Coming Events. Pre-meeting Dinner. Acorn A s Our 48th Year. George Diamantine. January Dues

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1 I want to thank everyone who came to the annual meeting. What a wonderful party it was. We are still talking about the party at Monday coffee. It was so nice to have such a large turnout. I especially want to thank Bill Biddell for securing the Masonic Hall, the venue was small enough it was the perfect party room. Acorn A s Our 48th Year The NutShell I think the high light of the evening was the raffle and Virginia winning. We were all delighted to see Virginia and Ralph. It was also nice to see Bob and Judy Woodford, Jennifer and Bill Seibold and Bob and Kathy Kurtz, we just don t get to see everyone often enough anymore. I want to also thank the honorable Judge Kurtz for swearing in the 2019 officers. I appreciate everyone who stepped forward to fill the Club officers and committee chair positions for There are a few important openings left and I will be talking to Club members in January as we attempt to fill those vacancies. Finally for those who haven t had a chance to sign up for the pot luck Hang over tour, please give Mona or me a call at home. We would love to see everyone and start out 2019 together. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mona and me, we are looking forward to George Diamantine Coming Events Jan 1 Hangover Tour 10 AM Creekside Diamantine January 2019 Pre-meeting Dinner January 8 at 5:30 Mike s Pizza Castro Village, Castro Valley 2019 officers sworn in by Da Judge (aka Bob Kurtz) 2019 Dues A reminder that your Acorn A s dues of $30 for 2019 are now due. Please write your check to the Acorn A s and send to Bill Biddell 3397 Pinewood Ct. Hayward, CA or bring to the next meeting.

2 Page 2 Page 2 Meeting Minutes NutShell Annual Meeting December 1, th Annual Installation of Officers President George Diamantine Welcome everyone to the 46 th Annual meeting and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. George asked if there was any additions or correction to the minutes published in the Nutshell, motion from the floor to approve the minutes was made by Jackie Brooks and seconded by Carol Low. Membership Bill Biddell stated that the dues were only $30 and he would accept checks, cash or first born. Sunshine Bea Van Wetter thanked George Diamantine for the wonderful dinner and had Bill Biddell, Ralph Bowling, Jack Trowbridge, Jean Peters and Jennifer Seibold come up so we could sing them Happy Birthday. Then George Diamantine asked for a moment of silence for the members we lost this year. George Diamantine thanked Bill Biddell for arranging the Masonic Hall the Annual Meeting and Mona Diamantine for the decorations and arranging the caterers. Permanent Tour Leader Tony Shull had Mona Diamantine explain the Hang Over (pot luck) Tour January 1 st. Leaving Creekside at 10 am to drive over to the Diamantine s house to drop off dishes for the pot luck and continue on the tour. No old Business Shake Award Tony Shull, awarded George and Mona Diamantine a dinner at Paradiso s and a bottle of wine, for all their hard work to make this a great year. Then George Diamantine recognized the chairpersons, Glenn Martin past president, Jim Rodrigues vice president, Steve Danzer Treasurer, Sue McGarry secretary, Max Romero Sergeant of Arms, Bea Van Wetter sunshine, Mary Baptista Attendants, Jackie Brooks Fashion, Vern Brooks NCRG, Bob Woodford web master with a box of See s candy. Tony Shull Tour Leader and Shake award and Bill Biddell membership and Editor with two boxes of See s candy. The Honorable Judge Bob Kurtz had next years officers, George Diamantine President Jim Rodrigues, Vice president, and Jackie Brooks Secretary come up to be sworn in. Then Mona Diamantine had the caterers come out for a round of applause. Mona Diamantine announced there was $397 in this months raffle, Lucky Virginia Bowling had the winning ticket and drew a white chip to win all the money. Sue McGarry, Secretary Hang Over Tour, January 1, 2019 We will be leaving Creekside at 10 AM and heading straight over to our house to drop off the pot luck dishes. Weather permitting, we will have a tour and return to enjoy the Rose Parade or football and great munchies. Mona will be making her Portuguese Beans so bring your appetite. Every Monday at 9 AM at Rudy s Donuts in Castro Valley

3 Page 3 If you know of a member who is under the weather call Bea at 510/ Any one interested in leading a tour call Tony Shull, PTM & PTB Each 4th Monday at 11:30 AM at the Ice Creamery in Castro Valley 01/01 Jennifer Seibold 01/12 Kathy Morte 01/29 Mary Kempel 01/02 Tony Shull 01/02 Paul Kempel Photo from the 2003 annual meeting. at the Alameda Elks Lodge. How many members can you name?

4 Page 4 NutShell 1929 MENS AND WOMENS FASHION CLOTHING Price: $23.50 Description This suit will be the instant choice of men whose taste is for the rich custom look of softly blended shades of tan or gray now a leading favorite for dress wear. The genuine Newport plaid adds the correct touch of elegance that means real style to the best dressers of the country. The weave is of close supertwist all wool yarns positively unsurpassed for wearing qualities and holding shape and press. Broad shouldered coat in the newest authentic two-button peaked lapel--half lined with handsome rayon. Choose from tan or medium gray colored plaid. Price: $2.98 Description Dainty, cool, and wonderfully becoming to the youthful figure is this beautiful little Basque dress. Fine quality organdie finish Batiste, printed in a gay all-over pattern, uses solid color organdie to top the full gathered skirt and to edge the graceful collar. Lace trims collar and pockets. Silk ribbon at shoulder and waist. The annual meeting and installation dinner was a great success. Mona outdid herself with the decorations and planning. The food was superb with roast beef and chicken. There was something for everyone. The officers were installed by Judge Kurtz with all the decorum for this solemn occasion. George Diamantine as President, Jim Rodrigues as Vice President and Jackie Brooks as Secretary. Steve Danzer missed out but will be installed at the January general meeting. Acorn A s Officers and Committee Chairs 2019 President George Diamantine 510/ Vice President Jim Rodrigues Secretary Jackie Brooks Treasurer Steve Danzer Tour Master Tony Shull Nutshell Editor Brian McGarry Past President Glenn Martin Sunshine Bea Van Wetter Membership Bill Biddell Attendance Mary Baptista Fashions Jackie Brooks Shake Committee Tony Shull NCRG/ACCC Rep Vern Brooks Arms Max Romero Web Master Robert Woodford Jackie Brooks Linda Rodrigues Bea van Wetter

5 NutShell Page 5 The Annual Meeting

6 The NutShell P.O. Box 2321 Castro Valley, CA Your current editor of the NutShell is retiring and I am happy to introduce you to your new editor Brian McGarry. With the appointment of Brian the Acorn A s newsletter is being passed to good hands as he is a knowledgeable Model Aer and has outstanding computer skills. Brian will produce the February NutShell It s the journey, not the destination! E-Nut Meetings The Acorn A s meet the second Tuesday of each month except December at the Castro Valley Masonic Center 4521 Crow Canyon Rd. in Castro Valley. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM with dinner before at selected restaurants at 5:30. The NutShell is available by . The newsletter will be sent to any member or reciprocal club who requests it. The advantages are, you will receive your copy 3 to 5 days before the regular mail; it will be in color and you can foreword to family and friends plus photos and articles can be downloaded. The e-nut will be in pdf format. If you would like this delivery method send an to the NutShell Editor The Acorn A s Model A Ford Club is a California non-profit corporation and welcomes everyone who is interested in the preservation of the Model A Ford automobile or the fashions of that period. For membership information write or visit our website. The NUTSHELL is published monthly by the ACORN A s Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America to inform and entertain its members. The NUTSHELL welcomes articles and stories plus advertisements or other items of interest regarding the Model A Ford. Where indicated some of the items included in the NUTSHELL are from other publications. We thank them for sharing with us and are happy to share with them. Non-commercial classified ads are free to members and will run for two consecutive months. For paid advertising rates contact the editor. PUBLICATION DEADLINE: 20th of the preceding month. Send NUTSHELL items to: Brian McGarry Acorn A s web site