SPORTSMEN S NOTES Official Newsletter of the Dormont-Mt.Lebanon Sportsmen s Club JANUARY 2014 Revision 1: Calendar Updated FEBRUARY 2014

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1 SPORTSMEN S NOTES Official Newsletter of the Dormont-Mt.Lebanon Sportsmen s Club JANUARY 2014 Revision 1: Calendar Updated FEBRUARY 2014 SUN MON TUES WED THUR FRI SAT MPRL Week :00-9:00PM - Open Shoot MPRL Week :00PM-5:00PM - WPIAL Teams :00PM-5:00PM - WPIAL Individuals 7:30PM - Board Meeting 14 Valentine's Day :00AM CMP rifle match 17 President's Day MPRL Week :00-9:00PM - Open Shoot MPRL Week Valley 27 8:00 - Membership Meeting 28

2 2 DMSC SHORT SHOTS 2014 membership dues are due by January 31st. Dues may be mailed in or paid at the membership mee ngs. DUES NEWS It s time to consider renewing your dues. The dues year ends January 31. Trophy shots wanted: Send in your trophy shots with a few details about the hunt, and we will include it in an upcoming newsle er. Send the pictures to dmscnews (at) gmail dot com Active Senior (65 years old, 10 years consecutive membership) Intermediate (18-21) Junior (12-17) $75.00 per year $10.00 per year The club needs your help. Gun shots have been heard off of club property. Shoo ng is permi ed on neighboring proper es, but if the ers are negligent or irresponsible the club will be the first to be blamed for the problem. What can you do? If you hear shoo ng off of the club property, write down the date, me, and direc on of the shoo ng and then report the incident to the Directors. Thanks to Ted Hildabrand and Chuck Augenstein for planning the annual Christmas party. Thanks also to everyone who helped with cleaning, se ng up, and cooking. The event was a great success. George Taylor was presented with the 2013 Sportsman of the Year award at the Christmas Party. George dedicates countless hours to the club and provides superb leadership as the club President. Congratula ons George and thank you for your service to the club. We are opening the Upper Range for special supervised s to allow members to use the Ransom Rest on this range. The Ransom Rest is a shoo ng appliance for pistols used for ammo selec on and or reloading design. Please contact Ted Hildabrand by at if you want to schedule access of the Ransom Rest on a supervised,or to get more informa on about the Ransom Rest. We don t have the capability for handling every pistol model / manufacture but we have the equipment needed for approximately 70 % of the more common revolvers and 1911 style semi auto pistols. The Ransom Rest is not for sigh ng in pistols. Renewals need not include the one-time $10.00 charge for the gate card. Make checks payable to: Dormont-Mt. Lebanon Sportsmen s Club DMSC P.O.Box Pittsburgh, PA REMINDERS: You will not be getting back a separate membership card or year sticker. Your gate card is now your membership identification card. Your cancelled check or your hand receipt for cash will be your proof of payment. Include your address on your check so we can update our database for notifying you on newsletter postings and special alerts. If you need a club affiliation identification card for purchasing Civilian Marksmanship Program material from Camp Perry, come to a membership meeting to pick one up from Ell Vines. Don t let the winter weather keep you off of the range. The indoor range is open Wednesdays 12pm- 3pm and Saturdays 10:30am 12:30pm for supervised open. The range is open Sundays from 12:30pm-3:30pm for pistol shoo ng. Wednesdays 9am-12pm and Sundays 9am 10:30am for Air. Sundays at 1:30pm for Air Silhoue e. Shooters must use lead or copper washed projec les. No jacketed bullets permi ed.


4 4 CHRISTMAS PARTY George Block (above, right) is one of the longest tenured members at DMSC. George writes a weekly column in the Outdoors sec on of the Observer-Reporter George Taylor (above) won the Sportsman of the Year Award

5 5 MATCH RESULTS High Power Match October 12, 2013 NAME OFF-HAND RAPID - SITTING RAPID-PRONE SLOW-PRONE TOTAL MASTER J. LECHNAR 85-1X 98-3X 95-2X 190-9X X J. MADAR 87-1X 92-1X 96-2X 185-4X 460-8X EXPERT T. MORLEY 92-2X 95-2X 99-5X X X S-SHOOTER J. TUPTA 92-1X 98-3X 93-1X 178-1X 461-6X MARKSMAN S. MORELLI 86-1X 95-3X 97-2X 178-1X 456-7X B. POPSO A slight chill in the air did not deter the six ers par cipa ng in the final match of the 2013 NRA High Power season. Tom Morley con nues to show his marksmanship by claiming the top spot with a X nice job Tom! A typical great day of shoo ng con nues to be the hallmark of this very enjoyable program. The camaraderie the challenge the associa on with a super group of ers these are the real reasons that NRA High Power at DMSC is an a rac ve venue. To all who par cipated in or supported the 2013 Season hear elt thanks you are the ones that make this a successful program. To all who have a hankering to give this sport a try please join us in the future. See all of you for the 2014 Season star ng in M1A Match October 27, 2013 Prone Prone Rapid Si ng Rapid O and Total Mike Kennedy 186-4x x x Nick Kuzy John Lechnar 185-4x x Ted Hildabrand 168-1x 92-1x 80-1x` x John Tupta 174-1x 90-1x 71-1x x The fall M1A match brought out six ers, all of whom had a great me. The weather was a bit brisk, but it could not temper the resolve of each er. John Lechnar took top honors with a 438-4x. The M1A is one of the finest and accurate shoo ng rifles in the compe ve shoo ng world. Look for the next match to occur in the Spring of 2014.

6 6 Dormont-Mt. Lebanon Sportsmen s Club P.O. Box Pittsburgh, PA Next Meeting: January 23, 2014 at 8pm Speaker: George Block on the Winchester Model 70 Menu: Sausage sandwiches, corn chowder, and salad EXECUTIVE STAFF GEORGE TAYLOR IV...PRESIDENT THEODORE K. HILDABRAND... VICE PRESIDENT ELLSWORTH F. VINES... TREASURER NICK KUZY....RECORDING SECRETARY BRUCE UNGAR... EXECUTIVE RANGE OFFICER ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF MARC BURNES.....NEWSLETTER EDITOR BRIAN FINK.....MEMBERSHIP CHAIR MEMBERSHIP CLASSIFICATIONS AND DUES Active (Full-fledged membership) $75.00 per year Senior (65 years old, 10 years consecutive membership) Intermediate (18-21) Junior (12-17) $10.00 per year Initiation fee (one time) $25.00 Computer Gate Card $10.00 AFFILIATIONS: National Association Allegheny County Sportsmen Washington County Sportsmen Metropolitan Police Revolver League Pittsburgh and Suburban League National Shooting Sports Foundation SANCTIONED BY: Civilian Marksmanship Program Pennsylvania and Association CLUB DIRECTORS CHARLES R. AUGENSTEIN, II GEORGE A. DIETZ DOUG GAWRONSKI THEODORE K. HILDABRAND ROBERT KIRSOPP NICK KUZY GARY SCHERER GEORGE TAYLOR, IV JOHN TUPTA BRUCE D. UNGAR ELLSWORTH F. VINES RONALD J. WATTON DAVE WILLARD KEN ZUPKOW JAMES EARLEY CLUB COMMUNICATION Club Web Site: Club House Phone: (724) Membership Inquiries: (412) MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO CARRY THEIR GATE CARDS AND BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THEMSELVES WHEN ASKED TO BY A RANGE OFFICER OR OTHER MEMBER

7 7 PISTOL MONDAY NIGHT PISTOL (NMC). The first line s at 7:00 PM (Indoor). Call the program leaders, George Taylor (412) or Bruce Ungar (412) , for additional information. OUTDOOR PISTOL SILHOUETTE This fires the 4th Saturday of the month at 9am April September. Contact George Taylor for details (412) WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON INDOOR OPEN SHOOT. Ted Hildabrand and Dave Faust head the Wednesday indoor s. This program will run 12:00-3:00PM from October through March. For questions on permissible armory and other details, call Ted at (724) , or Dave at (724) RIFLE WEDNESDAY MORNING INDOOR AIR RIFLE SHOOT. Scheduled for 10:30AM - 12:00, this program precedes the open. For questions on permissible armory and other details, call Ted Hildabrand at (724) , or Dave Faust at (724) CIVILIAN MARKSMANSHIP PROGRAM (CMP). The program s on the third Sunday of each month. For information contact John Tupta at or or Bruce Unger at The season begins January 19, SHOOTING OPPORTUNITIES NRA HIGH POWER. The 2013 season has ending and will resume in the spring. For information contact John Tupta at or PITTSBURGH SUBURBAN RIFLE LEAGUE. Our champion smallbore team practices every Sunday at 7:00PM. Shooters interested in joining can see captain Dean Trew at practice. SHOTGUN TRAP. The formal Tuesday night program is over. The hand traps to the left of the trap house are available for use year round. MULTIPLE DISCIPLINES Winter Indoor Shooting League The club runs an Indoor Winter January 18 thru March 29. Disciplines include 22RF and pistol, Air and, Double Action Revolver, Center Fire and maybe 45 Slow Fire. All levels of ing experience are encouraged to and participate. The cost per discipline is $4 dollars. The ers participate and concurrent with the general open s on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. If you are interested in contact Ted Hildabrand by at or text via Entry fees are not due until January but you need to make arrangements sometime between now and January 18; a simple contact works to set you up. Shooters may ahead during the league but must complete targets by March 29, 2014.