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2 Welcome Welcome to the Rhondda Swimming Club. We are pleased that you and your child/children have chosen to swim at the club and hope that your child/children have an enjoyable and happy time here as a swimmer. Contained in this pack is information we hope you will find useful, however if you have any queries you will always find a committee member in the café area between 7pm and 9pm on a Friday night and all club information is posted on our notice board (first board on long corridor wall) or on our web site. You will also find us on Facebook and Twitter under RhonddaSwimming. Children compete in sport for a variety of reasons, including health and fitness, making new friends and building those friendships, as well as learning new skills. However the main reason why children take up sport is because it s FUN. It is vitally important that parents never forget that enjoyment goes hand in hand with excellence in sport. Please explore the Club s website, which provides lots of information about the Club and how it works. The Club is run on a totally voluntary basis and relies on the time generously offered by volunteers. Specific training programmes are provided for those working towards higher levels of competitions up to National Age Group Levels. We are a development/competitive club and participate in a range of competitions, from friendly local galas to the Welsh Nationals. Page 2 of 11

3 ARE YOU LOOKING TO: Improve fitness levels Have a healthy lifestyle & habits for life Achieve individual challenges within a team environment Improve mental stimulation Improve in goal orientation Take part in competitions Form friendships which can last a lifetime THEN YOU NEED TO JOIN OUR FAST-GROWING COMPETITIVE SWIMMING CLUB Rhondda Swimming Club achieved Swim Wales Dragon Mark accreditation in We are a friendly competitive club that is growing quickly under the leadership of our Head Coach Craig NAPPER. Rhondda Swimming Club has been in existence since 1975 and is one of the oldest established competitive swimming clubs in South Wales. The Club was started as a result of the closure of the former Gelligaled Otters. Our current Head Coach Craig NAPPER is the son of one of the founders of the Club, David NAPPER. Current Coach and previous Head Coach Glyn HARRIS was also a founder. Craig NAPPER is a qualified UKCC Level 2 coach and has almost completed his Level 3 coaching qualification. He is a Level 2 coach in British triathlon and also coaches the Rhondda Junior Triathlon Club. He is a keen athlete himself, swimming regularly in triathlon and ironman events. Craig, a former Youth Champion and national competitor in athletics, brings a wealth of sporting experience with both modern and traditional methods of training to the club and its swimmers. Our coaches and committee members (and helpers over 16 years) are fully DBS checked and our coaches are qualified to Level 1 and Level 2 UKCC national levels. The Club is fully insured with Swim Wales for swim training activities. You can see who s who in our Meet the Team section of our website. ( Page 3 of 11

4 We train up to 5 times a week, 3 evenings and 1 morning at Rhondda Sports Centre and 2 evenings at Ferndale Community School in Maerdy. We have additional Squad training on a Sunday morning in Bronwydd Swimming Pool. New swimmers will be assessed at a free trial held the first Friday of every month by arrangement, by the Head Coach Craig NAPPER and assistant coach Andrew DRAPER. They will allocate the swimmer to the expected appropriate stage / squad depending on their ability, during which time further assessment is carried out until a final stage is selected. Stage dependant we also train once a month (depending on competitions) at the Cardiff International Pool, a 50-metre pool. This experience is significantly different to a 25-metre pool so attendance at these sessions is recommended. They have been scheduled prior to competitions where the children swim competitively in a 50-metre pool to give them experience of such. Page 4 of 11

5 Training times Fri pm. Ystrad Stages 1,3,4,5 & 6. Fri pm. Ystrad Stages 2,7 & 8. Fri pm. Ystrad Junior Development Squad. (JDS) Fri pm. Ystrad Squad. Sun 8-9am. Ystrad Squad, Stages 5 8 Sun 8-9am. Bronwydd Porth JDS Sun pm. Ystrad Squad Mon pm. Maerdy Squad. Mon pm. Ystrad JDS. Tues pm. Maerdy Squad. Tues pm. Maerdy Stages 5 8. Wed pm. Maerdy JDS. Once a Month, Cardiff International Pool am Squad and JDS. Swimmers in stage 5 and above are expected to attend more than one session a week and ALL swimmers must attend the Club s main training night on Fridays. If a swimmer cannot attend a Friday night for any reason then you must tell a member of the committee in advance. Failure to swim for 4 consecutive Fridays without a valid reason could jeopardize your place. No children (unless training) or adults unauthorised to be so are allowed poolside at any time, this is to safeguard our members. Should you wish to talk to your child s teacher/coach then please arrange to do so at a convenient time to them by liaising with the Pool Manager. Appropriate footwear must be worn on poolside. Equipment required for training Well-fitting goggles. (All swimmers) Plastic drinks bottle (preferably filled with water or squash). (All swimmers) Swimming costume. (All swimmers) Swimming hat. (Children with long hair) Kick board, pull buoy, front snorkel, hand paddles and fins. (Squad and Junior Development Squad) Mesh kit bag. (Squad and Junior Development Squad). Page 5 of 11

6 If there are any concerns regarding a swimmer s progress please speak to the coaches before or after training sessions, they will be more than happy to assist in addressing any issues. Membership & affiliation fees On joining the club a 40 fee is payable annually on the 1 st of January. This fee includes your affiliation to our governing body Swim Wales, with insurance premium to enable you to swim in the club. Club monthly fee Fees are stage-related and are payable by Standing Order on the 20 th of every month: Stages Stages Junior Development Squad Squad Our aim is to achieve the best for our swimmers, help them build on their confidence and capabilities. They will eventually represent the club at competitions, which is certainly an honour! We believe that the children should be rewarded for their efforts and host various social events for their enjoyment, such as trips to Oakwood, Christmas pantomimes, outings to Porthcawl and also hold an annual awards ceremony, which the children enjoy. Competitions We strive as a club to enter a regular range of competitions. From prestigious level 2 meets to the level 4 junior development meets, there is something for all levels of swimmer. We hold our own Club Championships event annually in November when all our swimmers are encouraged to participate. We have regular friendly galas against other clubs and we have our own club galas to complete the programme. We are keen for our swimmers to grow in confidence, improve their personal best times and win a medal or 2! Page 6 of 11

7 Club Swim Shop The Club operates a swim shop for the benefit of its swimmers. The shop is run by Tracy REES who is able to provide most essential items of swim equipment i.e. GOGGLES, SWIM HATS & SWIMMING COSTUMES, T-BAG shirts, (pool top) T-SHIRTS, KIT BAGS & HODDIES etc These items are supplied in official Club colours with our logo, all at very reasonable prices. Kick boards, pull buoys, front snorkel, hand paddles, fins and mesh bags can be ordered through a number of commercial websites. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THE CLUB. The Committee. Come along to for a FREE trial! They re monthly, by appointment only, and held on a Friday night. Contact Page 7 of 11

8 Your first competition Competition days for novices If it s your first gala don t worry or panic, the coaches will be there to guide you through the day, help you all they can and remember the coaches have selected you to take part in specific races as they know your ability and that you can swim in those races. Any problems? Just ask. It is a good idea to have packed your bag the night before, with everything you might need, and here is a checklist of items that should be useful to you: Two swimming costumes (in case of emergencies) 2 pairs of goggles 2 towels (1 for on poolside and 1 for changing rooms) Pool side shoes (Some swimming pools require pool shoes to be worn between races) Clothes to keep you warm on poolside (spare T shirt, T-bag shirt, tracksuit, hat) Sufficient quantity of food to last the day Drink in a suitable container. (At least 2 litres for a whole day, water preferably, no glass bottles or other breakable items) Snack food. (Lots of carbohydrates and low in fat) Music, ipod, reading book or other pastime etc. (Games consoles with Bluetooth are not allowed on poolside) Your happy swimming face. Please ensure that your name is on all items Arrival at a swimming gala When you arrive at a swimming pool for a gala or open meet, make sure you do so in plenty of time. (At least 15 minutes before your warm-up time). Report to your swimming coach and inform them that you have arrived. It is important that your coach sees you before the time that you have been told to attend. Page 8 of 11

9 Check out the Complex Check out the pool complex layout and familiarise yourself with the important places you will need to go during the day e.g. the changing rooms, showers, toilets, reporting room, cafeteria, etc. Warm-up When you do warm-ups make sure you get the most out of them, they are essential to the swimmer s performance. They give the swimmers the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the diving blocks, depth and water temperature, positioning of the 5-metre flags and the feel for the end wall. These sessions are strictly organised as they are extremely busy, check out which warm-up is yours and be on time for it. Your coach will tell you what warm-up to do, you must keep going and warm up your muscles properly to avoid injury. Keep your muscles warm and mobile after warm-up with a T-bag shirt. Off to marshalling Swimmers will be told when they are required to go to marshalling. It is important that swimmers listen carefully to instructions from their coaches, this will help their performance in the race. Once in marshalling the swimmers will give their name to the marshall in charge and they will be directed to the relevant seat. Marshalls will organise the swimmers into the correct heats and lanes and tell you when to go to the officials on the relevant lane. This is a good time when space is available to do some stretches. It is important that all swimmers follow instructions or this may result in you missing your race. Report back to your coach After your race, report straight back to your coach, who will give you feedback on your race: your time (and split times), what went well and what to work on next time. Do not go to parents first. Cheering for others Do not expect others to cheer for you if you do not cheer for them, there is nothing better to improve you and your team s performance than seeing others doing well. Don t just sit down and play your games or listen to music get up and cheer your team mates and enjoy yourself. Page 9 of 11

10 Don t go outside When you are at a swimming gala or open meet with an appointed coach, they are responsible for you and you must not leave the building without permission. If your parents are there, please ask the coach for permission to leave the building with them. Once you have completed your races, it is a good idea to cheer and encourage your team mates who are swimming for your club. Good behaviour When you are representing Rhondda Swimming Club at galas or open meets, or training with the Club at your appointed session you are expected to behave properly. Swimmers are expected to sit with their team and NOT with parents in the spectator area. Parents are not allowed on poolside at ANY time during a competition or training session. Page 10 of 11

11 Ten Commandments for parents 1. Thou shall not impose thy ambitions on thy child. Swimming is your child s activity; they should strive to achieve their ambitions and dreams, not yours. 2. Thou shall be supportive no matter what. Every child needs to have fun and enjoy their activity. 3. Thou shall not coach thy child. Enjoy all the benefits our coaches can provide as you are paying for the lessons, they are trained to teach your child. 4. Thou shall only have positive things to say at a competition. At meets always cheer, applaud and praise your child s efforts, never criticise your child or coach. 5. Thou shall acknowledge thy child s fears. Competitions can be frightening especially when entered for the first time, be supportive and reassuring at all times. 6. Thou shall not criticise the officials. All of our officials are volunteers and have received intensive training to gain qualifications that they have achieved. 7. Thou shall respect thy child s coach. Do not criticise the coach in front of your child, if you have any concern you must arrange to speak to the coach privately or via a member of the committee. 8. Thou shall be loyal and supportive of thy team. Support your child, team and Club, the grass is not always greener on the other side. 9. Thy child shall have goals besides winning. It is not just about winning your child will have new experiences, make new friends and learn to be part of a team. 10. Thou shall not expect thy child to become an Olympian. It is important we understand that every child is a winner. As a club we strive to allow every child to reach their full potential. Page 11 of 11