated Catt Rosie Te Bar 58 Bobs Rio Bay 2017 f Bobs Hickory Rio Friscos Lady Colonel Crazy L Ranches 187 CLR Rainbows Flitbar 2017 g Sinnsuous Firewater Rainbows First Form 190 CLR Brookstone Whirl 2017 f Brookstone Kid Miss Alawhirl 194 CLR Firewaters Saint 2017 g Sinnsuous Firewater Soul Of A Saint 198 Find A Bug 2003 m Fols Rocket Twist N Annie 203 CLR Brookstone Leo 2017 g Brookstone Kid Miss Whizzen Leo Brock Demaree 103 Star San Slick 2008 g Starbert Champ Rix Little Lady Quixote Ken & Marilyn Derry 6 Little Miss Stylish 2016 f Mr Playinstylish Little Bit Spooky Ray Douglass 134 Silver Texas Star 2014 g Freckled Leo Lena Just A Grullo Streak Roger Duncan 101 Miss Pocos Watch 2016 g Bright Spanish Watch Watch Miss Poco Will Dunlap 138 Haidas Red Lassie 2007 g Haidas Red Rooster King Wood Lassie Jerry Durant 4 Smooth Aristocat 2014 g Smooth As A Cat Aristo Katz 8 Mr Cattahoochie 2017 c Dual Smart Rey Cattahoochie 18 Moms Black Cat 2017 f Dual Smart Rey Moms Kitty Kitty 42 Boy Named Sioux 2017 c Dual Rey Susie The Sioux 59 A Lil Sweet N Smooth 2017 f Sweet Lil Pepto Dualin Smooth

34 Index to Consignors Hip Horse Year Sex Sire Dam Jerry Durant, continued 66 Dualing Darlin 2017 f Dual Rey Dualin Smooth 70 Smooth Little Rey 2017 c Dual Smart Rey Dualin Smooth Carol Dwyer 5 Its My Choice 2008 m Bet On Me 498 Choice Jewels Chance & Shannon Ealey 176 Bodies Cowboy Cutter (P) 2013 g ARC Autumn Dual (Q) Bodie Lavoe Pep (P) Eldridge Mgt Corp 73 Elana Nic 2001 m Elans Playboy Miss Reminic 80 Hal Jordan Star 2017 c Halreycious Rubys Little Star 85 Spooks Play Boy Emc 2017 c Spooks Gotta Gun Clarks Elan Flying C Bar Ranch-Agent 28 Great Chief 2007 g Cats Red Feather Aristo Rose 41 Tapn On A Bet 2017 c Bet Hesa Cat Rattle Tap 63 Catty Matty 2006 m High Brow Cat Peppy Taquita Matt Gaines Cutting Horses LP 52 Nu Id Be Metallic 2014 f Metallic Cat Nu I Wood Daniel Gingerich 152 VL Shirley Temple 2014 f Ciderwood Blue Ms Roan Flag Amazon Orlando Gonzalez 24 One Smoking Cat 2016 f One Time Pepto Lynneas Preppy Cat 54 DMAC Spoonfulofjam 2008 m Hes A Peptospoonful DMAC Cee Gun Kirt Guillory 154 Stp Poco Cletus 2012 g Poco Texican Julias Poco Doll David Helmuth 150 Shez Berry Hot 2015 f Smoking Hot Gun Shez Pozest Justin & Adrienne Hembree 199 Smart Wittle Wilson 2012 m Bobby Smart Wilson Goodbar Star Madison Hembree 196 Shesa Memorial Gal 2012 m Agouti Shesa Bexar Wayne Holden 64 No Rey Jose 2014 c Dual Rey Redneck Style Terry Hollis 15 Bet Hesa Short Cat 2013 g Bet Hesa Cat Ha Chairmans Shorty Kendyl Hutton 183 A Whiskey Chance 2010 g Firewaterontherocks Jims Fols Jet Angelia Jensen 35 JR Whiskey Lullaby 2011 m Athena Puddy Cat Puppy Breath

35 Index to Consignors Hip Horse Year Sex Sire Dam Chris Jones 145 Acid (Grade) 169 Jvccolonelsleojack 2012 g Jks Freckled Buck Jacks Flaxen Lady Dylan Jones 156 Deuce (Grade) Brad Joyce 144 RC Lopin Legacy 2012 g RC Hollywood Legacy Rose Crks Tar Baby Henry Keele 117 Cico Dry Cat 2017 c Fletch That Cat Pocos Dry Chic Andy Kurtz 62 Sticky Paws 2013 m WR This Cats Smart DMAC Spoonfulofjam Lane And Sons Cattle Co 40 Tip Tap Kat 2015 f Kit Kat Sugar Rattle Tap 170 Jo Sey Grey 2004 g Smart Zanolena Roll On Jose John Lindsey 38 Mamas Smooth N Sassy 2012 m Smooth As A Cat Dual Poo Lauren Loeliger 96 Dudes Logan Juliet 2011 m Mr Amigo Dude Mip Cowladys Romeoin Jim Loftin 148 Gunsnbits 2012 g Playin N Sync Travalen A Lil Bit Lost Creek Cattle Company 120 LC Poco Chex g Hairpin Blue Chex LC Gypsy Hancock Showin My Guns 2009 s PG Shogun Four Classy Blue 172 LC Roan Chex g Hairpin Blue Chex Miss Jacq Babe Patricia Lowe 181 Ducati (P) 2014 g Skip N My Assets (Q) Bright As A Star (P) Cindy Mainus & Rory Jett 185 Willy B A Treasure (P) 2006 g Masterjoebowers (P) Im Swaydes Girl (P) 193 VF Run If On Fire 2006 g Bullys On Fire Run Easy Dial Chad Martin 153 Charlie Playgun (Grade) James Martin 186 Angels Hollywoodcash 2012 g Deuces Dun Wild Whiz Of A Script LouAnn Martin 155 I Dun It Anyway 2007 m Sonnys Majestic Gold Taylors Country Lady 166 Winners Golden Cash 2000 m King Sugs Dude A Desirable Winner 173 Smart Misty Mate 2002 m Smart Mate Miss Misty Tom

36 Index to Consignors Hip Horse Year Sex Sire Dam Terry & Denise Martin 71 Electramine 2016 g Electric Code Jameen N Hollywood Matador Cattle Co 189 MCC Shining Kats 2014 f Sams Shinning Prince Kats Royal Jacket 197 Papers In Association 2017 g Famous Beduino Two Eyed Rudi Tootie Ashley McBride 36 Spencers Full Moon 2016 c Cats Moonshine Babes Home Advantage Justin D. McBride 17 Danelles A Scooter 2015 f Smart Lil Scoot Danelle Boon 67 Sugars Boon Glo 2015 f Smartys Son O Sugar Boon Glo Solano Justin T. McBride 60 Cats Juana Play 2016 f Hes A Blue Pepto Juana Play Jim & Susan McColley 121 Ima Colored Smarty (P) 2006 m Color Me Smart (P) Qts Precious Hotstuff (P) McDaniel Ranch 135 Studio Timing 2015 f Purrfect Timing Studio Colleena McDavid Cutting Horses 9 Hashtag Cow 2013 g High Brow Cat Miss Martini Play 26 Princess Of Bel Air 2014 f Metallic Cat Pretty Bo Bunny Vicki McDonald 95 Krogs Paprika Star 2012 g Fiddlers Pat Star Four J Sassy Jeffery McGehee 104 Plenty Siouxped Up 2015 g A Shiner Named Sioux Blue Rose Valentine Jenna McGehee 2 Madera Dually 2002 m Dual Pep Smart Little Madera 12 Siouxper Fine Doc 2015 f A Shiner Named Sioux Doc T Bars Ms Honey 32 Peps Dualin Pistols 2016 g Yellow Roan Of Texas Madera Dually 76 TQH La Reina De TBar 2002 m Doc T Bar Ontila Marvilla 188 Hes An Early Riser 2017 c High Roller Rey TQH La Reina De TBar Ann McGregor 78 Smart Little Desire 1998 m Smart Little Mate A Real Desire 91 Boomernics Potranca 1999 m Boomernic Gay Sugar Ginger Dan McGregor 88 Jerrys April Surpriz 2015 f Jerry Lees Surprise Jane Bar Sugar Mozaun McKibben 90 Bona Fide Spark 2014 g Lena Spark Dry Me Sugar Rex & Shelly Moffatt 143 Handsome Handcock 2010 g Freckles Dakota Driftwoods Blessing

37 Index to Consignors Hip Horse Year Sex Sire Dam Kathleen Moore 16 Midnite Smoke 2016 g Rockin W Scoot A Lil Closer 34 That Look In Her Eye 2015 f Rockin W Heres Lookin At You Ty Moore 11 Reymance 2016 f Dual Rey Mrs Bay Cat Edgar Murillo 113 JR Bet On Hollywood 2014 c Bet On Boons 498 Dun It By Twist 149 JR Katie Gun 2013 f Quakin Gun Sheza Katie Zan Shawn & Jana Murphy 114 Roan Badger Red 2008 g Little Tuxedo One Miss Badger Pine Oak Dell Farm 182 Annie Joe Frost 2017 f Streaking Ta Fame CM Miss Folsin Carl Parker 146 Heza Bluerose Kid 2007 g Jed Bluerose Addie Chex Doyle Parks 163 JF Here For Da Party 2004 m Skip N Union Easters Lindy Miss Patton Farms 175 WWR Julia Hancock 2015 f Wyo Chukar Hancock Tcc Juliet Hancock Richard & Vicki Paul 37 Stylish Lenaetta 2017 f Pretty Boy Cat Stylish Little Bit 100 Pepto With Style 2017 g Stylin With Pepto Ten Little Chances 136 Ez Lady 2017 f Classy Last Chance Ez Chex For JD Bill & Linda Pennington 133 Cals Thunder Gal 2015 f Cal Bars Roman Baby Princess Mio 139 Macs Full Of Gin 2004 g Ww Full Of Pep N Gin Macs Tivio Ricky Piggott 43 Shiney Pepto 2015 f One Time Pepto Shiney Tarizana 124 High On Dynamite 2012 g Jk Dynamic Move Kc Casino Nunn R & J Land & Cattle Co 53 PRF Catch This Cat 2013 m Rockin W Wild Francine R.T. Stuart Ranch LLC 97 Seven S Red Cat 2015 g Cat Man Do Little Bay Sam Debbie Rabb 195 Easy Talent (P) 2010 g Dashin Is Easy (Q) Shaylas Poco Flame (P) William Raber 84 Shines Dunny 2014 g Shine Chic Shine Bea With A Twist Ivan Raber-Agent 81 Jess Dunit Twisty 2016 c Dun It With A Twist Tammy Chiccy

38 Index to Consignors Hip Horse Year Sex Sire Dam Rancho Estrellita de Cobre 29 LL Real Slim Shady 2017 c Smooth As A Cat Sweet Lil Sylvia Redding Ranch 51 Mister Cat 2015 c Bet Hesa Cat Playwiththebigboys Ashley Reeves 161 HR Classy Catt 2015 f Catts Back In Black HR Dun Dos Prima Randall Renshaw 99 Dees Blue Duke 2014 f Watch Duke Danas Blue Hue Chance Reppond 157 A Unique Frenchman (P) 2014 g Saintly Fellow (Q) Angel Olena (P) Kassandra Rieke 192 Firewaters Renagade 2017 g Sinnsuous Firewater Sunsocks Baby Doll 201 Firewatesr Playboy 2017 g Sinnsuous Firewater Cum Dashin Playboys Kendall Riggins 105 Ranch Hand Poncho (Pinto) 2008 g Freckles (Other) Ranch Hand Mariah (Q) Rose Valley Ranch 14 Janes Lucky Boon 2016 f Boon Too Suen Jane Says San Juan Ranch 30 SJR Diamond Dancer (P) 2017 c CD Diamond (Q) Like A Sundance (P) 48 SJR Diamonds Shania 2017 f CD Diamond Shanias Lil Step 57 SJR Packin Diamonds 2017 f CD Diamond Playin Lil Pistol Rich & Flis Sassella 77 Just Surprize Me 2016 f Hang Ten Surprize Tivito Norma 89 Shined Up Shiner 2017 c Shine Chic Shine Slide A Whey Cody Schmidt 115 Hights Lincoln 2009 g Smart Little Finch Dbl Ease Silver Lady 129 St Texastornado 2014 g South Texas Acre Miss Sandradell 137 Sunny (Grade) Schmitt Horse Ranch 83 Smokey Mountain Rein 2013 g Colonels Smoken Chex Reining Hail 125 Pas Smart Boon 2014 g Autumnator Aplayin For Keeps 164 Honey I Isa Diamond 2015 g Nics Black Diamond Honey I Isalena 179 Whizs Am Sun King 2009 g Chronic Whiz Am Bugs Bunny John Schoneberg 82 Gunners Tinsel Cat 2017 f Gunners Tinseltown Ms Catalina Whiz Zack Schraeder 171 Lilbuddycrackerjack 2007 g Krogs Quiet Pep Peponitas April Dun Bill Smith 45 BS Stylish Cat 2015 g Bet Hesa Cat BS Stylish Pepto

39 Index to Consignors Hip Horse Year Sex Sire Dam Bill Smith, continued 50 BS Wendels Gun 2015 f High Brow CD BS Una Mas Disparo Spur Bar Ranch 110 Last Blue Chick 2014 g Blue Kewpie Feature Mm Last Chick 116 Drifting Theory 2012 g Rr Hancock Bluebeard Gunnin Sugar 126 Bevins Lucky Rainbow (P) 2013 g Ramblin High Rainbow (P) Touchdownbevin (Q) 165 Sweet Lil Puma 2014 g Sweet Lil Pepto Lil Puma Stephanie Spurlock 122 San Jo Face 2013 f Cookies Fortune Et Sanjos Playgirl Wayne Stewart 39 WRJ Time After Time 2013 f One Time Pepto Lynnzee 49 WRJ Zee Dual Cat 2014 f High Brow CD Lynnzee Sundance Riding Stables 119 LB Carmeled Showdown 2009 g Hp Machismo Carmeled Sugar Beverly Thomas 27 Smart Mates Promise 2003 m Smart Mate Queens Promise Blair Thompson 75 Yo Mamba 2015 f Ref Black Mamba Da Steadys Maiden Marsha & Robert Thomson 118 TS Whiskey Six Pack 2010 g TS Irish Whiskey Man Olena Marlyn TMP Properties LLC 147 Cattboose 2016 f Sophisticated Catt Blush Of Red Loyd Trubenbach 22 Highbrow Whiz 1998 m Smart Lil Highbrow Pamela Whiz Peppy Grace Vangilder 3 Shes A Smokin Dually 2010 m Third Cutting Smokin Dually 46 Smooth N Light 2011 m CD Lights Smoothy Blue Carl Rodney Vaughn DVM 13 Boon In Blue 2017 c Boon A Little Miss Peptogin 55 Metallurgist 2017 c Magneticat Classy Blue Chex Dr 56 Classy Blue Chex Dr 2011 m Autumnator Classy Lena Chex Ware Racing & Ranching LLC 65 Stylish Latigo 2016 f Rockin W Gins Latigo Jake Weatherly 98 Holy Smoke Suen 2014 g Boon Too Suen Perfect Attraction 111 Ms Caddy Spin 2014 f Mr B Binion Jacspin Ms Caddys Pine 131 TLJ Doc St Phantom 2015 g Doc Serendipity Oak St Phantom Rose 141 Gunpowder Tuff 2014 g PG Gunpowder Short N Tuff 180 Brite Like Metallic 2015 g Metallic Cat Swingins Brite Idea

40 Index to Consignors Hip Horse Year Sex Sire Dam Darwin Whisenhunt 177 Rees Mr Dual Hancock 2016 g Malvado Silver Dual Hecks Fancy Fanny J.D. Williams 106 Miss Millies Sparkle 2017 f Boonlights Merada Millies Peppy Lena 127 Shinin Boonlights (P) 2017 f Boonlights Merada (Q) The Big Shine (P) 130 Boonlights Ecstasy 2017 c Boonlights Merada Equine Ecstasy 140 Cha Cha Lights Up 2017 f Boonlights Merada Pocos Cha Cha 162 Equine Ecstasy 2002 m Bobs Golden Acre Spanish Zora 174 Boonlights Tag 2017 c Boonlights Merada Ollie Tag 178 Hola Merada 2017 f Boonlights Merada Hola My Pepto Forest Dean Williamson 79 Crome Whizard 2013 g Whiz N Crome Montanas Whiz Chic 94 Kool Kat (Mustang) Wingate Ranch 158 Sassysophisticat 2012 m Sophisticated Catt Sassy Soda Taylor Wollenberg 128 Sak Em Shyley 2011 m My Wilywood Hlc Smooth Velvet Todd Wright 86 TW Cracklin Rosie 2016 f Shiners Voodoo Dr Fm Master Stepper WW Ranch LLC 92 Sparkling Juicer 2015 f Smart Like Juice Shining Dancer Norman Yoder 184 N Wise Fortunatus 2014 g Exploding Fred Demand A Diamond 191 Jered 2015 g Furrtreeous La Freda May 200 Exploding Onesimus 2015 g Exploding Fred Dash For Sixes Sid Zacharias 159 Sugar Playin Jubilee 2014 f Hb Jubilee Hancock Playin Sugar Badger

41 A Lil Sweet N Smooth 59 A Unique Frenchman (P) 157 A Whiskey Chance 183 Acid (Grade) 145 Angels Hollywoodcash 186 Annie Joe Frost 182 Bet Hesa Short Cat 15 Bevins Lucky Rainbow (P) 126 Blue Shimmer Bar 112 Bobs Rio Bay 58 Bodies Cowboy Cutter (P) 176 Bona Fide Spark 90 Boomernics Potranca 91 Boon In Blue 13 Boonlights Ecstasy 130 Boonlights Tag 174 Boy Named Sioux 42 Brite Like Metallic 180 BS Stylish Cat 45 BS Wendels Gun 50 Cals Thunder Gal 133 Cats Juana Play 60 Cattboose 147 Catty Matty 63 Cha Cha Lights Up 140 Charlie Playgun (Grade) 153 Chromedoutcatt 47 Cico Dry Cat 117 Classy Blue Chex Dr 56 CLR Brookstone Leo 203 CLR Brookstone Whirl 190 CLR Firewaters Saint 194 CLR Rainbows Flitbar 187 Crome Whizard 79 Danelles A Scooter 17 Dees Blue Duke 99 Deuce (Grade) 156 DMAC Spoonfulofjam 54 Drifters Doc Frost 132 Drifting Theory 116 Dual Bee Smokin 61 Dualing Darlin 66 Ducati (P) 181 Dudes Logan Juliet 96 Easy Talent (P) 195 Elana Nic 73 Electramine 71 Equine Ecstasy 162 Exploding Onesimus 200 Ez Lady 136 Find A Bug 198 Firewaters Renagade 192 Firewatesr Playboy 201 Fuel O Livia 93 Great Chief 28 Index to Horses Gunners Tinsel Cat 82 Gunpowder Tuff 141 Gunsnbits 148 Haidas Red Lassie 138 Hal Jordan Star 80 Handsome Handcock 143 Hashtag Cow 9 Hes An Early Riser 188 Heza Bluerose Kid 146 High Brow Johnny 160 High On Dynamite 124 High On This Cat 31 Highbrow Whiz 22 Hights Lincoln 115 Hola Merada 178 Holy Smoke Suen 98 Honey I Isa Diamond 164 HR Classy Catt 161 Hudson Pale Cider 123 I Dun It Anyway 155 Ima Colored Smarty (P) 121 Irreysistible 25 Its My Choice 5 Janes Lucky Boon 14 Jazzbos Huddy Cowboy 142 Jered 191 Jerrys April Surpriz 88 Jess Dunit Twisty 81 JF Here For Da Party 163 Jo Sey Grey 170 JR Bet On Hollywood 113 JR Katie Gun 149 JR Whiskey Lullaby 35 Just Surprize Me 77 Jvccolonelsleojack 169 Kool Kat (Mustang) 94 Krogs Paprika Star 95 Last Blue Chick 110 LB Carmeled Showdown 119 LC Poco Chex LC Roan Chex Lil Freckle Joe 107 Lilbitofchickenfry 168 Lilbuddycrackerjack 171 Little Miss Stylish 6 LL Real Slim Shady 29 Lucy Shines 74 Macs Full Of Gin 139 Madera Dually 2 Mais E Hughes 1 Mamas Smooth N Sassy 38 MCC Shining Kats 189 Metallurgist 55 Midnite Smoke 16 Miss Gallo Oak 102

42 Miss Millies Sparkle 106 Miss Pocos Watch 101 Mister Cat 51 Moms Black Cat 18 Mr Cattahoochie 8 Ms Caddy Spin 111 Ms High Heat 20 Mustang Mary 7 N Wise Fortunatus 184 NMSU Leave N Smoke 21 No Rey Jose 64 Nu Id Be Metallic 52 One Kickin Cat 68 One Smoking Cat 24 Pa Ketel 202 Papers In Assoc/Ms High Heat 19 Papers In Assoc/Two Eyed Rudi Tootie 197 Pas Smart Boon 125 Peps Dualin Pistols 32 Pepto With Style 100 Plenty Siouxped Up 104 PRF Catch This Cat 53 Princess Of Bel Air 26 Ranch Hand Poncho (Pinto) 105 RC Lopin Legacy 144 Red White And Playgun (P) 10 Rees Mr Dual Hancock 177 Reymance 11 Roan Badger Red 114 RTR Two Eyed Spirit 108 Sak Em Shyley 128 San Jo Face 122 Sassysophisticat 158 Seven S Red Cat 97 Shes A Smokin Dually 3 Shesa Memorial Gal 196 Shez Berry Hot 150 Shined Up Shiner 89 Shines Dunny 84 Shines Red Gun 87 Shiney Pepto 43 Shinin Boonlights (P) 127 Showin My Guns 167 Silver Texas Star 134 Siouxper Fine Doc 12 SJR Diamond Dancer (P) 30 SJR Diamonds Shania 48 SJR Packin Diamonds 57 Smart Little Desire 78 Smart Mates Promise 27 Smart Misty Mate 173 Smart Wittle Wilson 199 Smart Zz Cat 23 Smokey Mountain Rein 83 Smooth Aristocat 4 Index to Horses Smooth Little Rey 70 Smooth N Light 46 Snicker Playboy 44 Sparkling Juicer 92 Spencers Full Moon 36 Spooks Play Boy Emc 85 St Texastornado 129 Star San Slick 103 Starbert F Annie 151 Sticky Paws 62 Stormy Shinning Girl 72 Stp Poco Cletus 154 Studio Timing 135 Stylish Latigo 65 Stylish Lenaetta 37 Sugar Playin Jubilee 159 Sugars Boon Glo 67 Sunny (Grade) 137 Sweet Lil Puma 165 Tapn On A Bet 41 That Look In Her Eye 34 Tip Tap Kat 40 Tivios Frosty Doc 69 TLJ Doc St Phantom 131 TQH La Reina De TBar 76 TS Whiskey Six Pack 118 TW Cracklin Rosie 86 VF Run If On Fire 193 VL Shirley Temple 152 Whizs Am Sun King 179 Willy B A Treasure (P) 185 Winners Golden Cash 166 WR Cat Medicine 109 WRJ Time After Time 39 WRJ Zee Dual Cat 49 WT Royal Blue Dot 33 WWR Julia Hancock 175 Yo Mamba 75

43 A Desirable Winner 166 A Real Desire 78 Addie Chex 146 Am Bugs Bunny 179 Angel Olena (P) 157 Aplayin For Keeps 125 Aristo Katz 4 Aristo Rose 28 Babes Home Advantage 36 Bea With A Twist 84 Bee Gee Olena 61 Blue Rose Valentine 104 Blush Of Red 147 Bodie Lavoe Pep (P) 176 Boon Glo Solano 67 Bright As A Star (P) 181 BS Stylish Pepto 45 BS Una Mas Disparo 50 Capriciously 142 Carmeled Sugar 119 Cattahoochie 8 Choice Jewels 5 Clarks Elan 85 Classy Blue Chex Dr 55 Classy Lena Chex 56 CM Miss Folsin 182 Colonel Smokes Dream 72 Cum Dashin Playboys 201 Da Steadys Maiden 75 Danas Blue Hue 99 Danelle Boon 17 Dash For Sixes 200 Dbl Ease Silver Lady 115 Demand A Diamond 184 DMAC Cee Gun 54 DMAC Spoonfulofjam 62 Doc T Bars Ms Honey 12 Docs Steel Comet 132 Driftwoods Blessing 143 Dry Me Sugar 90 Dual Nurse 7 Dual Poo 38 Dualin Smooth 59, 66, 70 Dun It By Twist 113 Easters Lindy Miss 163 El Bye 202 Ellie Rado Dallas 168 Equine Ecstasy 130 Ez Chex For JD 136 Fm Master Stepper 86 Four Classy Blue 167 Four J Sassy 95 Friscos Lady Colonel 58 Gay Sugar Ginger 91 Genuine O Livia 93 Index to Dams Gins Latigo 65 Great Lucy Lynx 74 Gunners Miss Oak 87 Gunnin Sugar 116 Ha Chairmans Shorty 15 Hecks Fancy Fanny 177 Heres Lookin At You 34 High Brow Barlon 31 Hlc Smooth Velvet 128 Hola My Pepto 178 Hollys High Brow 160 Honey I Isalena 164 HR Dun Dos Prima 161 Im Swaydes Girl (P) 185 Jacks Flaxen Lady 169 Jae Bars Tule 1 Jameen N Hollywood 71 Jane Bar Sugar 88 Jane Says 14 Jennie Gallo 102 Jims Fols Jet 183 Juana Play 60 Julias Poco Doll 154 Just A Grullo Streak 134 Kats Royal Jacket 189 Kc Casino Nunn 124 King Wood Lassie 138 La Freda May 191 LC Gypsy Hancock Like A Sundance (P) 30 Lil Puma 165 Lil Wils Superstar 33 Little Bay Sam 97 Little Bit Spooky 6 Little Lady Quixote 103 Lynneas Preppy Cat 24 Lynnzee 39, 49 Macs Tivio 139 Madera Dually 32 Man Olena Marlyn 118 Mcr Billie Bar 112 Medicine Kid 109 Millies Peppy Lena 106 Mip Cowladys Romeoin 96 Miss Alawhirl 190 Miss Badger Pine 114 Miss Freckle Stop 107 Miss Jacq Babe 172 Miss Martini Play 9 Miss Misty Tom 173 Miss Palzy Showdown 108 Miss Peptogin 13 Miss Reminic 73 Miss Sandradell 129 Miss Whizzen Leo 203