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1 FOOT, TACK & CLEW East Coast Sailing Association P.O. Box Satellite Beach, FL BOAT/US Coop Number GA81299B April 2014 THE OFFICIAL LOG OF THE EAST COAST SAILING ASSOCIATION Board of Governors Flag Officers Commodore Joe Coleman Vice Commodore Rick Hushla Rear Commodore Page Proffitt Secretary Jennifer Clendinen Treasurer Clay Showen Elected Governors Tom O Shea Don Theriault Dave Cordial Committees Advertising Lynde Edwards Publicity Lynda Geraci Hospitality Eileen Kiesel Membership Karen Coleman Newsletter Nancy Keane Mary Ann O Shea Programs Marie Carney Directory Bob Wiley Website Bob Wiley Awards Page Proffitt Cruising Fleet Brad Stowers Next General Membership Meeting Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. New Technologies in Sail Material by Lin Robson from North Sails Satellite Beach Civic Center, 565 Cassia Blvd Latitude 28º 09' North, Longitude 80º 36' West April Calendar of Local Sailing Events 5-6 ECSA Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Cruise 6 MYC Small Boat Sunday 11 MYC Spring Rum Race # MYC Spring Small Boat Regatta 25 MYC Spring Rum Race # ECSA Titusville Barbeque Cruise MYC Spring Big Boat Regatta May Calendar of Local Sailing Events 4 MYC Small Boat Sunday 9 MYC Spring Rum Race #4 10 MYC Women s Dragon Point Race 18 MYC Small Boat Sunday 23 MYC Spring Rum Race # ECSA Memorial Day Cruise 31 MYC Dragon Point Race F o o t, T a c k & C l e w i s t h e o f f i c i a l n e w s l e t t e r o f t h e E a s t C o a s t S a i l i n g A s s o c i a t i o n a n d i s m a i l e d t o t h e m e m b e r s h i p e a c h m o n t h o r a v a i l a b l e a t h t t p : / / w w w. e c s a s a i l. c o m. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the East Coast Sailing Association.

2 THOUGHTS FROM YOUR COMMODORE SPRING! Joe Coleman Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where all the sailboats is. Yes, the snow has stopped falling, the icicles have finally thawed, the weather is warming up, and it is time to get the boat ready for the sailing season. Wait, where am I? It is spring and time to do that boat maintenance that we all look forward to: change the impeller (yes, they do need to be changed), check the elbow (not the one you greased at the bar, the one on the engine exhaust), and remove that reef from the water line and propeller. There are a lot of sailing events scheduled for this year and the sooner you complete those chores, the quicker you can join us out on the water instead of sitting at your dock or the boat yard. We have some pretty exciting cruises coming up in the next few months. The cruise to Squid Lips, which is the kick-off for Child Abuse Prevention Month, is on the 5th of April. This event gets bigger and bigger each year and we hope to have another great boat turnout this year. Then it is off to Titusville for the spring BBQ. I like this cruise because it gives us a nice long day of sailing to a dock or mooring at the Titusville City Marina with its very friendly marina staff. Next is our Memorial Day Cruise to the Ocean Club Marina at Port Canaveral. This is our chance to get out in the front yard and play for the day. Last year we had a fine sail on the ocean and look forward to good weather again this year. The Summer Sailstice at Grills is next and we hope to make it a multi-club event this time. Bob Wiley, Page Proffitt and I are working on the agenda for this cruise, which will be an afternoon event this year. That will give our members who cannot stay overnight the ability to join in on the fun and still get back to their marina during daylight. Look for upcoming announcements in the months to come. Don t forget that we are all invited to join John and Lynda Geraci on their sailing trip to St. Augustine at the end of April. If you have never traveled there by boat, you don t know what you are missing. St. Augustine has a new mooring field as well as the city docks, and there is plenty of free dinghy space. We have always enjoyed the marina and its facilities with such a convenient location in the city. If it is your first time, there is no better way to go than sailing with a group of friends. The second half of the year is just as exciting with cruis- (Continued on page 6) VIEW FROM THE VICE COMMODORE Rick Hushla Indian River Lagoon in Trouble I m sure everyone has been hearing different versions of what has been happening with the Indian River Lagoon and the varying opinions of what state it is in. I decided to do a little research (my Oceanography background coming through) and give everyone an update of what I ve found out so far. Here s the Reader s Digest version. Much of the material is taken directly from the different articles I read. Background: The estuary is considered one of the most diverse in the world. But a host of threats -- storm water, wastewater, septic tanks, fertilizer, and Mother Nature herself (cold temps) -- have degraded the lagoon system. To the casual observer driving along the lagoon system, which stretches 156 miles between Volusia and Palm Beach counties, the estuary seems an ecological gem. But looks are deceiving. Over the past three years, massive algae blooms have blocked light to the sea grasses, the foundation of the diverse ecosystem. More than 60 percent of its sea grasses -- at least 47,000 acres -- are gone. Record numbers of manatees, dolphins and pelicans died in the past few years -- often from mysterious illnesses. Causes: The prevailing theory among many researchers is that increases in nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, fed both the superbloom and the brown tide blooms. But why the blooms occurred and what the biggest sources are contributing those nutrients to the lagoon system aren't clear. Generally, experts say the nitrogen and phosphorus enter the lagoon from sources such as stormwater runoff, septic tanks and treated wastewater discharges. But they also believe recordbreaking freezes that killed plankton and other sea life in the lagoon system in recent years may have played a role. "The problem is plumbing," said Clay Henderson of New Smyrna Beach, a former Volusia County councilman and former president of the Florida Audubon Society. The ditching and draining started when settlers arrived in New Smyrna Beach in the 1760s and continued for 250 years. Now much of what happens in those 10 counties impacts the lagoon system, from Ponce Inlet to Palm Beach. Pollution from streets and highways in communities throughout eastern Volusia County might leach into the lagoon system. Runoff from farmland along the St. Johns River in Brevard County was (Continued on page 6) Page 2

3 Income Statement TREASURER'S REPORT Clay Showen Year to Date REVENUE Feb-14 Jan-14 - Feb-14 Activities Income , Membership Dues , Merchandise Income Advertising Income Miscellaneous Income * Sales Tax Sunshine Fund Total Revenue , EXPENSES Activities Expense 2, , Bank Service Charge Note from the Treasurer: Federal Form 990-N was filed in March to confirm tax-exempt club status, with confirmation received from the IRS. ECSA Reminder: All s from the ECSA gmail account that go to the general membership contain the statement Please do not reply to this e- mail. It is intended to be a 'one-way' communication channel from the club management to the members. The ECSA account is not a 'mail forwarding' service. Your reply will go to a 'dead letter' account and not be read. If the was sent at the request of a club officer, cruise host, or some special request, there will be an e- mail address and/or phone number to contact the relevant person. Please use that information to send your reply and do not 'reply' to the original . Thanks, Bob Dues & Subscriptions Insurance 1, , Miscellaneous * Merchandise Office Supplies Postage/Delivery Printing/Repro Rent Sales Tax Sunshine Fund Lazowska Fund Total Expenses 3, , Net Income (3,442.52) BANK BALANCE 7, * Miscellaneous expense: restock soft drinks and paper products for monthly meetings. Page 3

4 Secretary s Report Jennifer Clendinen EAST COAST SAILING ASSOCIATION General Membership Meeting March 12, 2014 Board Members Present: Joe Coleman, Rick Hushla, Page Proffitt, Clay Showen, Jennifer Clendinen Elected Governors Present: Dave Cordial, Tom O Shea Don Theriault, CALL TO ORDER: Commodore Joe Coleman called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. He introduced the board members, fleet captains, program chairs, and past commodores. GUEST: Woody Hawthorn introduced himself. He owns a 22' Catalina. NEW MEMBER: New members George Bell and Gail Villanueva introduced themselves. SECRETARY/TREASURER REPORTS: The Treasurers report for January was accepted with a motion, which was then seconded and carried unanimously (twice). A motion was made, seconded, and carried to approve the February minutes as published in the March Foot, Tack & Clew. COMMODORE Joe Coleman: The Dania Marine Flea Market will be running tomorrow through Sunday. It is not an official ECSA event but members are encouraged to attend. The 2014 directories are currently being printed and will be mailed soon. Thank you to Dave & Nancy Keane for their hard work. Ross asked if a PDF version of the directory could be made available. The trophies in the display at the Schechter Community Center are being updated and the board is being redone. Give it a couple of weeks to be completed and then stop in to see it. There will be a flea market during the May general membership meeting. Members are encouraged to bring their extra boat gear to sell. Tables will be set up to display merchandise. There will be a quick general membership meeting and then a full flea market. The storage closet is being cleaned out. Several items which were leftover from past events are being set out in the hopes that they will find their way home. Anything left by the May meeting will be sold at the flea market or thrown away. The Miami bus trip was a great success. The amount of food for the bus was estimated perfectly with no leftovers. The Rotary Park has been reserved for the Pinedaville cruise on November 8. The cruise to Squid Lips for Child Abuse Prevention month will be on April 5. The restaurant will donate 5% of all meal sales between 5pm and 8pm to the CAP task force. This is used to help needy families get assistance. There will be 4- foot blue pennants and pinwheels for any boats that come, and lots of activities for families and kids. The Summer Sailstice event at Grills will be put on in conjunction with other sailing clubs. It will be an afternoon rather than an evening event. More information to follow. John and Lynda Geraci will be cruising up to St. Augustine and invite any who would like to join them. They plan to leave Satellite Beach April 30th and to stay about a week. Others are planning to leave later on the weekend. VICE COMMODORE Rick Hushla: A volunteer for the hospitality committee is still needed. The position entails signing up people to bring snacks for the meeting. They also come early to set up the coffee, soda, ice and refreshments once they arrive. The drinks, ice and paper goods are provided by the club. People are also encouraged to sign up to bring the snacks themselves. There is a sign up sheet on the back table. There have been notices in the mail about a Brevard County tax increase. This is for a storm water runoff project to help improve the state of the Indian River Lagoon. Rick is planning to write a (Continued on page 7) Page 4

5 Upcoming Cruises Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Cruise April 5-6 Joe and Karen Coleman Join us at Squid Lips Overwater Grill for the Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Cruise. Squid Lips will donate 5% of all food sales between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday to the Child Abuse Prevention Task Force (CAPTF). Sorry, bar drinks don t count. CAPTF is a non-profit organization in Brevard that assists families in need within our county. Blue banners will be provided to each boat that arrives. No formal seating for dinner, but ensure that you see Karen or me to get your name on the signin sheet. Let s make this year s event the best with a record number of boats! Joe Titusville BBQ Cruise April Joe Coleman / John Geraci Bring your sides to share and your entrée to cook. The club will provide the charcoal and ice. Paper plates and cutlery will also be provided. Make this a true cruise and arrive by boat! Sunday morning breakfast will be in the screened lounge at the marina. Bring your favorite breakfast treat to share. Contact the Titusville Municipal Marina at or them at Port Canaveral Memorial Day Weekend Cruise May Rick and Susan Hushla Join us for a long, relaxing Memorial Day Weekend cruise to Port Canaveral. This year we will be staying on the ocean side of the Port at Ocean Club Marina. Spend a day sailing offshore in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Canaveral shoreline or enjoy a day at the pool while listening for the sound of the cruise ship horns signaling their departures. Make your slip reservations early. Call Ocean Club Marina, 930 Mullet Road, Port Canaveral, , or reserve online at Transient Slip Rate: $2.25/foot plus $6/ day power for 30amp ($10/day for 50amp). FLOAT- ING DOCKS!! Rate includes water, internet and use of bathroom/shower facilities, clubhouse, pool and Tiki bar. The marina has very nice facilities with an elegant, two-story clubhouse that feels more like a country club than a marina. There should be room for all of us at Ocean Club, but there is back up dockage available at the neighboring marinas (Port Canaveral Yacht Club and Cape Canaveral Marina). There is no anchorage available in the port. On Saturday evening we will be hosting a pot luck dinner at the Ocean Club facility, and on Sunday, meeting up for dinner at Milliken's Reef in the Port. Full cruise details/itinerary to come in the May FT&C. Please let us know if you are planning to make the cruise (by boat or car) so we can make appropriate reservations/accommodations. Call or We ll also have a sign-up sheet at the next general membership meeting. We hope to have a good turn out and look forward to seeing everyone! Rick and Susan (and Angel) Page 5

6 es to Cocoa Village for the 4th of July fireworks, Capt. Katanna s, Ft. Pierce for Labor Day, Marker 21, Boy Scout Island, and our big Rotary Park cruise. Now, if that doesn t get you motivated, I will remind you of what John Lennon said: Life is what happens while you are busy planning. We have done the planning for you; now get out there and enjoy the sailing life. And now for something completely different... If you missed last month s presentation about Infrared Surveying, you missed a good one. This is not new technology, but it does have a new application, one I never thought of until I talked with presenters Jack and Dylan. What infrared surveying looks for is a difference in temperature to detect problems such as leaks, defects in hulls, and dangerous wiring. Although their equipment is very sophisticated and expensive, we can make use of this technology with less expensive devices available at most hardware stores. I will use it to look for differences in the temperature of my batteries and the wiring. Hot wires start fires, and this technology will help you detect these wires, both AC and DC, before the fire department has to be called. I ll look for you on the water! Joe COMMODORE S THOUGHTS Continued from page 2 Hospitality Thank you to Brad and Angie Stowers for volunteering to bring refreshments to the April membership meeting. ditched toward the lagoon waterways. And rainwater that falls near Walt Disney World in western Orange County may ultimately find its way toward the southern end of the Indian River Lagoon. Over time, the amount of land that drained into the overall lagoon system has more than doubled in size -- to 1.4 million acres. Today, two -and-a-half times more freshwater drains into the lagoon system than did 100 years ago. "Do Something": Infuriated by the algae blooms, Diane Barile (I used to work with her at FIT -- she s a pistol), who helped found the Marine Resources Council to push for lagoon restoration in 1983, spoke to the Brevard County Commission at an October workshop. "I failed. You failed. Everybody in this room failed," the retired educator told the commission, drawing wild cheers and applause from the audience of more than 200. "Do something," she said. "Stop talking." But deciding what to do is a challenge. While many officials and experts say they understand that emotion, they say a measured approach -- taking into consideration what has and hasn't worked and where to get the most impact for money spent -- will take time. Brevard Commissioner Chuck Nelson said the many agencies responsible for the lagoon system are "reaching those kinds of decision points where you'd better err on the side of the lagoon, because once it's gone you're not going to get it back." The water district has committed $3.7 million over the next three years -- over and above its $500,000 annual science budget for the lagoon system -- to investigate what's going on in the lagoon system and why. A full report is expected in District scientists want to learn more about how water moves in the lagoon and how levels of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen drive what happens. Too little, too late? Let s hope not. We all enjoy the river and look forward to enjoying it for many generations to come. Rick VICE COMMODORE VIEW Continued from page 2 Page 6

7 SECRETARY S REPORT Continued from page 4 couple of articles in the FT&C about the condition of the lagoon. He will keep us apprised of what the legislature is planning to do about it. The tax increase may be somewhere between $36-$64 a year. This may be increased by $5 a year thereafter. There will be a county government meeting on this subject on April 3rd at 5pm at the Viera government center for any who are interested. The Memorial Day cruise will be at Port Canaveral. The organization for it is just getting started. The marina that it will be held at is still up in the air. REAR COMMODORE Paige Proffitt: The St. Patrick s Day cruise to Melbourne Harbour will be this weekend. Boats can either stay in the Melbourne Harbor Marina or anchor off of Front Street Park. Melbourne Yacht Club has offered us the use of their parking, dinghy dock and bathrooms. There are no activities planned for Friday night but there will be things going on downtown. Dinner will be at The Mansion at 5:30 on Saturday night. Those planning to attend need to sign up at the back table. Bob Wiley thanked everyone who came out in the rain for the Mardi Gras cruise. Twenty-eight people came for dinner. Seven boats braved the weather to attend. The prize for those who came by boat went to Angie & Brad Stowers. Eight folks gathered for breakfast at Ossorio s the fol- lowing morning. OLD BUSINESS: Joe Coleman says that there is still one boat open for the Erie Canal trip. Joe Coleman and Tom O Shea will be inventorying the ships' store and ordering the things that are needed. Business from the floor: Dave Hutson announced that this Friday night, the SwingTime band will be having a dance from 7pm to 10pm at the Melbourne auditorium. Marcy is selling tickets for $5 to any that would like to attend. NEW BUSINESS: None heard. The 50/50 drawing was won by Kirk Adams. The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 p.m. Respectfully submitted by Jennifer Clendinen, Secretary Member Classified Ads 10 2 Avon inflatable dinghy, well used but still holds air very well. $250. Contact Eric Horton at or Used 45# CQR-style anchor. Bought from West Marine about 10 years ago. Good condition with some rust. $90. Used 44# Brucestyle anchor made by Lewmar. About 7 years old. Good condition. $70. Contact Glenn Parker at or Anchor for sale. Bronze 40# Barham plow anchor. CQR-style. Asking $350. Contact Steve Eklund Please send classified ad updates to Mary Ann at Page 7

8 St. Patrick s Day Cruise Dave and Nancy Keane St. Paddy blessed the sailors and all attendees with wonderful weather and sunshine for the annual ECSA cruise to Melbourne Harbor. Festivities started at 1100 with the parade where everyone was "Irish" from the Ancient Order of Lebanese Veterans to the Audi and Mercedes dealerships. After the parade, a few of us took in some refreshments, listened to some Irish music, pipers and displays of Irish dancing at Meg's. After all boats were safely anchored and docked and cars parked, we all (33 of us total) met at "The Mansion" for dinner. It was a beautiful evening and we were served dinner al fresco on the rooftop terrace overlooking the river. Everybody raved about the food and was quite happy sampling the menu of over 70 draught beers. After dinner, a few of us ventured back downtown for some music, dancing and ice cream. Sunday morning breakfast was enjoyed at Front Street Park by Jennifer Clendinen and her children, Ross Herbert, Mary Ann and Tom O Shea, Patty and Clay Showen, Joanne and Don Theriault, Bob Wiley and Nancy Keane. After a stiff dinghy ride back to their boats in a brisk breeze, it was a downwind ride home in a beautiful breeze for the sailors. Many thanks to our "official" photographer Bob Wiley, who captured the spirit of the weekend. The photos are in the gallery at the ECSA website. We had a great turnout of six boats for the weekend including Jennifer Clendinen and family on Morning Star, Mary Ann and Tom O Shea on Southern Comfort, JoAnn and Tim O Sullivan on Seaquel, Patty and Clay Showen on Lone Star, Joanne and Don Theriault on Impulse, and Bob Wiley on Judith III. Arriving by car: Eileen Kiesel and Simon Koumjian, Robert and Cherie Baird, John Boyd, Dave and Marci Hutson, Dave and Gail Cordial, Jeanne Dery, John Martin and Gail Oliver, Bill, Alyce and Mary Ann Greer, Brad and Angie Stowers, Adrianne and Bob Goldstein, Jean Crocker, Ross Herbert and Dave and Nancy Keane. Update from Marlene The following are excerpts from a recent from Marlene Sassaman: Forty four days ago was a bittersweet morning waiting for the tide to rise enough so the dock lines could be untied. Having held up in Everglades City during the past hurricane season I met some wonderful people and an infrastructure unlike any other place I have lived. The intimate setting of the library, the weekly ladies coffee, and even the obnoxious sounds of the airboats are forever engraved in my mind. Meandering through the channel from DuPont Island to Russell Bay the tears streamed down my cheeks. I couldn t distinguish the sad ones from the tears of joy. After all this was the start of that long planned solo adventure I ran my mouth about for the past ten years.... Two and half weeks in Boot Key allowed me to get my General Ham License, sort of fix the mast head anchor light, add a helm station for the windlass, and acquaint myself with living alone on my 35 foot Marples designed wood epoxy cold molded trimaran. For the next two weeks I sailed across the stream, checked in with customs at Cat Cay, sailed all night around the northern tip of Andros Island and south until abeam of Staniel Cay. With a 90 degree turn to the east I cruised in 4 feet of water all day long. It was beautiful. I don t know why anyone would choose anything but a shallow draft boat. Indeed, I wish my rudder would kick up like on the Corsair.... Beginning an unforeseeable journey, it is the lack of companionship that I dislike. Though I do enjoy the passage making alone, and I have many good friends and family who beckon to hear from me, it is the daily routine, the evening bantering, and the quiet reading alongside a loved one that I truly miss. I could not do this without the many people who have helped and continue to help along the way. That s another story... With all this being said, I wish everyone a safe, happy life. If my dink is on board, do stop in! The Sassea Sailor on SPRAY Marlene A. Sassaman Page 8

9 MARSH HARBOUR, ABACO, a 34-foot sailing (Gemini 105 mc), including an -foot dinghy, a 13-foot open aluminum boat, a 2.5-hp motor, all the boat gear, and from the Marsh and the help of an Guide and Cook for your entire From Marsh Harbour the entire Sea of Abaco is within easy reach, including Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay, Great Guana Cay (the home of Nippers), Hope Town Harbour, Elbow Cay, Lubbers Quarters and Little Harbour. This includes beautiful sailing conditions in protected waters, pristine snorkeling and diving areas, magnificent beaches with pink-colored powdered sand and great beach bars, resorts and restaurants on each of the islands mentioned. Minimum Charter: 5 days. Charter begins on the morning after your arrival in Marsh Harbour, so your first night is free. REDEMPTION CHARTERS, LLC Captain Kirk Adams Tel: (610) Cell: (610) Fax: (610) Hwy US 1 Rockledge, FL (321) BoatersExchange.com Page 9

10 Upcoming 2014 ECSA Events Date Event Contact Apr 5-6 Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Cruise Coleman Apr Titusville Barbeque Cruise Coleman/Geraci May Memorial Day Cruise Port Canaveral Hushla June Summer Sailstice at Grills Coleman/Wiley July 4-6 Cocoa Village Fireworks Cruise Cordial Check out for up-to-date racing information. EAST COAST SAILING ASSOCIATION PO Box Satellite Beach FL «Name» «street» «city st zip» COOP MEMBER