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1 `âäàçéåt{ V{tÇÇxÄ ltv{à VÄâu Dike Rd Scappoose, OR (503) September 2010 The Friendliest Club on The River Since 1961 September 2010 Since 1961 MCYC 2010 Commodore Well summer is now coming to a close with warm days and cool nights We still have plenty of great boating weather to take advantage of as September and October have some of the best days for boating with the docks empty Our club is hosting a boating safety class offered by the USCGA September 11, 2010 It is an all day class from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM The cost for the class will be $1500 and the cost for lunch will be $500 Please to register as the class is limited to 20 people This is a great way to get your boaters card that is required by the state Then on October 16, 2010 the club is hosting a GPS class for Mariners at the club offered by the USCGA This is also an all day class from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM The cost for this class is $2000 Please to register as the class is limited to 20 people On August 14, 2010 the First Lady and I went to the Astoria Regatta to support our daughter of Neptune We had a great time with the daughters of Neptune, chaperons and other CRYA Clubs The parade was great, the temperature was 20 degrees cooler than Portland What a treat to be in the sun and not burn, blue skies and a light cool ocean breeze to make a perfect day It s time to think about the next year s officers, board of directors and committee chairs By stepping up, your commitment insures the club s success If you do not know, the year 2012 is the clubs 50th anniversary year and we are the Host Club for CRYA That means that in 2011 we need to have the VP for CRYA, because the next year we will need to have all of the CRYA positions filled and we do the review boat A Note From The Editor You may notice some slight changes in this month s Chatter (Deborah uses Adobe and I use Serif; her s is a Mac, mine a PC) Deborah approached me and said the Greenwood s were going to take a couple of short vacations and then they would soon after be heading back to Arizona and she did not feel she was going to have the time to do justice to the Chatter She asked if I would be interested in taking it over and after some arm twisting I agreed I, like most all other members, feel she has done an outstanding job and I will devote myself to continue the quality that she has established There will be no change in how you notify me as I now have access to the gmail account and I will still need the input from committee heads and others Thank you in advance for your support box lunches for 2011 and the hors d eoeuvres for after the parade for 2012 while awaiting the results So we need to think about a committee for this Time is running out to pick a date for a fall or winter Friday night dinner or Saturday night dinner or even a fun party Please see Susan Jellum Closing day is coming Please remember to buy your raffle tickets as they support us Continued on page 2 - Commodore Deborah Westfall MCYC 2010 First Lady I hope that everyone has had a good summer and that everyone enjoyed the Gilbert River Cruise that was changed to Coon Island We went to Astoria to support the Daughters of Neptune and had a great time at the parade If you have not eaten at the Bowpicker they have the best fish and chips around, so if you go to Astoria and like fish and chips stop and try them They are up the street from the Maritime Museum on the south side (actually, a boat) You know that Opening day is required and that we are judged on the theme, seamanship, decoration, participation, and a number of other things Well, closing day is the same only it is on land and it is not a required participation All of us need to take part in the different events to help our club score points and win plaques for bragging rights and club pride With the two classes that the USCGA is going to teach at our club it is a chance for people that may want to join a club to see us, meet us and see that we are the friendliest club on the river We always need new members and this is a good way to put our best foot forward We have a great club house and docks so let s be the best we can be Continued on page 2 - First Lady Refreshments Board Meeting Mike White September General Meeting Lordos, Speight, Tabrum, Beeler

2 Commodore - continued through CRYA in partnership with the Marine Board, for docks and improvements on the water For Tickets see your commodore Please contact our Rear Commodore, John Jellum, for activities for closing day The list of events for closing day October 2, 2010 are as follows: Horseshoes Line Toss Cannon Firing Dinghy Competition Rose Spirit Line Toss Daughters of Neptune Hors d oeuvres Contest Drawings for CRYA Raffle Prizes Don t forget we need raffle gifts from our club for closing day Your Commodore Zodiac, hard bottom 40 hp Yamaha - very low hours (and very fast) Many extras - too numerous to list Give-away price - $4950 Call Bob at or Have you forgotten the User Name or password for our web site? Contact webmaster Brian for a reminder 2010 Officers & Board Commodore Vice Commodore Ron Houghtelling Rear Commodore John Jellum Treasurer Secretary Mike White Board Members Dennis Binkerd Donna Clark Larry Clark Brian Hale Teri White Charlie Jensen, IPC First Lady - continued I am looking for recipes from the members that they have used for cruises or parties or just shared on the dock You can them to me and if you have a story about the recipe please add it as I am working on a cookbook for the club I already have some recipes from some members and I would like to have this for our 50th year so the sooner the better to: Dear Past Commodores and First Ladies, The clubs 50th anniversary is coming up and I would like to have you put together the highlights of what went on in your year to put into a book like they did for the 40th year We would like to keep this history going with input from the commodores and first ladies Please, as soon as possible You can it to me at Have a great time boating Deborah Westfall, First Lady 2010 wwwmcyc1org Have you taken some great MCYC photos? Send them to our webmaster Brian and he will post them on the web site Remember all Event Fliers are posted on our web site wwwmcyc1org Birthdays Brian Hale1 Diane Hill1 John Waikart20 David Karpeles23 Bonnie Baldwin30 Janet Shelton30 TÇÇ äxüátü xá John & Karen Mardesich12 Ron & Chris Houghtelling22

3 River News By Doug Walker Last month wrote an excellent article on fueling safety This month I would like to expand on that with some thoughts about fueling safety for your boat Specifically, the idea is to put fuel into your boat that will run the engine and the generator without causing problems, headaches and possibly damage to your fuel system and power plant(s) Some years ago our elected officials (the ones who always have your best interests at heart) decided that they would mandate the use of an additive to automotive fuels called ETHANOL Basically, it is a solvent distilled from corn or other vegetable products This would supposedly reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce emissions from our engines As is often the case, their short-sighted idea failed to consider (or possibly ignored) the long-term consequences of their actions The solvent effects of ETHANOL will eat away and soften older rubber fuel hoses, loosen the buildup of varnishes inside the lines and the possibility of a fuel leak in your engine compartment could have a catastrophic consequence Another problem with ETHANOL in gasoline is that although it is thoroughly mixed before delivery, if it sits for a long time, like through the winter months you do not use your boat, it can phase separate from the gasoline, like oil and water If the straight ETHANOL enters your engine it can cause many dollars damage So, WHAT TO DO? First, our Oregon State Marine Board lobbied the state legislature to allow on-water fuel dealers to continue selling NON-ETHANOL fuel In our area this would be both Rocky Pointe Marina and St Helens Marina Second, there are additives that can mitigate the bad effects of ETHANOL and long term storage These would be products like Star Brite and StaBil Use of these fuel stabilizers are always a good idea in boats, no matter where you buy your fuel Third, you should always have a spare (or 2) fuel filter aboard You never know when a big gob of that loosened varnish is going to block a fuel line and kill your engine Be Safe On The Water Social Director By Susan Jellum Slip, slidin away slip, slidin awaaaay Paul Simon may not have had summer in mind when he sang that song, but the lyric certainly strikes a chord this time of year Maybe it was the incredibly wet June we swam through or the recent autumnal weather that made our summer seem shorter than ever Whatever, we had some terrific summer events and now it s time to put away the flip-flops Time instead to get that soup pot going, toss some biscuits into the oven, and see what kind of fun can be generated indoors If you haven t hosted an event yet this year, you may have run out of summer but not available party dates Perhaps you re still searching for that kernel of an idea to host a gathering Go ahead then, skim this list, team up with someone else and stake a claim on the calendar Have you ever thought about a game night I ve seen card games in the clubhouse while we waited around, and games circulating the dock during cruises pizza night Create your own and bake on demand or did you know they deliver? a potluck Doesn t get any easier than that, a meal or just appetizers movie night All you need to add is popcorn a wine tasting Make it educational or fun guess the Two Buck Chuck then just add cheese Wine not your thing? Then how about Oktoberfest Beer served in a piece of artwork, comfort food galore and an oompah band C mon, I don t even drink beer and that sounds fun Autumn Nothing says it quite like apples Some apple bobbing, cider drinking and doughnuts Yum all the holiday possibilities Halloween party, Feast of Thanksgiving, Christmas party The options are endless and are limited only by our imaginations See ya at the river, Susan MCYC Channel Chatter Editor Nautical Notes Know Your Boat By You are cruising along and you hear a Beep Beep Beep, do you know what it is and why it is beeping? Is there more than one problem that gives a similar or the same sound? Do you and your mate know where the switch is that shuts of all electric power in case of a short or fire? Is there a main cut off for propane? Is there a fuel cut-off switch? You should spend some time going over your manual or just going through your boat learning these things In an emergency you won t have time to find the manual and look it up This is why I suggest spending time to learn the systems, alarms, pump and seacock locations, switches, etc Buzzers, bells, beeps, you have to know what each one is for You should test these safety devices to know that they will operate if something happens Test your float switches to see that they actually turn on the bilge pump If you have a flybridge there may not be an indicator up there that shows what that alarm is about Some boats only have a warning indicator at the lower station It would behoove you to know if this is true in your boat and you might want to think about putting indicator lights on the flybridge By-Law changes to be voted on in October Article IV, Sec III now reads: Nominations from the floor may be made at the October and/or November General Membership meetings The proposed change will read: Nominations from the floor may be made at the October and/or November General Membership meetings except for Vice Commodore and Commodore Article VII, Sec III now reads: Party vouchers may be used for the cost of dinner and/or drinks at any MCYC planned party The proposed change will read: Party vouchers may be used for the cost of dinner and/or drinks at any MCYC planned party at the clubhouse

4 Daughter of Neptune Payton Westfall Well the month of August has been a good one The first of the events for the daughters was the parade in Gladstone, OR on the 7th of August and we had a great time at the parade with our life jackets You know that we are partnered with the Marine Board to each life jacket safety The second event this month was the Astoria Regatta We only had three daughters that went to Astoria for the regatta We took part in the parade, then we got to watch the fire works Two of the daughters spent the night in Astoria On Sunday morning we helped serve breakfast and take part in the ducky race Hope you have had a great summer so far Payton Westfall MCYC 2010 Daughter of Neptune Interesting - go to Google images - type in daughter of neptune and Payton's picture is the first you will see The Origination of the MCYC burgee documented by Trudy Carlson The club was formed in 1961 and members had voted on a name for our new club and had decided to call it the MULTHNOMAH CHANNEL YACHT CLUB; now we needed a burgee Commodore Marvin Bales asked that each member take part in making up a sample of a burgee and bring it to our next meeting Everyone brought his or her samples to the following meeting Several samples were tacked upon the door in Red Persingers' workshop unknown to each other as to who had designed them After much deliberation, MCYC members voted on their choice, which continues to be the MULT- NOMAH CHANNEL YACHT CLUB Burgee Hot New Members Dustin & Bridgette Schneider Dustin is in Safety Sales and Bridgette is a hair dresser Their boat is Reely Nauti, a 26 Four Winns and it is in slip M-04 No picture as yet Dennis Hanhi & Barbara Clauson Dennis is a retired professor and Barbara is a retired teacher They bought the Sea Dance, a 28 Bayliner and it is still in A-06 Tom & Jamie Cardova Tom is a w a r e h o u s e manager and Jamie is an educational assistant Their boat is One Night a 35 Chaparral At present in M-11 Other information, ie phone numbers, etc can be found in the members only section of the web site Be sure to introduce yourself to these great new members and make them welcome into our Club Food & Fun for Fifty Years A collection of recipes and anecdotes from Multnomah Channel Yacht Club To celebrate the 50th anniversary of our club we d like to gather recipes of all the good food we ve enjoyed, as well as the stories that are such an integral part of our memories at MCYC Do people look for a certain dish when they see you at a potluck? Is there a story that you ve told so many times you feel like a recording? Deborah Westfall will compile all the recipes and/or anecdotes and we ll all have a booklet sure to become a favorite cookbook and treasured memento of our 50 years together Included could be your recipe with a story or quick quote such as, "I prepared this fancy drink the day I fell off Donaldson s ladder and broke my leg" Or tell us what dish you created from food on board the day your boat hit the pylons and you were dead-in-the-water overnight Past commodores could pick a favorite story from their year in office and include a favorite recipe they used to entertain or just enjoyed eating Perhaps you are the member who can enlighten newer members of activities that went on before - Fishing Derbies? We are always ready to hear a good story again and again Good food and their recipes are always in demand If you have any suggestions, recommendations or recipes send them to or Trudy Carlson designed this burgee Duane says: Maybe this will help the members with the history for the 50th year - 4 -

5 Duff s Beach Front Party Pictures by Betty Gardner What a beautiful setting for a great day, super great foot and great camaraderie Jim and Mary provided oysters, barbequed ribs and roast And as usual, the members brought some outstanding dips, salads and hors d oeuvres Terry brought a superb fresh salmon dip but the stand-out item was the oysters, some fried and some baked on the BBQ, cooked by Duff s friend Mike He did the ribs, too H A T A E R G s a That w wwwmcyc1org -5-