ISB / SAS SWIMVITATIONAL 2015 October & November 1

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1 ! ISB / SAS SWIMVITATIONAL 2015! October & November 1!

2 Meet Information Venue: Shanghai American School, Pudong (8-lane, 25m pool) Date: October & November 1 Shanghai American School, Pudong will host the annual, co-share swim meet with the International School of Beijing. The swim meet will be both competitive and fun with a chance for students to bond with swimmers from other schools. We look forward to seeing you at this action-packed weekend of swimming. Age of swimmer is on day of meet (Oct. 30th). All events (except relays) have qualifying times (see below). Please only enter swimmers in the events that they have successfully achieved the qualifying times. This year we have a slightly modified event schedule to start a little earlier on Friday, as well as add a few events. This will also allow us to end a little earlier on Sunday for those travelling back. We recommend that you plan your departure flight at 16:00 on Sunday from Pudong airport. Entry Fee: 70 RMB per swimmer entered to be paid on the Saturday of the meet. Entries due: Monday, October 19th, 2015, 15:00 China Local Time Entries to be sent via Team Manager to:

3 Meet Protocol 5 Age Groups (8&U, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15&O). Age of is on first day of meet (Oct. 30th) Any combined events are scored according to the age group & gender. Qualifying times apply to all individual events but not relays. Swimmers not meeting qualifying times will place but not score. Swimmers may enter a maximum of FOUR (4) individual events and TWO (2) relays. Smaller teams may request 3 relay swims per swimmer; smaller teams of 30 swimmers or less. Team entries per event are unlimited for individual events. Only THREE (3) teams can be included in each relay event. In relays only your fastest team scores. Additional swims are not allowed on the day of the meet. Scratches only! Scratches are to be done during warm up. Warm up lanes and times will be assigned once entries have been received (two or three days before start of meet). Scoring: Standard Meet Manager points scores from 1 st 8 th place for individual events and double the points for relays. Relay points will be awarded to team tallies but not to individual point tallies. You can age up swimmers for relays but no repeats. Mixed gender relay teams can swim but not score Top 3 swimmers per event (male & female) will receive medals. 4 th, 5 th, 6 th, 7 th & 8 th will receive ribbons. Heat winner ribbons will be presented at end of each race. Winners of each age group point s competition will be awarded trophies. Top combined boys team and girls team receive plaques. Top 3 overall teams receive Trophies. Top high-point-average team receives a Trophy. This is for teams of 10 to 30 swimmers only. All events are timed finals. FINA Rules apply. This includes only one start. Anyone who starts early will be disqualified. Shanghai American School reserves the right to restrict the number of entries received per team and event. Entries due: Monday, October 19 th, 2015, 15:00 China Local Time!3

4 Meet Events List and Tentative Scheduling Event Qualifying Event Name Event Qualifying Times Number Times Number (Boys) (Girls) (Girls) Session1 (Day 1 Evening Session) (Boys) Friday, Oct. 30th Warm-up: 3:15 4:00pm Coaches Meeting: 3:30pm Session Starts: 4:15pm Finish Time: Estimate TBA 1 11:30 Mixed 11 & Over 800m Freestyle 11:20 2 3:15.00 (11-12) 11 & Over 200m IM 3 3:15.00 (11-12) 3:00.00 (13&0) 3:00.00 (13&0) 4 3: & Over 200m Butterfly 5 3: : & Over 200m backstroke 7 3: : & Over 200m breaststroke 9 3:10.00 Session 2 (Day 2 Morning Session) Saturday, Oct. 31st Warm-up: 6:45 8:30am Scratches Only: 7:00 8:30am Coaches Meeting: 8:30am Session Starts: 9:00am Finish Time: Estimate TBA 10 7: & Over 400m IM 11 6: NA 8 & Under 100m Freestyle Relay 13 NA 14 NA m Freestyle Relay 15 NA 16 NA m Freestyle Relay 17 NA 18 NA 13 & Over 200m Freestyle Relay 19 NA & Under 25m butterfly !4

5 m butterfly m butterfly & Over 50m Butterfly :10.00 (8&U) 10 & Under 100m IM 29 2:00.00 (8&U) 1:50.00 (9-10) 1:45.00 (9-10) 30 1: & Over 100m Backstroke 31 1: & Under 25m Backstroke m Backstroke m Backstroke & Over 50m Backstroke :35.00 (11-12) 11 & Over 100m Butterfly 41 1:33.00 (11-12) 1:30.00 (13&0) Session 3 (Day 2 Afternoon Session) 1:25.00 (13&0) Saturday Oct. 18 th 42 3: & Over 200m freestyle 43 2: & Under 25m Breaststroke m Breaststroke m Breaststroke & Over 50m Breaststroke & Under 25m Freestyle : & Over 100m Breaststroke 55 1: :35.00 (10&U) 1:22.00 (11-12) 1:18.00 (13&0) OPEN 100m Freestyle 57 1:30.00 (10&U) 1:18.00 (11-12) 1:15.00 (13&0) Session 4 (Day 3 Morning Session) Sunday, Nov. 1st Warm-up: 6:45-8:30 am Session Starts: 8:45am Session Finishes: Estimate TBA Awards will begin approximately 30minutes after the final race. 58 6: & Over 400m Freestyle 59 5: NA 8 & Under 100m Medley Relay 61 NA!5

6 62 NA m Medley Relay 63 NA 64 NA m Medley Relay 65 NA 66 NA 13 & Over 200m Medley Relay 67 NA & Under 50m Freestyle m Freestyle m Freestyle & Over 50m Freestyle !6