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2 Nau WHAT S INSIDE Boat Hoist Arrival Page 2 Restaurant Features at GTB Page 3 Featured Boats For Sale Page 4 inews JUL 2018 V.23 I.7 Boat Works Gains Equipment Boat Hoist Arrives at GTB Gary Baker, Manager of Boat Works, and his crew have been busy giving Green Turtle Bay s new-to-them Marine Travelift boat hoist an update. Equipped with a new paint job, the boat hoist has been put to work since it s arrival from Florida last month. Upcoming Events Birthdays & Anniversaries Some 4th of July History Chef Scott s Decadent Delights Page 5 Commonwealth Yacht Club Newsletter Page 6 Commodore s Corner New CYC Members Page 7 Boat Of The Month Page 8 Marine Travelift has been in operation for over 60 years and is the leading manufacturer in boat hoists. Today, over 4,000 Marine Travelift boat hoists are currently in operation worldwide. Green Turtle Bay is eager to put this new equipment to good use for the loyal boaters of Lake Barkley. PUBLISHER/EDITOR JoAnna Anderson CONTRIBUTORS Vida D. Gary Sharla Sparks Bill Gary IV Ann Donnelly 2 JUNE HOIST SUPPORTS BOATS UP TO 20 FT WIDE, 80 FT LONG, AND 70 TONS



5 Upcoming Events JULY 7.4 INDEPENDENCE DAY 7.7 CYC 4TH OF JULY PARTY 7.7 CYC POKER RUN 7.7 CYC BOARD MEETING 7.14 GR DRAGON BOAT RACES 7.14 GR TOP GUN CAR SHOW 7.14 SPRING SAILING SERIES 7.21 CYC CRUISE AUGUST 8.4 CYC BOARD MEETING 8.11 GR TOP GUN CAR SHOW 8.18 MARINA DAY Happy Birthday Pat Powell 7.1 Pier 5 Roy Schneider 7.2 Jetty 2 Emily Dye 7.2 Pier 9B D. J. Swant 7.5 Pier 5 Sam Moore 7.6 Jetty 3 Scott McNaughton 7.9 Pier 6 Michael Wilson 7.11 Jetty 3 Sam Gill 7.12 Pier 8 Anne Matejcek 7.13 Jetty 2 John Como 7.13 Pier 11 Mendy Adams 7.14 Jetty 2 Mary Buchanon 7.14 Pier 5 Bill Bilger 7.16 Pier 10 Pamela Thurman 7.17 Pier 10 Ann Donnelly 7.20 Pier 6 Rob Cirtarella 7.20 Pier 11 Madge Koerner 7.21 Pier 5 Cecile Gibson 7.22 Pier 9B Silvia DeVault 7.24 Pier 11 Denise Young 7.26 Pier 11 Jimmie Cope 7.27 Pier 5 Brice Donnelly 7.28 Pier 6 Penny Stutzner 7.29 Jetty 1 Some 4 th of July History We all know that July 4, 1776 is our nation s birthday. John Adams followed George Washington as president, with Thomas Jefferson as his VP, then following Adams as our third president. In developing the framework for our government, Adams and Jefferson were strong allies and considered intellectual giants. But, during their tenure as President Adams and VP Jefferson, their relationship faltered as their differences and political ambitions tore at their friendship. But, later in life, Adams wife Abigail encouraged John to send a letter to Jefferson, and their friendship rekindled to the point that, by the end of their lives, both considered the other as his closest friend. Fully devoted to the republican form of government they helped create, each held onto his last breath to experience the nation s 50th birthday. Both passed away on July 4, July Anniversaries Scott & Darlene Moore 7.1 Pier 5 Richard & Theresa Harvey 7.15 Pier 4 Paul & Mendy Adams 7.17 Jetty 2 Rick & Monica Vicars 7.22 Pier 11 Sam & Jan Gill 7.29 Pier 8 JUNE 5

6 2018 CYC BOARD OFFICERS & DIRECTORS OFFICERS Commodore: Sharla Sparks Vice Commodore: Danny Cope Rear Commodore: Gina Yegerlehner Recording Secretary: Suzy Pence Treasurer: Rick Jewett Immediate Past: Jerry Koerner Fleet Captain, Short Range: Sally West Fleet Captain, Regatta: Ann Donnelly Historian: Suzy Pence Newsletter: Ann Donnelly DIRECTORS John Graybill Commonwealth Yacht Club Monthly Newsletter It s July, finally officially summer. July and August at the lake are the lazy, hazy, hot, crazy days of summer. We finally have the hot weather we were wishing for in April and early May. Just be careful what we wish for. Take time to cool off and soak up the sun in one of Green Turtle Bay s 2 outdoor pools or take a swim anchoring out in one of the many beautiful coves on Kentucky and Barkley lakes, if swimming in the lakes are your thing. Take a Sunday afternoon leisurely pontoon ride with friends to destinations unknown. I always say the next best thing to owning a pontoon boat is having friends who own one; Kerry and Melinda, Sally and Terry. Or simply relax by visiting with friends and enjoying a delicious meal at our Commonwealth Yacht Club. I am going to share some pictures in case you missed some of CYC/Green Turtle Bay s events in May and June. Everyone just has the most fun being together. Camaraderie is always definitely shared by all. First the CYC Annual Flag Retirement Ceremony was held on Saturday May 26 of Memorial Day weekend. This annual ceremony honors our American Flag with a reverent ceremony to dispose of the flags when they become tattered and worn. Past Commodore Jerry Koerner conducted the ceremony with assistance from Vice Commodore Danny Cope and CYC Board Member Marti May. The CYC sponsored Lighted Boat Parade on Sunday evening May 27th was really amazing. All the boats who participated were really lit up. There was a terrific turn out of folks at the wharf by Light House Landing and on the banks of the canal and at the Thirsty Turtle to watch the boats go by. Committee Chairman, Gina Yegerlehner, comments that for the first time in many years, GTB held a fantastic Lighted Boat Parade. We hope that you were able to view the colorful procession as it glided by. The CYC wants to thank this year s participants for all of their hard work and dedication to a fun event. We are confident that the judges had a difficult time because all of the entrant s boats were creative, elaborate and colorful. Here are the winners: 1st place was Hattitudes, 2nd place was Poor Boy, and 3rd Place was No Quarter. She states that they are confident that the interest shown this year by the event will stir up your own creative juices for next year s encore. And then we had the CYC/Green Turtle Bay sponsored Fashion Show at the Thirsty Turtle on June 2nd, which was also a great success. Ladies modeled clothes from Green Turtle Bay s Chandlery, Bows and Cleats, and So Cool in Grand Rivers. The CYC sponsored cruise to Barkley Lake Marina and Resort on June 9th was loads of fun. Thank you to Cathy Morrison for the pictures. Marti May Suzanne Seabold Terry West Mark Zabawa Chris Riley Dale Hemmerich Maryann Bryan Allan Grigsby 6 JUNE Now let s get to the July and August CYC and Green Turtle Bay calendar of events. On July 7th the CYC Board meeting will be at 9am at the Commonwealth Yacht Club. If you have any event suggestions contact Commodore Sharla Sparks. July 7th is also the CYC annual Poker Run. Plans for the Run have changed since June s NautiNews article. Registration will begin at 10am at the gazebo by Dockers Restaurant. The winning hand will be announced at the Commonwealth Yacht Club instead of the Thirsty Turtle Saturday evening. July 14th is another Spring Sailing Series race on Kentucky Lake starting at 10am. July 21st is the CYC sponsored cruise to Prizer Point. You can register by contacting Long Range Fleet Captain Gina Yegerlehner. The CYC Board meeting in August is on the 4th. Another CYC cruise is planned to Paducah Riverfront on August 11th. Again contact Gina to sign up. August 18th is Green Turtle Bay s Marina Day celebration. This is a must attend event and the fireworks that close Marina Day are fantastic. Have a Great Summer, Ann Donnelly Past Commodore

7 Welcome New Members! PAT & SYLRIA DEVAULT, DOUG STERRETT To promote and encourage fellowship, friendship and camaraderie among our members and guests, by creating, organizing and providing boating activities for our club members and the surrounding water communities. Commodore s Corner The Devil is in the Details. In other words, Have a Backup Plan! You hear it all of the time. Don t sweat the small stuff. It s a good reminder not to get so consumed with small details that you lose sight of the big picture. Losing sight of that big picture is a guaranteed bad time. Great advice to be sure, but as a confirmed sometime worry wart, I can t quit thinking about that other familiar adage, The devil is in the details! Never were truer words spoken on the subject of boating! Sharla Sparks Commodore I recently went on an outing with a friend on a newly acquired boat. Three experienced sailors and two newer ones set off after a small amount of mechanical difficulties, which we all hastened to dismiss as not important enough to postpone the real reason we had gathered: we were going to sail this new boat! We defined our big picture slightly differently that the one that reality had in store for us. Once we found that, yes, that really tall mast DID fit just under the bridge, we found ourselves in the bigger water of Kentucky Lake with perfect wind for a shake down cruise. After few more small kinks had to be worked out in the running rigging, there we were, enjoying that big picture. As all other great times on the lake, the time came to start thinking about heading home to Green Turtle Bay. Our big picture gained new focus when that little mechanical difficulty suddenly became the central element in the big picture. There would be no more motor running today on this boat! We immediately activated our backup plan with a call to Green Turtle Bay, and were quickly and expertly escorted back home by one of our very capable Tow US captains. The devil is in the details. What was the most important detail from this adventure? Not the mast height, which was decidedly NOT small stuff (there was sweat!), not even the glossed-over mechanical issue with the motor, but that our backup plan was ready to deploy. I, for one, was not looking forward to paddling an almost 40 foot long sailboat under the canal bridge! I would be remiss if I did not put in a shameless plug for towing insurance through Boat US Membership. Our adventure and the subsequent tow would have turned into a very expensive day had we let that little detail slip! We are spoiled here to have such a capable team of knowledgeable captains at Green Turtle Bay ready to come to the rescue in the red tow boat! We would like to emphasize that all CYC members are welcomed at any CYC-sponsored event. Get more information on specific events at: JUNE 7

8 Cumberland River Mile 32 P.O. Box Green Turtle Bay Drive Grand Rivers, KY