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1 May 20, 2018

2 WELCOME to the Upper Dublin MiniTri! We re thrilled to be partnering with the team at Upper Dublin Parks & Recreation to bring triathlon to younger kids and introduce them to the world of triathlon! We take pride in delivering a first class race experience and want your kidz to have lots of fun! The course is filled with Volunteers and our Race Crew, so please don t hesitate at any time to stop us, ask a question, or simply let us know how we re doing. PLEASE READ this with your kidz. We spend a lot of time creating it and there s valuable information you both need to know to ensure everyone has an awesome experience! Thank you for adding the Upper Dublin MiniTri to your kidz activity calendar and we look forward to seeing them on the race course! Kimberle Levin KidzTri3 Founder & CEO

3 Volunteers We LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS and our events would not be possible without them. Please have your kidz thank our fabulous volunteers who get up really early and give their time so your kids enjoy their race experience! Volunteers Needed!!! We can never have too many volunteers so if you friends and family would like to pitch in and volunteer, they can sign up HERE. We also know students always need volunteer hours and they are welcomed to come out race weekend to get those hours in!

4 FREE Transition Clinic for Racers Wednesday, May 16, :30pm Upper Dublin Municipal Building 801 Lock Alsh Avenue, Upper Dublin PA Are you new to triathlon? Do you know what your racer needs to have in order to participate? Do they know how to transition from swim to bike and bike to run? We have a FREE Transition Clinic for all Racers (and their parents), to learn how to get Race Ready! We ll cover EVERYTHING to ensure you and your racer have a fun time and an awesome memory! Bring your racer s bike/helmet, running shoes, small towel and a water bottle and we ll get them ready to race!

5 Race Weekend Schedule Friday May 18, pm 7pm Packet Pickup at Upper Dublin Township Building Saturday May 19, am 6pm Packet Pickup at Upper Dublin Township Building Sunday May 20, :30am 9am Packet Pickup & Registration in front of the Transition Area (KidzTri3 tent) 8:30am 9:30am 9:30am 9:35am 9:45am Transition Opens, Body Marking, Bike/Helmet Inspection (KidzTri3 tent) Transition Closes ALL Racer s must be setup and ready Athlete Meeting on Pool Deck Race Start Transition will open at approximately 10:45am for you to remove your racer s gear. This is an active race course and for the safety of all racers, NO ONE is permitted to remove ANYTHING from transition until our Crew gives the all clear. Your cooperation is appreciated!

6 Does Your Racer Want to Change Their Course Selection? NO PROBLEM! You can change the Course Selection of your racer up to and including, on race day. Be sure to notify race management during check-in and they will make the change. Your racer will be provided a new wristband color and you will then proceed to the specific colored area in transition to setup. BE SURE To review the new course with your racer. Our volunteers will help during the race, but it s always good to review ahead of time!

7 Race Morning Upper Dublin High School 800 Loch Alsh Avenue, Fort Washington, PA Transition Closes at 9:30am SHARP! Athletes must be at the race venue in time to have their Transition Area setup and ready to go when Transition closes. If your athlete s transition area is not setup by 9:30am, THEY WILL NOT RACE NO EXCEPTIONS!

8 Race Morning Instructions To enter Transition, your racer must: 1. Be wearing their athlete wristband 2. Be body marked 3. Have their race bib, bike, helmet and other personal gear they will race with. 4. Be ready to have lots of FUN!!!!! Body marking will take place race morning at the entrance to transition. An athlete s race number will be marked on each arm. Please do not apply sunscreen or lotion of any kind until after your athlete has been body marked. The marker ink will smear and believe us when we say your racer wants to show off their body marking when you take them for lunch after the race! Race Buddies (16 years or older) MUST accompany their athlete on the BLUE Course during the entire event. They will be permitted on the pool deck (or in the water) and will traverse the entire course together. KidzTri3 does not provide race buddies for MiniTri events. Buddies will receive a wristband during packet pickup identifying them as a buddy participant.

9 Race Morning Instructions Cont d. Parents will be permitted to help their athlete setup their transition area race morning, however, during the event all athletes will participate on their own, unless they are BLUE Course racers. We will have a CHALK BUCKET in transition so be sure to grab a piece of chalk when you arrive and write/draw your athlete s name, an encouraging note, etc., on the pavement in front of their transition area. Your kids will love it!!! Please do not bring chairs, buckets, crates, and other stuff that takes up room in Transition. It is not needed and we have the right to remove it.

10 Race Morning Parking If you are travelling to the race venue for this event only, please follow the parking map below. The Upper Dublin Sprint Triathlon will be active during your arrival and the best way to access the venue is by travelling on Susquehanna Road to Fort Washington Avenue and to Community Drive entering the High School Campus. Loch Alsh Avenue is closed to traffic during both events. Please plan ahead!

11 Race Day Checklist o o o o o o o o o o o o Towel (to put your stuff on for the race bike helmet, sneakers, etc.) Goggles (optional) Swim suit/jammers Race Bib Socks Bicycle Helmet Sneakers Water bottle Dry clothes for after the race Sunglasses (if you wear them) Sunscreen o Don t forget a Big Smile! Triathletes DO NOT CHANGE CLOTHES during the race; therefore, they need to come to the race site in their swim suit and be prepared to remain in their swim suit the entire race. Torsos MUST BE COVERED on all athletes during the bike and run portions of the event and across the finish line. It s an athlete s individual preference what clothing they race in but Remember TORSOS MUST BE COVERED once you leave transition and onto the bike/run courses! If your athlete has a zipped trisuit, it must be zipped!

12 Transition Area Setup Athletes should bring everything they will use to race, to the Transition Area on race morning. Parents will be permitted in transition to assist their athlete while transition is open, but will not be permitted to remain in transition after race start. ONLY BLUE COURSE WINGMEN will be permitted in transition to support their athletes during the race. Athletes should find their Transition Area Course Color and place their bike and race gear in that specific area. There are no bike racks at MiniTri events, so kickstands can be used, or bikes can be laid down on the ground (chain side to the sky). WE value green, environmentally friendly initiatives. There are no plastic bags, glass or trash permitted in the transition area. Balloons and other items that your athlete does not use to race with will not be permitted in the transition area. Our goal is to leave the natural environment beautiful for all to enjoy. Athletes are to walk/run their bikes in/out of the Transition Area. There is NO RIDING in the Transition Area. ~ ONLY ATHLETES & WINGMEN ARE PERMITTED IN TRANSITION DURING THE RACE ~

13 Transition Area


15 Race Start Racers will Start in this Order Course Swim Course Bike Course Run Course ORANGE Course 100 yards 1.14 miles.5 miles GREEN Course 50 yards.45 miles.25 miles BLUE Course 25 yards.22 miles.25 miles PURPLE Course 25 yards.08 miles.11 miles There will be a brief delay between starts. Please be patient as the safety of your racer is our first priority.

16 Swim Course In Triathlon, we serpentine swim. Athletes will jump (no diving) into the pool, swim to the other end of the pool, tap the end of the pool lane with their hand, go under the lane line, tap the end of the pool (in the new lane) with their hand, and continue down the next lane. They will continue this process until they have completed their required distance, exit the pool and walk quickly (on the pool deck) to the outside doors and then once they are outside, run/walk to their transition area. ORANGE Course athletes will complete 4 laps (100 yards) GREEN Course athletes will complete 2 laps (50 yards) BLUE Course & PURPLE Course athletes will complete 1 lap (25 yards) Blue Course Wingmen are permitted to enter the pool with their athlete, or they can walk along side the pool deck. Parents, Fans, Spectators are not permitted on the pool deck. Please proceed to the grandstands where you can watch your racer during the event. Please STAY OFF THE RACE COURSE during the event. This is for the safety of all athletes.

17 Swim Course

18 Bike ORANGE Course Athletes exit transition, turn right at the second exit of the parking lot, and turn left onto Loch Ash Road. Turn right onto Ft. Washington Avenue, turn right into Ft. Washington Elementary School, turn left to ride along the front of the School, then turn left back onto Ft. Washington Avenue. Turn left onto Loch Alsh Road, and right onto the road in the front of the High School and back to transition.

19 Bike GREEN Course

20 Bike BLUE Course

21 Bike PURPLE Course

22 Run Course ORANGE Course athletes will complete.5 mile GREEN Course athletes will complete.25 mile BLUE Course athletes will complete.25 mile PURPLE Course athletes will complete.11 mile Please STAY OFF THE RACE COURSE during the event. This is for the safety for all athletes.

23 Family, Fans & Friends Please be SUPPORTIVE of your racer and all the other racers too! For many of these kidz, this is the first time they have ever participated in an event like this. We re here to have fun and want your kidz to continue in the sport and stay active, so let s ensure we all provide them with a positive experience! Good sportsmanship is something we expect from our racers and their families, friends and fans. Here are some tips to enjoy watching the event Signs Make BIG signs for your racer and show them support! Noise Makers bring your cow bells and anything else that makes A LOT OF NOISE!! The kidz LOVE IT! Race Course We ask that you not follow your athlete on any part of the course. This is for the safety of all athletes. Finish Line A great way to support all the kidz participating on race day is to have your kidz, once they finish their race, hang around the finish line area and cheer on their fellow racers as they come across the finish line! Now that s sportsmanship!

24 >> BATHROOMS << We know it s VERY IMPORTANT to know where the bathrooms are on race morning and we ve got you covered! Bathrooms are inside the high school right past the doors to the pool grandstands. Signs will be posted, but if you re not able to find them, just ask and we ll help!

25 Inclement Weather Policy There is NO rain date. We race rain or shine! In the case of inclement weather, race management reserves the right to alter/modify the race/race course to address safety concerns. In the case of a Natural Disaster/Local Incident/Terrorist Act, there will be No Refunds of race entry fees. Each athlete must accept any such risk of their entry fee. Monies collected are used to develop and produce the event, including all race supplies, staffing and administration. We pledge to make every effort to produce a fair, safe and exciting event. Any decision made to go forth with the race is based on the overall event/race course safety, and is made in concert with local risk management, police, fire & rescue, and medical personnel.

26 Questions? We know many families are new to triathlon so if you have any questions, and yes we mean ANY questions, please send us an . We want you to be comfortable with everything in this Guide and if anything is unclear, just ask!

27 Keep Updated on All Race Weekend Info Here Thank You!