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2 HAWAII YACHT CLUB BULLETIN IN THIS ISSUE 5 MESSAGE FROM THE COMMODORE 6 MARKETING REPORT 8 SHIPS STORE 13 CRUISING & VOYAGING REPORT 16 JUNIOR SAILING REPORT 19 TRANSPAC 20 SAILING REPORT 24 CALENDAR HAWAII YACHT CLUB 1739-C Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, HI Office: ; Fax: Bar: Ext. 7 Junior Sailing Office: Website: 2018 FLAG OFFICERS Commodore Jim Schmit Vice Commodore OPEN RC for Sail Ron Uryga RC for Power OPEN Judge Advocate Mitch Burns Fleet Captain (Cruisers) Thomas Gebhardt 2 The Bulletin committee will now be publishing our newsletter on the fifth day of each month, allowing a full 30 days of activities to be captured. Photo Submission: The Bulletin committee often includes photos submitted by members. To guarantee the best printed quality, please use a minimum setting of 2M for file size on your digital camera when taking photos for Bulletin submission. Photos taken at a smaller size cannot be guaranteed for proper printing quality. Photos will be accepted via at Please attach photos to s and do not insert or embed them into the . When submitting photos, please include the event and the name of the photographer. Photo captions are optional and should be kept to 15 words or less. Texting/ imessage submissions will not be accepted. The Bulletin committee cannot be responsible for misspelled names of members, non-members and boats as we rely on editorial contributions from flag officers, etc. ADVERTISING RATES Layout Size 1x 6x 11x Full Page 7 1/2 x 10 $ 150 $ 130 $ 120 Half Page 7 1/2 x 4 15/16 $ 80 $ 75 $ 65 Half Page V 3 11/16 x 10 $ 80 $ 75 $ 65 1/3 page 7 1/2 x 3 1/4 $ 60 $ 55 $ 50 1/4 page 3 11/16 x 4 15/16 $ 50 $ 45 $ 40 1/8 page 3 11/16 x 2 3/8 $ 30 $ 30 $ 25 Business Card 3 1/4 x 2 $ 25 $ 25 $ 20 ON THE COVER Country Boy Copyright 2019 Carolyn Majewski BOARD OF GOVERNORS Eric De Carlo Steven Eder Brian Orandello Alethea Rebman COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS Membership Nikki DeHeart House & Grounds Carl Geringer Port Captain Robby Buck Galley OPEN Mooring OPEN Junior Sailing Scott Melander Ships Store Patti Naiyoke & Katie Howell Webmaster Carolyn Majewski By-Laws OPEN Insurance Committee Jim Ferris Bar Committee OPEN Recording Secretary Laurel Chapman Historian OPEN Planning Committee Joe Bakos Gate Watch OPEN Finance Roger Takabayashi Club Lease Committee Fran Hallonquist Publicity OPEN Chef / Galley by the Sea JoJo's Kitchen Transpac Doug Allen Marketing Team Rich Smith, Hayley Felten and Carolyn Majewski

3 January, 2019 HAPPY HOUR - JANUARY Monday- Thursday 3-6 PM 20% off all draft beers 8-10 PM 20% off all wine bottles (No stacking - 1 bottle per order) Friday and Saturday * all hours * January Cocktail Specials: Choose from either a Malia Kai Mai Tai or Winter Lager by Sam Adams... $5.00 each Sunday 9 AM-6 PM (or finish of last game) $1.00 off all can, bottle or draft beer 20% off house Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay (glass or bottle) 3

4 HAWAII YACHT CLUB BULLETIN HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 M-F 8-5 SAT 8-4 SUN GONE FISHING PIER 38 FISHING VILLAGE (808) POP-HAWAII.COM WE GOT IT 4 Born Free Friday Race Dec. 21 Photo credit: Carolyn Majewski Simplisity Dec. 21 Photo credit: Carolyn Majewski

5 January, 2019 MESSAGE FROM THE COMMODORE Aloha Hawaii Yacht Club members and guests, My overall goal is to make this a fun year for everyone, so I need you to tell me what is fun for you. I have compiled a short to-do list of things I hope to accomplish: 1) I have been a member since We used to have a waiting list when membership exceeded 700. Voting was a big deal. We needed to fill the club with members to have a quorum. Now we only need 15 members in attendance and 10 to pass serious changes. I want more voting members. 2) We need the bylaws and standing rules to be adjustable in times of inactivity such as now when we do not have candidates for all positions. 3) I want to save money on expenses without eliminating anything we want to continue enjoying. 4) I want the club to grow physically. Many of you know I have always supported and encouraged getting more slips and parking spaces from the state. I still want to pursue that. Additionally, this year I want to see if we can get the lease for the Texaco dock. We would probably need to collaborate with WYC and the canoeing committee to make this possible. The state believes that privatization is the best way to upgrade and maintain the Ala Wai. Let s help them with their goal by accepting the responsibility for more docks and parking and hopefully adding the lease for Texaco. 5) I want to provide more storage and launching facilities for one-man canoes, stand-up paddleboards and surfboards. I have had discussions with many people who are in favor of this idea, as well. 6) Whether or not we privatize the Texaco dock, I want to include all water sports in our activities and figure out a way to allow non-members to participate. Between HYC and WYC, we have made a good start with our junior sailing and now adult sailing lessons at being inclusive rather than exclusive. The general goals behind all of these specific projects is for the Hawaii Yacht Club to provide support for the following: a) good sailing, both cruising and racing; b) good fishing and power cruising; c) good food all the time; d) good parties and good music, e) a good venue for nonprofit events (like Ryan s Light). I could go on and on, but this all really depends on making sure that both individually and collectively we strive for exemplary behavior. I want Hawaii Yacht Club to be the fun club with an environment that our families are able to enjoy, as well. I know these are challenging goals, but working to make it happen is my type of fun. Aloha, Commodore Pieris and Staff Commodore Tom Gephardt welcome Commodore Jim Schmit at December General Meeting Jim Schmit Commodore HYC 5

6 HAWAII YACHT CLUB BULLETIN MARKETING Aloha, Welcome to 2019 at HYC! It s exciting to start a new year, and especially a Transpac year! The energy and enthusiasm we generate from this event is enormous. It s time to kick in that Aloha Spirit and volunteer. We plan some fun activities in the near future. If you attended the General Meeting in December, you heard about our plan to have a bus trip to Kohana Rum Distillery. Back in October we had an amazing HYC event. The featured presenter for the Rum Tasting was outstanding. All who attended loved his stories, and we really wanted to expand the experience. We all talked about getting a bus and doing the tour/tasting Rich Smith and Fred Samuels are looking into what a bus would cost and checking to see if we could get a group discount for this adventure. We would like to do this in January or early February. We have about ten members already interested in the event. Please Rich Smith if you would like to do this road trip! Game Night in November was also a big hit, and so Leslie Sullivan has agreed to set us up again on Thursday, January 24 at 6:30 PM. Let s expand this event and have a BIG turnout! If you didn t attend the General Meeting in December why didn t you? The food was fabulous. The agenda includes fun, and the members get a chance to connect. What a great way to get your voice heard, and it is your club! Want to get behind the club adjusting our sails? Come and share your ideas! Maybe we start a book club? Maybe we have a whiskey tasting? The Commodore brought up an exciting idea about match sailing races on Saturdays. Let s get 2019 going in style. Let s not just survive, let s thrive. Mahalo, Carolyn Majewski Marketing Committee P.S. Don t forget to actually tap Like on our HYC Social media posts. Just viewing won t help our ranking. Show your club spirit and grow our audience!! "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends" ~ Walt Disney 6

7 January,

8 HAWAII YACHT CLUB BULLETIN SHIPS STORE As we begin 2019, the Ships Store is focused primarily on gearing up for the upcoming 50th Transpac race. We are now planning what should be offered in the store to support this major event, and we hope to have all goods ordered for arrival no later than June. For that preparation effort and also especially during Transpac, we will need as many volunteers as possible to help lower the time burden on each individual volunteer to keep the store open. Please Katie at if you would be willing to help in any way! We are all busy, so only by combining our efforts can we help our club put its best face forward! Thank you, Katie Howell HYC Ship Store Volunteer 8

9 January,


11 January, 2019 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAWIKA! 11


13 January, 2019 CRUISING AND VOYAGING SOCIETY Greetings, HYC Members! The Cruising and Voyaging Society is always doing something, and December was no different. We held a birthday party for Kawika Warren, with a nice buffet downstairs in honor of the occasion. Thanks to the many who contributed to the party, it was a wonderful evening in which many cruisers took part. We had music, drinking and eating from afternoon into the evening. On December 9, the Cruisers gathered for our annual Christmas Party on the upper level. With music from the Lilly s band, we drank, talked, danced the night away, played a few trivia games and had a gift exchange. It was a good time for all. Sunday, December 16, marked the final C&VS brunch of We had a good showing of cruisers and enjoyed the wonderful food of the HYC Galley. As always, we enjoyed friends and conversations of the Cruising Society and members. Our next meeting was changed to Wednesday, January 2, 2019 due to the holidays. Come join us for our meeting and presentation at 6:30 PM in the lower galley. George Gandy and I will be the speakers, sharing about our trip to Kaunakakai, Molokai and back on Labor Day weekend. As we get ready for the 2019 boating season, let us know if you want to lead a cruise to distant ports and get some sea time in. Meanwhile, we need to start planning for a fun Thanks to all of our friends and members who volunteer and support the club. Thanks to the club office staff, bartenders, sailing instructors, grounds personnel, Port Captain, all committee members, the governors, the entertainment, and Chef Jojo s Kitchen and staff. A special thank you to outgoing Commodore Richard Denton and also to Vice Commodore Sohan Pieris for filling the void and working so hard to keep the club moving forward. We congratulate Jim Schmit on being sworn in as our new Commodore at the last General Meeting. We all wish him the best of luck in getting the club back up to speed. The club needs our warm support, which will make the difference. Our Sunday brunch is held on the third Sunday of every month. This month, that is January 20, 2019 at 9:30 AM. You are all invited to join us. By the way, we are always open to new speakers, so please let us know if you have a topic or speaker you would like to hear about. The C&VS wishes everyone a happy and adventurous 2019! Aloha, Tom Gebhardt HYC Staff Commodore/C&VS Fleet Captain CVS Sunday Brunch 1313


15 January, 2019 Check out the latest donation that will help support the junior sailing program! For more information call Scott at (808) Contact: Scott Melander Junior Sailing Year: 1984 Current Price: US $15,000 Located in Ko Olina, HI 1515

16 HAWAII YACHT CLUB BULLETIN JUNIOR SAILING We have a winter break sailing class on Jan 3, 4, and 5 for sailors wanting to get out on the water. Class will meet from 9 AM to 12 PM. The annual Hawaii Youth Sailing Association El Toro Clinic will be Jan 12 and 13 in Kaneohe. This is open to sailors in El Toros and will focus on boat speed, boat handling, and racing tactics. There are usually over 20 El Toros in attendance, and it is great practice for up-and-coming racers. After the clinic on Saturday, former HYC youth sailor Mark Towill will give a talk about his Volvo Ocean Race experience aboard Team Vestas/11 th Hour Racing. The first laser race of the year will be Saturday January 19 at the club. First start is scheduled for 1:30 PM. This is first of a series of nine races for the year for the Hawaii Laser Association. Our Saturday sailing classes begin on Saturday February 16 with novice and intermediate classes meeting from 9 AM until noon and racing class from 1-4 PM. The morning class has been very popular, and the sailors really enjoy the program. The sailing program has a Catalina 36 for sale for $15,000 OBO. The boat is moored at Ko Olina. If you d like to take a look, let me know. Happy Sailing! Scott Melander Junior Sailing Chris and Cyrus Howell in laser (above) Dan Uptmor in laser (below) Akira Kumagai in laser 16

17 January,


19 January, 2019 TRANSPAC 2019 Transpac Updates: As of January 3, 2019 there are 90 entries for Transpac 2019! Check out the current entry list: Interested in volnteering? Watch for information in upcoming eblasts! Transpac 2019 on the web: Connecting Buyers & Sellers on Oahu Ashley Bailey is a real estate expert, a strong negotiator and a sailor based in Honolulu. She has already assisted a few HYC members buying and selling homes, and is excited to work with you. Wondering what your property is worth? Need guidance on buying a home? Ashley is offering complimentary home appraisals and buyer consultations in the month of January. Ashley Bailey REALTOR (S), RS Have friends that want to buy or sell a property? Refer Ashley and receive a $50 gift certificate to the galley bar on closing RB Why work with Ashley Bailey? Over $6M in sales in 2018 Offering home staging and professional photography with all listings Dedicated to her clients Quick communicator 8 year Oahu resident 1919

20 HAWAII YACHT CLUB BULLETIN SAILING REPORT Aloha fellow HYC members, I hope everyone had a good holiday season, and I wish a Happy New Year to all! On December 21 we had the awards for Friday Night Races. Whisper was awarded first place in the non-spinnaker class. Mayhem was first in the spinnaker class. The Double-Handed series, currently scheduled for January 13 on the proposed HYRA calendar, will be moved to a later date. Our next race is the Sweetheart Regatta on February 16. This is the first race of the Wahine series. Happy New Year! Ron Uryga R/C sail Bondi Tram Friday Dec 14 Race Photo by Carolyn Majewski 20

21 January, 2019 AHHHLOHA YOGA AT HYC T E A C H E R : T R A C Y E D E R Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m One hour class Call for information: The classes will be free. Donations welcome All participants would be required to sign a waiver. 2121

22 HAWAII YACHT CLUB BULLETIN Hawaii Yacht Club New Wi-Fi Service: HYC Harbor Wi-Fi Enjoy reliable, high-speed broadband service on a new private network with secure access throughout the Harbor. Stream Netflix shows, surf the web, shop online, check and more! Simply select HYC Harbor Wi-Fi on the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your mobile device and choose your rate For Sales and Service, call Sales Manager Ace Bumatai at (808) x 202 Introductory rates* First 30 minutes FREE Daily rate $4.95 Weekly rate $19.95 Monthly rate $49.95 * Through Dec. 31, Restrictions apply. Rates subject to change. About the provider Sun Global Broadband Supports Hawaii Yacht Club Junior Sailing Established in 2014, Honolulu-based Sun Global Broadband is donating a portion of its HYC Harbr Wi-Fi proceeds to HYC's Junior Sailing program. SGB owns and operates a state-of-the-art private Wi-Fi network that provides reliable, high-speed broadband access to visitors, local residents, businesses, and communities in Honolulu. For more information, visit 22

23 January, 2019 JOIN HAWAII YACHT CLUB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Every Friday we feature one of our boats. Show your club spirit and click LIKE ; you don t need to understand algorithms - just know that those likes are important. Keep the "Aloha Spirit" going - be kind and be supportive!! We win when we show the love!! Are you following us on Twitter? If not, please click here: For all our social media links visit: /about/contact-us/ 2323

24 HAWAII YACHT CLUB BULLETIN JANUARY 2019 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Quarterly Dues & Perm Mooring Billing CVS Potluck 6:30 pm Band: Green Flash Ahhhloha Yoga 9 am Band: Oldies but Goodies Ahhhloha Yoga 9 am Don Conover 6-9:00 pm Monday Night BBQ LG BoG Meeting 6:30 pm Band: Pop Rox Band: Lilly's Band Ahhhloha Yoga 9 am Monday Night BBQ LG General Membership Meeting 6:30 pm Wine Tasting 6:00 pm Band: Simplisity Band: Hi Country Ahhhloha Yoga 9 am Don Conover 6-9:00 pm Monday Night BBQ LG Band: Tiki Jive Cats Band: Kevin Mau Monday Night BBQ LG *Note calendar above is subject to change. For updates, please visit: 24