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1 BOD MEETING #: 5 MEETING DAY: Tuesday MEETING DATE: 11/14/2017 MEETING TIME: 7:00 PM-9:30 PM MEETING LOCATION: Wynn School Library FISCAL YEAR FACILITATOR -President TYSL BOD Voting Members: President PRESENT Secretary Mo Melanson PRESENT Treasurer: Ryan Rosa PRESENT Registrar Laura Catanzano PRESENT Travel 1 Mike Paige PRESENT Travel 2 Jay Cohen PRESENT U4/U5 Shelley Wrobel ABSENT U6 Jeff Ruscio PRESENT U8 Christine Paquette PRESENT Purchasing Beth Cunningham PRESENT Facilities Brian Kennedy PRESENT Concessions 1 Carolyn Gaglione PRESENT Referee Director Arnie Eskenas PRESENT Player Development Krissy Naughton PRESENT Fundraiser Kristen Anderson PRESENT Page 1 of 7

2 BOD NonVoting Members Goalkeeping Director PRESENT Webmaster Kristen Anderson PRESENT TOPIC PRESENTER 1 Welcome/Call to Order Motion to start the meeting at 7:06pm by Kristen, second by Jay. All in favor. 2 PLAYER/MEMBER HEALTH AND SAFETY A) Fields are Closed: Use caution if you need to access fields or Snack Shack. Items are stacked, packed and stored for the season. As stated 3 PROCEDURAL Ratification of Prior Meeting Minutes*: TYSL BOD shall make a motion and vote to ratify the Meeting Minutes of the 2017 October BOD Meeting.. *Minutes distributed for review, comment and correction prior to BOD Meeting 4 PROCEDURAL Nominate and Elect TYSL Open BOD Positions: TYSL BOD shall make a motion to nominate from the list of candidates expressing interest in the positions and shall subsequently vote to elect/confirm the nominees. The TYSL Secretary shall read aloud the candidates for nomination for each position. Nomination and Vote shall follow. Motion to accept October minutes by Mike, second by Brian. All in favor. Minutes pass. No candidates Mo Melanson Mo Melanson Page 2 of 7

3 Open Positions: Tournament Director-Open Concessions 2-Open Webmaster 2-Open 5 OLD BUSINESS Action Log Review: 1. Personal Conduct Policy: While TYSL has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY that addresses on-field behavior it does not have a comprehensive policy governing personal conduct outside the match environment. Recommendation is to convene a sub-committee to author a personal Conduct Policy and submit to the BOD for review, deliberation and vote. ACTION: Mo and Shelley agreed to create a draft personal conduct policy. Recently sent for BOD review/comment. Jay to join the team. STILL OPEN. Tabled with hopes of a draft #2 for December 6 ADMINISTRATIVE A. Financial (OpEx) 1. Monthly Budget Summary Review B. Financial (CapEx) Updates x6 soccer goals (6): Approved, Purchased and Installed Regulation Soccer Goals (2): Approved, Purchased and Installed Flat Training Goals (7): Pending further study Nothing outstanding. Association fees were light this month. All budgets on track. Motion to accept the budgetary statement for october by Mike, second by Beth. All in favor. Page 3 of 7

4 Popcorn Machine: Approved, Purchased and Installed BOARD OF DIRECTORS 8 ADMINISTRATIVE A. Trivia Night Review/Outcome 1. $3,400 total proceeds (14 tables) 2. Booked again for next year gift baskets Trivia night was a success. 14 tables. Total proceeds $2,945. Good feedback. Locked in for Oct 25th next year. Questions on the screen was huge. One question on a question. A thought for next year is to have the winning table get 50% of the pot and the organization get 50% of the pot. Maybe a paper to jot notes down on. The free kicks were a great idea as well. Kristen Anderson 8 OPERATIONAL Facilities A. Fields closed for season B. Aeration/over-seeding work completed in November C. Perimeter Fencing D. Asset tags and condition reports for all goals Player/Coach Development A. Coaching sessions with MYSA B. MYSA Scheduling for Spring C. Winter Player Academy Registration now open! Goalkeeping Development A. Dates: 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13 a. 1 date lost due to rainout b. 8 players enrolled c. Completed B. Coaching The Goalkeeper to be scheduled during the winter. Facilities: fields are closed. Picnic tables are in the snack shack. We aerated and overseeded the fields (well overdue). The town started ripping the fencing down and will start putting it up on Thursday. Maybe by the end of next week, we will have some fending. The town grass mowers have been hitting the goals. We have lost three sandbags, electrical on the snack shack, a net, and one of the U12 goals. The U12 goal is compromised. We need to asset tag all of the goals and sandbags to possibly seek compensation if it continues. Player/Coach Development: Attended the coaching seminar and have come to the conclusions that it would not help our newer coaches. It was conceptual. Winter registration is open. Mo is running the session 12-3 at the Dewing, 4-6 at the Wynn. Starts second week in January for 8 weeks. MYSA schedule is set for Spring. Goalkeeping. Fall session had 4 dates with 8 players (10s/12s) involved. Will try and schedule in the winter. Also visited 14-1 for direct instruction. Travel - Rosters due Jan 7th U10 boys: 44 currently U10-4 teams U12-3 teams U14-40 players - 3 teams U16 - held 2 tryouts with 24 boys. They will have to cut 6 kids. All Directors Page 4 of 7

5 C. Visited BU14-1 for some directed instruction at team training Travel Program In-Town Program 4U/5U (Tiny Tykes) 6U 8U ADMINISTRATIVE UNIFORM KIT OPTIONS REVIEW AND SELECTION All uniform information, pricing sheets and images have been provided separately. U19 has 4 registered. Doesn t look like there will be a team. GU10-50 girls - 5 teams U12-4 teams U14-3 teams U16-20 girls registered (one asked to move to U18). Middlesex meeting last week. April 7th start date. Will have to have Memorial Day games. Commissioners June 17/18 probably MTOC June 24/25th probably Season will probably end on the 10th Placement meetings Feb 6th for U10-14 In town U4/U5 gave Challenger some constructive feedback for tiny tykes. Trying to move up the tiny tykes to earlier in the day as well as keeping coaches consistent. U6 - successful season. Good dialog with the coaches and parents. Similar format for spring. Will be sending out an now and after the holidays for registration and coaches. U8 Some coaches/parents really stepped up and helped. U8 teams showed up and donated baskets for Trivia night. No feedback yet for spring from coaches. Reminding the parents of the registration deadline. May want to consider sending an to coaches about the winter program. Hummell was ruled out because we were limited on selection because of their trademark "chevron" which included quite of bit of black on the uniform. With only one remaining style to choose from, it lacked the styling that we wanted in a TYSL travel uniform. Nike had a surprisingly limited amount of styles to choose from and the product cycle longevity in some styles ran out of production in between our uniform style cycle. Any style that we did like was expensive and took us well out of our current uniform kit pricing. Under Armour is actually back in the mix. We had a discussion with our rep and he met with Under Armour dealer and he was reassured that UA is not going anywhere in the team product world. They had a huge change in their Beth Cunningham Page 5 of 7

6 system that led to their inventory problems and additionally the firing of a top executive which led to the rumors that they were leaving teamwear. Based on our past six years of prior experience with UA, we have selected their new Threadborne US ($62.10) uniform which is the replacement for our current uniform style as a potential new uniform option. See pictures attached. Adidas gave us the most options to choose from with several styles that aligned either inside or slightly outside of our current price point. Based on the criteria of price, product cycle longevity, color and style, we selected three different Adidas uniform styles for potential new uniform options. 1) The Regista 18 Jersey and shorts ($62.10) ; 2 ) the Tabela 18 Jersey with the Parma 16 shorts ($49.50) and 3) Entrada Jersey and Parma 16 shorts ($45 with not logo on shorts). The Adidas Copa socks would be part of any uniform kit chosen. See pictures attached. I will have samples of all potential uniform options for the BOD to view at this Tuesday's board meeting. We will then need to vote/choose what uniform option we want at meeting so I can give WeGotSoccer our selection and they can put our Fall 2018 order in with the selected vendor next week. See attached for all pictures and the spreadsheet on pricing. WGS Alternate Jersey - We also have the option to add a WeGotSoccer brand jersey for an additional $5 per uniform kit. This price includes the TYSL travel logo on t-shirt and uniform number. I will have a white sample for viewing but there are other possible options to choose from. We will also need to choose/vote on this so WeGotSoccer can put their buy in for t-shirt that we select. Motion to vote on the new uniforms to go into production Fall 2018 by Mo, second by Krissy. All in favor. Tabela 18 Jersey with the Parma 0 Threadborne US 12 (Red jersey, royal blue shorts, royal blue socks) The Regista 18 Jersey and shorts 0 Entrada Jersey and Parma 16 shorts 0 Threadborne accepted as the kit of choice. Motion to include an alternate jersey to be added to the kit WGS Alternate Jersey by Mo, second by Kristen. 12 in favor. Motion passes. Color of the shirt to be tabled until the December meeting. Page 6 of 7

7 LIGHTNING ROUND Player/Coach Development Goalkeeping Development Travel Program In-Town Program 4U/5U 6U 8U Referee - ed the referees to get the ref reports in. Sent an to the U8 coaches to thank them for their help. Will send an after the start of the year about recertification classes next year. Registrar Treasurer Facilities Purchasing - Need to review purchasing policy Concessions - Winter sale. Order until the 28th and they will be picked up on the week of the 10th. Fundraising - looking into pictures in the spring Tournament Webmaster - We need to be able to anchor a child with their number so that it will carry with them. Multiple parents registering or creating new accounts messes that up. Secretary President Motion to adjourn the meeting by Beth, second by Mo. All in favor. Meeting closes at 9:16pm. Page 7 of 7