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1 Table of Contents Notice for Return Information... 2 Championship Personnel... 3 Championship Officials... 4 Championship Schedule... 5 Shuttle Schedule... 5 Athlete Check in... 6 Awards... 6 Coaches Meeting... 6 Credentials... 7 Entrance to Facility... 7 Track & Competitive Area Information... 7 Entry and Declaration Procedures... 8 Games Committee... 9 Hospitality... 9 Locker Rooms... 9 Media / Interview Information Merchandise Parking Official Sport Rules Protest Procedure Results Ticket Information Warm-ups Weigh In Schedule of Events Official Travel Party Information Sheet Team Pass List True Freshman Declaration Form Big Ten Conference Awards Ballot Protest Form Maps Armory Layout University of Illinois Campus Map Champaign / Urbana City Map 1

2 NOTICE FOR RETURN INFORMATION Please complete and fax, (217) , the below information by NOTED due date. 1. Official Travel Party Information... DUE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16 TH 2. True Freshman Declaration Form... DUE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16 TH 3. Team Pass List (Institution will be billed)... DUE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23 RD 4. Big Ten Conference Awards Ballot... DUE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27 TH 2

3 Championship Personnel University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics 1700 South Fourth Street Champaign, IL Administration: Ron Guenther... (217) Director of Athletics Vince Ille... (217) Associate Athletic Director Chad Hawley... (847) ext.118 Big Ten Women s Track & Field Representative...(630) (Cell) James Morton... (217) Assistant Athletic Director Brian V. Walsh... (217) Event Coordinator Women s Track & Field Staff: Gary Winckler... (217) Head Women s Track & Field Coach Tonja Buford Bailey... (217) Assistant Women s Track & Field Coach Karen Harvey... (217) Assistant Women s Track & Field Coach Susan Campbell... (217) Track Secretary Athletic Media Relations: Anastasia Harold... (217) Women s Track Contact Marketing & Promotions: Ellie Zabielski... (217) Ticket Office Steve Landrus... (217) Athletic Medicine: Randy Ballard... (217) Track & Field Athletic Trainer Emergency Numbers & Information: Carle Hospital... (217) Covenant Hospital... (217) EMS, Police, Fire, Ambulance Campus Information... (217)

4 Championship Officials Meet Directors Brian V. Walsh James Morton Head Referee Gary Wieneke Multi-Events Referee Patrick Pretty Field Events Referee Patrick Pretty Starter Tom Hott Clerk of the Course Sherry Hott Head Inspector / Umpire Harold Martin Assistant Starter Connie Johnson Fully Automatic Timing Cleon Fowler, C.F.P.I Timing Head Finish Line Judge Mary Bartko Declaration Official Ben Paolillo Jury of Appeals Ben Paolillo Gary Garrison Gene Edmond Announcers Dike Stirrett (Loft) Gia Lewis (Field) 4

5 Championships Schedule Friday, February 23, 2007: Afternoon... Teams Arrive Noon 6pm...Practice at Armory 7pm... Coaches / Trainers Dinner at Bielfeldt Athletic Building 7:30pm... Coaches / Trainers Meeting at Bielfeldt Athletic Building Saturday, February 24, :00am...Armory available for athletes (southwest corner doors) 8:00am...Doors Open to Public 10:00am... Irwin Indoor Football Facility available for athletes 9:00am...Event Begins After last event... Coaches Armory Sunday, February 25, :00am...Armory available for athletes (southwest corner doors) 9:00am...Doors Open for Public 9:00am... Irwin Indoor Football Facility available for athletes 10:00am...Events Begin After last event... Presentation of Team Trophy Irwin Indoor Football Facility (Warm up Facility) Shuttle Schedule Shuttles will be located at both the Armory and Irwin facilities. They will cross paths every half hour* starting at 10am Saturday, February 24th and 9am on Sunday, February 25th. Pick-up & Drop-off location for the Armory is just outside of the athlete entrance in the southwest corner of the Armory. Pick-up & Drop off location for Irwin is just outside of the southwest corner doors to the facility. Shuttle Vans will have signs in their windows that say Big Ten Track Shuttle. *Shuttle service to Irwin Indoor will be need based. During the high demand periods within the middle part of the each day, the shuttles will run as frequently as necessary. 5

6 Participant Information Athlete Check-in Check-In Table and staging will be in the southwest corner of the track facility. This is located near the tunnel entrance to Huff Hall. Awards and Ceremony One team championship award. Individual medals for the first three finishers in each event, including all members of the first three-finishing relay teams. Athlete-of-the-Year, Freshman-of-the-Year, Coach-of-the-Year, and Athlete-of-the- Championships awards are not presented at the championship site and will be shipped by the Conference office the week after the championships. Individual Awards The top three finishers should proceed to the awards area setup under the record board along the west wall directly after their event. Athletes should plan to remain there until the entire group has been introduced. Athletes not in attendance at the awards area when the awards are ready to be handed out will be notified via the PA system. If you are competing in multiple events at one time, please make sure to notify the awards table of this fact so proper arrangements can be made to accommodate your competing schedule, along with the schedules of the other recipients and presenter. Championship Team Award The Team award ceremony will be presented Sunday afternoon immediately following the final results computation. Coaches Meeting Friday, February 24 th at 7:30pm: There will be mandatory coaches and trainers meetings at the Bielfeldt Athletic Administration Building, 1700 S Fourth on Friday night. Dinner will be served from 7 7:30pm in the Hall of Fame Room, on the 1 st floor. At 7:30pm the coaches and trainers will split. The coaches will attend their meeting in the 1 st floor media / conference room. The trainers will attend their meeting in the 2 nd floor executive conference room. Entrance to the building will be through the front doors on the west side. Parking will be available in the parking lot on the south side of the building (lot will accommodate buses). **Meet programs and team gifts will be handed out at this time. Saturday, February 25 th : Coaches meeting will be at the finish line following the competition. 6

7 Credentials Credentials will be issued for participants and coaches at the coaches meeting on Friday night. We will use the travel party information to fulfill your particular needs. Entrance to the Facility Friday, February 23 rd : Teams and event staff should enter the facility through the southwest corner facility doors. The southwest corner facility doors are found in the southwest corner of the Armory Building. This street corner is Fourth & Gregory. Please do not enter the building at the middle south doors. The 1 st floor hallway does not run the length of the 1 st floor on the south side of the building. Saturday & Sunday, 24 th & 25 th : Teams, staff and officials should enter the facility through the southwest corner facility doors using the proper credentials. Media and additional pass gate recipients should enter the facility at the pass gate located at the center north doors of the facility and building. Track and Competitive Area Information Length of (2) Long Jump / Triple Jump runways 143 Distance of Long Jump board from pit 7 4 Distance of Triple Jump board from pit 33 Length of Pole Vault runway 150 Shot / Weight Ring recessed cement Track surface 13mm 200m Beynon Encapsulated Polyurethane Spike usage ¼ or less for running and jumping events 7

8 Entry and Declaration Procedures Entry procedure will be done online through Direct Athletics, Section 9. Entry and Declaration Procedures (Revised 8/96, 10/5/98, 10/8/02, 5/03, 8/04; Effective 8/04) A. Institutions shall use the on-line entry procedure. B. Final entries shall be a maximum of four entrants per event per institution in all individual events and a limit of one relay team per institution in each relay race. C. Initial entries must be submitted to the designated on-line entry service by noon (local time of the host) on the Monday preceding the Championships. Each institution shall convert - if necessary - all times, distances, and heights for seeding purposes. a. NCAA conversions for banked or oversized tracks shall be used regardless of the type of track being used to host the Championships. (Example: times recorded on a 200m flat track will be converted to the equivalent of those times on a banked track even if the host institution has a 200m flat track). b. The 600m conversion factor shall be halfway between the 400m conversion factor and the 800m conversion factor. (Example: if the conversion factor for 400m is.4 and the conversion factor for 800m is.6, then the conversion factor for the 600m would be.5). c. NCAA adjustments for altitude shall be used when applicable. d. All field event performances should be listed in metric distances and heights. D. All times, distances and heights shall be submitted. The site and date of the performance should also be included. E. Performances submitted by coaches must have been made in the current indoor season and must include the student-athlete s best performance of the year. No outdoor marks or relay performances are acceptable. F. Final entries must be submitted to the designated on-line entry service by 4:00 p.m. (local time of the host) on the Thursday preceding the championships. All entries are final at this point. Final entries will be drawn by computer with like performances randomly drawn by the computer. G. Heating and flighting shall be accomplished in accordance with the guidelines established in this Manual, Section 13 and drawn by computer. H. On two occasions, the on-line entry service will make available a complete list of all entries (listed in descending order) for each event. The first occasion will be on Monday afternoon, immediately following the noon deadline for initial entries; the second occasion will be on Thursday afternoon, immediately following the 4:00 p.m. deadline for final declarations. On both occasions, coaches will receive notification via , and the lists will either be contained in the , available online, or both. *Above information is copied from Big Ten Championships Manual. 8

9 Games Committee Section 12. Games Committee A. The Games Committee shall consist of the 10 (respective men's or women's) Conference head track and field coaches and the Conference office representative. B. All members of the Games Committee must be present to convene the Committee. A majority vote (6) is required for actions or recommendations by the Committee. C. The Conference Commissioner or his or her designated representative shall not vote unless there is a tie vote among the ten voting members of the Games Committee. D. The primary function of the Games Committee is to give specialized assistance and guidance to the championship manager when questions and problems arise during the conduct of the championship where authority for resolution of such problems is not covered by this manual, the NCAA track rules or the rules, regulations and agreements of the Conference. *Above information is copied from Big Ten Championship Manual. Hospitality There will be a coaches / officials hospitality room, 144, located in the North hallway next to the concession stand. You can expect breakfast snacks and coffee on both mornings. Saturday, lunch sandwiches, snacks, water and soda will be provided. For the afternoon session on Sunday, snacks, water and soda will be provided. All teams can expect a basket of supplies on Saturday at their assigned seating area. This basket WILL NOT be replenished on Sunday. Locker Rooms A locker room will be available on Saturday & Sunday in the basement of Huff Hall located south of the Armory. Tunnel access is located at the southwest corner of the Armory. The locker room will be staffed with door attendants. However, it is not recommended that you leave your belonging unattended for a long period of time. Towels will be provided. 9

10 Media / Interviews All Visiting Team SID s shall contact Anastasia Harold, (217) , for any media needs. Official Results will be available to all media and coaches as soon as possible via electronic sources, & and also paper copies. All members of the media interested in covering the 2007 Big Ten Women s Indoor Track and Field Championships should contact Anastasia Harold (217) or via FAX at Media check-in will be located at the main ticket entrance at the north center doors of the facility and building. All student athlete interviews will need to, first, be coordinated with the respective school SID or Head Coach. Requests to interview student-athletes need to be made one-half hour prior to the athlete s designated race. Quotes will be available from each event champion, but student athletes will not be available for interviews unless requested. The media work area will a reserved room in the east hallway (182) of the Armory building to conduct interviews and complete necessary work. Please see enclosed facility map. Power, wireless access, and phone lines will be available. There will not be a reserved area track side to accommodate such activity. Television cameras and properly credentialed still photographers can cover the championship from the northwest & southeast corners of the Armory. Flagging will mark these designated areas. Merchandise Event Merchandise will be sold at the public entrance at the center doors on the north side of the facility and building. Within this team packet is a flyer for individuals wanting to pre-order t-shirts in order to have them ready on meet day. If teams or individuals are interested, please return the flyer per the instructions on the flyer. Parking (See enclosed map) Friday, February 23 rd : Team buses must drop athletes off for practice on the south side of the Armory Building. School will be in session, so parking will be limited until after 4pm when the reserved lots become available. Bus parking on Friday will be available at the bagged meters along Gregory Street. Team Van parking will be available at the bagged meters on the North side of Huff Hall. Saturday, February 24 th : All the parking lots and meters on the south side of the Armory Building will be open for free parking. There is a large parking lot directly south of the Armory Building and East of Huff Hall (E12) that can accommodate bus parking. Buses that do park in E12 are asked to park in the back of the lot to accommodate spectator parking up front. Sunday, February 25 th : The same parking restrictions as Saturday. 10

11 Official Sport Rules Section 21. Rules A. All rules and procedures not covered by this administrative manual and the Conference Handbook shall fall under the rules and procedures of the NCAA Track and Field Rule Book. B. There shall be no change in the rules of conduct of the championships at the championship site. *Above information is copied from Big Ten Championship Manual Protest Section 18. Protests A. Protests relating to matters which develop during the conduct of the championships should be made at once and not later than 30 minutes after the result has been officially posted. This must be in writing. If no protests were filed after the aforementioned 30-minute period, the results are declared as final and no changes to them may be made. (Revised 8/96) B. On any disqualification, the referee shall inform the coach involved before the official results are announced. C. Any such protest must be made in writing by one of the coaches, and submitted to the referee, who will render a decision. (See attached sample form) D. The announcer will record the time of results and announce the results. E. A second protest (appeal) may be made to the referee. Upon receiving this (second) protest, the referee is required to turn the protests over to the jury of appeals who will make the final decision. The referee must leave the jury and not be involved in their deliberation. This decision is final and without appeal. F. Decisions of game officials are final. Protests arising from the decisions of the officials or any inadvertent misinterpretation of the rules will not be considered by the Conference. G. Video evidence may be used to support a protest or appeal. *Above information is copied from Big Ten Championship Manual Protest form is provided on page 18 of this packet. 11

12 Results Coaches: Results will be available shortly after each event. Electronically, you will be able to find them within the Big Ten Women s Indoor Track & Field Championships home pages at, or Paper copies will also be available in your team envelope that can be found on the results board in the southwest corner of the facility. Media: Results will be posted at & Spectators: Results will be posted outside the main ticket entrance at the center north doors. Ticket Information 2 Day General Admission: Adults = $10 *Student / Youth = $5 1 Day General Admission: Adult = $6 *Student / Youth = $3 *Students are defined as Kindergarten College Age For additional ticket information and to purchase tickets in advance please click on the Big Ten Women s Indoor Track & Field Championship logo at Warm-up Areas Saturday & Sunday, 24 th & 25 th : Irwin Indoor Football Facility will be accessible both days by shuttle. Shuttles will be located at both the Armory and Irwin facilities. They will cross paths every 30 minutes. The Irwin facility is turf and will accommodate both hurdles and block starts. There will be a staff person on hand to relay clerking announcements. Weigh in for Shot Put & Weight Throw Weigh-in will be held in the storage garage in the northeast corner of the track facility. All implements will be impounded upon weigh in. The weigh-in schedule will be: Heptathlon: Shot Put: Weight Throw: 8 9am on Saturday, February 24 th 12 1pm on Saturday, February 24 th 8 9am on Sunday, February 25 th 12

13 Big Ten Women s Indoor Schedule of Events Saturday, February 24 th Sunday, February 25 th 9:00 a.m. Pentathlon 60 meter hurdles 10:00 a.m. Weight Throw (trials & finals) 9:45 a.m. Pentathlon high jump 12:45 p.m. Triple Jump (trials & finals) 11:30 a.m. Pentathlon shot put 1:00 p.m. High Jump (trials & finals) 12:30 p.m. Pentathlon long jump 1:00 p.m meters unseeded section (final) 1:30 p.m meters unseeded section (final) 1:50 p.m. One Mile (final) 2:00 p.m. Pentathlon 800 meters 2:00 p.m. 400 meters (final) 2:00 p.m. Pole Vault (trials & finals) 2:10 p.m. 60 meters (final) 2:30 p.m. Shot Put (trials & finals) 2:25 p.m. 800 meters (final) 2:50 p.m. One Mile (trial) 2:30 p.m. 60 meter Hurdles (final) 3:15 p.m. 400 meters (trial) 2:40 p.m. 600 meters (final) 3:15 p.m. Long Jump (trials & finals) 2:50 p.m. 200 meters (final) 3:35 p.m. 60 meters (trial) 3:00 p.m meters seeded section (final) 3:45 p.m. 800 meters (trial) 3:30 p.m. 4x400 meter relay (final) 4:10 p.m. 60 meter Hurdles (trial) 3:50 p.m. Team Awards Presentation 4:20 p.m. 600 meters (trial) 4:35 p.m. 200 meters (trial) 5:00 p.m meters seeded section (final) 5:20 p.m. Distance Medley relay (final) *Awards presentations will be held after the completion of each final event. 13

14 Official Travel Party Information Sheet *Complete and return to Championship Director, Brian V. Walsh, by February 16 th. Fax # (217) School: Head Coach: Head Coach Cell Phone: Hotel in Champaign: Traveling Party: # of Athletes: # of Coaches: # of Trainers: # of Massage Therapists: # of Sports Info: # of Administrators: Others: Total = Mode of Transportation: # of Vans: # of Buses: Name of Airline: Arrival time of Flight: Location of Airport: 14

15 Team Pass List Please complete the Team Pass List and return to the Championship Director, Brian V. Walsh, by Friday, February 23 by fax: , or at the Coaches meeting. Your institution will be billed for all tickets that are claimed. Institution: Participant Name Guest Name Signature 15

16 True Freshman Declaration Form Please list all members of your team that fit the description of FRESHMAN (For the purpose of Big Ten Freshman of the Year ) School: *Please return this information with your Official Travel Party Information. An Alpha list is going to be created to assist coaches with determining who the true freshmen are. 16

17 Big Ten Conference Awards Ballot Please vote for your top 3 candidates for each award. Only complete ballots will be counted. First place votes are worth 10 points, second place votes are worth 7 points, third place votes are worth 5 points. Both true and red shirt freshman are eligible for Freshman of the Year. All ballots must be signed. Ballots are due by fax or to the Big Ten office by noon, central time, Tuesday following the Big Ten Championships. The fax number is (847) *Please provide the candidates full name and university. Athlete of the Year Coach of the Year 1 st 1 st 2 nd 2 nd 3 rd 3 rd Freshman of the Year Athlete of the Championships 1 st 1 st 2 nd 2 nd 3 rd 3 rd Sportsmanship Winner (from your team) Coaches Signature Institution 17

18 Protest Form To file a Protest, complete this form and submit it to the Referee, who will make a determination. If you are not satisfied with the Referee s decision, you may file an Appeal to the Jury by completing a second form. Please specifically state why you disagree with the referee s decision, and submit it to the Referee, who will then submit both the Protest and Appeal to the Jury for a final decision. Date: Site: Protest (to the referee) Appeal (to the Jury) Describe the nature of your protest and your rationale, citing specific rule(s) from the current NCAA Track & Field / Cross Country rule book or the current Big Ten Championship Manual to support your protest (use the back of this form if necessary): Event: Heat / Flight: Athlete Name/ Competitor Number: Protest: NCAA rule # and page # or Big Ten Manual citation: Name of Coach / University: Coaches signature: Time: Referee / Jury Chair signature: Time: 18