The Players Sprint Triathlon

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1 The Players Sprint Triathlon hosted by Competitor Information Pack 2 nd October 2016 The Players Club, Codrington Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 6RZ Sprint distance 750m Lake Swim 25k Bike 5k Run

2 1. Race Day Location If you are travelling from North of The Players Club, it can be easily reached by taking the M4 towards London, exiting at Junction 18 and taking the A46 Stroud for 200 yards. Then turn left onto the B4465 sign-posted Codrington and the Players Golf Club is less than a mile on your right hand side. If you are travelling from South of the Players Club, leave the M4 at Junction 18 and follow the same directions as above. 2. Registration Registration will open at: 12.15pm At the registration desk give your name and you will be issued with two race numbers, two security bands (one for your wrist and one for your bike seat post), timing chip and velcro strap. Make sure you allow sufficient time to register, sort out your equipment in the transition area and attend the race briefing Please make a note of any medical conditions or allergies on the back of your race number All British Triathlon members must show a valid race licence at the registration

3 It is important that your chip is returned to the marshal at the finish line. If your chip is lost or not handed in at the end of the race you will be charged for a replacement. 3. Insurance and BTF Licence Your entry fee includes 3 rd Party Insurance cover provided by the British Triathlon Federation (BTF). If you re not a BTF member you will automatically qualify for a day license, which will prove your insurance cover. We do not allow anyone to race without insurance. We do not allow transfers of entry as this invalidates insurance. 4. Transition Area Transition will be open from 12:30pm on Race Day. Before entering the transition area please attach your security strap to your bike and wrist. Only entrants with a visible and corresponding Race Number on their bike will be allowed access to the transition area. Do not enter transition without permission form a Marshal and do not ride in transition. No family or friends will be allowed in transition. The use of mobile phones and MP3 players is NOT PERMITTED in the transition area. Your position in transition is identified by numbered stickers on the racking, which will match your Race Number. Make a note of your position in transition and also note the positions of the entrance and exit points. Rack your bike in your numbered event position using the handlebars or saddle to balance your bike. You may place items you need for transition alongside your bike, including race equipment and small towels. Please note, however, that large boxes and large bags are not permitted in transition on safety grounds and may be removed by marshals.

4 During the event you need to take care and pay attention in the transition area. Always keep a keen eye out for other competitors and if the weather is wet or inclement please take your time and slow down! You must put on and fasten your helmet before un-racking your bike you must not mount your bike until you have crossed the Bike Mount line. On re-entering transition you must dismount your bike before crossing the dismount line and must not unfasten your helmet until you have racked your bike. There must be no nudity in transition you must wear appropriate clothing so as to avoid a full change of clothes. These are British Triathlon rules and will be closely monitored in and around the Transition area by marshals and British Triathlon officials in attendance. 5. Race Briefing All entrants will be required to attend a Race Briefing prior to entering the water, this will be held in front of the Golf Shop by the swim start area at approximately 13:15. The briefing is mandatory, it will include important information from the race referee, any last minute changes and is to ensure your health and safety and that of the marshals, officials and spectators. 6. The Course 6.1 The Swim The start line for the race will be clearly marked with flags on the lakeside; competitors must position themselves between the flags and will be disqualified if they are seen to cross the line before the Siren sounds. You must attend the safety briefing alongside the transition area at 13:15. Competitors will be able to acclimatise in the water 5 minutes before the first wave start. No swim aids or flippers may be used. Wetsuits must be worn and goggles, nose clips are optional. Officials will do their best to clear the approach to and exit from the water however competitors should be careful and aware of stones and objects that could be in this area. All competitors will swim 750m; the route will be clearly marked with big orange or yellow buoys. Competitors must swim to the left of the buoys in a clockwise direction. This is a single wave race. If this is your first open water swim you re advised to stay at the back of the group at the start of your wave.

5 If you find yourself in difficulty or distress during the swim then roll onto your back and raise a single arm. A safety crew will attend to you and you will be removed from the water at the discretion of the safety crew. Any swimmer who swims in a dangerous manner or in a way that impedes another swimmer may be disqualified after one warning from the swim judges. On completing the swim section, competitors leave the water. Be aware of other competitors and be aware of potential hazards under the water on the exit route. Competitors are allowed to take off wetsuits at the swim exit however the athlete must carry the wetsuit to the Transition Area and leave it at their allocated place in transition. It must not be left at the Swim Exit as it will be classed as a hindrance to other athletes. The time will be taken at transition so the run to transition is included in your swim time. The swim will consist of 2 x 375m laps around the lake.

6 6.2 Transition 1 (Swim - Bike) After leaving the swim please take care on this section as the path will be wet from other competitors. (You may put shoes on if you wish when you exit the swim). Change into your cycle kit in the transition area, your helmet must be secured before removing your bike from the rack and your race number should be clearly visible on your back and securely pinned to your vest or race belt. Push your bike out of the transition area and then mount at the designated point. No assistance is permitted in the transition area. Please take note of the direction arrows in transition. 6.3 The Bike Competitors are entirely responsible for the road-worthiness of their bikes. The rules of the road must be obeyed as should any instruction given by the marshals. The organisers accept no responsibility for the conduct of competitors on the public highway. Helmets must be worn and properly fastened at all times when in contact with your bike. Take care at all times but especially at junctions and blind bends. Drafting is NOT allowed and any cyclist doing so will be warned then disqualified for further breaching of the rules. Anyone caught by a faster rider should drop back. Keep well to the left at all times. All turns will be marshalled and signposted. Marshals are not there to stop traffic please obey the normal rules of the road. At the end of the cycle section cyclists must dismount at the designated point and push their bike to their allocated place in the transition area. Helmets must only be removed once the bike has been racked. We have motorbike officials around the cycle route who will be looking for rule violations and inappropriate competitor conduct. These will be reported to the Race Referee who will take the appropriate action in accordance with British Triathlon rules and the event code of conduct. Please refer to route safety sheet at the back of this information booklet for specific safety instructions throughout the route. The route will be marked with large yellow signs with black arrows to assist you. However it is your responsibility to ensure you know the route as it possible for these signs to be removed or blown out of position without our knowledge.

7 The cycle will consist of 2 x 12.5km laps around the surrounding country lanes. 6.4 Transition 2 (Bike - Run) Rack your bike in the same place as you took it from (in your numbered slot). Leave your cycling gear by your bike. Change if necessary into running gear in the transition area. Race numbers must be clearly visible on your front and securely pinned to your vest or race belt. If wearing a race belt please remember to turn it around so the number is on the front before leaving transition. When you leave the transition area your run time begins the clock is continuous! The transition area is a one way system; please take note of the direction arrows. 6.5 The Run No assistance or pacing is allowed. Running vests/tops must be worn at all times. Marshals and signs will be placed at all turns. Competitors must obey the marshals at all times. Corners must not be cut, where cones or barrier tape exists, competitors must go around.

8 The route will be marked with yellow signs with black arrows to assist you. However it is your responsibility to ensure you know the route as it possible for these signs to be removed or blown out of position without our knowledge. The run will consist of 2 x 2.5km laps around the golf course

9 7. Medics & First Aid The British Red Cross First Aiders will be in attendance on race day. However, you should not take part in the event if you have been feeling unwell. If you feel unwell during the event it is important that you stop racing and inform an event official so that medical staff can attend. Do not ignore warning signs such as chest pains, dizziness, headaches, nausea, diarrhoea or other forms of distress. If you have an existing medical condition you should check with your doctor that you are able to take part. If you are able to enter, ensure that full details of your condition are written on the reverse of both of your event numbers in case of an emergency ensuring you include all information such as current medication. 8. General Information Hydration Fluids lost in sweat must be replaced. There is a drink station at the start of the run course. However, it is your responsibility to take on fluids as necessary. It is also not advisable to drink alcohol the night before alcohol can have a serious impact on hydration. Failure to finish If you withdraw from the event at any stage before the finish you must inform the officials at Registration or the Finish Area. This will allow us to account for all entrants. Nudity In accordance with British Triathlon rules nudity is not permitted at any point during the event. This includes changing at transition and being topless at any stage during the bike or run. BTF Race Rules The race will take place in accordance with the British Triathlon Federation Rules. These are available on: ons.pdf and must be abided by at all times. They are in place for the safety and enjoyment of all competitors, spectators, marshals and officials. Results, Winners and Prizes Results will be available real time on a large TV screen as the competitors finish and also via an individual printout for each competitor. Winners will be announced at the Prize Presentation after all competitors have finished the event.

10 A provisional listing of the full results will be posted on the Race Events website to which competitors will have 72 hours from the time of its posting to raise any queries. Spectators Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the event and support the entrants. But please be mindful of the competitors whilst racing and where necessary step out of the way of oncoming triathletes. Please don t be offended if asked to move and try to avoid congregating around the transition area. Lost Property The organiser cannot be held responsible for competitors property lost, stolen or damaged before, during or after this event. Volunteers It is not possible to have too many marshals so if you have family and friends that are available and willing, we are always happy for extra volunteers on the day to help the event run smoothly. If anybody interested please You do not require any previous experience or knowledge of triathlon to become an event marshal; any necessary briefing will be provided before the event via or verbally and/or on the day. Without volunteer marshals these events could not take place your enthusiasm, time and effort is greatly appreciated. Contact Details Doro Pasantes, Centre Manager T: E: W: