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3 REVOLUTION3 WELCOMES YOU TO WILLIAMSBURG, VA! Welcome athletes, volunteers, spectators, family, and friends. We are excited to be in Williamsburg for the 6th annual triathlon event weekend. Thank you for joining us! We look forward to bringing you an unforgettable race and an exciting, fun-filled weekend. Our goal is to maximize the enjoyment for everyone at the race! So whether you are competing, volunteering, or spectating we intend for you to have a memorable experience - Rev3 style. If we can do anything to enhance your race weekend, please let any of our staff members know and we will do our best to help. There is a lot going on throughout the weekend filled with 2 days of racing including of our Sprint race and FREE Kids Duathlon. Be sure to read the enclosed Schedule of Events that includes swim practice times, course overviews, expo details, fun kids activities and ALL of the important race day information. On behalf of the Revolution3 team, enjoy our host community of Williamsburg and thanks, again for including Rev3 Williamsburg on your race calendar. See you at the finish line, Eric Opdyke Eric Opdyke Rev3 National Race Director PAGE 3

4 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS This race weekend schedule is subject to change. Please check for the most up-to-date schedule. THE ADDRESS FOR THE RACE EXPO AND FINISH LINE IS: Chickahominy Riverfront Park 1350 John Tyler Highway Williamsburg, VA FRIDAY JULY 6, 2018 Schedule Subject to Change EVENT LOCATION TIME All Race Distances Packet Pick Up 5:00pm - 7:00pm Rev3 Expo/ Chickahominy Park SATURDAY JULY 7, 2018 Schedule Subject to Change EVENT LOCATION TIME Packet Pick Up for Sprint Race Expo 5:00am-6:00am Transition Open for Sprint Race Chickahominy Park 5:00am - 6:15am Bike Mechanics Available for Sprint Chickahominy Park 5:00am - 6:15am Kids Packet Pick Up Open Expo 6:00am - 8:00am Sprint Athlete Meeting Swim Start at Fishing Pier 6:20am Sprint Race Start Chickahominy Park Fishing Pier 6:30am Transition Open for Kids Duathlon Chickahominy Park 8:00am - 8:50am Bike Mechanics Available for Kids Du Transition 8:00am - 8:50am Sprint Award Ceremony Stage in Expo 8:45am Kids Duathlon Mandatory Athlete Transition 8:55am Meeting Kids Duathlon Race Start Rev3 Transition 9:00am Race Expo Open Chickahominy Riverfront Park 10:00am - 5:00pm Packet Pick Up Oly & Half Expo 11:00am - 5:00pm PAGE 4

5 Practice Swim Swim Start- Fishing Pier 11:00am - 1:00pm Bike Mechanics Available Transition 11:30am - 5:00pm Transition Opens for Mandatory Bike Chickahominy Riverfront Park 11:30am - 5:15pm Check-In Bike Tune Ups Available ($30) Transition 11:30am - 5:00pm 1st Opportunity for Mandatory Athlete Stage in Expo 1:30pm Meeting Newbie Meeting Stage in Expo 3:00pm 2nd Opportunity for Mandatory Stage in Expo 4:00pm Athlete Meeting Transition Closes Chickahominy Riverfront Park 5:15pm SUNDAY JULY 8, 2018 Schedule Subject to Change EVENT LOCATION TIME *Pre-Approved Race Day PPU Registration Tent 5:00am - 6:00am Transition Opens Chickahominy Riverfront Park 5:00am Bike Mechanical Support Available Transition 5:00-6:30am Transition Closes for Half Athletes Chickahominy Riverfront Park 6:25am First Wave - Half Swim Start 6:45am Transition Closes for Olympic Athletes Chickahominy Riverfront Park 6:45am First Wave - Olympic Swim Start 7:20am Expo Opens Chickahominy Riverfront Park 9:00am - 3:00pm Olympic Award Ceremony Expo- Stage 11:30am Double Awards Ceremony Expo - Stage 11:45am Half Aquabike Award Ceremony Expo- Stage 12:00pm Half & Revolution Award Ceremony Expo - Stage 2:30pm All Bikes Must be out of Transition Transition 3:30pm PAGE 5

6 PARKING There is ample parking on-site at Chickahominy Riverfront Park. There will be one-lane of traffic entering and exiting the park during the Sprint, Kids, and all races on Sunday. Starting at 6:30am on Saturday and Sunday entering and exiting the park will take extra time, so please arrive early. We prefer to have as many spectators parked as early as possible to not congest the bike course. PAGE 6

7 ATHLETE CHECK-IN PACKET PICKUP Athlete check-in and packet pickup will be on: FRIDAY JULY 6, 2018 SATURDAY JULY 7, 2018 All races - 5:00pm-7:00pm Sprint 5:00am-6:00am Kids Duathlon - 6:00am-8:15am Olympic & Half 11:00am - 5:00pm **ABSOLUTELY NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION FOR ANY DISTANCE** Race day check-in or packet pickup for the Olympic & Half is available on a pre-approved basis for a $35 fee. Register here: OLYMPIC & HALF RACE DAY PACKET PICK UP IF YOU DO NOT CHECK-IN AND PICK UP YOUR PACKET DURING THE DESIGNATED HOURS YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RACE. STEP 1: GET YOUR BIB NUMBER Bib numbers will be online one week prior to the race. Volunteers will be placed outside the registration tent and before you are able to get your packet they will verify your bib number and USAT information. In order to obtain your bib number you will need to show Government issues photo ID. If you are a USAT member we recommend bringing your membership card as a backup, or if your USAT membership is expired you will be required to show an updated card or purchase a 1 day license. Once your USAT is verified you will be able to move inside the tent and get your race packet. STEP 2: PICK UP YOUR RACE PACKET All Relays MUST check in as a team. To ensure that all team members complete the appropriate waivers, partial or incomplete teams will not be permitted to check-in for absent members of the relay team. In the race packet, athletes will receive: Athlete Wristband Race Number Tattoos Race Number Stickers Race Number Bib Swim Cap PAGE 7

8 ATHLETE WRISTBAND Every Rev3 athlete will receive a numbered Rev3 wristband upon check-in. This band will identify you as an official participant and must be worn during race weekend. This wristband is required for medical identification purposes and allows you access to special events, transition, and post-race food and recovery area. Your wristband will have your bib number on it. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR WRISTBAND IN ORDER TO RETRIEVE YOUR BIKE OUT OF TRANSITION AFTER THE RACE. RACE NUMBER TATTOOS THERE WILL BE NO RACE TATTOOS FOR THE KIDS RACE, THOSE ATHLETES WILL NEED TO BE BODY MARKED IN TRANSITION ON RACE MORNING. Each athlete race packet will contain temporary tattoos for your race day body marking. The tattoos are numbered corresponding to the athlete race (bib) number. Please ensure the tattoos are applied prior to arriving at transition and prior to applying sunscreen. DO NOT RELY ON ON-SITE BODY MARKING. Each race packet should contain the following tattoos: Two long, bib-numbered, vertical (to be applied on each upper arm). One smaller, rectangular bib-numbered, horizontal (to be applied on the right hand). Two digits that make up your race age (to be applied on the right calf). TATTOO APPLICATION REMOVE THE THIN, CLEAR PLASTIC / CELLOPHANE SHEET FIRST. Lay and hold the tattoo on your skin and then hold a wet cloth on top of the tattoo to dampen the paper (hold for approximately 30 seconds). Once the tattoo paper is thoroughly saturated, remove the paper. Voila- body marked without having a stranger write on you before sunrise! Note: Please apply tattoos on race morning (not the night before) and before applying sunscreen. Tattoos do not adhere well to skin that has been prepped with sunscreen. TATTOO REMOVAL Apply a layer of tape (scotch, duct, packing) on the tattoo and peel. The tattoo should remove with one or two swipes. KIDS DUATHLON RACE MARKING There will be no tattoos for the Kids Race. All kids will receive a paper bib number to wear on the run and bike stickers for the bike portion of the event. All Kids athletes will need to be body marked in transition on race morning. PAGE 8

9 RACE NUMBER STICKERS Each race packet contains the following bike-marking, race-number stickers: One small sticker (to be applied to the front of the helmet) One larger sticker (to be applied on the bike with the number displayed on both sides of the bike). It usually is best to place this sticker on the seat stem, top tube or down tube. SWIM CAP All athletes will be issued a colored swim cap that corresponds to their race distance. The race-issued swim cap must be visible during the swim leg of the race. Any athlete who is uncomfortable with the swim for any reason may request a red swim cap. Red swim caps will notify the swim safety personnel to pay extra attention to those athletes. Please check that you have the correct colored swim cap prior to leaving the packet pick up area. BIB While you may wear your bib on the bike leg of the race, it isn t mandatory and athletes will not be penalized without a bib on the bike. The athlete bib must be worn and visible during the run leg of the race. STEP 3: PICK UP YOUR TIMING CHIP After obtaining the race packet from the registration tent, proceed to the Timing Station to pick up your timing chip and verify athlete information. You will not be permitted to race without a timing chip, so don t forget this step! Athletes registered as Athenas (Women 165 lbs+) or Clydesdales (Men 220 lbs+) must weigh-in at the Timing Station before receiving their timing chip. Athletes must wear the provided and assigned timing chip at all times while racing. The timing chip should be fastened to your left ankle with the velcro strap provided. Fasten the timing strap before the swim and leave it on until after your entire race is completed. The Revolution3 transition coordinator will have spare timing chips in case of emergency. Important note: Please make sure the timing chip is strapped on the ankle under the wetsuit. This will help ensure you don t lose the timing chip during the swim portion of the race. This will also help prevent losing the chip when removing your wetsuit in transition. Timing mats will scan and read the chip through a wetsuit. If you lose your timing chip while on the run course, please notify a timing official immediately after crossing the finish line. PAGE 9

10 Volunteers will be available to remove the timing chip at the finish line. In the event you do not start or do not complete the entire race, you must turn your timing chip in to a Rev3 Staff Member or Race Official - do NOT turn your chip into a volunteer. Failure to wear your timing chip during the race, return your chip after the event, or pay the replacement cost of your lost chip may disqualify you from future Revolution3 events. Lost timing chip replacement fee: $ LOST OR FOUND TIMING CHIPS MAY BE RETURNED TO: Rev3 Timing Department Central Park Dr Manassas, VA STEP 4: PICK UP YOUR RACE SHIRT & SWAG BAG: The last but certainly most important step in the packet pick up process is your SWAG bag. Once volunteers have verified that you have picked up your timing chip you will get your race shirt and SWAG bag. When registering you verified your t-shirt size, you will be given the shirt size you requested. If you would like a different shirt size you may stop by the retail tent after the race on Sunday to switch, we will not be switching shirts until after the race has started on Sunday. **NEW FOR 2018** all athletes will receive a red bracelet in their SWAG bag that says THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME. This bracelet is for you to wear on race weekend and at some point hand off to your favorite volunteer, friend, training buddy, or even Rev3 staff member. This is just a fun token of appreciation to extend to the people who make it possible for you to reach the finish line. THE REVOLUTION & DOUBLE ATHLETES You have taken on the challenge to race on both days! We admire you already! There are a couple of details you will need to know for race weekend that will be a little different from everyone else. You will only have to go through packet pickup once. Your bib / race number will remain the same on Saturday and Sunday. You will be given one timing chip to wear on both days. It is IMPORTANT that you do not hand in your chip after completing the Sprint on Saturday. You will be allowed to leave your bike in transition. It will stay in the same spot Saturday and Sunday. You will have two separate swim caps. Please make sure you have the correct color for each day. Best of luck! If you have any questions please PAGE 10

11 MANDATORY BIKE CHECK-IN SPRINT BIKE CHECK-IN KIDS DUATHLON BIKE CHECK-IN HALF & OLYMPIC MANDATORY BIKE CHECK-IN When: Saturday from 5:00am-6:15am Where: Chickahominy Riverfront Park: 1350 John Tyler Highway When: Saturday from 8:00am-8:50am Where: Chickahominy Riverfront When: Saturday from 11:30am - 5:15pm Where: Chickahominy Riverfront Williamsburg, Va Park: 1350 John Tyler Highway Park: 1350 John Tyler Highway Williamsburg, Va Williamsburg, Va ALL HALF & OLYMPIC BIKES MUST BE CHECKED IN ON SATURDAY, JULY 7, BETWEEN 11:30AM-5:15PM. Unless you have purchased Race Day Check In (in which case you will bring your bike on race day when you pick up your packet. For info and to register, see OLY & HALF RACE DAY PACKET PICK UP ($35) SPRINT, KIDS, HALF, & OLYMPIC BIKE CHECK-IN DETAILS: You MUST pick up your race packet (located in the Expo at Chickahominy Riverfront Park) BEFORE checking in your bike so you have your numbers and athlete wristband. Race Number Stickers must be affixed to your bike and helmet before entering transition. Athletes must wear the athlete wristband to enter the transition area. For security reasons, only registered athletes will be allowed into the transition area. HALF & OLYMPIC TRANSITION DETAILS: Athletes will have access to their bikes beginning at 5:00am on race morning. Athletes may not remove bikes from transition until the start of the bike portion of the race. All bikes must be removed from transition BEFORE 3:30pm on Sunday. If you have a question regarding this please us at MANDATORY ATHLETE BRIEFING SPRINT MANDATORY ATHLETE BRIEFING When: There will be an athlete meeting taking place at swim start at 6:20am for all Sprint athletes PAGE 11

12 KIDS DUATHLON ATHLETE BRIEFING When: There will be a mandatory athlete meeting taking place inside transition at 8:55am for all Duathlon athletes. OLYMPIC & HALF MANDATORY ATHLETE BRIEFING When: There will be three opportunities to attend the athlete briefing for the Half and Olympic: Saturday at 1:30pm Saturday at 3:00pm - Optional Newbie Meeting, this is NOT in place of the mandatory athlete breifing. Saturday at 4:00pm Where: Expo Area Main Stage Chickahominy Riverfront Park 1350 John Tyler Highway Williamsburg, Va DETAILS FOR ALL ATHLETE BRIEFINGS: The briefing will be led by our National Race Director and the Head USAT Official. The briefing will last no more than 30-minutes, but will cover important information, including specific course highlights, places of caution, last minute changes and/or other race updates. This is your chance to ask the Race Director ANY questions regarding race day, race morning procedures, or the course and to get any USAT Rules clarifications. If you cannot attend, please PRACTICE SWIM WHEN Saturday, July 7, 2018, from 11:00am-1:00pm WHERE Chickahominy Riverfront Park Fishing Pier Swim Entrance Dock WHAT Opportunity to preview the swim course and test the swimming conditions. Lifeguards and water safety support will be on hand. PAGE 12

13 MISCELLANEOUS PRE-RACE NEEDS BIKE SHIPPING/ASSEMBLY The Official Bike Mechanic of Rev3 Williamsburg is Fat Frogs and Peake Endurance. They are available to receive your bike and assemble it for you prior to the event. Please visit their website to arrange bike shipping. Bikes will be available for pickup in the expo. Peak Endurance will be in transition from 11:30am - 5:15am Saturday for bike tune ups. Tune ups will start at $30 and will be first come first serve. For bike shipping please visit the website here: VOLUNTEER Do you have family or friends who want to get in on the action? Volunteering is a great way to be involved. Volunteers receive a custom Rev3 t-shirt, a snack box full of goodies, a discount off a future Rev3 race and the great feeling that comes with giving back. There are many shifts and duties available. Sign up now! Click here for more information. PAGE 13

14 AID STATIONS SWIM AID STATIONS: There will be an aid station with Water and Gatorade at Swim Exit for the Olympic and Half Distance BIKE AID STATIONS: Kids Course - No aid stations. Sprint Course - No aid stations. Olympic Course No aid stations. Half three aid stations, at miles 15, 31, 46 WHAT WILL BE SERVED AT THE BIKE AID STATIONS? GU Gels (assorted flavors) Water (sport-top, plastic bottle) Gatorade Endurance (sport-top plastic bottle) RUN AID STATIONS: Kids Course - There will be an aid station outside of transition with water and Gatorade Endurance. Sprint Course - There will be one aid station at the 1.5 mile mark. Olympic and Half Rev - There will be an aid station approximately every mile. WHAT WILL BE SERVED AT THE RUN AID STATIONS? Water Gatorade Endurance (cups, lemon lime) GU Gels (assortment of flavors) Salt Tablets Bananas (at every other aid station) Cola PAGE 14

15 RACE INFORMATION CHECK LIST Please make sure you have the following: Athlete Wristband Athlete Tattoos 2 arm tattoos, 1 hand tattoo, age-number tattoos apply before sunscreen and before arriving on-site Stickers for your bike and helmet Race Number Bib Timing Chip attached to ankle strap Race-issued swim cap Goggles Wetsuit (if needed) Bike Approved Bike Helmet Tire Repair Kit Running Shoes Cycling Shoes Sunscreen Towel Socks Filled Bike Water Bottles Energy Bars and Energy Gels SPRINT TRANSITION DETAILS Transition opens at 5:00am on race morning. Bike technicians will be available in the transition area on race morning from 5:00am to 6:15am. Transition will close at 6:15am. If you are picking up your athlete packet on race morning be sure to give yourself enough time to pick up your packet, apply your tattoos, and label your bike before checking it into transition. KIDS DUATHLON DETAILS Transition will be open on race morning from 8:00am to 8:50am. Bike technicians will be available during this time. If you are picking up your athlete packet on race morning, be sure to give yourself enough time to pick up your packet, get body marked, and label your bike before checking it into transition. PAGE 15

16 HALF & OLYMPIC TRANSITION DETAILS Transition opens at 5:00am on race morning. Bike technicians will be available in the transition area on race morning from 5:00am to 6:30am. TRANSITION WILL CLOSE AT 6:25am for Half Rev athletes and at 6:45am for Olympic Rev athletes. You will not be permitted into the transition area on race day without your athlete wristband and timing chip. If you have misplaced any of these items please see the transition area director for a replacement. PAGE 16

17 SWIM COURSE SWIM START: Athletes will assemble at the fishing pier in Chickahominy Riverfront Park This will be a time trail start Athletes will enter the water in groups of 2 every 5 seconds by jumping off the pier There will be a brief warm-up period prior to the swim start. The warm up area is shallow and muddy, we advise you enter with caution. There will be a 0.25 mile run from swim exit to transition. You will have the option to drop shoes at swim exit, if you prefer. The road from swim exit to transition is paved. **RED CAPS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL SWIMMERS WHO FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE IN THE WATER. PLEASE ASK AT REGISTRATION TO BE PROVIDED WITH A RED CAP. BY WEARING A RED CAP, OUR LIFEGUARDS, KAYAKERS, AND RACE OFFICIALS WILL KNOW TO KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON YOU. ** SWIM COURSE MAPS Course maps will be available to view online, at the timing station, in the registration tent, and in the information booth. SPRINT (0.7 MILES) OLYMPIC (0.9 MILES) HALF (1.2 MILES) SWIM CUT-OFF TIMES Sprint Swim Cut-Off: 45 minutes from the start of your swim time. Olympic Swim Cut-Off: One hour (1:00) from the start of your swim time. Half Swim Cut-Off: One hour and ten minutes (1:10) from the start of your swim time. PAGE 17

18 SWIM COURSE RULES AND REGULATIONS Wearing swim goggles or a face mask is recommended, but optional. No fins, paddles, or flotation devices of any kind allowed. Timing chips must be secured on your left ankle. No individual paddlers or escorts allowed. The course will be adequately patrolled by surfboards, kayaks, and patrol boats. Time penalties may be imposed on an athlete not behind the official start line 5 minutes prior to the race start. Swimmers are required to stay on course, swim counter-clockwise, and keep turn buoys on their left shoulder. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Yellow sighting buoys may be kept on either side. If you require assistance in the swim, you are able to hold on to any kayak as long as you do not make any forward progression doing so. If you are unable to finish the swim, or need immediate assistance, please remove your swim cap and wave it in the air until a boat or lifeguard is by your side. Each swimmer must wear the colored swim cap provided by the Race Director, unless you have latex allergies, or you switch for a red swim cap. Additional swim rules may be viewed here: BIKE COURSE BIKE COURSE SUMMARY Athletes will leave Chickahominy Riverfront Park onto Rte 5 for approximately five miles before heading into the rolling hills of Williamsburg. The terrain is enough to give athletes time out of the saddle and to keep the ride interesting, but will not overly tax your legs for the run. BIKE COURSE MARKINGS: Half Rev will follow PINK arrows on the bike course. Olympic Rev will follow YELLOW arrows on the bike course. Sprint Rev will follow GREEN arrows on the bike course Kids Duathlon will follow ORANGE arrows on the bike course. Although the course is well marked, please remember it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know the course. We strongly suggest you ride or drive the bike course prior to race day. If you have any questions, please don t hesitate to us at PAGE 18

19 BIKE COURSE MAPS KIDS (2.6 MILES) SPRINT (13.1 MILES) OLYMPIC (27.2 MILES) HALF (55.6 MILES) BIKE CUT-OFF TIMES Kids Duathlon Bike Cut-Off: There is no bike cut off for the Kids Duathlon. Sprint Rev Bike Cut-Off: One hour and forty five minutes (1:45) from the start of your swim time. Olympic Rev Bike Cut-Off: Three hours (3:00) from the start of your swim time. Half Rev Bike Cut-Off: Five hours and thirty minutes (5:30) from the start of your swim time. BIKE COURSE RULES AND REGULATIONS All Rev3 events are sanctioned by USA Triathlon and athletes will race under the USAT Competitive Rules. USAT certified referees will be on course to ensure fairness in the competition. There will be NO WARNINGS issued if a foul is committed during competition. Triathlon is an individual sport and athletes must take personal responsibility to understand the rules and avoid penalties. All citations issued by the course marshals are reviewed by the Head Referee, who then decides if a penalty should be assessed. PAGE 19

20 In order to minimize misunderstandings on race day, please take the time to read the following summary of the Position Violations, also known as Drafting Rules. POSITION RULES SUMMARY: Ride on the right side of your lane. Keep three bike lengths between yourself and the cyclist in front of you. Pass on the left of the cyclist in front, never on the right. Complete your pass within 15 seconds. If passed, you must drop completely out of the zone, to the rear, before attempting to re-pass. ADDITIONAL BIKE RULES: Helmets must be CPSC approved models. All helmets legally sold in the US are CPSC approved. Helmets purchased in a different country might be illegal for use in USA Triathlon sanctioned events - check with the Head Referee at the Athlete Briefing. While on the bike, athletes must have the helmet chin strap securely fastened - before, during and after the race! The chin strap rule is easy to follow, so do not forget. An unfastened chin strap will result in a DQ! Wear your race numbers. Do not leave your trash on the course. Do not carry or use any portable audio devices. Remember to treat other athletes, volunteers, and officials with courtesy and consideration. Failure to do so is Unsportsmanlike Conduct and you will be disqualified. Complete USA Triathlon bike rules and regulations may be viewed here: rulebook.aspx RUN COURSE RUN COURSE SUMMARY: The entire run in on the newly completed Virginia Capital Trail, a 52-mile dedicated multi-use, paved trail connecting Richmond and Williamsburg along the historic and beautiful Rte 5 corridor. The bridge at the very beginning and end will provide a challenging start and finish to the run leg. After the first mile, the tall trees on either side of the trail provide ample shade for the flat run course. PAGE 20

21 RUN COURSE MARKINGS: Half Rev will follow PINK arrows on the bike course. Olympic Rev will follow YELLOW arrows on the bike course. Sprint Rev will follow GREEN arrows on the bike course Kids Duathlon will follow ORANGE arrows on the bike course. Although the course is well marked, please remember it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know the course. We strongly suggest you ride or drive the course prior to race day. If you have any questions, please don t hesitate to us at *PLEASE NOTE DIFFERENT COURSES FOLLOWING THE SAME ROUTE BUT HAVE DIFFERENT TURNAROUND POINTS. BE SURE TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR YOUR TURNAROUND POINT.* RUN COURSE MAPS KIDS RUN 1 (0.5 MILES) KIDS RUN 2 (0.5 MILES) SPRINT RUN (3.1 MILES) OLYMPIC HALF COURSE (HALF 2 LOOPS) PAGE 21

22 RUN CUT-OFF TIMES Sprint Rev Run Cut-Off: Two hours and thirty minutes (2:30) from the start of your swim. Olympic Run Cut-Off: Four hours and fifteen minutes (4:15) from the start of your Olympic Rev swim. Half Run Cut-Off: Eight hours and thirty minutes (8:30) from the start of your Half Rev swim. RUN COURSE RULES AND REGULATIONS A participant must run or walk the entire portion of the run course. Except for reasons of safety and when no advantage is gained, all runners shall follow and remain within the prescribed course. A participant who gains forward progress by crawling or other similar means, violates this Section and shall be disqualified. The responsibility of knowing and following the prescribed course rests with each participant. PERMITTED AND ILLEGAL EQUIPMENT Any participant who, at any time, wears or carries a headset, radio, headphones, personal audio device, or any other item prohibited by Section 3.4(i) of the USA Triathlon rules and regulations shall be subject to a time penalty. This includes relay runners! A participant may carry a water bottle on the run portion of the course, provided that such container is not made of glass. Glass containers are prohibited. Complete USA Triathlon run-rules may be viewed here: RUN AID STATIONS Kids Run Aid Station Locations: 1 aid station outside of Transition. Sprint Run Aid Station Locations: 1 run aid station at mile 1.5. Olympic Run Aid Station Locations: Aid stations will be located approximately every mile on the run course. Half Run Aid Station Locations: Aid Stations will be located approximately every mile on the run course. PAGE 22

23 WHAT WILL BE SERVED AT THE RUN AID STATIONS? At all of our run aid stations, we will have the following: Water Gatorade Endurance (cups, lemon lime) GU Gels (assortment of flavors) Salt Tablets Bananas (only at select aid stations) Cola WEATHER CONTINGENCY PLAN Our events take place rain or shine. If there happens to be lightning during the swim portion of the race, the swim start will be delayed until conditions are safe. If delays continue to build, the swim leg may be reduced or cancelled. In the event of a severe natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, etc.), Rev3 will be in regular communication with all registered athletes. No refunds will be offered for inclement weather. POST RACE INFORMATION AWARDS CEREMONY WHEN WHERE WHAT Sprint Award Ceremony: 8:45am All Award Ceremonies will take place Rev3 awards the following categories: Olympic Rev Award Ceremony: on the main stage in the Rev3 Expo. Top 3 Males and Females Overall 11:30am Top 3 Males and Females in each Top 3 Overall Males & Females 5-Yr age group: 19 and U, 20-24, in the DOUBLE Award Ceremony 11:45am 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44,. Half Aquabike Award Ceremony: Top 3 Aquabike (Males and 12:00pm Females Overall) Half Rev Award Ceremony: Top 3 Clydesdales & Athenas 2:30pm Top 3 Overall Males & Females Top 3 Military/First Responder in the REVOLUTION award (Male & Female Overall) ceremony 2:45pm Top 3 Relays Overall Please note: awards can not be distributed before the awards ceremony. Athletes who place in their age-group but cannot attend the award ceremony should please coordinate with a friend to pick up the award or com to have your award mailed to you for the cost of shipping. PAGE 23

24 GEAR COLLECTION All bikes and gear must be removed from transition no later than 9:30am on Saturday and 3:30pm on Sunday. Lost & Found is at the Information Booth inside the Expo. Athletes may also after an event to inquire into lost & found gear. KIDS & SPRINT POST-RACE MEAL WHEN After your race is over, from 8:00am-10:00am. WHERE Food Tent inside the Expo. WHAT Rev3 will provide light snacks and fresh fruit after the Kids and Sprint Race. HALF & OLYMPIC POST-RACE MEAL WHEN After your race is over. WHERE Food Tent inside the Expo. WHAT Rev3 will host a backyard cookout for the post-race meal. All athletes receive a post-race meal. Athlete must present his/ her athlete wristband. Vegetarian options will be available. upon request FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHAT S THE EXPECTED WATER TEMPERATURE? Historically, the race has been NOT wetsuit legal and water temperatures have been in the high 70s. If the race is not wetsuit legal, but the water temperature is below 83 degrees, we will have a wetsuit "wave" for those who choose to wear a wetsuit, but those doing so will not be eligible for awards. If the water tempature is 84 degrees or above no wetsuits will be allowed. The wetsuit "wave" will need to enter the water behind all other athletes in their race distance. WHAT TIME DO I NEED TO HAVE MY BIKE OUT OF TRANSITION ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY? Bikes must be removed from Transition no later than 9:30am on Saturday. Bikes must be removed from Transition no later than 3:30pm on Sunday. PAGE 24

25 WHAT TIME DOES THE RACE START? The first wave of Sprint Rev athletes will start at 6:30am. The Kids Duathlon athletes will start at 9:00am. The first wave of Half Rev athletes will start at 6:45am. The first wave of Olympic Rev athletes will start at 7:20am. WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO DROP ATHLETES OFF ON RACE MORNING? There is ample parking for athletes and spectators onsite at Chickahominy Riverfront Park. We advise all spectators to arrive before the start of the race on Saturday and Sunday (6:45am) to avoid congestion on the bike course. HOW CAN I TRACK MY ATHLETE? At any time on race day, spectators may stop by the Timing Station (located in the Expo) to view athletes split times for each leg of the event: swim, bike and run. HOW CAN I VIEW MY RESULTS? After the event results can be found at: 2018 RESULTS DO ATHLETES HAVE ACCESS TO ANY POST-RACE ACTIVITIES? The finish line will be THE place to be! We will have post-race food for athletes. WHERE WILL MEDICAL TENTS BE LOCATED? A medical tent will be located in the Expo, near the finish line. Please see any Revolution3 staff member or volunteer for more information and look for the red flag labeled Medical. CAN I RUN ACROSS THE FINISH LINE WITH MY ATHLETE? Yes! It s best to position yourself at the beginning of the finish line chute to run in with your athlete. Please be aware of other racers around you and SMILE! PAGE 25

26 WHAT IS THE BEST LOCATION TO VIEW ATHLETES? Rev3 Williamsburg is incredibly spectator friendly. The Dresser Memorial Bridge is a great place to watch the swim, hang signs and make lots of noise! There is a pool on-site that is free for those that camp out and available for a small fee to others. From the pool you can see the bike and run courses. The pool is open to the public for a $5 per day admission fee. Of course, the expo/finish line is always rocking. WHAT ROADS WILL BE CLOSED OR HAVE RESTRICTED LANES ON RACE DAY? The course is open to traffic; however, the entrance/exit to the park off of Rte 5 will have limited access during the event. DO YOU HAVE A LOST & FOUND LOCATION? Lost & Found items may be retrieved from the Info tent in the expo. CAN I CHANGE MY REGISTRATION FROM OLYMPIC TO HALF (OR HALF TO OLYMPIC, OR HALF TO FULL, ETC.)? You may change your race distance on-site in the Registration tent. Please ask to speak with the registration coordinator. Additional fees may be required. CAN MY PETS COME? Our venues have very graciously allowed pets on their sites in the past and we love pets so much that we bring them to work. Please, though, if you bring your pet, make sure he or she is on a leash, pack extra waste bags, and LOTS of water it will be hot. WHAT IF I FORGOT TO BRING EQUIPMENT, NUTRITION OR OTHER RACE NEEDS? Our on-site retail tent will have, while supplies last, goggles, inner tubes, CO2, water bottles, nutrition, sunscreen, tri kits, Tri Slide, sunglasses, and other last-minute race needs. HOW MANDATORY IS THE MANDATORY ATHLETE BRIEFING? The athlete briefing will go over important course details, places of caution, race rules, last-minute race changes, etc., and might be the only place some such last-minute information is publicized. If you have ANY questions regarding race day, race morning procedures, or the course, the athlete briefing is the perfect time to ask. We have an optional newbie meeting but please note this does not take the place of the mandatory athlete briefing. The newbie meeting will consist off an informal Q&A session on newbie topics. PAGE 26

27 WHERE CAN I GET COURSE MAPS ON SITE? Course maps may be viewed or obtained in the Info Tent on site. HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN MY AGE GROUP? You may inquire into your division specifics when you get your timing chip at the Timing Station. This will be the most up-to-date division information available. WHAT NUTRITION WILL BE ON COURSE? Bike aid stations: GU Gels (assorted flavors) Water (sport-top, plastic bottle) Gatorade Endurance (screw-off top plastic bottle) Run aid stations: Water Gatorade Endurance (cups, lemon lime) GU Gels (assorted flavors) Salt Tablets Bananas (at select aid stations) Cola WHAT IF I CAN T CHECK-IN FOR THE HALF OR OLYMPIC THE DAY BEFORE? You can register for Race Morning Packet Pick Up for $35- REGISTER HERE. PAGE 27